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les histoires de chrislebo

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Michelle Cataluna looked over the city from her posh office. She had been
examining the ratings of "The Liberation Front" which were very pleasing. She
was scheduled to renew her contract with MSMBC and she could look forward to a
big pay raise.

She examined the case file. She no longer made any courtroom
appearances - the TV occupied most of her time. But she was still up- to-date
with the legal actions of the organization she headed. Women's Liberation Front
had just filed a lawsuit against Sin City
Entertainment. She knew almost all of these lawsuits against
pornographers had failed - the First Amendment was a real bitch! She'd gladly
make an exception in the First Amendment to stop all those sexist pigs from
indulging themselves. Of course, she had won one monumental case against Pink
Compassions. And she remembered how she had ******** and destroyed Richard
Rostock on the stand: She had particularly enjoyed beating that bastard into
mush. And putting that sleazy Luici Simone out-of-business was an extra bonus.
Michelle wasn't bothered by the eventual outcomes of these legal cases - the
publicity was more than enough to advance the feminist cause, and to advance
Michelle herself...

But the reason for her happiness this morning was not the publicity or legal
cases. She had just finished a meeting with Rubin Lufer, whose ass she was about
to nail because of a particularly nasty sexual harassment case. Lufer had been
one of the biggest political donors in the State for a long time - yet this
powerful man pleaded with her like a little kid this morning, begging for mercy.
Michelle had initially enjoyed just letting the big honcho wiggle for a while,
knowing she would destroy him regardless. But then, Lufer had said something
magical - the word "CONGRESSWOMAN"! The sound of it was enough to make Michelle
excited. It was said that Lufer was powerful enough to hand- pick candidates. Of
course, she'd have to run in San Francisco, that city being the only one that
was liberal enough to elect a raging feminist like her. Yet, it would be the
first time a prominent
feminist like her would make it to a nationally elected office. The
possibilities were endless - she could even try to introduce some legislation
particularly hurtful to all those sleazy pornographers! Yes, after all, she
could perhaps overlook some nastier aspects of the lawsuit against Mr. Lufer.

"Congresswoman Cataluna" she said to herself, chuckling in delight.
"Congresswoman Cataluna".


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It was 7:01 AM when Lara came rushing through the office entrance. In more than
a month at the Rostock Enterprises, she hadn't been late a single time. She
knocked on Mr. Rostock's door, and was called in promptly.

"You are late"

"I'm so sorry, Sir" she said desperately.

"No, honey, you just think you're sorry. You will be sorry, for real, in just a
moment". Richard took out the spanking pad Lara had purchased in her trip to the
porn shop. "Strip completely and bend over the desk".

Over the past weeks, Lara had developed the good sense to never argue with Mr.
Rostock no matter how frightening or outrageous his demands could be. Soon, she
was weeping in pain as Richard gave her a
spanking. Even in her agony, she could feel the irony: She was being spanked
like a little girl - her ****** had never laid a finger on her, she had to turn
19 before getting a spanking in the hands of a stranger.

She knew then that there were many ways Richard Rostock could punish her. Not
just the ultimate punishment of sending her to jail, but many "intermediate"
punishments - like the sting of the Spanking Pad Richard held in his hand. The
pain only heightened the girl's fear of
Richard looked at the trembling naked form on his desk and he could feel his
hard-on. He really owned this gorgeous little thing, she was in his utter
control. He decided to trade his morning blow-job for a real fuck and positioned
himself behind the naked girl.

The phone in his office rang just as Richard was pumping in and out. He stopped
his motion for a brief moment to hear what Mrs. Brown had to say:

"Mr. Rostock, Ms. Cataluna's ****** is on line-1, she wants to speak to her
********. Should I tell her to call back?"

Lara was irked at hearing about her ******'s call while she was being fucked by
her boss. Mr. Rostock had ordered her to give a specific direct line number to
her Mom so she would never know her ******** worked at Rostock Enterprises -
Mrs. Brown must have answered that number. What she heard next only made her
more terrified:

"Oh, no, Margaret, do connect her please". Richard motioned Lara to pick up the
phone without changing her position. The girl was holding the phone in one hand
now, and she was simply horrified that her mom could somehow figure out she was
bent over her boss' desk, naked and spanked and being fucked...

Richard pushed forward as soon as Lara answered the phone with a meek "hi, mom!"

"Hello darling"

"Hi..." Lara's response was almost muffled with a moan that escaped her lips as
Richard began ramming into her body in earnest.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm mmmpphh OK, mom...."

"I know you don't want me to call you in the office but I just had to... I got
wonderful news! I might be running for Congress!!"

"That's... iiimmppphhh... wonderful, Mom"

"Yes... So how's work going, honey? Do you help close any deals?"

"Yes, yes... Aaayyhh... Yes, Mom. Aaaagghh... I help close a lot of deals". Lara
could hear the laughter of Richard at this revelation as he pushed forth harder
and faster.

"Oh, that's very good honey. Sounds like a happy office with all that noise.
Anyway, my campaign should be kicking off soon..."

"That's great ******... Mom, can I immmmpphh call you mmpphh back? I'm kinda
busy right now."

"Oh sure, darling, back to work then..."

Richard exploded as a panting, moaning Lara hang up the phone. He almost
couldn't recall having enjoyed sex this much: The evil bitch who had tried to
destroy him had no idea, he was fucking her precious little ******** like a
cheap whore while she was talking to her proud mommy.

Finally, he seated himself, lighting a cigar. Lara was on the verge of tears.
"Stop crying" he ordered.

"We have guests" commented Richard - the words Lara dreaded the most. She had
gotten used to doing Richard's bidding on a regular basis, but her boss had also
made a habit of using the beautiful girl as
"sweetener" in his business dealings. Lara was often expected to stroll upstairs
to the Grand Meeting Room, as her coworkers smirked, and "entertain" Mr.
Rostock's guests. She could feel the taste of cumm from the five Japanese men
just two days ago.

"This is a very important deal" informed Richard. "These two guys are
establishing a company called Yahoo. Very promising stuff - and if the deal goes
through we'll provide the financing in exchange for a large chunk of equity!
However, I think the closest these two geeks came to a woman is reading the
Penthouse. That's, of course, where you come in. Off you go upstairs, I told
them I'd send some refreshments..."

As soon as Lara left the room, Richard tuned into the closed-circuit video
system. He watched in amusement as Lara stripped and laid down on the table. He
had installed the hidden cameras in the Grand Meeting Room when his company had
first moved to the building - he had stacks of tapes featuring his business
partners with Lara. Poor girl had no idea her "special duties" were continuously

Two hours later Richard signed the deal for a large stake in the company, barely
stopping himself from laughing at the exhausted yet happy faces of the two young
men. He was certain this could be the deal that put him on top of the food chain
once again!!!


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Lara waked through the gates nervously. Underneath her long trench coat, she
only had a thong bikini and a tiny bikini top that barely concealed her nipples.
She had been dead scared taking a cab ride like this but she was required to
arrive in this exact outfit - and Lara had learned to do exactly what was
required of her. Mr. Rostock had informed her that there would be a party at a
friend's mansion Saturday night: Luici Simone was throwing a party at his new
mansion. Having grown accustomed to "being" the entertainment for men, the young
woman had no doubt the "partying" would come at her expense: Little sluts like
her had to work the hardest, when everyone else decided to party the hardest.

She discarded her coat at the entrance to the mansion, standing clad in her
excuse for a swimsuit. She knew more or less what was expected of her: She had
been instructed about Luici Simone's famous parties before. As she made her way
to the pool area, she could hear the loud music, laughter and chatter. The
garden was filled with rich men and gorgeous women. Men were dressed casually
yet elegantly and some were in the water with various companions. Women
contrasted sharply; they were all in skimpy thong bikinis. It seemed the amount
of clothing one had was the best determinant of status in this party.

The girls all had stunning bodies; not terribly surprising since Lara knew Mr.
Simone and his friends picked their girls from former beauty queens, college
cheerleaders, and top-of-the-line high society
hookers. Lara realized the girls were all responsible for different functions
even though they were all available for whatever the men desired - and she was
told she'd have to assume different duties between parties. Some girls were the
waitresses: They constantly circulated champagne, food delicacies and cigars.
They, too, were dressed in skimpy bikinis, but with one special feature: The
entire outfit was held together with a big loop at the small of the back,
blatantly inviting fiendish fingers to pull it loose. When that happened, the
whole outfit came apart falling to the ground in pieces and the waitress would
be left naked, still holding her tray. And there was no going back from that,
she'd have to serve everyone naked - until somebody would decide to make use of
her in a different
capacity. The worst, Lara realized, was that the waitress had to go back and
forth between the garden and the kitchen, where the lowly cooks and bartenders
would be leering at her naked body.

While these waitress-girls were rushing around to deliver ******, there were
many other young women who were serving "other" needs. Most men were seated on
comfortable chairs, with young women next to them. The women kept caressing and
kissing the men. Some were at later stages of this game; Lara could see some
girls giving blow jobs, a few others humping up and down on somebody's lap. Many
men seemed to prefer more privacy: Lara noticed them taking one or two of the
girls upstairs, presumably to secluded rooms. There was an abundance of
attractive women in the entire place. Some were sitting alone, obviously waiting
to be picked up and taken upstairs. There was one simple rule for the girls at
Luici Simone's parties: The girls were there for the taking. When a young lady
was approached by a man, she had to do whatever he desired - which usually meant
giving him a terrific fuck.

Yet, there were other, more "spicy" sideshows going on as well: Most men were
seated around a small stage by the pool, watching three girls making love to
each other. Their bodies were meshed together, licking, fondling and kissing
each other, getting more and more aggressive. Many in the audience had girls
kneeled before them, enjoying expert blow jobs while watching this spectacle.
That wasn't all: Lara could see in an isolated corner a scene taking place,
right out of an all- girls school. A blonde girl in school uniform was bent over
what looked like a teacher's desk. Her plaid skirt was bunched up around her
waist, and her white panties were pulled down to her knees. Her legs were pushed
apart as far as the panties would permit, allowing for an unobstructed view of
her bald pussy to the men seated directly behind her. Maybe it was the outfit,
or the hair in cute little pigtails, but Lara thought the girl didn't look older
than sixteen. One of the men was positioned behind her, walking back and forth,
and landing sudden smacks on the girl's bottom with the cane in his hand. He
seemed to be paying special attention to not blocking the others' view of the
girl's shapely ass which was now covered with angry red welts. Despite all the
noise in the garden, Lara could faintly hear the girl's screams each time the
cane connected with her buttocks: "Six, Sir"!!!... "Seven, Sir"!!!... "Eight,

Lara finally noticed Mr. Rostock at a distance who was making his way upstairs
with a stunning Asian girl. It looked like her boss'
attention would be reserved for other girls tonight. Lara wondered if any of
these gorgeous women were blackmailed into being here as she was. She guessed
that wasn't the case. She knew most were paid handsomely for their services, and
many of these gorgeous women were on retainer from the powerful men all around
the compounds. As she took a seat by the pool, as far away from other people as
possible, she felt like a lamb at the slaughter house. One of the guests would
surely grab her. Then, looking around she realized, now as a regular host at
these parties she would sooner or later have to do all the other things: She
would be the naked waitress, the schoolgirl getting a caning, the lesbian lover
on the stage... That last one especially horrified her, not having touched
another female in her life. But she knew, like so many other things in her life,
that too would change this summer.

She realized a tall, overweight man was approaching her. She could swear she
knew him from somewhere but she couldn't remember who he was. He was a heavy-set
man, in his mid-forties.

He simply said "Hi!!!". A simple "Hi" meant a lot in Simone's parties: Lara,
having been properly instructed, got on her feet and grabbed the man's hand
gently, giving him a seductive smile - the best she could manage anyway...

Apparently, her companion wanted to go upstairs, so they headed towards the
outer stairs going up to the second floor. It dawned on her as they entered a
large bedroom: She knew the man. She thought his name was something like "Larry
Binks". He was the conservative senator from Louisiana. She remembered him from
one of her Mom's shows - the Senator had gone into a big heated argument with
her Mom over Title 9. As far as Lara could remember, her Mom had given the
Senator a good beating. She always did anyway. Lara wondered if the Senator knew
who she was, if Mr. Rostock had sent him to her - so that the good Senator, who
controlled a powerful committee, could have the amusement of fucking Michelle
Cataluna's ********... But then, Mr. Rostock was extremely stringent about
keeping Lara's identity under wraps: She was never allowed to mention her actual
last name to anyone, never allowed to call her Mom from work, even her
employment papers were drafted under a fake last name. Not that Lara minded it
at all. She would die in shame if anyone learned how she'd been "working" for
the last month. She'd do anything to make sure no one knew the most famous
feminist TV host's ******** was being passed around as a common bimbo. But here
she was now, ready to be fucked by a man her mom despised, a man who almost
called her Mom a "whore" on TV. She ********** blocked all such ill thoughts
from her mind, as she unhooked the bikini top and smiled at the Senator who was
busy stripping out of his clothes.

Lara emerged from the second floor a short while later, showered and cleaned.
The Senator hadn't lasted long, and after pumping up and down on his shaft for a
few minutes, Lara had felt the man release. He had asked her to clean him off,
and Lara could still taste both of their juices in her mouth. She was in her
skimpy bikini again, hoping there would be no more laboring for the night.

She was wrong: As soon as she made her way back to the pool-side, she came
eye-to-eye with Eric who was seated at a table on the other side of the pool. He
was a particularly obnoxious Stock Analyst from Rostock Enterprises with a habit
of making pointed jokes about Lara. The sight of him almost froze Lara on her
tracks. This was the most uncomfortable she'd ever felt. She noticed next to
Eric there were other guys from the work, all Mr. Rostock's high-paid yuppies.
She had no idea guys from the office would be attending this party. Lara knew
she was the subject of many jokes and ridicules at the office, but this was
different: Now, it was in plain sight that she was just a slut; she was there
for the taking in this glorified meat-market. Despite all her wishes, Eric was
signaling for her to come over. The
humiliated girl walked over to their table, her higheels clinking on the
marbles. Her tiny swimsuit felt more exposing than ever: She was in a sexy
nothing in front of her coworkers.

"My, my..." said Eric, puffing his cigar. "Look who we got here!". His friends
laughed. There was four of them: Eric, Steve, Albert and Manuel - All guys Lara
knew from work, young ivy-leaguers who no doubt did not expect this sort of
bonus when they first signed for Rostock Enterprises. There was another girl,
completely naked, just sitting on the floor. She was a natural red-head, and she
didn't seem to share any of Lara's anxieties. She was playing with her breasts
laughing, smoking a cigar one of the guys must have given her. She was looking
at Lara with a glee in her eyes.

Lara expected Eric to make a few more jokes but instead he seemed more
interested in seeing Lara in action: "Lara, please strip and make love to

For a few seconds Lara hesitated. Mr. Rostock had told her to obey everyone at
the party and that surely included her coworkers. She was disgusted at the
thought of what was requested of her - but, then, she still remembered the
consequences of the last time she displeased her Boss. Trying not to look at the
guys, she undid her top and slid down her thong, standing naked. Her face was
red in shame, and she was trembling.

"See I told you" remarked Eric looking at her closely shaven pussy. "She IS a
natural blonde". This drew a big laughter from others. Lara's face turned even a
deeper shade of red at this crude comment.

She felt Nicole grab her by the elbow and pull her down. She didn't resist...
what had to be done had to be done. Nicole, on the other hand, was smiling at
the boys with a wicked grin, apparently quite grateful for having a playmate.
She led Lara to a sitting position next to her, obviously very eager to please
her audience. She landed a soft kiss on her ********* lover; then she kissed
Lara long and
passionately, caressing her breasts. As she broke the kiss, she bit Lara's lower
lip, all the while keeping her eyes fixed at the guys, making sure she didn't
forget who the girls were doing this for.

Lara could feel herself slowly getting into this lewd act of sex. Her juices
were beginning to flow despite herself. There was nothing she could do. Her body
was reacting to Nicole's sensual strokes and all the sexual anxiety. She could
feel her resistance fading away: She had no choice in the matter afterall; even
though the idea of sexual intimacy with "Nicole" nauseated her.

There was no doubt, Nicole was the aggressor in this pairing of sexy lesbians.
She took charge quickly, guiding the shy Lara into a festive lesbian
performance. The guys were watching in delight. It wasn't every day of the week
they could make two gorgeous girls go down on each other - and Lara's obvious
discomfort made it all the more

Nicole quickly pushed Lara beyond the initial stage of teasing and titillation,
moving on to the more assertive fondling, and right on to a full-blown lesbian
performance, ending in a passionate sixty-nine, with both the red-head and the
blonde assaulting each other's pussy with a pair of fast-flipping tongues and
faces covered with the other girl's juices.

When the whole spectacle was over, the four men gave a hearty applause to the
wet love-making that took place right before their eyes:

"Good job, Dykes!" cheered Eric.

"Yeah, that's what I call a pair of hot dykes" added Albert.

"The problem is, we are all hard now!!"

