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Story - When Teasing Goes Too Far

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Jbozz just reread the last post still so hot don't rush it just keep the same pace.


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I've just been away and came back wondering if there was any update, am I missing something, has this moved? or are we all still waiting for news?


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cuckslut, we're still waiting I'm afraid. Hope to hear something soon.


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Was such a good story, too bad it petered out


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I haven't forgotten about the story. I have even finally gotten to work on it a little recently. I am into the final scene of the coming update. Have no fear subman, and everyone else. There will be another update and more to this story, I just haven't had as much time to work on it that i have had in the past.



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Jbozz, your hard work and dedication to finishing your story is greatly appreciated by us all - thank you.


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Yes it is. Glad you haven't given up on it.


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Jbozz, glad you are still going strong, we will all have to be patient!


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I totally understand the time problem. We are happy to wait on another episode of this epic.
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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We are happy to wait on another episode of this epic.

Good things rarely arrive all at once, having to wait a couple of weeks or whatever is a small price to pay for this excellent story.


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Jbozz hope you are well? we are still waiting patiently.


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I used to be married to a Rebecca. I found out before we split that she'd had a threesome with an ex-girlfriend of mine, which had nothing to do with my divorce. I regularly encouraged her to cheat on me again. Especially, with a black young man or my (pre-marriage) roomate. I know she cheated on me a couple times. She never shared details, although I begged her to tell me and cheat on me some more. What a slutty Goddess. I wish she would've openly cucked me.


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I want to sank, but I'm locked and don't have the key. Her boyfriend does. I'm edging so bad. She's at his place. I'm about to ******* myself more and watch some interracial (black superiority) pornography.


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I know it has been a long time, and I have kept you all waiting on the next update. I am happy to say that I am putting the finishing touches on it and should have it posted next week. thank you all for your patience and for continuing to support me and my work.



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We all know it'll be worth the wait.


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Yup agreed


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the next part is finally finished. i am happy to report that it will be posted tomorrow. i want to do a final edit on it to make sure it is ready to post.

again, thank you all for your patience.



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Brilliant news!


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Great !!
Best news of the day !


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after a very long delay, the next part of the story is here and ready for you. you might want to get comfortable and have something to ***** nearby, it will take some time to get through it.

thanks so much for being patient with me. enjoy!!!

Part Sixteen

Dan woke up the next morning and found that he was alone in the bed. He thought that Rebecca would be out cold long into the morning after the day before.

Rather than finding out what she was up to he moved to the bathroom to take care of a more pressing need. As he pulled the front of his pants down he remembered that he was still locked in the chastity tube.

He turned around and pushed the pants to his ankles before sitting down and handling his morning need.

He finished in the bathroom, spitting mouthwash into the sink before heading out to check on his wife.

He found her in the kitchen making a big breakfast.

"Morning s1eepy head." she said as he poured a cup of coffee. "How did you s1eep?"

"Pretty good. I thought you would still be in bed."

"I woke up and felt great, so I decided to make my husband a nice breakfast. Go sit down and have your coffee. I'll call you when it's ready."

Dan wrapped an arm around her and kissed her cheek. "I love you." he told her, taking his coffee he went and watched the morning news.

After breakfast they went out and ran errands. A typical Saturday morning for the two of them.

When they got home they put away the groceries and Dan started on a project he had been putting off since the week before.

As Dan did that Rebecca turned on their computer and played online for a bit.

Checking all the usual sites she went to she finally thought to check her email.

All the usual things were there. Random messages from friends, spam, and then she saw an email from the principal at her school.

She remembered that they had spoken as she tried to leave on Friday and he said something about emailing her the information about something when she had agreed to help out. She had no idea what she had agreed to, but the details must be in the email.

She clicked to open the message to find out what he was talking about.

Enclosed where details about a field trip for the drama department. They had raised more money than planned for and decided to pay for the club to go and see a big production, including an overnight stay at a hotel before returning the following day. As she read everything, she found out that the trip was next week. She should not have just agreed to help without knowing what was asked, but it was too late to back out now. She had told the principal that she would do it and he was going to tell the others that she was in.

There would be no getting out of it, she would go with the drama club and act as a chaperone for the students. How bad could it be, they were in the drama club not on the football team? One nice thing in the email was that as a teacher she would be getting her own room. The students would have four to a room, sharing beds.

After digesting all the information in the email, she had to tell Dan about it.

He was nearly done with his project so she decided to wait until they had lunch to tell him about it.

As they sat down to eat she said, "I have to tell you something."

Dan did not like how this conversation just started. "What is it?" he asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

She reached over and took his hand. "It's nothing bad. I agreed to go with the drama club to see a play on Friday."

"Oh." Dan sighed, relieved at it being something so small.

"Well, I didn't really know what I had agreed to do yesterday when the principal asked me. I wasn't paying attention with what was waiting for me. Anyway," she paused, "It is going to be an overnight thing, we will leave soon after school and get home Saturday morning. I hope that's ok?"

"Of course. I know you how you always help with the drama club. It sounds like fun."

"You really don't mind?" she asked smiling.

"No," he said sincerely. "You will have a great time. I can survive a night on my own."

"Oh I'm so glad, I was afraid to tell you."

"Why would you be afraid to tell me that?"

"Well," she began, "We didn't spend last night together, after, well, and with me going away next Friday too, I thought you would be mad about not getting to spend Friday night's together."

"Honey, we get the rest of our lives to spend together. If we spend a few nights apart during that time it is fine. Whether they are Friday's, Tuesdays, or any other days."

"I love you so much honey."

"I love you too." he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. "I wanted to talk about something too."


Dan looked from her eyes then down to his lap. "Last night you said that Davis took the key to this chastity tube thing with him. When is he giving it back? I don't want to stay in this thing."

"I know honey and I'm sorry about that. I wasn't in my right mind last night. I needed him to fuck me so bad that I just gave it to him without a second thought. I'll talk to him about it on Monday, I promise."

"I guess I can go another day in this thing." he said optimistically.

The rest of the weekend was nothing special.

On Sunday, they graded papers together like they always did.

As they were preparing for bed Sunday night, Rebecca looked at Dan in the mirror as they were brushing their teeth. "I'm sorry to say this, but I'm in the mood. I know you can't... you know. But would you...use you mouth?"

Spitting the toothpaste into the sink, he turned to her, "I don't know if I'm in the mood tonight."

"Please honey." she purred. "I promise to make it up to you as soon as we get you unlocked."

Dan gave in to her wishes and ended up going down on her, bringing her to two orgasms before calling it quits to go to bed.

Dan fell as1eep with the taste of her pussy in his mouth, while Rebecca went to s1eep with a happy smile on her face.

Monday morning when Rebecca got to school she checked in at the office as usual.

Peggy came around the counter and hugged her. "I heard you are going on the field trip with the drama club. I'm going too. It is going to be fun."

Rebecca smiled at her friends excitement, "Yeah, it'll be great."

"You don't sound excited?" Peggy questioned.

"I am, really." Rebecca told her. "I just wish I would have known about it sooner."

"It was kind of last minute."

Once Rebecca got to her room she began to prep for her day.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened until it was time for lunch.

She made her way to the teacher's lounge where she was meeting Peggy for lunch.

As she was reaching for the door it opened and the principal walked out.

"Oh, Rebecca." he said upon seeing her. "I'm glad I ran into you."

"Here I am." she said with a smile. "What's up?"

"We were checking the numbers for the trip on Friday and we found that there is extra money in the budget. I know that you get your students involved with the club and I thought you might like to invite one of them to tag along. They could share a room with some other students."

"That's great. I don't know who I should ask though. Could I think on it and let you know later?"

"Sure." he told her. "We need to know no later than Wednesday afternoon."

"Ok, I'll let you know."

"Terrific. Enjoy your lunch. I have to get going."

Rebecca was unable to concentrate the rest of the afternoon.

Her mind was telling her to ask one of her better students to go on the trip.

Her pussy was telling her to take Davis and let him have her all night in the hotel.

During class she kept catching Davis checking her out. Each time she caught him, he would give her a wink or some smirk. Every time she would turn away wondering what he was planning next for her.

When the bell rang, Davis left before she could ask him to stay behind.

At home that night she told Dan about being able to bring a student along on the play.

"You are going to take Davis I guess?"

