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Jesus Christ! This is a truly amazing and Molten Hot tale of cuckolding. It continues to get better with every posting (didn't think that was possible, but it is!) You've got my fullest attention, more please, when you're ready!


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LOL, cheers Kenny, I posted it and then didnt check got cut short.....that wasnt actually meant to be the end of that chapter...I shall just post the proper chapter ending


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Cont' chapter end

......With that he smiled that devilish wide gloating smile that I knew so well and flicked the camera around and down. I was greeted by the sight of part of Leon's cock sticking out of his trousers, the trousers could just be seen still around his ankles. It appeared I had caught then having only just returned to the hotel...and yes his cock was slowly pistoning in and out of Cara's pussy. Like Leon, she was still dressed, her dress still covering her back and her skirt still fell over her backside. Each withdrawal provided that gimpse of Leon's cock lubricated with Cara's pussy juice. It was asif they were teasing me, denying me the very sight i wished to see. That of Cara's pussy stretched by that Bulls cock.

Leon dwelt on his pussy invasion for a a full 30 seconds. I could hear Cara faintly and the sound of the slapping as Leon made contact with her ass. I expected more sounds of delight from Cara. I had been party to their couplings and I knew how much she adored his cock now. With a particular for ceful thrust Leon spoke;

"Whose pussy is this slut?, There it was again, claiming ownership. I waited almost stopping myself breathing, wating for her to acknowledge, but I just heard a faint mmmmmm, which I found strange. Leon then began to move away from showing me his proud ownership of Cara's pussy. He held the phone close to her ass, the red of the dress and the faint pattern of the material , slowly up past her waist and to her back. He reached the back of her head which I could see slowly moving, It was a slow motion action shot, all by camera.

With a swiftness that jarred with the slow journey up her back, Leon twisted the knife further. Bringing the camera up, I saw the surrounds of the beautiful bedroom of the Amrath Hotel room. But there centre stage, focussed, reclining against the headboard of the bed, that dark hair and pale skin, the smiling cute face, grinning back at me, the grin broke as she bit her lip and closed her eyes momentarily, beautiful pert breasts, both nipples pierced, the tattooed arms......Sabine!!!! ..........reaching out, holding Cara's head, knees crooked as Cara buried her face into the younger girls pussy.


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What an amazingly good story, it's so fucking horny! Thank you for your superb writing, I can't wait for your next instalment


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I can only endorse what BumNote has said.


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Great Robbie's t0rture with him...thank you !!


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Ahhhhhh. Unnnnngggg. Ahhhhhghhhsshhhhshhhhhh!

Thank you for that.
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Ahhhhhh. Unnnnngggg. Ahhhhhghhhsshhhhshhhhhh!

Mmm.......Donna, I guess your fingers were busy again! Naughty girl xx
tef fulton


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great post!


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Chapter 44
Progression - Teased From Afar

Once again the paradox, gaining more pleasure through less pleasure. Witnessing Cara trying new things, being more slutty, being pushed by Leon, and me sinking ever deeper into my cuckold husband role.

Although Leon was rhythmically fucking Cara, something that normally would take all my attention, the fact that she was eating Sabine's pussy amazed and aroused me. The fact that we had never really played with this idea. Sure I had fantasized about it and even joked with Cara about the fact she went to an all girls school, had any of the girls ever indulged in abit of HLA (hot lesbian action), as I used to joke with her. ...but Cara had never really responded, had never really got off on the idea.

Yet here she was, 5 days since she first offically cuckolded me, and 3 since she had been alone with Leon, she was now letting Leon talk her into all sorts of things.

I had watched her effectively date Leon around the city. I had watched her suck his cock in the toilets of a bar, I had been outed as a cuck to a woman in a condom shop and now Cara was eating her first pussy. For some reason I felt a small degree of satisfaction that Sabine had been corrupted a little. After all it had been with her help that I was now snugly locked up in my jailbird. Certainly snugly, but also postively not comfortably as the sight of Cara being used by Leon and Sabine had me straining at the bars of the cage.

Leon held the camera still and focussed on the image of not one, but 2 women corrupted by his masterful manner and monster of a cock. Sabine's pale hands held Cara's tousled locks and guided Cara to please her. With the proximity of the phone to her head, I could now make out the soft sounds of Cara feasting on Sabine's pussy. I was almost jealous that Cara was getting to sample the pussy. I adored eating Cara and thought what a treat it would be to be able to enjoy Sabine. Beside the sounds of Cara slurping and suckling I could hear the soft murmurs of satisfaction coming from Sabine. Asif following my thoughts, Leon raised the camera past those sexy pierced nipples and back to the face of the young girl who we had first met those few days ago. Cara must have been doing well as her eyes were shut as she concentrated on her own pleasure. Her body squirmed ever so slightly and she brought one hand away from Cara's head to fondle her own breast. She cupped them each in turn before rubbing them more forc efully and then pulling gently at the small ring on her left breast. This brought about an arching of her back and her chest pushed forward ever so slightly further. Her other hand was in the foreground of the shot and gripped Cara's hair more fo rcefully.

"MMmmmmmmmmm, thats it slut, you like eating pussy don't you? It seemed that Sabine had taken on some of Leon's assertiveness and confidence. I recalled her carefree confident manner as I / we purchased my cage, but this young girl, or more lady now, certainly had more about her now. Cara's response was to moan as she continued to perform her oral duties. With each of Leon's thrusts her face was planted into Sabine's pussy, she was certainly being used by both of them.

Sabine appeared pleased with the response that her words had elicited from her licker. Her eyes opened and she stared straight into the camera. It felt as if I was stood directly behind Leon and she was looking right into my eyes;

"You are such a slut, I wouldn't have thought it when you first came in to buy your cuck his cage, but here you are, with a hot dom boyfriend, taking cock, and licking his cum out of my lovely pussy!!!!"

Sabine's head tilted to the side and she bit her lip, trying to be all cute and demure, whilst at the same time my own wife was cleaning Leon's cum from her. As I gazed back into her eyes I heard Leon's booming laugh before he spoke; "That's enough pleasure for the cuck for now", and once again Leon denied me my voyueristic pleasures. Once again a pleasure mixed with pain as my poor dick tried in vain to break free of its confines.

This really was torment of the highest order. The fact that Leon had to a degree conquered my wife, but had also fucked Sabine, making a cuck out of her own boyfriend filled me with shame but also a small amount of pride that we had found such a wonderful Bull. With each Whatsapp message I was being prodded and cajoled and made to think and examine my marriage, my wife, my manhood and how into being a cuck I was.

When I had left, the cuckolding was meant to stop until we were back together. Ophelia obviously had other plans on that front, and one basic boundary had been breached. Whilst I was party to my cuckolding, I was an outsider, being reminded of my status and fed snippets of what was going on. Seeing those little boundaries pushed, the date, the toilets, the open acknowledgement to others. My musings were once again ended by the realisation that there were more messages.

Checking my phone I noted that "Sabine has been added to your group". There it was, not only was Leon wanting to fuck as many women as possible, he wanted others to share in his control over Cara & I.

Sabine: "Hi cucky, so glad to have helped in your wonderful wedding anniversary and TY to Cara & Leon for letting me part of this group. Leon got me so turned on that I couldnt turn down his offer to show me what Cara was now getting....XXXXX"

There it was, it seemed that my humilia tions would be shared by others now!

Cara: "Hi honey, Leon & Sabine were congratulating us on our 10th anniversary and wanted to see a pic of our big day...can you be a sweety and find one and send it to me......Luv U C"

I noted that there were still other unread messages but wanting to keep Cara, and Leon to an extent, in good moods, I jumped up from the bed and fired up the laptop. It didnt take long to find one of our pics from our wedding day. I pondered for a few minutes as to which picture to send. I couldnt send any that had any other family and friends in. part of that was a fear that Leon would maybe see one of Cara's sisters and take a fancy to one of them. In the end I settled on one that was taken just after the ceremony. We were in the garden of the hotel where we had our reception. Me on one knee in front of Cara. Cara was looking stunning in her wedding gown and was gazing lovingly down at me as I looked up at her. I thought the loving looks were perfect and it had the added thrill of Cara lifting her gown and putting one leg forward. Cara's garter was visible with me just carefully adjusting it. All quite plain but with that little bit of fun and a glimpse of leg and stocking from a bride on her wedding day. I quickly pinged it across to my phone and then forwarded it to Cara.

Cara: "I can't believe I just ate my first pussy and a creampie aswell!.....Leon just has a way with him that makes me want to do naughty things. It's not just me!!!! As it didnt take him long in getting into Sabines panties.....right in the fitting room of the shop!!!! What a stud

Sabine: "Enjoy the pic...and just think Leon has just fucked as many women in the last 2 hours as you have had your dicky in, in your whole life"

A shiver of shame and excitement ran through me as I realised Cara must have told Sabine that I had been so concious of my small dick that I had been shy around women and had only lost my virginity at a University party. A one night stand that had not gone well and had only been a success for me as the girl in question was very dr-unk. My lack of sexual ability and experience had been highlighted, made public and now, rubbed in my face.

Despite not knowing what to fully expect, but knowing it would no doubt show a gloating Leon, I opened the next video.

It must have taken a time delay and a little setting up but there were the happy sated 3-sum.

Leon was in the pride of place, reclining, pleased with himself, that huge toothy grin going from ear to ear. He had every right to wear that grin and the overall look of confidence. He had, after all fucked my wife and a local girl within a couple of hours, had got his new cuckoldress to publicly date him, had her sucking cock in public and licking pussy, and a freshly creamed one at that. What was not to be pleased about????

His arms were raised and rested over the shoulders of his 2 conquests. Each big black paw enveloped the shoulders of his smaller females and draped seductively down and ended with his hands cupping their naked breasts. He lay naked as the day he was born, dark, toned and glistening, proud of the semi hard, now lazily relaxing cock that lay on his thigh. Relaxing yet still way bigger than my own poor dick.

To his right lay Sabine, also naked, a glow about her. Her dark hair slightly messed up and again a sheen of perspiration coated her. The light caught her, the moist skin of her breast, it glinted off the hoops adorning the nipple on one breast. Her left breast cupped by Leon's hands with the finger just lightly working back and forth over the ring. Her nipples stood proud, still primed for more pleasure from her new stud. She would look into the camera, a knowing smug, slightly mocking look on her face, and then look at Leon's cock before drin king in his body and then gazing at his face. Her arm moved, the Japanese style tattoo's on her arm came into view as she slowly ran her hand over Leon's abdomen and down to his thigh. Ever so slightly brushing against his cock. As she brushed past his slee ping monster, she once again looked at me through the lens of the camera.

