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Progression - The Cum Down

I could hear the vague sounds of Cara humming to herself in the en suite, once again the little minx was humming "Tulips from Amsterdam". I was thinking I wanted to fuck my own wife, rather than "make love". It was odd, I always loved her and did so even more now, but the idea of trying, or as best as I could, to FUCK her really hard. I couldn't help but stroke my dick. As I looked down at it I wondered whether stroke was actually the correct word.

Sad as I am I started to wonder whether wanking with my thumb and a couple of fingers quite merited the word stroke. I pictured Cara and those manicured fingers slowly stroking Leon. He hand had to travel an awful lot further than mine did now. The up and down, that was more of a stroke. The realisation that I didn't even quite measure up to the usual terminology of wanking / jerking or whatever, got me even more horny as it played to my cuck ideas.

I had drifted off and closed my eyes as I played with myself. For some reason, on opening my eyes, my gaze fell upon those sexy panties that Cara had been wearing this evening. I quickly got up and retrieved them before resuming my position, playing with my dick. I could feel how soft they were and could also see the distinct damp patch...caused by our play and the build up to the final act of my cuckolding. Cara must have been soaked and squirming!

The image of Leon putting the flimsy piece of sexy material to his nose flashed by, and I re-enacted his actions. Whilst still playing with my dick and playing the earlier events in my mind I brought the panties to my nose. I could feel the dampness and then I could smell Cara. That deep damp wonderful smell that had fuelled so many of my fantasies assailed my senses. It was combined with the smell of Leon's cum that had mingled with Cara's pussy when I "fell into" Cara. It whirled in my mind. There was no visual stimulus needed, I had those recent memories combined with the very familiar feel of my own hand round my dick. My eyes closed I inhaled deeply. Over the top of the soft music that still played came, "Go on cucky stroke that tiny dick and smell how wet Leon made me".

My eyes shot open and saw Cara standing at the foot of the bed grinning from ear to ear. A glint in her eye as she circled one nipple with her fingers and ran the other hand over her bald mound. The combination, that split second image, the scent of the panties and the shame of being caught wanking whilst sniffing my own wife's panties made me cum hard. I closed my eyes hard and arched my back and pulled down hard on my dick as I shot another load of cum into the air. I heard Cara cheer and playfully clap.

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to open my eyes or not, the feeling of hum ili ation at having cum once again. That I had been so weak and wasn't able to wait for Cara to return. I felt the bed move as Cara mounted the bed, and felt her close.

"I think little Robbie may be out of action again", and with that I felt another movement and then the pressure of Cara straddling my chest. My eyes shot open once again to be greeted by Cara's hand coming towards my mouth, and there dangling from her fingers was a small string of my own cum that she must have wiped from the bed. Some had ran down my dick, but some had actually made it a little distance from the source. Despite it being orgasm number 2 of the night, I had actually produced a reasonable amount. Of course nowhere near as much as Leon, but then I guess by now I didn't really expect to compete with him in matters like that.

My su bmiss ion and education by Ophelia and the recent situation caused me to open my lips ever so slightly. I didn't even really question it or think about what I was Cara ran her fingers over my lips, grinning from ear to ear.

"Bad little Robbie cant even wait for his little wifey to come and make him feel all big and hard", her playful tone almost mocked me and my inability to control myself, before she slowly started to edge up the bed. "Well as it appears you want to continue with our imposed denial of marital union, I guess I shall have to make do with your magical tongue". With that the music in the room became fainter as Cara's thighs settled around my ears!

I could still taste Leon in her pussy, even though it had been some time now since he left, it appeared that his seed was still slowly making its way back out to reinforce his sexual prowess. The taste was amazing, the cum and pussy tastes and smell mingling together with the unmistakable soft light smell of Cara's most recent pee. I careful stuck my tongue out aware that Cara may still be sensitive form the assault on her pussy. I felt a sharp intake of breath as I took a long lick from back to front, and then sadly the music regained its volume. Cara dismounted my face. "I'm sorry Robbie, I know how much you love licking my naughty little pussy, but it really is sensitive. I so wanted to feel you inside me, but you went and spoiled that. I thought another orgasm from your tongue would end the night well, but I guess we shall have to wait until morning".

Cara wanted to connect, to bond and touch, but didn't want me inside her. She said that she felt a little stretched and sore but also wanted to bask in the glow and memory of the evenings events.

Turning the music off and pulling the covers up over us both Cara once again held me tight. She kissed me and stroked my body, but made it apparent that she wasn't going to touch my dick. I kissed her back and made to pull the cover gently up over us.

"I love you so much for making this happen and giving me tonight, you really are the best hubby that a girl could have". Tonight has been an eye opener and amazing and we still have time here to have fun....." the kisses continued and stopped me from responding....."goodnight Robbie, good night my sweet lovely beautiful cucky".

..and with that Cara closed her eyes and was soon fast as leep.

I was warm and in my own little bubble as I thought about tonight, about how much I loved Cara and embrassingly, how much I loved the fact that Ophelia had pushed this to be a reality. Looking up at the ceiling and hearing Cara's soft breathing beside me made the cuckolding strangely soothing, like a release of where I needed to be. Well, at least this once! I wasn't sure that I wanted Cara to get too used to this. She had taken to the jump from play to reality abit too easily, and with Leon about who knew where it could go. It wasn't long before I drifted off to my own sl eep.

The sle ep itself was punctuated with dreams and images of wives being well used by hung studs, and yet I still found I slept well.

The next morning I woke to the sound of the shower running. Cara singing away to herself merrily and the few rays of sun that made it over the edge of the curtains dancing on the ceiling. I was content, loved and once again hard! "Little Robbie" had woken with a nice 4 and a half inch bit of wood. Instinctively my had reached down, sliding easily over my lower abdomen still smooth and devoid of any manly hair, until I was able to stroke my balls and begin fiddling with my dick.

Memories of last night, the glory of Leon and Cara's union and the ignominy of my panty sniffing wanking flashed across my mind.

"Stop that now you dirty little boy", the strident tones of Cara worked and caused me to stop playing with myself. The fake anger was followed immediately by that soft little chuckle and Cara dived on the bed, naked and fresh from the shower. She pulled back the covers and cozied into me. Our lips locked and her own hand replaced mine in fiddling with my dick. I couldn't help myself as I pushed my hips forward to meet and increase the pressure of her hand movements. Our tongues circled each other and probed our mouths...and then FUCK FUCKFUCK FUCK.

