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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

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I just finished the new story. There is a lot of buildup to get to the finish and I hope you stick with it until the end and enjoy getting there.

Reminder, this is a work of fiction and not a true story. Sorry if that dissapoints that it didn't happen for real.

Happy Reading.

When Teasing Goes too Far

Rebecca and Dan Coral are a young married couple. The both just turned thirty and had been together since meeting in college. The were both going to school to become teachers and had since both gotten teaching jobs. Shortly after their first date they both knew that they were in love and wanted to get married after they finished college.

They had their wedding shortly after graduating. It was a small ceremony with family and close friends. When Dan saw Rebecca walking down the aisle in her wedding dress his heart almost beat out of his chest. Seeing his beautiful bride to be in her white dress made him the happiest man in the world.

It didn't hurt that she had a body to die for. With her long auburn hair, full breasts and narrow waist that flared into a perfectly shaped ass.

Rebecca was also impressed by Dan in his tuxedo. He was a good looking man with short black hair and handsome face. He had the body of a runner, lean and muscular.

They had found true love and happiness with each other and both pledged to the other to always love and cherish one another, and both knew in their hearts that they would spend the rest of their lives living up to that promise.

Fast forward to the present day.

Both Rebecca and Dan were now teachers. Dan had gotten a job teaching history at the private high school, while Rebecca taught math at the public high school in the same town. It worked out great for both of them. They shared very similar hours and got to spend their evenings together.

Both Rebecca and Dan would offer to help with after hours events at their respective schools on occasion. Dan would help with sporting events, helping sell tickets to games and organizing refreshments. Rebecca would usually help with the drama club when they would put on a play. She would set up the refreshment area and also help with seating and clean up after the show.

Rebecca always tried to get her students to help out with the club. She would offer extra credit to any student who came and helped. Mostly it was the ones who didn't need the help with their grades but sometimes there would be students that really needed the little extra. Rebecca always talked with them when they showed up to help. She took an interest in her students and wanted them to do well in school. She would try to motivate those that struggled and tried to form a bond with them. Anything to reach her students and help them succeed.

It was after Rebecca had helped with a play that she came home and had a different air about her. Dan noticed that something was off with her and asked, "You ok babe. You seem different."

Rebecca sat with Dan on the couch and grabbed his hand. "I don't know." she said. "Something happened tonight and I don't know if I should say anything or not. I don't want to get in trouble or maybe get a student in any trouble either. I just hope nobody saw anthing and says something if I don't."

"Relax honey." Dan said putting his arm around her and pulling her in close. "What happened?"

"Well it was just another play night." she began. "Like I always do, I asked the students to come help with setup and cleaning. The strange thing is that most of the people that usually come and help didn't this time. There were just two that showed up. One of the regulars and a first timer. It was Davis, the student I told you that I was having trouble with. Not in a bad way, just that he didn't seem to grasp the lessons like the others."

"I remember you telling me about him, isn't he the one on the basketball team? Don't worry, you're a great teacher and I'm sure you will get through with him."

"I hope so." she said. "Anyway, I was really glad he was there. I figured I could get to know him better and try to help him out some. I let the other girl run the tickets on her own since she is there all the time and I kept Davis with me to teach him the ropes." Rebecca trailed off.

"Ok. I still don't see what is wrong." Dan said.

"Well, we tag teamed the rest of the setup together and talked the entire time." she paused briefly. "He is actually a good kid, smart too. He just doesn't get math like the other subjects. Anyway, after the show we were cleaning up you know. Putting tables away and everything..."

"Yeah, and?" Dan questioned.

"Well...he was holding a door open for me and when I squeezed past him I think I felt his hand on my butt." she said hanging her head. "I don't know what I should do."

Dan looked at Rebecca and started laughing hysterically. "That's it?"

"Don't laugh Dan." she scolded him. "I could get in trouble."

"Honey." Dan told her, "You were working with him. Think about it. He held a door for you as the you were both putting things away. He probably had a hand on the door and another hand full of stuff to put away, right?"

Rebecca looked up at him and smiled softly, "Yeah. Yeah I guess your right. Even if his had did brush against me, it couldn't have been on purpose. It was completely accidental."

"Of course it was." he reassured her.

Rebecca then shrieked in surprise as Dan pulled her onto his lap and kissed her. "Not that you don't have a butt worth touching." he told her and grabbed her butt with both hands.

Rebecca giggled into his mouth as they kissed passionately.

Soon after they made their way to the bedroom and made love before going to bed.

The following Monday at school, Rebecca felt a change in the way Davis acted around her. He seemed to have a cockier attitude in her class. It was a subtle shift that didnt seem to register with anyone else, but Rebecca could swear something had changed. She would look back at the room and saw that he was staring intently at her and when she saw him, he would look her entire body up and down. She turned quickly back to the board to avoid his gaze.

When she got home that night she told Dan about it. He told her that anyone of her male students that didn't check her out were either blind or gay. "Just forget about it. All guys check out their hot teachers." he said as they were lying in bed that night.

Rebecca thought he was not taking her seriously and turned away from his hand as he reached for her.

Tuesday in class Rebecca didn't notice anything different about Davis. He seemed like he always did before the night of the play.

When she told Dan about it he said, "See? I told you. It was nothing more than a guy checking out his sexy teacher. You just happened to catch him as he did it that time. I'm sure all of them are glued to your butt when you are looking at the board."

The couple did make love that night. Rebecca climbed on Dan and rode him until he exploded into the condom.

On Wednesday, Rebecca again caught Davis checking her out. She felt her face blush as she again turned to face the board and continue with her lesson.

After school let out Rebecca met with the head of the drama club. She found out that they were having a performance on Saturday this week as well as Friday. Rebecca agreed to be there both nights and would ask her students to help out like she always did.

Rebecca told Dan about the back to back nights of the play and he told her that he would stay home and work on his lessons while she worked the play.

On Thursday as class was winding down, Rebecca was working her way around the room checking on her students. As she did she told them about the two nights that they could get some extra credit.

She was rounding Davis' desk as she asked for any volunteers. She was right next to him when she did and felt his hand slide up her butt as he raised his hand to volunteer.

Rebecca felt her face flush as she turned to Davis. He had an innocent grin on his face, "Sorry Mrs. Coral." he told her. "I really need the extra help though."

Another student offered to help on Friday and one said they could be there for the Saturday night performance. She needed at least two helpers per night so she asked, "Davis? Are you able to be there Friday and Saturday? I need two people for each show."

Davis smiled at her, "Sure thing Mrs. Coral."

The bell rang as Rebecca said, "Thank you Davis. Remember class, finish pages 86 and 87 for tomorrow. Have a good day."

The class rushed from her room and Rebecca made her way to her desk to get her lesson plan for they next class. As she sat down she replayed in her mind as Davis ran his hand up her backside. It seemed in her mind like it was innocent enough, but she could not be sure if his hand didn't slow down and linger on her butt for just a moment before going all the way up.

She racked her brain all day about the incident. She could not get it out of her mind, the feeling of his hand working its way up her leg and butt. The more she thought about it the surer she was that he just was raising his hand to volunteer. She decided not to say anything about it to Dan when she got home.

She did tell him that she got two students each night to help for the play. "I don't have to be there until 6:30 soI'm going to stop home for a bit before heading back to the school for the play." she told him.

"How about dinner before you go back?" he said. "I'll cook while you get ready for the play. I'm sure you want to be more comfortable than being in your teaching clothes."

"That sounds great honey." she said, kissing him before going to start dinner.

School went off without incident on Friday. As the students were leaving she heard Davis call out to her, "See you tonight Mrs Coral."

She looked up to see him smiling as he left the room. 'It was just an innocent comment about seeing her at the play, right?' she thought to herself.

Rebecca was getting out of her car just as Dan pulled into the driveway next to her. It was rare that they got home at the same time. "You're home early." she said to him.

"I wanted to spend as much time with you before you go back for the play." he told her with a sly grin.

"We don't have much time Mister." she purred as she kissed him in the driveway.

Dan led her to the bedroom in a hurry. "Dan, I don't think we have time for this. Seriously, I have to be back in time for everything."

Dan just started stripping off her clothes, "Don't worry." he said as he laid her back on the bed.

After they had finished, Rebecca got up and prepped a bath for herself. She needed to relax before going back for the play.

Dan worked on dinner as Rebecca let the bath ease the stress from her body.

Rebecca was so relaxed in the tub that she had fallen asle.ep. She was woken up from her ******* by Dan telling her that dinner was ready. Rebecca quickly rinsed off the bubbles that clung to her body and joined Dan for dinner. She hadn't bothered to get dressed, she just put on her bathrobe before meeting Dan at the table.

As they ate, they talked about how each others day had gone. The usual conversation that any married couple would have over dinner.

Things did change though when Dan asked about the play. "So you didn't have a prolem getting students to help with the play?"

"Not really." Rebecca said. "Actually Davis volunteered to help again."

Wanting to make light of the previous week, Dan blurted out, "Are you going to let him touch your butt again?" he lost his fight to not laugh after saying it.

Rebecca didn't approve of his joke, "Don't joke about that. If it was for real and not just an accident I could get in real trouble."

"I'm sorry honey." he said smiling. "It was just an accident, don't even dwell on it."

"You're probably right." Rebecca paused before continuing, "I'm just not sure after what happened in class."

Dan became serious, "What happened in class?"

