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les histoires de chrislebo

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"Kneel on the floor before those drawers", he ordered, pointing to a
chest of metal drawers. Roberta obeyed, standing from the chair and
then immediately falling onto her knees and crawling to the chest.
"Open the first drawer" he said. Roberta obeyed again. "Put your
milkbags in the drawer, and close it. Squeeze your own breasts. I want
to see marks on them when I tell you to stop, so don't be too soft -
in your own interest."

The girl began sobbing. Humiliatingly, she leaned her breasts in the
drawer, and then pushed it close - pushing hard, biting her lip and
moaning in pain in her self inflicted, degrading *******. Depoulos
approached her and unzipped his pants, sitting across the chest in
such a way as to present her mouth with his cock. "Blow my cock while
you pull and push on the drawer like a good painslut."

Roberta opened her sexy lips and closed them around her boss' cock,
sucking it in her mouth as gently as she could while she moaned in
pain and cried big, silent tears. Her platinum-blond head began to bob
slowly on his manhood. Depoulos was rock hard and, in order to comply
with his tastes, she tried until she could get his head into her
throat. Depoulos looked down with a wicked grin, his body relaxing as
he was pleased by her throat, tongue and lips.

To Roberta, who was smashing her own breast, the blowjob seemed to
last forever. Finally, she felt him throb in her mouth and pull out.
He jerked his cock quickly until he began shooting his hot thick fluid
onto her pretty face. He cleaned it in her hair and then stood again.
"Let me see if you did a good job with those fat udders," he said.
Roberta opened the drawer to expose her sore, heavily bruised chest.
"That's fine enough, pig" Depoulos ordered. "You will be called into
my office this afternoon. Be sure to remember my orders."

It was 3 o'clock when Depoulos called Roberta over the intercom. She
locked her computer and walked to his office. Her knees were
trembling. She had fought hard to keep the thought of what was in
store for her off her mind - but now the time had come.

She entered the office and found Depoulos standing by his desk. He
didn't say a word until she was before him. "I think my personal
bathroom is the proper place to begin your training as a pig toilet
servant," he said, slapping her ass to urge her towards the small door
that led from his office to an adjacent room.

When they were in Depoulos' bathroom, he closed and locked the door
behind him. He stood before her and looked straight into her eyes.
Roberta was already blushing, but did manage to keep eye contact.
Without a word, Depoulos reached for her jacket and undid her buttons
slowly. When the last button was over, he took her tits in his hands
and began to feel and maul them. "You are one sexy toilet pig," he
whispered, causing the first tears to fill her eyes. Next he unzipped
her skirt and let it fall onto the floor. His hands then went back to
her tits.

"The first thing I'm gonna teach to Bobby's pig bride is to ***** pee
pee," he said. "Kneel." Roberta couldn't conceal her feelings, and
looked at Depoulos with pleading eyes, but did sink to her knees and
sat on her calves as she whispered "yes Sir." Depoulos looked down at
the kneeling beauty at his feet with a wicked grin on his face. "Are
you thirsty pig" he said in a cold, emotionless voice. "Y... yes Sir"
she sobbed, her big eyes staring into his. "Don't cry, you're gonna
like it" he said. "Take my cock out."

Roberta reached to his fly and unzipped it. She reached for his cock
with trembling hands and pulled it out slowly. Depoulos was only half
erect. "I have been saving it for my pig's belly," he said with a
grin. "Thank me for what I am about to make you do."

"Th.... thanks Sir for... letting me...."

A hard slap on her face interrupted her, the sudden pain causing her
to let out a cry. "There's no me, pig. Use proper words to refer to
your dirty, worthless self."

"Th... thanks Sir for letting... this pig.... ***** your... pee pee...

"That's better. Take it."

Roberta opened her lips and accepted his cock in her mouth. Depoulos
smiled wickedly and began to release his hot piss. For a brief moment
Roberta closed her eyes when the foul taste hit her senses, but
immediately opened them again to stare into her boss' eyes as she was
required to. A whole lot of tears filled her eyes as she fought with
herself not to gag. "Don't waste a drop, pig" he said coldly. His piss
was streaming into her mouth steadily. Roberta swallowed and
swallowed. When it finally was over, he ordered her to let go of his
cock and lick it clean. Roberta felt at the very bottom of
degradation. She withdrew and then began to lick his cock slowly,
without using her hands. She thought she
was looking pretty much like an ****** - a dog or a pig.

"That's a good wife," said Depoulos, "you drank it all. Did your cunt
enjoy it bitch?"

Roberta hesitated. Yes, once again her pussy was getting wet on her
degradation. "Yes... Sir my... this pig's cunt is wet Sir."

"I had no doubt about it," he said coldly. He caressed her face with a
smile of mock sympathy. "Now this bigtitted whore wife should be
hungry, too, aren't you?"

Roberta hesitated again. She wanted to beg him not to make her do
that. She couldn't say it. Big tears ran from her eyes, and twice she
opened her mouth to implore, but she knew that would only make things
worst. "Y.... yes" she finally managed to say, "yes... Sir.... this
pig is hungry."

"What would this pig eat then?"

"Please....." she murmured, "please let this pig.... eat.... your ****

Roberta felt all free will escape her mind with those words. She had
entered a state of pure **********. She could no longer think of
herself as a human after having pronounced those words... it was
simply too painful. She felt like an ******, a sextoy ****** at her
Master's feet.

"Why don't you twist the clip that's biting your clit for me while you
beg, pig, to demonstrate how willing you are to eat my ****."

In her state of trance, Roberta reached for the clip and began to
twist it and pull on it, causing herself more pain, as she spoke
again: "please Sir this pig needs your ****... Sir.... please let me
eat it.... this pig begs you Sir...."

Depoulos turned his back to her and lowered his pants. He bent down a
bit to offer her his ass. "Take a good lick at my asshole to begin
with, pig. Tell me how do you like its taste." Roberta bent forward,
burying her face between his hairy asscheeks. The intense smell was
disgusting, but she sticked her tongue out and reached to lick his
asshole. She began to lick it slowly and sensuously, letting her
tongue run up and down along his crack around the hole. "This... pig
loves the taste of... your ass Sir" she sobbed.

"That's good, I feel I have several mouthfulls for you today" he said.
"Stick your tongue in to stimulate me into feeding my pig." Roberta
closed her eyes and sticked her tongue in, pushing her face deeper
between his ass cheeks. Depoulos moaned in pleasure and ordered her to
jerk him while she was tongued his asshole. The poor girl reached for
his now fully erect cock and began to massage it obediently while her
tongue went in and out, licking the insides and the border of his

Suddendly, she felt his **** push her tongue outwards. "Pig food is
served, eat it all like a good whore pig wife." She withdrew her
tongue and *********** glued her lips to his anus, receiving the first
piece of his **** in her mouth. The sensation was so horrid that she
could hardly resist, but somehow began to jerk his cock quicker in her
hand as she began to swallow. She coughed and was about to gag, but
somehow managed not to. She swallowed more, thinking she would die.
But she didn't. Most of the first piece was gone when the second one
filled her mouth, quicker this time. Again she managed to eat it all.

Her hand was still working on Depoulos' cock, although she was only
dimly aware of this.

Depoulos released two more chunks before he was finished. The last one
took Roberta a long time to swallow. When it was all gone, Depoulos
withdrew from her face and she took several deep breaths and coughed
again. The smell and taste was all she could sense. "Use your spit and
lick my asshole clean, pig" he ordered. Roberta complied, all of her
body shaking for the great shock she had undergone. Depoulos slowly
turned towards her until his cock was pointing at her face. She was
still jerking him.

"Let's wash it down with some fresh cum, pig. Open your mouth wide."

Roberta obeyed, opening her mouth as Depoulos began to shoot his load.
Several hot, abundant spurts filled her mouth. "Gargle," he said. She
obeyed, washing her mouth with his cum. She was pale and her eyes were
reddened by tears.

"Very good," said Depoulos. He squatted beside her and felt her pussy
with one hand, feeling her naked shapely ass with the other. "It
feels like the pig's enjoyed her meal" he said, finding her wet -
something that would have added to her degradation, hadn't she been
degraded beyond any limit already. He began to slowly finger fuck her
as he spoke in her ear. "Next time you suck Bobby's small cock or
french kiss him, I bet you're gonna think of a big chunk of my ****
entering your mouth, won't you." "Y... yes Sir". He added one finger.
"Yes. And I bet this is gonna make you so wet.... to think that the
supposedly pure mouth Bobby is kissing has taken a good mix of piss,
**** and cum from another man."

Roberta was only dimly conscious, now. The only thing she was aware
of, was that Depoulos was right. She actually needed to cum. She
desperately needed to cum. Or to pass over.

"If you are a good girl, next time I'm gonna let you push some of my
**** into your cunt. Would pig like it?"

"Y.... yes Sir... this pig would like it...."

"Like what?"

"To have... to push your **** into her cunt Sir....."

She tried to resist the urge to beg him, but it was to strong.
"Please..." she begged, as she gave herself in completely, "please let
this pig cum..... Sir"

"Oh sure," he said, "lie with your back onto the floor."

Roberta complied quickly, breathing hard. He raised her knees and
parted her legs. "I'm gonna help my pig by spanking her cunt harder
and harder until she comes."

With that, he began to hit her on her clip-adorned pussy. Each slap
was harder. And it only took seven of them to lead Roberta to the most
intense climax of her life.


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Bob Riggs called his fiancee again, and again he heard the answering
machine. "Love, it's me," he said. "I won't be home tonight. I have
been invited by my boss, or more exactly, the boss of my boss... at
some kind of cocktail party, to meet some new customer, don't ask me,
I have no idea why they want me to be there. I don't know when I'll be
back, and I'll probably quit my cell phone while i'm there. I'll call
you later. Kiss."

He felt guilty for lying to Roberta. He was actually paying to be at
this party. The boss of his boss, Mr. Dawson, had been talking Bob
about this for a few weeks. It was a club of sorts, with sexy shows of
some kind, and well - his sexual life had been quite frustrating in
the last weeks. So, why not try to get some relief. He had no idea why
Dawson had been talking about these "special" parties to him, or, for
that matter, if other colleagues had been told and had refused to
participate. The sum wasn't that big - of course it was just meant to
pay back the overall costs of the party. Not that he cared about who
got the money and why. It was just a night out. And if his bosses were
into this, there was no reason to be concerned about his own
reputation. Strangely enough, he never considered visiting clubs on
his own... but this time, all he had had to do was say: "ok", and pay
fifty bucks. According to Dawson, the show was going to be well worth
the money.


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The party took place in a large mansion in the countryside. Bob parked
his car - the only small one besides several limos - and nervously
climbed the stairs to the main door. A waitress in a sexy uniform
greeted him, took the invitation, and led him in. "Hurry up, sir, the
show is about to begin." "Oh... oh yes ok, thank you" he babbled. A
bit nervous, he thought to himself. He entered the main hall where the
show was about to begin.

The lights were dimmed, and he sat down on a large sofa. After a few
minutes, while he was looking around to see if he could recognize any
known face, the waitress came up with a tray of ******. "Would you
like a cocktail, sir," she politely offered. He started when her small
hand, covered by a sexy lace glove, rubbed his cock through his pants
gently. "Y.. yes thank you" he said, fetching a blue one from the
tray. "You're welcome sir," she said, stepping away into the
half-darkness and leaving Bob with a hint of a hardon.

"Hello friends, and welcome", said someone, speaking through a
microphone. Bob couldn't see who that was - he had chose a seat
someway back, to keep a low profile. "We have a very special show this
evening, as some of you know. We're going to have a young bride - well
not exactly, she'll get married next year - on the stage for your
entertainment." Bob swallowed hard, took another sip at his *****.
That must be some hired lapdancer who'll play the part, he thought to
himself. "And I'm sure you will like to know, she's not here for
money," the voice said. "She was caught in doing some serious illicit
stuff on her job, and to save herself from ruin, she has to undergo
whatever her blackmailers want her to. You are lucky that her
blackmailers are very close friends of mine..."

The audience laughed, and applauded. Bob felt his cock twitch. Was
that real? And if so... whas it any moral to sit there... waiting for
the show... with a rock hardon?

"I have personally tested this whore bride several times, and I can
tell you she is worth a good look. For privacy reasons, she will be
called by a nickname tonight. Ladies and gents, please welcome Betty."

Bob took another sip from his *****. Some spotlights were turned onto
the center of the hall. And then two figures stepped in the light. A
man and a girl. The man was walking, the girl was following on all
fours... and...

Bob felt his ***** freeze.

It wasn't a hallucination. His fiancee was there! on all fours, led on
a leash by a black man. She was wearing a tight, short, sexy version
of a bridal gown; candid lace gloves that went almost up to her
shoulders; a bride's hat with the traditional lace veil; her dress was
too short to conceal the hem of her white stockings. Her shoes were 6"
stiletto heels. The only non-white thing she was wearing was the dog
collar to which the leash was attached.

Bob was in a state of complete shock. He looked at the voluptous shape
of his fiancee's body, emphasized by the tight dress. She was probably
wearing a tight corset too, since her tits looked bigger than usual,
as if they were pushed up. The guy holding the leash was a black man
dressed up in a black suit, and he held a black riding crop in the
other hand.

Bob's first reaction, after the initial shock, would have been to cry
out something. But in fact, he didn't even move or say a word. He
couldn't - not with all of those managers from his company around. He
felt paralized. He checked if someone in the room was looking at him -
nobody was. Probably, no one knew she was his fiancee. How could they
know? Otherwise, they wouldn't had invited him at all, he thought. His
heart was pounding like crazy. He put the glass on a small table
beside him, realizing his hands were shaking too much and he couldn't
safely hold it.

"So Betty", said the man with the microphone, "do you realise that my
friends must not be disappointed, and that whatever hesitation to do
what you're told will be severely punished?"

It was another shock for Bob to actually hear Roberta's voice - and to
hear her say what she said: "Y... yes master this pig understands
master". Her voice was broken and sobbing - it was obvious that it was
all true - she was being blackmailed and was doing that against her
will. Again Bob felt the need to act, to protect his sweetheart, and
again he remained perfectly still... cursing himself for being a
coward, and for being a dirty pervert who would attend to such a

"Let's make sure she does, Rick" the man on the microphone said. The
black guy nodded, and raised the hem of her dress, revealing her
rounded buttocks. He parted her legs, and rubbed her pussy through the
white thong she was wearing. Bob felt his stomach twisting. Then the
black man placed his big hands on her lovely thighs, parted them
wider, and inflicted two heavy strokes of the crop right on her
crotch, causing her to cry out in pain.

The audience cheered and applauded. Someone made comments on how hot
she was. She really was. Despite all embarassment, fear, and anger,
Bob couldn't take his eyes from her - that wonderful body exposed in
such a teasing outfit - and treated like *this*.... god....

"Good," the man said. "So, I have some questions for you to help you
introduce yourself."

As soon as the man had said this, the black guy stepped behind the
girl and lowered her thong slowly. He unbuckled his pants. Bob felt
his stomach cringe, and again he felt on the edge - ready to
explode... - and once again he remained still, quiet.

"When are you going to get married, Betty pig," said the man.

"This pig will get married... in june master" she muttered. She was
sobbing. Bob could tell that her eyes were wet with tears - you have
to stop it, you have to stop this, he said to himself.

"Do you love your future hubby, Betty?" asked the man.

"Yes master, this pig loves her future hubby... sir... master" was her
reply. The black guy extended his hand and began to feel her naked
pussy from behind. Bob clenched his fists. The black man inserted his
long middle finger in her hole, slowly.

"And what do you like better, Betty, hubby's small prick in your cunt
or a big healthy black cock up your pig's ass?"

