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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

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Any news on an update!!!! It's been a while.


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Just checked and still nothing! and news?


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Great story thanks. REALLY hot teacher wife/cuck/student theme we love and feature in some of our Captions posted!


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Story is in the works. I hope to have it done in the next two weeks. I've gone back and forth on a lot of aspects for this chapter. I hope the wait is worth it when it is posted.

Thank you all for reading commenting.



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You do keep us on our toes


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I hope you will upload soon the rest of the story!


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Hi jbozz. Any update?


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Nothing new to share yet. I have struggled with this update. There have been a few rewrites to parts that I have done. I've also started over a few times now. I didn't think it would have been a hard chapter to write but I don't want to alter the feel of the story. I think the chapter will be a good one and an exciting one, though shorter than some previous ones. The story is close to its end so I also have to decide on what the next step would be after this chapter and how to bring the story to a fitting conclusion.

I hate that I have kept you all waiting so long for this next update. I hope that it, and the finish to the story will be well received by everyone.

Sorry for the extended delay.

Don Jetman


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Few understand how difficult 'getting it right' can be, bozz. I love writing, but the obsession with editing can be frustrating and even painful at times. I can think of no higher praise than seeing a writer know when it's right, taking the time to juggle story elements until it's perfect. Lots of respect for you for this, knowing your efforts will make the story come alive when it's time to publish.



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Just realised its been a while since anything on this, any news Jbozz?


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Looking forward to your next chapters. Brilliant writing.


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It's amazing how many times I keep coming back to this story.


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It's been about 5 months now since you showed up here. Is this still a work in progress? Or should we give up hope to see you continue this excellent story?


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Waiting patiently for an update...


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Jbozz, any news on an update.


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Sorry everyone. I'm really struggling with this update. I think with getting so close to the end I am thinking too hard about how to properly bring everything to a proper ending point. I keep working on it, often making a lot of changes and redoing things over and over. I hope to get it finished and posted for all of you that have waited so long for the continuation of the "Teasing" story. I haven't forgotten about it and I have promised before that the story will have a conclusion and I still promise that it will.

Sorry for keeping you waiting. Thank you for your patience and support of my stories. It is all greatly appreciated.



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We're all glad to hear you are still working on it!


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I just added another 5 pages to the story this morning. This chapter will be a longer one and filled with a lot of action and excitement. A little different than some of the others but hopefully that is a good thing for the story.



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At very long last, I have finally finished the latest chapter. I have to edit it still, but I should have it posted tomorrow at the latest. I apologize for the extended wait for the latest chapter in the Teasing saga. I truly hope it is worth the wait and that you all will like it.

Thank you all for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.



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Here it is, after way too long of a wait. I hope after so long there are still some of you that want to see what happens with Rebecca and the "teasing" saga. I had a lot of trouble with this chapter, deleted and started over a few times. I think I finally got it to a point that it is a good addition to the story.

Thank you all for your extreme patience and for your support of my writing.



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Part Twenty Two

"WHAT?" Dan shouted after Rebecca told him about what Davis wanted of her.

"Honey, calm down." Rebecca said softly, trying to keep him from getting too upset. "I know it is crazy and is a huge thing..."

"A huge thing?" Dan's voice still very raised. "There is no way. You're not doing it."

She scooted up against him and put a hand on his leg, feeling the rage inside him. "Honey, just listen. Think about everything that has happened since that first time with him. There have been so many risks, so many times that we could have been caught and I could have gotten in a lot of trouble. But have we ever been caught?"

"No, that's not the point though."

"I can't imagine that Davis would have gone all this time, with all of these things, just to have us be caught and discovered now at the end of the school year. I have no idea what his plan is, but I do feel sure that he has one and that I will be safe and nobody will find out."

"He has a plan? Rebecca, how can you be sure? How do you know that he just doesn't care anymore now that he has graduated?" Dan jumped off the couch and walked away from her.

Rebecca sat there on the couch, wanting to keep talking, but not wanting to push the issue right now. Dan was very upset and she hoped he would cool down enough in a little while so they could have a reasonable discussion about Davis' demand.

That night in bed, Rebecca tried to cuddle up to Dan and talk more. He huffed and turned away from her. Not saying another word.

When she woke up the next morning Dan was already out of bed. As she got up she found that Dan had already gotten dressed and had left for work. Even though the year was over, there was still work that needed to be done, so they would both be working each day for a little while before their summer break started.

Rebecca struggled as she went about her morning at school. Her mind kept wandering to what Davis had told her and Dan's reaction to it. Part of her brain was imagining what it would be like. Would she enjoy it? How would it feel? Then she would feel some guilt and think about how it would affect things with her and Dan. Would he be able to handle it? Would she for that matter? Would he forgive her for doing it? Could she even go through with it?

When the time came for lunch, Peggy came to Rebecca's classroom and they ate together.

After eating, as they were talking, Peggy said "What's going on Rebecca? You seem off."

"Nothing." she told her. "Just a little out of sorts I guess."

"You can't fool me girl. Something's wrong. Spill it."

Rebecca looked toward the door to make sure nobody was there. She whispered even though they were still alone. "The guy I've been seeing, he wants me to do something. Dan is a little upset about it. I'm a little nervous too honestly."

"Then don't do it."

"I know. I totally shouldn't. But the thing is, I sort of want to. I can't explain it, and it freaks me out a little, but thinking about it excites me too."

"What is it? What does he want?"

Rebecca blushed and looked down at the floor, too nervous to tell her. "I don't think I can say it out loud."

"Oh wow. It must be steamy. Do you think you are going to do it?"

"I kind of already told him that I would. It was before I told Dan about it, and I was not in a totally clear frame of mind, but I don't think I can really back out now."

"You can. But we both know that you really don't want to."

Rebecca smiled and simply said "No."

Peggy returned the smile. "So when is this hot, steamy, scary, exciting thing supposed to happen?"

"Saturday night."

"Well, I hope you will tell me all about it after since you won't tell me now."

"Maybe." Rebecca told her, with her face turning red again.

"I better get back. Do lunch again tomorrow?"

"Of course."

Peggy gathered up her things and went to the door. She turned back, "I'm heading out a little early today so won't see you later. But I'll see you here tomorrow for lunch."

"See you tomorrow."

Rebecca felt a little better about things after talking with Peggy. Even though she didn't tell her about the plans, it just felt good to talk a little bit about it.

She managed to get through the rest of her work day without stressing about what Saturday night would bring.

Dan stayed cold to her the rest of the day. He didn't speak much and when he did, it was simple, short responses.

Friday morning, Dan was once again up and gone before Rebecca woke up.

When she did wake up, Rebecca felt a pang of guilt when she found that Dan was already gone again.

She struggled through the morning, struggling to smile when Peggy met her for lunch.

Peggy could read her friend right away. "Rough night huh?"

"Dan barely spoke to me all night."

"It's going to be alright. This is just a little bump in the road. He loves you and you love him. You just need to sit down with him tonight and talk with him. Tell him everything you are feeling."

"I'm not sure if I even know everything I'm feeling."

"Then tell him that. Tell him about your worries and concerns."

"I'll try. If he stays long enough for me to talk to him."

Peggy gave her a smile and held her hand. "If he tries to leave, sit on his lap. And if he still tries to leave just take your top off. He won't go anywhere if you are showing him the goods."

Rebecca couldn't help but laugh at that. It was a real laugh, a real smile, a sense of normal during the turmoil she had been feeling.

As their time for lunch was ending, their conversation returned to the upcoming decision.

"Look, Rebecca, only you can decide what the right decision is. Talk with Dan and make the best decision for you. I'm here for you no matter what. But, if you do go through with whatever it is, you know I want to hear all about it next week."

Rebecca smiled and was laughing again. "Thanks Peggy. Thanks for listening. For everything. I'll let you know how it turns out."

"It will all be ok. I promise."

Peggy gave her a hug before heading back to work.

Rebecca hurried home after work. She was going to take Peggy's advice. She decided to add to it a little bit too. She was going to make them a good dinner, show Dan that whatever happened with Davis, it didn't take away or change her love for him.

As they ate, Dan seemed to relax a little bit. He was talking more, even telling her about his day a little bit. It was a lot better than his one word answers from the day before.

After dinner, they cleaned up together. Rebecca bumping into him playfully a few times as they did.

When they were done they sat on the couch together. After sitting in silence for a while, Rebecca couldn't take it any longer.

