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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

Rating: 91
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So glad to hear you will have more of this outstanding story.


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Sorry for the long delay. Moving has been a hassle. It seems that everything that could go wrong did. I am pleased to say that things are now back to normal and I have at long last started the next part to this story. I hope to finish the story in the next week and have it posted.



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We all have been looking forward to the next chapter of this fantastic story


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I am loving this. Thank you.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Outstandingly good story, quite exceptional. I hope now you've sorted out your move (always a hassle!) you can concentrate on the next chapter. This is an excellent story.


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Hi all. Thanks for your patience with this part. I hope you enjoy it.

Part Three

Rebecca made it home and was not suprised to see that Dan was already there. With as long as she stayed after school she knew that he would be there before her.

She got out of her car and walked to the door. She once again felt the condom as she walked.

"There you are, I was starting to worry." she heard Dan call out to her as she walked in the door.

"Sorry honey." she told him. "I stayed after school to help some students. I should have called and let you know."

"Don't worry about it." he said, coming over and kissing her. "How was your day?"

"It was good. I um...." she trailed off as she felt the condom slide in her pussy.

"You ok?"

"Yeah." she blurted out. "I just have to pee. It came on quickly as I drove home." Rebecca hurried away from her husband and to the bathroom.

Hiking up her skirt to her waist she sat down. Slowly she reached her hand down and pushed a finger into herself. She wiggled it around trying to find the filled condom.

She could feel it with her finger but was not able to work it out. She added another finger and was able to pinch it between them and slowly pull it from her pussy.

It was dripping with her juices as she pulled it out. She looked at it with amazement at the amount of cum that Davis had filled it with. Her husband had never left a load that big in a condom before. Or anywhere else for that matter.

She held the used rubber in her hand. Feeling the warmth of it in her palm. She felt her nipples tighten against her shirt. Her free hand began to rub her pussy as her mind drifted back to Davis fucking her in her classroom.

Her mind was no longer controlling her body. She rubbed herself furiously, focusing her fingers on her sensitive nub.

She could feel herself building to an orgasm. She stopped rubbing herself and tried franticaly to untie the condom.

Unable to free the knot she grabbed a small pair of scissors and carefully cut just below the knot.

She dipped her finger into the pool of cum in the rubber and rubbed it into her clit. She then brought her finger into her mouth and tasted both her and Davis. She dipped her finger into the cum again, only this time brought it right to her mouth without rubbing her clit first.

Her body told her that she wanted more cum. Her brain was unable to stop her from bringing the condom up and pouring the load into her open mouth. She pinched the tip of the condom and pulled any remaining cum down into her mouth as well.

She dropped the now empty rubber on the sink. Feeling the cum coating her tongue, she quickly went back to rubbing her pussy.

She was savoring the taste of Davis' cum and wanted to hold onto it for as long as possible. She enjoyed the way it coated her tongue, and how it flowed through her mouth.

She pushed two fingers into her hole as she rubbed her thumb on her clit. She teased her nipples with the other hand. Gently pinching and tugging on them as they poked into her shirt.

She was bucking her hips up against her fingers and knew she was moments away. Just a little more, her brain knew.

She heard a knocking on the door that brought her slightly back to reality. "You alright honey? You've been in there a long time."

She was holding the cum in her mouth and was unable to talk. She could have just swallowed but her body told her not to yet. "Um hmm." she announced as she kept slowly fingered herself.

"Alright then." she heard him say through the door.

She looked towards his voice and saw that she hadn't locked the door. He could have opened the door and caught her in the act.

She was glad the he didn't, but also the thought of him seeing her like this made her pussy burn with excitement, bringing her right back to the brink of climax.

Rebecca pushed a third finger in and held them as deep as she could. She let her other hand focus on her clit. Using both hands allowed her to really attack her nub.

It didn't take much longer before she was cumming on her fingers.

Right as she was at the peak of her climax she allowed herself to swallow Davis' cum. It took a few tries before she had gotten it all down.

By the time she had finished swallowing the load, her orgasm had finished and she was regaining herself.

She felt a little shame as she saw her three fingers pushed deep into herself. She quickly withdrew them and wiped them with some tissue. She also wiped her pussy too.

Standing up and dropping the tissues into the bowl she smoothed her skirt down and hit the flusher.

As the process happened she saw the pieces of the condom on the sink. Reacting quickly she dropped them into the toilet as well. She got to it just in time. They just hit the water when everything got flushed away, getting rid of the evidence of her infidelity.

She washed her hands and hurried to the bedroom to change from her teaching clothes.

Putting on some sweats she joined Dan on the couch. She snuggled up next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "So how did your day go?" she asked him.

"It was great actually. Really productive. The students were really getting the lessons."

"That's great honey. It is always nice when they catch on. You really get the sense that you are getting through to them and teaching well."

"It makes you feel good when you can connect with them, you know?"

She thought of the connection with Davis' cock she had earlier, "It felt great. Feels great." she quickly corrected herself.

Dan put his arm around her, "Since we both had such good days, maybe we can have an even better night. Sound good?"

The thought of sex with her husband so soon after the pounding she took from Davis was not appealing. "Maybe tomorrow night honey. How about I make us a nice dinner instead. After we can watch a movie and cuddle."

"Sounds good to me." Dan said, saddened to not be getting any that night.

Before dinner they sat together and graded papers like they usually did.

Rebecca finished first and went to start dinner.

They went to bed shortly after the movie. Rebecca fell asle ep with Dan's arm around her.

The next morning, Wednesday, Rebecca was deciding what to wear. Davis hadn't given her any instructions so she didn't know what she should do. She thought about a few different outfits. She decided on a simple dark brown skirt and cream colored blouse. She made the decision not to wear anything under her clothes. Davis was right, she did enjoy teaching without a bra or panties. It gave her a sense of excitement to know that her students had no idea that she was being a little naughty in how she dressed.