"The other day when I was asking the students to help with the play. I was walking around the room at the time, and when I asked I was right by Davis. He raised his hand and I felt it slide up my leg and butt. He apologized, but he had a smirk on his face like he wanted to do it."

Dan reached out to Rebecca and took her hand, "You said he was having trouble in class right?" Rebecca nodded, "And there can only be a few students that can help too right?" Again Rebecca nodded. "I think he just wanted to make sure that he was able to be there to earn the extra credit to help his grade. He didn't want to not be picked."

"You're right. I'm just being silly." she said.

Dan looked at the clock. "You better get changed. You should be leaving shortly."

Rebecca turned to check the time. "I didn't think it was so late." she said jumping from the chair and rushing to the bedroom to change.

She came back out wearing blue jeans and a white sweater. Dan loved the way her butt looked in jeans. And the sweater she chose clung just right that it showed off the size and shape of her breasts perfectly.

Dan was doing the dishes as she came to kiss him goodbye. "I was thinking." he said before kissing her back. "If you wanted to know for sure if he was touching you on purpose or not. Just give him a few subtle chances when nobody else is around. If he does anything than you know and can put a stop to it, and if nothing happens, you know it was just an accident."

Rebecca glared at him, "You want me to invite a student to touch me?"

"Not invite him to." he told her. "Just be alert when nobody is around. Maybe if you are alone in a room with him, stick close and see what happens. If anything does call him on it and tell him that he better not let it happen again."

Rebecca did not like his idea and stormed from the house and made her way to the school.

Davis was waiting for her when she arrived. "Hi Davis. Thanks again for helping out."

"No problem Mrs. Coral. I can use all the help I can get in your class." he told her.

"Don't worry about that. I'm sure by the end of the term you will have this stuff down and you won't even need the extra credit. And when we are working these things I tell all my students to call me Rebecca. We are not in the classroom and have no need to be formal or anything."

"Ok then Rebecca."

As they made their way into the school the other girl came in to help as well.

Rebecca had her setup the tickets and left her to it. She took Davis and had him help her set up the refreshment room. There was a small room next to the auditorium that they used to sell candy and chips from during the plays. Rebecca got the cash box ready as Davis put the chips out.


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The night went off without a hitch. Rebecca, although she was mad at Dan for suggesting it, did give Davis a few opportunities to touch her throughout the evening and he didn't to anything about it. Rebecca realized how foolish she had to be to think that a student would touch her innapropriatly.

As the play was winding down Rebecca told Davis to be ready for a rush of people. "There is always a rush of people getting a last thing for their kids before the leave for the night." she told him.

They handled the brief rush without any problems. The girl that came to help brought her cash box to Rebecca and then left. Rebecca asked Davis to stay and help her clean up the room before they left for the night.

As they finished cleaning up Davis grabbed the last of the small bags of chips and went to put them in the overhead cupboard. Rebecca was blocking the cupboard partly as she was counting the money on the counter.

Davis reached over her to put the chips away. A bag fell as he was closing the door. He reached out the snag the falling bag and instead his hand found Rebecca's left breast. It took a moment for him to realize it. He gave a squeeze and quickly let go as he saw his hand cupping her soft breast. *******************" Davis stuttered.

Rebecca put her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Its ok Davis. It was just an accident. No harm done." she reassured him.

"Are you serious?" he asked. "I don't want any trouble. It was an accident I swear."

"I know Davis. I know it was." she rubbed his arm now. "Don't worry about it."

They didn't mention the incident again as they finished the last of their cleanup.

Davis walked rebecca to her car. "Thank you for the escort Davis. That is very gentlemanly of you."

"I just wanted to apologize again for what happened earlier. I really didn't mean it." he told her again.

Rebecca opened her door, "I know you didn't Davis. Don't worry, I won't make any trouble for you about it."

"Thanks." he started to turn but hesitated. "I can still come and help tomorrow can't I?"

"Of course you can Davis. Same time as tonight." she told him as she got in her car and closed the door.

She started her car as Davis turned and jogged towards his car.

As Rebecca drove home, her mind kept going back to when he grabbed her breast. She definitely felt him give her a squeeze before pulling his hand away. Did he just want to make sure he had the bag in his hand or did he know he was cupping her breast.

When she got home she found Dan watching a game on tv. She sat with him and just watched with him.

When a commercial came on Dan asked, "How did it go tonight?" hoping she wasn't still mad at him from earlier.

Rebecca sighed. "I don't know why, but I took your advice. I gave Davis a few chances to touch my butt again. He didn't even seem to notice." her eyes danced around as she said this.

"I'm sensing there is a but coming on." he said questioning.

"There is." she told him. "Right at the end of the night as we were putting things away. He dropped a bag of chips and when he tried to grab them he got my breast by mistake."

Dan sat upright instantly, "What? He grabbed your breast?"

"Don't be angry Dan." she tried to calm him. "It was an accident. He pulled his hand back when he saw that he was cupping me. He felt bad and apologized right away. He even walked me to my car and apologized again. He thought I would tell him he couldn't come and help with tomorrow's show."

"I'm not angry babe." he reassured her.

"You're not?" she asked him puzzled. Unsure why he wouldn't be mad that another man, a student no less, had touched her breast.

"No way." he said putting his arm around her. "And now we know that he is not trying anything funny with you right?"

"Right." she agreed, not sure if it was actually true though.

"Why don't you get ready for bed and I will join you in a minute." Dan suggested.

"Don't keep me waiting long stud." Rebecca said seductively as she wiggled her butt to him before heading to the bedroom.

Dan was a wild man that night. He made love to her twice before falling asleep. Rebecca was soon out like a light too.

The next morning as they had their morning coffee, Rebecca asked, "What got into you last night tiger? You haven't taken me twice in a night since college."

Dan grabbed the pot and refilled her cup, "I don't know. I guess I just don't want to lose you to your new boyfriend." he said laughing.

"Oh ha ha. Very funny." she stuck her tongue out at him. "Besides, what would a nineteen year old black guy want with an older white woman?"

"Haven't you ever looked at yourself in a mirror?" he exclaimed. "You are stunning. Any guy in his right mind would want a piece of you."

"Crudely put, but thank you for the compiment." she smiled as she said it. "Keep talking like that and I just might have to let you do me again tonight."

"I might be able to be talked into that." he joked.

"I wouldn't even have to talk." she said. "I would just have to look at you and then motion to the bed."

"Your right. I am that easy." he stood and kissed her on the head. "I'm gonna grab a shower. You are free to join me if you want."

"Sorry babe." she said softly. "I have some tests to grade before we head out."

After running their errands they returned home and relaxed around the house until dinner time.

When they finished eating, Rebecca did the dishes while Dan cleaned up the leftovers and put them away.

Seeing the time Rebecca turned to Dan, "Can you take over for me honey? I have to get ready to head to the school for the play tonight."

Dan gave her a gentle pat on the butt, "Sure thing babe."

Rebecca changed into a light weight dress that came down almost to her knees. It showed just enough of her breasts to be considered acceptable for being at the school. She made her way to the kitchen to kiss Dan before leaving.

He saw her standing in her dark red dress, loving the way it stayed tight around her boobs and clung to her hips and butt. He could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Don't you look sexy tonight. I hope your boyfriend likes you in that as much as I do."

"Stop that Dan." Rebecca joked back. "He is not my boyfriend. He is just a student that is trying to work for a better grade. And besides, its is Saturday. All the faculty dress up more for a Saturday night performance."

"I know that." he told Rebecca with a grin. "You better head out quick, if you stay here any longer I might drag you to bed right now."

Rebecca kissed him and turned to leave. Dan watched her and stopped her before she reached the door. "You might want to change one thing about that dress honey." he told her.

Rebecca gave him a slightly pouty look, "What is that?"

"Your panties." he told her flatly. "People could see the lines of them in that dress. You should put on your black thong. It would not show under the dress, unless you wanted to go without any panties tonight."

Rebecca checked herself and realized that Dan was right. She quickly made her way to the bedroom and changed into the thong that he had suggested.

Dan was drying his hands after finishing the dishes as she went to leave again. He kissed her as she scooted past him and said, "Have a good night. Text me if your boyfriend makes another move on you."

Rebecca punched his shoulder softly, "You just won't let me live this down huh? Love you babe. I'll see you after the play."

"I love you too." Just as she was closing the door he gave one more verbal jab, "Text me."

Dan could hear her laughing as the door closed.

Rebecca got to the school and found Davis waiting for her by the door again. As she made her way towards him he shocked her by giving her a hug. "Thank you for letting me come again Becky."

Rebecca was shocked by the hug and on instinct hugged him back. When she wrapped her arms around him she felt his hands moving on her back. It then dawned on her that he had called her Becky. She hated being called that, it made her feel like a chi1d.

As she realized what he said she felt what could have been his hand brushing across her butt. She was distracted just enough to not be sure about it.

She was brought back to reality by the sounds of voices coming around the side of the school. She pulled back from his hug telling him, "Remember, you can call me Rebecca when we are out of the classroom. I don't like Becky."

"Sorry Mrs. Cor...Rebecca." he smiled.

They went into the building, joined by a different girl than the one from the night before. It was not her first time so Rebecca let her handle the tickets as she and Davis got the snacks ready.

She left Davis alone for a minute, thinking that she would tease Dan a little and tell him about the hug.