It was the first time I had been able to see her body properly. Although she was at least 15 years Cara's junior, I thought her body was on a par with my beautiful wife. It made me proud that Cara remained so toned, but also reminded me that it had been via the gym and the effort to remain so toned, that had brought Leon truely into our lives. Sabine's breasts sat nicely and firmly on her chest above a smoothe toned tummy that sported a jewelled belly button piercing. My eyes took in her body and lusted after the pussy that lay below. Like Cara it was devoid of hair as Leon wanted. Despite the erotic sight, my mind flashed back to Cara feasting on her first pussy, her first creampie. I then focussed again on her pussy, and saw a small rose tattoo just on the inside of her thigh. In an instant the glimpse was gone as she moved more onto one side and brought her leg up and rubbed her knee along Leon's thigh.

As much as I enjoyed my cuckold voyeurism of another female, all the while I was reminded of my cuckold status as the ache in my balls grew ever stronger. I was also fully aware of Cara, reclining to the left hand side of Leon.

Unlike both Leon & Sabine, Cara was partially clothed. I was once again given the impression that this was a deliberate tease for me. Allowed to see another unattainable female who I would probably never meet again yet denied the flesh of the woman I was married to.

Leon's large right paw draped over her shoulder and, as with Sabine, cupped and toyed with her breast. The red dress she had worn for her "date day" with her stud, had been partially drawn down off her shoulder. Cara, unlike Sabine was reclining on her left side, her arm laying flat along the length of her body. Her skirt had been drawn up and just revealed the top of her thigh and very bottom of her right buttock. A small white triangle on an inch or so just visible below the hem line on her right buttock and a slight trail of shiney cum just visible at the crease formed where her leg and ass met. I assumed maybe a tissue discreetly placed to maybe provide a little "clean up", If so then maybe the cum trail suggested she had been a little neglectful! Sensible, practical nurse, I mused whilst also cursing Leon for withholding the sight of Cara's pussy and ass from me.

Whilst there was the image before me, the happy threesome had not said a word, perhaps knowing that I would be taking in every detail. Straining to see ever tell tale little sign of their naughtiness. They knew me so well, or at least knew what all cuckolds secretly were and wanted. To be teased and taunted and left wanting more, left to have our imaginations wander and go to all sorts of dark kinky places.

I noticed Leon flick both Cara's and Sabines nipples and right on cue the girls waved at me and blew me a kiss before both moving their hands to caress Leon. Sabine's hand roamed over his chest whilst Cara's made straight for Leon's cock and eagerly ran her hand over its length. All the while staring straight at the camera. Knowing I would be transfixed. I watched as her hand then gently circled his shaft. She raised its upright and I could see her finger and thumb could not quite touch due to his girth. Stll semi soft her slow stroking brought it to a good height before the head drooped slightly forward with her down stroke. I heard a "Mmmmmmmmmmm" from her and then she spoke;

"Well my little cucky, I can feel my stud is starting to get hard again and is likely to be stretching your naughty wifes pussy again pretty soon. As you have been such a good cucky, and Sabine, was instrulmental in this, so I think you need to thank her (Sabine stopped her caressing and playfull waved and me before wagging her little finger to the lens in that humiliating, little dick movement, giggling as she did so) as you have earned your release tonight".

I was a little shocked as I hadn't expected Cara or Sabine to be so considerate of my tor mented state. The initial delight was almost immediately stopped dead as the reality struck home. This was Leon's doing. He knew only too fucking well that I was not the master of my own imprisonment. Cara may have thought that I was delaying my own fun and showing exemplary will power, but Leon knew that Ophelia was my jailer. He was setting me up for a fall and to appear to ignore Cara's generosity.

Cara continued, "We know it wont take you long, so let us know when you have had your fun, we know you will have to replay a couple of the video's we have so kindly sent you, but dont take too long". With that Leon's grin appeared to get even wider, if that was at all possible. The girls both waved and the video went black.

I once again paused and wondered what I was going to do. As I did so I resolved to tell Cara that I wanted to maintain my chastity until she got back, that it would make the rest of the week even hotter for me and that I would save it all for her. My will power would be strong and I wanted to restrict my masturbation as I should really wait for her return.

FUCKING OPHELIA.....As I looked at my phone, it seemed I had already responded......

rob: "HUGE Thanks Sabine,for the consideration, and thank you C, of course , but I want this to be special and I shall be a good cuck and wait and restrain my desire to wank. I promise to keep myself all for my hot wife "

I supposed she had more or less said what I was going to say, but the fact that she had been watching me, aware of what I was thinking, what I had been watching, and of course knowing full well of how I was being manipulated by Leon and her. I realised it didnt make a difference, shrugged my shoulders, adjusted my aching balls and cursed Ophelia once again for putting me in this position.

It was at this stage that the busy day, my difficulty sle eping over the last few nights, and the mental turmoil started to take their toll. My thoughts were all over the place yet I still had messages to read. I had to get through them otherwise I would be a wreck in the morning.

Next opened a picture of one of Sabine's breasts. The nipple stood proud and the small golden hoop hung sexily from the dark pinkness. the tag was from Leon: "Do you think this would be obvious at the gym?"

The inference was clear. Leon teasing me as to whether Cara would ever do such a thing. I doubted it very much, especially with the possibility of it being oh so obvious wearing anything thin to exercise in.

This was followed by another picture of the same breast but this time with Cara's lips parted, the crims*n lipstick stark against her skin, and her tongue ever so delicately flicking the hoop. This time sent from Cara's phone: "Did lil robbie explode seeing these?"

A quick check and I found only a couple more messages to go........


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Chapter 44 Continued.....

The next video seemed to take an age to download, but Oh my god!!!!! When it did, my mind in turmoil went into overdrive.

Leon again was delighting in his role, showing off to both me and to Sabine. As he held the camera, I could see his cock slowly sliding in and out of Cara's pussy once again. He held it close to the action and I could see his smoothe skin lubricated by Cara's wetness. It shone in the light and contrasted with the paleness of her thighs and the darker pink or redness of her by now, well used pussy. I could see tiny air bubbles just at the point his cock met her pussy. It was stretched wide and ever so gently the lips of her pussy moved as he went back and forth. He was steady, a man in control and on a mission. I marvelled at how able and easily she now seemed to take his cock.

I could hear his measured breathing as he paced himself, determined to remain in control and push Cara to her orgasm to reinforce his control. Beyond his breathing I could hear the soft moans of Cara as she focussed on another invasion of her pussy. The metronome began to speed up again and with it Cara's breathing increased. It had only been 30 odd seconds and already I could see a definate increase in the wetness of her pussy. Those tiny bubbles had increased and there was that unmistakable whiteness appearing that came from a pussy being well fucked.

Leon spoke, "You love that cock don't you slut?". Cara's moan and her hips rising to meet his thrusts answered him aswell as any words could. As his pace quickened he moved the camera upwards from her pussy and I was met with the sight of Sabine stroking , caressing and occasionally pinching Cara's bullet hard nipples. As she was doing this Cara & Sabine had their lips locked together. The reason why there had been no clear response to Leon's almost rhetorical question.

It appeared Leon was not content with a non verbal response however. A few more f0rceful thrusts caused the camera to jolt yet clearly caused Cara's attention to break from the girls ardent tongue action. Again the thrust was followed by the demand, "You love that cock don't you slut?" The thrust brought about an instant moan aswell as the breath being for ced out of Cara. She knew to respond though and with the next breath came her "Yessssss", just in time for the next invasion of her pussy.

"And whose pussy is this?"

Cara's chin was high and her mouth open. Sabine was looking down at Leon as he worked, also marvelling at his cock and skilled use. She appeared as horny as ever, as she continued to tease Cara's nipples. Just as Sabine appeared to pinch her nipple Cara let out a deep moan and responded, "It's yours!"

A smile came accross Sabines face as she gazed into the camera, once again knowing what this would be doing to me. The sound of Leon thrusting into Cara continued as did a deep laugh from him. "That's it slut, its mine"

The pace quickened once again and I could hear the energy that Leon was putting in to produce the desired responses from Cara. The energy was well used as the moans became ever louder from Cara as she got ever closer to cumming. Her hips rose more and more to meet his thrusts and I could see one of her hands tightly gripping the bedsheets behind her head.

"Yes, Yes,Yes......Itssssss yours.........It's your pussy.....aggggghhhhh"

I was aching, in pain from the cage and yet I couldn't take my eyes off the screen of the fucking phone again. The sounds, my wife declaring her love for Leon's cock and having Sabine smirking at me within the shot all filled me with that unmistakable, addictive, toxic, amazing, astonishing, love/hate, humi liating, empowering feeling.

Cara's admission had the desired effect on Leon and, his ego stoked, he demanded sub-mission. His fucking was matched again with his demand. A demand to hear her tell those present, and me back in England who owned her pussy.


Cara's orgasm hit


Cara's back was arched, her hands trying to tear the bedsheets above her head, and her body glistening with sweat as Leon once again unloaded deep into her pussy. There was a look of awe in Sabine's face as she watched Leon bury himself deep between Cara's thighs, and even deeper into her body. It all appeared togo into slow motion, yet must have lasted for 20-30 seconds.

As Cara's body relaxed and her back met the bed again, Leon cruelly once again cut.

If Sabine had a look of awe on her face it was shared with mine. After all I had seen throughout the day, or the last few days, this had really taken me in cuck space. You can dream of it and read about it and even witness it, but somethign about hearing your own wife lose herself as another man has his cock deep inside her, well that takes the biscuit.

It was beyond play, or games or anything, it showed how a good cock skillfully used, when combined with a guy who gets off on the power trip of fucking a married woman, can get into a womans mind aswell as her pussy.

Cara: "Hope you loved today as much as I did, I have been such a BAD WIFEY. And I love the fact you want to wait for meEmoji I love the fact you will want me so so much and be so so horny. Good night my special little cucky. LUV U SOOOOOOO MUCH, C i"

Whilst my dick remained hard, my heart was filled with love for Cara as I read that. I may have watched her be a slut for Leon, but I knew she was MY WIFE.

That elated feeling was shortlived however as the next message was from Leon. I instantly knew it would once again assert his position, and sure enough the picture I opened reminded me of what i had just heard and seen.

It was simple, direct and left no doubt. In close detail I could see Cara's pussy, gaping open, Leon's cum pooled inside and slowly seeping out. Her clit stood proud, a testament to the pleasure that had been delivered along with the load. Her reddened, sore pussy also clearly showing signs of being well used over the last few hours. Leon let the image demonstrate his skill. The picture may well have spoken a thousand words but leon simply used one......"MINE"

I had to tear myself away from this last pic and realised there was only one message left.

