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les histoires de chrislebo

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I saw Steve's eyes flicker, then an evil grin came over his face as the realization dawned on him that he could do what he wanted to her. He drew his hands down his face and exhaled a deep breath as he steadied himself, then slowly began to slide his hands under Leigh's *********** form. Then, with utmost care, he began to both lift and drag her away from me. Her legs, arms and head flopped as he succeeded in removing her from the couch. A couple of times he checked my state, but he was too far‑gone now, she was all his.

Lowering her onto her back on the carpeted space of floor between the couches, he positioned himself kneeling beside her. He licked his lips and took a second to appreciate his prize: a gorgeous, passed out seventeen‑year‑old‑girl lay before him...the beautiful face led down to her lithe neck...then the swell of her biggish tits straining against her top...then her flat tummy, rising and dropping slowly as she breathed...then her short denim skirt riding high around her hips, just concealing her now wet

panties...then her long, tanned thighs. She was an angel for the taking, Steve's taking.

A few seconds of this and he could no longer stand not touching her. His eyes moved to her ample tits that were straining against her tight t‑shirt. Steve reached both his hands out and clamped them down on her boobs, but she did not flinch. He then shook his head slowly as he began to massage her lovely apples, squashing them and squeezing them. Then, without further hesitation, he slid her top up, struggling to get it over her braless tits. Then he just stopped and stared, dumfounded at the sight that lay before him.

He checked her state once again, shaking her by the shoulders, but no response. Snapping his attention back to her full, round boobs, Steve lowered his face and started lapping away at her lovely soft skin. This had an effect on her, she began to moan in her *****, but Steve did not relent. He kissed and licked her all her all over the tits, neck and stomach. Slowly her eyes opened and, even more slowly, she took in where she was and what was happening.


Steve paused to look up over her jutting tits to her face, but his hands kept working away at her.

"Leigh, just lay there."

" is too obvious. If someone comes..." But she wasn't pulling her top down. She wasn't moving away.

Steve must have noted this too as I saw his hand reach down for her skirt as his mouth moved to hers to fill it with his tongue. Her eyes closed.

Steve moved it up a gear, he wasn't planning on having this interrupted again. He moved down her body and pulled up her skirt, revealing her panties, one side of them twisted due to her rush to get them on. Leigh pulled her mouth away.

"********** really..."

"I'm going to fuck you Leigh," he flatly stated. "I'm going to fuck you right now. I going to push my fat cock right up your sweet little cunt, because you want me to fuck want me to fuck you right in front of your boyfriend," he insisted with a tone of authority. My cock surged and a felt I trickle of pre‑cum seep out.

"No...ohhh," Leigh moaned as Steve fingers plunged into her wet cunt. He worked away at her pussy for some long moments to ensure that she wanted it. She was breathing erratically now, moving her head slowly side to side. Then he was sliding her panties down, and then he was lifting her legs to allow them to be slipped off her feet.

Steve half sat up and put one hand to his zip, yanking it down and fumbling for a few seconds before his turgid cock sprang out. Leigh turned her head and just stared at his twitching dick. Not wasting anytime he reached down and cupped his free hand under her calves and promptly lifted both of her legs up and over her head so that her knees were within inches of her face.

"Mnf!" she exclaimed as she was folded in half.

I could see that her cunt and ass were jutting up, and the back muscles of her legs were straining.

"S‑Steve...," her voice was barely audible.

But Steve wasn't listening. Instead, with his dick in one hand and Leigh's calves in the other, he was moving. I could hear her breathing, but she wasn't trying to wrestle free out of her position. Her knees were now pushed to be touching her nose, and her eyes flicked around, her expression a little unsure. She even shot me a few nervous glances.

I could see the fat bastard before her, his hungry eyes moving quickly up and down her folded form as his breath quickened into a pant. Leigh twisted her head to look around her knees. He was in position now, raised slightly on his knees, his swollen cock thrusting out from underneath his fat gut, it's glistening head but a few inches from my girlfriend's upturned cunt. Steve still had one hand holding Leigh's knees to her face, and as he shifted forward his weight pushed her knees past her head, splaying her thighs further.

Obviously uncomfortable, she grunted, but the possessed Steve didn't care. "S‑Steve...", she struggled. "I..." She was cut off as Steve thrust forward, plunging his cock into her offered up cunt. "Ah!" Leigh exclaimed as Steve's wide cock invaded her pussy.

Leigh continued to grunt as Steve lowered his large frame onto her, pushing her legs back even further, her feet dangling in the air. His face was *********** as one hand moved down to cup her bum while the other took one of her small wrists, then the other, and pinned them tightly together above her head. Then he began thrusting, grunting and moaning as he banged into her.

Leigh did not seem to object to being held down and obviously uncomfortable. To an outsider it could have passed for ****. Watching this large man roughly fuck his cock in and out of the comparatively small girl was too much for me. I slid my hand down my pants to feel the liquid warmth of pre‑cum all over my aching cock and began to stroke it inside my trunks. It felt fucking great, but not as great as the grunting Steve was feeling as his cock slid in and out of my girlfriend's tight, willing cunt.

Steve leaned in even further, to place his head between her knees and began to kiss her roughly. I was amazed she could breathe under his large, jerking frame.

As he kissed her he would grunt lewd words into her mouth. "Oh! You delicious little you know how good you fucking feel, you cheating little slut?! Look at your boyfriend...mmf...on the couch, and here you are on the floor with my cock in you...mff!"

Then he picked up the pace. He was really getting into her now, kissing her hard and squashing her knees into the sides of her head as her feet jerked around in the air. I watched this fat fifty‑five‑year‑old man fucking my girlfriend for long moments, calling her a dirty cunt and telling her what a cheating little whore she was, and she loved it. Why wouldn't the little bitch she give me the rough stuff?!

"Oh! Yeah!" he exclaimed. "Your cunt is fucking heaven, you know that? Huh?...huh?‑ slutty tart!"

Bang, bang, bang he rammed into her, both of them grunting and moaning all the while. I saw his hand tighten around her wrists, and then his other hand dig into her ass, then shift further.

"Ah!" she grunted as eyes then flew open.

"Like that, hmm? You like a finger in your bum, huh? Dirty little bitch!" he grunted at her through gritted teeth.

She whimpered.

"I said, do you like my finger in your bum?!"

She whimpered again, then, "Uh‑huh," she confessed.

He fucked into her with slower but harder thrusts as he fingered her asshole more vigorously. Christ, that guy was having the time of his life! They were so lost in their lust that I jerked off without worrying about being seen. I was struggling not to cum, and I very nearly lost it when Steve half‑commanded as he thrust away, "Turn over, bitch."

"Mmmnf...why?...ahh...ohhh...," she asked, barely audible between her knees.

"Just do it, you damned slut. I'm going to fuck your bum," he growled while reluctantly withdrawing his cock from her cunt.

She hesitated, "No. I don't really like..."

"I said, do it!" he spat.

She paused for a while, an unsure look on her face. Amazed, I watched her lower her legs and slowly roll over onto her tummy. Her sweet ass rolled into view. Propped up on her elbows, she looked innocently back over her shoulder at Steve. His eyes were hungrily taking in the sweet swell of her full bum cheeks. This guy was about to fuck my girlfriend in the ass! She rarely let me do it to her. She must have secretly loved the idea of this fifty‑year‑old‑guy fucking her up the ass.

"B‑be gentle...please...please..."

The drooling Steve placed his hands on either side of the supine Leigh who was looking very unsure. Moving his body forward so that his fat gut was over her lithe, curving back until his cock was looming over the round cheeks of her teenage bum. I could hear Leigh's nervous panting increase as Steve licked his lips, shook his head smiling and began to lower his dick. When his cock came in contact with her soft cheeks, Steve moaned loudly. Then the head disappeared; it would be against her asshole now.

The bastard smiled again, and with his hand he took hold of her ponytail, while the other went under her to tightly grab and squash one of her tits. She looked so defenseless as he began licking her back. He shifted his hips down.

Leigh's eyes went wide and she grunted through gritted teeth. He was pushing his cock into her ass!

"Oh‑h‑h...m‑my f‑fucking...oh‑h‑h...oh..." was all Steve could manage.

I knew what he was feeling, the same delicious sensations I experienced when fucking Leigh's vice‑like anus. Steve pulled back on her hair, squeezed her tit, gritted his teeth and panted as he pushed again. I could see Leigh grimace as this fat man's great big dick filled up her sweet little bum.

"Aahh!...ah! care... ahh!"

I think Steve took some pleasure from the fact he was hurting her a little, and the fact she also wasn't stopping him. Slowly he started moving his hips up and down, all the time he moaned, gritted his teeth, panted, pulled hard on her hair, tightly gripped her tit, and licked his lips, lost in the ecstasy that Leigh's bum was giving him. Up and down he moved, then he lifted his big gut to look down and watch his cock withdrawing and then plunging back into Leigh's asshole. Up and down, moaning and grunting, and then releasing her tit and moving his hand up to cover her mouth, anticipating that she would grunt too loudly as he picked up the pace. He was right.

"Mfff! Mfff!MMMMMMFFF!" she exclaimed into his hand as Steve pistoned his cock quickly in and out of her bum.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!...ohhh‑h‑h‑h...ohhhh! Fuckiiiiing Christ! Fuuuuck," he spat out, his cheeks quivering, his chest heaving as he fucked her. His hand slipped from Leigh's mouth.

She was lost in it too now. I could see her sweet face, twisting and scrunching, and she let loose with her obvious enjoyment,

"Ohhh...yes...y‑yes...yes...ahh...ohhh...fuck, fuck, fuck...ohhh, ohhhh...o‑h‑h‑h!"

Suddenly Steve threw his head back. His entire body shook and he let out a strangled moan as he came, his hips jerking wildly, his cock pounding again and again into my girlfriend's bum as he emptied himself into her bowels. I swear he nearly cried with the intense pleasure flooding him. His orgasm went on and on as he grunted and shook and panted. The intensity having passed, he slowly came down from the dizzy heights of his incredible rapture.

That was it for me. I let myself cum and was struck with waves of pleasure as I bit my lip to stifle any moan as I shot my load into my pants. Once again I had gotten off watching my girlfriend being fucked by the fat, fifty‑five‑year‑old friend of her *******, and I had reveled in every sordid second of it.

Leigh had not come, she never did when fucked in the ass, but she had certainly enjoyed the ride. Her head slumped to the carpet as she tried to catch her breath, her chest heaving. Gradually Steve came to, and with much effort he lifted his fat frame from my girlfriend's back, and then slowly withdrew his cock from her ravaged asshole. I saw it twitch as it left her bum, dripping the last of its load onto her cheeks. Steve moved slowly to the side off Leigh, who was still on her stomach, but now moving to pull her skirt down. Both were panting.

"That was fucking fantastic, Leigh."

"My ass is killing me," was her only reply.

Leigh finally sat up, groggy and disheveled and pulled her top back down over her beautiful tits. Reaching for her crumbled panties, she shook her head and slid her feet through the holes, then slid them up her thighs. I took this opportunity to slide my hand from my pants and resume my passed out façade.

Leigh and Steve were both silent as they redressed themselves, but there was no negative tension, just two ***** people who had experienced a great fuck and were reveling in the aftermath of the event.

Steve rubbed his face and moved toward his couch. Leigh looked to me, then moved to slowly mount the couch to press her freshly fucked body against me. My cock stirred as her sweet cheeks pressed into my groin. Steve laid himself down, and sighed happily. And, sickly, I was just as happy.

While Steve may have thought he achieved what he set out to do, it was in fact me that let this happen. I was the main facilitator of this dirty little affair. I was the one that let it happen. And... I wanted it to happen again.

To be continued...


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By now I was sure I had a problem.

Not only was my already high sex drive even higher due to the perversion that had entered my life, a perversion that has happily resulted in me fucking Leigh even more than unusual, but alone, I also found myself jerking off frequently over what I had recently witnessed.

My obsession was seriously becoming a worry for me. One evening while alone, the realization struck me... this can only get worse; worse for me, worse for my relationship with Leigh, and worse for Leigh herself, who was turning into a perverted‑sex loving little whore. The only person it could get better for was Steve. It had to stop! Right now! I grabbed my car keys and shot out of the door.

As I tore through the darkening streets towards Leigh's place, my resolve strengthened. I felt good, like a darkness had been lifted from me. We didn't have plans to hook up tonight (I was having a boy's night), but girls love a surprise visit, especially when done at the cost of seeing the boys. Sure, this sordid little fuck‑fest was great while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. And with something this fucked up, the sooner the better, before it became too destructive and addictive.

Pulling onto Leigh's street, I felt a renewed rush of love for her. She wouldn't know why I would be all gushed‑up tonight (obviously I couldn't tell her), but a girl doesn't need a reason when her boyfriend is pouring all over them with love and romance.

Then I spotted Steve's car. That wouldn't be so unusual on a Friday night, except for that fact that I knew that Greg, Leigh's ******, was away this weekend!

My heart raced. As hard as it was too admit, my new resolution instantly crumbled before the thrill of imagining Steve stuffing his old fat cock up Leigh's young tight cunt. This thought of his cock pushing into her made my own cock hard.

Slowly I pulled away from Leigh's house and parked a few streets away to remove the risk of my car being spotted. My adrenaline kept surging through me as I envisioned what may be happening back at the house. I rounded her corner and quickened my pace until I was but two houses away; the whole time my mind raced and my mouth was full of that tinny taste of adrenaline.

Thanking the darkness for my concealment, I was able to move hidden across the length of the front lawn via the surrounding fence to arrive at the sidewall of the house. I was close to the window that peers into the lounge where just last week Steve fucked my girlfriend in the ass.

Slowing my steps as I closed on the window, I made sure to stay well below it. Upon reaching the wall under the window's lowest edge I waited for a few seconds, then, not hearing anything, I cautiously lifted my head slightly.

Peering in, I saw a balding head. It was Steve sitting on the couch closest to me. Excellent! This was a good angle, giving me a clear view of the entire lounge. Steve was having a beer, and had that conspiring look in his eye. I knew that look by now. Then I was struck by a thought, 'Was this whole fucking thing planned?' Come to think of it, Leigh was unusually acquiescent to my news that I was having a boy's night and the fact that Greg was away made the notion of coincidence not even worth considering.

Then Leigh entered the room.

I don't know if it was by Steve's request or if she just hadn't changed, but she was still in her school uniform. She had removed her saddle shoes, and one of the knee‑high socks that accentuate her olive skinned legs had fallen to bunch loosely about her ankle. Her plaid skirt, verging on too short, flared about her smooth thighs. Her white blouse, jutting at the tits, was untucked and three buttons shy of being done up. Fucking little tease!

She was wearing her chestnut hair out, its full, rich lengths cascading either side of her lithe shoulders, and she had applied just enough makeup to both bring her already beautiful skin alive and to darken her eyelashes to lend her a smoky, sultry look. It would be hard not to knock at the door right now, concocting some excuse that the boy's night was canceled and stop all this so I could fuck her... but again my sickness came to the fore, making me take the choice of having someone else fuck my girlfriend instead of me!

Leigh moved across the room, with Steve watching her the whole time with unconcealed lust in his eyes. But she didn't approach him. Instead, she plunked herself on the carpet before the opposite couch and cocked her head at Steve, who was trying to peek up her skirt.

"You didn't get yourself another beer? Were the previous four and that joint enough, huh...?" Steve probed.

'How long had they been here? Had I missed it?' I thought lamentably. But then noting that Leigh and Steve were both dressed, I dismissed the thought.

Leigh nervously bit her lip, looked about, and then returned her gaze to Steve. "I... Steve... the other times were fine. I was *****, it was stupid, but now... this is planned. I, I just don't think I can do that other thing you."

"But all through the week on the phone... we talked of this, remember? Several times you said that you would, and tonight I have arranged it," he reasoned.

They had been speaking on the fucking phone!

"I, I was stoned, and had gotten into Dad's bar. I, I... well, y'know..." she said in a sweet soft voice while looking down at the carpet. Everything she did was delicious.

"Leigh, your Dad's away... and your boyfriend is out for the night. Like you said to me, he's probably out to pick up..."

"I didn't mean that! I was just ***** and shitty with him for wanting a boy's night instead of spending the night with me," she replied, wrinkling her brow with a cute little frown.

"You were shitty until I suggested tonight. Then you got all sexy on the phone... remember? Remember me talking to you, talking until you came hard into the receiver? Hmmm?"

She couldn't repress a wicked smile at that. Then Steve smiled, probably more relieved that things had taken an upswing, and that plans he had made, whatever they may have been, were in less jeopardy.

Standing, Steve made his way over to where she sat on the carpet, reached down and picked her up gently by the elbows. They were standing really close now, and she stumbled slightly as Steve let go of her, the beer and joint having taken their effect.

Steve smiled knowingly. Then his eyes went flat. The close proximity to her fine teen form had an instant effect upon him.

She arched her back away from him and turned her head to the side, but this only opened up her neck to him. He sped his mouth to the nape of her neck while taking both of her lithe wrists behind her back in one hand as he ran the other slowly up the softness of her thigh. He wasn't fucking around tonight! Her eyes remained open as he eagerly mouthed and tongued the soft skin of her neck. She gave a little resistance, but not nearly enough to break free.

This went on for some long moments before Steve, taken by the ****** aroused within him, spun her quickly about so her back was to him, wrapped one arm about her to clasp her arms tight into her sides and placed the other under her neck to roughly turn her face to the side. He then thrust his eager tongue into her mouth while dry humping her young bum, which, I'm sure, was his favourite part of her.

Her skirt was scrunching up around her hips revealing glimpses of her white cotton panties as, knees slightly bent for leverage, he pumped repetitively up into her soft ass. His eyes were open, and had the look of a madman as he ravaged her.

Steve released her chin and her head sagged slowly forward. With his now free hand he reached around her chest to thrust his hand down her into her blouse and take hold of and roughly grope one of her ample tits. I watched in awe as his fingers moved within her top, squeezing then pinching a nipple then swapping to the other.

Steve was talking to her but I couldn't make out what he was saying due the approach of a car. I started to reach for my fly to free my rock‑hard cock as I waited for the car to pass so I could hear Steve's lecherous words, but it didn't pass... it slowed... then it pulled into the driveway!

I craned my neck back and spotted a white standard family sedan having its lights cut. The driver wasn't visible within the darkened cabin, but the door popped and then swung open. A man lifted himself with grunt from his vehicle. The best I could make of him was that he was about Steve's age, with a little more paunch and a lot more hair, though greying and worn to the side. He was wearing denim jeans and a sandy coloured shirt that was rolled up at the sleeves.

Pausing momentarily, he looked up at the house, exhaled, adjusted his crotch, placed his keys in his pocket and started his way toward the front door. He struck me as the office type, someone who had grown fat behind a desk.

The 'arrangement' Steve had made was thus revealed. The old bastard had invited a friend (surely very grateful friend) over so they could both hammer away at a young, nubile seventeen‑year‑old girl!

My heart was beating so fast I was sure it would be heard, and my cock leaked its first dribble of pre‑cum into my pants. I knew then I had been fooling myself about stopping this. I knew that when I had been thinking of stopping it, I was secretly hoping something would prevent me from doing so! That I was relieved that I would get to see it happen again thrilled me more than it worried me; surely it was meant to be the reverse! Is that fucked up or what?

I returned my attention to the living room as the doorbell rang. Leigh's head snapped toward the door, a decidedly unsure look now upon her gorgeous face. Steve smiled sardonically, and reluctantly pulled himself free of Leigh, licking his lips as he did so. She looked nervous as Steve made his way towards the door of the living room. He stopped short, probably half to make sure Leigh didn't run from the room, and shouted toward the front door, "Come on in, John!"

I shot a glance at Leigh. She was running her hands slowly down her cheeks as she swapped her worried glances between the living room doorway and the floor.

Smiling, Steve turned to her. "You want that ***** now, gorgeous?... Aw, c'mon. You're going to love this. You know you will." Then he added, "You even said you will... remember?"

I heard the heavy footsteps of this 'John' coming down the tiled hallway that led to the living room. Steve looked back at Leigh, then back at the approaching man, smiled and nodded. He then moved back into the living room as John's shadow grew in the doorway.

As John came into the doorway, Steve turned towards him. The man's eyes were instantly drawn to my gorgeous girlfriend's standing form. Steve smirked at John, whose deep‑set, somewhat beady eyes, were *****ing in Leigh's fine form. He swallowed and his mouth fell slowly open. The newcomer to this twisted little affair then exhaled audibly, looking her up and down with the eyes that most men ************* adopt when they catch sight of Leigh.

Steve, looking very pleased with himself, rubbed his chin as he shared John's view of Leigh. "Is she not everything I told you?"



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John could only respond with a slow nod. Maybe he was convinced he was only dreaming this, and if not, he was certainly dreaming of what was about to happen.

"Leigh, honey, why don't you say hello to John."

Leigh looked like a stunned deer, standing there shifting on her white socked feet as she was ogled by the two fat men who were here to stuff their cocks into her every fuckhole.

Leigh didn't respond as requested. Instead she moved a step backward from the men. John, suddenly anxious, looked to Steve, who seeing his worry, took the initiative, walking toward her, his eyes locked with hers while speaking to John. "Don't worry, John, I just had my hand on her tits and my cock pressed into her sweet ass. She loves this little reluctant act, but... she loves stiff cock a whole lot more. Isn't that right, Leigh?"

At that, a reassured John rubbed the front of his pants, his eyes still locked on the fine teenage form before him as he swallowed again. How long it must have been since he had such a fine young thing... if ever.

Steve came to stand before the apprehensive looking Leigh. I wasn't sure if it really was an act; she looked genuinely concerned about the situation, but not enough to send her screaming from the room. She just stood there and let her arm be taken by Steve and then half dragged across the room toward the waiting John, who took a deep breath as she neared him.

"I, I don't think..." she stammered.

"You shouldn't be thinking," quickly interrupted Steve as he pulled her to be standing before the much larger John, whose eyes had gone flat. I don't think John even realized that he licked his lips, but I'm sure that she was taken aback by the primal look in his eyes.

She was standing between the two men, nervously fidgeting, until Steve moved slowly around behind her. "Leigh, this is going to happen," he stated as a matter of fact. "We talked all about this... remember? You are going to let us do all the things we want to do to you... You know you want us to. Otherwise... why would you have agreed to tonight? And... why aren't you trying to get away?"

Sardonically John smiled as Steve took Leigh by the elbows, pulling her arms back and in doing so, caused her tits to thrust out at John, stretching to the limit the white cotton of her school blouse.

Steve continued, "Why? Because you want our old cocks pushed up inside you... Don't you, honey? Yes, you do," he insisted, more to take control of the situation than to elicit any type of answer form my sweet little schoolgirl. "You love being the helpless little girl getting ******** by the lecherous dirty old men."

Leigh had her face turned to the side as Steve said, "Go ahead, John. Feel them. Feel her young tits. Go on."

John didn't need any more encouragement than that. He licked his lips again as his arms raised, his hands slightly clawed, his eyes trance‑like upon his target. Leigh's wide eyes followed the path of his hands as they neared her waiting, jutting boobs, her breathing becoming quicker. With an audible gasp, her head jerked back as John clamped his big hands heavily around her pert schoolgirl tits. John's eyes went flat and a sly smile came slowly to his parted lips as he now had his fingers dug into the soft flesh of Leigh's pliable boobs. But instead of fighting, she closed her eyes.

"You see, John... I told you."

John nodded slowly, then removed one hand to reach down and readjust his crotch again. His cock must have been raging from having these beautiful teen tits at his whim. Raging at the certain knowledge that this beautiful teen girl, seemingly willing, perhaps even eager, would allow two older guys to have their way with her gorgeous body. What an unbelievable situation it must have been for him.

A dark look came to John's eyes as he moved his free hand up stroke Leigh's face, then under her hair to travel around to the back of her neck as he took a step toward her. He half smiled and shook his head, as he looked her up and down. Then he leant in and eagerly thrust his tongue into her soft teenage mouth. I could see the sweat on his shifting brow as his jaw opened and closed as he roughly kissed her while Steve held her in place. I saw the outline of John's large tongue appear in one of her cheeks, then slip out of her mouth only to be quickly pushed back in to stretch it open again to continue kissing her. He was consuming her as his lust was consuming him.

My cock had found its way into my hand and was already pumping out its precum, making the experience of pulling it a delight. I yanked my dick hard, overawed by watching these lecherous old sobs having their way with my seventeen‑year‑old girlfriend in her school uniform.

Steve then spoke with a big fat grin on his face as Leigh's head jerked slightly under John's hard kissing. "John is usually such a boisterous, loud fellow. One, who, in ******* conversations between ourselves, talks about women just like just most other men do. But his tastes lean toward teenies... young cunts just like you. You should see his collection of Barely Legal and Seventeen mags and vids. The guy's fanatical, so you can imagine what a gift this is to him. That's why I chose to let him in on this!

"Sure, he looked a little taken aback upon entry, but that's only because he thought I was joking about this whole thing. He thought there was no way something like this, like you, could be true. But... he believes me now! Ha!"

Leigh pulled her head back, but John's tongue eagerly chased her mouth until he found it again and she let him resume kissing her.