I lost it again, I squirted, albeit a small amount all over Cara's hand. I couldn't help it, I didn't want to, I wanted to make love to Cara, to finally feel my dick in her beautiful pussy. This was what the whole weekend was about, me uniting and making love to my wife. We had played with each other, had joked and denied ourselves. We had deliberately refrained from making love to make this weekend and Car's 40th a special moment...and there I was giving up Cara's pussy to Leon, and not being man enough to reclaim it. Was I going to be reduced to this, wanking and sniffing panties or getting a quick hand job from my wife the morning after she has seen her lover?

Cara broke the kiss and I could see the look of disappointment on her face, "Oh Robbie, what have you done? I hardly even touched you!.....She brought her hand up showing the few small threads of my cum on the backs of her fingers. I think the disappointment dampened her desire and ended any play, as she then reached across to the bedside table and cleaned her hands on a tissue.

She returned to her cuddling position and ran her hand over my chest, "It's OK Robbie, I suppose these things can happen when we have been playing with such amazing ideas and had such amazing experiences. I guess it shows how much you loved the whole thing last night if it is still making you cum so hard from such little contact"....and leaning in to kiss me once again...."and how much you love your little wifey being so naughty"......

Cara looked across at the clock on the table and then bounded out of bed. She stopped and playfully shook her cute little ass at me, looking over her shoulder...."or should that be your naughty little cuckoldress".....

I'm not sure if a wink like the one she gave me as she said that had ever seemed as sexy!

"Now come on Rob, this is our last day together here, we need to get out and see some sights. It may have been a memorable 40th birthday for me, but we can still see something of Amsterdam today before your flight home". She then became engrossed in tossing her clothes across the floor as she chose what to wear for the day.

It hit me once again that the weekend was almost over, so we had better get out and about. It wasn't long before we walked arm in arm down the street. For some reason, well, we both knew it, we were closer than ever. We took a lovely canal cruise around the city. Cara often dropping her head onto my shoulder. Next came the bloemenmarkt. I had never seen so many beautiful flowers, the colours and the smells. Cara called me soppy when I said that she was "the prettiest flower there". A little playful punch to the arm, but once again it came with a hug and a kiss. In between we had some lovely food and a couple of beers.

It really was a wonderful day, but all the while was the looming spectre of the fact that I had to return to England tonight. Whilst it was obvious we were closer than ever and still loved each other deeply, there was also that nagging thought that Cara would be here for the next would Leon!!!!


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Excellent ! Thank you for continuing your tale .... looking forward to feeling Robbie's angst when he returns and Cara remains....with Leon !!


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That nagging thought indeed!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Chapter 38
Progression - Tricks (Of the Mind)

Whilst the day in Amsterdam had been wonderful, the sights and sounds of a major city, a light breeze and a warmth from the sun making the day a delight, there remained this nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I'm not sure I had ever felt as close to Cara as I had over the last 24hours, I loved her with a passion, one increased by our recent experience and kinky secret.

I felt comfort that she had acknowledged the fact that she had only done the deed, and followed through with our roleplay with the real Leon, as a result of the written request from me. I knew it wasnt really from me, but I questioned whether I had been pushed into this against my will. I had dithered for long enough , had thought Yes and NO! many a time, yet had always returned to the same idea. I really really wanted Cara to cuckold me, to take a lover, to get great cock, great orgasms and play to my submissivse short dicked hubby fantasies.
Well, now she had done it, we had done it and we walked through Amsterdam with a bounce in our step and love in our hearts.

I knew, or was as certain as I could be, as a husband can be after seeing his faithful wife cumming hard on a big cock, that Cara would not let Leon into her pussy again unless I specifically said it was OK. Irrespective of the fact that I still hadnt got my dick into Cara's amazing pussy for over a week now. Notwithstanding the fact that I had eaten another mans fresh cum from that same pussy, I was at ease and almost happy with the fact that I was the denied cuckolded husband who had gone away with his wife, and allowed another man to take pleasure in my wife as I could only watch. There was many a wannabe in the world who would never experience that heart stopping, tongue tieing, gut wrenching amazing, wonderful, roller coaster of emotions. So much of it was physical for Cara and Leon yet was hugely mental for me.

It must have all been a bit of a blur, or a romantic fog, as I only came round to the my real situation as I was packing my bag in preparation to fly back home. As Cara tidied her own clothes, and of course "fake Leon" away, I folded all my clothes into my case. I recall looking up and seeing Cara walking towards me dangling our recent purchase from Sabine. That playful little smile and the look of that devilish little cagein her hand. It caused my dick to stir a little.

"So does big Robbie think that "little robbie" should be safely locked away whilst his sweet little wifey is stays in sinful old Amsterdam?". Cara walked up to me and dropped the device in my case and gave me a passionate kiss and reached down to tease "little robbie"..........." It's OK Rob, I know that would cause problems with airport security and I'm no way that mean to my little cucky least not yet!"

Cara threw herself onto the bed and sat herself up against the head board. "In all seriousness Rob, it was amazing last night, I really cant believe that we, I mean I, well both of us, did know???? we actually DID IT". Cara giggled and toyed with her hair as she gazed at me lovingly. "Its such a shame that you have to go back Rob, I really would love to spend more time with you here, maybe even play a little more with Leon, but as you wont be hear to be my devoted hubby, I think it is best we leave this until we can do it ...together".

With that I joined Cara on the bed and we made out like teenagers again. Our fumblings were rudely interupted by the bedside phone. It was reception advising us that my transfer had arrived to take me to the airport. Frustrated once again, the first drops of pre cum forming on my dick and I was left sticking out of my trousers as Cara took her hand away and giggled once again. It seemed that little giggle was becoming her tell tale sign of excitement of our new life and status.

I shall spare you all the details of our parting, it was warm loving and even a few tears were shed. It seemed that despite giving my wife away for the night i had actually brought her closer. The journey was once again a fog as I stared out of the window all the way back. To me the flight lasted 10 minutes as I was oblivious to everything else. Perhaps the only thing I was aware of was the fact that I was sh1t scared of being stopped and searched by Border Fo-rce on my return. I knew they could be stopping lots of people coming back from Amsterdam. The old "personal use" and possible obscene material. Most worryingly, what would they think if they opened my case and saw the chastity device, even more worrying was the fact I recalled that the flash drive was in my case, and there were certainly some obscene images on that. I tried to look as nonchalant as possible and hoped I didnt fit into any profile that warranted stopping. At least I had no cigarettes, so no thoughts I could be bringing them into to sell, and I think I would look like the "normal" businessman, that I was!

