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A Half Open Marriage

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tef fulton


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Ted had been Sarah's husband for 11 years. Both were in their late thirties. Ted looked down a bit sheepishly at his feet before he would answer. It was Friday evening and they were driving home from one of Sarah's office parties. Ted as usual had had a bit too much to take and was seated next to her in their SUV. Perhaps it was the holy water, but he felt a bit bolder and started to say what they had only imagined as a fantasy for years.

"Yes, please Hon" Ted began, "I have dreamed about it for a long time"

Hmmm, Sarah twirled a lock of her blonde hair with her free hand as the other held the steering wheel a bit more tightly. "Well you know the idea of being shared has been a desire of mine too, but we have just been sharing fantasies in bed, role-playing and such. This is a Real Man."

Ted felt as if somehow he was floating submissively outside his body listening to the words he was saying. He knew the ramifications of his words but he felt somehow powerless to take any other course.

"I know Sarah, but I feel like it would be so right for us. You and Roy looked so good moving together on the dance floor tonight, you should be his lover" Ted continued to look down as the words escaped his lips.

Roy was an executive for a company that was an important client of Sarah's firm. Sarah worked as a legal assistant at a downtown law firm. Sarah had first met Roy a few months ago at one these functions. While Sarah didn't handle his account, all the employees at her firm, like her, were expected to meet and greet their biggest clients whenever they held one of these parties. Roy looked be about 40 years old and in great shape. The word at her firm was he that had been recently divorced. Roy exuded a confidence and masculinity that Sarah had always been attracted to from the moment she met him.

"Roy is kind of a Stud isn't he? I mean it was awfully bold of him to ask me to dance right in front of you." Sarah glanced over at Ted as she spoke to gauge his feelings. "I must warn you that if Roy and I hooked up with your permission, it may not be a one-time thing. Are you O.K. with that too?"

"I know Hon, I wouldn't want it to be just once, I mean I want it to be up to you and not me"

"I must say your attitude about this excites me Ted." Sarah looked up the road ahead thinking of the possibilities. She decided to see how far she could push this "I know this won't sound fair, but if I do this, it isn't to be taken as an opportunity for you to fool around with other women. I will not tolerate that."

"I understand, I want only to be your faithful cuckold, like we talked about in bed all those times. I don't want other women." Ted could feel his erection straining against his pants as he spoke.

"Mmmm, really?" She was a bit surprised he had so easily conceded the idea of a "half open" relationship where she could play and he could not. She probed a bit further, "Would you do all those things we fantasized about? Some of them were pretty kinky."

"Yes, Sarah, anything that you want"

Sarah knew this was not only an expression of his desires but in a real sense of his surrender to her as well. She was beginning to understand just how submissive this man she married could be. The idea of being in control like this excited her in a way she hadn't expected.

Ted was, as she spoke to him, gazing at her lovely legs as they peaked out of the slit in her black dress. He studied the soft curves of her full breasts as they were highlighted intermittently by each new street light they drove under. The soft glow of the dashboard illuminated Sarah's perfect face. She was, to him, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. For just a moment, Ted wondered if he was an idiot for wanting to share her with another man... or men.

"Any fantasy I want?" she began, "you would really help me get ready for my date, wait like a good boy at home....... even "clean up" after?"

"Yes! I want all of that!" Ted moaned a bit as he confessed to her.

"My, you are eager aren't you?"

Sarah reached across and felt his small but very erect penis through his slacks. It had always seemed "adequate" to her but now.....

"I see you aren't lying about how you feel, "She continued to stroke him. He seemed like putty in her hands at this point so Sarah decided to test him further,

"Roy's felt bigger you know...... When I felt it like this through his pants. Sarah's face displayed a sly grin. "Do you mind that your wife felt up another man tonight on the dance floor?"

"Please Sarah! He implored. "You know I don't mind. I need to be your faithful cuckold"

"I can see that!" Sarah giggled at his reaction. "Not only faithful, you would be my submissive cuckie too. Correct?

"Yes Sarah, happily!"

"I think we have a lot to talk about tonight when we get home" Sarah suddenly a bit more seriously in tone. She stopped stroking Ted as they pulled up to their driveway.

"Yes, we do" Ted agreed.

"Ted I want you to fix me a take when we get in the house and bring it to me upstairs. I want to tell you a bit about what Roy and I said and did tonight and....what I am thinking of doing next. By the way, when you bring me my take, I want you to be naked. Understood?"

