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The ABCD Plan

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He had heard it all before. She wanted more help with the kids and the house, she wanted romance, she wanted him to be more thoughtful, she felt tired and alone, and she wished he would act the way he used to when they first met. He was tired of being constantly nagged about everything, he wanted more time to spend with his friends, he didn't feel she appreciated how hard he worked and, most of all, he was resentful they didn't have sex like they used to. Dr. Spencer knew these issues were just symptoms that hid the underlying cause of their marital problems. He had heard worse and he knew more would come out over the coming weeks and months, but this initial phase was the part he hated the most. At least they were a young, attractive couple. He was already imagining the irate soccer mom kneeling submissively with his cock in her mouth as her husband sat tied in a chair watching them from the corner.

"So doctor, what do you think? Can you help us?" the raven-haired beauty asked tensely.

Dr. Spencer leaned back in his chair and looked at the young couple with indifference. He didn't say anything as he looked at one and then the other. Finally, he leaned forward putting his thick forearms on his big oak desk. "What I think, is that I find the two of you quite tiresome," he replied dryly. Dr. Spencer watched as the anger flashed in the young man's eyes and he could see the man's pudgy fingers digging into the thick green leather of the heavy chair sitting on the Persian rug in front of his desk.

The slightly pudgy prep school frat boy jumped up from the chair and sputtered, "Well, I ... I find YOU tiresome!"

Dr. Spencer didn't flinch or change his appearance as he watched the irate man-chi_ld standing angrily before him. This wasn't an unexpected reaction. More than once, this ended the first meeting and there wouldn't be a second one. He didn't have to wait long to see how this would go.

"Wow Chris! What a great comeback," she sneered sarcastically. Her husband turned his head to glare at his wife. Of course, she wasn't being supportive. She was never supportive, he thought bitterly. His wife held his glare with her own piercing eyes and without blinking she said sternly, "Sit .. your ass .. down!"

Chris looked like he wanted to say something in response but at the last moment he plopped back into the chair with a loud huff. He folded his arms tightly across his chest and just stared straight ahead at the front of Dr. Spencer's desk.

His wife, Jessica, rolled her eyes in frustration. Sometimes he was like dealing with a toddler, she thought irritably. He was not going to fuck this up for her. She would not be the first person in her family to get a divorce. She could already hear her two sisters in their mock sincerity telling her she should have dumped him a long time ago and then laughing behind her back later. She was running out of patience and she needed this to work despite her frustration with her annoying husband.

"Dr. Spencer, you came very highly recommended by our friends, the Wagners, and if you could save their marriage then you must be a miracle worker. Obviously, we have some issues, but I don't think we are nearly as bad as they were a couple of years ago. They were separated for months and everyone was just waiting for the divorce to become final. Then, all of a sudden, they became the most loving, doting couple we knew. If you could do that for them, then I want to do whatever it takes for you to help us." She leaned forward in the matching green leather chair with her hands in her lap and with pleading eyes said, "Please Dr. Spencer, we need you. Tell us what we need to do."

Dr. Spencer sat back in his chair. It was a black leather chair that was larger than the ones they were sitting in, but it fit his large frame well. He was probably twenty years older than the couple and gave off an air of authority as he sat contemplatively before them. He already knew what he would say next, but he wanted her lingering pleas for his help to hang in the air a bit longer. This is when choices would be made that either closed the deal or ended it.

As he let them wait for an answer, he thought about the Wagners. They were a prime example of the success of his program. Emily and Chad were about the same age as this couple and could barely be in the same room together. Escalating conflicts that led to infidelity, distrust and fits of rage were only offset by their mutual desire to raise their young girls in a loving, two-parent household. He thought of Emily as she transitioned from a broken, desperate woman to the confident, sexy temptress that could turn heads when she entered a room. Her inner strength and confidence had built rapidly as she discovered the wild ani_mal within her that demanded to be unleashed. She went from a shy, reluctant lover to a lustful seductress that demanded her lust be satisfied. Her husband couldn't believe it was the same woman he had married and, over time, graciously complied with everything demanded from him. And much had been demanded.

Dr. Spencer wondered how long it would take Chris Holmes to accept those same demands. After watching his wife ordering him to sit, he suspected not long. He also wondered how long it would take to awaken the lust buried within Jessica's layers of resentment and hostility toward her husband. Lust was a powerful feeling and would spur the other changes necessary for the eventual retooling of their marriage. In the meantime, Dr. Spencer would enjoy the challenge. Although she had been neglecting her body the last couple of years, she still had curves in all the right places. Dr. Spencer couldn't wait to see and feel the swell of her breasts and, most especially, the very round, prominent curves of her ass.

"So, what did the Wagners tell you to expect if I agree to help you?" Dr. Spencer asked in his deep baritone voice.

Jess shrugged her shoulders, "Actually nothing. They said you demanded confidentiality but your results were guaranteed. Emily assured me it would be a life-changing experience and she was only telling me because we are such good friends."

"She is absolutely correct. I only take patients by referral. You can never tell anyone about this non-traditional program, but you can refer friends in the future for my consideration. I do demand confidentiality and you will both be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement along with a substantial up-front, non-refundable fee. If you miss an appointment or it becomes apparent you are not interested in continuing with the program, then you will forfeit the fee. You can consider me a coach and you will be a team that has choices. Sometimes, those choices will be very difficult, but I wouldn't ask you to make them if they weren't part of the program. I have no doubt I will help you get to the same place your friends reached."

Jessica looked at her husband and then back at Dr. Spencer. "Okay, that sounds reasonable."

Chris quickly interjected, "Wait just a minute! What if we don't like what you're telling us and don't think you're helping us? And, why do we have to sign an NDA? This sounds kind of shady to me. You can be useless and we lose all of our money."

Dr. Spencer got a smirk on his face and replied, "I can assure you that you will definitely NOT like some of the things I tell you. Especially during the early stages of the program, it will be hard for both of you to make the changes in your personal lives and in your relationship with each other. However, I guarantee that in one year you will both be completely satisfied with the results. With respect to the NDA, I can only say that my program is somewhat non-traditional, some would even say controversial, and I don't intend to spend my time defending my tried-and-true practices. I'm a busy man and I don't take many couples. You were recommended to me and vetted, so I believe I can help you. If it becomes evident to me that I can't help you, then I'll refund the full amount of your money with no questions asked. You've seen the results in your friends, so I'll let my results speak for themselves."

Jessica asked, "Can you tell us more about your program?"

"Of course," Dr. Spencer replied. "I call it the ABCD Plan." He got up from his chair and walked around the desk to a section of the wall where he pulled a panel to the side. On the wall there were the letters A, B, C and D written in a column with each letter beginning a word – Accountability, Boundaries, Commitment and Discipline. He pointed to the words and said, "You will memorize and internalize these words. They will be the foundation of our work over the next year."

"First, there is Accountability. You must be accountable to yourself and to each other. Without accountability you will be wasting all of our time. It may be the most fundamental and important part of this entire program."

"Then there are boundaries. You must set and respect boundaries. Boundaries establish respect and trust. They will provide guidelines for building deeper emotional ties in your relationship and for yourself personally. However, pushing your boundaries together will keep your relationship exciting and fresh. Imagine the elation a team feels when climbing a mountain together and reaching the peak, or riding on a roller coaster you thought was too scary. After you've done it, you feel a euphoria of accomplishment that brings you closer together."

"Commitment is something you must make to yourself to reach your personal goals as well as commitment to each other to support your relationship goals. Being here today shows your first step toward meeting your common goals. Commitment to others is really a personal goal. If you don't want to let others down, then that is a personal goal and by failing them, you have failed yourself. Commitment to this program will be your first goal – both for yourself and for each other."

"Lastly, we have discipline. Discipline can mean different things. In the first context, we mean you must have the personal discipline to hold yourself 'accountable' and to really 'commit' to the program and to respect 'boundaries' while also being open to pushing them so you can grow together as a couple. There is also another meaning for discipline and that is related to accepting consequences for our poor choices. This is part of holding ourselves accountable and accepting that when we make poor choices due to a lack of commitment, then there will be discipline as a consequence."

Dr. Spencer watched the couple as they absorbed his principles. Jessica was nodding and Chris looked skeptical. Chris said dismissively, "There's nothing new here. I'm not sure how this is going to fix our problems."

Dr. Spencer nodded in understanding and looked at Jessica. "Let's take boundaries as an example. Are there any boundaries you consider hard and fast boundaries you would never allow to be broken?" She looked uncertain and before she could respond Dr. Spencer asked, "What about anal sex?"

Both of their eyes opened wide in surprise and Jessica quickly replied, "Absolutely not! He will never fuck me there!" she said with a quick look of disdain at her husband.

Dr. Spencer raised his hands and said, "I've heard that many times before. Yet, after a bit of time, all of the women I've had sex with have eventually found it quite pleasurable. With the right amount of technique and patience, many have found anal sex to be something they eagerly look forward to doing again and again."

Jessica looked entirely skeptical, but her husband was suddenly much more interested in the discussion. Dr. Spencer smiled, "That is only one example of how something that seems impossible right now, may become something completely different after we work through this program. I can assure you that both of you will see things completely differently in less than a year."

Jessica and her husband looked at each other before she said, "Do we sign the paperwork today?"

Dr. Spencer nodded, "Splendid. The journey shall begin with the setting of your initial goals. Don't try to solve it all right away. Pick something small and measurable you can work on. You've told me so many things that drive you crazy about each other so pick one or two things you'd like to see each other focus on until we meet again in two weeks."

Chris scoffed, "How about something simple like a blowjob or sex at least once a week? And maybe just try to act like you want sex and are having fun for a change?"

Jessica rolled her eyes at him and said, "Fine! Then, how about you at least try and get me in the mood by taking me on a date at least once a week and help out with the house and kids?"

Dr, Spencer clapped, "Perfect. Then, let's begin our journey together."

As the couple left his office and he filed away the contract, NDA and very large check, he imagined the weeks to come. He couldn't help but look forward to watching the inevitable angst and crumbling ego of the insufferable husband. Eventually, he would rebuild him to being a better man and husband, but the road would not be an easy one. However, most of all, he looked forward to unleashing the powder keg of passion that was simmering just below the surface of the raven-haired beauty that made his bl_ood boil in lust for the past hour. She already had many of the traits that would make this transition easier. She was passionate and dominant. Now, he needed to teach her how to use those traits to transform her man into what she wanted, while also having a lover that could give her what she needed. For at least the next year, that lover would be him.


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The couple looked sullen and on edge as they sat in the green leather chairs in front of Dr. Spencer. He knew from experience people found therapy to be intimidating and were unsure of what to expect – especially when they had just dropped more than they paid for their last car as an advance. He also knew they were unlikely to leave here today and feel like they made the right choice.

"So, before we get into today's discussion, I'd like to discuss how these sessions will proceed going forward. There are many things we will discuss together so both of you can hear and understand each other. You may not agree but I must insist you give each other the respect of listening before you interrupt. I also want you to be very open and honest but while you are in this office you must avoid using profanity and I won't tolerate lying and half-truths. They are a time waster and we have a lot of work to do so wasting our time discovering something was never true will be dealt with accordingly."

The couple shifted uncomfortably in their chairs as they contemplated the meaning of "dealt with accordingly." Dr. Spencer went on, "Starting next week, we will begin alternating each of you taking turns coming in alone for the session and then you will come in together for the third session. You can think of it as a break from therapy every four weeks."