"I don't think I have a choice." she confessed. "At first I thought I should take one of the better students, but then I felt.....well....I can't pass up on being able to spend the night with him. Can I?"

"I think you already know what you are going to do. Don't worry, it's fine. Ask him to go with you. Maybe if you have him go, you can ask for the key to the cage back?"

"I'll ask honey. About both things."

Tuesday at school, Rebecca asked Davis during class to stay behind a minute once the bell sounded.

Once the other students were gone she told him about the play on Friday.

"I'll think about it." he told her flatly. "Meet me at your car after school and we can talk about it more."

She agreed to his command without thinking about it. She even gave him her keys so he could wait inside.

When the last class ended Rebecca quickly gathered her things and hurried to the parking lot.

When she got there she found that her car was gone.

Her heart started beating faster. She was frozen in place, confused at the thought that Davis would take her car.

As she stood there unsure what she should do, her phone rang.

She pulled it from her purse and saw that it was Davis. "Please tell me you have my car?" she said without a hello.

"Of course I have your car Becky. I'm not far away."

"Then get back here." she said trying to sound like she was in control.

"I don't think so slut." he fired back. "For talking like that, you have to come to me. And now you have to do something extra to convince me to go along on that field trip."

"How can I come to you?" she asked. "I don't know where you are."

"Start walking bitch." he barked into the phone. "Follow the road. Go a couple blocks down and you will find me."

Before she could get anymore from he, she heard the call disconnect.

With nothing else to do, she started walking.

When she went the few blocks, she saw her car halfway down the street.

She was just heading down towards her car when her phone sounded an incoming text. 'Get in the backseat and take your clothes off. I'll be there soon.'

She couldn't do that. She was in the middle of a neighborhood and school had just let out shortly before. She would just get in and drive off. He was taking too big a risk with her.

As she got closer to her car however, her pussy began to invade her brain. 'Just do what he says.' her pussy was yelling. Her brain started to listen, telling her that if she did what he said it would mean getting his cock.

Her mind kept going back and forth the closer she got to her car.

As she was approaching, her pussy won out and she got into the backseat and pulled the door closed.

She quickly looked around her and didn't see anyone.

Slowly, and with shaking hands, she began to unbutton her blouse.

To her, it felt like it took an hour to get her clothes off. In reality, it only took about a minute for her to be naked in the backseat of her car.

Nervously she looked around, checking to see if anyone was outside and able to see her in her present state. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief at seeing that there was nobody around.

As she waited on Davis, she began to anticipate what he was going to do to her. Or what he was going to have her do to him.

The buildup was getting to her. She turned her head in all directions once again.

Still seeing no one outside, she let a hand slide between her thighs.

An audible moan escaped her lips as she pushed two fingers into her moistening hole. She used her thumb to rub on her clit as she maneuvered her fingers in her pussy.

The longer she waited for Davis, the more she got into getting herself off.

She shifted to the middle of the seat and spread her legs wide apart. Adding a third finger, she began to thrust steadily into her now wet pussy.

With her other hand she alternated between each of her breasts, kneading the soft flesh, softly pinching her nipples, which were now erect and pointing straight out.

Without realizing it she had closed her eyes as she began thrusting her hips up, pushing as deep into her pussy as her fingers could go.

Feeling her orgasm fast approaching, she used her other hand to furiously rub her clit as she jabbed her fingers into herself.

She was nearly there. Just a little longer.

A sharp sound caused her eyes to fly open. She gasped for breath as she looked around.

Still she saw nobody.

Taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, she allowed her fingers to go back to work.

She was just getting back into it when she heard a knocking sound.

Her head whipped to the side and she saw Davis standing outside the car with his phone in hand. He must have been recording her playing with herself like a slut.

Becky panted for breath and pulled her hand shakily away from her pussy. There was no question that she was near climax as her hand was dripping wet from her juices.

The door opened and Becky shifted over as Davis climbed in next to her. "How's it going slut?" he said as he closed the door. "You look like you need to cum."

"Mmm hmmm." Becky moaned. "I was so close."

"I know. I was watching the whole time."

"Will you make me cum?"

"I'm sure you will before I'm finished with you." he told her with a grin. "You get a choice today Becky. I can fuck you in the car, or I can fuck you over the hood of the car. Think about what you choose, both have a downside."

There was no way she could have him take her outside on top of the car, not with the car being down a residential street. It was too great a risk of getting caught. She didn't know the downside of having him in the car, but she didn't care. "In the car." she blurted out with only a moment's hesitation.

"Are you sure Becky? You can change your mind if you want."

"NO!" she shrieked. "Inside. Too many people could see if we're outside." She knew that being in the car only offered slightly more protection, but she had to take what she could.

"Your choice slut. No changing your mind now." he told her.

She started getting really nervous about what was ahead for her.

Davis could see the wonder on her face. "Here's what's gonna happen." he began to tell her. "First you are going to suck my dick until it is good and hard. I'd recommend that you get it nice and wet because today I'm gonna fuck your ass again."

Becky said nothing, but her lip began to quiver at what she was just told. She had only been taken up the ass once before, when Davis had done her like that with her husband watching. She had used a ton of lube and it had still caused her great discomfort due to his size.

"Get down and suck my cock Becky." he barked at her. "The longer you wait, the more chance of someone coming around and seeing you getting fucked in your car."

She knew he was right, but it was hard to bring herself to do as she was told. She continued to hesitate, frozen in place on the seat of the car.

At the sound of his zipper, she looked over as Davis lifted his butt and pushed his pants down his legs. She could see the outline of his big cock against his boxers.

The sight of his thick shaft got her moving.

Slowly, she shifted onto her knees on the floor of the backseat. She hadn't noticed until then that the seats had been moved all the way up, giving her the extra room to accomplish her task.

She leaned over and licked his shaft through his thin boxers. She could feel his heat on her tongue through the material.

Grabbing a hold of the waist of his boxers, she pulled them down enough to allow his cock to bounce free.

Taking the head of his thick cock in her mouth she flicked her tongue across the soft tip.

Davis pushed his shorts further down his legs to allow her better access to his cock and balls.

Becky didn't waste the chance to savor his taste. She held his cock up and dove in with her tongue out and licked his heavy balls. "Mmmm." she moaned as the sweaty taste of his balls filled her mouth.

"That's a good girl." he said and rubbed her head. "Lick my fucking nuts."

Becky stroked his shaft as she bathed his sack with her tongue. Softly she sucked one into her mouth before switching to the other.

"Look up here." Davis commanded.

Becky did and saw that he was holding his phone, recording her.

"You like how my fucking nuts taste?"

"MMmmmm." she moaned. "MMmm hhmmmmm." She took her mouth off his heavy balls, "I love your nuts baby. Almost as much as I love your cock in my mouth." she said and covered the head of his cock with her mouth once again.

Slowly, she bobbed her head further down his shaft, stopping only when she gagged as he reached her throat. She then backed off before repeating the process.

Feeling his cock harden in her mouth, she began to focus more on the head instead of trying to take him deep into her throat. She stroked him steadily, feeling him get stiffer and stiffer as she went on.

"I'm getting hard bitch. You better start getting it wet. I don't want to tear your ass when I fuck it."

Hearing the words brought a sudden reality to the situation. Becky was afraid that he could actually cause that kind of damage with his big cock.

She started slobbering all over his shaft, trying to coat it as much as she possibly could. She even gagged herself just to get more saliva on his weapon.

Davis pushed her head off his cock, leaving her gasping for breath. "That's my good little slut. Climb up here."

Becky eased herself off the floor and straddled him.

Davis helped hold her up with one hand and held his dick steady with the other.

Becky eased herself down, pausing when she felt the tip of his cock at her asshole. "Please go slow Davis. Ple....."

Her next words caught in her throat as his cock pushed into her tiny hole. Her mouth hung open as she felt her puckered ass stretching to take the end of his cock.

"AAhhhhh." she gasped as she felt the air leave her lungs.

Davis held her steady, keeping her from being impaled by his massive cock.

He gave her a minute to adjust to the anal intrusion before he slowly pushed deeper into her.

"Fuuuck." Becky cried as she felt him push a few inches into her tight ass. "It's too big."

"Shut up slut. You've taken it before." Davis said and spanked her firmly on both sides of her soft ass.

Another inch found it's way home as a tear rolled down Becky's face. "Sooo big."

