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Stunning scenarios...great writing....looking forward to see what happens with Cara...loving it !!


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Chapter 48

Progression - Almost Home

I started to consider the repercussions of today, the last week and most importantly my recent milking. When Ophelia had done this to me previously, it had in no way been as savage and f0rceful. The machine certainly had no feelings, no mercy and no regard for how I would be before, during or after its operation. As Ophelia had said, Cara was going to be annoyed. I had made great play of me wanting to wait and remain chaste for her. She had told me how much she appreciated it and how horny it got her. Now it looked like I had no will power and that I was only really focussed on my pleasure. I also had no doubt that Leon would have been aware of Ophelia's plans and would have been setting me up for a fall/fail.

Ophelia returned to the chamber as I tried to figure out a way for me to explain this to Cara. I didn't exactly want to have to admit that I had actually been visiting a professional Mistress and that so much of what had happened had been orchestrated by my own submissive fantasies and illicit visits.

There then came a knock on the door which somewhat surprised me. I had assumed that only Ophelia, myself and the poor unfortunate whipped sub were the only ones in the house. So to have someone knocking on the door was odd, and also sent a surge of adrenalin through me as I realised that another person could witness my shame.

Ophelia remained focussed on her task and simply and curtly responded, "Enter Maid". My head instantly flicked from focussing on her shapely calves and those sexy heels, to the door that slowly opened. Although I had been trained to maintain focus of my eyes on the floor, my excitement and fear could not stop me watching as it ever so slowly got wider. Our eyes met, the contact hidden by the door itself, from Ophelia, as I am sure she would not have appreciated subs making eye contact.

Carrying a tray with the fine china I had previously noted and dru nk from myself. The cup, teapot and small milk jug, the chinking sound as the maids hand shook ever so slightly with the short steps. "Michelle, hurry up with that and place it on the table by the throne then assume the usual position".

The maid tottered across the room, the low heeled court shoes made a light click on the floor, far less than the higher sexier heels that adorned Ophelia's feet. My eyes followed him/her, the stockings leading up to a shortish housecoat in plain black. An apron and then up to the face of a middle aged man and topped with a small white maids cap. It seemed maybe Michelle was as embarrassed at our meeting as I, as her cheeks were also reddened, although I thought maybe I detected a hint of makeup as well.

Setting the tray on the table beside the throne he then curtseyed to his Mistress before coming to stand next to me. It must have been some image for Ophelia; one that I imagined would please her and maybe bring about that little tingle in her beautiful, tasty pussy. One male sub maid suitably attired for duty and one naked kneeling sub. Both middle aged, married (as I had noted the wedding band on Michelle's hand) in true respectful awe of our ebony goddess.

Ophelia crossed the room and lowered herself into her throne. The clinking and trickle followed as she poured herself her tea. A pause in time as I guessed she savoured that first sip.

"Well isn't this wonderful, two meek and mild little subbies together. I hope you both appreciate that you have helped in each other's sessions today and that you should feel proud of your help in making your Mistress happy as well".

Another pause, it was clearly for effect but also to allow her to savour her tea.

"Michelle, did you realise that little cuck robbie actually tasted your cum today?". I sensed a slight movement next to me, a shift of the housecoat, as I suspected this was news to him. "Although he didn't have much choice in the matter, although having said that........(the pause and faint sound of a long sip of tea)...I suppose the little pervert didn't have to bite the rubber so maybe he did want to taste it after all?"

"Is that the case cuckold?" There was silence in the chamber as the semi rhetorical question hung in the air, the sound of traffic in the distance was now clearer than ever as Ophelia waited for my response, trying to draw out my hum1liation in front of her sub maid, "Well cucky". Was she teasing me, wanting me to answer or just teasing for effect?

"No Mistress, I couldn't help myself, it was that machine , it was too much for me", I took the plunge and responded to break the silence....

"Now, now, stop whinging cucky, nobody made you do anything, I think maybe after sampling Leon's cum, your wife's Bulls' cum...............Yes Michelle, that's right, this is an actual cuckold husband I have been training".........

I could sense the playfulness and pleasure in her voice, the pleasure she was getting from not only putting me through it but having another sub hear it, no doubt wondering whether it could be him.

......"that maybe you had started to get a taste for cum......would you like that for you and your wife Michelle?"

Michelle, it appeared was very well trained and without a pause he/she responded, "No Mistress, although I would understand it if my wife did need a real man to take care of her". Ophelia seemed to switching questions and comments between us to keep us on our toes.

There it was, the sentiment that had started me down this path. The idea that I, or maybe we, as less well endowed more beta males, knew that our wives needed more f0rceful skilled lovers to give them pleasure.

"That is so true Michelle, I mean how can she consider you as an adequate lover and real man when you so, so, much enjoy serving and dressing as a maid. Not that I am complaining , as it does provide me with free cleaning and a small amount of amusement......(sip)......and I did so much enjoy putting those stripes on that sissy ass"

"I bet that little dicky is getting hard under that maids outfit thinking about your Mistress' pussy getting moist whilst caning you, and maybe getting a little upset and jealous knowing that cucky rob here got to see and taste how moist I had actually become".

"Michelle, turn sideways and lift up your pretty little skirt and show the cucky what caused me to get so wet". Without question Michelle responded. Knowing that Ophelia wished me to see her handiwork I glanced sideways and was greeted to the sight of multiple bright red tram lines across Michelles ass. Framed by the crisp white suspender straps.

Maybe at another time I would have felt a mild tingle of excitement as the idea of treating me to such a punishment. However, my recent draining caused my own red soreness.

Ophelia rose from her throne and set her cup and saucer back down on the tray. She walked back across to the cabinet opposite her two subs. As she did so, she laughed to herself at how she had treated us both. Both of us gazing adoringly at her legs and that ass, the body shaped by the cinched undergarments. Busying herself for a few seconds she turned on her heels and smiled as she looked upon us. The smile broadened and she erupted in laughter at the sight before her, the cuckold and the maid, one naked one dressed, but both there to serve and amuse.

"Oh this is priceless", I have to get this for my memoirs, walking over to us, and she presented us each with a sheet or paper, "Now hold them in front of yourselves whilst I get this for posterity". She walked back to the other side of the room and picked up her phone. First she focussed on Michelle who stood there, almost as if standing to attention, heels together, back straight and shoulders back, the paper saying "MAID MICHELLE TO GODDESS OPHELIA". As the flash on the back of the phone blinded us both for a minute she trained her gaze and camera on my kneeling form.

I quickly tilted the paper and glanced down at what my own message said, recalling that I already had a message on my body from earlier. "Eyes up and forward cucky, after all I think Leon would be annoyed if he could see that you were not paying attention". The realisation that this could or most likely would , be used to further my subm1ssion and emasculation hit me. Once again it played to my common sense side and my sub side, the yin and yang the love and hate.

Once again the flash shone out momentarily, and I was caught. naked kneeling, small yet swollen, sore reddened dick underneath the crims0n words, "CUCKOLD 4 CARA", then proudly held in front for all to see, my wish almost, my acceptance, the paper asking, almost imploring my further and ongoing cuckolding "HELLO MASTER LEON"

"Oh my the sight of you to poor souls, unable to control your natural submissive urges, and I am so glad for your lack of will power otherwise I wouldn't get to have so much fun....and they do say that people that have fun and love their jobs do an even better job". Ophelia took a step forward and revealed the screen of her phone to "Michelle & I". Nice and clear 2 subs owned and controlled by our desires. The sight of the two of us caught on camera caused an involuntary reaction and we both looked at each other, Michelle glancing down as I had to tilt by head sideways and upwards. Just an unspoken acknowledgement of each other.

Once again, the teasing had its desired effect and Ophelia laughed long and hard. Calming down she approached us ordered Michelle to kneel. Orders followed, she raised her hands and bringing them up to rest under both our chins. The slight upwards pressure caused us both to gaze upwards at her.

"Michelle here is going to have to try and hide those marks from his poor unsuspecting wife, not an easy task as I think they will be there for a few days", she playfully stroked his cheek as she toyed with his emotions before focussing her gaze upon me.

"Now robbie has an all together tougher problem, a horny wife eager to reunite with her hubby after a playful week of exploring the pleasures of BIG BLACK COCK".....there was a definite increase in emphasis on the last 3 words, that were also delivered slightly more slowly. All to reinforce it and ensure Michelle was left in no doubt what Cara had been enjoying.

....."And little cuck robbie could not last, could not stop his baser more selfish urges and had to wank himself so much it has ruined any chance of reclaiming his wife today......well at least thats what he is going to have to own up to. I guess poor Cara will have to go without tonight.....unless of course her boyfriend happens to be available"....once again there was a pause for effect as Ophelia smiled and simply patted me on the head. Ophelia lifted her foot slightly and just brushed the smoothe shiney material over my t0rmented dick. Its sensitivity undiminished I flinched automatically and drew in breath sharply, my hands instinctively reached to protect myself.

Ophelia turned, and as she walked away chuckling, both Michelle and I feasted on her legs and that amazing ass. Despite my pain I could appreciate a thing of beauty.

It seemed that Ophelia had taken her pleasure for the day and seating herself at her throne began tinkering with her mobile. Ignoring her two submissives, she focussed on the job at hand. The hands that had earlier so devilshly teased, t0rmented & t0rtured us both, now flicked nimbly across her screen.

"Ahhh isn't that so hot", Ophelia said out loud to nobody in particular...or so it seemed....."Imagine getting well and truely fucked at an airport! I wonder sometimes how slutty some women can be".

With that Ophelia turned her attention to her 2 subs and flicked her phone round so that we could see she was reading her Whatsapp messages, sadly only text was visible although the top of a photo was just noticable at the bottom of the screen. Resuming her reading, she burst out laughing and flashed a teasing glance at us once again. "Mmmmmmm that is so hot, the slut sucking that big black cock, Those disabled toilets are very handy when you need a little bit more space". Ophelia feeling a little horny by what she was perusing, unconciously ran one hand over her breast, appearing to delight in what she was seeing. "I would share the pictures with you both, but I'm not sure that little maids and cuckolds like you deserve to see such sexy images".

With that Ophelia tapped her phone and stood, as she walked to the door, she fied off her parting shot, "And the toilets at Schipol do look quite spacious". Standing in the door, Ophelia looked back, delight in her eyes as she saw the realisation on my face that it was Cara being fucked only hours before I collected her.

"Michelle, you have washing up to do, and you little cucky have to get dressed and go and pick up that sexy well fucked wife of yours". The clicking of the heels indicated Ophelias departure. Michelle looked down at me and then scurried out of the room. I stood and headed to where my clothes were neatly folded. Sitting on top of the pile was that bl00dy jailbird. Being in it was bad enough, but being out of it had certainly been no picnic.

Even putting my trunks on was an awkward task, as the sensitivity caused by the vicious milking and the rawness of my swollen dick was at the forefront of my mind. Dressed, I made my way to the door and was met by Ophelia in the hallway. That satisfied smug grin was on her face. At that moment I loved her and hated her in equal measure. She hugged me and edged me to the door. "Good luck cucky, I think tonight could be an important one for you and Cara".

The door shut behind me and I walked back to my car. I wondered at how tonight and the next couple of days would go.


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FARK this is such a hot story! thanks for your great work!
Droopy and Miss


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Incredible. Hate that I am hanging and waiting, but thank you so much Rover!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut
tef fulton


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Great chapter.....keep it 'cumming"


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Absolutely fantastic work, thank you so much


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more pleeeeese


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Chapter 49
Progression - Welcome Home Cara

Having left Ophelia I had headed straight home to quickly shower and change. I hoped not to have any hints at what had transpired over the last few hours, alas, there was no way that my swollen reddened dick was going to hide the fact I had apparently been an uncontrolled mad wanker. Shower complete, I eased myself into a pair of silky boxer shorts, summising that they would give me more room to move and less pressure on my poor t0rmented dick.

I headed to the kitchen and started some prep work for the dinner. I was glad I had bought all the ingredients yesterday, but still looked at the clock and wondered whether my time at Ophelia's had left me time to get everything done.

Dauphinoise done, Coq done, I remembered that I had yet to turn my phone back on. Having thought I was being clever and leaving it in the car prior to attending Ophelia, I now realised that Cara would probably have tried to contact me. Once again, my contact with Ophelia and being out of contact with Cara, may end up looking like I was wasting time obsessively wanking.

Turning on my phone I received that regular buzz buzz buzz, that you get when numerous messges are all backed up. I knew that Cara would be amongst them but also knew that Leon and Ophelia would undoubtedly be twisting the knife and messing with my mind. Knowing well before Cara, that this reunion was going to be a tad awkward.

Recently when opening messages I had always been excited, had the horn and been on a sexual high. Earlier events had diminished that desire and obviously brought about a relative inability to rise to the occasion combined with a slight discomfort.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz...sure enough Whatsapp was alive with personally directed messages, aswell as that group chat that did nothing but drive home my status privately and publicly. Being the good hubby, I of course started with Cara's messages.

