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Stunning scenarios...great writing....looking forward to see what happens with Cara...loving it !!


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Chapter 48

Progression - Almost Home

I started to consider the repercussions of today, the last week and most importantly my recent milking. When Ophelia had done this to me previously, it had in no way been as savage and f0rceful. The machine certainly had no feelings, no mercy and no regard for how I would be before, during or after its operation. As Ophelia had said, Cara was going to be annoyed. I had made great play of me wanting to wait and remain chaste for her. She had told me how much she appreciated it and how horny it got her. Now it looked like I had no will power and that I was only really focussed on my pleasure. I also had no doubt that Leon would have been aware of Ophelia's plans and would have been setting me up for a fall/fail.

Ophelia returned to the chamber as I tried to figure out a way for me to explain this to Cara. I didn't exactly want to have to admit that I had actually been visiting a professional Mistress and that so much of what had happened had been orchestrated by my own submissive fantasies and illicit visits.

There then came a knock on the door which somewhat surprised me. I had assumed that only Ophelia, myself and the poor unfortunate whipped sub were the only ones in the house. So to have someone knocking on the door was odd, and also sent a surge of adrenalin through me as I realised that another person could witness my shame.

Ophelia remained focussed on her task and simply and curtly responded, "Enter Maid". My head instantly flicked from focussing on her shapely calves and those sexy heels, to the door that slowly opened. Although I had been trained to maintain focus of my eyes on the floor, my excitement and fear could not stop me watching as it ever so slowly got wider. Our eyes met, the contact hidden by the door itself, from Ophelia, as I am sure she would not have appreciated subs making eye contact.

Carrying a tray with the fine china I had previously noted and dru nk from myself. The cup, teapot and small milk jug, the chinking sound as the maids hand shook ever so slightly with the short steps. "Michelle, hurry up with that and place it on the table by the throne then assume the usual position".

The maid tottered across the room, the low heeled court shoes made a light click on the floor, far less than the higher sexier heels that adorned Ophelia's feet. My eyes followed him/her, the stockings leading up to a shortish housecoat in plain black. An apron and then up to the face of a middle aged man and topped with a small white maids cap. It seemed maybe Michelle was as embarrassed at our meeting as I, as her cheeks were also reddened, although I thought maybe I detected a hint of makeup as well.

Setting the tray on the table beside the throne he then curtseyed to his Mistress before coming to stand next to me. It must have been some image for Ophelia; one that I imagined would please her and maybe bring about that little tingle in her beautiful, tasty pussy. One male sub maid suitably attired for duty and one naked kneeling sub. Both middle aged, married (as I had noted the wedding band on Michelle's hand) in true respectful awe of our ebony goddess.

Ophelia crossed the room and lowered herself into her throne. The clinking and trickle followed as she poured herself her tea. A pause in time as I guessed she savoured that first sip.

"Well isn't this wonderful, two meek and mild little subbies together. I hope you both appreciate that you have helped in each other's sessions today and that you should feel proud of your help in making your Mistress happy as well".

Another pause, it was clearly for effect but also to allow her to savour her tea.

"Michelle, did you realise that little cuck robbie actually tasted your cum today?". I sensed a slight movement next to me, a shift of the housecoat, as I suspected this was news to him. "Although he didn't have much choice in the matter, although having said that........(the pause and faint sound of a long sip of tea)...I suppose the little pervert didn't have to bite the rubber so maybe he did want to taste it after all?"

"Is that the case cuckold?" There was silence in the chamber as the semi rhetorical question hung in the air, the sound of traffic in the distance was now clearer than ever as Ophelia waited for my response, trying to draw out my hum1liation in front of her sub maid, "Well cucky". Was she teasing me, wanting me to answer or just teasing for effect?

"No Mistress, I couldn't help myself, it was that machine , it was too much for me", I took the plunge and responded to break the silence....

"Now, now, stop whinging cucky, nobody made you do anything, I think maybe after sampling Leon's cum, your wife's Bulls' cum...............Yes Michelle, that's right, this is an actual cuckold husband I have been training".........

I could sense the playfulness and pleasure in her voice, the pleasure she was getting from not only putting me through it but having another sub hear it, no doubt wondering whether it could be him.