"You're doing good Becky." Davis encouraged his teacher. "Just a little more."

After a seemingly long time without any movement Davis pulled Becky down until he had his cock buried into her tight ass.

"MM mm....uuhhhh....No more...Please....Can't take it." Becky said through sobs.

"You just did take it." Davis told her. "You took it all the way in your ass. You really are a slut, taking my black dick in your ass without any lube."

The pain was starting to turn to pleasure. "I'm your slut Davis." Becky panted.

"That's right bitch." to emphasize his point he pulled out a little and slammed his cock back deep in her ass.

"OOhh FUCK." Becky cried as she felt his cock working into her depths.

"You're my fucking slut. You love my black dick. SAY IT!" another thrust into her ass.

"Fuck...Fuck. I love it. I love your black dick." Becky shouted not caring that she was in the backseat of her car on a public street. She began to work herself on his cock as she shouted her love.

She slowly eased herself up about half way before gently sinking back down on him.

Davis was mauling her tits as she fucked herself. He made sure to tweak her nipples hard enough to make her cringe. The sight of her face as he twisted the tender flesh make his cock even harder.

Davis grabbed her hips and started to slam her down on his cock. With every thrust he seemed to be pushing the air from her lungs.

Becky gasped every time she bottomed out on his cock. It was so intense that she didn't even realize that she was


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Becky gasped every time she bottomed out on his cock. It was so intense that she didn't even realize that she was nearing orgasm. She was so focused on his cock and her stretched ass that she wasn't paying any attention to her pulsing pussy.

She hugged Davis around the neck, holding his face in her tits as he continued to slam her down.

The car was rocking steadily, luckily for them nobody was walking down the street or they surely would have been caught.

The stretching of her ass blocked out everything else. When her orgasm rocked her she was caught off guard. "Oh fuck!" she yelled. "CUUuu..........mmmiiinng."

Losing herself as her orgasm reached it's peak she struggled to breath as Davis kept up his attack on her bowels.

"That's right Becky." Davis grunted in her ear. "Cum for me. Cum while I fuck your white ass with my big black cock."

"Hhmmpphh." she gasped as he pushed into her depths.

"Get ready slut." he warned. "I'm gonna cum soon. Gonna nut deep in this tight white ass. Send you home to hubby with a dirty cum filled ass to clean.

"MMm hmmm." Becky moaned as the thought of Dan cleaning her ass made her shudder.

"Here it comes bitch." Davis yelled as he pulled her tightly to the base of his cock.

Becky felt it as he was shouting. With her ass clenched tight around his cock, she felt it as he swelled even bigger.

"Fuck, I'm cumming baby." he said as the first wad of cum exploded into her ass.

Becky felt it each time his cock pulsed before another rope of cum would fill her. She could feel it as his cum traveled up his shaft until it blasted into her. With every jet of cum she felt a jolt in her pussy.

Davis was spanking her as he held her tightly on his cock. With each new wave of cum he would alternate which cheek he spanked. By the time his orgasm faded she had red hand prints on both sides of her ass.

After his orgasm faded, they stayed like that, joined together with his still nearly hard cock plugging her asshole.

Becky's chest was heaving against his face as she tried to get her breath back.

Davis just held her ass with both hands, spreading her cheeks apart and slowly rocking her back and forth.

"So good baby." Becky cooed as he rocked her gently.

"You like my black cock in your ass?"

She nodded her head. "Mmm hmmm. I love your big black cock fucking my ass. It hurt at first, but felt so good when you came deep inside me."

"That's because your ass was so tight and clamping down on me. More you do it the easier it will get."

She shivered at the thought of him taking her ass again, not from fear, but at how good it was going to feel. "I can't wait."

He pulled her off his cock and moved her to the seat next to him. "We better get dressed and get out of here. I can't believe nobody came around and spotted us."

In her post fuck haze she said, "I don't care. I wouldn't have wanted to stop." She meant it.

Davis pulled up his shorts and pants and zipped them closed.

With all the moving around Becky had to search for her clothes.

Her skirt was tucked under the driver seat and her shirt was wedged between the seat and the door.

She managed to get dressed, knowing that there was nothing she could do about how wrinkled her clothes were.

"You better drive." Davis told her. "Just drop me off at my corner."

Becky agreed and on shaking legs got out of the car and got into the drivers seat. She felt the stinging in her ass as she sat back down. "Where's the keys?"

"Visor." was all Davis said.

Becky retrieved the keys and drove off.

During the drive he told her that he would go on the field trip, and that she could expect to get fuck all night at the hotel.

After dropping Davis off she hurried home. As she drove she could feel it in her asshole every time she hit a bump in the road. She wasn't able to avoid a pothole and it felt like another dick had been shoved into her gaping hole.

When she made it home she gingerly walked into the house.

Dan saw how she was moving. "Are you ok? What happened?"

"Fine." she told her husband. "He fucked my ass. Need a bath."

She didn't stop moving as she spoke, continuing to the bathroom and immediately starting the water.

Dan left her alone to relax in the tub.

After half an hour he went back to check on her.

He opened the door as he asked, "You ok in there?"

As the door opened he saw his wife bent over drying herself off. At the angle she was bent he could see her asshole and how gruesome it looked. It was red and stretched open, even after a bath.

"Oh my god!" He exclaimed at seeing the devastation of her ass. "Are you alright?"

Looking back at him as she continued to dry off, "I'm fine darling. A little sore still, but kind of in a good way."

"I can't believe you let him do that to you." Dan said still in shock. "Did you do it at the school?"

Rebecca wrapped a towel around her hair and pulled her robe closed. "No. In my car a few blocks away. Nobody saw us." She moved past him and walked away.

Dan followed close behind her and sat with her when she eased onto the couch. "Honey?" Dan said timidly. "Did you, you know, ask about the um..." he let the thought trail off.

Rebecca looked at him with as soft expression as she could, "Sorry honey, I forgot. It was hard to concentrate with, well, you know."

"With him fucking you in your ass." Dan finished her thought for her.

"Yeah." Rebecca agreed. "I'm sorry honey. I'll ask tomorrow at school, promise."

"Did he agree to go on the trip?"

"Yes, he did." Rebecca told him with a smile.

Wednesday at school, Rebecca checked in at the office before heading to class.

Seeing Peggy at her desk she went over to say hi. "Hey Peggy, how are you today?"

"I'm great Rebecca, how's it going?"

"Good. Hey, I talked to my student about the field trip. I asked Davis, the guy that was having trouble before. He has been so good when he has helped out, I thought it a good reward for him."

"Perfect." Peggy smiled. "I will pass the info along. Take this, have one of his parents sign it so he can go." she handed Rebecca a permission slip to give to Davis.

"Great. I'll give it to him in class today. See you later."


Rebecca was on edge all day. She kept telling herself that she had to talk to Davis about getting the key to the cage back. She promised Dan that she would talk to him about it today.

When the time came for Davis' class, he came strolling in just as the bell sounded.

As she went about her lesson she kept feeling his gaze on her, when she looked his way he would lick his lips, sometimes giving her a nod or a wink as he did it.

When the bell sounded to end class, she didn't have to ask him to stay behind, he was already moving up to her desk as the rest of the students left the room.

"Davis, I have a permission slip for you to get signed." she said picking up the slip from her desk. She looked around him, waiting for the last student to leave. "And I... well, my husband....we..."

"What is it Becky?" Davis asked with a grin.

Even though they were alone, she lowered her voice. "Can we get the key back, you know, to the chastity thing?"

"Nope, not yet." he grabbed the paper from her hand and walked away from her.

Rebecca watched him leaving with a her mouth open, stunned at the casual way he told her no about getting the key back. "Davis, wait." she called out to him.

He didn't stop, just kept going until she was alone in the room.

That day after they were both home Rebecca gave Dan the news that Davis wouldn't give her the key back yet. He asked when it would be returned, but she didn't have an answer for him.

Thursday, when the bell sounded to end class, Davis once again made his way to her desk.

"Yes Davis, what can I do for you?"

"Got this signed." he said letting the paper fall to her desk.

"Oh good, I will take it to the office when I leave today."

"I want you to wear a nice dress at the play tomorrow, make sure you wear some panties too."

She had been planning on wearing a dress, his request that she wear panties caught her off guard since he told her she was not to wear them to class anymore. "O...ok Davis."

