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les histoires de chrislebo

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Marie's entire body shook in fear. Her dark world was scary and she couldn't remember a time when she feared more for her life. The long, hot drive across the desert had lasted forever but now she was in some kind of building. She was bound in a chair and could hear a man walking around her. His hot breath hit her every time he leaned close to her face. Suddenly his face was next to her cheek. "Are you afraid?"

She heard the man's voice and wasn't going to answer until she felt a sharp jab in the side of her ribs. "Yes... Oh gawd, yes. Oh please... don't hurt me," she pleaded. "I'll give you anything... money... any amount of money."

Marie Kelly sobbed but tried hard to control her emotions so that she wouldn't break out crying. She let out gasps of horror, as her sheer blouse was slowly unbuttoned. Marie felt rough fingers brush against her flushed skin until every button was undone and the front was pushed to the sides. She could only imagine what it looked like and wondered how many people were in the room.

It was extremely hot and dry and she felt sweat covering her entire body. The tape was so tightly stuck around her eyes and head that it was beginning to hurt. She never imagined the darkness could give her such a helpless feeling, as she couldn't see even the slightest ray of light. Suddenly she felt the ties around her wrists being cut away and then her arms were free.

Marie thought about fighting and putting up a determined struggle. Then she realized that being off in an unknown desert all by herself without anyone around to help was far too imposing. She shivered as daring fingers slowly traced an outline all around her expensive, lacy brassiere. The fingers paused at the top of her bra and purposely waited for her to utter a few whimpers of distress.

All of a sudden the lacy cup was pulled away from her chest and Marie knew someone was looking down at her exposed breast. Her reaction of pulling backwards merely enabled Mosi to see more of Marie's adorable titty. Her boobs were quite big for her slender frame and he imagined them to be about a 34d. When the desert air hit her nipple, she knew it was fully exposed to hungry eyes, which sent a tremor of helplessness through her throbbing head.

Suddenly the skimpy material was grabbed at the thin strip of fabric between the cups. In a flash the garment was ripped and the cups left dangling in her armpits. The temperature was high and the heat was enormous but she still shivered when her clothes were stripped from her torso.

Marie found it strange that her hearing was suddenly more acute than ever. She could hear heavy breathing to her left; then heavier panting to her right before the man in front of her spoke. "My men say your tits are beautiful. They want to feel them," Mosi whispered sending more tremors through her body. "Is it okay if they touch... feel your wonderful mounds?"

Mosi had to admit that the actress had luscious tits. They were big with large rounded areolas, which were a very light brownish color. There was only the slightist sag and Mosi marveled how her seductive tits sort of made him drool. The small nipples were centerpieces that made her boobs overly succulent, and it was easy to see why Marie Kelly was considered an actress with much sex appeal. He imagined putting a nipple in his mouth and sucking it until it stood hard and proud.

Mosi could see Marie licking her lips trying to make them moist. He didn't expect her to answer his question so he grabbed a cup full of special ***** and put it to her lips. "*****! ***** something to quench your thirst. It is hot today... and a person gets thirsty."

Marie Kelly swallowed, as fast as she could, but still plenty of liquid ran out the corners of her mouth. Mosi loved the affect of the fluid running down her chin and flowing down her abundant breasts, coating them with glistening juice. Mosi made sure she drank lots and in no time he noticed her serious, dire complexion start to change. Marie no longer looked afraid and her breathing was so rapid that her entire face looked blushed.

He put his lips at her ear. "Is it okay if they feel your tits? My soldiers think your tits are beautiful... luscious and sexy."

It wasn't more than minutes ago that she steadfastly refused to accept the man's fondling. All of a sudden she wondered if it wasn't for the best and that she should allow him to grope her nudity in an effort to be freed. She flinched when his big hand touched her. Mosi put his fingers on her shoulder and kept them there for a moment. Then he started running the tip of his forefinger all over until it reached her raised melon.

Marie Kelly felt the man trace a circular pattern around her breast and then he swiftly seized the hardened pebble. His fingers surrounded her nipple and squeezed lightly at first. She moaned wishing he would stop but then he squeezed harder. Harder and then he squeezed harder. "Owie... owieeeee. Oh gawd, it hurts... please don't hurt me," she pleaded.

Suddenly there was a cup at her lips and she was ****** to ***** again. Mosi grabbed her head and tipped it back letting the liquid flow down her throat. She gulped desperately trying to prevent ******* on the abundant *****, which allowed Mosi to accomplish his goal. He wasn't satisfied until Marie had drained the cup and then he let go of her head while she gasped for much needed air.

Mosi put his lips next to her ear. "I hear you are famous actress... an American actress. I want to see how good you really are. I want you to do some acting for me," he whispered. "If you finger yourself... masturbate, then I might not fuck your pretty white ass. I might let you go without letting every man in the room fuck your sexy white cunt."

Marie Kelly wondered if things could get any worse. Her mind swirled over the dilemma trying to think of a way out but there didn't seem to be any. She was all alone being held by some African rebels and for all she knew, they would seriously hurt her if she didn't do what they demanded. Obviously the offer of money didn't tweak their interest and she deemed they were after sex.

Marie Kelly made the firm decision to do it. She would obey the shameful demands hoping it would save her from further turmoil. Her right hand rotated to the front of her body and she placed the palm of her dainty hand on her flat tummy. Marie felt her stomach heaving in and out and she knew the panic would overtake her if she didn't act fast.

It was decision time. Her fingers slithered downward and beneath the waistband of her designer jeans. The pants were tight and it was very difficult for her hand to slip lower. "Show men your white pussy... show pussy, or else!"

Now she wasn't sure what to do but there was no indecision in Mosi. Marie Kelly felt his fingers on her jeans and then the snap and zipper were undone leaving the front gaping open. "Standup! Standup so I can take pants off," Mosi whispered giving her the sickest feeling.

Marie Kelly was too afraid to move a muscle. Mosi grabbed her by the shoulders and jerked her to her feet. "You stand. Standup and we take pants off."

She stood feeling her legs almost give way. Her hands were at her waist valiantly trying to prevent the man from stripping her jeans but her attempts proved fruitless. Suddenly her pants were pushed down until they were in a ball at her feet. Marie Kelly felt the sudden air surrounding her almost nudity. Then her loosened clothing already hanging open was stripped from her torso.

Mosi and two of his men stared at the gorgeous actress, each moving so they could see her from every angle. Marie Kelly's thong was the only garment she still wore and it only added to her sexual allure. The skimpy material was misadjusted and Mosi loved the way the thong disappeared into certain crevices. He ogled Marie Kelly from behind and noticed the strip of material was fully buried between her seductive ass-cheeks. Then he rotated around her shivering body to see the most adorable camel-toe.

Marie Kelly felt the narrow strip of panty between her thighs being lodged into her soaked pussy lips. She desperately wanted to correct the garment but felt any adjustment would only add insult to injury.

All of a sudden Mosi was next to her. "You actress? Then you show men... act for them," he whispered. "You masturbate... do it and we not hurt you. You act now, or else!"

The large amount of African aphrodisiac ****** down her throat was raging through her entire body. Marie Kelly knew better but strangely her normal reasoning was flawed. Suddenly Mosi pushed her back into the chair and she sat down with a thump. His lips never left her ear. "Do it... masturbate like an actress."

Her fingers slithered into the sheer panties until her forefinger covered the thin strip of short, black hair. Marie Kelly cursed the fact that she had, only days ago, waxed her pussy area leaving merely an inch-wide strip of stubble above her precious opening. She let out whimpers when the tip of her finger touched her wetness. Then she put the length of her finger directly over the narrow slit, as if waiting for an intervention.

"Do it! Masturbate and it might save you. I might not fuck your pretty white ass if you masturbate," Mosi whispered with his lips next to her ear. "Have you ever been fucked by a big... black... cock?"

Her finger slipped into the wetness so fast the speed amazed her. Her hand pushed the thong to the side and instantly her fingers surrounded the puffy gem. Suddenly everything was like it always was when she masturbated. She pinched the clit just hard enough to keep it securely between her fingers and then she rolled it around vigorously. Marie Kelly could hear the squishy juices being swirled around but she didn't stop.

A short, swift spasm shot through her loins and Kelly knew there would be more... many more. She spread her legs a little wider, which allowed her to retain a better grip on her clitoris, and her hand was a blur. Her mind was made up. This was the only way to save herself, so she would succumb to the immense ***********, and masturbate in front of her captors.

Mosi could see her emotions rising and knew it would not be long before she creamed. He literally dumped more of his secret potion down her throat and let it spill all over her bare chest. Mosi smiled with the realization nobody could ***** this much and not have their ability to think straight severely impaired. He watched her hips jerk randomly and he sensed her orgasm was very near.

All of a sudden he slapped her hand away. The sudden shock was profound and Marie Kelly wondered what was wrong. Then it happened. Mosi placed his hard, pulsating rod in her hand. Her right hand was hanging at her side and he stepped close to her so that his cock was beside her hand. He put her dainty hand in his and then placed them directly on his thick pecker.

"Feel it? Feel the big... black... cock. Soon it be goin' deep inside your belly," Mosi whispered with every word sending waves of despair through her entire body.

"Oh gawd... no. No... dear gawd, no," Kelly moaned as her heart rate increased dramatically. "But you said..."

"Feel it, honey. I'm goin' to fuck you... stick my big, black cock into your do-gooder cunt," Mosi said.

Kelly felt doom wash over her. She couldn't get the thick meat out of her hand and Mosi kept moving his hips so that his cock was even more threatening. Then he pulled Marie Kelly to her feet and with one swift jerk, Mosi literally ripped the useless panties from her body. He carefully cut the tape so the blindfold could be easily removed and suddenly the actress saw the black demon, which had burnt her hand.



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Marie Kelly was afraid to open her eyes. Her temples throbbed so madly that her headache made it too difficult to think straight. Her memory was vague but Marie Kelly reasoned that she must have passed out. Her last tangible recollection was of having the African's cock in her hand. Bits and pieces of many lost hours slowly floated through her distraught mind from that point. Every time she struggled or attempted to stop what was happening during the night, someone poured more ******** down her throat. She had been in a classic stupor and although she knew what was going on around her, there was nothing she could do about it.

The blindfold had been removed but she was still blind. She vaguely recalled the big, strong rebel ******* her to masturbate. Then he led her to a bed where things happened that were drastic and emotional. The night was the most traumatic of her life but she would not recollect anything more than occasional glimpses of what really happened.

Marie Kelly had not been aware of movie cameras setup and recording every detail. Sarge instructed Mosi on what to do and exactly what he wanted, in an effort to ensure the actress became his devoted servant. The evidence would definitely shock her, and anyone who saw the numerous scenes of interracial sex. The only way Marie Kelly would be aware that she had been a tribal sex-toy for masculine warriors would be to watch the recorded movies.

Ironically the actress performed the most uninhibited performance of her life but most viewers would never be aware that she had been *******. There were times she appeared like a rag doll but the fact was easily missed watching the sexy white woman being ravaged and screwed by natives. The recorded evidence would forever detail how Mosi, Zuberi and other males of the tribe sexually used her naked body.

Her eyes fluttered, as fleeting images of the previous night flashed through her head. First there were rugged, tattooed warriors with one after another between her legs, filling her with their virile seed. Then images she didn't understand floated in her brain. There seemed to be teenagers, many boys enjoying sexual favors for the first time. Marie Kelly shook her head trying to get rid of the debasing seduction.

Waking up was proving harder than usual. Marie Kelly tried to move but every muscle was stiff and sore. Her body seemed to be covered with some mysterious sticky remnants and she wiped her hand up and down the front of her sweaty torso. Her legs and pelvis ached and she suspected the worst. Her *********** mind was oblivious to how many times she had intercourse.

All of a sudden one particular incident shattered her already broken confidence. One of the boys brought his dog into the abode and he threatened to ***** her to have sex with his dog. Marie Kelly remembered crying loudly and begging for mercy which must have helped. The dog was taken away but she was still ****** to have sex with another boy or two.

Suddenly she needed more *****. Her eyelids grew too heavy to stay open and Marie Kelly fell asleep with the sun high. It was in the middle of the hottest time of day and she nonchalantly threw the blankets off, as it was too hot for any covers.



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Marie Kelly's manager was in the hotel room with the two assistants waiting to hear from the rebels. They had returned to the hotel after the scary rebel attack and were met by the familiar airport security officer. The manager showed Sarge the ransom note and he mentioned the fact that it would be impossible to pay the demanded five million American dollars. The note went on to say that no mention of the ********** should be put out to the international media, or else. The threat only put dire possibilities in the manager's mind and he readily assumed the rebels would physically harm the actress if they didn't obey.

Sarge quickly dispelled the assumption the actress was in immediate danger from the rebels, telling the group that he would assure Marie Kelly's release. He told them that the attack was merely random and rebels had never physically harmed any hostage in the past. He reassured them that he would secure her freedom within a few days and that they had nothing to worry about. Sarge made them believe he was the good guy to which they all thanked him for his loyal service. His devious smile went unnoticed by the group and they never suspected Sarge was behind the planned **********.

The manager rubbed the back of his head but he felt much better after talking with Sarge. He was thankful that it was only a bump on the head and not something more severe. Then he imagined what Marie Kelly must have been experiencing at that very moment and he shivered thinking of the beautiful actress being held hostage by some vagabond savages. Even after Sarge's assurances that nothing very serious would happen to Marie Kelly, the manager still had some lingering doubts.

There was a sudden knock on the door and all three jumped with anticipation. A hotel porter was standing at the door and he displayed a diskette, which contained a nondescript DVD. "This come for you. Man say not show anyone... not show Sarge or anyone. He warn... if you show disk to anyone... man say they harm actress," the porter said waving the DVD around. Then to ensure the manager understood, he reiterated. "Remember... not show anyone... or else!"

The manager was furious but then reasoned that there was absolutely nothing he could do without compromising Marie Kelly's delicate situation. He took the DVD and immediately shut the door when the porter walked away in a fast, steady pace. The temptation was great to see what was on the DVD and he quickly popped the disk into the hotel's player. The manager expected to see the rebel's ransom demands for Marie Kelly's safe release and he hushed the two female assistants, as the screen came to life.

A person could hear a pin drop when the scenes of interracial sex scrolled across the screen. No one could believe the actress would condone let alone perform such perverted sexual behavior. Suddenly the grown woman was having intercourse with a boy. He appeared to be young but there was nothing immature about the slong between his legs. His pecker was man-size and he knew exactly what to do with it.

What made the movie the biggest shocker to all of Marie Kelly's staff was that she was in the midst of what looked like an earth-shaking orgasm. Her arms were wrapped tightly around the boy and her hips were thrusting out of control. The movie depicted the boy's cock sliding in and out of her maidenly white pussy. Everyone could tell the woman was experiencing an orgasm while the boy was preparing for one.

Suddenly the boy's hips thrust downward so hard they pounded the woman's ass into the hard bed. Marie Kelly appeared even more desperate, as she clung to the boy by digging her fingers into his bareback. "Screw me you black bastard. Fuck me... make me your white bitch," came over the speakers and everyone stopped breathing. Then a second boy came out of the shadows and it was more than obvious what he had in mind. His cock was fully erect and it stood menacing out in front of his slender hips. The boy had his fist around the long shaft and he pointed it at the adorable woman. When the first boy dismounted, it was time for number two.

The woman's arms remained outstretched and seemed to welcome the next intruder. Marie Kelly immediately wrapped her arms around the boy's shoulders and he had enough sense to ram his hard cock at her crotch. Everyone's eyes opened wide when the head of the boy's pecker disappeared into the pearly white shell. With one powerful thrust, the boy embedded his ramrod to the hilt and the woman let out a loud whoosh, as the thrust knocked the wind out of her.

The boy started humping the woman on the screen without one bit of resistance or struggle from her. It seemed that Marie Kelly's entire goal was to please the boy so her hips kept rotating and thrashing, which he seemed to enjoy. Then his big hands grabbed her velvety white hips and yanked with all his might. This embedded his cock even more and the sound of a moaning woman became very evident to the stunned onlookers.

None of Marie Kelly's staff could believe what they were watching. They could only imagine what drastic circumstances must have transpired to make the adorable actress act so uncontrollably. The movie had been s****fully edited and the sequence of events that night was totally irrelevant. Starting with the encounters with the tribal boys was Sarge's idea. By this time the African aphrodisiac fully controlled Marie Kelly's mind and she was willing to do almost anything.

Suddenly the second boy finished filling the spectacular woman with his seedy cum and another boy hovered nearby ready for his turn. Then the boys switched positions and the writhering woman's arms remained welcoming and receptive to another sexual affair. This boy wiped the end of his stiff cock clean by rubbing it all over the seductive, white titties and everyone could see the glistening pre-cum left on every part of the actress' boobs. He slapped both boobies with his cock and it brought a loud moaning sound from the ******* woman, which only seemed to be powerfully captivating.

