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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

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Jbozz, I sure hope you're hard at work at your keyboard! Your myriad of loyal fans are sitting here panting with expectation for the next part of this IR saga, and Donna's having to quench her red hot pussy because of this!


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Kennyboy, I had all orifices filled at one time or another last week, sometimes with Bryan and his friends and sometimes with Hubby. But I can't wait for another episode of this one.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Kennyboy, I had all orifices filled at one time or another last week, sometimes with Bryan and his friends and sometimes with Hubby.

Donna, you are one lucky slut! I love a girl that enjoys multiple fucking. xx


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Ths story is hot


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It's good to hear that you are getting taken care of Donna. I have started working on the next part. Unsure of when it will be finished, but rest assured that I will post it as soon a possible. Thanks for reading and supporting the story.



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I've only just read this and caught up. It is absolutely brilliant and I'm dripping in my cage waiting for the next instalment.
Please make it ASAP, please?


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Like everyone else I am so waiting for the next post.


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Great story. Eagerly waiting for the next part.


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Thanks reno, bumnote, cuckslut and goatsogmay. Sorry to all of my readers who I have kept waiting on the next part. I kept going back and forth about how I wanted to take the story. I think I have come up with a good way to advance the story and keep the characters growing. It is a pretty long part, it felt even longer as I was working on it, as I kept making changes. Enjoy.

Part Eight

Rebecca woke up early and made a simple breakfast for the two of them. As they ate in silence Rebecca was wondering what Dan had decided about their conversation the night before. She was nervous of bringing it up, not wanting to ruin a nice morning they were having.

They started talking about their agenda for their classes, both holding back from discussing anything else.

As Rebecca was gathering her things up to leave for school she kissed Dan and gathered up the courage to ask, "Have you decided about later today? Could I bring Davis here?"

"I guess so. It would be better to do it here than somewhere else."

"Are you going to be here?"

"I just don't know if I can." he told her. "That is a really big step. I'm not sure if I could handle seeing it happen."

"I know honey. If you don't want to be here it is ok, I understand."

"I'll keep thinking about it during the day. Are you coming home right after school?"

"I think so. I'm sure Davis will want to talk before or after class. He will decide then I imagine."

"Ok honey. Either way I hope you have a good day."

"Bye babe. I love you." she kissed him again.

"Love you too." he said as she headed for the door.

Rebecca got to her classroom and prepared for her first class. She kept looking up to the door, wondering if Davis would show up before school started to get her report.

The bell sounded, signaling five minutes before first period.

No sign of Davis, and now students were making their way into the room for their class. Rebecca tried to push thoughts of Davis from her mind and focus on the lesson for the day.

Her mind kept drifting back to Davis and what she had to tell him. Each time she sat down she thought about how he said he would be taking her ass next time.

Whenever the thought of him taking her in the ass made its way into her head she felt her face blush and she would try to push the thought away.

As it got closer and closer to Davis' class, the thought came back more and more. It seemed like not even ten minutes would go by without her thinking about letting her student have her ass. Something she had never let her husband near.

It was time for Davis' class. She sat nervously at her desk, wondering if he would come in early or not.

Suddenly it no longer mattered as a few other students came in and took their seats.

Davis strutted in a minute later. He looked right at her, "Hey Mrs Coral. How was your night?"

She looked up from her desk to him, "It was good Davis, thank you. Very productive. Did you have a good evening?"

"Matter of fact I did. I think I have something big happening today too. As long as everything goes to plan." he said carefully.

She caught his meaning, "I'm sure things will work out for you as planned." she told him with a slight nod of her head, as if to confirm that she had done as he told her.

"I hope so Mrs. Coral."

More and more people were taking their seats and it was time to start teaching.

As the time passed during class, Rebecca found herself unable to focus on the lesson she was trying to teach. Acknowledging defeat, she told the students what was due for the next class and had them all get started on it until the end of class.

Rebecca sat behind her desk and tried her best to hide the excitement and fear that was flowing through her body. It was getting closer and closer to the end of the day. Which meant that she was getting that much closer to losing her anal cherry.

The bell sounded and the students gathered their books and headed out the door.

Davis stood and called to Rebecca, "Could you help me out on something before I leave Mrs. Coral?"

"Sure Davis. Come on up." she told him.

Davis walked up to her desk as the last of the students left the room. "What happened with your husband?"

"You were right." she confessed. "He even came in his pants like you said he would. I told him I wanted you to take me at our house this time. I don't want to get caught letting you take my ass."

"What did your husband say about that?"

"He is worried, but knows that I want it to happen. I told him he could be there to watch, but he said he didn't know if he could handle that. He didn't say before I left for work whether he would be there or not."

"I would like him to see me fuck you." he told her. "It would be even hotter to have him watch as I fuck your tight virgin ass."

"We don't have much time right now." she said reaching into her purse. She held her keys out to him, "Take these. I will meet you at my car after school and we can go to my place."

Davis took the keys from her, "I'll see you then Becky."

She watched him as he walked from the room, feeling her pussy getting warm as he walked out the door.