Dr. Spencer noticed Chris brightened up at the thought he could get a break from having to endure something his wife was for_cing him to do. Dr. Spencer wondered if he would look so cheerful if he knew what was coming in the months ahead. "And finally, the quickest way for us to make progress will be for both of you to feel vulnerable. Through your vulnerability we are more likely to get to the truth and make progress. Therefore, at the beginning of all future sessions, whether you are here together or alone, you will enter the office, remove all of your clothing, fold them and place them in a neat pile on the table by the door. Then, you can sit in the chairs you are sitting in now so we can begin the session."

Chris objected, "Wait a minute! I've never heard of being naked in therapy. I think you just want to see my wife's tits!"

Dr. Spencer smiled in amusement, "While your wife has an incredibly attractive figure, how do you explain my insistence that you be naked as well? Do you assume I also want to gaze at your God-given gifts, as well?"

Chris was flustered and replied defiantly, "I don't know! Maybe you get your jollies watching naked people."

Jessica giggled, "His 'God-given gifts', that's really funny!"

Chris glared at her but said nothing as his cheeks flushed red. Dr. Spencer could see his embarrassment growing and tried to put him at ease. "Chris, I've been doing this for many years and I know it is incredibly difficult undressing in front of a stranger, but I can assure you it becomes easier every time you do it. I'm sure you've undressed in your doctor's office or at the gym before. Over time, I hope that you view me less as a stranger and more as a trusted guide and advisor. My only intent is for you to feel free to expose all of yourself every time you come into this office."

"So, why don't you get naked too?" Chris replied flippantly.

Dr. Spencer nodded and said, "If I believe that will facilitate a more open and honest dialogue, then I have no problem doing that." He looked at Jessica and saw her shifting uncomfortably in her chair. He could see she was nervous but she also had a look of excitement as she watched her husband growing more anxious. Dr. Spencer asked Chris, "What bothers you more, that I will see your wife naked or you?"

Chris seemed tongue-tied and said, "I don't know ... both I guess."

Dr. Spencer asked, "Was your wife a virgin when you met?"

Jessica laughed and her husband shot her a dirty look and said bitterly, "Definitely not."

"So, I won't be the first. Other men have already seen your wife naked. I'm sure her doctor's still do."

Chris shrugged, "I guess."

Dr. Spencer wrapped it up by saying, "So, I'm sure it is just that uncomfortable feeling you get whenever you have to undress for a doctor's appointment. Believe me, you'll get used to it and it won't be long until you are perfectly comfortable being here without your clothes." Dr. Spencer turned to Jessica and asked, "Now then, are we ready to move on?"

Jessica was watching the doctor closely and said, "Yeah, I'm ready." He held eye contact with her and could tell she was starting to like him. He suspected her animosity toward her husband was the motivating factor and she was enjoying seeing him squirm.

Dr. Spencer leaned back in his chair and folded his hands over his stomach, "So, let's discuss how you did on meeting your goals these past two weeks. I believe you were planning to have sex and to also go on a date at least once each week."

Chris quickly jumped in, "Well, we didn't meet the sex goal. We used to have sex all the time and now we can't even do it twice in two weeks." Chris leaned toward the doctor and said, "So, a couple days after we saw you, we got a babysitter and went out to dinner together and had a really nice time. A nice date night! And then we got home and ended the evening enjoying each other in bed like we used to." Chris glanced at his wife before continuing, "Then, last week, I reminded her it had been a week and we still needed to get together again. She told me not to worry. She said after dinner when she put the kids to bed we would have sex. So, I waited and waited while she put the kids in bed and she never came back. Finally, I went to the kid's bedroom and there she was, just like always, sound asl_eep in their bed." He gave his wife a defiant look and sat back in his chair.

Jessica rolled her eyes and said angrily, "So, I was tired and fell asl_eep! I was taking care of the kids. Maybe you should have put them to bed and I could have been in the bedroom getting ready for you. But, NO, like always I'm supposed to take care of everything. And, I only sl_eep in there because the kids like me to lay in bed with them and sometimes it's just easier to drift off with them. Once again, it's all my fault." She glared at her husband and then sat back angrily in her chair, looking to the doctor for support.

Dr. Spencer raised his eyebrows and said to Jessica, "If you were too tired to have sex, then perhaps you should have told him that it wasn't a good night, but you would be happy to have sex the next day. It's called communication. Are you going to try and tell me you didn't know he was waiting for you before you 'drifted off'?" She frowned and shrugged her shoulders in tacit admission. Dr. Spencer added, "Like I told you before, if these sessions are successful, then your relationship with your husband is going to last much longer than your chil_dren are going to be home with you. When you make a commitment to him, then you need to keep it."

Dr. Spencer leaned forward, putting his thick forearms on the desk. He told Jessica, "Stand up." She hesitated before standing in front of her chair. Dr. Spencer said, "Now, I want you to raise your shirt and pull up your bra to show your husband your breasts. He's going to slap each of them as a reminder that his needs are just as important as your kids." Her eyes opened wide in disbelief, but the doctor just waited for her to do as she was told, so she turned toward her husband and reluctantly pulled her shirt up with her fingers until she felt the bottom of her bra. She took a deep breath and pulled the bra up so she was flashing her tits for her husband. The gleeful look on Chris' face really pissed her off but she just stood there glaring at him.

Dr. Spencer looked at Chris and said, "Now I want you to stand up and give each of her breasts a good slap." Chris' eyes went wide this time. He looked at the doctor in disbelief. Then, he jumped to his feet and stood in front of his wife as she stood there holding her shirt and bra over her tits. Her large D-cup breasts were pointing perkily toward him and her flashing eyes were almost daring him to do it. He looked at the doctor and was told, "Go ahead, slap it." Chris lined up one of his hands and slapped the side of her breast with a loud SLAP. Jessica yelped but she didn't move. She stood her ground defiantly without letting go of her shirt and bra. "Now the other one," commanded Dr. Spencer. Chris thought about all the frustration and anger that had built up over the past months and didn't hesitate as he quickly slapped the other breast with his other hand. This time the sound was a bit louder and Jessica gasped but she continued to hold her ground. There were two red handprints on the side of either breast. Dr. Spencer also noted that Jessica's nipples had become quite hard.

They both looked at Dr. Spencer and he just nodded his head to indicate Jessica should lower her shirt. "OK, both of you can sit back down." They both returned to their big leather chairs and the sound in the room was deathly silent. Dr. Spencer looked at both of them and said, "So, what parts of the ABCD Plan did we just explore?"

Jessica replied softly, "Accountability."

Chris then added with a smirk, "And discipline."

The doctor nodded his head, "That's correct." Then, he looked at Chris and said, "I didn't hear anything about the second date. How did it go?"

Chris looked sheepish and just hung his head. Jessica said caustically, "There WASN'T a second date. Mr. Thoughtless stood me up. He went out for happy hour with his work friends while I waited at home with the babysitter. Eventually, I just went to bed and then he came home and wanted to apologize. He actually suggested we have make-up sex!" Jessica's eyes were blazing and Dr. Spencer thought she might literally punch her husband.

"Is that right, Chris? You actually went out drin_king when you had a date scheduled with your wife?" Dr. Spencer asked incredulously.

Chris shrugged and said, "We were having a going away party for one of the guys and I told them I could only have one dr_ink because I needed to get home. Before I knew it, I lost track of time and was late getting home. I really was sorry," he said apologetically.

Dr. Spencer shook his head and without asking anything further told Chris, "I want you to go put your hands against that wall. Just lean forward with your hands against the wall like you were getting frisked by the police."

Chris looked at him strangely but, with a shake of his head in bewilderment, decided to comply. He walked across the room and put his hands against the wall where the doctor had pointed. Dr. Spencer got up and walked around the desk next to Jessica and held out his hand. She wasn't sure what he wanted but put her hand in his and got up from the chair. He walked her over until they were standing behind her husband. Dr. Spencer said, "Chris, spread your legs so they are a bit wider than your shoulders." Chris looked over his shoulders at them and slowly spread his legs.

Dr. Spencer told Jessica, "I'd like you to give him a good kick to the balls."

This time, Chris stood up and spun around. "Whoa, there's no way she is going to kick me in the balls!" he demanded.

Dr. Spencer said unsympathetically, "Your wife didn't hesitate to be held accountable and to accept the discipline for her actions. Aren't you man enough to do the same?"

Chris looked desperate and trapped as he tried to come up with an answer. Jessica's face was a mask of contempt and amusement as she stared at her husband. "You can dish it out but you can't take it, you pathetic, little-dicked bully," she seethed. Chris' face turned red in anger and embarrassment. With a huff, he turned back around and slammed his hands against the wall while spreading his legs.

Dr. Spencer smiled just a bit as he said, "Believe me, it's easier to take when you can't see it coming and you're wearing pants. Just close your eyes and it will be over in a moment." He nodded at Jessica and stepped to the side so she could line up behind her husband. Jessica didn't wait long. She eyed her target and snapped a kick between his legs and connected with his very exposed testicles.

Chris immediately crumpled to his knees on the floor and was gasping with tears in his eyes. Through clenched teeth and kneeling like he was praying to Allah, he gasped, "You fucking bitch."

Dr. Spencer immediately said, "I told you I would demand respect in this office and I won't accept you talking to your wife that way when you've been disciplined." Chris looked up at him from his knees. Dr. Spencer got down on one knee next to him and said, "Now, you've got a choice to make. You can stand up and take another kick to the nuts, or you can go in the bathroom and put that bar of soap in your mouth and keep it there until I tell you to take it out. But, you're going to apologize to your wife no matter what you decide to do."

Chris couldn't believe what this big man was demanding of him. He'd never been treated like this in his life. The ache in his balls seemed to come in throbbing waves as he knelt there. He looked at Dr. Spencer who was towering over him on one knee. Then, he looked at his wife and said softly, "I'm sorry." He looked at Dr. Spencer one more time before getting up and walking to the bathroom.

When Chris returned to the desk, Dr. Spencer and Jessica were already seated in their chairs. Chris had a thin bar of soap between his teeth and lips as he sat down. Jessica looked at him and burst out laughing as she saw the bubbles forming at the corners of his mouth. He turned his head away and looked at the floor. He felt like he might cry. He hadn't felt like this since he was a little boy.

Dr. Spencer leaned back in his chair and observed the couple for a moment before he spoke. "Today was a very difficult, but absolutely necessary, day. Today, you started to see that this program is truly based on being accountable and, I'm quite pleased to say, being disciplined enough to accept the consequences for that accountability. We will continue to explore the A and D of the program, as well as starting to understand how boundaries and commitment will bring everything together. You may be angry at each other when you leave, but know that you've begun the first step in repairing your relationship. You are holding each other accountable for your lack of commitment to each other. Now, it is time to move forward. Apologize to each other and discuss how you could have done better. Then, do the things you didn't do before. You will also need to set some new goals for our next meeting. You will discover things about yourself in the weeks and months ahead that you never dreamed possible." Dr. Spencer stood up and said, "Okay, I'll look forward to seeing Chris at the next session and then Jessica after that. Chris, you can drop off my soap on the way out or you can keep it if you think there will be any more foul mouth episodes before we talk again."


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I assume you did this therapy herboy63 ?


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I'm looking forward to the next episode


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dilatateur Therapy is good for the soul 😁


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Chris had his hands in his lap covering his penis and balls. Even though this was the third time he'd sat naked in front of the desk, he was still self-conscious being naked while Dr. Spencer sat there fully clothed. During the last session, when he and his wife were both sitting here naked, he got an erection when they discussed oral sex and what sexual positions worked best for them. His wife was commenting on how she was expected to give him oral sex, but he avoided doing the same for her despite his inability to give her an orgasm with his smallish cock. Dr. Spencer wondered if there were sexual positions that might be more conducive to someone "your size". He explained how sexual frustration frequently leads to marital problems and how addressing these issues head-on would lead to a much more satisfying and happy marriage. Chris still wasn't sure why he got an erection when they discussed his inadequacies.