Marie Kelly seemed to push her chest at the boy and even though her eyes remained closed, the woman's face was etched with pure ecstasy. Suddenly the boy shifted his long, slender body so that he was prone over Marie Kelly's outstretched body. Everyone's eyes were mesmeric as they watched the boy rub the flared head of his cock up and down through the vast wetness until he needed more.

All the onlookers acted like it was happening to them when the head of the boy's cock spread the swollen labia and entered the honey-pit. No one dared breathe and their hearts beat like crazy when they witnessed the cock slide slowly into the hole an inch at a time. Everyone's breathing only resumed when the entire cock disappeared and the boy's hips held absolutely still for a brief moment. It was obvious he relished the sudden volcanic heat and was waiting for the overwhelming temperature to subside before he could pump up and down.

"Holy cow... I think she's having another orgasm. My gawd, she's cumming again... look at her hips," one of Marie Kelly's assistants whispered. "My gawd... look at her. Her legs are wrapped around the boy and she's... gawd, she's having another one."

Suddenly everyone found their voice. "Did you see the size of that boy... my gawd, he'd **** me with that thing," the second woman whispered. "But you saw how they poured that stuff down her... made her ***** all that stuff. Those fucking ***** must be powerful ****."

"Yeah, now that I watch her... watch her eyes. They aren't open and she is in some kind of trance," the first assistant said. "I'm sure she has no idea of what is happening... of how she is fucking every boy in the tribe."

Then the manager spoke up. "****! She's fucking the third one and look. There must be five more lined up," he said with his voice raspy and breaking. "Everyone of those boys is going to fuck her... make her the tribal slut."



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The manager's forecast was true. The movie played and not one of the spectators wanted to push the stop button on the DVD player. The manager had never seen a woman, any woman, climax so many times. He had heard of a woman experiencing multiple orgasms but never believe it could happen. Somehow the shocked viewers forgot the fact that Marie Kelly had been enticed with a powerful aphrodisiac. They watched with their mouths agape, as the illustrious actress seemed to be the tribal slut for every young boy in the village.

If watching all the sexual encounters between the actress and each boy was not traumatic enough, the DVD was far from over. Suddenly Marie Kelly was sitting in a chair and to the amazement of every viewer, she was masturbating. There was a blindfold on her eyes but that did not last very long. It appeared that the actress was on the threshold of an orgasm, as her fingers moved at a blinding speed. The movie was skillfully edited and viewers were oblivious to the sequence of events, as they watched the prelude to what was really the first gangbang.

All of a sudden a tall, black man slapped her hand away. The three, movie watchers stared at the presumed rebel whose body was naked and covered with colorful paint. He quickly ripped Marie Kelly's skimpy thong off and cut away the blindfold. Then the scene showed the sobbing actress being led to a bed by the black warrior and there was no doubt in anyone's mind what would happen next.

They had all watched porno movies before but nothing rivaled the rebel warrior mounting the struggling white woman. Each viewer reasoned it was the sheer primitive magic of ****** lust and they could all feel the intensity of the moment. The three huddled around the television screen, as the scene depicted the warrior's charcoal body glistening next to Marie Kelly's soft, velvety skin.

Their hearts beat much faster and everyone's breathing was rapid. Nobody said a word until Mosi ****** his way between Marie Kelly's thrashing legs with the help of other warriors. "My dear God... he's going to **** her," one of the women viewers whispered. "Look... look at him. His cock is... dear God, it's inside poor Marie."

Mosi fucked the actress and from the camera angle it appeared like a consensual act. He rammed his cock to the hilt causing Marie Kelly to groan very loud as her pleas for mercy sounded more like moans of pleasure. The viewers shivered when it became obvious the man was experiencing an orgasm. Mosi arched his back and his whole body tensed just before releasing his black demons. "Oh God, no... no! He's doing it," the manager whispered. "The black bugger is filling her with his bastard seed."

The three sat in utter disbelief, as Mosi climaxed deep inside the lovely actress. Then another rebel appeared, and took his turn, and he was followed by yet another. Suddenly the screwing was finished and the scenes shifted to what appeared to be an evening. It was twilight darkness but the camera managed to show all the action clearly and bluntly. The gorgeous actress was completely naked and she was stretched out on top of a wooden rack with her arms securely tied over her head. Her pretty face was etched with extreme anxiety and the scene was ********, as everyone expected something drastic to happen.

Each onlooker fantasized that the movie was exactly like one where a primitive tribe sacrificed some virgin to their Gods. They stared at Marie Kelly's nakedness, as she struggled to get free, and realized she was in dire trouble. It was apparent that the woman suspected some African ritual was about to be performed and she was the one to be sacrificed by the tribe. Her feet were bound to the end of the platform, which greatly limited any struggles.

Marie Kelly's pretty face was marked with anguish and her eyes were opened so wide they seemed horrified. It all seemed so primitive and dramatic but the scenes excited and built a secret desire inside each movie viewer. Each woman could sense and feel Marie Kelly's helplessness and panic, yet they did not want it to stop. The women fantasized about it happening to each of them but they didn't want to really experience the drastic turmoil.

The manager could see the extreme anxiety written on Marie Kelly's pretty face. He felt a pang of guilt for wanting to watch the sacrifice of the sexy actress but his eyes remained riveted to the most erotic scenes. Then he noticed how the one man, who was much older, kept raising Marie Kelly's head off the wooden plank so he could pour something down her throat. Strangely it seemed that after many such actions, the woman's struggles appeared to lessen.

The manager got even more amazed, as time passed. Whenever the older man brought the cup to the Marie Kelly's lips, she gulped the juice down as if she was experiencing a desert thirst. "That must be some powerful *****. It's like before... during the gangbang. Look! She isn't struggling anymore. In fact... I think she wants him to do it... touch her," the manager whispered, too afraid to blink for fear of missing something.

All of a sudden it showed the older man's dark face was right next to Marie Kelly's face. Then his tongue licked her cheek and even toyed with her ear, as his lips moved in a talking fashion. There was no sound over the speakers but it was quite obvious the man was speaking. His lips moved and then the manager noticed how Marie Kelly's body seemed to comply with some silent command. Her legs opened and spread at the knees to reveal a treasure that was almost concealed by darkness.

Suddenly the actress struggled to open her legs wider, which seemed hard because of her feet being shackled. The older man put his hand on Marie Kelly's upraised pelvis and then the movie was filled with sound. Mosi operated the camera with the skill of a director and he ensured a perfect production, which would require very little editing. He used a wide-angle and then slowly zoomed in on the most alluring body while the microphone caught all of the sounds.

The voice was that of a woman begging and pleading with someone. "Oh gawd... touch me. Touch my cunt... you bastard. Oh gawd... I need your fingers... now!"

Zuberi had all of his actions fully scripted by Sarge. He whispered in Marie Kelly's ear again. "You like horny goat weed? It used in tribe for centuries... make women horny," he said. "You ***** lots... lots of goat weed and other ancient, African medicine. Not remember today. Head get dizzy... not remember what happen."

Zuberi kept his lips next to her face using his tongue to send shivers all through her naked torso. "We put tattoo on tit. Then all know you tribal slut," he whispered. "Not like last white woman. She goddess for young warriors... get butterfly to show great esteem."

Then Zuberi grabbed a handful of her hair and held her head absolutely still. His dark, unyielding eyes glared at her. "You not goddess... you for boys. Boys of tribe put cocks in belly and give you black prince," he hissed. "Tell Zuberi what you want... how you want tattoo... how you want cocks."

There was more whispering by the man and then Marie Kelly's voice sounded again. "Yes... oh yes. Do it to me. Put a tattoo on my tit. You promised... now put it on my tit," she whimpered with excitement evident in her quivering voice.

All of a sudden a tall, dark man appeared and his hands were filled with instruments. All eyes opened with shear horror, as the man began the dramatic scarification on the unblemished actress. The man cupped and even seemed to fondle Marie Kelly's left breast before he got down to business. There was hardly any ***** when he carved lines into the white flesh, which quickly turned flushed and reddish. He seemed to put black pigment into the cuts and soon the cuts turned into dark, raised welts, which took an interlocking diamond shape.

Suddenly the manager was totally distressed. This could ruin the actress and he would be out of work. Then he thought about Marie Kelly having a strange African tattoo. The drawing was placed near the top of Marie Kelly's boob and luckily for the actress, the symbols were kept reasonably small. The tattoo would likely poke out from a bra but that would merely give the tattoo a more alluring appearance, he reasoned.

It did not take long for the man to engrave the tattoo into Marie Kelly's flesh. When he was finished, the movie viewers watched the woman being untied by numerous boys. Then all of the young boys of the tribe escorted the dazed woman from the ceremonial ritual into what appeared to be a communal abode. The cameraman was very adept at keeping the lens focused on the luscious body of the naked actress. The recorded evidence depicted a couple of boys with their strong arms around the woman, as they managed to keep her upright, and on her wobbly feet.

Suddenly the group entered a bedroom and the woman was literally tossed onto an unmade bed. She landed prone with her arms under her body to protect herself, which gave the many boys the opportunity to surround Marie Kelly. The ******** was still prominent in Marie Kelly's system so luckily she experienced no pain or *******, as the boys mishandle her body. Only the camera caught the action and the actress was completely unaware of what was in store for her.

One of the strongest boys flipped her onto her back and it started a gangbang, which would last all night. After watching Marie Kelly get fucked by two African teenagers, one of the onlookers decided to fast forward the movie to skip any more degradation of the actress. The viewers had already witnessed the virile boys ravaging the actress during the first gangbang and they wanted to see what else was in the movie.

Probably the most amazing detail of it all was the captive experiencing humiliating orgasms. The onlookers reasoned it had to do with the amount of mysterious ***** ****** upon Marie Kelly. Every so often, one of the boys replenished the cup of African ******** and ensured most of it was ****** down the woman's throat. Even by fast forwarding the DVD and catching only clips of many sordid affairs, the viewers noticed numerous climaxes rocking the sexy body, which was completely soaked with sweat.

Part way through the night of African seduction, the DVD was returned into the proper play speed because the viewers wanted to watch a spectacular cock-sucking scene. Marie Kelly's eyes were glazed and appeared awestruck. Her small hands were wrapped around the longest, black penis, which was an inch in front of her blushing face. Her fingers looked tiny around the thick tool and they moved back and forth bringing much joy to a teenage boy. Suddenly her mouth gulped the head of the boy's cock and Marie Kelly kept the knob inside her burning mouth.

Her head bobbed back and forth on the enlarged knob, as the boy thrust his hips madly trying to ram his cock down her throat. One of the women viewers actually moaned with extreme pleasure when the thick, white cream leaked from the corners of Marie Kelly's mouth. The boy ejected so much cum that it was impossible for the actress to swallow it fast enough, but the leaking cum merely added to the lustful drama.

Much to the dismay of the viewers, Marie Kelly sucked the elongated pecker until she was ****** backwards onto her back once again. Another lust-ridden boy jumped into the saddle and had his cock deep inside Marie Kelly before she had time to stop him. No one knew how long he rode her, as the DVD was put into fast forward again. The distorted scenes didn't stop until the person controlling the speed noticed the sunrise in the movie.

The movie returned to play mode and sound came from the speakers. "Oh my gawd... what have I done?" The scene showed a crying Marie Kelly sitting up on a messy bed with many naked African boys around her. One of the viewers counted five and each boy was distinctly appealing for any highlight reel. The actress looked at each boy assuming they had all sexually ******** her.

Before she could stop one of the boys, he ****** her to ***** from an overflowing cup. Not wanting to spill or for the ***** to run all over her body, she gulped as fast as she could. All of a sudden she wiped some of the spilled ***** off her chest and noticed that something was dreadfully wrong. Her dainty fingers lingered on the left side of her chest and near the top portion of her boob. She traced over the dark outline of the newly engraved scar only to cry even louder.

There was a terrible pounding at her temples but that seemed to subside when she drank more of the liquid. Marie Kelly had no idea that it was the African nectar that caused her to obey every voodoo demand put in her head by Mosi and Zuberi's tribe.

The two women sat in front of the screen wondering what they would do if put in the same situation. They watched a suddenly tipsy woman sitting up straight but she was wavering. Then a boy tilted her head back and made her ***** more. Her head was still tipped back when the boy kissed her on the lips. Marie Kelly put her arms behind her to steady herself, which allowed another boy freedom to ****** her. Black hands covered her smooth, white boobs and the two women viewers and manager cringed when the strong fingers squeezed the standing nipples.

The kiss lingered and the actress struggled to remain in a seated position. All of a sudden the viewers noticed what was in store next. A mere boy with an already man-sized cock hovered next to Marie Kelly fully intending on making her his African playtoy. He slapped her arm, her chest, and her belly with his enlarged pecker until he was ready. Then he pushed on her chest and Marie Kelly slowly sank backwards onto her back.

Her arms sort of bent and fell away, allowing the boy to put Marie Kelly into the desired position. He instantly jumped on top of her torso, falling between her legs, which had been pulled apart by two enthusiastic compatriots. Moments earlier Marie Kelly felt the power and strength to fight but suddenly the urge was gone.

The actress's manager and assistants couldn't take anymore of the dire *********** of their trusted boss by the boys of the African tribe. Someone hit the 'Stop' button and everything was silent for the longest time.



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Sarge's arrangements were precise right down to the smallest detail. All of his men knew what to do and where to go, ensuring the success of his latest clever scheme. ********** the American actress was the shrewdest plan and he relished having another refined, white woman under his control. His plans for Marie Kelly were entirely different than those for Michelle. He planned to humiliate the actress to the nth degree while he held Michelle in the highest esteem.

Sarge remembered the way Marie Kelly acted when coming into the airport. The actress was uppity and conveyed an attitude of superiority. Sarge liked nothing more than to crush such people and show them just what can happen when a man with real power entered their world.

It was time for him to play his trump card. He went to the hotel specifically to advise Marie Kelly's staff members that he had good news. The three were distraught and didn't know what to do before Sarge arrived. They desperately wanted to rescue Marie Kelly but thought that any intervention on their part would only jeopardize the safety of the actress. It had been a week since the ********** and the three grew more anxious with each passing day.

Sarge entered the hotel room and he sensed their complete cooperation. "I have good news. My men have found Marie Kelly. I am leaving immediately... to negotiate with the rebels and bring her back," he said holding their undivided attention. "My men assure me that she is unharmed... although she may have been sexually ******."

He watched their excited faces knowing they believed him. "The rebels know me... and my men," he said. "Apparently they demand the release of two of their men who are in jail. They ********* Marie Kelly demanding money but really want the release of the two from jail."

Sarge was happy to see the relief on the three faces. "I have already assured the rebels that their men will be released. They know I am a man of my word... and we have set up a rendezvous," Sarge said. "We meet... negotiate... then in a couple of days we make exchange to free Marie Kelly."

Nothing seemed strange about Sarge's arrangement and Marie Kelly's staff readily gave their appreciation to the security officer. "Don't worry. They not dare harm any hostage... especially one who is internationally famous. They know army not rest until they all in jail if they harm Marie Kelly."

The manager decided he should mention the movie. "They... the rebels sent us a DVD. A movie of Marie Kelly with many men," he said rushing over to the DVD player to retrieve the evidence. "They warned us not to tell anyone... but you should know. They did ****** innocent Marie... God, she must be going through Hell."

Sarge grinned knowing he had everything under control. He took the disk from the manager and told them he would return in a few hours. Again he reassured the group not to worry that he would make all the necessary arrangements to free the actress from the unscrupulous rebels.


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Sarge went over all the details one more time before setting out for the intended rendezvous. The exchange of Marie Kelly for two fake rebels would take place in an isolated site in the middle of nowhere. There would be no witnesses to see that all of the participants were members of Sarge's security *****. Although Marie Kelly's memory would still be clouded by the copious quantity of *****, Sarge reasoned it was safer making the switch away from the quaint village.

Mosi along with two guards drove a jeep to the meeting spot arriving right on time. From her vantage point in the back of the dusty jeep, Marie Kelly noticed two black, Chevy SUV's parked waiting for them to arrive. She had been told about the hostage exchange and that she would be freed at long last. She tried to think of how long it had been since the fateful ********** but her mind had a hard time focusing on any precise details.

The actress was convinced that everything was for real. Sarge's intimate planning would ensure Marie Kelly would always think everything was legitimate. Mosi parked the jeep about 20 to 30 feet away from Sarge's vehicles and then he let the dust settle. He delayed his meeting with Sarge in an effort to make the actress suffer, and then he slowly walked towards his boss. The two men talked to each other pretending to make final arrangements before both men made gestures towards their own men.