Rebecca grabbed the permission slip from the desk and made sure it was signed, when she looked up, Davis was walking out the door.

That night at home, Dan helped her pick out a dress.

They decided on a flowing black dress, it fit snug around her chest, but did not show off her cleavage, it did have to be decent to wear around her colleagues and the students. It came down just past her knees and fit so that you would not be able to tell that she was wearing the panties that Davis had told her to wear. She chose a pair of three inch black heels to match the dress.

Dan felt himself trying to get hard in the cage as she modeled the outfit for him.

"What do you think?" she asked, slowly spinning for him.

Dan swallowed hard, wishing she was dressing like that for him. "You look beautiful, amazing."

"Oh, thank you honey." she could tell from his voice that he truly meant it.

Friday, just as the students were leaving from the class before, Davis entered the room. She was shocked to see him so early to class.

He dropped his back pack at his desk and came up to her. "You ready for inspection slut. I said you can wear panties at the play, I didn't say you can to class."

"I didn't Davis, I swear." she was afraid of getting caught if he checked her.

"Stand up Becky." his voice firm and direct.

She looked at the clock and rose from her seat.

Davis reached beneath her skirt and brought his hand up to her pussy.

She felt him rub her, even push two fingers inside her for the briefest moment.

"Good girl." Davis told her. He then brought both hands up and squeezed her breasts. "Gotta make sure you didn't wear no bra neither."

She could tell that her nipples were getting hard at his grasp.

When he let her go and moved to his seat, Rebecca sat back down and leaned over to pretend to look in her purse, hoping her nipples would relax before anyone else entered.

Thankfully, her nipples had calmed down once the students began to enter the room.

She managed to get through class with only a few subtle glances from Davis, she figured that he knew he would be getting her all night and not to cause any issues for her before they left.

After school ended for the day, Rebecca went and checked in at the office, chatting with Peggy until it was time to meet in the auditorium before leaving on the field trip.

The principal made a short speech to the students about what was expected of them during the trip, the usual stuff, nothing new or hard to follow. One fact caught Rebecca off guard. She learned that they were getting a special showing of the play, for only their group, the theater would be empty except for the drama club and teachers. She was expecting a full house for the show, not a select viewing.

During the bus ride to the hotel they would be staying at, Rebecca sat with Peggy and the two chatted the entire ride. There were two busses of people going, Rebecca was relieved and also disappointed that Davis was on the other bus.

After checking in for their rooms, Rebecca made her way to hers and unpacked her clothes for the evening, making sure her dress didn't have any wrinkles she would have to take care of.

They only had roughly an hour to burn before leaving for the play. Rebecca spent some time on the phone with Dan, letting him know that they got there safely and that she was about to get dressed.

Once she got off the phone she made sure her make up was just right before putting her dress on. She checked herself out in the mirror, spinning around and making sure that her panties were not visible.

Satisfied with how she looked she headed for the lobby to meet up with everyone.

As she walked down the hall she heard a whistle coming from behind her. She turned to see Davis catching up to her. He looked good in a button down shirt and black pants.

"Looking good teach." he said smiling. When he got near her he ran his hand over her ass and gave it a little pat. "Very nice dress."

"Thank you Davis." she said, feeling herself blushing.

"MMM." Davis licked his lips as he checked out the curve of her breasts against the dress, the slightest hint of cleavage at the top.

"Be on your best behavior Davis." she warned him. "I can't have you getting into trouble. I recommended you for this trip, and I don't want to look bad for it."

Davis held up three fingers and pressed them to her chest. "Scouts honor."

Rebecca couldn't help but laugh at his action. "Behave." was all she said.

On the short trip to the theater, the principal came and told her that they were a teacher short, someone had to back out at the last minute to care for their sick chi1d. She was going to be paired with Rebecca at the back of the theater to keep an eye on everyone from back there.

"I will be on the other side of the control room with Peggy, do you think you can handle the other side on your own?"

"Sure." Rebecca told him. "These are drama club kids, I don't see them being a problem."

"I'm sure your right." he agreed. "If you wanted to have someone with you, you could have your student Davis sit with you."

"I will ask him. If he wants to sit with the other students I can manage it on my own."

"Your call."

At the theater, Rebecca told Davis the situation, he volunteered to sit with her.

"If you change your mind and want to move down with the other students you can at the intermission." she told him.

"Ok, I should be fine."

Everyone was taking seats in the front like they had been told. There were teachers mixed in with the students and the two pairs at the back of the theater to keep an eye on them.

Once the play started, the lights went out. It was practically pitch black throughout the seating, the only lights were on the stage. Rebecca could only just make out Davis in the seat next to her.

About ten minutes into the first act, Rebecca felt a hand on her leg. It wasn't moving around, just resting on her thigh. She left it along and kept watching the play, if he wanted to get a feel of her leg, that was ok. It's not like he hadn't done much more with her.

It didn't take very long before the hand started moving around. Moving up her thigh, down to her knee. In short order, he had worked her dress up and had his hand on her bare thigh.

Rebecca tried to shift and push the dress back down, but he kept his hand in place and prevented the dress from moving.

After a brief struggle, Rebecca decided to let it go and let him have his fun. If she just ignored him and watched the play, things couldn't go very far.

Her plan was working, until he tugged on her dress. He kept tugging until it had ridden up so that she wasn't sitting on it anymore, it was around her waist. He worked his hand around, and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Rebecca felt herself getting wetter as he massaged her pussy. She bit her lip to keep from moaning. Putting her hands on his working hand, she tried to pull it away from her. He was too strong and kept rubbing her.

Rebecca tried to focus on the play once again. She was pulled back to reality when she felt his hand under her panties and a finger finding it's way into her pussy. She had a sharp intake of breath. She gave a quick cough to cover up her little gasp.

She kept trying to pull his hand away from her pussy, eventually giving up and keeping her hands over top of his. Not that there was anyone near them to see, it just gave her peace of mind to keep his actions blocked from view.

As she squirmed in her seat, hand folded on her lap, she felt his other hand come up and start to play with her tits. She tried to remain frozen in her seat, but the shock was so great at feeling his other hand on her. She nearly jumped into the air when he squeezed her. She put her hands on the armrests and gripped them hard, biting her lip to keep quiet.

Davis continued to finger her, ever so slowly. He wasn't trying to get her off, just to keep her on edge.

It was working. She was squirming in her seat, desperately hoping that she could keep quiet from his expert manipulation.

Davis kept up his fingering of her during the entire first half of the play.

Rebecca was able to pay enough attention to the play to realize that they were very close to the intermission.

"Please..." she whispered to him. "You have to stop. The lights will come on any minute."

He wiggled his finger inside her for a little while longer before taking his hands away from her.

Rebecca quickly grabbed the bottom of her dress and inched it back down slowly. Rising up off the chair to get it down past her butt.

She had just gotten it down to her knees when the lights came on and the curtain came down, signaling that it was intermission time.

The students all stood and began to walk to the back of the theatre to stretch and use the restroom.

Rebecca stood and smoothed her dress a little better before opening the doors so they could file out

She checked in with the other teachers during the intermission, telling them that everything was fine. They spoke about how good the performance was so far, and how the students in the drama club could learn so much from watching the more experienced performers.

Intermission does not last very long, just a short break to give the performers a chance to rest and the people in the crowd some time to move around.

In no time, the intermission was over and everyone was going back to their seats.

Rebecca stayed by the door until all of the students were back in the theatre before taking her seat.

Davis quickly put his hand back on her leg once she sat down.

The lights went out, the curtain went up and the second part of the play began.

As soon as the lights were off, Davis' hand began to move up her leg once more. He quickly had her dress back up to her waist.

This time however, he didn't try to get his hand under her panties. This time, he started to pull on them.

Rebecca felt his tugging and subconsciously lifted her hips from the seat.

Her panties were pulled down to her knees in a flash. She tried to grab for them, but Davis leaned down and pulled them to her ankles and quickly had them off and in his hand.

In the near pitch black, Rebecca could barely see it as Davis stood up. She definitely felt it as he pulled her to her feet with him.

Davis pulled her in front of him before sitting back down, keeping his hands on her to hold her there.

Rebecca felt his hands pushing her dress up to her waist and then being pulled down onto his lap. She could feel the bulge of his thick cock as he sat her down on his lap. His pants were the only thing separating his cock from her now bare and uncovered pussy.

