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The ABCD Plan

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Wonderful work, thanks again HerBoy! 😈❤️ x


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Thanks macca121 and BumNote !


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Chapter 10

Two weeks later, Chris was sitting in his backyard mindlessly daydreaming to keep himself occupied until his wife got home. The kids were playing in the yard while he was attempting to do some work on his laptop, but it was no use. All he could think about was "what is she doing right now?" He looked at his watch and knew she would just now be arriving at Dr. Spencer's office. He thought about the sexy outfit he had laid on the bed for her while she was taking a shower. She had insisted he buy her some sexy lingerie to wear to the session today. When he put the purchase on the counter at Nordstrom's, the saleslady smiled and said, "Well, some lucky lady is going to make you a lucky guy." He blushed as he thought, "Somebody's going to get lucky, but it ain't going to be me." Jessica laughed when she saw the black lace thong teddy and told him, "I should have guessed you'd get something trashy like this for me to wear. Well, it won't matter. I doubt I'll be wearing it long anyway." After she put it on, she dressed in a floral-print jumpsuit that tied at her waist and wore black high heels. She looked like she was going to a cocktail party. He couldn't believe how incredibly hot she was looking lately.

Thinking of his wife was making the ache between his legs start up again. After a two-week reprieve, he was wearing the chastity cage again. Jessica had allowed him to remove it when she returned home from the last session. She told him he had earned it by giving up his session to allow her another glorious fuck with Dr. Spencer. When she had undressed that day, he could see the marks on her – the redness on her ass that was fading like a days-old sunburn, the lingering marks on her boobs where he must have squeezed them in his big hands and the redness on her thighs and pussy area caused by their urgent fucking. She had told him to be gentle with her. She was still sore from the marathon session with her 'lover'. She had allowed him to suck submissively on her nipples as she stroked his hair and cooed softly, calling him a 'good boy'. She had bent her knees and spread her legs, telling him, "My lover left you a present. Show me how much you want it." He had eagerly dove between her legs with his tongue and licked every inch of her pussy. He stretched his tongue to the limit, trying to get it as deep into her pussy as possible. He wanted to bring her to an orgasm. He was desperate to show her he could still give her pleasure too, but she stopped him and told him, "That's enough for now. If you want to cum, you can jerk off for me, but if you wait until tomorrow I'll give you a handjob." As much as he needed to cum, he agreed and told her he would wait. She smiled and kissed him. Her tongue danced playfully in his mouth before she broke the kiss and said, "I think you should buy me a present to show me how much you love this." He nodded eagerly and knew exactly what he wanted to give her.

The next night, he brought the little box wrapped in tissue paper to the bedroom with him. His wife saw the present sitting on the bedside table as she was undressing for bed. Her face brightened into a happy grin and she asked gleefully, "Can I open it?" Chris nodded and watched as she opened the box and withdrew the long silver chain. She looked at him with curiosity in her eyes and he said, "It's for the key." For a moment, she wasn't sure what he meant and then it dawned on her. "Oh, that's perfect!" she exclaimed. She went straight to the drawer in her makeup table and removed the key to his chastity device. She put the key on the chain and then turned around to allow Chris to fasten the chain around her neck. When she turned back around, the key was dangling from the chain, nestled comfortably between her large breasts, just like the picture he had been admiring for the past couple of weeks. He loved it!

Jessica asked, "You just got released. Are you saying you want to be locked back up?"

Chris shook his head and said shyly, "No, I'm saying it's your cock now and you can do whatever you want with it." Chris could feel himself slipping into a submissive state. He wanted his wife to own him, to use him, to do whatever she wanted with him. At that moment, he would have done anything for her.

Getting the present seemed to make Jessica even more excited about what they were getting ready to do. She stripped completely naked and told Chris to lay face-up on the bed and to spread his arms and legs. She produced four scarfs and tied them around his wrists and ankles and then tied the other ends to the four corners of the bed frame. It wasn't tight and he could have escaped if he wanted, but it was effective. He was naked and helpless as she withdrew a bottle of oil from the bedside table. It was warming massage oil. First, she straddled his torso so her pussy was resting on his abdomen and her ass was just out of reach of his uncaged penis. She held up the oil and, with a sexy smile on her face, she dribbled the oil across her breasts. She put the oil down and used both hands to rub the oil on both of her breasts. Chris could see her nipples getting hard at the same time as his penis was getting erect. She continued rubbing her hands from her tits to her flat stomach. Eventually, she moved one hand between her legs and rubbed a finger back and forth against her clitoris. Chris was fully erect as he watched his wife. She said softly, "I'm getting so horny. Do you know why?" Chris shook his head and she said teasingly, "I'm thinking about that big cock that was in my pussy yesterday." She ground her pussy against his stomach as she pushed harder on her clit. She asked him, "Is that what you've been thinking about? About his cock stretching my pussy? About the sounds I make when he is fucking me?" Chris nodded eagerly. "Do you wish you could make me sound like that?" Chris nodded again. Jessica smiled wickedly at her husband, "So do I , my dear. So do I." Then, she stopped pleasuring herself and slid off his stomach and knelt by his side. She put oil in her hand and with a sexy smile said, "Beg me to touch your little winkie. Tell me how little it is and how badly you want me to rub it." Chris did his best begging and told her his little cock would never be able to please her and all he deserved was whatever she wanted to give him. That pleased her, so she reached for his erection and began a very light stroking of his shaft with her thumb and middle finger. Her touch was so light that he could barely feel it. He began thrusting his hips up to meet her stroking and she stopped what she was doing. Chris immediately got the message and laid still on the bed. She said, "Good boy" and continued to the light stroking with her thumb and finger. She would vary the pressure and Chris could tell he was getting very close to orgasm. His breathing began to increase and he moaned in pleasure. Jessica smiled and stopped stroking him again. She moved her hands back to her own breasts and pinched her nipples lightly. "It makes me horny to hear you moan like that," she cooed. After a few more massages of her own breasts, she went back to lightly stroking his hard-on. Chris moaned again and Jessica knew he wouldn't last much longer. She wrapped her small, oil-slickened hand around his cock and gave it a few quick, tight pumps and then completely released his penis from her grasp. Chris gasped "AAhhh" when he felt her let go. He desperately needed her to continue to continue stroking him as he felt his orgasm boiling up from his balls. To both of their utter surprise, his erection began to spurt and ooze cum as his hips thrust at the air. He was desperately trying to get any kind of sensation that would continue the pleasurable sensations her hand was delivering seconds before. As he continued to rut his hips and grunt like a frustrated ani_mal, Jessica watched in amusement. When he finally settled down, Jessica said, "I can't wait to tell Dr. Spencer we did it. Your first ruined orgasm!" After she untied him, she allowed him to eat her pussy to orgasm and then to hold her in his arms as they fell asl_eep.

He looked at his watch again and wondered if Dr. Spencer had seen the lingerie he bought yet. He wondered if he'd find it trashy or like it as much as Chris did. He imagined Dr. Spencer telling his wife to leave the lingerie and heels on while she sucked his cock. Jessica hadn't said anything about being paddled, but he liked to imagine her being treated the same way he was before he sucked Dr. Spencer's cock. Bent across his lap, paddled until he was close to tears and then told to get on his knees and do what he knew he wanted to do. He imagined Dr. Spencer holding her head and for_cing more of his cock into her mouth as she tried to keep from gagging. How she would play with his balls and do her best to make him cum. How Dr. Spencer had said to him, "Perhaps you want to be paddled some more to give you more encouragement." How she would suck him even more enthusiastically until he finally came in her mouth and Dr. Spencer would hold her head so she swallowed all of his cum ... just the way he had.

The pain from the chastity cage squeezing his erection was getting really uncomfortable, so Chris told the kids it was time for a snack. He needed to get his mind on something else. As he was making the chicken nuggets, he thought about his wife's words the night before when she put the chastity device back on him.

"It really is small isn't it?" she mused while holding him by the balls. "It's no wonder I couldn't get off when you did your quick little 'hump and dump'. At least you are finally learning how to make me cum with your mouth and our new toys." She clicked the lock shut and looked at him quietly for a minute as she sat on the bed in front of him. "So, when do you think I should let you fuck me again? I feel bad for you sometimes, but I know you're enjoying this as much as I am."

Chris had felt so submissive and small as he stood in front of her with his pants around his ankles and his cage dangling between his legs. He almost wished she would just kick him in the balls like she had a couple of months ago. Oh, how things had changed since then! He had dropped to his knees and looked imploringly into her eyes. "Babe, all I want to do nowadays is make you happy. If you decide you never want me inside you again, then I'll understand."

Jessica had laughed and said, "You better be careful buster or I may take you up on that offer." Then, she leaned forward and pinched his nipple as he knelt there. With a sultry look she asked teasingly, "Are you only saying that because now you would rather suck cock? Maybe it's not pussy you want anymore. Maybe what you really want is a cock inside you." She gave his nipple a cruel twist before releasing it and sitting back on the bed. "I liked watching you suck his cock. And, I REALLY liked when you licked my clit while he was fucking me." She thought for a moment and asked, "When he fucks you, are you going to tell me about it? You never did tell me you sucked his cock during your sessions."

Chris had turned red and replied, "You didn't tell me everything you did with him either."

"No, I guess I didn't," she admitted. She shrugged, "I don't mind if you have your little secrets. That's what a thera_pist is for, right?" She smiled as it dawned on her that Dr. Spencer was much more than just a thera_pist to both of them. "Do you remember when he talked about boundaries and how anal could be enjoyed? Now, I'm wondering which one of us will find out first. I just can't imagine how something that big can fit in there comfortably. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow. Or, maybe I'll tell him you're ready. You'd let him do it for me, wouldn't you?"

Chris looked afraid and didn't know what to say. Just the thought of being fucked by Dr. Spencer's large cock made him shiver. He wanted to say he could do anything for his wife, but that might be too much. He had always been curious what it would have been like to suck his frat brother's cock and now he was getting to live that fantasy by being 'for_ced' to do it. He also found it strangely exciting to be taken across Dr. Spencer's lap and be spanked like a bad little boy. But, getting on his hands and knees and submissively offering his ass ...

One of the kids started complaining loudly and Chris was snapped out of his reverie. He was glad for the distraction and tended to the kids for the next couple of hours.

When Jessica pulled into the driveway, Chris jumped up from the couch and watched her from the living room window. The kids had just gone down for a nap so he knew they'd have a short time to talk and do whatever she would allow. He watched closely as she got out of the car and could see her hair and makeup weren't as immaculate as when she left, but she still looked fabulous. He wondered if she was still wearing the lingerie he had bought for her.

Jessica could see Chris watching her through the window and smiled at him as she walked up the sidewalk. She could feel the elation of her afternoon slowly drifting out of her body as she faced the reality of returning to her life as wife and mot_her. She wondered if Dr. Spencer felt the same way when he sat down with his next patient. Would he be thinking about the afternoon of great sex he had just enjoyed with her? Then, it occurred to her ...

