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A Half Open Marriage

Rating: 106
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Can't wait for more. Great tension
A. Smith


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This is excellent.

Thank you



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It's so good GH it could have been one pen'd by your good self and that is high praise indeed..

Mel x x


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excellent. more please


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good work!
tef fulton


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Thanks guys!

Sorry for the delays, but I will have more up this weekend.
tef fulton


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Ted was finishing his chores in the kitchen. In chastity, wearing an apron and panties, he couldn’t quite wrap his head around how far things had gone since Friday evening. On the one hand, being in chastity was not all he had imagined. In the past, when he fantasized about it, it had always aroused him. The reality of it now was that the device robbed him of those erections, but not the desire. On the other hand, Ted had never felt so controlled and so submissive.

Cleaning took longer than it normally required. Ted was stretching the task out because he was afraid of what came next, the call. When he could no longer delay the inevitable he brought Sarah’s cell phone to her. She was surfing her laptop when he entered their study.

“Took you long enough, are you ready to make that little call, ted?”

“Yes Ms Sarah, but I really don’t know him that well. We only spoke briefly last night when he asked you to dance. Shouldn’t you call him instead of me?”

Sarah stared coldly at him for several moments. Ted regretted asking the question instantly.

“I am sorry,” ted interjected, answering his own question. “I am ready to call. What should I say?”

“That’s better. I know we are new at this, but you’re going to have to learn not to question me.” Sarah began. “Now get on your knees here next to me. I want to listen to this. When he answers, thank him for the invitation to watch the game Sunday, but say that you’re not feeling well….. maybe a bit of a cold. Then tell him that you don’t want “your wife” to miss out and that Sarah would love to come.”

Ted was surprised to see Sarah search the contact list on her cell phone for Roy’s number. He guessed she must have a number of client numbers on her phone for work. She found the number and pushed send. Sarah handed the phone to her hubbie. Ted listened to it ringing, with a lump in his throat, until a Man answered.


“Umm, is Roy Allen there?”

“This is him, who is this?”

“Aaaah, this is Ted…… Sarah’s husband, we met yesterday at her office party”

“Oh sure, your wife is a great dancer. What’s up?”

Ted didn’t miss the dig about his wife’s “dancing” s*******s. But, he pressed on.

“I wanted to thank you for inviting us over to watch the game Sunday. I am sorry that I am coming down with a bit of a cold or something so I can’t make it. But, Sarah would love to go if that’s still O.K.?”

“A bit of a cold you say?” Roy began. “That is a bit of a coincidence. I have tickets to see a play tonight “Chicago”, and the permister who was going to go with me is also under the weather and can’t go. You say you are a bit sick too?”

“Yeah, nothing to serious but I don’t think I should go out, I just want to rest this weekend and get back to 100%” ted answered Roy.

‘Well, if you don’t mind….ted, maybe Sarah wouldn’t mind accompanying me tonight to the play?” Roy pressed.

Ted wasn’t sure how to respond. This wasn’t part of the plan. He stammered, “I….I guess so…..sure, I mean, let me ask her. Hold on a sec.”

Ted placed his hand over the phone and told Sarah what Roy proposed.

“Oh my! Yes! Tell him I would love to go! And be sure to ask him to show me a good time since you can’t” Sarah said giggling at the double entendre.

Ted knew he could not show her a good time because he was a chastised cuckold to be. At least Roy would think he couldn’t because he said he was sick. Ted started talking to Roy again.

“Roy, I just asked her, she would love to, and I hope you can show her a good time since I can’t”

‘Really ted?” Roy responded sounding a bit amused. “Well that’s great! Why don’t you put her on the phone so she and I can make plans for tonight. “

Ted handed the phone to Sarah who began to chat happily with Roy. She reached under ted’s apron and panties. Her fingers began to toy with the Master lock on his cb-3000 as she and Roy arranged for their evening together. Ted could only hear her end of the conversation, but his wife seemed total thrilled to be talking to Roy. Toward the end of the call she listened for a bit then said,

“Sure, that would be perfect! You are really going to send over your driver for me? My hubbie’s never hired me a Limo! Well, yes I can be ready to be picked up for diner at 5:00pm. O.K., I can’t wait!

Sarah turned off the phone and handed it to ted. “Put my phone on the charger, and meet me upstairs. I’m going to be out “tonight” and I need some help getting ready!


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Awesome! Can't wait for the next one!
tef fulton


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"Aren’t you excited teddie? Maybe you won’t have to be in that little tube too long after all” Sarah said smiling.