It was the sort of problem that would have to be remedied by the girls: In no
time, Lara was bucking on Eric's hard cock while he was groping her ass and
breasts. She could hear Nicole's moans who was doing the same with Steve - and
there were two more guys to take care of!!! She could only imagine the
embarrassment of going to work on Monday, knowing everything her "coworkers" did
to her... * * * * * * * * *
* * * * *

Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?

Chickens is good for plucking
So I'm stickin' bitches, fuckin'
Got 'em trickin' while they suckin'
Give 'em dick and they ain't buggin'

The music was blasting throughout the house. Kelly knew this was DMX: A month
ago, she didn't know the first thing about Rap, which she hated anyway. Now she
knew it by heart as this gang's bitch. And that wasn't the only change in the
teen-queen. Apart from mastering the art of obedience and fucking, the girl had
physical changes, as well: She had two large metal rings pierced into her
nipples. There was a tattoo on his right buttock, featuring the Leopards' gang
symbol - signifying the ownership of Kelly.

Of course, the young woman wouldn't have agreed to this under normal conditions,
perhaps not even facing the risk of going to jail. She was sure her parents
could put together a dream-team for her defense. But Kelly Van Ryan was no
longer just in fear of jail-time: She was in fear of her life! As far as she was
concerned, she was in-the-middle- of-a-jungle. She couldn't even find her way
out of this ghetto. But more importantly, she couldn't even make a run... There
was always at least one gang-member present in the house - with a big gun -
making it impossible for Kelly to escape. And she didn't even dare think about
escaping anymore. She was terrified of "Hammer" and all the rest of them; and
she had no doubt if she tried to run away, she'd be killed even if they had to
hunt her down and put a bullet in her pretty head. All she could hope was that
they would remain faithful to the deal they had made with Sammy.

Kelly was thinking these thoughts as she was trying to feed into her mouth the
biggest, meanest cock she'd seen ever in her young life. She was on the floor by
the couch, on her knees in front of the gang-member known as "Beast". Beast owed
his name in no little measure to the size of his cock: Kelly had become an
expert in taking huge black cocks all the way down her throat, but Beast's cock
was still a challenge.

Other gang-members were seated on the couch and chairs, screaming and yelling,
smoking ***** and ******** malt ******. Music was turned off now, the Raiders
game was on. It was unusual to see a giant-screen TV in a poor neighborhood like
this; but then not many teenagers returned home every night with stacks of cash.

When she was done with Beast, she would move onto Li'l Mo. And then onto the
next one. The members of this gang loved to watch their Raiders while getting
blow jobs from their bitch. Thus, there would be seconds... maybe thirds, too...


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The Monday morning after Simone's party, Mrs. Brown came over to Lara.

"Follow me" she ordered as she headed towards the stacking room.

"So, the boys tell me you were introduced to hot-lesbian sex this weekend."

"Mrs. Brown, I..."

"Shut up!! Slut! You fuck basically anything with two feet! You are a ********!
And believe me, I know who you are and I will tell
everything to that bitchy ****** of yours - unless you learn to please me! I've
always wanted a little young fucktoy of my own!!"

Lara's tongue was buried between the huge legs of Mrs. Brown in no time.


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When Lara was called into Mr. Rostock's office a few days later, she was sure it
was just another case of a "deal sweetener" - she was used to this shameful task
by now, she just hoped the guests weren't
particularly old, ugly or Japanese: The Japanese were the worst; they had no
qualms about using all the sex toys that were provided to them. Lara remembered
the last visit from them vividly, unsure which was the worst about entertaining
the three Suntoi executives: The sting of the cat-o-nine-tails or the taste of
the Japanese cumm in her mouth...

Richard didn't bother to bore the girl with unnecessary directives. He informed
his beautiful assistant that there were two young men waiting for her in the
Grand Meeting Room - Lara knew the rest...

As Lara made her way out of his office, Richard turned on the hidden camera
system in the Grand Meeting Room and pressed record. This was going to be

When Lara entered in the Grand Meeting Room, she was surprised to see two
handsome guys, looking good enough to be playgirl models. She felt herself
getting wet: For more than a month, she had been fucking college geeks, old and
ugly corporate executives, sick little
bastards... Her young body tingled with excitement at the prospect of making
love to the tanned, young, powerful bodies of these two
"hunks". Their huge muscles were almost trying to rip out of their tight
T-shirts, and Lara's eyes ************* wandered down to their groins, knowing
what was hidden underneath the jeans was what every girl wanted. She certainly
would not mind having sex with these two young men, in fact she looked forward
to stripping for them and feeling their powerful hard cocks at the tip of her
tongue. She gave them a sultry look as she started unbuttoning her blouse...
They certainly did not look like a couple of high-tech entrepreneurs or anything
like that, but she couldn't care less...

Richard watched the whole thing from his office - it lasted more than an hour.
The two men were nothing like his usual clients, who usually either came just at
the sight of a naked Lara or were on the verge of an heart attack after ten
minutes with the girl. Of course, these two young men had made a career out of
fucking women and Richard had to give them some credit: They really "fucked her
brains out"! Lara's performance was visibly and understandably different than
when she was having sex with a bunch of rednecks or geeks: She was lost in a
frenzy of lust, she humped on their cocks with an *********** passion, moaning
and screaming like a bitch-in-heat. Towards the end, she looked like she had
just ran the Boston Marathon, but she still kept moaning in high shrieks,
enjoying yet another orgasm, having lost the count of it... When it was
all-over, Lara wasn't sure she could walk: Her body was trembling with the
remainders of her most powerful sexual
experience ever.

After resting for a while, she managed to make it back to Mr. Rostock's office,
despite walking like a zombie. She wondered where her two lovers had disappeared
to - Mr. Rostock usually kept her around during the signing of any deals she
helped broker; so that she could see how much money she was making for him. Lara
thought at first that was just another way to mock her - these days, she even
felt a twisted pride in doing her job successfully!

"That was something, huh?" commented Richard.

Lara pretended she didn't see the implication: "I think they were satisfied,

Richard threw a thick magazine at Lara. When she looked at the
magazine, a shriek of surprise went though her lips: The two young men she had
just fucked, were on the cover of the magazine, half-dressed in the outfit of
construction workers, with a big-busted blonde woman between them - a magazine
called "The Authoritative Adult Film Almanac".

"Two of the most promising adult stars of 90s!" informed Richard. "So did you
enjoy fucking two stallions like that, Lara?"

"No, Sir... I just did what you asked me to... I don't enjoy... doing the things
you make me do"

"Yeah? Well, it surely looks different here". Richard pressed play and the giant
screen came alive with images of Lara humping up and down on one guy's cock,
while the other was pushing his cock into her mouth.

Lara's shock and dismay were genuine. She felt trembling all over, her legs

"Oh yes, dear girl, I have a very large collection of tapes like this - a very
large collection of all your performances: You fuck basically anybody! But I
think this one's the best: Look at you, you're
screaming like a whore on fire! Of course, all the other tapes are, for the most
part, useful for gaining some leverage against my business partners - I couldn't
make the tapes public without shaming them! But this one's different! Those two
hunks you fucked already agreed to distributing this wonderful wet piece of

"Sir" was all Lara could say in a hoarse voice.

"In fact, it's so good, I think everyone should be able to watch it! That's why
it's on the Internet, Lara. You even got your own web address. Isn't that

"Sir, please..." Lara begged in despair. "Please don't put that on the

"Oh, I think it's a great opportunity to display your charms... Look, I think
somebody even entered your web site!" he laughed at the frightened expression on
the girl's face. "Oh, no, false alarm... Nobody seems to know about this site!
Yet!!! Perhaps, we should send a mass e-mail to your freshman class, huh? Or the
alumni list of your high-school? I'm sure your old classmates would get a real
kick out of it. Mom, too, of course"

"No, Please, don't, Sir, I'll do anything" begged the desperate girl.

"Well, there IS something you can do!"

"Anything, Sir..."

"I just need you to sign this document..."

"What... what is it, Sir?"

"Oh, it's just a safeguard for me... It says you consented to the making of this

"But, why, Sir? Please..."

"It is only to ensure you won't be able to claim you were ****** into making
this tape... That's all... Nobody will ever see the tape, anyway! It is for MY
OWN collection, alone."

"Only for your own collection, Sir?"

"Yes" replied Richard, making it clear he was losing his patience...

"Do I have to sign it, Sir? Please don't make me..."

"No" replied Richard. "You don't have to... Instead, we could just send the tape
to every living soul you know, and then send your pretty ass to jail. It's your

Lara signed on the dotted line...

Richard smiled. He would later explain the young woman that she had just signed
a 10-movie deal with "Pink Compassions". She'd be making nine more videos. He
would of course tell her it was just for his "own collection". And maybe, it
was. He checked the contaract again, making sure it was iron-clad. His plan was
in the works...


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By the time the cameras were set up and the Luici was seated at the director's
chair, Lara was already smoking heavy marijuana. The pot was the only thing that
soothed her nerves, and Richard gladly offered her plenty of what she needed,
knowing that only made the light-headed girl more compliant.

Richard had explained to her that it was just a bunch of "home-videos" for his
own collection. To Lara, it sure looked like a professional production rather
than a simple home video. The place was crowded with cameramen, busy crew
members rushing right and left, setting up big cameras and arranging lights.
There was a couch placed in front of the Fire Place - where apparently the
"script" required for Lara and the other "actor" to "make love": He was one of
the guys who had given her such a good time the other day! Luici Simone was in
the director's chair and Richard was seated next to him.

"Allright" the director yelled. "Let's start shooting".

Lara hadn't felt so naked and ********* in her entire life. The presence of so
many people around her was terrifying enough; knowing that every bit of this
shame would be on Camera felt like she was being stripped right down to her
soul. By the time Simone began giving his directions, she was shuddering in
***********. But a few stares at Richard's spanking pad - which he kept handy -
washed away any
hesitation. Having to follow directions from the director only
heightened the girl's unease. Yet, she did follow the director's directions
satisfactorily as she began unzipping the young stud's shorts and threw a smile
at the camera - as the director ordered. Soon, the two young bodies were naked
and sweating, gyrating against each other, doing one position after another as
per the director's orders.

This first "flick" of Lara was a simple one. Simone told Lara they might try a
few new things in other tapes; all the while the girl kept pleading Mr. Rostock
not to show anyone the tape - which finally made Richard lose his cool: "Don't
worry" he yelled at her with obvious anger. Lara thought she could trust her
boss. Or was it the pot soothing her mind, helping her rationalize this horrible
turn of events... She no longer cared: It was too late to stop the tide now. A
door had been opened and it couldn't be closed anymore. There would be other
tapes. It was all for Mr. Rostock's "personal collection" anyway...


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Two Months later:

It had been almost eight weeks since Lara's first pornographic
performance. The summer was coming to an end, and the girl was anxious to be
done with her "internship" soon. She was on her knees at the moment, sucking
Richard's cock, who was watching one of the latest videos of Lara. She no longer
minded any of the ***** - she had gotten used to most of it. She was the perfect

Richard watched the tape with satisfaction - at that particular moment the
satisfaction wasn't the result of the blow job he was receiving, though the
once-shy girl had become an expert in giving oral pleasure with all the work she
had put into it during the summer. She knew every vein on Richard's cock, every
trick that made it tick. She looked like she was getting ready for cock-sucking

He grinned wide with satisfaction because of what he had turned his enemy's
precious ******** into. If he had ever seen a real slut, a shameless obedient
fuckbunny, Lara was it. She had fucked countless men in the last few months,
entertaining Richard and his guests without any discrimination. She'd become a
regular in Luici Simone's parties. She had swallowed enough cumm to fill up an
Olympic swimming pool, and stripping out of her clothes to get fucked by her
boss had become routine. The conservative, shy, proud girl was long gone. Now,
the young slut followed orders without question, no matter how demeaning. And
Richard had the proof of it all. The threat of a **** conviction seemed so pale
in Richard's eyes now - he had more goods on the slut now, a lot more! And the
girl was no longer camera-shy, either. Luici had produced a total of 10 porn
flicks featuring Lara. Each tape was more daring then the one before. Luici had
been happy to see an "actress" who didn't have a choice in how extreme the
production would be: He had even indulged into lesbian bondage and S&M videos in
the last few filmings.

Richard was inspecting a proto-type Luici sent. It was what the final product
could look like - if it were actually released to the
market-place: A flashy cover featuring Lara with a cock right on her pretty
face, cumm dripping from her cheeks onto her firm breasts. The label printed in
red bold letters caught attention:


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Pink Compassions' latest series:


"Feminist Queen's ******** Bares It All!!!"


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Richard smiled - he didn't know if the product would actually make it to the
market. It all depended on the upcoming events. Lara still seemed convinced that
all these films were made for Richard's own use.

The girl under the desk felt the cock in her throat pulse for once and Richard's
jism gushed down her throat. Lara carefully made sure she didn't spill a drop -
she had long learned Mr. Rostock did not
appreciate any of her protein diet going to waste. She carefully licked his cock
clean and placed it back into the man's pants, zipping him up. She was now a
real pro in this, she even took pride in her ability to give the perfect


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Michelle Cataluna was getting ready for her program when she was notified that a
package was delivered to her. She signed the documents, taking the bulky box to
her office. At first, the contents of the package seemed to be evidence for a
new lawsuit against the
sleaze-industry. 10 brightly packaged videos, all in pornographic nature.
Michelle only realized the real purpose of the delivery when she picked up one
of the tapes, feeling like she was hit with a sudden stroke. She had to hold
onto a chair to remain stable on her two feet:

There she was, her little princess, on the cover of a porn-video, smiling in an
obscene pose. After a few moments, Michelle finally brought herself to examining
the contents of the package. All the tapes featured Lara. Underneath the
video-tapes, there was a copy of the contract signed by Lara. It was official
and it would hold in court. She also found a note:

"If you don't want these tapes released all over the country, contact me.
Richard Rostock."



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"What do you want?" asked Michelle, barely able to contain the anger in her
voice. She hated the man on the other end of the phone with all her intensity.
At first, she had believed her ******** must have been physically ******* into
par-taking in the smut. It turned out, there were other reasons - such as facing
15 years in jail.

"Well, Michelle, for starters, how about some dirt on my ex-wife? You know damn
well she lied in the divorce trial, and I want some detailed information about

Michelle wondered for a few moments. She'd be selling-out her client. But, there
was no alternative:

"Is that it?"

"Not quite. I want you to bring this information to my office personally. You
can catch a flight from LA. And we can discuss other matters person-to-person".

Michelle was silent. She hadn't felt so scornful yet helpless in her entire

"I'll be there" she managed to say before hanging up.


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Michelle had been waiting at the reception desk for more than a
half-hour. It was humiliating to be kept waiting for so long, but no doubt this
was yet another power-play by Richard Rostock. And he had all the cards now. She
also looked around to see if she could see Lara - she hadn't returned her calls.

Finally, a fat woman approached her: "Mr. Rostock will see you now". Michelle
was escorted to her adversary's room.

Richard didn't even bother getting up. He had no intention of treating Michelle
like a lady. "Sit" he pointed at a chair.

Doing a very poor job of hiding her animosity, Michelle sat on the chair,
pulling out a thick folder.

"Here's all the information you need" she informed Richard.

He took the folder but didn't bother looking inside. "Very well".

"Where's my ********?"

"Your ********? Oh, you mean the sexy little office slut we keep around here for
entertainment purposes. You know, I must command you Michelle: You really raised
a perfect slut!"

Michelle's face reflected a mixture of anger and dismay. If Michelle had the
opportunity, she could **** Richard at that very moment:

"Your feminist masterpiece of a ******** is actually is quite the tasty little
fucktoy. You wouldn't believe what a slut she's turned out to be. In just the
last two months she's fucked more men - and women - than a common street whore!!
You have to see your little bitch in bed - she fucks like an ******! She knows
just the perfect way to give a blow job, how to squirm her fantastic body for
the maximum enjoyment of men. She is not really a big-ball breaker like her
******, but she can certainly lick a pair of balls like a little puppy!"

"I'm gonna **** you" hissed Michelle. This despicable ******, the man she had
once destroyed, had turned her Lara into a little boytoy.

"Oh, no, I don't think so. Before you get to have your ******** back, there's
one more thing you must do."

"What??" asked Michelle in frustration.

"I want you to get down on your knees and suck my cock..."

The woman was astonished. "You have to be kidding..." she muttered.

"It's what I've wanted ever since you walked into that courtroom and began
interrogating me with that bitch mouth of yours. Remember how you strolled back
and forth in the courtroom, smiling at the jury, trying to nail me down with all
your questions - well, all that time, I was thinking how nice it would be to see
you on your knees, sucking my cock, making no sounds other than gagging and

Michelle gasped. The fact that she was expected to take a cock into her mouth
was revolting enough; the idea of giving a blow job to a hated enemy made her
sick to her stomach. Yet, she had no choice.

"Attagirl, get down on your knees and suck me like the common slut that you

Soon a frustrated Michelle was on her knees, Richard's cock buried in her
throat, her tongue sliding along his penis. Michelle, being the all-powerful
feminist that she was, hadn't given a blow job since the early days of
highschool. Whenever Richard felt like she wasn't doing the best job she could,
not using her tongue as enthusiastically as he'd like, he gave her hair a
painful yank, making sure his newest pet worked as hard as her ******** did. He
was looking down to Michelle's pretty head bobbing back and forth, his cock
buried in her face: The haughty, proud, man-eating bitch was on her knees,
servicing him like a common whore.