As I passed through the "channels" I couldnt help but get a slight thrill of the fact I could have been stopped. I realised it was playing to my sub cuck ideas. I could feel my dick starting to stir, and was almsot calmed by the fact that my 4inches dont show much of a tent!

Home arrived and the first thing I did was ring Cara. I needed to hear her voice and tell her how much I loved her and how grateful I was that we had shared this together and how much I wanted to make love to her on her return. We stayed on the phone for almost 2 hours. We relived the events of the weekend and how we had got there. We talked about the possibilities for the future and agreed once again that it was somethign we needed to think about in the cold light of day and that being together and agreeign to things going forward was important. Needless to say we both foud ourselves in our beds, me in London and Cara in Amsterdam. With all the talk we had both become horny and Cara had told me she wanted me to wank myself as she played with Leon.

As I quickly undressed and resumed my position on the bed, Cara had brought "fake Leon" to her bed. There followed a long distance mutual masturbation session that was only probably match by those we shared briefly when we first started dating. After both of us cumming hard and whispering our own sweet nothings to each other we parted and drifted off into our own seperate dreams, miles apart.

One of the bonuses of almost being my own boss, was that I could get out and about often and did not have to account for my whereabouts to many. It was this freedom and my satisfaction and almost permanent horniness that caused me to contact Ophelia on that first morning back home. I had done my morning Whatsapp with Cara but then felt I had to speak to Ophelia to tell her of the events. Needless to say, she invited me round, telling me she had heard abit of the wonderful events from Leon, but was eager to hear how I was adjusting to my new found cuckold status.

I arrived at the now oh so familiar premises of my Omolara. I was greeted like and old friend and ushered into the dungeon. Ophelia instructed me to get naked and said she would fetch some tea to accompany our little "catch up". It didn't take long before I heard the clip clop of those vertiginous heels returning, accompanied by the odd chink chink of the tea cups. I felt somewhat odd to be kneeling naked in front of Ophelia as she eagerly passed me my tea and made herself comfortable.

"Now then my little cucky rob.....(a gleeful laugh came forth and she threw her head back), Oh how funny it is to say that and know it is really true". Ophelia took a small sip of he tea and bid me begin. I told her all about our abstinence prior to the trip and Cara's saucy panties. The journey and Cara's reading material and the lovely hotel. Ophelia loved the recounting of the meeting with Sabine in the sex shop and seemed to delight even more in my awkwardness at being outed to the bar staff in the hotel bar. However, she most delighted in hearing about that first "chance meeting " with Leon in the hotel lobby. She chuckled and pointed out how my little dick twitched when recounting the shaming in the sex shop and especially when describing the meeting with Leon. She had me pause whilst she fetched more tea and told me to get the new chastity device for her.

On her return Ophelia had me show her the new cage. Needless to say she loved the fact Cara had bought a short version and complemented her on her choice. "After all, whats the point in only being able to get semi no point at all!". She examined it closely and noted that for our first purchase together it was an excellent choice.

"I think that we should have you safely locked up, all nice and snug by the time you leave here today, don't you?" It wasn't really a question from Ophelia, more a statement, one that I knew would come true, certainly one that made little robbie start nodding his head to Ophelia. As she raised the china to her crims-on tinted lips to take another sip of tea she tut tutted at my in-volun-tary actions.

Despite all that we had been through and all that had gone on over the last few days, the simple act of tutting at my erection caused my cheeks to redden. "Well little cucky I think we can have a little fun, now this shall be my little gift to you in celebration of your finally reaching your goal. Your progression from wannabe sub to full cuckold status has been wonderful and I am glad that I have been able to assist in my own little way".

I broke in at this point, " errr, I'm not sure it was a little way", "Now now cheeky little cucky" Ophelia admonished me straight away. Putting down her cup and saucer she ran her hand over my cheek before rising to her feet and telling me to remain where I was.

In a minute she returned carrying some A4 paper and a marker pen. She could see the slightly puzzled look on my face and once again her hand almost lovingly caressed my cheek. Resuming her seated position in front of me she placed the paper and pen on the floor. "Now my little pet, we are going to do something so you can show Cara how much you are missing her and how much you enjoyed yourself". I looked at Ophelia still puzzled but also wondering where this was going. I knew only too well that Ophelia had played me expertly up to this point and so was slightly wary of this new idea.

Playing along, still with "little robbie" at half mast, I took hold of the pen and waited for the further guidance that I knew was to come.

"Now, as I am sitting comfortably, we shall begin....I think we need to show Cara how much you loved being with her and how much you miss her. We need you to write something that shows her how horny it makes you". I wasn't exactly sure how on earth I would express that, but lo and behold Ophelia spoke....."Oooo how about, yes, right this cucky",........"best hand writing mind"......"capitals so nice and clear"......


"Oh I think that is perfect, don't you cucky?" I actually thought it was quite nice and positively mild by Ophelias standards, but then she had got what she wanted! I proceeded to write Ophelia's suggested words in big bold letters on the A4 sheet. As I did so Ophelia explained that she was going to give me a little bit of teasing and be so generous as to give me a nice hand job. Once nice and soft again she was going to fit the chastity cage so that I couldnt wank for the week. She told me that Cara would appreciate the fact that I had chosen to do this for her and would know I was saving myself for her. Even more she would take a picture of me locked with the note I had written and send it to me so I could send it to Cara. "Cant you imagine how moist and happy Cara will feel when she sees how much you want her back?" Ophelia's sing song voice was joyous at her own idea.

Once again I had to agree that this sounded like a good plan. I was getting what I wanted, getting a handjob from the Goddess Ophelia and getting the sweet frustration of chastity. Especially as I knew I would never be able to stop wanking all week with Cara away in Amsterdam (with Leon!) All the thoughts running around my mind, pretty much as Ophelia knew they would, as expected caused "little robbie" to reach his full 4 inches of glory.