Ted had just walked into “her” bedroom where she was reclining on the bed. Her hands were behind her propping up her magnificent breasts under her t-shirt. Her nipples were erect and she seemed almost giddy. Ted couldn’t remember ever seeing her so excited.

“Draw me a bath and put in that scented soap you bought me for my birthday.”

“Yes Ms. Sarah” Ted answered heading into the Master bath.

“Make it nice and steamy teddie. Just like I want tonight to be” Sarah was loving her little puns tonight.

Ted had just finished getting her bath water soapy and ready. It was in fact steamy in the room, as she asked. Ted heard the door open behind him and turned to see his stunning wife enter and slip off her clothes. God she was beautiful! Ted wanted desperately to call this off and take her now. His cock was aching in its primister and dripping. But Ted knew the only way he would be able to make love to her was for her to cuckold him, and hopefully soon!

“teddie, I think you should be naked in the bathroom when you serve me. I don’t want you getting my panties and apron wet.”

Ted removed those items, which were in fact almost more embarrassing to wear than being naked. Sarah could see the effect she had on him as his member strained and leaked against its primister. She slid into the tub. The sensation of the warm water on her skin caused her to sigh. The scented bubbles caressed her body, The very body that Ted would soon be “sharing” with another Man.

“I want you to help me with something teddie.”

“What is that Ms Sarah?”

“You know how you always wanted me to shave, down there?”

“Oh yes! But you said you didn’t like that idea.”

“Well , teddie, I didn’t want to do that for you. But do you think Roy would like it?

“I know he will! What man wouldn’t. May I ask, why you wouldn’t do it for me?”

“Remember, I love you hubbie. But, in truth, sex with you has never been that great. Don’t get me wrong, I will never leave you. You’re a great provider and Dad to the kids. But since you confessed your cuckold desires I can be honest with you. I want to feel sexy and hot again. I want to have sex with real men who know how to take and please a woman! Men like Roy. When I am with a man like that I want to be their slut. You may not have known this but before I met you there were a LOT of men.”

“A lot? How many is that?” ted asked

“How many women did you have before we married ted? Sarah answered his question with a question.

“Aaah…….. I’ve had sex with four women including you.” Ted confessed.

“Is that all? Sarah laughed at him when she said it. “I guess that explains why you were never great in bed. I don’t want to hurt your feelings too badly teddie so I won’t tell you the actual number. Let’s say it's more than ten times your number.”

Ted found himself somehow even more emasculated by this admission. His wife had for years been desired ed by real Men. He knew she wasn’t a virgin when they met. He had never asked her about her sexual history and she had never volunteered much. Now he knew why. So many Men had already used her. Men that she had apparently allowed to use her like a slut. A privilege he had never shared, nor would he likely ever share. Sure, he had made love to her often in their marriage. But these Men had used her! He on the other hand was being used by this same woman, his wife.

“You see teddie, when I date a real man, I want to do things for him. Nasty things. I’ll tell you more about that later Right now I want you to shave me for him. I think he deserves smooth legs and…….a bare pussy. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes Ms Sarah, I’ll get your razor and some shaving cream.”

“No hubbie, mine is a bit dull, I want you to shave me with “your” razor.” Sarah instructed.

This was a bit of an affront. No man wants his wife to use his razor. Ted had always complained whenever Sarah had used it in the past. But Ted was not really a man at this point, so he quickly grabbed his razor and brought it to her.

“Be gentle and careful. If you nick me you’re not getting out of that cage this week.” Sarah warned him

Ted didn’t have any experience shaving a woman. He was nervous as hell. One slip could mean days of frustration. It didn’t help matters any how incredibly distracting Sarah’s body was. As the cooler air outside the bath caused her nipples to be erect, ted shuddered as they played peak-a-boo through the bubbles floating on the warm water. Ted wondered if he could do it.

Ted gently let the razor slide over her magnificent skin. First, he shaved her legs. Sarah smiled like the “Cheshire Cat” as he performed his task. Somehow he completed both legs without incident. Sarah rose out of the tub and sat on the edge. She spread her legs exposing her moist open pussy to his desperate gaze.

“Now shave Roy’s pussy” Sarah commanded

“Roy’s pussy, Ms Sarah?” ted asked

“Well you don’t think it belongs to you now do you wimp?”

“No Ms Sarah, but….well ….we are married though” ted implored

“Of course we are, but that doesn’t mean my pussy belongs to you does it? You remember what a cuckold is don’t you?”