Chris was disappointed when Jessica said she wanted him to wait until later to see her naked and she wasn't interested in discussing her afternoon with Dr. Spencer. Jessica was still wearing the floral-print jumpsuit but she had removed her heels and had her bare feet in her husband's lap while they sat on the couch together. She pushed her foot against the cage under his pants and smiled. "Dr. Spencer loved the key on the pretty chain you bought me." Chris looked at the key dangling in her cleavage. "He thinks you're doing really well with the chastity, and suggested we try something new." Chris looked at his wife suspiciously and didn't like the teasing look on her face. This didn't sound like something he would like. "He said I should come up with some way to amp up the teasing. He wants you to spend all your time craving and lusting for me. Soooo, I decided you can't touch my tits for the next two weeks. If you so much as brush against them, then you'll get a whipping with the cane. I think it will be fun. What do you think?"

Chris was shocked. She knew he was obsessed with her breasts. Lately, he was becoming obsessed with the smell, taste and sight of her pussy, but he had always been obsessed with her gorgeous rack. "That's a horrible idea," he whined. Jessica laughed and pushed her foot against his cage again.

"Aww, is my poor hubby getting frustrated with his new life and hot wife?" Jessica hopped up from the couch and said teasingly, "And, believe me, if you had seen me today, you'd know what a hot wife you've got." She winked at him and said, "I'm going to go take a shower while the kids are napping. Want to get a pizza or something for dinner tonight? I'm too wore out to cook." Chris shrugged in response as he sulked. Jessica shook her head in amusement and then said in passing, "I can't remember the last time we saw the Wagners. I think I'm going to meet Emily for lunch one day this week. I've been wanting to thank her for introducing us to Dr. Spencer."

Chris thought of Emily Wagner and thought sarcastically, "I'll bet her husband still gets to play with her boobs." He tried to imagine her naked and for some reason his first thought was a fully-dressed Emily with a strap-on dildo over black leather pants and she had a menacing look on her face with a riding crop in her hand. He shook his head in confusion. Even his fantasies were starting to be all messed up.


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Dr. Needs to get her set up with black bull!


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Again, I'm loving this story! More please ❤️😈 x


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Chapter 11

Dr. Spencer watched the couple shifting uncomfortably and knew he was pushing them to confront a new boundary. Things had gotten off to a confrontational start when Jessica told him about her decision to prevent Chris from touching her breasts for the past two weeks. "She hasn't even taken off her t-shirt in the past week," Chris complained as he sat naked in the green leather chair. "She's not even letting me see them!" Jessica was amused by her husband's reaction and told him if he was a good boy, then maybe she would let him see them later this week. She was sitting in the other chair beside him wearing a low-cut shirt that showed off her ample cleavage and a pair of shorts with high heels that highlighted her tanned legs. The contrast in both of their demeanors was not lost on Dr. Spencer. She was confident and oozing sensuality while he seemed smaller and almost chil_dlike in his petulant complaints about being denied his boyish voyeurism.

Then, Jessica surprised Dr. Spencer when she told about her lunch with Emily Wagner. The suggestive look in her eyes revealed that she knew Emily was one of his lovers. He couldn't tell if she was jealous or intrigued. She explained, "I told you about the chat Chris and I had when I put him back in chastity this last time. I asked him when I should let him fuck me again. You told me it seemed to be working well and I needed to tease him more, but I really do feel sorry for him sometimes. So, it got me wondering if other women are doing this denial thing. That's when it dawned on me – you probably introduced the Wagners to chastity and denial. I know we're not supposed to talk about what we do in here, but two girlfriends talking about our sex lives is something we do all the time. So, I met Emily and asked her if she and Chad had experimented with denial." Jessica looked at her husband and saw the look of embarrassment on his face as he realized she was telling her friend about their new sex life. "Well, she said they were way past experimenting. She told me he was only allowed to expect sex on their anniversary and his birthday. She also offered him one more opportunity sometime during the year. When it happens will be totally up to her. When he's not in chastity, he's allowed to masturbate whenever he wants, but if he's masturbated within 30 days, then he misses out on his only other option for the year. Quite a conundrum isn't it? Play with yourself and risk your chance or remain chaste just to get one more fuck with your wife." Chris looked aghast at his wife. He wondered if she was seriously considering doing the same thing. Jessica showed mock sympathy and said, "Don't worry honey, she says he still gets plenty of ruined orgasms." Chris wasn't sure if that was any solace. During the past two weeks, after he brought her to orgasm, Jessica would only allow him a ruined orgasm. The ruined orgasms combined with being back in chastity was really starting to get in his head.

Dr. Spencer addressed Chris, "What's the matter Chris? Does the prospect of being cut off from sex with your wife scare you? You did tell her she never had to let you inside her again if that was her decision, right?"

Chris looked angrily at Dr. Spencer and said, "It seems like everyone is teaming up against me. I can't even tell her something in private without everybody encouraging her to keep going farther. I may like some of the things we're trying out lately, but I'm not so sure about never having sex with my wife again. Occasionally, it would be nice to just have normal sex again. I'm starting to think she doesn't even want to have sex with me at all. The last time we played together, she didn't even touch me. She made me stroke myself and then made me let go right before I could cum and told me to get dressed. Why can't I get a blowjob sometimes? She gives them to you! Why can't she just fuck me every once in a while? I know she has more fun fucking you, but is having sex with me so bad?"

Chris' face was flushed red and the tension and anxiety in his voice was clearly evident. Dr. Spencer knew this was a seminal moment in the couple's sexual relationship. He looked at Jessica and could see she was wavering between disdain and compassion for her husband. Dr. Spencer said to her, "Jessica you seem to be in turmoil on how to address your husband's concern. On one hand, you've become empowered and discovered something that was missing from your life and from your relationship with your husband. On the other hand, your husband has needs that he doesn't feel are being met. I think it's important to remember all the progress that's been made recently and to be totally honest with each other. You need to be accountable for the decisions you're making and to demonstrate how those decisions are supporting your commitment to improving your relationship and marriage with your husband."

Jessica sighed, looked at her hands and then back to her husband. "OK, I'll be honest. Things are different now. I don't know how you could expect me to feel the same way about you sexually as I used to. After watching you suck another man's cock, knowing that whenever you're here alone you like to be pulled across his lap to be spanked and made to suck his cock, well, of course I see you different sexually. Can you imagine Dr. Spencer sucking your cock?" Chris shook his head miserably with a dejected face. It was inconceivable to imagine Dr. Spencer submitting to anyone. Chris had come to realize that giving head was an inherently submissive act. Especially, when the oral sex isn't just foreplay. When you forego your own pleasure and your only goal is to bring the other person to orgasm, or to get them ready to fuck your wife, then you are the sexually submissive partner. He had already assumed that is why his wife hadn't put her lips on his penis in months.

Jessica took her husband's hands in her own and said sympathetically, "You're a submissive cocksucker now. I think you should embrace your new sexual role just like I'm embracing mine. You're MY submissive cocksucker. You're MY submissive boy in the bedroom. But, you're still my loving husband, good fa_ther and best friend. I don't think we could say that a few months ago. We couldn't stand the sight of each other but now we can't get enough cuddling and kissing. We talk more now than we've ever talked in our marriage." Jessica squeezed Chris' hands and said, "We have the marriage we always wanted ... we just have a different sexual relationship. Bad sex wasn't making for a healthy marriage. Your role now is on your knees eating my pussy and sticking your tongue up my ass and getting your ass whipped so you know how much I want you to be my submissive boy. Have you ever been more sexually excited than you are nowadays?"

Chris shook his head. She was right. He was obsessed with sex now. Before, he was frustrated when they didn't have enough sex but he only thought about it when he jerked off to porn a couple of times a week. He spent the rest of the time resenting his wife for not being more interested in him sexually. Now, he saw his wife naked all the time and brought her to orgasm almost daily. She could just give him a look and he knew it wouldn't be long until he would be seeing and tasting her heavenly pussy. He loved to hear her moan and writhe in orgasm because of what he was doing for her. He loved to see the loving look in her eyes afterward. Although it was humiliating to his masculine pride that she didn't see him as her preferred sexual partner and to know she had no interest in having him fuck her, he had no doubt she wanted him as her sexual servant. She made sure to tell him he was her 'good boy' and how much she loved the way he took care of her lately. He also knew being submissive to his wife and Dr. Spencer was the most exciting thing he'd ever done. The head rush and euphoria he felt when in subspace was the most incredible feeling, and he wanted more of it.

Chris started to feel emotional and was afraid tears might well up in his eyes as he said, "I'm sorry ... I know you're right. It's just really hard sometimes ... I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster." He started laughing as he tried to cho_ke back the tears, "It must be the way you feel during your monthly visit from Aunt Flo." Jessica made a mock show of surprise and they all laughed together. Then, Chris continued, "I do love how happy we've been lately. Other people have even noticed and made comments about how much happier we seem. I guess I'm just," he paused as he looked for the right words, "it's really hard for me to go back and forth from being your husband to being your ... your slave."

Jessica sat up in her chair and looked at Chris with genuine surprise, "My slave?"

Chris nodded shyly, "That's what keeps going through my head when I think about us. I tell myself I'm your servant and you are going to use me however you want. The other day, I even wished you would kick me in the balls like you did during our first session ... and, No, I'm not saying I want you to do that to me today ... but, I do like thinking about me being your slave sometimes."

Jessica looked at her husband curiously. It was hard to imagine this was the same man from a couple of months ago that could hardly say a nice thing to her. Now, he was practically groveling at her feet. She started cautiously, "We have two kids to raise together and they don't need to see their dad as some submissive weakling. I can't be beating you every day and acting like some kind of dominatrix. That's just not who I am." She paused and considered her husband as he sat there looking very vulnerable. "But, I will promise you something. If you want me to start being more severe with you when we're able to be in private, I'll do it. If you want me to totally control your little, useless, worthless boy toy, then I'll gladly do that too. As of today, you can assume your only sexual activity will be whatever I tell you to do. Got it?"

Chris nodded his head eagerly as his eyes flashed with desire. Being made to feel like a submissive servant in front of her lover only added to his feelings of humil_iation and lust. Then, Jessica ordered him, "Now go to the table and pick out whatever paddle you think will hurt the most. I want to watch what you do for my lover when I'm not around. I want to hear you squeal while you get your ass smacked and ***** on the cock in your mouth. I want to watch you be the submissive little cocksucker you are."

Chris hopped up from the chair and scampered across the room to the table. Jessica and Dr. Spencer watched as his little penis was already getting hard. Dr. Spencer nodded his head and gave her a look of admiration. This was quite a breakthrough he thought as he got up from his desk. It usually took another month or two before the husband got to this point.


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Chapter 12

Three months later, Jessica was lying with her head on Dr. Spencer's chest. They had just enjoyed another exquisite afternoon of sex in his bedroom. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat from the exertion and her breathing and heart rate had finally returned to normal. She had only allowed Chris one private session with Dr. Spencer in that time and she took all the rest of the appointments for herself. She explained to Chris that he could do and say whatever he needed during their joint sessions, but it was more important for her to spend the time with Dr. Spencer and he could enjoy the benefit of those visits afterward.