Cara: "Miss you so much honey, an amazing week"
Cara: "Leon being a gentleman...for a change!!! and escorting me to the airport"
Cara: "Leon really is relentless!"

There followed a picture of Cara's knees slightly spread. I could see the floor of what must have been the train carriage and a small ledge by the window. There nestled between her thighs was a dark hand, the fingers not in sight as they obviously probed and teased Cara's pussy. The fact that Leon was toying with Cara, even in public, in daylight, it simply played to his dominance and confidence when dealing with women.

Cara: "That felt so naughty and I bet you got hard seeing him doing that to me in public"

Cara would normally have been correct, and would know that the public play and Leon treating her almost like a toy would get me going. Acting slutty for a stud, yet something she would be reluctant to do for me was what filled my mind, the control that Leon was able to have over her.. Irrespective of how hot I usually found this idea, my dick failed to move. Part of me felt emasculated another part was glad due to the sensitivity.

Cara: "What you doing? Was expecting some kinky response by now?"
Cara: "I hope you arent off playing with that little dicky of yours!!! I will be most disappointed if you cannot control yourself"
Cara: "Leon reckons you were wanking and that I should get to cum aswell (wink). He just made me cum with his fingers on the train!!! God I feel so naughty"
Cara: "I had to cover my mouth and bite the sleeve of my coat to stop myself being heard...THAT WAS SO HOT my little cucky"

The lack of response from my dick and that empty angst ridden ache in my stomach made the messages tough to read. I knew Cara was coming home to me and I knew that we had the weekend to reunite and make us one again, but my desire was spent, I only felt the shame that I had been so weak with my desires to get us here.

Cara: "Oooooo that fingering on the train had me so wet and turned on...guess what cucky?"

As I scrolled up the screen I noted below was a picture. As my finger tracked upwards over the glass on my phone the tiles I had seen a few hours earlier came into view. The top of Cara's head and then that slight bit of smooth black skin of Leon's lower abdomen. And...of course Cara's eyes looking upwards to the camera with Leon's cock deep in her mouth, no doubt partly in her throat.

No twitching still from my dick...what had got into me?...or out of me, that this image didnt illicit even the slightest of acknowledgements? It was the same airport toilets that Ophelia had displayed to the maid & I at her chambers. Time and Whatsapp had caught up with me. It was, or would normally have had me reaching for my dick. Not only for the idea that Cara could be so wanton in blowing a stud, but then fucking him in a ****** public toilet. It was just slutty and nasty. It was also highly humiliating, once again that it was something she had now done for Leon, but had never done for me.....and others knew it, Ophelia & the slave maid anyway. Whilst I was only at Cara's messages, I instantly knew that the same image would have been shared to our little group...and with that would come the pitying and mocking comments, that cucks love and hate in equal measure.

Sure enough, as I scrolled another image came into view from Schipol. I had assumed and had the image in my mind that I would see Cara's beautiful backside and Leon filling her from behind. It hot me at that point that I had actually not seen Cara's beautiful sexy toned pristine ass for a week. I would certainly enjoy that sight at least tonight.

That image, whilst hot and an1malistic still has a slight detachment to it. The idea that Leon is in control and choreographing the fucking. In this instance I was filled with that angst again as a picture painted maybe more than a 1,000 words.

Leon was seated in the cubicle, with Cara sat astride him. Cara had her arms around Leon's neck clinging to him as his cock was obviously buried deep in her pussy. Leon had taken the shot downwards, through their joined bodies. Cara leaning back, seemingly ignoring the camera and staring straight into Leon's eyes, hanging onto his solid body and displaying her bare pussy. The contrast of skins as their bodies met and merged centre shot, where Leon's cock disappeared into my wife. And below....

Cara: "Leon wanted to make sure he sent home the freshest filling possible (distance considered)"

Cara: "I feel so naughty, all through check in and can feel his cum soaking my panties, so so looking forward to seeing you robbie, ILY XXXXXXXXXXXX"

The tone of the last couple of messages, whilst playful and kinky also, seemed to my, maybe hopeful, mind that the last few days and the hold Leon appeared to have over Cara would be something that stayed in Amsterdam. They appeared in no way to be as deep and loaded with meaning. It was odd, as they could have been read any number of ways. Still erotic and referencing my status as being a cuckold, they also felt softer in some way. I hoped that the fact that we were getting closer to normality, or maybe a new normality, that I was reading them correctly.

The refereance to check in made me realise I had to get myself sorted and get on the road. That said I had to check out the other messages. Needless to say I had a choice and thought I better check out the no doubt gloating Ophelia and Leon first.

Ophelia: "Hope your little dicky isnt too sore LMFAO"
Ophelia: "Poor little Ohu looks like he is going to disappoint his new slut wife"

It was only as I read the second of her messages that I felt the first slight twitch of my dick. With all the prior teasing and t0rmenting in the mentions I thought it mad that it was that which got into my mind so much.

Ophelia: "So considerate Leon sending your wife back with his superior seed in her pussy"
Ophelia: "I wonder how slut Cara will feel when she sees that Ohu has no control over his nasty wanking habits"

Once again that twitch, except this time I felt the soreness as the head of my dick slightly moved against its confines.

Ophelia: "I wonder when poor little Ohu will be able to rise to the occasion again? Or if Cara will be thinking of Leons BIG BLACK COCK as you are trying to?"

Once again that slight sting as the sensitive head of my dick moved to the words of Ophelia.

Leon was very much to the point:

Leon: "What is done is done Ohu, she has sampled a real man and that can never be undone. She may be back with you but you know it and she knows it, HER PUSSY IS MINE"

The fucker was delighting in this. I twitched once again and wondered if this was his modus operandi with his previous conquests. Mess with the wives, mess with the minds of the couple and bring them to a point where both party needed him in some messed up way. Leon's teasing had the most effect of any of the recent messages. The ache not only in the pit of my stomach, but also in my dick. It stirred but couldn't quite form even a semi erection.

Leon: "I trust you will enjoy the gifts that both Cara & I have thoughtfully provided for you. Real memories to mark the START of what I hope to be a long and fruitful relationship....And no wanking little Ohu...LOL"

Whilst I respected Leon in some sense I also hated the fucker at that point. It was odd that the taunts and hum1liations could be somewhat erotic, but at certain times they just cut into me, and felt almost unnecessary.

Sure enough as I checked the "group" the pictures had been sent to one and all. I could feel my cheeks redden as I realised that Leon's power and connection with Cara would be seen by others.

Luuk: "WOW, Leon you d MAN"
Luuk: "Your wife certainly going to to miss her boyfriend after the pleasure he has given have one hell of a wife there robbie"
Sabine:"Luuk, OMG I had to go into the back of the shop for a little diddle after seeing those pics"
Luuk: "You naughty girl, make sure you still horny for when you get back"
Sabine: "I know from experience what Cara must have been feeling in those pictures, she is a lucky lady and you are a lucky cucky robbie"
Cara: "Ahhhh thanks peeps he is amazing and I will remember this week forever, whoever said Life begins at 40 was SOOOOOOO right...LOL"
Cara: "That said I am looking forward to getting home giving robbie his presents and then spending quality time with the best cucky hubby in the whole wide world...ILY ROBBIE"
Sabine: "Ahh thats so sweet Cara, good luck and have fun"
Leon: "LMAO love that...THE BEST CUCKY HUBBY"

My emotions swang back and forth as I reviewed the messages. The was a shame and embrassment of course due to the mocking. The thrill that was juxtaposed against that and the ray of light and happiness and love for and from Cara.

Back to my home screen and I noted that it now featured one of my favourite pictures of Cara. It seemed Ophelia may have eased a little of her control, although I knew instantly that this would only be a temporary cessation of the assault. There was my sexy wife, pre Amsterdam, at the wedding of an old friend. She say smiling happily and gazing at me . The sun shone through the window of the river boat on which the reception was being held. It filtered through her hair and gave her something of a glow or halo. I noted the make up was softer. None of the sharp colours that now adorned her lips and fingers. The sharp chocolate brown trouser suit she wore offered a wonderful glimpse of her amazing cleavage. My eyes followed the sheen of the lapels down until each side met. That spot, the centre and focus of my gaze and underneath, lingerie that others could only imagine yet I recalled. The sexy Donna Karan lingerie that was hidden beneath the jacket and trousers, sheer delicate and oh so sexy.

I wondered to myself if I had in fact encouraged her to wear that very outfit to gain the attention of other lascivious men at the wedding. Did I have the cuck feelings within me then, even without being aware?

It also appeared that I had access to all my apps. A relief of sort, but once again the relief was tempered by the knowledge that Ophelia had not gone away!

Putting the phone down on the bed I quickly checked myself in the mirror. My wrists had no sign of the restraints from earlier in the day, and quickly thinking through the order of events, I checked and was grateful that Ophelia's nails hadnt caused any lasting marks on my nipples. It appeared that the only real evidence of my perversions and weakness would be my poor soft dick. That sadly could not be attributed to anyone else but me!!!


As the miles ticked down and I got ever closer to the airport, so the butterflies in my stomach increased. Even sitting in the car was not without its problems. Every gear change required a slight move of my legs and change of position. This in turn caused a slight adjustment in my position and an ever so slight adjustment in the position of my dick. The recent mechaninical milking had, despite the lube, reddened and tenderised my dick. I dont think it had ever felt so sensitive.

I saw her appear through the frosted glass doors, hair softly curled and bouncing, face glowing and that same beautiful wide smile. I picked up on the bright red lipstick and the matching nail colouring. Whilst as beautiful as ever, I had that instant image in my mind of that last image sent from Schipol, and knew that Leon was there with us to a small degree. Certainly with the lip and nail colours but also deep inside her.

As she almost bounced towards me I noted her look, her clothes her demeanour. The trolley that went before her had those bags that we went out with, and a couple of additional ones, no doubt containing some of the "items" she had bought with Leon. In addition she had a large rectangular item wrapped in thick brown paper. About the size of a flat screen tv and marked "Fragile", it suggested that Cara had purchased some sort of picture. This tied in with the Van Gogh Museum bag that also sat on her trolley.

As the Cara let go of the handle, the brake kicked in and the trolley ground to a halt, we grabbed each other and our lips and hearts met. I think there must have been so much pent up emotion that time did indeed stand still. Any feelings of being uncomfortable in the department disappeared as we simply held each other. I am sure the scene is repeated constantly at airports all around the world, but I did wonder if anyone could sense the fervour of this reconnection, and could guess at the reasons for it.

It must have been the pent up desire, and the images that I had been f0rced to endure overt the last week, but as we kissed, my mind worked overtime. Did Cara taste different or feel different? Was there more ardour in her own response to me? Whilst she had been enjoying herself there was still the fact that our own marital denial was now almost 2 weeks old. My mind then kicked into guilt and worry mode. Our reunification as a couple would or should be tonight, and for some reason I doubted that I would be able to play the part I was meant to!

After the initial meeting where time had appeared to stand still , we broke and looked at each other. Holding hands, gazing into each others eyes. It was almost a mutual thing, trying to see if we were still the same Rob & Cara that left Gatwick a week ago. After looking into each other we had to break the moment. It almost felt as if we were about to embark on a new phase in our marriage. It was certainly a case that tonight would be one for much talking and soul searching aswell as re-bonding. All the while with the elephant in the corner of the room. I reached for the trolley , doing the husbandly thing, and suggested we head to the car and home.


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Looking forward to the surprises that lay ahead.
Droopy and Miss


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Ooh yes
tef fulton


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This is still an excellent tale, and I haven't grown tired of it yet. More please, great storytelling.


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More please!


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Chapter 50

Progression - The New Norm?

We walked to the car and to anyone that may have been observing us; we would have appeared to be an everyday average couple. It certainly didn't feel that way for me, and I assume Cara as well. We chatted about her flight and commented on other passengers. I filled her in on my week, and she clung onto my arm as I pushed the trolley along. I felt each time she pulled me closer to her, each time she gripped my arm that little bit tighter. With each of these little actions and feelings my heart swelled with love and pride at my sexy wife.

I loaded the car as Cara jumped into the front seat. Taking my place next to her she immediately leant closer and pulled my head towards hers. Our lips locked and I felt her tongue eagerly seek to meet my own. Love and husbandly devotion was one thing, but my newly acquired and recently honed cuck senses immediately recalled Cara greedily sucking on Leon's cock only a couple of hours ago.

I tasted only mint with a hint of wine. I don't know if I actually wanted or hoped that I would taste her stud.

The time and distance that had separated us would usually have produced a tent in my pants at this time, but alas, Ophelia had removed that option. Oblivious to that fact, I still felt Cara's hand drop down to my crotch and feel for me dick. It took all my will power not to flinch and reveal my sensitive state to her. I guess knowing what was coming at least saved me the embarrassment of claiming to be a compulsive wanker there and then.....Oh the joy!!!!, I could save that one for later!