“Yes Ms Sarah, a man whose wife relaxs with other Men.” Ted answered.

“Partially true, but in your case, you being a “chastity cuckold” and a “wimp”, my definition of your cuckold status is that, among other things, you have “given up’ my pussy! Sarah thus informed him that another of his fears...... and desires was coming true whether he liked it or not.

“The moment you snapped that lock shut it meant you probably would never get into this pussy again. At least not with that little pee-pee of yours.” Sarah now laid down the law.

“I am not saying for sure intercourse will “Never” happen again for you, but I think you need to focus on me more and my pleasure. You will do what you do best.. You will serve me and pleasure me with your tongue and fingers. Real Men, Men like Roy will take care of ALL my other sexual needs. Understand hubbie?”

“But Ms Sarah, I don’t know if I can…..

SMACK! Sarah slapped his face. She had never done that before. Ted was a little scared as was knocked back a bit.

“I told you not to question me slave! Sarah’s tone was as menacing as her blow. “Now shave Roy’s pussy!

Ted was almost in tears. But this is what he had so badly desired, to be controlled, to be cuckolded. He was proud of her for being so firm with him and he began the task of shaving her pussy bare…..for Roy.

“Good Boy. Don’t make me punish you again, teddie, I don’t want to have deny you release later. As ted finished his job, Sarah looked own at her now truly naked pussy. “Oh my! That looks soooo naughty without hair! Touch it for me and tell me if it is smooth enough for Roy.”

Ted gently massaged wife’s pussy. “ It is very smooth Ms Sarah, Roy will love it. “ ted answered. Sarah simply moaned in approval. Just when it appeared she might be ready to have another orgasm, she backed way and slipped into the warm water.

“That’s enough for now, I don’t want to spoil my appetite for diner with Roy” Again Sarah laughed at her own pun.

“Now be a “Good Boy”, It’s almost time for my limo to arrive. Go choose some sexy lingerie for me to wear. No wait…..I know, remember the matching black bra, panties and stocking with the garter you bought me for our last anniversary? The ones I have never worn for you? Get those out. Don’t forget the garter belt that goes with it.”

“Yes Ms Sarah, anything else?”

“Yes, teddie. Lay out my little black dress, the 5 inch heels, in the front of my shoe rack, and my gold necklace. I think I will put your chastity key on it tonight. Don’t worry though, that necklace is pretty long and the key will likely by hidden in my cleavage. So unless Roy sees me without my dress, he probably won’t see your key or ask any questions.” Sarah smiled

“mmmmmmmmmm” ted groaned, afraid to utter any compliant.

“Wait for me downstairs when you are done, and teddie, stay naked just as you are. You will stay that way all night, understand?”

“Yes Ms Sarah” ted nodded and left to do as he was told.

Sarah finished her bath and came downstairs right before 5pm. Ted felt utterly submissive to her now. She had finished doing up her hair and make-up. He could detect her best perfume, another gift from him. Ted was again breathless as he saw her dressed for Roy. He thought for a moment about asking her to call the whole thing off, when the door ball rang.

“That’s my ride! The limo is taking me to meet Roy at his favorite restaurant then we are off to the show! Don’t wait up hubby!

Sarah’s heels clicked on the hardwood floor of their home as she blew him a kiss good night. She opened the front door and was escorted to the car by Roy’s driver. Ted hid and peered through the window shade as she got into the car. The last thing he saw as the driver closed her door, were those 5 inch heels, he had laid out for her, rising off the ground and into the back seat of Roy's limo.

It was going to be a long night!!


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wow! This is a great story! Please don't stop!


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Excellent......waiting patiently for the next segment


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i'm not waiting patiently - more with raging boner and racing pulse......


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This is a really great story. Thanks for writing and posting it.


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Great story! Watching one's wife leave for a date is such delicious agony and you describe it so well.


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awesome story. i can wait to read about ted cleaning up the mess roy makes. please continue


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more please


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Excellent story, can't wait for the rest
tef fulton


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Thank you all for the encouragement. I am working on the next part and it should be ready soon. While I have a pretty good idea where I want all this to go, but would love to hear any ideas you all have as well.


