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First attempt at a story after being inspired by GoodHusband (many thanks for the advice) Brainbox et al. I can now appreciate the time and effort they put into their work. Many thanks to them.


Well, what an absolutely amazing day! My hotel room is warm, cosy and has all I could want whilst away on business. TV, and a power point for my laptop so I can put down the events of today and how they have got to this stage over the last year or so.

As I sit here typing I think about today and glance across at the beautifully wrapped box sitting on the rooms desk unit. Pretty pink glossy paper topped with a nice pink bow. Very classy! I am as hard as I can be....and that isn't all that much due to the cb6000s that was fitted to me today by the truely wonderful Goddess Ophelia.
I first encountered her after searching online for a mistress to serve whilst I was away from my wife on business. Her web page had some amazing pictures that showed a tall beautifully curvaceous lady clad in tight leather. Perched on some towering heels and smiling into the camera. Her dark eyes captured me and sent a shiver down my spine. She claimed in her blurb that she was s*******ed and adept at taking subs on exquisite journeys. I decided I had to see if her claims to being able to develop the sub side of any novice were true.
It was funny that although I was away from home, I found that Ophelia was actually located relatively close to home. I had developed a desire to be dommed and my desires were faster in developing than those of my wife, and so I came to visit this intoxicating lady.

From my time surfing and reading various femdom mags I knew my sub leanings needed to be dealt with and that I needed to explore my wish to be dommed , ideally by my wife, Cara, or failing that another woman. So the first time I was allowed to visit Ophelia, I took the opportunity whilst Cara was spending a day at the gym and Spa with some girlfriends. I knew I would have a few hours in which to discover my new sexual perversions. Ophelia sat me down and with a soothing voice, asked me what I was into, and what level of experience I had. I tried to think of as much as I could but, not having had any experience was probably not much help, and needed her calm authority and experience to guide me, and guide me she certainly has.

From my first visit where I listened to her calming words and then once naked, vulnerable and restrained found her demeanour changed, to the woman of my dreams, to my current situation, where I know she can lead me wherever she wants. That first visit seems so tame, with me being strapped down, having my anal cherry taken for the first time and feeling her bully me to cumming whilst being fucked. What an intense cum that was, and I was hooked from there.

Our sessions continued whenever Cara was at the gym or off on some shopping trip. Ophelia was able to find out more about me and Cara, what our sex life was like, my shortcomings, (besides the obvious 4 inch one!) what I thought of my wife, women, other men and various sexual ideas. Throughout this time, I submitted willingly and, as I look back realise I was being taken on a journey.

As I say, Ophelia had this way of getting me to spill all, to relate my sexual feelings, my hang up and fantasies, she then played with them and had settled on a path which she thought I would find humiliating but highly sexually charged. She had played on my small dick and had told me that I should accept my sub role and accept that their were real men in this world who were meant to fuck and those who were meant to serve them. So over the course of some sessions I was introduced to the idea of being a cuckolded husband.........and I loved it. She was wonderful. Each time she got deeper into my mind, got more out of me, and had me build my own cuckold world. She had had me keep in mail contact with her, and I had enjoyed the chat and the freedom to converse without any pressure from being face to face. This had lead to some of my thoughts being used on my next visits which was amazing.

I received constant affirmation of my lack of size and the fact that my dick should never really disappoint a woman again, I was reminded how disappointed Cara must have felt when she first realised that she had married someone who would never be able to make her truely a woman. Each of these idea I simply accepted and showed her I accepted by getting harder than ever.

I asked her to humiliate me and she did. She was truely wonderful . telling me that whenever I was here learning to be a good cuckold, she was probably out enjoying a real mans cock. I was dressed in panties and a basque, shown how sweet I looked and informed that it was highly likely that Cara's boyfriend would probably want me that way to reinpower our positions. Again my little dick gave the game away.

Of course Ophelia couldnt have that and so gave me the "pleasure" of a little electric shock treatment whilst having me fucked with a dildo.....and still I adored what she was doing. Next came my introduction to sucking a real cock as she brought me back to the fantasies I had had. On being dressed as a sissy and having to tell her how grateful I was for her training, I was lead into her front parlour and introduced to Leon, who Ophelia informed me was a prime specimen of black manhood who was expert in training cuckolds wives, and that she planned for him to be the first one to make my dreams come true.

How I shook, worried and yet was hard in my lace panties. I had asked at the start for Ophelia to push my limits and this she did as she lead me by the leash in front of Leon and had me ask him ever so nicely to show me what a real man can do to a woman and to make me the cuckold of my dreams.

He laughed and then, smiling at me told me that it would indeed be his pleasure and that he would take me up on my kind offer. He told me then, more powerfully that to show how much I wanted this that I should take his cock out and see what would be taking my place in Cara's pussy. A quick tug on my leash caused me to reach up and comply.

Ophelias gentle words of encouragement drifted through my head as I did so, until before me was the biggest darkest cock I had seen in real life. It had to be at least 7 inches and wasn't even fully erect. Another tug of the leash and a little laugh before Ophelia told me to do as I had imagined in my emails...."go on make it hard for Leon, after all you have to show him how much you want this".

So I began to gently rub Leon's cock. It just seemed to grow and grow and grow, with encouragement from my Goddess, I was pushed forward until it was right in front of my face. I knew what was coming next, but, was again toyed with as Leon rolled a rubber down his hardened cock, again then Ophelia pushed the limits and quickly unlocked and unzipped my hood. I had asked initially to be hooded to hide my shame, but again I was pushed down my path by a truely perceptive and sexy woman. Led to my fate. Laughing as the look on my face was seen by both. Leon took hold of his cock and my head and pushed it past my lips. The dominant pair must have marvelled at how wide my eyes had gone with the sheer shock and shame.

" Better make a good job of that so that it is nice and hard for Cara. Then click, click, click, went the digi cam I had brought. I had imagined it would be fine whilst I had my hood on, but here I was in all my cuck glory, pantied and sucking on a hung black Bulls cock, a far cry from my initial ideas of simply being dommed by a sexy lady. AS I performed egged on and assisted by a firm hand gripping the back of my head, I could only wonder what on earth I was doing. Mad, I must be fucking mad to be doing this, yet my dick was hard as a rock as the thought of seeing my sweet Cara doing exactly what I was doing played across my mind.

"Just imagine Cara finding these eh!", Ophelia and Leon laughed as I was moved around and had my gag reflex tested, not at all what I had imagined, and yet strangely Ophelia was right.

I was in that wonderful sub cuckold zone, and getting off on Ophelia's inventiveness. All these thoughts ran through my head only to be halted suddenly when I realised that Leon had tensed more and speeded up, I knew what was cumming and tried to move my head back, amazingly I was allowed to do this only to see Leon quickly whip off the rubber in front of my face and push it back into my mouth.

Again click flash, click flash, as Leon groaned grabbed my head to hold it still and told me, "this is for Cara in future", before cumming strong and hard and sliding back in his chair. Not being experienced some came out of my mouth and a caught a last blast on my cheek which caused Ophelia to applaud and do yet another click. Hard as a rock yet shamed I knelt there, with a Black Bull who I really did want to see training Cara, and a beautiful black goddess who was leading me there. A quick movement and Ophelia was using a finger to collect that last blast on my cheek and telling me to open wide like a good little cuckold. Dutifully on sub auto pilot I of course obliged, and then as instructed thanked Leon for his efforts and was told to express my desire to see him cuckold me for real. He laughed and assured me that Ophelia was very very good at her job and would help me on my way.

Humiliated and elated I was pulled away by the leash and returned to the rear deep red playroom.
Returning briefly to friendly genial mode Ophelia asked how I had liked her really pushing me. I had to confess that I had loved and hated every minute of it in equal amounts, but my dick had shown that I loved it and wanted more. Laughing she said, "well more you shall have my little cuck".

By then I had realised that this playfulness in Ophelia was dangerous and that I really should be careful what I wished for. Sure anyone into this can appreciate that one!

So surprised Ophelia instructed me to remove the leash and cuffs. Remove the basque, which required a little help, and then to get my jeans shirt and trainers on. Now she really was playing with my mind, as I had gone for a long session and still thought I had some time to enjoy(!) especially as I still had the panties and pull ups on. Ophelia disappeared and the returned in a knee length mac and informed me we were going shopping. OH MY GOD! All well and good in the house and privacy I thought, but she really was enjoying teasing me. Knowing exactly what I was thinking she told me we were off out to the shop down the road to buy some nice lingerie for Cara. Winking at me she grabbed my still hard dick and told me that she would have to look so sweet for Leon, and then pushed me towards the door.


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Great start, thank you.
tef fulton


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Great start!


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A very good start

Thank you

tef fulton


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Awesome.....loving every word!


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Damn those two days had been torment. I had often fantasized about being in chastity and kept in a constant horny state, but the reality was amazing, intense and damn hard work. Business had been good but there was that constant knowledge and feeling of being secured and therefore that constant sub feeling of knowing that I had gifted my chastity to Ophelia willingly. All together and powerfully enpowerd knowing that there was nothing I could do about it until I returned to see Ophelia.

So a very chaste and horny sub pitched up at Ophelia’s door after two days being locked. I walked up the path thinking to myself that it must drive a cuck hub mad to be locked by a wife and have no knowledge of when he would be released. I smiled and got excited about the fact that I would soon be free. A knock and a short wait and the door opened to reveal my educator standing, smiling, giving of an aura of sexiness, confidence and power.

“Ahhh, there you my little chaste boy, I hope you have been a good boy and not been tugging at your bonds?” “You must be so so horny and looking forward to getting that little cage off….follow me then”.
I followed dutifully staring at the perfectly formed ass, encased in tight fitting leather, the skirt ending and showing the narrow black seem of her stockings and going further to the gleaming heels. “You know where to go and what to do boy”, I was shown into the red room and left to disrobe whilst Mistress attended to other matters. It did not take me long to lose my clothes, as I realised, the sooner I was kneeling and attending to my Goddess, the sooner I would be released, and most importantly the sooner I would get to relieve two days worth of pent up frustration.

I heard the clip clop of the heels on the wooden floor and bowed my head as trained for her entry. Kneeling naked save for my chastity belt and waiting, craving the sound of her voice and touch of her hand. Ophelia entered and approached, moving in front of me and seating herself on her throne. The sound of her making herself comfy and of papers being placed on her throne side tale could be heard.

Settled I then felt her manicured finger pushing my chin upwards, allowing me to gaze upon my goddess and teacher. I could see that familiar smile come to her face as she saw my cheeks redden. “So how has it felt being locked and denied?”, “Did you try and play with your little dicky reliving our last session?”. With a croak due to my excitement I could only answer “Yes Goddess”.

A chuckle issued from her as she soothed my face with her palm. “Good, good my little cucky, I am so glad to hear that you were fantasizing about our session. Did I make it as realistic as you had wanted and hoped for?” “Did I take you to your limits?” “I hope through our time together I have managed to work out exactly what gets you going and what you really want…Is that true my little one?”

Still excited and horny beyond belief hard in my chastity, “Yes Goddess, I must confess that I loved every minute of it, you have certainly pushed so many buttons that I never realised I had to be pushed. You have played on and developed my sub side and had me do things I would never have imagined a short time ago”.

“Well my little one, it is most gratifying to know that you think so highly of my training, and that you have enjoyed it even considering some of the torments and offenses I have put you through, but tell me did you thrill at our most recent session? Did you marvel at how some men like Leon are possessed of such wonderful cocks, cocks that can really take a woman to another level, to make her forget her marriage vows and become a real slut?

My little locked dick gave the game away and twitched between my legs. Ophelia noted this reaction and smiled seductively. “Ahh isn’t that cute, your little toy tells me you loved every minute of it. I am so so glad that it approves. In fact I have something here that I think will also meet with your approval, and hopefully the approval of your little toy between your legs”.