"This... pig likes... a big black cock up her ass... better... master"
was her degrading reply.

The black guy behind her grinned, and bent down to spit into her
crack. Then, he slowly inserted his middle finger in her anus, causing
a moan to escape from her lips, as he teased her slowly, to help her
relax. The audience was in a frenzy and Bob thought he was about to go
insane. He couldn't move, yet he knew he couldn't just stay there
still. It was unlikely that she could see him, in the dark, with the
lights pointing to the stage. Yet he could not let this go on...
but... what could he do...?

He was about to stand to walk away when the waitress appeared before
him. She smiled at him and knelt before him. She was a sexy blond
bimbo. "I have finished serving ******, sir," she said, "may I...?"
Her hand reached to his zipper. He hesitated, but his cock seemed to
be on the edge of exploding. "Y... yes" he said.

The blonde took his cock out and giggled. "You're not too big, sir,
are you?" she said in a teasing voice. Bob was confused... yet his
lips framed the word: "no..." She smiled. "So... perhaps you want me
to suck on this little cock of yours?" "Y... yes" he replied. He felt
her lips enclose his prick softly. In a state of dream, he heard the
man on the microphone: "Betty, if you want Rick to please your fat
ass, you should be a good girl and please his first. I'm sure Rick
would enjoy your sweet tongue up his ass."

"Y... yes master" Roberta mattered, as Rick turned his back to her,
with a grin. Roberta buried her face between his muscular ass cheeks,
and began to lick him slowly. Rick laughed and moaned. "Stick that
tongue deeper, whore," he said. Roberta obeyed. Even with no
microphone to help, the slurping could be heard clearly. She had been
probably been trained to make nice slurping sounds when licking - and
Bob's cock was growing iron-hard in the waitress' mouth.

"It must taste like ****, but this bride likes ****. What do you like
about ****, Betty? Tell us."

Roberta was trembling. "This pig... loves to lick, taste and eat ****,
master. She also loves to have **** smeared on her body and pushed
into her cunt and ass."

Bob couldn't believe his ears. It was obvious that, whatever happened
to Roberta, it had been going on for quite a long time. He wondered
how did they manage to teach her to behave and speak like this. And
what else was she had been trained to do. And his cock pushed in the
throat of the sexy waitress servicing him.

"Good," said the man. "Now you'd better cover Rick's snake with your
spit, to make things easier for your fat whore ass."

Rick turned again to face her. Her red-lipsticked lips wrapped
themselves around the man's huge manhood. Making kinky slurping
sounds, she began to lick and suck on the black dong. Seeing her
service a massive black cock was the most erotic thing Bob had ever
seen, or so he felt, in his state of shocked confusion. Rick's cock
looked enormous, and when Rick began to slide it in her beautiful
face, Bob could see an obscene bulge in her throat.

Finally, Rick withdrew his penis, shiny with her saliva, and cropped
her asscheeks, one loud stroke on each. "Give me your ass now, bride."

Roberta turned and arched her back to offer her rounded, sedutive
white ass. Her hands - so sexy in those high lace gloves - reached to
part her ass cheeks for him. Rick grinned and pushed his huge tool
into her ass. Bob couldn't believe she could take that monster cock at
all. It wasn't an easy fit, but the black guy managed to push all of
its head into her in one single shove. Then he began pumping with his
hips, gaining inch by inch with each shove. The mesmerized
husband-to-be kept watching intently as he saw his future wife's
asshole take that snake, while Rick laughed, called her names, and
slapped and cropped her exposed ass. Rick also began to pull on her
leash to ***** her onto his cock.


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"Does that feel good, whore," said the man on the microphone.

"Yes... master... this pig... loves it master."

"Is that dirty enough for a fuckpig like you, or do you deserve more?"

"This pig... deserves more... master", she said, finally bursting into
tears, either for the pain - it just *had* to be painful, given Rick's
size - or the degradation. Bob felt the waitress slow down, as if she
knew that something more erotic was coming, and didn't want to let him
cum too soon. Bob kept his eyes fixed on the stage. And he went pale
as he saw what came next.

A tall woman, dressed in a black latex uniform, was entering the
stage. She was leading a big black dog on a leash. "Good evening,
Martha", said the man on the microphone. Martha grinned and made
courtesies to the audience and the invisible host. Bob looked at
Roberta and saw the terror in her eyes. "N.... no please master...."
she managed to sob. "I hope you remember that no hesitation will be
allowed, pig" the man said. "Y... y... yes master this pig
remembers.... mas..ter" she cried meekly.

"Dear guests," the man said, "it's no secret that Betty has taken
black cock up her ass before. But you might be pleased to know, this
is gonna be her first date with a dog."

The audience cheered aloud. Bob noticed that a lot of sex was going on
in the room. Several women were on their knees sucking, or jerking the
men. Of course. The waitress at his feet rubbed his cock, teasingly,
with a wicked smile on her pretty face. "Do you like what you see...
Sir? The poor shy bride and that well hung muscular big dog?" Bob
closed in eyes in pleasure as her hand ran gently over his swollen
prick. "Do you want me to suck you again while you watch her please
the dog against her will?"

The waitress was rubbing her pussy, too. Bob could not resist. "Y...
yes I want it" he murmured, in a whisper. "What... will she do?"

"Uhm, I dunno, sir," the waitress replied with a mock girlish voice.
"I guess she's gonna take the dog's cock in her mouth, cunt and-or
ass, sir, and that she's going to receive his cum too. Dog cum usually
looks sexy on whores' faces sir, so if you want to bet, my bet is on a
good dog cum facial". The girl giggled, and licked the tip of Bob's

Martha was holding a crop, and she was, too, very sexy in the short
latex dress. She too wore stockings and heels. Rick was still pumping
Roberta's ass, but slowed down. "So, Betty, I guess you have never
touched a dog before," said the man. "N... no master" she sobbed. "No
master what?" the man teased her. "No... master this pig never touched
a dog."

"Take his cock in your hand, then, and rub it slowly."

Roberta extended her hand, sobbing loudly. She closed her gloved
fingers around it, and began to jerk the dog slowly and gently. She
looked desperate, and yet so sexy... doing such a nasty thing with a
black cock still pistoning her ass.

"Tell King how much you love him and how badly you need his cock and
cum. Tell him he has a wonderful cock. Tell him you love his powerful
cock more than you like your hubby's small prick."

"Please...." she sobbed, but knew better than disobey. Bob felt the
waitress resume her blowjob while Roberta was whispering to the dog:
"i... love you so much... King... i need your cock in my cunt... your
cum... i love your wonderful, big cock... you're so bigger than my

"Now lick it and say you want to marry him, and you want him to fill
your pig cunt with hot sperm every day of your life."

Roberta was completely lost in degradation. "i... want to marry you...
King" she whispered, as she fought her repulsion and began to lick
him. Her voice was trembling. "i... want your cum to fill my pig
cunt... every day of my... life..."

The dog was obviously trained - Martha probably being his trainer. He
was also obviously enjoying what he was getting.

"That's good, pig," the man said. "Now you have find the boy you want
to marry, and you know what whores do to please their boyfriends. What
is that you do on your first date, Betty?"

"This pig... sucks her boyfriends on her first date..." she sobbed.
"But please...."

"Oh yes, sure. To begin with. Go ahead, then." The man's voice was
steel cold.

Rick helped Roberta a bit further, without withdrawing from her ass.
She held the dog's cock and reluctantly took it in her mouth. Bob felt
his cock throb... seeing her sexy, red painted lips taking that black,
monstruous thing. Martha checked that Roberta was doing everything
right... and waited until King begin to pump in her mouth, which he
did very soon. He began to fuck her mouth fast. Roberta kept her eyes
closed, moaning and crying, as Rick pushed faster and deeper in her

Then, Martha squatted down beside the bride, lowered the top of
Roberta's dress, and undid the strings of her corset, pulling her
young, full, white tits out. The audience cheered when they saw
Roberta's wonderful tits hanging down. The tall woman giggled and
began to pull on her nipples hard, as if she wanted to pull them to
the floor. "God," she said, "this cow's nipples are so erect, I can
tell you she loves the taste of dog cock." Roberta moaned as her
nipples were crushed and hardly pulled, and the two cocks fucked her
ass and mouth. "I think she deserves a little punishment for getting
so aroused at sucking dogs" said Martha, fetching a pair of alligator
clips, which she showed to the audience. The clips seemed to have very
strong springs and very sharp teeth. OIne by one, Martha applied the
clips to her tender, swollen nipples, a loud moo-like moan escaping
from Roberta's busy mouth for the intense pain. More applause. Then
Martha fetches two large mousetraps. "More punishment for the cow's
tits?" Again, cheers, encouragement, applause. Martha grinned and
opened the mousetraps. She ****** them around her tits, and they
snapped close, biting her tits about at the middle.

Roberta let out a loud moan of pain. Rick was pumping very hard and
was obviously about to cum. Martha noticed that, looked at the man on
the microphone - whoever and wherever he was, Bob still had no idea -
and pushed the dog back. Roberta gagged and coughed as soon as King's
cock left her mouth. She was breathing hard.

"Rick needs to cum. Where do pigs get their loads, Betty?" teased the
man on the microphone.

"Pigs... like me... get cum on their faces... " muttered Roberta.

"Correct. Rick, do the bride what she deserves.

Rick grinned and stepped before Roberta. He lowered the candid veil
until it covered her face. Then, he pushed the head of his cock
against it, jerking himself fast. His huge load began to shoot through
the veil on her face. Several men in the audience were cumming too.
Bob noticed that a couple of girls were walking amidst the audience
holding large glass bowls in their hands. His eyes turned to his
fiancee... big droplets of Rick's cum were running down her cheeks to
the floor. More shots hit her nose, and hair. That black guy really
had a big load in store. Bob had never seen so much cum at once,
except in porn movies.

Roberta extended her tongue to receive some of the fresh sperm,
flowing through the veil, directly in her mouth.

Martha was now leading the dog behind Roberta. While Rick was shooting
the last drops, and then rubbing his cock through the veil on
Roberta's cum covered pretty face, Martha directed King to mount the
kneeling girl. Roberta realized the dog was climbing over her and
begged her "master" not to do this... invain, of course. The dog
positioned himself and was soon pumping, his big black prick sliding
fast and easy in her cunt. "Oh, this cow is so moist King is hardly
feeling her cunt at all," said Martha, who was supervising the action.

"Tell King you want his cum in your cunt... tell him you want to be
made pregnant by his wonderful cock," ordered the man. Nonsense as it
was, Roberta obeyed: "King... please... i want your cum in my cunt....
i want you to make me pregnant with your wonderful cock...." And
nonsense as it was, this made Bob's cock begin to throb.


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The girls holding the bowls walked to Roberta. Bob realized that they
had been collecting sperm from the men in the audience. He confusely
wondered why no one had come to collect his. One of the girls seized
Roberta's hair and ****** her to turn her face to the ceiling. "Open
that cumdrinking mouth, cow" the girl said. Roberta, her sexy face a
mess of cum and tears, opened her lips. The girl began to pour the
contents of the bowl on her face. It was a huge, unbelievable, thick
blob of seed, dripping onto her face. The dog was still pumping her
cunt. "Swallow as much as you can, cow," the girl ordered. Roberta
tried her best to obey, despite the obvious repulsion. But it was too
much. Big rivlets fell along her cheeks and throat to her tits and to
the floor, in big sticky drops. The upper part of her dress was a mess
of yellow stains.

The view of his fiancee's face all covered in strangers' cum sent Bob
very close to climaxing. The waitress noticed that, and suddendly
stopped her sucking, withdrawing from his cock. "Pl... please let me
cum...." he pleaded. "You can't cum in my mouth, unfortunately," she
said, teasingly. "Perhaps you want to jerk yourself off." "Please...
please you do it..." The sensuous girl had a wicked grin, and wrapped
her fingers around his painfully hard cock.

The dog was now panting very hard; his furry ass began to shake
frantically behind Roberta's round buttocks. "King is coming," Martha
announced. Roberta closed her eyes, biting her lips, and couldn't help
but letting out a weak cry of horror when she felt the ****** fluid
warming the inside of her sex. Again the audience applauded, as the
big dog withdrew, a thin line of sperm dripping from the girl's ******

The waitress began pumping Bob's cock. He was too near to climax to
realize that she was pointing his cock upwards... as his prick began
to shoot, large warm drops fell on his undone trousers and his shirt.
It was the largest load he could remember to have ever had. And he was
in a mess. He slowed down, breathing hard, as the waitress took him in
her mouth again. The show wasn't over yet.

It was time for the second bowl. The girl who was holding it had
fetched a plastic funnel, which she showed to the audience, causing
more cheers and applause. Meanwhile, Martha had positioned herself
before Roberta's face. She seized her hair and ****** her to look up.
"You are a mess, cum pig," she said coldly. "I think I will pee on
your face to wash you up a little."

"Y... yes mistress thank you mistress..." was Roberta's reply.

Martha pulled her skirt up. She was wearing no underwear, and her
mound was completely shaven. Spreading her legs, she ****** Roberta's
face upwards. "Problem is, I don't have the stimulus right now. I
think some clit licking by a cum dog could be of some help."

"Y.. yes mistress..." the girl murmured again. She stuck her tongue
out, and began to lap the other woman's clit obediently. Martha nodded
to the girl with the bowl and funnel, who spread Roberta's ass cheeks,
and slapped her anus twice. Then, she inserted the funnel in her
tender puckered hole. "Here comes a good cum enema for my doggie",
Martha said. The girl grinned and began pouring the sticky fluid
through the funnel right into Roberta's anus. Cum soon began to drip
down her anus to her engorged, sore cunt. "Fingerfuck yourself, pig"
Martha ordered. Still licking on the mistress' clit, Roberta began to
pump two fingers inside her pussy. With each shove, her fingers
collected some of the dripping cum and pushed it into her cunt.

Bob was getting hard again, seeing his sweetheart raped to the extreme
limits of ***********. He was in a state of complete daze. He couldn't
control, nor understand, his emotions. He realized that his hardon was
back, and that for some reason beyond understanding he was happy to
see Roberta get what she was getting. It felt like a dream fulfilled,
although, God forbid, he had never dreamed that, nor anything even
close to that.
Once or twice he had imagined making her please some of his friends,
that was all. But in a sense, he couldn't conceal - not even to
himself - that in a strange way, he was loving every second of what
was going on.

"Good," said Martha, pushing her face back. "Stick that sexy tongue of
yours out, pig, I'm going to give you my precious piss."

"Yes mistress" Roberta replied, obeying. Martha put her right knee on
the girl's back, balancing herself to direct her stream onto her face,
and released the warm golden rain. Her pee began to pour on the
kneeling girl's face and into her open mouth. The other girl was now
slapping Roberta's ass cheeks hard and loud while the poor girl pumped
her cunt with her fingers. After splashing her face with her hot
urine, Martha seized Roberta's hair and ****** her to glue her mouth
to her crotch, pissing directly into her throat. The audience - as
well as Bob - could see Roberta swallowing fast as Martha moaned in
pleasure and the other girl smacked her ass furiously. Some of the
mistress' urine was dripping from Roberta's full mouth down her neck
to her trapped, clipped big tits.

When Martha was finished, she turned her back to Roberta. "I'd like to
have you pig lick my asshole, now," she ordered. Roberta obeyed, while
the waitress withdrew from Bob's cock and began pumping his penis in
her small pretty hand again. "Do you want me to let you cum?" she
asked. "Y... yes please" murmured Bob, his eyes fixed on Roberta. "I'd
love to have your cum on my face," the waitress teased, "but first I'd
like to hear you say that the poor girl there is a filthy dogfucking
cow. Please... tell me..." she purred. Bob didn't understand... and he
knew he shouldn't do that... but he was no longer in control. "She
is..." "You know her name, sir, use it," the waitress teased him

Suddendly, Bob realized that they knew who he was. Not even for a
moment he thought he was to use the name "Betty". All he wanted now
was to cum again. "Roberta... Roberta is a filthy dogfucking cow...."
he moaned.

