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A Half Open Marriage

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simply amazing...wonderful
tef fulton


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“Please don’t put it on me, not tonight” Ted begged her. “I can wait a bit to hear the rest of what happened”

“O.K., I’ll just have to keep it to myself for awhile then.” Sarah turned away from him and rolled over to her side of the bed. “Oh teddie,….. I still want you to relax in the guest room tonight. We’ll have to think about what to do about our relaxing arrangements when the kids get back from my parents. But, I don’t think it is appropriate for you to share the same bed with me now. I mean only Real Men relax with women. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, Ms Sarah, I agree. Can I wear my robe?” Ted was starting to walk away, his eyes lingering on the curves of her beautiful naked body. Every fiber of his being longed to snuggle up to her, He knew he wasn’t worthy, not tonight. Her dreams would be of Real men, not cuckolds like him.

“I don’t think so…. not until the kids get back.” Sarah rejected even this attempt at normalcy. “Of course, you won’t be able to be naked with them here, but I like you this way when they are away. Do be a Dear and blow out the candles for me before you go.”

As Ted started to blow out the candles Sarah propped herself up on her elbows and relaxily spoke to him once again. “teddie you have been a wonderful hubbie about all this. I am very proud you! You are being such a good boy. In the morning, we will need to lay out some ground rules about going forward, O.K.?”

Ted beamed with the pride and satisfaction of knowing she was pleased with him “Yes Mistress, thank you!”

“What was that you called me…Mistress…? I kind of like that. Oh and, what are you thanking me for teddie?” Sarah asked.

“For making me your cuckold and for saying I pleased you……Mistress.” Ted answered.

“Well…since you are being so sweet…….. I guess I can let you wear ‘something’. I was going to wait until Sunday for this, but go ahead and get some underwear out of your drawer” Sarah’s sly smile was barely visible in the dim light of the room as she spoke.

Ted walked over to his dresser and opened his underwear drawer. “There must be some mistake. I think you put your underwear in my drawer. Did you want to use this drawer for your panties now? Where did you put my boxers?”

“Those are YOUR panties ‘cuckie’. I ordered them for you. They’re your size. I bought then when I got your chastity tube…. and a couple of other items as well. You’ll see it all on your credit card statement this month. Your ‘men’s undies’ just aren’t appropriate for you any more, so I threw them out. You may pick out a pair of panties to relax in.”

With that, Sarah rolled over and blissfully closed her eyes. Ted, in a continuous state of shock, couldn’t believe how thoroughly his wife had planned all this out. He pulled out a pair and slipped them on. As he walked back to the guest room, he couldn’t help wondering about what those ground rules she referred to might be.
tef fulton


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Ted slept late Sunday morning. As he began to slip out of bed he looked down. There were the pink panties he had worn to relax in. It wasn’t a dream it had all really happened. He thought, “God! Why does it have to be pink? Isn’t just wearing panties embarrassment enough?”

He walked out into the hall. His wife’s bedroom door was already open. The room was empty. Ted could hear a radio on in the kitchen. He walked downstairs, still in his panties, to find her munching on an English muffin. She had already showered and was dressed in designer jeans and a thin T-shirt. He could smell her perfume.

‘Morning cuckie” Sarah happily greeted him. “Did you relax well?”

“The bed in there isn’t as comfortable as ours, but I slept fine.” Ted answered.

“Didn’t you forget something?” Sarah tone changed a bit.

“ Ummmm,… I don’t know….. did I?” Ted was still a bit relaxy as he racked his brain to try to think of what he might have forgotten.

“You forgot to call me either Mistress or Ms Sarah, But, I will let this one slide as that is going to be one of the ‘ground rules’ I wanted to talk to you about this morning. Now clean away my dishes and come and meet me in the Den. Oh…… and make me a cup of coffee.”

“Yes Mistress” Ted said, correcting his prior error.

“Good Boy, hurry up and finish your chores. “Oh! … bring the letter attached to the Frig, the one with your name on it. Take a few minutes to read it while you make the coffee” With that she sauntered off.

Ted brought her dishes to the dishwasher and started the coffee maker. He looked over at the Refrigerator door for something with his name on it. There was an envelope, attached with a magnet. He saw the word “CUCKOLD” on it in large letters. He guessed that must be it. He removed the envelope and found a letter inside. It read;

Dear ted,

Or should I call you cuckold?
If you are reading this, then that is what you are and always will be. Between the fantasy games we had been playing in bed and discovering your cuckold sites, I decided I really wanted to make you a cuckold. I also know that there would need to be rules. I based these rules on ideas I have read about on your cuckold and chastity sites, as well as your admitted desires to submit, and my ideas about cuckolding you. I have come up with these simple rules. I put them together weeks ago. I decided I would only give them to you if you were really enough of a wimp to let me relax with other men.