From her vantage point in the back of the jeep, Marie Kelly was convinced the exchange was for real. Suddenly the two guards sitting with her in the jeep motioned for her to start walking across the barren wasteland to one of the black SUV's. Marie Kelly noticed two scruffily dressed men with their hands handcuffed behind their backs get out of the second SUV. When they started walking in her direction, she deliberately tried to avoid the men.

Marie Kelly almost started running towards Sarge who was holding out an inviting hand. "You are free. I take you to city... to safety with your people," he told the sobbing actress.

She fell into his strong arms overly grateful for being rescued. Sarge patted her on the back trying to reassure her that everything was okay. "It over. They not hurt you now. Your people are worried about you."

Sarge's hand caressed Marie Kelly's back and he could feel the lack of any bra, which had been destroyed long ago. He imagined the devious tattoo adorning her luscious breast and wondered how she was going to explain such a radical marking on her beautiful body. Then they broke the embrace and slowly moved towards Sarge's vehicle.

Once inside the comfortable SUV, Marie Kelly slumped into the soft backseat. "Thank Gawd. I thought I was going to be seriously hurt," she said. "Get me back to the hotel. I need a shower so bad... I can hardly wait."

Marie Kelly was determined to inform the media about her traumatic **********. "I can hardly wait to inform every news reporter about those rebels," she said with her voice shaking in sudden anger. "I hope you're going to get them... and throw their goddamned asses in jail?"

Sarge grinned and explained the difference between justice in his African country and America. He told the actress that her revenge would not serve a useful purpose because the rebels were not afraid of any Western backlash. He explained that she should reconsider the repercussions of exposing the rebels, as the likelihood of them blackmailing her was great.

Then he cited a past example when the supposed rebels ********* a white female, aide worker. He told her that the rebels made a movie of the ********** and used it to blackmail the hostage. It was a movie of the woman being ravaged by numerous black men and it was not something any woman wanted out in public.

Suddenly Sarge pulled a DVD out of his pocket and he handed it to the actress. "Your manager gave this to me. He received it from the rebels and said it showed you naked... with many black men," he whispered. "I have not seen it... but I assume it is similar to the ********** of the aide worker. What would your fans think if they saw an interracial, porno movie with you as the star?"

His remarks made her jaw drop with utter horror. She stared at the shiny disk trying desperately to think of a way out. Her fingers shook violently while holding the DVD and the rising dilemma seemed too overwhelming. The remainder of the thirty-minute trip back to the city was extremely quiet. All of a sudden the possibility that nothing would happen to the rebels seemed too real.

Marie Kelly's change of mind to keep the illegal ********** out of any international media was the only thing she could do. If any porno movie were released, it would surely ruin her reputation and likely her entire future, she assumed. The only thing she could do now was to give some sort of explanation for the missing days in captivity.

Sarge drove her straight to the hotel and Marie Kelly's manager met them. The reunion was stoic and Sarge dearly wanted to stir the pot. "I gave her the DVD... the movie. I think she understands... not to let the ********** ordeal get out to the media," Sarge said to the manager.

All Marie Kelly wanted to do was get into a hot shower and relax. Her manager looked at the misused actress trying to imagine all that she had gone through. "You can't tell the world about the **********. You can't say anything... anything or they will release the sordid movie of your abduction," the manager said with his voice steady. "Holy **** baby... that movie shows you fucking every black, African teenager in the country."

Marie Kelly was utterly stunned by his revelation. She reasoned that the bastards wanted to **** a famous white woman and then fuck her brains out... without any repercussions. Of course her manager was right, she assumed, as he merely reiterated what Sarge had already told her. She couldn't reveal what happened to her, as it would surely ruin everything she had worked so hard for. Her untarnished reputation would be ruined and her days as an actress would likely be over.



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It seemed to the world that the African city was back to normal. The election was over and the international observer was in Geneva handing in his favorable report. Sarge had cunningly sent Rodney away for one week but not his wife. Michelle was staying at his home and would stay there until her husband returned.

The week started out uneventful but that all changed midweek. Michelle woke up feeling sort of ill and it wasn't an hour after getting up that she got sick. Zelda noticed that her guest was not feeling well and informed Sarge. He immediately made arrangements for his family doctor to visit. Sarge was very excited that his plans were coming to fruition but he decided to accomplish two goals at the same time.

Sarge made arrangements for two medical exams. Marie Kelly and her entourage were flying home but there was still time to schedule a medical appointment. He easily convinced her that the onus was on him to ensure she was physically fit after the harrowing encounter with the rebels. Plus, he voiced his concern about the tattoo being properly sterilized. Marie Kelly thought the hotel was a strange place for a medical exam but she reasoned that they did things differently in Africa. Her mind was so distraught that she didn't notice the fact Sarge even knew about her getting tattooed.

Sarge used the premise that the doctor had appointments with many international visitors. The deluxe hotel suite used for the occasion was setup to make everything appear proper and Michelle and Marie Kelly didn't think anything was amiss. Both beautiful women sat in a small waiting area waiting to see the doctor who was very familiar with Sarge's unscrupulous plans. The exams were complete physicals but Sarge's sole purpose for them was pregnancy tests. That included urine and ***** analysis's, as such early tests sometimes proved difficult so soon after conception.

Marie Kelly was first to be examined and she was very impressed by the doctor's professional demeanor. He did a quick physical and then thoroughly checked the newly scared symbol on her chest. The doctor made sure it was sanitized and gave her sterilizing ointment to keep the tattoo from getting infected.

Then he performed a quick urine pregnancy test but also took a ***** sample to get a more positive result. The swift, urine test was all that was required and Marie Kelly was horrified by the results. The doctor held up the test paper and it definitely showed a positive indication, which sent shivers of disbelief through the unmarried actress.

A dazed and shocked actress exited the room. Marie Kelly walked out of the room and the doctor beckoned for his next patient, as he spoke to Sarge in their native language. "She okay. Tattoo is nice and clean... and I give her suave to keep clean. I have no way to tell if she pregnant before coming on safari... or she get pregnant here."

Marie Kelly listened to the strange language, feeling sicker by the minute. The startling news sent shivers of excitement through everyone's tummy but for entirely different reasons. Marie Kelly cringed when the doctor's information put the biggest smile on Sarge's rugged face. Then she was vaguely aware of the tall, dark-haired lady who walked past her to meet the doctor but one thing stood out. The white woman was dressed in a brightly colored dress, which was the same as many of the local women, and she was very elegant.

The door shut behind Michelle and it left the actress all alone with Sarge. All of a sudden Marie Kelly's manager and assistants barged into the room wanting to know if everything was okay. The actress could not work up enough courage to reveal the drastic news and she merely nodded to indicate that the examination had gone well.

Her manager was concerned and thought the actress looked upset. "You've been through a lot... and probably need a long, long rest," he whispered, taking her arm in a caring fashion. "The plane leaves in a little over two hours. We should get going. We have everything packed... ready to go to the airport."

Sarge listened and quickly offered assistance but he wanted to punish the beautiful actress one more time. "What's done is done. It was my pleasure to meet you... and hopefully you will feel like visiting us again," he said. "I'll take you to the airport in one of my cars. Here! I took the liberty of picking up your boarding passes."

Marie Kelly was the most surprised woman when Sarge innocently handed her the passes. She glanced at the four boarding passes and noticed something else. There was a plane ticket and a plastic DVD case. Then she looked at the DVD and noticed a neatly written note. 'An African Holiday,' staring Marie Kelly.' The actress read the label and her eyes filled with tears.

Sarge leaned close to her so nobody else could hear. "People don't have to know. You can visit our country... stay in our quaint city until the baby is born," he whispered. "Nobody has to know!"

Marie Kelly clutched the items and quickly put them in a bag slung over her shoulder. She handed the boarding passes around but didn't say anything for fear of crying. Suddenly there were guards all around offering assistance to the group for the trip to the airport. Sarge gave quick, precise orders to his men and then he ushered the timorous Marie Kelly out the door.

The trip to the airport was in two limousines. Sarge ensured Marie Kelly's cooperation, as he drove the actress, while the others rode in the second limo. "The movie... it shows everything. How you seduce many boys... have sex," he said. The actress shuddered and wondered if her world would ever be the same. "Just tell everyone that you were on a safari... and had a wonderful time."

When they were almost at the airport, he continued. "Use the ticket... come whenever you want. Come before baby starts to show... then no one has to know," he whispered. "Your secret is safe with me... as long as you cooperate!"

He glanced at the actress to make sure she understood. "We can tell everyone that you adopt baby... trying to save one more from poverty," he said. "That is only way to save reputation. Also... other woman who saw doctor... she pregnant as well."

Sarge's smile was one that sent a shiver up her spine. "Watch movie... you great actress. You know only way to keep movie secret," he said with a smug grin. "Nobody believe you if you tell media... or police. Nobody believe you ******* or ****** when they see movie."

Suddenly Sarge waved a DVD of his own in her face and Marie Kelly knew the man controlled her destiny. The rest of the drive was quiet and the entourage arrived at the airport in a rush to get out of the country. Everyone went through security in mere minutes and boarded the plane much to the relief of Marie Kelly, her manager and two assistances.

The actress glanced across the tarmac just as she entered the plane to see a confident security officer standing at the terminal doors. Marie Kelly reluctantly presumed that the man was right. The only way to hide her embarrassment was to return before anyone was aware of her empowering situation. All of a sudden, Marie Kelly realized that she was 32 years old and pregnant for the first time.



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Michelle knew what the test was all about. Her heart beat at such a tremendous rate that it was hard for her to breath. She watched the doctor test the paper in the vial containing her sample and her heart stopped instantly when he held out the discolored paper. Without thinking, her hand went to her stomach feeling it heave in and out from the earth-shattering news. Michelle was unable to say anything and acted petrified when the doctor ushered her out of the room.

The first per*** she saw when she exited the doctor's exam was Sarge. He had rushed back from the airport expecting great news. There was a knowing wink between the two men and then Sarge smiled warmly at her. "Come... come, I'll take you home. You must tell Kato... he be very happy," Sarge whispered, taking her arm in a protective manner.

Michelle could not remember feeling more guilty in her entire life. Every fiber of her common sense; every bit of logic told Michelle to be remorseful and repent, yet her deepest emotion was contentment. She assumed it was some mysterious womanly trait that being a ****** was the most wonderful gift.

She would never forget the moment Sarge and she entered the foyer of his home. It was like everyone knew exactly what should happen next. Michelle glanced at all the happy faces and then she noticed Sarge's ***. Kato slowly walked up to her and gently took her by the hand. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when she followed the boy out of the foyer to his private bedroom.

Not one word was said when the door closed and she stood riveted to the spot. Michelle stood with her arms down at her sides and Kato tenderly and slowly loosened her clothing. The boy let the garments drop to the floor in a heap and he admired Michelle's alluring nudity.

When she was completely naked, Michelle shivered in expectation. She was not disappointed, as Kato again took her hand, and led her to the bed. Kato turned to face her and then he pulled her into his lanky body, kissing her hard on the lips. Michelle did not resist when his tongue pushed between her lips and the kiss quickly turned into one of heat and passion.

Her actions were instinctive and controlled by desire for something she didn't understand. She felt her head spinning around and around and her legs got weak and shaky. Kato's strong arms held her upright and firmly against the front of his body. Michelle gasped and moaned when the boy's hard bulge pushed into her belly, as she imagined what was in store for her.

Michelle rea***ed the devil made her do it, as her hands started ripping Kato's clothing off. In a matter of a scant minute, he was naked and renewing the kiss which was broken by the hurried stripping. The kiss lingered and soon her tongue was the instigator when it pushed between Kato's sharp teeth into his mouth.

She tried desperately not to think. Michelle fully realized that she was going to get fucked by the African boy but she wanted the intercourse to be nonconsensual. Suddenly Kato put his hand over her pelvis and Michelle's heart raced out of control. He leaned on her and they fell backwards onto the bed without breaking the intense kiss.

Michelle landed with her legs open and spread wide enabling Kato to slip his narrow hips between her legs. The head of his raging cock pushed into her crotch hitting her everywhere except the desired spot. She desperately moved her hips to and fro trying to encourage the boy and it made her shudder realizing she lusted for a mere teenager.

All of a sudden she felt her spirit being taken. There was the brightest explosion of stars in her head, which robbed her every emotion. It was the warmest and most tender feeling when the burning cock slipped into her honeypit, inch by inch. Suddenly her breathing was so ragged and uneven that she struggled for enough air. She felt her beloved cock going deeper, deeper and all the way through her inner core.

Michelle thrust madly upwards at Kato trying to indicate her immense gratification. Then she hiked her legs to the extreme and willingly surrendered her soul to the African lover.

Kato jerked out of control and he rammed his hips downwards with all of his strength. Suddenly Michelle was content and satisfied. His large cock was deep inside of her most intimate being and her body shook with violent spasms. The sounds coming from the fornicating couple were nothing but ****** noises and each reached the ultimate summit at the same time. She felt the hot lava filling her deepest regions and her volcanic womb turned Kato's stamina to quicksand.

Sarge stood outside his **** bedroom feeling a slight twinge of jealousy. He pictured the sexy, gorgeous Michelle and wondered if he had done the right thing? Maybe he should have kept the seductive woman for himself? But no, he deduced. Making such a sacrifice for his only *** was a price he was willing to pay.

He leaned his back against the wall listening to the familiar sounds of lewd lovemaking. His mind filled with immense pride, thinking about how everything worked out even better than he imagined. Sarge was positive that his *** was smitten by the seductive Michelle. Now that she was pregnant, she would be ****** to remain in his country. Michelle would likely have family commitments in America that she would have to attend to, but then she could return before anyone knew she was pregnant, Sarge thought.

To be continued...


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Rodney returned from Geneva to the sight of his beautiful wife. Michelle met him at the airport and the couple was quickly taken to a very nice house by one of Sarge's guards. Sarge had informed Rodney that he would reside in the house during the time he worked in the country. The news made Rodney very happy because he assumed his wife would be staying with him in the quaint residence, which was only a short distance from Sarge's home.

The couple continued to hug and caress long after entering the front door. Both were extremely happy to see the other, after being apart for so long, and they had sincerely missed each other. Rodney let his hands venture all over his wife's body relishing the rare opportunity to actual caress Michelle. "It has been so long... too long since I have been able to hold you in my arms. God... honey, you feel so good," he whispered. "I've missed you. God... your breasts feel so... bigger, and so nice in my hands."

Now that Rodney had his wife in his arms, he was almost afraid to stop the lovely embrace. They remained in the entryway of the house. Quickly he explained his trip to Geneva, how uneventful the trip was and that he had merely handed in a favorable report to the International Human Rights Committee.

Just as Rodney was about to ask Michelle questions about her week with Sarge and his family, there was a soft knock at the door. Questioningly Rodney looked at his wife. Then he slowly opened the door to find the teenage Kato standing there with an animated smile on his face. The boy didn't have to say a word, as his indications were that he was there to pickup Michelle.

A tear came to her eye when Michelle looked at her husband's sad face. "I'm sorry... so sorry, love. But I have to go with him... I thought you knew," she whispered. "It's Sarge... his orders are for me to remain in his home until we leave the country."

Rodney felt helpless, sensing the African employment had been a big mistake. He had no idea Sarge had laid the groundwork for the final demise long before he returned from Geneva. During his time away, Sarge ensured Michelle was well aware that she would spend almost all her waking hours with his ***. Sarge threatened, to not only ruin her husband's long, unblemished career, but also he implied that some physical harm might 'accidentally' come to Rodney if she didn't cooperate.

Rodney motioned for Kato to come in while he spoke to Michelle. He closed the door once the boy was inside and then he coaxed his wife off to one side, away from the teenager. "Honey... but I thought? I hoped we could be together... spend the night together," he whispered. "God, honey! When I was gone... did you... ***** with him?"

Michelle knew her husband meant Kato and she didn't know how to lie. She was afraid to say anything so she merely stood motionless and quiet. Rodney's eyes bore a hole into her fragile confidence. "I have to know... were you with him? Did he... he... did you have sex with Kato?

She was distraught and barely able to talk. "I'm so sorry. Sarge ****** me. He ****** me to ***** with Kato," she moaned with her voice breaking. "I had to ***** with him."

She looked at her husband seeing he still needed answers. The conversation quickly took on a swift question and answer phase.

"How often did you ***** with him?"

"Eh... every night."

"Did he... did you have sex every night?

"Oh gawd... yes."

"Darling! But he's only a boy... a fucking boy!"

"I'm so sorry."