The waitress smiled and pumped on his cock hard and fast, lapping at
its head seductively. A few strokes were enough for him to start
shooting. Again, the waitress directed his cock so that it would shoot
on his clothes.

It took a while for Bob to come back to reality from the huge climax.
When he opened his eyes, the waitress had let go of his cock, and a
short man was standing beside her with a grin. As soon as the man
spoke, Bob recognise that was the man who had been talking to the
microphone. "Hello, mr. Riggs," the man said.

"I am Peter Depoulos, Roberta's boss. I think we should have a talk. I
have scheduled a meeting with you tomorrow at 3 p.m. in my office. I
think you know where our offices are."

The man looked at Bob's now limp, small cock and grinned again,
turning away and leaving Bob there.

Bob quickly redid his trousers, murmured something to the waitress,
and hurried towards the main door. While he was leaving, he heard
Depoulos' voice, on the microphone: "now, dear guests, Roberta is
going to take a good bath before servicing you all."


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Pervert Agreement

"Ah, Mr. Riggs, welcome. Mr. Depoulos is waiting for you."

Depoulos' personal secretary announced Bob on the intercom and stood,
showing the way. She opened the heavy door that led to her boss'
office. Bob thanked the secretary and stepped in. He had never felt
that nervous in his whole life.

Seeing Roberta standing by Depoulos' desk made him even more nervous.
She looked gorgeous - a complete babe. She was wearing a tight black
buttoned cashmere top, emphasizing the generous curves of her breast.
Her shapely bottom and hips were wrapped in a grey above-the-knee
skirt. Light grey stockings, shiny black high heels, and a perfect
make up completed the picture. Bob's heart sank as he realized she was
definitely the girl of his dreams. They looked at each other in
silence. They hadn't had a chance to speak since last night.

"Welcome Bob," said Mr. Depoulos. "Sit down and make yourself

Bob nodded and sat down in the chair before Depoulos' desk. Only then
he recognized that Liza - the waitress of the night before - was there
too. She was dressed in a tight black dress, stockings and heels, and
as soon as he sat down, she moved to his side and just stood there.

"I was looking forward to meet you" said Depoulos, standing. He
stepped closer to Roberta, standing behind her. "You are a very lucky
guy, Bob, you're going to marry a most beautiful girl."

His hand traveled across Roberta's belly to her breasts. Bob swallowed
hard as he saw Depoulos' hand hold her left tit. "I think she gained
some weight, and that makes her big tits look even sexier, did you
notice?" He squeezed Roberta's tits slowly. The way her nipples tensed
the fabric of the top revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Bob meakly shook his head no. Roberta blushed as she realized that her
boyfriend wasn't going to put ut any resistance - he wasn't going to
save her. In fact, Bob too was blushing and a bulge had already
appeared in his pants. "Can't wait to see her become a pretty pregnant
wife with milk-oozing udders," Depoulos went on, suddendly seizing her
left nipple through the fabric of her top and pulling on it hard,
causing a moan of pain and a squirm on Roberta's part "she will have
to be milked like this...."

Depoulos reached with the other hand around her upper body to her
other breasts, and began pulling on her nipples alternately, like he
was milking a cow. He pulled very hard - almost as if he was trying to
tear her nipples from her body. Roberta bit her lower lip and moaned
in pain, trying to remain still as she was ******** by her boss.

"S... stop that" muttered Bob, but he couldn't manage to sound very
compelling. Depoulos just grinned. He fetched a black latex glove and
wore it on his right hand. Then, he ****** his hand under her skirt
before Bob's eyes. "Look," he said. Bob swallowed hard again. From
Roberta's renewed squirming and moaning, there was little doubt as to
what her boss' hand was doing.

Depoulos withdrew his hand and showed two fingers to Bob - the black
latex was shiny in Roberta's juice. "That's what she thinks about
being treated as a cow, Bob".

Bob hesitated. "I... know" he muttered. Something had clicked inside
him. He didn't really believe that Roberta wanted to be done what was
being doing to her. But pretending to believe it, for some reason, was
a very attractive way to go. This cleared all of his sense of guilt.

Liza took something from her purse and handed it to Depoulos,
returning immediately to her place. The object was a black plastic
cock of an obscene size. Depoulos ****** his juice-covered fingers in
her mouth, holding the toy in the other hand. "This cunt really loves
to be ****d," he said, rubbing the plastic dong on her breasts through
her top. He then began unbuttoning her top, still pushing his fingers
deep inside her mouth. Bob was mesmerized, it was so erotic, her sweet
lips around those black latex fingers filling her mouth obscenely. She
was lovingly sucking on those fingers as he undressed her. When the
first buttons were undone, Bob realized that Roberta's naked tits were
bound tightly by several loops of a thin rope. Depoulos pulled the her
unbuttoned top to the sides to reveal her bound beautiful breasts, and
placed the plastic dong between them. His eyes were fixed on Bob's as
he began fucking her cleavage with the toy.

"Such a perfect whore cow" said Depoulos, teasing Bob. Then, he slided
the dong across Roberta's belly to the hem of her skirt, and began to
pull it up slowly. Bob realized that somehow, Liza was there for him,
yet she would do nothing unless requested. He looked at her, needing
relief from the desperate hardness of his manhood. Liza smiled a
wicked smile to him and knelt beside him meakly, without saying a
word, placing her small hand on Bob's knee.

Roberta's skirt was now to her waist, and Bob could see her beautiful
hips, sexy stockinged thighs, and her shaved mound, which was arranged
in a sexy, obscene way. Roberta's puffy cunt lips had been painted
with a brilliant red lipstick. Two small chains with alligator clips
at the ends connected the hem of her stockings to her labia, to *****
them apart. The chains were short enough to pull on her cunt lips
stretching them a bit even when her legs were not widely parted.

"Do you like the way your bride's pig cunt has been adorned, Bob?"
asked Depoulos teasingly, pushing his middle finger in her hole.

"Oh... yes" Bob replied.

Depoulos grinned and slapped Roberta's inner thighs. "Open your cum
hole, pig," he ordered. She spreaded her legs obediently in response,
the clips stretching her labia as she did. Depoulos placed the head of
the fake cock against her lipsticked entrance, and pushed in slowly.
Bob saw the tip of the plastic cock disappear in her cunt, as her
painted labia adjusted around its huge size. Then, the boss began to
fuck her hole roughly and deeply with the huge black thing. Bob was
blushing and slightly trembling as he reached for Liza's hand and
nervously pulled it closer to his crotch. Liza simply smiled and let
him do it. Her hand began to rub his erect manhood through the fabric
of his pants.

Depoulos continued fucking Roberta's cunt with the dildo and her mouth
with his gloved hand for a while. Then, he switched to placing the
dildo in her mouth - "Yes, your bride is a cow and she loves to be
****d and degraded" he was saying - and his fingers roughly up her
cunt - "or at least, I love to **** her... in every hole..."

Depoulos was now fucking both holes, at different rhythms. While the
dildo went in and out from her stretched mouth slowly and deeply, his
fingers moved at a fast pace, pushing deep, as his palm pushed against
her clit.


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"I'm sure you love to see this sexy bitch raped too, Bob. She is too
beautiful," the man teased Bob. Bob didn't reply this time. Liza began
to rub his cock harder.

Depoulos stopped using her mouth and cunt and pushed her to the corner
of his desk. Then he ****** her to bend over, her upper body resting
on the desktop. She was placed at the right angle to let Bob see her
face but her ass too. Depoulos parted her asscheeks and began slapping
the big dong onto her crack. "Would you like to see your bride take it
up her ASS now Bob. This huge thing just filled her cunt, think how
good will it look pushed into her tight anus. Would you like it?"

Bob didn't reply. The big plastic dong made slapping sounds as it hit
Roberta in her crack across her tender anus.

"It's simply too big, Bob," Depoulos continued. "This will tear the
bitches ass apart. You should stop me from doing that. But, I know,
it's too erotic to see a cow being raped in her ass like I will be
doing now, isn't it?"

Bob nodded.

"I can order your bride to look at you while she takes it up her ass.
I might even order her to smile to you, or perhaps you prefer to see
the pain and degradation in her beautiful face. Is this what you want,

"Y... yes" Bob muttered. He looked at Liza, and added: "pl... please
suck me..."

Liza smiled again, again without a word. Depoulos slapped Roberta's
ass. "You heard your hubby, cow, he wants you to look into his eyes as
I tear your ass apart. Look at him."

He placed the big dildo against her tender puckered hole. Roberta's
sweet, tear-filled eyes locked on her future husband's.

"If you want Liza to suck you," Depoulos continued, to Bob, "you have
to say that your bride is a kennel slut. You have to tell *her*."

"Y... yes please" murmured Bob. He looked into Roberta's eyes, and for
a moment he was unable to speak. Then Depoulos began to push the
obscene plastic cock inside her. Bob looked straight into Roberta's
eyes as they were filled by tears and she bit her lips.... "You... are
kennel slut" Bob murmured. He looked at Depoulos. "Please... please
let Liza suck me..."

"Ok, Bob, my waitress will suck you while I ******* Roberta's asshole.
I'll actually add a little bonus to your amusement."

Depoulos stuck half of the toy inside her anus and left it there.
Then, he fetched a pair of handcuffs and locked her wrists behind her
back. Next, he reached for his desktop lamp. It was a heavy lamp
secured to the desktop by a large vice at its base. The base happened
to be close to Roberta's breasts. Depoulos unscrewed the vice a bit,
then seized the girl's tits and ******** ****** as much of them as he
could in the vice. Roberta moaned and pleaded

"no... no..." but did not dare look away from Bob, who was being
unzipped by Liza. Depoulos grinned and screwed the vice tight again,
crushing some of Roberta's tit flesh, close to the base of the nipple,
in the device.

"Cows must be treated like *******, don't they?" Depoulos asked to
Bob, with a grin. Bob nodded and muttered a weak "yes..." as Liza took
his cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Roberta felt her boss
seize and pull her hair to ***** her to arch her back so that her tits
were stretched, and cried out in agony - then the boss began to push
on the toy roughly, ******* it inch by inch in her asshole.

"Tell Roberta she is a whore cow and deserves to be used like an
******," Depoulos ordered to Bob. The young man held Liza's head in
his hands, lost in the intense pleasure - "you are a whore... a cow...
you deserve to be treated like an ******" he said.

Depoulos grinned and began to fuck her asshole while pulling on her
hair. The bound girl was squirming, moaning, crying, fucking back on
the dildo, looking at Bob - only dimly aware through the intense pain
and dispair. Her boss finally shoved most of the dildo inside her ass
and left it there again, slapping her naked exposed cunt hard.

When Bob was close to cumming, Liza suddendly withdrew from his cock,
and held it in her hand, jerking him, his cock pointing at her pretty
face. Depoulos noticed that change and decided that the show was over.
"Cum now, pig" he ordered, slapping her cunt harder.

Roberta knew she had to obey. No matter how intense the pain and
***********, she had to cum. She focused on the sensations of her
pussy and asshole and began to swing her hips to the slapping - till
she convulsed in a big climax. Bob closed his eyes seeing her
climaxing, and moaned aloud as he began spurting on Liza's face -
another huge load of cum. Liza didn't stop to jerk him, giving his
cock longer and longer strokes - holding it tighter and tighter - with
each spurt.

When Bob opened his eyes again, Depoulos was releasing Roberta's tits
from the lamp vice. The huge toy was still buried into her asshole. He
****** her to stand. Liza stood too, approaching Roberta, with Bob's
cum all over her face. "Lick her clean," Depoulos ordered to Roberta.
The girl, her beautiful face still wet with her tears, bent forward
and began to lick her fiancee's cum from Liza's cheeks, lips, and
chin. Bob instinctively zipped his pants.

"Good job, pig," commented Depoulos when Liza's face was clean. Liza
returned to her place, standing beside Bob, as Depoulos sat down on a
chair in front of Bob. "Now, let's talk about business" he said.
"Roberta, pig, kneel beside me, you will clean my feet while I have a
talk with Bobby."

He removed his right shoe - he wore mocassins and no socks. Roberta,
her hands still handcuffed behind her back, bent down and began to
suck on his toes. As she had obviously been trained to do, she sucked
on each toe lovingly, and then began licking the space between them.

Depoulos grinned to Bob, "I never need to wash my feet since this cow
is in control. She cleans them perfectly. She is also a very nice
alternative to toilet paper. Do you like the idea of this whore cow
eating large chunks of **** directly from my ass, Bob?"

"Y... yes" was Bob's reply. He was trembling now - he understood that
Depoulos' intention were about to be revealed, and did not know what
to expect exactly. All he knew was that he had just experienced the
most erotic moment of his whole life. Guilty, but desperately,
completely pleased by what had just happened and by the way this
strong-willed older man was treating his wife-to-be.

Depoulos breathed in deep, and then said, "as you understand, this cow
is mine, my property. You understand that nothing will change this
state of facts; you don't have a choice about it. Right?"

The man looked straight into Bob's eyes.

"Yes..." he said.


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"Good. Now, that's where you do have a choice. You may simply walk out
on this fat assed girl sucking on my toes now, and leave her to her
fate. She will leave the life of a sextoy cow and you'll never know
about her."

Depoulos slapped the girl's exposed ass, which was right beside Bob.

"Or maybe - second choice - you love this fat spankable cunt too much
and want to be beside her for the rest of your life. Get married
despite everything. Live with her. But since she is a slave, she could
only marry someone of my choice. Someone who will not create problems
or try to fight me. And that is, a slave hubby."

Bob went pale. "Wh... what?"

"You will see Roberta again only if you accept my authority and
control. Only if you are willing to take orders from me exactly as the
cow does. If you accept this menage, I will allow you to marry the
bitch and to use her from time to time. Do you understand?"

Bob hesitated. "Y... yes" he murmured, nodding.

"Of course, I won't be giving out my property - not now at least, and
not for free. You Bobby will be allowed to be her fiancee, but *I* and
I alone will be in control of her cunt, her tits, her ass, her mouth -
her body. I might let you use her - as you are doing now - but it will
always be solely up to me. Do you understand Bobby?"

"Yes..." he replied again.

"You will hold no right whatsoever on your fiancee and wife. I could
be sending three black men to fuck her holes in your bed on your
wedding night, if I choose to do so, or three big dofs for that
matter. I could order her to never fuck or suck or even kiss you. I
could even order *you* to suck a big black man before her eyes. And
you you will be granted use of the bitch only if you are a good boy
and deserve it. Do you understand this too?"


"Are you sure?"


"Roberta will never be a normal wife. She will be a whore slave wife,
and a whore mummy when she gets shot. She will suck her sons' cocks
and eat her ********* cunt, if I feel like it. Would you like to see
Roberta with a baby cock in her mouth?"

Bob hesitated again. He realized there was *no* limit at all to what
Depoulos' perverted mind would devise for them. Yet each word from
that stronger man managed to make his cock harder. "Yes... I would
like to see that," he replied.

Depoulos grinned. "Oh, I see." He bent over and pushed two fingers in
Roberta's clipped cunt. "And you whore, do you want to suck your sons
like a good whore? Does it make your cunt wet?"

Roberta timidly replied, "yes... master... thinking of sucking her own
sons makes this pig's cunt wet master."

Depoulos nodded, withdrew his hand from her slippery cunt, faced Bob

"Now, make your choice, Bobby. Just remember, if you choose *not* to
be a good slave hubby, you will never even kiss her again. In fact,
you will not see her again at all. She will be moving to my house
today to live as a full time slave there."