"You see Michelle" Richard spoke through his heavy breathing: "Men love getting
blowjobs from beautiful women. It makes us feel powerful!"

"Look at me!" he yanked her hair back so that Michelle's eyes were turned up
towards him even as she continued sucking. In this position, every woman looked
like a deer caught in the headlights: Powerless and weak, serving the man on her
knees - it didn't matter whether it was one of Richard's little bimbos or the
mighty ball-buster Michelle Cataluna: The eyes of a woman sucking on a Man's
cock and looking up at him as if to seek approval from him - those eyes only
revealed helplessness, fear and undeniable acknowledgment of subservience...

"This is so good" was all Richard could say as he felt his balls exploding in
another powerful orgasm - his jism shut down Michelle's throat - she was gagging
now but Richard's strong grip held her head in place, making sure globs of cumm
traveled down to her stomach. Half way through, he suddenly pulled out his cock,
resting it on Michelle's lips and smearing his cumm all over her pretty face.
Once he was through and his cock began shrinking next to her face, Richard
stepped back and looked at Michelle as if he was admiring his accomplishment.

"Ever since we met" he told her, "ever since you walked into my life like a
bitch from hell, this is how I envisioned you Michelle: My cumm dripping from
your face".

"Where's my ********?" demanded Michelle in a hoarse voice as she tried to get
rid off the cumm on her face.

"Oh, Lara? She's on her farewell tour..."

"Farewell tour?"

"Yes... She's going around the building giving every employee one last

"Are you done with us?" asked Michelle.

Richard smiled. "Yeah, you're free to go"

As Michelle rushed out the door to find Lara, Richard whispered to himself:

"Don't forget, though: You did get me convicted of lying."


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Kelly Van Ryan was back in Beverly Hills, strolling along, on a shopping trip.
Bags of expensive clothes were dangling from her hands. It had been less than a
week since Sammy Milano released her from the
Gang-House. He had stayed loyal to the deal. Kelly had the tattoo and
nipple-rings removed, and the young woman finally felt confident enough to
flaunt her sexy body in girlish charm, putting on mini-skirts and tight blouses.
She'd been calling Lara but her friend seemed to be out-of-town. She hadn't seen
her friend since the awful day they were caught.

All of a sudden, a car came to a screeching halt right in front of Kelly. She
shrieked in shock, not knowing what to do. Her shock turned into instant fear
when she saw who was stepping out of the car: HAMMER.

"Hi bitch! Did you miss us? We certainly missed your juicy white cunt..?"

Kelly trembled in fear. "No... No, get away from me... You can't have me
anymore. Sammy let me go..."

"Yeah?" smiled Hammer, anger apparent in his hardened black face. "Well, did
Sammy promise anything about these? Because we were frankly planning to send
them to your parents, grandparents, your friends... basically distribute it to
anyone who might be interested..."

Kelly looked at the pictures in despair: Her nude poses that would put hookers
to shame: Spreading her pussy lips for the camera, being fucked on her knees,
cumm dripping from her face...

"There are even magazines willing to pay good money for these... Unless, you
promise to visit us, once-a-week, that's all. One day a week your ass belongs to

"No, please..." was all Kelly could say.

"Imagine Mommy and Daddy seeing their little ******** like this... getting
fucked like a whore..." Hammer held the picture up. "Do we have a deal, bitch?"

"Yes..." said the broken girl.

"Well then..." Hammer opened the car door: "Today's your first visit!!"

Kelly had already begun sobbing when Hammer was settled in the front seat and
made a comment about "how the bitch would pay for her little escape".

The car sped away, with Kelly Van Ryan in it.


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Richard Rostock was seated in the leather backseat of the Limo, reading the
paper. The business news was about Rostock Enterprises, detailing how
once-convicted business tycoon Richard Rostock had made his way back into big
leagues through his stellar Internet investments which now valued his firm well
above $5 billion. But the most entertaining news to Richard was on the cover
page. The picture was of Michelle Cataluna and her ******** Lara, both hiding
behind shaded sun-glasses and scarves. The two had been ambushed by reporters on
the LAX airport, did their best, in agony, to avoid the humiliating questions.
The spectacle was all about the release of Pink Compassions' newest erotic video
series featuring the prominent feminist's ********. Cataluna had been ****** to
resign from Women Liberation Front, her TV show was canceled and she had
withdrawn her bid from the congressional race. The
journalists, knowing Cataluna's stance against pornography had a field day with
the scandal. The famous feminist had turned into a matter of national joke over
night, providing Leno and Letterman with vast material. The Women Liberation
Front had taken pains to explain this incident did not reflect on the entire
organization, but few seemed to be paying attention to their protests.

Richard picked up the phone, dialed his lawyer:

"George, I think we have grounds to re-open the case against my wife".


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Blackmailed Secretary

Roberta's entrapment

Roberta woke in a sweat. As soon as she was conscious, her thought ran
to his boss. She began feeling nervous again as he had finally asked
to talk to her in
his office that day. Her night had been troubled and she had tossed
and turned as she
thought back to that terrible moment when, a few days ago, Mr.
Depoulos stepped into the
agency with a roll of documents and tossed them on her desk. Roberta
had gone blank as she
easily recognised the documents. "I don't care why you manipulated
those documents, Roberta,
all I know is that this is illegal, against the company's interest,
and that I will have
to take action against you for that". Mr. Depoulos watching her, his
little black
eyes sharp as knives. Roberta blushing hard and unable to speak. "We
will discuss your
situation later". Roberta did not cheat on the insurance company for
her own interest. She was
moved to compassion and had helped a customer. She knew Depoulos too
well to even think
about discussing her reasons with him. She had rushed home and
searched through her books
to figure out what could happen to her at worst. The result was that
the worst was simply
unbearable. Apart from losing her job, she could be prosecuted by law,
and get a penalty
that would take years to be paid, and ruin her life. After that
mistake, also, it
would have been very hard for her to find another job, at least in the
insurance business,
which was all she was experienced in. And, something that made her
heart ache, her marriage
with her beloved Rod would probably vanish.

Rod. She didn't have the guts to tell him. If Depoulos forgave her,
Rod would just never
know about all this nightmare. If she was forgiven... She just had to
be. As she opened her
suitcase, she ************* chose clothes that would make her look
prettiest. She went for
a black bra and matching thong, and a grey business suite comprising a
short, quite tight
skirt, and a jacket that would show a bit of her ample cleavage. Then
she opened her
pantyhose drawer, hesitated, and closed it. She opened a lower drawer
and fetched a pair of
silk black hold-ups. She would wore high heels, and fine makeup. She
hurried to the bath to
prepare herself. Her heart was pounding. She briefly felt guilty about
trying to look sexy.
Yet that was not meant as an invitation of sorts, she thought that
it's simply a fact that
good looks can put your interlocutor in a better disposition. She
slipped into her thong
and began feeling nervous again. She combed her long curly hair and
embellished her green
eyes with mascara.


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Roberta stepped into Depoulos office. He was a Greek, small and a bit
overweight, almost
bald, with intense little black inquiring eyes. Roberta would never
consider him as an
interesting man, and that was not just the appearance. He was also a
greedy, cynical and
hard to please person. He made a brilliant career in the insurance
company mostly thanks to
his lack of scruples. Although they knew each other since three years,
Roberta and her boss
were definitely not friends. She couldn't remember to have seen him
smile. She used to
think he probably hated or just despised her.

Depoulos raised his eyes from his large, shiny desk to her. She
greeted and, following his
gesture, sat on a chair before him. Her heart was racing and she was
already blushing. She
felt like she was before the judge... well that was very close to the

"I hope that in these few days, Roberta, you got an accurate idea of
the consequences of
your action," he said coldly. "Yes, sir," she replied in a low voice.
Her gaze went to the
floor briefly, then she urged herself to raise her face and meet his
eyes. "You are aware
of the pecuniary penalty, of the fact that you would be banned from
insurance and other
financial employment," he paused to see her nod, "and maybe even of
the fact that I have
the power and the will to bring this to the extremes and ruin your
whole life. All correct?"
Roberta sadly nodded. "Yes sir," she murmured, "but let me..."
Depoulos raised his hand to
interrupt her. "I'm not interested in what you are willing to offer or
say to amend your
mistake. And there's an obvious reason, Roberta, because I can take
anything I want,
independent of what you offer." He grinned. "Or am I wrong?" Roberta
weakly shook her head.
"No you're not," she said.

Depoulos nodded. "The documents proving your unwise conduct are now in
a safe place, in a
locker", he said. She looked a bit surprised. "A... locker?" "Yes.
Simply put, Roberta,
until I own those papers I own you. I own you completely. And I care
for my properties."
He let his gaze down her face to her jacket. "Now Roberta, I would
like to inspect my
property immediately."

As the truth made its way to her mind, Roberta's face blushed crimson
and she began to
tremble, her heart racing faster and faster. She hoped she was wrong.
She tried to act like
she had no idea what he was saying. "Excuse me?" she muttered.
Depoulos shook his head
slowly. "Don't behave like this, Roberta," he said, "I could have you
bend over, rip your
panties off, and whip your ass for pretending to be more light-headed
than you are. What do
you think I mean by inspecting my property?" Roberta felt tears in her
eyes. "Please..."
she sobbed, "please don't..."

Depoulos shook his head again. His grin was even more obvious. "This
hesitation makes for
five strokes on your bare ass. You'll get them before you get out of
this office. From now
on, each hesitation in answering a question, or obeying an order, will
be punished. Do you
understand this?" Roberta nodded. "Yes..." she murmured. A big tear
ran down her cheek.
"Good. Now answer my question. What do I mean by inspecting my

Roberta nervously looked down to her stockinged knees, twitching her
fingers. "That... you
want me to undress, sir". Depoulos nodded. "Correct. Stand up."
Roberta stood slowly, her
legs were slightly trembling as were her hands. "Raise your skirt,
bitch, slowly." The
order came cold and sharp as a razor. Roberta reached for the hem of
her skirt, almost
*************, and lifted it up slowly, revealing her thighs... he
looking... then the hem
of her stockings... he still looking... then her black thong...
Depoulos nodding.

"Turn around". Roberta turned on her heels, displaying her firm, round
ass to her boss.
"Do you always dress as a whore like this, or did you think of me
while you were dressing
up today, Roberta?" Roberta's heart was rushing, and she couldn't even
try to find a less
humiliating answer than the truth. "I was thinking of you, sir" she
muttered. Depoulos
laughed. "Remove your thong, bitch". Roberta tried to lower her hands
to the waistband of
the thong, but she didn't have the nerve. "Please... Sir..." she

"Ah, well," said Depoulos. "So we are up to ten strokes on your ass.
Your next hesitation
adds five on your cunt. Do you understand?" Roberta felt the first big
drop fall from her
eyes. "Yes sir" she muttered. "I'd better check it. Repeat. What did I
say about your next
hesitation?" She sobbed. "It will cost me five strokes... on my...
cunt sir". She shivered
as she said that word. She would have used another one. But was too
frightened to displease


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"Good. Now remove that thong and try to use your brains from now on,
stupid worthless
bitch." Roberta reached for the waistband, tears flowing. The thong
slipped down her
beautiful legs to the floor, and she stepped out of it. Still she was
standing with her
back to Depoulos, her shoulders shaking with her weeping.

"You have a sexy and spankable ass, Roberta. Now bend over, spreading
your legs, and show
me your cunt." She moved her feet apart, trembling and crying, and
bent down. She put her
hands on her knees. Then, without the need for another order, lowered
more and reached for
her calves with her hands. She was on display in the most humiliating
way she ever was.
"I'm sure you know how whores display themselves, Roberta. Open your
cunt lips quickly."
Roberta was now in a nightmare. Her trembling hands went to her sex
and she gently parted
her sex lips, showing her pink inner skin to Depoulos. He stood,
smiling. "Good bitch," he
said, reaching for her sex. She felt a shiver down her spine as the
fat fingers of her boss
touched her exposed sex, and his middle finger slowly slid up inside
her. "Who uses this
hole, Roberta? Your boyfriend?" Roberta nodded, eyes closed, tears
slowly pouring. "Speak
loud when I ask you something bitch", he said, punctuating his words
with hard slaps on her
ass. "Yes... my boyfriend, sir". Depolous smiled again, and began
pumping his finger into
her hard and fast, adding another one after a few thrusts. "But his
small cock isn't enough
for a large whore cunt like yours, am I correct Roberta?" The poor
girl sobbed. "Y..." her voice dying. "Yes sir". Depoulos
spanked her ass again. Being spanked felt so humiliating, the
psychological pain much deeper
than the physical. And the words he used... "Full sentences from
fuckpigs, Roberta" he
hissed. "Answer again." His fingers pushed deeper with each thrust. He
pushed in deep and held
still, impaling her sex on three fat fingers. "His... small cock is
not enough for me
Sir". "For your large fuckpig cunt?" "For... for my... large...
fuckpig cunt sir".

Roberta was broken. Depoulos resumed fucking her sex with three
fingers and, to add to her
desperation, she felt on the edge of climax when he withdrew. He sat
back in his big
comfortable chair. "Stand up and turn, bitch". Roberta finally
released her sore sex lips
and stood, turning to face Depoulos. He looked at her, clearly wanting
to take it slow now,
as if he knew... he probably knew... that Roberta was unbearably
suffering in the fires of
***********. "Remove your shoes." She dropped her stiletto heels one
by one, raising her
calves and pushing them off onto the floor. Depoulos nodded. Knowing
she was bare feet,
with just stockings, added to his sense of power and her sense of
defencelessness. "It
looks like a nice set of udders on this fuckpig," said Depoulos. "Show
me." Roberta reached
with trembling hands to the buttons of her blouse. Her heart was still
pounding hard and
fast, and her face was purple red, wet with tears. As soon as she
undid her last button,
Depoulos guided her next step: "pull those balloons from the bra". She
sadly obeyed,
pulling her large breasts from the enclosing satin bra. Her breast was
big, firm, young and
healthy. She was proud of it... in normal circumstances. Now for the
first time in her life
she found herself feeling that she was too big... feeling that she was
obscene. Depoulos
grinned. "Nice big udders like yours are very good for spanking and
*******," he said.
"Now, fuckpig, I hope your know what your mouth is for. And I hope you
can tell me now, or
it's gonna be a hard punishment. Say what you think about your mouth,
bitch. What is it

She knew what he wanted to hear. She did not even try to find a less
crude way to say it,
unsure if he would be pleased at all with the words she could find.
"M... my mouth..." she
sobbed "is for sucking cock... sir." He nodded. "Yes. And do whores
like you suck on their
knees Roberta?" She hesitated. "Yes... sir" she muttered. "Good, then
you may kneel, as I
am going to give you the honour of sucking a bigger cock than you are
used to, Roberta".
"Yes sir", she muttered again, kneeling promptly. Roberta was a few
steps away from her
boss. "Crawl to me, on all fours like a wanton doggie bitch", he
commanded. Roberta fell on
all fours and moved across the carpeted floor. Depoulos watched,
enjoying the sight of this
beautiful young girl crawling almost naked, her big tits gently
swaying with her movement,
and shapely ass in the air, her firm legs on display in those sexy
stockings. She crawled
to her boss' feet and rested, eyes lowered in shame. "Do you like to
***** cum, bitch?" he
asked. Roberta sobbed softly. She didn't. But knew better than tell
the truth now. "Yes...
sir" she submissively replied. "Good," said Depoulos. "From now on,
you will ***** my cum
at least three times a week, otherwise you get a tough punishment. Do
you understand it
bitch? "Yes sir." "At times, you will have to beg for my cum, and I'll
accept your request
only if you prove to be willing to humiliate and degrade yourself for
it. Your main duty
from now on in this office is forgetting any self respect you have. If
anything you do or
say makes me think you consider yourself anything more than a filthy
cum *****ing cheap
whore you will be punished. If you don't put all of yourself into
pleasing me you will be
punished. Does the bitch understand?" "Y... yes sir." He slapped her
face, suddendly, hard.
A cry escaped her lips. "FULL sentences from fuckpigs, roberta. Does
the bitch UNDERSTAND?".
"Yes sir... this bitch understands sir." Roberta eyes cast to the
floor. His eyes cutting
her dignity like knives. "I hope so. Now unzip my pants."