Rodney had suspected it but the shocking news still bothered him. Suddenly he was crazy and had to know more. "Was it... the sex any good?"

She stared at her husband intending on telling a lie for once in her life. "No... No, no," she whispered. Then she looked away feeling too guilty to look at her husband. "Oh gawd... I couldn't help it... he was a man. He knew what to do."

"Holy ****! Did you orgasm? Did you have an orgasm with him?"

There were more tears of guilt mixed with shame. "Yes... dear gawd, yes," she whispered still unable to lie. Then the memory of being lost and totally under Kato's spell filled her head.

"Michelle... dear God. How many times? Once, twice... three times?"

"Every night... every day, we had sex. I couldn't stop... couldn't help it. I came... oh gawd, he made me come."

"But honey... you can get pregnant."

She was too distraught by this time and fell into her husband's arms. "I am. I am already pregnant!"

Rodney was too stunned to object when Kato showed his anxiety. The boy wanted to leave and depart with his adorable mistress and he reached for Michelle's arm. Rodney watched his sobbing wife being ushered to the door and he reluctantly let her go. All he could imagine in his distraught mind was the powerful, African boy having sex with his naked, fervent wife.



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Sarge grinned upon reading the news. He perused the gossip section of an international newspaper and noticed that one of the Hollywood actresses was taking a sabbatical to Africa. Apparently the actress wanted to start a family and adopting a baby from one of the African countries was a perfect way to start. Marie Kelly's news article stated that she was leaving within a week or two and she was not cast to do another movie for at least a year.

When the expected message arrived at his office one morning, Sarge read it with great anticipation. "I have decided to accept your invitation. I am going to arrive in your country on Friday, on the noon flight from Los Angles. Please make living arrangements, in the same hotel as we stayed before. I will stay until after the baby is born."

Sarge read the message feeling a great sense of pride. "My oldest sister will be traveling with me and she will look after me during my stay. She is a very influential woman with powerful contacts in the US embassy so please don't try anything with her."

He continued reading with more anticipation building deep inside his belly. "You must promise me complete secrecy and promise you won't let any news get out that I am pregnant. We both know what it would do to my reputation and I insist that it be kept quiet."

Sarge read and laughed out loud at her obvious gullibility. 'Sure,' he chuckled. 'I'll keep it quiet but your sweet ass is mine! I'm going to let my little niece take real good care of it until the baby is born. Then Nia can give it to whomever she wants. Hell... all the boys loved it last time... maybe they can have it again... and again!'

He couldn't stop laughing at his shrewd scheme. Sarge was still laughing when he sent a reply to Marie Kelly and the perpetual grin lasted until the actress's plane arrived. Marie Kelly deplaned and entered the security section of the airport without any fanfare. Sarge watched the beautiful actress, as she walked towards the security checkpoint, and sort of regretted not keeping her for himself.

Suddenly he noticed her accomplice and marveled at the woman's radiant beauty. She was definitely older but carried herself with a grace not common to most. It was obviously Marie Kelly's sister and Sarge's tummy did a summersault thinking of new and more devious plans.

Sarge went straight up to the pair. "I'm so glad you accepted my invitation... to visit our African paradise again," he said to the actress. "This gorgeous woman must be your sister. My, oh my... it is very nice to meet you," he said extending a welcoming hand.

"This is Susan, my oldest sister. Sue... this is Sarge. He is head of security and has assured me that my secret is safe," Marie Kelly said. She gave her sister a warning glance even though none was needed, as the two had discussed Sarge before leaving home.

Susan was full of courage and resolve before the trip but now she was scared. The powerful, dark eyes of the officer in-charge sent shivers of doubt through her entire body. Susan realized they would be cutoff from the outside world once they had cleared security but she reasoned there was no alternative. Thankfully everything went well, as the sisters progressed through security screening, and both breathed a sigh of relief when they were on the way to the hotel.



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Sarge was shrewd. His devious planning and scheming took hours and soared to another level with the news of Marie Kelly's visit. It would be the ultimate control over two of the most adorable women in the world. One he was already master over, or his young *** was, he chuckled. The other was a famous actress who he would soon have complete control over, if he already didn't have, he rea***ed.

It was easy to arrange for a weekend gathering at his home. His nieces were only too happy to attend knowing the white visitors would also be there. Sarge explained to his young nieces that he planned having the two pregnant, white women stay in their village until the babies were born. He told Thema and Nia that he wanted them to visit with Michelle and Marie Kelly for a couple of days at his home, and then they could all spend the next few months in the village.

He was well aware of Thema's admiration for Michelle and he used it to his advantage. With Thema herself getting pregnant at almost the same time, as Michelle, the timing was perfect. Sarge laughed at Nia's response when he mentioned that she should come into the city with her sister. Nia never hesitated when Sarge coaxed her to visit and she seemed overly anxious to meet the actress. He correctly assumed Nia found the American very appealing after seeing what happened to her during the **********.

His tricky plan was well received by Marie Kelly. She didn't relish living in a hotel and jumped at alternate accommodations. Sarge explained how the actress and her sister could stay in his home for the weekend, and then they would live with his two nieces. He told the sisters how Thema and Nia lived in a small village and they were more than willing to look after their needs for the next few months.

Sarge slyly clinched the deal when he told Marie Kelly more. He stated that his oldest niece was pregnant and that she was queen of their village. Then he told the actress that there would be another white woman, who was pregnant, staying in the village during the same time.

Susan was skeptical about moving out of the hotel but her sister insisted they do it. Marie Kelly was convinced of Sarge's concern for her well-being. She was also adamant that she couldn't live in a busy hotel and wanted to be someplace where it was quiet and restful. Being out of the public limelight was a primary concern for her. A small village seemed the perfect place to spend time waiting for the baby to be born, Marie assured her sister.

They were packed and ready when Sarge's limo arrived. Emu and Mosi put the luggage in the car and then took the women to their boss's home. The transition went extremely smooth, as Zelma, her ********* and many servants met the sisters. Sarge planned taking things one step at a time. Stage one was getting everyone at his home so he could demonstrate his supreme control.

Stage two was well thought out. His young *** didn't like the idea but Sarge assured Kato that the white woman would be his after the baby was born. Then he told Kato that the gorgeous Michelle would spend the next few months with Thema in her village. He also explained how the actress would join Michelle in the village and she would be well taken care of by Kato's young cousin, Nia.

Suddenly Sarge grinned feeling more and more confidence after meeting Marie Kelly's sister. He imagined making slight modification to stage two, which included gaining control over the sophisticated Susan. Sarge pictured the refined, ravishing woman and wondered if he was shrewd enough to get the upper hand on such a woman.

Sarge was smart enough to delay any perverted acts until the women felt secure and safe in their surroundings. That was the rea*** he took extra precautions planning stage two. The three women would spend the entire weekend at his home, and his family along with his nieces would show the trio some African hospitality.

The progression to stage three would be his ultimate caper. He planned for Michelle and Marie Kelly to spend months in the village and he left what happened entirely up to Thema and Nia. Sarge didn't even bother giving his nieces suggestions or ideas for what they should do or what should happen during the time. He rea***ed that anything the two young girl's came up with would suffice and totally blow his mind.

The bonus of part three was having Susan around. His altered plan was to have the beautiful woman spend the entire time with him. For once in his life, Sarge planned enjoying the benefits of being the captor. And he suddenly came to the conclusion that he was not going to share her. He would keep Susan for himself and have her as his mistress.



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The weekend went exactly as planned. The sisters spent a relaxing time in Sarge's home and they were given private tours of the capital city. Michelle spent the days at his home although Sarge allowed her to spend nights with her husband. The devious maneuver seemed to work in his favor. It supposedly indicated the married couple had some independence, which added to Sarge's sincerity towards his guests.

Sarge was the perfect host, as he had his family and servants provide lavish meals for everyone. He even supplied local entertainment each evening and it didn't take long to put his guests at ease. The two young girls grew friendly with the three women but neither Thema nor Nia put any forward advances on their targeted victims.

Susan watched things closely and felt overly protective for her young sister. Being the oldest of the five ********, she had always been there for Marie. Susan felt there was something very odd with the way Sarge was treating them and she noticed the other white woman was treated with a special devotion. At one point during a tour of the parliament building, the woman disappeared with Sarge's ***, which seemed very odd to Susan.

The disappearance itself wasn't that odd but it was the appearance of the woman when she returned that was bizarre. Her face was a brilliant blushing red and she acted timid and shy around her husband. Strangely her husband put up with her odd actions although he had a look of deep concern on his face. Susan looked closely at the woman and assumed Michelle was in her late 30's, very close to her age.

As the tour continued around the extensive building, Susan noticed how the young boy boldly put his hands all over the sexy woman. It actually appeared like a game, as the woman tried hard to stop the fondling and groping, but it seemed to do little good. What was the most upsetting to Susan was the way Sarge seemed to tolerate what his *** did and he even appeared to encourage Kato.

The more Susan was around Sarge, the more concerned she became. The man was extremely ******** to the point where he acted arrogant. It was almost as if he assumed the three guests were his per***al servants and he could order them to do anything. What concerned her the most was the way Sarge seemed to garner trust and loyalty from everyone. That was most evident during one of the evening entertainment sessions when he sat beside her. In no time she was conversing back and forth with him and the light banter put her at ease, which she didn't like. She thought he was nothing but a scum-sucking pig and she didn't like the fact he ******* her into liking him.

As the weekend drew to a close, the house got eerily quiet. Thema and Nia returned to their village but Sarge had made sure they were well aware of his requests before they left. He gave them complete freedom and permission to do whatever their hearts desired. "Thema, my dear. You have expressed interest in Michelle... told me how you wish her to be your close friend," he said to his oldest niece. "I will bring her to village... bring her tomorrow. She stay with you until baby born... live with you and Baako."

The arrangements sent a shiver of excitement through Thema's entire body. She had dreamed about this. Fantasized about having Michelle stay with her... live with her. All of a sudden her dream was coming true. She listened to her uncle on pins and needles and then he turned his attention to her sister.

"Nia. Tomorrow I bring Michelle to village... but also I bring Marie Kelly," Sarge said. "It will be big favor to me if you look after actress. She live in Zuberi's home with you... she be your slave... own per***al, white slave."

Nia was too happy and excited to say anything. She hugged her uncle trying to reassure his confidence in her was not unfounded. Then the two girls departed leaving Sarge to wrap up the weekend. He willingly allowed Michelle to stay with her husband at their house for one last night, but made sure they knew his plan. "Tomorrow. I pick you up and we go to village. You stay with Thema... live with her," he whispered sending a shiver of panic down Rodney's spine. "She look after your needs and make sure everything is okay. Also... I arrange for doctor to stay in village."

Then Sarge turned his attention to Rodney. "But you stay in city... work during week. Then visit wife on weekends. I drive you to village so you can visit." Sarge watched the couple leave and he noticed how they embraced in a most hesitant manner.

Suddenly Sarge was alone with his thoughts. He went up to his bedroom and slowly undressed. Then he jumped into the hot tub relishing the upcoming days and weeks. He was in complete control with only one more thing to accomplish. His head filled with fantasies of Susan; the visitor he cherished most of all.


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The couple discussed what was best for the future. Rodney's job with the ruling junta was progressing extremely well and that was why they were given the house to live in. The problem with the arrangements was that his wife did not spend much time with him. One per***, Sarge, planned Michelle's schedule for her, which meant she spent most of time away.

Sarge's sole purpose was the happiness of his *** and he would do anything to further Kato's sexual prowess. When he first told his *** that Michelle would live in the village with Thema, Kato was apprehensive and disappointed. Then Sarge reassured Kato that once the baby was born, Michelle would move back into their home. "Not worry," he told Kato. "Husband think wife live with him, but not so. She will ***** in your bed... be Kato's woman most of the time. Other time," Sarge laughed, "she ***** with me!"

Sarge's explanation to Rodney and Michelle last night when they departed his home had been traumatic. When he told Rodney that his wife would be living in the African village, Rodney had been very upset. They sat at the kitchen table on a bright, sunny morning but both were in an extremely somber mood, as they thought about the upcoming days. By all of Sarge's indications, Michelle would remain in the village until the baby was born and Rodney would hardly get to see her. That possibility infuriated Rodney but then he realized there was nothing he could do to stop Sarge's manipulation scheme.

Michelle looked more radiant that ever dressed in tribal garb. The wrap around dress made her appear much younger and it hid the small swelling in her midsection. The couple embraced for the longest time before Sarge and his driver showed up to escort Michelle out to the limo. It should have been the saddest day of her life, but for the strangest rea***, Michelle's heart beat fast with a mysterious anxiety. She imagined arriving in the village and being met by a loving angel.

When Sarge opened the backdoor of the limo for her to get in, Michelle was shocked to see someone already in the car. Then she recognized Marie Kelly and timidly whispered a warm greeting so as not to show her impending fear of leaving her husband. The two women sat together and Sarge got in facing them in the other seat. Emu drove and Mosi sat up front when the limo sped out of the capital city.

Michelle's mind was in great turmoil during the ride. It was a struggle but finally she managed to chat with the silent woman sitting beside her. They talked about the scenery and the intense hot weather before the topic got to more per***al things. "Your sister... where is your sister? I expected her to be with you." Michelle whispered to her acquaintance.

Marie Kelly sat stiffly in the backseat. "He wouldn't let her. The bastard wouldn't let Sue come with me... come to the village with me," Marie said. Her voice was loud and clear and there was no mistaking her anger. Sarge merely grinned devilishly but didn't say a word, which made Marie even madder.

"He ordered me. The fucking bastard ordered me to join him... drive to the village where he will probably keep me a god damn pri***er," she hissed. "And poor Sue has to stay in his house... in his fucking house all by herself!"

Suddenly the actress felt panic for making such a mistake. "Gawd.... why did I beg her to come with me? Come to this African hellhole," she whispered this time. "It's all my fault. I should never have asked Sue to come."

The two beautiful women sat across from Sarge as the countryside flashed by the window in a complete blur. Michelle felt a great loss being away from Rodney again and wondered if her life would ever return to normal. Marie suffered knowing her innocent sister was alone in an unfamiliar city and living with an absolutely unscrupulous man.

All of a sudden, the limo pulled up at a familiar abode and Michelle sat quietly in the backseat, as if waiting for some mysterious intervention. Sarge quickly got out of the car and he went into his brother's residence. Once he was assured that everything was ready for the visit, he returned to the limo. Sarge held the backdoor open and motioned for the shivering women to join him in Zuberi's home.

Michelle and Marie Kelly went into the house where Sarge was the gracious host, introducing them to everyone. Just as all the introductions were complete, there was an indication of a new guest arriving and a hush came over the entire room.

Thema came into her ******* home with the grace and elegance of an African queen. She wore a gorgeous dress and everyone took in her beauty with an envious stare. Michelle stared at the girl and she felt her heart begin to beat much faster. Her first impulse was to run across the floor and put her arms around the beautiful, native girl. The tattoo on her neck appeared almost healed and the black symbol had a mystic appearance against Thema's dark skin. Michelle couldn't see the African Rose but imagined it clearly in her head.

When Thema surveyed the room, it was just a matter of time before her gaze settled on her eventual target. Thema looked into the amazing eyes of her loyal admirer and suddenly the African girl understood her lingering anxiety. She would not be content or satisfied until they were together. Their eyes did not waver, as Thema slowly walked across the room until she was directly in front of her timid slave.

Thema had practiced basic English with her sister and amazed Michelle with her sudden speech. "You beautiful... very beautiful. I love you," she whispered. Her sudden revelation stunned Michelle and made her heart beat violently out of control. She had the strangest feeling deep inside her belly and it had nothing to do with being pregnant. She stood absolutely still waiting for the African girl to continue.

"We both pregnant. Baby comes at same time... and you stay here. Stay with me and wait for babies," Thema whispered. The girl had the strangest idea that she had to explain everything to the unsuspecting woman. "He say... Sarge say you stay with me. I tell him that I love you. Want you with me."

Michelle was speechless, as she listened to the girl. "I remember. Remember what it was like. When we make love... have sex," Thema said with her hands making precise motions. "You gorgeous... very lovely. I want to touch you... touch you all over. Feel tits... tummy... ass... pussy!"

Luckily none of the other villagers understood the basic English, and Sarge and Zuberi were too far across the room to hear what Thema said. Marie stood speechless next to the two and her mouth hung wide open, as she listened to the shocking revelations.

It was ridiculous and the girl's confession should have infuriated Michelle. Instead she stood riveted to the spot even though Thema's statements sounded demanding and gave the indication there was going to be a role reversal. Being a white slave to a trusting African Queen should have spurred Michelle to action but it did not. Suddenly Thema acted like she was in complete control and she grabbed Michelle's dainty hand. She led the woman across the room, out the door, and swiftly down the street.