"So, Chris," Dr. Spencer said in his deep, soothing voice. "During the last session we delved into some sources of your wife's sexual frustrations and how that might be a significant source of stress in your marriage. I'd like to dig a little deeper into that without you feeling like you need to be defensive or that you are being put down in any way. We are all born a certain way and she knew all of this when she agreed to marry you, right?"

"Yeah, it never seemed to bother her when we were dating and for the first year or two of our marriage," he replied. "As a matter of fact, she never made any comment about my 'size' unless we were playacting in bed."

Dr. Spencer leaned forward and with greater interest said, "Please tell me more about that. Understanding what gets both of you excited can be a good starting point." He wouldn't tell Chris that his wife had already shared some of this information during their last session together.

"I don't know if I'd say it gets me excited, but she likes to tease me sometimes and tells me to imagine her with someone that has a much bigger cock than mine." Chris shrugged and added, "It seems to get her really excited, so I don't mind when she says it."

Dr. Spencer didn't mention the obvious erection Chris got during the last session when they openly discussed his lack of size. He wanted Chris to admit he liked small penis humil_iation on his own. "So, tell me Chris, have you ever seen another man's cock?"

"Well, sure ... like every guy that's been to a gym and showered ... I mean, I lived in a frat house and there were always half-naked people running around," he laughed nervously.

Dr. Spencer nodded his head and asked, "Have you ever fantasized or actually touched another man's cock?"

Chris looked surprised and his cheeks blushed. In a flustered voice, he quickly dismissed the question, "No ... I mean ... no, of course not."

Dr. Spencer raised his eyebrows, "Remember my friend – we must always be honest with each other in here. This is a safe place and you can share any experiences or fantasies you have with me. Just like I won't share your wife's private admissions with you, I won't share yours unless you tell me it is okay. So, tell me about the time you touched someone else's penis."

Chris could feel the sweat on his forehead and the butterflies in his stomach. He had never told anyone about this – most especially, his wife. While avoiding the doctor's eyes, he started, "There was this time in in the frat house when we were drin_king late into the night. I was a freshman and one of the seniors and I were in his bedroom finishing a bottle of wine. For some reason, he took off his underwear and he was already semi-hard. He asked if I wanted to jerk off with him and I told him I didn't, so he said, 'why don't you just jerk me off a little.' I don't know why but I ... I did. He got real hard and then he told me to suck him. When I refused, he complained and said, 'oh man, you can't leave me hanging like this. At least finish jerking me off.' For some reason, I went ahead and did it. His cock was really big." Chris was still looking at his hands in his lap as his voice finished in almost a whisper, "I can't believe I'm telling you this."

Dr. Spencer was leaning on his desk and said in a sympathetic voice, "That's what we're here for, right? You're acting like this is a shameful thing and I don't know why. You've been conditioned to think guys aren't supposed to do that with other guys. Well, let me tell you something, life is short, especially our sex lives, and we won't be looking back on the experiences we had as much as the experiences we wish we had."

Dr. Spencer got up from his desk and walked around to sit next to the naked man in the chair his wife usually sat in. "Do you fantasize about that night and relive every minute?" Chris didn't look up and shrugged his shoulders shyly. "Do you regret not doing it again?"

Chris glanced at the doctor and gave a quick nod of his head. In a soft voice he said, "I see him every once in a while at fraternity reunions and he always gives me a wink but we've never talked about it again."

Dr. Spencer nodded his head knowingly and said, "It felt good having a big cock in your hands, didn't it?" Chris nodded again. Dr. Spencer could see Chris' erection poking out from under his hands despite his attempts to hide it. "When you've only had your little boner to play with, it must have felt great wrapping your hands around something that big. When he came you must have felt great knowing you gave him that pleasure." Dr. Spencer stood up and sat on the edge of his desk in front of Chris. "Would you like to touch my cock? I don't want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable today, but if this is something you've thought about for all these years then maybe it's time."

Chris looked up at the big man and hesitated. One part of him wanted to run from the room but the other desperately wanted to relive that memory. He nodded his head twice and Dr. Spencer smiled at him. Dr. Spencer stood back up and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. As he pulled down his pants and underwear, he thought to himself, "I'll make him remove my pants and underwear in the future." Dr. Spencer's cock was just becoming aroused, but it was already larger than Chris' erection. He leaned back so he was sitting on the edge of his desk and let Chris gaze at the appendage hanging in front of him. Dr. Spencer was patient and waited until Chris reached his hand for the cock dangling in front of him. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and squeezed lightly as he felt the bl_ood beginning to make it stiffer. He slowly stroked it a few times and Dr. Spencer asked, "Is it bigger than yours?"

Chris kept looking at the growing erection and said in a strangled voice, "Yes."

"Do you think this is the size of cock your wife is thinking about when she teases you?"

In the same tight voice, he responded hyp_notically, "Yes."

"Have you ever fantasized about your wife having sex with a big cock like this before?"

"All the time," he said breathlessly.

Dr. Spencer could see that Chris was getting very excited. His little hard-on was leaking pre-cum now. Chris brought his other hand up so that both hands were wrapped around the almost totally erect cock. "Isn't it exciting to push your boundaries?" Dr. Spencer said in a supportive voice.

Chris looked up in the doctor's eyes and nodded his head trance-like and gasped, "Yes!"

Although Dr. Spencer was enjoying the handjob, he decided it was time to take advantage of Chris' heightened arousal and end the session. "I know you'd like to keep stroking me until I cum on your hands, but I think we should save that for a future session." Chris was visibly disappointed and he no longer tried to cover his dripping erection when the doctor stood up and pulled up his pants. Dr. Spencer put his hand on the younger man's bare shoulder and said, "We've made great progress here today. You've moved past fantasies to relive an erotic moment in your life and you actually admitted you would like your wife to have sex with a large cock. You are testing your boundaries. I can't tell you exactly what your wife has shared, but I can tell you that she is ready for her boundaries to be expanded as well. This could be the beginning of a very exciting time in your life."

As Chris was putting his clothes back on, Dr. Spencer said, "Your homework for the next two weeks is to practice your oral sex skills with your wife and to refrain from having sex with her. No playing with your little thing until after you've given her an orgasm with your tongue, understand? And, don't worry, I will give her homework in two weeks that will be a special new treat for you." Chris' eyes lit up when he heard he might get a treat too. Dr. Spencer added one more thing before Chris opened the door to leave, "When you get the chance, you can relieve yourself, but I want you to imagine it is my cock you are stroking and imagine it is my cum spurting on your stomach and all over your hands. After that one, no more cumming unless your wife has cum from your tongue first."

Chris closed the door behind him and couldn't wait to get in his car. He didn't think he could wait to get home to unleash the pent-up lust boiling in his body.


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Yes Herboy! You write such wonderful stories, I can't wait for more instalments.
Thank you sir! ❤️😈 x


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I love where this is going!


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Phenomenal writing, herboy!


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Thanks everyone! It's a labor of love


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Two weeks later, Dr. Spencer marveled at the difference in the couple. Where Chris had been uncomfortable and mortified by his nakedness, Jessica was sitting casually with one leg draped over the other as if they were having coffee together. She reminded him of the people on the TV show Naked and Afraid who stripped off their clothes and ran excitedly to a complete stranger to begin their adventure together. Nudity came much easier to some people than others. Of course, unlike her husband who anxiously tried to hide his inadequacies, there was nothing about her that needed to be hidden. Her body was magnificent! There were signs of the two chil_dbirths, the faint marks on her stomach, the extra roundness on her hips and breasts, but she had obviously taken very good care of her body.

There was one other thing he found encouraging. During her first naked session, her bush was full. At the next session, when the couple was together and nude, she had trimmed the hair so it was very short and manicured. Today, she had gone farther and shaved away some of the hair so there was only a small, feminine patch just above her pussy. It was apparent she was grooming herself in a way she thought may be more appealing. He suspected she was doing it for him.

Jessica laughed in amusement, "I don't know what you did with my husband last time, but I've got more oral sex in the past two weeks than I've got in the past two years!"

"Did you find it enjoyable?"

"Of course," she exclaimed. "I mean, he still doesn't have a clue what he's doing down there but he was very enthusiastic."

"So, why don't you teach him what you like and how to do it better? Men like your husband need to be properly trained," Dr. Spencer explained.

"He was finally doing it, so I didn't want to sound ungrateful," she chuckled. "Besides, when I told him to fuck me after he did it the first time, he told me he wasn't allowed until after our next session. Being pushy and telling him what to do would seem kinda mean."

"My dear," Dr. Spencer started. "You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to motivate your husband. He wants to know he is pleasing his wife, that he can give her satisfaction sexually, that he will be rewarded when he obeys and that he will be punished when he doesn't. He wants to be dominated by you. I know that because he already accepts your dominance."

Jessica considered his comments. "I never thought of it as dominance. Me and my sisters learned from our mom. She never took any sh_it from my dad and none of us take any from our husbands."

"And, do your mom and dad have a good marriage?"

"Yeah, I think so. He seems to adore her despite her being bitchy to him most of the time. But, I don't know if I would say she was dominating him."

Dr. Spencer nodded and said, "There is certainly a difference between being henpecked and being dominated. A man that is being properly dominated rarely needs to be told what to do. He accepts his sub_mission and is devoted to making his dominant happy. For some, they find it enhances their relationship when the wife is very demanding and makes it very clear how she wants things done at all times. For others, it may be more subtle, but the dominance and sub_mission are still there. They both want to know their role in the relationship. It is when there is a power struggle or the roles aren't accepted that problems arise."

Jessica shivered and said, "I'm starting to imagine my mom and dad in leather and chains with leashes and ... ICK!"

Dr. Spencer laughed and said, "Well then, let's talk about your relationship instead. Tell me about sex with your husband. Is there anything other than the lack of oral sex that you don't like? I know we've discussed his lack of penis size at our last couple of sessions."

Jessica sighed, "Well, that's probably the biggest issue. Of all the lovers I've had, he's probably the smallest. I hate to admit it, but I was a bit of a slut for a few years before I met him. He's not much smaller than some of them, but I think he is the smallest."

Dr. Spencer asked, "Have you ever had a large cock?"

Jessica blushed a bit and replied, "I'm ashamed to say it, but a few times I was too dr_unk to remember exactly. I do remember the sex was fantastic and I was really sore in the morning. Well, if I'm being honest, I did have a couple of fuck-buddies that were pretty well-endowed. I just couldn't imagine myself spending time with them anywhere but in bed though." Jessica sat up straighter in her chair and recomposed herself. "It was different with Chris. I wanted to spend all my time with him. It's just that ... when he's not erect, there's almost nothing but a little head sticking out down there. But, I'm being silly because when he gets hard, it's probably average."

Dr. Spencer raised his eyes and said, "You don't really believe that do you? You've told me several times, including when he was in this room with us, that you thought he was small." Then, he leaned onto his desk and asked, "Would you like to compare mine to his? Maybe you'll have a better reference. I can tell this is an issue for you."

Jessica's eyes got wide and she hesitated before saying, "Yeah, I guess so."

What Dr. Spencer wasn't telling Jessica is that her friend Emily Wagner had already told him about Jessica's sexual frustration and that she desperately needed a good lover. They had shared many glasses of wine together bemoaning the poor state of their sex lives. That was before Emily had begun having sex with the good doctor more than a year ago. Now, Emily never complained about her sex life and could only advise Jessica that she needed to take control of her own sex life. That is when she suggested marriage counseling with Dr. Spencer might be a step in the right direction.