Rebecca pushed the thoughts out of her mind as best she could and managed to finish out the day.

She rushed from her class after she was finished and checked out quickly in the office.

She walked as fast as she dared without looking strange to any other staff that might see her.

Approaching her car she saw Davis sitting in the passenger seat. She went to the driver side and pulled the door open. "I got out as fast as I could."

"No worries baby." Davis said as he reached out and squeezed her tit in his strong hand.

Rebecca didn't flinch at his groping hand and started the car.

As they drove she told him the details of the talk with her husband from the day before. She didn't hold anything back, telling Davis that he had cum twice in his pants as she told him about the times Davis had taken her.

When she was done telling him about their conversation he asked, "Do you have any lube?"

Rebecca shook her head, "No, we have never needed it."

"You better stop and buy some. You're going to need it when I put my black cock in your ass."

"If you think that's best." she said.

She pulled into the parking lot of the first pharmacy she passed. It was the same one she stopped into when she was looking for the morning after pill the first night he fucked her.

"Probably best if I stay here." he told her.

"I think you're right." she agreed.

"Get a good sized bottle. Trust me, you will thank me later."

"Whatever you want Davis." she opened the door and got out.

She leaned back into the car to hear what he said next.

"Lift up your skirt and show me your ass as you walk to the door. On the way out, if you don't see anybody else I want you to show me your pussy."

"Yes Davis."

Rebecca closed the door and walked towards the door. When she was maybe ten feet in front of the car, she lifted up her skirt. The breeze felt refreshing on her bare ass.

She walked maybe twenty feet or so before she let dropped the skirt and smoothed it down.

Rebecca entered the pharmacy and found the aisle she needed. Looking along the items she found the different bottles of lube to choose from.

They all seemed the same to her. She decided on one that delicately implied, 'anal sex', in the fine print.

Her phone buzzed as she moved to the counter. She stopped and checked the text. It was from Davis and said, "Stick a finger in your pussy when you show it to me."

She felt her face blush as she read the text. She quickly put the phone away and went to the counter to pay.

Rebecca saw a young girl at the counter that couldn't be more than twenty. She set the lube on the counter as the girl asked her, "Did you find everything you needed?"

"Yes. Thank you."

The girl gave her a smirk as she scanned the bottle.

Rebecca paid the girl and got her change. "Have fun." the girl said as Rebecca grabbed the bag and moved to the door."

Instinct made her say, "Thank you." to the girls remark. She heard the young girl laughing as she went out the door.

Rebecca looked around nervously as she walked from the pharmacy. She didn't see anyone around and knew what she had to do.

Taking one last look, she reached down and lifted her skirt past her waist, giving Davis a clear look at her pussy as he sat in the car.

She took a few steps before she reached down and pushed a finger into her now wet pussy. The excitement of what she was doing, combined with the young cashier's remarks was getting to her.

She walked the rest of the way to her car with her finger wiggling around in her pussy. When she got the her car the door was locked.

"How does your pussy taste?" she heard Davis ask through the cracked open window.

Rebecca leaned down so that her mouth was visible to Davis. She pushed the wet finger into her mouth and sucked on it.

After making sure that she got her juices off it, she pulled the finger out and said, "It tastes great. Not as good as your cock though."

The door unlocked and Rebecca got into the car.

"I bet your pussy is good and wet isn't it?" Davis asked.

"Yes." Rebecca admitted. "The thought of doing that had me nervous in the store. Then when I was paying for the lube the girl at the counter gave me a wicked grin and said to have fun. She knew what I would be doing. I don't know why, but it got me excited."

Davis reached his hand between her legs and found her pussy. He pushed two fingers into her, the intrusion making her moan inside the car.

He worked his fingers inside her for a moment before taking them out and seeing that they were coated in her juices. He tasted a finger and said, "Tasty." before holding them out towards her.

Knowing what to do, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his fingers and cleaned herself off of them. She worked her mouth on his fingers as if she was sucking his cock.

Davis let her suck his fingers until she had them cleaned.

When he felt that she was finished he pulled his hand away from her. "Let's get going." he suggested.

Rebecca started the car and drove off.

It was only another few minutes before they made it to her house. She parked in the garage and closed the door before turning off the car. It was one thing to bring a student to her house to have sex. It was another thing to have her neighbors seeing a young black male getting out of her car and going inside with her.

They got out of the car and Rebecca opened the door to the house. It was strange to her to come in the house this way. She doesn't normally park in the garage and almost always uses the front door when coming and going.

She led him to the living room, swaying her hips and ass for him as he followed behind her.

Davis sat on the couch and pulled her down onto his lap. He kissed her with a fierce passion. Not the passion of making love, but the passion of raw sex.

Rebecca pushed her tongue into his mouth as they kissed. She was already feeling warm from before, but they he was kissing her was really getting to her.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter to his body.

Her breasts were pressed tightly to his chest as they continued the kiss. As it went on she tried to remember the last time she had been kissed like that. It was before she and Dan had married but she could not narrow it down from that.

Davis broke the contact, "You think your husband is gonna show?"