1. I am free to have sex with whoever I please, whenever I wish, with NO limitations You have no say in this as you hereby give up any sexual rights you had as a husband as of today.
2. You will not have sex with any woman but me ever;
3. I completely control our sex lives. We will have sexual contact only when and how I allow it;
4. Whenever I am on a date, and for at least 24 hours before that date, you will be in chastity;
5. You will never receive oral sex from me or any woman;
6. You will never again have anal sex from me or any woman ( you sucked at it anyway);
7. You will facilitate my dates, you will do the household chores, help me prepare, make reservations, baby-sit and whatever I need of you to make things easier for me to see Real Men;
8. You will clean up after my dates and yourself (you know what I mean);
9. You will always wear panties as sign of your new status in this cuckold-relationship;
10. You are my slave!, You are to obey me in all things. You are not to ever question me. If the kids are not present you are to call me Ms Sarah or Mistress. If they are present then simply respond either, Yes Sarah, or No Sarah, to what I tell you to do.
11. Your orgasms will be controlled in the following manner
a. You will roll one (1) dice today and each year on the Anniversary of your cuckolding. Whatever the number you roll (as little as one or as many as six) , that will be the number of times you may enter my pussy that year
b. Each month you will roll that same dice to determine how many times you will orgasm that month (again, as little as one or as many as six);
c. I will decide how and when and how, during the month, or year, I allow you these privileges;
d. These privileges may be revoked at my discretion for bad behavior on your part, or
e. To retain your right to your orgasms that month, or sex that year, you must accept an alternative punishment of my choice from me, or my lovers, without knowing what the punishment will be in advance.
12. The nature of our relationship will be kept secret from our families, friends and co-workers, with the following exceptions;
a. My lovers;
b. My best friends Jean (she already knows) and Lisa (she will soon)
c. At some future point, I will choose one of your friends and one of your co-workers to have sex with. They will not know you are a willing cuckold, they will think I am having an affair with them behind you back.
13. I reserve the right to add additional rules at any time. Breaking these rules, by you, can result in corporal punishment, denial, chastity or other offenses (so be good)

Agreed to this __________day October, 2008

_______________________ cuckold-slave /ted

_____________________ _ Wife-Mistress /Sarah

______________________ Witness
tef fulton


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Ted finished reading the letter of ‘new rules.’ He was flabbergasted. For a moment he thought about rebelling, this was too much, too fast. He wanted to be a cuckold and had long fantasized about these things but could he really live as her slave? Then, looking down at his pathetic state, standing in panties in the kitchen, he realized it he had no choice. He was that wimp. He was that cuckold.

He read it over two or three times as the coffee maker finished its’ task. He thought “God! What if I rolled a one?” Putting the letter down for a moment to pour her cup of coffee, he heard a car pull into the driveway. Being in panties, he panicked a bit. “It must be the kids, but it’s only noon. They aren’t due home until much later tonight.” Grabbing a robe, he ran to the window. It wasn’t Sarah’s parent’s car. It was a BMW in the driveway he didn’t recognize.

“Ms Sarah!” Ted called out “Someone’s here”

“Oh, Wonderful!” Sarah called back from the Den, “I told Roy last night I needed some help on a contract this morning, He is lawyer you.”

All at once Ted realized that was why she was dressed already and why she was wearing perfume. Then a sudden terror gripped him. The contract….Not that contract, please, she couldn’t mean the rules? She said she had told him ‘everything.’ Ted hadn’t gotten the whole story because he came so fast last night. Was she really doing this?

Sarah suddenly appeared next to Ted, where he was again peaking out the shades.

“No need to hide now, cuckie. Go let him in the back door, I asked him to come around the back.” Sarah giggled at herself. “I didn’t mean that to sound as suggestive as it did. But,….. It’s a delightful idea.”

“What contract is he here to work on?” Ted’s words came rushing out in a panic.

“Never you mind,…. cuckie” Sarah turned and headed to the Den. “Bring him to me, and bring my coffee. Don’t forget to offer him a cup too. Be very respectful of him.”

Just then the back door bell rang. Ted closed his robe and went to the door. He saw Roy standing outside filling the doorway. Ted wasn’t short but this Man had to be looming over him by about 6 inches. His body practically filled the space. He was dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt. Still he had an air of authority about him.

“Come in Roy. Please Forgive me, my wife didn’t tell me you were dropping by” Ted looking at his robe as he said it. “I didn’t have time to dress. May I get you some coffee?”

“Thanks. That would be great…teddie. Where’s the little woman?” Roy said as he stepped in the back door.

“Waiting for you in the Den, I’ll show you to her. Here let me finishing pouring this coffee for my wife and you.” Ted offered.

“You really are an accommodating sort, teddie.” Roy, taking his mug continued, “Thanks, I take mine with sugar. I see your wife likes hers black. I bet you take yours with cream, huh?”

“Yes …..I do like it that way.” Ted grabbed Sarah’s cup and led Roy to their Den, trying to ignore the two meanings of his words.

The moment they walked into the Den, his wife raced over to Roy and wrapped herself him. She held him for several moments appearing to not want to let him go. When Sarah did finally release Roy, it was after a long lingering kiss. Sarah’s face seemed to be glowing. She took a step in Ted’s direction. When she was at arms length, she raised her right hand and slapped Ted’s face harder than ever remembered being hit!

“I already told you today, panties only! Get that robe off! NOW!” Sarah’s tone left no doubt this was an order.

“How dare you embarrass me in front of my guest by disobeying me?” Sarah continued to berate him in front of Roy.

“I am sorry Sarah.” Ted answered meekly not wishing to be increase her wrath and despite his embarrassment, he started to remove the robe.

SLAP! Again, this time harder than the last, Sarah struck his now red face. “If you can’t learn more quickly things are going to be very hard on you…..You answer, I’m sorry Mistress!” Sarah scolded.

“Wow! Roy interjected laughing at Ted, “This guy really is pussy whipped! I can see why you need other Men.”

“Roy, I think it’s time we have our cuckold sign those rules we drafted together a few weeks ago” Sarah looked at Ted to see if he picked up on her reference of “weeks ago”. She saw in his face that he was confused.

“Yes cuckie, Roy and I have been having sex together for months. I wasn’t going to tell you of my affair, But when we started playing our cuckold games and I found those web sites, I decided I would tell Roy about it and see if I he could help me have my cake and eat it too.” Sarah confessed.