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Roberta closed her eyes as her hands slowly moved to the man's crotch.
"Look at me bitch"
he said. She opened her beautiful green eyes and looked up through the
tears while her
trembling hands fought with his button, and undid it. Her lips had a
tremor as she pulled
the zipper down, ******* herself to stare into his cruel eyes. "Take
it out." Her right
hand moving into the opened pants, finding his very hard cock. She
pulled it out gently,
carefully. Her eyes briefly moved to his rod, then she raised them
again to meet his gaze.
"Feel it nice and slowly, Roberta, I know you like it, whores like big
cocks. Does this
whore like big cock?". She reluctantly wrapped her fingers around the
big shaft, and began
to pump and caress it slowly. "Yes.... Sir... this whore likes big
cocks". "Did you ever
***** sperm from a bigger cock, bitch?" he asked. Roberta shook her
head no, fighting back
the tears. "No... sir". That was true. Depoulos kept looking at her,
waiting. Full
sentences. "I... never drank sperm from a bigger cock sir..." she
muttered. "So, either
your boyfriend has a poor small prick or you never drank his cum, or
both. What." Her hands
still massaging his cock as she humiliated herself: "my boyfriend has
a poor... small
prick sir..." Depoulos nodded. "Lick it and say you can't wait to have
it in your cunt,
whore". Roberta felt a new rush of tears filling up her eyes. She
could hardly see Depoulos
through them. She couldn't go down this way. "Please... sir" she
muttered. "Ok, bitch, that
makes five strokes on your cunt. Or, if you so prefer, you can get out
now and face what
expects you". Depoulos smiled as he saw two big tears running down her
cheeks and falling
onto her big naked breasts. "Be quick to decide."

Roberta found herself considering her situation all over again. But
for all she could
think, there was no way out of this nightmare. "I'm... sorry" she
murmured. She bent
forward slowly, kissed it, stuck her tongue out a little, began to let
it slide along the
shaft. "I'm sorry sir... I can't wait to have it in my cunt sir". "Be
careful, you'll get
physical punishments for misbehaviour only until you become too
boring. After that, I will
stop all that and just fire and ruin you. There's not gonna always be
a second chance. Do
you understand me cocksucker" He slapped her left tit, suddenly and
hard. The loud smack
seemed to awaken her to his painful nightmare. Her full heavy tit
bounced against the other.
"Yes sir I understand sir" she murmured, still licking at his shaft.
"Now suck as the
cum*****ing fuckpig you are, Roberta, and be careful not to disappoint
me". Roberta wiped
her tears from her face and gently let his cock slip between her
closed lips into her mouth.
Closing her eyes, she began to suck as sweetly as she could. Her lips
began moving along
the shaft slowly as she caressed it with her tongue and softly sucked.
Depoulos watched the
beautiful kneeling girl and grinned. "Look at me while you suck
bitch". Roberta raised her
eyes to meet his as her wet mouth pleased his cock. She tried to be as
careful as she would
be with her boyfriend in a most passionate moment. She realised she
had probably never been
*that* good for Rod. Depoulos seized her hair and began to pump her
mouth obscenely on his
cock. "Don't blow me like a good mannered teenager, bitch. You are a
whore. Let me hear
you." Roberta fought herself to keep her eyes on him as she sucked
harder, making washing
sounds with her mouth. "That's better," he said, "now finger your clit
and pinch your
nipples bitch." Her hands reluctantly moved to her body. Her right
hand went between her
thighs, as she began to rub her clit. Much to her shame, she found it
erect. Her mouth was
still pumping on that huge cock, obscenely filled with it, as it
pushed deeper and deeper
against her throat. Her left hand went to her ample breast, and she
began rubbing and
pulling at her nipples, alternating between them. Oh god, she thought.

She felt dirty as a porn actress, kneeling there with all her body on
display, in holdups,
sucking cock and masturbating like a wanton slut. "You will be
masturbating a lot from now
on, bitch, and I'll make sure you will most often have some toy
stuffed into your holes and
teasing you... but you will not cum unless I tell you to. Do you
understand bitch?" He
pushed her face off his cock. "Yes... sir I understand sir" she
muttered again. "Your cunt
is my property, isn't it. Say it bitch while you lick." "My... cunt...
is your property sir"
she murmured again, mesmerized by his steel cold voice, as her pink
tongue gave him more
submissive pleasure. He nodded. "Good bitch. Do you want to ***** my
cum now." She looked
at him, desperation and a silent plea in her eyes. "Y... yes sir" her
voice replied. "Beg
for it while you masturbate."

Roberta briefly closed her eyes, then looked again into Depoulos small
cruel black eyes.
"Pl... please sir..." she murmured. Depoulos was now holding his own
cock, rubbing it
slowly against her cheeks. Waiting for more. "Pl... please let me..."
His cock against her
nose, onto her eyes, getting wet with her tears. "Please let me *****
your cum sir..."
Depoulos grinned as he rubbed his huge sex on her pretty small face.
Then he opened a
drawer and fetched a small camera, placing it on his desktop, pointing
at her. "I'll have
souvenirs from time to time Roberta. You'll get used to perform before
a camera." Roberta
blushed. "I know what you're thinking bitch. That I might use this to
blackmail you". That
was true. "In fact you think about it just because you are stupid. I
already have all I
need to blackmail you til the day you die. Correct?" Roberta sadly
nodded. "Yes... sir"

Depoulos switched the camera on. "Now bitch make it worth the cost of
the tape." "Yes...
sir" she muttered again. "Wrap your little sexy hand around my cock
and pump it... let it
point to your face... keep looking at me... and keep begging me to cum
on your face...
and I mean beg. Humiliate yourself, stupid fat whore.

Roberta held his cock timidly, and began to pump it. She looked into
his eyes and weakly
began pleading... it was terrible to hear her own voice... knowing it
was being recorded...
"please sir cum on my face... cum on this whore's face... i am just a
fat low whore Sir,
please give this whore the cum she needs..." Her left hand was still
onto her clit and
rubbing it... well she could have pretended, Depoulos couldn't see
what her hand was really
doing... nor could the camera... but she rubbed herself because of the
desperate heat that
was growing between her legs. She had to. It was relieving. She pumped
this huge cock and
rubbed herself and her voice was moaning now: "please cum on this
fuckpig sir..."



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She felt his huge cock throb in her hand and the first thick shot hit
her lips. She
************* closed her eyes, then opened them again. Depoulos was
still staring right
into her eyes as he shot her pretty face. She felt big drops of her
boss' sperm slip down
her cheek and nose to her breasts. Depoulos held his cock in his right
hand and used it
like a paintbrush to smear his cum onto her face, staring into her
eyes with a wicked grin.
"Ooooh yesss... whores like the smell and taste of cum, don't you
Roberta?" "Yes... sir...
I do like the smell and taste of your cum sir..." Depoulos grinned
again and slapped her
face with his still almost completely erect, huge rod. "You need not
waste the cum that
fell on your tits Roberta, I think they are large enough for you to
reach to lick them".
Roberta nodded and murmured "yes sir" as she *********** lifted her
breasts to lick his
cum. Depoulos grabbed her hair and polished his tool with it, looking
at Roberta as she
licked his warm cum from her big round boobs.

"Now put what you used back in place" he ordered, alluding at his
cock. Roberta quickly
reached for his cock and put it back into his pants, zipping them
close gently. Depoulos
nodded. "I hope you like what you will be feeding on in the future,
bitch." "Yes... sir".

Depoulos was satisfied for now and switched the camera off. He then
pointed at the chair
before his desk. "Now sit, we have a few more things to discuss."

Roberta stood and lowered her skirt, but Depoulos shook his head. "Did
I allow you to cover your
cunt and ass, bitch." Roberta looked up with a hint of fear in her
eyes, as her hands
quickly moved to raise her skirt again. "no, sir, I'm sorry sir" she
replied. Depoulos shook his
head. "You are behaving like a silly brat. Sit down." Roberta sat
before her boss,
skirt still raised to her waist. "Because you have been bad, and
forgot again to answer in
full sentences, you will get a full punishment now."

He walked towards her and kicked her shoes near her chair. "Put these
back on". Roberta
obeyed, putting her shoes back on her stockinged feet. Depoulos took a
heavy wooden ruler
from the desktop. "Now raise your knees and hold them as high as you
can. Your asscheeks
must be in view."

Roberta suddendly noticed that Depoulos had fetched two pieces of
rope. He knotted the rope
around her left knee, then ****** her right hand behind her head and
knotted the other
extreme of the rope to her wrist. Next came the binding of her right
knee to her left
wrist. Roberta was crying. She had never experienced bondage, not even
in this light form.
Her legs were parted by the bondage, her pussy was on display, and, to
add to her
mortification, it was patently wet. She was dimly aware that he had
her put her shoes on to
have her look more sexy as she was receiving punishment, and that
caused a strange feeling
deep inside her... and, strangely, some form of obscure, fetish
arousal at the thought of
her own looks, bound like that in stockings and heels.

Depolous looked at her in silence for a little while. "Now, bitch,
here are some rules for
you to begin with. You will receive daily an e-mail with instructions
about your dressing
for the next day. You will follow those instructions very carefully.
You will always call
me Sir. If you are guessing about limits, well, it is rather simple:
there are *no* limits
to what this whore will be ****** to do. Although, nothing you will do
will leave any mark
that would reveal your ********** and enslavement to you wimp
boyfriend. Apart from that,
you are about to do the most humiliating and disgusting and painful
things you can imagine,
and surely many you wouldn't imagine, too. Either accept it from the
outset or call yourself
out and get a very good lawyer. Is that clear whore?"

Roberta nodded. "Yes... sir it is clear". Depoulos grinned. "Now, I
promised you some
strokes. Where are you gonna get them whore?" "On... my ass..." she
began, in a muttering
low voice. "Speak aloud bitch". "On my ass and pussy" she said. "No!"
he said, hitting with
the ruler very hard on the back her thighs. She let out a high cry...
god that ruler was so
painful. "Ladies have a pussy, Roberta, dogs like you have a cunt."
"Y... yes sorry Sir on
my ass and cunt Sir". "It was ten on your ass and five on your cunt a
few moments ago. But
I remember you hesitated for a few orders and right now chose the
wrong word. So I'm gonna
add something. Now count each stroke out loud bitch."

Roberta thought this was a nightmare... it was like those movies about
sadistic school
teachers or college nuns... it was all in *that* style, and
nevertheless how real it was
now... how humiliating... how frightening to be in that situation.
"Yes Sir" she mormoured.
Depoulos gave her the first stroke on her ass. "One" muttered the

"Two..." "Three..." Ten strokes came down. And then Depoulos placing
his hands onto her
knees, spreading her legs. "Please... please Sir don't... i beg you.
This whore begs you..."
Big tears falling from her eyes as her pussy was exposed. Prepared for
punishment. "Keep
counting whore". The heavy ruler landing hard onto her gaping pussy,
with a loud smack. She
cried, and then counted out: "eleven..." "twelve..."

The strokes reached fifteen. But Depoulos didn't stop. It reached
twenty... He didn't stop.
All her body was trembling and she was melting into tears. He stopped
at twentyfive. Her
cunt was sore, red, swollen. He untied her left wrist. "Masturbate
now" he ordered. She
couldn't resist. Her hand moved, she began to rub her aching sex. He
parted her arms,
pinched her nipples til they were erect. "Keep counting" he said
harshly, rubbing the ruler
on her erect nipples. "Twenty-six" was right on her right nipple. Pain
ran through her
spine. He inflicted five on each nipple, alternating between the two.
And she kept
masturbating. And got very near to climax. Then he grabbed her hand
and pulled it off her

"Do you need to cum bitch" he hissed. Roberta hesitated, breathing
hard. Her face was on
fire. She couldn't think, yet she knew what was wanted of her. "Yes
sir..." she mormoured.
"I need... this whore needs to cum sir". Depoulos looked at her gaping
sex, shiny with her
juice. "It's a horny hole", he said, his voice conveying more despise
than Roberta had ever
perceived. He leaned towards her sex and spitted on it, a big hot
spit. The sensation, the
act, the unexpectedness sent a shiver through her whole system. "You
don't cum today whore"
he sentenced. "Yes sir..." she replied, feeling that shiver again.


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He untied the ropes that bound her right wrist to her left ankle.
"Knees on the arm's chair
bitch." She obeyed, putting her knees onto the chair's arms and
opening herself completely.
"I will have to get a towel to use for our face to face talk, your
dripping cunt is
staining my chair." "I'm sorry... sir" was her feeble reply. He looked
at her in silence,
savouring the stunning sexy shape of his enslaved secretary. God she
was beautiful. And
God, such a beauty would be so good to humiliate... humiliate to
extremes. The poor sobbing
girl kept her eyes cast down, knowing he was looking at her open cunt
and bare tits. "Did
you boyfriend ever humiliate you to get off?" he coldly asked. "Share
or expose you to
others, call you names, piss in your mouth... did he ever?" "N... no
sir" she muttered. He
nodded. "He would envy me so much then. He would be green." He lit a
cigarette. "LOOK AT ME
while I'm speaking to you bitch." She raised her tear-filled eyes.
"Sorry sir" she
murmured. His gaze went to her pussy, then locked on hers again. "You
will shave your hole
for me tonight. From now on, you are not allowed pubic hair unless I
tell you otherwise."
She went pale. "What... will I say to my boyfriend... sir" she timidly
asked. He kept
silent, staring at her with cold eyes. She suddendly began to feel
stupid to have asked.
Even a vague fear descended upon her as she tried to bare his gaze. He
probably knew, let
her savour those feelings. Then he spoke. "Never try again to submit a
problem of yours to
me, bitch." "Yes sir... sorry sir I will never do that again sir.

"Now put your clothes back on, except for your sluttish thong. Then go
to the grocery store
at the corner and buy a banana. You have ten minutes to come back with
the banana in your
cunt and get back to work. Does the whore understand?" "Yes sir...
this whore understands"
she said. "The banana must be in your cunt *before* you enter the
building. I don't care
where you do it, but if I meet you stepping in without the banana in
your cunt, you're
done with. Do you understand this as well?" "Yes, sir I understand"
she murmored again. "Go

Roberta quickly stood, gathered her clothes, feeling confused,
ashamed, desperate. Trying
to dry out her tears quickly as she redid the buttons of her blouse.
Hoping she would be
able to forget this quickly. Get the banana, do what He wanted, work
with it stuffed up
her cunt...

She opened the door and walked out to face her new life.


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Daddy's girl led astray

Roberta was typing. She had got her dressing instructions for the day,
and followed them. She featured five-
inches black stiletto heels, white stockings and garterbelt, a white
lace g-string, no bra, a silk white blouse
revealing her nipples, and a cream-colored business suite comprising
above the knee skirt and a nice jacket.
She had to buy some of the items, and Depoulos made it clear that
cheap underwear and clothers would not
be tolerated. She looked so sexy. She had also gone to the stylist for
fine makeup and hairstyle. She looked
gorgeous. She was perfumed and sexy for her boss. Inconsciounsly, she
thought that if she was very sexy,
as she could be, as she was today, Depoulos would have been led to
just use her that she could avoid
pain and ***********. She was wrong about this.

Her intercom rang at mid morning. It was him. "In my office bitch."
"Yes Sir" she replied, and quickly
walked down the corridor to that frightening door. She timidly
knocked, and stepped in.
He was sitting at his desk. Roberta went pale as she read the look in
his cold eyes. She was about to
be scolded for something. She had no idea what that was. She took a
few steps and stood before his desk.
"Yes... Sir?" she meekly asked. Her big green eyes were full of
apprehension. "Guess what I heard, bitch",
he coldly said. Roberta had been recalling everything she did since
yesterday - she really had no idea what
was her fault. "I don't know... Sir... really" she muttered.

"Mr. Parker was using your computer yesterday when you came back from
a coffee break. He said
you told him you had to work and to please log off and give your
computer back to you." Roberta nodded.
Parker was a 55 years old, unsufferable colleague who seemed to be
always making his best to put
her into trouble. He probably had a thing with beautiful young girls,
possibly some paranoic obsession about
them getting their careers too easily. He would often slightly (and
not so slightly) insult her. They had come
to words a few months ago, when he was talking to a friend about a
promotion he was waiting for invain,
and had added, "Of course I don't have this", and had slapped her ass.
That happened before some of
Roberta's best friends in the office, and some almost strangers too,
and she got simply crazy. She slapped
his face and shouted at him. Since then, there had always been
electricity in the air when they were in the
same room.

"Yes... Sir... I did". Depoulos nodded. "Do you think you had any
right to do that?" Roberta was
confused. "Well... I... I need my computer to do my job... and..." He
grinned. "Ok, you just don't get it." He
said. "Show me your cunt."

Roberta blushed and reached for the hem of her skirt, raising it over
her shapely legs to her waist.
Then she parted the crotch of the thong. She was shaved. Her slit was
smooth and very sexy. Depoulos
looked at it, then met her eyes again. "You have *no* right
whatsoever, since yesterday, in this company.
You don't have the right to send someone off your computer. You don't
have the right to protest if someone
uses your phone, slaps your ass during a coffee break or even if
someone comes to your table with his cock
out or spits on your desktop. Is that clear?" Roberta sadly nodded.
"Yes Sir, it is clear Sir" she replied.
"Spread your legs bitch, and open your cuntlips. I shouldn't have to
tell you." She parted her sexy
stockinged legs, felt the cool air on her exposed pussy as she reach
with her hands to open it for her boss.
"I will spread this information, that anything can be done to or with
you, through the office in the way that I
see fit. You are never to ask for someone to do or don't do anything."