"Hmmm! Mmmm!" groaned John into my girlfriend's full mouth. His apprehension had gone and the hand he had behind her head was now finding it way down to her other tit. As he found it he pulled his head back and stared Leigh in the eyes, never letting go of her thrust out boobs.

Catching his breath, he looked over Leigh's shoulder and said to Steve, "She is fucking delicious!"

Then, with a furrowed brow, he met Leigh's eyes and squeezing her tits said, "You are y'know... fucking delicious."

His expression darkened as he stared her in the eyes, "I see you lovely little teenage tarts in the malls and at the beach wiggling your peachy asses in your short skirts or showing off your young fine tits in bikinis, and, I have to tell you, it drives me fucking wild... and... and here I am... with a gorgeous example of a newly bloomed, ravishing teenage sex pot. Damn! I find it hard to believe."

Returning his gaze to Steve, he continued as he fondled my whimpering girlfriend through her school blouse. "Remember what we talked about last night when I still thought this whole thing was a big practical joke on your part? You know how I want to start this... what I want to do to her, don't you, Steve?"

"I remember," acknowledged Steve with a nod of his head.

"How will I ever repay you for this?"

"You can repay me by completely enjoying yourself... and by doing exactly what you said you wanted to do to one of these teen sluts. I'd like to see it, actually," replied Steve with a smirk.

Tightening his grip and pulling her elbows back until they were touching, Steve hissed, "Do you see what you bring out in men? Do you see the ******* we become? Sure, we're nice enough in the outside world, but... anytime when we encounter someone who looks like you; all we are imagining is how sweet your tight little cunt would feel wrapped around our cocks." Smiling evilly he added, "And now that we have you here, we can release all that we have to conceal from the world everyday."

These words prompted John to reluctantly release Leigh's tits, take her by the upper arm and march her toward the couch furthest from me. Her eyes darted about, unsure what was going to happen, when John promptly sat himself on the couch and looked up at Leigh through hard eyes.

"Lay across my lap, Leigh. I'm going to spank that sweet little ass of yours. I'll tell you now, it's going to hurt. You are going to take it and I am going to fucking love it!" he explained, reveling in the authoritarian role he had adopted.

Christ! Not even I had done that! I had no idea how she would take it, and obviously neither did she as she just stood there, that same unsure look on her face.

"Uhhh... I don't... hey!" she exclaimed as John grabbed her by the hand and roughly pulled her down. She put up a bit of a fight, but I did catch the hint of a smile, and John, despite his size, was actually having a hard time getting her into position. But I think he was enjoying the contact with her as much as Leigh was enjoying making him fight for the prize of her bare bum.

But then Steve was there. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them out in front of her, and then it was just a matter of John pulling her lithe form across his lap and she was in position. Her crotch was now directly over John's crotch, leaving the full roundness of her ass thrust up at him. He was staring at that lovely ass. I think a little in disbelief that he had a gorgeous seventeen‑year‑old's bum right there before him, but mere inches from his face, and that he was about to have his way with it.

She was still struggling, but the maliciously smiling Steve was kneeling beside the couch with her arms held out straight and tight and John had laid a firm hand on the small of her back to ensure she couldn't escape.

"No! I don't want to do this! I don't want to be spanked!" she pleaded.

Looking up and down her fine form, John paid no heed to her plea. Lust smoldered in his eyes as he stroked the backs of her calves, slowly moving up to her rounded thighs. His hand was destined for the rise of her round bum, now only barely covered by her short school skirt.

John inhaled sharply and some drool actually escaped his mouth as his hand slipped under her skirt to find the soft warmth of her offered up, helpless teeny bottom. With alarm written across her pretty face, she looked innocently back over her shoulder as John fondled her firm buns, reveling in the moment like it was his last on Earth. Frankly, I don't think he'd mind if it was.

"Ohhh, Jesus! Her bums feels as good as I imagined... Oh Christ... this is fantastic," said John to himself, I believe.



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"Is her bum not exquisite?" leered Steve. "You should try having your cock up it, John. There really is nothing like it. Trust me," breathed Steve heavily. "Hmmm... That just may have to happen again. You'd like that, huh, baby?"

Leigh was straining to look back over her shoulders at John. Steve transferred one of her thin wrists so that he was now holding both in one hand. Twisting her wrists so that her upper torso twisted towards him, it allowed her to watch with relative ease as John had his way with her bottom. But giving her a better view wasn't Steve's real objective. Roughly he shoved his now free hand down the top of her blouse. However, Leigh's attention remained on John, watching her skirt being slowly pushed up over her bum, inch by inch.

Her panty‑clad, up thrust buns were then revealed for the first time to John. Their delightful olive‑skinned roundness was swelling her white cotton panties to full. Her panties had ridden up the cleft, probably from the wrestling with John. He was panting now, wearing a disturbing smile as he stared in wide‑eyed awe at the fullness of Leigh's teen ass, his to do with what he wished, and who now laid a hand on one of her sweet swelling cheeks. ************* he shook his head slowly side to side as he firmly kneaded that teeny bum cheek in his large, strong hand.

Meanwhile, Steve was having his own fun. Still holding her wrists, his other hand had reached down to the hem of her blouse to pull it up so it was crumpled around her shoulder, but still covering her tits. As much as Leigh was all nervous and apprehensive about letting two men in their fifties have their way with her, I was now convinced it was all an act. My belief was secured by how easily she let Steve yank her crumpled blouse over her head. Her big schoolgirl boobs were revealed and Steve was quick to return his hand to them.

Her beautiful, smooth tummy, with its olive, silk‑like skin now rested against John's thighs and he was stroking her smooth back with one hand while his other continued taking big handfuls of her bum. Then he promptly lifted one hand and brought it down with a loud crack onto her cheeks. Her head flew back, her tussled hair flying from her face to reveal her shocked, grimacing expression.

"Ow! Fuck!" she grunted. John smiled mockingly; he was enjoying inflicting pain onto her now reddening cheek.

Biting his lower lip, John raised his hand again, but Leigh stopped him by quickly moving her hands back to protect herself. But Steve was there again, taking her by the forearms and, with little effort, pulling her hands away to again reveal John's beautiful target.

"You little bitch! I said you would take it, didn't I?" John growled meancingly. He then reached out to take a handful of her thick hair and pulled her head back until her neck was straining and smacked his free hand hard down onto her panty covered bum with a resounding SLAP!

This time she grunted, and her hips jerked forward, thrusting her crotch into John's as she twisted held in Steve's grip. Steve was busy with her tits, one hand squeezing and groping while the other held her wrists firmly. I have to say that it excited me to watch her get spanked like the naughty slut she was being.

SMACK! The lounge echoed again with the sound of Leigh's punishment. "OH! AHHH! STOP IT!" she screamed, kicking her white‑socked feet. She was grimacing, both from the sting in her ass and from having her hair pulled so roughly, but she wasn't putting up any real fight.

Taking a pause from spanking her to greedily grope her bum, John looked to Steve with a serious expression, "We need to quiet her down... and I know just the thing," he explained with a gleam in his eye.

With one hand firmly on her back and the tip of his tongue slightly parting his lips, John slowly peeled Leigh's cotton panties down over her now flaming crimson cheeks. He exhaled, as her exquisite full bum was made bare before him. He even moved his head to the side to peek between her thighs, trying to catch a first glimpse of her cunt and asshole as he pulled her panties down over her thighs, along her calves and then off her white‑socked feet. With them now scrunched in his hand, he put them to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmmm! The sweet smell of teen cunt! It's been so fucking long," he said, relishing in the gusset of her knickers. He pulled them away from his face. "Look," he said, holding them up for Steve's viewing "they're fucking wet!"

He pulled back on Leigh's hair, causing her to grunt, "Steve was right... you do love this! You love being ******** and treated like ****. Don't you?" She looked away, as much as she could with her head pulled back so far. "Time to quiet you down, girly," grumbled John.

Steve watched with dark fascination as John reached forward with her panties and began stuffing them into her mouth! Her initial surprise quickly passed as she grimaced and fought and tried to spit them out, but John persisted, jamming them in. Due to her head being pulled back, she couldn't quite close her mouth, and soon her cheeks were stuffed full with her own knickers, save one small section of waistband that dangled obscenely from her mouth. "Do not fucking spit them out! Do you hear me, bitch?!" barked John.

The look of gorgeous Leigh with her mouth stuffed full of her schoolgirl knickers combined with watching her struggle while two older men had their way with her boobs and bum was too much for me, and as much as I tried to hold back, I came, hard, to be lost in waves of indescribable pleasure. For some long moments I was lost in the dizzying heights of an amazing orgasm, leaving my mark all over the sidewall of the house.

When my vision returned, I looked through the window to see John's hand zipping down again. As it slapped hard onto my girlfriend's firm bare cheeks, she threw her head back, sending her long hair flying and her eyes went wide, barely cognizant of the sharp repetitive sounds drifting through the window, sounds of the cruel ass blistering she was receiving.

SMACK! Writhing under the assault she hollered through her panties, "MMMFF!" as tears streaked down her flushed cheeks. Her hands were now clenched into fists and the cords of her neck stood out. Her bare chest was heaving and she went to catch her breath, but exhaled sharply as John spanked her again.

"MHM! MMFF!" Giving another hip lunging reaction accompanied by a throaty grunt, Leigh bucked helplessly as the harsh spanking continued. Three more hard slaps and she was a sobbing uncontrollably. John paused, looking down over her gorgeous, submissive form with a satisfied smile while stroking her flaming red bum cheeks.

"Shhh... It's all over now," he said soothingly while smiling sardonically.

John looked to Steve who was flushed from watching her gorgeous little face twisted up in pain as her incredible ass was turned crimson. "Christ, that was a fucking turn on to watch," remarked Steve breathlessly. "Why do pretty girls look even sexier when in a little pain?" he asked rhetorically.

"That was fucking incredible. My cock is aching, Steve!" announced John as he continued to run his hands over the recovering Leigh, whose hair had been released allowing her face to lower slowly into the softness of the sofa. "Fuck! I need relief," said John. "But first... first I have to see how much she enjoyed that." I watched his hand disappear between down between her ripe hemispheres toward her concealed schoolgirl cunt.

Leigh locked her thighs together, resulting in John have to push to get to his prize. "Leigh! Mph!" he grunted, "What are you hiding? Hmmm? Don't want to show us...mmph! ...that...mmph... you loved being spanked, huh?" he growled as he struggled to get his hand down there.

"Give me a hand, Steve! I need to feel that pussy of hers."

Steve complied and quickly shuffled down to kneel before the couch near Leigh's legs. He was blocking my view slightly, but only of her calves. He placed a hand on each knee and, with a little grimace, started to pry her soft teeny thighs apart. John's expression changed as I saw his hand dip further down.

"Ohh... Ohhh fuck yeah... that's it... I've got my hand on her cunt!" Smiling he snidely added, "Steve, it's fucking wet like you wouldn't believe!"

With tears still streaking her face, Leigh was looking over her shoulder at the two men now focused on her engorged pussy. Then, under John's continued ministrations, she turned her face forward and her eyelids drooped and her jaw shuddered. She was loving it!

Steve fumbled with the back of Leigh's plaid skirt that was still gathered up around her waist. With a yank, he pulled it up her body and over her head. But for her white socks, she was now stripped completely nude.

John leaned in close to Leigh's ear and, now finger fucking her, growled, "That's a tight little cunt you have. Isn't it, girlie? Your boyfriend's a lucky man." Indeed I was.

I watched Steve pull her closest leg down off the couch so that her legs were now spread and reach forward to rub her still reddened ass. The room was silent aside from Leigh panting through her knickers and the groans and grunts of the two men who had subjugated my girlfriend. The two old fat men were now seemingly able to do anything they wanted to her young body.

John was leaning to his side to get as close a look as possible as he slid his finger in and out of my girlfriend's cunt. Meanwhile Steve's hand slid over her bum and down into the crack of her ass.

I saw her taking laboured breaths through her panties as John's fat fingers ******** her cunt. Then her eyes sprung open. With a jerk, she looked over her shoulder back towards her bum... Steve was pushing his middle finger into her asshole.

She grimaced and grunted through her panties as he jammed the full length of his finger into her bum. But all she did was lie there and let it happen, lie there and let two fifty‑odd year old men do what they wished with her young pussy and ass. Lie there and be both dominated and worshipped simultaneously. Lie there without the knowledge that her boyfriend was just outside the window watching the whole obscene event... for the third time.

"I gonna cum in my fucking pants if I don't get up her soon!" John was turning out to be a real charmer. "C'mon, slut," he said to Leigh, pulling his wet fingers from her cunt as his other arm slid under her lithe tummy to lift her backward off his lap.

But Steve kept, what I could see now, were three fingers up her bum. His hand prevented her from sitting fully back on her haunches so she was ****** to assume a half doggy position with her round ass sticking out, perfect for Steve's working hand.

She looked back at Steve, panties still stuffed in her mouth, and then stuck her ass out even more in a very tantalizing fashion. This had an obvious affect on him. Licking his lips, he returned his gaze to watch his three fingers piston away at her pink bum hole. She returned her attention to John, placing her hands on her knees for balance as Steve did what he wanted with her bum.

John was sitting back on the couch, smelling and tasting his fingers, taking a few seconds to ***** in the incredible situation he found himself in. His hard cock was obvious in his pants, and he'd leaked so much precum that it had actually wet through to the denim of his jeans.

Locking eyes with Leigh, John brusquely ordered, "Take my cock out, slut and suck it!" Reaching forward, he shoved his fingers into Leigh's mouth and slowly extracted her saliva‑covered panties. "C'mon bitch, suck my goddamned cock!"



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Her initial act was over now, and she lowered her sultry brown eyes to John's crotch. The mere sight of her doing this, having a teenage beauty like Leigh focus her attention on his crotch, and the delicious anticipation that accompanied it sent a visible thrill through John, who realized he was about to have his cock slide between those gorgeous lips.

Leigh's hand reached forward, and John inhaled to lift his fat gut from his waistline to give her access. Her fingers worked away at his belt as I spotted Steve withdraw his fingers from Leigh's bum and place both hands under her thighs to lift her ass higher into the air so that she was now in a full doggie position, allowing her very wet, pink pussy to peak out from between her slightly parted thighs.

Leigh succeeded in undoing John's button and was about to start on his fly, when Steve craned his neck forward and pushed his face into Leigh's out thrust cunt. She moaned audibly and her head dropped forward as Steve started lapping away at her willing pussy like a man possessed... which he was. Her frame jerked forward and back with each full hard lick that ran up her cleft. Though the cunt licking made it hard for her to concentrate, John's fly had now come all the way down.

Again, I don't think John realized that he let a stream of drool escape his lips as he watched Leigh, eager for his cock, push her hand down into the top of his underwear. He struggled to keep his eyes open as she took hold of his dick in his pants and pulled his underpants down with her other hand to watch his average sized dick spring free. John ran his hands down his face as he looked at his precum oozing dick wrapped in Leigh's soft warm hand.

Leigh then started slowly masturbating him, sliding her hand up and down his engorged, glistening prick. He craned his head back, eyes closed, but then must have decided he wanted to see this and moved his head forward again to watch this amazing thing... a beautiful teenage girl jerking him off. His grunts and groans were now audible amongst his heavy, gravelly breathing and Leigh smiled slyly... she was the one in control here.

After finishing one long lick that traveled up between the lips of Leigh's pussy, up over her pink little anus to leave the top of her bum, Steve noticed that Leigh was pulling (the very appreciative) John's cock. He stopped for a few seconds to watch John's enjoyment, obviously heightening his own. It took but a mere few seconds before Steve was not able to restrain himself any longer. Sitting back, Steve put his hands to his burgeoning pants where he started on his fly.

Leigh was now jerking John's dick with enthusiasm, smiling her sexy little smile at him. He struggled to reciprocate her smile, due to his face twitching in spasms of pleasure.

"Stop! Stop!" insisted John suddenly, "I can't hold it any fucking longer!" As he spoke the words his hand sped to stop Leigh's. He succeeded in stopping before blowing his load and took a few deep breaths to recover. Leigh giggled and then looked back to see Steve's fat dick just coming free of his pants. She smiled again and arched her back to offer her sweet round bum up to him.

Steve's eyes once more locked on Leigh's cunt and beautiful teen bum, knowing that he was once again about to experience the amazing pleasure found within. Leigh watched him shuffle up between her spread white socked feet on his knees and point his fat dick towards her waiting holes. But her head was suddenly turned by John's hand; he must have regained himself and was ready for more. With an *********** look in his eyes, I saw John's big hand slide around the back of Leigh's head, grab a fistful of her tussled brown hair and pull her head down toward his quivering dick. She didn't resist and, as her face lowered, she opened her sweet full lips and I watched as John's cock passed between them.

"Oohhhhh! F‑fuck!" he exclaimed as he had his first experience of Leigh's soft, wet mouth. "Oh‑hhh‑hhohhh! You sweet little cunt!" he moaned and he pushed her head down so that her mouth was now overfull with cock. Pushing her down further, she gagged a little, but he was so lost in the delicious feelings running through him from Leigh's mouth and tongue that he seemed to have lost all regard for her.

"Mnh! Mnff! MFFF!!" she exclaimed as she ****** and spluttered on John's cock, which he now began fucking up into her throat with determined thrusts.

"Ohh, fuck! Fffuuuuck!" he cried.

Suddenly her body jerked, and she exclaimed loudly, well, as loud as she could with her mouth stuffed with a cock. I then saw why. Steve was pushing his cock into her bum! Confirming that he was indeed an ass man (and Leigh's shapely ass is second to none), I watched as her anus yielded to Steve's fat prick as he eagerly pushed forward, seeking the tightness and warmth within.

Leigh's fingers dug into the lounge and her body trembled and jerked as her teeny bum once again struggled to take the full thick length of Steve's driving cock. With John ******* her head to remain in one place as he ******** face‑fucked her, and with Steve's big dick ****** all the way up her schoolgirl bum, I pulled on my cock like a man possessed. This was an amazing sight watching my seventeen‑year‑old dream girl being ravaged by her ******* best friend and a fifty‑year‑old stranger.

Steve started thrusting, hard jerking thrusts that shook Leigh's lithe body. Her tits swayed back and forth and her knees shifted as she struggled to maintain balance. "MFF! MFF! MMFF! MFF! MMMFF!" she repeated over and over as her face and ass were fucked simultaneously.

The two men were grunting and swearing at her between ragged breaths. "Little teasing cunt!" "Suck that cock!", "Slut tramp!" and "cheating little bitch!" were among the few harsh words I could make out. Steve and John were really getting into her, putting it to her, driving their cocks as far up into her as possible, drawing as much pleasure from her fuckholes as possible. I even saw Steve look over at John and smile wickedly; John, a knowing glint in his half closed, beady eyes, nodded.

Leigh's ass cheeks rippled as Steve, his mouth dropping open as he experienced the ecstasy that Leigh's body was giving him, pumped into her, his brow glossy with sweat. John was holding Leigh's head still with his large hands and jerking his cock up into her mouth, which was dribbling a mixture of saliva and precum down over her chin and onto his balls. His face was reddened and his body shook as the thrills shot from his cock right through him. His breathing and grunting picked up and his brow furrowed as he glared down at the back of Leigh's head with the look of a wild ******. "MN! MNH! Fuck yes! You...little...teenage...cunt... HnnnmmnaaaaHHH!" he exclaimed as he roughly pulled Leigh's head up.

Her mouth popped off his cock, which he grabbed just before he climaxed, bucking his hips as his cum shot up at her screwed up face.

"OHHHH! F‑F‑F‑FUUUUCK!" he hollered as the first jet hit her square in the eye, but he held her jolting head in place and another load went up her nose, all over her cheeks and stuck to her lips. The third lot doused her hair, instantly matting it. As he came his whole frame shook, his face trembled and saliva flew from between his gritted teeth.

With the subsiding of his orgasm, his grip of Leigh's head loosened and she slowly, dizzily lifted her cum painted face. But there was no word of complaint and she licked and wiped John's semen from her eyes and smooth cheeks while her body rocked from Steve's continued fucking of her ass. Steve had slowed while John came, but he now was picking up the pace again.

John, basking in his post‑cum haze, was lazily kissing Leigh now and fondling her tits while Steve, his breathing picking up, gave her long hard thrusts. It was his turn, his turn to cum.

Steve slapped Leigh's ass hard once, then took her by the hips and I watched, close to coming myself, as his dick slid in and out of her young bum. His eyes twitched and his body trembled slightly as his shortened breath grew faster.

John was kissing Leigh hard now, and his cock had started growing again already! I suppose that fucking delicious forbidden fruit will have that affect on a man. He was heavily groping her tits as I heard a yell. I looked to Steve to see him enter the throes of his climax.

His teeth gritted and cords stood out from his neck, the overwhelming pleasure that shot through him from Leigh's tight asshole now rendering him speechless. It sounded like he was ******* as he blew his cum into her bowels.

Leigh moaned muffled grunts into John's mouth, who was squeezing her tits as her body rocked under Steve's wilting thrusts. Spent, Steve's head dropped forward to rest on Leigh's sweating back, where he kissed and licked her smooth skin while slowly pulling back his hips to withdraw his long, fat dick from her ravaged asshole. It exited her bum with a pop and still half hard, it leaked the remains of his juice onto the couch cushion.

That was it, I let loose again, my second load of cum joining the first lot as my orgasm took hold of me, sending me into the dizzying heights of the greatest pleasure people can experience. Now that the event was over (but not yet finished, I think), I realized how much my fucking knees were hurting and I shifted slowly to ease the pain. From my new position I looked through the window again.

Pulling back from kissing her, but still kneading her tits, John smiled slyly at Steve, who had lifted his head slightly, his red face sweating.

Steve, naked below the waist, then collapsed back into the couch and took to regaining his breath. My luscious Leigh, clad only in her white socks, lowered her head onto John's legs, but not before she had tugged John's pants down below his knees. Slowly, softly, she now lazily lapped away at his hairy balls and hardening cock while she stretched her legs out over Steve's. Steve in turn, took to rubbing her legs and bum and for some minutes, the three of them just sat there in a daze, relishing all that had just happened.

A few more minutes passed, then Leigh, suddenly taking on a sullen and pouting expression, lifted herself up with her arms. With obviously feigned indignation she whined, "You bastards have both had your fun! Now if you're finished, I..."

She was cut short as John roughly pushed her back down into the sofa. Simultaneously Steve's hand shot between her thighs, thighs that willingly parted, to find her receptive pussy. Groping her cunt Steve said brusquely, "Finished? We've only just started with you, my delicious little Leigh."

Under Steve's renewed assault, she slowly ground her hips into the sofa as she slightly lifted her head from John's lap. She was slack jawed as she turned her head so that the two men couldn't see her face. A revealing smile then spread across my girlfriend's pretty face, a sultry, sluttish smile that said it all.

Fuck the boy's night! Looks like I was staying here outside a window to see all that was going to happen. There goes my self‑imposed therapy!

To be continued .


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I couldn't believe it... I had fallen a*****...

...and awoken to the sound of the neighbourhood birds chirping loudly in a tree above me. It was just before dawn, and as I gathered my thoughts it struck me where I was. Luckily it was dawn that woke me... not Steve, John or Leigh. I silently thanked her.

My cramped, reluctant limbs were like led as I ordered them to move as quickly and quietly as possible to see what, if anything, was going on inside. Slowly peering up over the lower ledge of the window I realized I had missed the second half of the show; the curtain had come down.

Leigh was nowhere to be seen and the tired looking Steve and John were in the final stages of dressing, laughing to each other as they made lecherous comments about the night's proceedings. Realizing that my world would soon be lit up, I quickly swiped away the smashed‑jellyfish looking globs of cum I had left on the wall and slunk away, disappointed I had missed the lurid finale.

I was simply knackered and had to get home to grab some kip before returning for the ****** camping trip I had promised Leigh I would go on... I didn't know how I'd fare. The simple act of walking to my car was near enough to break me. I popped the door, slumped into the driver's seat and turned the key; the engine roared to life. Cars never get tired, so I could rely on it to get me home. All I'd have to do was sit and turn the wheel at the appropriate times.

An hour into my much needed and very deep ***** I was awoken to the sound of my cell ringing. As expected, it was Leigh, the little cock slut who had just spent the night at the sexual whim of two men whose combined ages break a century. To maintain my innocence I asked why she sounded so tired. Her answer was a lame one... she just couldn't *****. I suppose it IS hard to ***** with two cocks pounding into your fuckholes. She asked if I could be around as soon as possible. Reluctantly I hauled my heavy limbs from the bed and proceeded to pack. It was well over an hour when I arrived back at Leigh's house on an unseasonably warm day.

Greg, her ******, had returned that morning. Looking fresh and chipper, he shook my hand and then promptly thrust a suitcase into it; the first of many I was to load into the mini van he had hired. The van itself it was already near full, the middle seats piled high, as they were the easiest to throw things onto. The very back seat was the only one free (even the front passenger seat was concealed under a mountain of fishing gear).