I broke the kiss, partly so that I could gaze into my wife's eyes, but also to try and break the eroticism and save my dick from any further sensations! I cradled Cara's face in my hands and gazed into those eyes. I moved forward and kissed her forehead, then her nose and then a soft kiss on her lips before telling her how much I missed her, how much I wanted her back and how much I wanted to re-connect this weekend.

Cara pulled me towards her and seemed to squeeze me as if her life depended on it. I swear, I heard a small sob and a deep sigh. Maybe it was a deep sigh of contentment and happiness, but then the little devil on my shoulder once again interrupted. My mind wondered if she was thinking of me and this moment , or of the last few days and hours and her recent separation from Leon?

Once again Cara moved in for a kiss and on completion swore her devotion to me and told me how glad she was to have me as her husband. With a caress of her hand on my cheek she urged me to start the car and get us both home. I wiped the small tear from her cheek as we smiled lovingly at each other before kissing her softly on her forehead, I squeezed her hand and answered her request.

Although the miles passed quickly, the time seemed to pass so slowly, the chatter was basic and none threatening. The weather, the middle lane sitters and little snippets about the conference. I was reminded that she really had gone away primarily for a work based trip, although it definitely became of secondary importance after her first meeting with Leon.

I lifted the bags into the house and went to turn the oven on for the dauphinoise. I heard Cara call me from upstairs and set my keys down on the counter and headed up the stairs with the bags. A bit of a struggle with the bases, plastic bags and that wrapped picture frame.

I pushed our bedroom door open with my foot and then had to sort of turn, and reverse in, in order to negotiate the door frame with bags and wrapped goods. Yes I know, it's a man's thing. Why do 2 easy journeys when we can make one journey look so awkward!!!!

As I corrected myself and faced the room I was greeted not by old monogamous loving wife Cara, but new slutty cuckoldress Cara.

Standing in our own bedroom I once again did my fish impression. My mouth opened wide before closing. A gulp and then opened again. Words escaped me as I stood stock still gazing at my beautiful sexy wife. She reclined, almost draped herself in the chair at her dressing table. Her left arm stretched out and rested easily on the arm of the chair. Leaning onto her right side she had her head tilted, her elbow resting on the arm of the chair and crooked to allow the weight of her head to rest on her upturned hand. Her hair had been teased ever so slightly and rested across her shoulders and those bright red lips appeared to be excessively and deliberately pouting at me, yet had that hint of a wicked smile. Her eyes twinkled and bore into mine. Truely a vision of beauty.

She had quickly divested herself of the wrap dress she had worn back home and reclined in one of her beautiful lingerie sets. I think it was a La Perla set that I had bought her last Christmas. Lacy champagne colour with so much detail. The bra cupped her perfectly and produced a wonderful cleavage that always drew my gaze. Her still pale skin seemed to glow, or maybe it was just me imagining it. Borne of the new found sexual aura around her. My eyes traced downwards. Her body curved and almost moulded to the chair, her toned stomach, courtesy of the gym, and no doubt her recent hours of working out with Leon. The lacy top of the suspender belt merging with the sexy french knickers that completed the set.

Cara followed my gaze, and as I reached those knickers she shifted her position. Still watching me, she uncrossed her legs, all whilst still resting her chin on her palm.

"Like what you see?" she softly teased me.

She knew only too well that I worshipped her. My silence and dumb look conveyed my love and desire. She knew I loved her, and had seen how enthralled I was for the last week, even with the distance. The slight shift in position, and the uncrossing of the legs, was almost reminiscent of Sharon Stone all those years ago. The legs offset to her left shifted and slowly spread. Her right leg slightly bent to afford a view that messed with my mind and played on my fantasies and most of all reminded me that the last week had most certainly happened.

The intricate champagne colour lace pattern could clearly be seen, but there at the centre of my gaze, the material took on a deeper shade. It was clear that the journey had caused all of Leon's cum to slowly seep out of her once monogamous pussy and into the soft gusset of her knickers.

"Come here lover, come and see how naughty your little old wifey has been".

Raising her chin from her palm, she moved her index finger. With slow movements, back and forth the finger went, pulling me towards her and wanting to show me what had been suggested in those last images from Schipol.

Without saying a word I placed the bags by the foot of the bed and crossed the room. The beckoning finger ceased it's back and forth action. The hand slowly turned over and Cara's finger pointed to the ground. No words were required, and I of course dropped to my knees in front of my reclining Goddess. I stooped ever so slightly and then placed my hands on the floor to bring me ever closer to her, she touched my cheek and ran her hands through my hair. I wasn't sure if it was done teasingly or through love and passion. I hoped it was perhaps both.

Cara, shifted slightly in the char and sat back, her actions caused her bum to move forward on the seat and again, closer to my eager face and mouth. There was the warmth emanating from her core and that musky post sex smell mingling with the scent of her own Jo Malone perfume.

"Inhale robbie, take in my scent, the scent of a woman blessed. Blessed with an adoring supportive wonderful cucky husband".................. as she said that her hand alighted on my head and ran its way smoothly across my cheek. I returned along the same path and then ended its journey at the back of my head where I felt the slightest of pressures. The pressure drew my face ever closer to her damp, wicked, messy pussy.

The slight pause in her words coincided with my nose almost touching the dark damp gusset,....................... "And blessed with an amazing hung intelligent athletic boyfriend". As her words ended, that oh so familiar giggle as she knew the word boyfriend played to all my fantasies and made the last week seem not so much of a game.

Once again, that slight pressure and my nose sank into her damp yielding flesh. The sensation of warmth and wetness. The smell of perfume, of washing powder, the faint smell her pee, and of course that mustiness that came from cum deposited a few hours earlier. I could not control myself, and even with a sore shrunken dick, I was lost to the moment and inhaled deeply. That sound in itself produced a contented sigh from Cara and that loving caress of her hand once again could be felt.

"Leon said that you would want to see what he had done to me, he assured me that you wanted to be cuckolded on a regular basis and that you willingly fall to your knees as soon as I got back home".

Cara used her hand to push back on my forehead which in turn caused me to sit back on my haunches. With my upturned face, she leant forward and kissed me passionately, "And I love you so much for it Robbie".

She rose regally from her seat and sexily padded across the room and fell onto our bed. Her hand once again beckoned me and she called me to join her. Like a shot I assumed my position next to her and lay gazing into her eyes. We looked at each other for a moment and then our lips locked and our bodies joined. The passion of the kiss in the car returned. It was the culmination of all the roll play, all the small steps and now here we were, we had done, she had done, and we had made all those games a reality. We had the memories, we certainly had the pictures and the videos. We had new friends, and it appeared she had a boyfriend and we had a Bull in our lives!


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Chapter 50 New Norm? Contd

All of these thoughts ran through my brain as our tongues explored each other's mouths and our hands roamed and reacquainted themselves with each other's bodies......and then my body flinched as Cara ran her hand over my crotch. My inv0luntary movement caused our kiss to end. As our heads parted Cara wore a surprised look on her face, enquiring what had caused me to pull away.

My moment of explanation and self hum1liation had come, and I blurted out my apology. I tried to hide it by claiming that I was just so turned on, I was so so horny and that she was so sexy that I just couldn't help myself. Cara watched my face, my eyes, as I sought to explain the sensitivity. Her hand still softly stroked my arm, almost encouraging me to open up, and admit my weakness, my lack of self control that could prevent my reclaiming my wife.

I tried to gauge her mood from studying her mouth and eyes. I caught sympathy, a touch of amusement, embarrassment that her own husband had wanked so much as to make himself so sore. There also appeared a degree of disappointment, something I suppose I should have taken the greatest satisfaction from. That she wanted me inside her, wanted me to reclaim her pussy and consummate our marriage once again, but there also appeared to be annoyance. I realised that she must have fully bought into the idea of my chastity and me waiting for her. The fact that she and Leon had enjoyed it, the fact that Sabine & Luuk had been aware of it, and that Cara must have taken a degree of pride from her husband's resolve and gift.....all undone by my compulsive wanking. Well at least that's what I had to confess to, but what fucking Ophelia had brought about!!!!!

"Well, I have to say I am a little disappointed in you robbie, but I cannot say I am surprised, this was another thing that Leon said could possibly happen", Cara looked at me and then rolled away from me and lifted her hand bag from the floor on her side of the bed. She fished inside and pulled out her phone. As she tapped in her code she continued, "He said that other cuck husbands often couldn't control themselves when not having a key holder, he told me that so many of you", .........there it was, she was directly referring to me as "one of them", a true cuckold......"need control for your own sake, and I guess he knows what he is talking about".

All the while she was talking she tapped away and then, taking her eyes from the small screen, she looked at me and told me to get undressed so she could see what a wimp I had been. I was surprised how her use of the word "wimp" felt abit like a punch to the stomach, but none the less, as the feeling in my stomach dissipated I stood and undressed. As I reached the soft silky boxers I paused as I realised that I was unlikely to get any sympathy on the reveal. The pause, and then I thought it best to go like a plaster, and off fast....and so I did, dropping my boxers and quickly falling back to the bed so as not to have to stand and be inspected.

As I lay there on my side next to Cara, she shocked me as she quickly brought her hand upwards. The phone which was in that hand then flashed and it was apparent that she had captured the results of my milking. A few quick taps and she looked at me. The frown was apparent and left no doubt at her annoyance that I had seemingly wanked myself raw. It took only seconds before both Cara's phone and my own buzzed in unison.

Cara chuckled and then flicked her screen around. Revealed was the picture of my poor dick and the amusement of the group.

Sabine: "The little wanker couldn't even wait one more day NO CONTROL"

Luuk: "I guess we know why you need Leon now, poor little wanker robbie"

Sabine: "Maybe he did it deliberately so you would need Leon again?"

Leon: "Oh dear"

Leon: "You could be right there Sabine, maybe he wants me to carry on fucking Cara?"

Cara turned the screen away from me and tapped away for a few seconds before putting the phone down besides her.

"I have to say robbie, I am more than a little disappointed. After all you said and showed me whilst we were apart, I really loved the fact you wanted to save yourself for me. It made the whole week so special and I was so looking forward to this weekend. The fact that you had locked yourself up showed me that you really do think about my pleasure and my feelings, that you wanted me to feel able to concentrate on Leon and make the whole experience special for us all".....there was a pause and a sigh and then she reached out and lifted my still deflated dick with one finger before letting it fall back onto my thigh...."As Sab has said, it makes me think you prefer your own hand to my sweet pussy, OK it may not be quite how you remember it after the last week, but I thought you would have been desperate to make love to me again"

I opened my mouth to speak but Cara shot me a withering look and our phones once again buzzed at another message came in. Rather than listen to my words she again lifted her phone. She tapped and all of a sudden I heard the sounds of a Donald Trump rally. Cara burst out laughing. The sound of her laughter mixed in with the words coming from the speakers on her phone. The sound on these new phones was good and I could tell that whoever had sent her the clip had altered the chant.

Cara once again flicked the phone round so that I could view. The phone shook as the chanting continued - with its slight alteration - and Cara shook with laughter. The GIF looped, the crowd went wild, hands in the air, placards shaking and The Don acting as the conductor......"Lock (HIM) Up, Lock (HIM) Up, Lock (HIM) Up, Lock (HIM) Up".

I could see that the clever fucker had been Luuk, and he thought he was being funny. It may have appealed to Cara, and the buzzing from my Cara's phone and my own suggested that everyone else found it funny.

Cara, ceased her laughing and tried to put on a sensible face. She put her phone down and again used one finger to toy with my dick. Even the one finger caused me to flinch, which produced a loud "TUT" from Cara. "I think maybe Luuk may have a point, after all I cannot have you wanking so much from now on".

Sure enough Cara flipped her phone round and showed me that both Leon & Sabine agreed. There in text form were the words....."LOCK HIM UP".

Setting the phone down Cara once again turned and reached into her bag. This time producing another smaller plastic bag. I recognised the logo straight away, "The Condomerie". "And there was me thinking you could enjoy one of your presents", she said as she pushed the bag into my chest, indicating an expectation that I would take my gift from her. As I pulled the box out of the bag Cara smiled, it was sweet but tinged with an annoyed mischievousness. "And there was me buying you a special present that would fit you properly for our reunion".

I held the box of E55 condoms in my hand and felt the surge of excitement and hum1liation go through me. The realisation that not only had she gone and bought one of the smallest size rubbers available...for me...for her husband.....but it was the realisation that after Leon fucking her pussy bare for the last week, after us abstaining from sex for the week before our trip......that she had been expecting me to have to use a rubber with my own wife.

It was as if she could read my thoughts and ceasing her lift and drop finger technique, she told me that as I was useless to her in the dick department tonight, and that as I was so sore, that the condoms would have to wait to be used. With a little chuckle she added that as I was shortly to be locked up for my own good, that she just hoped the condoms had a long use by date on them. I think I just uttered a less than happy, sarcastic, "har har".

"But seriously robbie, what you have done does hurt me a little, and I can see you have hurt yourself to a degree, so locking you up will actually be a help to you and should protect that poor ickle dickie from being hurt whilst it heals, so run along and get your cage cucky".