Sabine: "He is AMAZING, and THEY are SOOOOO AMAZING together, Good Night cucky...XXX Sab"
Attached was a picture, maybe taken as she was just leaving. It showed Leon and Cara together in bed. Leon spooned behind Cara with his arm draped over her. Both fast asleep covered only by a thin white sheet.


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OMG !! You ratchet up the tension so well. Have been waiting for next episode and this one is amazing. Almost made me cum reading without touching myself ! Certainly took me to 'cuck space' and 'sub space'....brilliant ...thank you !!


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Please continue


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More fantastic work to be thankful for. Brilliant


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Wow. Been out of the country for a few days and come back to this. Amazing writing. I almost felt that BBC! Thank you so much Rover!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Chapter 45
Progression - Thursday, One Day Left

With the elation and eroticism had come exhaustion. I woke to find parts of the usually shiney steel of my cage had a dullness about them due to the amount of dried pre cum from the previous night. However the tip was still a little slick with what remained and that which had been pulled from me in my dreams and via Whatsapp, all the way from Holland.

I lay looking at the ceiling and wondered how our Anniversary/Birthday getaway could effect us going forward. I looked across at the bedside clock and realised I had oversl ept. The shock and instant drive to get myself sorted were bolstered by the realisation that I had to work doubley hard there was only One Day Left of my imprisonment and one day before I got my beloved Cara back.

Checking my phone I found that Ophelia had been busy again. This time changing my screensaver to the pic from Leon of Cara's pussy. The "MINE" caption standing ever so prominent on the screen to be a reminder whenever I went for my phone for the day. I reaied that I needed to get moving so today needed to be productive to allow me to take Friday off.


Diving into the car I felt that compulsion to check my phone. Therehad to be more from afar!

Cara: "Morning sweety, OMG what a day that was. Hope you loved the pics and vids as much as we did making and taking them! Not surprisingly I was famished this morning and had a wonderful breakfast at the Hotel with Leon. It was so naughty having breakfast with my Bull EmojiEmojiEmoji So normal yet so erotic, especially as Leon left and one of the Doctors from my hospital appeared for his breakfast...ALMOST BUSTED!!!!"


Sabine: "Bet you didnt sle ep aswell as me and your wife...Oh yes , and of course your BULL!"

Cara: "Only half a day of seminars today, then your very naughty wife can be naughty again.....and I cannot believe how naughty I have been"

Cara: "Must dash now, about to start, Balloon pumps this morning! So of course you must be, so glad you are waiting for me. Think I would be disappointed now if you didnt "

Although not that overtly sexual the messages still had the desired effect on me! With a busy day ahead I replied to the group with a thank you and individually to Cara with a big I LOVE YOU. I then quickly turned my phone off so as not to get distracted.

No phone and no distractions meant I was the very model of efficiency and professionalism. I was so pleased with myself and although tired once again the day flew by. A stop by at the supermarket and I got all the ingredients for a slap up meal. It would be a throw back to our first date, Coq Au Vin & Potato Dauphinoise. I smiled as I paid knowing that Cara would appreciate the symbolism and we would reconnect over the to speak.

Getting home, into the safety of our own house was great. I almost felt Ihad done well to navigate a difficult task, but also had butterflies as I settled down with a tin of Stella Artois and turned my phone back on.

As it came to life I was again greeting with the "MINE" message and a swipe showed that once again Whatsapp had been busy.

First off I had Ophelia reminding me about my 10am appointment and telling me not to be late as she wanted to hear all about how my week had been and how much I was looking forward to seeing Cara. I of course was respectful and told her there was no way I was going to be late and that I was looking forward to reclaiming Cara.

There was a funny clip from mates at work where a young ch-ild had found his mums huge dildo and was waving it around the bedroom as she chased him trying to get it back....and then I could see there were a load from "Cara & Leon Group"!

Cara: "Hi Honey, thats me done for the conference. Have to admit that after the first day my mind was elsewhere....if you know what I mean! I have been so so naughty, I hope you dont mind!!!!!

Sabine: "I bet you are so so looking forward to seeing your wife...or should I say, your black cock slut ROFL"

Leon: "Your wife back tomorrow eh, Little Ohu gonna be getting a whole NEW woman. They say a week is a long time in politics, but its not half as long as a week with a Bull"

Cara: "Heading back to hotel and my pussy is soaking thinking of getting Leon's cock before I leave"

Leon: "She just couldnt wait as soon as she got in to my room!"[/b]

Next there was a picture of Cara gazing into the camera with Leon's cock filling her mouth and strecthing her lips obscenely wide. The look in her eyes was one of awe and devotion for the monster that she appeared to crave.

I checked the time stamps on the messages and found that there was a good couple of hourse between the cocksucking pic and the next message. I didnt have to think too hard to know what had been going on!

Cara: [b]"Hi honey, feeling tired now, this whole week has been amazing. After Leon sent you that pic of your naughty wife sucking on that AMAZING cock, I couldnt wait to get it in my puss puss...or as Leon likes to call it "MINE". Robbie, you cant believe how wet it makes me when he says that!!!!

Cara: "Well after I got my treat Leon showed what an amazing guy he is! He told me we were heading out to collect a little present for you. I have to say I got soaking wet again when I saw it and thought his imagination so sexy....I do hope you love it as much as I do. He said it would be great to mark our anniversary weekend, although I said to him it had already been marked!

Leon being nice!!!! My natural cynicism was always there, but with the way I had been played and coaxed into my cuckolding by Leon & Ophelia, I did have to wonder what on earth I would be getting as my "present". To be honest, I thought to myself, I didn't want anything except for my own sweet gorgeous, sexy Cara back.

Cara: "Just going to get something to eat with Sabine, she is a lovely girl and really great to make a new friend by accident, and after all we have something...or someone in later my sexy little cucky...should be back by 10pm XXXXXXXXX"

I checked the bedside clock and realised it was already 9pm so I decided to get a quick bite myself and then get a shower and shave in prep for meeting Ophelia in the morning. Damn I was so so looking forward to getting out of that fucking cage.

By 10pm I was fed and watered, freshly showered and shaved and almost had that feeling of a first date. Despite being married for 10 years, the separation of the last few days, combined with the teasing and denial all added to my love for Cara. What we had done over the weekend had been "unconventional" to say the least, and yes we had mutually agreed to break our marital vows of monogamy, but I felt closer to Cara, and loved her more for embracing my, well our mutual fantasy.

I'm sure you all know that feeling in your stomach, the feeling you get before a first date. The butterflies, the excitement and fear, what will they be like? will they like me? what will we talk about?....well I was like that. Even though we had been married 10yrs I had that thrill, it was definately the feeling that I was chatting to a new woman, a woman who was my own wife!

When my phone buzzed and I saw it was Cara, my dick once again felt a surge and the bars bit into my poor flesh, yet my heart sang.

"Hi Honey, how you doing?" I wanted to try and appear calm and collected and not too eager to hear of how I had been cuckolded today. I was sure that Cara knew it aswell, but she was the epitome of coolness. We chatted and cooed over each other like newlyweds, hardly going near the elephant in the room!

We both bemoaned how much we missed each other, about what we had been up to and how we both wanted to be together at our own sanctuary, our own home. An image of Cara being spooned by Leon came to my mind as Cara said she couldnt wait to be cuddled up to me in bed. It may sound soppy, but my heart leapt at that point, and of course, in a not so soppy way, my dick twitched aswell.

She told me all about the course, how informative it had been and how glad she was for getting the chance to come. She told me about the amount of walking she had done, how she had actually managed a dri nk with a couple of the doctors from her hospital. She then dropped in that during the dri nks that one of the doctors from her hospital had spied Leon...and knew him!!!!! Apparently he was waved over and joined them for a short while. Cara said it was odd sitting there pretending not to have ever met him before when she had been filled with his cum only a few hours before. She said she felt so horny and was twitching in her seat. Trying desperately to act normally.

....And there it was. It didnt take long for the elephant to rear its trunk into the conversation!

This casual yet public meeting and the deep dark secret that Leon & Cara shared, but hid from their colleagues fed my fantasies, and I am sure delighted Leon. I also knew that Ophelia would love that story and I thought I would have to inform her in the morning. I could already picture her laughter.

The images and ideas of spooning had brought the events of the last week onto the horizon, but now they came into full view, close up, as Cara told me she was looking forward to feeling little robbie again. She teased me about being locked up for so long and how she hoped I didnt have a hair trigger. She thought it was so wonderful and loving and supportive that I had maintained my self imposed chastity. She played being all indignant and annoyed when I admitted my invo-luntary emission whilst watching her on video, but then relented and soothed me by telling me how sweet and how hot it made her knowing that I could be brought to the peak of pleasure from just watching her. The way she said it, albeit embrassing, also filled me with a sense of pride. The fact that even looking and watching my own beautiful, sexy, intelligent, amazing, articulate, stylish, naughty wife could get me off, well, God I love her.

Rather than dwelling on the fact I was still locked, she went on to tell me that after Leon had fucked her again, on her return from the last seminar, she had been contacted by Sabine, who had invited her over to her flat for a bite to eat. Apparently Leon had to meet up with a couple of fellow anesthesiologists, and so not wanting to be at a looose end for a couple of hours (and I imagined to giver her pussy a short break) she jumped at the chance.

It seemed the evening had been fun for the girls, and Sabine had actually used it for dual purposes as she wanted her boyfriend to meet the lovely kinky English lady who she had talked about and also show her boyfriend that there were other happy cuckoldresses out there.

Sabine's boyfriend was called Luuk, and was about her age and shared her liking for tattoos and piercings. After a couple of glasses of wine Cara giggled and told me that Sabine had been trying to talk her into getting her own nipples pierced. She had joked with her that Leon seemed to like playing with the hoops in hers. Cara giggled again and asked me whether she thought her lovely breasts would look good like that. I recalled Leon's message from the previous night and the idea of Cara going to the gym and a nipple ring being so obvious under the tight lycra she usually wore. I of course told her that her breasts were perfect the way they were and that they needed no adornments to keep me happy. I was horny at the idea she may consider doing that for Leon, but also didnt want to have Leon marking her in such a way as to flaunt his control when he wasnt there. She thought I was trying to flatter her about her boobs and cheekily asked if I was trying to get into her good books...."or get into anywhere else?"

Cara had a way of teasing me and bringing out my kinky side and then brining me back down to sensible pink and fluffy planet Cara. She then shocked me by very matter of factly, telling me that Sabine had got Luuk to show Cara his Prince Albert. The cheeky sod had suggested that maybe I should get one to add security to my chastity cage. Needless to say I told her that whilst it was kinky, it was certainly not on my radar.