Michelle was very familiar with their destination. They walked towards Thema's home so fast that she almost had to run to keep up to the girl. All the while her head was too dizzy and confused to concentrate on any one thing. Suddenly they were inside Thema's home and when the door shut, her heart burst with emotion.

Michelle felt strong arms around her quivering shoulders and then demanding lips on her face. Thema kissed her face before letting her mouth rest next to Michelle's ear. She whispered and her voice sounded so soft and loving that Michelle's breathing grew ragged in a fleeting moment. "You Thema's lover. You stay with me... live with Backo and me," she whispered. "Thema queen... married to Backo. Backo have Thema... and you!"

The girl was demanding and she saw no rea*** for waiting. Thema wanted nothing more than to show her nervous lover how she felt. She almost ripped the top of the dress from Michelle's torso and couldn't strip the garment fast enough. The dress was loose and baggy and it dropped to the floor leaving Michelle in only one undergarment, a pair of borrowed panties.

Thema eyes grew big when she saw the African Butterfly. The tattoo was not fully healed but it did look more like a butterfly than it did when Michelle was in the African village the first time. Her eyes remained on the symbol but her hands reached for the velvety but firm titties. Thema's fingers concentrated on the hard, throbbing nipples and she rolled the buds around and around, hearing moans of desperation coming from her white lover.

Suddenly Thema decided on her course of action. She put her arms around Michelle and pulled her into her hard, youthful body. Her right hand slipped into the panties from behind, and slithered down until reaching the seductive butt cheeks. Thema caressed Michelle's ass for only a short time before she needed more. She sucked in her breath and rotated her hand around Michelle's flared hips until she covered the baby-like pelvis. Thema would always admire the cleanly shaven area and vowed to have it done to herself.

Michelle understood Thema's wishes for power and supreme control. The girl's skilled fingers slipped into the narrow crevice between her slightly spread legs and instantly found the immense wetness. When Thema spread the puffy labia so that she could surround the throbbing clitoris, Michelle knew she would be ****** to surrender.

Suddenly Thema pulled the clit outward until it was stretched beyond the swollen pussy lips. Then she squeezed it hard enough to bring groans of desire from her timorous slave. Cream started flowing from Michelle's most inner sanctuary and

Thema felt the instant wetness coating her dainty fingers. The young girl felt the womanly hips thrust at her hand and she smiled with immense happiness.

Michelle's legs were rubbery and she depended on Thema's strength to hold her upright. Her vision was blurred but she could see the crest of an intense orgasm on the horizon. All of a sudden her feet were moving and the two interlocked bodies quickly wound up on Thema's marital bed. The significance was profound and the young queen knew she would be sharing her most adorable lover with her tribal husband.

How the girl got undressed was a mystery that Michelle gladly accepted. Suddenly time didn't matter anymore and her memory would only include glimpses of coming into the village house, being undressed by the African girl, and then submitting to her native charms. Thema's strong arms held her and a fiery kiss ensued. Their tongues intertwined and Michelle felt herself reaching out to the African girl. She was mature and experienced, but yet, Michelle felt the strongest urge for Thema's control.



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When the wild ecstasy subsided and both were breathing normal again, Thema illustrated what the future held. She got her points across even though her English consisted of basic words, which were mainly nouns and verbs. They lay in each other's arms for the longest time and held each other long after the explanation. Loving embraces were something Michelle yearned for and strangely it came from another woman instead of a man, or her husband. Men never caressed or embraced a woman after an orgasm, as they assumed their job was done. That was not the case with a woman, as her emotions and desires were still rampant even after an actual climax.

Thema ran her fingers through Michelle's long hair letting the strands float through her hands. Her explanation, although not in perfect English, had been fully understood by Michelle. At first the thought of spending the next few weeks and months with Thema seemed daunting but Michelle quickly realized it was best. She would be safe and not have to worry about anything, especially being pestered by the tribal men.

The afternoon flew by and before long Thema's husband came home. Both women expected Baako but when he did arrive, they seemed surprised. Thema spoke to him in their native tongue and each kept looking at Michelle giving her the impression they were talking about her. It felt uncomfortable at first being with the tribal couple but they quickly made her feel at ease. Thema and Baako tried to include Michelle in their conversations even though much of the time it was by gestures and hand signals.

Michelle faithfully followed their lead. Eventually they were all laughing at the strange and unfamiliar gestures that seemed to enable them to communicate. Thema prepared the evening meal and everyone was famished by the time they sat down to eat. The entire evening went much smoother than expected and they felt like old friends when they sat down in the couple's living room after the meal.



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She looked closer at the young warrior. His face was etched with intense desire and it made him appear nervous. Michelle tried to guess his age and suddenly she shivered with the thought he was seventeen or eighteen at most. All of a sudden her daydreaming was interrupted and Michelle realized it was bedtime in the African community. She felt extremely uncomfortable when the couple escorted her into their bedroom but there seemed no way out of her growing dilemma.

Suddenly Baako undressed and tossed his clothes on the floor. He turned to face the two women and the overly animated grin on his face was very evident. Thema's face was covered with a knowing smile and she threw her husband a kiss. Michelle quickly looked at Baako and her eyes lingered on the most obvious part of his aroused body.

Baako caught her stare and he swiftly grabbed his upstanding pecker. He wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft and pointed his cock directly at Michelle. When he glanced over at his wife, Baako saw her big smile of approval. He took one step forward and Michelle merely flinched, but stood her ground. Then he slowly walked across the floor until he stood measly inches in front of the stunning white goddess.

Michelle was utterly speechless. Suddenly she was surrounded. Baako in front of her and Thema right behind her and both stripped her clothes in a feverish fashion. Then Baako took her hand and he directed her towards the bed. She glanced over her shoulder at Thema and noticed the girl's beaming face of approval. Michelle had the strangest feeling when Baako ****** her onto the bed and quickly onto her back.

There was only one thing on his enraged mind. Baako swiftly pushed her legs apart so he could see her glorious womanhood. His eyes bulged and he quickly got on the bed so that he was crouching between Michelle's wide-spread legs. In a split second, he was lying on top of her and his stellar cock was pressing into her unprotected opening. The head of his cock hit the bulls-eye and Baako pushed his hips downward just enough to feel the heat engulf the end of his engorged cock.

Michelle didn't know what to do or how to act. Her head rolled to the side and a million things went through her mind in just a matter of moments. 'I can't do this... be unfaithful to Rodney. I can't have sex with Thema's husband... with her watching. Oh no, I can't have sex... I'm pregnant. Dear gawd, his cock is inside. I'm nothing but a whore... a Blackman's whore.'

Then she rolled her head to the other side and faced destiny. Thema's pretty face smiled at her and the African queen gave every indication that she approved. The girl's obvious acceptance made Michelle's heart quiver, wanting nothing more than to make Thema happier. Suddenly her hands, which were pushing against Baako's powerful chest, stopped and went around his torso.

Thema's husband was in a fervor and his hips were thrusting to and fro at a furious pace. Then Michelle reasoned that it would require a stronger will and desire if she was to please her African queen. She rammed her hips up at Baako and suddenly he was deep, so deep she felt him devour her soul. She was a little shocked when the familiar spasm shot through her insides but not very surprised.

An angel quickly grasped her hand. Thema squeezed her hand and radiated true passion to her lover. Their eyes locked a fleeting moment before a tremendous explosion occurred in her deepest being. Michelle bucked under the rutting tribal warrior and she let her climax overtake her most intimate emotions. Her amorous body belonged to the young African couple and her surrender was complete. She realized Thema, Baako or even both of them could posses her whenever they desired... or demanded.

When Baako finished empting his massive load of cum, he rolled off Michelle with a big sigh of contentment. He was totally exhausted and casually lay on his back while falling asleep within seconds. He never noticed his young wife slip onto the bed and lay against Michelle who was still huffing and puffing. The two women put their arms around each other and they too fell asleep.

That was the beginning of months of erotic lovemaking. Baako watched their bellies get bigger and bigger and he was amazed at how sexy they looked even when pregnant. Every night was full of mystery and wonderful sharing. Baako was the happiest warrior. He had intercourse with his lovely wife and also Michelle whenever he wanted. Every once in awhile he had sex with both of them but he truly relished the odd occasion when they teamed up on him. It was a totally new and exciting adventure, as the women made sure he was fully exhausted by night's end.



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Nia watched her sister leave with the beautiful Michelle. She glanced at her uncle and noticed his devious wink. Nia relished the chance to show Sarge that she too was powerful and there was no better way than proving her dominance over the American actress. Sarge was well aware of Nia's aspirations to become one of the elite women in their tribe and he used it to his advantage. His explanation to her during his last visit to the village left no doubt that he wanted to humiliate and get complete control over the actress.

Sarge told his niece that Marie Kelly would stay in the village until her baby was born. He suggested that Nia give the woman special loving care and also have her girlfriends befriend the actress much like they did Michelle. Nia couldn't have been happier, as for once in her life, she had control over someone just like her sister. She readily agreed with her uncle that Marie Kelly would live with her during the actress's stay in the village.

Very soon after Thema departed with Michelle, Sarge told Marie that it was the perfect time for a guided tour of the village. He started with Zuberi's home and showed the actress which bedroom she would be using. Her suitcases were quickly put in the room and Marie Kelly wondered about the room looking like someone already used it.

Before she had time to question or say anything, two young girls grabbed her hands and then she was ushered out of the house. Suddenly a few more girls joined them and they all set off on a tour of many old buildings in the village. As the group moved from building to building, Marie took closer observations of the girls. She noticed the one who seemed to be the leader and recognized her as one of Sarge's young nieces. The girl looked to be in her middle teens and she carried herself in an extremely confident manner.

Marie Kelly shivered every time Nia looked at her because the girl's dark, steady eyes seemed to convey something powerful and controlling. Marie wondered why someone about half her age could make her feel so intimidated.

All of a sudden the group approached what looked like a barn or a stable. Someone opened the door and then another girl shoved Marie into the building in a most challenging fashion. Suddenly five or six girls stood in a half-circle directly in front of her and they all had their hands on their hips, as if to say they were in control. They acted like they wanted her to do something but Marie Kelly was utterly speechless.

She stood and her mouth gaped open when all of the girls started undressing. Marie didn't move a muscle, as first one, and then the rest took off all of their clothes. She quickly took the whole area in with a glance and noticed there were no other people around. There were piles of straw off to one side, which were covered with blankets. Along the other side were stalls containing horses and there were a couple of mangy dogs lying in front of one of the stalls.

Her whole body was shaking like mad. Suddenly Marie felt a hot breath on the back of her neck and her legs almost collapsed. Someone was behind her and she was completely petrified, too afraid to move a muscle. All of a sudden there were tender hands on her shoulders and she couldn't breathe anymore. Her chest heaved trying to get some air but it didn't help, as she glanced down at the small, black hands.

The hands cupped her boobs and squeezed them around the wide base to make them look bigger. Marie still couldn't move when the deft fingers knowingly unbuttoned her sheer blouse one button at a time. It seemed to take forever before the material was pushed aside to reveal her abundant tits. The fingers quickly slipped beneath the lacy bra, popping the cups upwards until they were around her neck.

Marie Kelly couldn't see anymore. Her eyes rolled backwards and her eyelids closed. Her head rolled back a little and found a perfect resting place on someone's soft shoulder. At first she thought about putting her hands up to stop the unwanted caresses, but then she wondered if they were indeed unwanted. Suddenly the fingers surrounded her hard nipples and pinched them hard. Marie Kelly opened her mouth to protest but nothing came out. Then the fingers started rolling her nipples around and around until the buds were harder than little pebbles.

The last thing in the world the actress ever intended on doing was spreading her legs. Suddenly lips were touching the back of her ear and then someone whispered in almost perfect English. "I am Nia. You see my sister, Thema. She has white slave who loves her," the young girl whispered ever so softly. "You are my slave... my white slave. I am going to touch you all over... kiss you all over."

Then the native girl rained kisses on every square inch of Marie Kelly's neck, shoulders and down her back. Somehow the unbuttoned blouse had been stripped and was now discarded on a pile of straw. The bra was gone and the actress was naked above the waist. Suddenly her designer jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped allowing the dainty hand to slip into her panties. Marie Kelly sucked in her breath in a desperate attempt to give the hand more room, as it ventured down her almost flat tummy.

Suddenly the lips were against her ear again. "You sexy... very sexy. Your tits are nice and big... much bigger than mine," Nia whispered, putting both hands on the luscious boobs. "You my whore... white whore. We have sex... then my friends, too."

Marie Kelly slowly opened her eyes trying to see what was happening. She glanced to the side and noticed all the other girls were lying on the piles of straw. They were in a circle leaving what looked like a center stage, which made Marie shudder. The girls looked at the pair standing a few feet away and sort of motioned for the two to join them in the vacant opening.

Nia could see Marie Kelly looking at her friends. "They wait for you... you and me," she whispered. "We do it... do it right there so they can all see... see you be my white whore."

All of a sudden one of Nia's hands shot downward. Her fingers dipped under the elastic waistband and lower until they felt the soft, curly hair. She let her long, middle finger slide between the tightly closed thighs and knew she had hit the target when a loud moan escaped her timid victim. Nia ****** her finger deeper and suddenly she felt immense wetness.

The actress was proud of her body. She knew it was extremely sexy and desirable by the fame she had received from her movies. Now her body was changing but so far nothing was very obvious. Her boobs were slightly bigger and she knew it because her brassieres didn't fit properly anymore. Her tummy was not quite as flat as normal, but unless a person looked really close, it wasn't obvious that Marie Kelly was pregnant.

Nia nibbled on one of Marie Kelly's flushed ears and pulled her head backwards with her teeth. The actress held her eyes closed tightly dreaming of days earlier when she was with her boyfriend. It had been hard not to tell him about her sudden pregnancy but she feared the repercussions if anyone found out the real facts. Suddenly a tongue was toying with her ear and soft kisses rained all over her neck.

After becoming pregnant, one thing had changed the most. She had developed an intense desire for intimate sex and it seemed her passions increased to a point where she craved sex. Marie's head was spinning out of control and her daydreaming allowed the African princess to gain the upper hand. "Spread... spread legs," she whispered tapping the sides of her milky thighs to indicate her demands.

Marie Kelly was fully aware that it was wrong. She should not be standing in a stranger's arms but suddenly her legs moved apart. Nia realized the woman had surrendered and she quickly moved forward. She put her hands on Marie's shoulders and turned her around so they were facing each other. Being only 5'3", Marie had to look up into the strong, controlling eyes of the young African. She may have been only a girl but Marie felt totally helpless against Nia.

Nia held the stare while deliberately placing the woman's arms down at her sides. Her hands went to Marie's hips and slowly rolled the loosened jeans down her flared hips. Then she stripped the garment leaving Marie dressed only in her panties. The hot desert air washed over Marie's flushed skin and she felt even hotter. Her eyes fluttered, unable to hold the intense stare, and suddenly she felt something rubbing against her wetness between her legs.

Marie's first impulse was to spread her legs wider. Then her almost non-existent panties were pushed deep into the wetness and fingers found her throbbing gem. When Nia pinched the clitty and rolled it around in the immense juices, her white slave cried out. The cries made the girl squeeze harder and then the cries became louder.

The actress felt like a mad dog, trying to show her immense satisfaction. She humped the skilled fingers and it was the quickest orgasm in history, as her cream flowed to meet the demanding fingers. Marie didn't hear the numerous giggles around the room and she felt no shame for what happened. Nia pinched the throbbing clitoris and managed to push the soaked panties to the side. Her strong left arm held the actress steady while her right hand performed magic.

The tremors were far too earth-shattering and Marie Kelly lost her balance. Her legs collapsed but her instincts knew the powerful girl would save her. Nia deftly guided Marie towards the nearest pile of straw and the two fell into the vacant spot between her most excited friends. Their helping hands allowed the two lovers to fall without letting go of each other. Marie Kelly was aware of the many girls surrounding her but she only concentrated on one.

There were no ***** or ********* this time. Her lust was real and it consumed her mind in a mere moment. Strong, demanding lips closed over her own and Marie Kelly let the darting tongue invade her mouth. No kiss had ever been so passionate and she wondered if it wasn't because of the orgasm, which seemed to be everlasting.

Nia's friend's knew better but they could not stop feeling and fondling the white goddess. Nia had specifically told them to leave the actress alone until she gave the order. Their hands were everywhere. There were fingers on Marie's blushing face, her neck, her arms and even her legs. One of the braver girls managed to strip the soaked panties and they all stared at the actress's sexy nakedness.