To be continued?


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Please do continue. Your story is very well written and just drips with our kind of sex.

Please continue

GH (and Lisa)


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Great start. please continue.
tef fulton


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Thanks for the kind words Bottoms! GH, i have admired your work for years, I am thrilled you are enjoying it so far! Here is a little more for tonight.
tef fulton


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Part 2.

Sarah pulled the car into the garage. As the door slid down behind them, she turned to Ted. “Be a good boy and open my car door for me. I don’t want to catch my stockings as I get out.”

Ted stepped out of the SUV, his pants still obscenely bulging form the conversation and the massage just a few moments earlier. He crossed over to her side of the car and held the door open for her. He was almost completely flustered as she slid her legs out and her high heels hit to the floor

“Thank you hubbie, I think I like this side of you.” Sarah’s praise somehow made him feel more submissive. “Don’t forget my take, vodka and juice, I will be upstairs….and Ted, remember, I want you every thread of clothes off you when you bring it.”

“I understand Hon” Ted answered.

“You calling me “Hon” doesn’t sound quite right does it, I mean in this context?
Sarah thought out loud.

“What do you mean? Ted asked.

“Well when we are alone,” Sarah started, “I think you should call me Ms. Sarah, for now. It sounds more in line with our “unequal relationship” we’ll see how that works for now, O.K. teddie?”

“Of course Ms Sarah, I will be happy to”

“Good boy, now go make me that take ”

Ted watched his lovely wife walk upstairs to their bedroom. Their two kids were staying with their grandparents for the weekend. For tonight, they had the house to themselves. For Ted, this would normally mean a hot night of fucking his wife. This night, however, was clearly different. They had role-played many cuckold scenarios, but now it was really happening, he hoped. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he brought to take to their room.

Ted slipped off his suit and hung it in the downstairs closet. When he had removed all of his clothes, he quickly mixed her the take she requested and made it a strong one. Ted took a deep breath and walk up the stairs to find the door closed. That was odd considering no one else was home. He knocked and waited.

“Come in, and put the take down on my night table.” Sarah answered him from within their bedroom.

“As he pushed open the door, he saw his wife sitting at the night table in just her stockings, heels , panties and bra. Her dress was on the bed and she was taking off her jewelry. Ted thought he should just make love to her now. All the talk and events of the evening had got him the boiling point. He wanted to take her right there. As he was thinking about doing just that, she interrupted his thoughts.

“Ted, be a good boy and put my dress on a hanger then come over here and take my shoes off.”

“Yes Ms Sarah” he responded automatically, Ted knew he would not be doing any taking tonight as he dropped to his knees to remove her shoes.

“Hubbie,” Sarah began, “ would you like to know what happened on the dance floor with me and Roy?”

Please, Ms Sarah, I badly want to know”

“Very well, but you have to do me a favor. Roy has me so worked up I need to cum.” She slid around in her chair and slipped off her panties.” I want you to lick me while I talk to you. And don’t touch yourself….yet”

Ted didn’t hesitate. He began licking in earnest, his own erection throbbing and untouched. Sarah began to tell him how she had met him weeks earlier and how he had flirted with her and the last office party.

“Mmm that feels good, Teddie. I so love dancing with him. Did you see how close he held me? I thought you would cut in during the slow dance, why didn’t you?”

“I saw how much you were enjoying it Ms Sarah, and I wanted it to continue”
You wanted your wife to slow dance with another man in public? Hmmm, you are kind of wimp aren’t you?

“Yes Ms Sarah. I suppose I am”

“No Teddie, you ARE a wimp aren’t you? Only a wimp would let his wife embarrass him like that in public.

“I know, I am a wimp Ms Sarah”

“Didn’t you see his hands on my ass? Or see me feeling up his package with my hand? You didn’t do anything to stop him….or me, did you?

“Yes, I saw it Ms Sarah, it was like a dream come true. I didn’t want to stop it”

“Really? Well, if you’re not going to do anything to stop me. I guess we will have to make some more dreams come true won’t we Teddie?”

“Please Ms. Sarah, take this as far as you want”

“Oh, I think I see that I can. Trust me, I will take it as far as “I” want!”