Jessica was shocked by his offer but she was also intrigued. Her feelings of attraction for the big man had grown with each visit to his office and she had started to fantasize about what sex might be like with him. She imagined that ALL of his body parts were in proportion to the rest of him. She could feel her mouth become dry as he walked around the desk to stand in front of her. Little did she know that she was having a very similar experience as her husband two weeks prior.

Dr. Spencer unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants so he could lower them to the floor. He leaned back so that he was sitting on the edge of the desk. He patiently let her gaze at his awakening cock. "Go ahead. You can touch it," he encouraged.

Jessica scooted forward so she was sitting at the edge of her chair. She looked at the large cock dangling in front of her and marveled at the difference from her husband's unimpressive penis. Even though he wasn't erect, Dr. Spencer's cock was already longer than her husband's erection, but she was especially impressed by the width. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and lifted it so his head was pointing toward her. This was the first cock she had touched other than her husband's since getting married. She reflected on the times in the past when she had enjoyed other lovers and the thrill she got from seeing and playing with a new cock. The tingle of excitement was vibrating through her body and her curiosity increased the arousal. How much larger would he get?

She stroked the shaft a few times and looked up at the doctor to see his reaction. She saw his smile of encouragement, so she continued to stroke and feel his erection begin to take shape. His cock felt heavy in her hand. She released his shaft and reached for his balls. They filled her small hand like a baseball. She instinctively massaged his balls with her hand and saw his cock grow harder in response. She was having fun! She reached out with her other hand and resumed stroking his cock while playing with his balls. Before long, his cock was almost fully erect. She smiled and uncon_sciously licked her lips as she wrapped both hands around the shaft. She guessed that his cock was almost as big around as her wrist. She couldn't remember ever seeing a cock as magnificent as the one in her hands. She couldn't help but wonder how it would feel going into her very wet pussy or filling her mouth. She hadn't felt this horny in years.

When she looked up at Dr. Spencer again, she could see he was enjoying her attention. In his deep, sexy voice, Dr. Spencer said, "I think we've established you like larger cocks. Let's face it – your husband is small. You just have to accept that and eventually he will have to accept it as well."

As they talked, she kept slowly stroking him. "I forgot how exciting it was to hold a nice cock," she sighed. "I guess I've tried to convince myself that I didn't need it. I always thought we could have a good sex life if he would just try harder and I encouraged him." She thought for a moment and added, "But ... I guess there's some things you just can't change. He'll never be able to give me something like this."

Dr. Spencer observed, "I can see how him working harder to please you will improve your sex lives, but how is you encouraging him going to improve your sex life?"

Jessica shrugged, "I don't know. I guess you're right. I used to think that, but lately I don't even try to encourage him. I'm just waiting for him to get off and feel like I did my duty as a good wife."

"So, is it any wonder that you both are dissatisfied with your sex life?"

Jessica shook her head and sighed, "No, but I don't know what else I can do. He'll never have a cock like this, and he can't last long enough to give me an orgasm with his little thing."

Dr. Spencer said, "Then, it sounds like you both need to try something else. Have you ever considered bringing a lover into your relationship?"

Jessica shook her head and said, "I couldn't cheat on him. He would divorce me and I couldn't put my family through that."

"Have you ever fantasized about having another lover? Because I can tell you that he has fantasized about you having another lover."

Jessica looked surprised and smiled, "Of course I have. All the time."

Dr. Spencer smiled back and said, "That's the same thing he said."

Jessica thought for a moment and continued to stroke him as she said, "When we had just started dating, there was this one night I had been out on a date with a different guy and let him take me home. I can't believe I never got an STD back then, but I was on the pill so I wasn't worried about getting pregnant and let him cum in me. Chris surprised me by stopping by my apartment later that night. I knew he was dru_nk because he actually wanted to go down on me. Even back then, he didn't like to give me oral sex. Since I was kind of pissed at him for showing up dru_nk for a booty call, I told him to go ahead and do it." Jessica got a devilish smile on her face and giggled, "So, he doesn't know it, but he's already ate another man's cum from my pussy."

Dr. Spencer could feel his own lust building and decided he needed to wrap up this session. "You were only dating back then so you weren't being unfaithful. You should tell him about it. I think you'd be surprised at his reaction." Dr. Spencer ran his fingers lightly through her hair and suggested, "Perhaps we can pick this back up the next time you are here? I promised Chris a treat if he was a good boy and did his best to improve his oral skills."

Jessica frowned at letting go of his cock and asked, "Can I do something first?"

"Of course."

She leaned forward and spread her luscious, bright red, lipstick-covered lips and took the entire head into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled lightly on the large, mushroom head before sliding another inch or two into her mouth. Then, she pulled it out and smiled sexily at the doctor. "Thanks, I needed that."

Dr. Spencer grinned, "Believe me, the pleasure was all mine." Then he added seductively, "This time."

He pulled his pants back up and walked back behind his desk. He looked at Jessica and saw the lust blazing in her eyes and her very hard nipples. The scent of her arousal was in the air. He couldn't wait to have this incredibly hot woman in his bed, but that would have to wait. There was still more work to do.

"Chris wasn't allowed to have sex with you the past two weeks and was only allowed to masturbate after he gave you an orgasm with his tongue," Dr. Spencer explained.

"He only told me he wasn't allowed to have sex. I should have guessed he was beating off when I wasn't around," Jessica said disdainfully.

"Would you have rather he had sex with you instead?"

"No, I actually liked getting oral sex and him getting nothing," she laughed.

Dr. Spencer nodded, "Exactly! You are a natural dominant and we need to build on that. He wants you to be satisfied and we need to reinforce the fact that his job is to deliver pleasure and not to expect it in return. He shouldn't expect sex unless you desire it. However, we also want to reward good behavior. Since he didn't tell you he was masturbating after giving you oral sex, that means he finds it humiliating. So, we need to use that to our advantage. For the next two weeks, he still can't have sex with you, but if he wants an orgasm then he will need to jerk off in front of you. Let him cum in your hand, on your breasts or pussy lips, wherever you want. Then, it will be his job to lick the cum off you until it is all gone. This would be a good time to share your story about the first time he licked another man's cum from you so he has a reference to what you are making him do. Let him imagine another man has cum in you and it is his job to do the cleanup. I think you will be amazed at how exciting it will be for him."

Jessica thought about everything the doctor had said and started to say something but checked herself. Dr. Spencer said, "You were going to say something. Please feel free to share it."

Jessica blushed a bit and said, "I think it will be exciting for me when it really is someone else's cum."


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Great work! More please, more! 😈❤️ x


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Dr. Spencer raised his eyebrows, "Remember my friend – we must always be honest with each other in here. This is a safe place and you can share any experiences or fantasies you have with me. Just like I won't share your wife's private admissions with you, I won't share yours unless you tell me it is okay. So, tell me about the time you touched someone else's penis."
- - - - -
Jessica shook her head and said, "I couldn't cheat on him. He would divorce me and I couldn't put my family through that."

"Have you ever fantasized about having another lover? Because I can tell you that he has fantasized about you having another lover."

Jessica looked surprised and smiled, "Of course I have. All the time."

Dr. Spencer smiled back and said, "That's the same thing he said."
- - - - -
Dr. Spencer behaving is not correct, lol, they could ask for their fees back.


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Terrific work. M


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So far so good...interested to see this continue.


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So far so good...interested to see this continue

I agree
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"You both look happy today," Dr. Spencer told the younger couple. For the first time since they started coming to therapy, Chris didn't look like he wanted to run from the room. He smiled at his wife without the usual vitriol and confrontation. Jessica was also more relaxed. She had entered the room and, after removing her clothes, strutted across the room with a new confidence. Dr. Spencer noticed that her pubic hair was now shaved into a sexy little runway strip. It seemed to beckon your eyes down to the treasures below.

"It was a very nice couple of weeks," Jessica said with a smile toward her husband. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Chris blushed a bit and nodded his head. Dr. Spencer urged Chris, "Please tell me what you liked about the last couple of weeks."

Chris shrugged and said, "We've had sex more in the past month than we have in the past year. It's been a lot of fun."

Jessica jumped in, adding, "And he is finally helping out more with the kids and around the house. I told him there was a direct connection between being a good husband and getting more sex."

Dr. Spencer raised his eyebrows and asked, "So, tell me more about the sex you are having. Have you been following my instructions?"

Jessica looked at her husband, waiting for him to answer but he just looked back at her with puppy-dog eyes. She replied smugly, "Yes, he has been a very good boy and is getting much better with his tongue and fingers. I hardly have to tell him a thing now." She looked back at Chris and with a teasing look said, "And, I think he is liking his rewards very much. Aren't you boy?"

Dr. Spencer was ecstatic to hear Jessica call her husband 'boy'. Things were moving along even faster than he expected. He asked Chris, "So, tell me how you feel when you get rewarded for giving your wife pleasure."

Chris shrank into his chair. "I dunno. I like it, but ... it's kind of embarrassing."

"You find it humiliating to masturbate in front of your wife?" Dr. Spencer inquired. "Does she tease you when you are doing it?"

He nodded his head and blushed, "Sometimes. She tells me I look like a little boy playing with my little winkie."

"Is that what you feel like when you're doing it? Like a little boy?"

Chris squirmed in his chair and nodded, "Yes."

Dr. Spencer pressed, "I'm assuming she is making you cleanup after yourself, so where is your favorite place to cum?"

Chris looked at his wife's impressive rack and said, "Her tits. I love to suck on her nipples and make her feel good."

Dr. Spencer nodded knowingly, "Suckling at her breasts like her little boy. Is that the way you feel when you do it? Like you are her good little boy?"

Chris glanced at his wife and his cheeks burned with embarrassment as he nodded. Dr. Spencer addressed his next question to Jessica. "Did you hear him say that it was the most sex the two of you have enjoyed in more than a year? Has he had intercourse with you in more than a month?"

Jessica shook her head, "Nope, and it's been wonderful."

Dr. Spencer smiled at both of them. "So, it seems we have redefined what it means to have sex together. Perhaps it should be no surprise, but it has nothing to do with dissatisfying intercourse. Chris, did you enjoy the last two weeks when you got to cum compared to the two weeks before where you had to wait and masturbate by yourself?"

Chris nodded vigorously, but then added, "Mostly, I'm just happy to see her having orgasms and enjoying sex again."

"So, we've reached a point of understanding that the best sex for the two of you is to avoid bad sex where Chris performs poorly. We could work on helping him last longer, but there is really nothing he can do to make his penis larger. On your way home today, I would recommend the two of you stop at the adult store on Jackson Street and find a good dildo to add to your lovemaking." Dr. Spencer leaned back in his chair and watched the couple for a moment. "Chris, I'd like for you to move your chair to the corner of the room and then to come kneel in front of your wife."

Chris looked at the doctor questioningly before getting up and moving the chair. When he came back, he looked at his wife and then the doctor before getting on his knees. Dr. Spencer said to Jessica, "Now I'd like you to roleplay for me and imagine you are a boss reprimanding a subordinate for poor performance. You don't want to fire the employee because you know they can be a valuable part of the team but you can't accept this performance."

Jessica laughed and then recomposed herself to get in her role. She sat up straighter and looked into her husband's eyes as he knelt in front of her. "I think I've been very patient with you and allowed you more than ample time to improve your performance. However, it seems you either choose not to do better or you simply don't care, but I'm here to tell you that you either pick up your game or I'm going to go find someone else to do your job."