Ophelia crooked her finger under my chin and used it to indicate I should rise to my feet. A playful slapping of her palm on the padded bench against the wall indicated where I should place myself. Like a lamb to the slaughter almost, I hopped up and lay back. With the deftness borne of experience Ophelia had me fastened securely to the table in minutes. Body immobile and little robbie in full glory she then added a blindfold telling me she wanted me to listen and think about every sound and smell as she teased me. The was the soft whirring of the cooling fan in the corner, I could hear an ice cream vanoutside in the distance, playing "Greensleeves" and Ophelia bustling about, clip clop in the dungeon.

"Here's another little treat cucky", and with that I felt the softness of silk land over my nose and mouth. I instantly inhaled and had that wonderous sexy smell of pussy.
"Isn't your Goddess so kind to you?, I know how much little cucky boys like sniffing panties, after all you bad little cucky couldnt stop hiself from cumming hard sniffing Cara's sexy knickers".
I had to admit she wasn't wrong, Ophelia knew the workings of a subs mind, in particular my mind and I even think she may have managed to induce an extra half an inch simply by teasing me about my lack of self control in my post cuckolding sub space.

I next heard a little click and it was obvious Ophelia had put a video on. "You will like this one cucky, its called "Cuckold Hotwife Verbal Hum ili ation", I think it maybe sums up what Cara thought about you and Leon". At that point she turned up the volume and I heard this sweet but teasing American woman telling her husband how lucky he was to be released frm chastity. I listened intently, aware of my bonds and with each breath getting in-tox-i-cated with the scent of Ophelia's pussy from her intimate garment. In my mind I pictured Cara comparing me with Leon, side by side as I could hear the woman in the video was doing. As she teased her own cuck hubby I flinched as I felt a rubber gloved hand, warm and smoothed by baby oil, enclicling my dick.

"Do you hear that cucky, can you hear every word that lucky lady is saying? I bet you are wishing that was you and Cara, and that you were watching her right now, even better the lucky cuck in the video is free to play with his excuse for a cock". Ophelia loosened her grip and began to use only her thumb and forefinger to manipulate me. "Of course little cucky in the video isnt quite as well endowed as you, eh big boy? He has only 3 inches compared to your monster". The sarcasm was dripping in Ophelia's voice but caused my own erection to harden.

"Thank you husband, for letting this well hung man.....cum and fuck me....the way you can't"....mmmmm the words from the video sank into my mind and I pictured Cara on all fours with Leon behind her. I was lost in my deepest cuckolding ideas once again and couldnt stop myself. It appeared that my trigger was getting even shorter and that my cuckold indoc trination was becoming more embedded. Ophelia felt me twitch and my legs stiffen and knew that she had worked her magic in only a matter of minutes. As the first wave of pleasure shot through my loins Ophelia cruelly let go of my dick and laughed as I attempted to push my hips upwards to a hand that was no longer there!


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...and continued....went on abit longer than I thought and had to split it

"Good little cucky, now doesnt that feel better". Ophelia gave another little chuckle and then began to hum to herself. The sounds of the wife on the video enjoying her Bulls cock were still playing in the back ground as I felt Ophelia cleaning me with some wet wipes. My excitement and orgasm had caused me to breath deeply and my head was filled with the sensation of post orgasm bliss...combined with cucky angst and the wonder at what I was doing and what I had become. The panties over my nose were soft yet intox-icat-ing, warm and damp and yet comforting.

The warmth and comforting feel and scent of the panties the relaxation post was broken and I was snapped back to reality as I felt an ice pack plopped down onto my dick. Ophelia cruelly pressed it down for a few seconds before removing it to check if it had done its job. "there there little cucky, maybe you can't even rival the 3 inch wonder in the video now". Once again the more sing songy west African tones came forth as Ophelia informed me it was time for lock up again. Normally this would have caused another little stir from my dick, but in this instance, post cum and post ice, there was no way I was getting hard. It was with ease then and speed that Ophelia expertly had me safely locked away

"There there, that is so much better now my little cuck. "little robbie" safely locked away so you can remain faithful to that sweet not so innocent wife. so now I am going to take the picture so you can give something for Cara to play with tonight, won't that be wonderful eh Robbie?"

Through the panties and still recovering I could only respond, "Yes Mistress", I was amazed and a little embrassed that I could even feel a little stirring of my dick even though it was so cruelly restricted. I then heard some rustling sounds and felt pressure on my chest and realised that Ophelia was climbing up onto the table. The shiftng around and then her stocking clad legs were felt against my ears. "Just relax cucky you are about to get a wonderful treat, and whilst you enjoy it I will be in the best position to take this momento picture". With that I felt a warmth and the light that crept around the edges of my blindfold went out. The scent of the panties was removed and I could smell rubber from the skirt that Ophelia was wearing. With little or ceremony my nose became squashed as Ophelias panty covered pussy and ass settled on me. She was careful not to sit fully down and must have taken some of her weight on her legs to afford me some chance to breath.

Despite the focus of attention being on the pressure on my head and face I could feel Ophelia toying with my cage. I felt a softness as she must have been placing mt hand written note on my tummy just above my cage. I surmised she wanted it this way so it would look like I had taken the picture myself. Ophelia really did think of everything!

The pressure eased for a second and despite my covering and ears being pressed against her calves, I could hear Ophelia, "Just making sure that Cara wont see any of your bondage in the picture. We have to keep your deviancy secret from such a sweet innocent lady dont we!" I simply didnt care as I focussed my attention on breathing in the heady mix of Ophelias privates and the rubber as I pictured what the image Ophelia had taken would look like. It lasted only a couple of minutes and then I felt the pressure ease and those little glimpses of light return at the sides of my blindfold.

"You recall what happened last time you got your dick in there dont you.....Yes, I laughed", they were the final words I heard as Ophelia shut off the video that had been playing. I wondered if Ophelia had timed the whole session to fit with the video, to mess with my mind and maintain that constant cuck feeling, the su-b-missio-n and shaming that came hand in hand. I felt the paper removed from my tummy and then the straps and cuffs being removed. Finally the blindfold was removed and I blinked and saw that beaming smile and friendly face.

"Was that good for you cucky?". I rubbed my wrists and then rested up on my elbows. "Yes , thank you Mistress, that was wonderful. It is so much of what I wanted but didnt know I wanted when I first started visiting you. Its strange that I feel high but relaxed at the same time. A pressure released yet happy and safe and restricted". Ophelia turned and tapped the silver bars of my chastity cage with her finger nails and siad, "You are very welcome my little cucky". Ophelia then began tidying up the dungeon and told me that I should get myself dressed.