"I'm not sure. I think he is afraid. Afraid that he will feel put down that you are taking me in our house. I think he thinks you are going to pick on him about being able to have me."

"I wouldn't do that." he assured her. "Well maybe while we are fucking I might say something, but not towards him."

"What do you mean by that."

"I might ask you like I did before, if I was bigger than your husband, things like that. I wouldn't be rude to him personally though, just make him jealous that I can do things for you that he can't."

"I don't have to admit it though."

"You wouldn't be able not to. Not with my dick making you cum like it does."

She could feel his shaft through his pants now, "You're right, I couldn't stop myself."

"I know you couldn't." he said, reaching to unbutton her blouse as he kissed her again.

Davis had her blouse undone to just below her breasts when they heard the front door open.

Rebecca pulled back from him, panting. "Dan?" she asked, her chest heaving. She was suddenly really nervous about having Davis in their house.

She got off Davis and walked towards the door.

Dan turned the corner to see Rebecca standing there breathing heavily with her shirt partially open. He could see that she was blushing, even her chest was turning red.

"Someone is excited." he said to her.

"I am." she agreed. "I have company."

Dan, right away knew what she was saying. Her student was there and she was clearly panting because of him.

"So you decided that you wanted to be here to watch. We talked about it and Davis said that he would like you to watch us together. Don't worry about him honey. He won't poke fun at you or anything. He is a really nice guy, he just likes hooking up with his teacher...your wife."

"I still don't know how I will feel about it, but I am willing to try it. I can't promise that I won't leave the room though."

"You don't have to promise me anything. Just that you will still love me."

"I will always love you. Nothing will change that."

"Me too honey. I love you so much." she kissed him softly. "I'm going to put on a show for you baby. It is going to be like watching a live porno. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will."

"I'll try to."

"Why don't you take a chair into the bedroom. Davis and I will be in soon. I want to spend some time making out with him before we really get started."

"That might be best. It will give me time to get my nerves under control."

"Go get comfortable. We'll be in shortly."

Dan got a chair from their office and rolled it into the bedroom.

Rebecca rejoined Davis on the couch and straddled him.

He pulled her mouth to his and pushed his tongue into her mouth again. Rebecca rocked herself on his crotch as they kissed while Davis grabbed her ass.

The intensity of the moment was getting to them both. Rebecca felt the heat in her body, as well as Davis' hardening cock through his pants.

Feeling the thick shaft on her inner thigh Rebecca broke the kiss. Panting, she said, "I think we should go to the bedroom now."

"Sounds good to me." Davis told her. Getting a firm hold on her ass he stood from the couch, lifting her up with him.

Rebecca wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto his shoulders. She kissed him again as he walked them back towards her bedroom, and her waiting husband.

Davis carried Rebecca into the bedroom and put her down on the bed. Dan looked on from his chair as Davis stood next to his wife on the bed. Davis reached out and finished unbuttoning Rebecca's shirt. He pushed it off her shoulders, revealing her bare breasts. Dan could tell that she was horny from the sight of her pointing nipples.

Rebecca let Davis pull her blouse completely off. As he dropped it to the floor she reached out for his pants. She unzipped them and snaked her hand inside. Davis undid the button as Rebecca grabbed hold of his shaft.

She looked over at her husband, "Are you ready?" she asked him. "You're about to see the cock that I have been taking."

Dan was rock hard in his pants from seeing the action in front of him. "Yes." was all he was able to say.

Davis pushed his pants down to his knees.

Dan could not believe the size of Davis's cock. It looked massive in his wife's hand. He swallowed hard, regretting agreeing to let this happen.

Rebecca was smiling at him as she stroked Davis' cock. She cradled his balls with her other hand, showing off the fact that those were also much larger than her husband. "It's time honey. I'm going to suck it now." she told Dan.

Unable to speak, Dan just nodded.

Rebecca leaned forward and took the head of the cock into her mouth. She let her tongue run all over it, coating it with her saliva. She backed off of him, "So big and tasty." she said and took him back into her warm mouth.

Dan's eyes nearly bulged from his head. The sight of his wife with a black cock in her mouth was incredible. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, yet at the same time it made him feel very inadequate about his penis.

He watched as Davis' cock popped out of his wife's mouth. "Isn't it big?" she asked Dan.

"Yes." he admitted as his face turned beet red. "Very big."

As she took him back into her mouth she let him go deeper. She bobbed her head down, taking his cock until she felt him bumping against her throat. She backed off to keep from gagging on his cock.

"That's a good girl." Davis said, his hand stroking her head. "You like my cock don't you?"

"Umm hmm." she admitted, not wanting to stop sucking him.

Dan watched as his wife continued to suck on her student's massive black cock. The noises that were coming from her were sounds that he had never heard when she would give him a blowjob. Not that that happened on a regular basis. If he would have closed his eyes it would have seemed like he was watching a porno, but there was no chance of that happening. He didn't want to miss a thing.

Something flashed past his eyes, breaking his view. It was gone in a flash, only Davis taking his shirt off and tossing it to the floor.

