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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

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I am almost finished with the latest chapter. It is a little different than the previous chapters, so I hope you will like it and that it will help to tell the story in a way that is fitting and up to the standards that you all hold me to.



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Droopy and Miss


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I may have to read this away from the office. The long anticipation may make cleanup way to messy for that environment. Looking forward to it Jbozz.
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The long anticipation may make cleanup way too messy

I would love to carefully clean your dripping pussy Donna, anticipate as much as you want!


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Ha. Thank you for the kind offer Kenny.
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Donna, the pleasure would be all mine, believe me! xx


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Almost finished with the latest chapter. I hope to have it done and posted in the next week.



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Jbozz, can't tell you just how much I'm looking forward to this, Donna too I suspect!


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Kenny knows what a girl likes.
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Kenny knows what a girl likes

I hope so, Donna, I've had a lot of practice! xx

pm'd you.


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The latest part is finished. I have to make sure the editing is ok before posting. It should be posted tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience. I hope you will enjoy this update.



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part 18 is finally finished and ready for posting. There is something different about this post, I hope that you won't mind it or find it unfitting to the story.

Donna, feel free to read it anywhere, but the thought of you making a mess in your office is an exciting thought.

thank you all again for your patience and your continued support of my story. I greatly appreciate all of the comments and the kind words for my work.

Happy Reading,


Part Eighteen

Rebecca drove home slowly, still wrapping her mind around what happened in the classroom earlier with Davis. She replayed it back in her mind how Davis fucked her and filled her with his cum, up to when he gave her the key to the cage that trapped her husband's much smaller penis.

As she sat at a red light, she felt a glob of cum sliding its way down between her ass cheeks. She shivered in the seat, not realizing the light had turned green until she heard the car horn from behind her.
The rest of the drive home was a blur, but she finally made it home, assuredly long after her husband had gotten home.

Walking into the house, she found her husband on the couch watching tv as he waited for her.

"You're home." he said, getting up from the couch and giving her a hug. He could feel her stiffen a little. "Are you ok?"

Holding onto him tightly, she nodded with her head on his shoulder. "I'm fine honey. I'm sorry I'm so late getting home."

Sure of the reason for her being so late, he said only one word, "Davis?"

"Yes." Rebecca confirmed and then added, "He took me in my classroom again after classes ended for the day. He um.....he came inside me honey. It was a big load. I could feel some leaking out of me as I drove home."

"You don't have to explain everything Rebecca, I'm just glad you are home."

Pulling slightly back from the hug, she f0rced a smile to her face. "I did get the key though. It is in my purse." She could see his face light up at the thought of getting the cage off. She quickly told him the rest of the news. "Don't be mad honey, but Davis said that I have to take the key back to him tomorrow. He also made me promise that we wouldn't have sex. We can do anything else that we want, but no sex and I have to put the cage back on before I go to work tomorrow with the key for Davis."

The disappointed look on her husband's face nearly brought tears to her eyes.

"'re my wife." his voice cracked as he spoke. "He can't control what we do together."

Taking his hand in hers, she spoke softly "Dan, I don't want to stop seeing him. Please, for me, can we just go with this for a while? Please honey."

Dan looked at the love beaming from his wife's face and knew that he would go along with whatever she wanted. "OK sweetie. If this is what you really want."

Jumping into his arms, she kissed him hard. "Thank you honey. I love you so much. You know, even though we can't have sex, Davis did say that I could give you a blowjob. How would you like that baby?"

Dave gave her another kiss, "I love you sweetheart. And that would be so great. We haven't done that in quite a while."

"And we can do it as many times as you want too. Davis said that I could make you cum as many times as you can."

Sensing an opportunity, Dan asked, "How about we start now?"

Playing with a button on his shirt, she looked up at him, "Well, I was thinking, just because this is a special day, maybe we could keep other things the same. Would you give me a cleaning before we start? Davis really filled me earlier."

Dan kissed her lips, "Yes honey, of course. I just want to be with you."

"Come with me." Becky said with a smile grabbed his hand, pulling him along to their bedroom.

Pushing her skirt down her legs, wiggling her hips as it slid down. She stepped out of it and sat on the edge of the bed.

Dan watched her, smiling as he saw the little wiggle of her hips. His smile faded a little when he saw her sit down and spread her legs for him.