Her morning was just another morning. Her early classes went off as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for the brief moment that she felt her nipples tighten under her blouse. She had thought about the previous day and how she had cried out in pleasure as Davis took her in her classroom. She was glad that when the thought had come to her she was facing the board and none of her students had been able to see the evidence of her arousal.

She made sure to take her time writing at the board to give her body time to cool down.

She was able to control herself during the rest of her classes.

That is until Davis walked in the room for his class.

She felt her body tingle as she watched him walk to his seat.

The smirk he gave her caused her face to blush. She had to act like she was looking for something in a drawer to hide her redness from any other students.

The class went off without any interruptions from Davis. He only gave a random grin as her eyes met his.

It wasn't until class was over that he came to her desk. "How you feeling today Becky?"

She blushed again at him calling her Becky. "O...ok I guess."

"You liked taking my cock yesterday didn't you?"

Her nipples poked hard against her shirt as she looked up at him. "Yes I did. That was the last time though. It cannot happen anymore. This has to stop now."

"Anything you say Becky. Just tell me one thing." he paused before asking. "What did you do with the condom from yesterday?"

Her face got even darker red at his question. "I...I flushed it."

"Is that all?" he smirked down at her.

"Yes." she said meekly as she felt a bead of sweat run down her neck.

Davis saw it too. "I think you're lying to me. You don't look like you're telling the truth."

She knew he was right. She just didn't want to tell him.

"What really happened Becky? Tell me."

She had to lower her eyes from his gaze. "I played.....played with myself."

"Keep going."

She thought her nipples would poke holes in her shirt at this point. "It felt so warm in my hand. I cut it open and got some, you know, cum, on my finger and then rubbed myself with it."

"Is that all?"

Becky shook her head no. "I....I poured you cum in my mouth and held it there until I made myself climax."

"Then what did you do?"

"I....Just when I was cumming.....I swallowed."

"Good girl Becky. I'm proud of you. Swallowing my cum like that."

"Thank...thank you Davis." she stammered, unsure why it made her feel good to hear him say that.

"I'll meet you at your car after school. Don't keep me waiting long."

"O.....ok Davis." she said as she watched him leave her class.

What had she just agreed to. She told him things had to stop and then she just agreed to meet him at her car. What was she getting into, and when would it be over?

The last classes went by in a haze. She could not focus on teaching as her brain kept thinking about what would happen after school.

Finally the last class of the day ended. She thought about what Davis said about not keeping him waiting. She hurried through her end of day tasks before checking out with the office.

"Big plans today Rebecca?" another teacher asked at seeing her leaving so quickly after classes ended.

" Sorry, my mind has already checked out. See you tomorrow."

"Have fun." the teacher said to her as she left the office.

Becky hurried to her car.

Davis was sitting in the driver seat. She was sure she had locked the doors when she got in that morning, but there he was.

He motioned for her to get in the other side. She walked around and got in the passenger seat.

"Took you long enough."

"Sorry Davis. I got here as fast as I could."

"Keys." he demanded.

She handed them over to him.

Davis started the car and drove off.

He drove like most teenagers. Fast and somewhat reckless. He made sudden lane changes, causing Rebecca to grab at the door.

A light turned red and he stopped hard. "Pull your skirt up Becky."

"Right now?" she asked. "People might see."

"So what. Do it."

She looked and saw that there were no cars on either side of them at the light. She raised up slightly and lifted her skirt to her waist. Davis got a good look at her goods as she did it.

The light turned green and he sped away. As he drove he reached his hand over and began rubbing her pussy.

She wanted to tell him to stop, but she was unable to say anything.

Braking late at another red light he turned to her. "Unbutton your shirt. Show me your tits."

As she looked around she saw one car opposite them. Slowly she undid the top few buttons of her blouse. Her hands were shaking as she got past her breasts.

She finished and pulled the shirt open for his approval, the strap of the seat belt fell right between her breasts.

Davis took his hand away from rubbing her pussy and began to knead her tits.

The light turned green and he pressed hard on the gas, giving her nipple a hard twist as the car rocketed away from the intersection.

Rebecca winced at the sudden takeoff and from the twisting of her sensitive nipple.

She did her best to keep her eyes on the road but she kept looking down as he continued to maul her tits.

She took a timid look out the side window, hoping the driver in the truck next to her didn't look over and see her as she was.

It was not her lucky day. The driver turned his head and got an eyeful of her tits as Davis gave a hard squeeze.

Her eyes met the strangers and she could not look away. The man winked at her and then braked suddenly, almost missing his turn.

Rebecca knew that her face was pulsing red from being seen with her shirt open and getting fondled in the moving car.

She was still looking out the side window when a noise caught her attention.

Her head turned and knew what the sound was. Davis had unzipped his pants and was pulling his cock out.

She paused her glance on his thick cock before slowly looking up at him. "Suck it Becky. Suck my cock."

"I can't. I told you this was over." she said to him. Her brain made the words come out, but didn't register as she slipped the shoulder strap of the seat belt over her head and turned sideways towards him.

She felt his hand on her head and allowed herself to be pulled down to his lap. He held her face down, keeping her cheek pressed against his shaft. "Get to it." he barked at her.

Becky nodded her head at his demand. She slowly turned her head and kissed his thick shaft.

Davis let go of her head, giving her the room to take him into her mouth.

Becky felt his warm cock gliding into her mouth, feeling his soft head on her tongue. She flicked her tongue along the tip of his cock as she took him deeper.

"That's it Becky. Don't stop." he encouraged.

She grabbed the base of his cock and stroked him hard. Once he was, she began to bob her head on him.

Slowly down and then even slower she would back off from him. Her tongue was working him non stop.

Davis grabbed her hair and gave it a solid yank, not to get her to stop, just to let her know that he was in charge.