But it was the skillful Nia who inflicted the most damage. She broke the heated kiss and ventured downward until she had one of Marie Kelly's boobs in her mouth. The girl sucked the entire end of the breast and then her tongue slithered across the hardened tip like an angry serpent. The girl knew enough to embrace and fondle Marie Kelly's neglected boob. Her fingers caressed the nipple and areola, making sure they were puffy and swollen.

Then Nia ventured downward again and this time she found the curly twists of pussy hair. She played with them with her tongue and the teasing was profound for her slave. Suddenly the girl's tongue began caressing her everywhere. It felt so hot that Marie jumped and flinched wildly with every caress. Then it happened. Nia touched the glistening pink gem with the tip of her tongue and she thought the woman would hurt herself.

Nia stabbed the opening with her stiff tongue and there was no escaping for Marie Kelly. The girl was far too determined and all Marie could do was arch her back, hoping to survive Nia's assault. The obvious orgasm flourished and Marie was unable to stop her juices from flowing into the starved mouth. Suddenly Nia lapped the little jewel vigorously and then she sucked it all the way into her scorching mouth.

Marie Kelly wondered how long an orgasm could last. She also wondered how it was possible to achieve a second orgasm so soon after the first. All of a sudden Nia began giving gestures and she motioned to the actress that she wanted something. At first Marie Kelly didn't know what was going on but that quickly changed. Her exhausted and overworked body was twisted and ******* into a different position. She glanced downward at the native princess and shuddered at the sudden implications.

Nia put her strong hands on Marie Kelly's flushed face. She sternly held Marie's head and stared into her bewildered eyes. The girl's eyes burned into her soul and Marie Kelly was unable to look away. "You do. You make love to me... now," Nia whispered softly. "You do everything. Make love to me... so I orgasm. You fuck African princess... or else!"

Marie Kelly stared into Nia's controlling eyes. Any alternative and hearing Nia utter, 'or else,' sent the strongest tremor all through her body. Suddenly Marie was absolutely positive that having sex with another woman was better than anything else at that very moment. Then she let the girl's hands slowly push her head down until she felt the burning flesh against her face. The breast was so close that Marie couldn't focus on it and Nia's chest heaved up and down.

She had never felt such power or control. Marie cupped the cone-shape titties and squeezed them so the puffy bullet tips pushed outward even more. All of a sudden a nipple was a mere inch away. Her tongue lashed out and struck the very tip and the girl's body reacted like she had been hit with a large jolt of electricity. Marie put one boob in her hands and squeezed hard. The enlarged nipple poked up above her hands and her only concern was giving the girl satisfaction.

One moment the hard nipple was exposed and inviting and the next it was buried inside her volcanic mouth. Marie put her teeth around the nipple's base and acted like she was going to bite it hard. Nia's chest heaved and thrust up wildly but then the woman shifted to her other nipple. Marie teased and enticed the girl until Nia couldn't take anymore.

Nia put her hands on the top of Marie's head and pushed downward. The nipple popped out of her mouth and suddenly soft, heated flesh passed by her burning face. Nia's hands didn't stop until the woman's face was directly over her pelvis. Marie's eyes grew large as she stared at the girl's womanly charms. There was barely enough time to notice the sparse, curly hair and the shadow of Nia's wet pussy slit.

Marie would always treasure the moment when her tongue lashed out and made the princess cry. Nia's legs were spread wide and she left her opening fully exposed for her lover. Marie put her fingers on the girlie labia and pulled them apart to reveal utopia. The gem was the pinkest thing she had ever seen and suddenly her head was shoved downward. The girl's desperation was evident, as she moaned out loud, and twisted Marie's hair into her clinched fingers.

There was no guessing or pondering what to do. She nibbled Nia's delicate clitoris and felt the girl's hips thrust wildly with every bite. Even at the age of 32, this type of lovemaking surprised Marie. Strangely she felt more power and control than at any time in her life. She felt Nia's body react to every tongue-lashing and every nibble, which made Marie even more determined. Suddenly spending time in the village with Nia didn't seem so threatening or disheartening.

Marie attacked with a vengeance she didn't know she possessed. Her mouth was over Nia's precious opening and the girl's entire clitoris was embedded inside her scorching mouth. She used her teeth gently and nibbled the delicate clit until Nia's body went into convulsions. Then Marie rammed her finger into the tight opening and finger-fucked the princess who was in the midst of a mind-blowing orgasm.



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When the tribal princess had quenched her thirst, Nia readily gave a signal to her friends. All of the girls moved closer and suddenly Marie Kelly was roughly ****** off of Nia's exhausted torso. Each girl grabbed a part of Marie and swiftly rolled the actress onto her back.

Marie Kelly assumed it was senseless to fight or struggle. She rolled her head side-to-side watching all the excited faces, as the girls hungrily devoured her entire body. Marie felt helpless and completely in the hands of Nia's girlfriends.

Her head kept rolling and Marie was determined to watch each girl, as they ******** her. Two of the girls held her arms outstretched and pinned far above her head. One girl pinned her left leg out to the side while another girl spread her right leg outward so far it hurt. With four girls holding her limbs, it left three girls free for a *********** Marie would never forget.

Suddenly her head came up and Marie Kelly watched a girl suck one of her boobs and then roll her tongue all around her upstanding nipple. Another girl caressed her other boob and this girl was far rougher and determined. She put the hard nipple between her teeth and made Marie cry out when she chewed on the embedded bud.

Marie Kelly's eyes grew wider when she noticed red bite marks on each breast. Then she was horrified at seeing numerous red marks, which were dark hickies, tattooed into her milky flesh. The girls did not care if they marked or even hurt the woman when their mouths sucked as hard as they could. Every red tattoo was a symbol of control and power and each girl felt more and more esteem when they engraved the white flesh with hickies.

Suddenly Marie Kelly could see past the two bobbing heads on her chest. She witnessed more horrifying details sucked and nibbled into her burning flesh. There were hickies on her thighs as well as her upraised pelvis and tummy. Then Marie though she would die. The girl at her lower regions suddenly put her mouth directly over her opening and jabbed with her stiff tongue. The girl pretended to fuck with her tongue but she made sure to ram her mouth into the unprotected clitoris with every jab.

Just when Marie thought she might survive, the girl moved up slightly. She put her lips around the swollen clit and then she used her teeth. The girl raked her teeth back and forth on the clitoris and there was nothing Marie could do. Her arms and legs were pinned rendering her a prisoner and then the girl rammed her finger into Marie's hole.

Marie Kelly had expected to get fingered but not there. The girl rammed her finger to the hilt in Marie's ass and kept it fully buried. All she did was roll the finger around and around while nibbling on the tender clitty. Marie arched her back and clinched her ass cheeks, as hard as possible, but it only made things worse. The native girl fucked her ass nonstop and ate her out like a lesbian pro.

Marie Kelly cried out loud. Tears even ran down her rosy cheeks when the explosive orgasm robbed any hint of her being civilized. A stable was a place for ******* and that was exactly what she acted like. After the girl drank all of Marie Kelly's sweet cum, she reluctantly rolled off to the side allowing one of her friends the freedom to ****** the white goddess.



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All of the girls including Marie Kelly lost track of time. Each of Nia's friends was not satisfied until they had consumed some of the visitors loving juices. Then each girl was utterly amazed when Nia encouraged her slave to perform oral magic on each of the girls. It turned into a night of erotic bliss for everyone and no person was more surprised than Marie Kelly.

The faces were blurred and long after she would try to recall what happened. She remembered going from one young girl to the next until she came to one recollection that would always be in the back of her mind. Nia's girlfriends freely used her, as their oral sex-toy, and Marie recalled performing cunnilingus on one of the girls. Suddenly she was roughly ****** onto her back. Marie recalled seeing a new girl between her legs and the girl left little doubt to her intentions.

The new girl was very skinny and at first Marie Kelly didn't really look closely at her. The girl fondled her genitals and then she kissed them in a very demanding manner. Marie remembered looking down to see whom it was and she almost fainted when she saw the youngest girl. Suddenly Marie came face to face with the girl. Her face looked so young and innocent but when Marie noticed her body, she realized the girl was not as developed as the rest. The girl's breasts were not very big and she appeared to have almost no pussy hair.

Suddenly the girl had her hands on Marie Kelly's thighs. She pushed the milky limbs to the outer limits in an effort to fully expose the delicious womanly charms. When her head dipped and Marie felt the girl's mouth on her most sensitive area, she reasoned it was time to stop the girl.

It was wrong and she had to say something. Marie Kelly looked around until she met Nia's eyes and then pleaded for her life. "Nia... dear gawd. Nia, my love. Please not this... don't let her do this," she moaned trying desperately to convince Nia to stop her young friend. Then her eyes filled with tears because of the shameful display that was about to happen. "Dear gawd... no. Oh, no... she's touching me. Her mouth is... no, no... her mouth! No, please... don't let her do it."

Nia quickly shuffled closer. She glanced down at her young friend and noticed how Sasha was slapping the floppy clit back and forth with her tongue. Then Nia's gaze returned to the teary eyes and she smiled the biggest smile. "She has to know. I promised her," she whispered. "I promised Sasha... that she could do everything the rest of us did. Please be good to her... and I'll make it up to you."

Marie pleaded with every fiber inside her womanly body. She desperately wanted to struggle but her arms and legs were pinned by Nia's friends. Marie's eyes remained locked on her young princess but her emotions were heading out of control in two directions. Her mind followed her eyes and she felt intense desire to be with Nia. But it was the betrayal of her body that consumed most of Marie's fiery emotions.

Suddenly the girl's fingers pulled Marie's pussy lips farther apart. Sasha stared at the exposed clitoris with her hungry eyes and then she put her fingers around the tiny gem. Having already experimented and masturbated many times, the girl knew where to touch Marie Kelly. She squeezed with her fingers but left a small portion of the throbbing clit free for her tongue-lashing, which she administered with great fervor.

Marie Kelly arched her back severely trying to get away. The hands of all the other girls held her down so their young friend could ravage the white goddess. All of a sudden Nia took charge. She cradled Marie's head and swiftly twisted a big handful of curly hair with her strong left hand. Nia jerked Marie's head backwards and she stared into the wide, teary eyes. "Tell Nia what you want... want Sasha to do."

Marie stared into the dark eyes of the African princess. "Dear gawd... no! Nia, you have to make her stop... please," she groaned just as her clitoris was slapped by the girl's tongue. Suddenly Sasha's mouth devoured the upper portion of her pussy and the girl tenderly put the flared wings between her sharp teeth.

"She's... dear gawd, she's...," Marie moaned too distraught to fight Nia or the young girl.

"Tell Nia! What Sasha do?" Then Nia yanked Marie's head again, indicating she was not happy with the utter silence.

"Oh please... no... she is sucking my clitty. Oh gawd... sucking it... oh, biting it haaard."

There was more hair pulling and Nia's eyes burned into her soul. "Nia can see Sasha's... sucking. Tell Nia... do you want to cum?"

"Oh gawd... if she doesn't stop... no, no, I might," Marie whispered.

"You can wait. Let Sasha learn... but you can wait. Not cum yet," Nia said putting her lips directly on Marie's burning ear. Then the girl nibbled and pretended her tongue was a tiny penis, as she fucked Marie's inflamed ear.

Suddenly Marie did the absolute worst thing she could do if she wanted to prolong her stamina. She tensed every muscle in her body and held her lower regions perfectly still. Sasha felt the violin strings tighten and then she rammed her long, slender finger into the womanly opening. The native girl curled her finger until it caressed the entire length of the womanly G-spot and she used the tip of her finger to rake the spot.

Marie was riding a freight train to Hell and suddenly she was too afraid to get off. Nia watched Marie's chest heave up and down as her breathing came in short, swift gasps of air. "Sasha plays with your clitty... but you can wait," Nia whispered, grinning broadly as she watched the woman's body jerk out of control.

Marie Kelly's will was broken when it happened. The girl, who Marie assumed to be too young and barely a teenager, was suddenly in control of her crushed spirit. Gush after gush flowed from her delicate inner being. The native girl tasted a climax for the first time and she finger-fucked Marie with all her might. Sasha never let go of the throbbing clitoris and kept it fully embedded inside her volcanic mouth, much to Marie's dismay.

Nia held her white lover close trying to reassure her that everything was okay. Then she let her lips peck and kiss Marie all over while she whispered softly. "Sasha learning... she eat you and learn about sex. I love watching... watching you cum." Then Nia kissed her hard before continuing. "You stay with Nia... live with Nia. You be my white slave."

From that point on, Marie Kelly blanked out everything. She would agree to anything in the world, because she felt so enlightened, but it would take many hours before she actually realized what happened. When the sun finally came over the horizon, the night of sexual exploitation ended. The girls were totally exhausted and they all departed leaving Nia and Marie alone. Nia helped her maiden get dressed and then they both headed for home.



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Susan was furious when she found out that her sister had been scurried away by Sarge. She got up on a sunny Monday morning only to be told by Sarge's wife that her husband had taken Marie and another woman on an expedition to his home village. Zelda noticed that Susan was extremely upset by her sister's departure but she tried to reassure her that everything was done in the best interests of Marie and Michelle. Susan worried and was almost stressed out when Sarge's black limo drove into the driveway about five in the afternoon.

With Michelle and Marie Kelly indisposed, Sarge was left alone with his innocent prey. He stared at the gorgeous sister, as she rushed out to meet his car, and felt a familiar quivering inside his masculine loins. His eyes roamed up and down Susan's seductive body before he moved to conquer his victim. He barely got out of the backseat when Susan displayed her intense rage. She yelled at him and wanted to know why he took her sister away without letting her know.

Sarge apologized profusely and put the brightest smile on his face. "I thought it was better if she gets acclimatized... gets used to being in a small, quiet village," he said in the meekest voice. "I know you wanted to be with her... and look after your sister. But you will be more comfortable living here... in the city."

It took some time for Susan to calm down. She was not a woman that held a grudge and his lengthy apology made her feel much better. He explained how not only Marie was spending time in the village waiting for her baby but Michelle was also there. Sarge's concern was very evident but Susan still wanted to help her sister. "I insist. Take me out there... so I can be with Marie."

Sarge told her that her plan was not a good idea. He mentioned that Thema and Nia would be there to look after all of the needs of Marie and Michelle. Soon he noticed the relief on Susan's pretty face, which was a positive indication of her accepting his apology.

"But... but I have to be there for her," Susan whispered feeling most helpless. She wondered about getting anything accomplished in such a foreign country when she really had nobody to help her; other than Sarge, she thought.

"A doctor will see her today... check everything to make sure all is okay," Sarge explained trying to reassure his confused victim. "You guest in my home... stay with my family. I drive you to village... visit sister in a day or two."

He watched the pretty woman fidget but felt her slowly becoming more at ease. "Not to worry. I have made sure that everything is there... in the village so she has perfect stay. All the medical facilities are readily available and my young niece will ensure your sister is well looked after."

Sarge really wasn't too concerned if the woman accepted his reasoning for the separation, as his mind was already made up. He thought his plans were foolproof and pressed in for the ****. It was late in the afternoon by the time he returned from the village and suddenly time was of the essence so he felt a twitch of panic.

Susan had no idea what happened to Sarge's family but suddenly they had all disappeared. She was alone, except for one or two servants, with the one man who made her feel insecure and vulnerable. All of a sudden her mind went into overdrive imagining all sorts of devastating events.

Suddenly Sarge's voice shocked her out of dreamland. "Come... let's move into the study. I'll have dinner served... then a nightcap. We can sit for awhile and relax," he said with the biggest smile. "We relax... discuss what is best for your sister."

The study was fairly small and cozier than Susan would have liked. Sarge poured them a liqueur and then he toasted her raving beauty. It took her a few moments to stop blushing but by then Sarge was talking again. They chatted with the conversation being very casual and Sarge kept asking questions about her life and belief's. One of Sarge's servants served food and before Susan realized it, she was far more relaxed than she anticipated.

Sarge did it again. Susan was upset that she somehow fell for the man's charm and she didn't feel the hate she was supposed to feel. She reasoned that maybe it was the ****** or ******* that put her at ease but strangely she found the conversation quite pleasant. When Sarge finally got around to talking about Marie, they had consumed three ****** and Susan felt warm and giggly.

Words and explanations flowed off his tongue with delicate ease. Sarge reassured Susan that her sister was best off living with his niece and relatives. She was surprised to some degree when Sarge refused to comment on the topic of her sister's **********. He steadfastly declined to show her the ransom DVD, which he said was extremely explicit. He explained how the movie would seriously upset and offend her, and in the end, Susan felt thankful he didn't show it to her.