She texted him, telling him that Davis had hugged her and she thinks his hand had touched her butt again.

A moment after she sent it, her phone rang. It was Dan. "Can you talk?" he asked, a level of excitement in his voice.

"Just for a minute, I have to get the money ready for tonight." she told him.

"So he really touched your butt again?" he asked.

"I think so." she hesitated. "I was distracted from the hug, and he also called me Becky. You know I don't like that name."

"I know that all too well." he told her. "You think it makes you sound unprofessional."

"Not if I was in the oldest profession as they say. I just don't think it fits with my personality or my job."

"I know that baby. I have an idea!" he raised his voice as the excitement came back to him. "Why don't you mess with him a little bit back. Give him some of his own medicine."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked. "He is my student, I shouldn't mess with him in any kind of way."

"I know, but just to get a rise out of him and make him think a little." he told her. "He has been giving you cause to think about what he is doing lately. Just do that back to him."

"I don't think I could do that." she said. "But if I could, what did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, I guess if the opportunity presents itself, press your boobs against him or something. It would look innocent to anyone that saw it, like a teacher looking over a students shoulder, just be a little closer than normal and let him feel you."

"I don't know." she told him.

"Ok then." Dan started. "He had touched your butt twice. Give him a real tease, find an excuse to brush past him and stick your butt back against him. Again, it would look completely innocent to anyone, but it would tease the hell out of him."

"I'm not sure if this is a good idea."

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to honey. I'm just saying that if you wanted to tease him a little bit it is ok with me. Either way I plan on rocking your world tonight."

"I like the sound of that." she said. "I gotta go honey, almost time to open the doors for people and I still have to get the money ready."

"Text me anything that happens." was all Dan said before hanging up.

Davis had all the snacks ready to go by the time Rebecca made her way back to the room. "Nice job Davis." she told him.

"Thanks Rebecca. I knew you were busy and wanted to make sure that everyting was ready before people showed up."

Rebecca smiled at his effort, "I'm impressed." She went and got the cash box and set in on the counter in front of him. "Make sure the change adds up to the slip in there and we will be ready for business."

Rebecca put her purse in the cupboard along the back wall and turned to see Davis counting the money and matching it up with the slip.

Not knowing why, she decided to take the chance as Dan suggested and tease him back. She inched close to him and raised onto her tip toes to see over his shoulder as he sat on a stool. She put her hand on his left shoulder and pressed her chest into his right shoulder. She could feel him tense up as she pushed her breasts against him and held them there for a moment.

She decided to really go for it and lowered back to the ground without taking her breasts away from him, letting him feel it as they slid down his arm.

Davis coughed in shock at feeling his teacher pressing her breasts into him. "Uh, I think it matches Rebecca." he managed to say.

"Great. Thanks Davis." she said before going and turning the sign on the door to say open.

They had a great turnout for the play that night. Saturday's were always good for a better turnout. Rebecca and Davis were moving non stop right up until the play started. They barely had time to talk in between all the parents and siblings of the students in the play.

Once the play started Rebecca sighed and stood to stretch. Sitting on the wooden stool was ******* on her butt, it had gone numb not long after they opened for business. Not caring that Davis was in the room she rubbed some feeling into her butt.

Looking back toward Davis she saw that he had a shocked look on his face. "What?" she questioned. "You can't tell me that you didn't go numb back there from sitting on these stools."

"No, it did." he confessed. "I just didn't expect to see a teacher rubbing her butt."

Rebecca smiled at him, "It is not like I turned my butt to you before rubbing it." She then turned her butt towards him and reached back. She stopped her hand just short of touching her behind and then turned back around laughing. "Now that would have been wrong of me."

Davis laughed and shook his head at her remark.

"Why don't we count the cash box." she told him. "It has been a busy night and it is always good to get a midway count done."

Davis nodded and pulled the box to him. He started counting as Rebecca grabbed her phone from her purse.

She sent a text to Dan telling him that she had rubbed her breasts against him and slide then down his arm. He sent back, "Wow. Did he like it? What are you going to do next?"

She thought about what to send next when Davis interrupted her. "I'm getting the wrong count Rebecca."

"Ok." she said and put her phone away. "Lets count it together."

She moved back next to him and without even thinking, she pushed her breasts into his arm again as he began to count. She reached over to greab a calculator for him to use, in the process getting his arm right between her breasts.

Everytime she moved even slightly, she felt his muscular arm on one of her breasts. Davis tried to concentrate on the money but was having a hard time. All he could think about was his teachers tits and how nice they felt.

After they counted the box together and got the right number, Rebecca slowly backed away from him, sensing his arm moving to keep contact with her body. She went to put her purse back away. As she looked down to grab it she noticed that her nipples were hard and clearly visible.

She pretended to check her phone, trying to give her nipples a chance to hide themselves. She heard Davis asking from behind, "Is it cool if I hit the bathroom?"

Rebecca looked up from her phone and turned her head, "Of course. We still have some time before intermission. If anyone comes before you get back I can handle it."

Davis left, leaving Rebecca a chance to sit down and try to relax her body. She didn't think she would ger excited by teasing Davis. Her brain didn't tell her that it was that exciting, but her body was telling her something different. She couldn't help from giving her breasts a quick squeeze with her back to the door. She even reached a hand under her dress to feel her pussy. She knew right away that it was not just her breasts that were excited. Her hand came away from her panties slightly damp.

Not wanting it to be known that she was getting wet, she dried her hand with some paper towel. She looked down and saw that her nipples were no longer visible and decided to sit down before Davis returned.

She had to take care of one customer before Davis returned.

He came back and sat down on the stool next to her. "Almost time for intermission right?"

"Yeah." she agreed. "We should get busy for a few minutes and then be dead until the show ends.

Davis then shocked her again by reaching over and putting his hand over hers and gently squeezing, "Thanks again for letting me help out Rebecca."

"You're welcome Davis." she told him as she felt the warm sensation returning to her breasts. She pulled her hand away from his, trying to focus her mind on something else and not her body. She heard the doors open and people making their way into the hall.

The door opened and she no longer had time to think about her body. Her nipples were only slightly showing as the first person came through the door, followed by a crowd of parents and their chi1dren.

It was a mad rush for fifteen minutes before everyone made their way back into the auditorium for the rest of the play.

"That got a bit crazy." Davis said as the door closed behind the last person.

"Yeah, Saturday's can get like this." Rebecca told him. "At least we have time to relax until the show is over. There shouldn't be much action in here after the show. Most people don't buy anything after on a Saturday after spending before and during the play. We should be able to count the money and put things away pretty quick before heading home."

"Sounds good to me."

The play was winding down. Rebecca and Davis had spent most of the time talking and learning about each other. It was completely innocent and Rebecca was glad she was getting to know her student better. She believed that knowing what makes them tick will make her a better teacher and more able to connect and reach her students.

There was about five minutes until the end of the play and maybe ten before people starting leaving the auditorium. Rebecca looked at what needed to be put away. "Why don't you put about half of the chips away. I'll put most of the candy away and that way we don't have to stay as late after the play. Just leave out a few of each flavor, just in case."

"Ok." Davis said and moved to collect the bags.

Rebecca gathered up the candy she wanted to put away. Davis was at the cupboard for the chips and Rebecca was a bit to his right at her cupboard. The silence was interrupted by Rebecca's phone chirping in her purse. She knew by the sound that it was a text and not a call.

She figured it was Dan wanting an update. Just as she moved for her purse, Rebecca decided to give him a real update.

Instead of going around Davis, Rebecca squeezed her way between him and the counter. She slowly moved infront of him, when she was dead center on him, she pretended to fumble the candy she was holding. In doing this she pushed her butt back against his crotch and leaned over the counter.

Rebecca's eyes went wide when she did this. She was shocked to feel something thick and round right between her butt. She slowly gathered up the candy and straightened up before slowly scooting the rest of the way through him.

She kept herself turned away from him to hide the fact that her nipples were once again hard and jutting out from her dress. She grabbed her phone and checked the messege. Her mind was spinning at what she had just done. That and the fact that she had felt his penis through his sweat pants and it had felt really big. When she had bent over she could feel it right between her butt and almost touching her pussy.

She read the messege and just as she suspected it was Dan hoping for an update. She sent a quick reply, "Just rubbed my butt against him. I think I felt his penis....It felt big!!! Love you, c u soon."

She put the phone away and grabbed the candy. This time she did go around Davis, she didn't want to give the wrong idea to him. This way she could just say that she needed to get to her phone.

Davis was looking sideways at her as she reached to put the candy into the cupboard. He could faintly see her nipple pointing against her dress. That


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Jack left and Rebecca turned the sign on the door to say closed and then pulled the shade down before helping Davis with the mess.

It didn't take more than five minutes to pick up the mess from the floor. "That should do it Davis. Now we just have to count the money and then we are done."

"Lets get it done then." he grinned as he said it.

Rebecca couldn't help that he said it fast, almost sounding like he said, lets get it on.

Rebecca had Davis count their box while she counted Clara's. She had her's done in no time, while Davis counted much slower.

Rebecca put the first box away and saw Davis still counting. She came right over and without thinking about doing it pressed her breasts against him as she leaned over his shoulder to check on him.

He came up with the wrong number again and Rebecca tapped his shoulder, "Scoot back, let me have a look."

Davis moved back just slightly from the counter, barely giving Rebecca room to get infront of him to count the box.