I think my own self preservation, the idea of a something sharp going through my bell end, was a scarey proposition. I made a joke that I didnt think it would look that good with my foreskin. I thought that would be the end of the matter, but Cara appeared to be delighting in the topic and teasing me, I think sensing my unease at the idea.

"Well that would be a simple enough thing to resolve, I know they do that at clinics in my hospital". She said that in a matter of fact tone that quite disarmed me yet also surprised me with her thought process.....

"And being circumcised would make you the same as Leon", she paused at this point, and they do say the art of comedy is timing......

"Well, not quite the same as Leon". That brought that cheeky little giggle from her.

"I'm sorry honey, I didnt mean that to sound so cheeky, but it is a thought and I confess I do love the way his cock feels without the added skin, and besides can you imagine how horny you would be waiting for it to heal knowing al that time I would have to look to other horny men like Leon to satisfy your wifes needs?"

Jeez, Cara was amazing, she was able to go from caring considerate sweet wife to playful devilish mix in the space of a sentence.

From a quiet dr ink and bite to eat the conversation had obviously become quite interesting, to say the least. The fact that someone I had never met was showing my wife his cock, well, above and beyond Leon....although he didnt really show her his cock, more just used it , for hours, on her.....and then he was suggesting ways to keep me more securely locked!!!!

From what Cara told me, it appeared that Sabine's boyfriend was finding it a little harder to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend had been blacked the previous night. Although he seemed cool about the whole tattoo and piercing chat the extra cock for Sabine had been a surprise. They had dabbled in the idea before but had never really gone as far as our roleplay had. Cara & I both burst out laughing at the same time when she had told me this. It was the moment of realisation, when she talked about our roleplay, that it hit us that was a thing well in the past and that it was all about the reality. It was a shared moment of fun and bonding moment that allowed Cara to move on to talking about her stud.

Cara said that it had been a really nice time and that with the "group" we would be able to keep in touch with Sabine & Luuk. It all sounded so normal, like we had made new friends and we would drop them a Christmas card and postcards from our holidays, yet here was Cara telling me that we would be sharing alot more of our lives with these new friends.

So, most of the evening done Cara had taken a taxi back to The Amrath. It was telling me this that I then heard her voice starting to tremble as she burst out laughing. Apologising she went on to tell me that on arrival one of the receptionists had called her over and informed her that, "Another guest has left a package for you". Once again Cara laughed as she knew full well that I would be desperate to know what it was.

Once again Cara did that pause on the phone. She knew I was eager to hear what Leon, as I knew it had to be him, had left her. "Does my eager little hubby want to know what her stud bought her?"

As the talk had got me more and more turned on, I tried to respond with a simple Yes, but my croaky response illicited another little laugh from Cara before she relented. "Two cock moulding kits, well one cock moulding kit and one little willy kit, Leon left a note and told me he will let me cast him in the morning before I have to check out". Once again that pause to let it sink in. He planned on claiming my wife before she returned to me, "Leon said he wanted me to have the chance to enjoy him even when he couldnt be around to do it in person, now isn't that so considerate of him?"

I was reminded of the idea that Leon & Cara were suggesting that this last week wasn't going to be a one off in their eyes. That ache increased in my balls and all the cucky thoughts began running riot in my mind. I think Cara sensed my inner turmoil, the loving husband and the desirous cuckold. She once again affirmed what a great week it had been and how she had really got into "girlfriend mode" as she termed it, that She had been so naughty and that she hoped I would love the presents she had and hoped I wouldnt be too mad about some of the things that had gone on. I even sensed that she became quite serious when she said this. Almost as if she really thought she had pushed things too far.

Moving past that we again got back to talking about our everyday lives, the transition from teasing cuckoldress to devoted vanilla wife appeared so easy for her. With that transition came a cooling of my ardour and with it an easing of that ache that I knew all too well.

With the cooing declarations of love exchanged and Cara telling me she was desperate to see me we parted for the night. I think a sense of calm over both of us as we looked forward tobeign reunited in less than 24hours


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Apologies, bit of a bridging chapter that one trying to build up for the big Friday return. Reckon at least another 4 chapters to get to where I want.


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Apologies, bit of a bridging chapter that one trying to build up for the big Friday return. Reckon at least another 4 chapters to get to where I want.

No apologies needed....moments of calm and rare 'one on one' time with Robbie and Cara make the angst stronger. I have a feeling that Ophelia may have an influence on the next chapter and to hear that more chapters will be on the way is great news ! Thanks again for a very erotic cliffhanger !!


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Chapter 46

Progression - Friday - 10am Appointment

The sounds of orgasmic pleasure echoed around my be droom, well, to be more precise, the sounds of Cara's orgasmic pleasure courtesy of Leon's cock, echoed around my be droom. The alarm, oh so thoughtfully changed by Ophelia rudely awoke me from my slu mbers.

In that post deep sle ep zone I initially imagined it was all a dream, but when it continued I realised that it was infact my alarm. Needless to say, it had combined with my usual normal, morning wood, to produce that dull painful ache that had been with me most of the last week. With the realisation and ache came the excitement that it was Friday......CARA IS COMING HOME.

The fact that Cara would be home in a few hours was the thought first and foremost in my head, the thought of looking into her eyes, seeing her walk towards me at the airport, feast upon her body. Yes I would have the images of her and Leon together, but I would have my wife back and most importantly, all to myself.

I knew already that, I wanted to worship her; I wanted to hold her and massage her, make her appreciate how much I adore her, before finally making love to her.

After my, perhaps soppy thoughts I couldn't help but invol untarily go to reach for my dick, and it was then that my reverie was broken and the 10am appointment came into focus. I dived into the shower and had a quick shave. My nerves were starting as I started to wonder what Ophelia had in store for me for today, especially as she had wanted me there so early. I couldn't quite face a big breakfast, so it was just a slice of toast and cup of tea.

I checked the news and had a quick leer at Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast, wondering if she was about the same size as Cara.

A quick scan of the paper and then I couldn't keep myself away from it any longer; I had to check my messages. I knew that besides the undoubted teasing I would get from Ophelia, that there would be teasing galore in my messages. I was not wrong!

Cara: "Morning my darling little cucky, home soon and missing you madly, but I wonder if I will miss that great BIG BLACK COCK of Leon's?"

Cara: "Sorry robbie, I'm so bad, love you lots, but this last week has been amazing, it has been more than I ever imagined and something I am sure we shall both never forget"

Cara: "Leon just dropped by to say hello before breakfast....what's a girl to do when presented with such a gift in the morning?"

Leon: "Good Morning Ohu, Gotta stretch MY pussy again, gotta give a woman what she really needs"

Luuk: "Thanks for letting me join, can't believe how hot this is"

Leon: "You are welcome Luuk, Sabine is a hot little slut, and you are a lucky guy"

Sabine: "Morning all, and have fun Cara, I had to make do with Luuk's little thing this morning, he is still so horny thinking that Leon had his way with me yesterday"

Cara: "Hi Luuk & Sabine lovely meeting you the other night, as you may imagine got my hands full at present so be back later!!!"

Some 20 minutes later, and there for the entire group to see, was the picture I had dreamed about for so long, but was now a reality. Cara's pussy, reddened, her labia slightly puffy and glistening with a combination of her own pussy juice and Leon's cum. Her clit stood proud, a deeper shade of red than her lips and contrasted with the milky white of Leon's cum that pooled in her still gaping pussy. The highly erotic image was topped off by being framed my Cara's left hand. Her palm flat with her thumb pulling her smooth mound upwards and back. This caused her clit to stand more proudly, all the better for Leon to show off his handiwork.

Her fingers flat and all together rested on the inside of her thigh, the pressure ensuring that her pussy remained open showing where Leon had invaded and taken his pleasure. And there, shining with the flash from the camera, were Cara's engagement and wedding rings. The symbol of our love and the symbol of also my cuckolding. I think I let out a small groan and closed my eyes as I took in all the details of the image, especially the caption that Leon had so teasingly attached to it...once again, simple and to the point..."MINE"

Cara: "WOW, well what a way to start the day, I love IT, and I love you robbie, time for breakfast"

Luuk: "OMG, You are a lucky girl Cara, and a robbie a true cuckold now UITMUNTEND"

Sabine " Cara you lucky girl"

Leon: "The Ohu will be getting plenty of protein for breakfast going forward!"

Once again part of me got off on this hum iliation by Leon, but another part of me resented the cock bastard. We and he and Cara had had their fun over the last week, but to think that he would be doing this more regularly after today, well that was another thing. Cara would be home today and I would have this bl0ody cage off me. I would reclaim Cara and we would have our memories. The next message from Cara made me smile, as I thought it demonstrated that Cara & I were on the same page.

Cara: "Aren't you the confident one, some things can never be erased, but what goes on in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. I'm such a bad girl; I think I'm going to have to wear a panty liner to breakfast now. Just having cereal for breakfast...after all, I've already had a large sausage!

Sabine: "...but Cara.....what about the saying?....once you go black....."

Sabine: "I bet robbie is so horny seeing these messages"

I couldn't help but reply to the group. I would normally have tried to hide my embarrassment by messaging Cara direct, but I felt drawn in by Sabine. "Yes I am Sabine, Luv U Cara, you bad girl and Yes, what goes on in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam"

....And with that I finished up my tea and checked my watch as I had plenty of time to make my way to see Ophelia.

I checked my watch again at 09:55hrs as I placed my phone into the glove box of the car. I rationalised that by not having it, that Ophelia wouldn't be able to mess about with it any more. With that I clicked the lock and made that slow walk to Ophelia's door. It was a cool day and I could hear the traffic from the nearby High Road and was aware of the added weight and ache caused by my ever present cage.

Whilst the last week may have seemed to last a month due to my enf0rced chastity, the next few minutes went by in a blur. The knock, the welcome, the ushering and the stripping. With the blink of an eye I was kneeling at Ophelia's feet.

She sat regally in front of me, a vision of dominant beauty. The straightened black hair pulled back into a lush shining pony tail, the dark skin shining from the warmth of the room. The dark brown eyes and deep red lips down to the full cleavage accentuated by the tight leather basque. The waist cinched by the basque and then the glimpse of flesh at her thighs framed by the blackness of the suspender straps. The beautiful stocking tops then disappearing into the long knee length boots that were crossed before me. There was my Mistress elegant, commanding and sipping her usual cup of tea. The normality of dr1nking tea in the abnormal D/s setting. It was wonderful, but also a nightmare for my caged dick.