There was no denying that she had had sex recently. Her pussy looked a little red and there was some cum dried on her lips too.

Dan felt a little ashamed. He had never left her looking like that after sex. Even on their honeymoon when they were having sex multiple times a day and night. But one time with Davis and she looked used and worn out.

Rebecca looked up, seeing the look on his face. "What's wrong sweetie?"

Dan blinked a few times and looked up at his wife. "You looks like it....hurts."

Standing up and crossing to him, Rebecca gave his a tight hug. "I love you so much Dan. It doesn't hurt at all. I'm a little sore down there, but it is a good sore. I always feel like that after being with Davis. That is why I love it so much when you will clean me after. It is so soothing to have you down there after Davis has been with me."

Smiling at being told that, Dan hugged her tighter and kissed her neck. "I love you too Rebecca."

Keeping her arms wrapped around her husband, Rebecca slowly backed up until her legs were against the bed. "Now, I believe my loving husband was going to soothe me with he wonderful tongue." Rebecca broke the hug and sat on the bed, looking up at Dan.

Dan smiled as he looked at his wife, now sitting with her legs parted for him. He couldn't hold back a smile and said, "Yes ma'am."

Rebecca smiled and giggled, patting him on the head as he got to his knees between her spread legs. "You are so good to me sweetie."

Dan nodded as he moved toward her, slowly licking her red sex. He could feel the dried cum on her as he used his tongue.

Rebecca leaned back on her hands, pushing herself out at her husband. "That's it baby. Get me all nice and clean after Davis came inside me earlier. Get all his cum out for me baby."

Dan used his fingers to spread her lips a little and pushed his tongue between them, tasting both her and Davis' cum.

Rebecca slowly began to work her hips, her body reacting to her husband's tongue. "Mmm, that's so good sweetie." She could feel her body relaxing, which allowed more of Davis' cum to work itself toward her opening......and Dan's wiggling tongue.

"Oh Dan...." Rebecca cried out. "Oh god baby, I love how good you are with your tongue. You always make it feel so good."

Dan could feel her bearing down. He pushed deeper and suddenly he could feel the slimy cum on his tongue. He was used to the taste now and he lapped away at it, cleaning it from her pussy.

Rebecca could feel it too and ran her fingers through his hair. "MMMmmm, its so good baby. Keep going, I think there is a little more in there for you."

Nodding, Dan put his tongue back to work.

Rebecca laid back fully on the bed, making sure she scooted her lower half off the edge of the bed for her husband.

Closing her eyes, she thrusted herself up and down as Dan worked even harder between her legs.

He could taste more of her distinct flavor now. She was excited and leaking her own juices on his tongue.

"Oh sweetie.....ohhh don't stop baby." she cried.

Dan knew what was happening. Her orgasm was nearing. The thought only urged him on even more.

Rebecca wiggled on the bed, thoughts of Davis fucking her heavily on her mind as her husband lovingly ate her pussy.

Dan felt her writhing on the bed above him, he put his hand on her stomach and could feel the quivering in her body. She was about to orgasm.

"Oh Dan.....Oh Dan...." her voice cracked, her breathing changing.

Rebecca's body was on fire. She shook and twitched, pushing out at her husband as her climax overwhelmed her.

Dan slowed down as he felt her cumming. Her juices leaked rapidly into his mouth. Dan was in heaven as he made his wife climax so strong. He felt great pride in making her feel this good, even if it was just with his tongue.

Dan licked he slowly until she calmed down, letting her body relax after her orgasm.

Rebecca sat up after a time and sweetly stroked his head. "MMMmmm, that was so good honey." Dan started to back away from her but she pulled his head tight to her pussy. "Not yet sweetie, please? Just a little longer"

Dan nodded slightly, "Mmkk." he mumbled between her legs.

"Thank you honey."

Dan kept licking, feeling her body going back to normal as he did.

"Stop...stop stop stop stop.....Don't move sweetie." Rebecca gasped.

Dan was confused but stopped licking.

Rebecca froze for a moment, tensing her body. "Mmmmm...." she wiggled.

As she wiggled Dan could feel the dollop of cum squeeze out of her and onto his lips. He sucked and licked the last of what was clearly Davis' cum from her.