Rebecca could feel his hands fumbling under her and then heard him unzipping his pants very slowly to keep the sound from being heard.

After a few more seconds of his hands moving, she felt his cock pressing between her legs.

Rebecca clamped her jaw tightly, to keep from saying anything. She knew what his plan was now, but she had to keep quiet.

Davis lifted her like she weighed nothing. She felt him guiding his cock to her entrance and slowly lowered her down onto his shaft.

A soft moan escaped her lips, which she tried to cover up with a subtle cough.

As he lowered her fully onto his cock he let her sit there with it impaled in her.

She felt one of his hands running over her breasts, giving each one a feel through her dress.

Then, she felt his other hand at her face. She could feel something in his hand and then he started trying to push it into her mouth.

It dawned on her that it was her panties and that he was pushing them into her mouth to gag her.

She let him push the balled up panties into her


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She let him push the balled up panties into her now open mouth, adding more protection against her making sounds loud enough to get them discovered.

Once she felt comfortable, she put her hands on the armrests and started to fuck herself on his cock. The excitement of doing it in such a public place made it that much more thrilling. Knowing that her colleagues, and a large group of students would see them if just a few lights came on drove her insane with lust.

Davis let her ride him to her hearts content. He reached both hands around her and played with her tits. He even pulled the straps down her arms and lowered her dress so that they were fully exposed. He took full advantage of her bare breasts. Pinching and pulling her nipples, not hard enough to made her shriek, but enough that it made her squirm as she rode him.

Becky ground herself hard on Davis cock, feeling every inch of him inside her, stretching her pussy, rubbing her sensitive clit. She leaned her body against his, wiggling as he continued to massage her tits.

Davis let one hand slide down her body. His expert fingers found her clit and rubbed as she bounced on his cock.

Becky covered her mouth with her hands. Afraid that the panties in her mouth would not be enough to hide her intense pleasure. His fingers on her clit were doing a number on her. Between his cock filling her pussy and his rubbing fingers, it was just a matter of time before she came.

Davis did not let up on her. He began to hump into her as she lowered herself on his cock. He reached even deeper in her with each thrust of his cock. He still played with her tits in one hand and rubbed and pinched her clit with the other. He could feel her pleasure as it coursed through her body. Knowing that he was driving her wild only made him that much more determined to get her off.

Becky began to breath hard. She knew that her orgasm was close. She was barely able to ride his cock anymore. She just rocked herself on his lap. She could feel her pussy ready to burst. With one last motion, she bounced a final time, holding herself still on his lap.

Davis gave her clit a last pinch as she went over the edge. She had stopped moving, but her pussy was going crazy. He could feel it as her pussy muscles constricted on his cock. The clamping and easing telling him that she was cumming hard.

Becky kept her hands tight over her gagged mouth as she exploded in her orgasm. The danger of getting caught in her state only made it stronger as she came.

As she came down from her orgasm, and her breathing began to return to normal, Becky lowered her shaking hands back to the armrests. She needed them to steady herself as she tried once again to ride Davis' cock.

Slowly, she was able to build up a rhythm, easing off about halfway before taking him back into her depths.

Davis grabbed her by the waist and helped her in her task. He would pull her down with just the slightest ***** as she lowered herself onto him.

As they built a steady pace, Davis felt his own orgasm building.

Becky felt it too. She felt his cock swelling inside her. She knew what it meant, that he would soon be filling her with his rich, potent seed. She had long ago given up trying to convince him to use a condom or pull out of her when he came. She had made peace with the fact that he had total control of her and that she would let him use her as he pleased.

Davis felt his balls tighten. Becky felt his cock swell even thicker.

Davis pulled her down roughly a few more times before he went over the edge. He held her firmly down on his cock as his orgasm hit.

Becky felt it as he cock flexed inside her pussy. It felt amazing as she felt his cock pulse right before feeling his cum blasting into her warm pussy. She felt it as each rope of cum was sent into her.

Davis had to bite his lip to keep from grunting as he filled her pussy.

Becky lost count of how many times she felt him sho0ting inside of her.

As they both relaxed after his orgasm, Becky would give an occasional wiggle on his cock, which had only just slightly softened inside her.

Davis reached up and pushed two fingers into her mouth.

Becky opened her mouth as he pulled her balled up panties free.

Davis whispered into her ear, "Put these back on. Don't want my cum leaking out onto your dress do we?"

Becky grabbed them from his hand and bent over. She stepped into her panties and pulled them up to her knees. She was still impaled on his cock as she worked the panties up. She stopped when they were part way up her hips. She quickly stood up, feeling empty as his cock slipped out of her, and pulled her panties the rest of the way up. Her dress fell back down after she had finished getting her panties into place.

Davis tucked his cock back into his pants and slowly zipped them up so no one would hear.

Becky fixed the top of her dress, covering her breasts and getting the straps back into place.

She sat back down next to Davis and finally got her breath back.

For the rest of the play, she held his hand and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Just as the play was finishing, Becky shifted away from Davis. When the lights came back on as everyone was applauding, they looked like two people seated next to each other. They both stood and clapped as the rest of the audience did.

When the players took their final bow and the clapping got louder, Davis reached behind Becky and gave her ass a firm pinch, her gasp covered by the sound of applause.

Once back at the hotel, and in her room, Rebecca took off her dress and hung it up before moving to the bathroom to take off her cum filled panties.

As she slid them down she could see the cum that had collected in the dark material of her panties. She wiped them as best she could and then rinsed them in the sink. She then wiped what she could from her pussy as well, working her pussy to push out as much as possible that was still inside her.

She was just reaching to turn on the shower when she heard her phone go off, alerting that she had an incoming text.

Walking naked from the bathroom, Rebecca grabbed her phone and saw the message from her husband asking how the play was. Rebecca smiled at the thought of how she enjoyed the performance. She quickly texted her response, 'Play was good. Davis fucked me in theater, was so exciting. Hope ur night is good as mine!'

Putting the phone back down and heading back to take a shower, Rebecca was once again interrupted. This time by a knocking at the door.

Reaching into the bathroom and grabbing a robe to cover her naked body, she went to the door and looked through the peep hole.

Seeing that it was Davis, she quickly unlatched the door and opened it for him.

Davis moved past her into the room as she closed the door behind him. "Take that fucking robe off bitch. I want to see that sexy body of yours"

She said nothing, just undid the belt of the robe and let it fall off her arms to the floor. She shifted on her feet as he looked her body up and down.

"Come sit on my lap Becky* Davis told her, rubbing his thigh.

Becky moved closer to him and sat down as he told her.

Davis brought his hands up to her tits, squeezing them roughly and tweaking her nipples.

"Ahh!" Becky yelped when he pinched her nipples a little harder.

"Love these titties teach." he said as he squeezed them more.

Becky wiggled her ass on Davis' lap. "And I love your big cock."

"So how come you was naked when i got here?"

Leaning back against him, "I was going to take shower and clean myself after you filled me earlier."

Davis pushed her to her feet, "Bitch, you better not be leaving my pants with cum on them!"

They both looked at his pants and saw that there was not any cum left behind on him.

"You lucky girl." he told Becky. "How about you go get the water running and I will shower with you? You can wash my cock before you suck it hard for me."

Becky smiled at the thought of sucking him. "Yes Davis."

Davis gave her ass a swat as she turned and headed for the bathroom. He pulled out his phone and sent a few texts as he heard the water turning on.

After spending nearly a half hour in the shower, cleaning and groping each others bodies, they both came out of the bathroom wearing fluffy robes.

Davis laid on the bed, the rope parting a little, showing off part of his cock.

Becky, seeing the light on her phone blinking, checked and saw a text from Dan waiting for her. She responded with, 'just finished shower with davis. gonna fuck him now. luv u.'

After sending the text and putting the phone down, Becky turned to the bed and undid the belt on her robe.

Her robe fell open as she got on her knees on the bed and crawled up toward Davis cock.

Reaching under his robe, she stroked him, feeling him grown and harden in her hand. As she leaned down, she licked the tip of his cock, before going down further and licking his balls.

After coating his balls with her tongue, she licked his cock all the way to the tip.

"Fuck baby." Davis groaned. "Don't tease me bitch. Suck my black cock."

"Mmmm, yes Davis." Becky said seductively and took the head of his cock in her warm mouth.