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good enough story man, i like it... but im wondering if there is any stories about guys letting their wifes/gf out on sexual adventures with other men, but without being a total... cuck. i myself fantasize about seeing my gf with another man... but i dont want to be someones cleanup bitch or a fem or whatever... i just want my gf to have some fun with someone else, share it with me, and then ill fuck her as hard and as intense as i can, punish fuck her if you will... taking her back in a way. not because i want to please her... no she had her pleasure. now its my turn, and i like it hard and fast.

are there any stories like that? or am i hanging out in the wrong place?


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I love the story please continue


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excellent please continue


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Please continue.


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Very well written, erotic! Loving this so far


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Love it! hurry up w/ part 3


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Agree - please continue
tef fulton


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Again, thanks you everyone for your comments. I guess i will continue this a bit more and see where it goes.
tef fulton


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Ted continued to lick his wife as she told him of how strong Roy was and how firm and thick Roy’s erection seemed in her hands. Ted had never felt submissive as he did at that moment.

“Teddie, would you lick me like this after I returned home for a date with Roy?

Ted just moaned his assent.

“Hmmm, even knowing I had slept with him?”

“Oh God, yes! Please Ms Sarah” Ted implored again.

“I have a little test for you then, I want you to get me my BIG vibe from the closet and play with yourself while I use my toy to get myself off. You know….. I will be imagining it is Roy inside me, can you handle that Teddie? By the way, from what I felt on the dance floor, I think Roy is about as big as that toy!”

They had played games like this before. This time it was a real permister who she was speaking of. Ted quickly retrieved the 10 inch long vibe. It always made him feel inadequate as it was twice as long and twice as thick as he was. He was also always amazed that she had so little trouble taking the whole thing inside her. It always made Ted think about how small he was, and how her body was clearly built for something much bigger than what he had between his legs. Tonight, she had found someone the size of that monster toy!

“Now Teddie, this time I want you to come first” Sarah continued to instruct him. “You will jerk yourself off for me. When you do come, I want you to cum on my pussy. Not in my pussy. Understand teddie?

“Yes Ms Sarah” Ted answered

“It may be awhile before anything of yours goes in my pussy” Sarah teased. “Now start stroking I want you to cum quickly”

Ted watched as his now increasingly dominant wife worked her toy in and out and around her very wet pussy. She moaned and called out Roy’s name as her hips moved on the toy, taking in its length and stretching her pussy lips obscenely. As she had wished, Ted couldn’t hold out very long. He watched the lurid scene in front of him, knowing his wife was imaging that it was Roy’s cock not his. He could tell she wanted it to be the cock she had massaged on the dance floor that very evening.

“I am going to cum Ms. Sarah!” Ted trumpeted as he came longer and harder than he could remember. Rope after rope of thick cum landed on her neatly trimmed blonde bush and pussy!

“Now lay down on your back, on the bed, Teddie.” Sarah commanded

Ted laid down on the bed as he was told to do. Sarah moved over to where he was and placed her knees on either side of his head. She stared down at him and said;

“Show me how a “good hubbie” licks his wife when she gets home from a date with Roy. And Teddie….I want you to remember that next time it won’t be your cum you’re licking. Now clean me slut and make me cum!

He had never heard her talk like this! Ted’s desire to clean her was somewhat diminished after his own orgasm. This was more an act of Dominance on her part. Ted saw he had no choice in the matter. Hs cum was salty and thick and not at all pleasurable as he licked it. Strangely, Sarah was so into the moment, grinding into his face that not only did he clearly not have a choice, but he found, as she began to shiver and rock herself to a mammoth orgasm, that he began to enjoy this submissive act.

“Thank You Ms Sarah.” Ted found himself saying as Sarah collapsed next to him in the bed.

“Your welcome slut.” Sarah responded. “I want you to stay like you are tonight, naked with cum on your face, I like you like that.”
tef fulton


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“Whatever you wish, that was amazing I have never seen you like that! Where did you get those ideas?” Ted asked as his wife got up and began to put on her night gown.

Well…..Since we are being so honest here tonight, I must confess I was using your computer the other day. I think you forgot to erase your “history” folder. I read some of the pages you had been to about “slut wives and cuckolds”. I found the stories and things that you had bookmarked. Tell me, what exactly is a “chastity cuckold” anyway, mmmm?”

“Umm, those are just some fantasies that excite me I guess.” Ted answered now a little afraid of where this was going. He had often thought of chastity as exciting but was very reluctant to tell Sarah of it as he was pretty sure he didn’t want to ever lose control of his own orgasms. Now here she was asking him about the one thing that both exited and scared him the most, Chastity.