Rebecca was working his now rock hard cock with her mouth. She would stop sucking him to kiss and lick his entire shaft, only to go right back to sucking him. Sometimes she would return to just the tip, others she would go as far down as she could.

"Don't forget my balls Becky." Davis told the wife.

Dan thought that might spell the end of things. He knew how much his wife hated being called that.

He was not surprised when the cock came out of her mouth. He was stunned however when his wife looked up and said, "I wouldn't think of it."

He watched in disbelief as she held his cock up and took one of his balls in her mouth and played with it. She then repeated the process on the other. When she let that one fall from her mouth she licked all over his large sack. She let go of his cock as she tongued his balls. It fell on her head, dropping down her face.

His wife, who couldn't stand when people used the name Becky, had just allowed some young black student to call her that, and on top of that had sucked his balls as instructed too. How far had things truly gone between them he wondered? Why would his wife tolerate being called Becky, which she always said sounded like a whore's name.

She stopped licking his balls and kissed her way back to his tip. She licked the drop of precum that was leaking out and asked, "Will you give it to me now Davis?"

Davis leaned down and pushed his pants to his ankles and stepped out of them. "Lay back Becky. Let's show your husband how you take my black cock."

As she was laying down Davis pushed her skirt up around her waist, exposing her bald pussy. There was no question that her pussy was ready to be fucked. It was clearly wet with anticipation of what was ahead.

Rebecca spread her legs wide as Davis pushed two fingers into her wet hole. When he pulled them out they were dripping wet.

Davis rubbed the juices over his cock before getting on the bed between her legs. He slapped his cock on the top of her pussy, the slapping sound seeming to echo in the bedroom.

Davis looked back at Dan, "I'm about to give it to her. You ok with that?" giving him a chance to back out.

"Yes." Dan said to the student. "You can fuck her."

He lined his cock up with her hole and pushed the first few inches inside.

"OOOOhhhhh fuck." Becky moaned as the cock filled


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He lined his cock up with her hole and pushed the first few inches inside.

"OOOOhhhhh fuck." Becky moaned as the cock filled her pussy.

"You like my big black cock don't you Becky?"

"Yessss." she cried out as she felt even more of his length push into her.

From his view, Dan could see that she now had almost half of the cock inside her. There was still a ways to go though. Even at halfway Dan knew that the student was deeper than he had ever been in her pussy. That thought sent of massive wave a jealousy through him. If only he had a cock like her student had he thought as he watched his wife taking the black cock with practiced ease.

It was a wonderful and scary sight to watch his wife's pussy spread wide to accept the large black cock. Her lips would stretch tight to grip the shaft as it pulled away from her, trying to keep it inside at all cost. When he pushed back in her ass was being driven into the mattress.

"Easy baby." he heard his wife say. He looked up and saw that Davis had a nipple in his mouth. He must have bitten down a little too hard for her liking.

"Fuuuckkkkk. OOOOHHHHH!" Becky screamed as even more of Davis' thick cock worked it's way into her tight folds. "How much more Dan?" she asked him.

He didn't look away from their union as he answered. "Just a little more honey. I can't believe you have already taken him before. It's so big."

"Sooo biggg. I love it. Feels so good inside me."

"Get ready baby. Here comes the last of it." Davis said and pushed the remaining inches into her.

"Huh..huh..huh..huh." Becky panted as she felt the thick cock burying it's way in her pussy.

Dan's view was now mostly blocked by Davis' balls as they pressed against her ass.

Davis hooked her legs and pressed them towards her chest. Becky held her legs back like that, allowing Davis full access to her.

Davis began a steady rhythm of fucking her. He would thrust hard a few times and them slow to almost a snails pace. Dragging his cock from her pussy before thrusting hard back into her.

Each time he pushed back to her depths it seemed to drive the air from her lungs. She gasped for breath as he would pull back from her only to once again have it driven from her body.

Dan got a good eyeful of her stretching pussy as Davis would pull out, only to lose it when his balls slapped down against her ass. Her ass, Dan remembered. She said that Davis was going to fuck her ass today too. How was she ever going to take his huge black cock in her ass? The thought of her ass stretching like her pussy to take the big dick made his penis throb in his pants.

Davis powered into her vigorously for a steady few minutes. He kept the pace up, not changing until he suddenly pulled completely out of her pussy, leaving it gaping open. "Turn over." he said to Becky. "I want to fuck you from behind."

Quick to oblige, Becky rolled over and got to her knees on the bed. She kept her legs spread a little bit apart to give him open access to her pussy.

Dan, for some odd reason loved the way her pussy looked as it remained open from the size of Davis' cock.

Davis gave her ass a swift spank as he got in position behind her. As he pushed deeply into her in one sudden thrust her pussy made a sloppy squelching noise that Dan had never heard before.

It made the same noise a few more times as Davis thundered into her from behind. Davis got a good hold on her bunched up skirt as he fucked her. Every so often giving her ass a swat.

"Fuck it's so good this way. Don't stop." Becky implored.

"Don't stop what?" Davis asked sarcastically.

"Fucking me."

Davis slowed his pace until he left just the head inside her. "Say it right. Tell me what you want."