Then she walked out, possibly even more sexy when tired. Her lovely hair was disheveled (would there still be traces of cum in it?), her make‑up free face sooky and cute and her dress instantly cock hardening. All my delicious little Leigh had on was a loose fitting, flaring, short floral summer dress that accentuated her girlish charms, namely her jutting tits, pert round ass and lithe tanned legs. She chose to wear no shoes, but her olive skin made her feet look so lickable. Instantly my cock stirred. Even knowing what a slut she was, she still managed to look so innocent and vulnerable. Shame I couldn't get a quick load off into her receptive pussy, but she was certainly in for it when we arrived at the camping spot.

Then emerged from the house a thin, weedy man, aged in his mid forties and dressed in a style that his ****** would approve of (beige slacks and a sensible shirt). He had no chin to speak of, his eyes were weighed down by large bags, and his thinning hair was swiped across his scalp in a poor attempt to hide his baldness. His gait seemed a constant apology to all other men for never having done a day's exercise or hard work. "What a skinny little cunt," I snickered to myself as I watched this straw of a man make his way toward me, the edge of his mouth flickering in a nervous smile, his shaking, skeletal hand extended forth, just asking to be crushed by my youthful strength. I reserved my judgment however, and returned his grip with equal firmness. I'm not an asshole and he may just turn out to be a decent guy, maybe an hilarious guy, maybe the guy who saves my life were the van to crash...

And then he spoke. My bones jarred at the girlish tones emitted. "H‑hello there. I'm Terry. I'm new at Greg's work and to catch up on my responsibilities, I suggested to the boss that I spend the weekend together. The boss was pleased with my suggestion...not so sure Greg was though." Nice intro, dick.

Instantly, despite what the future may have held for us, I hated him. Rather I would die a painful death than live under the banner of being saved by Skeletor. I felt for poor fucking Greg having being lumped with this suck who had now ruined his weekend by having to work most of it away.

I nodded a quick greeting and returned to arranging the van, climbing in to secure the suitcases. Leigh approached and leaned in the side door in to hold up some gear while I moved some other stuff from under it. Though I was now in the rear seat of the van, through a gap I saw Terry catching a good eyeful of Leigh as she bent over, straining to push a few falling bags back in. "Christ, here we go again," I thought to myself as Terry scampered up beside Leigh like little puppy and giggled as he helped her. I saw her half smile, half grimace; she was thinking the same thing I was: "dweeb".

As Leigh pushed, I saw Terry stealing glances down her top, his ulterior motive thus revealed. I continued to stay as hidden as I could so geek‑boy could get aroused, because, of course, it aroused me. Leigh had now stepped up into the vehicle, while Terry had moved out of the van to be behind her. I saw him shoot a quick look in my direction, but couldn't see me looking at him through the pile of crap between us. He then looked back up toward Greg, who was turned the other way and intent on unwrapping some tangled fishing line. Feeling safe, Terry turned his attention back to Leigh ‑ well, her jutted out, barely concealed bum. With the speed of a rabbit, Terry bent forward and looked straight up Leigh's skirt! Instantly I saw his expression change to one of lust as his eyes went flat and mouth opened *************. Having scored a good look at my girlfriend's ass, he reluctantly tore his view away to stand erect, in more ways than one; his perving had also given me the beginnings of a hard on.

I emerged from the back of the van and helped with the rest of the packing, watching Terry trying his heart out to catch glances up Leigh's skirt and down her rather loose top. However, I did note that as soon as a cheerful‑as‑could‑be‑expected Greg emerged from the house, Terry's clandestine efforts at perving instantly desisted; being caught by your new workmate perving at his ******** would not be an ideal start to your working relationship, not make you real popular around the office. Greg announced that the van was packed and ready to go, though he also noted that his view from the rear view mirror was blocked. Dismissing it, he ordered everyone into the van.

With the very back seat the only option left, Terry slid in first (stating that he needed a window seat), then, like the gentlemen that Terry wasn't, I ushered Leigh in next (though she did throw me a dirty look for having ****** her to sit next to dweeb‑boy), and finally I clamoured in. The back seat, though small, sat the three of us in relative comfort, but our view through the front was completely obscured by the pile of camping crap. Greg apologized for not having the foresight to hire a larger van, and then muted our mock‑complaints by kicking over the engine and revving the **** out of the buzzbox ‑ we all laughed. Terry's girly giggle made me want to break his jaw, but I figured that might put a dampener on things. Why did I hate him so much, so quickly?

The first hour of the trek past quickly, with all manner of driving games, songs, jokes, etc., easing the discomfort that was beginning to set in. I could see that Terry had conveniently placed his hand on his leg closest to Leigh and then had moved it around his leg bit by bit, allowing himself inconspicuous contact with her soft lower thigh. I let him have his cheap thrill. I could hardly get upset over that after the last three episodes of having guys fuck my teeny princess while I furiously pulled myself.

By well into the second hour everyone had grown quiet. The trip was now a chore and we all just wanted it to end. Leigh then placed her head on my shoulder and snuggled into me in preparation to drift off. I took the opportunity to sniff her hair: it had been washed. The droning of the wheels on the road, the rocking of the car and the surrounding countryside that seemed to loop like a cartoon backdrop soon made my eyes heavy; I too was succumbing to the lack of *****. Soon my head lolled, came to rest softly against the window and I drifted off...

...I don't know what woke me, but that didn't matter so much as what I had awoken to. With my eyes having only half‑opened I could see Terry had angled his head and was trying to look down the top of Leigh's dress! Feeling a tingle in my balls, I pretended to ***** as I watched Terry lick his lips and swallow. A vein was throbbing in his temple and he moved his non‑existent jaw slightly as he ground his teeth. All this he did *************, as he reveled in his secret little perv. I wondered how long this had been going on for. I noted that he would sporadically glance up at either Leigh or I, but the great majority of the time was spent ******** in my gorgeous girlfriend's *****ing, vulnerable form. He was looking her up and down slowly, taking in every single details of her beautiful teenage body. Then I saw the hand that was on his leg move... slowly he shifted the hand up, while hooking his little finger around the hem of Leigh's soft skirt...

Taking a deep, slightly shuddering breath, he checked both of us then returned his attention to Leigh's lower thigh. He swallowed, ran his tongue quickly over his thin lips... and then he began to slide her skirt up, bit by bit, torturously slowly, achieving in revealing just a little more of her round, tanned thigh with every shift of his hand. As I felt my erection begin to push against my jeans, Terry stopped to gather himself, took a few deep breaths and then continued. Leigh's skirt began to crumple as Terry pushed it up toward the swelling of the top of her leg. He blinked slowly a few times, took another deep breath and ever so gently, ever so slowly, took the hem of her skirt more fully in his hand and moved it back... just enough to reveal the frilled legband of her flowery pink cotton panties.

I glanced at Terry's face... it was priceless. The fucking perv, taking advantage of my *****ing girlfriend, now gazed in a trance, disbelieving that he was feasting his eyes on her knickers and the flawless skin of her hips. Dweeb‑boy was gutsy... or desperate; her boyfriend was (supposedly) a***** next to her and her fucking ****** was driving the car! Not content with what he had achieved, the quietly panting geek went for a little more. To be honest, I couldn't blame him...and, truly, what mortal man could stop himself in his position? I felt my balls churn as, following a quick glance to ensure we remained a*****, Terry slowly began to lift the hem that covered her crotch.



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Quickly he sucked back a line of drool that threatened to escape his mouth and then bit his lip. Pulling back his breath, he laid his eyes upon Leigh's panty covered cunt. I swear he looked set to fucking cry with joy as he looked down upon the clearly discernable lips, nether lips that were pressed tight against the straining cotton of her girly panties.

I'm sure he was in disbelief at what he was seeing, this delicious teenage girl's cunt, right there, but a short distance from his reddening face! Somehow I figured it a fair guess that he'd not seen a cunt he hadn't paid to see in an age, and now here was a free viewing of the finest pussy he was ever lucky enough to cast an eye upon. I noticed his eyes were bulging and his brow had begun to sweat profusely. And then I noticed something else, his other hand moved... towards his cock. Slowly he began to rub the front of his pants.

Soon he was really getting into it, pulling strange fucking faces that accentuated his ugliness as he quickly stimulated his rock hard cock while staring my ******** Leigh's camel toe. Bolstered by either courage or lust (probably the latter), Terry, now (amazingly) unsatisfied with how far he had gotten, folded Leigh's skirt back on itself and removed his hand. The skirt stayed where it was. Then slowly, ever so slowly and gently, he moved his hand down toward the top of her panties!

Again he stopped to steady himself. Taking few deep breaths and squinting to push the sweat out of his eyes, his shaking hand moved that last half‑inch... to delicately take the top of her panties between his thumb and forefinger.

Still rubbing himself, Terry swallowed nervously, took another short respite to calm himself, and peering with the eyes of a hawk on his target, slowly, very, very slowly, pulled the top of Leigh's cotton panties forward. The geeky bastard then leaned slightly to the side to peer down the top. His eyes widened. He was looking at her cunt!

He swallowed, then swallowed again, and I'm sure he stopped breathing as his disbelieving eyes absorbed every detail of Leigh's pussy. This fucking geek must have had the hard on of a lifetime! Here he was with a stunning teenage girl whose skirt he had pulled up and panties he had pulled out to be now peeking with great delight at her beautiful little pussy.

I'm sure it was minutes that passed as Terry continued with eyes agog to appreciate the sight before him. As he peered down the top of Leigh's panties, he continued to rub himself and his face twitched with both pleasure and the internal battle of whether to allow himself to cum in his pants or not.

Seeing that she had not stirred even in the slightest, Terry's confidence that she would (very hopefully) not wake seemed to grow. How did I know this? Because of the fact that the fingers he was not using to hold Leigh's panties out had begun to softly stroke the downy wisps of her pussy hair.

His teeth clenched and unclenched and his lips quivered as he had his first contact with the soft, warm, yielding flesh of my girlfriend's cunt. He rubbed himself with great vigour, seeming to not care how he would have to deal with the cum in his pants once we alighted the vehicle. But honestly, would any man care? Loving nothing more than to blow a load myself, I returned my attention to Terry's eager but cautious fingers. They had stopped the stroking of her fine hair... and now rested against the soft skin above her lips. Obviously unable to restrain himself, despite the consequences, he took his thumb and forefinger from the top of her panties. Slowly, shakily, he pushed his hand down!

Then he did something else. Slowly twisting his body and legs away from us as much as possible, I saw him stop rubbing the outside of his pants only to push his hand down inside them! Blinking slowly, his mouth ************* opened as his hand found his cock. As I watched, the material of his pants began to rise and fall.

His breathing became shallow, sounding like a distant machine gun as it shuddered in then out. His whole frame shook slightly as he got away with this amazing stunt. I looked back down to see the hand that was invading my girlfriend's panties to begin to push slowly, gently down again. His jaw shuddered and his eyes blinked erratically. I looked down to find out why: his hand had disappeared so far down Leigh's knickers that his fingers would be touching her sweet pussy lips!

With his body twisted away, the ugly cunt looked back down at his invading hand with pure lust across his face. He must have been just amazed at what he was doing! I saw the material of her knickers moving up and down slightly. He was playing with her clit!

The astounding gall of this prick, I thought, as I felt my balls set to explode! I saw his body jerk slightly and his chest shuddered as he wanked what would be a rock‑hard dick. This 45‑year‑old geek was sweating and licking his lips, blinking and shaking, his breath laboured, as he played with my girl's delightful teen pussy.

Then, amazingly, I heard her breathing change slightly and the muscles of her back shift against me. She was getting turned on, which means Terry's fingers were getting wet. Slowly, with careful, measured strokes, Terry fingered his new workmate's ******** ********* cunt. Her breathing changed again and she let out a short, quiet moan, and then shouldered into me as she moved slightly to shift her hips forward.

Stunned by this, Terry closed his eyes to regain some semblance of control and opened them to recommence his ********* of the seventeen‑year‑old girl beside him.

"How's things back there?" broke in Greg.

I'm sure that was the closest Terry had ever been to a heart attack! Finding his voice he shakily answered "Oh...oh...w‑were fine. The kids are asleep, and I'm not far off myself."

Yeah, right, "Not far off cumming in his pants as he fingers your ******** ********* cunt", I felt like adding.

Terry's face turned slowly back toward us. His face went white. Leigh had awoken to catch him with his hand inside her panties!

Instantly I could see his mind being assaulted by images of his shattered life; of Leigh yelling out to her Dad; of me and Greg punching the **** out of him; of him losing his job; of his life being destroyed. He was set frozen, mouth wide open, eyes pleading; so paralyzed he hadn't even removed the trespassing hand. Leigh just looked at him, but as she was facing away from me her expression was hidden. Terry looked set to burst into tears as he slowly mouthed the words, "I'm sorry. Please. Please don't say anything. Pleeeeaaassse."

The shamed, terrified Terry then slowly began to withdraw his hand from her between her thighs. He was just about out of her panties when his finger must have touched something that caused her to shiver and let slip an involuntary moan. They both stopped, the frozen, expressionless Terry unsure what to do. He looked at Leigh without expression...and still unsure, still silently questioning her, he slowly pushed his hand back down.



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Leigh quickly shook her head, commanding him silently to stop, but her body had betrayed her. She quivered again and her back arched so very slightly. That was all this ugly little prick needed. A dark look came to his eyes and a slight smirk appeared on his lips.

But she wasn't giving up the pretension of not wanting this yet. With both hands she grasped Terry's thin, black haired wrist and attempted to pull his hand out her knickers. He resisted, and as a little show of effort crept into his lust filled expression, he pushed back down and I watched his fingers recommence working away inside her panties.

If she really wanted this to stop, she only had to yell out. Instead, her grip slackened on his wrist and now she just held onto his arm like a brace.

Terry was in fucking heaven, stunned that this little teen hottie was letting him feel her cunt. His eyes shifted between watching her gorgeous face scrunch up (as I knew it to do) and his hand between her soft teenage thighs. Leigh shifted slightly to move her hips forward in order to push her cunt his against his hand, and then laid her head back against me, totally giving herself up to Terry.

His face was pure bliss, he looked both ***** and wired and I knew he now didn't want this journey to end. With Leigh's capitulation, Terry's confidence quickly grew. He took his hand from within his pants and slowly undid his fly! I figured that he was bursting to cum, but this was just insane.

Leigh saw this and seemed to wake from her cloud of lust to stiffen. She too knew this was madness. Shaking her head vigorously, she waved her hands to signal "No!" But, how could a man such as Terry, presented with this situation, possibly acquiesce? The rational man had left Terry; the ****** had taken over.

Ignoring my girlfriend's pleas, Terry fumbled with his pants...and then it appeared, his throbbing, precum covered cock. It wasn't big by any means, and it was thin, but to call it small would be lying. Terry looked to Leigh, who had withdrawn from him as much as possible, and then shot a glance down at his cock and quickly back up at her again, hinting for her to do something, anything. Leigh had pulled her hands up to her chest, but with his other hand still down her pants stimulating her, he knew he still had a chance.

Reaching across, Terry took hold of Leigh's closest wrist, and firing a quick glance to me, began to pull her hand toward his quivering, glistening dick. I could feel her muscles flex as she resisted, but, bit by bit, he was winning the fight. Soon, though it was clenched into a fist, her hand, albeit the back of it, made it's first contact with his cock! Immediately he shuddered, probably more overwhelmed by the fact that this gorgeous teen was touching his dick than any sexual sensation he was experiencing.

With a grimace of effort he began rubbing her hand up and down the shaft while working away inside her panties to keep her level of stimulation high as possible as a guard against her stopping this whole thing. I felt her begin to relax again, then move in slight jerks and quivers... his fingers were doing their work. Then something else happened... she opened her hand.

Terry's jaw dropped and his eyes went flat as he watched her soft feminine hand slowly wrap around his turgid dick. He blinked, visibly shook, did all he could to repress a groan and then threw his head back as his workmate's teenage ******** began to slowly wank him. I watched with utter amazement, my own cock so painful, begging for what Terry was getting. My pants were full of precum, my lust barely containable.

Terry's head leaned forward again, his brow knitted tight, his jaw shaking, his eyes half closed as he reveled in the pleasure shooting through him from my girlfriend's slow pumping of his straining cock. I could see that he wouldn't last long, the build up to this moment having primed him till bursting point. But with his cock out of his pants, he would make a mess everywhere with no way of concealing what had happened. He must have been thinking the same thing, as I watched him lift a shaking arm. His hand moved toward Leigh and then took hold of the back of her head...

Leigh was beyond fighting now. Without the slightest resistance, she let her head be pulled down toward Terry's crotch. As she peeled away from me, I saw Terry's look of astonishment as he watched this unfold, watched this gorgeous teenage girl's mouth make its way toward his cock. And then it happened... she opened her mouth and allowed this ugly 45‑year‑old geek's cock to slide in between her soft, full lips. I nearly blew my load.

If Terry had any unknown heart problems, they would have surfaced there and then. I had never known a man's face could scrunch up so much, nor eyes roll so far back in a man's head as he experienced the sublime pleasure of my girlfriend's wet, willing mouth.

Poor Greg, the man was oblivious to the fact that in the back seat of the very car he was driving, his teenage ********'s mouth was stuffed full with the cock of his new work associate. For some reason the thought gave me an incredible thrill. I think the thrill was increased by the fact that I hated this guy, that he was such a cretin, such a weak little cunt; but despite all that, he had ******* my gorgeous teen girlfriend into sucking him off.

Terry had now taken a handful of Leigh's hair and was scrunching it hard as her head moved up and down over his crotch. His body trembled and he did all he could to stifle his groans, but they came, croaking out of his tightened throat. The prick still had his hand under the folded Leigh, still had his fingers doing whatever they were doing to her. But I think that action was more automatic than anything as he looked down at the back of Leigh's bobbing head, overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure his cock was finding buried in her talented sucking mouth.

I was amazed he had lasted so long, but my amazement was short lived. He swallowed endlessly, trying to hold back the groans. He shook and shifted, he blinked and his eyes rolled. And then, suddenly, his whole body jerked and he clenched his teeth as he pushed Leigh's head down, oblivious to her muffled protests. He was cumming, cumming hard, and I swear it was the toughest battle he'd ever known not to scream out in joy as he pumped his dick up into her teenage mouth and shot his geek cum down her throat. It must have been an age since he'd let such a load go as Leigh ****** slightly and let out a little cough.

"Everything okay back there?" sounded Greg from the front.

This interruption to his ecstasy ****** Terry to quickly come down from his mind‑blowing orgasm, but he was incapable of speech. Instead, he was saved by Leigh, who, while wiping her mouth, saved Terry with a sweet voice that belied her slutty ways, "Yes, Dad...I'm sure everyone's fine back here. But I need to stop for a *****."

Any wonder?



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ma dure vie de prof

Mais qu'est ce qui m'a pris d'accepter ce poste de prof remplaçant dans ce lycée de jeunes filles!

Toutes ces petites lolitas qui vous jettent au visage leurs nichons bien formés de femmes enfants, leurs cuisses bien pleines, voir plus, comme la jeune Agnès Martinez à ma droite, assise à trois mètres de mon bureau, qui a cet instant même essaie de capter mon attention, et qui y arrive fort bien!!

Je suis souvent assis sur le coin de mon bureau, pour expliquer un devoir, une jambe pendante, ce qui fait ressortir encore plus le paquet que j'ai entre les jambes, est ce ma faute si la nature m'a doté d'un sexe imposant qui déforme ma braguette et fait se retourner les femmes dans la rue.

D'ailleurs, pas plus tard que la semaine dernière, une jeune femme arrive en face de moi sur le trottoir, les yeux fixés sur mon entre jambe avec un sourire en coin, une fois qu'elle m'a croisé je me retourne sur elle en même temps qu'elle le fait elle même! Une demi-heure plus tard sa petite culotte ornait mon tableau de bord tandis que les cuisses écartées sur le siège passager je me préparais à la pilonner

- NON ! Arrête tu es trop gros j'ai mal!

Mon gland crisse dans ses chairs qui ne ***t pas prêtes à recevoir mon engin.

- Trop tard! Faut savoir ce que tu veux! Concentre toi, tu vas mouiller et çà iras mieux

Quelques minutes plus tard c'est elle qui en redemande!

Mais revenons en à la petite perruche qui pourtant est bonne élève, m'aguiche, depuis un moment elle s'amuse assise bien au bord extérieur de *** siège, à balancer à intervalles réguliers *** genou vers le milieu de l'allée ce qui a pour effet de laisser voir la partie la plus étroite de sa culotte rose dont quelques poils châtains dépassent sur les cotés, elle me fixe avec un sourire narquois, comment voulez vous faire correctement un cours!

Mes phrases ***t hachées, je bafouille, les élèves se consultent et se demandent ce qui ne va pas!

- Tout va bien monsieur??

- Comment? Heuuu oui çà va excusez moi!

Heureusement je suis sauvé par la ***nerie qui met fin au cours, les jeunes filent vers la sortie comme des bombes!

- Mademoiselle Martinez veuillez rester s'il vous plaît, j'ai à vous parler gamine rougit seulement l'espace d'un instant et reprend très vite une attitude provocante, nous voilà seuls dans la classe.

- Mademoiselle je ne supporte plus de voir votre fond de culotte, çà me gêne.

- Haaa! Çà vous gêne? Il fallait le dire! De toute façon çà me gêne aussi!

Et sans se démonter elle passe ses mains sous sa jupe à ma grande surprise je vois le bout de tissu rose descendre le long de ses jambes, et d'une main elle le lance sur mon bureau, je n'ai pas le temps de dire ouf qu'elle a déjà disparut!

Hébété je m'assieds à mon bureau, je contemple cette protection de chatte, justement exposée coté doublure en coton, un filet humide tout en longueur indique que la fente de sa jeune moule devait suinter d'excitation.

Comme un automate je m'empare de sa culotte et la porte à mes narines ......quelle merveilleuse odeur de femme ....putain, je bande!

Rapidement je défais ma fermeture pour en extraire difficilement ma queue raide... je me branle, le tissu plaqué sur le nez, tellement excité qu'en deux minutes j'ai atteins le point de non retour, je décharge à gros bouillons seul chose qui me tombe sous la main pour recevoir ces flots de foutre et ne pas tout balancer sur le sol est la petite culotte: elle est rapidement trempée, je frotte mon gland à l'emplacement exact de sa chatte sur le slip

Soudain des pas ré***nent dans le couloir, j'ai à peine le temps de me réajuster que l'on frappe a ma porte....

- Entrez.....

- Heuuu, excusez moi pour tout à l'heure monsieur, je ne sais pas ce qui m'a pris! Mais je voudrais récupérer ma culotte car si maman s'aperçois demain que je n'ai pas mise de culotte à laver je vais me faire tuer!!

- Ha! ...... c'est que ......hé bien .....

- Hé bien?? Elle est là je la vois! Je peux la reprendre??

- Boff, oui va y, après tout .....

- HAAAAA!! Mais qu'est ce c'est .....Elle est toute gluante! Vous avez déchargé dedans ma parole!!

- Chut, pas si fort, je vais t'expliquer...... et puis c'est ta faute après tout!j'ai beau être ton prof, je n'en reste pas moins un homme! à ***** de me montrer ton entre cuisse voilà ce qui arrive .....

- Oui, c'est vrai je reconnais que j'y suis allée un peu fort, bon pour la culotte je vais m'arranger ....rassurez vous çà reste entre nous!!

- Merci petite, bonsoir .....

Le lendemain matin, je suis à mon bureau une demi heure avant l'arrivée des élèves, de nouveau on frappe... C'est encore la petite Martinez......

- Excusez moi de vous déranger monsieur, mais maman voudrait vous rencontrer ... rassurez vous çà n'a pas de rapports avec ' çà' C'est pour me donner quelques cours ....

- HA, bon? pourtant tu suis à merveille! et, quand veut elle me voir??

- Si c'est possible, ce soir vers dix sept heures à la mai***.

- D'accord, j'y serais ......

Toute la journée ça cogite dans ma tête, et si? Et pourquoi? est ce que j'y vais? Et pourtant à l'heure dite je frappe au domicile de la petite Martinez et c'est elle-même qui m'ouvre

- Entrez! Maman n'est pas encore arrivée, je vais vous faire un café pour vous faire patienter, installez vous au salon.

En attendent mon café je tourne en rond dans le salon coquet, soudain, la jeune Agnès fait *** apparition ....vêtue simplement d'une serviette entrelacée sur ses seins, dont le bas cache à peine ses poils, un plateau dans les mains sur lequel ***t déposés les cafés fumants.

Elle me regarde avec ce petit sourire que je reconnais bien ...

- Excusez moi, je me suis préparée pour la douche en attendant que le café passe!

Elle pose le plateau sur la table basse, de fait, sa position en se relevant fait tomber la serviette au sol, elle se redresse entièrement nue à cinquante centimètres de moi .....

- Monsieur ...Georges ... je vous demande pardon pour mon attitude en classe

La voilà qui se met à sangloter... que faire? Je lui prends les épaules, la tenant éloignée de moi, car sa tenue fait monter en moi un début d'érection, ses sanglots s'accentuent, elle donne l'impression de pleurer à chaude larmes ... réel ou chiqué??

- Je suis une vilaine fille trop gâtée, ne m'en veuillez pas.... maman m'élève seule, et je profite de sa bonté

Agnès se colle à moi, la tête sur mon torse, les bras autour de ma taille, elle ne peu ignorer ma queue bandée qui s'est déployée dans mon boxer

- Allez, ressaisis toi, maman va arriver ...