"That was wonderful baby. I love you so much." she whispered to him and gave his head a little pat.

Dan felt her relax around him and was able to back away as she wiggled onto the bed more. He laid his head down on the bed and kissed her ankle.

They stayed like that for a few minutes.

Dan was a little out of it but snapped to attention when he felt his wife's lips on his ear and heard her soft voice "Are you ready for your reward now honey?"

His head was off the bed in a flash and he was nodding. "Oh god yes honey. Please, it's been so long."

Rebecca slid off the bed and sat on the floor next to him. She giggled a little, "Um...Dan...sweetie. I think you sprung a leak. Look at the floor."

Dan looked down and saw what she meant. There were streaks of his pre cum on the floor and another strand falling from him as he looked down.

"We can clean it later. For now, you just lay down and let me take care of you."

Dan closed his eyes and laid on the floor next to the wet spot he left there.

Rebecca crawled next to him, kneeling there. "You are the best husband ever honey. Letting me experiment like you have. I love you so much. You stay right there while I go get the key."

She got up and walked out of their bedroom, going to her purse to get the key.

She hurried back and knelt down next to her husband. "Let's get this thing off you sweetie." she put the key into the lock and turned, feeling the lock spring open. She slowly took the lock off and then gently took off the cage. "There, I bet that feels better huh?"

She reached down and grabbed him, his dick getting hard instantly in her hand. "Oh wow, someone is really ready aren't you?"

Dan closed his eyes and nodded. "Please honey."

"SSshhh, your waiting is over Dan, you just lay there and let me take care of you." she stroked him as she said it, feeling how rock hard he was.

Leaning over, Rebecca took her husband in her mouth for the first time in a very long time. She slowly eased her head down, taking all of him in her mouth easily. He was much smaller than Davis.

Dan could not believe how good it felt to feel his wife's lips around him again. He had waited so long to get out of the cage. He hadn't had an orgasm in so long.

Rebecca slowly moved her mouth up and down, using her tongue on him as she did.

"Oh god." Dan cried.

Rebecca pulled off him, grabbing his dick softly, "Does it hurt honey? Is it from being locked up for too long?"

Dan tensed, "'s not tha......oh no."

Rebecca felt him tense, looked from his face down to his dick. She gave it a stroke and felt it twitch in her fingers. "Oh sweetie..." she said softly.

Dan felt ashamed as he came, his cum flowing out heavily and running down himself and her fingers. As bad as he felt, as embarrassed as he was, it felt so good to cum again and feel that release.

Rebecca let go of him, her fingers messy with his cum. His cock kept twitching after she released it, leaking even more cum onto his body.

She could see that he felt bad, "It's ok honey. Don't feel bad. You waited a long time. It's ok." She put her dry hand on his chest to reassure him."

"I'm sorry Rebecca."

"It's ok sweetie. I know you were waiting a lot. Really, I'm not mad."

"I love you Rebecca." Dan sobbed.

"I love you too Dan." she assured him. "Come on, let's get cleaned up." Rebecca stood up and went to the bathroom.

Dan heard the water turn on and the sounds of her washing her hands. He felt a little bad that he left her messy like that. He saw how much was on her hands when he had finished, he had never cum that much before. Was it because he hadn't cum in so long? Or was it because of everything with his wife and her student lover? He couldn't help thinking about it as he got up and followed his wife into the bathroom to wash himself.

Later that evening, after dinner, they were watching tv together. Rebecca sensed that Dan was not interested in the show they had on. She looked over at him and saw a lost expression on his face.

"What's wrong honey?" she questioned.

Lost in thought, it took him a moment to realize she had asked. "Oh, um...." he trailed off.

"What is it sweetie? You know you can tell me anything."

"I know Rebecca." his face softened a little. "Its just, today, before, when we, you know. Well um, I mean, it just felt so good. I don't want to give it up. I guess what I mean is, I don't want to go back to wearing that tube thing."

"Sweetie," Rebecca got up and sat down next to him on the couch, grabbing his hand and holding it in hers. "I liked it too honey. But remember, before when we did things together, it didn't feel the same did it? I mean the same as today."

"No, it was completely different."

"That's what I mean Dan." stroking his hand. "I'm just asking, but do you maybe think that it felt as good as it did for you is because of waiting for it? That you were that excited because of everything that has happened since I have started seeing Davis?"