"Oh god!" Becky cried out but knew what he wanted to hear. "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your big black cock."

"Who's pussy?"

Dan couldn't believe what she yelled out.

"BECKY! Fuck Becky's pussy. I need it. Make me cum with your fucking black cock."

"There's my good girl." he said and worked her pussy again.

"SO clooose." Becky moaned, her face slumped on the bed now.

Davis knew by her squeezing pussy that she truly was nearing orgasm. He was going to make her earn it however.

"What do you want baby?" he asked the panting wife.

"To cum. I want to cum all over your black dick."

Davis looked back at Dan and asked, "You like my black cock don't you?"

"God yes. I love it. I need it."

"Is it bigger than your husband's." he grinned wickedly at Dan as he asked.

"Yes." Becky said softly.

"Just a little bit though right?"

Dan knew the answer to that question without having to hear the response.

"No." Becky said with regret in her voice. "You are so much bigger than he is. More than twice his size."

"Can he make you cum like I do?"

"Never. Nobody has made me cum like you ca.....aaann." she stuttered through the last word as her body shuddered as she was so close now.

"Go ahead Becky. Cum for me. Cum for me like you have never cum for your husband." Davis jerked harder on her skirt and pushed somehow more of his cock into her depths.

"So clo....ose." Becky whimpered into the mattress. "Sorry honey." were her last words before her orgasm overtook her.

As the wave of pleasure washed over her, her body sagged down on the bed, her ass held in the air by Davis holding onto her skirt. Her pussy gripped him hard as he slowly fucked her through her orgasm.

Dan could see her ass and legs twitching as she reached her climax. She didn't lie when she said that he had never made her cum like that. He had never seen her reach a climax that intense and knew that he didn't have the ability or the tool to get her there in the future.

"Was that good Becky?" Davis asked her giving her ass a hard slap as if to emphasize his power.

"So good baby. I love the way you fuck me." she said in a dreamy, euphoric voice.

"I hope you didn't forget that I'm still gonna fuck your ass."

"Anything for you Davis."

Dan listened to her words and knew that she was truly addicted to his cock and maybe to him in general.

"It's almost time Becky." he told her and then looked to Dan. "Could you go grab the lube Dan? It's in the bag out there in the living room."

"Su...sure." Dan managed to say. He got up, the tent in his pants giving away that he was rock hard from watching them fucking.

He came back a moment later with the bottle in hand. He gave it to Davis, who was still working Becky's pussy, and sat back down.

Davis popped the cap on the bottle. He squirted a big glob on two fingers and began to rub them against Becky's virgin asshole. He smeared it all around her clenched hole. He put some more on his index finger and slowly pushed the tip into her puckered hole.

"OH!" Becky cried in shock at the intrusion.

"FUCK...too much." she said when a second finger was added.

"If that is too much you are really in trouble when I put my cock in there." he told her.

"Promise you'll go slow." Becky implored.

"Of course Becky." he reassured her. "I want you to enjoy it too."

Davis wiggled his fingers around her tight asshole, pushing the lube around as much as possible.

He abruptly pulled out of her pussy and let his cock drop between her ass cheeks. He squeezed even more lube onto his hand and rubbed it into his thick cock. He made sure to get a good amount on the tip to make things as easy as possible.

"Stay like that." he told Becky and held her chest down to the bed. "Keep your ass pushed up high for me just like you are."


"Are you ready Becky? Ready to take my black cock in you virgin ass?"

"Yes baby." she whimpered into the bed, ready for, but afraid of what was to come.

"I'll go reall nice and slow for you Becky. Just relax and let it happen. Ok?"

"Mmmm hmmm." she agreed through her trembling lips.

Dan sat there barely able to breath. This young black student was about to put his huge cock into his wife's never been fucked ass. Would she even be able to take it? Would she enjoy it and possibly let him do her there in the future too? The thoughts kept running through his head. He did the best he could to block them out and just watch what was about to happen before his eyes.

"Here it comes Becky. Your very first dick in your ass." Davis announced as he lined up his lube coated head against her tight hole and pushed.

Her virgin hole resisted the large protrusion, seemingly trying to keep from being taken.

Davis held her skirt tightly in one hand and held the base of his cock with the other. He guided his cock back against her hole and once again pushed. This time with a little more *****.

Her asshole opened just enough to allow the head of his cock to sink inside her. "AAAhhhhhh!" Becky shouted. "Too big. Take it out. Take it out." Her breath coming in short gasps.

Davis didn't listen, just held himself still to give her time to adjust to his size. "Calm down Becky. Just relax. You're doing fine." He rubbed more lube around her straining ass and remained still.

She tried to calm herself as he told her. She stayed still afraid of moving and causing any pain in her ass.

"That's it Becky. Breath slow. I'm gonna go a little deeper. Just breath deep and let it happen."

"Mmm hmm." she said trying to hold back tears.

Davis, true to his word, only pushed another inch into her, very slowly. "Not so bad was it?"

"No." Becky said between short breaths.

"You want me to use more lube?"

"Please." she said sniffling

Davis rubbed more of the gel onto his shaft, right where it met her stretching hole. Ever so slowly he pushed another two inches into her.