She was about half way through counting when she heard the stool sliding further back. The next thing she knew, Davis was leaning over her from behind. She could feel his breathing on her neck, and even more shocking to her, she felt that thick round thing pressing into her butt again. God, he must have a huge penis, she thought as she tried to keep her composure.

Davis felt her body tense as he pressed his cock against her ass. He slowly lowered himself slightly and then raised up into her ass again, causing his cock to rub against her inner thigh.

Without her brain commanding it to happen, Rebecca spread her legs apart further as she felt him against her.

Davis grabbed his cock and pushed it between her legs and slapped it against her pussy.

Rebecca felt as her dress was pushing through her legs and then felt the thick shaft smacking against her vagina. "Davis, what are you doing back there?"

"Just watching as you get your box done." again he using double meaning.

Rebecca tried to block out his presence and finish counting. Her attempt failed however when he once again smacked himself against her sex. "OH." Rebecca yelped as she felt his hardening cock slap against her. "Maybe you are just a bit too close back there." she managed to say. Her brain was thinking, 'that is one big penis on him'.

Rebecca was relieved when she felt him back away from her. She tried to get her focus back on the money in front of her.

Davis grabbed the stool to her left and picked it up, placing it seat down on the counter. "Figured I would finish this while you get your box ready."

Rebecca knew now that he was intentionally using the phrases to tease her back. He must not have bought the fake innocence of her actions throughout the night. Rebecca tried to focus on the money and think of a way to end the teasing that had been going on, without anybody finding out what had happened. She did have her reputation and job to think about.

She was almost done with the money when Davis said, "Watch out behind you, another stool coming."

Rebecca felt the stool being lifted right behind her. She felt the stool catch the bottom of her dress and felt as it was lifted up with the stool. When Davis set the stool down on her other side, her dress fell back down. Only it felt different. Davis was then right behind her again and she thought that her dress may be caught on him.

Rebecca tried to wiggle herself a bit to get the dress back down. Her actions made her freeze in shock. Once again she felt his thick lump between her legs. Only this time she didn't have her dress in the way of him, and it didn't feel like the cotton material of his sweats either. It felt like skin.

Rebecca tried to shake it off, she must be loosing her mind after the constant teasing. There was no way that he had taken himself out and put it between her legs. Her mind must be playing tricks on her.

That is what she thought until she felt the tip of his member poking against the front of her thong, right against her vagina. That was definitely his bare penis poking at her.

She tried to turn around but he kept her facing forward and asked, "How is your box?"

Rebecca looked at the money, "Oh, um." she stuttered. "I think my box is ready." She didn't know where the words came from. She had never spoken like that about the money before.

"I think so too." she heard Davis say as she felt her dress being flipped up.

Before she could even register what was happening she felt him pull her thong to the side and push the tip of his penis into her.

She felt him pushing into her and managed to form a sentence, "Davis what are you doing? Stop that."

"What do you mean?" he asked. "You said your box was ready."

"I meant the money." she shrieked. "Stop that right now." she told him trying to move off his invading manhood.

Davis just followed her forward, pinning her to the counter. "It sure don't feel like that to me. You said your box was ready. After the way you've been teasing me all night, what else is a guy gonnna think? You was rubbing that ass into me before, and pushing your titties against me." he emphasized his point by reaching around and grabbing her right breasts in his large hand and giving it a firm squeeze.

Rebecca grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her breast. "Davis. You have to stop this. This isn't right."

"Sure it is." he told her. "Can't you feel how wet you are down there." This time he moved his hand between her and the counter and pressed his hand against her mound.

He was right, she could feel that she was wet and leaking. Her nipples were also pa1nfully erect too. She was jarred back to reality when he quickly withdrew himself from her and turned her around.

She looked down and saw his large penis pointing right at her. He pushed on her shoulders and she found herself sinking to her knees before him. His penis was right in her face now and she could see it shining with her wetness. "This is wrong." she said faintly, unable to take her eyes off his impressive manhood.

"How can it be wrong if if feels this good?" he asked as he reached down and grabbed her left hand. He gently placed her hand on his hard cock, smiling as he watchd her wrap her hand around his thick member and saw her wedding ring sparkle.

As she subconsciously closed her hand around his shaft, he let go her her hand. "It just is wrong." she said staring at his warm and pulsating shaft. "I am your teacher. You are me student." she looked up at him as she said this.

"If it is so wrong, then why are you stroking my cock right now?" he asked.

"I'm not." she told him before looking back down and seeing her hand working his shaft back and forth. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed pulling both hand to her face.

"Its ok Rebecca." he said patting her head. "It is just us in here and I won't tell anyone what happens." After telling her this, he grabbed both her hands and put them both on his cock.

Rebecca was shocked to see that even with both hands wrapped around him there was still more sticking out at her.

In a daze, she used both hands to stroke him again. She looked from his shaft back to his face to see him smirking down at her. "You don't want to stain your dress do you?"

Rebecca shook her head, "Why?"

She followed his gaze as he looked at his cock. She saw a big drop of clear fluid about to drop from his tip onto her dress. Without thinking about it she leaned her head in and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, catching the liquid in her mouth to keep it from falling to her dress.

She kept licking his cock, as it continuously dripped precum into her mouth. Using her two handed grip, she kept stoking him with long, slow strokes. Each time her hand got to her mouth she would feel more of his fluid leak onto her tongue.

She was in a state of shock by this point. Her body had completely taken over for her brain. Her brain would never allow her to do this with a student, but her body didn't care who it was.

Davis tapped her on the top of the head again.

Rebecca looked up at her without taking him from her mouth. "Take out them titties. I want to see em." she heard him command.

She kept him in her mouth, but let go and pushed her dress off her shoulders and down to her waist.

Davis was quick to reach down to cup her amazing tits. He softly pinched her hard nipples and gave each breast a good squeeze. "You got some nice titties Becky."

Rebecca mumbled something back at him but it was unrecognizable with the cock in her mouth.

"Keep sucking baby." Davis commanded as he pulled her head further onto his cock.

"Um humph." Rebecca moaned around his cock as she reached a hand up and grabbed the base of his throbbing member.

Davis stroked her head as she worked his cock with her mouth and hand. Rebecca didn't even realize that she had moved her left hand under her dress and was playing with herself as she sucked him. She had worked her fingers into her panties and was rubbing her clit slowly.

Rebecca was in a daze as she sucked his cock. She felt her hand getting wet and finally realized that she had been playing with herself. She reached her right hand down to help herself further but Davis grabbed her arm, stopping her as she tried to pull her panties away from her hand.

Rebecca looked up at him with pleading eyes. She let his cock slide from her mouth, "Please." she begged. "Please let me get off. I need to cum so bad."

"You want to cum?" he asked with a cocky grin.

Rebecca nodded excitedly, "Yes please. I want to cum."

Davis squeezed her shoulders and pulled her to her feet, causing Rebecca's hand to pull away from her pussy. Davis grabbed her left hand and held it up so Rebecca could see the juices that had coated it. He took a finger into his mouth and sucked her juices from it. He then pushed a finger into her mouth and had her suck her own juices from her sticky finger.

He turned her around and pushed her back down over the counter. "No man makes a woman get herself off." he told her as he flipped her dress back up to expose her ass to him. He gave her thong a quick tug and let it fall to her knees.

Rebecca knew what was about to happen, "Wait...stop." she said as he pushed his cock into her dripping pussy. "Oh god." she moaned as the first few inches invaded her. "So big."

"You like that big cock don't you Becky?" he asked, pushing another inch into her.

"So much." she said. "Not Becky."

"Whats that?"


"You might not. But Becky's pussy sure likes this black cock." he emphasized his point with a sudden and firm slap on her ass.

She felt herself quickly approaching an orgasm. "Don't stop. No Becky though." she moaned as he fucked into her deeper.

"I don't think Becky wants to cum then." he said and pulled his cock mostly from her pussy.

Rebecca felt a deep emptyness inside her when he pulled out. "Don't."

"Don't what? Don't call you Becky?" he pulled out the rest of the way.

She tried to wiggle her ass back and find his cock again. "Don't...." she gasped as he slapped her ass again. "Don't stop fucking me."



"Who don't you want me to stop fucking?"


He teased her with the tip of his cock but didn't push into her.

"BECKY!" she shouted. "Becky. Don't stop fucking Becky. Make Becky cum. Fuck me you asshole."

"With pleasure Becky." he said and pushed his lenght all the way inside her in one long thrust.

Becky felt her pussy tingle as his balls bumped into her clit. "Thats it baby. Fuck me good."

"You like this black cock huh?"

"Yes. Please fuck Becky with your black cock." she begged him as she neared her climax.

"Keep working that pussy Becky. I love the way it squeezes my cock."

Becky was in no conidtion to question his command. Her body was fully in control now and she needed relief in the worst way. She clamped down on his cock as he pushed hard into her, jamming her into the counter clit first.

Her orgasm hit her as her clit hit the counter. She could not even talk as she climaxed. Her body stiffened on the counter, her pussy clenched even harder on the invading cock. Her groans were not anything intelligable. She was a shivering body only there to get fucked in that moment.

"" she managed to say as her orgasm faded and she could form words again.

"My turn next Becky." he told her as he went back to pounding her dripping pussy.