- Maman n'arrive que dans une heure ... je vous ai menti un peu voulais me retrouver seule avec vous avant *** arrivée ...vous devez être puissant ....à voir l'état de ma petite culotte... je veux la voir Georges, s'il te plaît ....


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Je reste impuissant quand ses mains s'attaquent à ma ceinture de pantalon, mes bras reste le long de moi, impossible d'avoir une réaction positive, je devrais la repousser violemment, et ... rien, mon pantalon tombe lamentablement à mes chevilles, je suis conscient que mon gland dépasse de l'élastique du boxer

Sa tête se décolle de ma poitrine pour regarder vers le bas.

- Hoooo! C'est beau ...C'est gros! C'est long!, j'ai trop envie ...

Agnès se baisse lentement agrippant mon slip pour l'entraîner lui aussi vers le bas ...*** souffle chaud caresse ma bite, puis sa bouche s'en empare, je lève les yeux au ciel la bouche ouverte, je ne peux qu'apprécier la caresse, mes mains se posent de chaques cotés de sa tête pour imprimer un mouvement de va et vient, elle se recule juste un instant pour dire:

- Viens! Donne moi tout, j'ai l'habitude, avec les copines on s'amuse à faire des concours dans les chiottes du bahut!

Puis elle me lèche savamment, peut être mieux qu'une vraie femme, la gamine me taille une pipe d'enfer, ses seins fermes frottent sur mes cuisses ... je vais jouir....... j'essaie de me retirer mais elle me cramponne par les couilles, voilà les soubresauts ... la première giclée la fait hoqueter, mais courageusement elle avale, aussitôt la deuxième encore plus fournie passe mieux que la première, je suis plié en deux par la violence de cette jouissance, les autres fusées ***t littéralement tétées comme un petit veau le ferait!

Lorsqu'Agnès relève la tête elle a du sperme sur le menton!

- HAAAAA!! Quelle dose! Je comprend pourquoi mon slip était trempé!! Rassure toi mes copines ne sauront jamais ce qui vient de se passer, au fait, même si tu ne me crois pas, je suis vierge!

Soudain dehors, un crissement de pneus sur le gravier nous rappelle à la réalité

- Mon dieu c'est maman! je te laisse, je vais sous la douche!

Je me retrouve seul comme un con, juste le temps de réajuster mon froc et la mère entre

- Bonjour monsieur, ha je vous reconnais, vous êtes le prof d'Agnès!

- Bonjours madame Martinez, effectivement je suis *** prof

- Mais elle vous a laissé tout seul? C'est bien elle çà!

- Elle vient de partir prendre sa douche m'a-t-elle dit

- Prendre sa douche? Il ne s'est rien passé au moins?

- Que voulez vous dire?

- Tout simplement que je là connais! je vais vous mettre à l'aise ... pour le slip mouillé par votre sperme.... Rassurez vous je ne vous en veux pas! cette gamine est une provocatrice, je l'ai surprise hier soir alors qu'elle allait faire tremper sa culotte, entre nous très amidonnée! la lui ai retirée des mains, pour tout vous avouer, je l'ai moi même reniflée en me caressant cette nuit .... Si je vous disais qu'elle a fait fuir mon dernier compagnon qui n'en pouvait plus de supporter sa nudité, et même plus! elle minaudait devant lui comme une chatte en chaleur, j'en étais à un tel point que j'étais prête à le partager avec elle, ce qui fait qu'elle est toujours vierge

- Elle m'a dit çà ....

- Vous pouvez le croire, elle ne ment pas, du moins pour des choses graves!mais, demain elle a rendez vous chez notre gynéco pour qu'elle prenne enfin la pilule, car je sens que sa virginité lui pèse maintenant ... et, je ne sais comment vous dire ... vous êtes un excellent prof.

- Vous me flattez!

- Du tout, et quand je vois les femmes détailler votre pantalon et surtout quand je les entends parler de vous lors des réunions de parents ....elle a jeté *** dévolu sur vous n'y a plus qu'une solution ...

- C'est-à-dire madame?

- Je veux que vous fassiez de ma fille une femme, c'est elle qui vous a choisi, cent fois vous plutôt qu'un petit con qui va la rater et s'en vanter deux minutes après dans la rue

- Vous vous rendez compte de ce que vous me demandez?

- Tout à fait, mais il serait vraiment bête que des bruits courent au lycée sur vous....

- Ha, je vois ....

- Non, ce n'est pas du chantage, mais vous savez comment ***t les ados! si elle reste sur un échec...

Sur cet entrefait Agnès entre vêtue d'une sortie de bain très courte est une serviette nouée sur la tête

- Vous parliez de moi?

- Ha te voilà ma chérie, oui, nous avons parlé avec Georges, et je pense qu'il va être d'accord pour faire de toi une femme, ne rougis pas, c'est un homme qui connaît tout de la vie, demain tu as rendez vous chez notre gynéco pour la pilule.

- Haa, chez ce vieux vicieux?

- Voyons c'est un vieux monsieur, certes, mais il est de grands services, il a eu ta grand mère, il m'a eu, et il va t'avoir ... comme cliente j'entend!

- Demain mercredi, l'après midi vous êtes libre Georges?

- Bien que çà m'ennuie profondément de passer pour un sextoy décapsuleur sur pattes, je ne vois pas comment y échapper!

- Très bien! Encore une chose, il n'est pas question d'amour entre vous, quelques préliminaires avant le passage à l'acte, mais c'est tout

- C'est bien comme çà que je le vois, à demain mesdames!

Quelle galère, en même temps la petite chatte de cette jeune vierge me fascine, tant pis pour la moralité, je viendrais!

Le lendemain malgré ma réticence per***nelle je suis là, la mère me reçois en peignoir, d'àprés la quantité de chair que j'aperçois elle est nue dessous, j'espère que ce n'est pas un coup monté uniquement pour baiser la mère!

- Agnès n'est pas encore arrivée de chez *** gynéco, elle ne va pas tarder mettez vous à votre aise...

- Merci, vous êtes charmante madame!

- Merci! Appelle moi Hortense! j'aurais quand même bien voulu voir ce que ma fille va recevoir en elle, car tout compte fait, nous nous ba***s sur des 'on dit '

- Vous voulez voir ... mon sexe??

- Sil vous plaît... baissez votre pantalon ....

Je me lève elle reste assise sur le canapé, sans slip dessous l'affaire est vite faite!

- Bien! Voilà la bête ... çà vous va?

- Mon dieu! Elle est comment en érection?

- Flattez là de la main elle va vous répondre!

Sans hésiter Hortense prend mon chibre dans sa main, presque instantanément *** volume augmente à une vitesse grand V!

- Mon dieu! Jamais Agnès ne va pouvoir prendre çà pour une première fois?

- Voyons, Hortense vous savez bien qu'une chatte vierge ou non, se dilate en fonction de ce qu'elle veut avaler!!

- C'est vrai, mais vous ferez doucement n'est ce pas?? Je veux que ma fille profite de la 'première pressée' si j'ose dire! sinon j'aurais volontiers testé cette queue!!, je ne vous cache pas je mouille en ce moment!

- Hé bien nous verrons ce que je peu faire pour vous après le sacrifice!

- Ha! Voila Agnès .... Alors ma fille chérie comment çà c'est passé??

- Je ne m'étais pas trompée, c'est un gros cochon!!, tu veux tous les détails??

- Il ne t'a pas ...

- Baisée? Non! Mais ce n'es pas l'envie qui lui manquait! j'ai l'impression qu'il est au courant de ce qui va se passer ici non??

- Oui, c'est vrai je l'ai mis dans la confidence ...ceci dit à ta prochaine visite il t'examinera plus en profondeur ....

- En clair, il me baisera! aujourd'hui il m'a examinée à la loupe! Comme il ne pouvait pas enfoncer ses doigts dans ma chatte, il m'a fait mettre à quatre pattes, graissé le trou du cul ... trois doigts dedans! mon boyau est encore plein de gel, par contre il m'a passé délicatement une lingette sur ma moule! je suis prête!! C'est maintenant?? Je vois que Georges est en pleine forme! Tu t'en es servie maman?

- Non, je te laisse la priorité, je voulais seulement voir à quoi tu t'exposais... si nous allions dans la chambre?? Le lit est prêt, j'ai mis une alèse c'est plus prudent.

Arrivés au pied du lit les deux femmes ***t très près de moi, d'une voix tremblante la mère me dit:

- Je vous enlève la chemise Georges?

- Allez y je n'ai plus que çà sur moi ...


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— Tu as vu chérie ces pectoraux? Touche... sens *** odeur d'homme, enlèves ton chemisier, frottes tes seins sur lui... Georges, défaite lui sa jupe, je lui enlève sa culotte ....

La chatte de la vierge est tout prés de mon gland, au passage je remarque que pour l'occasion elle est épilée!

- Baisse toi, suce le chérie, je vais te faire voir comment on fait ....

- Maman fout moi la paix! Je ne t'ai pas attendue pour le faire!!

- Tu... tu l'as déjà sucé??

- Oui! Hier! et c'était vachement bon!! Tu devrais nous laisser maintenant, tu reviens quand j'hurlerais de bonheur!

- Comme tu veux ma fille, mais j'aurais quand même bien voulu assister ....à tout à l'heure ...

Une fois seule la fille se pend à mon cou, et se frotte sur ma monstrueuse érection.

- Georges ... bouffe moi la veux connaître ça avant de passer à la casserole!

Doucement je la bascule sur le lit les jambes sur mes épaules, les lèvres ***t légèrement entrouvertes, mouillées ...elle se presse les seins et se mord les lèvres, je colle ma bouche à ce calice, Agnès sursaute, puis se détend, elle s'offre à mes caresses

- OUIIIIIIIII ..... Que c'est booooonnnnnnn, lèche moi bien chéri ....

Faute de pouvoir enfoncer des doigts dans sa chatte je lui en mets un dans *** petite trou, effectivement il est ouvert et plein de gel lubrifiant... elle pousse *** bassin afin de profiter au maximum des caresses? Puis elle bêle comme un jeune ****** en jouissant.

- Que c'est fort! Plus fort que lorsque je me caresse moi-même!... je suis prête Georges, c'est le me met comment?? Comme ça? Je fais la grenouille?

- Très bien! Regarde ta chatte s'ouvre toute seule! je vais faire doucement, mais elle est bien lubrifiée ...

- Je veux que tu me regardes bien dans les yeux quand tu vas pousser ....

- Regarde plutôt quand je vais m'enfoncer, tu vas sentir ton ventre s'ouvrir ma queue va disparaître en toi....

Je prends appui sur mes bras, laissant du champ entre nos corps, je dirige avec mon bassin ma queue vers l'ouverture humide.

- Ta petite fleur va devenir une plante carnivore! Tu y es??? Je grogne de satisfaction en sentant ma bitte s'engouffrer dans ce boyau chaud et gluant qui n'a jamais vu une queue, Hortense se tient dans l'embrasure de la porte, nue, elle se masturbe

- OUIIIIIIIIII! Pousse, maintenant!!!!!!!!

Lentement mais fermement, j'avance mon bassin, une légère résistance... d'un coup sec je me propulse en avant

- AAIIIEEEE ..... Aie ... aie OUIIIIIIIIIII enfonce moi ta bitte bien au fond!! Que c'est bon de baiser!! Ramone-moi bien avant de décharger Ouuuuiiiiiii ooouuiiiiiiiii!! MAMAN!! Je jouiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

- HOOOOOO ma fille ça y est!!! C'est bon une queue?

- Hoooo oui!! Elle est grosse! Elle soulève mon ventre!! Regarde ses couilles tapent sur mon petit trou!!

La mère se branle frénétiquement en regardant sa fille se faire mettre, soudain je me crispe, le gland pousse le fond de sa gaine vaginale ...

- TIENNNT! Prend tout!!

- Maman!! Çà gicle!! C'est chaud! Je suis remplie de foutre!! Ça coule entre mes fesses!!

- Oui! Je vois chérie! Tu n'es plus vierge, il y a un peu de sang mélangé au sperme .... Je jouis moi aussiiiiiiiii!!!

A regret je me retire de cette chatte brûlante, je bande petite reste sur le lit nue, dans la position du fœtus, une main sur sa moule comme pour empêcher tout ce qu'elle a pris dans *** ventre de ressortir, ses yeux se ferment, elle dort!

- Elle est belle ma fille! Cela va faire une belle femme, les hommes n'ont qu'à bien se tenir!... mais Georges vous bandez toujours?

- Que voulez vous! C'est dans ma nature, je ne débande jamais à ma première décharge! Pas plus qu'à la troisième d'ailleurs! à ce propos pourrais-je aller me laver?

- Oui, mais avant voulez vous me suivre dans ma chambre?? J'aimerais vous parler ...

Je me doute du genre de conversation! Mais bon enfant je la suis

- Georges j'ai très envie de vous nettoyer le sexe moi même avec ma bouche, après tout ce n'est pas sale, ça vient de la chair de ma chair!!

- Elle est à votre disposition chère madame! et moi j'ai aussi très envie de vous dévorer l'abricot!! Alors vite! En soixante neuf!

Sa chatte aux poils bien taillés est onctueuse, *** goût de femme me plaît bien! Ma bitte est léchée du haut en bas, même ce qui a coulé sur mes couilles est goulûment absorbé

- Hortense: je pense que vous devriez vous mettre en levrette maintenant!

- Ho merci, je n'osais pas vous le demander! Ça fait trois mois que je n'ai pas baisé!

- Alors cambrez vous bien ma queue arrive!

- HAAAAAAAA, je ressens ce que ma fille a subit! Quelle monstre cette bitte!! HOOOO OUIIIII!!!! Ramonez-moi le vestibule!

Cette chienne en manque propulse *** cul sur moi, mes couilles frappent *** clitoris, j'étire sa gaine vaginale elle jouit en gueulant à faire tomber les cloi***s.

- Chuuuuutt!! Vous allez réveiller Agnès!!

- C'est plus fort que moi! je ne peux pas me retenir!! Tant pis si elle se réveille c'est trop booooonnnnnnn!!!!! Donnez-moi vite votre purée!!

- HAAAaaaaaa! La voilà ma purée, je vais vous remplir la chatte salope!! Haaaaa Haaaaa ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

- Hé bien maman?? C'est bon de se faire mettre hein?? Vous m'avez réveillée!je peux me joindre à vous en tant que vraie femme?? Georges, tu peux me prendre comme maman? Ça doit être bon!!

- Hoooo! Les filles je ne suis pas une machine!!.... Bon, allez poses toi à coté de ta mère, je suis à toi tout de suite, mais après je me tire!!

Agnès, la moule encore à vif c'est laissée faire comme une grande, mon bas ventre claque à grand bruit sur ses fesses, du jus gluant coule de sa fente à chaques coups de rein, les draps de sa mère ***t baptisés!

- Merci pour tout Georges vous pouvez compter sur notre entière discrétion, il n'est pas dans mon intérêt que ça se sache! Je vais demander à mon ancien compagnon de revenir à la mai***, il aura peut être moins de scrupules à nous satisfaire toutes les deux ....

Quelle famille! Le lendemain en cours la petite Martinez s'est comportée très sérieusement, sa soif de sexe étant comblée sans doute! mais le soir après les cours mon portable ***ne, c'est Nathalie la prof de science ...

- Georges aurait tu un moment à m'accorder? Je voudrais te parler de toute urgence... passe me voir à la salle de cours ....

Que ce passe-t-il encore..... Je fonce au fond des bâtiments, un endroit assez isolé, là ou se trouve la salle

- Bonjour, entre vite...

Elle ferme la porte à double tours derrière moi.... *** corsage me semble bien ouvert....

- Que puis-je faire pour toi??

- Hé bien voilà, aujourd'hui j'ai surpris une conversation entre certaines filles de ton groupe .....

- Et alors?

- Hé bien elles parlaient d'Agnès Martine.... une histoire de petite culotte qui se serait retrouvée je ne sais comment sur ton bureau, et elle l'aurait récupérée souillée par du ....

- Pas la peine d'en rajouter ... et c'est tout? Elles n'ont pas parlés d'autre chose??

- Non, pourquoi il y a d'autre chose??

- Tu trouves que ce n'est pas assez??

- Ouais... bon si j'ai bien compris, je dois démissionner avant que ça ne vienne aux oreilles du dirlo!

- Non! Si tu veux je parlerais aux filles, j'ai des dossiers sur elles! Ça n'iras pas plus loin, mais ....

- Ha! Il y a un mais .....

- Georges, j'en ai marre d'entendre les femmes fantasmer sur toi, elles ont toujours les yeux braqués là sur ta braguette .... Alors voilà, tu me la fait voir....

- Et si je te la fais voir ça suffira??

- Ouiiiii........

- Bien alors vas y regardes par toi-même, sors la .......tu vas être déçue je ne bande pas!!

- Ca m'est égal ......

Les mains tremblantes elle défait rapidement ma ceinture puis le zip... mon pantalon tombe à mes pieds, la tête baissée elle fait glisser mon boxer lentement comme une gamine qui défait *** cadeau...

Mon sexe perd vite sa position roulée pour pendre vers le bas, mais il prend rapidement du volume et remonte à l'horizontale Nathalie le saisit à pleine main

- Houaaaaa.... Je me doutais que c'était gros, mais comme ça jamais.... ça doit faire du bien..... bon! J'en ai marre de m'enfoncer dans la chatte des éprouvettes de plus en plus grosse en pensant à ta bitte, alors tu vas me baiser Georges, tu vas me la mettre maintenant ici sur la table en zinc!!

Et joignant le geste à la parole elle retrousse sa jupe, sa petite culotte vole dans la pièce et elle s'assied sur un coin de la table.

- Pas besoin de préliminaires, baise-moi, tu en as envi, la preuve regarde toi, tu bandes comme un âne!

- D'accord! C'est vrai tu me fais envi, mais j'espère que tu mouilles assez car je ne vais pas te faire de cadeaux!! Poses tes jambes sur mes épaules que je puisse t'embrocher jusqu'aux couilles d'un seul coup! Tu peux gueuler per***ne ne t'entendra ici!

- OUUUUIIIIIII VA Y!!!!! Baise-moi! Je suis prête, défonce moi la chatte depuis le temps que j'en rêve!!

Je l'ai limée pendant vingt minutes, pendant qu'elle brame comme une perdue, j'ai déchargé, aussitôt la moule pleine elle s'est retournée ....

- Prend moi par là aussi, encule moi Georges, sans douceur comme tu viens de le faire avec mon vagin!!


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Humilié devant sa femme

Mon patron n'a jamais pu me blairer. C'est un vieux con qui n'a jamais admis que moi, j'ai les dents longues. C'est vrai que je ne regarde pas trop aux moyens pour atteindre mes résultats, et il m'a en plus déjà surpris plusieurs fois en train de chipoter dans les commandes de matériel, de nourriture, mais il n'a pas eu le cran de me foutre dehors. Entre temps, avec ses bons sentiments à la con, il a embobiné notre collègue Bénédicte. Elle a 39 ans, comme moi, et ce vieux porc en a 51. Elle venait de quitter *** mari, et elle s'est laissée aller à épouser le dirlo. Depuis, ils filaient le parfait amour et elle se la jouait un peu à Madame la Directrice.
Et puis, j'ai eu ce coup de génie de développer ce projet avec le Maroc. Mon boss s'y était toujours opposé. Ca a marché du tonnerre. Et le Conseil d'Administration, manipulé par mes relations politiques (j'ai rendu pas mal de services à un député pas très net) a viré le vieux et m'a nommé à sa place. Mieux encore, il est resté dans la boîte, mais à un poste subalterne, tandis que j'accédais à *** fauteuil.
Ma première décision a été de le reloger dans l'espère de placard à balais jouxtant mon nouveau bureau. De là, il serait le témoin de mon triomphe. Le vieux était abattu, mais n'avais pas d'autre choix, à *** âge, il était grillé. Sa femme n'était plus très fière non plus et rasait les murs. Je ne vous ai pas dit que Bénédicte est une femme d'une extrême minceur, au bassin très étroit, mais au fesses fermes, très fine, très vive, mais avec un visage de madone de Botticelli. Elle souffrait de toute évidence de ce renversement de situation, comme d'ailleurs tous le per***nel. Tout le monde me craignait et se demandait à quelle sauce il serait mangé. J'ai commencé par virer un des plus proches collaborateur de mon prédécesseur, histoire d'isoler celui ci et de me faire craindre davantage. L'un ou l'autre a préféré partir, d'autres, comme Bénédicte, gardaient un profil bas, la plupart se ***t mis à me lécher les bottes. Je savourais. Je me gardais bien de virer le vieux. Il y avait mieux à faire, et plus amusant.
Contre toutes ses craintes, je me montrais charmant avec Bénédicte. Peu à peu, je lui confiais de nouvelles responsabilités, et il faut reconnaître que c'était une femme compétente et très efficace. Je me mis régulièrement à la faire venir dans mon bureau, à la consulter sur certaines décisions que je devais prendre. Je laissais la porte ouverte pour que *** mari puisse entendre nos conversations. Il devait en être anéanti! J'emmenais de plus en plus souvent Bénédicte avec moi dans des réunions à l'extérieur, y compris pour défendre des dossiers devant le CA. Très craintive et fermée avec moi au début, elle avait fini par se décrisper peu à peu face l' amabilité que je feignais à *** égard. Naturellement, elle rougissait lorsque je tançais *** mari devant elle (ce que je prenais évidemment le soin de faire le plus souvent possible, et sous les prétextes les plus divers).
Finalement, je l'avais invitée au restaurant suite à une de nos nombreuses réunions. Mon ton ne lui laissait pas beaucoup le choix, et elle m'avait donc accompagné. Je lui avais joué les violons, passant insensiblement des éloges professionnels à des compliments de nature plus ... per***nelle. Je la sentais embarrassée, mais également soulagée d'être dans les bonnes grâces d'un chef aussi craint que moi. Après avoir repris quelques couleurs grâce au champagne que, grand seigneur, je lui avais offert sur le compte de la société, elle s'était laissée aller à me raconter la détresse qui s'était emparée d'elle suite au retournement de pouvoir, la plongée de *** mari dans la dépression, encore renforcée par la proximité qui s'était crée entre elle et moi (et qu'elle attribuait naïvement aux seules nécessité du boulot). De mon côté, j'en rajoutais un max sur le mode « je voudrais aider ton mari, mais qu'est-ce qu'il est empoté, *** heure est passée » et lui laissait entendre que c'étaient des gens comme elle et moi qui ferions avancer notre société. Elle ne répondait pas, mais je la sentais déstabilisée.
Je pense qu'elle avait espéré que je ne parlerais pas au bureau de notre resto, mais naturellement, je n'allais pas rater l'occasion, porte grande ouverte, d'y faire allusion le lendemain, en lui demandant si elle avait apprécié le champagne. Je la vis jeter un regard inquiet vers la porte du « placard » , mais elle hocha silencieusement la tête en rougissant.
Le surlendemain, je constatai qu'elle avait mis un tailleur noir très strict, mais à la jupe assez courte (plus en tout cas que ce qu'elle portait d'habitude) et moulant, mettant bien en valeur sa taille très fine et ses petites fesses bien hautes et fermes. Je lui en fis le compliment à haute voix. Plus tard dans la journée, alors qu'elle était à nouveau dans mon bureau, *** mari vint me porter une farde de documents, dont il laissa tomber certains sur le sol. Elle voulut l'aider à les ramasser, mais je lui dis « laisse donc, il faut bien qu'il serve à quelque chose », d'un ton qui n'admettait pas la réplique. Elle hésita une fraction de seconde, mais se rassit. J'ajoutais d'un ton persifleur « vous n'allez pas y passer l'après-midi, mon vieux, dépêchez-vous, Bénédicte et moi avons à travailler, et fermer la porte en rentrant dans votre plac! ... dans votre bureau, ne nous dérangez plus sous aucun prétexte ». Il leva des yeux implorants vers sa femme, qui les ignora, et regagna *** trou. Je remarquais que le deuxième bouton du chemisier de Bénédicte était défait, et qu'on apercevait la bretelle d'un soutien gorge en dentelle noire.
Lentement, patiemment, sûrement, j'enfonçais un coin entre elle et le notre futur cocu.


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Les jours passaient et la situation se consolidait. Je gouvernais par la terreur, cassant tout ceux qui ne me léchaient pas les bottes. J'épargnais naturellement Bénédicte, la plaçant sur un piédestal, en dessous de moi, mais au dessus du reste du per***nel. Elle prenait un soin nouveau à se maquiller et à s'habiller chic et juste assez sexy pour ne pas paraître vulgaire. Lors de nos conversations badines, (porte du « placard » toujours ouverte, pour que *** mari puisse déguster) je lâchais sans avoir l'air d'y toucher de petits commentaires sur mon goût pour les tailleurs noirs, les porte jarretelles, les haut talons ... et depuis lors, elle ne portait plus que des tenues noires, chemisiers blancs ouverts largement sur sa petite poitrine enserrée dans des soutiens en dentelle noire. Elle ne portait plus que des haut talons, elle qui détestait ça auparavant.