He smiled as his gaze ran down her legs. "Does your boyfriend fuck
your ass whore". "N... no Sir" she
meekly replied. He grinned. "He must be a gay or a wimp if he endures
being engaged with a whore and
does not even use her for what she's worth. Were you fucked up your
ass at all?" Again, "n.. no Sir never"
was her reply. Depoulos nodded. "Do you think Mr. Parker would fuck
your ass, given the opportunity?
Would he care to take your sexy virgin ass? And enjoy it?" Roberta's
eyes went to the floor. There was little
doubt. "Yes Sir, I think he would, Sir..." she hesitated, then gave
her full slave answer: "he would enjoy
fucking my virgin ass Sir".

"So we have the opportunity to put the slut in use. Remove your thong
so it doesn't get in the way."
Roberta felt tears begin to form in her eyes, as she reached for the
waistband of her thong. "Please... please
Sir don't let him do this to me... Sir" she sobbed, but lowered her
thong and stepped out of it. Depoulos
raised his phone. "Lean over my desk, jutting your sexy virgin ass out
Roberta lowered her upper body, learning onto her boss' shiny wooden
desktop. He heard his voice.
"This is Depoulos. Can you meet me in my office in ten minutes, be
alone, Miss Brady is willing to apologise
for her behavior." She trembled, her naked round ass on display and
waiting for punishment. Depoulos
stood from his chair and moved slowly towards her. He stood behind her
and began fondling her naked
asscheeks. "When was the last time you were spanked, bitch. How old."
Roberta shivered at the strong
touch of his hands. "I think I was about sixteen Sir". He slapped her
inner thighs. "Fuckigs keep their legs
PARTED unless told otherwise, cumwhore". She parted her legs more.
Bending over the desk as she was,
she now displayed her freshly shaved pussy as much as her ass. He
slapped her left asscheek hard, a loud
smack! echoing in the silent room, punctuated by her weak cry. "When
Mr. Parker comes in, you will be
*very* seductive. You will sway your ass in the air like a kitty in
heat and patently rub your clit." Another
slap... on her right asscheek... another weak cry escaping from her
lips. "Yes Sir" Another slap... "You will
beg Mr. Parker to forgive you and offer your asshole to him as a
compensation for your rude behavior
yesterday. You will beg him to fuck your ass hard and deep." Another
hard slap. "I didn't hear you bitch."
The thought was simply unbearable. She had always been afraid of anal
sex. She was grateful to Bob for
never asking it. She associated it with the ideas of pain and
degradation. And yet she knew that was what
she was in for now. "Yes... Sir" she nodded. There came another loud
slap. "And you won't cum, whatever
he does to you, and however good he is at doing that." "Y... yes Sir".

"Now, I want you to get prepared for this. Reach between those sexy
whore thighs and push your
middle finger deep into your slut cunt." Roberta complied, her
trembling hand reaching to her sex, her
finger digging into herself. He held her hand and ****** a steady
rhythm to her self fingerfucking. "Keep it
like this until you get very wet. Tell me when you are."


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How could she get wet at all... but as soon as he let go of her hand,
and she was fingerfucking herself
fast and deep as ordered, she was shocked to feel her finger sliding
in more and more easily. She closed
her eyes, bit her lips, began to moan and felt her juices begin to
flow. She would have try to conceal her
state of arousal, but there he was, actually waiting for this. She
couldn't displease him. "I am very wet
Sir". Her words seemed to come from someone else. "Good, bitch. Now
stick that finger up your ass."

She withdrew her finger. She thought it would not get in. She found it
hard at first, but as soon as he
slapped her again, it entered her most private hole. She pushed it in,
biting her lips with the little pain.
Depoulos nodded. "Alternate between cunt and ass until I tell you to
stop". He fetched his digital camera
and placed it on the chair behind her. "Don't cheat bitch, my camera
is recording everything." With that, he
went back to sit on his chair. "Look at me and tell me what are you
doing, whore. Keep me informed about
where your finger is." He lit a cigarette. She turned her beautiful
eyes to him. "I... am fingering my pussy...
my cunt, sorry my cunt now Sir" she murmured. He nodded. "And does it
feel good". "Yes Sir it feels
good". He smiled. "I am fingering my ass now Sir.... it feels good

He grinned. "You are very different from the decent and shy girl you
thought you were, aren't you
bitch." "Yes Sir" "You like to have things in your ass. And you're
gonna have your ass fucked by the cock
of a guy who could be your ******. Isn't that true, bitch." "Y... yes
bitch." "As I'm taping your encounter, I
want it to be as sexy as possible. I want you to call Mr. Parker
daddy. I want you to think it's your daddy
fucking your ass. If you happen to call him by his real name, you get
a *very* hard punishment. So you will
better honestly think about your dad fucking you. Anyway, those who
see the video will surely think it is
your ****** pushing into your ass. Do you understand bitch?"

"Yes Sir I understand.."

"You are not telling me about your finger bitch. Do you enjoy
punishment so much?"

"My finger is in my... cunt Sir, and it feels good"
"Who will be fucking your ass in two minutes bitch?"
"My ****** will Sir" (pause) "My finger is in my asshole Sir, and it
feels good".
"Daddy's gonna fuck his whore ********* ass?"
"Yes.. Sir daddy will fuck his whore ********... his whore *********
ass Sir. My finger is in my cunt
now, and it feels good Sir"

Someone knocked at the door. All of her body tensed with the
realization that someone else would
now witness what she was doing - see her naked ass, see her naked
pussy, see her fingering herself like a
whore. "Mr. Depoulos, it's me" said Parker's voice from behind the
door. Depoulos grinned as he watched
the embarassment on her face. "Come on in."

As the door opened, Parker started at the sight. He quickly closed the
door behind himself. "What a
sight," he grinned. He walked across the room. Depoulos grinned back
at Parker, then turned to look into
her eyes. "Come on Roberta, you may apologize to daddy now." Parker
and Depoulos looked to each other
in silent complicity. Parker moved behind Roberta. His lustful gaze
ran from her inviting ass and pussy, down
her gorgeous stockinged legs to her sexy calves and heels. He looked
at Depoulos and, as the boss' smile
gave him the authorization, began to fondle her round asscheeks. He
seemed to realize only now that she
masturbating. Roberta sucked in air, then, keeping her beautiful
pleading eyes in contact with her boss', she
began to plea. "Please, daddy... let me apologize by giving you my
ass... to fuck daddy". She began to rotate
her hips sinuously, offering herself as blatantly as she could.
Depoulos nodded and gestured her to go
ahead, as Parker laughed out cruelly. "Oh, I see the bitch has changed
attitude," he sarcastically
commented, slapping her ass, then fondling it again. "Please..." she
began anew, as Parker's hands felt her
thighs, sliding into the hem of her stockings, manipulating her young
flesh hungrily, "please take your
********* ass hole now... fuck it hard and deep... please" Depoulos
shook his head. "You can do better,
Roberta. Humiliate yourself to show how remorseful you are."

She didn't even wipe her tears. She still had her right hand between
her thighs, although she was no
longer masturbating; Parker's hands were in the way, fondling and
massaging her displayed holes. She felt
his thick finger probing her entrance. "Please daddy let your whore
******** have your cock in her slut
ass... please daddy..." Roberta was *actually* thinking of her daddy
fucking her ass now. She had given in
to Depoulos' stronger will. She had submitted - ***********,
painfully, but she had entered subspace. She
heard Parker laugh and the sound of his zipper going down. Then she
felt his hot cock slip between her legs,
rub along her slit. God it had to be much bigger than Bob's. "Ok bitch
let me take your ass then," said
Parker. He was exhilarated by the unexpected things that were
happening. But he had known Depoulos for
much longer than her and was obviously sure he wasn't joking. Perhaps
something like this had happened

"You should help him in, bitch, shouldn't you", suggested Depoulos.
"Yes... Sir" she muttered,
reaching with her hand to hold Parker's cock. It *was* definitely
bigger of Bob's, which, by the way, was the
only cock Roberta had ever touched. Through her adult life female
friends had often made fun of that,
suggesting she could not evaluate Bob without comparison. Here the
comparison was in her hand, this very
hot and fat cock she had wrapped her fingers around, belonging to a
man she called daddy, and about to
take her virgin ass. About to take what her sweetheart never had. She
felt like the cheapest and kinkiest of
all sluts as she helped it press against her asshole. Parker spitted
on his hand and smeared his spit on the
head of his cock. He added some of her juices as he began *pushing*.
Spit and her juice wasn't much of a
lubrification, but god he was pushing *so hard*. She reached with her
left hand to her mouth to muffle a
scream... as the first inch entered, tearing her apart...

"Hmmmm. Oh god so tight." Moaned Parker, obviously delighted, as he
shoved harder. Roberta
was not able to understand if Parker's strength was unusual. She
remembered the difficulties Bob had had
when she was a virgin. And she was confusely aware that Parker was
doing something much harder... being
bigger and pushing on a tighter hole. Yet he was taking inch by inch
of her virgin ass. She now felt half of
his cock inside her. And she suddendly felt her ****** hole began to
relax and surrender to the assault.
Parker felt it too, because he began to move his hips slowly back and
forth. Each thrust forward brought him
deeper inside her. And her ass was still relaxing - she couldn't help
think she had been *opened*, and
would never be the same. She began to moan as he slowly progressed to
a steady fucking rhythm.
Depoulos leaned forward to caress her tear stained cheeks. "Unbutton
your blouse whore, I'd like to
see your udders bouncing". Roberta reached to her buttons and undid
them obediently. Her large tits were
hanging, bouncing, scratching the desktop. "Pinch your nipples and
tell daddy how do you like his cock in
your ass Roberta." She began to pinch and tease her tender nipples as
she breathed hard, sobbed, moaned,
and began to whisper "Y... yes daddy I love to feel your cock in my
ass.. please fuck my ass deep... It
feels so good..."


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Parker was oblivious; in reaction to her purrs his cock gained
hardness and his thrusts gained *****.
He was now pounding her ass to the deepest, exploring every inch with
his massive tool. His hands seized
her asscheeks and he squeezed them, his nails digging into her flesh
as he began to ride faster and faster
towards climax. Depoulos' voice. "Tell daddy how much you crave for
his cum." "Mmmm pllllease daddy...
give me your cummmm fffiilll my ass with your cum daddy

Parker let out a loud moan as he buried all of his cock into her. He
kept her pushed against him as his
cock throbbed hard - Roberta moaned aloud - "Yes... give me your
cum..." And she began to feel the hot
liquid splashing against the inside walls of her rectum (it felt like
a huge load) multiple shots, following
each other closely, as she felt the wetness deep inside her...
Depoulos chuckling as he watched his secretary
getting her ass filled with cum as she desperately pinched her
gorgeous tits... Obviously in need to cum...

Parker gave a few more thrusts to savour her tight hole again before
he withdrew slowly. His swollen
cock popped out of her ass and as it did Roberta could feel some of
his cum trickle down her crack to her
slit. It was the first time she felt cum on her shaved pussy. It was
so odd, so arousing. He polished his cock
onto her slit, then in the crack of her ass, then slipped into the hem
of her stockings and fucked her
stockings lazily. This also was something new to her - in fact she
very seldom wore stockings at all when
dating with Bob. The man liked it, as he let out a satisfied laugh as
his cock stiffened a bit again. Dirty
things - possibly they had been on her bf's mind as well now and then,
and he didn't put them in practice.

These men definitely had the chance to enjoy her much more than he
ever did. There were no limits they
had to put to their imagination. She felt so strange - her arse aching
- her pussy almost dripping...
Parker began to redo his trousers. "Thank you bitch", he said to
Roberta. She didn't dare to
move, waiting from orders from Depoulos. "It was your right, Henry",
said Depoulos, "and it was fun to see
you in action." Parker complimented again, slapped her ass once more,
and left. Depoulos leaned back in his
chair. "Is there cum dripping off your ass, dog?" he asked. "Yes sir
there is cum dripping off my ass sir."
"Put your hand down there to collect it and stand."

Roberta slowly stood, her hand to her arse. She could feel the warm
liquid dribble down on her palm.
She kept her legs parted both to help it flow off and to obey to
Depoulos' earlier instructions. Her hand was
soon filled up with cum. "Unbutton your blouse and smear daddy's cum
on your udders." She swallowed and
did as requested. Depoulos watched her caress her large breasts and
that got him harder. It was now time
to enjoy the bitch himself. "Are you willing to ***** me now, whore"
he rudely asked. "Yes sir" she softly
replied, as her hand still caressed her large breast. "Now, you
understand you have to earn it." "Yes sir"
Depoulos nodded. "I'll give you some advice about how to earn it, for
now. Later you'll have to use your
fantasy to invite me to use your slut mouth." "Yes sir" she muttered

Depoulos nodded. "Sit down," he commanded, pointing at the empty chair
before his desk. She
quickly complied. "Now raise your knees and hold them up, spreading
your legs." She obeyed again,
displaying her gaping pussy. Depoulos stood, taking his heavy wooden
ruler. "This is your cunt spanking
position, slave. This is a good starting position to beg for cum.
Spanking and beating your cunt makes my
cock hard and enhances your chances of *****ing my precious sperm. You
should beg for me to do it. Let
me hear you beg now."

Roberta felt tears running down her cheeks as she began praying,
************* spreading her legs
further apart. "Please sir slap and beat my cunt with your ruler sir"
Depoulos looked into her
eyes. "Mmmm, good, humiliate your cunt whore. Choose better words to
let me know you are aware of what
your cunt is like." Roberta began trembling. Using her own words was
so frightening. Strangely, she felt
shy about what she said, and much more so if it wasn't by an explicit
order. "Please sir spank my dirty
whore cunt sir". Depoulos stood before her and traced her lips with
his forefinger, then he pushed it in her
mouth. "You can do better, pig. Be careful, either you arouse me
quickly or you may lose your chance for
today, and the end of the week is coming" "Please..." she went on, her
words a bit muffled by his intruding
finger "please whip the low dirty cunt of this fucking pig, please
spank this cumhole sir." "Let's see,"
he teased her. "If I told you to collect my **** and push it in your
cunt would that be a proper use for your
hole Roberta?" "Yes sir" tears flowing "yes sir my cunt should be
filled with your **** sir, it is a pig's
dirty hole and should be used as a **** and piss hole sir"

"Oh, that's a good *****. Do you think my dog would have fun sticking
his hard cock into this cunt
Roberta?" Her face went blank. She had no way of knowing if these
menaces would be realized or not. Yet
she had to reply. "Yes sir your dog make fun of my cunt sir" Depoulos
nodded, and held her
right knee. "Rub your clit." She let go of her right knee and reached
for her sex, rubbing herself against her
will. "Now Roberta, what I'm most interested in is, would *you* like
being fucked hard and deep by my
dog." She swallowed hard. Oh God. "Yes... sir... i would like... being
fucked by your dog sir". She knew that
was a fantasy for some. She vaguely knew there were movies and
pictures of ****** sex. She just hoped it
was just words... and would remain just words. She was trembling in
fear. "Rub yourself quicker and think of
yourself being fucked by a big dog before your daddy. Your *real*
daddy." "Yes sir" she muttered, and as
her finger moved more quickly, the scene actually came to her mind,
although she would have thought of
anything else - just anything. "Once the dog cums in your cunt, tell
me what would that pervert bastard of
your daddy do. Would he kneel between your open legs?" "Yes sir he
would kneel between my legs."
"And do what." Oh God, she knew what he wanted to hear. He didn't say
it, but she knew, and couldn't
conceal it. She had to play his game. "He..." He slapped her face to
correct her. "He who." "My daddy... my
daddy would kneel before me and eat the dog's sperm from my cunt sir."

Depoulos nodded with a grin. "You're doing good, whore," he said, "the
video will be fun to watch"
She went blank, tears in her eyes, lips trembling - the closed
circuit. "Let's go on with it. Undo my pants."
She raised her hands and undid his button, ***********. Then she
pulled the zipper down. She looked up at
him for direction and, as he made a gesture, undid his boxer and
pulled it out. Depoulos' cock was hard and
big. "Good whore, now jerk me off very slowly with both hands as you
let me hear you say more arousing
things." She wrapped her hands around his stiff cock, and began
massaging it sweetly. "Would you like to
see your daddy on all fours with a big dog above him, roberta. What
would you like to see the dog do him"
"Yes sir i would like to see a big dog above my daddy fucking him sir"
He grinned, savouring her
delicate hands. "Where would the dog fuck daddy." "The dog would fuck
his ass sir" "Now, left hand to
your clit, and masturbate while you elaborate on that, loud voice. I
don't care how you feel, but you must
look like you're getting very very aroused fantasizing about dog and
daddy." "Please... " she began,
sobbing... but the idea of punishment came to her mind. She began to
rub her clit as she let her words flow.
She tried not to think. And there she was - "this... big dog pushing
his rock hard cock into daddy's
asshole... taking him deep and fast... as he cries out in pain.. but
he moans like a bitch in heat
pushing back onto the dog, moaning and licking his lips like a girl
milking the
dog for cum..."

Depoulos was throbbing now. "You earned it bitch, suck me off."