She turned toward him and scooted closer. "Dan, I want to talk about tomorrow. I know you are nervous and scared. I am too. I really don't know what to expect. I don't think that Davis wants to get us, or him into any trouble. I'm incredibly nervous and scared. But at the same time I'm really excited about the whole thing. I feel like it is probably a once in a lifetime thing and I can't deny that I want to go through with it. I know the whole thing scares you too. I don't want to do anything that will affect our marriage and I hope that you can understand my feelings about all this."

Dan shocked her and took her hand in his. "Honey, you're right. I'm really scared about this. I didn't really understand you were feeling that too."

"I'm terrified."

"If you are so scared why don't you just say no to him?"

Rebecca squeezed his hand harder. "Because even with how scared I am, the thought of losing out on the experience scares me more. Will I ever have this kind of opportunity again? I really feel deep inside that this will never happen again. And despite my fears and worries, I just don't think I can turn it down."

Dan put his arm around her but didn't say anything. He wanted to listen to her, and it did ease his mind to know she was going through the same feelings he was.

"I would though." Rebecca said, looking deep into his eyes. "I would tell Davis I can't do it if you really want me to. I don't want to do anything that would upset you or harm our marriage. I love you more than anything Dan. You are my husband. I would never want to do anything that would upset you."

Dan leaned down and kissed the top of her head gently. "Look, I know you trust Davis. Deep down I think I trust him too. If this is something you really want to do then I won't tell you not to go through with it. You're probably right about this being one of those once in a lifetime things and I won't stand in your way of experiencing it."

Rebecca smiled with joy, reaching up and kissing him. "Thank you Dan. You are the best husband ever."

The rest of the night was good between them. It was like things had been before everything with Davis had started. Other than the fact that they couldn't make love due to the chastity cage that Dan was still wearing.

When Rebecca woke up Saturday morning she could hear Dan in the kitchen and could smell that he was making them breakfast.

She made her way to him and sat at the table. Dan brought her a cup of coffee, "I'm sorry for how I reacted honey. I love you, and I trust you. I know that our marriage is the most important thing to both of us and I never want anything to change between us. Forgive me?"

Rebecca took a sip of the coffee. "I don't know. It depends."

"It does does it? What does it depend on?"

"Are you making blueberry pancakes?"

Dan smiled and walked away, quickly bringing her a plate with blueberry pancakes and sausage on it. "Of course I am. I know they are your favorite."

Putting a bite of pancake into her mouth, Rebecca smiled and said "Mmm totally forgiven." as she chewed.

They kept talking as they ate, not about what would happen later that night, just about random things. They both knew they were avoiding it but neither cared in that moment.

After they finished and cleaned up they sat sipping their coffee.

Rebecca broke the silence first. "I was thinking, since tonight is a one time thing, I thought we should go out and pick something special for me to wear. Something sexy. While we are there we can pick out something else sexy and special that I will save and wear just for you when the time comes."

Dan closed his eyes, imagining his wife in sexy lingerie. "I like that idea. You are looking hot already."

Rebecca laughed at him and playfully slapped his arm. "Just what are you picturing in your dirty little mind?"

"You'll find out later. How about we go to lunch later on and then we can go pick some things out for you?"

"Sounds great. I can't wait to see what you pick."

After they ate lunch, they left the restaurant and soon were parking at a mall parking lot. It wasn't a place they went to often anymore, but there was a good sized Victoria's Secret there.

Walking in together, Rebecca was smiling and holding onto Dan's arm.

Once inside the store, they were quickly asked if they needed any help. Rebecca looked at the girl and politely said "Not yet. We are going to look around for something special."

The girl gave them a smile. "Take your time. Let me know if you need anything."

They thanked her and started to look around at different things.

As they shopped, Rebecca would hold up bras or panties to see what Dan thought of them. Each time he would shake his head and say "Not what I'm thinking."

After walking around the store for a while, Dan stopped her. "Here. This."

Rebecca turned to see Dan holding up a very lacy black bra and matching panties. "Very sexy." she told him. She moved in close and whispered "Is this for tonight or for later with you?"

"Tonight." he told her. "For later we are getting it in red. And you should get some good silky black stockings for tonight too."

"I like your choices honey." adding even quieter "Davis is going to like it too."

Rebecca went and grabbed the stockings while Dan picked out her sizes for the sets.

They met up at the register where the girl that greeted them rang them up. She handed them the bag and smiled "Have a great day. And a great night too."

They laughed and thanked her as they left.

Rebecca was too nervous to eat much of a dinner. Her mind was starting to spin a little bit as they time got closer and closer to go see Davis. She couldn't help the nerves, and yes, the bit of fear as well.

Rebecca spent a lot of time getting ready for the night. She took a long bath, shaved her legs, and everywhere else too. She spent a lot of extra time on her hair and makeup than usual too. She wanted to make sure she looked her best for her special night with Davis.

She put on the new black bra and panties, then sat on the bed and carefully pulled each stocking up her leg making sure they were perfect. Next she put on a pair of black heels and a simple dress since she knew that the dress wouldn't be on for long anyway.

When she walked out of the bedroom Dan saw her and said "WOW. You look amazing honey."

"You like?" she asked and spun around for him.

"Oh yeah. I like. I'd like to see you without the dress too. To see you in your new sexy lingerie."

"Sorry honey. We agreed that this outfit was for Davis. Maybe you can see it another time."

"I know you have another sexy outfit waiting just for me."

"Exactly. And nobody but you gets to see me wearing that one. Are you ready?"

Dan gave her a long look up and down, taking in his beautiful wife. "Yes" he finally said.

They were both mostly silent as Dan drove. The only real talking was Rebecca giving him directions to get to Davis' house.

When Dan turned onto the street he didn't really give the car any gas, just let it coast a little bit. "Are you sure you want to go through with this honey? You can still say no if you want to."

Rebecca turned to look at him as they coasted on the street. "It is up to you honey. If you tell me to I will call Davis and tell him I changed my mind. I won't argue your choice. Yes, I'm nervous, more nervous than I've ever been before. But I'm excited to."

"That answers the question then." Dan pulled to a stop in front of Davis' house. "Here we are. Be safe. Call me if something comes up."

"I will. Thank you honey. I love you so much."

"I love you too honey. Now go make a lifetime memory."

"Thank you Dan. You really are the best and greatest husband ever. If nothing happens, I will call you tomorrow to come pick me up. I love you."

"I love you too." Dan told her and leaned over to kiss her.

Rebecca put her hand on his shoulder. "Sorry honey. It could smear my lipstick." She opened the door and stepped out, leaning in before she closed it "I love you honey. See you tomorrow. Thank you."

Dan smiled at her as she closed the door. He stayed there watching as she walked up to the door. He didn't drive away until after Davis had let her in and closed the door. Not even as they kissed and he grabbed her butt in the doorway. As the door closed he could see Rebecca's hand giving a wave at him. That little action gave him comfort that even with everything else, his wife was thinking of him too.

"Damn you lookin hot Becky." Davis told her after the door closed.

"I'm glad you like it. Just wait until you see what is under this dress. I picked out something extra special for tonight just for you."

"Good girl." Davis said with his hand rubbing her butt. "You excited about tonight?"

"Yes." she admitted. "Excited and scared. Well, nervous I guess is the better word than scared."

"You got nothin to be scared of. I ain't gonna let nothin happen to you Becky."

"I know you won't Davis. But it's something I've never done before."

"I know, I got you Becky."

"What exactly is your plan?"

Davis led her over to the couch and they sat down. "Don't worry about that yet. Just sit and relax. You want a dr-ink or something to calm your nerves? We got some time before you need to be all ready."

"No thanks. I want to stay in control of myself so I am sure to remember this night with you."

"One won't hurt you."

"No, you're right. But I think if I have one I am going to want a second and a third and probably more."

They sat on the couch talking for a while. Rebecca's nerves calming down as they sat there together.

After a little bit, the talking turned to silence. Rebecca felt her nerves growing the closer it got.

The silence was broken by Davis' phone. He checked the text and sent a response. "It's almost time. Everything you need is in my room. I'll text you when the time is right. You trust me Becky?"

She nodded and tried to smile. "Yes, I do Davis."

"Good girl. Now go."

She stood to go to his room, feeling his hand giving her a firm but also welcome swat on her butt.

She closed the door to his room, seeing everything laid on on his bed. She looked over the items, her excitement growing.

As she picked the items up and looked at them closer, she heard some loud music coming from the basement.

She didn't know how long until Davis would text her.

Rebecca picked up the note that was folded with the other items. Unfolding it, she read the note slowly, hearing Davis' voice in her head. "Take off everything you wearing, especially your bling. Put on what you see on the bed. I'll be texting you soon."

She read it again, her hands starting to tremble a little as she read it. Her nerves were really catching up to her now.