Sarge went directly from the chitchat to asking her if she would join him for a relaxing hot tub. "It seems like a shame to waste the evening. The ****** are relaxing and the company is wonderful. You saw the hot tub on the weekend... please join me for the best night of your life," he whispered.

His declaration sent the butterflies off inside her tummy, as it sounded so much like a promise. She pondered his last statement but quickly shrugged it off to a casual misquote. All of a sudden the suggestion didn't sound too bad. "Wow! I even remembered to bring a suit... in case there was a pool at the hotel," Susan said. "It's in my suitcase. I'll change... meet you..."

Sarge smiled listening to the gorgeous woman stutter and stammer. They were on the way up the long staircase before Susan could have second thoughts. Sarge grinned and he was too excited to break her heart by telling her that she didn't need a bathing suit. He watched her walk and marveled at her most enticing behind, as it swayed seductively with each step. 'Yes... you put on your suit... it's all you'll wear for the next few hours,' Sarge thought. 'You're mine. Yes! This time... I'm saving you for myself. Your sweet white-ass will be mine.'

He broke his daydreaming as they approached the large double doors to his master bedroom. Sarge paused at the doors staring directly into Susan's bewildered eyes. "We have the night to ourselves... my family has gone to visit Zelda's family. They will be occupied until tomorrow... rejoicing on the joyous celebration of her ******* birthday."

Suddenly Susan felt the dire panic of being alone with Sarge. He opened the doors to the bedroom and she gasped at the sight of such an elegant room. She could see almost all of the vast room and the rich surroundings were very apparent. There were two beds on the left, which were dimly lit, but what caught her eye was the brightly lit hot tub and bathroom area. Steam rose off the hot water giving the tub a mystic appearance while the white tile throughout the bathroom glistened with a rich, brilliant luster.

They stood still and Sarge commented on the beds and dressers being from an older European era. Then he boldly took her by the hand and turned her sideways to face him. Susan never noticed but Sarge carried the bottle of liqueur and glasses in his other hand and he held them up.

"The tub is wonderful for soaking away stress... exhaustion of a long day. I'll pour us a nice *****... and we can sit back and relax in the hot water," Sarge said. "I have the jets turned up and the water so hot it will relax all those tired muscles... put you to *****."

For a second, Sarge thought she might reconsider and not return to her room for something to wear. She looked at him and noticed the seriousness expression written on his rugged face. She was just about to make a feeble excuse when he swiftly let go of hand and walked towards the tub. "You change. I'm sure anything you put on will look ravishing. I'll be waiting!"

He turned around when he was a few feet away and stared into her eyes. Not one word was said but the telepathic waves filled her whole body with something she didn't understand. Susan had to use every bit of resolve to turn and slowly walk down the long hallway to her bedroom. She was unaware of the happiest man who quickly stripped his clothes on the way across the room. Sarge was completely naked by the time he reached the tub and he jumped in the hot water overly excited with what was on the horizon.


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Susan was in a daze when she entered the guest bedroom. She immediately went to her suitcase, which contained her swimsuit, but felt slightly uncomfortable. Flaunting herself and wearing such skimpy clothes when meeting a stranger was not something Susan ever did. Reluctantly she slowly changed until she stood frozen in front of a long mirror.

She was utterly flabbergasted. Her first impulse was to run; escape the drastic situation before something really terrible happened. Suddenly she wondered about meeting Sarge and letting him see her wearing only a swimsuit. 'Oh gawd,' she thought. 'What will I do if he actually tries something? What if he tries to feel me up... and tries to ***** himself on me,' she wondered?

'No,' she thought staring at her reflection in the mirror. 'Go ahead. Ogle me you bastard... you won't get any.' Suddenly she felt a quick shot of adrenaline and summoned the courage to continue. 'I'll show you... you bugger. You don't know who you're dealing with,' Susan whispered feeling very confident about handling any situation.

Slowly and taking one deliberate step at a time, she returned to the master bedroom. Susan peered around the doorway and into the room. Then she stood in the middle of the double doorway and let Sarge see her scantily clad body. The entire room was eerily quiet when she slowly walked across what seemed like the widest room. Finally she had to divert her eyes from the most compelling eyes she had ever looked into.

Sarge's eyes bulged, as he stared at the luscious woman, and he contemplated his next move. Suddenly he threw caution to the wind and acted on impulse. Susan was only a couple of feet from the hot tub when Sarge jumped to his feet. His sudden act stopped her immediately and she stood frozen with her mouth wide open. She was a strong woman. A woman who knew what the world was all about but suddenly her mind was too confused to react. There was too much indecision for her to move a muscle and she stood absolutely motionless.

Sarge slowly stepped out of the hot water and stood a mere foot in front of her bewildered eyes. Susan stared and felt her face become flushed and inflamed. When the tall, imposing naked African spoke, she flinched and felt her body going limp. "You won't need that. You don't have to be modest in my home," Sarge whispered. "Here... let me get rid of this useless bathing suit."

His hands moved and she remained petrified. Susan was a very attractive and seductive woman and she was well aware of what her sexy appearance did to men. She was experienced at rebuffing a man's crude demeanor but suddenly she didn't know what to do.

She felt her bikini top being loosened and gasped for air when Sarge tossed it into the hot water. Susan's eyes widened as she watched the material slowly grow dark and wet. Then her heart beat out of control when she felt his fingers on her waist and suddenly he slowly rolled the skimpy bikini-bottoms down her frozen legs. Susan was completely amazed when she obediently stepped out of the bikini and let Sarge put the soft material to his cheek. He sniffed the heavenly scent and gave the shivering woman the biggest smile.

All of a sudden the shock of what was about to happen hit her hard, harder and with more conviction than anything in her life. "Oh my gawd... you're going to fuck me. We are going to fuck," she moaned with a most desperate plea. She stared into the dark, commanding eyes and saw the truth. "Oh please, you can't. Please, no! I've never been with another man... only my husband."

Sarge could see she was not going to run or even fight. "You have nice tits. Even nicer tits than your sister's," Sarge whispered. "Have you ever been fucked... by a big, black cock?"

Her eyes fluttered and slowly shifted to the biggest cock she had ever seen. Suddenly he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into his muscular body. "Dear gawd... you can't do this. My husband... he is fixed. I can't get pregnant because he had a vasectomy," she pleaded.

Suddenly she found the courage to tear her focus from Sarge's stellar manhood. "You're going to fuck me... aren't you?" Susan arched her back in an effort to keep her hips away from Sarge and she stared into his dark, magnetic eyes once again. Her dilemma grew worse when she felt the long, burning shaft scorch her tender flesh. "Oh dear gawd... it's touching me. Your penis... I've never touched another man... never... never."

Sarge grinned at her fruitless efforts. He thrust his hips forward and then he grabbed her luscious ass cheeks, squeezing hard so that her hips shot forward. "No... no, dear gawd, no! It's so big... your cock is on my tummy."

Sarge was in his glory. "Feel it. Go ahead... put your hand on my cock. Feel the black cock that will soon be inside your belly," he said with the most demanding tone. "I said... put your hand on the black cock that is goin' to be in your belly!"

She wanted to struggle but surrender was far too daunting. Susan's hand thrust between the tightly compressed bodies until her dainty fingers felt the burning rod. She almost hyperventilated when her fingers closed around the thick penis and it was all she could do to keep breathing properly.

"Sweetheart! You can still stop it. You can keep my cock out of your sweet cunt... just by begging me to stop," Sarge hissed.

He was giving her a chance and she should beg him to stop, she reasoned. Suddenly her fingers squeezed hard, and harder, too afraid to let go. The shame of what she was doing spread through her entire body but still her fingers clutched the enlarged pecker. Then her head started to spin out of control.

"Rub it all over... all over your belly. Show Sarge where you want his black cock."

There was no reason to comply but Susan shivered when her hand started rubbing his inflamed penis all over her smooth, flat stomach. Suddenly her feet were moving. She was all the way across the room before she was aware the bed was near.

Sarge put his big hands on her boobs, fondling them like he was a teenager, but Susan remained motionless and proud. "Oh my, my gawd... you're hurting my nipples. Pinching my nipples... hurting them." The pain should have spurred her to action but for some strange reason she relished Sarge's rough treatment. Susan deemed it just punishment for all the guilt that filled her distraught mind for what was happening.

Somehow she found the strength to remain on her feet but her heart beat so fast her head got dizzy. Suddenly his lips were on her face, kissing her flushed cheeks and then her ear. "I want to hear it... beg. Beg for it, sweetheart!"

Susan opened her mouth and she fought for more air. She was determined not to say anything but Sarge struck fast. All of a sudden his sharp teeth closed on her ear lobe and he bit down hard. Susan was positive her ear had been severed and the ****** pain robbed all of her reasoning and logic. Her instincts screamed that she would be ****d but for some strange reason she couldn't struggle.

When she started talking, Susan was not aware of anything but the promise of the ultimate fulfillment. "Do it. Go ahead... take me. Do it to me," she moaned with growing desperation. "Fuck me... you bastard. Go ahead and **** me."

Sarge let his mouth relax enough so that his teeth didn't bite so hard. "Say it. Say it... or else!" He grabbed her hair with his big hand and yanked hard enough to jerk her head back and forth indicating he wanted her to respond.

"Dear gawd. I can feel it... touching me. Fuck me with your black prick," she shouted. "Put your big cock in my belly... do it to me!"

Her Irish-catholic background was forgotten. Her religious upbringing was forgotten and Susan reasoned that she was possessed by the devil. "Oh gawd... I'm creaming. I can't stop... gawd, please put it in... inside my belly. Do it... do it now, you bastard," she wailed. "Fuck me... you black bastard. Make me your white whore... just like you did Marie. Do it!"

Sarge literally threw her onto the bed. Susan landed flat on her back but she somehow kept her legs spread wide enabling Sarge to kneel between them. Her eyes were wide open and they were glazed over with the sight of impending doom. Sarge's powerful body slithered forward and his upper torso dropped over her chest. The head of his cock was between her thighs and right next to her vulnerable crotch, which made Susan squirm. Then he rubbed the wet head all over her pelvis and threatened to push it into her wet opening.

Susan could not remember her body being so inflamed and so filled with ****** lust. She rolled her head side-to-side fraught with the possibility Sarge wouldn't do it. All of sudden she felt something big and menacing push between her delicate pussy lips. She stopped breathing and promised not to take another breath until the African had ******** her soul.

Sarge was afraid of hurting her, as Susan seemed delicate and sophisticated. He stared at her agonizing face and realized her beauty was astounding. Susan cried and pleaded with him to stop but her actions betrayed everything she said. Sarge noticed her arms were around his waist and her fingers were squeezing his behind. She pulled his hips downward and into her thrashing body. Suddenly he realized Susan wanted more... more of his black pecker.

Sarge rammed his hips downward with the power of a madman. He entered Susan's virgin sanctuary with one powerful thrust and she was frantic. She clung to him giving every indication that she was experiencing an earth-shaking orgasm. Her teeth were next to his bare shoulder and she bite him hard. The sharp pain was fleeting but threatened to rob his remaining willpower.

The heat was intense and quickly became unbearable and Sarge wondered if his stamina could survive for long. He wittingly regained control over his breathing and quickly thrust his hips into her widespread thighs. Sarge curved his body enough so he could look down and he noticed that barely a few inches of his cock was inside the heated woman.

Sarge pulled backwards, pausing with only the fat head inserted into the volcanic pit. Then he thrust one more time. Sarge heard a shrill scream and it was the music of lust to his ears.

When his cock went through her tender cervix, Susan's civilized world came crashing down. She felt his ramrod spread her soul. Suddenly surrendering her spirit to the African god was the only solution and Susan let go. Her womanly juices flowed freely and Susan had never felt so liberated.

There was nothing in the world she wanted more than being Sarge's white slave. "Sweet Jesus. When Marie told me... about having sex with an African... I never thought it would happen to me," she whispered with a long overdue contentment. "Dear gawd... you own me. But you know that... don't you?"

Sarge smiled at the pretty woman. "You stay with me. You will be my mistress... my woman," he whispered having a hard time talking. "The others will stay in the village... wait for baby. You will live in my home. We fuck. We fuck every day."

All of a sudden his hips jerked out of control. Susan felt his random thrusts and pumps and she realized what was happening. It should have been the most traumatic moment of her life and it was. But not for the proper reasons, as she clung to Sarge knowing his seed was filling her fertile womb. Sarge's sporadic jerks continued forever and Susan wondered if his climax would ever end.



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Susan felt like a little schoolgirl again. Sarge's cock rubbed against her body, touching her everywhere except where she craved. All of a sudden she felt a very familiar tremor rocket through her loins and Susan realized that it was a prelude for more ecstasy. Whenever these tremors happened, she could never wait. She put her legs around Sarge's thick leg and tried to hold his muscular thigh tightly against her crotch.

Sarge glanced at her twisting body and noticed Susan humping his leg. He could feel her immense wetness rubbing against his upper thigh so he pushed hard. His thigh pressed the pink petals open and exposed the most cherished bud. Sarge didn't mind Susan climaxing so fast because he knew she was only building to a higher pinnacle of lust. Her hips thrust and jerked against his thigh and then he needed fulfillment.

This time he didn't care if he hurt her. Sarge understood Susan's desperation and need for uninhibited sex. He pushed her onto her back and grabbed her wrists with his powerful hands. Sarge stretched her arms upward, as far as possible, and he wanted Susan to know he was her black master.

It quickly turned into a stimulating game. Sarge attacked and kept trying to kiss her, as her head twisted and turned, trying to evade his mouth. Susan struggled with much determination to indicate she was fighting his apparent unwanted caresses. Sarge held her arms, pinned and outstretched far above her head, as he continued the game with her flat on her back.

Susan squirmed and turned her head side-to-side pretending to struggle harder. He kissed her lips every time her head turned and then he kissed her cheek and neck. Susan squirmed again and her head came forward enabling him to kiss her on the lips in a most demanding fashion.

Each played the erotic game and it filled both with intense desire. Susan kept twisting her head and suddenly Sarge used his tongue. He licked her face, her lips, her nose, and then her ears until she was overheated. Suddenly her head turned sideways again and Sarge held her still by biting her ear. "Open legs. Open your legs so I can put my black cock into your little, white pussy," he hissed through his teeth, as they bite down hard on her ear. "That's it, baby... can you feel it? My hard cock... as it goes into your cunt?"

All of her life, Susan was reserved and seemed to hold something back. Suddenly there were no barriers or no holding back. Her breathing was extremely uneven, and ragged, and she feared fainting if she didn't let go. His black knob pushed her control button and her loving juices coated Sarge's big penis. Sarge let go of her ear realizing there was no need for any more *****. He pumped wildly and pretended he was an untamed dog.

The night was never-ending. Susan lost count. Was it three, four or even five? How many times had she experienced an orgasm with her black god within such a short time span? There was nothing left, she reasoned, as her entire body felt totally exhausted. Suddenly his lips were touching her. Kissing her soft, velvety flesh around her quivering tummy and then lower until his tongue lashed out. Suddenly Susan realized the night wasn't over.



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Sarge reassured Susan every chance he got that her sister was very safe and sound. "You need not worry. Nia will take good care of Marie," he explained. "Nia can be trusted and she fully understands that nothing should happen to your sister. I will take you to visit whenever you wish."

He knew Susan came to Africa to specifically ensure her baby sister was well looked after. Marie Kelly would have the baby and then she would release a news bulletin, saying she had adopted a foreign baby. "Not to worry. I will drive you to the village... every few days to visit. You can see that she is very comfortable... no harm will come to your sister."

Susan felt somewhat guilty for putting her own pleasures before Marie's, but Sarge's reasoning sounded too good to refute. She was on pins and needles every day when Sarge was at work but that was quickly replaced by pricks and penises when he returned. Susan wondered how she would ever explain things to her family. There was no doubt in her mind that soon she would be in the same quandary as Marie. What amazed Susan most was the fact she felt the immense guilt but still she craved intercourse with the African man.

Time seemed to stand still for Susan, but yet, the days flew by in a hurry. One quiet afternoon when she was all by herself, Susan contemplated the events that had transpired since her arrival in the African city. Sarge wasn't due home for at least another hour and she tried to remember the past two months.

Susan remembered how it all started. Her sister prepared and warned her about Sarge, but all of Marie's warnings fell on deaf ears. Sarge had deviously gained complete control over Susan and she couldn't remember feeling so emotional towards any man. Then she thought of that first night alone with Sarge. A violent shiver shot through her entire body when she visualized coming into the master bedroom that first Monday night.

Images of Sarge sitting in the hot tub flashed through her head and then she remembered the most shocking event in her 30 plus years. Sarge stood up, boldly displaying his heralded manhood and she felt like a woman again. Susan could still remember how her legs vibrated and threatened to collapse right in front of the naked man.