Now that she had cum, her brain function was starting to come back to her. She was fully aware that she was letting a student have sex with her. That she had just orgasmed on his big black cock. Wait.....his cock, she thought. 'He didn't put on a condom.'

Rebecca tried to raise herself from the counter and turn back to him. She managed to turn her head around, "Wait. Your not wearing a condom."

"Yeah so."

"So, I'm not on the pill. What if I get pregnant?"

"Sucks to be you." he said and pushed deep into her one last time and unleashed his cum as far into her unprotected pussy as he could.

Rebecca counted twelve times that his cock pumped its young and surely potent seed into her. She hung her head down and resigned herself to the fact that she had let a student fuck her and even worse cum inside her.

She felt his cock give one last pulse and then he pulled out of her, leaving her pussy stretched and gaping open. He looked at her open hole and was shocked to see that none of his cum had started to leak out. He tried to keep it deep in there but usually it would come flowing out after he pulled out of a girl.

Not dwelling on the fact the she had his load trapped inside her, he pulled her thong back up and into place. Giving her ass one last slap he pulled his sweats back up.

Rebecca looked up and saw the time. The janitor should be coming back soon. She panicked and stood up, pulling her dress back up and covering herself just before there was a knock at the door.

The door opened and Jack stuck his head in. "Looks like you two got the mess taken care of in here."

Rebecca shuffled over to grab her purse. "Yup. We were just about to head out." as she said this she saw a small puddle were she had been standing as Davis fucked her. She did her best to hide her shame and walked with Davis to the door.

Davis escorted Rebecca to her car giving one final squeeze to her breast as she got behind the wheel. "This can't happen again Davis. You can't tell anyone about it and I won't either. Don't metion it or imply anything in class and I will take care of your grade. You have to promise me."

He looked in at her with his arm on the door. "I promise Becky." he said as he closed the door.

Rebecca starred bullets at him as he walked away from her car. Her brian was going in a hundred different directions about what to do about everything.

She decided to stop at a pharmacy to get a morning after pill to try to prevent the possibility of getting pregnant.

Deciding it was best not to go to her usual pharmacy she went to the next city over. Making her way to the counter she quietly asked the woman behing the counter for the pill. "I'm sorry, we are all out."

"What? You can't be. I need it." Rebecca told the woman.

"I'm sorry. We do have them at our other location." she said, telling Rebecca about the one in her town.

Rebecca couldn't go to that one, "When will you have more?"

"Not for about a week I think."

Rebecca's heart sank. Her choice was wait a week and have the pill not be effective anymore or go the the pharmacy where she and her husband shopped on a regular basis.

She left without another word to the woman.

She cried in her car before deciding to go home and hope that she was in her safe period and that Davis had not been able to knock her up with his massive load he left inside her.

When she got home Dan asked, "How did it go? Anything more happen with your boyfriend?"

Desperately trying to hide the fact that she had been fucked from her husband, "Nothing honey. I'm pretty beat. I'm gonna crash for the night."

"Ok babe. Good night."



Rebecca was nervous and afraid until she had her period. It was almost a week late and she was panicking that she would have to confess to Dan that she had been fucked by her student.

As much as she tried to put the thoughts of that night out of her head she couldn't. She had dreams about his cock and would wake up feeling wetness in her panties. She often would play with herself in the shower to thoughts of how hard she came from her student's big black cock.

Would she ever be the same? Would she be able to get over what happened and return to a normal life and not be burdended by the thoughts that kept running through her head?

She could only hope that when Dan would occaisionally bring up her "boyfriend" that she was able to hide from him the fact that her "boyfriend" had given her body more pleasure than her husband. And that the thoughts of that night never returned strong enough to make her stray from the man that she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with.

The End.


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Excellent story. Very well written, hot plot made believable, and good pace and detail. Enjoyed! Thanks


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Great story - let's hope Davis bred Becky!


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Brilliant in many ways.
Well done.
- H


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Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you all liked it.


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Great story thank you


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Fantastic story
Droopy and Miss


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Thanks for reading and taking the time to give feedback. It is appreciated


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That was a really great story! Thanks so much!


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Great!!!! Any follow ups?


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Great story. I hope you will be writing more


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Wow, three months without anything and then a quick batch of feedback. I'm glad that more people have found this story.

Vol, thanks for your continued support.

Bravo, Thanks for posting. I'm glad you liked it.

Brainbox, thank you for reading and posting, I am a big fan of your work, so it is nice to hear that you enjoyed mine.

I hadn't planned on anything more for this story but I might have to rethink that now. I do have an idea for a second part but I will have to wait until I finish the other ongoing story I am working on before I consider taking it any further.

Thanks again for reading.



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thanks!! great story,, just found it today....


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I just found your story and really loved it. I hope you do more with this story because it seems a shame not to. A pregnancy scare or a black baby resulting would be great. Thank you.


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Thanks sauronca. I think after I finish the ongoing story I am doing I will work on a second part to this. I have an idea that I like for it and will see how it plays out.


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Here is the second part of this story. I think there will be at least one more. Enjoy.

Part Two

Rebecca's period was over a week late. With each passing day she was more and more afraid that her encounter with Davis had left her pregnant.

Dan noticed that she was off and kept asking what was wrong. She would lie and tell him that it was nothing, she was just fine.

Finally, almost two weeks late, she got her period. Relief washed over her when she was not pregnant. Her one time fling with her student had not left a permanent reminder inside her.

Her mood changed for the better and she was much happier than she had been since before the night with Davis.

Dan saw how much happier she was. "You seem to be feeling much better."

"I really do." she confirmed.

"I know it was nothing that I did. Was it something your boyfriend did?"

"Be serious Dan. I've told you, nothing happened. He is just a student trying to better his grade."

"Sure, sure. I know. I just like teasing you. I love you."

"I love you too." she said and kissed him.

Feeling much better emotionally, Rebecca actually looked forward to going back to school after the weekend. She didn't have to dwell on whether or not she was pregnant and could focus on teaching her students.

During class she had endless energy. She was upbeat with her students and felt like they were really grasping what she was teaching.

It wasn't until halfway though her class that Davis was in that she even thought about what she had done.

She was in the middle of a lesson when Davis blurted out, "You seem to be feeling better Mrs. Coral. You seem happier today."

Her eyes found his. He gazed at her and winked as she stared into his eyes. "I am Davis. I got some really great news over the weekend."

"Anything you would like to share with the class?" he asked.

"No Davis. I would prefer to go back to my lesson if that is ok with you."

"Sure thing."

The bell sounded to end class.

As the students were leaving the room Davis walked to the front of the room to Rebecca's desk.

"Can I help you Davis?"

"I wanted to talk about what happened."

"Don't." she stopped him. "It was a stupid mistake and it will never happen again."

"It didn't feel like a mistake. I don't think it did to you at the time either."

"That doesn't matter. I can't believe I let you do that. Especially without a condom."

"So if I used a condom it would be different?"

"Yes." she quickly added, "No! That is not what I meant. It should have never happened at all. And it really shouldn't have happened without any protection. It was wrong no matter what."

It was getting close to when the next class would be showing up. Rebecca looked at the clock and then back at Davis. She was feeling nervous that someone would come in and hear what got said. "You should be heading to your next class."

"Don't worry about that. I'll make it." as he moved from her desk he stopped and turned back. "And don't worry. Next time I'll be sure to use a condom."

"Ok, wait, no, there isn't going to be a next time."

As he walked to the door he called back to her, "Anything you say Becky."

She felt her face flush with anger at hearing him call her Becky. Doing it as he fucked her was one thing, but in the classroom. Wait, did she just think that. The whole thing was wrong. She tried to push the thoughts from her mind. As hard as she tried to stop it, her mind went back to that night.

She felt her nipples harden in her bra. Her pussy felt heated too. She was about to reach down and touch herself when a student walked in. She leaned down and pretended to look for something in her bottom desk drawer to hide her erect nipples from the female student.

After their conversation that day things returned to normal in the classroom between Rebecca and Davis. She did catch him many times checking her out, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop that. She tried to limit the opportunities for him to get a good view however.

A few days later, she had the students taking a pop quiz. As they took it, she moved around the room checking on how they were doing. She would stop and give them help if needed.

She was making her rounds and noticed that Davis appeared to be struggling. She stopped at his side and leaned over to check his paper. She saw him lean back in his seat to check out her ass. She let it go and focused on teaching.

She pointed to his paper and whispered a question about the work to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. As he did this his left hand found her breast. He gave her a quick squeeze before letting his hand fall.

Rebecca froze. He just grabbed her boob in the middle of class. It was lucky that he sat in the back corner and everyone was facing the front and looking down at their papers. She stood up and glared down at him.

He just smiled at her and again shrugged his shoulders.

Rebecca was furious at him. How the hell could he do that during class. She tried to continue moving through the class but went and sat at her desk. Even through her anger she had felt an excitement run through her when she felt his hand squeezing her. She could tell her nipple had hardened at his brazen touch.

As she sat at her desk she felt her body grow more and more excited. This was wrong, she thought to herself. She should not be getting excited by a student grabbing her boob in class. But as she sat there she could feel a dampness between her legs. Why did it make her wet that a student had groped her like that. She should be angry, but all she wanted to do at that moment was reach down and rub herself.

The bell sounded and the students started to file out, leaving the quiz behind on their desks. Davis stayed in his seat. As the students left he asked, "Could you help me with this last one Mrs. Coral."