Returning from taking out the rubbish, Ophelia gave me a big hug and informed me that she expected to see me on Friday. I told her that could be a bit tricky time wise as I had to collect Cara from the airport at 7pm Friday night. What with the traffic it would be difficult to get to see her and then make it in plenty of time for the flight. Ophleia just smiled and said, "Well if cucky doesnt want to be able to please his wife on her return then it's not a problem". I had to ask her what she meant. At that she held up a small padlock and informed me that she had actually put her own padlock on my cage to ensure that I remained horny all week.

"After all my little confirmed wanker, I know you wouldnt be able to go one day with out playing with your little dicky unless someone had control over you....especially as you will be thinking of Leon being with Cara all week!"

I had to admit she was probably right, there was no way I would have had the self control to not release myself and had a cheeky little one off the wrist. Once again Ophelia was playing with me and knew me better than I did. Once again blushing a little I accepted her words of wisdom and thanked her. With that I was ushered out of the door with a hug and a peck on the cheek. "See you Friday robbie and let me know what Cara thinks of the picture and your little message to her".

I took the short walk back to my car. Sitting safely inside I took brief minute to get back to reality and think about what actual work I had to do today and the next few days. Thinking I had better get going I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Taking it out I actually had 2 new whatsapp messages. The first was from Ophelia and simply said.....

"You subs are all so alike and predictable You always have your phone lock as your birthday or your wives "

It took me a minute to rationalise and think what she was on about, and then I felt a sudden dread come over me. Why would she be telling me that. I knew Ophelia, and she did and said things for a reason!

I closed the message and looked at Cara's name on the screen. The little whatsapp profile picture of her pouting sexily at me. I pressed on the message and saw a picture of a small dick loacked in a small steel cage, a shaved pubic area and a piece of A4 paper above it saying....


Below that was a short message....."I LUV U 2 & YES I WILL THANK YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

It was no trick of the mind I was well and truely, or Cara would be ...fucked!


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Brilliant !! I love the way you took him back to his a moth to a flame, he couldn't resist it.
Of course, Ophelia knew his inner desires even before he knew his week ahead , in chastity, looks rather different to how he imagined it !! Great twist and very erotic storytelling. Loving please continue.
tef fulton


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Awsome story so far......i can't wait for it to continue


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I love it!
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Chapter 39
Progression - It's only 5 days (from Hell)

FUCKED! Jeez I sat in my car staring out of the window. I glanced back down at my phone looking at Cara's message. I didn't think it was that hot, or that I had over exerted myself walking from Ophelia's, but I was definately sweating.

It was that mix of emotions I had started to get used to, well, I say get used to, I mean experienced before. I'm not sure I actually got used to them. I had the horn, as much as the small chastity device allowed. I could feel my dick trying to swell. I could feel my balls starting to tug at the base ring, being pulled away from my body as my dick was able to erect. I was scared, I was locked for a week and Cara was hundreds of miles away....and away in the same place as Leon.

It possibly wouldn't have been so bad but for the fact I now realised that I had been completely manipulated. Ophelia, and Leon, had used my own desires and my horniness against me. Whilst they had helped I suppose you could say I was the architect of it all. I had flirted with the idea and all the time I did my desire for it to happen in reality grew. Besides the sweating I could now feel my cheeks burning with shame. I had officially become a cuckold last weekend, but now it appeared it was going to go on and it was going to be more intense.

I shifted in my seat as I could feel that dull ache as my balls became more compressed as my dick tried to grow. The more it tried, the more my erection was for ced back into my body, the base ring pushed out and my balls squeezed......and I had a week of this!

Well, I couldnt exactly tell Cara that I had sent the message by mistake, as being locked and a printed request do show quite abit of forethought. I was also abit stuck as she had already responded and shown how keen she was. It really would wreck the whole thing and spoil what we had done to try and stop her now. I also had the problem of being reliant on Ophelia for getting released and deep down I knew that Ophelia wanted Leon to get into Cara's pussy again and, no doubt on something of a regular basis.

Part of me thought about going back to Ophelia's and banging on her door, ordering her to take the cage off me and tell her I would never see her again....and that I was going to confess everything to Cara....but then I think Ophelia may have just laughed in my face and called my bluff. Equally, the straining in my pants was testament to the fact that deep down I wanted this.

I could have sat there for hours, but I realised I had work to do, I had to take my mind off anything sexual, get away from all this stuff and try and ease the pressure on my poor balls...I also had a weeks worth of work to get through. I had to immerse myself in work otherwise I would get a warning from work and would remain uncomfortable all week until I could get Ophelia to release me in time for Cara coming home......Ahhh Leons arms.......kissing Leon.......sucking Leon.........fucking Leon.......Damn, I'm going fucking mad!

I turned the car on and tried to focus on work. I'm not sure how I did it, but I must have gone on autopilot as I got through the day and made it home. The house itself was empty and quiet, everything reminded me of Cara, looking across at her make up table, her lingerie drawer partially open with that hint of some of her intimates hanging over the edge...Even they seemed to taunt me and cause me to try and unsuccessfully get hard. I made myself something to eat and then sat in front of the TV waiting for 9pm when I had agreed to call Cara. No matter what I watched I couldnt settle and decided to get a shower and aim for an early night after speaking to Cara.

Showered and after a considerable time making sure I was fully dry around my cage, I settled down on our bed. I looked to my right and saw the pillows and bedding untouched, another reminder that may wife was not with me! I wanted, no needed to see her face, to see if I could guage how serious she was about following up on "my request".

I still had a few minutes before 9, so I quickly pulled out my phone with the intent of sending Ophelia a terse message about what she had done. I also remembered that I needed to change my phone security code. Ophelia wouldn't be pulling that stunt again and getting in to send stuff to Cara. So as Ophelia had oh so knowingly guessed, I keyed in Cara's birthday into my phone. Once again, I was struck down, as my wallaper came up, except it wasn't my wallpaper. Looking back at me from my phone was the picture of my caged dick with that fucking bit of paper. I sure as hell didnt set that and so immediately headed to my settings to get rid of that ****** picture. But for some reason, I couldnt get in. I couldnt get into anything. Now I' m no tech wizard but I quickly realised that the only thing I could do with my own phone was calls whatsapp and texts. I tried the internet on it and no luck. As I was flicking round icons and widgets the phone sprung to life, and the beaming broad smile of Ophelia looked back at me imploring me to answer. What else could I do?