For the past two months, she had begun teasing Chris by wearing long t-shirts and pajamas to bed so he could no longer snuggle naked with her as they fell asl_eep. She told him she didn't like his hard-on rubbing against her. When he offered to wear underwear, she told him she didn't want to be groped by her 'submissive, cock-sucking, pussy-eating servant' while she was trying to sl_eep. When he sulked, she promised to add an extra 10 strokes to his weekly spankings. He had asked for her to be more severe and she was delivering on her promise.

"Do you realize we've never gone to dinner together or had any interaction outside of this office?" she asked Dr. Spencer.

Dr. Spencer had wondered when this topic would arise. It wasn't the first time he had been asked some version of this same question. "No, I suppose we haven't," he replied.

Her head was still lying on his chest and she was trying to be nonchalant in her demeanor when she said, "Chris and I have been referring to you as my lover for the past few months, but I just recently realized I don't know hardly anything about you. Our relationship is mostly focused on this bedroom and the wonderful things we do here."

Dr. Spencer said, "I'm glad you and Chris both consider me your lover. I think it is important to make a personal and sensual connection for us to reach the level of sexual satisfaction you have needed to get this far. Does Chris want you to move beyond a sexual relationship with your lover. Does he want you to have a boyfriend?"

Jessica considered the question and then answered confidently, "Absolutely. He totally accepts our relationship and is ready for me to totally replace him as my sexual partner. He knows the only way I can do that is to have a personal and loving relationship with my lover. It scares him to death, but I think that is part of the allure."

Dr. Spencer put his arm around her and hugged her tightly against him. "Then it sounds like it's time for you to start looking for a lover. It doesn't mean we can't also be lovers, but you are ready to have another man in both of your lives. There may come a day when you want to commit to your new lover and I want you to know I will totally understand and I will help you navigate the new dynamics that relationship will require."

Jessica didn't look up from her place on his chest and said in a deadpan voice, "So, you're saying that man isn't you?"

Dr. Spencer kept his arm around her and replied in a soothing voice, "I'm saying my role is your confidant and advisor. I've helped you get to this point and I'm here to continue helping you. Even after our sessions are over, you will be able to count on me being here when you need me."

Jessica answered, "The way you are for Emily?"

Dr. Spencer chuckled, "Is that what she said?"

Jessica didn't answer his question. She rolled over next to him and laid her head on the pillow so she could see his face. Her face took on a serious look as she said emphatically, "I'm falling in love with you." She paused to see the impact of her declaration. When he didn't respond, she continued, "I'm becoming as submissive to you as my husband is to me. I want to give you everything ... even my heart."

Dr. Spencer stroked her face lovingly. He gazed into her eyes with compassion and heartfelt adoration. "We may be lovers now, but some things are even more important. Life can be complicated and difficult. The one thing I can be that will be most important to you in the long run will be to understand what you need and for you to be able to trust me to tell you the truth and help you with what you need. Lovers can come and go. Friends and confidants are priceless. If I can be your lover too, then I am a very lucky man. But, I don't want to risk losing the most important thing I can be if we are no longer lovers. I sincerely believe it is time for you to start imagining what a long-term lover might look like. There's no hurry, but if you open yourself up for the possibility, then I think it will be a very exciting time in both of your lives."

Jessica considered his words as she rolled closer to him and put her head on his shoulder. She really did trust him and loved him as a confidant. Despite her disappointment, she also started to think about what he said. It hadn't occurred to her that she might have another lover other than him. He was becoming more dominant toward her and the greater her sub_mission, the more she was falling for him. His strong presence and firm touch was becoming something she craved all the time. However, their relationship was totally focused around these bi-weekly sessions. He was telling her she needed more and that he wasn't going to be able to give her the "more" she wanted. There was a part of her that wanted to cry, but she also felt a thrill starting to stir in her as she contemplated the idea of another lover. He wasn't ending their relationship. He was telling her she needed to add another.

Jessica slid her hand down his stomach and wrapped her hand around the head of his deflated cock. The head filled her hand. If it had been her husband's penis, she could have held his entire cock, and maybe even his balls, in her hand. She put her lips close to his ear and whispered seductively, "Can I lick you ass and balls daddy? Let me be your good girl."

Dr. Spencer smiled and rolled over onto his stomach, putting his forehead on his folded arms on the pillow. He was a lucky man indeed.


The waiter put the second glass of wine in front of Jessica and Emily Wagner and collected the empty glasses from the table. The plate in front of them still had some remnants of grapes, apricots, nuts and crackers. Jessica had asked Emily to meet her at a local winery they both enjoyed in the past. During the past year, they hadn't met as much as they did when they shared complaints about their crappy relationships. After Emily started seeing Dr. Spencer, the bitch sessions declined until she eventually quit meeting with Jessica all together. Jessica had felt abandoned and was surprised when Emily finally called her and started suggesting she see Dr. Spencer. Emily had been so upbeat and positive. Jessica had never seen her so confident and in control of her life. Now, everything was starting to make so much more sense. Although Emily hadn't confessed to having a relationship with Dr. Spencer, all of the dots were starting to connect.

"Alright, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want, but I'm going to tell you what I'm thinking," Jessica said conspiratorially. Emily smiled knowingly but said nothing. Jessica smirked and said, "I remember you telling me the biggest problem I had was I needed to get laid. And when I told you I was having sex with Chris, you said, 'No, you really need to get fucked. REALLY fucked', and I didn't know exactly what you meant." Jessica leaned forward and put her forearms on the table, "Well, I got REALLY fucked ... and you were absolutely right!"

Emily grinned but didn't say anything for a moment. She leaned forward, putting her arms on the table and said, "So, I guess the plan is working."

Jessica paused for a moment before realizing what she meant by 'the plan'. She grinned and replied, "Oh yes, it's working wonderfully."

Emily said, "When you asked if I was denying Chad, I figured things must be progressing. How is Chris adapting to the new way?"

Jessica sat back and smiled devilishly, "Are you talking about 'panty-boy'? I think he loves the 'new way'. He is wearing his own panties now and he only gets to cum when he's a very good boy. How about Chad? Is he still okay with being cut off from having sex?"

Emily shrugged, "I wouldn't say he's okay with it, but he knows better than complaining about it. He gets to do more sexually now than he ever got to do before." Emily raised an eyebrow and said provocatively, "He even gets to eat another woman's pussy now."

Jessica squealed excitedly, "Oh, do tell!"

Emily glanced around to be sure their conversation was private and said softly, "I have a female lover now. At first, she was a little jealous about Chad but now she just treats him like a house boy. I think he loves it."

Jessica and Emily laughed together and then the conversation was idle for a moment. Jessica asked, "Do you still 'see' Dr. Spencer?"

Emily considered her friend for a moment and replied, "You look troubled. What's the matter?"

Jessica took a deep breath and sighed, "He's helped me rediscover the joy of sex. I have to admit that I'm falling for him hard, but he's let me know that he doesn't want it to go beyond where it is now. We can still have sex but he told me I should probably find another lover. Well, like you did, I guess. But, I don't want things to end with him. I love what we do together. He makes me feel like I've never felt before. Know what I mean?"

Emily smiled and nodded. "I know exactly what you mean. He has a way of making you feel like there's no way it could ever be as good as it is with him. It's kind of scary to think that it could all be over at the end of the year."

Jessica asked cautiously, "Is it really over at the end of the year? He hinted that I could still be with him after the year was over."

Emily replied coyly, "I think he'll be there for you as long as you need him to be there. I suspect he just wants you to start thinking long term. Maybe it's time to consider if another lover would be a good addition to you and Chris' lives. I have no doubt he would always welcome you to come back and visit him for a session."

Jessica laughed and said, "That sounds like someone speaking from experience!"

Emily wiggled her eyebrows and said, "A lady never tells her secrets."

Both women laughed heartily and drank their wine. Jessica was glad she had her friend back and could talk about this crazy, evolving life with someone that would understand what she was going through. She also started to think about what a future lover might be like. She had to admit that Emily having a female lover was a total surprise. Emily never struck her as someone that would prefer sex with a woman over a man. Or, was she being naïve? Maybe, Emily had her female lover AND was still having sex with Dr. Spencer as well. It sure did sound like she still had a relationship with him. Jessica had so many questions but decided to explore another topic that was on her mind.

"Have you tried anal?"

Emily almost did a spit-take with the wine she was sipping. She was laughing as she replied, "MmmHmm."

"Did you like it?" Jessica asked.

Emily was amused as she shrugged and said, "Yeah, I like it a lot."

Jessica was nodding thoughtfully and said, "I really want to let Dr. Spencer have my anal virginity but I'm still kind of afraid. I mean, you've seen the size of that thing!"

Emily started giggling and said, "Yes, I have and I totally understand you being afraid if that's going to be the first time you try it." Emily smiled at her friend and said, "But, I've got to say ... if there was one man I'd trust to make the first time enjoyable, it would be Dr. Spencer."

Jessica got an embarrassed look on her face as she admitted, "Lately, he's been fingering my ass when he spanks me. I know he wants it."

Emily leaned closer toward her friend and asked, "He spanks you?"

Jessica nodded and said, "He knows how much it turns me on. It always has. I mean, I'd never let Chris do it, but I like it when he does. Did he ever spank you?"

Emily nodded, "Yeah ... once. It reminded me of my asshole dad so he didn't do that again. He found other ways to discipline that worked better." Jessica's eyes lit up, so Emily laughed and said, "He threatened to make me give Chad blowjobs again!"

Both women laughed uproariously and clinked their glasses together as Jessica said, "Thank god that's over!"
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What a nice teaser for what's coming next! Your stories always are more than just sexy, and the writing is always so good.


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Excellent storytelling. M


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this is masterfully written


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Mr Fire,macca121and luceiia you are all too kind!


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Chapter 13

Chris was sitting on the couch uncomfortably as he looked out the window like an anxious puppy waiting for their owner to come home. He had a butt plug up his ass and was wearing his chastity cage under a pair of panties. Jessica had made him insert the plug and put on the cage before she left to see Dr. Spencer. "I'm giving him my virginity today and I want you to suffer a little bit while you think about me," she had teased. She had been teasing him all week as she anticipated the big day. "Are you jealous he's getting something I never gave you?" and "Does licking his cum from my ass get you excited?" She had even allowed him to masturbate on her ass to "give you some practice."

His wife had been especially horny lately. She told him about Emily Wagner having a female lover and how Chad was getting to provide oral pleasure for two women. Jessica had been right when she said it sounded like his dream come true. She had asked him, "How would you feel if I had another lover?" He was confused at first. She already had another lover – Dr. Spencer. Then, he realized she meant someone other than the doctor. He told her it would be really exciting to see her getting even more sex than the bi-weekly visits to Dr. Spencer's office. She agreed and told him she was thinking about it so he needed to research dating apps and websites where she could find a date. He had already registered her on two different apps and knew she was having fun scanning all the inquiries being sent to her inbox. He had spent a considerable amount of time with his head between her thighs as she scanned her phone and told him about the different guys that wanted to meet her. As far as he knew, she still hadn't responded to anyone.

With all the excitement of meeting someone new, he was surprised when she announced her decision to let Dr. Spencer fuck her in the ass. She had told him, "When I'm in his bedroom, I don't have to make any decisions like I constantly have to do with you and the kids. I can totally give myself to him and I let him do whatever he wants with me, but he's never pushed me to give him that. I knew he was waiting for me to offer it to him ... so, I did. The next time we get together, he will get my final treasure. I told him I was giving it to him and only him."