My puppy dog eyes and look of loss had no affect and so I rolled off the bed and went to fetch that infernal cage. Walking back to the bed, Cara pointed to one of her cases and told me to open it. She was sitting up on our bed by this time. She had propped the pillows up and appeared to have made herself nice and comfortable. I suspected that I was in for some work!

Opening the case I knew immediately what Cara wanted, as there sitting on top of the clothes, was not only fake Leon, but a new slightly larger, more solid large fake cock. My eyes went from the case to my wife. She smiled and informed me that there was fake Leon and now she had "REAL fake Leon". she laughed and told me that as I was unavailable then she was going to have to make do with her "boyfriend". I looked back at the obscene moulded phallus that sat in the case. It was by no means the perfect shape of the original fake Leon, but was obviously taken from the source, from the real thing. She would certainly be able to experience his monster cock even when he was in her actual presence.

Cara's instruction was for me to come and stand by her side of the bed. She instantly took the cage from me. She paused and examined my groin and complemented me on my smoothe shave. She gave a few little tuts and giggles as she examined more closely the rawness around the base of my dick. I hope not too carefully so as to disabuse her of the notion that the damage was caused by hand. It was here the professional took over as she took a small jar of sudocreme from her bedside locker. Carefully dabbing the most reddened areas, she tended to my "wounds" and then without much ado the ring and cage were secured in place and then that scary little "CLICK".

Cara ran her hands over my lower abdomen and leant forward and kissed the end of my cage, "there there cucky, safely locked away and gone is the temptation to hurt yourself anymore". The words were soothing and caring, as if she really was doing this as a favour for me.

After placing the keys to my pris0n on the bedside locker she returned to her reclining position on the bed. She looked down at my cage and then to her own legs that stretched down the bed. My gaze followed hers and alighted on her brightly painted toenails. The bright red matched her fingernails and the lipstick and were that little twist of the mental dagger showing an initial change for a lover. Reading my own thoughts....

"Yes cuckie, I do love the bright red on my toes and fingers and lips. I had never really thought that much about it, and I must admit that I often thought that girls who flaunted themselves like this were, well....slutty".

Her words caused me to focus back on her face. I was met with that broad smile as she knew full well that she had me, that she was teasing me, making me think about her being a slut...being Leon's slut.

"I had seen a few of the girls at the gym come in that way, I had never really noticed them before, but guess that it was only maybe after Leon had his wicked way with them that they became, well, more noticeable." Cara was well and truely back in tease mode. Disapproval mode seemed to have vanished at the same time as my dicks freedom vanished.

"I wonder if any of the other girls at the gym will notice my nails? Do you think they will know that sweet little Cara has joined Leon's harem?" She had that sexy coquettish smile on her face.

Cara's words were married to the sensual movements of one hand. Her scarlet talons ever so slowly traced themselves across her upper chest and them down over the sexy brassiere. Keeping her eyes locked on me, she traced one finger gently around her nipple and then slowly down her body, past her navel and alighting on her crotch. Her hand lay flat across the soft material that shielded her wanton pussy from my gaze. "Mmmmmmmm I have been a bad girl, I can feel Leon's cum has made my panties all moist, I bet you want a closer look don't you robbie?"

I could not lie, the seductive devious smile was on her face as I replied with my stupid open mouthed look. Her hand reached out showing me she wanted her new toy. The scene was set and as if a switch had been flicked I assumed sub mode. I handed the new fake phallus to Car and sank to me knees by the side of the bed. Cara toyed with the moulded monster. She ran her hands over and around it, every so often shooting me a devilish little look. She ran it over her chest, circled her nipples with it and then brought it to her mouth.

She gently and apparently, lovingly kissed the tip and then playfully her tongue emerged past those painted lips. Her eyes met mine and locked as she raised the toy slightly and slowly ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft. As the tip of her tongue reached the moulded crown it stopped and I watched as her mouth opened and teasingly engulfed its head.

Cara's mouth was wide and I recalled from Amsterdam how Leon's cock appeared to entirely fill her mouth.

Cara then withdrew the invader from her mouth and grinned at me, "I'm sorry Robbie, I couldn't resist teasing you like that, Leon told me that his previous cuck hubs love it when their wives do this sort of thing".......


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Chapter 50 New Norm? Cont'd Pt3

There it was again, Leon's previous experience, his educating Cara in how to push my buttons and pull us deeper into a lifestyle rather than the game it was meant to be for the weekend.

....."but as you are now out of commission".....there was a definite dismissive glance down at my groin that went along with those words....."a wife needs something to help her relax after a hard week away working".

The dismissive look changed in a millisecond and the teasing resumed. With that change the toy traced down from Cara's breasts, past her navel and ran slowly onto the champagne coloured panties. Cara pouted and then tilted her head to one side. I alternated looking at the path of the toy and at her face. Not knowing where my cuck fantasies were best serviced. The looks of pleasure and teasing from Cara or the sight and idea of Leon's cock nearing my wife's pussy.

Cara applied slightly more pressure as the big bulbous head of the toy reached the darker damp patch of her gusset. The material yielded ever so slightly and I saw Cara's eyes close. The little stab of remorse and guilt hit me as I realised she was thinking back to Amsterdam and how it had been Leon's actual cock that had been doing exactly the same thing. Cara moved her toy slowly back and forth over her silk covered pussy. The soft flesh beneath giving way to "fake" Leon. The dark stain got the slightest bit darker as the pressure made it that bit more damp. A soft moan came from her lips and then she arched her back slightly along as the pressure from the moulded toy alighted on the area above her clit.

"Be a good cuck hubby and give Leon access", this was followed by another soft moan. I knew what she meant straight away and reached across her leg that had half fallen off the bed. The movement of her leg had allowed her pussy to become more accessible, and of course afforded me a far better view. As the toy continued its slow up and down motion over her pussy I gently inserted a finger between thigh and the edge of her panties.

It was one of those slow motion moments. I gently pulled the material away from her pussy and towards me. Not removing them , just pulling the shield of the silk away from her pussy and allowing the toy to make contact with her still reddened glistening cunt. The moan came again as the downward movement allowed the toy to travel from silk to skin for the first time. The mix of Leon's cum and Cara's own horny secretions allowed a smooth journey. With no sexy silk shield to get in its way the toy sank that little bit further into my wife. Cara's pussy lips yielded and parted for the monster toy. Like a slow motion clip of a flower blooming the folds of her pussy opened. The end of the toy rested on her clit revealing the deeper darker pink folds. They shone in the lights of the bedroom, slick with the combined juices of the coupling in the toilets.

Was it nature or nurture at this point, was this destined to be? Were we both destined the reach this point. Was it in my nature to naturally assume this role and did Cara always have that desire to...... deep within her. Or was it a case of the smallest scintilla of our current beings was buried within us, and it took Ophelia and Leon to bring it out. Either way, as my mind worked overtime and the image of her soaking cum filled pussy was before me, I licked my lips.

It must have been only for a moment but my action brought about a roar of laughter from Cara. "Oh my God, robbie, really!!!!!!! I can't believe you just did that". My embarrassment had been great when I undressed, but my cheeks reddened to a greater degree as Cara pointed out my action....."Oh my God, robbie, that was so hot, I can't believe you did that, and you probably didn't even realise, that's so hot licking your lips when you saw my cummy pussy, God I love you my little cucky".

Cara used one hand to cup my chin and run her hand down my cheek whilst at the same time lubricating her toy with the moistness from her hot wet pussy. I could feel my cheeks burning yet kept my eyes glued on the now dark shining head and shaft of the moulded phallus.

Cara shifted her position but still had me holding the material of her panties clear, allowing her new toy to make itself well acquainted with her pussy. Her move allowed her to face her weapon towards her. The up and down sawing motion now fully "greased" the shaft and caused her to shudder each time the large dark head pushed upwards past her clit. Then, a slight change in angle and a groan came from her as the head failed to pass her clit, but instead sank inside her.

The previous week there would have been so much more resistance, but now the large cock head eased its way inside her. Only an inch but it still brought out a response that sadly I had never elicited from my wife. With the next upward thrust another inch disappeared, accompanied by yet more satisfied moans. The reality was before me, inches from me, yet I thought back to the images from the last week that came via my phone. The images of Cara's pussy stretched by Leon's monster cock, the insides of her pussy seeming to grip his shaft. Appearing to want to keep it within her, to continue in its pleasuring.

The light shone on the now slick dark shaft as with each back and forth motion Leon satisfied my wife even without being present. My only part being to hold the delicate soft material out of the way, not forgetting my silent approval and subm1ssion to the stud that now appeared to be my wifes boyfriend. This may have only been a mould of her boyfriends cock, yet I realised its presence in our marriage and its presence in Cara's pussy would be the "new norm".

Like the inv0luntary licking of my lips, the words uttered by me supporting and encouraging Cara in her pleasuring, did not register as I spoke them. Whatever they were, they appeared to enter Cara's mind and add to her own arousal. The scene, a husband kneeling by the bed having only just welcomed his wife back from a week away with her Bull. A husband who had just meekly allowed himself to be placed back in chastity and was now helping his wife pleasure herself with a replica of her Bulls cock.....and a wife reclining on the marital bed, bucking, moaning and cumming hard whilst thinking of her loving husband and her powerful energetic hung stud of a boyfriend.

Minutes passed as I remained kneeling by the bed. Cara making soft contented moaning noises. She had dropped the moulded toy once it had brought about the shuddering orgasm. It had fell onto the floor with a thud as she Cara took my hand and relaxed in that beautiful post orgasmic haze that only an intense deep fucking can bring.

The noise it made caused us both to look upon the moulded black silicon toy. I had been in something of a haze myself, as I had simply gone along with Cara's instructions, but had to broach the subject of her words.

The noise broke my reverie and for the first time I was able to try and make light of the situation, "Well that certainly made a loud enough sound to be the big black elephant in the room".

Well, make light was what I attempted to do, but in practice it only further reinf0rced the positions

Cara laughed, as I said this, smiled at me, winked and then commented, "well maybe not quite as big as an elephant but not far off it".

I laughed along with Cara and then embraced her, reaching up and holding her from my poistion on the floor. We held each other for a few moments before Cara broke the moment informing me that, "a good cum always makes me hungry". Cara then nodded over to the other side of the room at the mystery large wrapped package......."and after food you can open Leon's present to you".

I became aware of my own hunger at this point and reached for the phone to order up a pizza. I knew I wanted the food but wasn't so sure I wanted to know what Leon had gifted me. I knew for certain it would simply assert his position.

Cara & I sat on the bed, we giggled and talked about the last week, it was obvious we both got off on it for varying reasons. We relaxed in nothing but our dressing gowns and fed each other pizza. I took great delight in licking off a small bit of tomato sauce that fell onto her cleavage and delighted in how close we were. There was certainly a new spark to our togetherness.

With the last bit of pizza gone, Cara regained the playful minx little grin and once again nodded over to the package.

"I think you will love this, I know I was suprised at how thoughtful Leon could be and how he has a real eye for the symbolic, go on honey, open your present".

I rose from the bed and padded across the room returning with the present. I knelt on the bed next to Cara and picked at the tape. Looking at Cara to try and gauge her reaction, to get a hint at what it may be, I saw she was filming the unwrapping, "I think it only right that Leon gets to see how grateful you are for your gift!", she said.

I picked away and finally got a start on the tape. As I freed up a corner and pulled back the brown paper I found a dark wooden picture frame. Just within its borders I could make out a picture that looked familiar. I peeled back more and looked across once again at Cara. She sat beautifully, almost like a ch1ld at Christmas, huge smile and focussed on my unwrapping yet still holding her phone steady to capture the task at hand.

As more and more paper came away I could see a happy smiling loved up couple. Cara the blushing bride, and me the proud new husband. It was the picture I had sent to Cara from our wedding day. The one Leon had asked to see. I was filled with happiness and surprise to a degree. That Leon would do something so nice. At the foot of the picture and on the mount, " 9th August 2008 Just Married, The Start of Many Happy Years".

I turned and smiled at Cara and the camera, and spoke to the camera. I honestly expressed my appreciation for a gift that reminded me how beautiful Cara was on our wedding day and also how proud I was to be her husband.

As my words left my mouth Cara smiled and replied, as if from Leon, "Ahh thanks honey, I thought it was a special thing for Leon to do aswell, but look again, Leon is so so naughty".

My attention went back to the present that I held upright on the bed. It looked like a normal happy wedding picture and I couldn't quite get what Cara wanted me to see, and how Leon had been so "naughty".

The dark wooden frame and picture all appeared to be normal, the hooks at the top of the frame caught my eye and they did appear to be situated a little oddly but nothing "naughty". Cara, saw the none plussed look on my face and informed me the hooks had been put there in case we wanted the picture to be turned the other way around.

The worry about Leon's devious mind and his delight at messing with my own mind came flooding back. I removed the last of the wrapping and then gripped the frame before turning it around.