"Hoooo god." she panted. "Slow, slow."

"Don't worry Becky, you're doing great." his words calming her down even though they didn't take away the invasion that was happening. "Can you take a little more?"

There was a long, silent pause before she very slowly nodded. "O....k."

Another two inches made their way slowly into her bowels.

There was not as sharp an intake of breath this time so he slowly gave her a little more.

She now had half of his cock in her asshole.

Out of nowhere Dan nearly shouted, "I don't believe it baby. You got half of it in you. It is so hot, keep going."

"You heard your hubby. You want some more?"

"Ok." she said, sounding a little more sure of herself than before.

Davis slowly pushed, not stopping until she cried out, "Too much. Too deep."

Pulling back only slightly to give her relief, Davis held up there. She was almost there. Only another couple inches to go.

"You're so tight Becky. Your ass feels so good on my cock. Ready to try more?"


"You're so close, I'm gonna try to give you the rest of it."

That was the only warning she got. He held her tight by the hips and simultaneously pulled her back as he pushed his cock forward, burying the last of his big cock in her ass.

"OOOWWWWW!" Becky shouted. "No more.......that's it........I can't take anymore....Way too deep." she panted between breaths.

"You did it Becky." Davis said smiling. "You took it all. You got my big black dick all the way in your virgin little ass."

" deep. So.....full." Becky whispered.

"I'll give you a second to adjust. Then I'm gonna pull back some. It's going right back in you though. Got it?"

"Yes Davis. More lube please." she begged.

"Sure Becky."

Dan just came in his pants as he watched the last inches of Davis' cock sink into her. He hadn't even touched himself. Just watching her ass stretching to take the large intruder was enough for him to blow his wad.

True to his word, Davis pulled out a few inches. He added a generous amount of the gel and smeared in around his exposed shaft. He rubbed the remains around the tightly stretched skin of her hole.

Grabbing her hips again, he slowly pushed his cock back to the hilt inside her ass.

It didn't feel as bad as the first time. "Oh fuck." Becky gasped as he filled her once again.

"Better?" he asked.

"Yes." she answered

"Good. I'm gonna fuck you now."

"Ok, slow though."

He didn't say anything. Letting his cock do his talking. He pulled out about halfway before pushing back into her.

"MMmmm!" the sound coming from the teacher as she began to adjust to his size.

Davis quickly repeated the process, pulling out before working his way back to her depths.

With each stroke he slowly increased his pace. Soon he was taking full thrusts, pulling all but the head out before going back to the hilt.

"Yes!" Becky cried as she started enjoying the sensation of his cock plowing away at her tight ass. "Fuck me Davis. Fuck my ass."

"You like it now don't you?"

"Yes! I do. I like it in my ass. Fuck my ass with your black cock." Becky almost screamed.

"Your ass is stretching so far for my cock. God you're tight."

Dan stared on in amazement. He didn't think that his wife would be able to take his size. He nearly lost his breath watching her take him all the way in her ass. Each time his balls bounced against her pussy he felt his penis give a twitch in his pants.

"You're so tight baby. I'm gonna cum soon."

"Yes baby. Cum. Cum in my ass." she urged him.

Davis increased his pace even more, nearly fucking her ass as hard as he had done her pussy before. He was pulling her tightly against him with every thrust of his hips.

Becky felt his cock swelling in her tight ass and knew that he was nearing orgasm.

"Take it Becky. Take my cum in your virgin ass." Davis said and pulled her sharply against him as he buried his cock as deep as he could as he unloaded his cum into her.

Becky could feel every spasm of his cock as his cum blasted into her bowels. She felt each time his cum flowed through his shaft before erupting into her. Reaching under her she held his balls softly as he finished cumming.

"OOhhh FUCK!" Davis groaned as his orgasm finished. He laid over top of her to catch his breath, leaving his cock inside her.

"I can feel you getting softer." she told him. "It still feels so big though. Thanks for being gentle with me."

Davis rose up from her and slowly pulled his cock out of her.

It seemed to take him almost as long as it did to get it in her. He took his time, letting her feel every inch of his softening shaft as it was leaving her ass.

Dan looked on speechless from what he had just seen. He could not look away as the cock slowly withdrew from his wife's ass. It wasn't until it came out of her ass that he was shocked once again.

His wife's ass was gaping wide open. He knew that he could put his cock in her right then and not feel a thing and she wouldn't feel him either.

Davis got off the bed and left the room. Dan then heard the sink in the bathroom and figured that the student was washing himself.

Davis soon came back carrying a towel. He set it on the bed next to Becky for her to lay down on.

Taking the offer, Becky turned over and laid herself on the towel.

Davis picked up his clothes and started getting dressed. He stood next to Becky and put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm proud of you Becky. You did great today."

"Thanks Davis." she accepted the compliment.

He then moved in front of Dan and held his hand out the the frozen husband. "Thanks for being cool with this man. I really like fucking your wife and want to keep doing it. I hope your ok with that."

Dan extended his hand and weakly shook hands with him. "'re welcome. I guess."