Chris shifted on the couch as he felt the plug filling his ass. It was just big enough to be uncomfortable but not too bad. It was a constant reminder of his sexual status. He imagined his wife on her hands and knees with Dr. Spencer kneeling behind her and slowly pushing his cock into her ass. Chris had heard his wife moan and shout out cries of ecstasy when she was being fucked by the doctor. He couldn't imagine how loud her cries would be today. She had sat on his face a few nights before and rode his face to orgasm while his hands and feet were tied to the corners of the bed. She teased him that his wife was giving another man something he couldn't have. "I'll have to ask him if you will be allowed to touch his ass now that he will own it. I hope he says 'No'. I want him to take it away from you. He thought it was hot when I wouldn't let you see my tits. I think he likes when his submissive cocksucker is being denied." After she had an orgasm, she untied one of his hands and told him to play with his 'little clit'. He stroked his erection quickly as her pussy juices covered his face. Jessica was putting on a long t-shirt to get ready for bed as she watched him in amusement. He was very close to cumming when she demanded, "Stop! Stop right now!" He reluctantly removed his hand and watched as she untied his feet and his other hand. Then, she turned off the bedside lamp and crawled under the covers next to him. She rolled over and kissed him on the cheek before closing her eyes with a smile on her face. "Good night my good boy, I hope you have pleasant dreams," she said sweetly. It took him nearly an hour for his erection to subside and to finally fall asleep.

Chris wondered how his wife would be when she returned home today. He was always excited when she was meeting Dr. Spencer for sex. At first, it seemed like it was just a sex thing, but lately it was something much more. She was developing strong feelings for the doctor. She almost always referred to him as her 'lover' now. She was also becoming more submissive toward her lover. The red handprints on her ass and the marks on her breasts from his rough handling were almost always present after she had been with him. When Chris had shown concern after she returned home from one of their sexual romps, she just smiled and told him, "He only does it because he knows how much I want him to do it."

At the same time, her dominance over Chris was increasing. As she promised, she was much more severe with him in private. She knew he liked to be spanked and she was happy to indulge him. She would make him beg for the slightest indulgence – to touch her breast, to sniff her panties, to be allowed an orgasm. Her consent was rarely given without a cost. So far, she hadn't cut him off like Emily did with her husband, but she loved to tease him that it was only a matter of time. More and more she would tell him that he didn't need to undress when she wanted his tongue in her pussy. "You won't be getting anything so get busy." Denial was becoming a bigger part of their sexual play with each other, and Chris was starting to get off on how long he could go between orgasms. However, the biggest change in their evolving sexual relationship was the teasing and humil_iation. Jessica loved to push his buttons and make him feel like her sexual inferior.

"Who am I?" she would demand.

"My Goddess," he would declare.

"And who are you?"

"Your boy," he would reply.

"And why do you need another man to fuck me?"

"Because I can't make you cum with my little dicklet," he would say in embarrassment.

"That's right boy, the only thing you should be allowed to do with a woman is to use that talented tongue of yours. And to think you didn't like doing that before. You like it now, don't you?"

"Yes, Goddess! I love giving you pleasure."

Jessica would slap his penis or squeeze his balls and ask, "And what does this little clit of yours deserve?"

"Whatever you allow it, Goddess. It's yours to do with as you please."

Jessica would give him a threatening look and say, "As long as you keep behaving, I'll let you keep it." He would cower and she would twist his nipple or slap his ass before telling him to begin whatever task she desired from him.

What used to be fun sex talk in bed was becoming so much more now. Chris knew she wasn't just trying to turn him on anymore. She was mixing the truth with her sexual banter and was enjoying his humil_iation. By blurring the line between feeding his fantasies and how she really felt about his sexual inadequacies, Chris could feel himself becoming more submissive to her when they were alone together. He also was feeling the growing anxiety of losing his wife sexually to another man. However, he couldn't help thinking that was the most thrilling thing of all and he couldn't understand why ....

Chris was snapped out of his daydreams when he saw his wife's car pulling up to the house. He jumped up from the couch and felt the plug filling his ass. He wasn't sure what to do, so he just stood in the middle of the room and waited for her to come in.

When she opened the front door, Chris could see the sexy smile on her face. The twinkle in her eyes and look on her face made her look like she had just done something naughty. Chris checked her out from head to toes. She was still wearing the low-cut shirt that barely covered her breasts, the white short shorts that highlighted her round ass and the white high heels. Her makeup and hair looked like they had just been touched up so he assumed they must have been a mess before she came home. She strode across the room and, to his surprise, gave him a big kiss. When she finished the kiss, he was holding her in his arms and asked, "So, how was it?"

Jessica's eyes were still sparkling as she gushed, "It was amazing!" She removed herself from his arms and guided him to the couch with her. She sat down and Chris could tell she was still very excited as she began, "I mean, at first it was really hard, but he was very considerate and so gentle with me. He let me take my time and get ready for it. After a while, I just couldn't stop cumming. It was so incredible! And, best of all, he was so happy afterward! I've never seen him so turned on."

Jessica sighed contentedly and leaned back onto the couch cushions. She put her feet into her husband's lap and let him remove her high heels. Chris stole a look up her legs and could just see a hint of the baby blue panties under her shorts. She hadn't wore a bra and the outlines of her hard nipples were evident through the fabric of the shirt. As he put her shoes on the floor and she put her feet back into his lap, Chris could see her demeanor change but the sparkle never left her eyes. Her voice and face changed from gushing enthusiasm to a teasing vixen. "I made my man very happy today. Now, I know I have one more thing I can give my lover. I want him to know I'm giving him everything he wants." She pushed her foot against the chastity cage under Chris' jeans and asked him teasingly, "Does it hurt to hear your wife say that ... and know she's not talking about you?" When he didn't answer, Jessica got a devilish look and said, "Oh, I almost forgot ... when I told him he owned my ass now ... and told him he should take it away from you ... he agreed wholeheartedly and said you weren't allowed to touch it unless he gave you permission. He doesn't even want you to look at it lewdly or you'll be in big trouble." Jessica laughed at her husband's look of dismay.

Jessica sat up on the couch next to her husband and said in a moth_erly voice, "I've had too much sex today, but I know you've been waiting for me like a good boy. How about I unlock you so you can play with yourself while I tell you everything he did to me."

Chris quickly stripped off his clothes and stood naked in front of his wife to allow her to unlock the chastity cage with the key dangling between her breasts. She smiled to see his little penis was already fully erect with the marks from the cage impressed on the head and shaft. He wanted to ask her to remove the butt plug, but he said nothing as he waited for her to tell him what to do next. Jessica made herself comfortable on the couch and waved her hand toward his erection to indicate he should begin stroking himself.

"When I got there, he told me I had been a bad girl and I needed to pull my pants down and lie across his lap for a good spanking," she said sexily. "He used his hand first, and then a small leather paddle. It wasn't too hard, but it was hard enough. Just the way I like it." Jessica licked her lips and laid further back into the cushions and closed her eyes as she slid a hand under her shirt and massaged one of her breasts. Chris was watching and listening intently as he continued to stroke himself.

"He fingered my pussy while I was lying over his lap. He told me I was very wet and rubbed my clit. It felt so good." Chris could see she was rolling her nipple between her fingers as she talked. "Then, I felt a dribble of lube on my ass right before he stuck his fat finger in there. He started pushing it slowly in and out. I was nervous, so I squeezed his knees and begged him, 'daddy please go slow.'" She opened her eyes and stopped playing with her tit so she could sit up in front of Chris as he kept masturbating. She leaned forward and asked him in her sexiest voice, "Did I tell you I've been calling him daddy lately?" She reached for her husband's nipples with both hands and twisted them between her fingers. Chris gasped and could feel a long strand of pre-cum oozing across the fingers of his more rapidly stroking hand. Jessica smiled at his reactions and said, "I knew you would like that."

She leaned back so she was laying on the cushions with her knees spread directly in front of her husband as he continued to stand masturbating in front of her. She closed her eyes again as she picked up on the story where she left off, "Before long, he put a second finger in my ass and, at first, I thought I would pass out, but he was so gentle. He slowly worked both of them into me. Eventually, I couldn't believe how good it felt. Even though I knew so much more was coming, I started to get excited at taking him in my ass. I wanted him to own my ass."

Jessica put her hand down the front of her shorts and found her wet pussy with her finger. She began rubbing her clit as she said in a wispy voice, "He made me get up from his lap and play with myself just like you're doing now. He made me slap my titties and finger my cunt for him. When he thought I was hot enough, he asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, so he told me to get his cock ready. I got on my knees and sucked his cock. It was already very hard so it wasn't long until he was ready for me to bend over the pillows he had put on the bed."

Jessica fingered herself harder and opened her eyes to see Chris with his mouth opened wide. He looked like he might be getting ready to have a seizure as he flogged his dicklet mercilessly. Instead of continuing with the story, she increased her fingering to match his rhythm until they both orgasmed in loud moaning shouts of passion a moment later.

As they were both breathing heavily, Jessica started laughing and removed her hand from her shorts and held it out to her husband. "I guess we'll have to finish the story some other time. It looks like my boy couldn't last until the end." Then, she smiled sweetly at him as he sucked her fingers and said, "But, at least we got to orgasm together, right?"

Chris smiled back at his wife and straddled her on the couch as they kissed each other passionately.


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I love this story, wonderful, please continue
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As you wish eltipo4u


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Chapter 14

Jessica was sitting at the kitchen table scrolling through the pictures on the laptop screen while Chris sat in a chair next to her. His eyes were alert and excited as he watched her consider each of the pictures he had saved for her.

"So, these were your favorites?" she asked with a giggle.

Chris shrugged and replied, "I tried to find the ones with the best reviews and highest customer ratings and a few different styles since I wasn't sure which you would prefer."

Jessica looked at him with a grin, "Ones I would prefer or ones you would like?" She turned the laptop toward her husband and said, "Which do you prefer?" Chris scrunched his face in embarrassment and hesitated before pointing to the picture on the bottom. The picture looked like a pair of men's briefs with a hole cutout in the fly of the underwear. Jessica laughed and said, "I knew that would be the one you'd choose. You want me to look like a man when I do it, don't you?"

Chris blushed in embarrassment and said nothing. This entire assignment embarrassed him as much as it was exciting him. Ever since his wife told him to go online and find her a good strap-on for their next session with Dr. Spencer, he had been in a tizzy of excitement. She wouldn't give him any other information than to say Dr. Spencer had recommended it. So, he had found three different types of strap-ons. The one she was looking at allowed the wearer to put a dildo through the hole in front and put on the harness just like a pair of men's briefs. He had also found a more traditional harness with straps that wrapped around the hips and thighs with a leather harness for the dildo in the front. He also found a strapless strap-on that had a small bulb that went inside the woman's pussy with a curved dildo attached that could be used to penetrate their partner. He actually thought that was the sexiest-looking of the choices but he wasn't sure his wife would like it.