"Well cucky, I was waiting for you to check your phone, I must say you are leaving it late to speak to that beautiful lady Cara, tick tock, 9 o'clock tick tock be a good cuck", Ophelia was being a devious horrible bitch, this wasn't in the least funny. "I am sure both big robbie and little robbie have lots of questions and I will answer any you may have after your chat with Cara, but just so you know, when I got into your phone earlier I made a few changes and added a couple of little apps. I knew you wouldn't mind as you were abit tied up weren't you?....that oh so familiar giggle teased me down the line, "and just so you know, I shall be listening in to your romantic little exchange with your beloved....until later cuckyboy"....and then she ended the call.

Dumbfounded I sat looking at the screen, there was my little caged dick and before I could think any more the screen changed and there was the incoming skype call. I wanted to answer it but paused for a second as I realised Ophelia would be listening in to our most intimate talk. Still I couldnt not answer it.

I pressed the little green button and there was the beautiful smiling face of the woman I loved. I forgot in an instance the last few minutes and was again like a bumbling fool , holding my hand up and waving to Cara. She probably didnt see it, so it was certainly silly thing to do.

"Hi Rob, hows my hub? I've missed you like mad, hope you've been good and missing me?" she said in the voice that always went straight to my heart.
"God Cara, after the last weekend, and it's only been a day and I'm missing you so so much". I wasn't sure if I was abit too gushing. "So how is Amsterdam? How was the first day of the conference?"
"Ahhhhh aren't you such a good hubby, all concerned and interested about how I am that from a real interest or a horny, trying to distract yourself interest? Cara flicked her hair and cocked her head to one side slightly.
"After your naughty little message earlier today, I bet you are all interested you bad boy......go on quickly I want to see my jewels....go.on, please robbie, I want to see you locked up".

I flicked the phone around and she saw our bedroom but in the forefront of the picture was my hairless crotch with the shiny stainless steel cage standing proud as my dick once again made its pointless struggle for freedom. "Ahhhhh poor robbie, but I am truely honoured, I bet you were so so horny after the weekdn and realised you couldn't stop yourself from playing with yourself....could you?"....I could only croak a "Yes" to her as all of a sudden my mouth was dry.

"I thought it was so so sweet that robbie, but I was a little surprised at the message aswell, I knew you, well, WE both loved , what went on, but I wasn't expecting you to really go for it", Cara at this point bit her lip and I thought i saw a slight blush...."but Oh My God Robbie, I got your message just as I was going into the first presentation. I was instantly wet, I couldnt stop myself and wasn't sure I heard anything that the speaker was saying. All I could think of was maybe sampling Leon's cock again....does that make me a bad wife Rob?"

Here she was putting me on the spot again. Now was my chance to dial the whole thing back. Then I saw my cage twitching in the edge of my vision and recalled that Ophelia was listening. "Yes Cara, I was so so horny and I confess I couldnt stop myself getting myself off this morning (partially true, even if it was Ophelia who did the deed) and I realised I was being bad doing that without you there and do so to the idea of you having fun".

I bit the bullet...."So I thought you would appreciate the idea of me being locked up at home whilst you played, I appreciate you are going to be busy with the conference and so I doubt you would get another chance to see Leon, but I thought it would be amazing if you did have some fun whilst there".

I could see Cara's face light up and she appeared to be postively glowing, almost bouncing up and down, "Ahhhh you really are the best Robbie, but you arent quite right there, as whilst I will be busy with the conference, I actually bumped into Leon earlier and he told me he will actually be here for another couple of days as he is attending an Anethesia conference aswell. He said he was toying with you the other night when he told you how long he would be staying....but anyway, as I was saying, I got so wet and then laughed out loud, as I realised the presentation I was going into was called, "Home & Remote Patient Monitoring". I just thought of me monitoring you remotely....sorry Robbie maybe thats just my cardio humour, probably just me finds that amusing". I smiled back and did laugh along with her but also suddenly thought that Ophelia would be splitting her sides at the reference to Remote Patient Monitoring!

Whilst Cara & I were still chuckling about her joke, Cara devilishly turned her phone round and showed me she was lifting her skirt and revealing her panties, "Can you see Robbie, can you?", Cara wiggled her hips and then with her other hand easedher panties off. A quick flick of her legs and they were in her hand. "I hope this doesnt make little robbie too uncomfortable", she then showed me a distinct damp patch in her panties. She certainly heard my involuntary moan which was countered by Cara's own little moan.

"Robbie quick go and get your keys, I want us to get off together", Cara disappeared and the pictuure went to blackness as I realised she had just dropped the phone on her bed. I could hear her muffled voice as she hadnt realised it had dropped face down. On turning it back I once again saw her, but she held fake Leon up to the screen and wickedly kissed the flared head......"Mmmmm so realistic isn't it robbie....mmm...quick go and get your keys and you can play with little robbie as I use Leon".

What the fuck was I going to do now. No keys, fuck and horny as hell and having to watch Cara. Cruel and inhuman punishment certainly, but what to say.........."I can....'t sorry Cara, (Cara looked a little surprised and disappointed), I, I left the keys in my desk drawer at the office. I was feeling so horny and I realised I would never be able to stop myself from releasing myself, I thought I needed a back up for my poor will power, I thought you would find that hot".

"Mmmmmmmm God robbie, yes, just like the weekend, my sweet little adoring hubby with his little dicky safely locked away whilst a big stud did naughty things to me....mmmmmmmm....well I guess you are going to have to watch again....cucky!"

With that the the picture changed and I realised Cara had rested the phone on her tummy. I was looking at her face as she closed her eyes. I was left to imagine that she had just brought "fake Leon" into contact with her pussy. Her chin went up and she took a deep breath in. Her chest rose and fell more deeply and she once again bit the corner of her lip. Her lips then parted and her mouth formed almost a perfect "O" surrounded almost completely by her red painted lips, something I realised she must have done deliberately prior to calling me. I then had this image that that same almost perfect "O" was also beign formed as "fake Leon" was slowly eased into her pussy.

Cara's face moved as her tummy undulated as her body took in the cock and experienced the unique pleasure that only a good thick cock can give a woman. Although Cara's chin was tilted upwards I could see her mouth opening and closing, her eyelashes fluttering then remaining still as she stared at the ceiling. Almost forgotten was her poor locked hubby at home watching this as there began a slow steady rise and fall of the image on screen.