"I don't know."

Rebecca put a hand on his inner thigh, close to his crotch. "Well, Davis said we can do it as much as we want until tomorrow morning. Why don't we do it again and see hot it feels for you. Don't think about anything else, don't think about me and Davis at all. Don't think about how you have been locked in that chastity tube and haven't been able to get hard."

As she was saying everything, Dan felt himself getting hard in his pants. How could he not think about all that with her saying it all.

Rebecca pressed her hand to his hardened penis and squeezed a little through his pants. "We are just a normal married couple honey. You know you can have me when ever you want me. Nothing will stop us from having sex as much or as often as you like."

Dan laid his head back, closing his eyes.

"I am your wife, I am yours honey. My body is yours." She gave him another squeeze, feeling that he wasn't as hard as he was when she was talking about Davis.

Dan felt himself soften a little and felt shame that he was losing his erection at hearing that he could be with his wife as much as he wanted.

"Don't worry honey, I know what will help you out." She slid to her knees and got between his legs. "You just relax and let your wife take care of you."

Reaching up, she undid his jeans and tugged on them, pulling them, and his underwear to his knees. "Doesn't that feel better honey?" she pushed his pants down around his ankles.

"It feels great Rebecca." Dan spread his legs open for her.

Rebecca softly grabbed his penis in her fingers, stroking him lightly and kissing his leg. "See sweetie, I'm right here and I am all yours."

Dan closed his eyes, trying to keep his head clear.

As she stroked him, he barely got harder then he was. "Come on Dan, don't you want your wife to take care of you?"

Dan concentrated, hoping to will himself to get hard.

Rebecca continued to stroke his flaccid penis. She took a chance and whispered "You know, Davis has never had a problem getting hard for me. He is always ready when the time comes."

Dan quickly got hard in her stroking fingers. His shame was heightened when he felt how hard he got at the mention of Davis and his wife. "I'm sorry honey." he whispered back.

"It's ok sweetie," leaning down and kissing the tip of his penis. "Lets see how it feels this time." She opened her mouth and took him past her lips.

As Dan felt her lips around him, he couldn't stop thinking about his wife and Davis. His thoughts were filled with the images of the two of them together. His wife on her knees sucking him. Davis lifting her up and fucking her against the wall. The time he watched and saw how his sweet wife Rebecca creamed all over his big black cock as they had sex, and finally the sights and sounds of them together as Davis pushed deep and filled her with his cum.

Rebecca felt him swelling in her mouth and moved faster.

Gripping the arm of the couch in one hand Dan tensed up as he felt his orgasm nearing. "Rebecca....." he moaned as he came.

Rebecca kept her head moving, slowing down as she heard his moan and felt him cumming.

It was nothing like his orgasm earlier in the day. His cum didn't flow freely, it was more of a leaking onto her tongue. And there was a lot less than before too.

Rebecca looked up at her husband, seeing the pleasure on his face. She let him drop from her mouth and swallowed once, clearing his small amount of cum from her mouth. "So?" she asked him. "Was it as good as before?"

His face reddening quickly, he wanted to lie but he knew she would be able to tell. "No, it wasn't honey. I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for honey. It's ok to be excited about me and Davis. There is nothing wrong with that. Don't think I didn't notice that you didn't get hard until I mentioned Davis."

"I know you did honey. I don't know why I couldn't get hard before, maybe because I came once today already."

"Dan, sweetie, you were hard when I mentioned Davis before that though. You got softer when I talked about being yours whenever you wanted me. You were soft until I mentioned Davis. Be honest with me Dan. Do you mind me being with Davis? Do you want me to stop seeing him?"

There was no hiding the shame on his face, "Please don't ask me that right now honey. Not after what just happened."

"Ok honey." Rebecca went and sat back in the chair.

Neither of them brought the topic up again the rest of the night.

When Rebecca woke up the next morning, she got up and quietly made coffee. She came back to their bedroom and could tell that Dan had a case of morning wood.

Smiling, deciding to give him a treat, she got on the bed, careful not to wake him. Pushing the covers down to his feet, she rubbed his hard penis through his pants, eliciting a moan from her unaware husband.

She could tell that he was fully hard. Very slowly and gently, she pulled his pants down to his knees.