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not completely sure where to take it from here. only know that this has really excited me. lets not even mention what it has done to my husband. hahahahaha!
it's so amazing how you have me on the edge of my seat with this and the characters haven't even all been described yet. i must say that i would definitely enjoy having the other man be black, large, dominate, yet unerstanding just how to push the buttons of the couple to get them to want to do everything he wants as if it were their one idea!
at any rate, please do continue.
you're killing me smalls


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A little bit of discipline at some point in the story might be nice...not the full on Femdom style more the loving strict wife type thing....

A better quality full belt maybe (Neosteel/Locked in Steel) to make the chastity dynamic more permanent...

Safe sex for a change (after all in the real world most insist on safe sex) maybe incorperating the wife using the full used condom in a cream pie senario when she returns from her date....

Water sports and foot worship are always great to read about too

Hope that helps

tef fulton


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Thanks for the suggestions, keep em coming. I will try to incorporate some of them in coming sections. And now, on we go.....
tef fulton


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“Ohhh…. don’t you look cute all curled up arelax on the couch!” Ted felt a firm slap on his exposed ass cheek as he began to wake up from a dreamless relax. Sarah was back!

“Did you miss me?” she joked. Sarah’s face was radiant as she leaned over him where he laid on the sofa. In the soft glow of the television, which had been left on accidentally as he slept, he saw her necklace with its key exposed dangling from her cleavage. Ted wiped the relax from his eyes to observe the sway of her breasts as they were silhouetted against screen. Sarah’s long nipples seemed to poke against the fabric of her dress as if she was no longer wearing a bra.

“Oh, yes, of course Ms Sarah, what time is it? Ted answered, adrenalin suddenly pulsing through his body bringing him to wakefulness.

“I think it’s about 2 O’clock…. give or take. Would you get me a night cap hubbie, and bring it my bedroom. I had such a WONDERFUL time!” Sarah let out a contented sigh as she finished speaking.

Ted remembered the wine he had chilled in the kitchen. He heard Sarah walk upstairs as he went to get her a glass. After he finished pouring it, Ted quickly followed her to the Master bedroom. Entering her room he didn’t see her.

“The room looks nice, teddie.” Sarah spoke to him from inside the adjoining bathroom. “Are expecting to get lucky tonight?”

“Umm, I just wanted it to be nice for you …..and… well, I was just hoping I might get this thing off tonight…Please?” ted pleaded, referring to his plastic primister.

“I will be out in a ‘sec’, I am just getting out of my dress. Why don’t you light some of those candles I see out there?” Sarah instructed.

Ted couldn’t help wondering if this was the first time tonight she had “gotten out of her dress”. He put her wine on the nightstand and quickly went about lighting the candles. He then switched on the music. Just as he was finishing his tasks, she emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing only her panties, a black baby-doll and ‘the necklace and key’.

“Lay down on the bed with me and ask me” Sarah began as she stretched out on the silk sheets.

“Didddd you?”

“Did I what? Sarah teased knowing full well what he meant.

“Ummm, You and Roy …….what happened tonight? Ted quietly asked almost cotton mouthed now from the tension he felt.

“Well … ‘cuckie’…. and I can definitely call you that now, a lot happened. But if you want to hear it you know what you need to do…….. don’t you?”

“Yes Ms Sarah, I do.” Ted slid down on the floor, to his knees, positioning his face between her soft legs.

“Last night it was ‘your own’ cum you licked, and it was ‘on’ my pussy. Tonight…..” she paused, “I need you to clean ‘inside’ my pussy, and you know it won’t be your cum you’ll be cleaning.” she said as she tapped the cb-3000 to reinpower the idea that he was denied the ability to orgasm. “Now, remove my panties”

“Can you please take the chastity tube off now?” Ted begged.

“Not just yet. I don’t want you to cum too quickly. I am sure you want to hear about my ‘date’ don’t you? I’ll tell you all about it while I sip this wine and you lick me…..cuckie”

“Please tell me!” Ted moaned. Sarah swiveled around to where Ted was kneeling by her bed and placed her legs on each of his shoulders. He began to slide her panties off as he had been instructed.

Her panties felt moist as he held then. Ted was overwhelmed by an intoxicating cocktail of new scents and sensations. In the candle light, her now exposed pussy gaped open widely to him. He placed her panties on the floor by her beside. Sarah’s fingers caressed the back of his head as she took hold of him. She gently but insistently coaxed him forward.

“Lick it cuckold!” Sarah commanded her slave. “Get it all! You wouldn’t want me to get pregnant would you?”