"Sure Davis." she said and hurried to his desk. "Make it quick, you have your next class and I have one too."

"I'm almost done. I just wanted you to check my work on the last one."

She was at his desk and stood next to him as she did before. She bent down to check his paper. It looked like he had the right answer. "I think you have it right."

"I wasn't sure."

"No, you got...." she couldn't finish her sentence, shocked as he put his hand on her ass.

He rubbed his hand across her butt as she was frozen in place.

"Davis, please." she begged him. "Take your hand off me."

She was still bent over his paper, unable to move after his hand found her ass.

He removed his hand and she relaxed.

"Could you double check it for me." he asked.

"Davis, I already told you. You have the right answer."

"Please. For my peace of mind. I want to know if I showed my work the right way."

"Fine." she consented.

She studied his work. She didn't realize that he had leaned back and had his hand beneath her skirt.

She was running her finger over his work and then felt his hand between her legs. He was sliding it up her inner thigh.

"Do I have it Becky?"

"Please Davis. Stop." she pleaded with him as her body shook.

She felt his hand rubbing the front of her panties. She tried to move from his grasp but he grabbed her arm and held her in place. "Do I have it Becky?"

"Yes." she whispered. "You have it right Davis."

He let go of her arm and reached his hand up to cup her breast again. He had one hand squeezing her tits while the other rubbed her panty covered pussy.

"Davis. Please." she said looking to the open door of the classroom.

He let go of her boob and pulled his hand from her pussy. When he pulled his hand from under her skirt they both saw that it was wet from her juices.

He held his hand out to her. "Clean yourself off of me. I can't go to class with my had smelling like pussy."

Looking at the clock she knew she had to act fast. She grabbed his wrist and guided his hand to her mouth. She took two of his fingers into her mouth and sucked them. She did the same with the other two.

He had enough with tormenting her and pulled his hand away from her. She started to move away. "Not so fast." he told her.

She stopped in her tracks. He reached out and wiped his hand dry the rest of the way on the butt of her skirt.

Rebecca was just moving from his desk when the first student came in the room.

"Thanks for the help Mrs. Coral." Davis said as he stood to leave.

"No problem Davis." she said to the exiting student.

She went to her desk and nearly collapsed into her chair.

She spent the entire next class on edge after what had happened.


Over the weekend, Dan asked if her "boyfriend" had asked her out yet. She told him that nothing had happend and that he was right in the beginning that it was just an accident.

During the next week, Davis made a few subtle remarks to the teacher. Nothing that would alert anybody else that something had happened between them, just enough to make her feel uncomfortable and flushed.

He took to staying after class just to get in one last jab of the day. Some days he would go to her desk and say, "Nice lesson today Becky." egging her on with the name she hates.

Other times he would grab her ass or breast. He even made her suck his fingers like she was giving him a blowjob. She did it, unsure why she allowed herself to be controlled like that. She would do anything he told her to. She tried to resist him, tried to not give in to his demands. Her efforts were in vain.

Friday after class he came up to her desk. "Show me your ass Becky."

"I can't to that Davis." she told him plainly.

"Sure you can Becky. All you have to do is stand up, lift your skirt and bend over."

"Why do you have to call me Becky?"

"Because I can Becky. And because you secretly like it. You just won't admit it."

"I don't like it."

"Sure you do. Now stand up and show me your ass."

"I'm not showing you my ass."

"The longer you wait the more chance of someone else coming in and seeing. Time's wasting Becky."

She looked at the clock and stood up. Her brain told her not to do it but her hands found themselves grabbing the bottom of her skirt and lifting it up to her waist.

She turned around, giving him a nice view of her ass. She was wearing a pair of french cut panties that showed the bottom of her ass.

"Bend over Becky. Give me a good look at it."

She swallowed hard and bent over.

Davis reached out and ran his hands over her ass.

Becky yelped as he grabbed her panties and yanked them up, pulling them up until they showed almost all of her ass.

Davis pulled her skirt from her hands and let it fall back down her legs. "I don't want you to fix that for the rest of the day. If I come and check I had better see them panties just like they are now. Got it?"

Becky turned back around and smoothed her skirt better. "Yes Davis. I will leave them like this."


"I promise."

"That's my girl." he said and headed for the door. He passed a student coming into the room as he walked away.

Rebecca spent the rest of the day wondering when and if Davis would come and check on her.

He never showed up and she went home with her panties still bunched up her ass. Finally fixing them when she got undressed from her school clothes.

Rebecca tried to hide all that had happened from Dan. She didn't want him to get upset about what has happened. She didn't tell him that she had let Davis have sex with her, and hadn't told him about any of the things that had happened since.

She put on her best poker face throughout the weekend. Hiding the conflict in her head as best she could.

Dan hadn't brought up her "boyfriend" since the weekend before. They actually had a pleasant weekend together. They went to lunch on Saturday and saw a movie after.

On Sunday they spent most of the day grading papers. It was a tradition they had been doing since they got their jobs. They would sit across from each other at the table and go through all of the things that needed to be graded.

Monday at school Rebecca had put the events of Friday out of her mind. She was in a good mood as she prepped for her first class.

There was still almost 15 minutes before the bell rang to start the first class so she had plenty of time to get her plan together.

She was going through her notebook when she heard a knock on the door.

She looked up and saw Davis standing in the doorway. "Davis." she said. "What are you doing here so early?"

"I'm here to see you Becky." he said as he walked towards her desk.

"I told you I don't like that name."

"I told you that I don't believe you. Why do you say you don't like it?" he was right at her desk now.

"It doesn't sound professional."

"I don't call you that during professional times do I? I call you that during play time."

"I have a class to get ready for."

"I know. I'm here to help you prepare."

"I don't need any help Davis. I can take care of my lesson plan."

"I don't want to help you with your lesson plan. I'm here to help you get ready for your class Becky."

"I'm serious Davis. I have to get ready."

"So am I. Stand up for me."

Not wanting to argue with him she stood up. "Happy? I stood up."

"Good. Now I want you to unbutton your shirt. I want a look at them tits of yours."

"That is not happening Davis. This has to stop. I can't do that."

"Sure you can. All you have to do is start at the top button and work your way down. It's easy, just go nice and slow."

Rebecca kept her hands down, using all her will not to listen to his demand.

"Go ahead Becky. Just undo the first one."

Rebecca felt her knees get weak. Everytime he called her Becky send a shockwave through her. It made her want to listen to him, to do what he tells her. She felt her hand start to rise on its own. Her brain ****** it back to her side.

"Don't think about it Becky. Just to it. Open your shirt for me Becky."

Hearing him call her Becky again had her hands at the top button of her shirt. Her brain didn't register that it was happening until she moved her hands down to the second button.

"This is wrong." she whispered.

"Don't think about that Becky. Just think about showing me your tits. Keep going Becky."

Her hands undid the next two buttons. They were shaking as she did the next ones.

Her red bra was visible where her shirt had opened.

Her hands had reached the top of her skirt. There was another button that was under the skirt. She felt herself tugging the shirt out and undoing the last button.

Davis reached across the desk and opened her shirt, getting a good look at her tits. "You have amazing tits Becky."

"Thank....thank you Davis." she stuttered.

"Take off your bra Becky."

"I can't."

"Sure you can Becky. First take off your shirt and then the bra. Nobody is going to be here this early. Do it for me."

She looked over his shoulder at the clock. Nobody every came to class more than 3 minutes before the bell. She still had almost ten minutes before anyone showed up. 'That's not the point.' her brain yelled at her. 'You should have never let things get this far. Stop it now before it goes any farther.'

That is what her brain said. Her body was screaming something different. She felt her pussy getting excited. Her nipples were hardening in her bra. Her legs were feeling like jelly.

She found herself removing her shirt and setting it on her desk. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra.

Slowly she pulled it down her arms and set it on her shirt.

"Nice." Davis said, reaching over and fondling her breasts.

She yelped as he gave her nipples a twist.

He let go of her tits after giving them one more squeeze. "Now, onto your day." he said and picked up her bra. "I'm keeping this. You won't need it today." he handed her the shirt back. "You can put that back on." he told her as she stuffed her bra into his back pack.

"Please Davis. Don't keep my bra." she pleaded as she put the cream colored shirt back on. She had to undo her skirt to tuck the shirt back in before she buttoned it back up.

"Don't worry. You can earn it back. I want you to give your students a show today. At least once per class, when you are writing on the board, I want you to give your nips a pinch. Just enough to get them excited."

"Are you nuts? I can't do that."

"Sure you can. Just keep your back turned. Nobody will see anything. Just bring your other hand up and give them a pinch."

"If I do it you will give me my bra back?"

"You have to do one more thing for that. I won't have any proof that you actually do what I told you all day. You have to do something for me that I can't question."

"What is it?" she asked before her brain could stop her.

"During class today you have to give me your panties."

"No way. Your crazy."

"It won't be a problem." he came around her desk and stood next to her. "Here." he said, reaching up her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs. "Take them off now and give them to me later."

"Can't I just give you them now?"

"Nope. I want you to do it during class. Just ball them up and come to my desk and put them in my hand. You can stand like you did before when I grabbed your boob. Nobody will see anything." Davis kneeled down and helped her step out of her panties. He held them up and checked them out. The thin lace matched the red bra that she had been wearing.

He held her panties out to her. She grabbed them and balled them in her hands. "Put them in your desk and give them to me when the time is right."