Dan moved a little in his s1eep, staying on his back though.

Rebecca grabbed onto him and stroked slowly.

Dan moaned steadily as she stroked him. Every few seconds he seemed to let out a soft moan.

Rebecca kept up her slow pace, checking the time and seeing that they had plenty of time still to get ready for work.

Dan started moving his hips as she stroked. Rebecca wondered if he was having a sexy dream at the same time.

His hips started moving faster, so Rebecca stroked faster. She could feel him swelling and knew he was getting close.

Tightening his muscles, holding himself raised up a little, he started to cum. It wasn't as much as the first time last night, but it was more than the second time. Rebecca held him so that his cum drained onto himself.

She smiled as she got her husband to a third orgasm in less than a day. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time.

Waking up just as his orgasm finished, he lifted his head in shock.

"Morning tiger." Rebecca smiled at him and gave him a couple more strokes and let go, her hand clean of his cum. "Why don't you take a shower, I have coffee going already."

"Rebecca," Dan looked at his wife lovingly, "You didn't have to do that for me."

"I know sweetie.


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"Rebecca," Dan looked at his wife lovingly, "You didn't have to do that for me."

"I know sweetie. But you looked so cute there with your morning woody." giggling. "No talking, go get cleaned up." She got up and left him there to go have a cup of coffee.

She heard the shower running shortly after and then Dan joined her at the table.

Over a light breakfast, she asked him, "So, were you having a dream this morning?"

"What makes you ask that?"

"Well, you seemed to be really excited. Was it a sexy dream?"

Dan blushed, "I can't remember."

"Oh honey," she giggled, "You are such a liar. It was a sexy dream wasn't it?"

Knowing he was busted, he looked down and admitted it, "Yes."

"Tell me all about it." she said smiling. "I want all the details."

"I can't remember all of it. Honest."

"Was it at least about me?"

"Yes, of course it was about you."

She could tell by his face and voice that he was telling the truth. "And what were we doing together?"

"Um, we um.....weren't........" he trailed off.

"Ohhh, I was by myself. Was I being sexy for you? What was I doing?"

His face reddened. "You weren't ....alone."

Rebecca saw his shamed face and guessed, "You were dreaming about me and Davis weren't you?"

He didn't say anything, he just nodded.

She reached out and held his hand, "It's ok honey. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's ok that you are excited by me being with him."

"But it shouldn't excite me. What does that make me? If the thought of you being with another guy turns me on so much."

"It doesn't make you anything sweetie. It doesn't change anything about who you are. All it means is that you have fantasies about me. There isn't anything wrong with that."

"You're not mad at me?"

"Of course not. I could never be mad at you for that honey."

"I love you Rebecca."

She got up and wrapped her arms around him, "I love you honey." she kissed his head. "I'm ok with whatever you say honey, but I have to leave soon. What do you want me to tell Davis. I'm supposed to give him the key back today."

When he hesitated to reply she said softly, "It's up to you Dan. If you don't want to put that thing back on we don't have to. If you want me to keep seeing Davis, we have to put it back on you though. Whatever you decide is fine with me. I don't want anything to come between us."

It took a few moments, but he finally said softly, "I want you to keep seeing him Rebecca. I know he makes you happy and I would do anything for you to be happy. Even wearing that...thing."

"Are you sure." she asked him, completely seriously, wanting to give him every chance.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"I don't know when he will give me the key again." she told him. "It could be a week, a month, I have no idea. Are you completely sure you want to wear it again?"

"Yes honey. Anything for you."

"You're the best honey." she checked the clock. "I have to hurry, take your pants off and I will go get it."

She came back, holding the plastic tube and the little lock.

Dan was standing next to the table, his pants around his ankles.

Rebecca knelt down in front of him and slowly put the tube back on him. She kissed his penis before sliding the tube over it. Then she slipped the lock through the loop, looked up at him with a smile on her face as she clicked it shut. "I love you so much honey. You are the best husband I could ever dream of."

"I love you too."

Standing up, she kissed his lips, "I have to go sweetie. Have a great day." Putting the key into her purse, she left on her way to school.

Rebecca was on edge the whole day. She was nervous about giving the key back to Davis. It was an emotional thing for her to give the key that locked her husband's penis to her student lover.