“As I understood it,” Sarah went on, “a husband not only gives up his sexual rights to his wife but surrenders his right to orgasm to her as well. Is that it?

Yes, as I read, but….” Ted was interrupted.

“And his wife becomes his “keyholder” deciding when, how and IF he can cum?”

“Yes that is it, but I don’t know if I could handle not coming.” Ted tried to reamister with her.

“Don’t be silly teddie, I wouldn’t put you in it for that long. Sarah giggled a bit. “how serious are you about me cuckolding you?”

“I want it more than anything” Ted said truthfully.

Sarah was still standing by the bed in her night gown. She walked slowly across the room to her dresser leaving Ted naked with drying cum on his face. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a small box. Ted watched her breasts sway as she leaned over and handed it to him.

“I want you to be committed to being a cuckold, motivated as they say” his wife said.

“I am very motivated!” Ted said “There is nothing I want more!

“Good Boy! Then here is the plan. I want you to agree that you not only won’t get to have sex with me until you are a cuckold, but that you won’t even orgasm until I relax with another man.” Sarah looked down at her wimp of a husband to see if he would surrender to even this indignity.

“If that is what it takes, I will try.”

“You will do more than try, Susan laughed. “Open the box teddie.”

Ted opened the box and found a devise he had only seen small pictures of, It was a pink plastic chastity devise labeled a cb-3000. It came with a Master lock, two keys, some small plastic locks and instructions, in the box. He knew instantly what it was. Those damned “Chastity” sites. Why had he been so stupid as to leave them on his computer? Ted was truly a bit scared and Sarah could sense it.

“Did you have to get the pink one?” Ted complained.

“Was there another color” Sarah laughed “Don’t fret teddie, I am sure it won’t be long before Roy and I get together.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you,” Sarah continued, “Roy invited us both over to watch the game at his house Sunday. I was thinking…… maybe you should tell him you came down with a bit of a cold or something. You will call and ask him if it is alright with him if your wife goes by herself. That way he will know it is fine with you that he and I are alone together. How does that sound, cuckie?”

“Yes! That sounds like a great idea, but what about this chastity devise, why do we need that?”

“I want you to encourage me all weekend to relax with Roy. I want you locked away and desperately horny for me. I want you to truly NEED me to cuckold you. You will know that your next orgasm depends on me cuckolding you. Wait, let’s just slip this on for a second so you can see how it feels. You’re still soft after coming so it should slide right on. I promise I won’t lock it.”

Her promise not to lock it eased Ted’s tension a bit and her soft hands quickly slipped on the ring and pins. She then placed his still limp member in the sheath. Ted had seen other men in this predicament on his cuckold sites. But he couldn’t believe how terribly submissive he now felt looking down at his own cock encased in the pink plastic chastity devise.

“Teddie, this is your chance.” Sarah inserted the Master lock in the hole. “I promised I wouldn’t lock this and I won’t”

“Then why did you insert the lock? Ted asked beginning to sweat.

“I want YOU to lock it Ted.” Sarah said staring coolly in his eyes. “I will cuckold you if you lock it, if you don’t want the cb-3000 on fine. You can take it off now, but if you do…… I will never play your cuckold games again and I will not cuckold you, EVER.”

“And if I lock it? Ted asked.

“Teddie, believe me when I say this, I want to cuckold you badly! If you snap the lock shut, I will know you are as committed to this new “cuckold relationship as I am. If YOU snap the lock shut, I WILL cuckold you and there is no turning back.”

Sarah continued, “If you lock it, then on Saturday we will go to the mall and you will buy me a necklace for one of the keys. I will wear it on my date. I will hide the other in a safe place here at home for emergencies. You will also buy me a new set of clothes for my date Sunday. You will be in chastity until you are a real cuckold.”

“What if he asks you about the necklace and key?” Ted pleaded

“I think if he asks about it I may tell him the truth, but I will decide that later.”

Sarah now looked at her naked husband, his own cum on his face the chastity devise on his cock, its’ Master lock still open but now inserted in the hole. His surrender was nearly complete.

“Come on teddie! Show me how much you want to be a cuckold! Snap that lock shut and you WILL be cuckolded, I promise! Sarah was now almost commanding him.

Ted thought about how long he had wanted this and despite his better judgment he couldn’t help but obey. He felt his fingers on the hardened steel of the lock……

“Click it shut cuckie! Do it for me now” Sarah was playing with his balls as she encouraged him.