Jessica asked, "Well, did you pick out the dildo you want too?"

Chris raised his eyebrows. She was acting like this was his idea! Jessica just laughed at his fake annoyance and waited until he showed her the picture of a couple dildos. One looked very realistic with testicles included and the other was colored purple, very smooth, curved slightly up with a penis-shaped head at the top. Chris pointed to the realistic-looking one.

Jessica was surprised. It definitely looked like the bigger of the two. Obviously, he had never had a cock in his ass or the size would have been his main concern. She smirked at her husband and said, "Okay, if that's what you want, go ahead and order them." Then, she tousled his hair and said, "When you're done, you can come upstairs and use my dildo on me." As she stood up, she said, "You know, I wonder if you could get a pair of those dildo panties for you too. Then, you could actually fuck me with my dildo. It would feel like I was being fucked by a man size cock. Wouldn't that be fun?" Chris' eyes lit up and he quickly went back to the website to see if they had a pair in his size!


Dr. Spencer was leaning forward with his forearms on his desk as he gazed affectionately at the couple. Chris sat naked in the green leather chair with his hands folded and covering his penis, while Jessica sat with a smirk on her face in a tight black shirt that showed off the swell of her breasts and a short white skirt. There was a leather bag sitting on the floor next to her with the recent purchases Chris made from the online adult toy store.

Dr. Spencer spoke in his deep baritone with a cheerful hint in his voice, "Can you believe it's been nine months since the two of you first sat in those chairs? This is a real milestone and the point where we assess how much progress has been made and what do we need to do in the time remaining to make sure our gains will be permanent." He looked at Jessica and said, "When you first came in here, you were frustrated, angry and felt like you were raising the chil_dren and running the household all by yourself. Now look at you! You are confident, happy and you've got a doting husband that is always eager to please you. You even dress in a way that lets the world know how sexually confident and liberated you are feeling." Jessica smiled back at him and raised the hem of her skirt to flash her pantiless pussy at him. Dr. Spencer chuckled and turned to Chris. "And you my dear boy have changed even more than your wife. You were angry, cocky and seemed like you didn't care whether this marriage was over or not. Despite having a wife with a killer body and more pent-up lust than a nun waiting for the Rapture, you were ready to trade it all for a blowjob in an alley from a one-eyed hooker."

Jessica and Chris both laughed and Chris said, "Well, I don't know if I'd go that far..."

Dr. Spencer nodded with a smile, "But, look at you now. Sitting there obediently, waiting for the next order from your sexual superiors. You're just hoping for the next adventure in your sexual journey as you watch vicariously while your wife lives hers. I'm sure you never imagined nine months ago that you would be sitting here without knowing when or if you'll have sex with your wife again ... and that you would be excited about it." Dr. Spencer watched Chris squirm a bit and start to blush. "I'm sure it must have been devasting when your wife told you in this office that she never had an orgasm when you fucked her and that she only did it to please you. So, when you hear that now, how does it make you feel?"

Chris thought for a moment and looked at Dr. Spencer while avoiding his wife's eyes, "I guess it kind of makes me feel selfish." Then, he glanced at his wife before looking down.

Dr. Spencer said enthusiastically, "Exactly! You've moved past the selfish 'Me, me, me' attitude you had before and now you focus on your wife and how you can make her life better. You are the kind of husband every woman wishes she had."

Jessica laughed and added, "Well, if he was like that AND had a big cock that could make me cum all night, THEN he would be perfect!"

Dr. Spencer shook his head, "But, if he had a big cock and could make a woman cum all night, he almost certainly wouldn't be finding every possible way he could please you and be the best husband in every other way, would he?"

Jessica shrugged and said, "You're probably right."

Dr. Spencer nodded and said to Chris, "Now you wear panties, get your ass paddled and have become a damn good pussy licker. You got to confront the repressed experience you had in the frat house all those years ago and have come to accept that you want to be humiliated and controlled by your wife's lover. There aren't many people that are fortunate enough to reach down that deeply and release those repressed feelings."

Chris was looking at Dr. Spencer again and listening intently. He really had felt liberated when those hidden desires could be realized. Now, he enjoyed his private time on his knees in the bedroom with Dr. Spencer as much as he enjoyed being on his knees and pleasing his wife. Hearing Dr. Spencer praise him for his progress was making him feel proud ... and starting to turn him on.

Dr. Spencer turned his attention to Jessica who was watching both men with an amused smile. "So, my dear, when you told me you wanted me to own your ass and to take it away from your husband, how is that going?"

Jessica raised her eyebrows teasingly and looked at her husband who was looking more embarrassed. She answered, "Well, he was eating my pussy a week or so ago and he put both hands on each of my butt cheeks when he was really getting into it. I let him finish, but afterward I told him to get me the hairbrush. He looked shocked like he didn't know why, so I reminded him he wasn't allowed to touch your ass. I can assure you he hasn't touched my ass since." She gave Chris another teasing look and then continued, "So, you can imagine how surprised I was when we were in the bedroom last night and I caught him staring at my ass when I went to the bathroom. I reminded him we were coming her today and that he should expect to be punished by you for staring at my ass like some perverted little schoolboy."

Chris objected, "Well, that's not fair! I was just lying there in bed and she kept teasing me. She kept telling me how much she liked you fucking her ass and how I would never get to do it. Then, she got out of bed and kept wiggling it in front of me. How could I avoid looking at it?"

Unknown to Chris, he had been setup by his wife and Dr. Spencer. Her teasing and 'catching him staring' was all part of their scheme to take him down a new path on this day. During the last visit, when Jessica had lamented about finding another lover while 'poor Chris' was getting nothing, Dr. Spencer assured her that she wasn't understanding the psychology of her cuckold husband. "He wants to live vicariously through the sexual exploits of his promiscuous wife. The more he sees you enjoying sex with others, the more he realizes his inability to deliver those needs," Dr. Spencer assured her. "As a matter of fact, you need to redefine his sex life and reinforce his status as your submissive sexual servant. That's what he really wants."

Jessica stood up from her chair and put her hands on her hips. "Are you really blaming me for your inappropriate behavior?"

Chris stammered, "No ... I, um ... I just meant that it's hard not to look at you when you're naked." Chris got an overly expressive look of adoration on his face and said, "As Dr. Spencer said, you really do have a killer body."

"Oh, don't think your fake flattery is going to get you off easy, boy. We all know you're getting your ass fucked today and I can't wait to do it after you get your ass whipped," Jessica said in a demanding tone. "I warned you this wasn't your ass anymore and that I didn't want you ogling it like it was some prize you had any right to."

Dr. Spencer interjected by saying, "Well, it's obvious the sight of your bare ass creates uncontrollable lust for the poor boy. I can't imagine how hard it must be for him to not be allowed to see or feel it after all these years where he could admire and squeeze it whenever he wanted. Especially now that he knows how much you enjoy giving it to another man. I'll bet her ass is just about all you can think about lately, isn't it?"

Chris nodded his head vigorously as he looked at his wife standing over him. In a soft voice he gasped, "Yes."

Jessica still had her hands on her hips and a stern but amused look on her face. "I like when you can't think about anything but me," she uttered contemptuously.

Dr. Spencer clapped his hands and decreed, "Well then, I think we have the perfect punishment. It's something you've tried before and it seemed to work marvelously last time." They both looked at the doctor as he declared, "For the time remaining in our contract, you will not be allowed to see or feel your wife's magnificent breasts. You can still put your tongue on her pussy when she allows it, but you will refrain from seeing or touching her bare ass or tits. Whenever you have an idle moment, I want the memory of the sight and feel of her body to consume you. Do you remember when we talked about obsession?"

Chris had a pained look on his face as he nodded his head. He still obsessed about his wife having sex with Dr. Spencer and the thought she might take on another lover. Dr. Spencer smiled and said, "I expect your obsession will now include the image of your wife's nude body. Whenever you hear her in the shower, or when she lies in bed next to you wearing her nightshirt, or simply sitting across from you at the dinner table with the kids. Both of you will know that the only thing going through your head will be 'I wish I could see her magnificent tits'."

Jessica giggled and said, "I love it, but you're still going to spank him today, aren't you?"

Dr. Spencer laughed and said, "Of course. That's part of our ritual before he takes me in his mouth, and I wouldn't want to deny him that pleasure. Besides, I'm sure he will appreciate the distraction while losing his anal virginity."

Jessica asked her husband, "Did you remember to use the butt plug this week to get ready for today? I don't want you squealing and carrying on. I want you to act like a man for a change."

Chris murmured, "Yes, maam."

Then, Jessica sat on the edge of Dr. Spencer's desk and said seductively, "Do you think we can have a quickie before boy joins us for his fucking?"

Dr. Spencer grinned, "Of course, my dear." He got up from the desk and took his lover by the hand as they walked to the bedroom.

Jessica called back to her naked husband, "I'll call you when we're ready for you. Don't forget the toys," she said while pointing to the leather bag on the floor by her chair.

Chris nodded his head as he felt the dread of what was coming starting to build within him. He could already imagine the taste of his wife on Dr. Spencer's cock as she took him further into the spiral of depravity he desired. He was equally afraid and desirous of being taken by his wife and her new strap-on. He knew this would be the beginning of a new sexual act they would be enjoying together in the future. But first, he would have to sit here and listen as his wife shouted out her ani_mal lust behind the partially open door with her lover. He only wished he could masturbate as he listened but that would have to wait until his wife allowed it. Then it dawned on him. His wife usually let him cum on her tits or ass before he licked it off. Now, he wouldn't be able to do that for at least the next three months! Then, he wondered if being fucked would make him cum ...


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Dr. Spencer assured her that she wasn't understanding the psychology of her cuckold husband. "He wants to live vicariously through the sexual exploits of his promiscuous wife. The more he sees you enjoying sex with others, the more he realizes his inability to deliver those needs," Dr. Spencer assured her. "As a matter of fact, you need to redefine his sex life and reinforce his status as your submissive sexual servant. That's what he really wants."

This is one of many psychological gems in your wonderful tale. Your deep understanding of the cuckold psyche along with being able to craft a wickedly succinct portrayal is just, excellent. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!


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This is one of many psychological gems in your wonderful tale. Your deep understanding of the cuckold psyche along with being able to craft a wickedly succinct portrayal is just, excellent. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

I agree absolutely, thank you
Submissive Cuckold - lives for many years in a female-led marriage with a cuckold lifestyle.


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Thanks luceiia, eltipo4u and MrBigCuckold! I try to use my own experience as a reference to weave into the stories. It's a great creative outlet.


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Chris paid the neighbor and thanked her for watching the kids while they were out. Thankfully, the kids were already in bed and asleep. It had been a long night and he was anxious to get in bed with his wife. Jessica had been quiet on the way home and went straight upstairs when they arrived. He hoped he wasn't in trouble but was pretty sure he hadn't done anything to draw her ire. Usually, she would have teased him all the way home and he would be bursting with the tension of his sexual frustration by now. But, tonight had been different than the other nights.

Jessica had gone on a date with her fourth different partner. She met him through one of the dating apps Chris setup for her. Her relationship status was identified as "In an Open Marriage". Of course, that status only applied to her and not to her husband. Most of the men assumed she was cheating on her husband, so they were surprised when she insisted her husband attend the first date. Only one of them had earned more than a first date with her. Chris hoped there wouldn't be a second date for the man she had met tonight.