"Ok Davis."

"Good girl Becky. I think you will like not wearing anything under your clothes all day."

"You should go. People will start showing up soon."

He check the clock. "You're right. See you later Becky."

She had to sit down as he turned to leave. Her pussy was feeling excited from the mornings events.

He turned back at the door. "Give them a quick one for me Becky."

She looked up at him. He gave her a smirk as she reached her hands up and pinched her nipples for him.

He could see them poking into her shirt. He laughed and left the room.

Rebecca couldn't rationalize why she followed his instructions. She even went beyond what he said to do. Everytime she turned to write on the board she found herself pinching her nipples. She would do it a little harder each time. She did notice some of the students give her a strange look at times. The girls as well as the boys. She knew that her nipples were poking into her shirt but she didn't stop doing it.


She made it through the first few classes, her nipples in a near constant state of hardness.

It came time for the class with Davis in it. When he came in he took his usual seat in the back corner. She was glad that he didn't decide to change his seat and make it harder to give him her panties.

Just as the bell rang to start class she turned to the board. She wrote a few things, giving her nipples the hardest pinch yet. She could tell they were very visible as she turned around.

Her eyes found Davis. He gave her a knowing smile and winked.

About halfway through class she had the students working from their books. They were all focused on their work.

She turned back to write on the board, making her nipples hard again with a twist.

She quickly opened her desk drawer and balled the panties in her hand.

She folded her other hand ontop of the closed hand with the panties.

She made a show of moving down the rows of desks, she didn't want to go straight to Davis and make anything obvious. She could not explain why it made her so excited to be walking around her classroom with her panties stuffed in her hand. Knowing that they had no idea that their teacher was walking around them with her panties in her hand, about to give them to a student made her wish she could


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She made a show of moving down the rows of desks, she didn't want to go straight to Davis and make anything obvious. She could not explain why it made her so excited to be walking around her classroom with her panties stuffed in her hand. Knowing that they had no idea that their teacher was walking around them with her panties in her hand, about to give them to a student made her wish she could play with herself.

She rounded the back row and stopped at Davis' desk. Bending slightly to appear to look at his work she held her hand out.

Davis opened his hand, allowing her to give her panties to him.

She put them into his hand and closed his fingers around the red lace.

Davis tapped his paper. Rebecca looked at his work.

He moved the paper down and let her see the sheet under it.

It said, "Your bra??? Right here, right now??? I keep it???? You choose."

She read the words. She didn't want him to give the bra back in the middle of class. Figuring out a way to answer him, she grabbed the pen from her ear. She put an X through the words, 'right here, right now', and heavily circled, 'keep it'. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt as she told him he could keep her bra and panties.

"Thanks Mrs. Coral." Davis said like a student getting help with the work.

"You're welcome Davis." she said, moving to another student that put their hand up.

At the end of class, Davis once again stayed behind. He walked to her desk as the other students left the room. "You did good today Becky."

"Thank you Davis." she said, unsure why she was thanking him.

He came around and twisted her nipples to get then hard again. "Are you excited?"

"Yes Davis."

"How much? Are you wet?"

"Yes." she said, her face blushing as she admitted it.

"Show me. Put your hand down there and show me you are wet."

She didn't even hesitate to put her hand down her skirt. She rubbed her pussy for a second before pulling her hand back out. She held it out to him, her juices clearly visible on her fingers.

"Now clean them off Becky."

Her brain didn't stop her as she pushed her two fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean.

"Do it again. This time push two fingers in your pussy."

She quickly did as instructed. When she pulled them out they were near dripping wet.

"Clean them off Becky."

Her fingers went in her mouth. She closed her eyes and mimicked giving a blowjob..

"How do you taste Becky?"


"Maybe the next time you taste yourself it will be off my cock."

"Ok Davis. Wait, what? I can't do that. These games are one thing, but that can't happen again."

"Sure Becky. Whatever you say. How do you like not having and underwear on as you teach?"

"It's ok I guess."

"Don't wear any tomorrow. No bra, no panties. You better have a skirt on too."

"What are you going to do to me tomorrow?" she shocked herself at asking that.

"I'll come up with something. See you later Becky."

Rebecca hurried home that day. She played with herself as soon as she got her clothes off. She brought herself to two orgasms before she stopped.

She just finished putting some clothes on when Dan got home. "You made great time getting home today."

"Yeah, I caught the lights." she told him.

"You seem relaxed. Easy day?"

"Most of the day. How about you?"

"Not bad actually. Did your boyfriend ask you out?"

"You keep talking like that and I might have to ask him out." she giggled as she said it.

"You wouldn't."

"Maybe I should. He might be too shy to ask me."

"Ok, ok. I get it. No more jokes about it."

"Good. I do feel pretty good today. You might get lucky tonight."

"Hell with tonight. How about right now?"

"Don't push it mister."

They did make love that night. Dan was asle ep shortly finishing and throwing out the condom. Rebecca laid awake, unsatisfied with their love making. She rubbed herself to another orgasm before going to sle ep.

The next day as Rebecca was getting dressed she decided to do as Davis told her and not wear a bra or panties. She put on a black skirt that came to her knees and a red silk blouse. She noticed as she put it on that her nipples got hard and were very noticeable. She kept it on and just hoped that they would cooperate with her and not get hard.

She got to school long before the first class started. She got to her classroom and began double checking her plan for the day. She had a hard time concentrating on it. She kept looking to the door to see if Davis was standing there.

She looked up at the door countless times until it was almost time for the first class to start.

Davis didn't show up. She felt a sense of disappointment that he hadn't come to see her. As much as she knew it was wrong, she found herself looking forward to what he would do to her. What new way he came up with to tease and torment her.

The students began entering the classroom and she made herself focus on teaching her class.

She went through her morning classes. Davis never came to her room. With each passing hour she felt a building level of sadness that he didn't show up.

Finally it was time for the class with Davis. She felt her excitement rising as she watched the students taking their seats.

The bell rang and Davis was nowhere to be seen.

She hid her sadness and began to start her lesson.

Five minutes into class the door opened and Davis strolled in. "Thank you for deciding to join us Davis." she said to him as he sat down.

"No problem Mrs. Coral." he said sarcastically.

Rebecca continued her lesson. Each time she looked at Davis he was not paying attention to her. He seemed to be ignoring that she was even in the room.

As is her usual way, she had the students work on some problems from their books. She walked around the room offering help as needed. She kept checking on Davis and each time she did he was looking at his paper. She was upset that he wasn't checking her out.

She rounded the corner and stopped at his desk. Leaning over his paper she checked his work. He was getting the right answers and didn't need any help. Deciding to make a move, she leaned in closer to him and pushed her breasts against his arm.

He glanced up from his paper and then looked back down.

Rebecca kept her tits against him for another moment and then slowly stood up, keeping the contact as long as she could.

He didn't even glance up from his paper as she did it.

Rebecca fumed at his neglect. She moved away from him and continued moving through the room.

As the bell sounded to end class she called out, "Davis, could you stay behind for a moment?"

"Sure." he said gruffly.

When the last student left the room and they were alone she said, "I did as you told me. I'm not wearing a bra or panties."

"That's great. I should be getting to my next class."

"Don't you want to check?" she said as she reached to unbutton her blouse.

"Not really."

She felt angry and sad at his response. "I did everything you asked me to do. Things I never should have done. Things I never thought I could have done."

"Look, I gotta go. I'll come by after school and talk about it. Hang around till I get here."

"Of course Davis. I'll wait for you."

He quickly left her alone in the room. Rebecca slowly walked to her desk and sagged into the chair. She felt like she wanted to cry. What made him dismiss her like that. She had done everything he told her to. Even things that could have gotten her into serious trouble.

She stayed in her classroom after school. She had been waiting for almost half an hour before Davis came in. He closed the door as he entered.

She practially jumped up from her chair. "You came."

"Yeah. I wanted to tell you..."

"Before you say anything aren't you going to check on me. Make sure I listened to you."

"Fine. Show me."

Her hands quickly found the buttons and she nearly ripped them apart. She pulled her shirt open and showed him her bare breasts. Slipping out of the shirt she dropped it on the floor.

She then unzipped her skrit and pushed it down her legs, exposing her naked pussy. She let the skirt fall to the floor and stepped out of it. "See. Just like you said. No bra or panties."

"That's great. The thing is, I'm bored with you. If this is as far as things will go we might as well put a stop to it all."

She was hurt by his words. She had come to look forward to his actions to her. Her body had spoken louder than her brain and won the argument. She needed the stimulation of his torment. She needed him to make her do things that seemed wrong.

She felt like crying. She moved in close to him and sank to her knees. "Please." she begged. "Don't stop this. I need it."

"Do you? Do you need it Becky?"

"Yes. I need it. Becky needs it."

"I'll give you one chance to prove it."

"I will. I'll prove it. Anything." she pleaded from her knees.

Davis reached into his backpack. When his hand came out he was holding a small item in it.

It took her a moment to realize what it was.

He was holding a condom.

"You said it would be different if I had a condom. I have one."

She knew what he was implying. If she wanted anything more from him she would have to have sex with him. "I don't know Davis."

"Fine by me." he said and turned to the door.

"Wait!" she called to him. "Don't go."

He walked to the door.

"Stop." she begged. "I'll do it. Please don't go."

Slowly, he pulled the shade on the door down and turned the lock.