Then, Dr. Spencer said, "Now Chris, you love working at the company and don't want to be fired, but your boss isn't providing leadership or giving any feedback on your performance. You can accept your faults but you want the boss to be a better leader."

Chris thought for a moment and then, from his knees, he looked into his wife's eyes and said, "I know I haven't been a model employee and I deserve to be punished for not meeting your expectations. I promise to do the best I can to satisfy you in the future. But, I also need you to help me improve. I want you to hold me accountable and let me know how I can do better. When I don't, I hope you'll correct my performance right away. I love being in your company and will do anything possible to make you happy I'm on your team."

Dr. Spencer noticed that Chris had started to get an erection during his exchange with his wife. This was going very well. "There was one thing I heard both of you mention during your conversation," Dr. Spencer observed. "The need for punishment and correction for poor performance. Do you think that is something you need in your own relationship? Would it be liberating to leave the past behind by accepting punishment and correction for past misdeeds?"

Jessica looked at the doctor with wide eyes. Surely, he wasn't suggesting Chris should be allowed to punish her? Dr. Spencer acknowledged her concern with amusement, but before he could say anything, Chris piped in, "Yes, I think it's fair that I be punished."

Jessica and Dr. Spencer both looked at Chris on his knees. Dr. Spencer asked, "And how should a bad little boy who has performed so poorly be punished, my boy?"

Chris shrugged and looked toward the floor, saying softly, "Spanked very hard?"

Jessica was surprised by her husband's request to be spanked, but she quickly jumped into the role and said, "And perhaps some cornertime afterward to think about how bad he was."

Dr. Spencer said, "I think that is an excellent idea. And, to address the lack of leadership by the boss, we wouldn't expect the employee to administer any correction, but a good boss that is accountable will still seek their own absolution. Perhaps in a discreet way, but in a way the employee knows they were heard and understood. Very well then ... let the healing begin."

Dr. Spencer got up from his desk and walked across the room. He opened a drawer in an antique console table against the wall. He withdrew a cane, a ping pong paddle, a leather strap and a wooden hairbrush. There were a few other paddles, straps and a flogger that he left in the drawer. He placed the items on top of the table and said, "These will all be available to you for our future sessions. Whenever you think it is appropriate, you can use any of the items in this drawer." Dr. Spencer walked back to his desk and sat in his chair. "Now then, I think it is time for our boy to lie over my desk for his first accountability spanking. I'd recommend you start with your hand and then you can choose an item from the table, my dear."

Jessica smiled inwardly when Dr. Spencer called her 'my dear'. She couldn't believe she was getting ready to spank her husband in front of someone. She had thought of slapping his face when he'd talked meanly to her in the past but she hadn't imagined spanking him. This might be fun!

Chris got up from his knees and laid on the desk with his head toward the seated doctor and his hands grasping the edge of the desk. He had an erection as he prepared to be spanked by his wife for the first time. This was a fantasy come true for him, except for having another man in the room. Jessica stood naked beside him and ran her small hand over his upturned ass. Her nipples were hard and she could feel the tingle between her legs. She raised her arm and swung her hand until it connected with a 'Slap' on his asscheeks. It wasn't very hard but it caused a sting in her hand. She did it nine more times before the doctor said, "Why don't you choose a tool from the table so you can give this boy what he really deserves."

She smiled and strode the short distance across the room and grabbed the ping pong paddle. She rubbed the flat side of the paddle against her hand and smiled devilishly at Dr. Spencer. "I think I'm going to enjoy this." She thought of all the frustrations and fights she had endured over the past couple of years. She knew some of it was her fault, but her husband had acted like a third ch_ild she had to put up with and she had enough! Without warning, she raised the paddle and swung it hard. The 'Crack' of the paddle was much louder than her hand and caused Chris to jump up from the desk. Dr. Spencer said, "Give me your hands." Chris reluctantly offered his hands and felt Dr, Spencer's large hands wrap around his wrists. As soon as he was back in position, Jessica proceeded to paddle his ass for nearly two minutes.

By the time she was done, Chris was begging her to stop and had tears in his eyes. When Dr. Spencer released his wrists, Chris jumped up and hopped from foot to foot while rubbing his flaming red asscheeks. If you weren't the one with the sore ass, it was a rather comical scene.

Jessica put the paddle on the desk and sat back down in her chair. Dr. Spencer could see the blaze of excitement in her eyes and the ever-present hard nipples. She waited for Chris to settle down and then pointed at the floor in front of her. Chris knelt at her feet and she scooted to the edge of the chair with her knees spread to either side of him. She embraced him, pulling him to her and allowed him to wrap his arms around her waist and nestle his face in her breasts. When he finally quit whimpering from the spanking, she released him and said simply, "Now, go kneel on the chair facing the corner."

Chris got up from his knees and shuffled across the room like a chastised ch_ild. He moved the chair so the back was against the corner and knelt on the cushion with his hands on the back of the leather chair. With Chris kneeling in the corner, Jessica looked at Dr. Spencer and said, "Okay, I guess it's my turn."

Dr. Spencer nodded and got up from his desk. He walked around the desk and held out his hand for her. She took his hand and followed him to a door across the room. He opened the door and she could see that it was a bedroom. She realized that the brownstone was not only for his office but was also his home. She looked at him questioningly as he guided her toward the bed. He never said anything, he just sat on the edge of the bed and patted his lap. Jessica noticed the bedroom door was still halfway open. She knew her husband would hear everything. After taking a deep breath, she laid across his knees to accept whatever punishment he was going to give her.

Dr. Spencer put one hand on her upper back and let it glide lightly in a soft backrub. He let his other hand caress the very round curves of her beautiful ass. To her surprise, she felt his hand move between her thighs and she spread her legs to give him better access. His large hand rubbed her pussy and he could feel her wetness. He let his middle finger move between the outer lips of her pussy until he found the nub of her clitoris. He let his finger rub in a circular motion and he could feel her squeezing his leg in reaction. He kept up the clitoral massage and her hips began to grind against his thigh in pleasurable response. As she got closer to orgasm, he buried the finger in her pussy with a sudden for_ceful thrust. She moaned loudly as his thick finger filled her cunt.

Chris was facing the corner and staring at the wallpaper as his ears strained to hear what was going on across the room behind him. He wasn't aware that the door opened into a bedroom, but he could tell they weren't in the same room. When he heard his wife moan in pleasure, he quickly looked over his shoulder and saw the partially opened door. He dared not leave the chair as he continued to listen intently. Suddenly, he heard the unmistakable sound of a hand slapping an ass. He heard his wife yelp in surprise. A moment later he heard three more slaps. Then, it was quiet again until he heard Jess moan again. This cycle of spanks followed by moans continued for another five minutes until he could hear the low rumble of Dr. Spencer's voice, but the words were spoken so softly that he couldn't make out what was being said.

Jessica got up from Dr. Spencer's lap on wobbly legs. She had been desperately close to orgasm when he took her hands in his and told her, "I think that is enough for today. Do you feel ready to begin taking control? No more bickering, no more resentment. Use your assets to make him obsessed with your pleasure. Be consistent and very strict. When we come in this room together, you don't have to be in control anymore. You can let yourself loose and allow someone else to make the decisions, to surrender yourself to the pleasure you need."

She squeezed his hands and had a tear in her eye as she nodded her head. A flood of emotions washed over her as she absorbed the events of this session. She had felt powerful when she paddled her husband's ass and had ignored his desperate pleas for her to stop. She hadn't wanted to stop until she felt the satisfaction of punishing him, and she knew he needed her to do it, too. She had surrendered herself for discipline. She wanted to atone for her own failings in the marriage. But, most of all, she had felt the touch of another man ... and she wanted so much more!

When they returned to the office, Chris was still kneeling in the chair and he turned toward them. His very erect penis was sticking straight out from his body like a wobbly coat hook that needed to be tightened. His ass was still bright red from the spanking and his face was a mixture of anxiety and lust.

Jessica walked over to him and wrapped a hand around the shaft of his penis, squeezing it tightly. She looked into his eyes and said, "Such a small, useless little thing, don't you think?" He nodded his head and winced as her grip tightened. "Are you ready to go home and show me how much you want to please me?"

"Yes, I do," he replied earnestly.

She released his penis and said, "Get my clothes. You can dress me."

Chris jumped off the chair and scurried to the pile of clothes that were folded on the table by the door. He brought her clothes back to dress her while Dr. Spencer watched from his chair behind the desk. Chris held out her panties so she could step into them, but Jessica said, "No, I think I want you to wear those home." Chris looked surprised but didn't say anything as he put the panties on himself instead, glancing at Dr. Spencer in embarrassment. He finished dressing her, sans panties, and then retrieved his own clothes.

As they prepared to leave, Dr. Spencer said, "From now on, I think when all of us are together, Jessica should wear something that makes her feel sexy during our sessions and only Chris will strip down for the session. We'll still do the individual sessions the same way, but these joint sessions should emphasize the new hierarchy that exists in this relationship. Jessica is taking control. Chris will finally have the discipline and control he's been craving in his life."

Jessica gave the doctor an appreciative look and then, with a haughty air of superiority, told her husband, "We'll see how much you really like me being in control. Now that I know you like being spanked, you can expect lots more of that. Now, let's go to the store and pickup some toys to play with tonight." She gave Dr. Spencer a wave and said cheerfully, "I'll see you soon."


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What a story - totally erotic and inspiring, but also profound and hot - wonderful. Please more of this
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Mr Fire


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Such an interesting new approach and such a wonderful story to come out of it. Just excellent writing and storytelling.


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"I think my wife wants to fuck you," Chris said nonchalantly while sitting naked in the leather chair.

"Why do you think that?" Dr. Spencer asked in his soft baritone voice.

"Actually, I know she wants to fuck you. She told me she couldn't wait to feel your cock in her pussy," he said in the same even tone.

Dr. Spencer replied, "That sounds like the teasing fantasy talk she knows you enjoy."

Chris shook his head, "No, it wasn't like that. I asked her to tell me about our last session. I could hear her moaning when you were spanking her. She told me about the bedroom and that she intended to have sex with you in there."

Dr. Spencer continued in the same calm voice, "How does that make you feel, hearing that your wife wants to have sex with another man?"

Chris hesitated before looking out the window behind the doctor and saying, "I used to think I couldn't take it. It was fun to fantasize about it but imagining her actually fucking somebody else made me feel sick to my stomach." Chris shifted his gaze back to Dr. Spencer and said, "But, lately ... I dunno ... I can't think of anything else. It's becoming an obsession."

Dr. Spencer leaned forward on his desk and said, "Obsessive thoughts can lead to complications, even when they aren't necessarily unpleasant thoughts, like the ones you seem to be having. Frequently, they are driven by the brain's reward system, or someone seeking more control or as a result of someone's desire to escape. Understanding the driver helps us deal with the obsession so it doesn't lead to a compulsion. Do you find these obsessive thoughts pleasurable?"

Chris nodded, saying, "Yeah, I'm freakin' horny all the time it seems. It probably doesn't help that I haven't fucked my wife in forever, but she's got me eating her pussy and whacking off all the time. Even though I'm getting off when I masturbate, I still seem to feel horny and ... well, submissive, I guess."

Dr. Spencer nodded and said, "So, it sounds like your obsession is related to the brain's reward system. When Jessica teases you or when you imagine your wife being satisfied by another man, your brain is releasing a dopamine rush. This is creating a feedback loop where your brain wants more of that good feeling. We need to monitor these obsessive thoughts and make sure they don't lead to compulsions, like constant masturbation, that can create new problems. Other than the times you are with your wife, are you masturbating more than you used to?"