At that Ophelia turned her face and reached over to the pile of papers that she had brought into the room with her. Picking them up I could see that they were magazine like. She also picked up a small brass key that I recognised to be the key to my chastity. This sight automatically produced a surge of red which became quite uncomfortable in my small primister.

A patent leather point nudged at my cage and was matched with a small chuckle. “Well my little trainee cuck I think it is about time we released that poor little tormented worm from its confines so that you can masturbate for my amusement. Oh but before I do that I have to show you this brochure that Leon brought me round last night. He suggested that you would love to see it and that you would think it as wonderful as he does”. Ophelia looked into my eyes and then turned it so that I could see the present that Leon had brought me.

As she did, I could only vaguely hear the words. The focus was on a brochure for my wife’s gym, the haze that accompanied this made it difficult to take on board the fact Ophelia was telling me that Leon had decided to join my wife’s gym, and that he looked forward to making Cara’s acquaintance. Despite the haze, my dick swelled at the realisation that my fantasy and real worlds were about to converge. The fear and excitement and pent up desire resulted in an involuntary ejaculation, still confined and drawing a peal of laughter from my Goddess.
“Well now my little wannabe, we do seem to have made some progress…don’t we?”

With that Ophelia reached down and inserted the small key into the lock and I heard the click even above the sound of my deep breathing. This woman had taken on board all that I had told her over the times I had seen her. She had listened and worked on how best to push my buttons, she had played her role to the max. Even having been teased and denied, locked away, humiliated and educated into the psych of being a true sub, I was in sub heaven, on a high yet relaxed and happy in a post orgasmic haze.

The lock removed from my now tender member, It was released from its plastic primister and I could feel Ophelia applying some baby wipes to clear up the mess made around my locked dick. It was funny that I could hear the distant sound of cars from the street outside, the ticking of the clock in the hall and the soft sound of Ophelia softly humming to herself as she worked.

Tossing the wipes in the bin, she ran her hand down my cheek. “Relax for a minute and I shall bring you a soft take”. “I appreciate that I have pushed your limits over our last 2 sessions and think that a little chat to discuss what we both got out of them is called for”. With that she rose and clip clopped out of the room. Leaving me to my own mixed emotions, I attended to myself again with some more wipes and began to think about dressing in my everyday clothing.

By the time Ophelia returned, I had cleaned as best as I could with the wipes at hand. The passing time had also brought about the post orgasm blues, angst, shame, whatever you want to call it. Still naked I was sitting on the bare floor of a professional dominatrix, having revealed my true sub self to her and bringing my fantasy and real life together. I had been shamed, and shown as a cuckold to another woman, had been involved in erotic role play buying lingerie for my wife and her lover. I did smile at this thought, as I realised I would get to see Cara in the exquisite lingerie and enjoy her own mild married playfulness. So the play hadn’t been all bad had it?

I mused as I heard Ophelia returning, that she had been wonderful and had shown a true mastery of the art of playing with a subs mind. The gym brochure was a real master stroke, and one which would give me thrills every time Cara breezily told me she was off to the gym.

The door opening and Ophelia entering with two steaming mugs of tea brought me back to reality. My lowly nakedness on the floor seemed odd at this point, something which Ophelia appreciated as she told me to sit on the padded couch as she handed me the tea. “Careful now, you don’t want to do yourself a mischief with that hot tea now”, this brought a chuckle from both of us.

Settling back in her throne and crossing her legs, a bright welcoming smile on her face, Ophelia sipped her tea and examined me. I wondered at that time what she thought of me, of her clients, and whether she actually did enjoy her job. Whether she viewed us as wierdos, or whether she appreciated the kinks in so many peoples make ups and loved the variety of the human species.

Out of Mistress mode now Ophelia still exuded an aire of confidence and beauty, I suppose the throne and dark figure hugging leather lent that to her. “So Rob, all joking aside, have you enjoyed our sessions of late”? “Do you consider that I have pushed you too hard, or do you think I could still mess with your head further?”

Not wanting to drop myself in any deeper than I already had, realising that Ophelia had an incredible memory, and knew how to take ideas and make them into amazing roleplay, I thought as I sipped my tea.

“I honestly don’t think I could have asked for any more had I tried to script the sessions myself”, I told her. “The play has been amazing, the interaction with Leon scared and humiliated me, yet thrilled at the same time”, a smile played over Ophelias lips with this admission.

“The trip to the lingerie store, is something that I would never have contemplated, yet was intense. “As we walked down the street I was sure that others knew what we were doing and what my kinks are”, “Fiona was incredible and I have to say, the idea of using me buying lingerie for Cara as part of the play was inspired, I can’t wait to see Cara in the sets, and know she will look truly beautiful”.

With that Ophelia sat forward ever so slightly with a semi serious look on her face. “I can appreciate that Rob, after all the mind is the biggest erogenous zone in the body, unless of course you are dealing with Leon, and then something else is bigger!” This brought a laugh from us both and made the scene more comical. “Being more serious and practical though Rob, from our sessions I have been able to think more about you and see what you get out of this and think that you are a strong permister despite all this play”. “It seems to me that you do deeply love Cara, but are concerned that she would think less of you for what floats your boat ?” This pause was accompanied by us both taking time to digest the conversation as well as take a take of the tea.

I must have looked puzzled, as Ophelia continued with the analysis, “From our play over the last few months you have really opened up (smiling) both physically and metaphorically”, I shifted on the bench recalling the rather large toy that Ophelia had used on me on a couple of occasions. “I am sure that you have gone through with things that you would never have considered this time last year, yet those ideas and the willingness, was there, it was waiting to be tapped into. I have merely been able to listen to you and take your ideas and give them form”
…”But Rob, I have seen the intensity of your orgasms, and how hard your dick gets when you visit me and play with the idea of being Cara’s devoted cuckold hub, and I am telling you that unless you let her in on your inner most thoughts, it is you that will be left unfulfilled”, A wicked grin then came on her face as she brought the tea cup up to her scarlet lips. “Pretty much as Cara is left unfulfilled by your dick”. I caught a gleam in her eye, a smile as the china met her lips.

“Rob, I am sure you realise that I have seen many married guys like you who are scared to tell their wives their darkest fantasies for fear of them freaking out, thinking less of them or at worst, demanding a divorce. But in your case, you have been married long enough to be fairly sure, I am sure, that Cara would never leave you. She may be a little surprised at some of your ideas, but unless you tell her at least some of them, you will never have the joy of playing them through with the woman you love”

Thinking about this I had to admit that I couldn’t argue, I did worry and feel guilty for keeping my more sub ideas secret, but had also read enough porn and forums to realise that I really should trust in Cara to take it for what it was, fantasy, amusement and an addition to our love life.

Lost in my thoughts, sipping my tea, I became aware of Ophelia getting up and starting to tidy round the room. She noticed I had returned from my thoughts, and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Rob, trust her, she is a woman, she is your wife and you have a life together. Tell her what is on your mind, use some of your ideas and imagine the fun the 2 of you can have playing with them ….together”, “Now get your pale white ass off my couch, get dressed and get yourself home to your wife”.

“Oh yes, and I would suggest that unless you want Cara to question what you have been up to whilst away, save the special lingerie for a special occasion”, “It’s a bit like a woman getting flowers out of the blue, many will wonder what you are feeling guilty for”!! With that she ruffled my hair and proceeded to nonchalantly straighten up her array of dildos on the shelf as is it were no different from cans in a supermarket.

Well that was my cue to get myself ready for the real world. Finishing up my tea and putting on my everyday attire I considered the analysis and resolved to grasp the nettle, to at least open up a little and try and use a few ideas that may light a fire under our marital love life. Yes it was scary to think that once started I may not be in control, but I realised that I was, at least in part, into this idea as I wanted to see Cara happy and totally satisfied with her sex life.

Dressed and with the decision made, I followed Ophelia to the door. In a post orgasmic calm and with a clarity of thought to trust in Cara and accept that Ophelia had indeed allowed me to be more open. As the door opened Ophelia opened her arms for the usual parting hug. As usual it was only a second but in that second as I backed out of the door and left the embrace, she returned to the tease that I had looked for in the first place. With a parting hushed tones, “just imagine it is Leons cock sliding into Cara as you make love tonight”. The smile on her lips and a jaunty wave goodbye and I was left standing facing a nice gloss black front door.


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Thanks for the update, this delicately crafted story with its exciting tea-takeing dominatrix, and a nice set of permisterages coming progressively into life, deserves a better following


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Well done!

I wonder how Cara will cope with the new rules about to be introduced into your marriage.

I look forward with anticipation!!!

Good luck with your efforts.


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Wow great work Rover68uk, please carry on, will Cara be seduced by Leon at the gym? will they both be used by Leon and Ophelia? cannot wait to find out.


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Part 4


Well it had to be done, I had to trust in the woman I married still being there, the passionate woman who had amazed me by giving me a blow job in the back of a cab late one night. The woman, who had, feeling horny on a late night train, in an open carriage, opened my flies, got me hard, pulled her panties aside and slid down onto my dick. A few years of marriage, work, and daily routine had diminished our sexual fire, perhaps familiarity had led to a feeling that we couldn’t explore and try new things for fear of making the other think differently of each other.

Arriving home from my business Cara was relaxing with a G&T, in the conservatory. After some brief cheery greetings I joined her. She sun shone and made the room warm, which suited Cara’s dress. For some reamister, after my recent play, I sat there and sipped on my take and looked at my wife in a new light. She was still the same woman, but I saw a new sexual side to her. It was there, but I had forgotten about it, and I had to get us back to how we once were.

At 39 she was still young looking, despite being a nurse and all the stresses and strains that brought on, she had kept a shining complexion, pale soft skin and features, 5’8” and a shapely size 10-12. I was always telling her that she was wonderfully shaped but as with most women, she was never satisfied, hence the regular visits to the gym.

In between chit chat about the day, her work and the gym, I sort of let it wash over me as I thought about how I was going to bring some kinky ideas into play. In between sips of take I was still studying her, noticing again the softly curled strawberry blonde locks that fell just above her breasts. God I loved those breasts, 36D and all natural, still firm. The story of her day was almost lost on me thinking how they would look being cupped by Leon’s dark hands

Ophelia had been wonderful she had brought out my ideas, amplified them and boosted my desire for my wife. The ideas of making it real had been wonderful but in our own home, in the safety of our marriage it made me happy that Ophelia was just a master/mistress of playing out fantasies rather than trying to change people’s lives for real.

That said, as I looked at her I was certain that some of the ideas developed by Ophelia would be mentioned tonight.

The evening was coming to an end as we finished watching the news. However, it was the final item which opened the door and allowed me to start the ball rolling on some play. A feature about the widespread use of steroids in body building and weightlifting was the key. Although not that interesting in itself, it caused me to make a comment about many of the men who were featured. The comment being somewhat supported by the feature. Despite causing mood swings there was also the result that many men suffered from side effects that affected their size and performance. This caused me to mention this to Cara. I simply suggested that there were probably a few guys at her gym that took them and that she would probably be able to determine the ones from the lack of packing in their gym shorts. Cara responding quickly after a pleasant day and an evening assisted by a couple of G&T's simply replied, "That may be true of some who do weights, but I can assure you that not all of them do, and not all of them are lacking in the size department!".

Seizing my chance I playfully reached across and planted a playful smack on her backside as she was rising getting ready to head upstairs to bed, "Oh really? And what would my naughty little lady know about that? Have you been a bad girl at the gym and been assessing the cock size of some of your fellow gym members?", "I think such a naught girl needs to be shown that a good wife should be paying attention to her husband and not looking at guys lunchboxes".

With that I swatted away at her backside but she was too quick for me and had made a dash for the stairs. Dashing after her I got the chance to see her wonderful form above me going up the stairs, a glimpse of thigh as her skirt flapped in the air. Round the corner and across the landing. I caught her just inside the bedroom door, and we fell onto the bed. Grabbing her wrists, she twisted and I could see that beautiful face smiling teasingly up at me. "So does my poor hard working neglectful husband, not like his little wifey looking at big packages then?", she said teasingly as she bit one corner of her lip. "I can assure you that Stefan & Olu don’t take steroids, or if they do they certainly go against the grain".