Ted’s tongue reached out for her once familiar pussy. Tonight, neither she nor it was the same. Her usually tight, neatly trimmed pussy, now displayed before him had been shaved bare. Its’ lips were open wide and …..dripping!. Ted could see it was not just dripping her juices but … Roy’s as well. She pulled him firmly into her pussy. As his tongue tasted his first real ‘creampie’, he knew her pussy would never really be his again.


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this story is amzing and keeps getting better and better Great Job!


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That's for continuing. A really great story!
A. Smith


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Love this story! please continue!!!


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Great story. Keep it cumming, er, coming...


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Quoting: goodhusband




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This is a truely fantastic story
tef fulton


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“So….. Do you want to know what happened cuckie?”

Ted slid back on the rug where he was kneeling between her legs and looked up at his new Cuckoldress. Sarah had just reached her “night-cap” orgasm on her cuckolds tongue. Leaning back on his heels, her cuckold looked up at her with submissive longing in his eyes.

“Please Ms Sarah, tell me everything! My mind has been going crazy thinking of what you were doing” Ted implored, the combined juices of his wife and Roy now drying on his face and lingering on his tongue.

“Well, I don’t know how well you could see hiding behind the curtains, but Roy was already in the back of the Limo when I was picked up.” Sarah began.

“ And …did you see his driver? Such a handsome young black man! Don’t you think?

“I couldn’t really see.” Ted answered truthfully. “It was dark and I was trying not to be seen.”

“Well…….you weren’t successful, teddie…at not being seen.” Sarah looked at her hubby on his knees on her bedroom floor searching for his reaction.

“What do you mean? Roy saw me?” Ted was suddenly in a panic. It was one thing to be embarrassed and humiliated by his wife, but quite another for another man to know. He was sure he wasn’t ready for that to be true.

“Not Roy, Darren saw you, you know, the black driver who came to the door. He saw you hiding behind the curtain teddie. I guess you forgot to turn off the lights behind you.”

“Oh, my God! He didn’t!” Ted’s heart was racing at the revelation.

“I’m afraid so, but he didn’t say anything about it until we got in the car. He was concerned. He asked me if I knew someone was hiding in the house and looking out the window.”

Ted hung on her every word. What had he seen? Of course, when he was hiding, he had been naked….and caged. They couldn’t have seen that, could they? He wondered how much had this fantasy damaged his reputation as a man?

“I told him my hubby was home.” Sarah continued. “He just said, Oh, I guess he must have just gotten out of the shower being ‘naked’ and all.”

“No please! Tell me he didn’t see I was undressed!” Ted was shaken and trembling. For the first time that evening his penis wasn’t straining against its’ confines. This unsettling news was taking its toll on his excitement level

“I am afraid so, teddie,” Sarah giggled. “Then Roy piped in asking why you were naked if you were supposed to be home sick?”

“You didn’t tell him the truth did you?” Ted prayed to himself that the answer was no. He didn’t want to be exposed for what he was, a wimp husband.

“I wasn’t sure what to say for a moment, but then I remembered how Roy had asked me to dance in front of you and how he had taken liberties with me on the dance floor while you watched Friday, and what a wimp you have been…… yes, I told him.” Sarah’s words cut him to the quick.

“What did you tell him Ms Sarah?”

“Everything, cuckie”

“Not everything! Please you didn’t!”

“Afraid so, you don’t mind do you, cuckie?”

“What do you mean by ‘everything’ Ms. Sarah?”

“For starters, I told him you that you weren’t really sick. I told him that I wore the pants in our marriage and that you begged me to go out with him.”

Ted swallowed hard. Any hope he had of salvaging some dignity in this situation had been shattered. Oddly, despite this utter defeat and offense as a husband, he felt his erection begin to try to stir again inside his cb-3000.

“Is that all you told him? What did he say?”

“No, I told him EVERYTHING, he asked me a lot of questions. I figured, if my hubbie wants to be a cuckold, why should I lie?” A sly smile crept over Sarah’s face, then, she added, “You should have heard Darren laugh, from the front seat, when I explained the key on my necklace.”

Oh No! What will they think of me?”

“They don’t think, they know! They know you’re a wimp. And teddie, they also BOTH know you’re a cuckold” Sarah seemed very happy with herself. She stretched out on the bed simultaneously patting the sheets next to her.

“Darren saw it all happen. Well, ….there was some participation too, Sarah sighed and laughed again. “But I am getting ahead of myself. Come up here and lay down next to me”

“Yes, Ms Sarah.” Ted obediently crawled into bed next to his Cuckoldress.

“Now, do you want me to remove the chastity tube, Dear?”