"And... and if I accept... where will she live?"

"It will of course be my choice, but I think you might live in a house
of your own. Of course, I will have the keys, free access, and will
control you both completely all the same."

"I see" Bob murmured.

Good. Depoulos slapped Roberta's ass again, louder than before. "And
your choice is?"

Bob hesitated. If he didn't agree, he would be back to his life - a
normal life. He knew he would be masturbating for years thinking of
what happened today. If he did agree, on the other hand, he would have
more of this - more and more of this, more than he could even imagine
now. Shameful as it was, there was little doubt as to what his heart

"I.... agree" he murmured.



"Say, yes master."

"Yes... yes master."

Depoulos grinned. "Lick her cunt now, feel how wet this cow has got
hearing us."

Bob hesitatingly slided off his chair, squatted behind her, bent
forward and licked her sloppy cunt as requested, tasting her wetness,
something he had never did before. "Is the cow wet?" asked Depoulos.
"Yes," Bob replied. "Yes what?" "Yes... master". Depoulos nodded.

"Lick the ring of her anus." Bob obeyed, circling his tongue around
the base of the black plastic cock buried inside her. "This fuckpig
loves to have her anus licked. Now sit down again, Bobby."

Bob murmured "yes master" and sat back on his chair. He realized that
every time he said "master" he felt something in his cock. He looked
at Depoulos, who was now withdrawing his foot from Roberta's mouth and
putting his shoe back on.

"Now, Bobby, the economic part of it."

Bob nodded, listening to his new master.

"To seal our agreement, as soon as possible, all of your money will be
transferred to an account of my choice. Roberta already complied with
this. Further, all of your future incomes will be transferred directly
to that same account. You will only use what money I decide to give
you, and you will spend it as I instruct you to spend it. Do you

Bob heart was beating fast now. It seems all so absurd. Yet he heard
himself mutter, "yes, master."

"I know you are paying for your new house. Never worry about it, I
will deal with the mortgage. In fact, I want you to lead a comfortable
life, but whatever you get, you will get from me and me alone."

"Yes... master."

"Very good." Depoulos pulled Roberta's hair to ***** her to kneel
straight. He caressed her beautiful lips. "Now, Bob, I want you to do
something to prove that you are serious about this. It's going to be
something very easy, to begin with. Ok?"

"Yes master."

The boss nodded. "Good. I want to use your bride mouth, Bobby, I want
to put my cock into it and fuck it until I fill it with my cum." He
paused, watching Bob intently, letting his words sink. "And I want you
Bobby to put my cock into your bride mouth. Will you be a good slave
and put your master's cock into your girl's mouth so that I can dump
my cum into it?"

Bob was blushing a brilliant red now, but he nodded meekly. "Yes
master, I will" he said.

"Kneel here."

Bob again left his chair, this time to kneel for the first time before
his master. Depoulos slapped Roberta's ass and she crawled aside,
facing him on her knees. "Go ahead, Bobby," said Depoulos, "unzip me
and pull it out."

Bob extended his trembling hands and undid and unzipped Depoulos'
pants. Depoulos was wearing black boxers; Bob timidly undid their
buttons, feeling his hardness against his fingers. Of course, it was
the first time he ever unzipped another man and felt another man's
cock. He reached for Depoulos' hard shaft and pulled it out, realizing
how bigger Depoulos was. "What am I going to do to your cow bride,
Bobby? Tell me."

"You... are going to have her suck you, master."

"Yes, I am going to fuck her mouth. Is my cock bigger than yours,

"Y... yes master, much bigger, master."

"And do cows need big cocks?"

"Yes master, they do need big cocks."

"Good. So you can feed her with my cock," said Depoulos, but suddendly
changed idea. "No wait. First give it a lick, Bobby. You are a slave
to my cock as much as your bride is. Give it a long slow lick."

Bobby hesitated. He wasn't gay, not even bi, or at least, he never
thought he was. But he knew that wasn't the point now: what was being
tested wasn't his sexual taste, but his **********. He bent forward.

"Look into Roberta's eyes as you do it, Bobby."

Bob muttered "yes master" once again, and looked at Roberta, as he
sticked his tongue out and slowly licked his master's cock. Depoulos
laughed. Bob's tongue ran slowly from Depoulos' balls to his cock
head, as Bob blushed. "Oh, you are a sexy cocklicking girl, Bobby,
aren't you. Tell Roberta what her groom is".

"Y... your groom is a sexy... cocklicking girl" Bob murmured.

Depoulos laughed again. "Go ahead, now, give it to the cow."

Bob nodded and directed Depoulos' huge cock to Roberta's mouth. She
parted her lips - the lips he had kissed in so many romantic moments -
and took that big shaft, letting it slide slow and deep.

"Roberta, please me - but the head only."

Roberta began bobbing her head very slightly - her lips massaging the
head of her master's cock back and forth.

"You know, Bob, I won't cum like this. I need you to jerk my cock
until I shoot my sperm in your wife's mouth."

Bob blushed as some tears appeared in his eyes. He began to pump
Depoulos' cock slowly. He realized he was teasing a stranger to make
him cum in his future wife mouth - in the mouth of his once innocent
sweetheart. That was so degrading. But his own cock was getting hard
on this, adding to his degradation.

Bob didn't speak, still pumping on the other man's cock.

"Hmmm.... Now hold your wife head and masturbate my cock with her
mouth. Be sure to make her take it deep."

Bob seized Roberta's hair and began pushing and pulling on her head.

"You will do the same to other men too, and it's going to be her cunt
or ass, too. You will milk cocks to spurt cum in her cunt. Do you like
the idea Bobby?"

"Yes... master..."

Depoulos was breathing harder and obviously getting closer to climax.
He withdrew, and Roberta opened her mouth to receive her master's cum.
"Pump me Bobby" the man commanded. Bob obeyed, jerking the pulsating
cock until it began to shoot in Roberta's waiting mouth.

"Do not swallow, pig," ordered Depoulos.

Several large shots filled Roberta's mouth. "Kiss her Bobby".

Bob hesitated. Depoulos noticed his feelings. "Kiss her passionately
or kiss her goodbye. Give this cow a deep tongue kiss" he said.

Bob closed his eyes and obeyed. Roberta stuck her cum covered tongue
for a french kiss, and Bob accepted it. The taste of cum was foul -
yet he endured it.
The idea of tasting another man's sperm should have disgusted him -
and it did, but also aroused him somehow. He felt on the lowest level
of surrender to degradation.

"Very good" said Depoulos, "now rub my cock on Roberta's face till
it's clean."

Bob again held Depoulos' cock, while Roberta bent forward to allow him
to comply with that order. Submissively, the young man rubbed this
stranger's shaft on his beautiful fiancee's face. When Depoulos
thought he was clean enough, he ordered Bob to redo his pants.

"You may leave now, Bobby. Go home and jerk yourself, I know you're
dying to be alone with that small prick of yours throbbing in your
hands. Leave us alone. Roberta has several more duties here, today."

"Y... yes master", said Bob, standing and turning towards the door. He
stepped out, leaving his fiancee with the man who was the sole owner
of her body. Heading for home, and for his first afternoon as a hubby


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A la découverte des hommes

Je suis marié, la quarantaine, plutôt bel homme charmant et un peu timide. Un soir, je roulais seul sur une route du Vercors, loin de toute habitation quand soudain une épaisse bouffée de vapeur s'échappa du moteur... la panne! Je suspectais la pompe à eau ou une durite et je décidais de poursuivre ma route à faible allure. J'arrivais péniblement dans un bourg, où per***ne ne semblait vivre...une rue déserte, pas une âme. Je stoppais devant un hangar qui avait dû être un garage il y a bien des années.

Je sortis de ma voiture, et soudain un homme dans la soixantaine apparut sur le perron de la bâtisse et me demanda si j'avais besoin d'aide .Il était garagiste à la retraite.
Je lui expliquai la situation, et après un rapide examen du moteur il diagnostiqua un endommagement de la pompe qu'il sera nécessaire de la remplacer. Mais ce soir il est impossible de se procurer la pièce, compte tenu de l'heure tardive.

Il n'y avait aucun hôtel dans les environs et l'homme me proposa très gentiment de m' héberger jusqu'au lendemain, ce que j'acceptais avec joie.

Nous entrâmes dans sa demeure, il m'expliqua que sa femme l'avais quitté il y a des années et qu'il vivait seul. Enfin, presque seul car il louait une chambre à un ouvrier agricole dont la femme était restée au pays et à qui il envoyait une grande partie de ses maigres économies. Une femme du village venait faire le ménage et préparer les repas.

Ce soir nous aurons une bonne choucroute! Me dit il jovialement et de la bière...
Il me présenta l'ouvrier agricole, et nous nous mîmes tous les trois à table, moi à côté du garagiste, l'ouvrier en face de nous. Nous bûmes quelques bières qui échauffèrent les esprits, la choucroute étant servie, la bonne s'éclipsa et nous gratifia d'un grand bonsoir.

L'homme plaisantais, racontais des histoires grivoises qui faisaient rire l'ouvrier. Il faisait des comparai***s entre la taille des saucisses et celle de *** sexe ou de celui l'ouvrier.
Il s'était beaucoup approché de moi sur la banquette et me touchait souvent le genoux. Je ne réagissais pas car l'ambiance était chaude et je commençais à aimer ces attouchements furtifs. J'appréciais qu'un homme porte *** attention sur moi. J'étais quand même un peu gêné, les joues en feu, car l'ouvrier observait le manège et avait aperçu la main que l'homme maintenant frottait sur mes cuisses tout en les écartant. Je le laissais faire, subjugué par le plaisir et par la chaleur qui m'envahissaient.

Je baissais les yeux et je m'aperçus que l'homme avait sorti *** sexe bien raide de *** pantalon car je voyais une grosse bosse déformer la nappe et s'agiter. Je pensais que l'homme devait se caresser, se branler délicatement. L'ouvrier lui aussi s'en était aperçu. Il était tout rouge et souriait.

L'homme découvrit *** sexe l'espace d'un instant, un sexe assez long, veineux et large. Il était terminé par un gros gland bien lisse, violacé avec un méat bien ouvert. Il le cacha aussitôt sous la nappe et passa sa main derrière mes fesses que j'avais larges et bien rondes. J'ai adoré la caresses de cet homme qui m'avait montré *** désir. Il rentra sa main dans mon pantalon et insinua ses doigts dans ma raie que j'ai très profonde. Je laissais échapper un soupir de contentement.
"Tu aimes que je te caresse, tu aimes faire la salope, tu as vu ma bite?" me dit-il.

J'adorais ce qu'il me faisait, être livré à ses attouchements de vieux pervers en manque et l'ouvrier qui avait assisté à cette scène me fixais avec ses yeux noir en me souriant. Il avait lui aussi sorti sa bite et se masturbait en me regardant. De temps en temps il faisait dépasser *** gros gland pointu au dessus de la table.

Puis l'homme proposa de goûter à sa liqueur de prune, nous en bûmes plusieurs ce qui acheva de nous griser, de faire disparaitre nos tabous. Maintenant l'homme avait baissé mon pantalon et avait introduit ses doigts dans mon anus, qu'il dilatait pour mon plus grand plaisir. J'étais devenu sa chose.
"Suces-moi" me dit -t-il avec un ton autoritaire.."j'en meurt d'envie"

Il releva sa grosse bite, appuya sur ma nuque, poussa *** gland contre mes lèvres et pénétra dans ma bouche sans ménagement... je me sentais femelle , prise par un male... il pistonnait ma bouche bien profondément, et parfois quand il se retirait, je tétais *** gros gland lisse, le léchais comme une glace. Il soupirait de plaisir. Je malaxais ses grosses couilles velues, bien pleines.

"Tu suces très bien ma salope, il y a bien longtemps que je n'ai pas été sucé comme ça. Viens dans mon lit... enfile une nuisette et une culotte noire de ma femme, tiens enfile, fais toi belle...." Il était super excité, je me préparais et le rejoignis dans le lit.... Tout excité, l'ouvrier nous avait suivi. Il se coucha sur le bord du grand lit, sans avoir au préalable glissé sa bite raide dans ma bouche pour que je le tête aussi... il gémissait de plaisir.

J'étais couché le dos contre le ventre de l'homme. Il caressait mes belles fesses, les ouvraient avec ses doigts. Il pris de la crème au creux de ses doigts et m'enduisit copieusement ma raie et le fond de mon anus qu'il avait déjà bien dilaté. Il me saisit fermement les hanches, j'ai bien écarté mes fesses, puis j'ai senti *** gros gland appuyer sur ma rondelle ouverte, rentrer en glissant dans la crème...hummmm... quel délice. Le membre raide s'enfonça profondément et l'homme se mit à me pistonner fort, très fort. Je poussais des soupirs de jouissance ce qui l'encourageaient. Il me serrait les hanches, me défonçait à grands coups.

Je sentis sa bite se raidir encore, agitée de soubresauts et cracher des jets de sperme chaud qui me firent crier de bonheur. J'étais devenue femelle, sa femelle.
"Hummm, que c'était bon, tu es une bonne salope...tu en veux de la bite!! Viens, vas y régale toi dans *** cul"!! dit il à l'ouvrier.
L'homme sortit sa bite de mon cul, le sperme chaud s'écoulait abondamment, j'adorais cette odeur forte. Je léchais *** gland gluant et aspirais les reste de *** sperme.
Je tournais mon cul vers l'ouvrier, il me saisit brusquement par les hanches, je m'écartais bien les fesses et il me pénétra d'un coup en glissant bien dans le sperme de l'homme. Il me pistonna profondément, en donnant de grands coups qui m'arrachèrent des soupirs. L'homme me pinça les seins, les bouts et me fit crier. La longue bite de l'ouvrier frappa mon intestin. Sa bite se crispa, il me tint, me défonça. Je sentis sa bite frétiller et cracher des jets de sperme puissants, bien abondant et épais. Il resta quelques minutes planté dans mon cul, respirant fort dans mon dos, sur ma nuque. Il se retira et je pris un immense plaisir à nettoyer *** sexe gluant et odorant.

Ces deux males m'avaient complètement transformé, je rêvais de recommencer, de me faire prendre, de chercher d'autres males.

"Demain des copains viennent à la mai*** pour fêter un anniversaire, tu aimerais rester avec nous quelque temps...on s'occupera bien de toi tu sais...."



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Orgasm Control

One of the aspects of our cuckolding relationship that I dislike the most is my Wife's demand for limiting my orgasms. Before I married her, I was a chronic masturbator. I'd jack off at least once or twice daily. Now I am only allowed to have an orgasm on the second and last Sundays of each month; plus on Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I went from over 700 orgasms a year to 27. The first two years of our marriage (we've been married over five years now) I got to come every Sunday, but my Wife believed that that was far too many orgasms for her cuckold.

As you can imagine it was pretty tough adjusting to such infrequent moments of sexual relief. Sexual frustration is my life. I am a married virgin cuckold who, as long as I am married to my Wife, will never have sex with my own Wife or any other woman. My only sexual relief is through masturbation. My Wife always chooses how I acheive my orgasms and She makes me consume my ejaculate every time, which ruins the moment of post orgasmic bliss.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am allowed release on the second and last Sundays of each month. This month is a dreaded Five Sunday Month. I have not come in 20 days. My Wife has been blueballing me daily, making me produce precum constantly. My balls are so sore and full and tender. If I even touched myself I think I'd explode. I have to be very careful. I had to stop watching my Wife fuck her lover, our 48 year old neighbor (my Wife's 31 and I'm 35) from our closet because it was beginning to be too much for me.