Davis put his hand on Becky's head as she slowly took him into her mouth.

She had gotten about half way down and started working her head up and down when there was a knock at the door.

Becky froze and looked up at Davis with his cock firmly in her mouth. She started breathing heavily, unsure what to do.

Davis said quietly, "Go ask who it is."

With her robe flowing open, Becky got off the bed and moved close to the door. "Who is it?" she asked.

"Rebecca, it's Peggy. Can I come in?" Peggy said through the door. "I....I really need to talk to someone. Please."

"Just...just a second." Becky called back. Moving back into the room, she whispered to Davis, "Hide in the bathroom. Quick."

Davis gave her a funny look as he got off the bed. "Get rid of her fast." he told her and gave her pussy a rub as he moved past her and into the bathroom.

Becky closed the bathroom door, tied her robe closed and opened the door.

Peggy stood there with a bottle wine in her hand and looked like she had been crying.

Rebecca pulled her inside and gave her a hug. "What's wrong Peggy?"

Peggy started crying as Rebecca held her. "It's over." Peggy sobbed. "My marriage is over. I can't keep lying to myself that it will get better."

"Ssshhh, sshhh." Rebecca rubbed her back as she hugged her. "Let's sit down and talk. Come on." Rebecca led her to the bed, taking the bottle and setting it on the small dresser. "What happened?"

Peggy hugged her again as Rebecca sat next to her. "We never talk anymore." she began. "Everyday is the same thing. Wake up, go to work. Then when we get home we sit by the tv, have dinner, watch more tv and go to bed. I can't do it anymore. I just can't. I don't remember the last time we had sex."

"It's ok Peggy." Rebecca held her tighter. "Maybe you too just need to talk to someone. Like a marriage counselor. Get your feelings in the open. Maybe he just doesn't know you feel like this. Maybe he feels the same way, but is too stubborn to say something about it. You know how guys are."

Peggy sobbed into the shoulder of Rebecca's robe. "We've tried. He says he is happy with the way things are. I wish we were like you and Dan. You two are so good together, so happy. Why can't we just be like you two?"

"We are far from perfect." Rebecca confessed. "We have our spats and fights. But we love each other and at the end of the day, that is the most important thing."

"No." Peggy began. "I've seen you two together, you are the best couple I know. It seems like nothing could come between you two."

"You're right. Because we love each other. Dan is a wonderful man and even when I gave him reasons to get mad at me, well....he just.....never mind. It's not important."

Peggy look up at Rebecca. "Please?" she pressed. "Please tell me. Maybe if I know you two got through something big, then maybe there is a chance for us too."

Rebecca looked around the room nervously. "If I tell you, you have to promise to never say a word about it to anybody. Not your husband, nobody."

"I promise." Peggy agreed. "I won't tell a soul."

"Ok." Rebecca sighed. "I um...I kinda.....cheated on Dan."

"What?" Peggy asked shocked at the news.

"I didn't plan to, it sort of just happened. I was alone with someone and a little flirting happened. I felt bad about it and thought that would be the end of it. I even told Dan about it. He thought it was funny and told me I should flirt back."

Peggy's mouth was open as she heard more. "I don't...oh my."

"One thing led to another and I ended up having sex with the guy." Rebecca confessed.

"Oh my god! You haven't told Dan though, have you?

"That's the thing." Rebecca told her. "I told him right away. That after I flirted back a little things went further and further, and then one night I had sex with him."

"What did Dan do?"

"I really shouldn't be telling you this." Rebecca froze up.

"Please, please. I swear I won't tell anyone. Our little secret."

"Well, after I told him, he was....excited." Rebecca paused after saying it.

"Excited?" Peggy gasped.

"Yes. He wanted to hear the details of what happened. He liked hearing about it. It turned him on actually."

"Wow, I don't believe it." Peggy was shocked at what she was hearing. "So, it was just the one time then?"

Rebecca's face turned red. "No." she whispered. "I've been seeing the guy ever since. Dan as even met him, when we did it at our house."

"Oh my god! At your own house?"

"Yes. Dan even watched."

"Really? Like, he watched you bed?"

Rebecca just nodded her head. "Peggy, I can't believe I'm telling you this, but for your own good, you need to find someone and have sex. You are gonna drive yourself crazy if you don't do something. I'm not telling you to cheat on your husband, but I think you need to do something to see if you really want your marriage to continue or be over."

"I know, I just....I wouldn't know where to go, or what to say. We've been together for so long."

"Ok, listen. I can't believe I'm even saying this. If I could arrange it, would you have sex with someone?"

"What are you saying?" Peggy asked confused.

"I'm saying, right now, yes or no, would you go through with it?"

Peggy pondered the question for a while, then looked at Rebecca and quietly said, "Yes."

"Ok, don't freak out." Rebecca hugged her again. "The guy I've been seeing, is here right now. He is in the bathroom hiding."


"I'm serious Peg. We were about to, you know, when you knocked on the door."

"You're not joking are you?"

"No. If you don't want to I understand. If you want to stay here and talk, I will tell him to go. Or, if you want, I can have him give you the best sex you've ever had. I mean it. He makes me feel things I've never felt before.....and um, he's....uh....big, like, real big."

"You mean his....?"

"Uh huh. Huge." Rebecca confirmed.

There was a slight change in Peggy's face as she heard that the guy was big. Having never been with a big one before, the thought intrigued her. Could she really do it though, now that it was actually an option? Could she cheat on her husband?

Rebecca saw her friend contemplating, saw the combination of worry and excitement on her face. "I'm sorry I brought it up." Rebecca stood from the bed. "I'll go tell him to leave."

As she moved toward the bathroom she heard Peggy say softly, "Wait."

Rebecca turned to face her friend. "Are you sure? This is serious."

Peggy look Rebecca straight in the eye, "Yes. I want to do it."

"Ok, wait there."

After a few moments in the bathroom, Rebecca came out and stood next to Peggy. "So, um, I was thinking, it is probably best if you didn't know who the guy was." Rebecca told her slowly. She fished around in her bag for a few seconds and pulled out a black ***** mask. "You should wear this."

Peggy took the mask and held the soft silk material. "Why shouldn't I know who it is? I know the person?"

"Not that I know of." Rebecca told her friend. "I just think it is best that you know as little as possible with what is happening."

Peggy looked down at the mask and ran her thumbs over it as she held it. "Ok." she whispered.

"He, um, he wants you naked when he walks out too." Rebecca told her. "I will go get him, you take your clothes off and put on the mask. We'll be right out."

"'ll here too?" Peggy, hadn't thought about having her friend in the room as she had sex with whoever it was.

"Of course I'll be here. I don't want my friend to be alone for this. You can still change your mind if you want to."

Peggy thought about it once more. "I just....I just didn't think about you being here for it. I've, I've never had sex with someone else in the room before."

"Trust me." Rebecca told her. "Once you get started, you will forget I'm here. It also adds to the excitement having someone watch. Plus, it is my room, and my man." she said with a giggle.

"I'm so nervous." Peggy stuttered. "I...I guess it's fine."

"Alright then. You take your clothes off and put the mask on. I'll go get him."

Rebecca saw Peggy stand and start to remove her dress as she went into the bathroom. Davis was still naked in there as he waited.

"Give her a minute to get ready."

Davis was a little shocked still at what was happening. "I can't believe I'm gonna fuck one of your friends. And it's that hot bitch Peggy from the office too."

"Promise me you will be a little more gentle than you are with me. She has never been with someone like you."

"Don't worry Becky." Davis said bluntly. "I won't tear her pussy up that much."

"Good." Rebecca turned for the door and stopped. "One more thing. I didn't tell her you were black. I don't want to freak her out too much."

Rebecca opened the bathroom door and asked, "Peggy? Are you ready?"

Peggy's voice cracked as she said, "Yes, I...I'm ready"

Rebecca came out first, more to make sure that Peggy was wearing the mask. She saw her friend naked and was shocked at how truly amazing she looked. How could her husband not want to take her to bed every night with her sexy body.

Peggy was sitting on the bed, nervously rubbing her hands together. The ***** mask kept her in darkness even with her eyes open.

Becky gave Davis a look and nodded. She slid the one chair in the room over and sat down at the corner of the bed.

"Get on the floor on your knees Peggy." Davis told her. Not demanding like he spoke to Becky, but firm so she knew to listen.