Je décidais alors de passer à l'étape suivante. Je me mis à l'ignorer, à l'éviter. Quand nous devions nous voir, je me montrais plus froid. La réaction ne tarda pas, elle se mis à dépérir. Elle avait encore maigri. On voyait les os de ses genoux et de ses épaules saillir. Elle balbutiait lorsque je l'interrogeais. Elle finit par me demander un entretien que je lui accordais. Elle me demanda ce qui avait changé dans nos relations. Elle me sentait distant. Je lui expliquais que cela m'énervait de la savoir avec une lope comme Paul, et que j'aimais que mes collaborateurs soient loyaux (lisez: à mes bottes) et que sa situation de femme mariée avec quelqu'un qui m'enviait et complotait sûrement contre moi (le pauvre, il en était bien incapable, et je le savais) rendait la loyauté de Bénédicte suspecte. Elle protesta, mais je mis fin à l'entretien avec sécheresse.

Le week-end passa, et je l'imaginais se morfondre après notre entrevue. Le lundi, nous devions nous rendre en province pour visiter un client. Nous prenions ma BMW. Avec satisfaction, je vis Bénédicte arriver avec un sourire gêné. Elle portait un chemisier en voile noir transparent, qui ne laissait rien ignorer de *** soutien gorge aux balconnets très bas. Devant notre client, elle gardait la veste de *** tailleur fermée, mais dès que nous fûmes seuls, elle s'arrangea pour que je jouisse du spectacle. Je constatais alors qu'elle portait également une chaînette à la cheville, et l'interrogeai à ce sujet. Elle me répondit que je n'ignorais certainement pas que c'était un signe de soumission. Je fis l'étonné. Honteuse et confuse, elle dût poursuivre: « tu sais, j'ai pensé tout le week-end à notre conversation de vendredi, tes soupçons de déloyauté m'ont ébranlée, et je veux t'exprimer tout mon ... attachement. Je l'interrompis en feignant la mauvaise humeur et lui dis que j'étais un homme très autoritaire, qui dans la vie professionnelle et privée ne supportait pas la contradiction. La loyauté ne me suffisait pas, il me fallait la soumission inconditionnelle. Nous approchions d'une aire de parking. Je m'y engageais et trouvant un emplacement à l'écart, je coupais le contact. Elle avait la gorge serrée, et était blême. Je poursuivis « Je n'ai pas envie de perdre mon temps avec les états d'âme d'une irrésolue. Tu dois choisir entre ton mariage et notre relation professionnelle ... et autre . Tu sais ce que j'attends de toi? ».

-« Oui ».

-« dis-le!»

— « ma soumission »

— « je veux que tu m'amènes ta soumission ET celle de ton mari »

-« mais ce n'est pas possible » balbutia-telle « et puis, je croyais que tu voulais que je le quitte? »

— « tu croyais mal, je veux que tu le fasses ramper devant moi »

Elle ne répliqua pas, mais je voyais qu'elle était vaincue, et pensait déjà au moyen de me donner satisfaction. J'exigeais alors qu'elle me démontre sur le champ sa soumission. Elle avait les larmes aux yeux et les lèvres tremblantes, mais elle défit sa ceinture de sécurité, hésita encore un instant, puis elle se pencha sur moi et ouvrit ma braguette. Mon sexe était évidemment dur comme de la pierre et elle eut du mal à l'extraire de mon slip. Elle jeta un regard inquiet autour de nous, craignant l'arrivée inopportune d'un véhicule. « Ne t'occupe pas de ça », lui envoyai-je. Ses doigts tremblaient en s'emparant de mon sexe, elle se pencha à nouveau, et l'introduisit dans sa bouche exquise. Le grand moment était arrivé. Je tenais le début de ma vengeance. Je pensais au pauvre Paul en train de dépérir au moment même dans *** placard, tandis que les lèvres de sa femme coulissaient le long de mon sexe, sa langue venant de temps en temps en mouvements lascifs titiller le bout de mon gland. Je lui ordonnais de saliver. Je voulait une bouche moite. Elle fit quelques mouvements des joues et de la langue pour m'obéir. Je sentis ma bite baigner dans une bonne bouche bien chaude et humide. Elle reprit sa succion. Je me remis à penser à *** mari. Je me gardais bien de l'avertir lorsque je sentis la jouissance monter en moi. Elle se prit une grande giclée de sperme au fond de la gorge et voulut se retirer, mais je veillais au grain et lui maintins fermement la nuque. Elle dût avaler mon sperme intégralement. Je ne la relâchais que lorsqu'elle eût nettoyé complètement mon sexe avec sa langue. Alors elle put se redresser. Ses yeux étaient baignés de larmes et *** ricil avait coulé. Je remis le contact et nous repartîmes. Elle sanglota une bonne partie du voyage retour.


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Après m'avoir marqué sa soumission de la plus belle manière qui soit, Bénédicte, la femme de mon ex-patron, pût réintégrer sa place auprès de moi. Dès le lendemain, elle fut donc admise dans mon bureau. Pâle et honteuse de ce qu'elle avait fait la veille, mais subjuguée par l'autorité que j'exerçais sur tous, elle gardait les yeux baissés, mais la chaînette brillait toujours autour de sa cheville délicate. Le signal était clair. Je bandais ferme en l'attendant, car notre petite séance de la veille avait déchaîné en moi mes desseins les plus noirs.

Je poussai donc sur le bouton rouge qui interdisait l'entrée de mon bureau, côté couloir, et je refermai également la porte du minuscule bureau jouxtant le mien, où j'avais consigné le directeur déchu, et lui commandais de n'entrer dans mon bureau sous aucun prétexte, car j'allais être très occupé avec *** épouse. Il leva vers moi un regard incrédule, mais baissa immédiatement les yeux devant la dureté du mien. « C'est bien compris? » lui dis-je? « Bien compris, monsieur ».

J'exigeais d'abord de Bénédicte de me renouveler *** hommage.

— « j'espère bien que tu es toujours aussi désireuse de me prouver ta soumission? »

— « oui, Eric »

— « qu'attends-tu? Mets toi à genou devant ton maître »

Cette fois, elle ne marqua plus d'hésitation et se mit à genou, gênée tout de même par l'étroitesse de la jupe noire de *** tailleur BCBG. Dans le processus, la jupe remonta, et je vis le bord supérieur de *** bas, retenu par le porte-jarretelle. Je lui ordonnais de me lécher les couilles, ce quelle fit immédiatement. Je regardais la porte du « placard », imaginant *** mari qui devait se demander ce qu'il se passait. Bien sûr, j'avais d'abord imaginé le faire devant lui, mais il n'était pas encore mûr pour cela. Je risquais de le pousser immédiatement à la faute, à la révolte qui m'aurait obligé à le mettre dehors. Or, il y avait mieux à faire. Sa déchéance devait être plus lente que cela pour que j'en jouisse pleinement.

Je reculais ensuite d'un pas, et lui relevais le menton. « regarde moi ». Elle leva ses yeux embués de larmes vers moi. Je lui mis un doigt en bouche. « suce ». Elle obéit, n'osant plus me quitter des yeux., puisque tel était mon désir. On entendait des craquements dans le « placard ». Je me décidai enfin et lui enfonçais toute la longueur de mon sexe dans la bouche. Elle avait retenu mes instructions et se forçait à saliver pour que je baigne dans sa bouche comme dans un sexe bien moite. Je pris bien mon temps à me faire sucer la hampe et lécher le gland. De temps en temps, je prenais sa nuque à deux main et j'enfonçai toute la longueur jusqu'à sa glotte. Elle étouffait et hoquetait, à la limite du vomissement. Je jouissais intellectuellement autant que physiquement de sa servilité. Je passais à la vitesse supérieure. Me reculant à nouveau, et sans aucune rai***, je lui assénai une gifle violente. Elle me regarda avec stupéfaction, puis, comme un enfant puni injustement, elle se mit à pleurer à chaudes larmes. Cela ne m'attendrit évidemment pas, bien au contraire, j'étais rendu comme fou par le pouvoir qu'elle me concédait sur elle. Je la relevais *********** et la retournais sur mon bureau: « montre moi ton cul ». Ses doigts fins saisirent le bord de sa jupe et elle la remonta au dessus de ses petites fesses. J'arrachais sa petite culotte en dentelle. Je voyais ses fesses pour la première fois. Maigres. Fermes. Plus sexy encore que je les imaginais. Mes doigts fouillèrent sa chatte, elle était déjà baignée. Mon sexe s'enfonça en elle comme dans du beurre. Elle gémit. Je commençais à lui donner de grands coups de boutoir, sans aucun ménagement. Elle poussait des couinements où la douleur et le plaisir se mélangeaient. Cela faisait longtemps que je fantasmais sur elle, mais je n'aurais jamais rêvé que mon triomphe sur sa vertu soit aussi total. Que penser d'une femme qui se fait prendre par *** patron dans la pièce à côté de celle où *** mari travaille. Je n'avais pas mis de préservatif, et j'explosai bientôt en elle, la laissant pantelante, couchée sur mon bureau, ses petites fesses en l'air. En me retirant, je fis gicler du sperme sur sa jupe, et me gardai bien de lui dire. Elle avait du ricil partout et me demanda de la permission de se remaquiller, ce que je lui refusai. Je la renvoyais à *** bureau. Elle dût traverser le bureau des dactylos avec *** maquillage ruiné, sa jupe chiffonnée, et une belle tache de sperme au fesses. Les autres employés n'en croyaient pas leurs yeux. Je me présentais à la porte du bureau et les fusillais du regard. Tout le monde plongea sur *** clavier. La vie me paraissait vraiment belle, et je rectifiais la ceinture de mon pantalon, ostensiblement.



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Je ne perdais plus maintenant une occasion d'afficher devant le groupe la soumission de la femme de l'ex patron à mes désirs, que ce soit en faisant des commentaires grivois, des allusions appuyées à nos rapports, des sous entendus de toutes sortes, qu'elle acceptait en rougissant, mais sans protestation. Il était clair qu'elle était à ma merci.

Quant à *** mari, de chute en dégringolade, je l'avais maintenant affecté aux photocopies et au service du café, comme ce jour où, recevant Bénédicte dans mon bureau, je lui avais ordonné d'aller nous chercher deux expressos. Bénédicte, installée face à moi, inutile de le préciser en mini jupe, escarpins et bas noirs, avait renversé un peu de café par terre. Avant qu'elle n'ait eu le temps de le ramasser, j'avais rappelé *** mari « Paul, voyons, veuillez ramasser cela, que diable ». Le pauvre bougre s'était mis à genoux devant sa jeune épouse, frottant le sol avec une serviette en papier. Ce faisant, il était bien placé pour voir les longues jambes de Bénédicte, et l'ourlet de ses bas, à trente centimètres de lui, mais désormais inaccessibles à ses désirs. Le pauvre avait bien dû remarquer que depuis une quinzaine de jour, sa femme s'habillait comme une poule de luxe pour venir mendier mon attention, mes faveurs. Mais il semblait las et résigné. J'ajoutai « il y en a aussi sur les chaussures ». Bénédicte s'apprêtait à me répondre que non, les gouttes de café étaient tombées devant, mais elle comprît ce que je voulais et se tût. Bien au contraire, en me regardant dans le fond des yeux, elle avança le pied vers *** mari et dit « en effet, ma chaussure est sale, essuie !».

Elle se révélait une digne partenaire, à la hauteur de mes ambitions! Paul regagna *** placard à balais, dont il s'apprêtait à fermer la porte, mais je le retins « laissez la porte ouverte, voyons, pas de secrets entre nous ». Le moment était venu, d'un geste impérieux, je fis venir Bénédicte entre mes cuisses. Sa timidité semblait bien maîtrisée, mais elle gardait un air grave et soumis. J'ai horreur des femmes qui sourient quand je les baise. Elle était parfaite. Soumise et grave. Comme j'aime.

Elle exécuta une fellation trois étoiles. Comme d'habitude, je reluquais le bord de sa jupe, qui tandis qu'elle me suçait à genoux, remontait sur ses cuisses pour dévoiler le porte-jarretelles. De *** siège, Paul ne pouvait voir ce qu'elle faisait, mais il ne pouvait ignorer les bruits que je tirais de la gorge chaude de sa femme chaque fois que je poussais mon sexe jusqu'à sentir mes couilles buter contre ses incisives. Lorsqu'elle eût terminé, j'appelai *** mari, « Paul! Servez un autre expresso à votre charmante épouse, elle l'a bien mérité ». Il apparût dans l'encadrement de la porte alors que Bénédicte avait encore un genou à terre. Elle tourna la tête vers lui, et je m'aperçus qu'un filet de sperme coulait sur *** menton. Il ne pût manquer de le voir, mais baissa les yeux et s'exécuta.

Bénédicte était passée du statut de bourgeoise catho à celui de chienne en chaleur. Elle ne manquait pas un prétexte pour venir m'aguicher dans mon bureau, souvent en présence de *** mari. Je lui avais bien sûr interdit d'avoir encore des relations sexuelles avec lui, mais elle m'avait assuré qu'il était au fond d'une noire dépression et n'essayait même plus de s'approcher d'elle. Il dormait dans la chambre d'amis. D'ailleurs, elle n'aurait plus supporté qu'elle se touche. Elle disait se réserver pour *** étalon, en me lançant un sourire complice. Je la giflais immédiatement. Elle était hébétée, incrédule: il n'était pas pour moi question de grivoiserie ni de légèreté. Sa soumission était une chose sérieuse, et le désir était cousin de la souffrance et de la mort. Elle devait jouer dans une tragédie, pas dans un porno américain. Pas de sourires, saut honteux et contrits. Je crois qu'elle avait compris, car elle garda depuis se jour un air pudique et réservé, même dans les situations les plus extrêmes, ne le quittant que dans la jouissance, mais une jouissance que je voulais proche de la douleur.

Il n'empêche, mon ex directeur avait cessé de représenter un challenge. Il était vaincu. Et que fait-on avec un vaincu?

On l'écrase, on l'humilie, on le soumet jusqu'au plus profond de *** âme.

J'avais donc « suggéré » à Bénédicte de m'inviter chez elle, pour un souper intime. Elle m'avait demandé si je souhaitais envoyer Paul à l'extérieur. « Mais non, bien sûr », il fait partie de notre intimité, comme la table ou le cendrier » avais-je répondu.

Le soir venu, je lui avais apporté des fleurs. Elle était plus belle et sexy que jamais. Elle m'aida à me débarrasser et m'installa confortablement dans le sofa. La table était dressée pour deux. La porte de la cuisine s'ouvrit et Paul apparût, porteur d'un plateau, deux coupes, et une bouteille de champagne. Il fit le service et retourna à l'office. Je commençais à caresser sa femme. Elle portait un parfum très lourd, qui montait à la tête. Mais il fallait que je m'occupe d'abord de *** mari. Utilisant une recette maintenant éprouvée, je renversais volontairement un peu de champagne sur mon soulier. Bénédicte comprît et appela *** mari, qui devait attendre derrière la porte car il fut là en un instant. « Paul, Monsieur Eric a renversé du champagne ». Le larbin se préparait à retourner en cuisine chercher une serviette, mais je le retins. « Inutile de prendre un chiffon mon vieux, et d'ailleurs, vous avez bien mérité une goutte de champagne, servez vous donc » et je tendis mon pied vers lui. Il n'hésita que l'espace d'un instant, heureusement, car ma colère aurait été terrible. Il s'agenouilla et lécha ma chaussure. Je me retournais vers Bénédicte et commençais à l'embrasser, à lui caresser les seins à travers sa robe légère. Je dis à *** mari de continuer tant que je ne lui dirais pas d'arrêter, et passer à l'autre chaussure quand il aurait complètement fini la première. Je sentais Bénédicte excitée comme jamais, et tandis que la langue de *** mari léchait servilement mes pompes, elle posa sa main sur mon sexe, ouvrit ma braguette, et sortit mon pénis. Après un regard vers *** mari humilié, elle se pencha sur moi et entreprît de me sucer. Je caressais *** visage, j'admirais *** collier de perles, les boucles d'oreilles précieuses, ses lèvres fines qui avalaient mon pénis bien dur. Se faire sucer par une bourgeoise devant *** cocu était décidément une des meilleures choses possibles dans la vie.

Mais j'avais faim. J'interrompis donc cette fellation pourtant si inspirée et m'installais à table. Paul retourna donc en cuisine et quelques minutes plus tard, revint avec l'entrée. Je me méfiais un peu. Le poi*** est l'arme des faibles. Je le priais donc de goûter le plat. Il prît une assiette en cuisine, mais regardait la table en ne sachant pas trop ou la poser, à côté de celle de sa femme, sur un des côtés de la table. Je lui fis remarquer que ça place était à un niveau ... inférieur. Il dût donc manger dans *** assiette – devrais-je dire, *** écuelle, à même le sol, tandis que j'avais relevé la robe de sa femme et lui caressais les fesses. Le goûteur ayant fait *** office, nous mangeâmes à notre tour, servis par le larbin. Je vous passe les détails du repas, mais c'était un dîner ... presque parfait. Il fallait maintenant soigner notre coté « animation ». Bénédicte dût retirer sa robe, elle était maintenant en porte-jarretelles, hauts talons, culotte en dentelle et soutien-gorge, le tout en noir, inutile de le dire. Jamais une faute de goût chez cette bourgeoise. Elle était d'une maigreur sublime, longue, fine et souple comme un roseau. L'image de la fragilité face à ma ********** et mon despotisme. *** mari dût baisser lui-même les bretelles du soutien gorge, juste pour laisser apparaître la pointe des petits seins, peu proéminents, puis se mettre à genoux pour retirer la culotte, découvrant ses petites fesses maigres, lui faisant passer les fines chevilles de sa femme, et avec plus de difficultés la pointe des très hauts talons-aiguille. Je la fis placer, les deux coudes sur la table, les fesses cambrées en arrière dans l'attente de ma pénétration. Mais j'avais encore un petit caprice à satisfaire. Le larbin de mari dût enduire de beurre l'anus de sa superbe épouse, ensuite, maintenant les petites fesses de Bénédicte écartées, je l'obligeais à guider le bout de mon gland vers l'orifice étroit de *** épouse. Je m'y enfonçais avec difficulté, mais les cris de douleurs qu'elle poussait gonflaient mon sexe davantage, le rendant très dur et apte à une pénétration ... bien en profondeur. Je lui demandais si elle était vierge, et elle me répondit que oui. Je regardais sa lopette de mari et lui dis « vous ne savez pas ce que vous avez perdu, mon pauvre vieux, cette petite gaine étroite et douce comme du satin, ce petit anneau musclé, bien serré, vous procurent une sensation ... unique ». « Alors Bénédicte, petite salope cela te plaît de te faire enculer devant ton mari? ». Elle lâcha d'abord un petit oui assez faible, entre deux gémissements de douleur, mais je lui fis répéter entièrement « oui, j'aime que tu m'encules devant ma lopette de mari » et « je suis ta pute soumise » en boucle, entrecoupés de cris de douleur, car j'y allais de plus en plus ***********. Je sentis une décharge électrique me parcourir tout le corps, tandis que mon sexe bien serré par l'anus de Bénédicte envoyait un puissant jet de sperme au fond des entrailles de ma soumise.



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Comment aller plus loin dans la perversion ? J'avais évincé mon ancien chef de *** poste, je l'avais humilié devant le per***nel, j'avais séduit sa femme au point d'en faire ma chose, et j'avais même fini par la sodomiser devant lui en l'obligeant à faciliter ma pénétration. J'étais assez content de moi. Il me restait plus qu'à éliminer mon ex-patron en tant qu'être humain. Pas le tuer, naturellement, cela aurait gâché tout le plaisir, mais le ravaler au rang de sous-être, vaguement ******, vaguement partie du mobilier. Naturellement, il me fallait la complicité de *** épouse. Un jeu d'enfant ...

La première étape fut de lui faire présenter sa démission. Naturellement, il s'est contenté de signer sous la contrainte, et avec l'aide d'une dose massive de calmants administrée à *** insu les documents que j'avais préparé. Il fut annoncé au per***nel qu'il quittait sa femme et partait refaire sa vie à l'étranger. Naturellement, cela était confirmé par Bénédicte. Ensuite, sans vergogne, j'allai m'établir chez lui et occuper *** lit. En ce qui le concerne, nous le maintenions entre deux eaux grâce à des doses massives de calmants. Nous lui avions emménagé un espace dans l'ex- cave à charbon, dont nous ne le remontions que pour nous en divertir.

La première fois, cela se passa ainsi : nous ouvrîmes sa cellule et le fîmes remonter pour *** repas. Il était entièrement nu, avec un collier au cou. Il ne pouvait se tenir debout en notre présence. Comme il était nourri de façon ... parcimonieuse, il était assez faible (et de toutes manières plus vieux que Bénédicte et moi) donc velléités de rebellion peu plausibles. Je ne me gênais évidemment pas pour peloter Bénédicte, *** épouse de façon intensive. Elle avait revêtu une tenue adaptée : porte-jarretelles et bas noirs, soutien-gorge et gants noirs, chaussures à talons aiguilles, afin de bien faire regretter la perte à *** cocu. Pendant que je malaxais le bout des seins de Bénédicte entre mes gros doigts, le malheureux, à genoux ou à quatre pattes, nous fixait de ses yeux de chien battu ... alors, fatalement, nous nous sentîmes obligés de le malmener un peu. En ce qui me concerne, je l'obligeai à avancer à quatre pattes en lui envoyant des coups de pied dans les flancs, Bénédicte voulût le chevaucher, ensuite elle lui tritura la bite entre ses doigts gantés de velours, lui arrachant de grosses larmes.

Bénédicte s'amusa à lui enfoncer *** haut-talon dans l'anus. Il gémissait et grimaçait, mais n'osait pas se rebeller. Tout cela m'avait considérablement excité, et je n'en pouvais plus d'envie de baiser Bénédicte. Celle-ci se pencha donc sur la table, et je l'enfilai par derrière. Elle s'adressait à *** ex : « regarde mon gros cocu, comme ta petite femme chérie se fait sauter ». « tu as vu quelle bite, mon étalon ? Mmmh, il me fait bien jouir » »regarde sa bite à côté de la tienne, tu comprends pourquoi je ne veux plus de toi, vieux con, vieil impuissant ? ». Elle était vraiment en train de prendre *** pied. Moi, de mon côté, j'avais pris le bout de la laisse de Paul, et j'avais tiré dessus jusqu'à l'amener derrière moi. J'étais donc en train de prendre Bénédicte par-derrière sur la table, et j'avais empoigné la tête de *** mari et l'écrasais contre mon cul. « lèche moi, cocu, lèche ! ». Il savait qu'il n'avait pas intérêt à désobéir, et sa grosse langue avait commencé à s'affairer sur mes fesses. Mais je voulais plus : « mon trou de cul, abruti, nettoie-moi le trou du cul ». Bénédicte ne tenait plus en place, elle remuait le cul comme une hystérique en criant « oui, lèche mon amant !! lèche !! ». Mes mains étaient crispées sur ses hanches étroites et je la pilonnais comme jamais, je sentais à chaque poussée le contact de mes cuisses avec le nylon de ses bas, et je savourais le fait qu'elle se soit parée de semblable façon pour m'exciter. Au moment où *** mari écarta mes fesses et les tint ouvertes avec les deux mains, puis que je sentis la pointe de sa langue s'introduire servilement dans mon anus, je lâchais ma giclée et poussais un cri de triomphe en répandant ma semence dans la chatte de sa femme.



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First Time Cuckold

We have been talking about swinging for a couple of years and often use it in our fantasy play. My wife, Anna gets turned on by the idea but that is how far it would go. Until recently. We have been married for ten years and our life together was as good as it gets. We had good jobs and money to spend.

My wife is a stunning brunette. She is 33, fit and firm and could be mistaken by a 20 year old hottie. She is also very dominant in the bedroom and that works out really good for me, as I am submissive. I learned that during our first years together. She would dominate me all night if she was in the mood and it wasn't just about the sex. She let me lick her toes while she was speaking with her girlfriend on the phone, do the dishes naked while she was watching television and cleaning the car with my nipple clamps on and a butt plug up my ass.

I really loved being her slave in our sex life. But when it comes to day to day activity we are equal. I have been reading stories about cuckolding for a long time and have talked to her about it but when we where talking about swinging, I was really talking about cuckold and she was talking about a threesome.

One night I started talking about how hot it will be to see her with another man. How I would be cuckold, made to watch and serve them. But something was different with her, she usually use my cuckold fantasy as a way to start our night if I in the beginning starts to talk about it but tonight she wanted me to go online and find her a good stories to read. It didn't take me long to print out my favorite stories. I handed them to her and she said that while she would read them I would clean up after dinner, naked of course.

When I finished in the kitchen I opened one beer and with another one for her I went back to our living room. She admitted that the stories made her hot and she wanted to find out more, so she went into the office and told me to go to *****, she would talk to me in the morning. It was hard to leave as I was hard as hell but I obeyed her.

The morning after she told me that she had decided to put an ad on a website and see what will come out of it. She told me the username and password and told me to look after it. She just wanted to know about answers that included picture of the man and only show her if he would fit her. "You know what I mean," she said.

I went online to see her ad and my cock instantly got hard when I saw the add

Good looking married brunette looking for a hung man. I am looking for a dominant lover, who knows what cuckold is all about. The limit is you...