Becky felt the car slow down as he came to a red light. She kept her head down and continued to suck him, no longer thinking or caring if anyone saw.

When Davis mashed on the gas her head fell back against his stomach. She managed to not let his cock fall from her mouth though, keeping her lips tightly clamped around his head.

Becky was consumed by his cock. At that moment all she cared about was sucking him. Her brain gave no other task to her body other than getting a breath now and again. All that mattered was her mouth and his cock.

The car skidded to a stop and Davis reached under her to put the car in park. "Get out." he told her.

Becky looked up at him with begging eyes, keeping her mouth locked on his cock as she did. She didn't want to stop sucking him.

"I said OUT." he barked louder. He pushed her off his cock and undid her seat belt before doing his own.

She was too scarred to move.

Davis pushed open his door and got out, leaving the engine running. He hurried to the other side and ripped her door open.

Reaching inside the car and grabbed Becky around the waist and pulled her to her feet. She managed to look around as he did this and saw that they were behind some factory looking building by railroad tracks.

"I can't really fuck you in the car like that can I Becky?"

"God yes. Please fuck me." she begged.

"I thought you said it was over with us?"

"Please no. Not over. Never. Fuck me." she sounded almost in a trance.

"I'll even use a condom." he said and fished one from his pocket.

"Yes. Thank you. Fuck me please. Fuck me."

He grabbed her skirt just below her waist and tugged on it, letting it fall to the ground. He then picked her up and moved her to the front of the car.

He pushed her over the hood and pulled her back so her ass stuck out a little.

The warm hood and the running engine felt enticing as her breasts made contact with the car.

She didn't have to wait long. He slapped her ass and then she felt the tip of the condom pressing against her pussy.

He pushed harder and she felt his cock penetrate her. There was no question that she was wet. Even the dry condom couldn't prevent his cock from sinking into her tight pussy as wet as it was.

"Oh god, fuck yes. Take me. Fuck me good." she grunted.

Davis grabbed her hips and jammed the rest of his cock into her pussy. Becky felt his balls slap against her as she took all of his length. "You like that Becky?"

"YES!" she cried out. "I love it. More. Please fuck Becky's pussy."

Ever so slowly he withdrew from her warm pussy. He left only the very tip of the condom inside her.

Davis reached out and grabbed a fistfull of her shirt and tugged, pulling it off her arms and tossing it to the ground by her discarded skirt.

She felt empty without him buried in her. "Don't stop." Becky begged, wiggling her ass for him.

He squeezed her hips tighter and pulled her back roughly onto his hard cock. The quick pulling caused her tits to drag across the vibrating hood the the car, sending a wave of pleasure through her body.

Holding her tightly in place, Davis began to fuck her pussy in quick hard thrusts. Each thrust dragging her breasts on the warm hood more than the last.

"So Good." Becky cried out. "I love your cock. Your big black cock."

Davis slapped her ass, "Becky likes some black cock huh?"

"God yes!" she moaned as her body shivered in pleasure. "I love it. I need your black cock in my pussy."

"You're gonna cum aren't you? I can feel you squeezing me."

"MMMMhhuuhh." was all she managed to get out as she felt herself reaching climax. Becky reached under herself and rubbed her clit as she came.

Davis slowed his pace, taking long slow strokes as he felt her cumming on his dick. "That's it baby. Cum for me. Cum on my black dick Becky."

"Fuuucckkkk!" Becky bore down on him even harder. "So deep."

Davis held himself buried to the hilt in her as her orgasm subsided.

When he felt her relax the pressure on his cock he pulled back and resumed his pounding of her.

He knew he would not last much longer. He wanted something different from today though.

He grabbed her left hand and pulled her body to the side. She was know drapped diagonally on the hood of the car. Her head near the side edge.

Happy with her new position he pulled completely out of her pussy, leaving her hole stretched wide open and feeling empty.

He pulled the condom off as he moved around to her head.

Becky opened her eyes to see Davis moving close to her face. She saw his bare cock sticking right at her.

Davis dropped the condom on the ground and guided his cock towards Becky's mouth.

Knowing what he wanted she opened her mouth to him. She reached her left hand up and stroked his thick shaft as she sucked the end of his cock.

"You're gonna swallow for me Becky. You're gonna swallow my black cum."

"MMMMkkk." she struggled to say around his dick.

He was on the verge of cumming when he left her pussy and knew he was almost done. He stroked her hair behind her ear, leaving her pretty face on display for him.

Becky sucked hard on him as she stroked him as tightly as her hand would allow. She brought her other hand up to cradle his nuts. They felt hot and heavy in her soft hand.

She soon felt them tighten and knew that he was about to cum.

Davis pushed her hands away from him and stroked a few times. "Here it comes Becky. Take it. Swallow my nut."

Becky braced herself for the moment his cum would squirt into her mouth.

She did not have to wait long.

"Fuck." Davis grunted as the first blast of his cum shot into her mouth, coating her tongue with his sticky load.

Becky held her lips tight around the head as he unloaded in her mouth.

She counted ten blasts before it felt like he was done.

Davis pulled out of her mouth and gave his cock a few more strokes. He managed another two shots of cum. The first one on the right cheek and the second, just above the left eye.

"Let me see it Becky. Get on your knees and show me all that cum in your mouth."



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Good story so far. I wonder when hubby is going to find out!


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Great story and thanks for sharing.

Looks like you lost the last part of Part 3.


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Great story, please keep posting. Cannot wait to see where this is going. Will he share her with others or will her husband be a cuckold slave to them or both?


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Sorry about that. I didn't even check to see if it got cut off. Here is the rest of it.

"Let me see it Becky. Get on your knees and show me all that cum in your mouth."

Slowly, Becky slid down off the hood and sank to her knees before him. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide for him.

He saw the large load of cum pooling on her tongue and in the back of her mouth. "Does Becky want to swallow?"

She nodded that she did.