I was scheduled to come tomorrow, but my Wife just made a deal with me to wait until Labor Day. By waiting one day, my Wife has promised me a weekend of *********** as She "unleashes the Bitch." On Monday, I get a Cuckold Appreciation Day where I get to do all the things She allows me, as her cuckold, to do with Her. At the end of the day, she is going to let me hump her leg like a dog Without one of my tiny condoms on. She is going to actually let my bare penis touch her bare leg for the first time. I'll probably come on contact so there will be very little humping going on. I will probably dribble out about a gallon of semen on my Wife's smooth lovely leg. And then She's going to make me lick all my cum off of her, but it'll be worth it.

I expect She will have lots of sex with her lover this weekend. They are going out for dinner tonight and She's getting ready right now. She looks so hot that I'm trying to avoid her so that my balls don't turn a darker shade of blue. They are planning on coming back to my Wife's house to fuck. I don't know how I'm going to handle two more days listening to them fucking and hearing my Wife praise her lover while she's belittling me. Hopefully Monday will be worth what will be 22 days of blueballed frustration.

My Wife loves the fact that She is 100% in control of every aspect of my sexual life. It turns her on to do so many things with men not married to her that her own husband is forbidden. She especially loves the fact that I will not come without her permission. Most of all She swears that "a horny cuck is an obediant cuck."

My Wife and her lover got back from their date a little earilier than they usually do. I had to move quickly to the spare room so I wouldn't be discovered. Little did I know that my Wife tweaked the rules of our relationship. They rushed into the Mistress bedroom.

My Wife was loud and vocal, but Her Lover didn't say a word, which is unusual. They wasted little time and started fucking right away. I could hear his balls slapping on my Wife's skin as She vocalized Her pleasure. When I heard his familiar orgasmic grunt, I could picture his semen blasting into my Wife's pussy. My tiny penis was drooling precum.

"Have fun golfing tomorrow," my Wife said. A few minutes later I heard the front door slam and was beckoned by my Wife to enter Her bedroom. Apparently the neighbor had an early golf outing and needed his rest, so they only fucked once.

When I entered the bedroom I almost came at the sight of my Wife bent over the foot of the bed. Her beautiful ass was covered in her lover's cum. My Wife has been having him come on her lately because She knows I would rather perform my clean-up duties in the form of a creampie.

"Look what my stud has done to your Wife's ass. He made a huge mess for you to lick up. You like licking My ass don't you? You love it! On your knees now!" She was kind of screaming this at me. She was using her Bitching voice.

As I lowered my mouth and tongue to her ass, she grabbed a fistfull of my hair and rubbed my face all over her cum-covered ass. She screamed "That's real man's cum, you fucking pussy. A real man with a real cock. Not some puny little boy's dicklet like my cuckold. You're never going to be allowed to put that thing inside Me or any other woman. You're mine forever! You will do what I say forever! You are going to be a virgin FOREVER!"

She loves to talk, and I can't recall everything She said, but you get the gist of it. After I had licked and sucked up all his cum, my Wife had me eat out her asshole while She masturbated to Her final orgasm of the night.

When She got up to shower, I noticed all the cum and sweat on a pillow and the sheets at the foot of the bed. She saw me looking and said "You'll be ******** at the foot of the bed tonight, on that nice wet spot. Little puppyboys who hump legs get treated like dogs. And dogs ***** at their Mistress's feet."

I got very little ***** that night, with my tiny penis rock hard and drooling, ******** in my Wife's and her lover's wet spot. Plus my wife had me wipe my face off with a pair of her panties and then She stuffed them into my mouth for the night. To top it all off, Her feet stayed on my face the whole night, often softly kicking me.

My Wife spent the Sunday before Labor Day shopping with Her friends while I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and did some laundry. I got a call from Her in the afternoon to make some food for Her and Her lover. When I was finished, I was to eat, shower and shave my genitals. Then I gathered up some items and prepared to spend the night in the spare room.

My Wife came home around 4 and modeled her purchases for me. She bought some sexy lingerie and She wanted me to see Her in it before Her lover enjoyed Her in it. She smiled at my purple, angry-looking erection. "I see that your Wife still turns you on. I'm so happy my body, which is mostly off limits to you, still makes your tiny penis hard." As she was saying this, the doorbell rang. She giggled and said, "He's here! I'm so fucking horny. Off to the spare room for you. I hope you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy our lovemaking."



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They were kissing as they entered the Mistress bedroom. My Wife started talking right away. "I'm so happy you agreed to do anything I want tonight. You're such a good boyfriend. I want you to be silent the whole night. Can you do that for Me?

"Good. Sit on the bed. I want to make out with you." I could hear them kissing. For some reason, I get more jealous when She kisses other men than when she fucks them.

"You're such a good kisser. Did you know that I don't let my husband kiss me. He's not allowed."

They kissed some more and then She asked him to take off their shirts. "I want you to caress my breasts while we kiss some more.

"My husband isn't allowed to to touch my breasts either. They are only for you to touch and kiss and suck on. They are off limits to my husband." He took her cue and started licking and sucking her breasts. She moaned with pleasure.

"I'm going to take out your cock. I'm going to put my hands on your beautiful cock. Your cock soft is bigger than my husband's fully erect. I have never touched his tiny penis. I'd feel like a ********. Does that feel good." He moaned his approval.

"I'm going to suck your cock. I'm going to make love to it with my mouth. But don't come. I want you to come in my pussy."

She kept describing what She was going to do with her lover and telling him that all these things were forbidden to her own husband. When they started fucking, She directed him like a porn director. All this was driving me insane with lust for Her.

They fucked for a long time before he came in my Wife's pussy. After a little post coital kissing and cuddling, my Wife said, "I'll be right back. I'm going to have this cleaned up." I could hear him laugh a little.

My Wife entered the spare room through the adjoining bathroom holding his cum in Her pussy with her hands. "On the floor," She hissed. She straddled my head and lowered her cum-filled pussy onto my mouth. I was a little worried when She started to moan as I ate her creampie. She got louder and when She came on my face she let out an "Oh God yes!"

She stood up and looked down at my messy face. She motioned for me to rise to my feet and to follow Her into the bathroom. The door to the Mistress bedroom was shut, much to my relief. She pointed to the bathtub and my level of excitement grew to another level. She was going to piss in my mouth! She hovered over my mouth and let a slow stream flow into my awaiting mouth. I love it when She does this, which is seldom.

She let me use the toilet before I went back to my room and She and her lover went downstairs to eat the meal I'd prepared for them. They ended up fucking two more times during the night and one more time in the morning before he left.

When I entered the Mistress bedroom, my Wife was laying on the bed with Her legs spread. There was cum all over the outside of her pussy. "I had him pull out so you could enjoy his cum more."

When I finished cleaning Her to Her satisfaction, She smiled at me. "I have a surprise for you. I got you two presents." The first was a leash and a collar with my name on it. "All little puppyboys have to have a collar and leash." She teased. The second was a dog dish with my name on it.

She fitted me with the collar and leash and put the bowl on the floor. "And now for your first treat served in your dish..." My wicked Wife pulled out two condoms full of her lover's cum. She emptied each into the bowl. "Ok puppyboy. If you want to hump your Wife's leg like a dog, then you have to lap up all my man's cum out of your new bowl. Lap it up cucky!"

She dragged me by the leash and ****** my face into the bowl. I was almost mortified. I couldn't believe She was making me do this and that I was obediently complying. It was pretty disgusting, but I leaked out precum because the *********** of it all was overwhelming.

When the bowl was clean, my Wife took it into the bathroom and returned with the bowl full of her piss. "Another treat for my good puppyboy. Lap it up now!"

I washed down all that nasty cum with my Wife's delicious golden nectar. When my new dog bowl was empty, my Wife presented her naked leg for me. "Are you ready to hump your Wife's leg?" I couldn't speak, so I nodded. "Do you realize that no real man would settle for humping his Wife's leg don't you? A real man does what my lover did to Me all night. A real man with a real cock fucks women. They stick their huge cocks in warm moist pussies. They do NOT hump legs. But. you are not a real man are you? You're a pathetic, small dicked wimp who spends the night in spare rooms and closets while his Wife fucks real men. OK cuck, now's your chance. Come on puppy, hump your Mistress' leg."

My excitement was at its peak. As I mounted my Wife's leg She laughed at me. "I can't believe it. This is fucking priceless!" I didn't care what She said, I wanted this more than anything I can remember. Two strokes on her creamy smooth thigh and I was comming. It was THE most pleasurable and intense orgasm I've had. I kept comming and comming on my Wife's leg as I humped her for all I was worth. She laughed the whole time. While I was licking up my mess and thanking her over and over She told me that was one of the funniest things She had ever seen.

She picked up the phone and called her lover. "Hi honey. I just wanted to tell you... No he's not in the room with me. I just wanted to tell you what I did. I poured those two condoms you filled into a dog dish and made my husband lap it up." The both laughed. My Wife was almost in tears from laughing so hard. "And then. I pissed in the bowl and he lapped that up too!" More laughter.

It finally dawned on me that her lover KNEW I was there. My Wife had told me that She told him that I was out of town. It turns out that my Wife told him I was in the spare room the whole time. That's why She didn't want him to say anything.

When they hung up (after She laughed through telling him how I humped Her leg and that I came in seconds), I said "He knew I was in there the whole time?"

"Yes. But he doesn't know that you know. This is the way it's going to be. He's going to know you're here when we are fucking. But we'll pretend you still don't know who's fucking your Wife. That way I can feed you fresh creampies and other neat treats without sneaking around. I just wish you were a little stronger and would just let him know you know he's fucking your Wife. He already knows you eat his cum. I can't see why you can't take the next step. Oh well, all in due time, my pretty."

I spent the rest of the day worshiping my Wife. She had a few more orgasms, but I'd have to wait two weeks for another one.



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Different Points of View

When Lynn and I first met she was an absolute virgin. It went beyond never having had sex; she had no idea what any of it was about.

She had never seen a naked male, man or *****. Her ****** was extremely uptight about sex and only told her sex was painful and an unpleasant duty she would have to suffer through for the sake of her husband.

Lynn didn't know the mechanics of sex, the what where when or how. She only knew she had a need. Lynn was truly a complete virgin. Because she had no experience of any kind I knew that we would have to go very slowly and carefully. Despite how much I wanted to jump her beautiful bones I held back, took my time.

We started building up to intercourse at least two months before we "went all the way". Even so, when the big moment arrived we went very slowly. We actually took 5 hours of foreplay before we got into bed.

Still I moved slowly. Balls bluer than blue I took my time and let her set the pace, able to back out any time she wished. I even took the bottom so she could control the penetration. I was a saint and it changed my life.

Just as an ****** is infinitely innocent, it is infinitely selfish. An ****** wants what it wants and it wants it now and it expects you to provide it because it doesn't know that life should be any other way.

Lynn was totally innocent about anything sexual and so totally selfish. I had introduced her to her sexuality by focusing entirely on her needs, disregarding my own and so in her innocence she thought that was just the way sexual relations were always supposed to be.

Eventually, when I tried to assert my needs she became upset and confused. Still we were having sex multiple times every day so who was I to complain. I went along to get along.

As Lynn discovered the joy of her sexuality she became very curious about all aspects of it. Because she came to it with no preconceived notions about right and wrong or moral and immoral she was open to anything I suggested that would enhance her pleasure.

She immediately became interested in porno flicks when I first rented one to show her different practices and techniques. She remains a lover of porn movies to this day, although she tends to only watch those that have, shall we say, strong female leads.

At one point very early on, just before I rented our first porn movie I told her that most men liked porno and most women didn't because men were more visually oriented in their sexuality than women were.

She said she didn't know what I was talking about she loved seeing me naked. Shyly she asked if when we were alone together would I mind not wearing any clothes. She loved looking at my body.

Specifically she to liked to look at and endlessly play with my cock. Lynn was utterly fascinated watching it swell and subside and swell again. Something she caused to happen a hundred times a day. Of course, I agreed, who doesn't like to be told they're beautiful to look at and receive lots of sexual attention?

Strange thing though, when I asked her to be naked with me she declined. She said she wasn't comfortable without her clothes.

And so it began. I guess I'm to blame. I felt so protective of Lynn and I wanted to ensure that her introduction to sex was as perfect as I knew how to make it. I was willing to do anything to make it a wonderful experience.

I did that by totally focusing on her needs at the expense of my own. By the time the bloom was off the rose it was too late to change the status quo. I was stuck as the junior partner in our sexual relations.

At the time though I wasn't complaining. I was, and still am so very much in love with Lynn that I felt and still do that being trusted to introduce her to her sexuality, allow her to explore and develop it then share it with her is the greatest honor I have ever had in my life. Even if my sexuality has had to suffer because of it.

The thing that set the tone for the rest of our relationship was, from the first time we made love, at the end of that very long session of foreplay, I allowed her to control my release. I wanted to be sure that she was completely satisfied before I came. When I first told her to let me know when she was ready for me to cum I should have known that she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

You should have seen her eyes get all big and round when I released the pent-up flood into her.

I didn't know it then, though I do now, that when I let loose she thought that this was the unpleasant part her ****** had told her about and having that mess inside her was the burden she had to bear. In short, Lynn loved sex but hated my ejaculation.

But for a while she put up with it as her ****** told her she must. Ultimately, though, the message I had sent was that Lynn was entitled to control my sexuality. That's not the message I intended to send. I wanted to let her know that I was committed to her gratification. But that wasn't the one she received, a misunderstanding that has come to dominate my life.

Eventually Lynn would forget to tell me when she was ready for my release, or so she said, or she would ask that I save it for another session later that day. As time progressed "later" wasn't happening all the time.

I suffered in silence for a while, too long, it seems. When I finally broached the subject of my frustration Lynn was unapologetic. She didn't like me depositing my "sticky mess" inside her body and she didn't want me to do it anymore.

Needless to say I was pretty upset about that and suggested that we use condoms so both of us could enjoy the sexual experience. We tried them quite a few times but neither of us liked them.

For me there was a lack of sensation and for her there was an artificial feeling like I was using a dildo on her. So condoms were eventually abandoned and I had to learn to control my orgasm.

Actually what I learned was tantric sex without knowing that's what it was. I learned that I could allow myself to go right to the edge of ejaculation and stop. If done correctly this produced an orgasm without an ejaculation.

No, I didn't get it right all at once and I still slip-up today, but eventually I figured it out. So there was a compromise, I wouldn't cum inside her and she would get me off by hand when I really felt the need.

Typically this would happen on Saturday or Sunday morning. Lynn would play with me like she did all the rest of the time but on these early mornings she would finish the job instead of leaving me frustrated.

One morning I didn't realize I was close to release and I failed to warn Lynn to move her hand out of the way. When I came it covered her hand completely. She told me it was disgusting. And placing her hand to my lips she said, "here clean this up" and I did.

That was the first time I ever tasted my ejaculate. I didn't really mind it. There was something very erotic about sucking her fingers and licking her hand.

It didn't taste like much of anything to me and, as it turns out, that is a good thing. Ever since then whenever I "make a mess" Lynn expects me to clean it up in the same way regardless where I make it.

But since then Lynn rarely gives me even a hand job anymore. Now, occasionally she gives her permission and then supervises while I get myself off, usually onto a plate or into a glass to make it easier to "clean up my own mess". Lynn calls it recycling.

We have been together a long time now and as with most people we have grown and evolved in the relationship. Lynn is no longer the shy virgin and I am no longer the worldly-wise sex ed. instructor.

Lynn has grown into a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn't shy about demanding it. I, on the other hand, have grown accustomed to living with a woman who is very strong willed and demanding. I find that I like this arrangement. There is a comfort in having some one else make all the decisions.

We got to a point where Lynn no longer made any attempt at sexual fairness. Sex was all about her. Period.