Setting down the note, she slowly pulled her dress over her head and set it on the bed. She stood there in the lingerie, deciding to to disobey Davis' note and leave those things on. The items he left for her to wear wouldn't get in the way at all and she thought he might like seeing her in the sexy bra and panties instead of just plain naked.

Rebecca hoped that the decision wouldn't upset him. She then took off her earrings and necklace, putting them in the bag that he left for her. Next she looked at her wedding ring and felt a little ashamed. She briefly thought of calling Dan and asking him to come pick her up. She quickly slipped the ring off her finger before her brain could tell her to stop and added it to the bag.

She stepped out of her heels and sat down on the bed, taking a few deep breaths.

After what felt like hours, Rebecca heard her phone alerting that she had a text. She looked at it and the phone started shaking in her hands. She replied with a simple 'Yes', letting Davis know that she was ready.

A moment later she got another text. 'Turn your phone off and come downstairs. I'll meet you there."

Rebecca turned off her phone and stood up. She put the rest of her items into the bag, her phone, heels and her dress and put the bag in his closet.

She opened the door and slowly walked out of the room.

The music got louder as she walked through the house toward the basement steps. It wasn't any music she knew, and the bass was drowning out most of the words.

She started down the steps, holding the handrail to steady herself. She could feel her knees wobbling with each step down.

When she was a few steps away from the end, Davis appeared at the bottom of the steps.

He stepped up the few steps and met her there. Leaning in close to her, he whispered in her ear, "You didn't follow my instructions. But damn you lookin fine Becky. Remember, try not to talk."

He grabbed the leash that was dangling from her neck and led her down the last few steps.

Rebecca followed behind him, turning at the bottom of the stairs.

The three guys waiting on the couch saw Davis leading the masked and half naked woman into the basement. The stood up and cheered, high fiving each other as they stared at her.

One of them turned down the music a little and said, "Damn Davis. I don't know where


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One of them turned down the music a little and said, "Damn Davis. I don't know where you found her, but she is one hot white bitch. Who is she?"

"Can't tell you that man. Don't worry about where I found her. Just be glad that I did. And she is going to be our entertainment for tonight."

Rebecca blushed behind the mask that hid most of her face. There were big enough holes that she could clearly see, and a small hole for her nose and a big O hole in the mask for her mouth.

She stood next to Davis as the guys checked her out. She recognized them all. Two of them had graduated the year before and the other had just graduated with Davis. She was glad to see the two of them go last year. They were never good students and constantly caused trouble.

She tried to hold back a shiver as she stood there with them.

Davis saw it and pulled on the leash, pulling her closer. He grabbed her ponytail that was sticking out the back of her mask and pulled on it. "Don't be nervous baby. We gonna have lots of fun tonight. Got it?"

Rebecca nodded her head.

"You gonna be a good girl and take care of me and my friends?"

She nodded again.

"Good girl." Davis said and spanked her ass firmly.

Rebecca was not surprised at all that Jayvon, one of the young men that graduated the year before, and was the worst of the four when it came to attitude and following rules was the first one to touch her.

He moved in close to her and ran his hand up her stomach and to her breast, squeezing it roughly through her thin bra. His other hand gave her a very hard spank on her ass, making her jump and wince.

"Yeah, you a fine white bitch. We gonna have lots of fun with you tonight." he said firmly as he pulled her bra down under her one breast and started to maul it again.

"You don't get her all to yourself Jay. We getting in too." Vontae said as he slid in on her other side.

Since he was the youngest, just graduating this year with Davis, Rebecca thought he might be a little easier on her than Jayvon.

She was a little surprised when he pulled her bra down from her other breast and quickly took her nipple between his lips. He kept his mouth wide over her and used his tongue all around her nipple, then sucked and slurped, pulling his face away until her nipple popped from his mouth.

"Yeah, she got some nice tits." he said and latched back onto it, this time giving her a nibble too.

It took her some time before she realized she was holding her breath.

Rebecca opened her mouth and took some deep, full breath's, causing her chest to rise with each one.

The two playing with her breasts loved it. Jayvon was the first to say anything since Vontae was still sucking and licking her now wet and firm nipple.

"I think she likes it." he said, giving her another firm spank. "You like this baby? You like giving it up to us?"

Before she could answer, the last of the young men took a step closer. He was a year older, the same age as Jayvon. Rebecca knew his name was William, but remembered that people always called him Slick, or Slick Willy.

"Let me in there Jay. She don't need to tell us nothing." he said and took Jayvon's place next to her.

Rebecca inhaled suddenly and raised up on her tip toes when she felt his hand sliding into her panties and rubbing her pussy. She knew there was no mistaking her excitement. She had been leaking since Davis led her to the them. And the leak got worse as they had started to play with her.

"See what I mean Jay? Bitch don't gotta say nothing." he said and pulled his hand from her panties and showed off his wet, shining fingers.

Rebecca was once again grateful for the mask that hid how deeply she was blushing.

"Slick Willy getting real slick now." Rebecca heard Jayvon say.

Rebecca saw his wet fingers in front of her face before he said "Open up girl."

She did and he pushed two of his wet fingers into her mouth. Her taste was strong on his fingers. He pushed them in and out of her mouth, never fully pulling them back out all the way.

Vontae, who seemed to be in a trance on her breast stopped sucking her nipple and said, "Suck em bitch. Suck them like they a black dick."

He was the last of them that she would have expected a comment like that from. But that didn't stop her from doing what she was told and sucking on the sticky fingers in her mouth.

Slick held his hand still and let her suck his fingers. She started working her mouth back and forth on them, licking them all over as she did. It wasn't hard to imagine they were really a dick in her excited state of mind.

"She gettin into it D. I think she ready for the real thing." Willie said grinning.

Davis came up to Rebecca and ran his hand up her body. "He right baby? You want to suck some black dick?"

Rebecca stopped moving her head, but kept her mouth on his fingers. Her eyes stayed closed and a slight moan came from her as she gave a happy nod of her head.

"That's a good girl. Get on yo knees."

She slowly pulled her mouth off of the wet fingers and sank to her knees on the cold floor.

The four guys didn't make her wait long. They stood in a semi circle around her and dropped their pants.

Rebecca's breath got stuck for a moment as she was staring into four half naked black guys that were all showing their own excitement. None of them were fully hard, but they were all at least half way and they were all on the big side for sure.

"Who gets it first D?" Rebecca heard Jayvon asking.

"Vontae never had a white girl before. Let him go first."

Even if she hadn't known before who they were, she would have known which one was Vontae right away. When Davis said it, she could see Vontae's dick swell up even more. "You heard him girl. Get some. Get that mouth to work."

Rebecca gave another little nod and leaned in toward him. She had her eyes locked on his dick as she closed the gap. Rebecca opened her mouth and closed her lips around the head of it. She slowly licked all over his head, feeling him getting harder as she did.

"Oh yeah, she workin that tongue." Vontae said loudly. "I think she likes it."

Rebecca started bobbing her head on him. He was quickly rock hard as she moved on him, leaving wet streaks on his black cock.

"She loves black cock. Don't you girl?" she heard Davis asking her.

"Mmhmmm." she moaned and nodded, not giving up the cock in her mouth.

"You got three more here. Get them hands working to girl." Davis told her.

Before she could react, Jayvon and Willie had grabbed her hands and placed them on their cocks.

Rebecca felt the heat in her body. She had never done anything like this before. But there she was, sucking one black guy and now her hands were closed around two others.

Her fingers wrapped around them and she slowly started stroking them. She built up a rhythm, stroking them in time with her sucking of Vontae.

"Damn, this white girl know how to suck some cock. Keep going girl." Vontae urged her on.

Rebecca felt a sense of pride at the sort of compliment of her oral skills. She was glad that she made him feel good with her mouth.

"Don't keep her to yoself V. I want to feel that bitches mouth on my dick." Willie said and grabbed her hair, pulling her toward him.

She let him lead her. Vontae's cock fell out of her mouth, but before she could close it Willie was already feeding her his cock. He wasn't as long as Vontae, but he was thicker. Rebecca had to open her mouth really wide to accept him.

"Oh yeah, you wasn't lyin V. She got a great mouth on her."

Rebecca had to shift her knees on the floor to move in front of Willie. With moving over, she couldn't reach Jayvon anymore. Her hands searched for and soon found Vontae's cock that was wet with her spit. Her left hand let go of Willie and she started stroking Davis. There was a comfort and feeling of safety at feeling his cock in her hand.

She looked up and over, her eyes meeting Davis'. He gave her a nod, letting her know that she was doing good.

"Keep yo eyes on me girl." Willie told her. "Work that mouth."