Roberta moaned "thank you sir" and eagerly began sucking on Depoulos'
cock. Rubbing her clit and
simulating arousal had put her mind in a state of bliss... she was now
feeling very hot, much to her
amusement and shame. Her mouth sucked hungrily on him, finishing the
work her hands had begun. "Don't
swallow bitch" he commanded when he felt on the edge. She sucked him
fast and deep until Depoulos shot
his load down, filling her mouth. She didn't swallow. He fucked a few
thrusts into her mouth, then withdrew
and cleaned himself on her cheeks. "Caress me, and look down at your
cunt". She held it again and began
stroking it slowly again as she lowered her eyes down to her sex.
"Spit ... let some of my cum on your
pussy - keep some to *****." Roberta let some of her boss' sperm
escape her lips, dripping down to her
waiting sex. Each drop gave her a shock of sensation - as the first
had hit her already over sensitized clit.
"Swallow the rest and smear my cum onto your clit until you cum

Cum - finally, she was ordered to cum - to give in completely to her
sluttish sensations. And the order
came as a relief she was happy to be allowed to cum - how could she be
that aroused in that terrifying
situation... her hand moved quick massaging her clit through the
sticky, warm liquid. And she came for her
master. She came hard, rubbing herself feverishly, closing her eyes,
moaning out loud.

Depoulos grinned again and switched the camera off. "You did good
today bitch, you're showing your
true self now. Lower your skirt."

Roberta quickly lowered her skirt, still breathing hard for the huge
climax. That had to be one of the
strongest she had ever experienced. Depoulos sat back in his desk.

"This makes for two times you ***** my cum this week. You still need
one, remember".
"Yes sir."
"And by the way, it occurred to me that you might think punishment
cannot be worse than what you
already have. I don't want you to make mistakes about it, so I will
tell you what your first level punishment
will be like. That is, the first time you miss your cum doses in a
week. Want to know about it?"
"Yes. sir"
"You will be leashed in the men's restroom, near a w.c., properly
bound. For two weeks. For that
time, you will have nothing to ***** or eat apart from what comes from
your role as a toilet slave. As a toilet
slave, you will ***** piss from all the men that use the restroom, and
suck their **** from their assholes. Two
weeks. You will only ***** piss and only eat ****. Roberta, I am
serious about it. Do you understand what I
"Yes sir", she murmured, going blank as his words hit her.
"Miss my cum just one week and it's fourteen days of toilet service."
"Yes sir."
Depulous nodded, then opened a drawer and fetched four big clips. "Now
whore, put two of these
onto your cunt, sealing your cuntlips." He threw the clips on the
floor before her. She bent down to collect
them, as she whispered "yes sir", and applied them as ordered. The
clips had strong spring. They were
painful. "The remaining clips on your nipples," he ordered. Roberta
took them and applied them as ordered.
She writhed in pain, feeling the four painful grips on her womanly
features. "Now go bitch, don't remove the
clips until I tell you to."
"Yes sir"

Roberta stood and tried her best to wipe her tears off, as she walked
to the door. Having been fucked
in her ass for the first time, having fantasized about dogs for the
first time, having fantasized about her
daddy's *********** for the first time, having received her boss' cum.
And that was just day two.


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Roberta checked the contents of her bag once again and kissed Bob
goodnight. "I'm so sorry I have to leave you all alone, my love" she
purred. "Not a problem, love, I'll go to ***** early" was Bob's reply.
Thank God, she thought, Bob wasn't jealous nor suspicious. Roberta
wasn't sure how could her recent changes in clothing and appearance be
accepted that easily by Bob... within the last week, she had shaved
her mound, colored her hair blond, bought lots of lingerie (although
she had been able to hide some of it)... Bob probably just
thought she was trying to be as sexy as possible to him...

She drove towards a small cafeteria where she used to stop in the
morning on her way to her workplace. There was a toilet room outside
the cafeteria, she rushed in with her bag and changed her dresses,
turning into Depoulos' whore - business as usual. This was the first
time she did that in the evening. She quickly walked back to her car,
hoping no one would mistake her for a hooker... in that extremely
short red skirt, tight black wool top that seemed to be just filled by
her bra-less big breasts.... black silk stockings and black

Back in the car, she took the small map Depoulos had given her and
drove toward his mansion, just out of town.



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A black, handsome guy met her at the door of the mansion and let her
in. "You must be Roberta," he said, in a rather gentle and warm voice,
closing the door behind them. "My master, Mr. Depoulos, is waiting for
you in the living room with the waitress, Liza". Roberta nodded, but
as she was taking her first step, the black man stopped her. "I'm
sorry, not this way. Depoulos wants me to lead you with this." He
showed her a black leather leash and collar. "Y... yes" she muttered,
as the black guy buckled the collar onto her neck. "On your knees,
please." Roberta slowly sank to her knees. "My name is Rick," said the
man. She
nodded again, looking at him... "nice... to meet you" she murmured,
although it felt silly to greet the man who was holding her by the
leash. Rick grinned and turned his back to her, leading the way.
Roberta crawled behind him on her hands and knees.

The lights in the living room were dimmed. Depoulos raised his eyes
when Roberta came in, led by Rick, and grinned. "Hello whore," he
said. The waitress, Liza, was a petite blond, dressed in a maid
uniform... and she was kneeling between Depoulos' legs. There was
little doubt as to what she was doing. Depoulos patted her head. Liza
withdrew from what she was doing, and stood.

"Very pretty outfit, dog", Depoulos said to Roberta, lazily caressing
Liza's thighs under her skirt. "You look good on your knees. Crawl
over here." Roberta moved, this time followed by Rick. Depoulos bent
forward and reached to squeeze her ass, then her tits. "Fat udders
with no bra... ah... so inviting". Roberta blushed as she felt all
the eyes upon her. "Lick my shoes, be a good dog, dear" he ordered.
Roberta bent down, trembling for the ***********, and ***********
stuck her tongue out... until it came into contact with the black
leather of
Depoulos' shoes. Then he began to lick. "You've already met Rick, and
this is Liza," Depoulos told Roberta. "They work for me. We are going
to have fun all together, tonight. Did Bob cause you any problem,

"No Sir, he didn't, Sir."

"He knows you might be spending the whole night away, right?"

"Y... yes Sir".

"Higher now dog, you might lick my cock too."

Roberta slowly raised until she was facing Depoulos' cock. It was
still wet with Liza's spit, and rather flaccid. She began to slowly
lick it.

"It's good that Bob is such a stupid wimp," Depoulos said. "This way,
his whore can take all the cock she needs... all the *********** she
needs... and all the pain she needs. And then she can get back home
and play the good girl. Am I right bitch?"

Roberta nodded, still licking. "Yes Sir, you are right."

Depoulos caressed Roberta's pretty face. "Back to my shoes, dog, lick
the soles too."

Roberta bent down again. "Take a look at the whore's fat ass while she
cleans my shoes" Depoulos said to Rick. The black man approached
Roberta and raised her skirt to her waist, revealing her round
buttocks and her shapely stockinged thighs. He Felt her ass cheeks
slowly, squeezing them in his strong hands. Obeying to a gesture from
Depoulos, he also slapped it hard two times. "Did you miss the taste
of your man's cock, whore" asked Depoulos. "Y... yes Sir this whore
missed the taste of her master's cock Sir." Roberta felt an itch
between her legs as the cold, emotionless voice of Depoulos began to
draw her into **********. "Lick Liza's shoes, now, and give me your
fat cunt to fondle. I'm sure you missed your master's hand on your
horny cunt, didn't you." "Y.. yes Sir I missed your hands on my horny
cunt Sir".

Roberta turned towards Liza, her ass jutting out towards Depoulos. She
began to lick Liza's high heeled shoes as Depoulos reached between her
thighs to obscenely grope her cunt. "This bitch is getting wet just by
licking our feet," he said, "I think she will be literally dripping
before I'm ready to use her cumhole".

Then Depoulos took the leash from Rick's hand and pulled on it to get
Roberta's attention. "Climb on that chair, whore" he ordered. Roberta
looked up, then crawled on her hands and knees towards the chair, and
sat down, legs lightly parted, her skirt still around her waist. She
kept her eyes cast down, waiting for them to use her. Her shaved mound
was visible and glistening with her own juices to add to her
psychological discomfort. Depoulos made a gesture to Rick, who stepped
away and returned a few moments later with some items. The black man
stood behind Roberta. "Hands behind your neck, miss", he said. She
obeyed, and felt Rick's strong hands hold her forearms, then the cold
steel of a pair of handcuffs clicking as they were buckled around her
wrists. She heard another click as the cuffs were secured to some
support in the back of the chair, blocking her wrists in place.

When the cuffs were secured, Rick fetched a penis-shaped gag. He put
the tip of the mock penis onto Roberta's lips, and she obediently
allowed him to slide all the rubber cock in her mouth. She moaned
through the rubber gag as he buckled the straps behind her neck. "You
like to feel cock in your mouth, don't you?" Depoulos teased her.
Roberta nodded. Unable to speak, she felt completely at their mercy.
Depoulos stood, and walked towards her. He began to fondle her tits
through the top, and rubbed his still flaccid cock onto them. "Good
fat whore," he said, stepping back. "Put your legs on the chair's
arms" he ordered. Roberta complied, as Rick fetched more toys. The new
items were two small chains with clips on both ends. When she saw
them, Roberta moaned through the gag, her eyes
widening in fear. The black man squatted before Roberta, and looked in
her eyes as he attached one end of each chain to the hems of her
stockings. She felt his strong black hand brush her thighs and even
her sex a couple of times during the procedure, and this somehow
increased her wetness. Then he seized her right cuntlip... she started
in fear and the sudden, intense sensation... Rick attached the
dangling end of the right chain to her cunt lip. The clip had a strong
spring, and Roberta moaned in pain as it bit her tender skin.
Next, Rick did the same with the left chain. When both chains were in
place, he arranged them so that they did pull hard outwards on her
cuntlips, effectively spreading her pussy wide open. Roberta closed
her eyes as this black stranger was dealing with her pussy in such a
cold, professional way. Now she was as opened and displayed as she had
never been before. Rick checked the clips twice, pulling on them,
sending waves of pain/pleasure through Roberta's system.

Then, the black man stood aside, and Depoulos stepped over, reaching
to fondle her open sex again. Roberta kept her eyes cast down as he
inserted two fat fingers in her slippery hole. She felt like a doll, a
powerless toy in their hands - a horny, over sensitized sex toy. "Deal
with her udders, Rick" said Depoulos in his low emotionless voice as
his fingers slowly slid in and out of her gaping sex. Rick raised
Roberta's tight top until her large tits were
exposed. Her nipples were stiff, and Rick fondled them for a while to
let them get even more erect and sensitive. Then he went to fetch some
more items. He returned with a thin rope, and seized Roberta's left
tit, beginning to wrap the rope in a tight loop around it. Roberta
moaned through the gag as some tears appeared in her eyes. She could
feel her tit swell as he was binding it tight with the rope. Again his
strong hands occasionally brushed her, on her sensitive nipples this
time, as he wrapped the rope around her left tit too. The last
few loops were drawn around both tits, squeezing the swollen balls
together. Roberta weakly shook her head no and softly cried, her moans
muffled by the rubber cock filling her mouth.

Rick had finished his work, for now, and he stepped back, while
Depoulos was still slowly fingering her. "So whore, I think it's been
very arousing for you to be bound by a big black man like Rick, hasn't
it?" Roberta looked into her boss' eyes and weakly nodded. "I'm sure
you are wondering how big he is. How deep can he dig into your low
cunt," Depoulos continued, and Roberta couldn't but weakly nod again.
She hadn't been thinking of Rick's cock, but her wet pussy clearly
revealed that Depoulos was right, in part at least, much to her shame.

Her boss grinned and slapped her swollen tits very hard with his free
hand, increasing the pressure on her clit as he fingered her. "And
does this cow like to feel her big obscene udders punished like this,"
Depoulos asked. Roberta felt more tears flowing as she nodded again,
against her will. "You will get used to receive pain in your fat
udders and your fat cunt for my pleasure, cow" insisted Depoulos. "You
will need to feel pain there, the harder it will be, the more aroused
you will get. You are about to become my pain whore. Do you feel
excited at the thought?" Roberta nodded again, as his fingers - now
three of them - dug
deep into her open, slippery sex.

Finally, Depoulos withdrew his fingers, leaving her frustratingly
empty. "Does Bob lick your cunt, dog?" he asked her. Roberta meekly
shook her head no. Depoulos motioned Liza to approach, and the girl
did. Liza was rather pretty, firmly and sexily built, and the maiden
uniform added to the attractiveness. She bent forward till her face
was level with Roberta's, and kissed her neck. Roberta shivered as she
felt Liza's lips and tongue on her skin. "Do you think Liza's soft
mouth will feel good on your wanton horny cunt, Roberta?" Roberta
looked up as Liza withdrew from her neck and smiled at her, licking
her lips softly.

The bound girl hesitated... she didn't want to have sex with a girl...
that somehow felt dirty, even in that extreme situation... she tried
to shake her head no, and let out some pleading moans through the gag,
as some tears ran across her cheek. "If you don't want Liza to lick
you, we can take that redhot iron from the fireside and shove it in
your cunt... and then have her soothe your pain with her tongue... you
will have a better attitude then."

Hearing those words from Depoulos, Rick grinned and walked towards the
fireside. Roberta widened her eyes and began to moan loud, trying to
free herself from the bondage, but Liza and Depoulos held her legs
still. Rick returned with the hot iron. Roberta was shaking her head
furiously. Her pleas could even be understood through the gag.
"Mmmm..." said Depoulos. "We can't hear you whore... are you saying
you want Liza to lick your cunt?"

Roberta furiously nodded, moaning... "ysssmmmm plsmmmmmmmmmm" Depoulos
grinned. "I can't hear you bitch. Do you want Liza to lick your cunt
while Rick rubs his long black cock on your pretty face?" Roberta was
nodding still.... "It will be quite hard for you to appreciate Bob's
poor prick after you have seen a black snake that close, bitch, are
you sure you want to feel it all over your cheeks?" Roberta nodded
again, desperately. Depoulos slapped her tits again, and stepped back.
"Liza," he said.


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Liza knelt between Roberta's spread thighs. Rick was undoing his
zipper. Roberta closed her eyes as the girl's soft mouth reached to
her sex. She could feel her kiss her clit, and then she could feel
Liza's tongue intruding in her hole, push forward. She closed her eyes
in the sudden, intense pleasure, but was immediately took back to
reality by Rick seizing her hair and Depoulos commanding her to open
her eyes. Rick's huge black cock was before her face,
and the man began to rub on her cheeks. He pressed it with one hand so
that more of it was brushing on the skin of her cheeks. Liza got hold
of the clips secured to Roberta's cunt lips and pulled on them to open
her for more while her tongue was snakeing inside her.

"Be careful not to let the bitch cum, Liza," said Depoulos. He now
stood before Roberta, behind Liza, and he took Roberta's left foot,
removing her shoe. Then he removed the left, and held both of her
feet. He caressed them, his hands running from her beautiful soles to
her calves to her thighs. Then, he joined her feet, and Roberta
understood he had undone his pants when she felt his big cock between
her soles. This came so unexpected that it shot even more excitement
through her body. Depoulos began to rub her feet on his cock,
masturbating lazily on her stockinged soles as Liza's tongue gently
caressed the inside of her pink hole in long, slow, deep strokes.
Depoulos and Rick began to fondle and squeeze her tightly bound tits
while they were masturbating. She felt her whole body shaking, her
mind could not concentrate on any of the individual feelings -
Depoulos' cock enjoying her feet, Liza's mouth abusing her clipped
pussy, Rick's monstrous black snake sliding all along her face, the
pain and pleasure from her squeezed engorged breasts.

"I think she's ready to taste some black meet," said Depoulos. Rick
nodded with a wicked grin and unbuckled the penis gag, slowly removing
it from her mouth. She looked at his big black cock as he put his
large hand on her head, ******* her to turn her face towards it. "Let
it slide in slow and deep, cocksucker" Rick said as he put the head of
his gigantic manhood against her lips. Roberta opened her mouth and he
began to push in... filling her sexy mouth of black cock, slowly,
until it hit the back of her throat. Liza withdrew from between her
legs to leave room for Depoulos. He held his cock and slapped her
dripping bald cunt with it. He was rock hard and it went it easily
into her slippery hole, despite its size. Liza stepped back and held
Roberta's right foot, caressing her stockinged thigh while she put the
girl's foot between her legs and began to rub her pussy on it. Roberta
could feel that Liza wore no panties and wasn't shaved.

Rick was now fucking her face hard and deep, and she was gagging...
she couldn't breath... she tried to swallow, and felt the huge black
head slide down into her throat. Rick grinned at that, and began
pistoning her deeper - the bulge in her throat revealing how deep she
was taking his black rod. He withdrew just in time to let her regain
her breath, then put the head back in - "suck on this black lollipop,
bitch, there's a sweet cream in it for you" he said. Roberta could
feel Depoulos' long shaft taking virgin inches of her pussy - using
her more than Bob ever did - and her own pussy contracting as a
response to the
intense stimulation... yet she knew she couldn't come without
permission - and she sucked eagerly on Rick's head... actually milking
it... actually longing to feel his hot sperm in her mouth.... more
tears appearing in her eyes as the awareness of being actually turned
into a slut made it to her mind... and she sucked harder and more
sweetly in her shame, until Rick began to spurt lots of dense, sticky
liquid into her mouth. She moaned and the black man withdrew from her
mouth, to let most of his cum land on her pretty face. Roberta felt it
splash in heavy waves onto her cheeks, nose, eyelids and chin. Some of
it began
oozing from her chin and onto her swollen bound breasts. Still
Depoulos was pistoning into her cunt, deeper and deeper with each
thrust, his hands holding firmly onto her swollen boobs, pulling on
them ******** each time his cock sank into her pussy.