"Oh really?" I responded, as I moved her wrists so that I could hold them above her head with one hand. She was obviously loving playing the bad girl as she wasn’t making much effort to shift me or escape my one handed grasp. As I had one hand free, I ran it down the side of her cheek and continued down to her breasts. Running the back of my hand over them both I then circled the nipple, and then leant in to her ear. Nibbling it I whispered to her, "I think you have certainly been a bad girl and deserve a little spanking for being so mischievous, taking time off from your work outs with friends to eye up other men".

This was met with a giggle and I moved back to see her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips ever so slightly parted. Planting a light kiss on them, I heard a small sigh. I had to push this further and find out more about what got her off and if she had actually been viewing the meat at her gym. Still holding her wrists I again told her that she was a bad girl and that I would prove it. My hand stopped teasing and circling her nipple and trailed down her tummy until it reached her soft linen skirt. The fingers then walked their way, slowly bit by bit pulling up the hem. Still with her eyes closed, I watched her face. "I bet like so many bad girls, simply seeing a big bulge in a guys pants will get them all excited, is that true Cara? Did sweet little Cara, get all excited when she saw some toned Scandinavian hunk with a big cock in his pants, Well my little slut?", This was a new one in itself and I wasn’t sure if I had pushed things too far as I had never called Cara a slut before, even in our early passionate days.

At this point I had pulled her skirt up to her waist and my hand was slowly tracing its way over her mound, and it found the truth. At first it was just a little, but as my fingertips traced lower, there it was the increasing wetness that showed the timing had been right and also that Ophelia had been right. As my hand moved ever closer to her pussy, I could feel the warmth, and then the wonderful wetness that came with her excitement. I could feel a slight upward pressure coming from Cara. Obviously excited and turned on by our new play, she wanted my touch, my fingers to explore.

My hand brushed over the smoothness of her panties and could feel the small patch of hair beneath. Cara had always been very modest and had kept a nicely trimmed patch and had always resisted my attempts to have her bare down below. Now I had my chance to play on this idea also.

“Mmm such a nicely kept pussy, I wonder if those hunks at the gym like a married pussy that way? Or do you think they would want it completely bare for their pleasure?” Again her hips pushed gently upwards and met my firm hand. More pressure and a movement downward and I could feel the slight give of her pussy. The dampness and heat more evident now to my touch being amplified by her own movements. Gently rubbing her pussy her panties became ever wetter. All the time her eyes remained shut, her mouth slightly open giving sweet sighs. The intakes of breathe that met with the ministrations of my fingers.

Still holding her hands over her head I again decided to play the stud, “Such a wet pussy shows what a bad girl you are, I think you will have to take those panties off so that I can see how wet the thought of those cocks has got you”. With that my hand moved up again and slowly started to tug at the waistband of her panties. Keeping the mood I again kissed and nibred her neck. Changing the pressure and intensity to try and keep the moment alive. Feeling the panties get lower she raised her knees as I moved to her side so that they could come off fully. As her feet fell back to the floor, my hand made contact with a soaking wet pussy. Along with the thoughts of how wonderful and how turned on both Cara & I were, I could not help but think of Ophelia’s smiling face as she had told me to trust Cara.

I stroked the back of my hand across her thighs and then down between her legs which she gradually opened further. Turning my hand palm down I ran the flat of my hand upwards across her pussy and was amazed at how wet it was. I couldn’t recall in all our time together ever having produced such a result in her. The G&T’s, the sights at the gym and the talk and manner of our play had obviously struck a nerve. The second pass of my hand brought my finger into closer contact with the folds of her pussy. The slightest of pressure caused it to sink further in and be coated with her delicious juices.

I had always adored spending ages eating Cara, and wanted to get down there and taste her, but realised I had to carry on with the role of an assertive husband. Even so I couldn’t resist a taste and brought my slick finger up to my mouth and sucked on it. “Now that is what I call a tasty pussy! Is that so excited simply from the thought of those bulging shorts at the gym, or is my bad little wife excited at the prospect of taking one of those cocks in her tight pussy?” I knew the answer form the upward movement of her hips and the moan that came from her.
With that I started to unbuckle my belt and get rid of my trousers. “My naughty wife is gonna get a good fucking now, is that what you want? Is it? Answer me now” raising my voice slightly.

Ever so softly I heard Cara answer, the little bite of the lip, then a “Yes, yes fuck me hard”.

“What was that you wanted?” as I moved into position, my little dick standing as proud as it had ever done. This time louder came the response. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, I need a cock in me”….and with that I sank my 4” into Cara in one go. As I did so I looked down at Cara’s face and saw her eyes open and a dreamy look on her face. A smile started to form and she mouthed for me to fuck her heard. The mouthed words started to form and get louder, urging me on, telling me to fuck her with my big cock.

I knew that I had worked some magic in the play but also realised that I was short changing her in providing her with less than we had played with. Even, so it was Cara who was now imagining something she wanted as my eyes shut and visions of it being Leon’s thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy. The idea of her pussy being stretched, her lips gripping the sides of his cock, being pushed and pulled with every stroke. NO!!! that was too much for me , after only about 30 seconds I could feel myself losing control. The thought of Cara’s pale thighs surrounding the dark toned torso and a massive cock claiming her pussy got the better of me and as I thrust forward again I shot what I thought was the biggest load of cum I had ever managed into Cara.

As I paused I realised I had short changed Cara again and felt guilt starting to build. I opened my eyes, and looked down at a beautiful face, but one that appeared disappointed and still horny. I had managed in my short time to get her as close as I ever had to cumming on my dick, but had failed once again. Ophelia’s regular detailing of my inadequacies came to mind and I again started to sink into sub space imagining Cara taking a lover for real.

My now softening dick started to ease out of Cara, and I released my grip on her wrists above her head. Cara’s hips still moved up and down, trying to get some sensation and stimulation again my pelvis, but were not met with a firm cock to satisfy her. In my post orgasmic state I knew what a good husband should do but was as usual scared and a little disturbed by the thought of licking Cara’s cum filled pussy. I realised straight away how stupid that was as I thought back to Leon blasting his cum down my throat and over my face.

Whatever mixed emotions I had at that time were overtaken by Cara’s dreamy yet assertive voice, “Lick me, lick me now”, and with that her newly free hands pushed me down towards her slick pussy. Pushed down, I found myself kneeling at the end of our bed. Cara’s legs splayed in front of me and her glistening pussy, a mixture of her wonderful juices and my meagre offerings. Again, she urged me on and told me to finish her off and with that I tentatively leant in and ran my tongue along her slit. Cara’s hands came down and pulled my head closer into her, my nose making contact with the triangle of hair just above her clit. Mt mouth connecting with a soaking wet, cum filled pussy. Images of it being stretched and filled by Leon came to mind and to my amazement I could feel my dick starting to stir again. New found desire caused me to start licking as best I could, determined to bring Cara off to the best orgasms ever. I left more pressure on my head as her hands pushed down taking the weight of her legs. Her feet being lifted from the floor and legs placed over my shoulders. This pressure again brought me closer in to the heat of her. Despite her thighs enclosing me, I could hear her telling me what to do, “Lick me, fuck me with that tongue, c’mon, lick me”, then came the moans, her hips undulating as I lapped away. Alternating between circling her clit with the tip of my tongue, planting kisses on her thighs and lips and taking long strokes collecting the mixture of our juices, I could tell I was doing a decent job by the moans coming from above me.

Lost in my own little sub world, lapping away paying homage to Cara’s pussy and imagining her having been unfaithful to me, having to clean her up after Leon had pounded her, I was now hard again. There would be no escape though from Cara’s thighs, and so my hand gripped my dick and wanked hard as I tried to get Cara off as fast as possible. The urgency of her hips and the sounds she was making told me I was close. The grip on my hair also told me she was nearing her peak. The images ran through my mind, and even if I hadn’t managed to bring us to a climax in unimister from penetrating her, I managed it this time. My second cumming being somewhat less than magnificent fell on the bedroom carpet, as at the same time Cara’s thighs closed tighter around my head and neck, and her pussy pulsed under my tongue.

It almost felt like she was going to pull some of my hair out, and my neck was sore as her thighs gripped me and her body arched. She slightly released the pressure as she had peaked. The grip on my hair eased and her hands started to stroke my hair and ease down to the side of my face. Being able to look up now, I could see her body moving up and down, eyes closed once again, and a flush down from her neck to her chest. Cara, ran her hands over her breasts and sighed.

“Mmmm, Rob, that was amazing, that was so good”, as she reached out and beckoned me to come up beside her. Escaping from under her thighs, I planted a final kiss on her pussy, which was met with a slight flinch due to her post orgasm tenderness.

The next few minutes were spent in a warm embrace, both of us lost in a daze, and happy, satisfied. The embrace was only broken when we both started to calm down and feel a little cold from being only half dressed. Rather than going through the usual routines, our relaxed states just caused us to remove the last of the clothing and pull the duvet over us. Pulling each other close and spooning under the duvet I again playfully spanked her ass, “Now look what sort of trouble you looking at big cocks can cause!” as I again swatted her.

“Well if that is trouble I think that maybe I will have to be a bad wife a little more often then. Maybe I will have pay closer attention to the hung studs at the gym”, Cara, just pushed her ass back to meet me and squash my dick between us.

As I dozed off to relax in the arms of the woman I loved I couldn’t have been happier and thanked Ophelia again for giving me the courage to progress my fantasies and bring about this role play.


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Very well written. I look forward to more.


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The next morning I woke slowly with a slightly fuzzy head, to the sun breaking around the edge of the curtains. Cara & I were still entwined and I felt the warmth of her naked body. Sleeping naked was an unusual thing for us, but it felt good combined with the memories of the previous evening. As I moved it woke Cara and she pushed her sweet ass backwards into my crotch. Cara was lucky, she never seemed to suffer from hangovers and was always on the go from the moment she woke. Another little push back and I felt her arms move. This movement continued until I felt her hand touch my semi hard morning wood.

“Ahh, I see my stud is getting excited from just a little touch of his naughty wife’s ass, or are you still thinking of your wifey enjoying bigger cocks than you?” With that my hidden cuck desires surfaced and with Cara’s hand still lightly stroking my dick, I twitched which resulted in a chuckle from Cara as she turned around to face me. Her hand still touched, caressing my dick. Slowly teasing me, smiling she looked into my eyes, “So it seems that my stud hubby enjoyed all the talk of me being a bad girl and looking at big bulges and big cocks as much as I did. “, “Mmm, well I think we should just hold that thought whilst I go and put the kettle on, now don’t go and set that weapon off before I get back”.

With that Cara, gave me one last stroke and jumped up in bed and made off down the end of the bed. Bounding onto the floor, she suddenly jumped and let out a little squeal “Ooooeeee, Rob, what on earth did you do last night? I know we were both into the play and talk but I didn’t realise you jerked yourself off with the talk of me taking a cock”.

At first I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, and then I realised she must have jumped off the bed and stepped into the wet patch left by my last ejaculation. Well what could I say? Immediately thinking back to the great time we had had, the way Cara had got into the play, and the fact that I knew how hot things could be, I smiled and simply pulled back the covers. A little self consciously admittedly, but then started stroking my dick.

“What on earth do you expect?” I said, continuing to stroke, “There I am licking the most delicious pussy in the whole world”, Thinking flattery and lightening the tone could get me out of the situation if Cara didn’t join in with the mood……… “And a certain little minx is getting all hot and bothered, producing the sexiest moment we have had in ages, what do you expect me to do?”