She didn't need him telling her to, but she did try to take more of him after. She was able to get close to half of him in her mouth before she had to back away and try again. Quickly, she left him shining with her saliva.

Rebecca couldn't hear all that they were saying, their voices covering each other most of the time. But she knew that they were enjoying having her on her knees for them.

"That's enough for now girl. Give Davis some of that pretty mouth."

Rebecca gave a little nod and whimper to acknowledge him. She slowly backed off his cock, keeping his head between her lips and running her tongue slowly all over it for a little longer.

"Fuck that's good bitch." Willie said excitedly.

Rebecca felt that pride again and switched positions. She moved over in front of Davis and smiled up at him before lowering her head and wrapping her lips around his head. She sucked on his head, lifting his semi hard cock up with her lips and slowly slurped on him, taking him deeper.

Jayvon came around behind her and stood next to Davis. She saw him there and grabbed him with her left hand and quickly stroked him back to a mostly hard state. She grabbed Willie in her right hand and worked her saliva all over him with her slowly stroking hand.

The comfort of having her mouth on Davis' cock gave her a confidence that she didn't feel before. She worked her head more, giving Davis the treatment he was used to from one of her blowjobs.

The other three liked what they were seeing from her. Seeing the enthusiasm that she sucked him with showed them how good she could be.

Davis slowly started to move. Moving his feet a little at a time with Rebecca walking on her knees to stay with him.

The others stayed out of the way and soon Davis was taking a seat on the couch. Rebecca never took her mouth off him as he was moving and sitting down. Some little whimpers escaped from her, sounding like little protests that he was pulling away from her.

"Who wants to fuck her first?" Davis asked the others, grabbing Rebecca's head and holding her on his cock.

Rebecca couldn't see that Jayvon motioned the others aside and stepped up behind her.

He knelt on the ground behind her and spanked her ass hard. "You ready for some black cock bitch?" he asked roughly

"Mmhmmm." Rebecca moaned and nodded as best she could.

Jayvon smacked his dick down on her cheeks a few times before letting it rest between them. "You like black cock don't ya?"

Another agreeing moan came from Rebecca as she took Davis deep in her mouth.

Very slowly, Jayvon dragged his cock down between her cheeks. Running it down until it fell free between her legs. He rubbed the head around her pussy to tease her a little before he lined it up and pushed his thick head into her.

"NNnnnggggg." Rebecca cried out at feeling him enter her.

"Don't stop sucking girl." Davis told her and rubbed her hooded head a little. "You gonna get all the black cock you can handle tonight."

Jayvon didn't take his time. He just started pushing and didn't stop until he was buried deep into her. He hesitated for maybe ten seconds before he pulled back and pushed back into her again.

After that his pace increased rapidly. He took her hard and fast. Thrusting deep into her with each stroke.

Rebecca couldn't keep sucking Davis through the fucking she was getting. She tried to but her mouth just stayed open as she screamed and cried out in pleasure. The loudest cries coming when he bottomed out deep inside her.

Davis just let her enjoy the experience. He grabbed the leash and would give her random tugs as her head thrashed around, bumping into his cock every so often.

"I think bitch likes my cock." Jayvon said, spanking her ass again.

"" Rebecca cried out.

Jayvon kept his thunderous pace up for another couple minutes before pulling out without warning. "Next up." he said and sat next to Davis on the couch.

Rebecca didn't have to wait long before feeling the next guy pushing into her. She didn't know if it was Willie or Vontae.

She started to look over her shoulder to see who it was.

She didn't get to see before Jayvon grabbed her head and pulled her toward him. "Suck it bitch. Taste yo pussy on my cock."

Rebecca cried out as the cock pushed deep into her and Jayvon pulled her open mouth down onto his cock.

She moaned and closed her lips around him and tried to focus on sucking him.

It was hard to concentrate on anything with the action at both ends of her. Just when she would start to get a rhythm with sucking the cock in her pussy would hit that just right place and Jayvon would fall from her mouth.

Each time it happened he would grab his cock and smack it against her cheek until she took him back into her mouth. "Good bitch." he would tell her when she started sucking him again.

"This bitch got some fine ass pussy. She grippin my cock so hard." Willie said, finally letting Rebecca know who was inside her at the moment. "She really do love black dick."

Jayvon encouraged him, "Fuck her Willie. Give her that black dick. Fuck her good bro."

"Oh I'm giving it to her Jay. She taking it so good." Willie held her hips and fucked her for all he was worth. Sending his cock deep with each thrust, the thick base of his cock stretching her so good.

Rebecca felt the sudden sting as he spanked her firmly, giving her a squeeze with his big hand after making contact.

"You wasn't lyin' Jay. White bitch got some sweet pussy on her." Wille said, his hand roughly squeezing and kneading her ass while he fucked her.

Rebecca was moving her head down on Jayvon's cock when she felt Willie slowly pulling back from her. She wiggled her butt at him, hoping he wasn't done.

Willie laughed at the white woman and her gesture. He stopped with just the very tip of his cock between her lips. "You want this black cock bitch?"

Rebecca could just barely nod her head. Jayvon was holding her mouth almost halfway down his cock at the moment.

"I said you want this black cock bitch?" Willie said, giving her another good spank.

Rebecca did her best to nod again and tried to answer around the cock in her mouth. "HHMMMMPH. PHMMMK EEEEEEE." she mumbled.

"Good girl." Willie smirked. He spread her cheeks wide with both hands and pushed deep into her. "Love this white pussy bro." he said as he gave it to her.

Rebecca felt his hands move from her ass and grab her hips. He started pulling her back to him as he fucked her faster. Her ass bouncing off him each time he pulled her back.

"Let me in there Jay." Vontae said. "I wanna feel that mouth again."

Jayvon let her keep sucking him a little longer before pushing her off his cock.

Rebecca's moans were now loud and clear. "Oh GOD. OHHHHH AAAHHHHHH."

Jayvon got up and Vontae quickly slid into his spot on the couch. Rebecca saw that he wasn't at full hard anymore after only watching for a little bit. She reached up and rubbed him a little before wrapping her fingers around it and stroking slowly.

She felt him quickly start to swell in her hand and wrapped her lips around him again. Once she started sucking he was rock hard in no time.

"If I knew white girls gave such good head I would have been fuckin with them fo a while." Vontae announced.

Willie smirked while fucking her. "And her pussy even better V. Tight and warm and wet. Just how a good pussy supposed to be." His words were emphasized by another spank. "White bitch know how to take a dick."

Rebecca could barely concentrate on what she was doing. Her pussy was on fire, her body tingling and she was doing her best to suck the cock that was in her mouth.

"You gonna let me in there Willie?" Vontae asked. "I wanna feel that white pussy."

"Come get her V." Willie said and pulled his thick black cock from her suddenly.

Rebecca had that severe empty feeling as soon as he pulled out. As Vontae slid off the couch she let her head fall onto the cushion as she panted, her sex longing for that sweet fullness of a nice big cock inside once again.

Vontae was excited to be getting to fuck his first white girl. "She got a sexy little ass when she bent over like this. Her pussy looks real nice and inviting too."

Davis slid in front of her as Vontae grabbed her ass and rubbed it. "Up here girl." he told her.

Rebecca heard his voice and looked up to see him smiling at her. Her face lit up and she smiled back through the mask at him.

Davis grabbed his dick and shook it at her. Rebecca knew what he wanted and reached up to grab it. She crawled a bit closer to the couch and started to lick him up and down. Her brain didn't even register that she was wiggling her butt at Vontae while she did it. In that moment she was focused on Davis and showing him how much she wanted to please him.

She barely felt it when Vontae rubbed his own cock down between her cheeks.

"Hold up another second V. No need to rush. Make her wait and get all needy for it. Just tease her with it a little. Don't put it in yet."

Rebecca wrapped her lips around his head and glared at him through the eye holes in the mask. It was a look of anger, need, and appreciation too. She wanted and needed to feel another one inside her. Her body craved it deeply. She was mad at him for teasing her like that but also happy that even in the moment he was giving her a chance to rest and get more accustomed to what was going on.

"Good girl. Suck this black cock." he winked at her.

Vontae rubbed his cock against her pussy from behind, slowly running it over her lips. He could feel her heat against him as he did it. He kept doing it, teasing her with his cock, letting the tip catch on her but listening to Davis and not pushing it into her.

Willie and Jayvon each took a seat on the couch next to Davis. As one, they both grabbed her wrists and pulled her hand to their cocks. She didn't resist as they did it and quickly squeezed them gently and slowly stroked them.

Davis pulled her a little further onto his cock and slowly worked her head back and forth until she got the rhythm down herself.