"Go ahead Becky. Swallow that fucking cum."

She brought her head forward and swallowed a big gulp, nearly ******* as she tried to take too much at once. She had to swallow a few more times to get all of it down.

"All done?" he asked.

"Uh huh." Becky confirmed.

"Show me."

Becky tipped her head back and again opened her mouth to him.

"Good girl. I think there might be a little bit more for you." he lifted his cock and she saw a last drop dangling from the tip.

She leaned closer and licked the salty drop from his cock, swallowing it with a smile.

Davis was already pulling his pants back up, tucking his cock in before zipping. "You did good today Becky."

"Thank you Davis."

"Get dressed. I'm gonna drive to my house and then you can head home to your husband."

"Ok Davis." she said, picking up her clothes and standing up.

Davis admired her ass as she bent to put her skirt back on. He was getting in the car as she put her arms back into her shirt. He opened the window, "Leave the shirt open for now. You can button it later."

Not giving it a second thought Becky left the shirt undone and got back into her car.

Davis drove to his house, groping her tits every chance he got along the way.

He stopped the car in the street in front of his house. "This is me." he told her. He gave her tits one last rough squeeze before undoing his safety belt.

Becky thought he was giving her an odd look. "What is it?" she asked.

He smirked even wider. "You still have some cum on your face." he told her.

Checking the vanity mirror she saw the two streaks of cum on her face. "That's ok. I have some tissue in my purse."

"I got it." he said. He took the bottom of her shirt in his hands and pulled it up and wiped his cum from her face with the front of the material.

He rubbed it off gently, making sure that he got it all off with her shirt. "Don't want your husband to see my cum on your face do we?"

"Definitely not." she confirmed, wishing he hadn't used her shirt to clean it off but not voicing that to him.

"I had fun today Becky. I'll come up with something for next time." he said and opened the door to get out. He leaned back in and added, "You can finish getting dressed before you switch seats. Get out and walk around, don't just scoot over." he told her.

She had planned to just slide across but didn't want to upset him.

As he walked away from her car she buttoned her shirt back up. When she was finished she got out of the car and walked around to the driver side. Getting in and closing the door she turned her head to see Davis watching from the porch.

He gave a grin as she put the car in drive and drove off.

End of Part Three


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Such a ladies man that Davis has a great future in pimping hottie milf types
Win some...
Lose some...
Few are rained out


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Thanks to brainbox, viking , cuckslut, and al. I am working on the next part. Brain, have no fear, he will find out soon, either next part or the one after. I have't decided on how I want to have him find out about it yet.

Thanks again for reading and commenting.



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Really excellent story, well written, and the plot is just fuckin' awesome. He's going to pimp her out to his friends for sure, she'll end up having been bred by Davis or some other black youth - lucky girl!


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I agree with the others, it is the best story I have read in a long time.


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Really nice work. I hope that he shares her soon.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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I hope that he shares her soon.

Oh, he will Donna, if it's goes true to form, they all do! (you should know darling!)


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Thanks kenny, liketolisten and donna. Next part is coming along and should be posted in a few days. I don't want to give much away but you will be happy to know that before the story is done Becky will be shared, not in the next part though, it will be a few parts before that happens


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you will be happy to know that before the story is done Becky will be shared

Can't wait Jbozz, this is an exceptional story, well written, unfolding at a nice pace, tantalising with the details of a previously demure white wife turning into a black cock whore, unable to resist the lure of dark meat ploughing her so, so deep. She's converted already, but it's good to see just how far she's prepared to go.


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Thanks for the compliment Kenny. Part four is ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Part Four

Rebecca made it home much later than normal that day. She hadn't realized how long she spent with Davis. She was nervous about what she would tell her husband, Dan, to explain why she was home so late. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that his car was not in the driveway. Remembering that he was going out with some friends, Rebecca got out of the car and made her way inside.

Setting her keys and purse down she made her way to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and was ashamed at what she saw. Her clothes were rumpled, dust and dirt dotted her skirt and shirt from being discarded on the ground. It took a double take before she noticed that she had some dried cum on her face as well. In her post fuck haze she had forgotten that he had squeezed out the last two blasts onto her cheek and above her eye.

Grabbing some tissues and wetting them she wiped the dried cum off her face. She finished in the bathroom and went to her bedroom to change clothes.

Rebcecca sat on the couch and turned on the tv. She flipped through the channels and could decide on anything to watch so she turned to the news.

As she sat there the days events began running through her mind. She thought back to how she told Davis that things had to stop. But the way he spoke to her, telling her that he would be at her car waiting, he didn't give her a chance to say no. She had meant it when she told him that she couldn't continue with him. She didn't want to be unfaithful to Dan. She really didn't want to get caught with her student and lose her job, maybe even go to jail.

She just couldn't help herself around him. Her brain would not allow her to disobey him. If he told her to do something her brain went on auto pilot and did as she was told.

The images started flashing in her head. Being on her knees behind a factory sucking Davis' cock. The way he guided her over the hood of her car and fucked her from behind. The sensation of her tits dragging across the the metal. Finally the way she came from his fucking and how he came around to cum in her mouth.

By the time she replayed the events up to driving away from him, she was turned on, and also upset and horrified at what she did.

The latter won out and she found herself crying. She reached for the tissues to wipe her tears, which reminded her of wiping his cum off her face. She sobbed harder as she thought about what she must have looked like driving home with cum drying on her face like that. How many people looked over at her and were able to see.

She cried endlessly for what seemed like hours. When she finally got control of herself she saw that she had been sobbing for about 15 minutes.

As she dried the tears she convinced herself that that was the last time with Davis. Never again would she let him control her like that. If he tried to talk her into doing anything, she would tell him no. She was married and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that. No sex was worth losing her husband over.

Dan got home somewhat late that night. Rebecca was reading in bed when he showed up. He kissed her and changed, picking up his book and joining her in bed.