“Sorry teddie.” Roy interjected, “But you wife is just too much woman for someone like you. She didn’t want to leave you and the kids but she has to have Real Men. Man! I really couldn’t believe you would be this much of a wimp!

“Really? ……..You and Ms Sarah were in on this the whole time? Ted spoke quietly hoping it was allowed.

“Yep, that’s right and from now on it’s ‘Sir’ to you wimp! We came up with the idea of her role-playing cuckold scenarios in bed with you. I bought her some of those cuckold movies you watched. When you responded so well, we decided to see what would happen if I fondled and danced with her in front of you. Did you really beg her to cuckold you on the way home Friday?” Roy inquired of the humiliated cuckold before him.

“Do you have my camera Roy? Sarah asked her lover. “We need to record him signing the rules then rolling the dice. I don’t want him to get any ideas about changing his mind or disobeying us.”

“Yes, I have it Beautiful. Teddie, if your wife isn’t pleased with you, this tape we are going to make of you reading aloud and signing the rules could find its way into some embarrassing places, Do you follow? Roy demanded

Ted was beaten, cuckolded and about to sign away his freedom. Ted lowered his head and in a barely audible voice answered.

“Yes Sir…. And Mistress”

“Good boy” Sarah encouraged her cuckold.

“Now pick up the letter. Also, on the table is the dice you will roll when you are done. I am hoping you roll a one!” Roy laughed aloud. “Now, read when I say start.”

Ted picked up his new “rules” and watched as his wife slipped down to her knees and pulled out Roy’s cock. It was the first time he had seen it. It was HUGE and as thick as Ted’s wrist. Then he witnessed his wife take it in her hands and massage it to its’ full hardness as Roy got the camera ready.

“Now, start reading cuckold” Roy pushed the record button on her camera. At the same time, his wife slipped the mushroom head of Roy’s enormous prick in her mouth. It appeared to fill her mouth even it while half of his cock still remained outside her lips. Ted’s erection grew in his panties as he began to read aloud. His excitement at his predicament would be forever captured on film. After he finished reading, he signed the rules.

“Now it’s our turn,” Roy interrupted. “Take this camera and hand her that letter. I want you to record us signing too.”

“But, Mistress is sucking you Sir, Do you want that on film?” Ted asked not knowing what to do.

Sarah let Roy’s giant cock slip from her lips, “Just do what we tell you to do. Give me that letter and press record”

Ted did as he was told Sarah took his massive erection back in her mouth. As Ted pressed record, she amazingly deep throated it entire length then let it slip out again. Sarah turned to the camera and said;

“I hereby agree to accept you as my cuckold slave” She then signed the letter and handed it to Roy.

Ted kept the camera focused on the two as his wife started to suck Roy’s cock again in earnest. Roy took his cue and looked into the camera;

“And I hereby witness this cuckold document” Roy groaned in pleasure from Sarah’s efforts. He then took the camera back and pointed it at Ted. “Now cuckold, time for the dice”

Ted picked up the dice. Before he tossed them Sarah stopped sucking Roy again to speak to her cuck.

“This being your ‘technical’ Anniversary of becoming a real cuckold, the first toss will be to determine how many orgasms you will have this month” Sarah continued to stroke her lover as she spoke.” The second toss will be to see how many times you can enter my pussy for the next 12 months.” But don’t forget, I decide how and when. Role it when you are ready”

Roy pointed the camera back at ted as Sarah finished speaking. Ted’s knees were shaking, “Please, be a SIX” he thought to himself. He threw the dice on the table. It bounced and spun coming to a halt finally. Roy zoomed in on it with the camera………it was……a ONE.

“Bad luck cuckie, but there’s always next month when you can roll again” Sarah reminded him.

“Didn’t I say I was rooting for a one, Damn! I am the lucky one!" Roy beemed. "Now for the BIG roll , you only get one of these a year, you know I am hoping for another roll of one” Roy couldn’t help but be amused at Ted’s predicament.

Ted picked up the dice once again. This toss would tell him how many times he would get in her for a whole year. He couldn’t look as he dropped the dice on table again.

“Congratulations teddie! You did twice as well !” Sarah encouraged in mock excitement for him. “It’s a TWO.

Sarah continued, “I am thinking we can do it on Christmas and our anniversary, in June. That is….. if you’re good. Oh ted, by the way, this constitutes a date with Roy, so you need to be in chastity. Go fetch the tube”

Ted left the Den to get his tube. the roll meant he would only have one orgasm this month and only 2 times could he have sex with his wife all year. Hell, his wife had had sex at least twice last night and she was about to do it again with Roy in the Den. He was dizzy with frustration and offense. He picked up the tube from his wife’s dresser and brought it to her. In the Den, he found his wife only in panties and her t-shirt. Roy was naked from the waist down. They were making out furiously on the love seat. Sarah spoke to him as he entered the room;

“Cuckie, You have been such a good boy, that I going to give you a choice. You know you only have one orgasm left this month. You may stroke yourself to one now, while you watch Roy and I fuck...... if you wish. Besides, It will be easier to get the tube on you after you cum. Or, you can save it, get some ice to shrink it and put your chastity tube on now. Which will it be?”

“I need to cum” ted begged.

“I thought you might!” Sarah laughed. “O.K. then enjoy the show. This will be so erotic! Having sex right in front of my wimp hubbie!”

“Forget about him, I need you now!” Roy reached under her ass cheeks and literally ripped her panties off. Sarah squealed in delight as Roy picked her up and threw her face down over the arm of the Love seat. Her perfectly round ass was on full display. Her pussy was begging for his cock. Ted watched as Roy slid it in to the hilt. Her pussy was already soaking wet as it stretched to accept his Monster.