Cara was only slightly moving that large rubber cock in and out of her pussy. My own hand instinctively reached down to play with my dick, but of course hit that fucking cage. I let out almost a plaintive moan as my frustration became apparent to both me and Cara. My balls were once again pushed forward, restricted and unable to escape the base ring as my dick tried in vain to erect. "God Cara, you are so fucking hot, I want to wank so bad watching you, You look so beautiful and happy, I love seeing you happy but love this whole scene". I without thinking tried to mimic the up and down movement of Cara's body that I could see on screen, almost trying to make myself belive that it was me actually in her pussy all those miles away.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM, poor little cucky and little robbie, mmmmmmmmm", I watched as she took sharp intakes of breath as she enjoyed the feeling of being filled and stretched. "I'm so glad ou love it, coz I it", Cara's words were lost as she had apparently bottomed out her fake lover. It appeared even her fake lover caused her to forget about me, fake Leon and real Leon both causing my own wife to be lost in her own black cock loving world.

After a couple of seconds Cara continued to tell me how much she loved our play, and our new found freedom and acceptance of what turned us both on so much. "I do love it robbie, I love you and I love this play, I love this cock fucking me and I loved Leon's real cock" The wave like rythmn of Cara's tummy contnued except the peaks and troughs appeared to be getting deeper, perhaps caused by cara's admission to me of how much she loved our Bulls cock.

"I got so wet and horny today after seeing your message and" ....... Cara's chin once again went up and her mouth opened wide, almost panting, I could see that beautiful sexy red flush starting to appear on her chest and neck....." I, I, I, wassssn;t sure....that you really wanted this, but".... a wave peaked and I almost lost sight of her face......."I know now how much you".

The last thing I saw was Cara's eyes wide open, her mouth wide open and heard her moans of pleasure. Her talk to me forgotten as she had a huge orgasm with her fake lover buried deep inside her. The violent bucking of her hips had replaced the regular shallow ups and downs and the phone must have been thrown off her and off the bed. All I could now see was the ceiling of the room, part of the ornate light fitting that was oh so very much in keeping with the Amrath. Nothing arousing in my view but I could hear the most wonderful frustrating sound of Cara in her post orgasmic glow. Small soft moans, little whimpers almost as I sensed she was slowly sliding "fake Leon" out of her now sensitive pussy.

I looked at the screen and that plain white ceiling and then past the screen to my shiney small prison. My dick squashed within and trying to escape through the bars of its jail. In opposite to Cara's moans of pleasure I was making my own soft self pitying groans of frustration at the thought and realisation that this was only the first day, no, fuck, first night of my 5 days (of Hell)


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Jesus, this fucking tale always leaves me with a cock of steel!


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Wow. It doesn't get hotter than this. Thank you!
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Oh my! fabulous!


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Up to the first message Down to the last message take us there....please continue when you have time !!


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Chapter 40
Progression - Frustration / Pleasure

The post orgasm cum down took some minutes and all the while I could not get out the horny desires to be further cuckolded, out of my mind. My locked dick and prevention of my own orgasm kept me in my cuck sub space wanting to be shamed and drawn ever deeper into my new status. The usual angst and doubts, some would say, sensible monogamous thoughts, were well and truely in the back of my mind kept locked up.

Focussing back on the screen of my phone I saw Cara's hand come into view. Picking it, up I once again saw her face. Slightly flished, a slight glow to it, and a huge lazy satisfied smile. I could tell she was still slightly out of breath form her toy induced orgasm.

"God, Robbie, that was so so hot, I'm sorry but seeing you all snugly locked up and having Leon between my legs ....well, it just sent me over the edge". I was in agreement, I loved the fact of her getting off and enjoying my denial. I also regretted it, the fact that Ophelia had put me in this position, but equally it did play into all my desires. Although the distance and situation was difficult, it was more hot play and it wasn't "real Leon".

"I'm so horny too, look", I flicked my phone around and showed Cara how my dick was straining, how the base ring was pulling at my balls, balls that were certainly getting slightly more swollen. I heard that low moan coming all the way from Amsterdam. "I'm sooooooo looking forward to Friday to reclaim that pussy", I told Cara. "Me too my little hubby", Cara said with genuine love in her voice. "It's so hot seeing you caged like that, it was hot when you were here, but knowing you are so far away and can't even wank little robbie does give me a thrill, especially knowing how hot it makes you with me playing".

With that Cara turned her phone around slowly, "Does it make little robbie all hot and bothered and uncomfy thinking about that biiiig bllllaaaaaccccckkkk coooooock between your wifes legs", as she finished her teasing sentence the camera focussed on "fake Leon" glistening between her legs, still just barely touching Cara's reddened labia. Her lips were also moist from her juices. I couldnt contain myself and my hand automatically went south, I let out another almost anguished moan as my hand simply hit my cage as the realisation and torment hit home. The moan, a counterpoint to the little giggle I could hear from the hotel room, even that got me harder!!!!

"Well I guess, little robbie will be ready eager and waiting for when I bring this pussy back home to you....but then again it may not be quite as snug for you after a week of black cock", our eyes locked on the screen and I could sense the love and horniness that we shared.

"I can't wait", I told my sexy little cuckoldress, "I'm not sure I will be able to hold back for the next few days, as I love the fact that you are over there with Leon and can be a real minx, it gets me so so horny". As soon as the words had come out of my mouth I wanted to retreact them, as I realsied what i had said. Before I could clarify that I meant the "fake Leon", Cara responded, "Me too robbie, it will be amazing, but we shall have to see, it's late now, and I have to be up early", she giggled, "I'm all worn out after that big cock", and with that she blew me a big kiss and wished me a good night before ending the call.

My cage still full with a straining little robbie, it wasnt long before my phone buzzed again. In my horny cuck fog it had gone to idle. Swiping the screen I saw a new wallpaper, it was a still that Ophelia must have captured from the call with Cara. There bold and to remind me was fake Leon snuggled up to Cara's beautiful pussy.

A minute later and my phone buzzed with a message
Enjoy the new wallpaper my little caged cuck and just think of it being the real Leon, Sle ep well...if you can!
Your Goddess Ophelia

Although I was slightly annoyed by this and the fact that Ophelia was snooping, I was even more horny and my balls were starting to ache. I thought the only thing for it was to have a cold(ish) shower to try and relieve some of the tension and hopefully allow me some sle ep.