Tonight's date, Matt, had irritated Chris from the very beginning. They met at the hotel bar and found a quiet table in the back of the room to get acquainted. Matt hadn't even tried to hide his leering stares at Jessica's tits. That wasn't what irritated Chris, because he had stolen glances himself of her breasts in the low-cut blouse numerous times on the way to the hotel. He still hadn't seen them uncovered in more than two months. No, it was the man's attitude and disrespectful tone that pissed him off.

As soon as they sat down, Matt looked at Chris and said, "So, this is the wimp husband, huh?"

Jessica saw her husband tense up and didn't help the situation when she chuckled and replied, "He's only a wimp in bed. Otherwise, he's all man, right honey?"

Chris had for_ced a smile and without breaking eye contact with the other man answered, "Man enough, I suppose."

They all had a couple of cocktails together where Matt made a few more disparaging comments and how Jessica needed a 'real man' to take care of her. Eventually, Jessica suggested it was time for Matt to show her a good time and take her to the hotel room Chris had reserved. She told her husband to wait in the bar and she'd be back soon. Of course, Matt had to add a parting shot and say, "Don't worry, I'll send her back satisfied for you."

While Chris sat there waiting for his wife, knowing she was having sex somewhere in the hotel, he wished she was still with the last guy she dated before this asshole. Troy was a really nice guy and the only person she dated more than once since embarking on this extramarital adventure. Troy's wife had broken his heart after ten years of marriage and he was finally trying out the dating scene again. After just a couple of dates, it was obvious he was crazy about Jess and she clearly liked him too. She said he was a generous and passionate lover. However, after only three dates, and numerous texts and phone calls from him to get together again, she broke it off telling him, "I'm not sure my husband and I are ready for this." Being the gentleman he was, he respected her wishes and quit contacting her.

On the drive home from the hotel earlier in the evening, Chris asked Jessica if she had a good time. She had shrugged and said, "Yeah, he was fine. His cock wasn't small but it wasn't as big as his ego made it out to be. Mostly, he was obsessed with my tits. He couldn't stop touching and kissing them. He really wanted to titty-fuck me so I let him, but I could tell he was going to cum if I didn't stop him. I reminded him that he promised to send me back to you satisfied and handed him a condom. He was disappointed but got to work and got me off right before he was done."

Usually, this would have led to more teasing and telling Chris how another man had enjoyed her naked body while he would only be allowed to stick his tongue in her pussy when they got home. She would tease that he probably wished they were able to have her bareback like Dr. Spencer so he could taste their cum. She would usually make him cum in her hand after he finished bringing her to orgasm with his mouth and then he would lick his seed from her palm and fingers. But, tonight she didn't do any of that teasing.

When Chris walked into the bedroom, his wife was sitting in their bed wearing a pair of silky panties and a white t-shirt that squeezed around her ample cleavage. He could clearly see her dark brown nipples through the thin material. She was sitting with her legs crossed under her and leaning back against the headboard. He couldn't tell by the look on her face if she was upset or sad or something else.

As he undressed, he asked, "Is everything alright sweetie?"

Jessica continued to look off into space and said nothing at first. When he was only wearing panties, he started to get into bed next to her when she stopped him. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood up in front of him, looking him in the eye. She put her hands on his hips and said in a heartfelt voice, "I'm really sorry about tonight." Chris was shocked and wasn't sure what to say. Jessica continued, "I should have told him he was acting like an asshole to my husband and we should have walked out of there. He doesn't know anything about us and certainly doesn't know us well enough to say the things he was saying. At first, I thought you were probably liking being humiliated, but I could see you were getting mad."

Chris didn't know what to say and put his hands on his wife's shoulders affectionately. Jessica stepped back and pulled up her t-shirt and threw it on the floor at her feet. Chris' mouth opened in surprise as he gazed at her boobs for the first time in weeks. Jessica lifted her chin and closed her eyes, saying, "Slap them. I deserve it. Go ahead and slap them." Chris was stunned. He hesitated and then lightly slapped each of her breasts. Jessica opened her eyes and said, "No! I want you to do it just like you did that day in Dr. Spencer's office. I want you to really slap them hard." She squared her jaw and thrust her chest out at her husband.

This time, Chris took a moment before giving one of her breasts a hard slap. The impact made a loud sound in the bedroom and Jessica yelped. He waited to see if she was done but she didn't move, so he gave the other breast an equally hard slap. His wife exhaled loudly but didn't move from her spot. He repeated the slaps on each breast again and Jessica gasped each time. The red handprints from the slaps were already showing as she continued to stand there, waiting for him to do it again. Her nipples were getting hard and her breathing become shallow and faster. This time he held one of her breasts with one hand and slapped the outside of the breast with the other hand. Jessica moaned and her eyes closed for a moment but she still didn't move. He switched hands and grabbed the other breast, feeling the fullness of it in his hand before slapping it with his other hand.

This time, Jessica finally spoke and said, "Put your finger in my pussy and feel my wetness." Chris complied and put his hand in her panties and between her legs. His finger easily slid into her wet pussy. He found the nub of her clitoris and rubbed it with his wet finger. Jessica moaned and he slid his finger back inside her wet cunt. He repeated the fingering and rubbing of her clit a few more times before she said, "Are you done discipling me?" Chris nodded his head quickly and she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Then, she put her lips to his ear and said, "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

Chris wasted no time stripping off his panties and then his wife's. He put her on the bed with her legs hanging over the side and started to get on his knees between her legs. "No," Jessica insisted. "I want you to FUCK me!" Chris nodded happily and immediately put her legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock into her wet pussy for the first time in many months.


As they lie in bed enjoying the afterglow of sex, with Jessica's head on her husband's chest and Chris running his fingers through his wife's hair, he asked, "So, why did you end things with Troy? You both seemed to really like each other."

Jessica's eyes were closed and she said softly, "Because I still belong to Dr. Spencer."

Chris was surprised by her answer. He had no idea her feelings went so deep. He knew she loved having sex with him and she could be submissive to him but to 'belong' to him seemed so much more.

Chris asked, "The way I belong to you?"

Jess smiled and raised her head so she could see her husband's face and said, "Oh no, I own you in a way that no one will ever own me."

Chris smiled back. He loved that answer!


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Chapter 16

Chris was naked on his hands and knees on the hotel carpet with his wife's bare feet propped up on his back while she sat on the couch watching television on the hotel room flat screen. She was wearing a plush white hotel robe, and her hair was wrapped in a big white towel. Chris could smell the scent of the body wash she had used in the shower and the fragrant body lotion she had rubbed on afterward. He had offered to wash and dry her himself, but that had only earned him a hard spanking with the hairbrush and a trip to the corner to wait for her to finish. Apparently, she interpreted his offer as an underhanded way for him to see her naked again.

Thanks to his inlaws for taking the kids, this was their first weekend trip alone in a very long time. Jessica had decided it was a good time for the two of them to enjoy a weekend totally immersed in their new roles without the distractions of being parents or husband/wife. "You will be my complete sexual servant for the entire weekend. You will only speak when spoken to or when asking permission to use the bathroom or anything else you want to do. Your only focus will be in pampering me and taking care of my every need and desire. I plan to whip you, fuck you and to use you for my own pleasure. I know you enjoy those things too, but I won't be doing it for you. Everything will be for my pleasure – just the way you say you want things to be." Then, she put him in chastity and told him it wouldn't be coming off until after their final meeting with Dr. Spencer in a week. "And by 'after' I mean sometime in the future. I guess we'll wait and see if you earn your release in weeks or months."

Chris had been both surprised and turned on by her weekend plans. After the unexpected turn of events a couple of weeks ago where she asked him to discipline her by slapping her breasts and then allowing him to fuck her, they were like newlyweds for a couple of days afterward. Although he didn't get a chance to have sex with her again, and he didn't get a chance to see her naked again, they did cuddle together and made out like teenagers. She even allowed him to finger her under her panties while they kissed until she eventually had an orgasm. She told him it was so much fun that she wanted 'high school make-out sessions' to become something they added to their sexual routine.

It was after her visit with Dr. Spencer a week later that Chris noticed she seemed different. The cheerful, loving attitude she had exhibited all week was replaced with contemplation and melancholy. When he asked if everything was alright, she assured him she was fine. "I guess I'm just sad the year is coming to an end. So much has happened and ... now it's almost all over."

Chris was very sympathetic and replied, "I'll still be here for you, honey."

To which, Jessica hugged and kissed him and said, "I know you will and we've only just begun our adventure. We've come such a long way." Then, a few days later she told him about her parents taking the kids for the weekend.

Now, Chris began to wonder what he got himself into as the carpet fibers that seemed so soft a little while ago began to press into his knees and the chill of the breeze coming from the air conditioning blew across his naked body. Jessica hadn't said anything for a long time and the only way he knew she was still awake was when she changed the channel on the television. Then, she suddenly said, "Boy, open the bottle of champagne we put in the refrigerator and pour me a glass."

Chris waited for her to remove her feet before he started to get up from his hands and knees. "I didn't say you could stand!" she admonished. "You can crawl over there and then bring it back to me on your knees."

Chris quickly scurried across the hotel room on his hands and knees and opened the small refrigerator door. After removing the foil from the bottle and popping the cork, he realized the champagne glasses they brought were in the leather bag on a shelf in the closet. He wouldn't be able to reach the bag from his knees so he asked his wife, "May I stand up to retrieve the bag with the glass, Mistress?"

She stared at him for a moment and then said, "You may, but then you can also bring me the cane from the bag so I can punish you for forgetting the glasses when you got the bottle out."

Chris couldn't believe she was being so unreasonable but didn't say anything as he stood up and retrieved the glass and the cane. When he opened the leather bag, he could see the other items she had packed for their weekend trip. The dildo and harness, a paddle, the cane, plastic clothespins, KY lube, scented massage oil, battery operated candle lights and sexy panties that he would wear whenever they left the room were all included in the bag. Once he had the items requested, he returned to his knees and put the cane in his mouth and the glass between his fingers so he could crawl back to the champagne bottle on the table. He looked at his wife on the couch and saw her amused smile.

As he walked on his knees, he was very careful to hold the glass steady, but he hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to hold a full glass and cursed himself for overfilling it. When some of it spilled out, he looked at his wife and saw her raised eyebrows. "That will cost you some extra strokes, boy." He nodded and tried his best not to spill anymore.

After he handed his wife the champagne, she pointed to the spot he had been before and resumed using him as a footstool while flipping through channels and sipping the champagne. "Ahh, this is so relaxing. Isn't it, boy?"

"Yes ma'am," he replied dutifully.

"I think I'll take a nap," Jessica said with a sigh. "Shall I cane you now or after I wake-up?"

"As you wish ma'am," Chris responded.