When I went to work that morning I couldn't concentrate. My mind was on the ad and how many replies we would have that evening. But her ad got me also confused, dominant lover? Why would she want that, she was so dominant? And the limit is you text...what was that all about?

After I finally got out of the office I when straight home and turned on my computer. Already six answers but only two with pictures. After I looked at them I decided that only one would fit her. I printed out the ad and the picture and took it to her.

Hello. I am strong and fit who would love to play with you and cuckold your pathetic husband. I am dominant and can be very strict. Have good experience and hate timewasters so if you are one, delete this message and don't contact me again. If you are serious, show me your picture Brian

My wife decided to wait and see what would happen but after a couple of days and endless message from guys all around she decided to send him her photo. They decided to chat online first and I wasn't allowed to witness the conversation.

They chatted for a couple of hours for a few days and one day she came out of the office and told me they have decided to meet up and see what happens. Next Friday. They arrange a meeting in a bar nearby and I would go there with her.

This was all heating up, I was nervous but at the same time excited. What would happen? The time past and finally, the big day arrived. When I got home after work that day, my wife was already getting herself ready, we where suppose to meet him 8 o'clock and I could see that she was also nervous. Now would be a good time to back out. I asked her if she wanted to go through with this. She looked at me. "Do you want to back out?" I was nervous about all of this but quite excited as well. I told her I didn't want to back out. She just smiled at me and said that she wanted to at least meet with him and see how things would go.

It was half hour drive from our home and when we arrived we instantly recognized him from the photo. He was bigger than I expected. His head well shaven, tall guy and muscular black man. He invited us to his table and ordered us a *****. He told us he was 37 years old and was living near this place. He said that he had been seeing couples for four years and his latest had just moved to another city. "I had fun with the two of them though," he said with a smile on his face.

We sat down with him, got our ****** and start talking. My wife got her self some white wine but all I had was a bottle of Coca Cola as I was the designated driver for the night. We talked a little. He told us that he was a finance director and had his own company. He had done well over the past few years and was "to be honest, quite rich," as he put it.

"So, what would you expect to get out of this," he suddenly asked me. "Well," I stammered. "I have a fantasy about being cuckolded," I finally said, quietly. "I know but cuckold is one thing and submissive cuckolding is another," he added I felt embarrassed sitting there talking about my fantasy with this stranger. "I am submissive," I said looking down at the table. He glanced at Anna. "Your wife is a real beauty. You want me to fuck her?" This was too straight forward for me and I blushed and Anna noticed that and giggled. "Answer boy," he ordered. "Yes," I said and looked around to see if anyone had heard me. Nobody I thought. "When you answer me, you say Yes Sir. Understood? "Yes Sir," I immediately replied. "Good, now Anna, I know what you want and now I need answer from you two. Will you be my submissive couple?" Submissive couple I thought, that wasn't something I had talked about. "Yes Sir," my wife answered and glanced at me. I was stunned, my wife submissive? It couldn't be. But I could see it in her face that she wanted to be submissive to him. "Good, now go to the ladies room and remove your panties," he ordered and my wife excused herself. "You know boy. It always surprise me when a man wants her wife to be fucked by others. But I don't complain," he said and smiled. "But after a while you get bored of just fucking her. You need more and I have developed my things over the last few years and I will demonstrate it on you two. You will be my slaves, ready to serve when I want you two, doing everything I order you to do. This is the deal. We have talked about this; Me and your wife and she fully understand my needs. I hope you will not be a problem. As I understand, you are submissive and you clean the house naked, have butt plugs while you clean the car and more. So, you are submissive to your wife. You will still be submissive to her. The only change is that you are now submissive to me as well. Understand?" It took me a while to digest that but I nodded my head and said. "Yes Sir." At the same time that this speech scared me, it excited me as well. Anna came back from the bathroom. She sat down and handed him the panties, obviously scared that others might see her, she handed it to him and quickly sat down without looking around. He handed me the panties. "Now, you go in the man's room and put this on," he demanded. I was surprised but knew that this was the way for him to establish his domination. I stood up, put the panties in my pocket and went straight to the man's room. It was empty as I locked one booth and in a heartbeat my jeans where around my ankle and my cock throbbing hard. I wanted so much to jack off right there but didn't. Instead I put my wife panties on, mine in my pocket and got back to the table. They where gone, but after a quick glance around, I saw them at the exit. I went after them and he told me to drive them home.



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They took there seat in the backseat and as soon as I drove off they where all over each other. I adjusted the mirror so I would have a look. She kissed him all over, he started playing with her tits, getting them out of the shirt, and they were exposed as he starts pinching her nipples. He moved his other hand between her legs. She had her eyes closed, enjoying this big mans hand all over her. After a while she got her hand on his thigh, moving slowly and rubbing his cock through his jeans. He sucked on her nipple and fingered her cunt with *****. She was enjoying this. My cock was so hard it would have exploded with one touch.

When we finally arrived I was scared that our neighbor would see the two of them holding hands like a horny teenager when they where walking inside. I looked around and to my best knowledge, none of my neighbor saw this strange scenario. When we were inside he told me to get them a *****. I went into the kitchen and when I came back with three beers I saw my wife on her knees sucking on the biggest cock I have ever seen. I just stood there frozen, watching my beautiful wife on her knees in front of this black man. She was like a hungry slut, slurping on his cock while he laid back and relaxed. He gave me a glimpse to come over with the beer and as I approach them he took her head and moved it up and down, he was face fucking my wife. "You like that, don't you" he said as he moved it faster and faster. Suddenly he took her off. "Answer me slut," "Yes Sir, I love it," she said as she licked her sexy lips. "Now get your clothes off so I can fuck your married pussy and you boy, sit down and shut up." I was stunned; his voice was different from the bar. "Yes Sir," was all I could say. My wife got naked really fast and kneeled in front of him. He slapped her ass a few times, hard and she moaned. He removed his clothes slowly as he walked around my wife, kneeling in the middle of our dining room. I have never seen her liked that before. "You want me to fuck you?" he asked and immediately she said "Yes Sir". "You want me to fuck your wife hubby?" "Yes Sir," I said immedietly, my cock throbbing hard underneath my jeans. "Good," he said. "Beg me." I didn't know what to say. I was excited but at the same time a little scared. His dominant and harsh tone was different from the man we met at the bar. But my excitement about the scenario was too much, and my wife was really enjoying her. So I started to beg him. "Please Sir, fuck my beautiful wife," I said, feeling really humiliated. "So pathetic," he said laughing.

He went behind her and slowly started to insert his 8" cock in her dripping pussy. She started to moan as soon as he touched her. She was so excited and at the same time, so hot.

He started to fuck her slowly at first. Telling her how good a fuck she is. "You are quite tight slut. Is your hubby that small?" "Yes he is, so much smaller than you Sir," she said. I was surprised; she had never complaint about my 6 "cock. He looked at me and smiled. "You see, now that she has tried that big, she won't go back after your sissy cock." He started to move faster and the faster he goes, the sounds of my wife got louder. I just sat there with my hard on, not allowed to touch myself and watched as my wife got fucked harder and harder.

"Are you ready for my cum slut," he almost shouted and I could see he was getting close to Cumming. "Ohhhh yes, give me your cum, please Sir," she cried out.

He fucked her real hard and his hips slapped on her ass cheeks again and again. Suddenly there was a big groan from the big man as he came deep into my wife's pussy. My wife got at least three orgasm from his fuck and she was exhausted. After a couple of minutes he withdrew his still hard cock from her pussy but ordered her to stay still in her position.

"Get over here, boy and lay next to her," he ordered. It was hard to walk as my cock was still in the cage of my jeans. I did as he told me too. He ordered her to climb over me with her pussy in front of my face. "Now stand up and spread your legs," he ordered. She of course obeyed her new Master.

"Now I want my cum to drip into the face of your husband. It is your job to hit his face. Every drop that is not on his face, you will lick up," he told my wife. What will end up on his face, stays there."

I laid there, surprised but unable to move, watching my wife's well fucked cunt and she was aiming on my face! The first drops landed on my forehead and she adjusted her a little lower. Trying to hit my face "Open up," she ordered.

It wasn't my favorite position. I haven't tasted another mans cum before. But as degrading as it was it also turned me on and I opened my mouth as much as I could.

"See that cum slut," he said smiling as he sat on my chair, ******** my beer.

Next drops landed on my lips, then my chin and my nose. Soon my face had cum all over it. He told her to sit on the floor next to me but ordered me to stay still.

"Ok. You are a good fuck Anna and you are a true cuck hubby. That is good. You also follow order really well. I expect that to continue. Now that I have marked you two I will continue your training tomorrow. I will ***** in your bedroom, with Anna of course. Hubby will ***** in the guestroom."

My wife nodded her head to agreement.

Hubby, you have a task in the morning. First of all you are not allowed to clean up your face. My cum will dry up on your face. You may smear it around but not clean it up, is that understood?" "Yes Sir," I said tasting his salty cum as I opened my mouth. "Good. I like a good breakfast. So in the morning you will walk to your nearest shop. Get me fresh bread and make some coffee when you return. Then when everything is ready, you are allowed in the bedroom to wake us up. Not sooner."

This was going to be a long night. I was hoping I would be allowed to cum, but that wasn't his plan. He stood up, got his jacket and up came a digital camera. "Now I want a picture of my couple." I was going to object but he was fast and got a picture of my wife naked on the floor and me with my face covered in cum.



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A Humiliating Surprise

Both 45 we'd been married, happily I'd always thought, for 20 twenty years so it came as a shock to discover my wife's infidelity. I made the discovery by pure chance, a one in a million occurrence.

Workmen digging a trench in the road near my place of work accidentally hit the water main. The boss of the company where I work as assistant supervisor wasn't about; he's rarely on the premises in the afternoons, so a senior manager took it upon himself to give the staff the rest of the day off.

It was a pleasant afternoon and arriving home about 2.30 I thought it would be a nice surprise for Paula. Perhaps we could go out somewhere and who knows, it might even put her in the mood for sex, something which seemed to have dwindled in recent years. The surprise was all mine though!

Letting myself in the front door I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs, a sort of strangulated cry. The cry being repeated I recognised it as my wife's voice and thinking she might be ill ran up the stairs, 2 at a time. The sight which greeted me at the top of the stairs though brought me to an abrupt halt. The door to the main bedroom was wide open and through it I saw a guy's backside bobbing up and down between my wife's thighs, the strangulated cry which had drawn me upstairs, repeated with every thrust of his penis into her.

I was dumbstruck and just stood there in a state of shock watching the as yet unknown guy fucking my wife. Stunned by Paula's adultery I could hardly believe what I was seeing. My wife clung to the guy, hands raking his back, and her cries recognisable now as ecstatic ones, rang out. His backside was now pounding up and down like a piston, the rapidity taking my breathe away.

"Oh God yes, I'm coming!" Paula yelled the guy's thrusts even faster it seemed, as he clearly approached his own climax.

Then his buttocks were clenching, my wife screaming with joy, as he emptied his balls inside her.

"Hmm, I do love the feel of your big fat cock spurting deep inside me." Paula murmured as their convulsions subsided, her crude comment a further shock.

Then I received the greatest shock of all though when grunting and groaning the guy rolled off to reveal himself as none other than my boss!

He quickly recovered from the surprise of finding me standing in the doorway and said, "We've got company Paula, I suppose it was inevitable we'd be rumbled sooner or later."

Opening her eyes my wife uttered a little scream to see me standing there, staring I'm ashamed to say, at her gaping vagina from which my boss's semen flowed.

"Take a shower as usual. I'll deal with this." he told her, giving the flushed Paula's rump a playful slap as she stood up.

"You ought to be at work. What are you doing, barging in on us like this?" he asked when she'd gone.

I must have sounded apologetic as I explained the circumstances behind my unexpected afternoon off.

"Hm, hope you're not expecting to be paid?"

"Oh no," I told him quickly. "I'll gladly make up the time."

With any other guy I'm sure my reactions would have been very different but I've always felt a bit in awe of the very powerful figure of my boss, someone with a no nonsense approach and with a reputation for stamping his authority on anyone he has dealings with. With his self confidence and arrogance I've always felt a bit nervous his presence.

Unperturbed to have been discovered in flagrante delicto with my wife he stretched out expansively on my bed smiling.

"Like I said to Paula it's surprising how we've got away with it for so long. Still every cloud has a silver lining. Now you've discovered our fun and games I shall be able to pop in and fuck your wife anytime, whether you're at home or not."

Standing there looking down at my boss and seeing the conceited smile on his face I was shaken by his words. Surely he didn't mean to continue his affair with Paula now I'd caught them at it? I was also curious about the duration of their liaison as it was obvious from his words that the affair had been going on for sometime.

With anybody else I'd have felt very different but as it was my boss laying there grinning up at me I was reluctant to question him. When I did find my voice it sounded weak and faltering to my ears as I hesitantly asked how long the affair had been going on.

Stretching himself out and indicating his flaccid and smeary penis he said complacently, "Well I can tell you my cocks been up your wife's cunt a hell of a lot more times than yours has. It must be 19 years since I fucked her for the first time."

"What!" Surely I'd misheard.

"Yes it would be 19 years last April. I've screwed the sexy Paula thousands of times."

Stupefied by his words I stood there, my mouth open in disbelief, as he asked if I remembered the company dinner/dance back in 19.., when I'd proudly shown off my newly acquired wife to my workmates. We'd been married exactly 8 months at the time.

"You should have paid more attention to Paula instead of talking work with your colleague's. Still it turned out good for me because while you were talking shop I was fucking your wife on the back seat of my car." he told me with a supercilious grin.

"You must have taken advantage of Paula while she was *****." I accused him, remembering the evening with surprising clarity.

How I'd anticipated sex when we arrived home from the company do and been annoyed by my wife's unresponsiveness. Paula had fallen asleep directly her head hit the pillow and I'd put it down to *****.

"Maybe but I doubt it. She was sober enough 2 days later when I popped round here for a chat, a chat that turned into much more. Little did you know that afternoon while you were hard at work in my factory, and thousands of afternoons since, that I was fucking your wife senseless in your own bed." he laughed at the memory.

Clearly enjoying himself at my expense he went on,

"For 19 years most of my afternoons have been spent in your bed fucking your wife. Have you never wondered why you're not getting it much?"

"Not really, I've always assumed Paula isn't very interested in sex." I murmured feeling dazed and shocked by the revelation, and not a little embarrassed to have my limited sex life discussed.

The boss laughed long and loud.

"Far from being uninterested in sex your wife is a very randy lady needing daily injections of cock and eager to try almost anything. It just needed the right guy to bring it out." he told me complacently.

"It will probably shock you to learn your wife likes it up the bum. Anal sex is a particular favourite of mine which I introduced her to very earlier in our relationship, first time she had a period in fact. Since then it's been a regular feature. Little did you dream that whenever your wife has a period these last 19 years she's getting fucked up the arse by me."

He laughed at my expression of disbelief, seeming to relish my discomfort.

"Your wife also showed a great aptitude for threesomes," he went on. "A number of guys, mostly business acquaintances', have benefited from her liking for 2 cocks over the last 6 or 7 years."

"You're lying! Paula would never do such a thing." I exclaimed, thinking the picture he was painting of my wife was totally out of character.

"Although I've kept the affair secret as far as the workplace is concerned, they know only that I'm regularly shagging some married piece, most of my friends from outside know your wife's my mistress to do as I want with." The boss went on, laughing at my expression of dismay.



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"Have a good look at the cock your wife likes sucking and playing with while you're hard at work in my factory," he jeered pointing to his penis. "I've fucked your wife thousands of times and they'll be thousands more. There's not a thing you can do about it as she much prefers my cock to yours. In fact Paula only has sex with you when I ask her too, never by choice. I decided to let you have it once every 3 or 4 months thinking you might get suspicious if she never came across. You've probably fucked your wife less than 100 times in the last 19 years, right?"

At which point I disconsolately hung my head in shame, knowing he was right.

"I fuck her more than that every 6 months." he jeered.

At that point I was more concerned about the comment regarding his friends knowing about the affair than anything else and begged him to tell me it wasn't true.

"Of course it's true," he smiled. "I've a couple of photos in my wallet that most of my friends have seen at some time or other. The guys at the golf club in particular find them interesting and I often get asked to hand them round up there."

Reaching for his trousers the boss produced his wallet and extracting 2 photos handed them to me. In the first my wife was shown standing at the foot of our bed, naked but for tan stockings and a pink suspender belt, a smile on her face as she faced the camera. The second was a rear view of her on all fours on the bed, this time wearing black stockings. I gasped to see how fully she was exposed, both vagina and anal opening clearly seen.

"I took that one of your wife just after I'd bum fucked her," he told me. "It certainly turns the lads at the golf club on when I hand it round."

I froze inside at his words, that are the only way I can describe my feelings, devastated to think that guys from the golf club, a regular haunt of mine, had seen the photos. In retrospect the occasional winks or odd remarks I sometimes notice make sense now. Will I be able to show my face at the golf club again, facing the other members aware that they know my wife is my boss's long term mistress? I doubt it.

Replacing the pictures in his wallet the boss again relaxed expansively on my bed, at which point a rather flushed and embarrassed looking Paula returned from her shower.

"I've been putting your husband in the picture, telling him a few home truths," he told her, patting the vacant space on the bed beside him.

Paula hesitated but briefly before joining her lover on the bed. Deftly opening her short robe he ran his hands slowly over my wife's body, demonstrating his familiarity with it. Paula looked a little embarrassed to see me watching but nevertheless her legs parted eagerly enough when he ran his fingers through the pubic hair she keeps rather short.

"You might as well go now. Take the dog for a walk or something. Report to my office at 12noon tomorrow," he said, dismissing me with a wave of his hand.

As though on automatic pilot I turned and left the bedroom, feeling bemused and humiliated when his laughter followed me down the stairs. Being my boss it never entered my head to do anything other than he said.

Returning through the hall a few minutes later with the dog on his lead I heard my wife giggling and paused. The boss chose that moment to appear at the top of the stairs, possibly on his way to the bathroom.

"What, still here?"

"Just going, come on boy." I replied, almost apologetically, as I led the dog to the front door.

"That's it take the dog out for some exercise while I enjoy myself fucking your wife again."

I closed the door on his mocking laugh and hurried way.

It was more a case of the dog leading me as I stumbled along, my mind in turmoil, feeling stunned not only by my wife's adultery but the duration of their affair. How could I have been so naïve and stupid not to notice something was going on? It's humiliating to know that for all these years, while I thought my wife's lack of enthusiasm for sex indicated a certain frigidity; she was spending her afternoons in bed with my boss!

With any other guy I'm sure my reactions would have been very different but to catch her with my boss, what could I do? I daren't make a scene and risk losing my job so it looked as if I'd have to turn a blind eye to what was going on. Cold shivers ran down my spine to think of the embarrassment whenever we meet at work, to say nothing of the *********** at the golf club of seeming to condone my boss's affair with my wife. There was no doubt in my mind that he'd spread the word about me being a compliant cuckold, he'd hinted as much. Perhaps I should resign and join a different golf club. At least that was an option.

Reporting to the boss's office next day his secretary told me she had no mention in his appointments diary regarding a meeting with me.

"Something came up unexpectedly." I replied, feeling myself colouring up slightly.

The secretary looked at me quizzically before buzzing through to the boss about my arrival.

"Ah good he's here is he. Send him through, and then you might as well go for an early lunch. Don't bother to return until your usual time," his voice came back over the intercom.

"Right," he said in businesslike tones directly she'd gone. "You know now that your wife has been my mistress for the past 19 years and like I told you yesterday that's the way it's going to stay, so you'd better get used to the idea. When you go home after work move all your things to a spare bedroom, that way you won't be tempted to made pointless sexual overtures to Paula. I keep your wife well satisfied so she doesn't need your clumsy attempts at lovemaking. When we've finished our meeting you'd better just take a short break before returning to work, you've got yesterday's hours to make up. Meantime I shall be spending the afternoon screwing your attractive and highly sexed wife, the way I spend most afternoons."

He sank back in his chair, a smug grin on his face, leaving me seething inside at my helplessness to do anything but go along with it. I couldn't remonstrate with the guy and just hung my head in shame as he went on to tell me that Paula had confided in him years ago about how unsatisfactory she found me in bed.

"The other advantage about you ******** in the spare room is that I shall be able to stay overnight at the weekends. We'll try not to keep you awake with our frolics but your wife does like to scream and shout while I'm fucking her."

I looked at his smirking face across the desk wanting to hit the smug bastard and seething inside at my helplessness to do anything other than agree to whatever he wanted.

"Alright," I said at last, "but promise me you'll never breathe a word of this to anyone."

"What, making demands! You're in no position to lay down ground rules, that's my prerogative. If I choose to tell the guys about sharing your wife's bed while you're in the spare room, that's my business."

"No don't, please don't."

It was humbling to beg my boss like this but I was desperate to avoid salacious and humiliating gossip.

"You need putting in your place," the boss said standing up. "I thought that might be the case which is why I dismissed my secretary. Drop your trousers and bend over the end of the desk."

He seized a ruler from an open drawer and flexed it, making his intention plain.

"No please, not that." I gasped, shocked at what he intended doing to me, but he just laughed.



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"Just do as I say you snivelling worm. You're not fit to be married to a gorgeous lady like Paula."

With trembling fingers I undid my trousers, aware of his mocking smile as I pushed them down.

"Now your underpants, get them down." he snapped when I hesitated.

I lowered my underpants, colouring up even more when tapping my penis with the ruler, he sneered, "Your wife's right, you haven't got much to offer."

I adopted the position over his desk, wanting to get the shame and *********** over with as quickly as possible, and he gave my buttocks a whack with the ruler.

I yelped and he laughed, commenting that it was merely a loosener to get his aim.

"I doubt you'll want to sit down for lunch by the time I've finished with you," he taunted.

My boss started beating me with the ruler and I soon found myself gripping the end of his desk and gritting my teeth, uncertain which was worse, the pain or ***********. What an appalling position to find myself in. Here was a guy, my boss, not content to have spent the last 19 years bedding my wife, but now clearly intent on humiliating and punishing me!

As he continued the beating, the ruler cutting painfully into my bared and defenceless buttocks, involuntary cries began breaking from my lips.

"I thought we might have a noise problem, can't expect a wimp like you to take your punishment like a man, so I've got a pair of your wife's soiled panties to use as a gag."

"What! Does Paula know you were going to do this?"

"Of course, we discussed it yesterday afternoon and she agrees with me that you need keeping in your place as our servant and slave."

Laying the pink knickers on the desk under my nose he first secured my wrists to the desk legs, before ******* the flimsy knickers into my mouth. As an afterthought he took the 2 photos I'd seen yesterday from his wallet and placed them on the desk in front of me.

"There, while I thrash your backside you can look at what I've been enjoying these past 19 years while you've been on ration. Your wife's mine for the taking, if you thought you weren't getting much sex before you won't be getting any now." he jeered. "It's the perfect situation for me. The advantage of brilliant sex on tap whenever I want it without the expense and inconvenience of marriage, ideal!"

The beating continued but now my yells were muffled by the knickers in my mouth. Not my sense of shame and *********** though.

"Next time I do this it will be at your place and in front of your wife, to demonstrate what a pathetic wimp you are," he jeered, his words accompanied by a particularly vicious blow to my buttocks.

I howled in pain and ***********. Oh god, not that.

The beating continued with a viciousness which shocked, and quickly reduced me to a whimpering and sobbing state, begging him to stop. The boss, with a display of sadism that horrified me, merely laughed and continued the beating with if anything even greater power. He was clearly enjoying himself at my expense.

"Now you can kiss, lick and then suck my cock, knowing it's been up your wife's cunt thousands of times and that I'm your master in every way," he said at last, dropping the ruler back in the drawer and releasing my wrists.

I slumped to the floor embarrassingly aware of sporting an erection, prompted, despite the beating, by the sexy pictures of Paula, and he stood astride me with a mocking smile on his face. I had no option but to kiss, lick, and finally take his penis between my lips as ordered. At which point his laughter had a triumphant ring to it.

"How's it feel to know that for 19 years your wife's been eagerly opening her legs for my cock whenever I wanted it!" he jeered. "For all that time Paula's been mine to do as I want with and the cock you're sucking is a regular visitor to both her cunt and bum holes."

With my boss's cock filling my mouth it was impossible to reply and he went on, "It's been really funny, screwing your wife all these years while knowing you hardly ever get it. To think of you slaving away in my factory, making profit for my bank account while I drive my cock hard up your wife's cunt, has always been a real turn on."

Finally I was dismissed with a wave of his hand but a little later when I was in the canteen, sitting despite a very painful backside which I was doing my best to concern from colleagues, the boss came in to tell a senior manager that he'd be out for the rest of the day, his glance rested briefly on me and I felt the colour coming to my cheeks.

"As if we didn't know," one of the guys at the table remarked and they laughed.

"What do you mean?" a new guy asked.

"Its common knowledge that the boss has been shagging some married tart for years."

Knowing my face was getting redder I hoped they'd soon change the subject but the new guy asked how they knew and who she was.