“Please make me your cuckold Ms Sarah!” Ted let out a gasp of surrender and he clicked it shut.

“Oh Ted I am so proud of you! Don’t worry wimp, you will be a cuckold soon. How does it feel to know that you are my submissive cuckold to be and that nothing can change your fate now?”

Wonderful Ms Sarah!

“One last thing tonight Teddie, would you mind setting yourself up in the guest roomt. I want the next MAN in my bed to be Roy. You can come back in my bedroom after you’re a cuckold and not before. Oh and stay just as you are! Understand”

"Yes Ms Sarah” Ted left her bedroom, which had been formerly his as well, both naked and in chastity. He had his own cum on his face and its’ taste still on his tongue.

“We will talk about some other ideas and rules when you serve me breakfast tomorrow, good night Teddie” Susan said as he closed the door to her room.

Ted walked down the hall to the guest room opening the door very new chapter in his life.
Peter C


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Great stuff! I'm hard and looking forward to your next instalment.
Peter C


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Great story so far. I've always called my marriage "half open" too!


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amzing story does ur wife keep her wedding ring onas she fucks her lover in ur marital bed


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Very good. Keep it up...well, the writing anyway.


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Awesome story. I keep logging on to see if there's a new chapter!


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Please don't stop now



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Yes, very exciting. Please continue.


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Great story. Can't wait for the next update!
A. Smith
tef fulton


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Thanks everyone for the postive feedback. I am working on the next sections and should have more in a few days.


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wow...what a great story


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I know these things can't be rushed but......Any News yet?????

tef fulton


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Saturday Morning:

Ted awoke uncomfortably early Saturday morning. In his half-awake state, the prior evenings’ happenings seemed like they had been a dream. As he opened his eyes the unfamiliar surroundings of the guest room quickly dispelled that illusion. He began to become aware of another sensation bringing him back to reality. It took him a few moments to realize that the strange discomfort he felt was due to his new chastity devise. Ted’s member strained in vain, against the new plastic primister, to achieve its usual morning erection

The irritation caused by the new devise was considerable. Ted looked at the clock. Although it was still a bit too early to get up, being just before 7:00 AM, he had to deal with this new problem. He tried but failed to think of something other than his beautiful wife, her flirtations with Roy or her Dominance of him last evening. Nothing seemed to stop his body from trying to reach an erection. A cold shower seemed he best remedy so he grabbed his robe and headed off to the guest bathroom.

The cool water did its magic. He felt a bit more comfortable after his shower. He stepped out dried himself off and headed downstairs to the Kitchen. He found Sarah was already awake sipping a cup of coffee she already brewed a cup of coffee.

“Good Morning hubbie” Sarah smiled up at him. She was wearing just her panties.

“Morning Sarah” Ted answered quickly.

Gazing at her magnificent breasts and incredible legs, crossed just so, Ted began feeling the same pain in his crotch as he had before his shower.

“Sarah is it? Did I give you permission to be so familiar?” Sarah corrected.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.” Ted apologized

“Sorry……what?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, Sorry Ms Sarah.” Ted sheepishly corrected himself.

“That’s better. What’s with the robe? Didn’t I tell you to tell stay as you were last night?

“Yes, Ms Sarah”

“Then lose the robe.” Sarah commanded

Ted loved that she was still in the same Dominant mode as last night. Every other time they had played their “cuckold” games she had forgotten about it by the morning. Now it seemed to Ted that things were truly different. Although he was nervous and a bit embarrassed, to be standing naked in his cb-3000 before her, he quickly did as she instructed.

“Teddie, I want to talk to you about a few things …. in the light of day. Last night was incredible but I want to make sure we are really on the same page. Are you sure you want to go through with this? A lot has been said and done but you aren’t a cuckold yet.”

As she asked him for his thoughts Sarah uncrossed her legs. Ted, now naked save for his chastity tube, began to tremble. He noticed the crotch of her panties pulled tight against her pussy. Sarah reached over to where he was standing and took hold of his chastity devise, simultaneously raking his balls with her manicured nails.

“Yes. I am sure I want to continue, but do I have to wear the chastity tube the whole time?” Ted implored.

“Of course you do silly! It’s one of the most important parts of this. We both need to want this badly. This way neither of us can have sex until I have sex with Roy. Besides, I’m sure after last night you won’t be in it long.”