And with that Cara, smiled, semi turned and gave herself a playful little slap on her left cheek before disappearing out of the room to get the coffee on. As she bounced down the landing and stairs I heard her call back, “Hold that thought lover boy, and no cumming til this little minx returns”. It appeared that the play had been right and I hadn’t pushed it. I wondered if Cara had recalled that I had actually been licking my own cum from her pussy whilst playing with myself. I started to get a little concerned that maybe this may have pushed things too far too quickly, but then realised that what was done was done and there was no changing it…and after all it had been damn sexy.

A couple of minutes later I could hear her light footfalls coming along the landing. Gliding into the bedroom, she was met with the sight of her husband reclining on a messed up bed, slowly stroking a full 4 inch boner, clothes strewn around the floor, and most telling of all, last night’s panties at the foot of the bed next to a small wet patch. A wet patch marking the spot where I had knelt paying devotion to her pussy. A glass of water and an aspirin in hand, a sexy naked Cara stood before me, perhaps a different wife from the one I had sat takeing with last night as our desires and manner of release from the night before revealed much of what had been within us. Surveying the scene, glancing at the panties and the wet patch she approached the bed, appearing to sway her hips to tease me even further. Still slowly stroking myself, semi erect, I started again to harden at the sight before me.

Cara sidled around to my side of the bed and placed the glass down on the bedside locker before sitting on the bed and moving her hand over to replace my slow moving hand. I immediately hardened to her touch. The broad smile on her face showing she approved and was happy that she could illicit such a response despite her knowing I wasn’t feeling on top form.

“Little Robbie”, she said as she looked down at my dick and gave it a squeeze, “looks all excited despite the fact big Rob is feeling a little delicate as usual this morning”, “Maybe you should just have your aspirin and relax in for a couple of hours……..or do you think you would be capable of pleasing your naughty wife again?”

I had certainly got lucky at my timing as Cara still seemed playful and I wondered if maybe she had previously been having thoughts about big cocks or the ideas we had played with last night. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity given the amount of time that I had harboured these ideas. “I think I may be able to please my naughty wife again this morning, maybe even spank that ass again”, and with that I reached round and playfully slapped her ass. That little action was met with a tighter squeeze on my dick.

“Oh really, you think you are the man to be spanking my cute little ass do you? Maybe it should be spanked by one of the hunks at the gym, or maybe I may find a hung horny doctor at the hospital to put an errant nurse in her place”, with those words I couldn’t but help twitch again and slightly close my eyes. Cara noticed this and pushed home the advantage she didn’t even realise she had until last nights games

“Oh, so my macho man hubby actually enjoys all this talk does he”, as she continued to slowly stroke my dick. Looking down at me and then at my dick she moved her hand from side to side making a play of examining it before continuing the stroking. “Hmm, I had never really looked that closely at little robbie before”, turning back and catching my gaze before noticing that my eyes then sank to stare at her breasts.

Seeing them there in front of me and the stroking, I knew I had to try and take back some of the control, to move my ideas forward. I know it sounds odd when so many of the stories and experiences I had read about where couples had played with cuckolding for real, had involved the hub giving up power, but they were stories, and this was something I wanted to keep as fantasy play for Cara and I.

Reaching up and taking cupping one of her breasts in my hand, I gently squeezed, almost mimicking her own touch of my dick. I circled her breast with my finger and then paid attention to her nipples. I loved doing that as I always knew that getting her nipples hard would lead to me getting some pussy. There seemed to be a direct connection, and a few minutes play with her nipples would always get her pussy soaking wet. A light pinch of her nipple again and her eyes closed, but her hand still worked away on my dick.

I wanted to get back to leading the conversation, as good as it was that Cara seemed to be enjoying the teasing, “I know naughty Cara was trying to be the boss, but I guess that you always love those nipples and breasts played with don’t you?”. Her stroking continued but with the talk now, I again got a tighter grip on my dick.

My headache disappearing, despite the water and aspirin remaining on the bedside locker. The play making me forget my tiredness and fuzzy head, I continued to play with her breasts. I then sat up more and leant in to kiss my bride. As our lips met the mutual stroking of breast an dick continued, our marital passion rekindled.

I pulled Cara downwards and began trying to take the lead, kissing more passionately, almost trying to grind my face into hers, still rubbing her breasts and then breaking away leaving her, mouth open, waiting my next move. Rolling over I took control, Cara submissively relaxing and letting her legs be powerd apart. I positioned my dick at the entrance to her pussy. The colour of her outer lips ever so slightly darker than the rest of her pale skin.

Like the previous night I leant in and nibred her ear and started once again with my chat. Chat designed to get her worked up and try and make her see how turned on I was at the idea of her taking a hung stud into her pussy.

“Does Cara want some cock? Does Cara want to feel a huge hard cock stretching her pussy?” I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, pressing ever so slightly as I passed over her clit. The head of my dick becoming slicker as it spread her juices over the whole of her pussy. I could tell Cara definitely did want some cock. An image of it being Leon’s’ cock sliding up and down her pussy entered my mind. I could picture Cara moving to meet his dark cock and him teasing her and slapping it against her thigh and pubic mound, having her beg for it. At that moment I don’t think I had ever been harder. This was helped at that moment, or was it hindered, by Cara joining in with the vocalisation of our play. “C’mon stud fuck me with that cock, I need a real cock in me”

It was hindered….as those words sent me over the edge and with all the rubbing I splashed my cum over her mound before even having the chance to slide into her. Although I had just cum, I was not sure who was more unsatisfied, me or Cara.

Despite my failure to make her cum with my dick, I sank down and Cara pulled me towards her, still softly moaning and aroused by the play. I could only apologise and bring my hand up to her pussy, to start working on her own climax.

My fingers massaged her lips and delved into her soft lush folds, smoothing my cum and mixing it with her own juices. I found her clit, and circled it slowly, then ran my finger down to dip deeper and move more slickness to her button.
“Just imagine you are at the gym now, imagine working that cross trainer and watching those hunks lift those weights. I bet you would be watching them in their tight shorts marvelling at the bulges”, with that I again began circling her clit, stopping the talk to lick and bite her nipple. “I bet that pussy would be like it is now, soaking wet imaging one of those huge cocks fucking you in the changing rooms”, her hips came up to meet my fingers, placing more pressure on her clit. “Yes my little slut nurse loves the idea of a big cock, and I thought it may have just been the gin talking last night, it seems that I do indeed have a naughty little wife, one that ones to get a big cock and be fucked hard.

Cara’s breathing was showing signs of the excitement, once again I could see the blush appearing on her chest as she neared her own climax, and it was then I thought that I should push it again. “I think that as you are being so naughty that with the pleasure you would get from that big cock, you would have to take a spanking as you were being fucked, as one of your gym studs fucked you, spanked you and filled you with his cum”.

As the last word left my lips, Cara’s thighs closed and gripped my hand between her legs, her back arched and her body shook, she gasped, she moaned, her head thrown back pushing deeper into the pillow. Her hips, rocking up and down, as the waves of her orgasms flowed through her. One hand grasping at my back as the other gripped the bed sheets. The initial power of the orgasm subsided and she still rocked slightly yet pulled me closer. I pulled the covers closer to us and held her tight.

Looking at her face, eyes closed, smile on her lips and a glow about her body, I loved her more than ever. Forget the thoughts of her giving herself to Leon or any other hung stud, who needed that when we had each other and we could enjoy play like we had over the last few hours! With that, we both drifted off to relax, holding each other close.


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great effort. Flows nicely. looking forward to next installment


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“Wakey wakey lover boy, tea is served”. After our exertions the snooze had been wonderful and reminded me of those passion fuelled first few weeks/months of our relationship and here was Cara some years down the line and she was as sexy as I could ever recall. In her panties and loose fitting scrub top, she was climbing back into bed after bringing up some tea.

Sitting up I took the tea as Cara made herself comfy and turned on the television. For the first couple of minutes little was said as she channel hopped until she found a cookery programme. Something easy and not too taxing after our fun. It was Cara who broke the ice, and commented on my ardour. “So someone was turned on by all the talk of big dicks! Anyone would think you really wanted me to be a bad wife and give my pussy away. I saw how little Robbie (a name she seemed to have got into calling my dick) reacted and he sure didn’t last long”. With that she took one hand off her mug and reached under the covers.

Little Robbie was still recovering from the fun but showed slight signs of life when it felt Cara’s mug warmed hand. “Tell me my bad little hub, all that talk of studs and the effects of steroids, were you trying to let me know that was the reamister for little robbies size?”. With that she gave little Robbie another little squeeze and let out a playful little laugh. Planting a kiss on the side of my immediately blushing cheek, she apologised and said she was just joking. It was lucky I didn’t have a mouthful of tea, as it may have gone everywhere had she said that a few moments earlier!

So as we reclined in bed and relaxed I took the chance to admit that I had been so so turned on by the play from the last evening and this morning. That I thought it was the most fun, the most passionate we had been for ages and that I loved her and loved it. I confessed, albeit not being entirely truthful, that I couldn’t explain why, but that the play and idea of seeing Cara with a hung stud, lost in the moment, lost in a great cock scared and excited me in equal measure. However, I told Cara that I would never want the play to harm our marriage and that I saw it as something we could explore in the future.

As I confessed, Cara nodded, gave the odd acknowledgement and also slowly fondled my dick. All the while a sweet smile on her face. After some time of me going on, and Cara teasing me under the covers, she took the chance to play the minx again.

“I must confess that I really loved the play. It was so hot and yet I did feel a little guilty”. Her eyes seemed to look deeper into mine for some sort of acceptance or permission, but the response once again came from the twitching between her finger and thumb.

After a short pause where we both looked gazed at the cooking going on the TV, we both burst out laughing as the presenter displayed the finished meal with the words, “You can’t beat a large bit of Beef to satisfy you”. After the laughter Cara cuddled closer and continued her teasing. “It was a bit of luck that you picked up on that story on the news the other night, but it was also funny as a couple of the girls down at the gym had actually noticed that some of the guys down there were on the small side. That said, the couple I mentioned are quite new to the gym and always seem to enjoy showing off with the tightness of their gear. Whenever they are working out you can guarantee that the cross trainers will be filled with ladies, and not all of them single!”

Little Robbie had been worked up enough and I had to try and reciprocate so I tried to scoot down the bed slightly which allowed me to get to suckle at Cara’s breasts my moving the loose scrub top upwards. Once again, our bodies told no lies as her nipples, gorgeous as ever were standing proud even before I started to carefully circle them with my tongue. Taking a break from my suckling, “So which of the Scandinavian hunks does Cara think would give her the best time?”, “Was it Stefan & Ola?” Can you picture the lycra stretched tight over their lunchboxes, I bet you and some of the other bad girls at the gym went and played with yourselves as soon as you got into the locker room”

Cara’s eyes once again closed for a second, picturing the sights before her, her hand still slowly working little Robbie. Opening her eyes once again, she bit her lip slightly and responded to my teasing, seemingly trying to go better than my teasing. “I suppose it was the names that made you think of Scandinavia, Stefan I can appreciate but the other guy I gather is called Olu, and I have to say, I haven’t heard or seen many black Scandinavians!”…and with that she started to speed up her hand on my dick as she looked me in the eye.

Damn she had me there, I hadn’t been expecting that, but she had hit the nail on the head, without even realising it. “I know what they say about black guys being big, but I’m not sure Olu is any bigger than Stefan judging by the bulges”. As Cara quickened her pace with her hand I also moved my hand down to her pussy and sneaked it inside of her pnaties. A pussy that was already slick. It probably had never not been wet from all the talk and play over the last hours. I was sure though that the new talk, identifying particular studs and talking about their cocks had got her even more excited.

It took me a few more minutes for it to click that Cara had said that Olu, the black guy had only recently joined the gym. For a few seconds I wondered and worried that Ophelia had actually been serious and that Leon had actually joined the gym but was using another name. The soft hands and movement of Cara however, settled my mind as I couldn’t see any reamister why Leon would use a different name. The current play was great and had brought a smile to my face, but the realisation of the s******* of Ophelia to play on my mind even when I wasn’t with her kept that smile there.