In fact, most of our relationship had evolved into that. I loved her madly and would do anything for her. Lynn liked me naked, so I was naked. Lynn didn't like to cook, so I cooked. Lynn didn't like doing the laundry, so I did the laundry. Lynn in fact didn't like to do much around the house so I did it. Gladly.

Even our morning routine was "Lynn-centered". I got up early, put on the coffee, laid out her clothes for the day, got her toothbrush ready and then gently woke her.

When she was ready for her shower I prepared it and got into the shower with her (we have a specially designed enclosure that is comfortable for us both) and bathed her.

I washed most of her body with body wash (she doesn't allow me to clean her sex. She says I don't have the right touch. I am either too harsh or too soft).

I washed her hair and shaved the parts, which needed shaving (legs, arm pits and slight bikini line). I helped her dry off then took my own shower, which included shaving off my pubes and armpits because Lynn has this thing about pubic hair. Mine, not hers.

Then I dried the shower walls and doors. Finally I dried myself then helped Lynn get dressed. I held her underpants while she stepped into them. I pulled them into place and helped her into her bra. I snapped the hooks and slipped her blouse over her shoulders and buttoned it. Lynn sat down and I slipped her socks on her feet. This morning it was cotton socks, they're easy, I hate her pantyhose.

While she was still seated I started slipping her jeans up her legs. Lynn stood up while I finished getting them in place and buttoning them closed. Finally I zipped her fly and put her belt through the loops.



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We still go through this routine every day, the only variation is in what clothes Lynn wears. Once Lynn was dressed I went off to make breakfast. Did you ever fry bacon in the nude?

Early one Saturday, I was starting the laundry before waking Lynn and doing the rest of the morning routine when I suddenly realized what I had become.

I was a servant in my own house.

I was kept naked, at Lynn's beck and call 24/7 to cook and clean and fetch. I wasn't in control of anything not even my own sexuality.

Not long before this I had admitted to Lynn that in order to control myself when making love to her after long periods without sexual release, I sometimes masturbated.

She thought about it for a few seconds and then exploded. I have never seen Lynn so angry. She screamed at me to bend over and grab my ankles. Her reaction was so extreme and so fast I didn't even think to argue I just bent over.

For the first, but not the last time in our marriage Lynn spanked me. She actually spanked me! My shy little virgin spanked me. She hit my ass as hard as she could until her hand began to sting then she grabbed a hairbrush and wailed away until her fury was spent and my ass was on fire.

All the while she was telling me that she knew what was best for me and I had better pay attention to her or I'd regret it.

She knew what my needs were better than I did and she could see that ejaculation made me lazy and inattentive to her needs so she was going to control it for both our sakes.

Lynn said that as far as she was concerned, masturbating was the same as cheating on her with another woman. I had better get used to the idea that from now on Lynn was going to control when and how much sexual and every other kind of satisfaction I was going to get and I was only going to get it when she decided to give it to me. That from now on if she even thought I was masturbating she would make this spanking seem like love pats.

That was a watershed moment in our marriage and in my life.

Today I think of our history together and my life in terms of "Before the Spanking" and "After the Spanking".

In an instant our roles were totally reversed and our relationship completely redefined. It was as though I had suddenly reverted back into a schoolboy who had been caught jacking off.

I was small, powerless and humiliated before her. In that moment, for the first time I understood her very real power.

I never saw it coming but she had gained power over me in a way I had never imagined possible. She had asserted her authority and dominion over me as though it was hers by natural right and I had accepted it without protest.

What had I become? I was helpless, totally overwhelmed by her awesome feminine power, her assertiveness and my love for her.

That act broke a barrier between us and forever reversed our roles in the marriage. From that moment on my junior status in our marriage was set on a slippery slope and has deteriorated ever more over time.

It was the first but far from the last discipline Lynn meted out and it has defined our roles, ever since, more clearly than anything else that has happened.

Shortly "After the Spanking" incident, I made an attempt to regain some measure of, if not control, at least equality in our relationship I sat down and wrote out a list of my complaints.

I knew that it would never do to just blurt out my dissatisfaction. Lynn would never listen to "whining" as she would deem it. No, I had to come at this obliquely. I decided to try humor. I would write out my discussion points in a humorous way that would disarm Lynn's defenses and open a dialog about my increasingly junior role in this relationship.

Somehow, over a very short time it seemed that Lynn had gathered all the power to herself and I had none. That was never in my plan.

In the beginning I focused on her happiness to make sure she was comfortable awakening and exploring her sexuality for the first time. I sincerely wanted that to be the best possible experience for her.

No, it wasn't entirely selfless. I did think that if I helped her discover sex in a positive, Lynn-affirming way that I would, ultimately, reap the benefits.

But somehow that had backfired and I wound up such a junior partner in the relationship that Lynn felt empowered, no, entitled, to actually inflict corporal punishments and deny me sexual gratification. The very thing I had hoped to gain from allowing her to take the lead sexually.

Now she was not only organizing our mutual sex lives for her exclusive benefit, she was organizing all the rest of our life together for her exclusive benefit as well. Entirely at my expense.

I still loved her madly but I felt there should be some balance in the relationship. I didn't mind her having the largest say in our sexual relations, after all it her body that I was using. I didn't mind doing all the household chores. But, by the same token it was my body that she was using too and not just for sex but for domestic chores and personal service. If nothing else, I wanted more control over my own sexuality. Okay, so how to put all that into a humorous, non-threatening form?

I decided on irony. I would write a document, a kind of deed or contract that would highlight all of my concerns as though they were gifts to be bestowed for her exclusive ownership. I would make it so outrageous that she would laugh and say "that's ridiculous" and then I could open a dialog about each one.

I sat down at the computer and over the next few days, using clip-art, graphics and fonts. I created a very convincing deed of trust. Really, it looked just like the real thing. I even went to the craft store and found an official looking gold seal and some heavy, vellum-like paper. On that official looking document I wrote the following:

To all who see these presents, greetings.

Be it known, that having especial love, faith and trust in Lynn B, Jerry B gives, transfers, bestows and grants unto her exclusive possession and ownership, without any mental reservation or hesitation and relinquishing all future claims irrevocably and in perpetuity the following:

1. The physical body that Jerry B resides in is hereby given to Lynn B. It is hers to use in any manner she sees fit. It is Jerry B's responsibility to keep and maintain that body in good working order and make it available at all times for Lynn's use. Lynn B has no limitation on the demands she can make of said body. Jerry B must willingly and cheerfully obey and carryout Lynn B's demands at all times without hesitation or complaint.

2. It understood that Lynn B will use said body to her exclusive benefit, without regard to the feelings, wants or needs of the person who resides within it, within the bounds of prudent, life maintenance. She will use said body in any manner and by whatever means she deems fit and proper.

3. Further, it is agreed that the purpose of this gift is to enhance Lynn B's life experience. Lynn B is expected to use this body to relieve her of any burden she does not wish to bear including, but not limited to any and all domestic chores, personal hygiene functions, sexual need, wardrobe maintenance and avoiding unpleasant persons or situations.

4. Accepting this boon places a burden on Lynn B. Lynn B. is charged with ensuring Jerry B performs all tasks and services in a prompt, cheerful and willing manner. She is to set the most exacting standards for Jerry B's performance and establish the strictest standard of discipline, liberally mete out any correction or punishment she feels appropriate for any infraction, no matter how minor.

5. She will establish regularly scheduled discipline sessions weekly, regardless of how satisfactory Jerry B's performance may be. During these sessions Lynn B is tasked to paddle Jerry a minimum of 25 strokes not stopping until his behind is bright red all over in addition to any other disciplinary actions which amuse her. It is agreed that, at any time it amuses her, Lynn B may discipline Jerry B with out cause. Jerry B has no recourse except to accept it all willingly and cheerfully.

6. Jerry B gives to Lynn all his rights as an individual. From this moment he ceases to be a person and becomes a possession of Lynn B's. He is now an extension of her person. He has no rights of any kind; all rights are transferred to Lynn B. Jerry B cannot ever, by word act or deed express the slightest dissatisfaction with Lynn B's treatment of the body, which used to his.

7. This additional burden is placed on Jerry B, he may never, from this moment on, ever express an opinion, negative statement or complaint about anything, whether related to this transfer or not.

8. He is never allowed to express by word, act or deed any personal need he may have, Lynn B will care for all his needs as she sees fit. This is especially in ***** concerning anything related to sexual functions.

9. Jerry B may never again speak of anything related to any aspect of sex unless Lynn B initiates a conversation and grants him permission to speak.

10. Jerry B may never by word, act or deed attempt to initiate any sexual act.

11. Jerry B recognizes that all his bodily functions are now the exclusive property of Lynn B to do with as she sees fit and as a part of this transfer that he knows he is giving-up all control over his sexual gratification. Any pleasure or gratification Jerry B receives from this moment forward will be totally coincidental.

12. Jerry B accepts that it is Lynn B's sole discretion when, if ever, he may again obtain sexual release.

13. All pleasure and gratification are reserved for Lynn B. Jerry will derive all his pleasure from having the great honor and privilege of serving Lynn B.



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By affixing his signature below Jerry B certifies his understanding of this transfer, that he willingly and cheerfully, without coercion of any kind, makes this transfer of his own free will and out of deep and abiding love of Lynn B, placing his trust in her stewardship, grateful to be a part of her life and possessing a strong desire to know and carry out her will.

Lynn B, by affixing her signature below certifies that she fully understands the enormity of this gift and the burden it places on her to ensure that all of the terms and conditions are carried out to her complete satisfaction while imposing the highest, most exacting standards of performance and discipline on her new body. Lynn B willingly accepts this burden of her own free will, without coercion, hesitation or mental reservation. Signed, this date:

I thought that I had done a good job. The document was so over the top that the only possible response would be total incredulity and disbelief.

I felt it was the perfect vehicle to disarm Lynn and open the dialog I wanted.

Every point I wanted to make was in this document but blown up to cartoon proportions. Laughter could be the only possible reaction.

I signed it and left it and an ink pen beside Lynn's breakfast plate on Sunday morning. I chose Sunday because that would give us the entire day to have our discussion in peace and quiet, without distraction.

When Lynn came down to breakfast I had her coffee ready at her plate. She greeted me and sat down. I was at the cook top, behind and to her left, naked, as always, preparing her favorite breakfast.

Lynn picked up the document and began slowly reading it. She sipped her coffee and spent forever, at least it felt like forever to me, reading the document.

When she finished, she put it down and stared into space without speaking, slowly sipping her coffee. Then she picked up the document again and reread it. ******** in the words as slowly as she sipped her coffee.

I still couldn't see her face, just the back of her head and shoulders. Then I noticed that her shoulders began to shake. She took the pen and signed the document. Good, she got the joke and now we could talk.

She stood up and turned around. When I saw her face she was crying, not laughing. That wasn't what was supposed to happen.

This was supposed to be funny, not hurtful. I just wanted to talk about some things. May be regain a little control over my own sexuality. I didn't mean for it to hurt my beloved Lynn. What had I done?

Then, she was in my arms crying thank you, thank you. That there could never be a gift so wonderful. That no diamond or other precious thing could possibly compare to this gift. It was the greatest gift one person could give another. Themselves.

This was so far beyond simple wedding vows she didn't know how I ever thought of it but she really thanked me from the bottom of her heart and she would try her hardest to see that she lived up to her part of the bargain.

I started to explain, "but wait a minute" I said and Lynn cut me off. Placing her fingers to my lips she said, "Shh, from here on out, you don't give orders you only obey them. You have forgotten your place already. Give me that spatula and bend over."

Epilog All that happened over twenty years ago. Lynn will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary later this week. "The Document", as it's come to be called, is framed and hanging prominently on Lynn's bedroom wall.

It is a living document central to our lives. Over the years Lynn has made additions and "clarifications" to it. I agree these are necessary; after all, the original was written as a joke and never meant to be the core of our marriage.

I'm glad that it is though. In the beginning I fought it. Slavery was the exact opposite of what I wanted when I crafted "The Document". Lynn was as implacable and patient with me as I had been with her in the beginning. She never wavered or tired. She held me accountable to every last detail in it.

She liberally applied love and discipline in equal measure until I lost sight of which was which, and stopped caring.

I came to realize that "After the Spanking" she never acted out of anger or spite. She always had "The Document" and my best interests at heart.

In the end I have learned to not just accept her dominion, I have learned to love it. I believe I am a better man today because of it and wouldn't have it any other way.

It sometimes takes my breath away to realize I have become a living, breathing part of this amazing woman. It truly is an honor and a privilege to serve Lynn.


I love Jerry to death. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. Also, the most unique. As a woman I often feel the eyes of men on me. But when I look back at them all I see is selfish lust in their eyes. Jerry has never looked at me like that. Not that he doesn't want me like other men.

It is just that his desire is overwhelmed by his deep concern for my welfare. It shines in his face. His love and respect for me are total and unequivocal. He wants me as a person, not just as an object. I have always known he is totally committed to me. With Jerry I know I always come first.

He has always been completely devoted to me and I have always tried to give him the things I know he really wanted in return.

Ever since we first became intimate I've known that there was something different about his love for me. He was so devoted to my pleasure that, even in my inexperience I knew something was different.

I knew that men didn't usually act that way, men always seemed selfish, so I guessed they would be selfish in bed too.

Jerry wasn't like that. He was just the opposite. He was so unselfish that it made me stop and ask why.

It took a while until I came to understand that his selflessness was a result of some deep rooted need he had but couldn't express. Slowly it dawned on me that his self-denial on my behalf was the thing he wanted from me.

He needed to be denied and he wanted me to be the one denying him. That was why he gave me control of his release and had from the very first time we made love.

The whole "first time" sexual experience was strange and a little frightening to me but what was really strange and unsettling at first was not just his ejaculation, but the fact that he wanted me to control it for him.

I may not have had any prior experience but I felt that that wasn't right But when you really love someone and know they love you, you are willing to get out of your comfort zone if that what's needed. It took awhile but today being in control is so natural I don't think I could ever have it any other way.

Because I love him so much and will do anything for him, I gradually began to withhold his pleasure.

He chafed a bit at first and made macho noises, but I could tell he was glad I had taken the hint.

As I began to deny him more he increased his devotion to me. Jerry would do anything I asked.

Once I told him he had a great body and I liked looking at it, would he mind not wearing any clothes. He couldn't get out of them fast enough. I really only wanted him naked that one time but he has stayed naked from that day to this.

He started doing little things for me that I would never dreamed of asking. Jerry began to bathe me, wash my hair, lay out my clothes, dress me, fix my meals, do the laundry, and clean the house.

The more I denied him the harder he tried to please me. It was amazing and I actually began to enjoy our unusual arrangement.

One day it hit me. Jerry really wanted me to relieve him of responsibility for his sexuality. All the time he was helping me to explore mine, he was also training me to take over his.

I became convinced I was right. Then one day he came to me like an embarrassed little boy and confessed he had masturbated. Why tell me such a thing? I never asked him how he was able to go so long without release. I didn't care as long as he didn't do it inside me.

Some how I just knew it was because he wanted to be punished for it. Jerry has been so very good to me how could I deny him what he wanted so badly.

I spanked him. I spanked him thoroughly. I turned his tushy bright red. I purposely treated him like a bad little boy. I was scared I might be wrong and he would be angry but he wasn't. He actually seemed grateful and, if such a thing were possible, he increased his level of devotion. He loved me more because of it. I could see it in his eyes.

From that moment on I knew what Jerry needed, beyond a doubt and with all the love in my heart I set about giving it to him.

The more I took control the better he liked it. Finally one Sunday morning he found the courage to say what it was exactly that he wanted from me.

He still couldn't bring himself to speak the words out loud so he wrote them in a beautiful letter that I later had him frame and hang on my bedroom wall.