"So tell me my little cucky, how have you been? has it been a tough old week for you? I want you to start telling me all about it".

As if she needed me to tell her! She had access to my phone, had been party to all of Cara's & Leon's fun and had no doubt been getting updates from Leon direct. It was all part of the mind fuckery....and I hated to admit it to myself, but I loved it.

For the next few minutes Ophelia had me unburden my soul. She questioned me as to how I felt leaving Cara in the company of Leon, how I felt having my freedom to play with my dick taken away. She made it seem like she was genuinely interested but was really just having me repeat my t0rments so that they could sink deeper into my psyche. Having cooed, tutted, giggled and cajoled my feelings or angst and desire from me about my leaving Cara, my return and my imposed chastity, she set her china cup down and told me that she needed a thorough inspection.

Ophelia towered above me in her boots and in my kneeling position I raised my eyes and found myself staring directly at the black leather triangle that covered her pussy. My apparent impertinence was met with a playful slap on my cheek before she told me to rise and stand in front of the St Andrews Cross on the wall. The response to my inadvertent gazing at her panties, I was informed, earned me a blindfold. As the strains of John Legend softly washed around the warm deep dark red room I blindly complied with each instruction, "Hand up", "waist back", "left foot move", "other foot", "hand...quickly". In minutes really, from walking the street as an outwardly free man I was now naked and restrained, submissive to the woman who had assisted in my cuckolding.

Ophelia's soft hands, then stroked my immobile form. The red talons at her fingertips drew soft patterns over my skin and around my nipples. My senses heightened by my blindness caused me to pick up the scent. Pomegranate Noir. The rich seductive spicy scent that was Cara's favourite. I could tell that Ophelia was close by and could feel the heat from her along with the added scent of the soft leather that held those breasts. With the soft music and the scent my mind wandered back to the image of Ophelia's cleavage. The mental image was broken as Ophelia, ever so gently applied her nails to my nipple before whispering in my ear.

"I hope the little Ohu isn't having naughty thoughts, I can see that little dicky starting to swell", releasing my nipple she playfully slapped my caged dick before clip clopping away and informing me that she would now be releasing me for a "tidy up". At first I wondered what she meant, and then I realised that it had been just over a week since I had last shaved "down there". I had come to like my bald look, even if it did make my small dick look like that of a young b oy. I had to confess it had made the wearing and cleanliness of the cage alot easier. The bondage whilst having the "tidy up" did also play to my sub ideas, so I sort of embarrassed myself by sort of squeaking out a "Thank you Mistress".

"Ahhh thats so lovely, you are very welcome my little cucky, after all we have to have you nice and smoothe for the lovely Cara's return. She has to be able to see that little dicky of yours and appreciate what she has left behind"....and with that she left the room, leaving me to my thoughts.

There it was, the thoughtful, helpful Ophelia, who could then with a few words twist the situation into something that would remind me of what Cara had been getting all week.

The clip clopping of her high heels returned and she entered the room again."And I see you have tried to be a clever little cucky as well, not bringing your phone with you this time. I would have thought that you would have realised by now that I have remote access to your phone and having it with you makes no difference now. I could still send Cara a cheeky little picture of you all strung up right now".

Ophelia left the threat hanging in the air for a second...."but I would never do that to you my little cucky, after all we have so much fun together, and who else do you get to tell all your naughty little cucky thoughts to?"

As she said that I felt her hand take hold of the cage and her breasts pushed into my own chest. The scent invaded my nostrils again as she leaned close to tease me once again.

"Lets get this cage off you then shall we, let's see if the little monster can still get hard"

After a week of hell, needless to say Ophelia had to be quite gentle and yet fo-rceful at the same time. The slightest indication and suggestion of female contact with my groin area had my arousal get the better of me and once again my dick tried to swell. The click of the key unsnapping the lock sent a thrill through me, yet it took Ophelia a little coaxing to remove the cage. Once again I was suffering from the impressions on my dick caused by the bars.

With Ophelia still stood before me, the heavy rich scent still in my nostrils I could feel her hand toying with me. Ever so slowly gripping my shaft and stroking it back and forth. A grip that ensured that she had my full attention, and that I craved more. I tried to move my hips forward to induce more movement and greater pleasure for me. The experience of Ophelia and the devilishly slow speed made my movements futile.

Feeling my hips trying to move, Ophelia called me a bad boy and playfully slapped my dick. With the pent up tension I was rock hard and even the playful slap caused me to groan. The groan then elicited a soft chuckle from her as she walked away, leaving my dick twitching in mid air.

With my vision blocked it seemed my hearing was enhanced. I listened to the music playing and strained to hear the click of her heels. The music giving me my only sense of time. I think it was maybe 2-3 songs before I heard the clicking again. Some fussing about and then the Pomegranate Noir filled my nose again. I flinched as I felt a warm cloth envelope my dick and then smoothly be swirled all around my balls. Showering had been an awkward but necessary thing in the past week, but the direct contact with a warm cloth felt amazing. Cara's pussy would have been better, but any soft warm contact was heaven at this point.

Along with the sounds of the music I could hear Ophelia humming away, happy in her task. The warm cloth returned and caressed my skin. She moved my dick around and made sure it was nice and clean and then I felt the silky smoothness of shaving foam and I got the soft smell of pine. I realised as the coolness countered the previous warm cloth, she was indeed about to "tidy me up"

"Now hold still cucky.....ooops you don't have much choice do you?....once again the giggle just reminded me of my vulnerability and su bm1ssion for putting myself right back in this position. With that I felt a shiver as the razor came into contact with my skin. There was almost no sound from her work, just the CD playing and the odd happy hum. All the while I was left to my own thoughts, how far I, or we had come, how hot this was but also how bad I was for hiding this real su bm1ssion from Cara. I also pondered the thought that this "dirty little secret" was all so erotic, the fact that Ophelia could bust me at any time, that Leon was party to it and the fact that it was what had caused me to be where I was.

After only a few minutes Ophelia declared herself satisfied with her handiwork, "As smoothe as a babies bottom" she said, another little chuckle and I felt her applying what I assumed to be moisturiser to my dick and balls, "Or in your case, as smoothe as a babies bits, after all they aren't about the same size". Despite the barbed comment my dick twitched invol-untarily once again. Freshly shaved and moisturised, Ophelia finished her handiwork off by working a rubber cock ring into place. I got the impression that she wanted me to be hard and eager for much of the day.


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Chapter 46

Progression - 10am Appointment Continued

Ophelia rose from her position and I heard the click click of her heels around the chamber. Returning to me once again I felt her touch around my dick again but could not work out exactly what she was doing. She then stood and removed my blindfold. Despite the subdued lighting, the sudden light caused me to squint. Before me a beautiful ebony goddess, as ever I couldn't prevent myself from gazing at her leather basque enhanced cleavage. The smile and the deep red lips fed my mind and maintained my erection.

Ophelia then took one step to her left revealing a mirror directly in front of me on the opposite wall of the chamber. Strategically placed to demonstrate a subs vulnerability. A middle aged man, restrained, submissive, vulnerable, bald of crotch and there, above the 4inch (or maybe 4.5 inches due to the denial and eroticism of the scene) erection, in that same deep red lipstick "CUCKOLD 4 CARA".

As Ophelia half turned and looked at the reflection in the mirror, our eyes met and she burst out into a deep long laugh. Her face was alive with the pleasure that she received from seeing my reaction.

"Poor little cucky, it is Oh so real now isn't it? But the day is still young, and we have so much time before your beloved cuckoldress returns. Now I have plenty of kinky little things planned for you before you leave today, but also have a number of naughty little subbies to tease. Rest assured I will pay my special little cuck hubby plenty of attention".

Ophelia blew me a kiss before collecting the keys to the locks ensuring my su bm1ssion. As she released first my ankles and then my wrists I stared at the submissive cuckold in the mirror. The realisation that this was indeed me, the me that had been brought out and partly moulded by Ophelia. The ideas in my mind did not stop me robotically following Ophelia's instruction and it was almost like a dream that in a minute or so I found myself newly secured to the bondage bed. Ankles securely strapped up and secured. A thick belt around my waist with wrist restraints attached safely held my arms snugly to my side. A solid wide straps across my chest. I stared at the ceiling, lost in my sub space, conscious that there was little to do save for allow Ophelia to work and enjoy her power.

Was that a swirl pattern in the artex on the ceiling? I wondered how the builder had applied it, and it must take an awful lot of work to decorate it. The loud thud of a bolt and the sensation of my legs being parted broke my consideration of the decorative quality of Ophelia's ceiling. I had noted in the past the bondage bed was made up of panels but had never fully comprehended the possible usage.

I craned my neck to try and see what Ophelia planned for me and saw her grinning from ear to ear. She had donned latex gloves and held in her hand a black latex toy. It glistened as it caught the light, slick with lube. I think she immediately noted my questioning look and replied to my unspoken question,

"Yes little cucky, this little toy will be going where the sun don't shine. It will keep you company whilst I attend to some other naughty little subbies today. I wouldn't want you to think I was being neglectful of little Ohu. With little fuss she bent slightly, a position that afforded me an amazing view of her cleavage, and of course caused my dick to twitch, and eased the toy into by ass. As she stood again she cruelly flicked the head of my dick with one of her manicured fingernails. The instantaneous groan that resulted was simply answered by, "And that will teach you for staring at your Mistress' breasts".

Ophelia then walked away to the shelves in the chamber and returned. She told me that the butt plug was a wonderful little toy that she could control via her phone, and that I would know when she was thinking of me. She then quickly fitted ear buds to me. Even with the ear buds I distinctly heard the sound of her doorbell. My mind wandered, had I already been here an hour? Was this her next appointment? Was I going to be denied her attentions? Was it just a delivery

My legs were moved back together and Ophelia then secured my thighs together with another wide leather strap. Checking all my bonds she again fitted the blindfold. My last sight of her before the darkness returned was of that wide beautiful smile, devious yet intoxicating.

No sight and no sound and immobile, but then the ear buds revealed their purpose. Ophelia was away but was present, as she must have connected me to her phone or iPod.

Initially I heard the same John Legend track that Ophelia had on when I arrived and then those soft beautiful African tones came into my ears.

"I hope my little cuckold is relaxed, if not a little horny after a week in chastity thinking of how his wife has been slowly becoming a slut for big black cock. They say life begins at 40, and after your considerate birthday gift to Cara, her new sex life has certainly begun".