......"that maybe you had started to get a taste for cum......would you like that for you and your wife Michelle?"

Michelle, it appeared was very well trained and without a pause he/she responded, "No Mistress, although I would understand it if my wife did need a real man to take care of her". Ophelia seemed to switching questions and comments between us to keep us on our toes.

There it was, the sentiment that had started me down this path. The idea that I, or maybe we, as less well endowed more beta males, knew that our wives needed more f0rceful skilled lovers to give them pleasure.

"That is so true Michelle, I mean how can she consider you as an adequate lover and real man when you so, so, much enjoy serving and dressing as a maid. Not that I am complaining , as it does provide me with free cleaning and a small amount of amusement......(sip)......and I did so much enjoy putting those stripes on that sissy ass"

"I bet that little dicky is getting hard under that maids outfit thinking about your Mistress' pussy getting moist whilst caning you, and maybe getting a little upset and jealous knowing that cucky rob here got to see and taste how moist I had actually become".

"Michelle, turn sideways and lift up your pretty little skirt and show the cucky what caused me to get so wet". Without question Michelle responded. Knowing that Ophelia wished me to see her handiwork I glanced sideways and was greeted to the sight of multiple bright red tram lines across Michelles ass. Framed by the crisp white suspender straps.

Maybe at another time I would have felt a mild tingle of excitement as the idea of treating me to such a punishment. However, my recent draining caused my own red soreness.

Ophelia rose from her throne and set her cup and saucer back down on the tray. She walked back across to the cabinet opposite her two subs. As she did so, she laughed to herself at how she had treated us both. Both of us gazing adoringly at her legs and that ass, the body shaped by the cinched undergarments. Busying herself for a few seconds she turned on her heels and smiled as she looked upon us. The smile broadened and she erupted in laughter at the sight before her, the cuckold and the maid, one naked one dressed, but both there to serve and amuse.

"Oh this is priceless", I have to get this for my memoirs, walking over to us, and she presented us each with a sheet or paper, "Now hold them in front of yourselves whilst I get this for posterity". She walked back to the other side of the room and picked up her phone. First she focussed on Michelle who stood there, almost as if standing to attention, heels together, back straight and shoulders back, the paper saying "MAID MICHELLE TO GODDESS OPHELIA". As the flash on the back of the phone blinded us both for a minute she trained her gaze and camera on my kneeling form.

I quickly tilted the paper and glanced down at what my own message said, recalling that I already had a message on my body from earlier. "Eyes up and forward cucky, after all I think Leon would be annoyed if he could see that you were not paying attention". The realisation that this could or most likely would , be used to further my subm1ssion and emasculation hit me. Once again it played to my common sense side and my sub side, the yin and yang the love and hate.

Once again the flash shone out momentarily, and I was caught. naked kneeling, small yet swollen, sore reddened dick underneath the crims0n words, "CUCKOLD 4 CARA", then proudly held in front for all to see, my wish almost, my acceptance, the paper asking, almost imploring my further and ongoing cuckolding "HELLO MASTER LEON"

"Oh my the sight of you to poor souls, unable to control your natural submissive urges, and I am so glad for your lack of will power otherwise I wouldn't get to have so much fun....and they do say that people that have fun and love their jobs do an even better job". Ophelia took a step forward and revealed the screen of her phone to "Michelle & I". Nice and clear 2 subs owned and controlled by our desires. The sight of the two of us caught on camera caused an involuntary reaction and we both looked at each other, Michelle glancing down as I had to tilt by head sideways and upwards. Just an unspoken acknowledgement of each other.

Once again, the teasing had its desired effect and Ophelia laughed long and hard. Calming down she approached us ordered Michelle to kneel. Orders followed, she raised her hands and bringing them up to rest under both our chins. The slight upwards pressure caused us both to gaze upwards at her.

"Michelle here is going to have to try and hide those marks from his poor unsuspecting wife, not an easy task as I think they will be there for a few days", she playfully stroked his cheek as she toyed with his emotions before focussing her gaze upon me.

"Now robbie has an all together tougher problem, a horny wife eager to reunite with her hubby after a playful week of exploring the pleasures of BIG BLACK COCK".....there was a definite increase in emphasis on the last 3 words, that were also delivered slightly more slowly. All to reinforce it and ensure Michelle was left in no doubt what Cara had been enjoying.