"Oh he makes no secret of the fact, often boasting about cuckolding the poor sod in his own bed. She's a married piece whose wimp of an husband doesn't satisfy her so she's only to keen to open her legs for the boss. At one time there was a rumour he worked here but I don't know about that."


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Le beau père (attention histoire exeptionelle)

Je m'appelle Océane et j'ai vingt-quatre ans. J'ai épousé Sébastien il y a maintenant trois ans et je dois avouer que ce qui m'a charmé le plus chez lui dans un premier temps... c'est sa famille.

Je suis issue d'un milieu plutôt modeste et lorsque j'ai été présentée à ses parents j'ai tout de suite été troublée par le regard assuré, à la fois chaleureux et intimidant de *** père et par l'élégance racée de *** épouse. Ils occupaient chacun d'importantes fonctions juridiques descendant de longue lignée de ce que l'on appelait autrefois la noblesse de robe.

Si sa mère Marie-Françoise devait avoir environ l'âge de la mienne, peut-être quarante-cinq ans, bien que la comparai*** soit difficile, il semblait par contre que *** père qui s'appelait Hubert, était bien plus âgé que le mien et devait avoir facilement la soixantaine.

Outre *** beau visage qui m'avait troublée dès notre première entrevue, malgré ou à cause de ses rides qui dessinaient de plaisants reliefs aux coins de sa bouche et de ses yeux, ou sur *** front. J'avais été séduite par ses tempes gri***nantes qui accentuaient l'éclat d'un visage tanné au regard vif et pénétrant.

J'étais également sous le charme de ce bel homme athlétique à la superbe carrure qui devait visiblement entretenir sa forme et ses formes par la pratique régulière d'activités physiques. Le contraste était troublant avec *** fils qui m'avait charmé sur d'autres plans, mais qui était plutôt mince et dont la beauté du visage avait des traits presque féminins.

À vrai dire il avait tous les attributs de ce que l'on appelle un « vieux beau », mais j'avoue que cette appellation qui m'évoque généralement la course effrénée et perdue d'un Don Juan sur le déclin avait, porté par lui, l'agrément délicieux de celui qui a pu attirer et séduire un nombre sans doute impressionnant de femmes... sans savoir combien d'entre elles avaient alors dû succomber...

Dans ce regard qui se posait sur moi avec insistance et audace je ne vis pas, comme habituellement chez les hommes trop sûrs d'eux, la marque du machisme et de la vanité.

Pour la première fois je me sentis conquise par l'attention d'un seul homme et malgré l'évidence pour moi, que j'étais probablement dans ses yeux une proie à la suite de bien d'autres.

En vérité je ne savais rien alors de *** passé de séducteur, mais je m'empressais d'une façon détournée d'interroger Sébastien pour qu'il m'évoque les « expériences sentimentales » de *** père.

Il m'avoua alors qu'autrefois *** père avait été un véritable coureur de jupons et que cela avait perduré bien après *** mariage. Il se sentait lui-même assez honteux de cette situation, même s'il avait appris plus tard qu'une des rai***s de ce comportement se trouvait dans le fait que sa femme était très peu portée sur le sexe.

Il avait souffert durant toute *** enfance de cette situation, étant souvent le témoin malgré lui de façon plus où moins directe des infidélités de *** père.

Ainsi, il savait que ce dernier ne perdait pas une occasion de forniquer avec les domestiques qui défilaient à la mai*** à une cadence plutôt insolite.

Plusieurs fois, il avait surpris dans la mai*** la voix un peu honteuse de ces jeunes femmes sous forme de chuchotements, mais aussi de rires et de soupirs dont il ne connaissait pas dans un premier temps la signification réelle.

Ce n'est qu'à un âge plus avancé, lorsque mon futur époux était tout juste étudiant, qu'il prit la fâcheuse habitude d'occuper *** temps, au lieu de développer sa propre sexualité, de traquer et de récolter les moindres indices des forfaits de *** paternel, jusqu'au point de les consigner dans un cahier.

Il y avait répertorié à chaque fois, une description de la proie, *** âge (le plus souvent une jeune femme d'une vingtaine d'années, mais il eut aussi des partenaires bien plus âgées...), le lieu du forfait et la description des indices qui lui parvenaient chaque fois qu'ils ne laissaient aucun doute sur la nature de l'activité accomplie. Cela pouvait aller de témoignages ***ores qui parvenaient jusqu'à ses oreilles, de traces laissées sous la forme d'objets déplacés, défaits ou abandonnés et qui témoignaient d'autres abandons...

Si le père était un collectionneur de maîtresses particulièrement assidu, le fils n'en était pas moins assidu à en répertorier les prouesses.

Et puis un jour je t'ai rencontré ! Et j'ai abandonné tout intérêt pour ce qui est des culbutes à répétition de mon père !


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Il me dit cela avec air d'évidence qui me déstabilisa. Je me rendis compte ainsi que sans le savoir, un lien s'était établi entre *** père et moi sous la forme d'une rupture qui semblait salutaire.

J'aurais dû m'en féliciter, mais curieusement je ressentis comme une pointe de regret, comme s'il me manquait la suite d'une histoire dont j'espérais bien obtenir des éclaircissements.

* — Et qu'est-ce que tu as fait du cahier ?

Il me répondit posément qu'il l'avait gardé dans un coin et je me rendis compte que je retenais un soupir de soulagement.

C'est quelques jours plus tard que je profitais d'une de ses absences pour mettre la main sur l'objet convoité. C'était un petit journal de format écolier, mais plutôt épais. Au hasard, j'en entrepris la lecture.

Samedi 18 mai :

Cela fait trois jours que nous avons engagé une nouvelle bonne qui s'appelle Noëmie et qui est plutôt jolie, avec *** beau visage aux traits fins et sa silhouette aux rondeurs de jeune demoiselle. Ce qui ne gâte rien c'est que le costume que nous mettons à sa disposition lui va à ravir. Elle fait l'effet, avec *** corsage blanc qui laisse deviner une poitrine généreuse, sa jupe mi-courte serrée à la taille et ses cheveux corbeaux tirés en arrière, d'une charmante soubrette telle qu'on pouvait en rencontrer dans les années 1900.

Comme cela m'arrive malheureusement souvent, j'étais moi-même tombé sous le charme de cette ravissante employée. Mais évidemment je n'étais pas le seul et j'étais quant à moi, bien trop timide pour dévoiler ne serait-ce que l'ombre de mes sentiments.

Mon père très rapidement, après une posture un peu froide et intimidante qu'il adoptait toujours à l'égard des gens de mai*** fraîchement arrivés, témoigna d'une conduite beaucoup plus chaleureuse vis-à-vis de la jolie Noëmie.

Je me rendis compte qu'il ne perdait pas une occasion de la rejoindre dans une quelconque pièce dès que ma mère était absente. Et je pus entendre à travers la cloi*** des bribes de conversations qui, bien sûr, confirmaient ses intentions...

* — Monsieur, s'il vous plaît, je vous en prie... Si Madame venait ?..
* — Que peux-tu craindre ? Est-ce que je te fais peur ? Est-ce que je ne te plais pas ?
* — Ce n'est pas cela monsieur... vous me plaisez beaucoup et vous le savez... mais j'ai un petit ami et vous êtes marié.
* — Ils ne sauront rien de tout cela... et nous aurons juste passé du bon temps ensemble...
* — Oh ! Je vous en prie !...

Et puis ce ne furent que de longs soupirs. Et des petits cris tout juste étouffés qui faisaient désormais plus penser à des encouragements qu'à des rebuffades.

Un jour par hasard en entrant dans la cuisine, je découvris mon père le cul à l'air et le pantalon à ses pieds en train de pilonner Noëmie dont la jupe était retroussée jusqu'à la taille et dont l'opulente poitrine s'écrasait contre la table. Tout cela s'opérait dans un silence religieux qui avait été à l'origine de ma surprise, mais le sourire radieux qui habillait les lèvres de la jeune femme, ainsi que le fait que ses yeux semblent s'évader comme en extase vers un ciel invisible apparemment radieux, ne laissaient aucun doute sur la profondeur de la jouissance à laquelle la « soubrette » se livrait corps et âme.

Je feuilletai à nouveau de nombreuses pages, avant d'arriver à cette nouvelle aventure.

Vendredi 22 septembre :

Mes parents avaient invité voici quelques jours un couple d'avocats de leurs connaissances qui avaient à peu près le même âge qu'eux. Ils avaient une apparence aussi très classe et sans doute encore plus guindée et pour ne pas dire coincée que celle de mes parents.

L'épouse était presque une caricature de la femme à lunettes un peu stricte avec *** petit chignon, si ce n'était cette opulente poitrine qu'il lui fallait dissimuler tant bien que mal sous un chemisier fermé très haut et paré d'un fin collier de perles.

C'est aujourd'hui même que je me suis rendu compte qu'il ne fallait pas toujours se fier aux apparences.

Cette fois-ci les bruits suspects venaient carrément de la chambre conjugale et je pouvais profiter d'une petite verrière qui surplombait un coin de la pièce pour vérifier l'intérêt et l'originalité du spectacle. Tout d'abord l'avocate se complaisait à offrir à mon père les délices d'une somptueuse cravate de notaire entre ses seins superbes aux larges aréoles brunes et aux tétines dressées.

Sans ses lunettes et le chignon défait elle était presque méconnaissable et la crudité de ses propos m'auraient fait douter qu'il s'agissait bien de la même per***ne, sans quelques détails qui confirmèrent ma première impression.

- Oh oui, branle-toi sur mes nichons, ils ***t tout à toi... J'ai vu comme ça t'excitait l'autre soir de les reluquer à travers mes vêtements pendant tout le repas... T'étais pas gêné mon petit salopard de me désaper rien qu'avec ton regard et de me fixer dans les yeux comme si tu voulais me dire que c'était fait. Comme une évidence que je serais dans ton pieu aujourd'hui pour me faire sauter comme une petite catin... et ça ne te gênait pas de me baiser du regard à côté de ta femme et de ton fils et alors que mon mari, ton ami François, était assis à côté de moi !... T'as gagné mon cochon !

C'était complètement surréaliste d'entendre cette femme qui était une vraie bourgeoise, jurer comme une pois***nière, tout en gardant ce timbre de voix un brin snob, que j'avais entendu durant tout le repas.

Mais je n'étais pas au bout de mes surprises ! Quelques instants après, je la voyais à quatre pattes se faire posséder par mon père et ce qu'elle se mit à vociférer me renseigna sur un détail technique...

* — Comme c'est bon ! Vas-y... Bourre-moi bien à fond !... J'aime te sentir dans mon cul !

Cette nouvelle scène me fascinait littéralement. Voir ainsi cette femme mariée et respectable se faire enculer avec une telle exaltation avec ses grosses tétines qui ballottaient sous elle et voir mon père derrière elle, arc-bouté, lui agrippant les hanches pour lui baiser le fondement avec une superbe énergie !...


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Je n'ai pas lu tous les détails d'un récit qui devait se prolonger encore et laissait à penser que les ébats adultères de ces deux amants avaient duré un certain temps...

En feuilletant encore ce gros cahier qui devait bien faire deux cents pages et qui était presque entièrement rempli d'une écriture serrée, je réalisai l'ampleur des prouesses sexuelles accomplies par ce monsieur d'un abord si respectable et cérémonieux. Sans compter que bien des aventures avaient dû échapper aux investigations de mon cher mari, parce que le forfait ne s'était pas accompli dans le cadre strict de la mai***.

D'ordinaire une telle attitude aurait provoqué ma défiance ou mon dégoût, mais c'est là que je me mis à réaliser que j'étais déjà sous le charme moi aussi, comme tant d'autres femmes avant moi.

Rien ne pouvait me rai***ner et la lecture de ce cahier n'avait fait qu'attiser ma curiosité et mon désir à l'égard de cet homme dont j'étais la bru, la belle-fille. L'émoi physique que je ressentais et cette volonté violente de me retrouver pour la première fois en tête-à-tête avec cet impressionnant per***nage qui me vouvoyait dans un rapport quasi filial ne pouvait me tromper. Mes intentions n'étaient ni innocentes, ni honnêtes, mais je crus pendant plusieurs mois devoir y renoncer.

Notre rapport continuait en présence d'autres membres de la famille à être celui que l'on doit attendre d'une relation entre un beau-père et sa belle-fille.

* * *

Un jour où Sébastien m'avait demandé de vérifier des comptes et alors qu'il devait s'absenter une bonne partie de l'après-midi je m'étais endormie sur *** bureau sous l'effet de la fatigue. Ce n'est qu'après un moment dont je n'étais pas en mesure de percevoir la durée, que j'ai senti sa main sur mon épaule. Je lui ai pris tendrement pour lui signifier que je sortais doucement de mon sommeil, mais c'est alors que j'ai réalisé que ce n'était pas sa main ! Elle était plus large et rugueuse et surtout je perçus du bout des doigts le relief formé par de petites rides.

J'étais encore dans un demi-sommeil sur le point de sursauter et en même temps la chaleur douce et déterminée de ce contact me rassura aussi rapidement qu'elle m'avait angoissé. J'étais sur le point de me relever ainsi tiraillée entre deux sentiments, quand j'entendis sa voix grave et apaisante...

* — N'ouvrez pas les yeux ! C'est moi Hubert, vous n'avez rien à craindre...

Et ces simples mots me firent deviner qu'au contraire j'avais tout à craindre... mais je me rendis compte que je ne faisais aucun mouvement de recul et que j'obéissais servilement à sa demande, et qu'en gardant les yeux fermés je m'abandonnais langoureusement au contact de sa main.

Ce n'était plus un simple attouchement, c'était une caresse qui flattait mon épaule. Je me redressai lentement pour poser mes coudes contre l'écritoire et je me rendis compte instantanément que je lui offrais ainsi une plus grande liberté de gestes.

Je n'avais pas peur, j'étais dans un total sentiment d'abandon. Je me sentais heureuse, comme si ce moment je l'avais attendu sans oser l'avouer et peut-être depuis cet instant où je l'avais rencontré pour la première fois...

Il fit glisser sa main délicatement jusqu'à frôler de ses doigts la base de mon cou. Il dut percevoir au toucher le frémissement qui parcourait mon corps sous l'effet de ce contact pour la première fois direct et espéré...

Ses doigts se mirent à jouer comme sur les cordes d'un instrument singulier à la recherche de quelque trésor que je devinais pouvoir lui offrir par le spectacle, dévoilé à ses yeux, de mon décolleté. En effet de l'endroit où il était placé derrière moi il s'offrait à sa vue d'une façon impudique.

J'avais toujours les yeux fermés, mais je sentais, je ressentais *** regard dénuder mon buste. C'était comme si sans esquisser le moindre geste, sous le seul effet d'un désir masculin violent, il avait jeté à bas mon corsage et mes sous-vêtements pour savourer le spectacle de ma poitrine menue, mais plus ferme que jamais.

Je sentais en effet mes seins réagir au contact maintenant de ses deux mains qui, en caresses circulaires, ne flattaient, pour l'instant, que la partie la plus haute de mon buste. Et puis il y eut le souffle chaud le long de mon oreille sur laquelle bientôt il posa délicatement ses lèvres pour m'offrir un subtil baiser qui à *** tour me fit frémir et éveilla mon excitation.

Je me sentais plus que jamais femme et je n'avais plus qu'un désir... lui offrir ce qu'il voulait de moi !

C'est alors que sa bouche glissa de mon oreille jusqu'à ma nuque et que je perçus le contact humide de sa langue contre mon cou. Ses mains avaient abandonné l'attouchement direct de ma peau, pour caresser, comme pour en révéler progressivement le relief, à travers l'étoffe, le galbe de mes seins.

J'étais soudain fière de ma poitrine que je trouvais souvent trop discrète et qui me semblait pour la première fois réagir de façon éloquente à une si tendre sollicitation. Je choisis ce moment pour me redresser davantage et plaquer mon dos contre le dossier de la chaise de telle façon qu'il puisse découvrir désormais le haut de mon torse et la fine dentelle sombre et transparente de mon bustier qui laissait deviner le contour de mes aréoles sombres et gonflées qui contrastaient avec la blancheur de carnation de mes seins.

C'est alors qu'il se pencha plus en avant et fit basculer ma tête en arrière, me plaçant ainsi dans une posture de total abandon. Sa bouche ne tarda pas à se poser sur la mienne. Sa jolie bouche que je rêvais d'embrasser prodiguait sur mes lèvres de savoureuses caresses alors que ses mains flattaient les moindre recoins de mon visage puis se mirent à effleurer mon cou, puis mes épaules.

Je me retrouvais dans une position totalement impudique comme si je faisais l'offrande de ma chair à cet homme qui restait un mystère pour moi. Je réalisais tout juste qu'il s'agissait du père de mon mari !

Mais ce que je découvrais surtout c'est que cette présence masculine si forte était en train de réaliser mes désirs les plus dérai***nables.

Je ne m'étais tout d'abord pas rendue compte, tant je me délectais d'avoir à me rendre corps et âme à sa seule volonté, que sa main gauche s'était glissée sous mon vêtement et qu'il était en train de palper mon sein avec sa paume de main un peu rugueuse. Dès que je le ressentis, ce contact un peu âpre et ô combien audacieux, me fit frémir ! Mon petit téton tenait presque entièrement dans sa main qui le massait maintenant avec énergie.

Il faisait rouler mon bout de sein sous ses doigts à l'instant même où sa langue s'introduisait dans ma bouche. Comme c'était bon de sentir un bout de sa chaleur me pénétrer maintenant. Sa langue léchant la mienne, ses lèvres se mettant à me sucer.

Puis ce fut au tour de mes lèvres d'être tétées par les siennes. Il me frottait la poitrine avec vigueur et éloigna *** visage un instant...

* — Est-ce que vous aimez ?

Bien sûr que j'aimais, mais je ne savais plus même ce que je disais et si c'était moi qui avait l'effronterie de lui répondre :

* — Continuez, je vous en prie, continuez encore, j'ai tellement envie de vous faire plaisir... S'il vous plaît pincez-moi ! Pincez-moi les seins !

Je n'eus pas longtemps à attendre la réalisation de ma volonté. Il se mit à maltraiter mes bouts de seins avec application. Cette fois-ci les deux mains étaient plongées outrageusement dans mon corsage... Il poussa un peu plus loin *** investigation en me massant d'une main le haut du ventre tout en ne cessant pas de me peloter avec rage. Il eut du mal à forer de *** gros doigt mon petit nombril, mais cette intrusion nouvelle eu le don de m'exciter au plus haut point.

Je ne sais pas depuis combien de temps, mais je ressentis alors entre mes jambes, de par l'humidité et la chaleur que je discernais, combien j'étais envahie par le désir. Le désir, qu'il vienne au plus profond en moi...

C'est ce moment qu'il choisit pour faire pivoter le dossier de ma chaise, de telle sorte que je sentis immédiatement le contact de *** bassin contre mon dos.



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D'une main habile et expérimentée il dégrafa mon bustier et en fit glisser les bretelles de telle sorte qu'en un instant je me trouvais torse nu ! Je ressentis une pointe de honte devant le spectacle qui devait s'offrir à lui et notamment celui de mes seins dont la pointe érigée trahissait mon émoi.

Et puis je pus goûter contre le bas de mes reins, car il s'était accroupi, le doux contact de la proéminence calleuse de sa virilité qui se frottait déjà tout près de ma raie fessière. Il prit aussitôt ma main pour la guider vers *** sexe. Et l'accompagna d'un mouvement explicite pour que je le caresse.

Je fus surprise de sentir le long de mes doigts le contact de sa peau fripée et je réalisais qu'il avait déjà ouvert sa braguette pour libérer *** membre. Ce dernier paraissait à la fois plus épais et plus long que celui de mon mari. Il m'apparut aussi dans ce frémissement de chair, cette palpitation chaude et visqueuse, comme un ****** fidèle, compagnon des jouissances à venir...

Je le sentis derrière moi se relever et prendre appui sur ses longues jambes bien fermes. J'étais à la fois effrayée et terriblement excitée par tout ce qui m'arrivait.

Je ressentis un fris*** inattendu lorsque le bout de sa verge décalottée vint se blottir au creux de ma nuque. C'était un contact qui me parut divin, mêlé de fraîcheur et de chaleur, d'âpreté et d'une humidité gluante à *** extrémité qui trahissait, avec le fait qu'il bande d'une façon insolente, le désir qu'il avait pour moi.

En fait j'étais comme folle et je ne pus m'empêcher de tourner la tête pour le regarder, pour m'assurer qu'il était bien là, blotti contre ma joue, tressaillant contre mon visage. Je ressentais à plein nez le violent fumet de *** sexe, mélange d'urine, de transpiration et de sperme séché.

Tout cela était délicieusement immoral et obscène. Mais quand je pris *** membre entre mes lèvres, je ne pus m'empêcher de penser à Sébastien, qui à cause de ses complexes ne parvenait jamais à bander dans ma bouche !

Comme c'était bon de sentir ce membre dur frotter l'intérieur de mes joues, mon palais, ma langue qui savourait goulûment cette sublime gourmandise !

Je le suçais religieusement, en position de prière telle que l'aurait fait une bonne-sœur, devant l'objet de *** adoration. Cet objet, je voulais l'engloutir et le flatter pendant de longues minutes. Mais ses mains puissantes qui caressaient maintenant mon petit cul bien ferme dont j'étais assez fière, me laissaient espérer d'autres pénétrations !

Il entreprit de caresser et de masser mon corps à moitié nu et qui semblait si frêle soudain entre ses mains épaisses. Pendant tout ce temps où je n'étais plus qu'un objet de plaisir sculpté à mains nues par cet artiste sensuel et si talentueux, je n'abandonnai pas mes caresses buccales pour la jouissance exclusive de mon beau créateur...

Mes mains n'étaient pas non plus inactives et j'adorais caresser ses bourses toutes fripées et masser ses boules si sensibles. Comme dans une plainte il me demandait de continuer...

Au bout d'un moment il a glissé ses mains sous mes aisselles pour me relever doucement, de face à ce que je sois également debout face à lui. Il me dépassait de plus d'une tête, mais il approcha à nouveau *** visage pour m'embrasser ou plus exactement pour m'envelopper les lèvres de sa grande bouche terriblement sensuelle.

Il fit glisser ma culotte le long de mes cuisses, releva ma jupe et ses mains puissantes alors enlacèrent ma taille qui devait lui paraître bien fluette, pour me soulever du sol sans effort... Mes fesses nues bientôt se trouvèrent au contact du rebord métallique et froid du bureau de mon mari et un violent fris*** parcourut tout mon corps de mes orteils à la pointe des seins.

Tout cela était comme une danse, un rituel qu'il avait sans doute tant de fois répété avec d'autres que moi, mais à cet instant j'étais seule à être sienne !

Et ce qui était singulier à notre relation et ce qui je dois l'avouer désormais participait à la puissance de mon excitation, c'était la dimension honteuse, crapuleuse de cet adultère. J'étais sur le point de me faire baiser par le père de mon mari ! Et le trophée qu'ainsi je lui offrais avait à n'en pas douter pour lui aussi une saveur particulière...

Quand il écarta mes jambes doucement pour que j'offre à sa vue le spectacle de ma chatte entièrement rasée et humide du désir que j'avais d'être pénétrée, je me laissai faire... De même lorsqu'il approcha *** sexe imposant pour le frotter tout doucement au mien.

Il était en train de me masturber de *** gland massif et je ne pus longtemps soutenir *** beau regard qui avait dû se mirer dans celui de nombreuses maîtresses conquises.

Ma tête bascula lorsqu'il me pénétra brusquement et ma jouissance était déjà telle que j'en avais la chair de poule.

Curieusement lorsqu'il me retourna pour me prendre en levrette, je me mis à penser à la jument de leur propriété que j'avais vue se faire saillir la semaine dernière par leur plus bel étalon. Je ne maîtrisais plus rien et par sa seule ***** il faisait coulisser violemment *** bassin entre mes cuisses qui contrastaient sans doute par leur légèreté avec celles vigoureuses de ce bel athlète en pleine maturité.

Mon sexe était comblé, envahi, possédé au sens le plus fort par *** membre énorme. Mais ce n'était rien face à ce qui m'attendait.

Il se retira brusquement de moi et présenta sa verge à l'entrée de mon anus. Pour la première fois je voulus protester en essayant d'un geste malhabile de la main de détourner l'engin de cette nouvelle cible et c'est alors qu'il me chuchota à l'oreille ces mots qui finirent par me soumettre à sa seule volonté.

* — Tu es ma plus belle conquête et la plus exquise par le lien familial qui me lie à toi, mais pour que notre étreinte soit accomplie et totalement consommée il faut que tu me livres aussi ton charmant trou du cul !
* — Je ne l'ai jamais fait à per***ne !
* — Rai*** de plus pour m'offrir ainsi ce qu'il te reste de virginité !

Cette réponse évidente me laissa totalement désarmée à tel point qu'au bout d'un instant c'est moi qui pris la décision soudaine de m'emparer de sa bite pour la positionner résolument tout contre ma rondelle. Il n'eut pas à esquisser le moindre geste et c'est moi qui en me redressant et en plaquant mon dos contre *** torse, c'est moi seule qui vins empaler ma croupe contre *** sexe triomphant.