She was stroking the two cocks that had already been inside her, sucking Davis' wonderful cock and had another rubbing against her pussy. Four big black cocks all at once. The full realization hit her and she tilted her head up at Davis with joy and happiness showing through her eyes.

He was looking down at her as he said, "Give it to her V."

The words seemed to fill the room. Rebecca smiled around Davis' cock.

Vontae didn't wait longer than a second before lining up and pushing into her.

Rebecca was on the downward motion as he pushed. "MMMMMMM." her happy and excited moan was like music to their ears.

He didn't have as much experience as the others, but Vontae knew how to fuck. He gave her about half on the first thrust. He didn't give her time to adjust though. Quickly pulling out and pushing back into her.

Over and over he did it until he bottomed out inside her.

"Oh man y'all wasn't lyin. She gotta sweet pussy. She wet and squeezing me." Vontae said excitedly.

"Don't stop now V. Fuck the little white bitch." Jayvon told his friend.

"I ain't stopping bro." he grabbed her hips tight and really began to fuck her. "My first white pussy and I'm gonna get it good."

And he didn't stop. He went faster and faster. Really pushing hard as he pushed into her, wanting to give her everything he had.

Rebecca could tell he was the least experienced in how he did it. It felt good, but not as good as the others. There was a selfishness in how he took her. He didn't know any other way yet.

She kept sucking Davis as his friend fucked her. She stroked as best she could, her arms tired and her wrist now doing most of the movement.

"How you like it V? How that white pussy feel?" Davis asked him.

"I love it man. Love this whi


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"I love it man. Love this white pussy. She feel so good on my dick. Fuck man she squeezin so tight bro." his pace not slowing down as he spoke. "I could fuck this white bitch forever."

"You only get her for tonight. This one is mine." Davis told him. "You gonna have to find your own white pussy after this ain't ya?"

"Fuck yeah I am." Vontae said completely serious. "I'm gonna fuck so many white bitches next year in college."

Hearing them talk about her, and about wanting others was a little insulting to her, but Rebecca had also never been more excited and more on fire. She felt it building inside her and knew it wouldn't be too long.

Her hands stopped moving, just sat there holding onto the cocks. Her head movements slowed way down, just barely moving up and down on Davis. Her tongue started doing most of the work on him in her mouth.

Davis knew what was happening. What was growing inside her. He could tell by her body language and just let it keep going.

"She really grippin me now D." he said, his movements slowing down just a little at the extra pressure he now felt. "She so hot now too."

The others didn't notice the little twitch in her arm, or the shiver that passed through her.

Davis didn't object when she backed off him and rested her head on his lap. Her breathing was rapid and heavy now. Her body gave another shudder.

"Fuck bro she going crazy on me." Vontae nearly shouted.

"Keep going V. Don't stop." Davis told him

Vontae didn't know what it was as her pussy kept gripping over and over.

"UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" the loud, grunting scream took the others by surprise.

Vontae didn't know what to do. But he did as Davis said and kept going.

It took a minute or so of her panting and trembling before she settled down.

Vontae felt the pressure ease on his dick and that is when he looked down and saw what happened. "Fuck man!" he shouted seeing the thick white creamy coating around the base of his cock. "This bitch creamed all over me."

Davis gave him a knowing look. "It felt good didn't it?"

Vontae was fucking slower now, staring at the creamy ring that covered nearly two inches around the base of his cock. "Fuck yeah man. Never felt anything like that before. That was insane.

Not sure what they were talking about, Willie and Jayvon got off the couch and went to stand next to Vontae.

They were amazed to see the thick coating around his cock. "I aint never seen a bitch do that before." Jayvon said.

"Me neither." Willie agreed.

Vontae slowly built his speed back up with the two standing next to him. He had a buildup inside too that needed taking care of.

"Fucking love this white pussy." he said to nobody. "Bitch got me close with all that squeezing and creamin."

Jayvon and Willie cheered him on.

"Can't hold back. I'm bout to nut."

He fucked her for another thirty seconds or so and pulled out quickly.

"Fuck, fuck, here it comes."

He stroked his cock over her ass and let loose jet after jet of his cum.

Willie and Jayvon stepped back but didn't look away as he came on her back and ass.

Vontae kept stroking and squeezing his cock until he made sure he got it all out and onto her. He then let go of his dick and let it fall on her ass with a wet smacking sound. "Oh fuck." was all he could say in that moment.

"Damn V, how long since you busted a nut?" Jayvon asked. "Looks like you been saving that up for a while."

Vontae spanked Rebecca solidly and said "I guess white pussy just brings it out of me."

They all laughed at his reply and Vontae dropped down on the couch satisfied.

Rebecca gave a little yelp from the spank and slowly started kissing and licking at Davis' cock again.

Davis let her suck him for a little bit before he pulled on her hair, pulling her off him. "I think its time for you to ride this black dick baby." he told her.

She smiled at that and gave his tip one more kiss before rising up off her knees.

Davis leaned back and Rebecca quickly straddled his lap. Raising up off him, she reached between her legs and grabbed his dick, lining it up she slowly sank down on it. She was already loosened up by Vontae and she quickly had herself fully impaled on Davis' big black cock.

"You like that black cock don't you baby?"

"Mhmmm." Rebecca moaned as she started working herself up and down his shaft.

Davis rubbed her ass with one hand and started to squeeze her breast with the other. "Show these brotha's how you ride a black dick. Show 'em how much you love black cock in your white pussy." He then clamped his mouth around her nipple as she rocked faster and faster.

"Look at this bitch." Jayvon nearly shouted. "She workin that cock like a pro. White girl really does like that black cock."

Davis bit down on her nipple. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to cause a shocked wince to escape her lips.

"Yeah." Davis confirmed. "She love takin big black dick."

The others watched as Rebecca fucked herself on Davis. It was barely in her mind that they were even there. Her mind and body totally consumed by Davis and his amazing cock.

Davis brought her back to the moment when he lifted her off him and moved her next to him on the couch.

She was panting for breath as he did it. Longing for him to be back inside her as soon as she felt the emptiness.

He stood up next to her and said "On your knees and face the wall."

Rebecca quickly did as she was told. She knelt on the couch and even pushed her ass back toward the others as she did it.

Davis smiled at her rapid obedience. "Good girl. Ready for more black dick?"

Rebecca nodded her head yes.

Davis didn't waste any time. He put the head of his dick into her and grabbed her hips. He thrust hard into her, nearly driving the wind from her lungs.

"OOhhhhh fuck." Rebecca grunted, unable to hold it in.

Davis quickly built up a steady motion thrusting into her depths every time.

He felt it coming and held deep inside her. "You gonna cum baby? Gonna cum on my black dick?"

As she nodded he started fucking her again. "Do it baby. Cum on this black dick. Get it all wet and nasty." He knew it wouldn't take much to finish her, but wanting to tease her he added, "Better do it soon. I'm gonna cum any minute."

"Make her cum D." "Show the white bitch." the comments kept coming from the others.

She knew it was only seconds away. Her body was on fire.

Davis knew it too. He felt the intense pressure building up inside her. He wanted to shock the others with it. Knowing it was something they hadn't witnessed before.

Davis worked her pussy with his expert touch, making her moan and whimper non stop. "Listen to her, she bout to do it. Gonna make this bitch blast." he shouted over her screams.

Rebecca was shrieking in pleasure and her body was shaking more than before.

The other guys watching couldn't look away.

"Here it is. She bout to do it." Davis told them. "Check this out."

He kept up as he felt it grow and grow inside of her and only pulled out at the right moment to let them all see it as she squirted repeatedly onto the floor.

The other three stared in amazement as four streams squirted from her pussy one after the other and her body shook uncontrollably on the couch.

Davis smirked at them. "That is how you really finish a bitch off." he told them and moved back in behind her. "You ready for more?" he asked and rubbed his dick on her still quivering pussy.

"Yes!" she cried out, her voice sounding much deeper than normal.

Davis pushed back into her, but took his time and let her calm down a little before picking up the pace.

After a few minutes he looked back at the others. "And this is how YOU finish off with a white girl." he told them.

They looked at each other, unsure of exactly what he meant.

Her grunts and moans of pleasure quickly brought their attention back to the scene in front of them.

"You ready baby?" he asked her.

She nodded and mumbled an "Mmhmm"

"Keep watchin. This is how you do it. Here it comes, take it, take it." he grunted and pushed fully into her and held himself there as he came.

She felt it as each wave flowed through him and blasted into her. The warm cum coating her insides and filling her with joy.

"Oh yeah," Davis said, "Givin' it all to her."