"Any way you could give me a ride home?" he asked of Dan.

"I don't know about that."

"Wait honey." Becky said. "You probably should. And take my car. That way nobody will see him leaving the house. We don't want anyone to know that I am having sex with a student after all."

"I guess you're right." Dan said and stood up. He looked down and saw the stain on his pants. "I should change first."

"Don't worry about it." Davis told him. "The car is in the garage, nobody will see you. Just park in there when you get back and nobody will notice."

"Just do it honey. The sooner you go the quicker you will get back. I want to thank you for this."

Ok, I guess we can go then."

The husband and the student quietly left the bedroom. They went out through the garage and drove away from the house.

End of Part


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Wow. I am exhausted from reading that. I am going to have to use the ladies room and rub one out or I won't be able to work.

Thank you!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Outstanding!! Time for chastity!!
Droopy and Miss


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Wow. I am exhausted from reading that. I am going to have to use the ladies room and rub one out or I won't be able to work.

Donna, you're such a delicious slut, I love that. The mental picture you paint is mind blowing! I have to agree with you, easily the best story of its kind on here at present, a true cuckold/BBC whore/fuck fest classic.


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I had to bite my lip in the stall to keep from alerting everyone on the floor of my orgasm. Really strong after reading that and reliving some of the BBC anal in my past.
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The recent update was well worth the wait.
Donna can attest as she is furiously rubbing the kitty
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Wow another great part. Like Dan I came in my panties, so hot, again cannot wait to see where this goes next. Thanks for posting.


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I had to bite my lip in the stall to keep from alerting everyone on the floor of my orgasm. Really strong after reading that and reliving some of the BBC anal in my past.

Donna, that's an amazing confession! I can picture you, vividly, your fingers working your clitty furiously, almost a blur as they bring you to the very brink of orgasm, you biting your lip to stifle the sounds of a slut in full cry, while your ass continuously clenches as you relive some epic anal fucks you've enjoyed at the hands (should that be cocks?) of your many black Bulls. What a girl, you make love to your husband, but you FUCK your black Bulls.


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Thank you all for the kind words. I'm glad to know that you are enjoying the story. Don't worry shankly, chastity will happen in due time as will sharing. I am nearly finished with the next chapter in the story and hope to post in a few days.

Thanks to those who have read my work and especially to you that continually post. It keeps me motivated to spend my fee time at my computer typing away.



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Kenny thanks for the great description.

Can't wait JBozz!!!!
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Kenny thanks for the great description

Hey Donna, it's just my over active imagination running away with me, but I bet there's at least a grain of truth in there somewhere! You're one very HOT girl Donna. xx


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Thanks to those who have read my work and especially to you that continually post. It keeps me motivated to spend my fee time at my computer typing away.

Jbozz It only right that we show our appreciation for your undoubted talents, and we are keen to enjoy even more of this classic cuckold tale. Male chastity, black breeding, Dan being humbled, it's all waiting there to be exploited!


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Part Nine

Dan drove as fast as he dared while driving Davis home. They talked a little on the way. Nothing major, mostly sports stuff. Dan didn't bring up anything to do with sex and Davis didn't either.

As Dan stopped in front of Davis' house, the young student turned to face him before opening the door. "I hope there is no hard feelings between us man. I don't want to be a jerk to you or nothing. Honestly, I think your wife is real sexy and she is a great lay. No disrespect. I really would like to keep hooking up with her if you are ok with it."

"I don't know what to say to that." Dan said quietly. "You are basically asking me if you can keep having sex with my wife. What would any normal husband do if that happened?"

"Probably punch me in the face." Davis said with a grin. "It's a good thing you are not a normal husband isn't it? I mean, you did urge your wife to tease me. You practically begged her to have me take her. On some level you like that I am fucking your wife. It's ok to admit it."

"I can't understand why I do, but you're right. Ever since the night she came home and told me about your hand brushing her butt, I have thought about her having sex with you. What is wrong with me?"

"Nothing. You are a good husband and a good man. You care about your wife's joy and sexual pleasure so much that you don't mind her getting it from someone else. Even it that is a young black student from her class. Takes a hell of a man to be cool with that." Davis assured Dan, sounding much more mature than his age.

Dan was not sure what to think about what was being said. Everything the young man was saying was right. He put it in such a way that it made sense to him. It eased the pang of jealousy that had been lingering in his gut all day. "I guess it would be ok for you to keep seeing her."

"Thanks man." Davis held his hand out to him. "Since you are ok with it, it will be much easier to not get caught. We can go to your place when my house isn't available. You don't mind right."

"I...I guess not." Dan said.

"I still think I will want to have her in the classroom sometimes too. There is something exciting about taking a teacher over her desk. Making her cum in her own classroom as I fuck her with my big cock."

"Sur....sure. I guess it would be." Dan said, the hesitation returning to his voice.

"You guys never did it in either one of your classes?"

"No. Never." Dan admitted. "Until very recently she has been somewhat conservative when it comes to sex."

"Gotcha. I better get inside. My parent's are probably wondering where I've been. Thanks again man." Davis got out of the car and slammed the door behind him.