Ted watched and stroked as Roy took his wife to places he had never seen her go. They moved together like some kind of magnificent naturals. Roy’s stamina was incredible! He took her in multiple positions for nearly half an hour before he came deep inside her pussy.

Roy got up and excused himself to go use the shower. After a few minutes Sarah was able to collect herself. She turned her head to where Ted was kneeling on the floor watching her.

“Did you enjoy that cuckold? Was it all you dreamed?” Sarah asked of her slave.

“Oh, yes Mistress! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Ted answered truthfully.

“Did cuckie have a cummie while I rode Roy’s Cock?

“Yes Mistress, it was so incredible!”

“Good Boy! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I came twice on his cock. Now, put that cb-3000 on and snap the lock shut as you promised. Then you have some cleaning to do!” Sarah instructed.

As Ted’s tongue started to clean his Mistress yet again, she looked down at him where he knelt beneath her and reminded him, “Oh,….. don’t forget, since you choose to cum ……. that is all your allowed for the month! And, I do believe you will need to be in chastity, the whole time, to make sure you don’t play with yourself until next month.”

When she was sure he had licked every drop, Sarah got up to join Roy in the shower. Ted watched in frustration as her perfect ass swayed out the den doorway. Her cuckold, left behind, in panties, in chastity, and once again with a face full of another Man’s cum.


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Tef, this really is a magnificent story.

One of the best stories I ever read defined a cuckold simply as ' a man with an unfaithful wife'.

So many stories concentrate on the 'unfaithful' bit and forget about the 'wife' bit, resulting in all sorts of use a truly loving wife would not do.

Ted has an unfaithful wife. Thanks for sharing their story with us.


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Still an excellent story. Keep up the good work.



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Best story I have read on cuckolding....great work. Hope more is to come.
Let me introduce you to my wife.


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awesome story can't wait for more!!


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I cant wait to hear how the wifes' friends tease and humilate him, and how his coworkers and friends fuck his wife and humilate him also! Keep it coming..........
tef fulton


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Thanks everyone for the compliments. I will try to keep it going. I have a framework in mind, but would love to try to incorporate some of your suggestions. So let me know what you would like to happen next.

Thanks again!


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I would like to hear of all of Your Friends teasing him, and perhaps some toilet training, for both You and Your boyfriend to use him, rimming is good too!, but, whatever You decide, it has to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyy good for You!


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one of the best stories ive ever read


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Excellent story tef fulton. Thank you very much. Perhaps some assworship after Roy taken her anally. Toilet training would be extremely humiliating, so I second that request. This is very well written!!


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I think she has taken him a long way in a short time. He needs to see some sign that this is still worth it for him as well as her. They need to go forward together with what's best for them, not the bull, at the the end of the day, in their marriage, he's just a cipher. Once Ted gets this, she can go further.


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Tef, this story just gets better and better. I like the teasing and offense very much. If poss could you describe Sarah's outfits in detail, I hope she will be dressing very sexy from now on, Thanks and keep up the good work


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Excellent. One of my ex's used to discretely grab my cock thru my pants and lead me around when we went shopping. Like my cock was a leash. Thanks for your good work.


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Fucking Brilliant Writing.
tef fulton


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Omega Tattoos & Piercing was about a twenty minute drive from their home. Ted arrived in the parking lot at nearly midnight. He could see from the neon ’OPEN’ sign flickering in the window that they were not yet closed.

Omega’s was located near the same function hall that his wife’s law firm held that fateful party last Friday. His car passed along the very same quiet streets and by the function hall. As he was driving, Ted recalled how only few days earlier, on this same road, he had begged his wife to make him a cuckold. Now as he opened the door to his car and walked towards Omega’s he thought of the oft heard warning ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Ted pushed open the door to Omega’s. A chime or bell of some kind announced his presence. Ted took a moment to take in his surroundings. He had never been in a tattoo parlor before. It wasn’t particularly well lit and the accommodations seemed a bit sparse. There were a couple of padded reclining chairs or tables, as well as some simpler chairs. There was also a collection of instruments that he didn’t yet recognize. There was no one there, at first, but he did hear music and buzzing in the back.

“Hello?” Ted called out. A part of him was now hoping the hour was too late, that the shop was closing.

“Be right there!” A man’s voice called out, over the music, from behind a curtain in the back.

Ted’s heart skipped a beat when he heard a man’s voice. His wife had told him a woman worked here. Somehow the idea of a woman piercing him didn’t seem as humiliating as a man. He couldn’t bear the thought of explaining why he wore panties; let alone what work he wanted done, to some burly tattoo artist. Just then, confirming his worst fears, a large bald white guy, his arms covered in tattoos, pushed open the curtain and emerged from the back of the parlor.

“It’s pretty late dude, what are you looking for?” the tattooed Man inquired of Ted.

“Ummm….. Sorry if it’s too late. I was told to ask for Britney? Is she here tonight?” Ted nervously asked.

“Oh Yeah!” The tattooed Man seemed to be snickering a bit “Is your wife Sarah? Britney got a call from a Sarah a little while ago.”

“Yes. That’s right. Sarah’s my wife. She said a ‘Britney’ would be expecting me?” Ted was relieved that he didn’t have to explain things further to this Man.

“Brit just popped out for a cup of coffee she’ll be back in a minute. I heard her tell your wife on the speaker-phone that she would work on you before she left, Piercing right?” the tattooed Man asked with a smile.

“Um, yeah. That’s right.” Ted should have been past the point of being embarrassed by such events by now. However, hearing that his wife’s conversation with this Britney woman, about his piercing, was on the speaker phone, caused another wave of embarrassment to flow through his body

“We’re about to close so I’m just going to lock up the front door. Just wait out here. She should only be a moment. I’ve got to finish with another customer in the back. I’m sure he’ll be along any sec.” And with that, the tattooed man disappeared in the back room.