Chris blushed a bit and nodded, "Yeah, it seems like I need to do it all the time."

Dr. Spencer sat up in his chair and said, "Well, I think we both know that is not going to be acceptable to your wife. She will expect you to be horny and eager to please her when she desires your attention." Dr. Spencer leaned back in his chair, "Have you heard of a chastity device?"

Chris' eyes went wide and he shook his head, "I don't think I could do that! I've seen pictures and read stories about them. There's no way I could be locked up like that."

Dr. Spencer gave Chris a serious look and said, "Then it is time to remind you of the ABCD Plan. Chastity is a perfectly good method to treat a chronic masturbator. You need to either make a commitment," Dr. Spencer let the word 'commitment' linger in the air for a moment before continuing, "that you will resist the urge to masturbate until your wife tells you. Or, you need to accept that chastity may be your only option. If your wife's newfound role as your dominant lover is going to work, you need to follow some rules and one of those will be to limit your orgasms to approved releases only."

Chris looked down at the floor miserably. Dr. Spencer interjected into his thoughts saying, "You still haven't answered me to tell me how it makes you feel when your wife says she wants my cock in her pussy."

Chris kept looking down and said, "After hearing her moan last time, I couldn't stop thinking how much she seemed to be enjoying it." He looked up at Dr. Spencer and said, "I thought she was having sex with you and it made me really happy for her. I just wished I could have been watching."

Dr. Spencer smiled and said, "You'll have to believe me when I tell you, but the sounds she will make when she has a large cock in her will sound much different that that. She will also be making those sounds for a lot longer than that."

Chris nodded, "Yeah, we got the dildo and a few other toys at the store like you recommended. When I put it in her, she made some pretty loud sounds. I was afraid she might wake-up the kids." Chris got a pained expression on his face and said, "I guess I'm just worried she won't ever want to have sex with me anymore after she starts having sex with someone else."

Dr. Spencer said in a conciliatory tone, "Chris, your wife loves you. She does want to have sex with you. Don't you remember what we discussed last time? The two of you have redefined your sex life. You told me you were having some of the most exciting sex in your life lately. Quit obsessing about intercourse and start focusing on how to make your sex life better with your wife. Intercourse wasn't making either of you happy with your sex life. It's time to start imagining how you can begin a new sex life that pushes boundaries with each other and is fulfilling in other ways."

Chris considered the doctor's words as he sat naked in front of the man. He couldn't argue that he and Jessica had never been so horny and excited in bed. He decided to share a tidbit with Dr. Spencer. "The other night, after Jess told me she wanted you to fuck her, she made me watch her touch herself. She told me it was your hands caressing her and fingering her. Then, she told me to stroke the dildo and get it hard for her." Chris looked down at his hands and said softly, "I almost told her that I touched your cock."

"Why didn't you? Does it make you feel humiliated that you stroked my cock?"

Chris shrugged and said, "I guess so."

Dr. Spencer countered with, "Then, why didn't you tell her about your experience in the frat house? I think she would have found that incredibly erotic and exciting."

"I don't know. I'm afraid she would think I was gay or something," he lamented. "Especially when she told me to put your big cock in her pussy and after she had an orgasm she told me to put the dildo in my mouth. She told me to lick the head clean and then to lick her clean." He looked at Dr. Spencer and asked, "Did she tell you about when we were dating and I unknowingly ate another guy's cum from her pussy?"

Dr. Spencer answered the question with a question of his own, "How did that make you feel to find out your wife allowed you to do that after she had just been with another man?"

"At first, I thought she was just teasing me because she was making me lick my own cum off her pussy lips and bush. But, then I remembered the night she was talking about and I got really excited. I couldn't believe I had already done that, even though I didn't know. Now, she loves to tease me that I'll be licking another man's cum from her all the time and that I'll love doing it." Chris looked at Dr. Spencer with skeptical eyes. "Will she view me as less of a man when I actually do it?"

"It sounds to me like the two of you are getting ready to push each other's boundaries and you are bound to view each other differently. That doesn't mean it will be a bad thing. Do you feel like any less of a man now that you are openly submissive to her in the bedroom?"

"No, I've never adored her more. I even go out of my way to please her when we're not in the bedroom."

"Then, it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. You will be making your wife happy. She wants to see your sub_mission and acceptance of her newfound lust and satisfaction. So, why do I feel like you're still not telling me something?" Dr. Spencer pressed.

Chris blushed a bit and then reluctantly blurted out, "After feeling your cock, it brought up a lot of feelings of regret I've been carrying since that night in the frat house."

"Regret? Regret for what? For doing something sinful or forbidden?" Dr. Spencer queried.

Chris shook his head, "No ... for not ..." he looked into Dr. Spencer's eyes and said, "Well, for not sucking him off like he wanted. Every time I saw him after that I kinda wished he would take me somewhere private and make me do it."

Dr. Spencer smiled and nodded his head knowingly. He got up from his desk and walked across the room to the antique console table against the wall. He opened the drawer and removed a small leather paddle. Closing the drawer, he said in his deep voice, "Follow me, young man," while leading Chris to the bedroom door.


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Jessica looked stunning as she confidently strode across the room wearing nothing but high heels, a gold necklace and a smile. When she had entered the office, she wore a very sexy short dress that she slowly removed to reveal that she wore nothing underneath it. Dr. Spencer had watched her undress and fold the skimpy dress before taking her seat in front of him. Her lips were covered in bright red lipstick and the makeup on her face was impeccable. He wasn't sure, but the strip of hair over her pussy seemed to be even narrower than the last time she was here. She plopped down in the chair in front of his desk and spread her knees slightly as she folded her hands in front of her.

Dr. Spencer sat patiently, taking in the beautiful sight in front of him. She was leaving no doubt as to her intentions this day. This was a woman that planned to have sex!

"That was quite an entrance," Dr. Spencer said in admiration. "I can't remember you ever looking more magnificent."

"Why, thank you Dr. Spencer," Jessica said in a silky voice. "It's very kind of you to notice." Her raven hair was full-bodied and wavy as it cascaded over her shoulders. Her sparkling eyes were highlighted by the eyelashes curled up from the mascara and the eyeliner she had meticulously applied before coming to his office. She had sat naked in front of her vanity mirror getting ready for this session while Chris watched fully clothed from the bed. They both were incredibly excited at the prospect of Chris becoming a cuckold today. Well, Jessica was mostly excited by the anticipation of incredible sex.

Dr. Spencer played coy and asked, "So, what has brought out this passionate woman I see before me? I'm not seeing the tired mama and stressed-out wife I'm so used to seeing in that chair."

Jessica smiled sexily and replied, "You've unleashed something I buried a long time ago. Once I felt that new dildo touching places that hadn't been touched in a very long time, I remembered the slut in me that has been begging to be released. I can't believe I didn't get one of those years ago. A vibrator is nice, but sometimes you need something to really fill you up to get that special feeling." She spread her legs slightly farther apart and leaned forward toward Dr. Spencer. "We've been coming in here and talking about sex as much as anything else for a couple of months. You've been teasing us. You've got our attention. We realize what's been missing in our lives. I'm ready. Chris is ready. Now, I just need you to take me in that bedroom and show me what a good slut I can still be."

Dr. Spencer was impressed by her aggressive demeanor. It was turning him on. He wanted more. "You say you are both ready. How can you be so sure? Once you've been unfaithful, there is no way to take it back."

"Is it being unfaithful when your husband is practically begging you to do it? Besides, I enjoyed your finger in me more than I've enjoyed his prick in a very long time," she countered. "He's at home right now waiting anxiously for me to come back so he can put his tongue in my cum-filled pussy." She fluttered her eyes at Dr. Spencer and pleaded, "You are going to give the poor boy what he wants, aren't you?"

Dr. Spencer arose from his desk, towering over the beautiful, naked woman sitting wantonly before him on the other side of his desk. He couldn't wait to feel her hot body pressed against him. He would indeed give the poor boy what he desired, but first he would give this hot, sexy woman something she desperately needed. He had cleared his calendar for the rest of the day. They would take their time and he would feed her lust until she was fully satiated and could take no more.

"Come my dear, we have the rest of the day to release that inner slut you have hidden away. Letting your boy wait a little while longer will only make him desire you more." Dr. Spencer came around the desk and took Jessica by the hand to lead her to the bed she had been dreaming about for the past weeks. Her years of frustration were coming to an end.


An hour later, Jessica was lying breathlessly with her head on Dr. Spencer's hairy, muscular chest. She wasn't sure how many orgasms she had experienced. Once they started, it seemed like they kept coming in waves. He had fucked her on her back, on her hands and knees, with her on top and standing with her legs wrapped around his waist. She had spent a long time sucking his cock. It felt so big and powerful that she couldn't stop holding it with both hands and making love to it with her mouth. But, they both knew where she needed it the most, and, when he finally buried it all the way into her cunt, she thought she might pass-out from the overwhelming sensations that flooded her entire body. She should have been worried that her screams of passion would startle the neighbors or people passing on the street, but she didn't care. She wanted more and more and he kept giving it to her. When she was on her hands and knees, he slapped her ass and she buried her face in the mattress and begged for more. She had never been fucked like this before.

Dr. Spencer ran his fingers through long her hair as she rested languidly on his chest. Sex with her had been everything he imagined and more. He had especially liked when she wrapped his cock between her large breasts while she sucked him at the same time. She had unleashed her passion with a fury, like a person lost in the desert that discovered water. He was glad the bedroom had been completely soundproofed or she surely would have raised concern from any passersby. As his breathing returned to normal, he felt her hand move down his stomach to find his cock. As usual, it was still partially hard and he knew it would become rigid again with the proper encouragement.

"Ohmigod, I can't believe you are still hard," Jessica said wide-eyed as she turned her head toward her new lover.

Dr. Spencer ran his hand tenderly over her face and cupped her chin. "I wasn't sure if you were finished yet," he replied softly in his baritone voice.

Jessica smiled devilishly and giggled, "I'm definitely not! Will you fuck me again?"

Dr. Spencer said, "Only if you make me a commitment."

"Anything! Just tell me what you want me to do."

"Whenever we're in this room, even if Chris is with us, you will always be the same passionate woman you've been today," Dr. Spencer said with a suggestive smile.

Jessica grinned and replied, "I promise. It will be like he isn't even here." Then, she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth.

After getting him hard again with her mouth, she climbed on top of him and placed his stiff erection at the entrance of her pussy. She smiled as she closed her eyes and slowly sank down to take the head of his cock into her very wet cunt. She gasped and moaned as she felt the pleasurable sensations vibrating through her pussy as it stretched to accommodate his girth. When she had taken the entire length of his cock inside of her, she rocked on his hips and squeezed her pelvic muscles to grip his cock tightly. Much to the delight of her husband, she had done Kegel exercises before and after each of her pregnancies to strengthen and maintain her pelvic muscles. It was evident from Dr. Spencer's face that he enjoyed her muscle control, as well. She slowly began to ride up and down the length of his cock as he watched the beauty while lying comfortably on the bed. Her large breasts moved erotically with her slow grinding thrusts and he raised his hands to take each of them into his strong hands. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and she raised her hands to cradle the back of her head in response. This seemed to push her breasts toward him and make them even more accessible to his eager touch. He pushed up with his hips as she came down and she moaned loudly when their bodies collided. They did this again and again until Dr. Spencer finally grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust up into her and bring her to a very noisy orgasm. Before her orgasm was complete, he rolled her onto her back without letting his cock leave the hot, moist confines of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tight as she rapidly ground her pussy and clitoris against him to keep her orgasm going. She was shrieking with pleasure and begging him to fuck her hard. When she released her leg lock from around his waist, he began long, rhythmic strokes into her as he supported himself over her lithe figure with his thick arms. This went on for some time until he could tell she was approaching another orgasm. He began thrusting faster, being careful not to enter too deep and causing her pain, until he felt the tremors of her orgasm begin in her cunt and then to her whole body as he roared out his own orgasm. At first, they fucked each other frantically until one final thrust when they squeezed each other tightly as their orgasm peaked with gasps and shouts of pleasure.