....."And little cuck robbie could not last, could not stop his baser more selfish urges and had to wank himself so much it has ruined any chance of reclaiming his wife today......well at least thats what he is going to have to own up to. I guess poor Cara will have to go without tonight.....unless of course her boyfriend happens to be available"....once again there was a pause for effect as Ophelia smiled and simply patted me on the head. Ophelia lifted her foot slightly and just brushed the smoothe shiney material over my t0rmented dick. Its sensitivity undiminished I flinched automatically and drew in breath sharply, my hands instinctively reached to protect myself.

Ophelia turned, and as she walked away chuckling, both Michelle and I feasted on her legs and that amazing ass. Despite my pain I could appreciate a thing of beauty.

It seemed that Ophelia had taken her pleasure for the day and seating herself at her throne began tinkering with her mobile. Ignoring her two submissives, she focussed on the job at hand. The hands that had earlier so devilshly teased, t0rmented & t0rtured us both, now flicked nimbly across her screen.

"Ahhh isn't that so hot", Ophelia said out loud to nobody in particular...or so it seemed....."Imagine getting well and truely fucked at an airport! I wonder sometimes how slutty some women can be".

With that Ophelia turned her attention to her 2 subs and flicked her phone round so that we could see she was reading her Whatsapp messages, sadly only text was visible although the top of a photo was just noticable at the bottom of the screen. Resuming her reading, she burst out laughing and flashed a teasing glance at us once again. "Mmmmmmm that is so hot, the slut sucking that big black cock, Those disabled toilets are very handy when you need a little bit more space". Ophelia feeling a little horny by what she was perusing, unconciously ran one hand over her breast, appearing to delight in what she was seeing. "I would share the pictures with you both, but I'm not sure that little maids and cuckolds like you deserve to see such sexy images".

With that Ophelia tapped her phone and stood, as she walked to the door, she fied off her parting shot, "And the toilets at Schipol do look quite spacious". Standing in the door, Ophelia looked back, delight in her eyes as she saw the realisation on my face that it was Cara being fucked only hours before I collected her.

"Michelle, you have washing up to do, and you little cucky have to get dressed and go and pick up that sexy well fucked wife of yours". The clicking of the heels indicated Ophelias departure. Michelle looked down at me and then scurried out of the room. I stood and headed to where my clothes were neatly folded. Sitting on top of the pile was that bl00dy jailbird. Being in it was bad enough, but being out of it had certainly been no picnic.

Even putting my trunks on was an awkward task, as the sensitivity caused by the vicious milking and the rawness of my swollen dick was at the forefront of my mind. Dressed, I made my way to the door and was met by Ophelia in the hallway. That satisfied smug grin was on her face. At that moment I loved her and hated her in equal measure. She hugged me and edged me to the door. "Good luck cucky, I think tonight could be an important one for you and Cara".

The door shut behind me and I walked back to my car. I wondered at how tonight and the next couple of days would go.


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FARK this is such a hot story! thanks for your great work!
Droopy and Miss


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Incredible. Hate that I am hanging and waiting, but thank you so much Rover!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut
tef fulton


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Great chapter.....keep it 'cumming"


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Absolutely fantastic work, thank you so much


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more pleeeeese


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Chapter 49
Progression - Welcome Home Cara

Having left Ophelia I had headed straight home to quickly shower and change. I hoped not to have any hints at what had transpired over the last few hours, alas, there was no way that my swollen reddened dick was going to hide the fact I had apparently been an uncontrolled mad wanker. Shower complete, I eased myself into a pair of silky boxer shorts, summising that they would give me more room to move and less pressure on my poor t0rmented dick.

I headed to the kitchen and started some prep work for the dinner. I was glad I had bought all the ingredients yesterday, but still looked at the clock and wondered whether my time at Ophelia's had left me time to get everything done.

Dauphinoise done, Coq done, I remembered that I had yet to turn my phone back on. Having thought I was being clever and leaving it in the car prior to attending Ophelia, I now realised that Cara would probably have tried to contact me. Once again, my contact with Ophelia and being out of contact with Cara, may end up looking like I was wasting time obsessively wanking.