Our mutual pleasuring continued for some minutes with me starting to talk about how Stefan & Olu must love knowing that they are the centre of attention. I teased Cara’s clit and suggested that they had probably already started working their way through the bored frustrated ladies of the gym and wondered how long it would be before one of those hunks started trying to seduce my “naughty wife”.

I think my confession that the idea turned me on, backed up by the most orgasms I had had so close together in years, had made Cara feel comfortable with the idea. I could tell she was lost in the talk as I dipped my fingers deeper into her pussy. Taking them out when nicely coated and moving them round, circling her clit. The concentration on her ideas caused the slow stroking of my dick to almost stop, Cara’s hand simply holding onto it.

“I think Cara is looking forward to that day when Olu stands in front of her and starts to try and pick you up. My fingers are telling me that your pussy certainly is looking forward to it”. With that I started to speed up my motion as Cara’s body started to move up and down signalling the start of another orgasm. “I think Cara is looking forward to helping Olu take that lycra off and reveal a huge black cock”, stressing the words huge, black and cock, I knew that she was right on the edge. “I think my naughty wife wants to be a slut for big black cock?” Well that did it, her hand gripped my dick tightly, forgetting completely about getting me off, the head went back, the mouth opened and the hips bucked against my fingers. After the initial rush Cara closed her legs tightly catching my hand between them and brought her other arm over to pull me closer. Small soft moans were coming from her as her hips continued to move slowly. Close, safe, content and happy.

After what must have been an hour or so, time where we must both have briefly drifted off to relax we both emerged from our blissful states. Cuddling, enjoying the closeness and comfort of each others’ bodies, we kissed and stroked each others’ arms and backs. We giggled about our play and how naughty it had been. About how intoxicating the idea is. Cara said she hadn’t ever guessed that I would get off on the idea of allowing another man to claim her pussy. She said that she had heard about couples playing with these sort of ideas and realised that if it was something that they both enjoyed and it didn’t harm the marriage then it was something that with communication could really add and spice up a marriage.

However, she went on to say that it was all well and good getting carried away with the idea. A few takes and the heat of passion but that she didn’t think she could ever do that for real. Cara, told me that she realised that I wasn’t the biggest of men in the cock department, but that she would never want to do anything to hurt me. That even if our play continued and I assured her when playing that I wanted it to happen for real, that she was doubtful she could go through with it for fear that it was just “little Robbie” talking. No, it would take a lot more to convince her that I wanted to go down this path for real. Understanding exactly what she was saying, I kissed her and said that was true. The play and fun was great, and whilst I may say I wanted her to try a hung stud and effectively make me a cuckold when in bed, I thought it was best to leave it as our bedroom fantasy. I assured Cara that if I ever really wanted her to be a bad girl I would make it plain at a none sexual playtime so that she could be sure and guilt free.

So with our sexual energies exhausted we simply relaxed in bed. The TV held our attentions and we talked about our everyday lives. About my impending business trips away, about Cara’s ward, the patients and how Sister struck fear into all the staff and that nobody wanted to get on her wrong side or their duties would be hellish. It was then that Cara mentioned that Sister had selected her to attend the annual Cardiology Conference which was taking place in Amsterdam at roughly the same time as her birthday. Attending the conference was something that was rotated around the staff on the ward with a couple of the nurses and the registrar and consultants going each year. It worked out that the hospital would pay for her flight and the nights at the hotel covering the conference.

As yet nothing had been arranged and so it seemed fortuitous that it fell around the same time as her 40th. We could arrange for her flight out to be a couple of days earlier to allow us to go out together and have our romantic weekend. Absolutely perfect we thought, time together, a time to celebrate the big 40 and part paid for. I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to hand over the lovely lingerie that I had bought and had been saving for a special occasion.

As we lay next to each other, lost in post orgasmic bliss, content with our new closeness I started to picture how much fun we could have away from home. The anonymity of not knowing anyone, the ability to be people we fantasized about and play games that we would never consider where we would run the risk of bumping into people we knew.

After a fun, sexually enlightening and generally relaxing day, the recent play which had caused "little robbie" to shoot too early was behind me, as the thoughts of future fun brought tiny stirrings down below. Drifting off to relax that night I had images of Cara appearing in our suite, adorned in the finery of her new lingerie.
New lingerie, a sexy dress and a hotel bar maybe to show her off, oh the fun we would be having. It may have been bought playing with the idea of it being for Leon, but the prospect of us being in a strange place and my beautiful wife being the sexual natural of my dreams, all wrapped up in silk and lace, made me look forward to Amsterdam.


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waiting for the next part ;)


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can't wait for the next chapter
everything in life is free


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Well the play with Cara had been amazing, it had been like we when we had just got together and just been married. Passionate, non stop, intense sex, a close bond, loving yet naturalistic. Ophelia had been right, it had been a case of trusting Cara, realising that she was a woman and that with coaxing she would reveal passions, fantasies that she may kept hidden unless I took the lead. I suppose it takes a woman to be able to really get into another woman’s mind…and so I found myself drawn back to Ophelia, to my mistress, the goddess who had told me what I needed, had told me what I didn’t know and told me what Cara really needed. Ophelia really was wonderful, able to allow me to be someone I wanted to be in private and to heighten the role play and sexual side of our marriage.

I had emailed Ophelia to find out if it was possible to arrange another session, and had briefly explained how I had taken her advice and introduced some cuckold role play ideas into the bedroom with Cara. I had of course also thanked her for creating a new sexual dynamo who enjoyed getting down to play almost every night on my return from work.
I had received a reply that was obviously filled with pleasure and satisfaction, satisfaction that came from knowing that she was a s*******ed professional who was able to draw on a subs ideas. She had also been her usual teasing self and had suggested that I had better make the most of my access to Cara’s pussy, as access may be limited if Leon had his way.

Ophelia suggested that maybe I should get used to playing with myself and that maybe I should spend some time reviewing the pictures taken at the session where I was introduced to Leon. It was suggested that such erotic scenes captured on camera would heighten my sub feelings. I never failed to marvel at how that woman could play with my mind.

Indeed it was Ophelia who was truly playing with my mind, as following up on what she had suggested, I had gone to fetch the boxes of lingerie and the camera one time when Cara was out. I had sneaked them into the house and intended on feeding my mental images. I know it sounds mad, but I was going to masturbate whilst looking at some boxes. Boxes containing sexy delicious lingerie mind, but still just boxes none the less….utter madness, but then I realised that I was hooked on everything about this idea, the chase, the lead up, the presentation, the mental acceptance.

Anyway, I had got myself prepared and had gone to review my work kneeling in front of Leon, but on turning on the camera I found to my utter shock and fear, that the memory card was missing. All thoughts of play, of masturbation evaporated in an instant and were replaced by a fear that they could be found, no mask, no hood, no disguising who I was and what I was doing.

It was within about 2 minutes after that shock that I was on the phone to Ophelia. The phone seemed to ring for ages, before those soft sexual tones came down the line. Words came tumbling out without me having the manners to pass the time of day. After my initial rudeness had been pointed out, Ophelia managed to calm me and made light of the situation. As if nothing had happened and it wasn’t a problem, she simply informed me that there must have been a small problem with the camera as Leon had found the memory card just before he had left and that he had promised to keep it safe.

The relief was amazing and I just accepted what I had been told and almost laughed about it with her. A couple of minutes more and I had arranged my next session. Timings had been a little awkward with Ophelia being busy. I had to accept an appointment on my way back home from business rather than travelling to business. It meant that I would be returning home within a short time of my session, but Ophelia had assured me that she would simply tailor the session accordingly and that there would be nothing that would physically mark me.

After the email exchange and a couple of days away, combined with the thoughts of the fun I was going to have with Cara on my return home, it was with great excitement that I approached Ophelia's front door. After all it had been through her s******* and experience that I had become confident, yet submissive, enough to trust that I could play with my fantasies within my marriage. The usual pleasantries followed and that sight of Ophelia's shapely backside as I followed her to her playroom got me excited for the experiences to come.

"I have to say Rob, I am very impressed that you took my advice, it sounds as if your trust in Cara has been well and truly repaid. Your emails sounded like you and Cara have been having an awful lot of fun and that you are well on your way to becoming the cuck hub of your fantasies". With that she stopped and showed me into the playroom. "Now Rob, you know what to do, off with those clothes and I expect you in a suitably respectful position waiting for my return. I have been thinking over what fun we can have and have some wonderful thoughts on pushing you".

As I entered my home for the next couple of hours, with feelings of excitement and trepidation at the thoughts of Ophelia's ideas I got a playful smack on the backside which was accompanied by a chortling Ophelia. The clip clop of the heels receded down the corridor as I disrobed and assumed my now customary kneeling position.

Some minutes later the same clip clop noise approached, the door opened and I soon saw those patent shoes in front of my down cast eyes. Settling back in her throne I heard the clear sound of a china cup being moved and could tell that Ophelia was once again surveying her prey whilst she enjoyed her tea. Nothing was said for what seemed like an age, the sound of a clock, the distant sound of traffic and the clink of the cup being lifted and returned to its saucer.
"Now Rob, today is going to be all about teasing, it is going to be about me toying with your mind and making you think about what you want or fantasize about and about what you can expect when, and I use that word specifically Rob, WHEN Cara decides that she needs a real man with a real cock". "Do you understand?" "Yes Goddess". It was all that was said, and all that was expected of me. Already I was getting excited and Ophelia had done nothing but talk to me.

The saucer being put to one side, Ophelia rose and began to move equipment around behind me. Still kneeling eyes to the floor my sight was removed as a mask was buckled around my head. I could smell Ophelia's perfume close to me and sensed her leaning closer. "We can’t have you seeing what is to come can we little boy". Then moving around in front simply an instruction, "Wrists". Automatically my arms were raised waiting the cuffs I knew would be coming. Sure enough the thick straps were placed on my wrists and secured. "Down", again I knew to lower my arms and I again could smell my Goddess so close to me, Chanel No5 I was sure, only the best for Ophelia even when sessioning.

Being so close the smell of the tight leather skirt was mingling with that of the perfume, every movement could be heard due to the proximity, a movement and the heels rising and falling ever so slightly. A rustle and I could picture the skirt being raised or adjusted. Then the more synthetic sound of tights, of panties, eyes covered I could picture Ophelia teasing me, so close yet unable to see her body as she removed her delicate under garment. The sound of heels moving again suggested that they had been removed which was confirmed as Ophelia brought the still warm item into contact with my nose. Holding them there, I instantly inhaled deeply trying to get the scent of that delicious pussy that I had often begged to see but had always been denied.

"Mouth open", once again an order simply conveyed and instantly responded to. The fragrant intimate item was removed from my nose and fed into my mouth.
"Enjoy those my little toy, remember that scent, concentrate on that taste, realise it is a taste of womanhood, of something which you desire but is reserved for those that can provide it with the pleasure which it deserves........and just imagine that it could be Cara in future that pushes her delicate moist panties into your mouth.....Can you imagine that Rob, Cara standing before you as I am, standing there her pussy exposed, bare, wet, waiting for a .....cock".

With that the presence directly in front of me moved and began to circle me. Ophelia's hands caressing my shoulders, rubbing my hair. "Can you picture that Rob, can you think of your sweet innocent wife waiting, about to be deflowered properly by a real Leon's that what you want Rob?" A muffled response was all that came from my mouth.

"Stand", again I responded, rising to my feet and standing in darkness. Again in front of me, I felt Ophelia's hands on my chest, the tips of her scarlet tipped fingers toyed with my nipples as she pushed me backwards, guiding me to the waiting equipment that had been prepared for me. Gradually I was manoeuvred into position, still standing, legs powerd apart, ankles secured, another restraint just above my knees accompanied by stomach, chest, upper arm and wrist. Finally a bit was fastened around my head. Ophelia informed me that this was for my benefit as she didn’t want to have to punish me should I be so disrespectful as to push those panties out of my mouth. Safely secured as I was Ophelia once again began her circling, toying with her captive. He hands gliding over my body, the odd little pinch, the odd little slap, and the odd little fondle of my stiffening little dick.