"Did you have a good time?" she asked him.

"Yeah, we had fun. How was your night?"

"Good. I did some soul searching. I think it straightened some things out."

"And what might that be? What did you discover in your search?"

"That I love you more than anything and I don't ever want to be without you."

"I love you too honey." he told her.

They both read for a little while before setting thenm down and going to sle ep.

The next morning, Thursday, as they got up, Rebecca thought to herself and decided to take the next two days off. Rebecca wanted a few days to build up the courage to tell Davis that things were done between them, she was afraid that if she tried to tell him the day after she let him fuck her on the hood of her car she would cave to his demands and allow him to take her again. She thought that if she avoided him for a few days it would make her resolve stronger.

She told Dan of her decision, "Why?" he asked. "Do you feel sick?"

"No." she relpied. "I think I just need a couple days to get back to a good place in my head. A good long weekend will be good."

"Can I do anything to help?"

"Would you be able to stop by the school and grab the homework that I will need to grade over the weekend. It would be a huge help."

"Sure thing babe. Anything for you. I'll see you after school. Love you."

"I love you too." she told him as he left for work.

Rebecca spent the day relaxing around the house. She took a long bubble bath, having lit candles around the tub before settling into the warm bubbly water.

She shaved herself smooth from the waist down. She did this on a regular basis, her husband liking her with a bare pussy.

She laid in the tub until the water was almost cold. Rinsing off the suds with the shower, she stepped out and dried off before wrapping herself in a thick, fluffy robe.

She spent the rest of the day watching cheesy daytime tv, curled up on the couch.

Dan came home and found Rebecca napping on the couch. He kissed her gently on the head and left her there.

The next day Rebecca got caught up on things she had been putting off around the house. She did a bunch of little things that she hadn't found the time or just didn't want to do before.

She felt really good about herself after putting in a long day around the house like that. She hadn't even thought about Davis and what she would say to him when she went back to work on Monday.

When Dan got home that day he saw all that Rebecca had done that day. "Wow, you were busy today."

"I was." she said beeming. "I finally did the things I've wanted to do for weeks."

"I'm impressed. I brought your papers for the weekend for you."

"Thanks Dan. You're the best." she said wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

"You have a lot here. I guess that's the downside to taking some days off. There is more work to do over the weekend."

"It is worth it. I figure I'll spend some time on Saturday grading papers. Lighten the load for Sunday. I also thought I would thank you for getting this for me. You know, later tonight in the bedroom."

Dan smiled at that. "You can thank me like that anytime. Even if I didn't do anything. Really, I wouldn't mind." He gave her ass a squeeze as he said it.

"I bet you wouldn't." she felt him stiffen in his pants. She reached down and patted the tent in his pants. "Save that for later."

That night Rebecca shocked Dan by letting him take her from behind. She only let him do that on rare occaisions. She made sure he put on a condom before letting him inside her though.

On Saturday they had a lazy morning together. Having breakfast and just watching some tv for a bit.

Around noon, Rebecca laid her papers on the table and sat down to start grading them. She was just finishing the first paper when she noticed that she hadn't grabbed her red pen she used for grading. "Dan, is my purse over there?"

"Yeah. It's right here." he told her, seeing it in front of the couch.

"Could you bring me the red pen from it?"


Dan picked up her purse and dug around for the pen she wanted. He had just found it when he saw something else in there that shocked him. He pulled it out an asked, "Rebecca, what is this in here for?"

She looked over to him and saw what he was holding. It was the empty condom wrapper that she stuffed in there. She had forgotten all about it. She knew it was a different brand that what they used and had to come up with something fast.

"Oh that." she said with a giggle. "I found that on the grass outside of the school the other day as I walked to my car. I picked it up and forgot all about it."

"Oh. Some student got lucky."

She was relieved that he bought her story.

That is until he said, "I thought for a second that it was from your boyfriend."

His comment brought the guilt of it all back to her. "Dammit Dan!" she blurted out. "I thought you were done talking like that. Nothing happened and it never will."

"Come on babe. After all the joking about it and then I find an empy condom wrapper in your purse. It's funny."

Rebecca stood up from the table, "It's not funny Dan. How could you even think that I would cheat on you?" She came around the couch and sat next to him.

She saw what looked like another tent in his pants. She reached out to grab it and found that he was rock hard. "Are you hard right now?" she asked with a hint of anger. "You're hard thinking about me cheating on you, and with one of my students. What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." he said trying to reassure her. "I guess the thought of you hooking up with a student gets me a little excited. Even though it is not for real. Isn't it ok to fantasize?"

"Not about that." her anger rising. "Fantasies should be about things we can do together, not about me being with someone else. I can't believe you are hard thinking about that. What would you say if I went through with it? If I would have told you that it was his and that I had sex with him. How would that make you feel?"

He was speechless, but his penis wasn't. It began to throb in her hand.

"I don't believe you. You really do want me to do it." she pulled her hand away from him. "You want me to have sex with him."

"I don't, really honey."

"Then why is your penis throbbing like that?"

"I don't know."

She grabbed the pen she wanted and stormed away from him to go back to grading her papers.

He left her alone for a while. After letting her cool down for an hour he asked, "Can we talk honey?"

"No we can't talk. I'm busy. Not that I want to talk to you right now anyway."

"Well just listen then. I'm sorry I joked about it being his. I don't know why the idea made me hard like that. I can't explain it, it just did. I wish I could give you something more than that but I can't. I can't say how it would make me feel if you ever had sex with someone else. I can honestly say that until today I have never even thought about it. It was always just a joke to me, a way to tease you a little. I've thought about it some since earlier, and I don't really know how I would feel about it if it actually happened."

Rebecca looked over to him, "So you're saying that you don't know that you would be upset about it if I had sex with another man?"

"I don't know. A part of me says that I would be devastated, but another part of me..." he paused before continuing. "Would sort of want to watch it happen."