Peggy heard the command and slowly slid to her knees on the floor. She waited nervously, turning her head toward his voice.

Davis moved closer to her. "Hold up your hand."

Peggy raised her right hand and held it out to his voice.

Davis took her wrist and moved in close. He moved her hand until his cock was touching her palm. "Feel that Peggy?"

Peggy nodded her head. "Yes."

"Stroke it then. Get it nice and hard."

Peggy felt the soft cock in her hand and slowly wrapped her fingers around it. Even soft, it felt big in her small hands. She slowly started stroking it, feeling it get harder and longer as she did.

"That's it Peggy. Stroke that cock.

Peggy felt his cock getting longer and longer. Her hand kept stroking, not believing how big his cock felt in her hand. She brought her other hand up and used them both to stroke him, not coming close to containing his length.

"Good girl Peggy. Feel how hard it is? How long it is?"

Peggy nodded, moving her hands all over his cock, squeezing and touching it all over. "So big." she whispered.

"Would you like to taste it Peggy?" Davis asked her.

Peggy raised her head to look u


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Peggy raised her head to look up at him, the mask not allowing her to see the look in his eyes.

"Answer me Peggy. Do you want to taste my cock?" Davis touched her head as he asked, making her flinch in shock.

Peggy dropped his cock as she felt him touch her head. She wasn't afraid, trusting that Rebecca would not let her be hurt. She just could not see it coming and it truly surprised her. "Yes." she answered quietly.

"Go ahead then. Suck it Peggy." Davis told her.

With her hands on her legs as she kneeled, Peggy opened her mouth and leaned forward slowly.

She looked funny with her mouth open and the mask on as she made a feeble attempt to find his cock. Moving her head slowly trying to find it.

"You can use your hands Peggy." Davis told her.

"Oh." Peggy said, practically forgetting about them after she dropped his cock.

She reached out with a shaking right hand. After a few waves, she found his leg. Slowly moving her hand up, she once more found his cock.

After stroking it a few times and feeling its warmth and how hard it was, she guided it to her open mouth.

Feeling the tip of his cock touching her lips, she opened wider and slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Fuck baby, that's it." Davis grunted. He grabbed her head and held her steady as she sucked him.

Becky was rubbing her pussy as she watched. "Keep going Peggy. You're doing great.*

*Fuck yeah she is baby." Davis said, stroking Peggy's hair, pulling her a little deeper onto his cock.

Peggy tried to take him a little more and gagged on it. She pulled away from him and coughed a couple of times to collect herself.

Davis could not help but laugh at seeing her coughing with spit dangling off her chin. "Don't worry baby, nobody can take it all that way. But you will get it all in that pussy, I promise you that."

Peggy wiped the spit off her chin. "It's so....big. There's no way it will all fit."

Davis reached out and pulled Peggy to her feet. "That's what they all say. And it always fits. It just takes time to work it all in there."

Becky had two fingers in her pussy. "He's right Peggy. I thought it wouldn't fit either. But it does. And it feels so amazing when it is deep inside you."

"OOhhhh." Peggy cried out as Davis picked her up.

He set her down on the bed. "Spread your legs baby."

Peggy spread her legs and her hand quickly started rubbing her already wet pussy.

Davis kneeled on the bed, "That's it baby, get it ready for me. Get that pussy all warmed up for my cock*

Peggy kept rubbing her pussy with one hand and started to play with her breasts with the other.

Once she started to writhe on the bed, Davis pulled her hand away from her pussy. Peggy tried to free her hand from his grasp, but he held her wrist tightly. "Don't fight baby. I think you are ready now."

"P....please." Peggy moaned as she squirmed on the bed.

Davis got between her spread legs and rubbed his heavy cock on her pussy. "Are you ready girl? Are you ready to get fucked?"

Peggy breathed heavily as she felt the weight of the big cock on her pussy. "Yes." she panted.

Davis slapped his cock on her clit a few times and slowly dragged it to her opening. "Here it comes baby." he said as he pushed the tip inside her.

"OOOHHHH!" Peggy cried as she felt him push into her.

"That's it, take my cock." Davis pushed deeper into her as he said it. Now with a few inches of his black cock inside her tight pussy.

"To.......too.....oh god." Peggy trailed off as she gripped the blanket with tight fists as her pussy stretched to take the cock being pushed into her.

Davis started pulling away from her, Peggy's pussy gripping his cock snuggly, not wanting to let it go. He left the head in and slowly pushed more back into her, going deeper than before.

"AAAAhhhhhh." Peggy cried. "Can't....can't......fuck.....too much, can't...take......"

Davis ignored her and pushed even deeper into her wet pussy. "You're doing great girl." He now had over half of his cock into her, feeling her pussy squeezing him tightly as he worked it back and forth.

"Oh god...oh god....oh god!" Peggy moaned, this time with a hint of pleasure in her voice. Her ass started to rise ever so slightly off the bed as she tried to take more of him.

Becky was really working her fingers in her pussy as she watched the action on the bed. She could hear her wetness as she fingered herself hard.

Davis pushed hard, giving Peggy half of what remained of his big cock.

"AAAAHHHHHOOOOWWWWW!" Peggy screamed in horror as she stretched further.

Davis held himself in her, letting her adjust to the intrusion. "Just a little more to go. I'm not stopping until you have taken all of it."

Peggy trembled on the bed, but there was no mistaking the nodding of her head yes. She took short ragged breaths as she felt Davis slowly pushing again into her. Her body shaking as he worked himself deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh god...wh...what's hap...happening?" Peggy moaned as she felt something deep within her that she had never felt before.

Davis kept pushing and stroked her face with his fingertip. "Don't worry Peggy. You're doing great. Just a little more."

As Davis gave her a little more, Peggy's head started to thrash on the pillows, "Oh...oh ..... fuckkk.....oh god..... I can''s....."

Davis just kept going, not stopping until he was buried in her as deep as possible, his balls pressed up against her ass.

As she felt him reach his full depth, Peggy lost it and came hard. Harder than she had ever cum before. She bucked her ass up into him, her stomach quivering and her legs shaking on either side of Davis.

From her vantage point, Becky could see that her friend had cum. She could see the creamy white fluid oozing out around Davis cock. As he pulled back, there was a distinctive white ring around his massive black cock.

Davis pulled about half way out before pushing back to her deepest parts, eliciting a moan from Peggy's wide open mouth.

It took awhile before Peggy's body relaxed from her orgasm. In that time though, Davis had started to piston in and out of her pussy. Feeling little resistance to his fucking, he increased his tempo, moving faster and faster.

Once she recovered, Peggy wrapped her legs around his waist and crossed her ankles, trying to keep him between her legs forever.

Davis let her feel in control, loving the way her pussy was seemingly massaging his cock as he fucked her.

Becky felt her own orgasm nearing and worked her pussy harder, paying more attention to her clit than before.

After nearly five minutes of fucking her hard in missionary, suddenly pulled out of her, leaving her legs spread wide and her body shaking. "Wh...why?" Peggy moaned confused, her hand moving to her stretched open pussy.

Davis didn't let her wonder long. He jerked her up and turned her around on the bed. Putting her on her hands and knees facing Becky.

He quickly lined himself up and buried his cock back into her in one hard thrust, nearly driving the air from her lungs.

"OOhhhoooohhhh!" Peggy cried out as Davis buried his cock into her.

Davis began thrusting hard into Peggy, her ass jiggling with every thrust against her. "You got a good pussy Peggy." Davis grunted and slapped her ass. "So good and tight."

"Ohhhhh's so big." Peggy moaned as her shoulders and face slumped to the bed.

The sound of their skin slapping together had Becky nearing climax. She slapped her clit a few times in unison with their fucking. Becky thrust her hips up as her body shook, pushing her fingers deep into her quivering pussy as she came hard from watching her friend taking her first black cock.

Peggy could hear her friend moaning close by. She twisted her head to look over. As she did, the ***** mask slid just enough for her to see a little. She could make out Becky, with her fingers in her pussy and thrusting up off the chair. Her instinct took over and Peggy moved a hand down and started to rub her clit as Davis kept thrusting into her, filling her with every thrust of his cock. "Oh yes!!" Peggy cried out.

Davis brought his hand down on her ass again, this time keeping it there and roughly squeezing her soft flesh. He then did the same on the other side, the firm sound echoing in the room.