In the letter Jerry completely gave up all responsibility for his sexuality and gave me permission to deny him any sexual gratification ever again.

As unbelievable as it sounds he wanted to be my slave. I was so overcome by the trust and love he had to have in me to share such a dark, humiliating and painful secret, I cried. What man could ever admit that he wanted to be a personal slave to a woman?

I really wanted a husband, not a wimp but he has always been so wonderful to me I couldn't refuse. He loves me and is willing to sacrifice anything for me so I made the sacrifice for him.

As a woman it is my nature to nurture my family and my husband. If this is the nurture he needs then its up to me to provide it. This seems like a pretty strange way to nurture anyone though, especially the part where he wanted me to spank him regularly. I hate doing it but he was earnest and so needy I couldn't say no, even to that.

I made him my slave.

Eventually I came to terms with the paddling and it no longer bothers me like it did at first. It has become a routine chore that must be performed weekly, like cleaning the house or doing the laundry (which of course Jerry does beautifully). I have never learned to enjoy it I just tolerate it.

But Jerry has a need to be disciplined and since I don't enjoy the spanking I have had to invent different kinds of discipline. I try to make the punishment fit the crime, so to speak.

For example, Jerry once forgot to replace the toilet paper roll in my bathroom. I didn't notice until I was finished. I immediately decided on an appropriate punishment. Believe me, Jerry will never forget again. He said it took him a week to get the taste out of his mouth.

It has been twenty-five wonderful years we have spent together. I am living every woman's dream life.

I have a man who is totally devoted to me in every way imaginable. Life isn't perfect -- who wants to turn their husband's tush red every week but on the other hand he never complains.

I am never bothered by a man's constant demands for sex. I get what I want when I want it and exactly how I want it. I am never bothered by his bad moods or cynical comments about anything.

If I've had a bad day I have someone to take it out on who not only doesn't mind, he likes it when I do!

Jerry is always there, he waits on me hand and foot, treats me like a queen. I admit there are times I wish we had a more conventional marriage. Sometimes I think it would be nice if Jerry made some decisions for us, was a little more assertive.

Whenever I have those thoughts I sit on Jerry's face and they soon pass. Besides, how could I not love this situation, I always get the last word.


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****** Bi, The bet with my wife

I still can't believe this happened.

My wife and I have been married for about 20 years. Stacy is 43 with a nice 34B-26-38 body that keeps me coming back for more. Our sex life isn't fantastic, in fact it's pretty vanilla. Years ago, before the kids, we tried some mild kink but Stacy wasn't really into it so I didn't push her.

With the elections going on we were having a discussion about a candidate. She said he couldn't win and I thought he couldn't lose. I asked if she'd care to bet on it. Suddenly she looked at me hard and a slight smile came over her face. "I'll bet you a blow-job that he loses."

She had my attention. "A real blow-job", I added, "with plenty of tongue and head action and swallowing all the cum and even eating what spills."

She was still smiling. "As you wish."

Stacy and I had pretty good sex that night. I couldn't get over the thought of her mouth gliding up and down my pole. She hadn't put her mouth anywhere near my cock since our first year of marriage.

The election got closer and things began to heat up nationally and my guy started dropping back in the polls. He wound up losing due to a lot of straight ticket voting and I began to wonder for the first time what Stacy had in mind for my payoff of the equivalent of a blow-job.

The Friday after the election Stacy called me at work and told me to be home early because she expected to collect on her bet that night. I asked her what she had in mind but she just said "Be here."

When I got home I couldn't believe my Stacy. She was dressed in a white knit mini dress from about 20 years ago which she really fit quite nicely into. She wore no bra (a real unusual thing for her). But the real surprise was under her dress. She wore white hose, fastened with a white garter belt and white crotchless panties. She made a real act of showing them to me. They had tiny red bows lining each side of her lips and she had trimmed her bush so the lips were almost bare. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I couldn't wait to dive in.

"First things first. Since I won this bet, I'm calling the shots", she told me as I got heavy handed. "I want you naked so I can keep an eye on your arousal meter."

I wasted no time removing my clothes which she had me neatly fold and put away.

"One more thing", she said as she motioned me onto my knees. "This is a mouth only venture so put your hands behind your back."

When I did she fastened my wrists together with a heavy plastic cable tie she must have gotten from my toolbox. I remember thinking that she'd have to get wire cutters to remove this one since it was so thick. She tightened it around my wrists snug but not painful. There was no way I could get my wrists loose though. Then she tied a scarf around my ankles and through the cable tie. It served to keep me on my knees but without the severity of the cable tie.

Then she walked over to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine. She strode back with wine glass in hand, her 3" heels making her unencumbered breasts bounce. My cock was at full height and throbbing. I was hers.

"Let me explain how I'm going to collect my bet", she began, taking a sip of her wine. "The loser of the bet was to provide a blow-job. Your terms were stated as 'A real blow-job, with plenty of tongue and head action and swallowing all the cum and even eating what spills.' Correct?"

"Yes", I said not knowing where she was going.

"Well it's obvious that I'm not equipped to receive a blow-job. So I'm giving the blow-job you owe me to Keith."

I couldn't believe my ears! Keith was a young guy who worked with her and had tried more than once to have an affair with her. Stacy had told me about his attempts and assured me that she would remain faithful to me. Despite her promises I was still jealous and hated to even hear his name. I often asked her about him and whenever she discussed work I would inquire about him and his flirting. She viewed my constant questions about him as mistrust of her and disliked it.

I had met Keith a couple times. He was an arrogant ladies man, at 28 he was single, and handsome and rugged. He seemed to have all he could handle but still made plays for my wife. I started to protest but she cut me off.

"I knew you'd be upset but Keith has done me some favors and is a good co-worker. He's always horny around me so I figured this was a way to pay him back and remain faithful to you. I'm tired of you always questioning me about him and I know you think I'd cheat on you with him. Well here's how it works: if you give him the blow-job you owe me, when it's over he leaves, I cut you lose and we have great sex; if you renege on the bet he and I got to our bedroom and I let him fuck me like he's wanted to for so long. And you'll be out here still tied up and naked and you'll be the reason I'm cheating. Now you think about it while I let him in."

Here I was naked, bound and having to decide whether to suck the cock of a man who'd actively tried to get my wife into his bed or let him get into OUR bed with her. The worst part about the situation was that I was aroused by it. My rock hard cock betrayed me.

I watched the doorway as Stacy entered with Keith. "It's your moment of truth, sweetie, what will it be?"

Keith was grinning from ear to ear as he saw me kneeling there naked with my prick at attention. He had his arm around Stacy and I was pissed.

Stacy removed his arm from her waist and walked over to the bar. She poured a glass of wine for Keith and handed it to him. Then she walked across the room to a chair that gave her an unobstructed view of the spot where I knelt. She crossed her lovely legs and then explained the terms of the bet to Keith. You couldn't pry the grin off his face with a crowbar.

"Sounds to me like a win-win situation", he laughed.

Then she turned her attention to me. "Well Bill, what'll it be?"

"I'll give him the blow-job", came my half-hearted reply.

Keith knew that his only hope to get in Stacey's pants tonight was to get me angry enough to stop or mess up the blow-job. "I like getting head when I'm naked", Keith told Stacy. Then he started stripping his clothes off his body starting with his shirt. He got all the way down to his powder blue briefs without taking his eyes off of my wife. He stood there for a few seconds letting her gaze at his well developed chest and the bulge in his shorts. It was huge. Then, in one fluid motion he stepped out of his briefs and the largest cock I've ever seen came into view. It was only half-hard and longer and thicker than my fully erect penis. I saw Stacey's expression when he loosed it and was even more jealous. She noticed my glance and blushed.

Then a thought hit me: If it was as much of a surprise to her as it appeared to be, I realized she really had been faithful to me. This realization did me no good because now I was face to cock with this hung, virile young man who wanted to fuck my wife and would if *I* failed to give him a good blow-job.

Keith stepped closer to me and started waving his dick. "Like what you see? Is this the biggest one you've ever sucked?"

Stacy laughed, I was livid but didn't dare show it. The last thing I wanted was that thing inside Stacy. If he got in her she'd probably never want me again. I just ignored him.

He stood just out of my reach with his cock still semi-erect and hanging down. "Let's get started", he said, putting his hands on his hips.

Realizing that he wasn't going to come any closer, I leaned forward to take the head of his penis in my mouth. As I moved forward, he backed up a little and I lost my balance. I fell forward and wound up leaning against his abdomen with my face in his pubic hair and most of his cock in my throat. With my wrists and ankles bound I couldn't right myself and was supported by my face in his crotch. "Whoa boy, calm down", he laughed, "you'll get it all". Hands still on his hips, he rocked his pelvis forward to help me regain my balance on my knees. He was slick. He did it in a way that managed to keep most of his half-hard cock stuffed into my mouth. I really had to struggle to avoid biting it and to breathe. As I almost ****** he pulled it back out.

"Stacy," he was talking to my wife now, "I jerked off before I came here so I could last real long for your hubby here. I thought about you the whole time but my imagination didn't look nearly as pretty as you do sitting there. You know I can see right up your dress from here. Those red bows are really cute."

As I knelt with his fat cock in my mouth I tried to look toward Stacy. His thickening tool acted as a dowel rod, holding my head in place. He stood there with his hips thrust forward and the head of his dick in my mouth. I could barely fit my lips around the circumference. Kneeling there, I licked the underside lightly.

"I was thinking, Honey ...", he started.

How dare this guy call my wife honey! Who did he think he was? Why did she do this to me?



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"... most of the girls complain that they aren't able to deep throat me because I'm just too big. I miss it but they usually make it up to me by licking my balls. Would you like to have my balls licked if hubby here has the same problem the other girls do? Since this is your blow-job he's giving me, you should be the one to decide."

Stacy could barely contain her laughter. "What do you think Bill, can you get all of that dick down your throat or should I let you off easy and have you tongue his balls instead? I wouldn't want you to *****, sweetheart."

By now he was firm and about eight inches long. I could barely fit my mouth around the first half of it let alone take all of it down my throat. I felt like an utter fool as I let his cock go and told the two of them that I'd lick the man's balls.

"Let me help you", he said as he pulled the huge cock against his stomach to give me access to his hairy balls. His nuts were large, much larger than mine. They looked to be the size of two large plums. As I leaned forward to lick them he began slapping my cheek with his cock. Not too hard at first then gradually with more intensity. His prick was large and hard and the slaps hurt. I looked toward Stacy to see if she'd intervene. Instead she was watching intently and had her hand up her skirt moving rapidly between her legs. I had never seen Stacy masturbate before and now here she was wantonly getting off on my ***********. I nearly cried as I took his cock back in my mouth to avoid his slaps.

"What's the matter." he asked, "Is being cock whipped more painful than being pussy whipped?"

That comment almost finished me off. I ****** on his cock and my tears as I considered how much worse it would be to see him fuck my Stacy.

I worked on his huge penis with all the intensity I could muster. I licked and sucked and tongued. I was determined to get him finished as soon as possible. All the while he kept up a constant banter. Telling Stacy how hot she looked, how he could make her feel like a virgin again if she let him take her to bed. Then he'd compliment me as a great "cock-sucking fag boy".

Unfortunately Stacey's actions were keeping me aroused, she must have had three orgasms and her moans and frantic fingering were keeping my cock as hard as a rock. Keith assumed that it was the blow-job I was performing that had me so horny. He grabbed my head with his hands so I couldn't look at my wife or pull off of his cock. Then he pointed my condition out to Stacy.

"Look at him baby ..." he was really bold now "... he's getting his rocks off by sucking my cock. Bet his little dick's never been that hard for you."

I tried to pull away to explain but his hands kept my mouth firmly impaled on his shaft. I thought of biting him but realized that would ******* the bet and he'd get Stacy anyway. My only hope was to bring him off as soon as I could, so I started sucking harder. Suddenly he began to pump frantically. He was like a wild ****** in heat, he held me by my ears and thrusted with all his might. Each stroke pushed my nose into his pubic hair. I was nearly dying from his huge dick in my throat. His balls slapped my chin again and again. My mouth was stretched wide open, my throat was being rammed. I was salivating like a rabid dog when suddenly he rose up on his toes. I felt his scrotum constrict and his dick expand like a fire hose filling with water. Suddenly an ocean of cum flooded my mouth and throat. Over and over his cock spasmed in my mouth each time delivering a fresh charge of his sticky seed.

I swallowed all I could but there was too much, my mouth was too sore. He finally stopped with my face pressed against his crotch. His sperm was running out of my mouth and onto his balls. I couldn't swallow if I wanted to because my throat was so full of his shrinking manhood.

Sensing my attempts to breathe he finally let go of my head. "You weren't able to eat much of it were you. You probably wanted to lick it off my balls instead. Well there they are, pussy mouth, clean 'em real nice."

I glanced over at Stacy. She looked at me oddly. I hope she didn't believe this guy's bullshit. She was all spent and breathing real hard. I turned back to Keith determined to get him out of my house real quick.

I moved my mouth toward his balls once again. He didn't help this time and I had to maneuver around his semi-soft cock which nestled against his nuts glistening with his sperm and my saliva .

The stuff was sticky and hard to lick up but I had to pay the bet off.

After about fifteen minutes he was clean and hard again. Once more his great tool dwarfed my stiff 4 1/2 inches.

"He got the blow-job Stacy, have him leave", I implored looking at my sexually sated wife.

Stacy looked at his thick cock jutting out from his hard stomach like a telephone pole. Her legs were spread wide, her mini dress had long since been raised above her waist and her sweet pussy was there for the taking. I could almost smell her sex from where I knelt. The look on her face was pure lust.

"Stacy, please honey", I was begging now, "I did what you wanted. I paid the bet off."

Stacey's eyes were glued to his fuck-pole.

He saw her staring. "It's ready for you, Baby. After the blow-job the cock-sucker just gave me think of the staying power I'll have. I'll give you three, maybe four long stroke orgasms. Imagine how deep in you this will go. You'll be a virgin again."

She just stared, thinking.

"Please, sweetheart, send him away." I couldn't believe what I was being reduced to. Naked and bound and begging my lust crazed wife for her affections.

Keith pointed to me. "He'll probably blow his wad on the second stroke and you'll be left high and dry..." turning to me he added, "again."

Stacey's eyes were filled with lust and still she stared, saying nothing.

"How about if I stick around while you give the little guy a chance, If he satisfies you I'll leave. If he can't cut it I'll step in and make you feel like my new bride."

I guess it was the last sentence that did it. Stacy looked at me and calmly told Keith to get dressed and leave quietly. He started to say some more but we both knew she was getting pissed. Keith dressed and left without another word.

After locking the door behind him, Stacy returned to the living room and removed the scarf that held my ankles to my wrists. She helped me to my feet and led me to our bedroom by my stiff cock.

"I'm not gonna let you loose just yet, Big boy. How 'bout if you put that sperm soaked tongue to work in my pussy."

Stacy sat on the edge of the bed and put her legs on either side of my head as I knelt in front of her.

Despite the ordeal of earlier in the evening I was happy to bury my face between my wife's warm thighs. My tongue eagerly plowed through her newly trimmed nest of pubic hair to it's target. Her legs crossed behind me as she pulled my face into her hot, sticky core with her thighs. With my hands still bound behind me I was all hers and I loved it.

I worked my tongue in Stacy's very wet pussy with my hands bound behind me for at least a half-hour. She had three orgasms before she let me stop and cut the cable tie which held my wrists. No more was said about the humiliating act I had performed that night. In fact we went on to have fantastic sex well into the early morning.

I didn't realize it then but a major change had occurred between us. I had revealed a side of me that she had never seen, though it lurked just beneath the surface. And some powerful feelings had been unleashed in her that couldn't be forgotten and had to be invoked again.