Turning on my phone I received that regular buzz buzz buzz, that you get when numerous messges are all backed up. I knew that Cara would be amongst them but also knew that Leon and Ophelia would undoubtedly be twisting the knife and messing with my mind. Knowing well before Cara, that this reunion was going to be a tad awkward.

Recently when opening messages I had always been excited, had the horn and been on a sexual high. Earlier events had diminished that desire and obviously brought about a relative inability to rise to the occasion combined with a slight discomfort.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz...sure enough Whatsapp was alive with personally directed messages, aswell as that group chat that did nothing but drive home my status privately and publicly. Being the good hubby, I of course started with Cara's messages.

Cara: "Miss you so much honey, an amazing week"
Cara: "Leon being a gentleman...for a change!!! and escorting me to the airport"
Cara: "Leon really is relentless!"

There followed a picture of Cara's knees slightly spread. I could see the floor of what must have been the train carriage and a small ledge by the window. There nestled between her thighs was a dark hand, the fingers not in sight as they obviously probed and teased Cara's pussy. The fact that Leon was toying with Cara, even in public, in daylight, it simply played to his dominance and confidence when dealing with women.

Cara: "That felt so naughty and I bet you got hard seeing him doing that to me in public"

Cara would normally have been correct, and would know that the public play and Leon treating her almost like a toy would get me going. Acting slutty for a stud, yet something she would be reluctant to do for me was what filled my mind, the control that Leon was able to have over her.. Irrespective of how hot I usually found this idea, my dick failed to move. Part of me felt emasculated another part was glad due to the sensitivity.

Cara: "What you doing? Was expecting some kinky response by now?"
Cara: "I hope you arent off playing with that little dicky of yours!!! I will be most disappointed if you cannot control yourself"
Cara: "Leon reckons you were wanking and that I should get to cum aswell (wink). He just made me cum with his fingers on the train!!! God I feel so naughty"
Cara: "I had to cover my mouth and bite the sleeve of my coat to stop myself being heard...THAT WAS SO HOT my little cucky"

The lack of response from my dick and that empty angst ridden ache in my stomach made the messages tough to read. I knew Cara was coming home to me and I knew that we had the weekend to reunite and make us one again, but my desire was spent, I only felt the shame that I had been so weak with my desires to get us here.

Cara: "Oooooo that fingering on the train had me so wet and turned on...guess what cucky?"

As I scrolled up the screen I noted below was a picture. As my finger tracked upwards over the glass on my phone the tiles I had seen a few hours earlier came into view. The top of Cara's head and then that slight bit of smooth black skin of Leon's lower abdomen. And...of course Cara's eyes looking upwards to the camera with Leon's cock deep in her mouth, no doubt partly in her throat.

No twitching still from my dick...what had got into me?...or out of me, that this image didnt illicit even the slightest of acknowledgements? It was the same airport toilets that Ophelia had displayed to the maid & I at her chambers. Time and Whatsapp had caught up with me. It was, or would normally have had me reaching for my dick. Not only for the idea that Cara could be so wanton in blowing a stud, but then fucking him in a ****** public toilet. It was just slutty and nasty. It was also highly humiliating, once again that it was something she had now done for Leon, but had never done for me.....and others knew it, Ophelia & the slave maid anyway. Whilst I was only at Cara's messages, I instantly knew that the same image would have been shared to our little group...and with that would come the pitying and mocking comments, that cucks love and hate in equal measure.

Sure enough, as I scrolled another image came into view from Schipol. I had assumed and had the image in my mind that I would see Cara's beautiful backside and Leon filling her from behind. It hot me at that point that I had actually not seen Cara's beautiful sexy toned pristine ass for a week. I would certainly enjoy that sight at least tonight.

That image, whilst hot and an1malistic still has a slight detachment to it. The idea that Leon is in control and choreographing the fucking. In this instance I was filled with that angst again as a picture painted maybe more than a 1,000 words.