Again I could sense, could then feel Ophelia in front of me. I could feel the skirt gliding smoothly over my already leaking dick. Ophelia stopped her roaming hands and stepped back. Her hand came down on my dick. “Bad boy, little Robbie appears to have made a little mess on my nice shiny skirt. I think that merits a little punishment, wouldn’t you agree?” The heels moved and in the darkness, in my mind I visualised Ophelia walking towards her instruments of fun. Coming closer, and then I felt those fingers teasing my nipples. I knew what was coming, nothing too painful, well not until they would be removed, but then it was all about the knowledge that they would come off, the knowledge that the removal and the intake of breathe that would accompany their removal, that would bring a smile to her face.

“Now Robbie, whilst you are enjoying my little gift to your nipples I shall help you along the way to your dream”. Again, I could smell the perfume and feel the heat coming from her body. Coming ever so close, she spoke softly. “Now every cuck has to demonstrate to their wife that they are not equal to their Bull, and too that end it is only right that you show Cara. Being as benevolent as I am, and of course knowing that Leon will appreciate my assistance, I am going to let Cara & Leon see exactly what you bring to the party. Alas to do that we will have to do a little gardening”. At first I failed to grasp what she was talking about, but as her hand reached down and grasped a handful of my pubic hair, I realised that she intended to shave me. Despite the gag, I tried to say no.

It was all well and good not being marked, but this was going the other way. Realising my concerns Ophelia took pity and released her grip on my hair but then slowly started to tease my dick. “Little Robbie wants this, he needs to be free of all that nasty hair, he needs to be proud about being so petite, about his role in assisting you and Cara along the path to ultimate marital satisfaction”. With that I realised that there was no point arguing, well even if I could there would have been no point as Ophelia knew that this would simply fuel my fantasies and have me thinking how I would explain away my new bald look. “little Robbie” certainly showed he liked it by the fact he was standing so proud.

Moving away from me, I could once again hear the sounds of furniture moving and equipment being gathered. Within a couple of minutes I again felt Ophelia’s hands caressing my dick, moving it from side to side, examining it. Then came the whoosh sound of the shaving cream and the cool feeling as it was massaged around my dick, balls and lower abdomen. Then just before I felt the first touch of the razor starting to do its work I heard a click and the room was filled with the unmistakable sounds of love making. Ophelia had turned on her DVD. I could imagine the scene, no doubt some hung black stud pleasuring a petite white girl, or was that just what I hoped was playing?

The sound of movement, of action, or love making remained, yet I could still hear the sound of the razor doing its work. I imagined that Ophelia had added this soundtrack to ensure to a bald little boy by her s*******ed hands she played with my mind.

“Just think what Cara, will say when she is able to see how small you actually are”.

“Hmmm, the mark of a real man has to be hair down below, don’t you think cuck?”

“I bet Leon will want Cara as bare as you down there”

“I wonder if Leon will insist that you and Cara go to the same waxer to keep yourself tidy for him?”

“Long term wear of a chastity belt will be so much more comfortable now”

With every second and every comment I could feel myself sinking deeper into sub space, imaging myself standing naked, bald yet hard as a rock in front of an embracing Cara & Leon. As one of the symbols of my manhood was removed I started to come to terms with the idea and accept that it could be fun to play this idea out with Cara. Thinking I would just tell her that I wanted to make myself appear bigger for her. I hoped that her usual lustiness on my return from work would be heightened by my new look!

So after some time, I felt a wash cloth being rubbed over my now smooth pubic area signifying the completion of this task. Next came a delightful soothing feeling as Ophelia slowly applied moisturiser to the area. “We have to have it looking nice for Cara tonight don’t we, we want her to appreciate what you have done for her?” Of course the soft voice, the background noise of pleasure being given to the lady on the DVD helped in keeping me hard as a rock.


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Loving this story. Thank you 😊


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After the shaving equipment was moved away I again felt Ophelia close to me, again her hand toyed with my dick and her voice started easing its way into my mind. “So there we are, less of a man, not that you were much of a man in the first place eh Robbie?” I bet Cara is going to love your new look, I bet she is going to want to play with it just like I am now, she is going to want to examine it, to look at what little she has to work with, or should that be, what little YOU have to work with”. All the while Ophelia moved her finger and thumb only, back and forth. Just behind the head of my dick, alternating pressure, indicating that she didn’t need a whole hand to play with little Robbie.

Damn it was hot, my mind working overtime, taking in the noises of ecstasy coming from the woman on the DVD, the sound of Ophelia’s voice, the smell of her perfume, the taste in mouth slowly being released from her panties. This all combined with the feelings being imparted by her fingers. God I was getting close to cumming. I realised that I had only been in session for a short time and started to get concerned about peaking too soon. Fearing that my desire would be lost and yet I couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything about it. Still the fingers moved and the sounds played round my head. The idea of Leon instructing Cara & I to always be shaved or waxed for him. I could feel myself getting closer.

Ophelia continued her hand movement. Her closeness allowed her to feel my body, feel it quiver as I started to build towards my climax.

“Ahh does my poor little bald Robbie want to cum, do you love the sounds you can hear? Are you imagining it is Cara?....hmmmm you want to cum don’t you Robbie? You want to show Cara how much you love the idea of her going black, giving herself to a real man, a real man with a real cock”. “I can feel you getting close Robbie, but don’t worry, I am no clock watcher, we have only just started. Believe me there is plenty of time to play, and you are going to get to feel what it is like to be drained”

By now I could feel my legs starting to shake, as the climax approached. Ophelia was deep in my head, telling me what I wanted to hear, teasing me with ideas of presentation and control.
“Believe me Robbie, this is the first of many, I am going to toy with you, milk you and leave you incapable of satisfying Cara tonight….do you like that idea? Or is it a little too much for you? Do you think it could drive Cara into Leon’s arms? Or would my little cuck like that?”

The thumb and forefinger continued to move, ever so slightly but ever so surely, up and down giving enough pressure to go along with the idea of being a real cuckold, of going to my marital bed tonight incapable of showing my wife how much I wanted her.

Ophelia continued her mind games. “Feel free to speak cuck, tell me if you don’t want this, tell me if you don’t want to cum and I will stop…..but if I get you off now, then it will be the first of many, and I will not stop today until you are completely drained”. The panties in my mouth combined with the bit meant that Ophelia knew the answer; the answer would be no answer, a moan of pleasure, a shaking of the head, a twitching of my muscles at my bonds. My answer was shown cumming onto the dungeon floor. As the woman on the DVD orgasmed in unimister with her stud Ophelia burst into laughter and clapped as my hips bucked as my cum was unleashed to fall on the ground.

“Don’t go anywhere stud, we have lots of time and lots more of that nice cum to get out of you yet”, and with that I heard the china cup being lifted Ophelia retreating down the hallway. As the footsteps disappeared, the sounds from the DVD started again as I was left to picture the woman on the screen taking another hung stud.

The woman on the screen and in my head continued take that cock like the pro she obviously was. She exhorted her stud to fuck her hard, to pound her pussy to show a white slut what going black was all about. After just being shaved and milked of my first orgasm the eroticism of the moment was a little lost on me. The post orgasm blues were there, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I remained there restrained, marvelling once again at Ophelia’s s******* and intelligence, her ability to ramp up the idea and play it to the max. The shaving would certainly add another dimension to my play with Cara, but I wasn’t sure about the milking. Sure, when I was younger I was able to masturbate to my hearts’ content and cum probably 3 or 4 times, but now at 40 things took a little longer to recover. I thought to myself that I would just have to spend a long long time pleasing Cara to allow as much time as possible to recover and be able to get into that wonderful pussy.

My daydreams and plans were interrupted as the sound of footsteps approached and the door to the chamber opened. Moving my head to try and gather where Ophelia was, I could hear her chuckles as she moved around the room. She approached and then I felt my mask being unbuckled and removed. After a couple of seconds for my eyes to become accustomed to the lighting of the room, I could see the TV screen mounted on the wall directly in front of me and matched the sounds I had heard with the pretty little lady being ploughed by a really dark muscular black guy. She was almost bent double, knees alongside her ears as the guy pressed down on her and pistoned in and out of her.

Even with Ophelia having brought me to orgasm only a couple of minutes earlier, I could feel my dick start to tingle and come to life again. Ophelia came and stood beside me, leaning in and watching the screen. “Mmmmmm isn’t it an absolutely beautiful scene, eh Robbie, don’t they look so good together, a sweet pale petite girl and her muscular dominant lover, taking her to heights of passion that no small dicked white boy like you could even imagine”. “You notice how he has pushed her into exactly the position he wants, the position that gives him unhindered access to her pussy, a position that does not allow her to fight back, she just has to take it all as hard and as deep as her bull wants…mmm, isn’t it just beautiful?”

Being able to match the sounds with the images meant that the added sense of sight was able to increase my arousal. This arousal and my dick coming back to life answered Ophelia’s question without the need for her to remove my gag. I doubted that she had intended me to answer her anyway. Once again her hand snaked around my restrained body and started to work on my dick. In a matter of seconds after contact I was once again hard as a rock. The addition of images of interracial coupling fed my ideas and fantasies of Cara going black and slowly brought me closer and closer to a second orgasm.

“Are you looking Robbie, can you see that beautiful white girl, look at her giving herself to a hunk of a man, a man with a real cock, not like that tiny thing between your legs”. With that she gave me a squeeze which under normal circumstances would probably have caused much pain, but with the current eroticism only added to my excitement.

She then carried on stroking my dick, “Can you see her face Robbie? Can you see how her eyes are open but she is not there, she is lost in that cock, in the fucking he is giving her”, My eyes were fixed on the screen and despite the fact I had cum not 10minutes ago, I could feel myself on the edge once again. Ophelia moved in closer, rubbing herself against my tethered arms. I could see this woman totally lost in a black cock, a black man owning her pussy, making her cum again and again. Even though, she was in what sounded like a constant orgasm I could hear Ophelia humming in my ear, whispering about how hot the scene was. “Look at that cock Robbie, it puts yours to shame, see how her pussy has been stretched, see how it grips his cock as he pulls out of her?”

I could feel my legs starting to shake again at this point. “And best of all think how stretched she will be when her poor little dicked husband next tries to fuck her…hmmm, Yes Robbie, her husband, look at her hand Robbie, you see her wedding ring?

And with that once again Ophelia had worked her thoughts into my mind and again my cum shot out as hard and as far as I could recall. With that Ophelia let out a cheer and removed her teasing hands and clapped with delight at manipulating No2 out of me. Again she chuckled as I simply quivered in my bonds. Looking down from the screen I could see my fast shrinking dick still leaking, dripping strands of cum onto the chamber floor. As the wife on the screen peaked again and her stud plunged deep into her for what was obviously the cum shot, I looked down at the my dick and marvelled at how humiliating it was getting off on this idea, yet how erotic it was.


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Ace story. Thanks

The interaction between Robbie and Cara is superbly well-written. I have not read anything of the quality, being so believable and rational. The scenes with Opehlia are so hot, the plot and its development so gripping. Brilliant work.
tef fulton


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Great chapter! Keep it up!


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Another great chapter to a very good story Rover68uk.

Looking forward to reading more.


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Many thanks for the comments. It is tough getting into it and knuckling down to write but hope to have next bit done in next couple of days.


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Thank you for your effort, it's a great story


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Tell us more!!!!!


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Progression – Being Drained

Ophelia once again went to fetch a damp cloth to clean me up. Leaving me to contemplate my fate and my twisted logic at cumming at the idea of my wife being used by a stud like Leon or the guy on screen.