Shower over, and a little more comfy I returned to bed and set my alarm. Checking my phone it seemed Cara had wanted to tease me from afar again. She had sent a message with a load of kisses.

XXXXXXXXsleep well robbie, and have a read of this, I found it on Literotica and loved it, I hope you do too XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
"Housewife Transformation" by Karen Kay

I thought there was no way i was going to be reading that tonight after I had just eased my dicks discomfort. As tough as it was I finally managed to get some sle ep.

The next morning I woke and realised after a weekend away and seeing Ophelia on Monday, that work had to come first. I had to have some mercy on my poor caged dick and try to not enter my kinky zone. It wasn't helped by Cara wishing me a good morning by whatsapp with a pic of her breasts pushed togather trying to tease me. Nor was it helped by Ophelia having changed my wallpaper once again to a pic of a real black cock at the point of penetration of a white pussy.

With much of my phone access limited by Ophelia I was actually able to be fairly productive and managed to get through the day. I had to really focus as every so often Cara would send me a message. Some would be mundane and tell me how boring the seminars were, others she would tease me by telling me what she wished she was doing. She had also asked if I had read the story she had suggested and whether it had made little robbie all hard and uncomfy. It seemed that our time apart had really boosted her libido and made her a real little tease.

I had to work slightly longer due to the lost time of Monday and so was happy to relax in the evening to await Cara's arranged call. I wasn't sure whether to do it, but I did read the suggested story. Cara really was in teasing mode, knowing I was locked and sending me a story. The whole idea was similar to us, a husband and wife meeting a stud at a hotel. Even more erotic and scarey was the way the wife in the story wanted more. Having sampled her studs cock, she wanted it and it appeared that the hubby was going to be cuckolded regularly. As I lay on the bed waiting for Cara, I was already straining in my cage and regretting ever letting Ophelia lock me away for the week. I appreciated that Cara got off on me being locked, but at that time, I really didnt care,Ii just needed to be released and to play with my dick.

20:57hrs and I felt my phone vibrate. FUCKING OPHELIA, I really wasnt in the mood, I was horny and needed to see and talk to Cara. I wanted her and wanted to get off, and didnt need any additional teasing from Ophelia. She simply had a smiley emoji and..."Enjoy tonights show". I figured she was simply expecting a repeat of last nights performance. Whilst I looked forward to that, I wasnt sure how, or more correctly, whether my poor balls could take the pressure.

21:00hrs on the dot I saw Cara's beautiful face appear on the screen. I quick swipe of the green button and there she was. It appeared she had resumed the exact position from last night. This again wasn't good as I could feel my dick starting to swell again. Having only just subsided after reading that story, now I had her face and her breasts and my imagination to deal with again.

I heard all about her day and the very dry seminars, she told me that "Device Complications and Lead Extraction" & "Cognitive Function and Autonomy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation", Cara laughed when she told me the course was so dry, but that she was soaking wet all day thinking about Leon, and also me being locked away all horny and frustrated. "Were you a good boy today and managed to refrain from playing with that dicklet of yours?" I flicked my phone around to show her I was naked and was still safely under lock and key. That familiar little happy sigh could be heard as I once again gazed at her. It seemed she had gone for a romantic mood, as I heard soft music in the background and the lighting was definately a touch darker.

I still marvelled at how sexy she looked and had once again grown as far as that infernal cage allowed, which, as it was the short version, wasnt very much. "Mmmmmmm thats so hot that you were able to have the will power to remain locked, I think I love the fact you must be so so horny, that idea was one of the reasons I was so excited all day, that and of course getting to play along like last night". With that I saw her eyes close and that sexy little bite of her lip again. The minx had started early and already had her toy teasing her pussy.

"Could my hot little wife not wait to get that large black cock into her cheating little pussy?" I wanted to try and tease her back. "Now now Robbie, Its not cheating if you know about it and get to watch now is it?" she said as she looked straight into my eyes, "But yes I really needed a real cock tonight, not yours!" She was really starting to get into tonights roleplay.

"Lets see if we can get you all flustered then robbie, my little cucky", with that she once again positioned her phone on her tummy so I could watch her face. I saw her eyes closing and her breasts rise and fall. The breathing was causing most of it but her movements as that black cock was sliding in and out of her pussy caused them to move in unison with the strokes. If her toy was good for her last night, then it was doing an even better job tonight.

After only a couple of minutes of watching her playing with herself I saw that unmistakable pre orgasm flush start to appear on her chest. Her beautiful nipples were standing proud. They rose and fell and Cara had almost forgotten I was there. Her head rocked from side to side almost in time with her arm movements as she moved that cock in and out of her pussy. She appeared to arch her back more and her head went back, her chin going towards the ceiling as she neared her orgasm.

Cara opened her mouth, appearing to be gasping for air. Last nights orgasm was good but she appeared to be trying to outdo herself. I thought the whole build up of the day. Her reading stories from the net, of teasing me with those stories whilst we were miles apart, her getting off on my denial, all adding to her desire to cum hard. Her mouth closed and she began to let out a deep gutteral noise that seemed to be coming from deep within her. Once again like last night the waves of pleasure were being transmitted to me through the movemnt of her phone. I wanted to focus on her face and see her cum, like so many times I had eaten her pussy to orgasm myself. Getting to see the woman I love lost in her own pleasure, this was what I wanted more than anything.

And then her hips rising to meet the thrusts of Leon's cock, dislodged her phone again and the screen blurred, I heard her cries of pleasure as her orgasm hit. So good , so intense as I watched covers and ceiling and light fitting and then....FUCK LEON! REAL LEON!

The phone came to rest on the bed and there was the unmistable figure of Leon, towering above the phone, knelt between Cara's thighs. Still obviously buried deep in Cara's pussy and grinning from ear to ear, a light sheen on his toned physique.

"Yes Ohu, your wife told me she needed the real thing tonight"....I was sick to my stomach, hard as hell and starting to hurt as the ring bit, but so so turned on.

"Good night Ohu sle ep well, but I dont think your pretty little wife will be doing much sle eping". With that I saw him lean forward and his hand descend to cut off my sight with just a tap.


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The t0rture continues...excellent !!


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Another epic chapter! Than you!
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