Later, as Jessica prepared to leave in the same short dress she had wore to the session, they embraced at the door and Jessica said sexily, "Thank you doctor. I feel so much better now. As a matter of fact, I haven't felt this good in years."

Dr. Spencer stroked her face and replied, "I think this is the beginning of a very successful rejuvenation of your marriage. When you get home, your husband will need to be reassured of your love and his role as your partner. Satisfy his lust and cuckold desires first, and then cuddle together or go out for a romantic dinner. Let him know that when you get good sex it doesn't make you love him any less. Quite the contrary, when you are being sexually satisfied, it frees up your emotional energy to focus on him in a more positive way."

Jessica kissed the doctor on the lips and said softly, "I'm so happy we found you." Then, after a long, sensual look, she closed the door behind her and left his office feeling like she was walking on clouds.


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Great writing!! Thanks for sharing.


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Great writing!! Thanks for sharing.

I agree absolutely. And hope for more
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Mr Fire
Mr Fire:
Such an interesting new approach and such a wonderful story to come out of it. Just excellent writing and storytelling.

Spot on, well said!


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Thanks to all of you for the kind words


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Superb !


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Chapter 8

Dr. Spencer watched the demeanor of the couple as they entered his office. Jessica was wearing a black halter top with a plunging neckline that barely contained her large breasts. Her jeans were tight, showing off her very round ass nicely, and her black high heels gave the impression the couple were on their way for a night of clubbing. Her eyes were sparkling when she looked at Dr. Spencer and he saw that her makeup matched the flamboyant outfit she was wearing. What a transformation, he thought to himself. When she first came to his office, she looked like a tired, frustrated, beatdown housewife, not the vivacious vixen standing in his office now.

As Chris removed his polo shirt, jeans and jockey shorts, Dr. Spencer noticed the unmistakable cane marks that were starting to fade from his ass. He also noticed Chris' semi-hard penis bouncing as he walked to his chair in front of the desk. Chris looked nervous and uncertain as he sat down, putting his hands over his lap in an attempt to cover his penis. Jessica, on the other hand, looked confident and in control.

"It looks like someone got into some trouble," Dr. Spencer said to the couple. "I couldn't help but notice the stripes on Chris' bottom."

Jessica raised her eyes as she looked at her husband, waiting to see if he had anything to say. When he didn't speak up, she turned to Dr. Spencer and said, "He was being such a good boy after my last visit with you. He was so excited and eager to please. He was doing such a good job that I decided he deserved a reward and let him fuck me." She looked back at her husband with a stern look and said, "And then, POOF, a couple months of progress all went up in smoke. He acted like a total dick that night and into the next day. I finally had enough and told him he was getting his ass whipped after the kids went to bed that night. When we bought the dildo, we also bought a few other fun items. It was his idea to buy the cane. I'm not sure he thinks that was such a good idea now, do you boy?"

Chris looked defeated and shook his head, "No, ma'am."

Dr. Spencer noted Chris' use of 'ma'am' and interjected, "Well, it seems he has learned his lesson and is behaving with much better manners today."

Jessica replied in a perky voice, "Oh, he's been a much better boy after that. He was tied facedown on the bed and wailing into the pillow before I was done with him. We tried all of our new toys that night. He even got to sl_eep with his new butt plug in his ass all night. I'm pretty sure we won't be having any more tantrums after that little lesson. At least, I hope not."

Dr. Spencer noticed Chris' penis was becoming harder as his face reddened. The humil_iation of being outed to another man by his wife was arousing him. Dr. Spencer asked, "So, Chris tell me what you were thinking and how you were feeling after you got to have sex with your wife. Why do you think there was such a big change in your attitude?"

Chris shrugged, "I don't know. It was kinda weird. After feeling so submissive and eager to please her, I just lost all those feelings right after we had sex. I wasn't interested in being told what to do. I just wanted to ... I dunno, I guess I just went back to feeling like I used to always feel."

Dr. Spencer nodded his head and said, "So, back to the way it was when you first came here? The way that was leading to an imminent divorce in my opinion." Chris just nodded his head and looked down at the floor. "So, did you notice your wife did not behave the same way? She didn't bicker and argue with you, she took the bull by the horns and stopped the entire situation from becoming worse. She held you accountable for your actions and she held herself accountable for being the leader in this evolving relationship."

Chris nodded again and glanced at his wife as she watched him with the same stern look. Jessica said, "Now that things have changed for the better, I'm not going back to the way it was before. I asked him if it was going to be a problem now that I'm getting better sex than I was getting from him. He assured me that wasn't going to be an issue and he can't wait for it to happen again. So, it seems our problem is going to be his attitude after he gets to have sex with me. I warned him that would be an easy problem to fix." She glared at him with a threatening look and Chris seemed to cower from her. It was obvious he didn't consider this to be an idle threat.

Dr. Spencer leaned forward to rest his arms on his desk, saying, "This isn't the first time I've heard about this type of problem. I suspect it is something primal in men that causes them to feel more powerful and dominant after they've had sex with their mate. Despite Chris' desire to have you be the leader in this relationship, he can't help but feel the surge of male dominance after intercourse. When he has planted his seed, he wants to protect and defend. However, as we all have seen from your past, this will lead to a battle of wills as you both vie for control in the relationship. While complete denial may seem like the obvious choice, I think it is more effective to make sure there is always hope for a reward." Dr. Spencer looked at Chris and demanded, "I want you to tell me the truth. Have you limited masturbating to only doing it when your wife gives you permission?"

Chris looked nervously at the doctor and then his wife. He looked down and shook his head saying quietly, "No."

Dr. Spencer sighed, "Didn't you commit to giving your wife control of your orgasms?"


Dr. Spencer sat up in his chair and said, "Well, as I feared, there continues to be a clear lack of discipline on your part and we are going to need to address it."

Chris looked up fearfully. He remembered the previous times he had been disciplined in this office and it hadn't gone well for him. He watched as the doctor opened a desk drawer and withdrew a box. He placed it on the desk in front of Jessica and told her to open it. Jessica removed a small metal cage from the box and looked uncertain. Chris, on the other hand, looked at the device and cringed. The chastity device looked unforgiving and imposing – like a prison cell. He had been dreading the thought of it ever since Dr. Spencer mentioned it. Yet, each time he masturbated he knew this was probably going to happen. Did he secretly want his penis locked up and controlled by his wife? He thought of the picture he had recently downloaded into his secret porn file on his computer. It was a picture that only showed a woman's cleavage with a key, hanging from a chain around her neck, nestled between her breasts.

Dr. Spencer walked around the desk and sat on the edge closest to Jessica. She had laid the two pieces of the device on the desk in front of her. The penis-shape of the steel cage made it obvious it was meant to cover a penis. There were a bunch of stainless-steel rings attached together with a cage at the tip. She had never seen anything like it. Dr. Spencer explained in a casual voice, "You need to place the ring over his penis and then pull each of his balls through the ring so it is behind his balls. Then, you slide the cage over his penis and push the metal pin attached to the ring through the hole on top of the cage. This little padlock goes through the hole in the pin. You'll find it is quite secure and can't be removed unless you decide to unlock it."

Jessica grinned and said, "Oooh, I love it!" She looked at her husband and said, "You won't even be able to hold your little dingy in your hand unless I let you." Then, she asked Dr. Spencer, "How will he be able to pee?"

Dr. Spencer dismissed her concern, saying, "He'll have to sit on the toilet to pee, just like you do. You will need to remove it once a week to make sure there are no sore spots developing. Usually, it just takes a little KY on the spot or to leave it off for a few days and everything will be fine." He looked at Chris and said, "I find the husband's whining far exceeds any real discomfort and the benefits definitely outweigh the occasional challenges. I think you both will notice an immediate change in behavior. It will take a bit of time to adjust to the psychological loss of control, but the mental acceptance and submissive compliance will come eventually."

Jessica said enthusiastically, "Let's get this thing on!" She picked up the metal ring and slid it over Chris' semi-erect penis. She giggled and asked, "Are you excited about getting little willy locked up?" Chris didn't say anything as he watched her pop each of his balls through the ring. The feel of her hand on his penis was making him harder. Fortunately, the cage was still large enough for Jessica to easily squeeze the cage over his hardening shaft and smash the end of the cage against the tip of his cock. She pressed the cage tightly against the ring and slipped the padlock into the hole on the pin. With a 'Click', she had locked up her husband's disappointing toy.

Dr. Spencer stood up and said to Jessica, "Have I mentioned how extraordinarily sexy you are dressed today?"

She turned toward Dr. Spencer and replied sexily, "Why, thank you. I couldn't decide whether to wear a mini-skirt or these jeans. I was afraid the neighbors might wonder what a mama like me was doing dressing up like a college girl on a party night."

As the two of them discussed his wife's outfit and concern about the neighbors gossiping, Chris looked at the cage squishing his penis. Fortunately, the discomfort was causing it to deflate so it was becoming less painful. He stared at the lock dangling from the top of the cage, wondering how long he would be for_ced to wear this thing. When they left the house, he and Jessica had both been excited and nervous, well at least he was nervous, at the prospect of him getting to see her fucked by another man. The thought of having his penis locked away wasn't something he had anticipated.

Chris was thinking how surreal it felt to be sitting here naked and wearing a chastity cage while the other two were fully dressed and chatting like they were having coffee at Starbuck's, when Jessica said, "So, before he acted like a little brat, Chris was all excited and telling me how much he wanted to see me fucked by somebody that knew what they were doing. I told him if he asked you really nicely, then maybe he would get a chance this week. What did I tell you sweet-pea?"

Chris blushed and said shyly, "I should thank you for giving her the best sex in her life and, when you were ready to enter her, I should put it in her to show everyone how much I wanted you to keep doing it." Chris looked at both of them to see if he had passed this first little test.

Dr. Spencer was still standing at the edge of the desk and towered over both of them. He had a smile on his face but didn't say anything. Chris looked at his wife and she waited before finally saying, "So, thank him!"

Chris looked up at Dr. Spencer and said sheepishly, "Thank you for fucking my wife. She has never been so excited and happy as she was after seeing you last time. I really hope you will keep doing it and, if it's okay, I'd really like to be able to watch sometimes."

Dr. Spencer replied in his deep voice, "Well, that depends on what your wife would like to do. I think we both thoroughly enjoyed our last session. It also sounds like the two of you got to enjoy the rewards of the breakthrough until she allowed you to cum in her, but I think we've addressed that little problem. In the future, she can use whatever is the best option for the two of you. She can continue to deny you, she can allow you to have a ruined orgasm or she can allow you to masturbate for her. You'll both figure out what works by practicing all of those options. How about today we practice the first option – denial. You can watch and even participate if your wife wants you to, but you will stay locked up, at least for this first week."

Jessica's eyes lit up and she nodded, "I think that sounds like a great idea!" Then, she got a questioning look on her face and asked, "What is a ruined orgasm?"