Ted heard the buzzing noise continued. He assumed it must be the sound of someone getting a tattoo. Just then, he heard a door close in back. He heard the muffled voices of a man and a woman. He was trying to make out their conversation when the curtain parted again.

“So Teddie, is it?” A tall beautiful dark haired woman dressed in black jeans, boots and a halter top stepped into the waiting area where Ted sat. She looked to be about thirty years old. She had several visible piercings. A number were located on both her ear lobes. She also had a ring on her lower lip and a diamond stud in the corner of her right nostril. She had rings of barb wires tattooed both her arms just above her biceps and a red rose surrounded by thorns on her lower back just above her hips.

“Yes, you must be Britney?” Ted had always been excited by women who possessed this kind of exotic, even dangerous look. His previously staid life as a married insurance adjuster hadn’t, to date, provided him with the opportunity to meet anyone like this dark tattoo artist.

“I am.” She then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “And you must be Sarah’s cuckold panty boy”

Ted was mortified, but he found his erection growing in spite of himself. As Britney stepped back and laughed, Ted could see another of her piercings. It was a metal barbell shaped piercing on her tongue. He tried to answer her but in this humiliating circumstance he couldn’t make his own tongue form words

“Cat got your tongue? Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything just nod yes or no. You’re here for a Prince Albert?” Britney smiled down at him. In her black leather high heeled boots, she seemed to tower over him. Finally, Ted still tongue tied, nodded his head in the affirmative.

“Okay teddie, we do these types of piercings in back. Follow me.” Britney walked back through the curtain to the back room as Ted got up and followed.

The clock on the back room wall said it was just after midnight. Ted looked around the room. Once again he saw the Tattooed man. He was leaning over his customer’s arm finishing up an elaborate tattoo of an eagle.

“O.K. You’re all set for tonight. Come back in on Friday and we’ll finish with the coloring.” He said to the man in the chair he was working on. “You can pay me outside in the waiting room, I’ll need to unlock the door to let you out.”

“Sit up here on this chair teddie.” Britney directed him. “Your wife told me she wants you to get a strong metal ring in the end of your penis….a Prince Alpert. Correct?”

“Yes, She….. I mean, ‘I’ would like to get one for her …yes” Ted managed to answer her.

“Well your wife Sarah tells me you’re quite well behaved. While that appears to be true, but I don’t know you yet. It’s quite late and my partner is supposed to be going home now. I don’t like being here alone this late with a customer that I don’t know well. So, I will give you a choice. I can ask Domenic to stay and watch the piercing, you have to pay him and extra $50 to stay, or… can let me handcuff you to the chair while I pierce your penis. If you’re cuffed I won’t have to worry about you trying anything…..Make up your mind quick now. Dom is about to go.”

“I would prefer he not watch, so the handcuffs I guess.” Ted was uncertain of his decision to allow himself to be bound by this stranger in the backroom of a tattoo parlor after midnight. But, his wife had sent him here, so he figured Britney could be trusted.

“A bit shy, huh? Well, most submissive men are. Don’t worry teddie, I adore wimpy types like you. This will be fun!” Britney’s smile seemed to beam a satisfied aura. “I’ll just see Domenic out. You get out of those pants and get up on the chair.”

Ted heard the door open and close out in the waiting room. He tried to make himself comfortable on the chair. The leather was a bit cold and he felt very self conscious sitting there in his panties. Britney once again parted the curtain and walked into the backroom where Ted waited. She was twirling two sets of handcuffs in her hands.

“Okay teddie! Put both of your arms on the arm rests.” Sarah’s boot heels clicked on the linoleum floor as she approached. Ted did as instructed and Britney quickly fastened the cuffs to the arms of the chair. She secured him with and ease and certainty of motion that gave Ted the impression she had done this before.

“Cute panties sissy! I don’t go for pink myself. Black is really more my color. But they look perfect on you! It’s a pity they can’t stay on.” Britney crooked three fingers around the waistband of Ted’s thong. Wrapping the fabric in her fist she abruptly and sharply pulled it towards her. The savage motion shredded his panties leaving him naked from the waist down.

“That’s better. Now I can work.” Britney still had a look of dissatisfaction. “Mmmm, such a small one you have teddie. Still, as even little as it is, It’s difficult to work with all that hair down there and with it hard like that. Let’s shave it clean first”

“I’m sorry. Its been like that since you got here. Its been awhile since I’ve had any relief. Do we have to shave it though?” Ted confided in his captor.

“Oh yes! It will look so much better and also help prevent infections. Oh, I am flattered by the erection” Britney asked. “How long has it been?”

“Since Sunday……But it has also been lock…..Well it’s just been awhile.” Ted stopped himself before he confessed to being in chastity during that time. He found that his newly freed penis got hard at even the slightest breeze. Let alone being exposed and bound here before this erotic vision of a woman. But, he just couldn’t tell her that.

“That’s not too long at all. You’ll need to abstain from sex for about two or three weeks after you’re pierced, Although your wife says that won’t be a problem.” Britney finished shaving him clean of his pubic hair and then thought for a second and said, “I think I know what to do. You’re gonna need ice afterwards, so lets apply some now. That should shrink it down to size.”

Ted watched as Britney walked over to a refrigerator in the corner and took out a cold pack. She walked over to him and placed it under his crotch. She applied an antiseptic to his penis while she watched the cold pack do its job. As Ted was watching his penis shrink Britney was putting together the tools she needed.