Gone was the sweet innocent loving image of a newly married couple. A plain white border sat within the dark wood of the frame. Within the border sat a burgundy coloured backing and there mounted for my benefit was something that thrilled me, teased me and cut me at the same time. The sexy elegant and sexy lingerie that I had bought with Ophelia, had been gifted by me to Cara, and had most symbolically been worn that first night that Leon had fucked Cara and officially made me a cuckold.

My own shock and shame were counterpoint to the shriek of excitement and happiness the big reveal brought about in Cara.

The beautiful design and pattern of the lingerie, the memory of how sexy Cara looked in it and my eyes drawn to the gusset of the sexy panties of the set three quarters of the way down. There the unmistable darker cream colour confirming that whoever wore them, had been mightily turned on. I shot of hum1liation hit me as I thought about taking the items in to be framed, but settled as I realised that I was not there. It returned when I realised that the lingerie had also been accompanied by a picture of the beautiful woman and wife who had worn the garments and was in the picture...along with her cuck husband.

And then my eyes alighted on the final little tease and gift from Leon, He had thoughtfully annotated the wedding picture and had done just the same with the mounted lingerie,

" 9th August 2018 Just Cuckolded, The Start of Many Happy years"


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beautiful and sensuous writing Robbie. That only a sissy cuck maid can really understand



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Awesome updates, hopefully a very long time for his release, but a short time for next chapter.
Droopy and Miss


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Chapter 51
Progression - Recalling a Public Outing / The purchase

After what was a surprisingly good sl eep I rose with the usual semi hard on and the need to pee. The ache behind my balls reminded me of my chaste position as did the sensitivity that remained from yesterdays t0rture treatment from Ophelia. I looked back at Cara still asl eep, her sexy soft body, pale and smoothe. She sl ept naked and cuddled in to me, seeming to enjoy the sensation of my caged dick nestled behind her as I spooned her. I had drifted off to sl eep holding her close, thinking back over the last few hours and what the future held.

As I sat to pee I was reminded that this had been my situation for the last week, and now here I was after only one day release. We had played with chastity in Amsterdam as part of "the game", and I had allowed myself to be suckered into going the whole of last week by Ophelia, yet now I was locked "apparently" due to my own weak will and Cara's obvious disappointment and annoyance.

The stream ended and I was once again reminded of my situation, and the more feminine position I was in. A more usual quick shake was out of the question, and so I reached over to gather a piece of tissue to dab my cage. To think that women have had to do that through the ages, and here I was doing the same through Cara's control.

Settling myself back in the bed my eyes were drawn to the large framed item sitting facing me across the room. Cara had instructed me to place it in front of the wardrobes that sat facing our bed. I looked at the lingerie that taunted me and recalled the day it was purchased.

We had left the sanctuary of Ophelia's chambers and walked arm in arm onto the main street. Despite being outwardly respectably attired I could not help but feel so self conscious of the panties and hold ups under my jeans. It felt as if everyone on the street could tell or knew. Ophelia, leant closer and whispered in my ear, "are you excited at your first outing as a trainee cuckold". The words eased through my head and sank in, giving me a small shiver and of course causing my dick to twitch. It was then that I noticed that we were fast approaching our destination.
The sign above the shop front said "Intimate Secrets" and the window was draped in deep purple materiel that accentuated the mannequins displaying some beautifully sexy lingerie. "Here we are cucky, I am sure that we shall find some items here that Leon will love to see on ....and off Cara", and with that she lead me through the door.

Inside was a comfortable interior, soft fabrics, deep sensual colours, hanging displays of basque sets, camisoles, garters, baby dolls. I must confess that my mind did immediately imagine Cara in some of them and again I was twitching away. As the door swung too behind me a bell tingled and from the rear of the shop appeared the assistant. She saw me, and then immediately caught sight of Ophelia and a broad smile came to her face. A bright laugh filled the room and she came forward and embraced my mistress.

"So Ophelia, what brings you here today? if I didn't know", the embrace ended and the sales lady turned grinning to me. "And you, little man, well I guess you must be one of those poor souls who require a firm hand and the guidance of my dear friend Ophelia", blushing bright red and looking at the ground, I felt a hand on my chin. The hand lifted my chin and I gazed into the sales ladies laughing eyes. "Oh don't worry yourself, no need to blush, I can guess why you are here". Ophelia and the sales lady laughed together, which only heightened my shame. It was obvious that Ophelia had brought other poor saps here before me.

After brushing a well manicured hand down my cheek, which also elicited a small twitch in my panties, the lady turned to Ophelia. "So honey, he seems a bashful one, what can I do for you and how can I help in your training of the boy". Ophelia smiled and then advised her friend that I had been visiting her for some time and that she had managed to find out that my true calling, due to my lacking in the manhood department, was to be a dutiful cuckold husband.

To that end Leon had agreed to assist in this matter, and it was for this reason that we were here. She continued, "I am sure you appreciate that this poor souls wife, Cara, I should say, such a lovely name, requires a real man to show her the pleasures that a woman should receive. She therefore will require some truly sexy lingerie with which to inspire Leon", the sales lady linked arms with Ophelia and lead her over to a chaise Lounge where they both sat, half facing each other, but able to talk and still see the burning of my cheeks. "I think we need something sexy yet symbolic, perhaps virginal or bridal white, to really set off Leon's skin and have Cara as something of the sweet virgin".

I have to say hearing the soft laughing tones of the two ladies had me starting to get hard despite the shame of the scene. I looked down and could see the small tent starting to form in my trousers. My shame increased....and was made complete by me being brought to my senses by a burst of laughter from both ladies. Looking up they were hugging each other and pointing at my hardness evident in my pants. Ophelia chuckled and said, "you see, a natural cuckold, getting all excited over something as innocent as buying lingerie". "Ok, I grant you it is not every husband who assists in buying something sexy for his wife to wear the first time she plants those cuckold horns on her hubbies head, but still it demonstrates I am on the right path, don't you agree Fiona?". The lady smiled and agreed, I was ashamed yet exhilarated, Ophelia was certainly pushing all my buttons and was really making this seem as real as it could be. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be in the care of one so skilled and intelligent, able to know what was playing through my mind and how to make the game seem so real.

Fiona, as I now knew her, then stood and said to us both, "well I think I have the perfect set, it has to be sexy yet classy, erotic and obviously white to compliment and contrast Cara & Leon", Fiona went behind the counter and returned holding a garment box. "I think that you", and looking me in the eyes, " & Cara & Leon will love this set, I am sure you appreciate quality and style, and La Perla certainly do offer those in SPADES " she emphasised, with that both Ophelia and Fiona burst into fits of laughter when they looked at me and then to each other.

Fiona brought the box over to the small display table in the centre of the shop and opened the box. Folding back the coffee coloured tissue paper inside she reached in and slowly lifted up the lingerie. This she said, "is finest Italian lingerie, the Baroque babydoll with matching Gstring, it is silk satin with lovely lace inserts, You see the way the lace will just hint at the sight of a nipple, and the open front allows for those roaming hands". Ophelia ran her hands over the material and smiled, looking at me she asked me, what now appears a silly question, "So do you think Cara will look super sexy for Leon in this?".

I could only nod as the embarassment and the presence of the two ladies coupled with my evident erection had made my mouth bone dry. "Right then" Fiona said returning the beautiful garment to its tissued resting place before turning away, "that's the wedding night attire sorted, we now need something enticing and virginal for the build up". Once again she disappeared into the rear of the shop. This gave Ophelia the chance to come round behind me. One hand reached round and grasped my hardness as the other played with my hair before sliding down and teasing my nipples. He mouth came up to my ear and she whispered, "So how is the soon to be cuckold handling my little hum1liations". A chuckle as she felt my dick twitch in my pants gave the game away.

With that Fiona returned once again carrying a box. Placing it down again, she removed a packet of lace top stockings from the top of the box, winked and said she was sure that Cara & Leon would love this set by Gracya a new and sensual company. Again she opened the box and removed the layered tissue. Inside was a beautiful smooth Ivory basque. Sheer bodied with lace embroidery below the cups and on the hem line, suspender straps added to the item and were then followed out of the box by lace embroidered briefs.

Ophelia smiled and exclaimed, "Perfect, can't you just picture yourself assisting Cara to dress in these for Leon?" "Oh, she will look beautiful, and the contrast with Leon's dark skin will add to the eroticism of your cuckolding, it will almost seem a shame to remove them, but then that's Leon's prerogative isn't it cucky?" Ophelia, clapped her hands and said, "he'll take them all, and could you please gift wrap them?".

Knowing not to displease Ophelia, and being caught up in the moment I automatically reached into my pocket and produced my wallet and the credit card. I thought to myself, what the hell, Cara will love them and I will get some great fun out of seeing her in the items. I smiled and really appreciated the lengths that Ophelia had gone to really bring my fantasies to life. With shaking hand, and hard dick I paid for the items and was wished good luck by Fiona. Ophelia & her friend hugged and made their farewells and we were out of the shop with my face burning with the thrill of it all. Arm in arm Ophelia & I walked back to her chambers with me carrying my pink wrapped parcels!

Immediately we set foot through the door, I was instructed to return to the red room and remove my clothes save for the panties and stockings. Scurrying away I did as ordered and waited head bowed on my knees for my Mistress.

A couple of minutes later I heard the unmistakable sound of heels approaching. Ophelia entered the room and walked around me. "So did my little cuckold wannabe enjoy his outing?", "Yes Mistress", was all I could respond. "Good boy, well that was enough for today, I think I have had my fun and you no doubt are fit to burst judging by the strength of that little hard on".

With that Ophelia, knelt in front of me and pulled my panties down. I was then shocked as an ice cold compress was placed on my dick and balls. Laughing, Ophelia, said "we cant have you having all fun today can we". Within a few seconds my long held hard on had disappeared and my boyish dick was limp. Immediately from a drawer behind her she produced a cb6000 and started its fitting.

"Now this is especially for you little one, I have made sure that this is the small version as I do not want you to feel uncomfortable. I know that too much room in these things can be most embarrassing". "As you told me that you would be away from home for a couple of days, I thought it best if you were chaste, as I think you need to concentrate on others and not your own selfish ch1ldish needs".

Shocked was an understatement, I loved the tease and denial idea, and it was hot being kept waiting by Ophelia, but the idea of not being able to wank when I got to my hotel was not something I was prepared for. "You can just imagine over the next 2 days what it will be like being chaste whilst the lucky Cara is taken to heaven by Leon's cock", despite the recent treatment my now plastic encased dick started to return to life, much to Ophelias amusement.

"Now my little wannabe, it is time for our goodbyes, you know what is expected?" With that I bowed my head and placed a delicate kiss on each of Ophelia's beautifully manicured toes that peeped out of her black patent open toed heels. "Good boy, now dress and be on your way, but as I have secured your little package, you will need to return to me to be unlocked before you get home to the poor frustrated Cara. Do you understand?".

Thankful that Ophelia had given me a time at which my chastity would come to an end. Ophelia then instructed me to dress whilst she had a couple of things to attend to. On returning, she led me to the door and leant in to give me a friendly peck on the cheek. I thanked her for her ingenuity and kindness in showing me my true sub side. "Believe me cucky, it is my pleasure.....and who knows maybe it will be Cara's and Leon's pleasure soon". I walked down the path to the sound of her chiming laughter and the sound of the door closing. Damn that woman was good!

...As I looked at the frame I realised how far I / we had come, and had one of those inv0luntary shivers, when your body reacts to an idea......about where this could go.


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Thank you for the great work you put in to this, I'm still enthralled and can't wait for the next additions


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All I can say is WOW. Really great. Thank you.
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Chapter 52

Progression - The Morning After The Week Before

I looked across at Cara still sle eping beside me. The smoothness of her back and those beautiful strawberry blonde curls that fell across the pillow and her shoulders. The small indent of her spine that ran down towards that perfectly formed ass. Well I was most certainly biased...even after all the years together I still thought her ass was one of her best features. That smooth pale skin ended where it met the still crisp white bed sheets, sheets that hid that luscious ass from my gaze. As I sat there pondering how sexy and how lucky I was to be married to Cara, I realised that I had not actually seen that peach of an ass for over a week, in fact since I had left Amsterdam.

The images over our video chats were all of her breasts or pussy. When Leon had shown his prowess, her skirt had been draped over it hiding the point of contact between wife and lover

Even last night, Cara had been sat in the chair and then reclining on the bed when we had played. I resolved that tonight once unlocked and hopefully more recovered from Ophelia's treatments, that I would get to enjoy that view once again.

I reached across and touched her hair and then ran my hand across her shoulder and then traced the backs of my fingers slowly along her spine. As I neared the object of my ponderings Cara stirred and rolled over to face me. She smiled lovingly up at me and then ran her hand over my chest before reaching upwards and pulling my head downwards and into a deep long kiss.

As we broke and looked lovingly at each other she thanked me for being such a wonderful husband and for being so willing to let her play and explore over the last week. The words washed over me and I felt a closeness and love that exceeded anything I had felt before. It was that acknowledgement that the game in Amsterdam had been fun, that it was something that we had both played together and that the distance and anonymity had allowed us to make real the last few months of role-play.