Sarah laughed in recognition of how imminent of her birth as a Cuckoldress was. She was still toying with Ted’s manhood in its plastic primister. She could see the surrender building once again in the eyes of her cuckold. His compliance to her will seemed to be total and was a bit humorous to her. She loved how powerful it made her feel. Sarah decided to push further.

“You look uncomfortable standing there naked, why don’t you put on these panties and make us breakfast while I shower?”

As she was saying this, Sarah stood and slipped off her panties exposing the pussy that Ted now wanted so badly. A very real and painful part of him was regretting agreeing to giving her sex to Roy... and others.

“I would like some eggs and bacon with toast, teddie. Make yourself some as well. Oh, and I don’t want you to get splattered with bacon grease. Go ahead and put on this apron while you cook.”

Sarah handed him an apron she had been given as a Mother’s Day gift. It was pink with flowers on it. She knew it would be humiliating for him. She also knew he would do as he was told. Ted, for his part put it on and watched her incredible naked ass walk out of the kitchen. He moaned in frustration.

Ted then went about the task of preparing her meal. Sarah hadn’t told him yet, but he would be doing this chore almost exclusively from now on. There would be many new chores for him to do. To her, it was now clear theirs was no longer to be an equal relationship.

Sarah enjoyed her shower. Her hands roamed over her soap covered breasts. She remembered what it felt like to have Roy’s hands on her last night. In her mind, she imagined it was Roy touching her as she lowered her hand to her wet pussy. The warm soapy water and her own soft touch brought Sarah to the brink of orgasm. She stopped abruptly however, as she thought of a wonderful idea about how to conclude her play. She toweled herself dry, put on her robe and headed to the dinning room. Ted had just finished making breakfast and was waiting to serve it.

“That smells wonderful teddie! She sat down at the table and let her robe slide open. He once again felt the pained feeling in his crotch seeing her exposed before him. “ Teddie, I would like you to finish what I started upstairs in the shower. I want you to eat me while I eat breakfast. Do it slowly! I don’t want to cum too quickly, Understand?”

“Yes, of course Ms Sarah”

“Good boy” Sarah felt him lick her more reverently he she called him a “good boy”.

Oh, you like it when I call you “pet” names? You don’t mind if they are a little demeaning?” She asked

Ted stopped his licking to answer. “No Ms Sarah, not at all, I love the sound of it!”

“What if it was in public?” She asked probing further.

“I would be embarrassed, of course, but I think that it should be up to you, I trust you Ms Sarah. Just please be a little discreet” Ted answered.

“Don’t worry……”cuckie”…..I won’t be too obvious,” She paused, “most of the time, anyway. I do have my own reputation to worry about too.” Sarah reassured him a bit.

“Now, get back to what you were doing... wimp”

She leaned back and enjoyed her breakfast ...and Ted’s tongue. He was, at least, quite good using his tongue. She finished her meal and closed her eyes. As she remembered how she had held Roy’s erection of the dance floor, she couldn’t help but moan his name. Ted licked with even more passion as she did. She held the back of his head firmly against her sex using his face like a sex toy. His frustrated cock visibly leaked through the cage. She caught the string of cum with on her toes and tapped Ted on the shoulder.

“You’re making a bit of a mess slut, clean that cum off my toes”
Ted didn't hesitate to lick "Ms Sarah’s" foot clean, When Sarah was satisfied, she had him return to licking her aching pussy. Sarah thought of one more thing she had always wanted but could not ask for in the past. She let her fingers gather the hair on the back of his head. Sarah tightened her grip on the hair and whispered.

“ Lick lower now” inching her bottom forward in the chair.”

Her hand pushed his tongue south of her pussy and onto her freshly showered rosebud. Ted never stopped licking. “God! The wimp was doing it” she said to herself. “He really will let me do anything to him!” She placed her own hand on her pussy and began to rub as her hubbie worked on her ass. The power she felt at his presentation caused her to quickly begin to shudder and shake finally achieving a delightfully fulfilling orgasm!

“You may eat your breakfast now……but, in the kitchen, not here.” She said as she began to recover. “When you’re done, I want you to clean up. After that bring me the phone ……...I want YOU to call Roy. You’re going accept his invitation for me to visit. Oh, and don’t forget to make an excuse why you can’t come.”

Ted was about to make a call to….Roy. He knew it wouldn’t be easy and that the call would surely seal his fate tighter than the Master lock on his cb-3000. As if it hadn’t been decide already.


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Fantastic story! Please continue!


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