“Don’t forget you’ll need to apply this cream daily to avoid infections.” As she said it Ted saw a tube and a long needle in her hand. She placed the lubricated tube in the hole at the end of his penis then grabbed his cock firmly.

“This is the part I love the best!” Britney smiled and moved the needle to a inch or so below the head. ”This will hurt a bit”

As Britney said that she sharply pushed the needle through the outside and out through the tube she had placed in his pee hole. Ted cried out a bit as he saw the needle in his cock. Britney took out a fairly thick 8 gauge closed captive ring and ran it through the hole. There was a bit of reding but Ted’s cock now looked just like the man in the picture he had seen earlier.

“I don’t usually start with an eight. It is a bit thick, but that is what your wife paid for.” Britney informed him. “Oh and there’s one more thing she paid for. A tattoo! That’s the real reamister I handcuffed you.”

“Does My wife really want that?’ Ted asked desperately.

“Your Mistress wants that. Yes.” She corrected, “Relax, it won’t be visible to most people. This won’t take too long. I already have your crotched shaved.”

Ted watched as she applied the tattoo needle to his bare crotch. He saw her write in small but elegant letters first a capital letter S. Then a small ‘a’ then an ‘r’ until finally she spelled out “Sarah’s. Then she continued. Below the first word she tattooed a capital C, then a small ‘u’. Like in a ‘wheel of fortune’ game, he guessed rest of the word.

“God no, please don’t! That will be permanent!” Ted pleaded.

“Shut up wimp! Your wife wants you to be a permanent cuckold. She loaned me a copy of that video tape you made signing the contract in case you objected.” Britney warned. “If you didn’t want to be a slave you shouldn’t have agreed. Now let me finish.”

Ted knew she could blackmail him with that tape so he let her finish. He couldn’t bear to look as she finished. Finally she turned off the tattoo needle.

“There! It’s perfect, Sarah will love it.” Britney stepped back admiring her work.

Ted looked down there on his crotch right above his pierced penis were the words


“I am going to unlock you now and I don’t want any trouble,” Britney unfastened the cuffs and handed him his pants. “Remember, take care of that as I told you. You can keep the ice pack.”

“I understand” Ted answered as a completely defeated cuckold. He slinked out of the chair and started to leave.

“This was your wife’s idea. Although I loved it! But if you get any funny ideas just know Domenic and I know where you live and work, and…… we have a copy of your tape.” Ted caught the menace in her words. As he pulled on his pants and walked out of the door, Britney called out to Ted.

“Oh, by the way, say hello to Jean and her hubbie Bob when you see them later.”


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A wonderful story, love it very much

regards storyfan


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fantastic!!! keep it coming....


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Good Stuff!
A. Smith


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Good Stuff!
A. Smith


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Nice work! I can't wait to find out what's going to happen at Jean and Bob's



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me too!
tef fulton


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The drive to Jean and Bob’s home began in an uncomfortable silence. Ted was behind the wheel wondering what was in store for him. He kept thinking about how Britney, the woman who pierced and tattooed him at Omega’s, had asked him to say hello to Jean and Bob when he saw them. After a few minutes Sarah broke the silence.

“So Ted…… I want you to tell me how it has been for you these last few days as my cuckold? How do you feel about everything that has happened so far? Be Honest.”

“Well it has been incredibly erotic at times Ms Sarah, but some of it has also been unspeakably humiliating” Ted answered.

“What parts did you find most erotic?” Sarah asked

“Well….. knowing that you’re having sex with other men. Actually seeing Roy and you together was very powerful. It was….I can’t describe it Ms. Sarah. It was just so beautiful.” As Ted recalled them together in his mind he began to feel that familiar stirring in his pants.

“He is magnificent isn’t he? And that cock of his, it fits me so well.” Sarah gushed. “I think he may be the best lover I have ever had. What else have you found erotic Ted?”

“I love how you have taken complete control. Somehow, I always knew I needed to submit to you fully like this. I am just so happy; after all our role playing, you finally made it happen for us.” As Ted spoke Sarah noticed a tenting in his pants.

“Me too!” Sarah agreed with her cuckold, “I do love you, but you will have to accept I will always have cocks other than yours….BIG cocks! I am so glad I don’t have to hide my desires from you ever again. Now that it is all very real, do you still enjoy having your wife be such a slut…such a Bitch to you?”

“Yes Mistress, I do, it’s like a dream come true!” Ted enthusiastically agreed.

“Mmmm, that is a good boy. I can see from the reaction in your pants just talking about it gets you hot.”

Sarah began to unzip his slacks. She reached into his panties and gently pulled out Ted’s newly pierced penis. Sarah’s hand stroked the lower part of the shaft gently. She knew he always gave her more honest answers when he was aroused. His wife pressed him further.

“Tell me how much you like me having sex with other men…..Men who stretch out my little pussy. Do you like me being a Bitch to you? Controlling you? Making you clean up after I have sex?”

“Yes Mistress, It just seems so right! When I saw how satisfied and full you looked Cumming on Roy’s cock, a part of me felt like you should only have sex with Real men. I know I can’t do for you what they do.”

“No you can’t cucky” Sarah interjected. “Would you really be willing to give up fucking me?

“I don’t think I could ever ask you to give that up completely Ms Sarah.” Ted was breathing heavily as his wife stroked him to further confessions. “I want you so badly. I know it doesn’t make sense to want you and want to be your denied cuckold at the same time.”

“Well, for now, I think our dice game limits you sufficiently. Remember….you rolled a two, so you only get to have sex with me two times this year.” Sarah reminded him of his present state of denial. “The thought that I would only fuck other men does sound interesting. But I would only do something like that if you begged me for it…… maybe we can revisit that issue sometime.”