Once he was finished, Davis slowly moved himself slowly back and forth in her, making sure he emptied himself fully. When he was sure, he pulled out of her and sat down on the couch next to her.

"That's a good white girl." he told her and smirked at the other guys as he gave her ass a good solid spank.

The other three were looking at them and almost in shock.

Jayvon, being the type that he is was of course the first to say anything.

"You tellin' us that we can nut up inside this white bitch?"

"Yeah." Davis told them. "Ain't that right baby? We can cum inside you?"

Rebecca's mind was too far gone. She was in that other place where the brain was not really in control anymore. She nodded her head in agreement.

"Then I'm up next. I always wanted to bust a nut in a white pussy." Jayvon stepped up closer. "Damn D, your cum is starting to run out her pussy."

"You gonna wait for it all to leak out or you gonna get it in?"

"Oh I'm gettin' in this." Jayvon stroked himself to get a little harder and took his place behind her. "I gotta get me more of this white pussy." he said as he lined himself up.

"Give it to her Jay!" Willie shouted.

"AAhhhhhh!" Rebecca cried out as he quickly pushed deep into her.

He didn't waste any time. His style was much like his attitude, rough and nasty.

He grabbed her waist and fucked her hard and fast. The sound of their bodies coming together filled the room.

Rebecca couldn't do anything but take it from him. In that position on her knees with him holding her so tight she couldn't really move.

He would alternate holding her still and thrusting himself into her, and then he would stand still and work her back and forth on his big dick.

Rebecca enjoyed that part a little bit more since it wasn't quite as hard on her. But he wasn't really bringing her any closer to another climax with his actions.

"She take black dick like a pro." Jayvon announced. "Love this white pussy."

She was shocked when he suddenly pulled out of her, leaving her stretched open and in need.

"Turn over baby." he told her.

Rebecca did as she was told, turning over and half laying, half sitting on the couch.

"Open them legs girl, I ain't finished yet."

Staring through the eyeholes in the mask at him, she slowly spread her legs wide open for him.

"That's a good girl. Show it to me. Show me where you want this black dick."

Seemingly on it's own, her hand reached between her spread legs and started to rub her pussy.

"Here it comes girl." Jayvon knelt down and smacked at her hand with his cock. It was wet and shining with a combination of Davis' cum and her own wetness.

Rebecca moved her hand away and was quickly filled with his cock again. "MMMmmmm." this time she was ready for it and it felt better.

Jayvon pushed her legs back and then pushed them apart, opening her wide to his actions. "Take it girl. Take this black dick. I'm gettin' close."

"Where you gonna do it Jay?" Willie asked.

"Where you think? I'm gonna cum deep in this white pussy."

He let go of her knees and reached under her and cupped her ass, lifting her up to his thrusts.

As her legs fell, she wrapped them around his waist.

The closer he got to cumming, the better it felt for her. He slowed down a little and with how he was holding her up it put her in a better position to feel more pleasure.

With her experience, she felt it before he did. She felt him swell inside of her and knew it was about to happen.

"Here it comes. Gonna nut deep inside this white pussy."

He held ass and pulled her up to him as he pushed into her. His balls drew up and his cock twitched inside her as he came.

Rebecca felt it and lost count of how many times she felt him release inside her. Even in her current state, she could tell that he was cumming a lot and it was all going into her deepest places.

When he was finished, he fell over on top of her and laid there catching his breath. Her legs slipped from around him and her feet now rested on the floor.

It took a moment, but Jayvon started to move inside her again. Not really fucking her, just slowly now back and forth.

When she felt him moving, her eyes opened and over his shoulder she saw Willie with a grin on his face and a hard cock staring back at her. She knew she wasn't finished yet.

Jayvon pulled out and sat on the couch next to her. "Damn she got some good pussy on her."

Between Davis and Jayvon, she had a lot of cum inside her and almost as soon as Jayvon pulled out, their cum started to run freely from her. She felt as the thick cum slid out of her.

"Look at that messy white pussy." Willie said. "Y'all two really gave it to her."

"You ready to add some more?" Davis asked him.

"Hell yeah I'm ready. My dick don't get no harder than this."

Looking at him, she knew he was right. He was rock hard and ready to go.

Willie moved over to her. He took her hand and helped her into a sitting position. "Better get it real wet for me."

She knew what he meant and was glad that he wanted her to. He was really thick and she didn't want it to be difficult to take him.

She opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around him. She started to bathe his head with her tongue.

"All over baby, all over." he told her.

Nodding her head, she gave him a little suck and then released him from her mouth. She grabbed his cock and held it steady and began to run her tongue all over his shaft. Back and forth she licked, making him shine with her saliva.

She moved her head and got all sides of his cock with her tongue. She made sure he was completely covered all the way to the thick base of his cock.

"Good girl." he told her. "You ready for some more black dick now?"

She didn't say anything. She just moaned and nodded her head and kept licking.

"Come here girl." he said and pulled her up from the couch.

He moved to the other corner and sat down. Holding her waist, he turned her so she was facing away from him. "You know what to do don't ya?"

Again, she nodded. Shifting her legs apart, she straddled his legs. She reached between her legs and grabbed his thick cock and lowered herself onto it. Guiding it into her wet and stretched pussy.

"That's it girl. You know you love black cock. Take it baby."

Once she lowered herself very slowly all the way down on him, she could barely move. It was a difficult position for her to do anything.

Willie knew it too. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his chest.

Her feet came off the ground but her legs stayed wide open with his legs between them.

He took his time, slowly starting to move inside her. He pulled back an inch or two and slowly gave it back to her. "There you go girl. There you go. Got that big black dick for ya."

Rebecca nodded as he slowly began to fuck her. After Jayvon it was a welcome relief to take it slow and easy.

"She loves taking black dick." came the happy cat call from Vontae. "She takin all of it too."

She couldn't help but look over at him and smile through her mask at his comments. She did like it. She had never felt anything like it before.

As she looked over to him, she could also see a big wet spot on the couch right where she had been sitting. It was clearly from the cum that freely ran from her pussy after the two big loads. She looked down from the wet spot and saw another even bigger spot on the floor in front of the couch that had fallen down from her before she sat upright.

Her mind wandered for a moment but she was quickly brought back to reality when Willie really pushed deep into her. He really raised himself up from the couch as he pushed into her. She raised up even further from the floor and was only held in place by his big, thick cock.

"Ohhohhhhhhhh." she cried out, nearly tipping over to the side.

Lucky for her Willie had a hold of her body and kept her steady.

Willie, she was surprised, kept a good mix of fast and slow as he took her. When he did go harder, he would only do it for a short amount of time and then go back to slowly working his way inside her.

The mix was an amazing feeling for her. The hard times would get her excited only to be kept wanting when he would start to go slow again.

Her body was starting to scream for release. But he wouldn't give it to her. He seemed to know how she was feeling, and when he felt her building up and getting closer he would slow down and make her wait for it.

It was a glorious torment to her body and her mind. Next to Davis, he was clearly the most skilled of the bunch.

She shrieked in shock when Willie suddenly stood up from the couch, lifting her up with him. He held her up with ease, keeping himself deep inside her.

Rebecca tried to stay still as he held her up. He walked in a slow circle until they were facing the arm of the couch.

Slowly, he lowered her until her feet were touching the ground again. "Bend over baby. Grab the couch."

She did as he said, bending at the waist and putting her hands down on the arm of the couch.

Willie held onto her hips and slowly started fucking her in this new position. He took his time like he had been, only going hard every so often and for short bursts.

""You like taking black cock don't ya?"

She nodded her head. "Yesssssss."

"Pussy feels good on my cock. Squeezing me so hard. You gonna cum again aren't ya? I can feel you getting close."

Rebecca knew he was right. She could feel it building up inside her too. Her body was reacting to him in the best way.

Willie gripped her tight and began thrusting rapidly into her.

Rebecca braced herself harder on the arm of the couch, her legs getting wobbly.

"She gripping me so hard. Think she bout to burst."

Her head started nodding over and over. She bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep from screaming. She couldn't hold back the panting or whimpering though.

"Fuck bro." Willie said as he felt the pressure pushing against him inside her.

He pulled out of her and a geyser squirted out from her and splashed on the ground at their feet. It was followed by a second and a third, each one with a little less power behind it.

The other three were excitedly cheering when they saw the flow squirting from her.

Willie gave her a minute to calm down, feeling the trembling going through her as he held onto her. "Ready for more?" he asked her and rubbed his cock back and forth on her pussy.

Panting, she just nodded her head that she was ready.

Grabbing the base of his cock, he smacked it up against her a few times. Everyone could hear the wetness on her as he did it.