Jessica chuckled, "You're being such a good servant." She removed her feet from his back and said, "Now, turn yourself so I don't need to move and raise your ass for these strokes." While he turned on his hands and knees, she took the cane off the cushion next to her where Chris had placed it when he delivered the glass of champagne. With a glass of champagne in one hand and the cane in the other, she delivered ten rapid-fire strokes to his upturned asscheeks as he did his best not to move. When she was done, she stood up and walked to the bed as she drained the rest of the champagne from the glass. She inhaled deeply and let out a slow exhale as she opened her robe and felt the cool air cause her nipples to get hard. "It's too bad you're not allowed to see me naked boy," she said over her shoulder. "My nipples are hard. Just the way you used to like them when you could play with my tits and suck on my nipples. Do you miss that?"

Chris was still on his hands and knees with his forehead on the carpet and ass sticking up in the air. "Yes, ma'am, he answered in a strained voice.

Jessica pulled back the covers, dropped her robe to the floor and sank into the soft mattress of the bed. She pulled the blankets over her and said, "After I wake up you can please me with your mouth and then I'm going to fuck you. Would you like that boy?"

"Yes ma'am," he said with a quiver in his voice.

"Good, now turn off the lights and put a chair facing the corner so you can sit there until I wake up. I don't want you getting into more trouble by accidentally seeing me naked when I wakeup."

"Yes ma'am," Chris replied as he crawled across the room toward the light switch. Once he had pushed the chair across the room to the nearest corner, he got up from his knees and sat in the chair, facing the corner. He noticed he had a long, sticky drip of cum dangling from the chastity device. He couldn't believe how the weekend started and wondered how far she would go.


Jessica couldn't believe she had slept for more than an hour. It was such a relief to have no kids to worry about and nothing she had to take care of. After she woke from her nap, she was horny and ran her fingers lightly over her naked body and felt the tingle of excitement. She got out of the bed and saw her husband was dutifully sitting in the chair and facing the corner as ordered. She hadn't said a word to him as she put on a t-shirt and then put on the dildo panties and strap-on. Fortunately, the dildo panties had an opening in the bottom to allow easy access to her pussy.

When she told Chris to lie face-up on the bed, he turned from the corner and saw how she was dressed. He knew this was coming and got instantly excited. She had fucked him with the strap-on three more times since the first time in Dr. Spencer's office. She teased him that she knew he would rather be sucking Dr. Spencer's big cock while she did it and he knew it was true. He had never felt so submissive as he did when they dominated him together, but each time she did this he was instantly transported to subspace. As she knelt over her husband's face with her pussy against his mouth and the strap-on dildo resting on his forehead, she almost started laughing out loud.

"Do you want to lick my balls?" she teased. She raised her hips so he could move his mouth and stick his tongue out to lick the balls dangling from the bottom of the dildo. "Such a good little submissive cocksucker I have," she cooed. Then, she moved her pussy back onto his mouth.

Since she was already horny, it didn't take long for her to have an orgasm as she ground her pussy aggressively on his face. When she caught her breath, she got off his face and moved to the bottom of the bed. Chris started to roll over and Jessica stopped him. "No, I want to watch your face when I fuck you this time." Chris wasn't sure what she wanted him to do, so she grabbed his ankles and started pulling him to the foot of the bed. Once he got all the way down the mattress and his legs were over the end of the bed, she told him to grab his knees and hold them.

As Jessica walked across the room to the leather bag, Chris watched her long black hair cascading over her shoulders and couldn't believe this was his wife. Her large tits were barely contained in the tight t-shirt and her nipples were pressing on the material like pencil erasers. The phallus strapped to her body was waving ominously in front of her and her round ass was encased in the leather of the dildo panties. She was his real-life, in the flesh wet dream!

She brought the whole bag and plopped it down on the bed. First, she removed the clothespins and stuck one on each of his nipples and then more on his scrotum under the chastity device. Next, she removed the leather paddle and smiled as she put it on the bed next to him. "Dr. Spencer tells me he loves the sight of a nice red ass before he fucks it." Then, she put the bottle of lube on the bed as well.

Jessica grabbed the paddle and said, "I don't want you to let go of your legs until I'm done. Understand?" Chris nodded his head and squeezed his legs with each of his hands as he held them up over himself like a chi_ld waiting for a diaper change. Jessica smiled evilly before she began paddling his ass. It wasn't a particularly hard spanking, but it was a thorough paddling of his upper thighs and ass that went on for more than two minutes without any break. Chris was finding it hard to stay in place and was on the verge of shouting out despite his fear of being heard by the other hotel guests when she finally finished.

Jessica threw the paddle on the bed and grabbed the lube. She squeezed the bottle and Chris gasped when the cold liquid hit the opening to his ass. His asscheeks were buzzing with heat and pain as he watched her put on a plastic glove that she withdrew from the bag. She stuck out her index finger and with a flourish and a smile on her face she stuck the finger in his ass in one steady shove. He moaned and let out a loud gasp. Jessica laughed and started pushing the finger in and out of him in a steady sawing motion as she squirted more lube on his opening. "Is my big boy ready for his ass fucking?" she said in a babytalk voice.

She squirted more lube on the dildo and stroked it like she was masturbating a cock. She lined up the head at his opening and said, "Beg me to fuck you."

Chris was feeling frantic as he anticipated the invasion. He was still holding his legs but his arms were feeling the strain of the prolonged load on his aching muscles. He bent his knees to take some of the pressure off his arms and his wife took that as a signal he was ready and started pushing the head of the dildo against his sphincter, "I said, beg me, boy," she demanded in a sterner tone.

Chris mumbled, "Please fuck me Mistress. Please fuck your boy and do whatever you want with me."

Jessica smiled again and pushed harder as the cock pushed past the tight sphincter and glided into his ass. Chris howled as he could no longer hold back the exhortations he had been suppressing. He no longer cared who might hear him, but Jessica immediately ordered him to stop. "We don't want to get kicked out of here, boy. You need to control yourself." Chris mumbled an apology and she started to stroke the big dildo into him again. Then, she told him to put his legs on her shoulders. "I've always wanted to fuck someone this way. I've had it done to me so many times," she said enthusiastically. As she held his legs, she began thrusting into her husband with gusto. Chris grabbed a pillow from above his head and put it over his face so he could scream into it. Jessica grabbed it away and said, "I want to see your face while I'm fucking you!" Chris' face was a contorted mix of passion and pain as she continued to pummel him with the dildo.

At one point, Jessica stopped fucking her husband and told him to roll over and put his feet on the floor. She got behind him and put her rubber cock back in him. "Now I want you to fuck yourself on my cock." Chris had both hands on the bed as he pushed his hips back against the cock in his ass. Eventually, he got a good rhythm going and the feelings had changed from a mix of pleasure and pain to complete bliss. Although he could tell his cock wasn't getting erect in the chastity cage, he could feel the cum dribbling from his penis. After five more minutes, he finally collapsed facedown on the bed and surrendered himself to whatever his wife wanted to do with him. His body had transported into a lustful haze of total surrender and submissiveness. If she had told him she was going to castrate him, he would have laid there and put up no resistance. He was hers and she could do whatever she wanted with him.

Jessica was surprised at his sudden collapse and wondered if her enthusiasm had been too much. Had she had pushed him too far? She withdrew the dildo from his ass and walked to the side of the bed so she could see his face. His eyes were glazed over and he looked like he was on dru_gs or something. "Are you done, boy?"

Chris tried to say something but no words came out. He licked his dry lips and tried again. In a barely audible whisper, he gasped, "I'm only here to please you."

Jessica stroked his face and said, "Yes, that's exactly right boy. Your only job is to please me." Then, she reached between his legs and removed each of the plastic clothespins. He howled into the mattress as each one was removed and the bl_ood rushed back into the pinched skin. She told him to roll over and did the same thing with the clothespins on his nipples as she watched with the same evil look on her face she had previously. She rubbed his nipples with her fingers and he squirmed from the renewed jolts of pain. "I like seeing you squirm for me, boy. Now, get up and clean yourself up so you can take me out to dinner."

Chris staggered off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. As he looked into the mirror while the shower began to steam up the bathroom, he wondered, "How can the rest of this weekend get any better than this?" He watched his face in the mirror slowly disappear in the fog and then it occurred to him, "I've got to find her a well-hung man to bring back to the room. She needs to be completely pleased this weekend." His quest was set.


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Chapter 17

Chris was sitting at a corner bar in the upscale neighborhood where Dr. Spencer had his office. It was the middle of the afternoon and there was already a nice crowd of businessmen, retirees and people that didn't mind spending forty dollars for a salad and glass of wine. He was sitting at the bar on a wooden swivel barstool nursing a particularly well-made Manhattan. He didn't know how long he might be here so he was trying to pace himself despite the nervous energy he was feeling. He was glad the bartender was busy and not pestering him to refill his glass.

Chris looked at himself in the large mirror encased in elaborately carved mahogany wood behind the bar. He assessed the man in the reflection and thought wistfully that he didn't look like some groveling submissive sissy. Until this past year, he had always considered himself very masculine, but now he had to wonder. Would a macho, masculine man be sitting here waiting for his wife to finish having sex with her lover? Would he be wearing women's panties? And what about last weekend when he begged to be fucked by his wife and then went out the next night to help her find a one-night stand to give her what he couldn't.

Well, according to Dr. Spencer, he absolutely could be both things. He could be his wife's masculine defender, her knight in shining armor, a proud fath_er, the main breadwinner and still have his golf buddies and other masculine interests. While at the same time, accept the fact that he needed to be submissive to his wife, that his need to be sexually submissive included sucking cock, and that being sexually humiliated was a kink that ignited his passions. Dr. Spencer explained that repressing these innate desires would only cause him to be frustrated and stressed. By embracing them, he would grow closer to his wife and allow himself to feel more fulfilled and satisfied. Dr. Spencer was right when he pointed out, "Have you ever felt more excited about your sex life and your intimate relationship with your wife?"

He thought about Dr. Spencer and his wife. He didn't know exactly what they were doing at this moment but he knew they were engaged in some sexual act. His wife had told him the night before, "We're going to be a while. You'll need to come back and get me later." He really wanted to stay but he knew they wanted to be alone during this last 'therapy session'. He thought about how the final meeting had gone before he slipped out and came to this bar.

When they arrived, Chris had started to undress, but Dr. Spencer stopped him and said, "You can leave your clothes on this time. I think you've earned it." Chris looked at his wife and she nodded in agreement so he followed her to their green leather chairs. After they sat down, Chris commented on how quickly the year had passed and how he couldn't believe it was over.

"I wouldn't say it's over," Dr. Spencer had replied in his soothing timbre. "You don't need the scheduled meetings anymore. You've graduated and are ready to chart your own path now. I will always be here if you are having issues and need to see me. We are a team now and I'm invested in your success. Your wife has my number and knows she can always call me if she needs me. If you ever find you need one of our special sessions my boy, you just get your wife's permission and you are welcome to come visit me. I'll give you what you need." Chris glanced at his wife as his face turned red and she was grinning at him.

"I think we all know he's going to need what you give him," Jessica giggled. "I'd threaten to send him here when he acts up if I didn't know how much he liked it." Chris knew she was right. This wasn't the first time he wondered if he'd ever get the chance to lie across the doctor's lap to be spanked and 'for_ced' to suck his cock.