J'étais devenue une cavalière consciencieuse et lubrique qui chevauchait gaillardement mon nouvel étalon qui semblait étonné de mon attitude soudain si délurée malgré la douleur puissante qui envahissait le tréfonds de mon postérieur !

J'ai dû à un moment perdre connaissance...

Lorsque je me suis réveillée encore nue et à l'abandon, affalée contre le cuir du sous-main du bureau de Sébastien, *** père était quant à lui déjà tout habillé et se penchant vers moi il me dit :

* — Il va falloir apprendre à ne rien laisser paraître... et continuer à nous vouvoyer comme par le passé...

Il m'offrit *** sourire le plus séduisant et un tendre baiser qui caressa tout juste mes lèvres. Je ne m'étais jamais sentie aussi femme !

Quand une heure plus tard mon mari qui me semblait ce jour-là plus jeune encore que d'habitude et aussi à sa manière tellement beau vint me rejoindre pour m'adresser à *** tour un tendre baiser, je fus surprise de ne sentir aucune gêne.

C'était un peu comme ci chacun de ces hommes, représentant les charmes de leur génération respective, devaient naturellement à leur tour combler mes désirs de femmes dont je n'avais pas saisi jusqu'ici l'étendue. En quelque sorte j'étais prête à assumer ce rôle de maîtresse voluptueuse du père comme du fils... mais les évènements en décidèrent autrement.

Hubert prit à nouveau ses distances et de façon durable et bientôt je me sentais désespérée.

Au bout d'un certain temps face à *** indifférence je me mis à penser que d'évidence une autre relation devait combler ses envies et en même temps je ne trouvais aucun indice qui puisse étayer mes soupçons...

C'est alors que face à un tel mystère j'entrepris de chercher des indices dans le gros cahier qui je l'espérais, était resté à sa place !

Le cahier était bien là et je me mis à le feuilleter sans découvrir la trace de la moindre relation durable, mais au contraire une palette de « proies » d'une diversité que je n'avais pas imaginée...

C'est en feuilletant les ultimes pages que je tombais sur cette dernière aventure :


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Vendredi 2 novembre :

Pendant mon absence, il a possédé Océane sur mon bureau et j'ai appris qu'elle avait pris beaucoup de plaisir, notamment quand il est entré dans *** cul !



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J'aimais pas les chiens

Je n'ai jamais aimé les chiens. Jamais.
Peut-être parce que je les trouvais trop... Vivants. Vifs.
Parce qu'ils nous ressemblaient un peu trop au final. Pas au niveau physique bien sur, mais ils étaient un peu trop capables de s'adapter à notre vie à mon goût. Et cela m'effrayait.
Mon psychologue me fixais souvent d'un air niais quand je lui expliquais cela. Et j'imaginais très bien *** inconscient lui faire des remarques stupides sur le dernier des attardés qu'il accueillait dans *** bureau.
Aujourd'hui je n'avais plus ce problème, je n'avais plus les moyens de me payer un psy.
Ni un appartement d'ailleurs.
Mais le malaise que je ressentais à la vue d'un chien ne s'était jamais affaibli. Chaque fois que j'en croisais un, je faisais de mon mieux pour éviter de figer mon regard dans ses yeux trop intelligents. Je restais au niveau du maitre, ignorant purement et simplement la bête à mes pieds.

Mais un jour, alors que je venais de me faire mettre dehors de façon plus ou moins délicate de chez un homme chez qui je squattait littéralement et effrontément depuis une semaine, je rencontrais un ancien ami de lycée au coin d'une rue, l'air passablement agacé.
Ses cheveux avaient poussé depuis notre jeune âge et il les portait attachés en une haute queue de cheval, dévoilant un visage mat aux yeux d'un vert d'eau tout bonnement ensorcelant.
Après s'être dévisagés un instant, nos visages s'éclairèrent et il tendit un doigt vers moi:
-Léo c'est ça?
J'acquiesçais et tentait de lui rendre la pareille:
-Julien, corrigea-il, t'étais pas loin. Qu'est-ce que tu deviens depuis le temps?
Je passais une main dans mes cheveux et tournais le regard vers la rue, un sourire gêné à mes lèvres:
-Rien de bien glorieux crois moi. J'ai pas envie de t'embarrasser avec mes conneries...
Avant que je ne pus l'interroger sur sa vie à lui pour esquiver discrètement le sujet, il éclata de rire et m'entraîna vers un café de sa démarche si sûre de lui, le genre de démarche qu'ont les per***nes à qui la vie sourit, à qui per***ne ne dit non, et qui achètent ou prennent de ***** tout ce qu'il veulent.
-Si, si, je veux savoir, viens, je te paye à boire, et tu me racontes. J'ai que ça à faire, j'attends un coup de fil urgent, ma gardienne m'a laissé tombé.
Une gardienne? D'enfants? Je manquais de trébucher en montant les trois pauvres marches menant à la porte vitrée du café et oubliais vite de lui poser la question.
Vingt minutes plus tard je venais de finir de lui raconter ma vie de plus en plus pathétique. A savoir que j'avais perdu mon job, puis mon appart, et qu'actuellement je squattais chez qui voulait bien de moi en attendant de pouvoir passer mon entretien la semaine suivante.
Lorsque j'eus fini il me fixa avec un regard intéressé, et je me demandais la rai*** quand il commença à me raconter sa vie.
Bien entendu, succès partout, mai*** en banlieue, travail intéressant et à plein temps mais...:
-Et là en fait, je dois partir pour quatre jours à perpette, et j'avais trouvé quelqu'un pour garder le monstre, mais elle s'est décommandée au dernier moment, donc je suis un peu dans l'embarras. C'est pour ça que j'attends ce coup de f...
Il s'interrompit pour décrocher *** portable, et s'excusa avant de sortir du café pour discuter.
Je l'observais s'agiter derrière la baie vitrée et m'interrogeais: un monstre? C'est vrai que les gosses ***t particulièrement casse couilles, mais de là à parler de monstre aussi sérieusement...
On devait pas avoir le même humour, me dis-je en portant ma tasse à mes lèvres.

Julien revint rapidement, l'air encore plus énervé que lorsque l'on s'était croisé plus tôt.
-Bon, ben voilà, j'ai définitivement plus per***ne pour le garder. Il est pas si horrible pourtant bon sang!
Il s'assit lourdement et se pencha vers moi:
-Léo, je suis désolé de te prendre de court comme ça mais tu m'as plus ou moins dit que t'avais nulle part ou dormir hein?
Je sentis mes joues rougir de honte et m'apprêtais à l'envoyer paître lorsqu'il continua:
-J'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour garder la mai*** et tout le bordel quatre jours. Ensuite je m'absenterais parfois les week end et-cetera. Ce que je te propose c'est que tu viennes vivre chez moi, comme un coloc sauf que tu ne paieras rien puisqu'en échange tu garderas le fauve. Ca t'irait?
J'avalais ma salive, et ma fierté par la même occasion et répondais par l'affirmative.



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Vingt minutes plus tard sa voiture ralentissait alors qu'il sortait de la banlieue et entrait sur un chemin de gravier menant à un haut portail fraîchement repeint.
Ce con avait les moyens, et j'appréhendais de me retrouver face à un semi château plein d'objets terriblement kitchs qu'il faudrait dépoussièrer quotidiennement.
-Et... Il a quel âge?
-Lou? Il va avoir deux ans bientôt. Un peu brute, mais pas méchant du tout.
Je souriais:
-Joli prénom.
-Et attends de le voir, une merveille. Un Tchécoslovaque, tu vois le genre?
Je fronçais les sourcils, il avait adopté?
Mon silence parlant pour moi il ajouta:
-Tu sais un berger tchécoslovaque? T'y connais rien en chiens hein?
Je couinais:
-Un chien?
La voiture s'immobilisa devant la mai***. Finalement, elle n'était pas si grande, c'était surtout le jardin qui avait des allures de parc.
Il rit:
-Tu croyais quoi? Un môme? Je suis pas assez fou. Mais attends de le voir, c'est une bête magnifique, je l'ai fait venir directement d'un élevage de slovaquie.
Ben voyons, je détestais ces bourgeois avides d'exotisme qui faisaient venir quelque chose de loin sous prétexte que c'était rare et précieux.
Je défaisais ma ceinture, tentant de me reprendre. Pour avoir un toit, du chauffage et presque un boulot à plein temps, je pouvais bien surpasser ma répulsion. Je portais ma main à la poignée de la portière et l'entendis juste murmurer "Ah, le voilà" avant qu'un poids ne s'abatte sur la voiture et que je me retrouve nez à nez avec...
-Mais c'est pas un chien ça putain! M'exclamais en bondissant en arrière, le cul sur le frein à main, le dos collé à Julien qui éclata de rire en sortant de la voiture.
-Mais si, viens! Lou, ôte tes grosses pattes de ma carrosserie si tu veux manger ce soir.
Rapidement il contourna l'auto et attrapa Lou par *** collier.
Je sortais finalement et les observais un instant. C'était un loup. Avec un collier. Un putain de loup.
-Les bergers Tchécoslovaques ***t des bergers Allemands qui se ***t accouplés avec des loups. Ca reste des chiens, le seul trucs, c'est de ne pas reculer, et de rester maitre de soi parce qu'ils ont quand même l'instinct de compétition des loups, mais rien de bien méchant. Tu vois?

Mon cul que je voyais. Quelques heures plus tard j'agitais connement ma main en guise d'au revoir alors que Julien m'abandonnais dans sa mai*** avec le monstre.
Monstre qui courait actuellement autour de la voiture comme un dératé, voulant sans doute jouer avec *** maitre.
Ca aurait pu être mignon s'il avait été un caniche. Ou un truc niais, genre un labrador. Là c'était juste flippant de voir cette bête toute en muscles ouvrir sa gueule pour laisser pendre sa langue, dévoilant des rangées de dents blanches acérées.
Ok, j'exagérais.
Le portail se referma, Lou se retourna dans ma direction, et je reculais dans la mai*** en fermant la porte derrière moi.
Lou allait passer quatre jours dans le jardin, je lui sortirais sa gamelle quand il ne serait pas trop près de la porte. Voilà tout.

A dix neuf heures, je profitais de la pub dans un programme télé pour aller chercher le paquet de croquettes et remplir une gamelle en inox à ras bord.
Je traversais la cuisine à moitié nu. Il faisait foutrement chaud dans la mai***, et je n'avais gardé que mon boxer. Je m'avançais jusqu'à l'entrée et ouvris rapidement la porte pour poser la nourriture de Lou dehors.
Un courant d'air glacé glissa sur mes jambes et je fris***nais. Alors que je me baissais, j'entendis un frottement sur le sol. Je levais les yeux et tombais nez à nez avec Lou.
Magnifique. Effrayant.
Il n'avait pas l'air agressif. Ses grands yeux étaient interrogateurs et je me retenais de reculer trop vite. Je me redressais lentement, ayant lâché la gamelle et détaillais *******. Il haletait, ayant dû courir à l'entente de la porte d'entrée qui s'ouvrait.
Il fit quelques pas en avant, en direction de la porte entre ouverte mais je déplaçais mes longues jambes et bloquais l'entrée.
-Non Lou, ta bouffe est là. Tu dors dehors, je suis désolé, c'est une affaire de quelques jours.
Que j'avais l'air con à parler à un chien!
Ce dernier leva la tête vers moi pour me regarder, et *** museau cogna ma queue dans un mouvement brusque.
Surpris, je reculais. Merde. Il l'avait pas fait exprès, c'est sûr, mais maintenant, j'avais reculé.
J'étais vraiment con, ma psychose me faisait voir les chiens comme des êtres doués de trop de conscience, de trop d'intelligence, et si j'avais reculé, c'est parce que j'avais pris *** geste comme une avance. Ni plus ni moins.
Pathétique. Je vis *** regard changer d'un coup, je n'étais plus franchement le maitre à bord, il pouvait y avoir compétition.
D'un bond, je rentrais à l'intérieur et claquais la porte.



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Deux heures plus tard j'étais avachi sur le canapé, la main sur la queue devant un magnifique film de boules. Le soumis se faisait prendre frénétiquement par un énorme mec poilu, sa queue sortant et entrant dans *** cul dilaté à une vitesse effrayante. Le gamin se faisait projeter en avant à chaque coup de reins, ses traits étaient perdus entre douleur et plaisir et les mains de *** baiseur creusaient des sillons dans ses fesses parfaitement rondes.
Le tas de muscles s'affala soudainement sur lui et le soumis ne put que se laisser écraser sous la masse, ses mains agrippant les draps tandis que l'autre lui tirait les cheveux en arrière et le démontait sauvagement.
C'en fut trop je suçais mes doigts et les descendais vers mon cul, m'empalant dessus jusqu'à frotter ma prostate et venir dans ma main.
J'éteignais la télévision avec un sourire satisfait et montais les escaliers jusqu'à une chambre au hasard.
Je m'affalais sur le lit et m'endormis dans mon boxer souillé.

Bien plus tard dans la nuit je me réveillais sur le ventre. Une trique d'enfer me dérangeait.
Je n'avais pas pensé à passer sous les couvertures et mon cul était à moitié à l'air, merde, je comptais pas dormir sur la béquille. Je jetais un coup d'oeil vers la fenêtre et ne vis que l'obscurité. Qu'est-ce qui m'avait réveillé?
Un souffle chaud sur mes cuisses me figea. Une truffe humide plongea entre elles et je sentis une langue râpeuse tremper l'entre jambe de mon boxer, effleurant une de mes couilles qui en dépassait.
Bon dieu. Le chien!

Je bondissais hors du lit et me retournais pour voir l'ombre du loup à quatre pattes sur le lit, sa tête se tourna vers moi et il se mit à grogner.
Comment était-il entré?! Il allait me bouffer, merde!
Je me précipitais dans le couloir et descendais les escaliers quatre à quatre dans le noir. Le bruit de ses pattes sur le parquet se faisait proche et il dévalait déjà l'escalier lorsque j'arrivais en bas.
Je ne savais pas ou aller et je tournais vers la droite, au pif, dans le salon.
Je me pris les pieds dans je ne sais quel putain de coussin et me vautrais sur le sol.
Immédiatement, il était sur moi et je tentais de ramper sur le tapis, tendant mes mains devant moi pour trouver un quelconque objet contondant. Ses crocs se refermèrent sur ma nuque et je me figeais.
Il ne serrait pas.
Enfin pas trop. Juste assez pour faire mal sans me faire saigner.
Ses grognements s'arrêtèrent lorsque je stoppais tout mouvement. Sa gueule me relâchât, et je m'apprêtais à me relever lorsqu'il grogna encore.
Je m'immobilisais à nouveau, et il se tût.
Je sentis *** souffle brûlant descendre le long de mon dos nu, jusqu'à mes fesses, je tentais de bouger, il grogna, je stoppais. Ok, j'avais compris le message. Je lui laisserais le temps de faire l'alpha à me renifler partout, et il me foutrait la paix.
Sa truffe creusait un pli dans mon boxer tandis qu'il prenait de grandes inspirations en reniflant mon cul.
Un truc de chien quoi. Je choisis de patienter, mal à l'aise.
Sa langue reprit *** travail et il me lécha le boxer, les cuisses, léchant si fort que c'en devenait bon et que le tissu mouillé se déplaçait sur ma peau jusqu'à dévoiler mes couilles. Si j'avais su j'aurais pas mis le dernier des boxers pourri et trop large comme sous vêtement. Sa langue s'infiltrait partout et très vite je me retrouvais entre peur et plaisir à tendre presque mon cul dans sa direction.
Soudain il effleura mon trou, je gémissais et tendis mes fesses vers lui. Il reprit *** travail avec plus d'ardeur et je couinais comme la dernière des catins, le cul en l'air. Je n'avais jamais eu de meilleur léchage de cul de ma vie. Pas profond, bien sur mais quand même.
Quelques secondes plus tard, alors que je gémissais d'extase, je le sentis se décoller de ma raie et pris une grande inspiration. C'était fini, je le regrettais presque.
Je me redressais à quatre pattes pour me relever quand je sentis le chien s'abattre sur mon dos.
Je m'écroulais à nouveau, sur les coudes, et le sentis s'agiter sur mon dos.
Oh non. Mes yeux s'écarquillèrent lorsque je sentis une queue gluante de foutre se coller contre ma cuisse, puis contre ma fesse.
Je tentais de me dégager mais ses crocs se refermèrent sur mon épaule avec un grognement menaçant, j'arrêtais de bouger, encore, et mon coeur battait à toute allure. Je n'eus pas le temps de réfléchir que ses grands coups de queue s'approchèrent de ma raie, puis de mon trou, et d'un coup sa queue pénétra en moi. Un tout petit coup de queue, terriblement profond et je criais. Et sa mâchoire se resserra légèrement sur mon épaule et il renfonça sa queue en moi, d'un mouvement brusque. Il était énorme. C'était terrifiant et douloureux. Les deux doigts ridicules du début de soirée se faisaient regretter.
Il délaissa mon épaule et je sentis *** souffle dans mon cou tandis que ses pattes avant me ceinturaient et qu'il lançait ses hanches en avant. Sa queue rentra entièrement, et il se mit à faire des mouvements brusques, frénétiques, je criais de plaisir, de peur et de douleur. Ma queue à nouveau raide frottait sur le tapis à chaque coup de rein, et il continua de me piner de plus en plus fort, si bien que des larmes de plaisir et de douleur coulaient sur mes joues. Très vite mes cris devinrent des râles et je me perdais dans les limbes du plaisir qu'il m'offrait.
Soudain je le sentis commencer à grossir, je ne connaissais rien à la zoophilie, et je ne réagis pas. Il continua de grossir et mon cul se faisait littéralement écarteler, il continuait de gicler *** foutre à l'intérieur de moi et je me sentais douloureusement rempli. Il fit mine de se retirer et la douleur me fit me cramponner à ses pattes. "S'il te plaît, s'il te plaît", murmurais-je. Ne me déchires pas.
Étonnamment il ne grogna pas, sans doute trop stone d'avoir pris *** pied, et je commençais à bouger sur sa queue, savourant ce noeud tellement énorme, et tout ce foutre qui ne pouvait pas sortir.
Les minutes passèrent et je m'essoufflais sur sa bite, *** noeud se mit à dégonfler, et il fit quelques tentatives pour se retirer, me tirant par la même occasion en arrière. Puis de plus en plus brusquement, et un éclair blanc passa dans mes yeux alors que je jutais sur le sol tandis qu'il se retirait brusquement.
Mon cul dégoulinait de foutre et il se mit à me lécher, encore et encore, tant et si bien que je m'endormis sur le sol. Soumis, satisfait.

Pas de doute, j'allais rester un bout de temps dans cette baraque.


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Foreman's Assistant

The summer after I graduated from college, I needed a job, just until I started grad school in the fall. I didn't really have a lot of qualifications, and my short time frame ruled out a lot of options. So I applied for every job I could possibly do, and that's how I ended up at the offices of Mecham Construction. They had posted an ad for a Foreman's Assistant, and the main qualifications were a good attitude and an ability to follow instructions. I figured what the hell, a zillion guys would probably apply, but I might as well give it a shot.

My interview was set for 1:00, and I arrived a little early. Their office was one of several in a row, with parking in front. It was like a strip mall, but with no stores, only offices. I went in and introduced myself to the secretary, Janice, who was seated behind a desk, working at her computer. She told me to have a seat, picked up her telephone, and said, "Mr. Mecham, David Bailey is here for his interview."

I waited a few minutes, then Mr. Mecham came out and showed me into his office. I was relieved to see that he was dressed casually. I wasn't too sure how to dress for this, so I had just worn Dockers and a nice polo shirt. He took his place behind the desk, I sat in the chair facing him, and we started. He asked a few creampuff questions -- did I have any trouble finding the place, did I have any experience in construction, did I understand that this job might only last a few months.

He explained that the job was really simple, just a matter of running errands for the foreman and taking care of the needs of the crew. I asked what that meant, taking care of the crew, and he threw out a bombshell.

"You ever sucked another guy's cock?"

Whoa, where did that come from? "No," I replied, but I was beginning to get the picture.

"Could you if your job depended on it?" he asked.

I hesitated, wondering if I could. I've thought about what it would be like, I've even done it in fantasies. Could I do it in real life? "Yeah," I said, finally, "I think I could."

He got up from his chair, walked around the desk, and stood in front of me. "Show me."

Holy ****, I thought, he wants me to give him a blowjob before he'll even consider me for the job. Then I remembered my fantasies, and decided this was my chance to see what I was missing. I reached out and ran my hand over his fly. He was already hard, and as soon as I touched his cock I knew I was ready. I undid his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants down around his knees. He was wearing boxers, and his cock poked out through the opening. I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked it a few times. Mr. Mecham let out a moan, and a drop of precum formed on the tip. I leaned forward and licked the slit, getting my first taste of another man's juices.

Mr. Mecham stepped back and took off his clothes, then held his cock up to my lips and said, "Suck it, David. Show me what you can do."

I took it in my mouth, just the head at first, and began running my lips and tongue over the crown. I wasn't too sure what to do, but he said, "Yeah, that feels good. Take it a little deeper, see how much you can take without gagging."

I managed about four inches easily, running my lips up and down his shaft, really starting to enjoy myself. "You're doing fine, David. Suck a little harder, and see if you can take it all." He was about six inches, I guess, so I still had another couple of inches to go. I sucked harder, like he said, and gradually was able to take more of his cock into my throat.

"Just relax your throat and let it in. Here, I'll help," he said, putting a hand on the back of my head and pushing his cock down my throat. The first time I gagged too soon, and he backed off and tried again. This time I felt his pubic hairs tickling my nose, he backed off again, and the third time my lips made it all the way to the base of his cock.

"Good job, David! I'm getting pretty close. Is it OK if I cum in your mouth?"

I couldn't really answer with his cock in my mouth, and I didn't want to stop sucking it. I guess that was all the answer he needed. He put both hands on my head and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth a few times. "Here it comes!" I felt his cock swell up and jerk between my lips, then he started to shoot his load. It was warm and thick on my tongue, and the taste was milder than I expected. I swallowed as he pushed his cock further into my throat and continued to pump me full of warm, fresh cream.

When he was completely drained, he stepped back from me and said, "Well, David, that was quite good for your first time. You'll get better with practice, I'm sure. Let's get dressed, and then I'd like to take you out to the site and let you meet Marcos and his crew. Marcos will be your real boss. I just sign the checks."

I had a feeling that Marcos was going to want me to demonstrate my abilities too. OK, fine! Once I got used to the idea of blowing Mr. Mecham, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. And if that was what the job required, I'd better find out now if it was something I wanted to do the rest of the summer.

Mr. Mecham drove me to the job site in his Lexus, saying Marcos would bring me back to the office after I met the crew. It was about fifteen minutes before we reached the site. Mr. Mecham looked up Marcos, introduced me to him, then took off, leaving me with no way back except Marcos. That was fine by me. Marcos wasn't especially good looking, but he radiated a sexual energy that had me in his spell from the word go.

He showed me around the job site, five houses in various stages of construction. Next he proceeded to introduce me to his crew, starting with Eric. He and I shook hands and agreed it was nice to meet each other, then Marcos said to Eric, "I want to see David give you a blowjob. You got time?"

Geez, I'm thinking, these guys don't fool around. Eric just nodded his head and pulled down his pants and underwear. I got down on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. He wasn't hard yet, so I got another new experience, feeling him grow longer and harder as I sucked him. I know how ridiculous it must sound, but I felt a real sense of power, being able to have that effect on another man.

His cock was a little bigger than Mr. Mecham's, I think, but not that much different. He lasted longer, and I was starting to think I was doing something wrong. Then Marcos said, "Eric likes a finger up his ass, when you're ready for him to cum."

I put a finger in my mouth to get it slick with saliva, then went back to sucking him while at the same time I was feeling around for his asshole. I pushed my finger in gently, being careful not to hurt him, but Marcos said, "Give it to him good. The harder you work his ass, the sooner you get his load."

Gotta hand it to Marcos, he knew his workers. I started fingering Eric's ass as deep as I could reach, pumping first one then two fingers in and out, hard and fast. I worried that I was being too rough, but then I felt Eric's cock twitch and begin filling my mouth with another load of warm, sticky cream. I kept sucking him and fingering his ass until he pushed me away. "I get pretty tender after I cum," he said, apologetically. I swallowed the last of his load and thanked him.

"Well, David, so far so good," Marcos told me. "Let's go meet the other guys, and let Eric get back to work."

He led me over to a partially built house, where two guys around my age were working. They were both shirtless, wearing shorts and sneakers, and those leather tool belts that construction guys use. Their names were Kevin and Brian, they were both in their early twenties, both well tanned and smooth. Kevin had dark hair and features, Brian was a redhead with lots of freckles, especially on his back. I probably wasn't qualified to judge at that point, but I thought they were both pretty hot.

Marcos said, "Kevin and Brian were my co-assistants last summer. They worked out so well we decided to keep them on. Guys, why don't you all get naked. David, you can suck them both at once, but when they are ready to cum, I want them to give you a double facial. You know what that is, right?"

"I know what it is, but I've never done anything like that before."

"You'll be fine. It's just another way to do a blowjob. These guys are both big shooters, so I want to see them unload all over your face and onto your tongue. By the time you're done, you'll be dripping!"
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