"But Robbie, it's not role-play anymore, it's real and it is something that we cannot change and something we have to think about and work out how we are going to deal with it going forward". The calmness and adoration for Cara that I had and the moment was broken as the words sank in. This was something that was a reality and Cara wanted to discuss it "sensibly". This suggested to me that she did in fact want this to continue, as why else would she talk about dealing with it "going forward"?????

I think the look of surprise on my face must have registered with Cara, as she once again reached up and pulled me in for a kiss, before pushing me away and suggesting that I go and sort out breakfast. Climbing off the bed Cara got a glimpse of my junk all safely locked away and giggled before reaffirming my position by asking whether I was used to having to sit to pee now. I wasn't sure that she would actually want my response and so threw a t-shirt and some shorts on and headed downstairs. Cara was once again indulging in yet more "screen time" with her phone as I departed.

Although still not fully back to normal, the nights sle ep and caging had caused my t0rmented privates to have had a little time to heal. Despite the last week it was still an odd sensation though heading down the stairs and pottering around the kitchen securely locked. The weight of the jailbird was an ever present. It seemed to make what was admittedly on the small side, bigger and more liable to movement. The fact I had only put shorts on meant that there was no support and each movement caused that pendulum effect that acted as that reminder. There did appear to be a constant reminder of what my desires and kink had got me into.

Some 30 minutes later, having tidied the plates from last nights' meal and knocked up some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs I returned to our room. Cara was sat up on the bed and was tapping away on her phone. A broad grin on her face as the screen provided her with much amusement. For some reason I sensed that this amusement may well have come at my expense from last night's events.

"Ahh Robbie, everyone in the group loved the video I sent them", Cara smiled as she said this, "I'm sure you'll see when you check the chat in the group, now lest see what my wonderful hubby has cooked up".

Her head went back with the laughter as she realised what she had said, "Ahhh I'm sorry Robbie, I didn't mean that, I meant the food". It seemed that even everyday conversation was now going to be laced with innuendos.

I placed the tray down on the bed and noted that as Cara shifted her position, she had not remained naked. Beneath her own silk gown it appeared that she had donned a sports bra. Ideas that we might get to have a little play in bed post breakfast appeared to be dashed or at least put back a little.

Padding out of the room to collect my own tray from downstairs I once again caught sight of the picture frame. The pendulum effect in my shorts caused by the lump of metal within and the sight of the lingerie that Cara wore with Leon were a reminder that the play of Amsterdam had well and truly been brought home.

Sitting on the bed with Cara eating our breakfast was accompanied by "Saturday Kitchen", Cara used to joke about finding James Martin abit of a dish, but every time he mentioned the word "cooking" or "cookery" it had a new meaning and added a new slant to the programme. As it came to an end Cara picked up her phone again and treated me to yet another peal of laughter. "Oh Robbie, I think you will love some of the chat in the group and I hope you don't mind, but Leon has asked if he can add his cousin Opeyemi to our group". As soon as the words left her lips I felt a chill run through me. I hoped I hadn't gone as pale as I imagined, as I immediately thought that Leon and this cousin had to be the one and only Ophelia. I had been thrown off track initially by Olu & Leon , but this appeared to be too much of a coincidence. Yet a coincidence that I was in no position to question or acknowledge. It did however cause me to immediately reach for the phone.

Anxiety may have been putting it mildly, I think it may have been closer to fear that I felt as I tapped in my code and opened Whatsapp. Even as I tapped in my code I felt the vibrations of new messages.

First of all I could see the background of our bedroom in the little square signifying the video that Cara had shot last night. I knew what it showed and wasn't quite prepared to live through my embarrassment again so scrolled to see the messages below. I knew that they would do nothing for my confidence or self esteem yet still I scrolled;

Leon: "As beautiful as ever Cara and thank you for sharing the video"

Luuk: "OMG priceless, that is so kinky, BRAVO Leon"

Luuk: "Classy"

Sabine: "That is so so naughty, so romantic yet so kinky"

Leon: "Thanks Luuk, I do like to give my couples something to remember"

Luuk: "Cara, you looked amazing on your wedding day, and just as amazing 10 years on"

Cara: "Thanks guys and so sweet of you to say Luuk, an amazing week and I think Robbie loved the gift"

Sabine: "LOL Yes so thoughtful of Leon to mark your anniversary, or should I say both the events and give Robbie something to remember"

Opeyemi: "Hi gang, and thanks for inviting me, I'm Leon's cousin, you can call me Ope for short"

Opeyemi: "My cousin has shared some of his (s)exploits in the past and I asked if I could be party to his latest adventure"

There it was, Ope, that had to be her, Ope was far too close to Ophelia to be an accident, and now she was party to everything. Notwithstanding the fact she already had access to my own phone, she now had direct contact with Cara. There was a dread within me that sat in the pit of my stomach yet also, the paradox I was ashamed to admit. There was an odd feeling of excitement, a feeling of su bmission, of being controlled by the cousins.

Leon: "Hiya Cuz, glad you could join, I know you can add your own special view to the fun and convo"

Luuk: "Hi Ope, nice to meet you, hope you find this group as eye opening and fun as the rest of us"

Sabine: "Welcome, great to have another lady in the house, more "Girl power" than "Leon power""

Cara: "Hi Ope, nice to meet you, Leon had mentioned you a couple of times in the last week, hope you enjoy the chat and don't get offended easily"

Sabine: "Ooooo sounds like you know all about bad boy Leon's (s)excapades"

Leon: "LOL little cuz Ope knows that in her profession and in life, discretion is an important thing and that families always keep their secrets"

Luuk: "Yes hope you not gonna get offended by the content of this group, although I guess Leon wouldn't have invited you otherwise"

Cara: "Now Leon, that sounded a little cryptic...sounds like there are a few juicy things to be told???"

Sabine: "I'm interested now....profession???? Discretion????"

Luuk: "Ope...R U a spy? LOL"

Leon: "Well I think it's for Ope to say, but her personal training methods are very specialised and so do require discretion"

Opeyemi: "tsk tsk Cuz, you do like to I saw by that video from Cara"

Opeyemi: "Well, my new chums, I must confess to being a part time student of human nature and a more time dominatrix!!!"

There followed a picture of a lady that I knew only too well......regal, statuesque, the black boned corset cinched her waist inwards and accentuated her ample wondrous breasts. The flaring of her waist and the silver clasps at the front of the bodice went upwards and split where they were replaced by silver eyelets that were threaded with black ribbon. Behind the ribbon could be seen that amazing cleavage that I had been lucky enough to gaze upon in person. The cups of the bodice pushed inwards and upwards almost causing the cups to overflow. I certainly started to wonder how Ophelia could get so physical and active in the confines of such a bodice. Below the line of her top she sported a pair of pvc trousers, maybe leggings. It was hard to tell as they were so tight, highlighting those wife hips and beautiful powerful thighs. stretched taught over her lower stomach and then disappearing into the darkness between her legs. That face I had seen smile and sneer at me. It smiled out of the picture, beguiling, enticing other poor weak minded fantasists into her world. I wondered how many others had viewed that picture and fallen under her spell and been manipulated like me. The smooth dark skin of her shoulders and that beautiful face, the full deep red lips and penetrating eyes. the hair pushed to one side cascading down onto one shoulder. The picture left no doubt as to her pleasurable (for her) occupation.

Cara: "WOW well I guess assertiveness runs in your family!!!"

Sabine: "SMOKIN' Love the look, and I almost pity the poor guys"

Luuk: "eeeek"

Luuk: "V hot Ope, love the pic, I would imagine you are very popular"

Leon: "That's a good look Cuz, strong African woman"

That feeling in the pit of my stomach just got so much stronger and I felt slightly dizzy. The buzz and perhaps the fact that I had stopped breathing for a short time. Enthralled and scared as the confirmation came and the insertion into my "normal" life was made.

Cara reached across and touched my arm, "Rob, are you OK, you look abit pale?". I had to smile and brazen it out. I claimed that I was maybe a little tired from not sle eping too well. The discomfort from my self abu se combined with sle eping whilst caged provided a degree of cover. Cara seemed to accept my explanation and suggested that I needed to join in the chat and welcome our new chum. She also reminded me, in quite a playful yet teasing tone, that I had yet to thank Leon for his "generous and thoughtful present"

Rob: "Hi folks, and welcome Opheyemi, I just have to thank Leon for his thoughtful gift and for giving me back a very satisfied wife, It has been a tough but exhilarating week. THNX for all your support"

Opeyemi: "Thanks robbie, but its Ope, I shall forgive your spelling mistake, easy to do when cuckys get flustered!"

Leon: "Yes Ohu, gotta get that spelling, anyone would think you were a little distracted by my cuz's picture"

Cara: "LOL he is a silly little sausage at times, easily distracted by the sight of a beautiful woman, and talking of that he needs to take this woman out...later chums"

Leon: "Of course you have a lot to talk about but if the Ohu cant rise to the occasion then all you have to do is let me know "

Sabine: "Ahhhhh thats so nice Cara, hope you have a great time with robbie tonight, although I bet you wil miss Leon!!!"

Luuk: "Have fun Cara/robbie, I am sure that you have a lot to talk about, so many great things to discuss"

Sabine: "LMAO, I suppose robbie has to try and mark your anniversary STILL"

Sabine: "After all Leon certainly did!!!!"

Leon: "Naughty Sabine, done be teasing cucky, thats the job of me and Cara"

Opeyemi: "Cara, I do hope that little robbie can ease your disappointment, he is such a naughty bo y with all that self abu se. Some cuckys just have no will power...but without that I would be out of business"


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Awesome update!
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Awesome as always. I really look forward to these updates.
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Chapter 53
Progression - The Afternoon After The Week Before

Damn, I shuddered as the messages were all getting a little intense, and Ophelia was simply trying to tease me with my dirty little secret. As I put my phone down I rose from the bed and tried to indicate to Cara that we should think about getting up she remained focussed on her phone and tapped away. After a couple of seconds she smiled, gave a quick giggle before looking up at me and blowing me a kiss.

"Be a good boy and get these breakfast things cleared up and then we can think about what the day holds, I think some shopping and a dr1nk and then maybe we can think about who will be doing the cooking tonight"

As Cara ended her sentence she winked at me emphasizing the word cooking, clearly teasing me further to my status and the food show. Her parting shot was to raise her hand and wave at me playfully yet dismissively. Of course I instinctively reached down and lifted the tray and exited the room.

Carrying the tray into the kitchen I again became aware of that added weight attached to my groin. The reminder of my status and the recent messages and new arrival in our chat group caused a slight stir in my cage. It was odd that despite still feeling sore I smiled at the thought that I was starting to feel "normal again" and that maybe tonight I would get to make love to Cara again. Damn I realised it must have been 2, no maybe 3 weeks since I had last got to feel her pussy. Yes, today I would be a dutiful husband and would make her appreciate me.

Everyone had thought they had been so amusing telling me about how Leon our anniversary and Cara's birthday had been marked, how their play for the last week had marked a new stage in our marriage, well tonight was indeed going to be marked by me making passionate love to the woman I adored.....I resolved that the main words from me today would be "Yes dear"....that in itself made me smile as I recalled hearing that a couple who had been married for 75years were asked what the secret to their marriage was. The husband had responded, "Two words, Yes Dear". I thought, how true and wondered if this lovely old couple had ever played our cuckolding games.

It took me about 30 minutes to get things tidied away and I was back upstairs. Entering the bedroom I noted Cara had unpacked a few of her things and her bag lay open on the bed. It must have been my inner perv coming through but my eyes were immediately drawn to the lingerie sitting on top of the bed, thrown there as she removed her makeup bag. I had made great efforts in the lead up to all our play to slowly increase Cara's lingerie collection. To try and make her feel more sexy, more attractive and more confident. I assumed that feeling sexy underneath would help her exude more confidence and sexiness on the outside.

I felt drawn, like a moth to a flame and walked over and ran my fingers over the discarded lingerie. I noted that most appeared to have been worn, and as I lifted a yellow Aubade bra from the pile I revealed the soiled matching panty. The thin cream coloured gusset was prominent beside the twisted waist band. The starched effect was clear and appeared to show that Cara must have worn this for Leon. The thought of them walking around Amsterdam or playing in our/her room came to mind. The idea that Cara would have been so excited that the gusset would have been soaking even before Leon got her out of them.

My dick once again twitched and gladdened me that it was coming back to life, as I pictured Leon pulling that moist strip of material aside as his monster cock approached her pussy. I reached down and my finger brushed the hardness that had overtaken the previously soft material. As I thought, starched by Leon's cum soaking into it. I closed my eyes as I pictured Leon's cock withdrawing from Cara's pussy. Coated with a mixture of her juice and his thick white cum. Of Leon simply allowing the gusset to slide back into place and attempt to capture his cum as it slowly seeped out.