Once again I was brought back to the real world by the realisation that Ophelia was carefully cleaning away my issue, delicately soothing my bare pubic area and humming away as she did. Trying to speak to thank her and also wonder how we were doing for time, nothing came out except garred words muted by my gag. This brought Ophelia back to her task at hand. Looking down, my eyes met hers, deep brown eyes framed by dark mascara and long lashes. Deep red lipstick, teeth bright and white against her dark skin, her smile deliciously wicked.

“Don’t worry Robbie, there is still plenty of time yet. After all I said I was going to drain you and that is exactly what I intend”. Moving away, she circled behind me and started moving equipment again. Into sight came what looked like a low level sort of stocks. Looking over at me Ophelia realised that I wasn’t quite sure what was coming next. “Don’t worry my little trainee cuck, this next bit is all about you, all about me tending to you and your fantasies, so just relax and enjoy”. As those words sank into my mind she came round me and started to unbuckle my bindings.

Releasing me from one set of bonds she moved me forward until I was standing on the base board of the stocks. Bending down she quickly attached short chains to my ankle cuffs and the base board. Standing up she stood behind me and removed the bit. Moving swiftly round to the front she then offered her hand to allow me to use my tongue to push out her panties from my mouth. Taking them away and placing them on the table at the side of her throne, Ophelia sat, made herself comfortable and crossed her shapely legs.

“Now Robbie, you are going to play with yourself, I want you to listen and answer any questions I may ask. I want to know how you are feeling and I want you to be honest with me, and most importantly you are not to stop playing with little Robbie”.

“I will warn you, if you do stop playing with him then I shall have to punish you, I shall have to send you home to Cara with a couple of marks to show her that you have been hiding your dirty little secrets from you understand”?

All the while Ophelia was speaking I was aware that the DVD continued to play behind her, to show the delicious scenes of passion and lust unfolding, to show a beautiful woman giving herself to a strong black man.

“So, I can understand why you got a little concerned about those pictures that I took in your previous session. It really would be terrible if they got out, At this stage I doubt whether Cara would understand the power and awe and desire that you showed when you were pleasing Leon in such a permisteral way”

“Still, I am sure that once Leon has entered your life more officially”....a small chuckle came from Ophelia at that point, "Oh I do like the phrasing of that, Leon ENTERING your lives",

“You don’t need to worry though, Leon is very discreet, he is a professional and has a certain reputation to uphold, he would never show those pictures to anyone, unless of course you gave him permission to!!! That said, I think it only right that if you want the memory card back, that you ask Leon yourself. I will try and see if he will be available when you arrange your next session, or failing that, maybe you could ask Cara to ask Leon at the gym?....ah ah, now keep stroking little boy”.

I could only respond at this point, "But Leon hasn’t joined the gym, Cara hasn’t mentioned him, I know that there are a couple of black guys who work out there but she has never mentioned a Leon to me”.

“Ahhhh, don’t fret little boy, I am sure that Leon will appear in Cara’s conversations soon enough. I know you love the idea of them working out together, seeing each other and getting sweaty together? Isn’t that true”?

“Now returning to something that I was extremely pleased to hear, your new games with Cara. It seems that your trust in me, and also your trust in Cara has been repaid”. “I think that she has the makings of an excellent cuckoldress one that will benefit from having someone as s*******ed and experienced Leon to guide both of you through your induction to a wonderful new type of married life”

All the while Ophelia was speaking I could hear the sounds of passion in the room from the DVD. I was focussed on what Ophelia was saying but had the sounds entering my head subconsciously, marrying the idea of Cara with Leon to the sounds of ecstasy coming from the woman being used on screen. As Ophelia spoke and the sounds sank into my mind I continued to do as told and stroke my dick. The ideas had given little robbie some red but he still looked like the last turkey in the shop, or more like the last poussin in the shop.

“That’s it Robbie nice and steady, I want you to think about Cara & Leon together, not just about how he is going to pleasure her in bed, in your marital bed, but also how he is going to pleasure her in every room in your house. How he is going to seduce her, how he is going to make her his lover, his girlfriend, his partner and his slut”

“Yes he will also make her his slut, but she will become more than that over time, and you will love watching your sexy wife change as Leon explores the idea of being your Bull”.

The words she spoke made me think, they also made me excited. It was the whole idea of time, of the relationship growing and it being something that became real and more than just a bedroom thing. The words also started to bring little Robbie back to life. Gave him enough red to make it possible to use two fingers and my thumb to stroke him.

“You see my little cucky, Leon is an educated man, a professional, s*******ed at what he does and very highly regarded. His position brings him into contact with many different types of people and he has the ability to get on with anyone. He is smooth, charming, witty and like many west African, and in particular, Nigerian men, has a certain way with the ladies”.

“Right from his youth he has been able to charm the ladies, it is a mix of confidence and a degree of arrogance, a knowledge that if he sets his mind to something he will undoubtedly get it”.

“Do you think that Cara will love that type of man, eh cucky?” “Do you think that is the sort of man who could get into her head and into her pussy, to work his way into your marriage?”

The words and the smile on Ophelia’s face were so seductive, as I slowly played with my dick and watched her toying with my mind. “Yes Mistress, Cara has always said that she liked the smart confident professional guys, but I know that she would never do anything for real unless I explicitly told her it was OK out of the bedroom”.

“It would be a wonderful thing to think that Leon would find her sexy and try to seduce her but I can’t see how that could ever happen”. Even as I said that, my hand was working rhythmically, attempting to bring little Robbie back to life. The idea that it could be real assisting in this task. “You see Cara would not approach anyone like that, like Leon, and Leon does not know what Cara looks like, so it would not be possible to break the ice and make the introductions”.

With that, Ophelia threw her head back and laughed out loud, clapping her hands once again. “Now, now, now, my little cucky, you are seeing problems when you should be seeing solutions”. Leaning forward again and picking up a riding crop from the side of her throne, she reached forward and lightly brushed the little leather tip over the head of my now semi hard dick.

“I appreciate that that could have been a problem, and being ever the one to solve problems and to progress you deepest desires I have assisted in this little matter”. “You see, like many men, I know that you love Cara so much and that you would keep a lovely photo of Cara in your wallet”. With that, my hand still on my dick, I momentarily stopped playing with myself as I realised the implication.

A quick flick of Ophelia’s wrist and the crop and the little leather strip made a less pleasurable contact with the head of my dick. This mean little cut instantly made me resume my work.

“Yes my little cucky, I have taken the picture, and a lovely picture it is too. It has been scanned very quickly and I forwarded it to Leon’s Blackberry”. The realisation that my fantasy and real worlds were getting ever closer was a shock, brought a degree of fear to me, yet also brought that extra adrenalin which finally brought little Robbie to his full 4.5 inch glory.

“It is such a lovely picture, I am sure that you told me that Cara was a nurse but seeing her in her uniform made me think that Cara & Leon were meant to be an item. You see it is all well and good having a basic sexual chemistry, but to develop an intimacy, a trust that can take their couplings to another level, that needs a shared interest”.

“Now I am sure that the shared interest may well be helping you become the true cuckold that deep down you yearn to be, but in this case, they will have medicine!” “Yes my little soon to be cuckold, you see that intelligent, charismatic, assertive stud is a Doctor, Isn’t that just wonderful?”
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Great chapter again!


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Sorry for the delay, for some reamister I have been having problems logging in. Still it allowed me to get the last bit finished.
Apologies if this last section has gone on a little too long. I got a bit bogged down in the description, but I suppose thats from lack of experience. I think I need to take a leaf out of GH's book and actually plan things before I start writing!
Anyway, next bit is abit long so have split it in two.


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Chapter 10
Progression – Being Teased & Drained

The realisation that there could be a bond. That there would be an easy way to strike up conversation and build a real relationship hit the spot. The spot both deep down in the pit of my stomach, but also in my brain, my brain that connected with my dick! Now fully hard, Ophelia was again reclining in her throne, leaning back she crossed her long dark legs, showing off a glimpse of coffee coloured skin above the band of her stockings. All adding to buzz in my brain. Not only did Leon have a picture of Cara, but he also had the knowledge and intelligence to charm her. Reality was certainly coming crashing into my fantasy.

"You may wonder how it is I am able to know so much about Leon, well, the fact is that we are actually cousins. Our parents all grew up in Nigeria and moved her before we were born. So I like to think that we got to get the best of both worlds, a love of family and the experience of an African family. The knowledge that we are strong and that we can get what we want when we put our minds to it. It also instilled in us a desire to control and be in charge, something that I think may explain the career paths Leon & I chose". With that Ophelia clapped her hands together and laughed a little.

Once again Ophelia moved forward and flicked her crop upwards to encourage my slow hand movements. Movements that now had the whole of my limited length to work on.

"It does make me wonder little robbie, how many Nigerian Bulls there are out there, as they seem wired and blessed to be able to perform such a wonderful function".

"I am sure that you will agree in future that you have been blessed by being introduced to Leon. I appreciate that there may be times when you question whether it has been a blessing or a curse, but overall I am sure that you will love having a strong Nigerian man controlling you & Cara".

"Now take a good look at the screen above me little boi, Or perhaps I should get you used to what may well be the name that you will come to answer to. You see Leon loves, and is rightly proud of his Nigerian roots and prefers to refer to his couples in his native Yoruban". "You will no doubt get used to being termed, Ohu. Ohu, such a small word, although small things do seem to be very appropriate for you". This little joke was accompanied by a playful tap of the crop on the end of my dick.

With that once again Ophelia permitted herself a little chuckle, all the while knowing the effect that the images on the screen and her teasing words would have on me.

"Do you like that idea little boi? Can you imagine how erotic yet shaming it will be. Even in public Leon can call you Ohu, and nobody will know that he is humiliating you, calling you a white boy with a small penis . That is unless there happen to be other Nigerians around. Oh can you imagine how much fun that would be, the knowing smiles and sniggers as they realise that Leon is you Bull, or as they will think of him, and as you may well be required to call him, Oba, your master. Cara will of course refer and defer to Leon, I am sure that you understand why? She shall be your Yemi, or Queen as, once again, is only right. I think it also correct and in the spirit of your soon to be relationship, that you refer to me as Omolara, which little robbie, means Goddess.

As my hand moved back and forth, the idea of our own special language intrigued and excited me. "Yes Omolara, thank you Omolara, Leon shall be our Oba and Cara my Yemi".

"You love the whole idea don’t you Ohu? you love the fantasy and fear how much you want the reality"? Does it excite you, the idea that simply having Cara speak to Leon could have her magictised by his sheer magnetism. You know don’t you, the charisma and s*******s in seduction that he can bring, the aphrodisiac that is power, that aphrodisiac that can enthral Cara and make her fall under his spell".

The idea that Leon simply meeting Cara, the idea that he could seduce her into doing this even without my agreement. It got into my mind, the thought that I could lose control of our role-play, lose control of the chance to be part of it, part of the planning of it. But then that idea of losing power was so erotic, making it real, demonstrating my subservient position and relegation in the sexual pecking order. This idea of not being in control, once again combined with the images on the screen of a strong black man commanding a woman.

As the screen before me showed what I fantasized about, Ophelia, my Omolara, had managed to get into my mind once again, to make me want this as a reality, to take it out of just our new found role-play and truly plant those cuckold horns on my head. The idea of me losing control of the idea, of Leon claiming Cara’s pussy was scary yet so erotic.

With those ideas, I continued to stroke my rock hard dick. I could never have imagined that I would be hard again after already having been made to cum twice. However, here I was, lost in a sexual fog, my hand going back and forth, my eyes closed and I could softly hear, Ophelia’s voice, “Cum for me Ohu, cum for your Omolara, cum for your Yemi, and show your Oba what you want”. With that I could contain myself no longer and started to cum.
This time it was not the full on orgasm and ejaculation of the first couple of times. It seemed my body simply didn’t have it left in it. A couple of smallish spurts and I could feel my dick start to soften once again. Breathing heavily and unsteady on my feet, I looked down and could see my now meagre offering spilt on the black wooden base board. Looking upward I caught the face of Ophelia. Eyes shining and a broad grin on her face.