She felt a wave of joy in her body.

Davis walked past her to her desk. He leaned against the edge of the wood desk, "Crawl to me Becky. Crawl to me like the slut you are."

She didn't like being called a slut but she found herself crawling to him. Slowly moving across the floor to where he stood.

When she was before him he unzipped his pants. He pushed them down, leaving only his boxers to cover his package. "Take my cock out Becky."

She reached up and tugged on his boxers. She struggled to get them past his buldge. When she did his cock fell out towards her. The sight of his massive black cock made her nipples harden. She felt her pussy getting hot as she reached her hand up and wrapped it around his thick shaft.

It was warm and pulsing in her hand. He was too big for her hand to get around but she wrapped her fingers around what she could and stroked him.

"Lick my balls Becky." she heard him demand.

She looked up at him and nodded. Holding his cock up she began licking his sack. She coated it in her saliva before taking one into her mouth. She sucked it hard, flicking her tongue around it as she did.

"Damn that's good." Davis told her.

Becky switched and took his other nut in her mouth and repeated the same process with it.

"Don't forget my cock girl."

She didn't say anything. She let his nut out of her mouth and licked around the base of his shaft.

Getting a moan from him she continued to lick him. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip. When she got to the head she gave it a kiss before licking her way back down his shaft.

Kissing her way back up his length, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Her warm mouth felt great on his cock. Davis reached down and held her head as she sucked him.

Becky kept up stroking him as she tried to take more of him in her mouth. She gagged as he hit her throat. She bobbed her head back and forth on him, stopping right before hit her throat.

His hand pulled her head towards him each time she leaned in. He grabbed a fistfull of her hair and held tight.

Becky was using her tongue with skill as she sucked him. As she was rocking her mouth on him, her tongue was bathing the underside of his cock.

Becky took her free hand and gave her nipples a tweak before cupping his balls. She fondled them gently as she sucked his cock.

Davis jerked hard on her hair, nearly pulling him off his cock.

Becky looked up at him, puzzled.

He held the condom down for her. "It's time. Put it on so I can fuck you."

Becky nodded, the head of his cock still in her mouth. She took the condom from him and opened it. She kept him in her mouth as she did it.

She let him out of her mouth, feeling a pang of regret as she did. Holding his cock in one hand and the condom in the other she slowly rolled it onto his thick shaft.

It must not have been a large condom. It only made it just over halfway down his cock.

He yanked her to her feet and guided her to lay on one of the desks. She did and held her legs open for him.

She had a wave of pleasure surge through her as he slapped his heavy cock down on her pussy. His head hit her clit solidly. "Fuck me baby. Please, I need it." she pleaded with him.

"You want my cock baby?"

"Yes Davis. I want it. I need it."

"Then put it in."

She reached down and grabbed him. She lined him up with her hole and felt him slip inside her. Letting go of him she shivered as he pushed deeper into her soft pussy. "Oh god." she whimpered, feeling his cock invading her. He was again much deeper than her husband ever got, and still had almost half of his cock to go.

He eased back and slowly pushed further into her. She moaned with every thrust he made. Each one bringing her closer and closer to climax. She had to stop massaging her tits so she could hold her legs back to allow him better access to her.

He finally pushed the last of his length into her. Becky had to bite her lip to keep from yelling. Davis could feel her pussy squeezing his cock as he began to fuck her as deep as he could.

As he slowly worked her pussy, he leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He flicked his tongue around her sensative tip. He gently bit down on her as he pulled his head back, stretching her nipple away from her body.

Becky cried out slightly from the sudden pain, but also felt herself getting wetter at the same time.

When he released her nipple from his teeth he quickly took the other one into his mouth. He did the same to that one, eliciting sharp gasp from Becky. He could feel her pussy working him and knew she was close to orgasm.

He focused his efforts on working her pussy. He quickened his pace, grabbing the desk as he pounded into her.

"So good." Becky moaned. "Don't stop......Soooo.......gonna......"

Davis thundered into her even harder, pummeling her excited pussy. He knew she was close. Even if she didn't say anything. Her pussy was telling him the same things she was. He felt her clamp down on him and knew she was about to go.

Becky let go of her legs and covered her mouth with her hands, trying to cover her screams of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her.

Davis held her legs open for her as he slowly fucked her through her climax.

Just as she was recovering, he picked her up like she weighed nothing. He kept his cock lodged deep inside her as carried her behind her desk and set her down.

He pulled his cock from her, "Turn around. I want you to look at your classroom as I fuck you."

Becky did as he said and turned around. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass.

Davis eased her down onto her desk.

From this position, Becky could see all the desks in her room. She could visualize all of the students sitting in their seats as she was about to be fucked. The visions seemed almost real in her foggy mind.

She was brought back to the present as she felt her legs being pushed apart. She allowed him to spread her legs, anticipating his cock being back inside her.

Feeling his cock back at the entrance to her pussy, she arched herself as best she could, giving him the best angle to get inside her.

He grabbed her hips and pushed forward, sending his cock deep into her wet pussy.

"Fuck yes." she moaned as he buried himself to the hilt.

As he pulled back from her he gave her ass a playfull swat.

"Slap my ass baby. Spank Becky's ass."

Her response caught him off guard. He oblidged her and spanked her even harder. Once on each side, squeezing her both times.

He started fucking her in rapid, hard thrusts. The way her pussy gripped him as she came had brought him close to cumming himself. He was not quite ready yet. He wanted to enjoy her pussy as long as he could.

Becky worked her ass in a twerking like fashion, trying to take him as deep as she could.

"You like this cock baby?" he barked at her.

"Yes." she cried out. "I love it. I love your cock."

"Better than your husband?"

"Yes....Fuck. So much better." she said, not caring that it was true. "Soooo much bigger."

"I'm gonna cum for you Becky."

"Yes. Do it. Cum for me Davis. Cum for me."

"Your pussy is making me cum. I can feel you trying to milk me."

"My pussy loves your cock too. Show my pussy that you like it. Cum for my pussy."

"Here it comes baby. I'm gonna cum!" he gave one last thrust and came.

Becky could feel his cock pulsing as he shot his cum into the condom. She could feel each time it sent its cum through his shaft before filling the tip of the condom. She even felt the condom as his cum filled it, as it was right against the back of her pussy. She felt it's warmth as it pushed the tip of the rubber against her insides.

"Fuck yeah." Davis grunted as his cock pulsed one final time.

Davis held himself in her for another minute. When he pulled out he sank into her chair.

Becky stayed sprawled on the desk as she got her breath. She turned her head to see him slumped in her chair.

Slowly she slide off the desk and got to her knees in front of him.

His cock was hanging softly, the condom still covering him, right in her face. Even as it got soft his cock was still heavy as she grabbed it.

Becky eased the condom slowly off his cock. There was some cum on his head after she took it off. She quickly took his cock in her mouth and cleaned the cum from him.

Being sensative after just cumming he pushed her off his cock.

Becky lifted the condom and saw the big load of his cum that was hanging in the tip. It looked like more than her husband produced if you added a few times together. "I can't throw this away here." she quietly said.

"Stand up." he told her.

She did, leaning slightly against her desk.

He took the condom from her. He tied it in a knot tightly. "You should take it home and flush it there."

"Good idea. I'll put it in my purse." she said and held out her hand.

"I have a better idea." he said.

She quickly found out what his idea was. He ran his hand up her leg and rubbed her pussy. Getting no resistance from her, he pushed the condom up inside her. "Take my cum home in your pussy. Do what you want with it when you get there."

As her brain was coming back to her, she realized what she had just done. She had sex with her student, again. This time in her classroom. How could she have let things go this far. What the hell was she doing.

As those thoughts ran through her mind, she heard herself saying, "Yes Davis. Anything you want."

"That's a good girl Becky." he said, getting up and putting his clothes back on.

Davis tossed her clothes to her as he finished getting dressed. She put the shirt on, quickly doing the buttons. She then pulled her skirt up her legs, tucking the shirt in before zipping it. There were some wrinkles in both items that she tried to smooth out with her hands. She knew they were still visible after her attempts.

"Thanks Becky. I gotta get home. I enjoyed the fuck." he said crudely as he headed for the door.

As he left Becky finished gathering her things. She got her purse from her desk and put her papers into her other bag.

She got to the door and was about to turn out the lights in the classroom when something caught her eye. Something shining on the floor. She went to see what it was.


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As she neared the object it dawned on her. It was the condom wrapper. She had almost left it on the floor. She picked it up and put it in her purse.

She turned out the lights and headed home for the day. As she walked the halls she could feel the condom moving around in her pussy. The thought of walking through the school with the condom in gave her a strange thrill. She felt her nipples poke into her shirt as she made her way to her car.

End of Part Two


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Great story please continue the stud is going to continue fucking the sexy teacher shes now his married black cock slut


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Great story please keep posting.


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So glad you continued this story. Looking forward to the rest! Thanks!
Geronimo Samson


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Good lord... This was hot...


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Really great story, my cock is sore from wanking


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wow wow wow ... So hot ... so well written ... my tiny c*ck is dripping ...


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Very hot story. Dying to read the next part. Please write more


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I have read through this story several times and get just as much pleasure each time. Please keep this story going.


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Thank you all for the kind words. Your feedback keeps me motivated. Life has gotten in the way of working on the third part as of yet. Don't worry though I will begin it shortly. Thanks for reading.

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