"My little cucky pervert having naughty thoughts again", Cara chuckled as she exited the en suite already dressed.

"You just can't help yourself playing with my dirty panties can you? I saw you with your eyes shut, just like in the hotel in Amsterdam". Cara walked over and lifted the object of my imagination and dangled them on her finger.

" I bet you were thinking about how they got in such a state, about how much Leon liked me in them.....(the minx paused for effect)...and out of them, and especially how they nestled against my cum filled pussy".
I couldn't help it at that point and I instinctively groaned and reached down to play with my dick....hitting cold steel and causing Cara to giggle one again. "Poor robbie perhaps showing why he needs to locked up a little more often, always wanting to play with yourself, well easy tiger, I want you hot to trot tonight".

Her words caused me to focus on her and the fact she was already dressed. Although I had been sle eping next to her naked I had yet to actually cast my eyes over her recently so wanton body and now I had missed it again....and boy did she look hot!

Whilst the naked body of a woman is something to behold, to inspire, tease and frustrate the male of the species, there is also something to be said for a woman, a wife well dressed, classy, yet knowing underneath she is scantily dressed and has a kinky side.

Despite having only had those 30 minutes to get ready, she was freshly scented and classily attired. A lovely sheen to the material, a mid length dress, brown polka dots with a tie belt. It was a shirt style and so fitted around and accentuated her breasts. She had teasingly undone the top 3 buttons providing that wonderful glimpse of cleavage and a hint of her ever so sexy lingerie. "You like?" she said, still dangling those panties from her upturned finger.

I thought it smart yet also had a sexy look which further revealed itself as she moved her hips as if to show it off further. As her hips moved so did the hemline that ended just below her knees. Whilst I gazed upon her my mind drifted not from simply how good she looked, but also to what Leon would think of what she was wearing. I damned myself for my own thoughts, my own mind constantly starting to think about what he would like, what he would think of Cara. As my mind wandered the skirt swayed along with her hips revealing two slits that ran to midway up her thighs. As ever the glimpse of forbidden flesh sent a tingle through me.

As we headed into town Cara was even more bubbly than usual. She appeared to have a new found confidence and glow about her. Her dress had altered little from the last 10 years of our marriage, but what she wore seemed to fit her better and look more stylish. From being used to the "old Cara", or should that be the pre Amsterdam Cara I recalled the wife with a modest level of self-esteem, one who valued privacy and always considered of what others thought of her and held back accordingly this was a new Cara.

She would normally have sat happily and quietly in the car and put up with me listening to TalkSport, the football commentary or even my Pixies CD's but today she flicked the button to HeartFM without a second thought and chattered away about her time away.

There was no thought to how odd it may have sounded that she was regaling me, her husband with tales of what she did with another man in another country. It was light and jokey and all apparently very normal. There was an ease and contentment about her. I joined in with the diary signalling my own contentment with the last week but also trying to spin it that it was the past and today and tonight was about us as a married couple. My own contentment on that Saturday August morning was knocked a little when Cara had reached the topic of her lingerie. She giggled at the memory of opening the box, of reading the note and of the reactions of both Leon & I to her wearing it. It was that reminder of Ophelia's trick and of that shopping trip. My contentment changed to disquiet when Cara answered her own question as to what the name of the shop where I purchased the items.

"Ah Yes, I remember the card you wrote your little note on". With that Cara reached across and gave my thigh a little rub. A loving little touch but one that I couldn't help think had a teasing edge to it, the note that had met our threshold of permission to progress our play.

"I was thinking that as you bought me something so special for our time away that maybe I should get something special for our night together". The hand once again reached across and squeezed my thigh and moved ever so slightly across to my groin. Despite the slight twinge it caused, I hid my pain not wanting to give Cara any reason to be reminded of her "disappointment" in me. I gave her a quick smile of acknowledgement and to show my gratitude and excitement at the prospect. Inside I almost dreaded the night and the pressure seemingly heaped on me to perform.

"I think the shop was Intimate Secrets wasn't it? It was a rhetorical question and she continued in her merry little chat telling me, and leaving no room for questioning, that after some lunch that we would have to pay a visit. Whilst Cara was excited and playful at the thought of getting to browse amongst the frillies and filled with the idea of doing something sexy for me. I was filled with a cold dread at the idea of seeing Fiona again and the risk of her saying something. As if it hadn't been bad enough having Ophelia being brought into the orbit of our marriage, now it appeared that Fiona was also about to join that orbit.


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Chapter 53 Continued

After stops a local grocers and the butchers, Cara decided that she wanted a dr1nk and indicated that we should stop at one of our favourite pubs. She laughed once again in that new playful manner as she stressed how much she loved The Rising Sun. I realised this was all part of her plan for the day, as this was the pub that we had first met in all those years ago. My heart swelled as I made the connection and realised that it was Cara's way of making that connection back with me.

As we walked up the steps and into the bar we saw the bar was already filled with quite a few men, many wearing club colours indicating that there must be a football match on the TV. Of course, Cara, in her new dress, showing that hint of leg and glimpse of cleavage caused an evident calming of bravado as many pairs of eyes undressed her. In the past I would have been proud of this and full of myself that my wife would attract such attention, a woman of 40 attracting cheekily glances and the odd whispered words between mates. However, the fact that Cara was no longer simply mine, but had, with my approval, moved past our marital vows of monogamy, made me proud, but less certain of the fact she was mine and mine alone. The location however, allayed and concerns and gave me something of a swagger.

I returned to where Cara was sitting after getting the dr1nks and we were able to talk about the events of the last week. We laughed at how we had moved from our role-play to what had gone on at the Amrath and whilst I was away. I think we were both amazed at how the whole process had brought out something that we never realised was within us. The fact that we had been able to communicate and trust each other and through that, we had done something that had turned on both on hugely. Something that had tapped into our natural selves.

It was whilst talking that Cara got slightly emotional as she told me she thought that she may have pushed things too far. She was amazed at how Leon was able to make her feel, that he appeared to know what buttons to press in order to get her to do things that she would never have considered even a few weeks ago.

My own guilt at my secret desires and visits to Ophelia remained throughout discussion and were only heightened when I saw Cara's worry about what she had done with Leon. I assured her that this was something we had gone into together and that I wanted this as much as her and therefore whatever went on in Amsterdam, was all good. Cara reached over the table and gripped my hand. I could see that she was on the point of tears as she declared her love for me and apologised again for pushing me so far, but that Leon had assured her this was what got me off. I could only stand and lean in to kiss her.

I felt that she was genuinely concerned about what she had done with Leon whilst there without me. I sensed that there was probably more that she wanted to confess but I held her face, kissed her once more and told her that she had nothing to worry about, not letting her express herself and have to put her guilt into words. Cara returned my kiss and told me that although she was really upset with me for my wanking, that tonight would be all about us and that it was my duty to reclaim her. We both laughed about the fact that we were going on like a new couple at the same place we had first met. My love and desire for her, as well as my kink was fuelled even more during a visit to the gents.

Normally being totally against visiting a cubicle in a pub toilets, my locked status left me little option, lest I wished to be outed stood at a urinal. Sitting down to ease myself, I could hear some of the football crowd relieving themselves and commenting on the hot MILF sat out in the conservatory. Not only did they comment on the outfit and the painted nails and lips. One reckoned she was just a tease whereas his friend, presumably holding and pointing whilst moving his hips whilst peeing, reckoned she would look amazing bent over whilst he worked his own magic. I say still and then dabbed away at my cage with some tissue paper pondering my own desire to see Cara in that pose.

As I returned to the table ready to leave for more shopping, I was content in my life and proud to be Cara's husband, albeit her now cuckold husband. I was more resolved to do my part and reclaim Cara tonight. I only hoped that the sensitivity in my dick had abated and that I would be able to rise to the occasion.

My contentment disappeared somewhat when, on getting into the car, Cara stated that she wanted something special for tonight and that we should head to "that place where you picked out the other sexy lingerie. There was no way I could claim not to know what she was on about and so set off in the direction of a worrying and unknown interaction. I just prayed that Fiona would not be working today!!!!

Parking up on the high street Cara grabbed my arm and pulled me close. An almost over the top sign of affection, girlish and cheeky, going in to buy something naughty together. Her eagerness and excitement a counterpoint to that ache in my stomach that had been growing as the distance to our destination got smaller.
There it was, the shop, Ophelia's words came to mind as we approached. Last time it was Ophelia by my side asking me how my outing as a trainee cuckold was but now it was my own wife, and I was no longer a trainee. I supposed it being so recent, that I still had much to learn about what being a cuckold really felt like. The sign was the same and whilst the deep purple material in the window remained, the mannequins were adorned with different finery.

The door opened and the bell tinkled signalling our entrance to the shop worker. There was that distinct "new" smell of silk, satin and lace. The smell of Cara's perfume and pot pourri sitting on the counter. A shiver went through me as I recalled my last visit to the shop and I think I inv0luntarily held Cara's arm that little bit tighter. There was a repeat, as a familiar face appeared from the rear of the shop. I saw a wicked, satisfied and mischievous smile on her face as she recognised me and identified that this was probably the woman for whom the previous items were purchased.

I hope that Fiona couldn't smell my fear above the soft sensual scents of the shop. My worries over being outed were allayed as she feigned not knowing me. As Cara turned her back and glanced around the shop, my angst was kicked back up as she knowingly winked at me.

"And how may I help you both today?" she said as she walked around the counter.

"I'm Fiona and this is my shop and judging by the arm in arm and rings, I would say that you are looking for something to enjoy together".

Cara tensed her arm which made both our shoulders dip slightly and pulled us that little bit closer together. She looked across at me and smiled at Fiona's words before confirming what the owner had just said. I wondered if this was something that Fiona had dealt with previously. I sensed that Ophelia had taken other subs into her shop and pondered whether that was the start of a pathway leading to our current position of standing back where it started.

Fiona opened her arms wife and smiled at us. She clapped her hands and giggled as she congratulated us on being such a lovely couple who looked so much in love. I wondered if this was perhaps a little too much and over the top! Walking over she reached out a hand and took Cara's hand causing us to break our own bond.

"Now, as you know my name, who may I be helping today", Fiona was being ever so professional and helpful.
Cara was beaming and advised as to her name and, as she nodded in my direction, "this is my cu.....husband Rob". She followed Fiona, taking time to wink back at me before the guiding hand of the manageress took Cara away leaving me standing like a lemon in the middle of the lingerie store. A man in a lingerie section, lost and out of his comfort zone. The sketch from Fath3r Ted came to mind, men or as was the series, priests, stranded in a foreign land, unused to such garments! That was funny, but Fiona being alone with Cara certainly was not. I was glad that we were the only customers in the shop.

I watched as Fiona took Cara's arm and guided her round the shop. To anyone else it would have appeared that they had known each other for a long time, so close were their bodies, the heads dipping closer to each other as they chatted. They occasionally stopped by an item and examined it before moving on. The sales pitch and care of the customer was admirable, but I couldn't help but think that Fiona was putting on a show for me. Making me squirm and imagine what was being discussed.

It made me wonder whether she had spoken further to Ophelia. I wondered for a second about that but then thought I was being silly, why would Fiona discuss my situation and peccadillo's, and everything didn't have to come back to my own kinks. That said, I thought on, I had told Cara that part of the whole thrill of this idea was the mental games, the mind fuckery, making the cuck imagine what was being said, being whispered between a wife and her lover or Bull. It wasn't enough that the idea of Cara giving herself to another got me off, it was the denial of hearing or even seeing the interaction or being party to the details.

After a couple of minutes or so the giggling ladies took a seat on the chaise lounge, still rooted to the same spot as when they glided off, it was then that Fiona spoke. As I saw her about to speak and seeing the broad smile on her face my heart was in my mouth.

"Now Rob, come over here will you please, your lovely wife here was telling me that you have been apart for the last week and that she is wanting to buy something special to wear for you tonight after she was worked so so hard over there. She was also telling me that you bought her something from us a while back. I have to say, that I thought you looked familiar when you walked in and when she explained the beautiful garments you bought for her I immediately recalled your visit".

I walked towards the ladies and recalled a similar scene a few months ago when it had been Fiona & Ophelia sitting together on that same spot. As she finished I wasn't sure if I was turning white or lighting up like a beacon. I was almost preparing for the outing as the ladies sat arm in arm in front of me.

"I think we need something sexy yet symbolic, perhaps virginal or bridal white, although that was the tone of the gifts to mark a ceremonial new life I recall?" Cara giggled at this and was about to speak but checked herself before confirming that it was her 40ths well as our 10th anniversary.

Fiona continued; " To really go with the spirit of a reunion and his"...Paranoid as I was, I swore that Fiona paused for effect, just to tease me and make me wonder what word she would use......"beautiful wife starting a new life, as they say at 40".

The feeling of de ja vu hit me as I recalled her use almost identical words when thinking about items for Leon's benefit. It was at this point as the recollection of my first visit came to the forefront of my mind, and the eroticism that coursed through me at that time had caused an erection in me, that I felt the first stirrings of an erection.