I am sure it has been an emotional week for you, all excited and horny, happy and anxious. Well today I shall help you and get you prepared for her return. No matter how you and Cara continue in your marriage from this day forwards, you will always be a cuckold. You have shown me, Cara & Leon how much this excites you, and ultimately it will be for her to decide whether you will continue to have a wife who enjoys the pleasures of bigger and better performing men".

Ophelia, spoke slowly, clearly and calmly, teasingly almost. She would have been aware that in my darkened world, that every sense would have been sharpened to focus on her words.

"Now that you cannot move and you are focussed on my voice you should start to feel your body relaxing... so let's get the mind relaxed, that's really what we want to do. Forget about the worries of work and the last week. When your mind's relaxed you really can achieve anything you can think of, within certain restrictions of course.

As I relaxed and accepted my immobility I heard the sounds of Leon's and Cara passion being played back to me. For the next few minutes I heard the grunts and groans, the slapping and deep breathing aswell as repeatedly Cara telling Leon that her pussy was his. Ophelia must have edited the video clips cloned from my phone into this audio file. I was captive, powerless to stop her repeating the words that thrilled me and cut me at the same time. Mixed in were softly spoken teasing words from Ophelia reminding me of my desire for this, of my sbm1ssion to her and my future su bm1ssion to Cara & Leon

Despite my bonds I flexed my muscles. It reminded me of the thigh, chest and arm restraints. the muscles flexed but Ophelia had left only a tiny amount of movement possible. John Legend continued in my ears, Ordinary People, eased smoothly through my brain, and I marvelled at Ophelia's ability to take me to that calm sub space that had been within me for years. I was so calm, so relaxed, despite being so horny, the imobility and atmosphere had me in deep sub space. I was her captive in body and soul at that point.

As the next track started, I suddenly became aware of a sensation from below. I felt so calm and relaxed, refreshed, almost as if I had just woken from a good ***** yet my dick still strained and I could now feel the vibrations from the anal plug. I wasn't sure if Ophelia was operating this from within the room or from afar. They were soft enough to excite, but not enough to take me over the edge. In my horny state I of course tried to move my hips, press down with my ass on the bench to create an extra sensation, and give me more pleasure. As I did so, the ear buds got yanked out.

"Easy tiger, we can't have you cumming quite yet, and it shouldn't really be down to a cucky when he gets to cum it?" I could only mumble "No Mistress", in my sub horny state. The blindfold was left on and I could hear Ophelia busying herself around the chamber. I turned my head to where I thought she was, in order to try and ascertain what was going on. As soon as I did, the click click of th heels approached and a swift slap stung my thigh. "Bad cucky, no trying to spy on your open wide"

Instinctively I obeyed and felt something soft yeilding in my mouth. Then the unmistable taste of latex. Before I could say or do anything Ophelia pushed upwards on my chin to close my mouth. The end of the condom hung on my cheek as the chamber echoed to the laughter of Ophelia.

"A very considerate present from your Mistress by way of my most recent sub, now no biting otherwise you will have to swallow the whole lot". Ophelia deliberately held my face in her hands and massaged my cheeks appearing to try and put pressure on the latex bulb that sat in my mouth. "I know deep down you loved the taste of your wife's lovers cum, but how does it feel to have the cum of another subbie in there? Not as thrilling eh, but maybe more humili ating?

She was right, it was not thrilling, simply humil iating, and so I tried to remain as still as possible, and tried to limit the amount of times I swallowed. With every swallow of my saliva I had the unmistakable taint of latex. All the while I could hear Ophelia busying herself and was aware that I was about to learn what was coming next. Next was a ball gag. Expertly fitted, quickly and professionally, meaning the every movement of my tongue reminded me of the cum filled condom in my mouth.

I groaned into the gag as Ophelia's hands slowly stroked my dick to it's full 4 and a half inch glory. The smooth warm sensation of lube took my mind away from the gag and condom. I felt her slide my dick into a tube and pictured a fleshlight. I had seen them in videos plenty of times before and had always wanted to try one, to feel the thrill of fucking a latex pussy over a real one. The symbolism had always got me excited and my dick gave a little twitch. "

"Ahhh does cucky like having his little dick played with? A real man would demand it in a pussy, but little cuckys like you know deep down that they don't deserve such delights". All I could do was le out a soft moan of acknowledgement. If I had not have been blindfolded she would have seen my eyes scrunch up at how on the ball her words were.

"Now my little cucky", Ophelia ran her hand across my cheek in an almost loving manner. She stroked my hair and down across the other cheek, "I know that Leon has been giving your lovely wife what you are incapable of for the last week, and I know you have been a horny little cuck. I also know you are looking forward ever so much to seeing Cara tonight. You will be such a frustrated horny little cuck b0y that that little dicky will probably explode at the merest of touches. We wouldn't want to disappoint and frustrate Cara, and so I am going to do something to help her......and you of course".

Knowing Ophelia, and hearing the way she spoke those words caused me to come round from my horny sub space state. I knew only too well that everything Ophelia did, she did for a reason, she always had a plan or a game. The sub space and the pictures, the memory card, the mobile phone control. As I pondered what Ophelia was up to and how she intended to help ME, there was only once certainty at that point, the help would be going to the whirr of the motor kicked in and I felt my dick squeezed, pulled and massaged all at once.

The muscles in my thighs and groin reacted instantly to the suction,
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........
It was hard to describe the sound, it was slightly deeper and more echoey that the clicking of Ophelia's heels on the wooden flooring of the chamber, but a similar rhythm to that of her usual walk.

With every cycle of the noise, I felt my dick being massaged, pulled, made bigger;
shplick shplick......
shplick shplick......
Ophelia cupped my balls and stroked them with one hand whilst caressing my face with the other.

"Yes my little Ohu, we cannot have Cara feeling so frustrated and horny with your feeble efforts to please her. She has been used to dining on the finest meat for the last week and I don't think she should have to go back to something so poor right away, so we shall just take the edge off your excitement".
After a week of chastity, and irrespective of my inv0luntary ejaculation in the week, I felt my dick nearing the point of no return after only a minute of the machines cruel ministrations. There was that constant whirring of the motor and the shplick shplick of the suction. In addition now was the slight slapping sound as the suction cup pulled my full length into its tube, right to the base, hitting my balls. The slight sound of the suction combined with the lube Ophelia used on me made for a strangely erotic rhythm.

As I got ever closer to my climax, Ophelia laughed as she saw my toes curl and I clenched my fists. "Poor poor Ohu, this first one is going to be such a release for you".

FIRST ONE!!!!!!! I instantly realised, it all became clear now. It was like my visit all that time ago, when she milked me dry. left me useless to Cara. I groaned, tried to stop this, into my gag. The condom flapped about in my mouth and caused my groan to appear one of pleasure.

"Ahhh is little Ohu playing with the little gift in his mouth. Is the little cummies you want getting you all excited and eager to burst the rubber".........No, No, No, I tried to speak through my gag, but the pump continued to whirr away and the suction continued and within a further 20 seconds I tried to rip my back off the bench. Tried in vain to thrust my hips forward, to get more purchase on the suction tube. Toes curled, fists clenched shouting through my gag, I filled the tube. My head shook from side to side....NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

....but the shplick shplick shplick shplick shplick continued.

The suction kept my dick securely in its sheath, taking away my almost weeks worth of cum as it started its work of building me up for its next f0rced orgasm. Above it all Ophelia's peels of laughter rang around the chamber.. The bitch pinched my nipples which again caused a scream into my gag in my post orgasmic stupour. The cruel laugh once again echoed forth.

The warmth and scent of the Jo Malone perfume grew stronger and she caressed my face. Ever so close, to whisper in my ear, "And its only 11:30am cucky....and we have all day to play. As the ear buds were swiftly inserted back into my ears I swear she planted what appeared to be soothing but teasing kiss on my cheek.

As her hand slowly teased a path across my forehead and down my cheek, she stroked my chin before carrying on all the way down my body. Gentle circles of my nipples and down my stomach before teasing my balls and holding the suction tube . Then down my legs before the touch was lost to my senses at my ankle.

The focus on her touch was lost and the focus on the continuous ever present suction returned and along with it once again the sound of Ophelia's voice entered my darkened world. "Relax Ohu, relax as best you can and enjoy the ride, let yourself go and embrace your su bm1ssion, accept your role to pleaseme, to please Cara and to please your wifes lover, her boyfriend, YOUR Bull. Accept that you want this and you need to give yourself to your new role in your marriage and your new role in life"

The words spoken, softly, seductively, teasing yet almost in a matter of fact way. That she was telling me a truth, maybe one that she had learned from listening to so many married men who had visited her over her time.

"Imagine Cara beneath Leon, being pleasured by his cock, being used and made whole by the cock of a real man......can you cuckold?....Can you imagine your sweet wife giving herself to her lover? Knowing that he is deeper in her body than you have ever been, maybe even deeper into her mind than you have ever been......and I know your little dick is getting close to another little out pouring, just by me speaking those words".

The loop of Leon ploughing Cara returned, "Who owns this pussy? slap slap.....Who owns this pussy?"

It must have only been a few minutes since my first orgasm yet I could feel that tingle starting to build already. The ache that had been in my dick and balls all week was building but not through excitemnt of visual image of Cara, but simply by the words and mechanical none stop action.

As the sound of Leon's assault on Cara's pussy faded, I felt the vibrations from the anal intrusion slowly start from deep within me. Almost straight away what I assumed were sounds from a porn film started. The slapping of skin on skin, the sound of heavy breathing and pleasure being given and received. Some wife being told what a hot slut she was, how her pussy was so tight and how she gripped a real cock. It was a sensory overload that could not be defeated and I felt my muscles again tense as my second orgasm started to build.

This time, with the added sensitivity caused by the continued manipulation made it a little less pleasurable. Once again I tried moving my legs and waist. I wanted to buck my hips to meet the suction and get the orgasm over the edge. My breathing became more ragged, and held open by the ball gag, I felt the latex bubble resting heavy on my tongue. As I heard the sounds of some hotwife telling her Bull to fill her pussy full of his cum, I tensed. Everything tensed and a I screamed through my gag. The tingle in my ass close to my prostate instantly stopped as did the whirring and shplicking.

The only sound in my head was that of some wife cumming hard in unison with her Bull as I lay spent in my bonds. The post orgasm blues hit me as I lay there limp, drained, exhausted from the physical energy. Who would have imagined it would be so draining simply being strapped to a bench!!!! As I had emptied my balls into a plastic tube I was excited by the sounds of a big cocked stud emptying his into someones wife...surely this was madness? Machine switched off and recordings paused, I was left in darkness to contemplate my situation...but....not for long before she started it all again. She wanted No3 and sure enough some 10minutes later, much sweating and wriggling and cursing later, she had her desired emission. The calm returned!