Davis didn't do anything special when he walked into her class. There was a slight grin on his face, but nothing unusual.

Once she started teaching, she was able to concentrate on her job. However, when it was time to have the students do individual work, her nerves were going crazy.

She decided it was now or never. She grabbed the key from her purse and put it in her pocket.

Walking around the room, she offered help to students that needed it like she always did.

Turning the corner by Davis, she pulled the key from her pocket. Reached down, she put it in his hand saying, "That looks good Davis. Nice work."

"Thanks Mrs. Coral." rubbing in his control, he added "It all looks right? All of the instructions were followed."

Rebecca swallowed the little lump in her throat. She knew what he was asking. He wanted to know if she followed his instructions with her husband. "Yes Davis, all the instructions were followed exactly right."

"Oh good." he smiled and touched her leg. "I could use some more help still I think, maybe in a few days could I meet you here after class and talk about some of this more?"

"Sure Davis, I'm always willing to help my students. Just let me know what day you are free to stay after school."

He gave her ass a squeeze, "Thanks Mrs. Coral."

Rebecca walked on to the next student, blushing from his grabbing her butt in the middle of class.

When the bell rang to end class, Davis held the key up and grinned at her. Rebecca sat down after he left the room, relief washing over her. She was excited about her next time with Davis, hoping it would be soon.

In the break between classes she pulled out her phone and texted Dan, "I gave him back the key. He is pleased that we followed his instructions. I'll see him again soon. Love you. See you later honey."

End of Part Eighteen


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Right now, Donna's hand is a blur as she strokes her stiffening clit frantically, achieving an orgasm as powerful as Dan's first one after being unlocked!

You haven't lost your touch Jbozz, it's as good as ever, and being greedy, I want more!


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Great update.


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Fantastic update!
Droopy and Miss


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Thank you JBozz! Worth the wait.

Kenny, that was so good that I am taking off early to head home and read again in privacy.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Kenny, that was so good that I am taking off early to head home and read again in privacy.

Donna, I know you well enough to realise just what that signifies! Try not to tire yourself out too much!

Jbozz, This story continually improves, and it's not finished yet! You are a Master Storyteller, congratulations. I think I can see where this is heading, He will make her put out to his friends (all black) and he will eventually breed her. She is already in his thrall, and has become a black cock slut, totally hooked on BBC. Once he's bred her, it will become public knowledge, especially in the school where she teaches. She doesn't give a fuck by that stage, all she wants is his cock.


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Thanks everyone! I'm glad you liked it. I was worried about this chapter not having any interaction with Davis and if that would go over well with you.

Donna, Sorry to keep you and your fingers waiting, but I am glad that you found it worth the wait. I hope when you got home you had all the privacy you needed to take care of yourself. Remember, you can always call on Kenny to come help!

Kenny, Thank you for the great compliment. I am happy that my work continues to excite readers. I won't say if you are right or wrong with where you think the story is heading. I do have ideas for the rest of the story (not sure how many more parts it will be) but I don't like to give hints as to what will happen.

Thanks for reading and especially to those that sent back, it means a lot.



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I don't like to give hints as to what will happen.

That's thoroughly understandable, keeps your eager readers raring to go! Davis doesn't always have to be balls deep in Rebecca for the story to be good. You always produce a consistently high standard tale, which often excels. My 'suggestion' wasn't me telling you where to take this, I respect your integrity as the author, just my two cents worth!

Donna has gone suspiciously quiet since going home early, I expect she's in recovery right now, soothing an aching pussy!!


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Kenny, I know you weren't telling me where to go with the story. it was just expressing your thoughts on where the story was going. thanks for always keeping my spirits up even when I hit a rough patch when writing. knowing that I have people like you eagerly waiting to read the next part keeps me motivated to write even when I am stuck with something.

Donna.....are you ok??? do we need to call someone to check on you??? or are you just unable to leave the house because your fingers and maybe a battery operated object are just keeping you too busy?



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Whew, I am OK. That was quite an afternoon alone however. It was almost as good as having the real thing. Thank you JBozz. Have recovered enough for more whenever you get the chance to write.

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Thank you JBozz.

Donna, we should be thanking you for putting that incredibly Hot mental picture in our minds, when you slipped away home early, to stroke yourself into self $ubmission!
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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far
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