Ophelia knew it and I wonder if Fiona knew it as well, that a cuck in such situations will take a masochistic pleasure in having his kink and insecurities toyed with. It was as if Fiona was trying to illicit the same response, to see if I would make the same little tent in my pants. In fact she took a sneaky glance at my groin. As she did so our eyes met for a split second and I could see the delight at my discomfort, but did she know I was locked away?

"So Rob, Cara was telling me that she absolutely loved the items you chose for her to mark your anniversary. I am so pleased they helped with a most memorable trip to Amsterdam, I must say I have never been there and would love to hear about what you go up to over there, and I have heard it can be quite the naughty place".

Fiona alternated her glances between Cara & I, and certainly delighted in the innuendo of her comments, although I think it was more the knowledge of events, as I think it confirmed that Ophelia had apprised her of Leon's success. With every little twist of the knife I could feel my dick starting to twitch, and despite the treatment from the previous day, start to grow. Cara had a huge knowing smile on her face but thankfully didn't add to my hum iliation....much, only commenting, "that I had said that she looked good enough to eat"

If I had been pale previously, that comment and the sight of the two ladies sat closely together, caused me to blush as I realised that I had in fact only "eaten" Cara for the whole weekend!!!

Having previously barely filling my pris0n, thankfully due to the abrasions and friction burns of that fucking milking machine, I could feel little twinges of pain. Despite this my cuck side was thrilled at the surreptitious hum1liations coming from Fiona and now from my own wife. I was f0rced to shift my stance to try and mitigate the "nipping" sensations that I was getting as cold steel touched sensitive raw skin.


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Chapter 53....STILL CONTINUED (PART 3) (Hope haven't bored everyone with this one)

Fiona was recalling the items I had bought previously and looking around the store, but Cara glanced at me and noted my shifting stance and obvious discomfort. The smiley face dropped for an instant as she realised that it was caused by my sensitive dick. With that he realisation came to her that I may not be able to fulfil my husbandly duties tonight.

Fiona continued to chatter excitedly about what Cara could choose and then rose from the chaise lounge, expressing a view that she may have the perfect item in the stock room. As she disappeared from sight Cara shot me a questioning scowl and in hushed tones asked me what the problem was.

I couldn't very well admit to getting a submissive thrill from being in a repeat situation with Fiona, and advise Cara of the devious teasing that had been within Fiona's words. I had to claim that it was hearing my own wife almost refer to me as a cuckold in front of someone. Cara thought back and remembered her almost slip on entry to the shop. A small smile returned for an instant. I went on to say that it was also the environment, the smells, the soft background music and the sight of Cara surrounded by all the sexy lingerie.

Cara rose and walked the two paces over to me and kissed me f0rcefully, She put her face alongside mine and whispered, "Well that is all well and good and is exactly what I want to hear, as we need this tonight Robbie". She kissed my neck and hugged me, "I need your dick in me tonight, I was a bad girl and I need my cucky husband and his little dick tonight and you better be able to perform".

The words were a mixture of love, devotion and a degree of frustration. My compulsive wanking habit and apparent addiction, or preference for that over my own wife's pussy had lead to Cara's deep disappointment last night. I sensed that failure was not an option, but the deep ache in my stomach combined with the thrill of the situation we were in, played to my beta cuckold husband ideas. The idea of not being worthy to make love to my own wife. I thought, "make love", certainly not "fuck her", that was something that Bulls did or do! The idea that Leon would or could make her love his cock and change her into something of a size queen. The idea that I could be locked up long term and left in a maddening state of desire and frustration yet loving every minute of it as Leon took over as my keyholder.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and took in that heavy Pomegranate Noir scent that both Cara and Ophelia wore. My mind was a fucked up mass of ideas all centred on my hum iliation and regular ongoing cuckolding by Cara & Leon.

Despite my sensitive raw state my dick grew in the jailbird, sadly just at the time when Cara chose to lower her hand to my crotch. What was meant as a loving romantic gesture action by Cara coincided with me playing over the words of Fiona & Cara, "cucky husband", "little dick", "good enough to eat", "Amsterdam", "beautiful wife starting a new life, as they say at 40", "worked so so hard"....and there it was the image of Leon's cock working on Cara's pussy.

I was lost and despite feeling the burning sensation of my abrasions straining against my cage, that feeling deep down in my stomach and the ideas in my head won a battle with my week body. I went momentarily rigid. Cara stood right in front of me felt my body tense and leaned back to be able to see my burning cheeks and eyes screwed shut. I felt it course through me, the shame as well as the ache caused by the contracting abdominal muscles that had been over worked yesterday. Rigid and then a twitch, and then that weakness in my knees and the sensation of a slight wetness in my groin area.

I opened my eyes and was staring directly into those of Cara. For a couple of seconds there were no words a look of shock on my wife's beautiful face which changed and was replaced by that awful look of disappointment from last night. However, this time there was a definite hint of anger that I had so little self control, and had been so bound up in my own little world of kink that I had done this in public.

There were no words just a deep sigh from Cara that came deep from within and saw her shoulders rise and fall sharply. She turned away from me at the exact moment that Fiona breezed in from the stock room. I took a quantum of solace from the fact that Cara stood masking any shame and associated damp patch from Fiona.

Fiona was the epitome of a cheerful and helpful sales assistant as she carried forth a cream coloured box and set it down on the counter. Full of herself she continued chattering away unaware of the change in temperature between her two customers. The lid of the box came off and there was the familiar rustle of tissue paper and softer sound as she lifted her selection from the box.

" I just know that you will both love this item, it will look wonderful, sexy yet romantic". Cara had put on her smiley face once again and approached the counter.

"Just look at the quality, this is by Liliana Casanova of Paris, It is their Tournelle Baby Doll & Panty set", rather than afford Fiona a better chance of observing my shame, I moved forward so as to stand just behind Cara.

Fiona held the baby doll up by its thin pink silk strap. It hung beautifully, the straps leading downwards to the fine black lace to cover the breasts. The slight movements of Fiona's hands caused the body of the silk material to ripple slightly. A large silk bow just below the just line brought the two sides together and revealed the detail of black lace on all edging. Fiona, obviously proud of her choice continued, "It has 8 colour option, this pink is delightful but for tonight you may prefer the vanilla, I think the Bordeau or Black would be more racy than romantic don't you?"

A deft flick other hand and he material folded and relaxed itself onto the counter top. Returning to the box she reached in and lifted out the sexy pink silk briefs. They were indeed brief...and sexy, with the same black lace detail around the waistband and front panel, "And of course a lady has to have something to cover her last or a little while". Fiona let out a girlish giggle which was accompanied by an "mmmmm" of agreement from my wife.

Cara, turned her head, and cast that disappointed look my way before an almost dismissive flick of her head and hair had her facing Fiona again.

"Mmmmmm Yes I agree Fiona they really are beautiful, and your choice for a romantic evening was spot on, however.....". At this point I sensed Cara's own body stiffened ever so slightly and her words carried a sense of purpose......."I have changed my mind, and I think robbie will fully support me in this view". There was that small flick of the head as if to reinforce to Fiona that she was making the decisions. "I think romance is off the table tonight and I want something a little more seductive and boudoir, even , dare I say it, maybe a little slutty".

Fiona's face had a non plussed look for an instant before she revealed her teeth in a broad smile. There was a realisation that something had changed, that Cara was no longer the loving, doting, romantic reunion wanting wife, but had other plans for tonight. With a degree of background knowledge that Cara was unaware of she also had a head start, knowing Leon's tastes, in what Cara may want for tonight.

As Cara looked over her shoulder at me with a look that told me that I had brought this all on myself, I saw Fiona wink at me with that beaming victorious smile. "Certainly Cara, I think I have an idea what will be perfect for tonight. As she departed I swear I could hear the bitch humming "Tulips from Amsterdam".

As she disappeared Cara spun around and looked me up and down. A smirk appeared on her face as she noted the smallest of wet patches just about evident on my jeans. Nodding at the offending spot, "You just couldn't help yourself could you?", "All wrapped up in your own kinky world and not a thought for me, of how I felt, how much I wanted tonight to be special for us. And all you can do is beat off and ruin yourself for me. Well I felt bad about what happened in Amsterdam, what Leon did to me and what I did for him in the heat of passion. I wanted romance tonight but all you can think of me being is a slut for Leon".

Taking one step closer to me she looked me square in the eyes and ran her hand across my groin. Even that little bit of pressure, even within the confines of the cage, caused me to wince and move my hips backwards, trying to avoid the contact. A simple shake of the head and a loud tut was her response before she expressed a desire that Fiona would bring something that would better suit a "slut wife and cuckoldress".

The slut wife comment was sufficient for me to realise that I had a lot of making up to do to her, but the cuckoldress comment, reminding me of our situation and the ever present Leon factor, was an added concern as it was something that did not really need saying and was not something that really fitted with the night of reunion and romance.

The sound of moving boxes and footfalls getting closer in the rear of the shop caused Cara to turn and walk back to the counter again. I followed, so as to remain close at hand, but also to try and hide my embarrassing stain from Fiona. I heard that bl0ody humming once again before the smirking face of Fiona appeared once. I guess, to anyone else the smile would have been welcoming and professional, but to me it certainly appeared to have an edge to it.

Fiona moved aside the box containing the baby doll. Part of me wished Cara would reconsider and maybe hate Fiona's latest choice, and opt for the first item. The image of my own sweet Cara kneeling on our bed and smiling seductively whilst swishing the chiffon and silk was something that would fill me with love and pride. God only knew what Fiona would come up with taking into account Cara's most recent brief!

"Well, I did consider something very naughty, a set with those lovely pearls that really do something for a lady with every little movement, but then I thought Boudoir, I thought confident, in control with a bit of naughtiness and abit of slut thrown in. I do hope that I have met your request".

Cara once again looked over her shoulder a touch dismissively before Fiona continued, "Now as Robert was so thoughtful and surprised you, I wonder if for your special night, you would want to return the favour?"

Cara thought for a second before agreeing with the idea, at which point Fiona pointed to high backed leather armchair that sat just by the window at the front of the shop. "Would you be a dear and take a seat over there for a few minutes whilst your wonderful wife has a look at your surprise?" It wasn't a question at all, certainly an instruction or order, but most worryingly it allowed Fiona & Cara time together out of earshot from me. So soon after my own inv0luntary emission, the cuckold angst kicked up many a notch.

I turned and slunk off to my corner, I overheard Fiona tell Cara that this was a beautiful set called Tata Couture but then the giggles and words became inaudible. As I sat I could no longer hear what was being said, and the height of the display stands between my "corner time" and the counter deprived me of any chance to guess what they were up to or what item(s) had been suggested.

No sooner had I taken my seat when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was still slightly too early for it to be a goal alert from one of the 3 o'clock kick offs, so I guessed it was one of our "group" taking the piss out of me again. Taking out my phone, I found that I would probably have preferred that, instead it was Ophelia messaging to gloat and to take pleasure in our current location.

Ophelia: "Is cucky all horny and scared at Cara meeting Fiona? My good friend had to message me that you had come in to the shop"
Ophelia: "Hmmm and you know I am not far away, maybe I should come and pay my good friend a visit...and who knows who else will be in her shop?"

The numerous little devil emoji's certainly did the trick and had me looking out the window to see if she would appear.

Ophelia: "I think that would maybe be a little too cruel, as we have plenty of time before I tease you with that one"
Ophelia: "Tonight is a real tests my little Ohu, time to try and win back Cara's pussy, mind and heart".

Reading those words did nothing but twist the knife in my angst filled guts, especially the last line, having possibly been written about the same time when I was ejaculating into my cage and pants. It made me feel helpless. A little boy, or little husband, sitting in the corner waiting for the adult to come and collect me.

A couple of minutes passed before Fiona appeared from behind a display of tights and stockings. I almost didn't want to make eye contact, let alone speak to her.

"Poor poor little cuckold husband", her words of fact and truth caused my eyes to instantly rise to meet hers in shock. "Yes little cuckold robbie, Ophelia messaged me the wonderful news in the middle of the week. It was so gratifying to know that my little note in your gift to Cara had the desired effect. Don't worry though, your lovely wife doesn't know I know ........yet".

What was it with the women in my life? They always seemed to know how to have that little pause in a sentence to really ratchet up my fear and excitement!

"Now Cara is just trying on something really special but I sensed that she is none too pleased with you being a naughty little wanker...because, after all that is just what you are isn't it cucky? Once again there was that pause, it just hung in the air, waiting to see who would blink first and speak. Of course it was me, as I meekly acknowledged my weakness. "Well I wonder how much more of your weak willed, ill disciplined, cuckold behaviour it will take to make sweet Cara realise that she really needs Leon tonight?

Her toying with me ended with Cara calling for the manageress and Fiona turned and cut me once again with her parting shot; "I bet Leon doesn't cum in his own pants"


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Great story. Hopefully Cara doesn't give into temptation and keeps him locked up for a very long time.
Droopy and Miss
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