Ophelia, chuckled and brought her crop upwards once again, using it to lift my now shrunken dick. “Well well, little Robbie seems shy after cumming to such erotic musings, I have to say Ohu, I didn’t really think that it could get any smaller, but it seems that I was wrong”. “Look he is even showing his own embarrassment at being so small and has gone all red. Or maybe that is due to him starting to get a little sore?”

With those teasing and humiliating words, Ophelia rose from her throne and without any formalities, “Now on your knees cuck and kneel on the board”, and with that I positioned myself just behind the pillory part. Lost in my submissive state yet questioning what I was doing.

“You know what to do next”, she said as she lifted the top part of the stocks. I did for a split second wonder the post orgasm blues starting to cause me to question whether I should go for this stage of the session or whether I should end it now and try and save myself for some great play with Cara tonight. However, my sub side got the better of me and once again I complied with Ophelia’s instructions. As soon as my head was through the stock came down and I heard a small click as the padlock was secured. “Now we shall just make you a little more secure, and once done we shall get to work on the remainder of the session, we have more to talk about my Ohu, as I am mightily impressed that you have listened to me and trusted in both me and Cara”.

In the next couple of minutes I had my wrists cuffed and secured to the base board of the stocks joining my already imprimistered ankles. This left little room for movement and placed me at Ophelia’s mercy. Once secured my goddess appeared in front of me and sat in her throne in order to survey her captive.

“Now my Ohu, I am so sorry that we haven’t really had time to chat so far, I really did want to get on with the session and wanted to get you part drained before we wound down a little”. I wondered exactly what Ophelia meant as we normally had a little chat both before and after a session, yet here she was wanting to engage in conversation mid way through the session. Well I was hardly in a position to argue!

“So whilst you are down there we are going to finish off your draining, you have had all the pleasure of cumming three times already, but this last bit will not exactly be that pleasurable”.

“You see the whole point of this session was to judge exactly how much you wanted this, about how much you got off on the idea of losing control. You have shown me through our sessions and through what you have told me about your trusting Cara, that you want to move things forward”

“By draining you, I will give you a chance to do just that. You are going to return home to a sexually desirable and frustrated woman, one who is going to want some cock. Sadly, being the Ohu and little wanker that you are, you are going to have to confess to having played with little Robbie too much whilst you were away”.

“You are going to have to work very hard to please Cara and are going to be unable to do anything but focus on her pleasure, but that is something that is the job of the dutiful Ohu husband”.

“Now tell me cucky, in your emails you explained how you had started the ball rolling with Cara, I now want to know more details about your play and how you plan to progress it?”……”and whilst you are telling me please do not be put off by what I am doing. You may now begin”.


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Chapter 10 continued

With that Ophelia rose from her throne and ****** of my sight. I tried to turn my head but the thick wooden board of the pillory held my head firm and restricted and backward sight. Next came a swat of her hand as she planted a firm smack on my backside. “I instructed you to begin”

With that I started to outline to Ophelia how we had played with the idea of her trying a hung stud and how he would be better hung and than me , more toned, younger and more athletic, able to pleasure Cara for hours make her cum again and again. I told Ophelia about Cara noticing hung guys at the gym and how we had played with that idea and how she had seen a black guy at the gym but that his name was Olu, and so I had been a little concerned but that I realised it was all part of Ophelia’s mind games. I was about to tell her about how I was planning on playing in the future when I was thrown completely as ice cold liquid was suddenly dripped onto my backside.

I instinctively flinched which was again answered by a playful slap of my backside and Ophelia telling me to continue and not to worry as she was about to start the final stage of my milking. I realised at this point that there was to be no play with my dick. I had read about guys, cucks being milked, about men having their prostate massaged.

“Please Omolara, please, do you have to do that? If I am milked like that then there really will be no chance of me making love to Cara tonight”. Again my plea was met with a slap of my ass.

“Now now cucky, you should know by now I am a woman of my word, and you should also know not to question me when I am attending to your needs”. “Now continue, this may feel a little odd the first time, but I think it is something that your Oba may well have Cara perform on you to ensure that you don’t get any ideas once he has claimed her pussy”. SLAP, went her hand.

With no option and knowing that there was nothing I would be able to say to prevent this, I resumed my narration of our recent play. Knowing all the while that by admitting this, Ophelia would be able to use to play on my desires even more. To blur the line between fantasy and reality. She knew I wanted it yet feared it in equal measure. Ophelia knew that I would tell all and that she would delight in hearing that her work with me had borne fruit and that she had certainly made progress.

I continued and told Ophelia how we had played with the idea of Cara being used at her gym and how we had joked about me being smaller than many men. As I continued so did Ophelia, slowly at first gently probing my ass with what felt like a gloved finger. I could feel her push in and out until she was able to move easily and then she found her spot.

Occasionally, she would stop and ask me to expand on a point in our play, but mostly stayed quiet and let the sound of the DVD player fill the room. The sounds of skin on skin and a woman moaning were background to me revealing how Cara & I were now loving the idea of her going black. It was after about 5 minutes of me talking that I became aware of the pressure that Ophelia was putting on my prostate. Despite the fact that I had cum already I could feel a semi hard on even without any stimulation. It was not unpleasant, just a little odd but I knew that it meant that Ophelia was doing exactly as she had planned, draining me.

I had gone through almost all of our play and had started to tell Ophelia about Cara being chosen to attend the Cardiology Conference, when I became aware that the ministrations of Ophelia’s finger had started to work. However, it wasn’t me being able to see the resultant emissions as the stocks prevented that, it was the small comical cheer from behind me and the feeling of Ophelia lightly touching my dick. “Here we go Ohu, the last of your meagre offering, there will be no mess for Cara to risk stepping on this time”, This was followed once again by a quiet little chuckle and she resumed her work.

Resigned to my impending impotence, I continued to tell Ophelia how we planned to go to Amsterdam for a romantic weekend prior to the conference, how we hoped to extend our role-play and maybe try something in the hotel bar. Cara dressing sexy, her hot new lingerie on, going to the bar before me to see if she would get chatted up. I told her how we had looked for a smart boutique hotel, The Grand Hotel Amrath, one that was big enough to have a decent sized bar where there may be businessmen to play out our games. All the while, I was aware that what little fluid I had left in me was slowly seeping out courtesy of my Omolara.

I also told Ophelia that I had taken her advice and that I had saved the lingerie that I had bought with her, and that I was keeping it as she had suggested for this special occasion. After all it was to be Cara’s 40th, and I wanted us to have a wonderful sexy time.

“Oh that is great to here Ohu, I am sure that Cara will look so so sexy in that underwear, I have to say Fiona does have a great eye for what really is classy yet sexy, and of course she knows that Leon would love a sweet white wife wearing something as exquisite as the sets that you bought”. “I am so so glad that you have saved them for such a special occasion, I am certain that they will drive Cara wild and unleash the sexual natural that you hope is within her. I think they will show Cara how sexy she is and can be and how much you want her indulge your fantasies”.

“I can almost picture her now, demure yet delightfully sexy in her new lingerie, hair and make up done to perfection, done especially knowing she is going to meet some hunk who is going to claim her. Maybe a nice new dress, something not too revealing, after all her stud will want to unwrap his new toy won’t he?” “I think there will have to be some sexy heels also, but heels that show just a peek of deliciously hot red painted toe nails”.

“Do you think that I could be describing Cara on her 40th birthday there Ohu? Those nails will look wonderful, and I am sure you will love seeing them like that, as it will be a sign that she wants to please her stud, mmmm, I don’t think I had mentioned that Leon loves to see his wives with nicely painted nails”.

With that idea in my mind, Cara dressing in the lingerie in our hotel room in Amsterdam, I suddenly became aware that Ophelia was removing her invading finger and I heard the snap as she removed her gloves. “Well there we go my impotent Ohu, all safe and sound and less of a problem for Cara this evening”. Coming round to the side of me I then heard the click as the padlock holding the top of the stocks was released.
Once the wood was lifted and my wrists were released I was able to push myself up into a kneeling position. It was then that I could see a surprisingly large amount of cum pooled on the black wooden base of the stocks. It must have taken her about 30 minutes but she had well and truly drained me. Little robbie just lay there, lifeless, shrunken with a reddened end showing the effects of multiple masturbations.

“Ahhhhh doesn’t little Robbie look so cute, just sitting there all limp, it is so nice also that there is none of that nasty hair hiding what a small dick you have to offer”. Ophelia seemed to be taking great delight in shaming me at a time when she knew my desire for such treatment would be diminished following my draining. As my face reddened, she once again applied a warm cloth to clean me up and began to unlock me and tidy away the items from our session.

Drained, shamed and standing there naked I looked up at the screen and saw the hung black stud still pounding away at a beautiful petite white lady. As I looked on I wondered whether such a scene was really destined to be a reality for Cara & I, or whether I should keep it as a fantasy.

I was brought back from my thoughts by Ophelia giving me another playful smack on the bottom as she walked past me and suggested I start to dress. She said she was away to make some tea for us and that she would be back in a few moments. As I found my clothes in by the door I thought back to all the things that Ophelia had said, all the ideas she had introduced and all the little mind games she had played with me. Even though I felt humiliated by the ideas that Ophelia had proposed, I couldn’t help but feel excited. I was scared also as I recalled the ideas that Ophelia had talked about, about Cara becoming hooked, seduced by someone like Leon.

Even though I had that feeling of fear, I thought back to how aroused Cara had become when we first started with the play, and realised that our sex life had never been better. I realised that we had a wonderful marriage and that Ophelia had been a part of making it better, bringing us closer together, and that I should feel no fear.

Ophelia once again brought me back from my thoughts as she pushed open the chamber door carrying the now familiar china cup and saucer. This just as I was pulling my boxers up to cover my now bare pubic area. Placing the takes down on her throne side table she sat and made herself comfortable. She surveyed me, like a work in progress, which I suppose I was, having come a long way from the first fairly basic sessions.

“So how are you going to explain away your temporary impotence and new found boyish look my Ohu?”. As I dressed I told her that there was little I could do, that I would have to admit to Cara that I had been horny as hell whilst I had been away and that I had got lost in the ideas we had played with resulting in too much jerking. Ophelia could only agree that this was the best policy and suggested that I tell Cara that I had thought that by removing my pubic hair, it would make my dick look a little bigger. Sadly, I had to agree and realised that this was an excuse that may well satisfy, as much as I was able to satisfy her.

So for the next 10 or so minutes we chatted about the world in general, about the traffic and seemingly any other matter that was away from what we had been engaged in for the last couple of hours. It seems odd the fact that we were sitting there takeing tea with all the paraphernalia of a professional dominatrix around us and after what had gone on previously. With the tea takes it came time for me to return to the real world, to thank Ophelia for taking me on a ride and for blurring the edges of my fantasy.

I followed her to the door, watching those heels and that shapely legs and backside encased stockings and the tight leather skirt. We embraced as usual and I was about to take my leave when Ophelia stopped me and handed me a gift wrapped box. “Robbie, I have to say that I have enjoyed our sessions immensely and I wanted to give you a little something to allow you and Cara to continue on with your role playing. I would like you to trust me and allow Cara to open this, can you do that for me?”

Once again I was faced with a dilemma, I could open it as soon as I returned to my car but the idea of a present from Ophelia, and handing it to Cara, was so erotic, it played to all my sub leanings, and I immediately promised that I would again trust her. After all this was my Omolara, the lady who had allowed me to play out my fantasies and had boosted both Cara’s and my libido. I thanked her once again for her consideration and told her I would mail her to let her know the reaction. With that, I left Ophelia and once again she had to get the last word in as the door started to close. “Oh yes Ohu I am sure that Cara will be very thankful tonight”.
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