"Got what you need right here baby." he said as he leaned back enough to line himself up with her dripping pussy.

She was wet and relaxed enough that he was able to slide all the way in with one steady thrust.

He wasn't as concerned about making her enjoy it anymore. Now he wanted to take care of his own pleasure.

"Take it girl. Take this black cock." he was going hard and fast now.

Every few thrusts, her feet wound inch closer to the couch. Before she knew it her legs were rubbing against the couch and she struggled to hang on like she had been.

"Just let go baby. Lay down and let me take this pussy."

Rebecca moved her hands off the arm of the couch and let her body lay there with her ass sticking up at him.

"That's it. Right there. Don't move baby."

Her head rolled against he cushion as he fucked her hard. Each thrust made him bottom out inside her and nearly drive the wind from her body.

"Ready baby? Ready for more black cum?"

"Yes. Yes please." she panted,


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"Yes. Yes please." she panted, her voice muffled by the couch.

His thrusting got slower but harder. Pushing deep and hard every time, the couch shifting with each thrust.

"Here it comes. Gonna nut deep in this white pussy."

Rebecca felt the final deep thrust and moaned as the first heavy rope of cum shot into her.

"Take it. Take my nut baby." Willie grunted as his cock swelled with every blast of his cum.

Her brain wasn't able to recognize how many times he shot inside her. She could only feel his cock swelling and jerking inside her over and over and over.

"Damn." Willie said. "White bitch got some good pussy. You the man fo setting this up D."

Willie kept himself buried in her until he was sure he had given her all that he had.

When he pulled out he wiped his cock over her ass and went and sat down.

Rebecca stayed where she was, collapsed over the arm of the couch. Her body was trembling, yet also sore and exhausted. She didn't even try to get up or move, wanting to just stay there and rest as much as she could.

The guys left her alone there, laughing a little when the realized that she had actually fallen as1eep in that position with her ass raised up over the arm of the couch.

"Let her rest." Davis told the others.

They left her there in that position for over an hour. As she s1ept, they pulled their shorts on and had dr1nks and passed a joint around.

She had no idea what time it was or how long she had been out of it for.

She slowly started waking up to the feeling of someone inside of her.

Blinking a few times, trying to clear her head, she slowly started to shift. The guy that was inside her started to move faster.

"She comin around now. Think my dick is the magic wake up pill for her."

The voice told her that it was Jayvon who was fucking her. He was rock hard again and giving her everything he had.

"Take it bitch. You know you love this black cock. Can't get enough can you?"

"Mhmmmm." she managed to say after a minute, still partly in a daze.

"She got the sweetest pussy. Love fucking this bitch." Jayvon said.

"Don't take too long Jay, we all want more of it." Vontae told him. "I ain't nutted inside her yet."

"You can have her when I'm finished."

Joyvon grabbed her waist tight and gave it to her hard. Each thrust pushing her into the couch cushion.

"I won't be too long. She got a good tight pussy."

Rebecca moaned and whimpered into the couch. Even though he was rougher than the others, he still felt amazing inside her. He had a big dick and he filled and stretched her so good.

"Here it comes. Here it comes. Take it. Take it girl. I'm cummin'." Jayvon pushed deep and unleashed inside her pussy.

He didn't cum as much as the last time, but it was still a lot. Rebecca felt a shiver go through her body with each twitch of his cock.

Jayvon stayed deep inside her until he was finished. He then moved back and forth a few times just in case there was any more left to give her.

After he pulled out he took a seat on the couch again, panting for breath.

Vontae didn't take long to react. He jumped up from the couch and pushed a large ottoman over in front of the couch.

"What you doin with that V?" Willie asked him.

"What you think?" he replied. "I'm gonna lay my ass down on here and she gonna ride my cock."

Vontae stood next to her and grabbed her hand. "Come on girl. You know what to do. Climb up on here and ride my black cock.

He sat on the ottoman and pulled her down with him.

She was tired, sore and exhausted, but she did know what to do. Even in the state she was in, there was that part of her, deep inside, that wanted more. That needed it.

Slowly, she lifted her leg over his and straddled his knees facing him. She reached her hands down and grabbed onto him, stroking him slowly. He was semi hard already, but her hands got him the rest of the way there in short order.

"That's it girl. Get me nice and hard. Nice and hard for your white pussy. You wanna ride it don't ya?"

She kept stroking him and nodded her head that she did.

"Go on then girl. Get up on there."

Rebecca leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest. She raised up off him and inched her way up.

She put her knees down on the ottoman and lifted herself up higher. Reaching one hand down, she grabbed his thick cock and lined it up with her wet, messy entrance.

Vontae didn't seem to care that she was messy and full of Jayvon's cum.

She looked down between her legs and saw the big black cock she was lining up to her pussy. She smiled at the image and then looked back up at Vontae.

She smiled at him through the mask and slowly impaled herself on his cock.

"Yeah girl, that's it." he said as she lowered herself further and further until she was resting herself on his lap. "Damn man. She so wet. She got it all at once."

Rebecca knew what she had to do, what she needed to do. She started rocking her body on him. Working her pussy back and forth on his cock.

The others watched, enjoying the view in front of them.

Jayvon stood up and moved next to them. "Be a good bitch and clean my cock baby. Lick it clean for me."

Rebecca turned her head to see his deflated, but still large cock staring back at her.

Part of her didn't want to, wanting to focus on Vontae at that moment. But there was no denying it either. She had to.

She kept working her body on Vontae and turned herself enough to let her start sucking on Jayvon again at the same time.

She could clearly taste herself and him on his cock. It was coated in a combination of all of them at that point.

Knowing he would be sore from having had two orgasms already, she didn't suck very hard on him. She quickly stopped sucking him and just held it gently and started washing it with her tongue, licking him all over, still being gentle when she licked his head.

"White girl sure knows how to take care of a dick." Jayvon announced to everyone and no one at the same time.

"Gotta get me more of that head." Willie said, moving to the far side of the ottoman next to Vontae's head.

"I need a break, she got me worn out." Jayvon said and backed away from her.

With where Willie stood she was able to keep her body in a more natural position while she rode Vontae. She leaned forward and grabbed hold of his mostly hard cock and took him in her mouth.

"There it is. Work that mouth girl." he told her.

Rebecca did as she was told, loving the feeling of having Vontae in her pussy and Willie in her mouth. She felt him swell up to his full hardness as she sucked him.

Vontae grabbed her waist and held her steady as she fucked herself on his cock.

"Come on D." Willie called out. "Come have her suck on both of us."

Davis smiled over at Willie. "Nah man. I got a better idea." he stood up and got behind her. "How bout we make her air tight?"

"You serious bro?" Willie asked.

"Hell yeah I'm serious." Davis told him. "I do what I want with her. Ain't that right baby?"

Rebecca wasn't sure what he meant by air tight, but she moaned and nodded around Willie's cock anyway.

"Hold up a sec V." Davis told him. "Just hold her there for a bit."

"I got you D." Vontae said and held tight to Rebecca so she couldn't really move. She was basically stuck there, impaled deep on his cock and sucking happily on Willie.

She didn't know was was about to happen. She heard something but couldn't tell what it was and had no way to see it either since it was going on behind her.

She jumped a little when she felt a hand on her back pushing her downward.

She didn't resist, letting the hand guide her body lower.

"Hold her tight V"

Vontae wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down to his chest. Willie had to struggle a little to stay in her mouth but he managed.

There was movement behind her, Rebecca could feel that, but she couldn't tell what was happening. She closed her eyes and focused on sucking Willie since that was really all she could even semi control at the moment.

She didn't have to wait long to find out what was about to happen.

Davis got in position and pushed the tip of his cock against her asshole.

Rebecca tried to scream but couldn't with Willie in her mouth. He grabbed her head and held her still.

She had taken Davis in her ass before, but she was not expecting it and it scared her.

There was nowhere for her to go, with her being held down by the two other guys as he started to push into her.

She trembled as he pushed. She could feel herself stretching as he slowly worked himself back and forth in her ass.

It was an even tighter fit that before with having Vontae in her pussy at the same time. She could feel the two of them rubbing together through her.

Vontae stayed still, just making sure to hold her steady as Davis steadily worked more and more of his cock into her tight little ass.

Willie relaxed his hold on her and she started moving her mouth on him again. More so to take her attention away from the massive black cock pushing into her ass at the moment.

After what seemed to her like an hour, she felt Davis' body pushing against her ass. Somehow she had taken all of him into her ass while she had another very big cock buried in her pussy. She couldn't believe she could take both of them like that. It was a sensation she had never felt, or even dreamed of feeling before.