“No, please leave it the way it is Ms Sarah! I so enjoy making love to you. But, part of me feels I might need it to be that way to feel like a real cuckold” Ted answered searching his feelings.

“Oh you are a ‘real cuckold’ hubbie!” Sarah said, quickly affirming his statement. “We’ll discuss this idea of making my pussy permanently off limits to your cock more another time. Tell me, what things have you found to be the most humiliating?”

“Well….ummm….Roy knowing I am a wimp, other people knowing… the tape… also having this piercing and tattoo done by a stranger, you giving her a copy of the tape…” Ted’s rambling was interrupted by his wife.

“Britney isn’t a stranger. You just hadn’t met her yet. Jean represented her when she bought the tattoo place a couple of years back. Jean and I have been friends with her since then. As for showing her the tape, well …….You did say you liked me being a Bitch …..Didn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ted responded as his erection began to strain in his wife’s expert hands. “Will I get to roll those dice again soon? You promised if I got the piercing you would….”

Sarah again cut off her cuckold, “You don’t need to remind me of my promises slave. Understand? I will let you role the dice soon”

‘I’m sorry. It’s just that everything you have done since Friday is so erotically intoxicating and the way you are stroking me I ……..” Ted started to say.

“Thank you. Cucky.” Sarah again interjected. “So teddie …. If I gave you a choice, would you want me to be nicer to you, or…..Do you want me to be even more of a Bitch?”

Ted swallowed hard regretting what he was about to say before the words even escaped his lips

“I want you to be even more a Bitch, Ms Sarah”

“Really? I wonder if you might regret telling me that. I thought I might have been pushing you too far already.” Sarah smiled and stopped her teasing strokes and released his penis. “You better put that away for now.

“This all has been a lot for me to take Ms Sarah, but I love you even more for it Mistress. Please just don’t stop any of this!” Ted pleaded with his Wife-Mistress.

“Don’t worry I won’t let up. I am so glad you feel that way. It should make things easier on you tonight……cucky.” Sarah smiled slyly. “You remember that Jean knows, right?”

“Yes Mistress, but… how much does she know? And, what about Bob?” Ted asked her the questions that had been plaguing him for hours.

“You’ll soon see. We’re almost there.


Jean and Bob owned a large restored Victorian mansion in the next town over. There were already four cars parked in the driveway as he pulled up. Ted didn’t know that others had been invited. As he thought about it for a moment, he was relieved. He concluded quickly that if other guests were present then perhaps he wouldn’t have to worry about his cuckold status being a subject of discussion.

Ted looked around the yard and the exterior of the building. The sun was setting as they approached the front door. It was all very impressive. Jean and Bob obviously had done quite well for themselves. He saw there was even a guest home in the back yard by the pool. The building itself was three stories high and ornately decorated in the style of that era. They didn’t make buildings like this anymore. Sarah reached up and rang the bell.

“Hello Sarah! It’s so nice to see you and your hubby at one of our get togethers!” Jean hugged Sarah enthusiastically as she ushered them into the foyer.

“Yes, I have been looking forward to it!” Sarah answered. “You remember Ted, don’t you?”

“Of course I do! I know all about you….. don’t I teddy?” Jean giggled a bit at Ted’s obvious embarrassment. “Let me show you into the parlor where our other guests are”

Ted couldn’t answer. Instead he and Sarah followed Jean into the parlor. Jean was a stark contrast to his wife physically. She was tall and lean and athletic. She had small pert breasts and raven hair. She was a capable trial lawyer who had a way of commanding any conversation. Perhaps her most striking feature, however, were those brilliant green eyes. Ted always felt in looking at them that they seemed to pierce into a man’s resolve.

Jean, Sarah and Ted walked to the end of the hallway and turned into what was the parlor. As Ted stepped into the room he felt his heart sink. There…. sitting around the room….. were a few very familiar faces,

“I think you both know most everyone here.” Jean began. “Of course you both know Roy and his diver Darren as well as Britney. Over here is her ‘friend’ from Omega’s, Domenic. Sarah, why don’t you make yourself comfortable here and have a take, while I bring Ted to meet Bob and Britney’s hubby Mike, in the kitchen?

With that Jean gently took hold of Ted’s arm and escorted him out of the parlor and back into the hallway. His heart was racing and his mind was in a panic.

“Bob and Mike are getting dinner ready for us. I want you to help them.” Jean instructed her tongue tied ‘guest’. “I am sure you realize by now that we all know your ‘little’ secret. So be a good boy. Do cooperate and we’ll all have some fun tonight O.K …… Cucky?”

“Umm…..umm….ok Jean” Ted managed to whisper back.

“Good boy, and that’s Ms Jean to me, the same way you will refer to any woman in this house, understand?” Jean squeezed his arm firmly to convey her earnestness.

‘Yes Ms Jean. I understand. Will my wife be alright in there without me?” Ted asked his host.

“Of course she will! I would be very surprised if she is missing you at the moment. That is, now that she is here with Roy.” Jean then turned the corner into the kitchen with Ted in tow. “Ted let me introduce you to Britney’s hubby Mikey and My hubby Bobby”

Just when Ted was thinking things couldn’t get worse he saw Bob and Mike. They wore aprons…..and nothing else. They were both getting plates ready for service.

“Nice to meet you, Ted” Mike called from across the room.

Bob walked over and shook Ted’s hand. “I am glad we have a new face here to help. I understand from talking to my wife that we have a lot in common Ted.”

“Mikey and Bobby, show him what you each have in common.” Jean looked sternly at the two men with her magnificent green eyes. “Take off those aprons for a moment.”