The sound brought Becky back to the reality of what was happening. Her breathing had calmed down and she opened her eyes once more to see the action on the bed. As she took it all in, she could see that the mask had shifted on Peggy's face. Sliding off the chair and onto her knees by the bed, she fixed the mask over her friends eyes to leave her in the dark once more.

"Oh god.....oh no....please." Peggy mumbled. "I want to see."

"Ssshhhhh." Becky stroked her friends hair softly. "Trust me. It's better this way."

Peggy whimpered and slowly nodded her head at her friends words.

Davis grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her. "She is gonna cum soon." he grunted to Becky. "I feel her pussy squeezing me just like yours does."

Becky took Peggy's hand in hers and held it. "That's it Peggy. Just relax and let your body go."

Peggy was breathing hard into the mattress. Her hips started to visibly shake. "Oh god." she cried. "I can't take it."

Peggy tried to crawl away from Davis, but he held her hips firm and held his cock in her as her pussy worked his cock.

"Yeah girl. Cum for me. Cum all over my big cock." Davis slowly pulled his cock back and slammed it back into her depths hard.

When his cock reached it's full depth, Peggy cried out as her orgasm exploded through her body. "OOOHHHHHHHHHH."

The shriek caught Becky off guard, she backed away for a moment before taking Peggy's hand in hers once more and stroking it as Peggy climaxed for the first time in so long.

Peggy had her face down on the bed, and her ass and pussy twitching and shaking from the power of her orgasm. "Oh godddddd!!!!!! So good...." pausing for a ragged breath, "I've never......oohhhhhhhh!"

With her body still shaking, Davis started working her pussy again, pulling back slowly before thrusting back in hard. He brought his hand down again on her ass strongly, "Here it comes baby. Gonna put my cum deep in your pussy. You want that baby? You want me to cum in your married pussy?"

Peggy had no idea what was being said to her. Her mind was gone in the final moments of her climax. "Yes." she said in a meek whisper.

"That a girl." Davis said and held his cock deep in her as the first jets of his cum exploded into the back of her pussy.

Peggy, even in her state, could feel it as his cum blasted into her, feeling it as his cock pulsed inside her and filled her with rope after rope of his cum, her mind not even registering that he was bare inside her and that she was not on any birth control.

Becky held and stroked her friends hand as Davis kept thrusting into her, making sure she took every drop of his cum. "You did so good Peggy."

Peggy tried to lift her head to look at Becky. "I....I...." her voice trailed off and her head slumped back to the bed. Her lower body still shaking.

"Ssshhh." Becky held tight to her hand. "Just enjoy the feeling Peggy."

Peggy moaned and nodded her head on the bed.

Davis rubbed her ass as he slowly pulled his cock out of her tired pussy. He grabbed his wet shaft and slapped her ass with it a few times. "That's one tight pussy you got there." he said with a grin. "At least it used to be."

Becky gave him a look of recognition, knowing what it felt like after taking him for the first time.

Davis smirked at Becky and got off the bed, heading to the bathroom.

Becky helped Peggy turn around and get into the bed, her friend half as1eep after the fucking she just got. She then went to the bathroom to check on Davis.

In a hushed tone she said, "Maybe you should go back to your room. I don't think Peggy is leaving tonight."

"Yeah, wore her tight pussy out." Davis said with a smile. "I can fuck you anytime I want to, getting to fuck your friend was a bonus."

Becky gave him a kiss as he was putting his clothes on. "Thanks for understanding."

"As long as i get to keep fucking this pussy, I'm cool." reaching into her robe and rubbing her pussy a little.

"Anytime." Becky agreed.

As Davis left, Becky got into bed next to Peggy, who was out like a light already. Becky soon followed her, dreaming about the events of the night while she s1ept.

The next morning, Becky woke up to the sound of running water. She turned over and found Peggy was gone and realized that she was in the shower.

Becky sat up in bed and waited for her friend to finish.

When she came out of the bathroom, Rebecca asked her, "How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful." Peggy smiled. "Last night was the best sex I've ever had."

"I mean, are you ok?" she asked. "You cheated on your husband last night."

Peggy sat on the bed and touched Rebecca's leg. "I am fine. Our marriage has been over for a long time. Last night just made me realize how truly over it is. I'm gonna be ok."

Rebecca saw true belief in her friends face and dropped the issue. "This is our secret though, right?"

"Of course girl." Peggy confirmed. "Nobody will find out from me."

Rebecca took a shower while Peggy went back to her room to pack her things to head for home.

Rebecca met up with the group as the principal was taking a count of everyone.

After checking it was discovered that Davis was missing.

The principal asked the students he was rooming with about him. They told him that he was in bed when they left but said he would be there when it was time to go. They offered to go get him.

"No, that is fine." he told the students. "We can't have students leaving the bus at this point. Rebecca, he is your student. Will you check on him please?"

"Ok, sure." Rebecca told the principal. "What room is he in?"

The students told her and Rebecca left to see about him.

She got to the room and was reaching to knock when the door opened and Davis walked out with his small bag.

"There you are. Everyone else is at the buses already, it is time to go."

"I'm ready when you are, lead the way teach." he grinned smugly at her as the door closed behind him.

Rebecca turned and started walking.

She made it two steps when Davis halted her. "You said I would get to fuck you in the hotel."

She turned around to face him. "Davis, there is no time for that. They are waiting at the buses for us."

Davis dropped his bag to the floor. "I ain't leavin til I get some of that pussy."

"Davis, please." Becky saw the stern and serious look on his face. "Fine. Let's go back in your room real fast."

Davis reached into his pocket for the key. He fumbled around for a second, "I think I left it on the table in there. Do you have yours still?"

"Yes, but they were waiting to clean my room when I left. It won't work anymore."

Davis looked around slowly. "This will have to do then." he moved close to her and grabbed her by the waist.

"Davis? What are you doing?" she asked in a whisper.

Davis turned her and pushed her chest to the wall. He flipped her skirt up and tugged her thong to her knees.

Becky heard his pants unzip and felt him push his cock into her from behind.

Davis didn't take his time. He fucked her hard against the wall, grunting as she whimpered.

"Davis....oh god...." Becky cried.

He grouped her tits roughly and thrust into her.

Grabbing her hips as he thrust hard into her pussy. "Want my cum bitch?" he grunted.

"Yes." Becky whimpered quietly.

"Beg me bitch."

Not wanting to get caught, Becky turned her head back, "Please Davis. Give me your cum. Cum in my pussy right here in the hall."

"That's it slut." he thrust into her a few more times. "Here it comes. Gonna cum in your slutty pussy."

Becky felt him push deep into her as he started to cum, filling her pussy with another load of his thick seed.

After he finished, he quickly pulled out and put himself away.

Becky pulled her thong up as she heard his zipper. She smoothed her skirt and looked at him. "Come on, they are holding the buses for us."

Davis grabbed his bag and they headed for the bus.

"Sorry, I found him." she told the principal. "He had his ear buds in and lost track of time."

"Ok then, let's get going people" the principal told everyone.

Becky was glad she was allowed to wear panties on the trip. As the bus started to drive away, she could feel Davis' cum sliding out of her pussy and into them.

End of Part Sixteen


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Jesus, that fuckin' Davis is a Stud! Two teachers for the price of one! Hope he's knocked up Peggy, and Becky won't be far behind.
This was worth waiting for Jbozz - excellent!


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The story gets better and better with each instalment ... well worth the wait


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Will Davis continue to fuck them both? Will Peggy's hub become a willling cuck? Will she carry Davis' baby?
Will Becky's hubby get unlocked?
Inquiring minds want to know!
Loving Wife, Mother, and Bryan's Slut


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Bravo !!! Just great !!!! Talent is surely recognized !!!! Pls. continue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geronimo Samson


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Super hot story mate.... Keep it Cummin.....

All the action at the play n the hotel.... But no discussion regarding hubby's key.... Lol....


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Will Davis continue to fuck them both?

Of course!

Will Peggy's hub become a willling cuck?

Possibly, but they've split up.

Will she carry Davis' baby?

He's a youthful bull, with strong swimmers, so the answer's most likely a big "Yes"

Will Becky's hubby get unlocked?

NO, he's a self imposed cuck, he deserves chastity forever more.


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Jbozz, wow great work, this just gets better and better.
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