"You want to watch me have sex with another man?"

"I'm not saying that."

"That is what you just said."

"I'm not saying that I want it to happen. I'm just saying that there is a part of me that would like to see it. But the thought of it happening scares me too. It is weird to think of something that makes excited and frightened at the same time."

"So you want to see it happen you and that scares you?"

"I think maybe, yeah."

"Come here." she whispered to Dan.

He moved next to her.

Rebecca reached her hand out and put it on his crotch. She felt him harden at her touch. "The thought of seeing me with another man is making you hard isn't it? I can feel it growing."

"Yes." Dan admitted through his shame.

"I have to tell you something honey." she felt him get even harder. "That was Davis' condom. He fucked me with his teenage black dick. He used the condom to be safe. He took me right in my classroom. Right on my desk. I was bent over it and he fucked me from behind."

"Oh god." Dan moaned, never feeling what he was at that moment.

Rebecca felt his penis spasm through his pants. She could feel it as he came inside his pants.

"Oh god." Dan said again as he felt himself squirting his cum into his underwear.

"You just came didn't you?" Rebecca asked.

Nodding his head, Dan confirmed, "Uh huh. You weren't serious about that were you? That wasn't real?"

She looked from the small wet spot she could see forming on his pants up to his face, "I don't know. What do you think?"

"No way." Dan said through heavy breaths. "You would never do that in your classroom. Especially with a student."

"Ok then. Let me get back to my work. You should get out of those clothes and clean yourself up. I can't believe you came like that thinking about me with a student."

"Sorry honey. I don't know what it is."

"I don't either, but I do know that you are not getting any tonight after this."

On Sunday, Rebecca didn't bring up what happened the day before. Dan tried to talk about it but she told him that she didn't want to and to drop it.

Deciding not to start an argument, he dropped the issue.

They graded their papers together like they usually do on Sunday's.

That night, once again, they did not have sex.

Monday morning came and they both got ready to go to work.

Rebecca woke up feeling refreshed from her long weekend. She had convinced herself that today she was going to tell Davis that things between them were over. She just hoped he didn't make it difficult.

To prove to herself that she was going to go through with it she wore a bra and panties under her conservative clothes. She wore a skirt that came down well past her knees and a button down shirt with a light sweater over it.

She got to school and checked in at the office. She was welcomed back and asked about the weekend. She told them that she felt refreshed and that the extra days were just what she needed.

She made it through her morning classes without any trouble.

However, as the day wore on she found her mind drifting to Davis and what she was going to tell him. How would he take it? What would he say? Would he check to see if she was wearing any underwear? Wait, why did she care about that. What would he say when he found out she was wearing panties and a bra? He won't find out, she thought hard to herself. It was over, she was telling him today. But what if he reaches under her skirt?

As the class before Davis' ended she found herself grabbing her purse and making her way to the restroom. Her mind was going a million miles an hour. She couldn't concentrate on anything. She just kept thinking back to Davis.

Deciding that it was more prudent to not give him anything to complain about, she found herself reaching up under her skirt and tugging her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and tucked them into her purse. She then opened the sweater and her blouse and unhooked her bra. She slid it off her arms slowly so as not to have to take off her shirt. Quickly stuffing the bra in her purse and buttoning her blouse and sweater, she headed back to her classroom.

There were a few students already there. Davis being one of them.

Her eyes met his and he gave her a grin. "Welcome back Mrs. Coral. We missed you the last couple days." He grabbed his crotch as he said it.

"Thank you Davis." she told him, glad that the other students were not looking his way to see his actions

During class she did her best not to look towards Davis much. She hoped that if she didn't make eye contact with him it might bring the point home that things were done between them.

As class was finishing and the bell was about to ring, Rebecca said, "Davis, would you mind staying behind a minute? I want to talk about your work from last week."

"Sure thing." he said with a wicked grin.

Rebecca saw his smirk and felt her resolve getting weaker by the second.

As the last student left, Davis walked up to her desk. "What's up Becky?"

"You have to stop calling me that." she told him. "That is what we have to talk about. This thing, is over. I can't do it anymore. I "

He cut her off before she could finish. "Stop right there teach. You need to stand up for inspection. I wonder if you can follow direction after taking some days off."

She didn't want to but she found herself standing up for him.

She spread her legs apart and let him reach up under her skirt. She felt his fingers touching her bare skin and was glad that she had taken off her panties before class.

He pulled his hand from under her skirt and undid the top few buttons of her blouse. The sweater was cut low enough that he could reach into her blouse and see that she was not wearing a bra. He gave each nipple a soft pinch before taking his hand away.

"How about I meet you here after school and we can talk all about it?"

"There is nothing more to talk about." she told him as she rebuttoned her blouse.

"I'll see you after school Becky." he said and walked from the room.

That did not go as she had planned.

For the rest of her classes, her mind was focused on what would happen after school. She didn't want to meet with him, unsure if she would be able to control herself.

As her last class was winding down she fought with her emotions. On one hand she wanted to stop cheating on her husband. The other part of her brain was reliving the pleasure that he gave her when they had sex. Her brain was remembering the intense orgasms he gave her, the way he made her feel completely satisfied sexually. But she was married and she loved her husband. She wanted to put an end to things before she lost total control and put her marriage at risk.

The bell rang, ending the final class of the day. Rebecca wished the students a good day like she always did and quickly went about her end of day process.

It was not ten minutes after class ended that Davis entered the room.

"What's up Becky?" he said sarcastically as he walked over to her desk.

"Really Davis, this has to stop. I'm married...I can't keep cheating on my husband."

"Let's talk about that later. I need a ride home, coming here makes me miss the bus. Give me your keys and come to your car when your done. We can talk on the way."

Rebecca knew it was not a good idea. She knew that she should tell him no. Her brain was screaming at her to say no. Her hand though, was digging in her purse and pulling out her keys.