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Sorry folks I have waffled on abit......3rd section of this chapter

Chapter 46

Progression - 10am Appointment cont'd

My melancholy mood was soon shattered once again my my t0rmentress. What would usually have been an intensely sensual and pleasurable action, Ophelia washing down, soothing and cleaning my dick and balls with a warm damp cloth, sent shock waves through me. After the constant rhythmic suction my dick felt huge, or as big or huge as a usually small dick could feel. She had pulled my foreskin back in order to heighten my pleasure/pain and the head felt as sensitive as it ever had. It seemed to me that Ophelia must have a well judged sense of time, or the time it would take to bring me off, as my own bodies timings appeared to fit in with the sounds being piped into my ears.

As I dwelt on my own position, the recently fucked and filled wife was deeply breathing, purring and cooing into the ears of her Bull, telling him how well he had fucked her, how her own little cuckold wasn't capable of giving her the pleasure that he did, and how she never thought sex could be so good. The mixture of emotions that I had read about for so long were now mine to feel for real. The wife in my ears told her stud how she doubted her pussy would ever feel the same and how she needed a cock like his all the time now. It was what her husband had wanted and now he would remain a cuckold for a long time.

Cara would be home in a few hours, no doubt still with Leon's cum in her pussy, and here I was having my sore deflated dick bathed and soothed by a dominatrix.

Ophelia had taken me on a rollercoaster, she had fed my mind and my body and I guessed was enjoying t0rmeting me. It must have been about 10 maybe 15minutes later, A time of solo refelction of what I had got myself into, when I once again felt the buzz in my ass. It was a sign that I was back in Ophelia's thoughts and likely to be subject to more of her efforts. With a deep groan and whimper and pleading into my gag I felt more lube being applied to my dick and the pull of the suction. I shook my head from side to side, I clenched my fists in the hope that Ophelia would take pity on me.

It obviously had some effect on her, as one bud was removed and She bent close to taunt me right into my ear, "Oh no Ohu, We still have so much time and I think you have so much more to give". The chuckle I knew so well was the last thing i heard before the ear bud was replaced and the sounds of yet morepassionate slut wife and Bull fucking invaded once again.

There was little pleasure in the next 10 minutes or so. I writhed, I flexed and tensed. I tested my bonds and despite knowing that Ophelia would never be so remiss as to leave them loose, I fought in the vain hope she may have done so. Part of me wanted to cum so this would end, another part that I would lose all excitement, shrink and fall out of the tube. Alas the suction took over my body and left me without choice in the matter.

The inaudible shouts and shrieks that came out of me were real and t0rmented, it was real counterpoint of pleasure and pain. My 4th orgasm of the day was pitiful and unpleasant, just the way Ophelia had imagined it, and something I wondered how many others had experienced. I recalled my previous milking, and felt that this machine induced experience was more ****** than the soft caresses afforded by Ophelia's hand.

Sated, drained and in darkness I must have snoozed as when I came to, I was able to move, well a little at least. My bonds had been loosened and my blindfold removed. Before I opened my eyes I could hear the soft humming of a woman happy at her work. A little clatter and tinkle as she moved items of kit around before she noted my emergence from my own little world.

"Ahhhhhh and how is my little Ohu, did mean old Ophelia tire you out?" She walked over and gazed down at me. The huge grin on her beautiful face, the cleavage, as hot as ever seeming to draw me in, what man can fail to have his stare drawn to a womans cleavage? Moths to a flame!

"Ohu should be pleased with himself, that was 4 orgasms in an hour. I think you earned your little sle ep. Now I just have another client I need to see, so don't run off". She loved to tease and remind me of my position and she re-fitted the ear buds and moved away towards the door, trailing her hand down my body making sure to stroke the bright red sore sensitive head of my dick as she left. I craned my neck to view the damage done, and to wonder how bad it was. I was very aware of what Ophelia now wanted, but was powerless to do anything about it. the damage had been done. I doubted that even if I was able to get an erection, that I would be able to produce any more cum. And at that point, looking at my dick, limp yet slightly swollen, red and sore despite the copious amounts of lube, I wasnt sure I could take any further handling of it.

"Now that you cannot move and you are focussed on my voice you should start to feel your body relaxing... so let's get the mind relaxed, that's really what we want to do. Forget about the worries of work and the last week. When your mind's relaxed you really can achieve............" The loop had returned to the her words repeated themselves I did indeed feel relaxed and felt the calm wash over me again.
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Love the story...thanks for the new chapters !


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I have a really tough time waiting between chapters because this is SOOO good.
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I have a really tough time waiting between chapters because this is SOOO good.

Donna, you are a million percent correct!


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Chapter 47

Progression - Friday Afternoon

Once again I looked up at the artexed ceiling, relieved that Ophelia had granted me the gift of sight again and wondered whether I had drifted off to sle ep. I felt refreshed once again, but was once again reminded of my position due to the vibrations coming from my ass. The ease with which I drifted off to sle ep suggested how content I was in my position. Besides the feelings caused by the plug, I was also aware of how much my jaw ached. I realised that I no longer had the ball gag in but the taste of latex combined with maybe a hint of lube remained, and a quick movement of my tongue confirmed the presence of that item of hum1liation.

The ear buds had been removed and I could make out the odd lorry driving past the house and also picked up the sound of some poor sod Ophelia's other chamber receiving a caning. Although not audible, I imagined the swish of the cane, but was left in no doubt what was happening when I heard the "crack" as it found its mark. This was immediately followed by a wail or shriek from the poor fellow. Part of me admired him for being prepared to put him through that. It made me ponder again my own desires, who is right and what is normal? I mean there was me getting off on the hum1liation of being cuckolded, relegated sexually in my marriage, and yet some guy just got off from abit of physical pain....who was madder?

The thoughts of my predilections got me back to my own predicament and had me thinking of Cara's return. I know I had got us into this whole thing, my dick and fantasies had pushed us to this point, but I pondered that I was so glad we had made the leap to reality. That image of Cara facing me, riding Leon's cock that first time in the Amrath. All the teasing, the hum1liation and a little pain both before and after the fact, were worth it for that moment. The contrast of skins, the sheer eroticism and an1mal passions brought about by a good cock and kinky adventurous minds.

I also pondered about my treatment at the hands of Ophelia and realised that the pain and shame that I suffered at her hands was a means to an end. I wanted this but perhaps needed someone with experience and a dominant mind to guide me there, to make me suffer to bring about the reality of my dreams.

The clicking of Ophelia's heels re-focussed my mind on my position and I craned my neck to see her enter my chamber. A beaming horny smile on her face and a slight sheen covered her chocolate skin. A sheen brought about by her exertions with the cane. I suspected she had enjoyed every one of the strokes.

"Was the Ohu listening carefully? Did you pity the poor soul next door having his backside flayed? Or were you imagining it was you? She walked towards me and once again trailed her talons upwards. Along my feet and shins and ever closer to my poor t0rmented dick. She ever so gently caressed my thigh. The soft sensual side that lay deep within her, and then she bared her teeth and gripped my dick. It was as if the arousal gained from the caning of the slave next door had induced a fresh desire and arousal to put me through more.

"My poor little Ohu, my poor little small dicked CUCKOLD (there was very definitely an emphasis on this word) still has to suffer a little more. After all your suffering must be inversely proportional to the pleasure that my cousin is giving your slut wife".

My dick was released and simply flopped back onto my swollen sore balls. I flashed back to the sight of Leon's cock post orgasm and pictured it falling with almost a slap onto his thigh...and realised my own dick wasn't even big enough to reach my thigh. Ophelia walked away and started a video. I looked across and saw the TV screen flicker and the image of a bed come into view. Quickly followed by a wife sexily attired in lingerie. Lingerie that was actually barely there.

The softly spoken lust filled words of the wife filled the room as she told the stud what she needed and how her cuckold could not meet her needs. I closed my eyes and pictured Cara walking into that room, hand in hand with Leon. Despite 4 f0rced orgasms I felt my dick attempt to stir into life; alas it twitched but failed to achieve even a partial erection. As I imagined Cara and Leon together I closed my eyes and could not help but swallow. The inv0luntary action once again brought back my position. The taste of latex and lube and a reminder of me being less of a man.

Was it me, or was it the skill of Ophelia? My mind was going back and forth between craving the hum1liation and hating it. I guess it just showed my true inner self. An inner self that was jerked back to reality once more as the bitch gripped my dick.

Eyes flew open and I jerked my head upwards to see those pearly whites gleaming as Ophelia once again eased my dick into that devilish suction cup. I tried in vain to wiggle my hips, to dislodge my dick. There was no way she would really do this was there?

"Suck it up cuckold, you may hate me at this moment but you will thank me". The head went upwards and a huge roar of laughter came forth as she flicked the switch and the ominous, now terrifying sound started once again..........

shplick shplick.......shplick shplick.......shplick shplick........

With the first bit of suction my dick was once again pulled into the tube. The lube and rubber made the seal and I could feel my already sore tender dick being pulled upwards and out, stretched, teased. The glans reddened by the previous onslaught felt huge, and with each cycle of suction grew ever more tender.

Toes curling, ankles straining, knees flexing, all straining against my bonds. The only thing I could think of was escape yet the only thing I received was the t0rment. Eyes wide, the bellow from deep within cried out for Ophelia to stop this. Yet all she did was smile and hold the suction tube in place. There was no fucking way in hell that I would ever be thanking her for this.............

shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........

Clenched fists, constantly trying to free myself, head rolling from side to side and my cries of anguish echoing round the chamber. Over the noise I was making, "That's it Ohu, make some noise, get the last of that worthless cum out of you, and give the slave next door something to think about. I know you were listening to his punishment, well this is repayment".

Her words were lost on me, but were no doubt teasingly erotic and arousing to the next door slave who was not going through this. The mix of unbridled passion between slut wife and Bull in the video and the cries of a t0rmented cuckold were all working on behalf of Ophelia.

shplick shplick.......

......fuck me harder.....

shplick shplick.......

.......take that cock slut.....

shplick shplick........

.........sooooooooooo gooooood.....

I wanted the tube off, I wanted peace and quiet, I wanted Cara back and I wanted our old boring sex life back at that point. The maddening suction, the teasing rhythm of the motor all worked against my body, a body that was telling me it hurt and it didn't want to cum. And in those moments lost to the unmerciful machine I writhed in my bonds and I wailed, I started to cry, and yes I gritted my teeth. Lost to the moment and my treatment the immediate result of my writhing and teeth grinding was lost on me.......until I sensed that familiar slightly salty slightly metallic I had burst the condom in my mouth. The tears of t0rment were also tears of shame as my eyes widened almost telegraphing what had happened to Ophelia.