Ted looked on in astonishment as both Mike and Bob removed their aprons. Right there, in both of there penises were gold rings identical to his, except that each had a lock affixed to the ring. And …..yes….it was true….. they both had tattoos. Ted was embarrassed to be looking at another male’s crotch but he had to read the tattoo. No… It just couldn’t be true…..Bob’s tattoo read;

“Jean’s Cuckold” in very small letters above his small penis;

Mike’s tattoo read;

“Britney’s Cuckold” it was also in small black letters above an even smaller penis.

Jean laughed out loud as she saw the panic in Ted’s eyes. She turned and handed Ted an apron from the wall. “Ted, you need to strip and put this on. Now boys, hurry up and finish putting out the food for my guests. I want it served in 20 minutes!”

As Jean was walking out of the kitchen to return to her guests, she paused and turned to Ted who was slipping out of his clothes.

“Welcome to the ‘cuckold club’ teddy!


After Jean left the room, Ted turned to Bob and asked. “What is going on here? What is all this about?”

“We’re not suppose to talk too much in here while we’re working, and not at all out of the kitchen unless they speak to us.” Bob began. “But I think you must have some of it figured out.”

“Not really? Ted answered. “I mean it sure looks like the three of us are cuckolds but what is going to happen here tonight, and why did your wife call this a cuckold club?”

“Well Ted, it started a couple of years ago I think. Of course, your wife and mine worked at the same law firm. They got to be friends and confided in each other. Both of our wives were apparently cheating on us at throughout our marriages. Jean and Sarah got comfortable telling tales of their sexual adventures to each other over lunches. It was when they both met Britney that things changed.” Bob explained.

“You mean Britney from the tattoo parlor?” Ted asked.

“Yes, of course, you saw her in the parlor didn’t you?” Mike interjected.

“Yeah, I met her there.” Ted then turned back to Bob and asked him. “My wife told me she was Jean’s client?”

“That’s right.” Bob continued. “I think Jean helped with Britney with the closing on the tattoo parlor.

“Yes, Omega’s” Mike added. “My wife got to know Jean a little bit better as they worked together. You’ll find my wife Britney is a very ‘kinky’ and assertive woman sexually and otherwise.”

“You mean a very Dominant woman, don’t you Mikey” Bob teased his friend.

“I have seen that side of her too” Ted said while rubbing his still sore penis as he finished tying the apron in place. “Your wife gave me my tattoo and piercing Mike”

“She gave them to all of us Ted.” Bob pressed on with his story. “You see, Mike and Britney had a cuckold relationship from the start. When they married, Mike agreed to be her submissive cuckold. Ask him about their Honeymoon sometime, That’s when he got his tattoo. Anyway, our wives had been ‘merely’ cheating on us, but when they met Britney she persuaded them how wonderful it would be to have submissive hubbies like Mike here, who consented to being cuckolded.”

“That’s right. My wife Britney loved the idea of finding co-conspirator wives to cuckold their husbands with her.” Mike explained as he continued preparing the plates for service. “She felt it would be wonderful to share a collection of studs and have willing cuckold husbands to serve them.”

“So Ted, it seems my wife Jean started relaxing with Roy.” Bob continued “Roy is one of her firm’s clients. I understand you know him well, Mmm,? Anyway, much like your situation with Sarah, Britney and my wife convinced Roy to help in them turn me into her submissive cuckold. Jean had always worn the pants in house. Well, after weeks of her teasing and persuading, I found myself begging to watch Roy do my wife. Not long after that Mike’s wife gave me this tattoo and piercing. Sound familiar?”

“Yes, very much so. So what do we husbands do here tonight?” Ted asked his fellow cuckolds.

“Just follow their instructions if you know what’s good for you.” Mike warned him. “Britney and Domenic can be rather ‘harsh’ if you don’t. We need to get these plates on the table.”

“Who is Domenic? Ted asked.

“My wife works with him. You probably met him briefly when she gave you the tattoo at the Omega’s. He is also one of her lovers.” Mike explained.

“He’s one of Jean’s lovers too!” Bob piped in. “I think you see how this works now. They share men and we watch, wait, serve and …obey.

“Enough talk for now we need to get these out on the table. After they are seated we kneel by our wives. It’s our job to get them whatever they need while they dine.” Bob finished explaining. “The rest I am sure your wife will tell you when she is ready. I don’t want to spoil anything for them …or you.”

With the explanation concluded, each of the three cuckolds set an elegant candle lit table for their wives and lovers. When they were done setting everything out, Bob rang a bell that was on the table. Ted was amazed to see each of their wives enter the Dinning room, dressed only in lingerie and heels. They entered, arm in arm, with one of the studs, each of whom now wore only boxers. First came Jean and Darren, then Roy and his wife Sarah and finally Britney and Domenic. Ted watched and followed the other cuckolds’ leads as they pulled out chairs for each of their wives and lovers. Lastly, they each knelt by their wives feet by the table.

“A toast!” Jean offered her guests as she raised her glass “To the weekly meeting of the Cuckoldress Club and to our newest member Sarah and her cuckold ted!”

“Here, here!” Over the sound of clicking glasses, voices joined in their assent from around the table.


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I love it!



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Great story you are creating here. Can't wait for the next bit ...


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This is the hottest story on the site! Keep it (us?) cumming...



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just fantastic, good writting and very estimulating...


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Please don't make us wait too long. Maybe Ted can get an extra orgasm by performing a task which he picks out of a hat at the party. Sort of a cuckold truth or dare.

Great story though! And well written.
Happiness is being cuckolded and kept under lock and key by my beautiful wife.
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