Two days later I came home from work to find Stacy in our bedroom, watching TV and masturbating.

Looking up she smiled at me. "There's the star, my slave!" I had no idea what she meant, I still couldn't see the screen, but when she called me 'her slave' I felt an immediate stirring in my loins as my cock strained to attention.

"I've got a surprise for you but first take off your clothes." She kept the TV between us so I couldn't see the screen. As I removed my clothes she planted kisses on my exposed skin. By the time I removed my briefs my cock was at full staff. She added a few kisses then nipped my cockhead with her teeth. Reaching behind her she produced another cable tie. "Remember this?", she asked.

My excitement ratcheted up a couple more notches and I allowed her to again secure my wrists behind me.

As she bound my hands I noticed Stacy was wearing a short grey mini-skirt, an obvious new purchase, with a sexy purple garter belt holding up smoke colored hose and purple stiletto heels that strapped on to her ankles. Her blouse was purple silk with the top three buttons undone and again, no bra. As she knelt in front of me I watched her still firm 36Cs move inside her blouse.

After securing my hands she showed me a small leather belt, kind of like a dog's collar. Then she knelt and fastened it around my cock and balls. It had a 'D' ring on it which she connected to a chain lead.

Standing again, she wrapped a hand behind my head and pressed her lips to mine. Her hot tongue snaked into my mouth and I was at *full* attention. She pressed her thigh against my rigid tool and then broke the kiss. "I see my slave is ready to serve me", she whispered huskily.

"Yes ma'am", I replied, as I tried to get another kiss. Backing away she tugged quickly on the lead nearly causing me to lose my balance. "Address me as Mistress, slave. I have something for you to see." She then led me to where I could see the TV. At first I thought it was a porno film she had rented, then I looked closer. It was me sucking Keith! My knees became weak as I watched myself, naked and erect, frantically sucking Keith's huge cock while Stacy fingered herself in the nearby chair. "Wh-wh-where did that come from?", I asked, my face flushed with embarrassment.

"You like it, Star? I borrowed Tina's video camera." I watched as the camera zoomed in to a close up of me licking his balls. "Who zoomed it in and ran it?", I asked, a sinking feeling building in my stomach.

"Why Tina of course, I couldn't run that thing and enjoy your performance at the same time."



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I was dead, I knew it. Tina is a neighbor and a close friend of Stacy's. She's in her late twenties and a real knock-out. She's a brunette, 5'8" with a beautiful tan that she maintains year round. She's stunning and she knows it. She has the attitude that she is God's gift to mankind and I've watched many men fall all over themselves to convince her. When she turns on the charm, men around her turn to boys.

A couple months ago, while Stacy was out of town for a training seminar, Tina asked me to help her with a problem with her stereo.

Stacy had been away for nearly a week and I was in need of some feminine attention. When I showed up Tina pretended to be fresh from the shower and wore only a robe. She made sure I caught several glimpses of her lovely full breasts as the robe gapped at opportune times. The robe barely came to mid-thigh and Tina's lovely well-tanned legs were on full display. But the cincher was when I sat on the floor to fix some wiring for her speaker and she sat across from me and flashed her bush. Embarrassed, I looked away but my hard-on told Tina she was having just the desired effect.

One thing led to another and soon I was naked on my back on Tina's bed while she administered to my hard cock with her talented lips and tongue. (Tina's work was what I thought about when I made the bet with Stacy about a week later.) She really worked me over but was careful not to let me go over the edge. Then she opened her robe, straddled me with her lovely legs and slipped all of my rigid 5-1/2 inches inside her as I watched. My cock disappeared into her heavenly tunnel, and I watched in awe as her magnificent breasts swung free. The sight of those firm and tanned globes with their silver-dollar sized nipples bouncing as the beautiful Tina rode me was too much.

The feeling inside her was exquisite. She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk my cock as she rode me. All the nerve endings in my body were under her control as she rocked and squeezed. Once or twice she reached down to alternately pinch or caress one of my nipples. All I could do was whimper uncontrollably. While she fucked me she remained in a kneeling position and kept her deep blue eyes locked into mine. Try as I might, I was unable to break the gaze. I was like a deer in oncoming headlights.

She stopped rocking and began squeezing and loosing my cock quite rapidly. "Don't cum yet, Honey", she cooed as she licked her lips and brought my over stimulated cock to the edge. I couldn't hold back. She was working me like I imagined a milking machine would. As my cock spasmed and my seed filled her a smirk crept across her face.

"Billy decided to go to the party without waiting for poor Tina. Now, you owe me an orgasm."

"Just give me a few minutes, Tina", I begged, as her undulating vagina extracted the last of my sperm from my shrinking manhood.

"I'm ready now, little fella. Since you can't do it with your dick you'll have to use your mouth."

Using her hand to hold her vaginal lips closed, she pulled free of my cock and crawled over me until the bright red fingernails that held her pussy closed touched my lips.

"Please," I protested, "I can't do this. I just climaxed in there." Her laugh was deep and throaty. "When a man cums in me too soon he has to remove it with his mouth. That's Tina's rule and you're in Tina's house, and Tina's bed ..." Her free hand grabbed my balls and squeezed, gently at first, then a little harder. "... and your ball's are in Tina's hand." "Okay" I said, aware of the few choices available.

"Open wide", she cooed.

As I did, Tina spread her labia and a dollop of sperm dripped from inside her pussy into my mouth. I struggled to swallow it and Tina lowered herself onto my face. For the next several minutes I became very well acquainted with Tina's womanly core. At one point she used her knees to pin my arms and ****** me to apply my tongue to her asshole. There was no question that she was in complete control. My tongue was sore and my face was rubbed raw from her bush when she finally released me from the prison of her thighs. Tina used me in a way I have never been used in my life. When I finally went home I actually cried over what had happened to me. The guilt coupled with the *********** really depressed me. Stacy came back a few days later and I tried to wash the sordid event from my mind.

After that I always kept my distance from Tina. She was dangerous and I made a point of never being alone with her. To learn that she had witnessed the humiliating blow job I had given Keith brought back memories of my manipulation at her hands. Not only had she witnessed this but she had videotaped it!!

"Stac – I I mean Mistress, there's something I have to tell you", I began. "Are you going to confess to being Tina's slave while I was away?" My face turned bright red and I stared at the floor. "Yes, Mistress", I mumbled. Then it occurred to me that 'slave' was about the best description I could think of about what had happened to me that night.

"Don't worry, Bill, you'll have a chance to pay for your indiscretion tonight as MY slave. And cheating is a two way street, too."

I was naked. Kneeling on the floor. My hands were bound behind me with a plastic cable tie. A leather collar had been wrapped around my cock and scrotum. A short chain was attached from a ring on the collar, through my legs and was fastened to my wrist bindings. A silk scarf was wrapped around my ankles and also passed through my wrist bindings. I was effectively hog-tied. As I knelt there I learned that if I leaned forward my balls were pulled painfully between my legs. Standing was impossible.

Stacy, my 43 year-old wife, who had put me in this position, was standing over me wearing a grey micro-mini skirt, smoke colored hose and purple 3-inch open-toed platform heels revealing scarlet toenails. From my position on the floor Stacy treated me to glimpses up her skirt at a pair of lacy purple thong panties which I had never seen before. They were framed by a purple garter belt. On top she wore a purple silk blouse unbuttoned to mid-breast. Her beautifully proportioned 36Cs were unencumbered by a bra. A long gold necklace with a diamond pendant that I had given her for our eighteenth wedding anniversary fell into her cleavage. The sparkle of the diamond accentuated her perfect globes and focused on their tan lines. Stacy was a ravishing woman.

I, on the other hand, was in trouble. I had been seduced and very much used by her girlfriend who later recounted the story to Stacy. My present predicament was the beginning of Stacy's revenge.

"Bill," Stacy began as I looked at the floor, "you have always been jealous of me, questioning my whereabouts if I work late, asking for all kinds of details when I return from business trips, and now I discover *YOU* were cheating on me with my best friend while I was away. Well, dear husband, tonight you will learn that what's good for the gander is BETTER for the goose." A deep throaty laugh followed her joke as she gripped my chin and directed my gaze to her face.

"Tonight I'm going to sample that big, stiff cock that you so lovingly sucked for Keith a few nights ago. I'm going to see if he fucks as good as he talks."

Her use of the 'f' word startled me. In all our years of marriage Stacy never talked of sex in anything but veiled euphemisms.

"Please, Stac – Mistress", I pleaded, "please let me explain.." "Did you fuck Tina while I was away?", she asked, again gripping my chin to stare into my eyes.

As I hesitated to answer her grip on my chin tightened. "Yes, Mistress, but she tempted me."

"Well my little slave boy, don't you think I was tempted by Keith a few nights ago after you paid off your bet by sucking his big cock and licking his balls. This video drives me nuts", she said, referring to the tape still playing in the VCR. The one secretly recorded by Tina herself. Stacy grabbed my head and held my face between her legs. "Take a whiff, loverboy. Do you know how hot I am for that big cock of his? I had no idea how small you were until I saw Keith's man-dick. That dick of his, that's for me."

Stacy produced a bag from a local adult novelty store and pulled out a leather contraption.

"Do you know what this is?"

It appeared to have a small dildo attached to it. I knew exactly what it was but played dumb. "No, Mistress".

"It's a penis gag. If I hear one peep out of you while Keith is entertaining me you'll be practicing your cocksucking techniques on this. Do you understand?"

I was terrified, terrified and humiliated beyond belief. When I considered that Stacy knew of my indiscretion the evening I paid "The Bet" and still turned Keith away I realized this was going to get much worse before it got better. Her ability to refuse Keith was in direct contrast to my inability to discourage Tina's advances. And Stacy's talk of my being her slave, that was a fantasy that I secretly harbored but the last thing I wanted was to have such a relationship before my wife and her lover. As I mulled over the severity of my predicament the doorbell rang.

"See me soon", Stacy said turning on her heel and leaving the room. I followed her departure with my gaze. Then I glanced at the TV, there I was, on the 25" screen, sucking for all I was worth. Keith's hand held my head to his crotch so I couldn't see what he was doing that night, but I could now. As Stacy frantically fingered herself Keith would point to his cock and back to her, then he would make a couple short thrusts into my mouth. Stacy would laugh, then he would rub my head and make another comment about my expertise at sucking cock.

I felt my face flush as I fully grasped just how thoroughly Stacy had humiliated me that evening. She tricked me into that demeaning situation, knowing full well that she planned to have Keith anyway, no matter how much I debased myself on his cock.

The tape ended with me dutifully licking his seed from his large balls as he grew erect again. Mercifully, Tina stopped her taping, or ran out of tape, without recording his arrogant promise to my wife of unrivaled sexual pleasure or my humiliating pleas for her fidelity.

I knelt there cursing my stupidity for allowing Tina to seduce me when I heard the sound of Stacy's laughter approach our bedroom prison. She walked in with *him* behind her. His hand was resting on her bottom and her lipstick was smeared.

"Keith, you remember my husband?", Stacy asked as Keith caught a glimpse of me kneeling on the floor.

At first he looked surprised, then, as he realized the position I was in, his expression turned to smugness.

"You must like that position, little fella", he said, taunting me. "I don't need you to suck my dick tonight though, this lady asked for my cock first."

Stacy laughed as the two of them hugged and then kissed deeply standing just a few feet from me.

What followed is hard to recount even today. It began with my heretofore very staid and conservative wife telling this virile young man that she was looking forward to enjoying his cock. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands all over his chest. As she pulled his shirt from his slacks she used her lips and tongue on his nipples as he moaned. From my too close vantage point I watched the bulge in Keith's pants grow larger.

Next Stacy's hands were on his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it from his slacks. She grasped it by the buckle and turned to me. "I may need this to make sure my slave does my bidding later this evening." She placed it on the floor next to me and returned to the task of freeing the object of her wanton desire, Keith's cock, from his slacks.

With one hand on his waistband and the other on his zipper-pull she leaned forward and pressed herself against Keith's bare chest while their lips met. Keith pulled her to him and passionately returned her kiss as his pants dropped to the floor. Keith had worn no underwear and his formidable equipment sprang free immediately.

My stomach wrenched in me as I watched the next few minutes unfold. Stacy dropped to her knees and grasped the base of Keith's cock. Then my wife, who hadn't put her mouth near my cock in seventeen years, opened her lips and began licking Keith's dick, all the while staring into my eyes. When she knew she had my undivided attention she opened her mouth and took the huge purple cock-head in. Keith let out a moan and I could tell her tongue was working on him. Keith put his hand on the back of her head and began making short thrusts as Stacy worked to get more of his tool into her mouth. Little beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead as she worked her lips, tongue and throat to accommodate her well-hung lover.

"Yeah, baby, suck it, make love to it, but save some to fill that tight little pussy of yours", Keith coaxed, rubbing the back of her head as she worked to swallow more of his cock.

Stacy moaned, then again, longer, louder. Then she turned her eyes to me while the noise from her throat continued. She was giving him a hummer! I'd only heard of them before. Keith looked like he would explode. "Stop, stop", he commanded, pushing her off his cock. "On the bed, on your back. Spread 'em wide cause I'm gonna get your cherry tonight." Stacy scrambled to get up and onto the bed. "Oh yes, please Keith, I want to feel all of that inside me."

Stacy was consumed with lust. The room was filled with her scent and that was not lost on Keith. As she lay on her back with her legs spread wantonly he moved his face between her thighs. "I could go for a *****", he said moving his face to her very swollen labia. As his tongue went to work on my wife she began to pant and moan and whimper in a way I have never experienced. I watched her body shudder as an orgasm passed through her and then Keith was standing between her legs.

I don't think I'll ever forget the image that was burned into my mind. Keith held my wife's thighs apart as his rigid member touched first her slit, then her clit, then the lips parted and his huge cock entered her womanhood. With the first thrust he plunged about five inches into her and she whimpered again.

"That's little Bill", he laughed. Pulling back an inch, he plunged again and buried his manhood deep into my wife. "That was Keith", he stated. Stacy's scream pierced the air as her nylon clad legs wrapped tightly around Keith's back.

In a couple strokes she was orgasming again, this time muttering "what a cock, what a COCK!"

Keith had plenty of stamina and by the time he finished and deposited his seed in my well-fucked wife, she was a limp dishrag.

I was totally unprepared for what came next though. Keith pulled himself free of my wife and walked over to where I knelt, still bound and leashed. Picking up the leash he stood with his cock in my face. "Clean me off, cuckold".

He jerked the leash suddenly and for the second time in a couple weeks I was sucking this man's dick. I tasted Stacy's juices but they were overpowered by the salty taste of their sweat and his sperm. He maintained tension on the leash but used his other hand to guide my face onto his cock. It was just as he had held Stacy, thrusting then pushing until my nose was buried in his pubic hair and his entire flaccid penis was in my mouth. "Stacy', he called to my wife as he held me fast to his groin, "this guy's a natural born cocksucker. I know a guy who will make a dildo replica of my dick. I'll get you one and the two of you can share it when I'm unavailable".

Mercifully Keith removed his cock from my overstretched mouth and proceeded to loosen some of my bonds. Helping me to my feet, but still holding the leash, he led me to the bed where Stacy lie exhausted. He pushed my head between her legs and I saw her pussy. Her labia were distended and raw, her pubic hair was matted with their sweat and Keith's cum leaked from her still open gash.

Stacy reached out and grabbed my head. "Clean me up, Bill. Suck all of Keith's cum from me. Taste the cock that fucked your wife. He was a man, Bill. I felt him in my tummy his cock was so long. Long and FAT! That big thick dick rubbed my clit every time he moved it."

My face was pressed into the pool of juices that leaked from Stacy's cunt and her words were cut off as Keith fed his awakening penis into her mouth again.

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