Rick was now going limp, and he stepped back to let Depoulos choose
what to do next. Roberta felt her boss slowing down, and she looked at
him, her face covered in black cum, realizing the situation again -
bound to a chair, spread open, her boss' cock in her pussy. Depoulos
ceased pumping and stood with his cock half-stuffed in her pussy. "The
whore would definitely enjoy some pain, now" he said. "Isn't that
true, Roberta. Tell me - would you like your fat cow udders being
******** now?" Roberta hesitatingly shook her head no, but
didn't dare speak - her cunt was spasming and milking Depoulos' cock.
"Y... yes Sir" she finally managed to say "y.. yes this whore wants
her udders punished, Sir". "Oh yes," he said, "just think what would
Bobbie say if he heard you. He thinks he's gonna marry a good girl,
but we know who he's gonna marry. Say it, bitch". Roberta slowly
regained her breath. "He's... he's gonna marry a fat whore, Sir". "A
painwhore, black cock sucker, cum thirsty cow," he said. "Yes Sir" she
murmured, "a painwhore... a black cock sucker... a cum thirsty cow".
Depoulos nodded. "Beg Rick to give you what you want now," he said.
Roberta was in a state of complete surrender now - she was even trying
to rock her hips to feel more of the cock that Depoulos kept
frustratingly still, inside her. "Pl... please ******* my... tits" she
murmured... Depoulos didn't look satisfied with this... "please
******* my big... my fat cow udders".

A large wooden paddle appeared in Rick's hands. For some reasons,
Roberta had been thinking of something like a crop - but this heavy
wooden thing appeared so much more frightening. "Flat on her swollen,
obscene balloons. I want you to beat them blue. Beat them as hard as
you can Rick. Lots of pain are due for this fucking cow." He looked at
the frightened face of his victim, "better gag this cumdrinker again,
she's gonna cry out very loud." He turned to Liza, who had inserted
the penis gag in her pussy. She handed it to Rick. "That's gonna make
it more tasty," Depoulos said to Liza. "Wait," he added, to Rick. "We
can do better than this." He withdrew from Roberta's pussy and
approached her. He put his cock in her mouth - and he began to piss.
Roberta moaned in disgust but did not dare to resist - she swallowed
as fast as she could. Depoulos poured a long lasting stream of urine
inside her mouth, then stepped back. Rick grinned and put the penis
gag back into Roberta's mouth, as Depoulos went back to fucking her
pussy - slowly, very slowly.

Rick was now holding the paddle again. Roberta tried to beg "no.."
through the gaga, but no avail. The paddle hit her right breast hard,
actually smashing her tit. The pain was like an electric shock through
her body, as she bit the gag and screamed through it. Rick hit her
left tit with the same strength. And then the right again. The rhythm
of his beating gave Roberta no time to think - it was PAIN and PAIN
and PAIN - and through the mist of pain, she dimly felt Depoulos' cock
taking her again, and deeper. The pain was too strong
to be confused with sexual pleasure, this time - and this was clearly
a good thing to Depoulos. He wanted to use her and to let her know
that her pleasure was none of his business. He used her cunt fast and
deep while the paddle was actually turning her tits to blue. And
finally he filled her cunt with his cum.

When he was done, Depoulos raised his hand, and Rick ceased the cruel
beating of the beautiful girls' breasts. Liza was still unsatisfied,
and Depoulos told Rick to unlock Roberta from the chair. The black man
unlocked the chain connecting the handcuffs to the back of the chair.
He also removed her gag again. "On your knees doggie", Depoulos
ordered to the girl. Roberta got down on her knees, still uncuffed,
still breathing hard for the intense pain she'd just been through, cum
dripping from her face, tits, and cunt. Liza sat on the chair, legs
spread on the arms, and Depoulos commanded Roberta to finish her off
with her mouth. Roberta sank her face between the girl's legs and
tried to lick and suck her as good as she could. "I want this bitch to
get Liza off quickly. Speed her up, Rick" said Depoulos. Rick placed
himself behind Roberta and began to paddle her naked ass, quite hard
but in a slow rhythm. Roberta moaned in Liza's crotch at each strike,
but fortunately for her, Liza was much aroused by the situation and
came rather quickly.

"Good. That's all for tonight," said Depoulos, turning to Roberta "now
you'll be arranged for the night". He then turned to Rick and said
"you know where the whore can *****, I'm going off to bed now". Rick
nodded and his boss retired. "Follow me on your knees," said Rick,
holding Roberta's leash again. Roberta crawled behind him through a
long corridor - her tits aching each time they bounced back and forth
as she crawled. They went through a long corridor and then downstairs,
to a poorly-lit room. A small cage was placed in the middle of the
room. "This is where you bitch will ***** tonight," Rick said. Roberta
shivered. As they moved closer to the cage, she recognized a long
orange dong mounted horizontally onto the inner wall of the cage.
"Yes," Rick grinned, "you have to enter the cage crawling backwards in
order to fit."

Roberta obediently turned, her ass towards the cage. She thought she
could try to ask for help... maybe Rick didn't know she was being
blackmailed... there were few chances... but...

As her mind worked, she entered the cage. The sensation of the dong
pressing onto her crotch and then sliding in cleared her thoughts away
for a while - as Rick pushed her in... the dong digging deeper into
her ****** pussy... and then he was closing the door. He grinned at
her and turned to leave.

She shivered. Now or never.

"R... Rick" she softly called. The man turned. "Yes" he said. "Rick...
I beg you... I beg you to help me... I didn't choose it... Depoulos is
blackmailing me... you..." Rick shook his head and grinned.

"Ah, girl," he said, "you're trying to corrupt me. Unfortunately for
you, I had precise orders about what to do in this case. There already
is a punishment planned for you, and it's a hard one, sorry." "W...
what" Roberta went blank "pl... please don't tell..."

"Here's what it is. Tomorrow, rather early in the morning, I'm coming
back down here. And you are gonna be suspended by your tits for one
hour." Roberta was completely in panic. "What... wh..." Rick smiled.
"There," he said, pointing to a pulley attached to the ceiling.
"You're gonna be hanging from the ceiling, suspended by your tits.

He turned again, and looked at her before turning the lights off. "But
there's a good point to it. Right before I lift you up, I'll probably
dump some cum into your white cunt."

The lights went off, the door closed, and Roberta was alone. On her
knees in a cage, her tits still bound and aching, and a long dong
stuffed into her cunt. For the first time, she began to feel she would
never get back home. Maybe Depoulos was planning to **** her. That was
all way beyond what she could ever expect. Her tits were bruised. Her
ass was bruised. How could she hide it from Bob? Fear and pain added
to each other. But before she knew, Roberta began to instinctively
push on the dong to get some relief.


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******** games

Roberta awoke when the door of her room was opened. She had no idea
what time it was. As soon as she opened her eyes, the horror of her
situation suddendly came to her mind. She was still half naked, on her
knees in the small cage, with the plastic dong stuffed into her aching
pussy. The pain from her tits, still bound, was so intense that it she
wondered how could she have slept all. In the door's frame stood Rick.
"Hello whore" he said. He was holding a heavy crop in his right hand.
Roberta looked up timidly. "G... good day Sir" she murmured.
Before she fell asleep, she had been thinking about what attitude to
have with her tormentors. She had to avoid the punishment that had
been threatened the night before. She had to be as submissive and
eager to please as she could, and pray that they would finally show
some mercy.

Rick grinned and stepped closer. "Did the night bring you advice,
whore", he said severely.

"Y... yes Sir," she murmured. "This whore is going to be obedient...
this whore is going to please her Masters... this whore will never
question them or cause any problem Sir."

Rick unlocked the cage and opened the small door. "Get out and expose
your cunt for whipping, whore," he ordered. Roberta crawled out of the
small cage - the long dong popping out of her still slippery pussy -
and turned her bottom towards Rick, spreading her legs, bending over
till her face was against the cold floor. "Please whip this whore's
cunt, Sir" she murmured.

Rick reached to fondle her open, sore pussy with his strong hand, then
withdrew and inflicted four hard strokes on her sex with the heavy
crop. Each stroke made Roberta shake in pain, but she bit her lip and
managed not to say a word. "Now your swollen cow udders," Rick said.
Roberta shivered, but quickly knelt and arched her back, jutting her
over sensitized ****** mammars out for the crop. Rick again felt what
he was about to hit, his strong grip sending waves of pain through the
poor girl's system. Then he stood and used his crop twice on each
nipple, and twice across both breasts. Tears appeared in Roberta's
eyes but again she managed to keep silent.

"Open your slut mouth so that I can spit into it," Rick added. Roberta
tilted her head back, her beautiful newly-blond hair cascading onto
her shoulders, and opened her sensuous lips, looking into Rick's eyes.
"Do you like to eat your masters' spit, piss, and ****, whore," Rick
asked. "Y... yes Sir i love to eat my Masters' spit, piss and ****,
Sir." Rick looked at her showing no emotions at all as she opened her
mouth again. He spitted into her mouth, a large glob of saliva.
Roberta felt it in her mouth, and kept looking at Rick, unsure if she
was to swallow. He ordered her to. She complied, the foul taste making
her shiver.

Then Rick took her leash, cropped her naked ass again, and led her
upstairs. The white girl followed on all fours. In her holdups and hi
heels, naked bottom on display, led on a leash by a black man, she was
pretty much of a sight. She was taken to a bathroom where Liza was
waiting. She understood she was going to be washed and prepared for a
new session. Roberta wasn't sure she had avoided the punishment, too,
but was at least happy to have delayed it.


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Liza and Rick had Roberta strip naked - they even removed her bondage
- and had her have a good shower. Roberta was asked to clean all of
her openings carefully - including using a vaguely cock-shaped soap in
her asshole. Liza and Rick supervisioned her washing and kept teasing
her as she showered - pinching her ass and tits, fingering her cunt,
slapping her.

When the shower was over, she was presented with her outfit for that
day. She was told that a few very special guests would be using her,
and that she did know them. Roberta shivered but couldn't guess who
they were - probably, she thought, some colleagues from the office.

Then, under Rick's instructions (which were punctuated with sharp
strokes of the crop on her thighs, ass, and tits) she began to
prepare. As a first thing, Rick had her bind her own tits with a thin
nylon line. She was asked to do the same bondage as she had received
the day before - tight loops around each of her generous breasts, then
more loops encircling both. Her "udders" (as Rick kept addressing
them) were severely bruised and the new bondage, with that thin hard
line, felt like it was cutting into her flesh.

Next, she wore a black feetless body hose. The fabric of the hose was
very thin and her body showed as if she was naked - the hose did just
add sluttishness. Especially due to the large hole that completely
exposed her shaved crotch and the lower half of her gorgeous, round
ass cheeks. Her breasts were covered - obscenely tensing the hose
fabric due to the bondage shaping them - but there was a line of small
buttons, from her belly to her throat, that could be undone to have
access to them. She was then given a pair of very high stilettos of a
bright red.

The next item was a pair of red lace gloves that went almost to her
armpits. The gloves had their fingers connected to each other; the tip
of the thumb was seamed to the tip of the other four fingers, so that
her hand was ******** shaped like a "O" - she could easily figure out
what was the only thing she could do with those gloves on.

Two small chains with clamps at each end were then added - each
connecting the border of the hose lower hole to one of her pussy lips
- so that her cunt was ****** open. Finally, Liza did her makeup. When
she was finished, Roberta looked into the mirror and saw a gorgeous,
obscenely sluttish blond bimbo. Her lipstick was heavy and a bright
red that perfectly matched her fuck-me stilettos. A pair of big
earrings completed her sexy look.

The last item she was made to wore was a collar and leash, like the
day before. Today, nevertheless, the collar was definitely a dog's
collar, with steel studs on it, and of the same red as her lipstick,
shoes, and gloves.

Rick and Liza seemed satisfied. Rick slapped Roberta's naked ass. "On
your knees, dog whore" he sharply ordered. Roberta went quickly down
as the black man took the leash in his hand and led her to the living
room. Liza followed a few steps behind. While they proceeded to the
room where Roberta was going to be "used", she was still worried about
who the "special guests" might be. They couldn't just be colleagues...
not in Depoulos' style... it had someone closer to her. She shivered
as she entered the room in her submissive, arousing, obscene bondage

And she was shocked. Depoulos was sitting on the large angular black
leather sofa where her audience was sitting yesterday. Beside him, sat
three teenagers Roberta knew quite well. They were from her
neighborhood, sons of close friends of hers and Bob's. She knew their
names by heart: Jimmy Hart, Ricky Wesna, and Tom Reed. They were all
around 16. She sometimes baked cakes for them when their friends came
to visit. Obviously thus, seeing them there left her breathless. The
three kids had a wicked grin on their faces. She saw their eyes run
over her
sluttish attire - over her exposed body. Istinctively, her hands ran
to her breast and mound. Rick noticed and slapped her face hard - a
loud smack that left a red mark on her cheek - "hands off, bitch".
Roberta complied, her trembling arms falling by her sides as she
lowered her eyes to the floor, blushing deeply.

"I hope you like my guests, whore", said Depoulos, grinning. "I have
monitored your social life to choose the appropriate partners for you.
Jimmy, Ricky and Tom were exhilarated when I told them what I'm doing
to you and how they could fit in my game. Of course they will keep
this little secret." He chuckled, then added: "mmm... well it might
happen that they ask you to do something to earn their silence, but
that's between you, not my business. Do you understand whore?"

"Pl... please Sir" Roberta murmured, unable to raise her eyes "please
do not involve them in... this... they are just..."

Depoulos made a gesture to Nick, who slapped Roberta's face again,
harder. "You don't want to upset me, whore, do you?" said Depoulos.
"N... no Sir" she sobbed through her tears.

"I understand the kids do often come visit you and Bob in your new
house, is that true," asked Depoulos. "Yes... Sir" she muttered. "And
I bet that when they're there, you think of their cocks all the time,
like the dripping cunt whore you are... isn't that true?"

Roberta weakly nodded... "Y... yes Sir" she whispered. She realized
that the teens could not know that wasn't the truth... the ***********
and debasement took over her whole mind and body. She felt like a
depraved nympho, because she knew that was what she was in the kids'
eyes. "Well, as it happens, the kids also had some nasty thought about
you. Unfortunately, they didn't know what a horny bitch you are...
until I told them, that is."

Depoulos turned to the teenagers. "Do you like her outfit, boys?" he
asked. "I love it," said Jimmy - his lustful gaze eagerly running over
the beautiful blond's kneeling body. Tom and Ricky nodded too. Roberta
felt like dying - nothing could be more embarassing than being
commented on by supposedly innocent teenagers. To feel like female
meat at their disposal...!

"Good. Roberta, move your fat ass over here."

Roberta obediently crawled on her knees across the room. She stopped
before Depoulos and the three teenagers. "Feel her fat tits, boys,
they are worth it." The kids hesitated a few seconds, then Roberta
felt Jimmy's hand on her left tit. Cupping it. Feeling it. Caressing
it through the hose. Then squeezing it.... as Ricky and Tom began to
handle her right one. Their fingers digging into her flesh as they
squeezed her aching bound boobs. Her large breasts were much more than
a handfull for the boys.

"Can we...?" asked Jimmy, pointing at the hose buttons. "Sure," was
Depoulos' reply. "You can french-kiss her too, if you would." Jimmy
took the lead and kissed Roberta, who obediently parted her lips and
accepted his tongue as he was undoing the buttons of the hose. Roberta
felt so sick - being ravaged and tongued by those youngsters that
could almost be her own ********. The top of the hose was now open and
Jimmy and Tom pulled her tits out, handling them roughly, eagerly
feeling their softness and their shape, their firmness -
increased by her bondage. Tom began to rub her nipple between thumb
and forefinger.

"Do you like them babes?" asked Depoulos.

"Oh, yes," was their reply.

Depoulos made a gesture to Rick, who approached Roberta from behind.
He seized her hair and pulled on it, ordering her to stand. Roberta
quickly stood, and Rick put his right arm around her waist, blocking
her arms on her sides. Then he ****** her to bend over at 90 degrees,
so that her tits were hanging down like swollen balloons. He pulled on
her hair to make her head tilt back to that her tits would be even
more available. Then he began to shake her upper body left and right,
making her tits bounce obscenely before the kids' amused eyes. "This
is definitely a cow," Depoulos said to the kids. "As soon as she will
pregnant, these fat udders will be full milk bags. And since you share
my little secret, and know what a depraved bitch she is, you boys will
be able to milk her."