"Greedy little cuckold couldn't resist tasting more cum could he. Of course it is only right that if your new slut wife has cum in her belly when she gets home tonight, so should her little cucky". Once again she twisted the knife, as if it could have been twisted any more

shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........

Despite the lube and the softness of the rubber sleeve it felt like my dick was on fire, the constant abrasion, the suction, causing it to be bigger than it ever seemed possible. Still nowhere near the dimensions of Leon's monster but none the less, being milked was far from pleasant. The machine had no mercy though, no idea of the t0rment it was subjecting my body to or the strain on my mental condition. It just continued to work, rhythmically drawing out the last of my cum, f0rcing me over the edge and into a madness where cumming would never feel the same again. Even worse, leaving me useless to Cara.

"Come on Ohu, you can do this, one last cum for Mistress, one last goal and you will be safe and ready to see your sweet Cara". She was close now, next to my ears speaking directly to me in sub space. "What ever is the poor girl to think eh Ohu? After thinking you were being so good, had so much will power, staying chaste for her.....but no.....

shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........

......"No, now it appears little cuckold can't stop playing with his little dicky, can't stop himself wanking, can't stop thinking about his wife being pleasured and used by a real man. What is the poor girl to think? Maybe little cucky cannot be trusted not to wank that little thing.....poor poor Cara....if she didn't know it before, I think tonight will show her how different you are from Leon"...........

shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........

............"How you cannot control yourself, how you cannot be relied upon to please your own wife, how you put your pleasure before that of the woman you married, how you lack size and stamina, and how you appear to favour wanking your little dick to getting to make love to the love of your life".

shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick.......
shplick shplick........

My thrashing around continued as the taste of cum filled my mouth, the words filled my head and the milker pulled yet another orgasm from my body. The long cry and tensing of my entire body signalled to Ophelia that I had no more left to give. The switch was flicked and the infernal suction tube slipped off my sore raw dick. No cum was left, as the machine had taken all I had in me. Still small, my dick shone in the lights of the chamber. swollen, a deeper shade of red near the base where the suction cup had almost welded itself to me. For a split second I looked at it and was almost proud as it appeared no longer to be that small thin thing that I knew constantly disappointed Cara. A new found girth could maybe give me a chance, yet I knew that those were just dreams; there was no way I could rise to the occasion of her return.

Despite the absence of Leon, this felt like real cuckold angst. Spent, lost sexual desire from being drained and being taunted and t0rmented by my Mistress. I could taste the cum in my mouth and could feel a tinge of shame as I could also feel a slight coldness from a tear trickling down my cheek. Real tears induced by the cruel milking, ****** to cum for my mistress' amusement and to further my beta status in Cara's eyes. There may have been a reality in witnessing the actual act of my cuckolding in Amsterdam, and seeing the evidence in photos and videos from the last week, but her I was submitting and sinking ever further into a beta status and being pushed further into a situation where our marriage would really never be the same again.

Ophelia noted my tears and traced their tracks with her crims0n nails. The cruel teasing smile almost had a sympathetic edge to it. "Is it all coming home to you now cucky? Are you realising how far you have come and how far you may still have to go? Have you just thought how disappointed in you Cara will be and how much she will want her Bulls cock now?

As she twisted the knife with her words she graciously unbuckled my gag and removed the split rubber from my mouth. "Oooo what a naughty little cuck, so desperate to taste cum that you bit through it, I wonder what Cara would think knowing how much you crave cum now? Still I know you will be getting alot more of a real mans cum going forward".


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Chapter 47 Continued

Offering me a dr1nk from a bottle, I greedily drank to try and take the taste away but afterwards couldn't bring myself to respond to her taunts and just stared at the ceiling as I heard the faint sound of the rubber being tossed into the bin.

"And now my little cucky I am going to give you a rare treat", I heard her shoes come off and fall to the floor and the rustling of her skirt and turned my head to see Ophelia climbing onto the bench. "The caning and your pain have made me incredibly wet and I think I need that tongue, and after all there will be something almost symmetrical about Cara worshipping black cock today and her little cucky worshipping black cunt today".

With that I saw the beautiful sight of Ophelia assume a position straddling my face. Her beautiful full rounded ass facing me, she leaned slightly forward. As I stared at the pussy I had often fantasized about and loved to worship, I flinched automatically as I felt her stroke my limp dick. She laughed once again at my response and reminded me that whilst a rare honour for me, this was about her pleasure. Instructing me that she expected care attention and even love in my work, as any suggestion of less than 100% could bring about another milking attempt.

With that she slowly lowered her ass backwards and I could smell her musky, warm sweet smell. A smell different from Cara, but none the less sexy and addictive. Mingling with the Pomegranate Noir and filling my senses. In normal conditions my dick would have been straining, reaching its full 4 inches, but its punishment rendered it useless, lifeless.

Smooth cheeks, that caught the odd bit of light, a sudden realisation that her crims0n nail polish had slight glitter flecks in them as she made sure her cheeks were nicely separated to allow me the best possible access to her pussy. The soft brown ass cheeks slowly becoming a deeper shade of brown as the skin neared her pussy, the odd tiny black fleck of a hair follicle that showed a regrowth but amplified her hairless status. The little dimples, where the hair used to be, that bordered the slightly protruding labia. The scent was intoxicating and despite my milking my desire to serve as I gazed upon the personification of female power. The hands caused the lips to be pulled apart ever so slightly revealing the almost light purple entrance to her pussy. The inner folds slick with her own excitement and that ever so small circle of darkness signifying the pussy that I wished that I could fill and stretch and pleasure with my dick, yet knew that I had not been blessed enough at birth to ever truely deserve. Above that font of pleasure the short distance to the slight wrinkles and puckered ring of her asshole. It got ever closer as she reclined and I felt her pussy lips gently graze my lips.

"Kiss my pussy lips Ohu, show me what an obedient little cuckold I am providing for Cara & Leon". Of course I complied immediately and gently kissed each soft fold of skin and thanked Ophelia for the honour. No sooner had the words left my mouth, my mouth still open, when she sat back and the puckered brown asshole made contact with my nose. the slightly more musty smell filled my nostrils as I got the first taste of that beautiful pussy. I swallowed eagerly to take in the flavours produced by her excitement at t0rmenting us weak submissive souls. A slight easing of the pressure allowed me to hear her instruction, "Now lick me cuckold, lick me like you would your beautiful wife, lick me like you were trying to win back her affections and make her believe that you can satisfy her in some way".

The pressure resumed as she wiggled her hips to get herself more comfortable. The odd sigh and moan helped guide me in pleasing her. Despite my previous gagging and bondage I relished the chance to worship her pussy, or any pussy for that matter. I had long since appreciated that it was what I was best at. With that appreciation I sank into sub space and began to try and comply with my instructions. I inhaled her scent, trying to use that as a stimulus, to show her my desire. I kissed, and gently lapped, trying to pay attention to her lips and her more sensitive areas. Short strokes and then flattening my tongue and long more f0rceful strokes from her clit almost to her ass. My devotions appeared to be having the desired effect as I could taste ever more of her juices in my mouth. My chin was becoming coated in her pussy juice and I had to swallow more frequently. Her increased excitement supported by her wriggles, directing me to lick where she wanted. The added pressure every so often to remind me of who was truely in control.

Light and sounds seemed to come and go. With each shift of weight and angle I would see glimpses of the lights before those heavenly brown cheeks of her ass once again blocked it out. The sounds of the slut wife on the video could be heard intermittently, before a wiggle of her ass would cause an echoing in my ears. I could hear the sounds of my own oral workout. The sounds of a pussy being worshipping, kissed, nuzzled, everything to try and please my Mistress, to ensure her happiness and of course prevent her more milking.

Focussed on my work time stood still. I was a man on a mission, determined to please my Mistress and show her that I was skilled at something. I also thought that it demonstrated my natural desire to serve and submit, to be under a woman and accept my position. I knew for certain that I could never please either Ophelia or Cara for that matter with my dick and that was the job of guys like Leon. I guess Ophelia was once again making me think and accept my own self and my own future.

Every so often I would feel Ophelia press down that little bit further or rub her pussy and clit more vigorously up and down, gaining extra friction against my lips mouth and nose. With those times I discerned her breathing was deeper and she moaned that little bit more. There would occasionally be a pinching of one or maybe both nipples as she urged me on in my ministrations. The shudders and moans suggesting I was giving her some pleasure and she was having small orgasms. Obviously nothing like those she would get from a good cock, but none the less to my mind, I was being a good considerate lover, of a sort.

The amount of pussy juice that she was producing was amazing, I was constantly swallowing and could feel my cheeks getting wetter and wetter. It felt as if I had more tears running down my cheeks, but it was pure Ophelia. I imagined she must have cum about 3 or 4 times, and I marvelled about how I was spent after that, yet she continued to be horny and able to continue. It was with her last orgasm that I filled with pride. My long flat tongued strokes combined with a swirling around her clit did the trick and caused almost a bucking. The wriggling and bouncing on her knees and then a grinding of her pussy hard onto my face. I felt her hands push down on my chest and her fingernails start to dig into my flesh.

The additional pressure and the huge flow of her juices as she orgasmed were sweet and intoxicating but also filled me with a degree of fear. All her weight came to rest on my mouth and nose, the combination of pressure and slick pussy formed a seal, and I began to buck as I felt my air running out. My sharp attempts to breath did nothing but further suck more juices and aromas of my Mistress into my mouth and nose.......and then I could breathe again.

Ophelia rose from her facial throne and gazed happily down at me. As she sat back on her haunches, her pussy inches from the top of my head, the face upside down, her eyes sparkled and the sheen of perspiration covered her body. The glow in her face and smile made me happy and almost made me forget the treatment of the last couple of hours.

"Well well well, that was a good job you did there Ohu, I think we have actually found the only way that you will ever be able to please a woman again. Maybe Cara will have a use for you". Ophelia wiped her brow and her cleavage with a hand towel before dabbing the sides of my face and surface of the bench. It appeared that her copious emissions had soaked everywhere.

"I think a cup of tea is now in order, what do you say cucky?" A careful dismount and the refitting of the vertiginous heels followed, along with and adjustment to her skirt. With the slight swishing sound of the skirt and the clip clopping of the heels she was gone....and I hadn't even been released.
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Having Ophelia queen him is some punishment! A lot of guys on here would pay for that kind of treatment!


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Frickin amazing stuff
Droopy and Miss
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