She dropped them in his hand. "I should be done in about twenty minutes. I'll drive this time though."

"Anything you say Becky." he said before leaving the room.

After he was gone, Rebecca dropped her head into her hands. "Why did I give him my keys? Why did I agree to give him a ride home?" she asked in her head.

She paced herself finishing her end of day work. She didn't want to appear to be in a hurry to any of the other teachers after taking the long weekend.

She even stopped to talk in the office for a few minutes before leaving so as not to draw any attention to herself.

Walking to her car she was yelling at herself for letting him get to her again. She had a plan and had let it all go astray at the drop of a hat.

She saw that he was in the passenger side as she approached her car. She went to the driver side and reached to open the door. She was surpised to find it locked. She knocked on the window to alert him to unlock the door.

He hit the button and as Rebecca lifted the handle she heard the lock click again. The game was repeated by Davis a few times before he let her into her own car.

She sat down and pulled the door closed. "That was pretty chi1dish." she told him.

He laughed, "I know, but your tits jiggled nicely as you kept trying to open the door." he reached over and cupped her right breast. "I like seeing your tits dance for me."

She felt her face blush at his response. "Davis you have to listen to me." she began. "I can't keep this up any longer. I don't want to lose my husband. I..."

"Relax Becky." he told her. "I'm not trying to break up your marriage. We got a good thing going though. You get the kind of fucking that you


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"Relax Becky." he told her. "I'm not trying to break up your marriage. We got a good thing going though. You get the kind of fucking that you can't get at home, and I get some good, married white pussy. We both come out winners."

"It's not about winning or getting something out of it. It is what I might lose that scares me."

Davis put his hand on her leg. Not in a sexual way, more of a reassuring way. "You should probably start the car and get going. Some other teachers should be coming out soon."

She checked her watch and saw he was right. She didn't want to be seen with a student in her car. She started the engine and drove from the school.

As she drove she could not bring herself to say anything. Her mind was filled with things she wanted to tell him. All the different ways to tell him that they had to stop. The more she drove, the less will power she had.

She recognized the street she was coming to as his. Making the turn she began to wonder what harm she was really doing to her marriage. Her husband didn't know about her affair and even if he found out, he had pushed her in the direction. It seemed like he wanted her to hook up with Davis.

She pulled into his driveway.

"You want to come in for a minute?"

'Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!' her brain shouted. "I guess." she told him. Immediately thinking it was a bad idea.

Knowing that she shouldn't be doing it, she was following him to the door. He opened it and walked in, she came in right behind him and closed the door.

"Nobody is home for another hour or so." he told her.

"Good." she said before she could stop herself.

He led her to the living room and sat on the couch. "So if you want to be done, why did you come to school with no bra or panties on? Seems strange to me. And why did you let me check on you too?"

"I didn't." she told him. "I did wear panties and a bra today."

"You didn't have them on when I checked you."

"I took them off."


"In case you checked me." she had no idea why she was telling him.

"Why did that matter? If you say we are through."

She thought for a second. "I didn't want to upset you."

"But why not?" he badgered. "What does it matter?"

"I..." she trailed off.

"I think I know." he told her. "I think you took off your underwear hoping that I would inspect you. I think you wanted me to find out that you still listened to me. That you did what I told you. Am I right Becky? Did you want me to check on you?"

Feeling her face turn redder than before, "Y....yes." she confessed. "I wanted you to be happy that I did as you told me."

"And why is that?"

"Because. do things to me. Things my husband doesn't do."

"What things Becky?"

Could she say it. "You make me cum. You fuck me hard and send me over the edge with your big black cock." She felt a sense of relief wash over her as she said it. It was as if confessing to him took the guilt and worry away from her.

"Do you want to cum now Becky?"

She nodded that she did. "Yes. I want to cum."

"Come with me." he said, standing up and reaching his hand to her.

She took his hand and let him pull her to her feet.

He guided her to his bedroom. She was a little surprised to see that it was neat and tidy. She figured he would be messy.

"Let me see your tits Becky."

She began undoing the buttons of her blouse. When she got down to the buttons on her sweater she quickly pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Finishing the buttons of her blouse she let that fall to the floor as well.

"Good girl. Now get on your knees."

She dropped to her knees as he unzipped his pants. He pushed his pants down his legs, leaving his boxers to cover his cock.

Becky could see his thick shaft against the thin material of his shorts. "Take it out." he said.

Reaching up with both hands she jerked his shorts down, his cock bouncing up as it sprang free.

Becky's eyes lit up at the sight of him. She gently wrapped her hand around him and felt his weight. She leaned closer and kissed the tip of his cock lovingly. She began to stroke him as she cupped his balls with her other hand.

His cock grew and stiffened from her manipulation. As it got to its biggest, her hand no longer could reach around his thick shaft. There was an inch gap that she could not cover.

"You know what to do now, don't you Becky?" he asked grinning.

"Uh huh." she smiled up at him. Becky then opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock into her warm mouth. She loved the feeling of his soft tip gliding past her teeth and hitting her tongue.

"That's good Becky." he assured her.

She swirled her tongue on his tip as she continued to stroke him.

Davis reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. He held her in place as he pushed deeper into her mouth. He stopped when he hit her throat and she gagged. He held himself right against her throat, feeling her tongue running along the underside of his cock.

He let go of her hair and let her take back over. She slowly worked her mouth back and forth on him. Sometimes she would go down until she gagged, other times she would only go a little bit, mixing it up so he would like it.

His cock was getting bathed in her saliva. She made sure that she slurped it off before it dripped to the floor.

"Do you want to cum Becky?" he asked.

She looked up at him with pleading eyes. She slowly nodded that she did, not letting his cock out of her mouth to do so.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

Again she nodded. This time however, she backed off his cock and added, "Please. Please fuck me. Make me cum." before putting her mouth right back on his cock.