Dr. Spencer smiled and said, "That may be even more frustrating for the poor boy than denial. When you allow him a ruined orgasm, you let him get right to the edge of orgasm and then stop all stimulation. You may find it easier if his hands are restrained to prevent him from giving it a stroke or two as he cums. The only catch is knowing when to stop the stimulation. Whether you are stroking him or fucking him, you have to know when he is getting close. You can threaten him with severe discipline if he doesn't tell you in time, but you will start to be able to tell. It may take some practice to get really good at it, but you'll find it is a wonderful technique. It is especially powerful after a term in chastity."

"Oooh, I can't wait to try it," Jessica squealed. Chris had a pained expression on his face, but he couldn't wait to try it either.

"So, why don't we move to the bedroom and then your boy can slowly undress you for me," Dr. Spencer suggested. "And, boy, no talking in there unless we ask you a direct question, Okay?" Chris nodded his head vigorously. "We'll all have time to talk about what we are feeling and what we've learned after we come back out here, agreed?" The couple both nodded their heads in agreement and Dr. Spencer led the way to the bedroom.

By the time Chris had finished undressing his wife, his hands were trembling in excited anticipation. Dr. Spencer had removed each piece of his own clothing to match the article of clothing Chris removed from his wife. Jessica and Dr. Spencer were running their hands over each other the entire time. As Chris moved out of the way, Dr. Spencer backed up and sat on the edge of the bed, taking Jessica with him. He cupped one of her large breasts with his big, beefy hand and, as he bent down, he lifted her nipple to his lips. Jessica responded by swinging her leg over his so she was sitting on his lap facing him with her knees up on the bed.

Chris leaned against the wall by the door and watched them. Dr. Spencer had his arms around her and alternated sucking on her nipples. Jessica's long black hair was cascading over her shoulders and her hands held each of his broad shoulders as she offered him her tits. When he was satisfied that her nipples were hard enough, he gave each of them a light bite that caused her to squeal. Then, she slid slowly from his lap and landed on her knees at his feet. Dr. Spencer spread his legs to give her better access to his growing cock. He looked at Chris leaning against the wall in front of him and said, "Would you like to get a better view? Why don't you come sit on the bed too?"

Chris could hear the jingle of the padlock bouncing on his new chastity cage as he scurried next to Dr. Spencer and sat down to watch his wife stroke and suck his growing cock. Chris' own cock was incredibly uncomfortable as it was squeezed inside the cage that was at least an inch shorter than his usual erection. He couldn't take his eyes off his wife and Dr. Spencer's cock. Every once in a while, Jessica would look up at her husband and smile lasciviously as she enjoyed the large cock between her lips. Eventually, Dr. Spencer said in his soft baritone, "I know what you want boy. Do you want to be paddled first?" Chris shook his head in embarrassment as Jessica looked up confused. Dr. Spencer nodded and said, "Ah, you want her to tell you to do it, don't you?" Chris didn't say anything as he looked at his wife and then the cock in her hand. Dr. Spencer said to Jessica, "My dear, I think your boy wants you to order him to suck my cock."

Jessica's eyes got wide in surprise and then she got a sexy smile on her face saying, "Get down here and help me get the cock that is going to fuck your wife hard." Chris didn't hesitate to slide off the bed to kneel next to his wife. She held the shaft and wagged the hard cock in front of his face. "Put the head between your lips and show me how badly you want to see him fuck me." Chris leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the cock. Before long, he was holding the shaft himself and taking several inches into his mouth. Jessica laughed and said, "I think somebody has been practicing. I guess he hasn't been telling me everything he's doing during his sessions."

Dr. Spencer pulled her up next to him and they embraced in a long kiss as Chris kept giving the blowjob. When the doctor decided it was time, he told Jessica, "I think it's time for your boy to guide me into you." Her eyes were lustful as she straddled Dr. Spencer's hips, facing him like she had done previously. She waited for Chris to rub the bulbous head of the doctor's large erection against the opening to her pussy. She wrapped her hands around Dr. Spencer's neck and he held her by the hips. She slowly slid down the length of his shaft and moaned loudly as each inch disappeared inside her. She leaned forward and buried her head onto his shoulder as she took the full length. She was panting and moaning as she waited for her pussy to adjust to his girth. She ground her hips against his lap so she could feel every inch of him filling her. She slowly pushed down on her knees so she could slide up the length of his cock and back down again. She did this over and over and her cries of ecstasy reverberated around the room. The pace of their fucking picked up rapidly and she could feel her first orgasm coming on quickly. She began to shout loudly, "oh god, YES, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She began grinding her clitoris against him as she pushed down to get the full length of his cock deep into her pussy as she threw her head screaming out, "AHHHHH, FUUUUUCCKK, AHHHHH, FUUUUCKK!" She threw herself against him and he allowed her to knock him onto his back while his cock was still buried in her pussy. He rolled both of them over so she was on her back and effortlessly lifted her further up onto the bed. He grabbed his cock and found her pussy once again and guided it back into her very, very tight, wet pussy. She grabbed his back and pulled him into her. They fucked in the missionary position for some time before she finally had another orgasm.

At one point, Jessica was riding Dr. Spencer and facing his feet. She told Chris to come suck her nipples and then to lick her clit while she rode Dr. Spencer's fat cock. This was the only time either of the lovers had even acknowledged her husband's presence in the room. Chris continued to watch in awe as Dr. Spencer fucked his wife for another half hour without a break. They were both dripping in sweat when Dr. Spencer put her on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and slapped her ass. She raised her ass higher and waited for his cock to enter her from behind. He slapped the other cheek before guiding his cock into her. Once they got a good rhythm going, he would occasionally slap her ass. She yelled out, "Harder!" and neither man knew if she meant to spank her harder or fuck her harder, so Dr. Spencer did both. It was only a minute later when he finally roared out his own orgasm and the two of them collapsed in a heap on the bed.


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After Chris and Jessica were dressed and preparing to leave, Dr. Spencer was back at his desk and asked, "Any final thoughts before you go?"

Chris had been mostly quiet since watching them have sex, but he spoke up first. "I ... I've never seen sex like that. I've never seen her like that ... it was incredible. Thank you so much for giving that to my wife. I know I can't do that and it is obvious she wants and deserves to get it ... Thank you."

Dr. Spencer replied, "You are a good man to say that about your wife. There is a word for the feelings you are having. It is called Compersion. It is a feeling of joy for someone else's happiness, even when it doesn't necessarily benefit you. It is the opposite of jealousy and it isn't something that comes easily to most people. It takes a very evolved person to reach that level of deep compassionate feeling."

Jessica put her head on her husband's shoulder and hugged him before giving him a kiss on the lips. "Let's go home baby so you can share in my happiness." She blew the doctor a kiss and then they left the office hand in hand.


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Chapter 9

Dr. Spencer heard the door open and looked up with surprise, "I wasn't expecting to see you today. Is everything alright with Chris?"

Jessica entered the room wearing a cute little tennis outfit with a short hot pink skirt and a matching top. She had ditched her heels for tennis shoes and wore her hair in a ponytail. Dr. Spencer had to admit she looked cute as hell in her tennis attire. Jessica had a teasing smile on her face when she said, "He wanted me to come in his place for this session. He says he can't stop thinking about me having sex with you. I think he's hoping I will bring him home a surprise." Jessica rubbed her tongue on her upper lip in a flirtatious manner.

Dr. Spencer smiled as he contemplated a completely different session than he had originally planned for. He waved his hand at her and said, "I didn't even know you played tennis."

Jessica leaned back in her chair and threw one leg over the other with her hands resting on her knee. She hoped Dr. Spencer could see the sexy underwear she had put on in the car in place of the tennis shorts that went with the outfit. "Chris has been such a good boy lately. He convinced me to start playing again while he watches the kids. I went for a lesson with the tennis pro before I came here. I hope you don't mind that I didn't shower before coming. I promise I didn't get too sweaty even though the pro is really cute."

Dr. Spencer marveled at the transformation this woman kept making as she gained confidence and reconnected with her sensual soul. She was oozing sensuality and it was working on him. He commented, "So, it seems our last session was successful for both of you. Is Chris still in his chastity device?"

"Oh yes! He whined for a few days, just like you said he would, but now he seems to be accepting it much better and has been such a good boy," Jessica said with a grin. "I've never seen him so submissive and attentive to me." She leaned forward in her chair and said, "Apparently, he's pretty submissive and attentive to you too." Dr. Spencer smiled but said nothing in response, so Jessica continued, "I played with his nipples and put my finger up his ass ... apparently he really likes that now ... and made him tell me about getting paddled and sucking your cock. He was terribly embarrassed but he told me all about your paddle and what he did in your bedroom. I think he might have had an orgasm in his tight little cage while he was telling me. It was leaking all over the bed." She flicked her tongue against her upper lip again and said, "It made me really horny too. Now, when I let him pleasure me, I make him suck the dildo before he puts it in me. I tease him that we should go to a bar together and find a man to bring home with us so he can suck his cock. I asked him if he'd like to do that and he said he'd do it if I wanted him to."

Dr. Spencer nodded and said, "It's easier for him to do something taboo like that if he feels he's being for_ced. That way, it's not him doing something he feels he shouldn't be doing. He's only doing it to make you happy."

"Or, to make you happy," Jessica said flirtatiously.

Dr. Spencer conceded, "Yes, he finds the paddle to be a good motivator to 'for_ce' him to do it for me."

Jessica put her feet on the floor and leaned forward with her elbows on the desk so the doctor could see down her low-cut blouse. "Do you think it would motivate me the same way?"

Dr. Spencer replied, "Well, there's only one way to know for sure." He got up from his desk and walked to the table by the door and retrieved the paddle from the drawer. He walked back toward Jessica who was standing and watching him. He held out his hand and said, "Come, my dear, I'm going to paddle your ass red and then you're going to do everything you can to satisfy me."

They walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom and Jessica could feel every nerve in her body tingle in anticipation. When the door clicked closed behind her, she dropped her skirt and pulled off her shirt as she kicked her shoes off. She couldn't wait to lay across his lap – apparently, the same way her husband liked to do it.


As Jessica was driving home, her head was floating in post-coital bliss. She took stock of all the sensations tingling all over her body. The most prominent sensation was the amazing soreness in her pussy. It was the same as the last two times she had sex with Dr. Spencer. His cock was so wide her pussy had to stretch considerably to accommodate his girth, and then his endurance to be able to fuck for an entire hour was something she had never encountered. Although sore, her pussy had never felt better! She could also feel the tingly sensations the paddle had left on her ass. It had been more than a tingle when he finished paddling her, but now it was just another wonderful sensation of the experience she shared at the hands of her masterful lover. He had been a bit more for_ceful and rough with her this time. She had encouraged it by moaning loudly whenever he did something rough like pinching her nipples or paddling her ass. She wondered what her husband would think when he saw the red marks on her tits from the doctor's strong hands and fingers. She had rode him like a stallion and held her hands over her head to encourage him to maul her breasts and nipples. He had slapped them lightly but hard enough to sting just a bit. When they had finished, he told her to taste herself on his cock. She gladly complied and eagerly sucked every inch of his beautiful, pleasurable tool. She thought maybe he wanted to fuck some more but was relieved when he told her "that's enough" and held her in his arms with her head on his chest as he stroked her hair. She felt the stickiness between her thighs and pushed on the accelerator to quicken the ride home to her waiting husband. She had texted him before she left and told him to take the kids next door to the neighbor's house. She had a present from Dr. Spencer to share with him. She didn't really want any more sexual attention, but she knew how excited Chris would be to see her naked right after she'd been with Dr. Spencer. She could have made him wait until tonight, but then the cum in her pussy would have leaked away and he wouldn't get the full effect. She wanted to be a good wife and give her husband what he wanted ... what THEY wanted.


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