Dan quickly put the car in drive and took off for home.

He drove just as fast on the way back. Trying to get home quickly to get his turn with his wife.

When he got home, Rebecca was still laying on the bed. She had a blanket pulled over her up to her waist.

Dan heard her talking on the phone when he got in the house and quietly made his way back to their bedroom.

Seeing her laying there with her breasts showing got his penis hard. He got her attention and she motioned that she would be off the phone in a minute.

He only heard her part of the conversation. "I did too."........"Yes, it was at first, but I liked by the end."......"Really! Great."......."Ok, anything you say Davis."......."Bye."

She ended the call and put the phone down. "That was Davis. He called to tell me he had a great time today. He said you two talked and that you are ok if we keep seeing each other. Thank you honey. I'm glad you don't mind that we want to keep......well, you know."

"Yeah." Dan said. "I don't know what it is, but I was rock hard the whole time he was here with you. It was so strange to watch you have sex with another man, but it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. You're still going to take care of me right?"

"Of course honey!" Rebecca beamed at him. "But....I'm really sore right now. Is it ok if I just use my hand today? I promise to make it up to you later. I will have to let you take my ass sometime soon too. I want that on a regular basis after finding how good it feels."

"I can't wait for that to happen. I guess a handjob is ok for today." he sounded dissapointed but only a little. Truth be told, he was unsure if either of them would get any pleasure from him taking her with his much smaller penis than she had just had with Davis.

"Would you like me to do it now or later tonight? I'm pretty hungry now, it has been a long day and we haven't had dinner yet."

"Now that you mention it, I could eat too. How about I go get us something and you can relax a little bit more. I can wait until later."

"Before you go, you should really change your pants. Look at yourself."

Dan looked down and saw the evidence of his cumming in his pants earlier. "I guess you're right."

"Yeah, it was fine if you are staying in the car like before, but not if you are going into a restaurant."

"I'll be back soon." Dan said after changing his pants and shorts. They were both sticky with his cum as he took them off.

When Dan came home with their food Rebecca was coming from the bedroom wearing a fluffy robe. She sat very gingerly on the soft couch, telling Dan that she was too sore to sit on the chairs at the table.

Dan brought their food and sat with her. They ate quietly while watching tv. Both of them unsure of what to say at the moment.

They ended up watching a movie before deciding that they should go to bed. "Come on honey." Rebecca said to Dan. "We still have time for me to give you that hand job."

"I'm right behind you." Dan told her.

As she made her way to the bedroom Dan turned off the tv and locked the door.

Rebecca had put on a pair of shorts and an old t shirt for bed. Dan took his clothes off and asked, "How do you want to do it?"

"Lay on the bed and I will take care of you."

Dan got on the bed and waited for her. Rebecca laid on her side next to him and reached for his soft penis. She felt it twitch when she wrapped her fingers around it.

"Somebody is ready." Rebecca said to him as his penis quickly got hard for her. She began slowly stroking him.

Since he was not very big her hand covered all but the head of his penis. With each stroke of her hand she stimulated the soft tip bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

"Are you sure you are ok with me seeing Davis honey? I really want to but if you told me to stop I would."

"No...oooohhhhh. Don't stop."

"Don't stop seeing him or don't stop stroking you?"

"OOhhhh......both. I'm gonna cum."

"I love you baby. Thank you for being ok with it. I really like his big cock. But right now I want you to cum for me. Cum while you think about me taking his big black cock. Think about him fucking my pussy and ass. His black cock stretching my holes and making me cum."

"Oh god." Dan whimpered.

Rebecca knew what was coming. She stroked him a little harder and kept his penis held up towards his stomach. "Thats it honey. Cum for me."

"Yes." Dan groaned as he spurted his cum onto his stomach.

Rebecca held her hand tight to his penis, giving mini strokes as he came. He doesn't cum like Davis, and had also cum twice earlier so there was not very much of it.

As he finished and began shrinking in Rebecca's hand she noticed that there were only a few drops of cum on him. "I guess you are pretty empty." she said looking at his meager amount."

"Yeah, not much left after the two times earlier."

Rebecca moved away from him and grabbed a tissue from the table. She handed it to him to wipe himself and got under the covers.

She heard Dan wiping himself and then he got out of bed to put on some clothes.

In the minute he was gone she was already out like a light. He quietly got into bed next to her and closed his eyes.

End of Part Nine


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Awesome the path of knowing his position
Droopy and Miss
Geronimo Samson


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Slow n steady dies it. Love how the story is developing


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Dan is totally hooked, 'Beccy now controls him, even down to deciding if and when he gets any form of sex, even a hand job. This is an awesome story, I know it will have Donna's pussy streaming again, she loves BBC!


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Thank you for another great episode!
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Well Donna, what sort of state was your pussy in after you finished reading the latest chapter?


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Another great post and boiling slowly.


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Kenny, you know it was damp and hot without asking!
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Mmm.......Donna, damp and Hot always does it for me! I'm salivating at the thought of dragging my tongue up and down your damp, hot, groove. xx
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