"So, my love, how is the search for a lover coming along?" Dr. Spencer asked Jessica.

Jessica told him about the young guy she'd brought back to their hotel room the previous week. "I might have let him stay the night to fuck me again in the morning, but he was uncomfortable having Chris in the room and I didn't know where he would sl_eep. So, we had to wrap things up before the bar closed." Then, she told him about the disrespectful asshole and her regret afterward for allowing him to have sex with her anyway. "I remembered what you told us at our second meeting here so when we got home, I apologized and told Chris to punish me and fuck me. He did a very good job of both." She looked at her husband and gave him a wink.

Dr. Spencer looked impressed. "I've got to say. The two of you may be the most successful couple I've ever coached through the ABCD Plan. You've totally embraced Accountability and I think we can all agree the Boundaries for both of you are expanding beyond what any of us thought possible."

Jessica jumped in saying, "And I think you'll really like our newest Commitment." She smiled at Chris and then looked back to Dr. Spencer. "We've decided to have another baby." Dr. Spencer's eyebrows raised in surprise. Chris was still a bit shocked himself. She had just shared this new idea with him the night before. "I'm giving him six months to knock me up. If he hasn't done it by then ... then I'll find someone else to do it."

Dr. Spencer exclaimed, "Well, you must be excited at the prospect of having regular sex with your wife again, my boy."

Jessica laughed, "Well, that's the best part. Once I'm pregnant, he's cut off." She looked at her husband and said in a matter-of-fact voice, "Unless we decide to have another baby, it could be the last time his little dick is ever in a pussy for the rest of his life." She watched as Chris withered under her gaze. She had little doubt he was getting an erection. She turned back to Dr. Spencer who was watching the exchange intently, "Knowing his luck, he'll knock me up the very first week and all of his fun will be over before he knows it."

Dr. Spencer looked at Chris and said, "So, how are you feeling about this? It wasn't that long ago you told me you felt selfish knowing your wife wasn't able to orgasm from having sex with you. Knowing you are doing it to for a reason other than giving her pleasure make you feel differently?"

Chris was feeling very uncomfortable by the discussion and shrugged. "I don't know. I guess that does make it better, but it still feels ... I'm not sure."

Jessica scoffed, "For god's sake, you're finally getting a chance to fuck me on a daily basis. At least act like you're excited about it. And, don't think you won't be giving me an orgasm with your tongue before I let you have your little spurt. Would it make you feel better if you are punished afterward for putting me through it?"

Chris' eyes registered surprise. Jessica couldn't tell if it was a hopeful surprise or fearful. She shook her head and rolled her eyes, "I'll let you come up with some ideas for what you deserve, but I will assure you that you will be thrashed each month if I get my period."

Dr. Spencer said, "Well, my wife and I will be going out of the country for a while, but I'll be back in six months or so and hope to hear about the upcoming birth." Chris looked at his wife and could see by her expression and body language that, like him, she didn't know the doctor was married.

Jessica didn't say anything as she looked at Dr. Spencer with a sudden realization. The reason he never allowed their relationship to become something outside of this office was making so much more sense. She knew he had strong feelings for her but he always maintained a certain distance that she had interpreted as commitment issues. In fact, he was already committed and could only allow their relationship to go so far. Perhaps he chose this moment to reveal his marriage as his way of pushing her to find a new lover. He had been encouraging her for months. He told her she needed the good sex more often than she was getting it from him.

Yet, he was the one that originally told her to surrender herself to him. He explained that many of the best dominants were originally submissives because they could truly understand the psyche of the submissive. "If you want to really understand why your husband wants to be submissive, then you should try to do it yourself. I will be your model for how to be a loving dominant." So, she had surrendered herself to him – willingly, passionately, completely. And, he had been right – she was a better dominant for her husband by what she learned from him. But what now? How could it just be over? Was his offer to continue seeing her when he got back sincere, or only if she "needed" him? Apparently, this is what Emily Wagner meant when she said Dr. Spencer would be there if needed but he wanted her to start thinking long-term.

Jessica gave Dr. Spencer a big smile and said, "Well, if he hasn't got the job done by the time you get back, I'll gladly give you the chance to fill in for him."

Dr. Spencer laughed and said, "I guarantee you could have plenty of men lining up for that honor, but I have faith in our boy's abilities. I just can't imagine how he must feel knowing each time could be his last. Such sweet agony it must be for you, my boy."

Chris couldn't hold eye contact with Dr. Spencer as he considered his words. The thought of being cut-off from sex was something he thought about all the time. In some way, it was an obsession and his wife's current plan was a 'sweet agony', indeed. He looked at Jessica for an indication that she might be kidding and this was all a big tease, but that's not what he saw. Her stare back at him was a determined, dominant look that left little doubt of his future.

Jessica looked away from her submissive husband and back at her dominant lover. "I was thinking we could finish this session alone if that's alright with you. I'm going to be spending more than enough time with him over the coming weeks."

"But, of course," Dr. Spencer replied. He got up from his chair and walked around the desk. He waited for Chris to rise and shook his hand heartily and gave him a big hug. "You've come a long way and I know your wife will be able to give you what you need. I'm so happy we've been able to know each other this past year. Please continue your journey of discovery and embrace who you are." Then, Dr. Spencer turned to Jessica and held out his hand. She took it and let him guide her from the chair toward the bedroom door. Neither of them paid any attention to Chris as they closed the door behind them.

Chris started to leave but stopped at the office door and listened intently. There wasn't much sound at first but then he heard Dr. Spencer's deep voice say, "Tell me what you want." Chris couldn't hear his wife's response but the smacking sound of Dr. Spencer's hand indicated she had asked to be spanked. After a short while, the spanking stopped and he heard Dr. Spencer ask, "Are you sure?" This time, Chris could hear his wife respond in a desperate voice, "Yes ... please." And then the spanking resumed again.

Chris quietly moved across the office from the door so he could hear better. When the spanking stopped, he could hear Dr. Spencer say, "Get on your knees and suck my cock, girl." Chris shivered involun_tarily. That was the same command he was given after Dr. Spencer spanked him. There wasn't a lot of sound for a while until he heard the unmistakable sound of his wife moaning in pleasure. He knew Dr. Spencer's cock must be entering his wife. He had heard that sound before when her pussy was being stretched around the doctor's thick cock. His wife's moans and cries of pleasure seemed even louder than usual. He heard a slap and a gasp, "Oh yes! Again!" she cried. Another slap and another shout of pleasure. Chris could hear the rapid squeaks of the mattress under the weight of their bodies and the intense activity.

Chris started to feel apologetic at invading their privacy as the sounds of his wife's orgasm filled the room. She was screaming out her pleasure and begging for him to "fuck your slutty pussy, daddy! Fuck me, fuck me!" Chris remembered the night before when she had told him to lick her ass. "You may not want to clean up after him tomorrow," she had said. "I intend to have him cum in my ass the first time he cums." She had warned him that she intended to make love with the doctor for an extended session. He wondered if Dr. Spencer was getting ready to take her ass next. He knew the man had incredible endurance and could stay hard after he came the first time. Chris decided it was time to slip out quietly before he was caught lurking in the office long after he was asked to leave.

Chris was snapped out of his reverie and thoughts of his wife with Dr. Spencer when his phone rang. He snatched it up from the bar and saw it was his wife. "Hello?" he quickly answered.

Jessica sounded like she had just awakened from a blissful sl_eep, "The car is still here. Where are you?"

"I'm right down the street at a corner bar. I'll be right there," he quickly replied.

"No, no, I'll be right there. I know exactly where you are. I've been there before."

After he hung up, Chris wondered when she had been here before. Did she come here with Dr. Spencer after they had sex all those times in the past? He looked at the bartender and wondered if he would recognize his wife when she came in. Perhaps Dr. Spencer was a regular and the bartender would recognize her as the doctor's girlfriend?

A few minutes later, Jessica walked into the bar. She had freshened up her makeup and hair and looked amazing in her short, sexy sundress. Chris noticed several of the men in the bar turned to watch her as she walked in. Chris asked her if she would prefer to sit at a table, but Jessica assured him the bar was fine with her. When the bartender walked over, he smiled and asked, "Expresso martini?" She nodded and gave him a sexy smile in return. Chris indicated he would take a club soda.

Chris raised his eyebrows and said, "I didn't know you liked expresso martinis." Then, he waved a hand around the bar and said, "Or, that you'd been here before."

Jessica smiled demurely and replied, "After my visits with Dr. Spencer, I needed a place to go alone and unwind before I had to return to my life as a mom and wife." She pointed at the bartender and said, "Jake recommended the expresso martini and that became my dri_nk to unwind with." She looked around the bar and said, "I'll miss stopping in here."

Chris asked, "So, you don't think you'll be back?"

She shrugged and said, "I don't know. Maybe."

The bartender put their dri_nks in front of them and the couple were quiet for a while. Chris broke the silence by saying, "So, how was is it?"

"It was wonderful. Just like always," she admitted.

"Were you as surprised as me when he mentioned his wife?" Chris asked cautiously.

Jessica hesitated before saying, "I think he wanted to send us a message. He's there if we need him, but it is time for us to move on." She took a sip of her martini and said, "I don't think it was easy for him either."

After the couple left the bar and were heading home, Chris noticed his wife sending a text message. A few minutes later, he heard the chime indicating a new text had been received on his wife's phone. She read the text and chuckled before sending a reply. Finally, Chris asked, "Is it Dr. Spencer?"

Jessica received another reply and laughed some more. "No, it's Troy."

Chris was surprised and said, "I didn't know you were still in contact with him."

Jess was busy typing a new message as she said, "I apologized for breaking things off and asked if he could forgive me. He asked if my husband was okay with me talking to him and I told him you were sitting next to me and it was your idea. I asked how I could make it up to him and he reminded me that he was a cop and had handcuffs. So, I told him I had been a very bad girl but I'm sure he would show me the err of my ways."

Chris could feel his cock getting hard and said, "Well, that didn't take you long to get over Dr. Spencer."

"You were the one that asked me why I ended things with him." A moment later she got another text and turned to her husband. "Can you stay with the kids Wednesday night? It looks I've got a date."

Chris grinned as he looked at his wife. Things just kept getting better!

Then, it suddenly dawned on him ... his wife was off birth control. She was giving him a chance to get her pregnant. Although she made the one-night stands wear condoms, Troy wasn't a one-night stand. She clearly intended for him to be much more than that. Would she really risk unprotected sex with him while she was trying to get pregnant with her husband?

He glanced at his wife and saw the outline of her nipples through the thin material of the sundress. She had a smile on her face as she was texting with her lover. Chris looked back through the windshield and shook his head, thinking, "The race is on!" Would he be raising his own chi_ld or someone else's?

The End? (or just the beginning!)
Mr Fire


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A very nice complex wrap-up to a very nice complex story. You've done it again, and if anything, better than ever.


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It's been a great story and I'd love read more about how she goes on to completely control her husband 😈❤️cx


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Thanks Mr Fire and BumNote! It was fun to write
chastized one


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It just keeps getting better and better!


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Is Troy black? That would make a great breeding addition.


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It's been a great story and I'd love read more about how she goes on to completely control her husband

I agree, thanks for it
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