Leon was seated in the cubicle, with Cara sat astride him. Cara had her arms around Leon's neck clinging to him as his cock was obviously buried deep in her pussy. Leon had taken the shot downwards, through their joined bodies. Cara leaning back, seemingly ignoring the camera and staring straight into Leon's eyes, hanging onto his solid body and displaying her bare pussy. The contrast of skins as their bodies met and merged centre shot, where Leon's cock disappeared into my wife. And below....

Cara: "Leon wanted to make sure he sent home the freshest filling possible (distance considered)"

Cara: "I feel so naughty, all through check in and can feel his cum soaking my panties, so so looking forward to seeing you robbie, ILY XXXXXXXXXXXX"

The tone of the last couple of messages, whilst playful and kinky also, seemed to my, maybe hopeful, mind that the last few days and the hold Leon appeared to have over Cara would be something that stayed in Amsterdam. They appeared in no way to be as deep and loaded with meaning. It was odd, as they could have been read any number of ways. Still erotic and referencing my status as being a cuckold, they also felt softer in some way. I hoped that the fact that we were getting closer to normality, or maybe a new normality, that I was reading them correctly.

The refereance to check in made me realise I had to get myself sorted and get on the road. That said I had to check out the other messages. Needless to say I had a choice and thought I better check out the no doubt gloating Ophelia and Leon first.

Ophelia: "Hope your little dicky isnt too sore LMFAO"
Ophelia: "Poor little Ohu looks like he is going to disappoint his new slut wife"

It was only as I read the second of her messages that I felt the first slight twitch of my dick. With all the prior teasing and t0rmenting in the mentions I thought it mad that it was that which got into my mind so much.

Ophelia: "So considerate Leon sending your wife back with his superior seed in her pussy"
Ophelia: "I wonder how slut Cara will feel when she sees that Ohu has no control over his nasty wanking habits"

Once again that twitch, except this time I felt the soreness as the head of my dick slightly moved against its confines.

Ophelia: "I wonder when poor little Ohu will be able to rise to the occasion again? Or if Cara will be thinking of Leons BIG BLACK COCK as you are trying to?"

Once again that slight sting as the sensitive head of my dick moved to the words of Ophelia.

Leon was very much to the point:

Leon: "What is done is done Ohu, she has sampled a real man and that can never be undone. She may be back with you but you know it and she knows it, HER PUSSY IS MINE"

The fucker was delighting in this. I twitched once again and wondered if this was his modus operandi with his previous conquests. Mess with the wives, mess with the minds of the couple and bring them to a point where both party needed him in some messed up way. Leon's teasing had the most effect of any of the recent messages. The ache not only in the pit of my stomach, but also in my dick. It stirred but couldn't quite form even a semi erection.

Leon: "I trust you will enjoy the gifts that both Cara & I have thoughtfully provided for you. Real memories to mark the START of what I hope to be a long and fruitful relationship....And no wanking little Ohu...LOL"

Whilst I respected Leon in some sense I also hated the fucker at that point. It was odd that the taunts and hum1liations could be somewhat erotic, but at certain times they just cut into me, and felt almost unnecessary.

Sure enough as I checked the "group" the pictures had been sent to one and all. I could feel my cheeks redden as I realised that Leon's power and connection with Cara would be seen by others.

Luuk: "WOW, Leon you d MAN"
Luuk: "Your wife certainly going to to miss her boyfriend after the pleasure he has given have one hell of a wife there robbie"
Sabine:"Luuk, OMG I had to go into the back of the shop for a little diddle after seeing those pics"
Luuk: "You naughty girl, make sure you still horny for when you get back"
Sabine: "I know from experience what Cara must have been feeling in those pictures, she is a lucky lady and you are a lucky cucky robbie"
Cara: "Ahhhh thanks peeps he is amazing and I will remember this week forever, whoever said Life begins at 40 was SOOOOOOO right...LOL"
Cara: "That said I am looking forward to getting home giving robbie his presents and then spending quality time with the best cucky hubby in the whole wide world...ILY ROBBIE"
Sabine: "Ahh thats so sweet Cara, good luck and have fun"
Leon: "LMAO love that...THE BEST CUCKY HUBBY"

My emotions swang back and forth as I reviewed the messages. The was a shame and embrassment of course due to the mocking. The thrill that was juxtaposed against that and the ray of light and happiness and love for and from Cara.