The two inside her held still, letting her adjust to the feeling of being double penetrated. Willie let go of her head and let her suck his cock how she saw fit. And she didn't disappoint him at all. She seemed to get even more into it than before.

Vontae was the first to break the stillness. He pulled back and pushed back in slowly, shouting "We got this white bitch air tight now!"

"Nice and slow for now V." Davis said. "She ain't never done nothin like this before. Give her some time to adjust."

"Fo sho D. This white bitch is the greatest." Vontae agreed.

Vontae and Davis took turns moving. First Vontae would thrust and hold deep, then Davis would. They slowly repeated the process until they had worked up a steady rhythm.

Rebecca's body was screaming at her. She was feeling pleasure she had never felt before. Sensations she had never felt before. She was trembling with excitement. There was no doubt that another orgasm was rapidly building up inside her.

"You like it baby girl?" Willie asked her. "You like being air tight? Like sucking my black dick while they fuck yo pussy and ass?"

Rebecca couldn't speak. She didn't try to. She just whimpered and slurped on his cock.

Time both stood still and also flew by in that moment. It could have been an hour for all she knew.

Her mind was unable to keep track of anything other than the movement of their cocks inside her. Had the three of them been fucking her like this for an hour? Two hours? She had no idea and didn't care.

Vontae had released his hold of her a while ago, giving her much more movement. She was able to raise herself up and made it easier to suck Willie. She couldn't go to high or it would make it very uncomfortable for her other end though.

After a while, Davis and Vontae stopped alternating and started moving together inside of her. It hurt at first but she quickly started to enjoy the feeling. When they would both push deep into her at once it would make her cry out and send a jolt of extreme joy through her entire body.

Vontae noticed it when he felt the now familiar squeezing on his cock. "I think she is liking being air tight." he said. "She gripping and squeezing my cock like before when she came all over it."

Davis gave her a spank. "You like it baby? You like taking three black dicks at once?"

Rebecca looked back at him as best she could and tried to nod her head. "Hmmmmpphhhh." was the only sound that came out of her.

"Fuck man, her pussy is getting so tight now." Vontae announced. "I think she bout to cream my dick again."

Davis and Vontae could feel it. Feel the way her body was squeezing them and how her legs and even her butt started to spasm.

"I can't hold back any more." Willie told them. "Gonna give her a load to dr1nk."

Rebecca heard him and swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock.

"Fuck I'm cummin, I'm cummin." Willie said and started stroking the base of his cock but kept the head fully in her mouth.

Rebecca did her best to stay still and keep him in her mouth. She felt the first rope of cum streak along her tongue. Before she could react another thick string joined it. She quickly swallowed only to have him add more.

Each time there was a little less and she downed the rest of it in a second swallow.

Willie was spent. He let her suck on him for a little bit before he had to sit down. He pulled away from her and took a seat. "Fuck she can suck a dick bro."

Vontae and Davis slowed down while she finished off Willie, but picked up the pace once he was done. Her body was telling them how much she liked it. They knew what was building inside her.

"I'm getting close V. How bout you?" Davis asked.

"Fuck yeah I am." Vontae admitted. "You feel how tight she is. Feels like she is trying to squeeze my nut out of me."

Rebecca fell over onto Davis, no longer able to hold herself up. There were gasps and grunts coming from her but her body was failing her.

"I can't hold it D. I gotta cum. She making me cum bro." Vontae said.

"Do it V. Cum in her white pussy. She fuckin loves it." Davis encouraged.

Nobody could see that Vontae had that same thick creamy ring covering the bottom two inches or more of his cock as before.

"Here it comes. I'm fuckin cumminnnnnnnn." Vontae gave one last thrust and released everything he had into her.

Rebecca could tell he was cumming but that was all she could realize in her state. Her body was too far gone to even truly feel his cock twitching inside her.

Vontae stayed there under her with his cock still deep in her while Davis pounded away at her ass.

"Right there baby right there." Davis said. "Bout to cum in your white ass."

Davis held her hips tight and powerfully thrusted a few more times.

Rebecca's body was limp on top of Vontae but her hands balled into fists and they pounded into the cushion of the ottoman over and over as a deep, gutteral scream came from her throat.

Davis held her tight as he came in her ass. Keeping himself buried as deep as he could reach while his cum flooded into her.

Once he was finished he said "I think she had enough for now. She done."

Davis slowly pulled out of her ass and stepped back. Vontae was trapped beneath the trembling and shaking body of Rebecca. "I got you V." Davis said and slowly rolled her off of him.

Vontae quickly got up and took a seat on the couch.

Rebecca was shaking and whimpering on the ottoman.

The guys stared at her, never seeing anything like it before. They watched as she curled up on the ottoman with her arms and legs shivering. Her arms pulled in tight to her body, her legs drew up to her chest and she laid there like that until her body said enough and she passed out.

The guys left her alone, talking with amazement about what had happened.

The rest of the night was a blur to Rebecca.

She would come to at times enough to realize that one of the guys was using her but she wasn't able to participate. Her body just wouldn't let her.

That happened a few times during the night. How many times she had no idea.

When she finally woke up in the morning she was sore all over. She looked down at herself and could see that she had dried cum all over her body. There were streaks of it all over her breasts, her stomach, her legs. She slowly reached a hand down and could tell that her pussy was a mess of their combined cum from the night before.

She tried to get up but her legs wouldn't support her and she fell back onto the ottoman, which slid across the floor some as she fell.

Davis was half up and heard the sound. He looked over, "You ok baby?"

Rebecca turned her head in the direction of the voice and saw that it was Davis. She shook her head.

"Let me help you." he said and came over to her.

She looked around and was relieved to see the others were all sound as1eep.

"I'm gonna take you upstairs. Don't worry, I'll carry you."

And he did. With relative ease Davis picked her up and carried her up the stairs. "You did so good baby." he told her as he carried her.

He took her to the bathroom, giving her privacy, then he carried her to his room and laid her on the bed.

"H how, how many, t t times did they, did they.....?"

Davis grabbed her shoulder and held her as she trembled. "A lot. They each went at least twice more during the night. I know they all wanted your ass after they knew they could have it."

Davis slowly took the mask off of her. It felt strange to have it off after wearing it all night. The leash was long gone, but he took the little collar off too.

Davis leaned over her and kissed her forehead. "You did great Becky. I'm so proud of you."

His words comforted her and helped to calm her down. She smiled up at him.

"I'm not sure about your bra and panties, not even sure where they ended up, but I don't think you gonna be able to wear these stockings again."

Rebecca lifted herself up and took a look down at them. She could see rips and pulls and runs all over them. She laughed a little "I think you're right."

"You stay here and get some rest." Davis said, then went over to his closet and grabbed the bag of her things. "I'll call your husband and let him know he can come pick you up."

"What about," she paused. "The others?"

"They not gonna be up for hours. You drained em Becky. You might want to forget about your heels when you leave. Not sure you are steady enough for those yet."

She could only giggle and lay back down.

Dan had barely s1ept through the night. He was nervous and afraid the whole time.

When he heard his phone ring he nearly jumped up to answer it.

He spoke with Davis briefly and after he hung up he quickly got himself ready and left to go pick his wife up.

He did as suggested and parked as close to the door as he could when he got there.

The door opened and Rebecca leaned on Davis for support to walk out of the house.

He helped her into the car. "She did great, but she is pretty worn out." he then kissed Rebecca. "I'll be in touch soon." and closed the door.

Rebecca sat slumped in the seat as her husband drove them home.

"Are you ok?" he asked her.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes." she said softly. "I'm sure. Just really exhausted. When we get home, I want a bath and then I just want to lay in bed."

And that is exactly what happened. When they got home, Dan got the bath ready for her and Rebecca very slowly took her dress and stockings off.

Dan saw the streaks of dried cum on her body as he helped her into the warm bath.

She stayed in the tub until the water was nearly cold. Then she dried off, wrapped herself in a very soft robe and got in bed.

Dan brought her a light lunch and asked if she wanted to talk about what happened.

"Not now honey. Maybe later or tomorrow. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

End of Part Twenty Two


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I truly hope that this update is worth the wait. I hate that I kept you all waiting for so long for this update. I will do all that I can to get the next chapter finished much sooner. Not sure yet, but the next chapter might be the last. Likely only two more at most. Unless as I write it something changes.

Thank you all again. I look forward to hearing what you all think of this chapter, good or bad.



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Wanked into oblivion. Fantastic next chapter taking her to the next level.

Bravo JBozz


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Thanks JBozz for the update to an excellent story.


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Thanks jand and sauronca. Glad you enjoyed it.


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Thats great, thanks


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Thank you Mikael.
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