“Please, more that almost anything!!” Ted’s frustration was almost palpable.

Sarah leaned over her cuckold and massaged his balls. “These seem pretty full. I wonder how they would feel after being in this for a week?”

“Please no, you promised I could cum after I was a cuckold! Ted reminded her off her pledge.

“So I did, I guess I had better help you get this off.” Sarah slipped her necklace off and inserted the key in the lock.

“Before I unlock you, I want you to know how much I absolutely loved cuckolding you. I especially loved that while I was sliding up and down on those big fat COCKS you were in chastity. I’ve decided I want you in this every time I have date. Any objections?”

“No, I’ll wear it whenever you go out Ms Sarah, but did you say….cocks”

“I did teddie.” She paused letting her words sink in. “You were thoroughly cuckolded tonight”

“More than one?…. How? ….Who? Ted stammered.

“Well, Roy is very generous guy. He enjoys sharing what is his. Let me just turn this key and unlock you. Then I can answer all your questions, cuckie.”

Sarah’s soft and manicured hands finally turned the key. As she helped Ted slip off the devise his erection surged to its full 5 inches. “Hmmm, it really is soooo much smaller than theirs.” Sarah observed coolly.

She the reached into her drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubrication. She handed the bottle to Ted. Sarah saw the look of disappointment on her hubby’s face. She knew how badly he wanted to be inside her.

“I never said you could have sex with me, I think you had better get used to your hand for awhile, wimp” Ted obeyed her and spread the lube on his straining erection. “You have my permission to stroke while you ask your questions.”

Ted had wanted this for so long. He had so many questions and Man did he need to cum!

“Cuckie,” Sarah added, “You are only allowed to only ask questions until you cum. After you cum, you will have to wait to hear the rest.”

“Wait how long?” Ted asked.

“Until you are back in chastity, of course” Sarah stated firmly. “ But, if you can last longer than your usual 5 minutes you might get to hear everything.”

“How mmmm…. many guys did you relax with?” Ted had to know this first.

“I didn’t ‘relax’ with anyone.” Sarah quickly answered.

“But you said I was a cuckold and when I licked you, you were……”

“I didn’t relax with them cuckie, Sarah interrupted his rambling, “I fucked them, two of them. Roy and…..Darren. Well I didn’t just fuck them, I sucked them , stroked them, I did everything with them. God it was wonderful! I soooo missed having a Real Man!”

“Where did you do it” Ted continued his questioning as he stroked more urgently.

“Í just couldn’t resist trying the back seat of that limo. It was like going to the prom.” Sarah’s face glowed in the candle light. Ted couldn’t hold on much longer at this rate he tried to slow down his stroking.

“I started playing with Roy’s cock in the back seat while I told him how you begged me to cuckold you. Of course Darren was watching in the rear-view mirror.” Sarah saw Ted pick up the pace of his stroking. His moans grew more and more desperate. “He is such a stud, Roy had me in naked in the backseat driving around town. I sucked him for awhile. Darren drove the car down by the lake and pulled over. Roy took me right there on the seat!”

“What about Darren?” Ted asked as his hand moved furiously.

“Darren watched it all. I bet you wished that you could have been the driver and watched us, hmmm, cuckie?”

“Oh yes! But you ….I mean, you said you and he….”

“Fucked?” Sarah finished his thought. “Yes, well when Roy pulled out I couldn’t help but gush over how BIG he was. Eight solid thick inches! When Darren heard me compliment Roy….. He bragged that he had even more in his pants. Roy told me it was true, and asked if I wanted to see it.”

“Did you? You didn’t even know him” Teds’ hand was blur, He was sooo close.

“Well cuckie, I have never had a Black man before. How could I resist? And he was HUGE!”

The thought of his wife behaving so wantonly, with two men! God! One of them was black! This coupled with his sudden realization that he had unknowingly tasted the seed of two Men made Ted shudder and shake. Sarah moved to place her full magnificent breasts over his cock a moment before it exploded. Finally, Ted screamed in ecstasy and relief showering Sarah’s nipples with his cum.

“Good boy, now clean up your mess.” Sarah started fall arelax as Ted licked her breasts clean. “Too bad…..Now you’ll have to wait to hear the rest of the story.”

Ted paused in licking his own spunk off her breasts to ask, “Please can I hear the rest?”

“Well, O.K…… maybe in the morning. That is, …. as soon as you let me put that chastity tube back on you!”
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A Half Open Marriage
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