"Stand up and take off that skirt."

Slowly, almost reluctantly, she let go of his cock and let it fall from her mouth. It was hard and pointed right at her as she stood up.

She unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. As she stepped out of it, Davis had already pulled his shirt off and was stepping out of his pants and shorts.

Davis got a condom from his drawer and rolled it onto his cock. "You want this Becky? You want my cock?"

"Yes. I want it. Please fuck me."

"You know, if I fuck you, this won't be the last time."

"I know." she told him, knowing the consequence.

"I will keep fucking you until school is out. Even during the summer. Right up until I go to college. I own your pussy. Got it?"

"Yes Davis. I understand." she confirmed. "I need it. I need your cock. Your big black cock."

"Show me how much you need it. Take the condom off. Let me fuck you raw."

She didn't hesitate. She reached up with shaking hands and pulled the rubber off his cock and dropped it to the floor.

Davis moved past her and laid on the bed. His cock pointed straight up. "Ride my cock Becky."

Slowly, Becky straddled him and felt the tip of his cock push into her pussy. She was already wet in anticipation and he slid right in.

She took her time taking the rest of his length. Slowly she would lift off him before taking a little more of his cock.

She felt herself quickly building towards climax and she hadn't taken his entire cock yet. The pleasure was getting to her and she dropped down, taking the last of him into her warm hole.

"Good job Becky." he complimented her on taking him.

"Huuhhhuuuhhhuuhhh." she moaned in response as she felt her pussy clench him tightly.

"I can feel you squeezing me. You want to cum already don't you."

"Yes please." she managed to say.

He reached up to play with her tits. "Then get to it girl. Fuck yourself on my cock."

Becky began to grind her hips back and forth against him. She only managed to move a few inches each way, loving the feeling of his cock hitting her depths with each motion.

Davis could tell that she would not last much longer. He could feel her pussy begin so spasm on his cock. He gaver her clit a quick rub, feeling its heat radiating from it.

"Are you gonna cum Becky? Are you gonna cum on my black cock."

"Yes....OH GOD." she shrieked. "Don't stop. I need it so bad. Need to...FUCK YESSS!" her screams faded as her orgasm overtook her.

Her body was shaking on top of him as she rode out her climax on his cock. Davis had to hold her upright or else she would have collapsed onto his chest.

Just as he felt her beginning to wind down, Davis began to thrust his cock up into her. He thrust up with quick hard motions, sending his cock somehow deeper into her than before.

He kept this up throughout the rest of her orgasm. When she regained her breath he slowed back down.

Davis let go of her and reached his hands around to hold her ass. He worked her on his cock, as she did all she could to help.

The feeling of her climaxing on him had brought him that much closer to cumming himself. He knew that he had a little time left before he would blow his load yet.

Davis pulled her down on top of him. He felt her erect nipples poke into his chest.

He held her tight to him and rolled them over.

Bringing her legs up and putting her feet at his shoulders, he began to fuck her in long slow strokes.

"That was great. Keep fucking me." Becky urged him. "I love your big cock inside me."

"Good, cause I like fucking your tight white pussy." He then pushed her legs back, nearly bending her in half. He settled on top of her, her legs spread wide open and back to give him easy access.

Davis began to fuck her for all he was worth. Hammering his cock into her as deep as he could on every thrust of his hips. He would only pull about half way out of her before plowing his way back into her dripping pussy.

"I'm gonna cum Becky." he told her.

"Do it baby. Cum for me." she implored him.

"Gonna cum deep inside you. Right in your married pussy."

"Yes baby. Cum inside me. I want it." She felt herself nearing another orgasm as his cock got even harder and started to throb against the walls of her pussy. "Please give it to me. I'm almost there."

He felt her pussy start to contract again and hoped he could make her cum again before he did.

"I can feel you about to cum." Davis grunted to her.

"Make me cum Davis. Please fuck me till I cum." she said between breaths.

Davis knew he would not last much longer. Her pussy gripping his shaft tightly as he pounded into her.

"So clo.....oooose!" Becky cried out as she neared climax.

Davis held out as long as he could.

As soon as he felt her body shudder from orgasm he pushed as deep into her as he could and unloaded his potent cum into her pussy.

Even through her orgasm Becky could feel as his cock shot its thick cum in heavy spurts into the deepest parts of her. She could not focus enough to know how many times he squirted, only that it was a lot. She felt a big load inside her between the back of her pussy and his thick cock.

It felt to her like his cock was trapping his load inside her. Even the intensity of her orgasm was not enough to block out the feeling of having his cum inside of her for the first time since that night after the school play.

Davis kept his cock buried deep inside her even after they had finished with their mutual orgasms.

He stayed on top of her, with his still hard cock pushed as deep as he could, making sure that she took all that he had to give.

A few minutes after he had finished cumming, he finally pulled out and rolled off of her.

They remained on the bed together, both trying to get their breath back.

End of Part Four.


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Frickin awesome!!!
Droopy and Miss


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as always another good installment of this Davis kids domination.


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Great update!
Life imitates artful literotica. In Houston this week a teacher was arrested for carrying on an affair with a student that was about Davis age or there about..
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Getting better! I think Davis wants to bred his teacher black lol I wonder how hubby will react


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Wow. I could almost feel that BBC pounding my own pussy! Thank you.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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You just know there's a breeding plan being put into action here.

This is the HOTTEST story currently on here. The conclusion is inevitable.


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Thank you all for the feedback. I haven't been able to start the next part yet but it won't be long before it is posted. I have a good outline for it already in my head. Just have to have the time to start typing it out.

Thanks again.



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So far this is a pretty good story, please continue


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I could almost feel that BBC pounding my own pussy!

Mmm.....Donna, that's a fucking Hot'n'Horny thought!


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Well Kenny, it's a hot and horny story! Makes a pussy need attention.
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