Back to my home screen and I noted that it now featured one of my favourite pictures of Cara. It seemed Ophelia may have eased a little of her control, although I knew instantly that this would only be a temporary cessation of the assault. There was my sexy wife, pre Amsterdam, at the wedding of an old friend. She say smiling happily and gazing at me . The sun shone through the window of the river boat on which the reception was being held. It filtered through her hair and gave her something of a glow or halo. I noted the make up was softer. None of the sharp colours that now adorned her lips and fingers. The sharp chocolate brown trouser suit she wore offered a wonderful glimpse of her amazing cleavage. My eyes followed the sheen of the lapels down until each side met. That spot, the centre and focus of my gaze and underneath, lingerie that others could only imagine yet I recalled. The sexy Donna Karan lingerie that was hidden beneath the jacket and trousers, sheer delicate and oh so sexy.

I wondered to myself if I had in fact encouraged her to wear that very outfit to gain the attention of other lascivious men at the wedding. Did I have the cuck feelings within me then, even without being aware?

It also appeared that I had access to all my apps. A relief of sort, but once again the relief was tempered by the knowledge that Ophelia had not gone away!

Putting the phone down on the bed I quickly checked myself in the mirror. My wrists had no sign of the restraints from earlier in the day, and quickly thinking through the order of events, I checked and was grateful that Ophelia's nails hadnt caused any lasting marks on my nipples. It appeared that the only real evidence of my perversions and weakness would be my poor soft dick. That sadly could not be attributed to anyone else but me!!!


As the miles ticked down and I got ever closer to the airport, so the butterflies in my stomach increased. Even sitting in the car was not without its problems. Every gear change required a slight move of my legs and change of position. This in turn caused a slight adjustment in my position and an ever so slight adjustment in the position of my dick. The recent mechaninical milking had, despite the lube, reddened and tenderised my dick. I dont think it had ever felt so sensitive.

I saw her appear through the frosted glass doors, hair softly curled and bouncing, face glowing and that same beautiful wide smile. I picked up on the bright red lipstick and the matching nail colouring. Whilst as beautiful as ever, I had that instant image in my mind of that last image sent from Schipol, and knew that Leon was there with us to a small degree. Certainly with the lip and nail colours but also deep inside her.

As she almost bounced towards me I noted her look, her clothes her demeanour. The trolley that went before her had those bags that we went out with, and a couple of additional ones, no doubt containing some of the "items" she had bought with Leon. In addition she had a large rectangular item wrapped in thick brown paper. About the size of a flat screen tv and marked "Fragile", it suggested that Cara had purchased some sort of picture. This tied in with the Van Gogh Museum bag that also sat on her trolley.

As the Cara let go of the handle, the brake kicked in and the trolley ground to a halt, we grabbed each other and our lips and hearts met. I think there must have been so much pent up emotion that time did indeed stand still. Any feelings of being uncomfortable in the department disappeared as we simply held each other. I am sure the scene is repeated constantly at airports all around the world, but I did wonder if anyone could sense the fervour of this reconnection, and could guess at the reasons for it.

It must have been the pent up desire, and the images that I had been f0rced to endure overt the last week, but as we kissed, my mind worked overtime. Did Cara taste different or feel different? Was there more ardour in her own response to me? Whilst she had been enjoying herself there was still the fact that our own marital denial was now almost 2 weeks old. My mind then kicked into guilt and worry mode. Our reunification as a couple would or should be tonight, and for some reason I doubted that I would be able to play the part I was meant to!

After the initial meeting where time had appeared to stand still , we broke and looked at each other. Holding hands, gazing into each others eyes. It was almost a mutual thing, trying to see if we were still the same Rob & Cara that left Gatwick a week ago. After looking into each other we had to break the moment. It almost felt as if we were about to embark on a new phase in our marriage. It was certainly a case that tonight would be one for much talking and soul searching aswell as re-bonding. All the while with the elephant in the corner of the room. I reached for the trolley , doing the husbandly thing, and suggested we head to the car and home.


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Looking forward to the surprises that lay ahead.
Droopy and Miss


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Ooh yes
tef fulton


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This is still an excellent tale, and I haven't grown tired of it yet. More please, great storytelling.
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