Rick had now inserted his middle finger in her exposed pussy, probably
per Depoulos' instructions - she had learned how her boss liked to
have her teased when he talked like this. "The whore will bake a cake
and then you will squeeze her tits to fill your cups with milk, and
have your snack."

Roberta was sobbing.... Rick had now three fingers in her gaping hole
and the kids were savouring her tits again. Tom and Ricky french
kissed her in turn.

"Good. Now the boys might want to take a look at your cunt" Depoulos
said. "Sit on the floor whore, be sure to let them have the full

Rick released Roberta, who meekly sat on the floor before them. Her
cheek were wet with tears. The boys had their eyes fixed to the
beautiful shaved place between her legs. She parted them wide, then
layed her back onto the floor and raised her knees. The clips attached
to their sex lips did their work in fully exposing the girl's intimate

"Is this where you want their cocks, bitch? You need them in your
cunt?" Depoulos asked.

"Y... yes Sir"

"Yes, sure. But your dripping cunt will wait until they choose to fuck

"Yes Sir."

"You can touch it, boys. Feel how wet the cow gets at the idea of
being fucked here and now by three cocks."

The three juvenile, in turn, began to feel her exposed sex. Roberta
closed her eyes as their young hands groped her outer lips, her
exposed clit - roughly -, as their fingers entered her gaping hole.
"That must be the first time they see a whore's cunt, is that true,
boys?" asked Depoulos. The three nodded, as their hands ran on her
sex, her thighs, her ass. Jimmy and Ricky had begun to rub themselves
through their pants, too.

When they had had a good taste of her pussy, Depoulos ordered Roberta
on her knees again. She felt ****** and ********; her will was
completely gone. "These boys need some attention, whore," said
Depoulos. "Why don't you take their cocks out. And while you do, I
want you to look into their eyes and tell them that you love them,
that you want to suck their cocks every day for the rest of your


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These words again shocked her to life. "Please...." she sobbed, weakly
shaking her head no. Depoulos didn't say a word and slapped her face,
twice. Roberta's sobs subsided, and she took position before Tom. She
raised her tear-filled eyes to meet the boys'... his gaze, ever more
lustful, his cheeks red with arousal, were so embarassing... as she
managed to undo the button of his pants with her half-bound hands, and
then to lower his zipper... "I.. " she muttered.... god that was so
hard... "I love you... Tom... I want to suck your.... cock... every
day... forever..." She realized that she couldn't pull his cock out in
any other way than by taking it in the round hole between her thumb
and her fingers. She
delicately pulled it out. "Tell him that his cock is bigger and more
arousing than Bob's, and use humiliating words to refer to your bf,
and taste him" Depoulos ordered. "Y... your cock is bigger... than
Bob's... he is a wimp, he has a poor flaccid cock.... yours is
beautiful..." With that, she timidly lapped at Tom's cock, still
looking into his eyes... engulfed the head in her voluptuous lips....
sucked on it briefly.... then a slap on her ass by Depoulos urged her
to switch to Ricky.

She did the same to Ricky and Jimmy, pulling their erect teenagers
cock out, worshipping them, telling them that she needed their cocks
and would suck on them every day, even after she got married to that
"gay wimp". Her heart was broken, she had passed the point of no
return, she couldn't remember what it meant to have dignity and

Depoulos voice again. "You have two hands and one whore mouth, dog,
that is enough for three boys."

She hesitated... another sudden slap on her face urged her to proceed.
She gently put her glove-bound hands around the cocks of Tom and
Ricky, who were sitting on the left and the right, respectively. She
began to slowly pump on them while she lowered her mouth onto Jimmy's
cock. Jimmy's was the best endowed of the three of them. She felt his
cock push against her throat as she began bobbing her head, her hands
moving up and down in a steady, gentle rhythm. Depoulos squatted
behind the girl; his right hand reached between her thighs. Roberta
immediately spread her knees to provide her master better access, and
Depoulos acknowledged this by pushing three fingers into her clipped
gaping sex. "Mmmm..." he chuckled, "I knew you were a depraved whore,
but I didn't expect your cunt to drip like this."

Roberta kept sucking and jerking as she shivered at Depoulos' words...
so true... she was actually feeling so horny, so guilty, so lost....
she felt him spank her ass lazily as his fat fingers pumped her... and
felt she deserved it... then he withdrew his fingers and spanked her
cunt.... each stroke sending waves of intense sensations from her clit
and labia to her brain...

"I understand you like Jimmy's cock a lot, bitch, but I'm sure the
other guys would like to try your mouth, too" said Depoulos, "I want
you to switch from time to time."

Roberta withdrew from Jimmy's cock and began sucking on Tom's,
replacing her mouth with her free hand. Depoulos was now alternating
between fingering her pussy, slapping it, spanking her ass, slapping
her bound tits, twisting her nipples... his hands were everywhere on
her available, low body.

All of the boys had their cock sucked in turn, while the others were
being jerked. The first to approach climax was Tom. Depoulos noticed
it, and instructed the girl: "Milk their cum onto your face, bitch,
and look into their eyes as you take their cum.... smile to them like
the horny bitch dog you are and beg for their cum". Pause. "Humiliate
yourself to arouse them til they cum... and choose good words or your
will be whipped on your cunt *very* hard while you're hanged by your

Roberta removed her mouth from Jimmy's cock, which she was sucking
again, and began pumping Tom faster.... pointing his tool onto her
face... smiling at him with tears in her eyes.... as her mind ran to
find the words Depoulos wanted to hear... "please... please Tom i need
your cum on my whore face.... i am your whore, a bitch who feeds on
cum and piss.... fill my sluttish face with your sperm..." The rhythm
of her talking to the boy was much conditioned by the attentions she
was receiving by Depoulos, still feeling and teasing her erogenous

Tom let out a loud moan as his young cock began spurting his load onto
her cheeks and nose. Depoulos smiled... "oh yes," he said, "teenager
cum for my whore...." Roberta felt his middle finger pushing onto her
anus as one more shot landed on her face.... And then Ricky was
throbbing.... she turned to him.... degraded herself to get him off...
"cum.... i am a whore who likes to be covered in teenagers' cum.... i
want to ***** and smell and taste your cum.... i want my face to smell
of teenagers' cum next time I kiss Bob..." "Very good, whore" said
Depoulos, pushing his finger deeper in her rectum as a reward. "Go
on...." Ricky was now coming, she was jerking Jimmy.... she turned to
him and began licking
his cock as she pumped it with her hand... "please Jimmy shoot my
face.... shoot this fat whore as a punishment for being such a wanton
slut...." Depoulos slid a finger into her cunt as the other one was
pumping her anus... and Jimmy was now spraying all over her cum filled

Still fingering her holes, Depoulos motioned Rick to approach Roberta
and do what he knew. Rick seized her hair, tilted her head back, and
****** his huge fully erect cock downright into her mouth. With her
head tilted back, she had Depoulos' mouth close to her ear. He began
licking and biting her earlobe and sticking his tongue into her ear as
he whispered: "You need to cum, don't you, depraved cumpig? I know
filthy whores like you, having fresh teen cum dripping from your
beautiful face makes you need to cum so bad...." His thumb began
rubbing her clit as his forefinger went in and out of her slippery
pussy. "That poor wimp Bob is going to marry a bitch who will suck cum
from her sons and eat her *********' cunts... he doesn't know what a
dripping cunt he's going to live with, but I know you, and you know
I'm right...."

Roberta just sobbed and moaned as her boss fingerfucked both of her
holes and Rick's long black snake pistoned her throat. The boys were
watching. "You still have your hands free, and there's three cocks
before you. Do what a whore must," Depoulos whispered.

Roberta extended her hands searching for the teenagers' cocks and
began pumping them again through her lace gloves. She actually, really
needed to cum. Depoulos pushed two fingers deep in her vagina, his
palm pressing onto her clit, and whispered: "now whore, if you are a
filthy bitch that needs to get off with fresh teen cum on her face,
that will eat cum from her ********, just milk my fingers with your
cunt and I will allow you to cum. It's your choice - there will be no
punishment if you choose not to cum like the teenfucker you are."

Roberta's head was just spinning - she was given a choice, and knew
her body would betray her spirit again - she began to squeeze
Depoulos' fingers with her cunt muscles, as if trying to suck them
deeper and deeper. Depoulos grinned. Rick was getting close. "Ok,
bitch" Depoulos sentenced, "as soon as your mouth is filled with black
seed, you are allowed to fuck yourself onto my fingers until you cum."

Rick understood his boss wanted him to cum, and took her blond head in
his hands, increasing the tempo of his facefucking. He soon began
throbbing and let out a huge load of sperm literally engulfing
Roberta's mouth. Covered in teen cum and with her mouth filled by the
black stud, the girl began moving her hips to masturbate on her boss'
fingers. He kept still; he wanted the girl to do all the work, to get
off by her own will, to savour her own ****** needs. She moaned as
Rick withdrew from her mouth, a trail of thick semen landing on her
chin.... still pumping on the teens' cocks, she let out a cry as she
reached a huge climax, cumming profusely on Depoulos' hand.

The greek boss withdrew his fingers from her holes and stood. Roberta
was left alone, panting on the cold floor, in a mess of cum and sweat.
Her bound boobs rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

"Very good," Depoulos said, watching the sobbing degraded secretary.
"Now you know who you are, whore. Am I right?"

He slapped her right tit, hard.

"Y... yes Sir"

"I didn't hear you." Hard slap - left tit.

"Yes Sir... i know what dirty whore i am... Sir"

"Good. On all fours, face to the floor, give your cunt to the boys."

Roberta quickly obeyed, bending over to jutt her bottom up in the air,
legs spread. The boys watched Depoulos. This time, Ricky was the first
to act. He placed himself behind the round ass of his beautiful
neighbor, and put his cock into her pussy. One by one, all of the boys
took her and downloaded more cum into her.

When the last one was done, Depoulos thanked the boys, reminded them
that Roberta was at their disposal until they kept the secret, and had
Liza show them the way to the door. Roberta was left bent over with
fresh cum dripping from her gaping pussy.

Depoulos looked at her with despise in his eyes. "I have to attend to
a meeting now, whore, so I won't need your services anymore. You are
free to go back home to your lover. You will not be allowed to use the
bath, so I'm afraid you will be in a mess of cum when you get out of
here." He turned to Liza, who had just returned into the room after
leading the boys out. "Give her some fresh clothes to wear. No panties
nor bra. Make sure both skirt and top are at least one size too

Liza nodded. Depoulos left the room. And Roberta felt her leash being
pulled - time to go back home.


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When monday came, it was much of a relief. After the sessions at
Depoulos' mansion, she had to refuse her boyfriend's attention, for
fear that he would detect the marks on her skin from the whipping and
prolonged bondage. He was obviously upset but she managed to persuade
him that she was just feeling very tired after the weekend "intensive
kick off meeting".

When she entered her office, she found Depoulos waiting for her,
sitting onto her desk with his heavy wooden ruler in his hands. "Ah,
here you are, pig", he said, letting his gaze roam over her shapely
body, packaged in a nice skin-colored, short-skirted business suit.
Roberta timidly greeted her boss and stood, waiting for his
instructions. "While I was driving to come here," he said, speaking
slowly, "I thought I would have liked to see some bruised fat cunt
lips this morning. This is why I am here, and why I have this ruler
with me."

Roberta lowered her eyes. "Yes Sir" she meekly replied, looking down
onto the floor. She thought more instructions would come, but Depoulos
remained silent for a while, and then hissed: "what are you waiting
for, pig." The severe tone of his voice sent a shiver of pure fear
through the submitted girl. "I'm... sorry Sir" she apologized quickly,
"what... position do you want me to take... Sir?"

"In your chair" he said. Roberta quickly muttered "yes Sir" while she
raised her short skirt to her waist and then sat down, placing her
knees onto the chair's arms, exposing her defenceless pussy to her
tormentor. He looked at her, seemingly waiting for something else on
her part. Roberta knew what that was. "Please... " she began to
*********** beg, "please hit my cunt with your ruler... Sir".

"Hard, pig?"

"Yes Sir... please hit my cunt hard Sir."

Depoulos grinned and began to inflict several hard strokes of the
ruler flat on her pussy, increasing the strength at each stroke. His
steel cold eyes were fixed on Roberta's, and she knew she couldn't
look down or away. Biting her sexy lips, she moaned at each stroke,
looking at him. "Unbutton your jacket," he ordered while more strokes
landed on her sensitive flesh. Roberta quickly complied, and for the
next several strokes, Depoulos ******** fondled and squeezed her naked
tits to add to his own pleasure and to her pain and **********.
Roberta felt her pussy lips become hot as the ruler hit her again and
again. Then Depoulos stood still, watching her reddened sex with a
satisfied smile. "I bet Bobby's not using this hole very much these
days, is he." "N... no Sir..." she replied. "The whore cannot let her
sweetheart see her sex so swollen and ******, can she," he insisted.
"No... Sir... I reject him." "That's good. I'll use this ruler to
control your sex life. When I don't want Bobby to dump his cum in his
wife-to-be, I'll just spank her cunt a nice brilliant red like today.
Do you like the idea, cow?"

"Yes... Sir" she said, trying to ***** a smile on her crying face.

Depoulos nodded again. His eyes went to her naked large breasts, that
was rising and falling sensuously with her heavy breath. "Mmmm... " he
said, "I think I'll had some tit whipping to complete my morning
starter." Roberta quickly wiped a tear from her eye, then whispered:
"yes Sir please whip my fat tits Sir". "Would you like to fingerfuck
your cunt while I do, pig," he asked. "Yes please Sir let me finger my
cunt while you whip my fat tits Sir". "With both hands," he ordered.
Roberta reached to her crotch with both hands and worked two fingers
from each into her pussy, as Depoulos began lashing her bare tits,
letting the ruler hit flat alternatingly onto her nipples and her
skin. Each stroke made a loud "whack!" echoing in the small room and
made her soft breast flesh tremble like jelly. And all the while
Roberta was looking up at her boss, with her shapely stockinged thighs
widely parted, and four fingers stretching her pussy in a steady
pumping motion.

"That's a good pigwhore," he said, when both of her breasts were sore
enough for his tastes. "Give your master a good wet pigwhore kiss
now." He bent down and glued his mouth to hers, sending a shiver of
disgust through her system - his tongue obscenely sticking into her
mouth, his abundant saliva filling her mouth of that stranger taste.
She tried her best to comply with his will, parting her lips as wide
as they would go and caressing his tongue softly with hers. Both of
his hands ran to her tits, cupping them and squeezing them, his nails
digging into her flesh as he savoured the sadistic kiss.

When he finally broke the kiss, he reached for her chin and held her
mouth open as he let a large glob of his spit fall down into her
mouth. "Swallow" he ordered, keeping his grip on her chin. She did,
and then he did spit again into her mouth. "I think this horny pig is
ready for an advancement in her training," he said, still holding her
mouth open. Her fingers were still working into her pussy - she knew
better than to stop without an explicit permission to do so. "It's
time you learn to do your duty as a toilet servant, too" he said,
spitting once again in her mouth. At those words, her eyes widened in
fear as she tried to shake her head no and speak - but Depoulos
reacted by slapping her face
hard and then ******* her mouth open again. "Shut the fuck up, pig,"
he hissed, in an hissing voice that cut any further protest on her
part. "Bobby will be happy to have a good wife who can ***** his piss
and eat his ****. I'm just about to train you as a good fucktoy wife
for your beloved boyfriend." He spitted once more in her mouth, then
let go of her face. Roberta looked at him with pleading eyes, but
could not dare speak.

Depoulos looked down at her hands, still half buried in her crotch.
"Stop pleasing that fucking pig cunt," he ordered, "since you tried to
protest you don't deserve pleasure, but pain." He searched her desktop
for something and then found it - a handful of paper clips. He
extended his hand, offering the clips to the girl. "Put four on each
of your cuntlips." Roberta reached for the clips, placing the first
one slowly. To do so, she istinctively looked down, but Depoulos
seized her hair and ****** her to keep eye-contact with him. "I think
a masturbator like you knows her pig cunt without watching," he said.
"Y... yes Sir" she murmured, placing all of the eight clips. The
springs of the clips were strong and she could feel the metal
painfully biting into her flesh. She felt her sex burning with pain.
Depoulos still had one clip in his hand. "That's for
your clit, bitch."

Roberta took the last clip and applied it where ordered. Big tears
were now streaming down her lovely face. Depoulos nodded. "Now,
fuckpig, focus your mind on what I have to say. As a punishment for
trying to avoid your toilet training, you will keep all of these clips
on until after lunch break. You will *not* have lunch, today, too, nor
*****. This will make it easier for you to accept what you will get
this afternoon. I will have a full lunch for your benefit, don't
worry. Is the pig happy with my orders?"

Depoulos' fat hands were now feeling her thighs. Roberta wiped her
tears again. "Yes Sir thank You Sir this pig is happy with your
orders," she replied. He reached for the clip that was attached to her
clit and twisted it slowly. "Good. Now before you go, you will show me
you are sorry for your behavior. I'll tell you how. Do you want to
show me you are sorry?"

"Yes... Sir please" she murmured.
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