Slowly and precisely Susan imagined what happened after that. She never resisted or made one move to stop the man. Sarge stripped her bikini and left her nude and shivering. Then he shuffled her towards the bed and again she made no move to stop the man. She pictured him throwing her onto the bed and then crouching between her widespread legs. Even now her breathing grew uneven when she imagined Sarge's enlarged penis rubbing against her crotch.

Susan was happy and sad at the same time. The most overbearing thing was Sarge's astute control, as he threatened to ravage her, but she still didn't move. Suddenly she vaguely remembered pleading with Sarge not to do it because she was vulnerable but he merely laughed at her silly innocence. Susan could still see how he put the flared head of his black cock at her opening and how he slowly and deliberately shoved it all the way inside her being. She was no longer a white, upstanding catholic from America, but a woman who wanted something so badly she would sacrifice her spirit.

The memory was vivid and very real. She felt his cock slide deeper, deeper until it hit her delicate cervix. Suddenly she knew the sacrifice was worth it. 'Yes,' she deemed. 'He fucked me that first night... and now I am a slave to his manly power.'

All of a sudden there was a familiar twinge deep inside her tummy. There was no need to fret or worry anymore. She was pregnant, that she was certain. That knowledge sent shivers of extreme doubt through her mind, but Sarge quickly reassured her that everything was all right.

Susan glanced at her watch and noticed she still had time to dream. Suddenly she imagined the first visit to the village and it became more livid by the second. Sarge took her there in his limo and her sister knew something was amiss, as soon as Susan got out of the car. She remembered Marie staring into her glassy eyes and obviously noticing her total fulfillment. That was when Susan realized her sister could know the truth before anything was said.

The ensuing conversation was one that Susan would remember word for word. Her eyes had filled with tears on that fateful day because of the intense guilt feelings.

"Susan! You did it... didn't you? You had sex with him?"

Susan stood in front of her sister unable to say anything.

"Well... well?" Marie had whispered insisting her sister tell her the truth.

It took forever for Susan to break her silence. "Oh gawd, I'm so sorry. It happened... just happened."

The shame had grown when she tried explaining things to her sister. "We were in his house... then it just happened."

"But I warned you. I warned you Susan... that he was unscrupulous... evil," Marie told her that afternoon. Then like a miracle between two loving sisters, they fell into each other's arms and hugged for the longest time.

Susan felt much better today than she did back then. Marie fully accepted what had happened after she explained everything. Even now she trembled with her revelations to her sister. "He's a good man. You don't know him... Sarge is really good to me," Susan told Marie that day. "He treats me with respect... dignity. He is the kindest man I have ever known."

Everything had been put out in the open but Marie still had some unanswered questions. "What are you going to tell... your girls... your husband?"

"Gawd, my girls are away at college and hardly ever make it home; every other weekend if they're lucky. You don't know what's it like when kids leave the nest... they don't need Mom anymore. And Andy... well... he's been screwing his secretary for two years. I didn't say anything... I was too ashamed. You know that blonde bimbo... with the fake tits and big ass."

Telling her sister the truth had been the biggest relief. The rest of that first visit had been pleasurable and so was each succeeding visit. Sarge faithfully took Susan to visit Marie and she looked forward to each visit. Suddenly Susan was full of extreme excitement because soon she would have startling news to tell Marie.

All of a sudden someone at the door interrupted her daydreams. Sarge entered and her dreams were forgotten. He slowly walked across the room staring intently at her beautiful smile, which seemed to be on her face whenever he was around. He walked right up to Susan and took both of her dainty hands in his, holding her at arms length before swooping in for a kiss.

Susan didn't hesitate or hold back. She let Sarge take her by the hand and lead her up the long set of stairs. It was almost like teenage lovers who couldn't get enough of each other, as they entered the dimly lit bedroom. A scenic movie of what happened would have depicted a fully clothed couple entering. Within seconds there was a naked black man and white woman locked in erotic bliss and it was very apparent that the man was fully aroused.



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Even at twenty five, I can still turn the heads of teenage girls. Not only am I what most girls would consider gorgeous, I am also an intelligent and cunning guy. I admit that I use this to my advantage, telling those sweet dumb things what they want to hear, and one way or another getting into their pants, then stuffing my cock in their tight little pussies. There's nothing like the whimper of a sixteen‑year-old girl as your cock slides in and out of her cunt.

I spotted her at the local supermarket. Stereotypical I know, but for some reason those places are a magnet for any up and coming hottie that may live local. As I stood at the rear of the line I could feast my eyes on her form without fear of her catching me... she was too distracted by her work. I noticed that her male customers (of all ages) were distracted themselves... by her lovely olive skinned soft face, big brown eyes, long honey blonde hair, jutting tits and svelte frame. Her arse, like most teenage girls, was a perfect bubble. Standing there, I imaged it naked; naked, soft, warm, round and firm. My cock surged at the mental vision of her on all fours with that sweet bum in the air, the gorgeous little bitch with her jeans and panties around her knees while she offered her cunt up to me. Softly I moaned, imagining the pleasure that would surge through me as I pistoned my cock in and out of her...

The very girl I was daydreaming about broke my daydream. Her reaction to me was typical as I sauntered up before her. Apart from firing an aloof 'hello' in response to her sweet‑voiced greeting, I paid her no attention. Hot girls hate that; they are used to males lucky enough to encounter them having to wipe off the drool; they are used to writing guys off in two seconds, and they love the power and ego trip of doing that. When you don't give them that, you would think that you called them a whore in public from the insulted looks they get on their faces.

Anyway, I could feel her eyes on me, wanting my attention, but also checking me out. Damn, these chicks are so predictable. Is there not a single hot chick out there who can't give her ego a rest when she encounters a guy, whether she wants them or visa‑versa? Then, as all the tallying up had been done, I made my move, "Seems I spend more money on my cat than me." A crap joke, but she laughed a sweet little giggle, letting me to know she liked me. So, I grabbed my packed grocery bags from the far end of the register, prompting her turn her back on the waiting customers (one of whom took the opportunity to check out her ass) to hand me my change. It was then I locked eyes with her.

I whispered, "You're a gorgeous little thing. What time do you finish? I'll pick you up and we can go out driving."

She stalled for a second, more taken aback my boldness than hesitation, "I‑ finish at 5.00," she stuttered.

BANG! She was mine.



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That was five months ago. Even though I have fucked a few other chicks behind her back, I have stayed with Leigh... she is an amazing piece of seventeen-year-old ass. An absolute showstopper! Anywhere we went, whether she was in her senior year private‑school uniform or all dressed up to ensure (illegal) entry into a club or bar, she garnered all the attention a girl could ever want. And Christ, what a fuck she turned out to be! But when I say that, I don't mean she jumped around like some porn star screaming out how much she loved cock, I mean she was willing to try new things, totally reveling in the sexual experience. Whether it was my cock wrapped in her heavenly oh‑so‑tight pussy, stuffed up her exquisite bum or thrusting in and out of her mouth, she was into it, into it, into it! Yep. She had become a right little cock lover.

I had my own pad, but the fact she was seventeen meant that her (long time single) ****** wanted her home most nights. But he was a nice guy, didn't mind the age difference, and was cool with me being over three to four nights a week as long as it was after she had completed her studies. Most night he let me stay also, in a separate room of course, and I respected him enough not to play midnight visits to my sweet girlie who slept but two doors down the hall.

Her ******, Greg, belonged to a few different clubs, but he seemed to go out very little. Most nights his best friend, Steve, would also be over. We would all share a beer and a laugh together, many times late into the night. Neither Greg nor Steve are rich or handsome, but they are good guys.

Leigh's ****** had had a few flings here and there, but with two broken marriages under his belt, he wasn't keen to lose any more heart, or money. Steve, at 55, was a little older, balder and far paunchier than Greg. He had a very quick wit, a nice way about him, but never seemed to talk much about women. Maybe his past was dotted with bad experiences also. However, I did take great amusement at catching Steve ******** in Leigh's form whenever he thought he could catch a secret glimpse. He never knew I saw him, but I didn't mind, she was a hottie, and it's a simple biological fact that a fine female form will attract male attention. A man's age does not change that. No matter, it was just a harmless perve... let him have his thrill.

Of the four of us, Steve and Leigh were the only ones who smoked, a habit her ****** did not condone, but knew he could not stop. She wasn't allowed, however, to smoke in the house, so he had decked out the garage for her, and had it heated so she could smoke in comfort. Two or three times a night Leigh and Steve would duck out to the garage for a puffer. Sometimes I would go out to join for some (un)fresh air, but most times I would stay in the far more comfortable house, ******** and chatting with Leigh's ******.

One Friday night I had picked Leigh up from school and arrived at her home to find Greg and Steve in the midst of a serious ******** session. Now, normally Greg won't allow Leigh to *****, but he was half taken by *******, and it decided that he would make an exception. "Just this time." he said with as much seriousness as he could muster.

The night rolled on. Beers were the poison of choice, but we also had a shot each, watching with great amusement as Leigh, still in her school uniform, spat hers all over the cat. The four of us were well on the way to being quite pissed when Steve said he was off for a smoke. He turned to Leigh and asked if she was keen to join him. Staggering to her feet, she grabbed her packet and they swayed out of the room toward the back door that led to the stand‑alone garage. I watched my girlfriend's gorgeous little bum in her short tartan skirt... do men ever get over schoolgirls? I wondered if Steve was thinking the same thing as he followed her.

A few minutes later Greg asked me to join him for a walk to the local to stock up on our dwindling beer supply. After Greg ducked out to the garage to inform Leigh and Steve that we would be gone for while, I stood to make for the front door, but nearly collapsed, laughing while stating the obvious that I was a little too pissed and would hang back and guard the fort. Greg gave a ******* chortle and headed out the door.

Now I was alone in the house, no fun when you're ***** and feeling merry, so I decided to stand, regain my sense of balance and sneak out to scare the crap out of Leigh and Steve. The concrete drive absorbed any sound my steps may have made as I gained on the well lit garage, which was windowed on each side and fitted with a remote controlled roll‑a‑door; the only access to inside.

If I was to make good my scare, I would have to learn where the two were situated. Lowering myself into a crawl (which felt far more stable anyway) I made my way toward the around the darkened back of the garage, planning to scare the crap out of them by bashing the tin garage wall closest to them. Reaching the point below the window, I slowly lifted myself to standing, until my eyes came into line with the bottom of the window. I was close enough now to stuff up a good scare.

As I peeped cautiously into the window, I was relieved to find Leigh and Steve facing away from me, lying on their stomachs, diagonally away from me, with Leigh the closer to me. They were side‑by‑side, but not too close. In their ******* state, they were overcompensating for the distance by talking louder than need be. I was momentarily distracted by my girlfriend's smooth, rounded thighs that disappeared under her skirt to give rise to her bubble of a bum.

Snapping back to the present, the conversation was slurred as they puffed away, but I could make it out clearly. Steve seemed to be answering a question, while my gorgeous, slow blinking, obviously quite inebriated Leigh, was trying her hardest to concentrate upon his reply.

"Well," he said, "I haven't been with a woman for a while now." He hesitated. "To be honest... ahh... I nearly said it, but I would be the ******* making me say it."

As with all girls, Leigh was eager for the inside story, the nitty gritty, so she pressed him for the answer. After a little cajoling, he acquiesced.

Slowly he started, "Well, to be honest, Leigh, women my age... well... I just can't find them attractive. Sure, they're good company and all, but they just don't... well..."


Yes, go on..." urged Leigh.

"They just don't turn me on. Like, all men, I like younger women. It's just the way I am. But I'm in my fifties now... Damn, I'm older than I can bear. The young women I want... just aren't interested. It's *******."

"How young do you mean?" inquired Leigh.

"Honestly?" he asked, a little wary.

"Honestly." She assured him.

"I don't know, Leigh. I shouldn't be talking about this stuff to you. I'm ***** and more honest than I should be as a result of it."

"Oh fuck it! We're just talking! Go on, I'm interested." She pressed.

"Yeah. Fuck it!" Suddenly he seemed to grow bolder. "Fuck it. I'm just going to let rip... You want the truth? I'll tell you, Leigh!"

His eyes narrowed and he leaned a little closer to Leigh, who now looked a little taken aback by his shift in manner, unsure what she had gotten herself into.

Steve drew slowly on his cigarette, sucked his teeth, and begun, a low growl in his voice. "How young? Like most men, sweetie, from about sixteen upwards."

Leigh was visibly shocked, but mesmerized as well. She seemed both disgusted and intrigued by Steve's revelation. When sober she would have backed off and changed the subject, but the high level ******* more was keeping her there.

"Just most men won't admit that. But why the fuck not? Sixteen is legal. To be honest Leigh, when I look at you... I wish... I wish I was nineteen again. Those were the days."

"Oh... I... that's...," she stammered.



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"Leigh. Come on. Let's cut the crap." Steve was in control now. My heart was thumping, but something kept me watching when I should have been walking in there to stop this. "Let's not bull**** each other. Honestly, tell me you don't notice older guys checking you out." He took another drag on his cigarette as he reveled in his question, having now turned the tables on her.

Leigh looked around unsure, blinked innocently a few times then replied, "Well. I...well..."

Steve cut in, "You mean yes. Don't you?"

"Um...y‑yes..." she stammered, "maybe we should go inside."

"Ok. Yeah we should," he agreed. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then he continued, "But first, I want to ask you something, Leigh."

She looked like a cornered rabbit, " But then we have to go inside."

"Fine with me." He paused for second, locking eyes with her. "Can I kiss you?"

Leigh was stunned. Simply stunned. "I...ahh...I don't know...I shouldn't."

I could not believe she hadn't outright refused him! An 'I shouldn't' was as good as agreeing to it for a guy. I should have been marching in there, I should have been kicking the **** out this guy. And I would have, if I wasn't inexplicably transfixed... and, ashamedly, aroused!

Steve shifted on his fat gut toward Leigh as he spoke "You are so delicious, Leigh. I see you in your school skirt and it drives me fucking nuts," he admitted, all the time inching closer to her. "I watch you in those tight jeans and micro mini's you wear and I can barely hide my lust."

As unsure as she looked, she wasn't moving away! "S‑Steve...what if my dad found out, or my boyfriend?"

"Well, I'm not going to tell...and I'm sure you're not. C'mon, I can't pass this up. There I've said it now! Do you know how long it's been since I kissed a teenager? God, I miss the feel of teenage girls. C' would mean so much to me...and it won't be so bad. I've had plenty of experience."

There was silence from Leigh. But her beautiful big brown eyes were darting around, and her toes were curling and straightening in her dirty soled white knee socks. Steve did not let up. Why would he? And why did I have a raging fat in my pants? He shifted closer; now closer again, close enough to have their sides touching. She didn't budge! Their faces were but inches apart, and to aid in securing his conquest of my gorgeous teenage girlfriend, he continued his sleazy spiel, a spiel she seemed to falling for.

"That's're not such a good girl...but you are very gorgeous...oh Jesus...look at your face...all the time I have fantasized about this...that's it...good girl...just let me.."

With jaw‑dropping amazement, I watched as his face bridged the remaining distance and his open mouth met hers. Her eyes remained open, but soon closed as I watched him thrust his eager tongue into her seventeen‑year‑old mouth, filling it.

"Mff!" she moaned. She kissed back, not as eager as him, but she was taking it. My god! She was cheating on me with a fifty year old man! It must have thrilled her to be doing something so perverse, and it certainly must have thrilled him to be scoring with a drop dead gorgeous fantasy girl, a girl any man would **** to get his stiff cock up.

They kissed and kissed. I could see he was lost in lust, his mouth and tongue working eagerly. She was letting out little whimpers, her head moving in little jerks as he consumed her. This was actually happening. Steve then lifted his hand and stroked her hair. Breaking the kiss, he began to nuzzle her neck, shifting his pelvis to ease the stiffness of his turgid prick pressing into the ground.

That both thrilled and disgusted me. Here was a fifty-five‑year‑old man seducing my gorgeous teen girlfriend, and his cock was like an iron rammer. No doubt his mind must have been racing with thoughts of getting that hard dick of his right up her sweet teen cunt.

Leigh had her eyes closed as she reveled in the sensations running through her. How many times I have seen that face? She was getting hot. Soon her schoolgirl panties would be wet.

I found myself doing something I could not believe... I was rubbing myself through my jeans, then undoing my zip, then freeing my already seeping, aching cock, then pulling it, pulling it hard.

Leigh's eyes slowly opened, and she spoke slowly, ***** and horny as she was, "w‑we should stop now. Oh...god...oh...we really...ohh...that's fantastic..."

Steve smiled a wicked little smile as he continued kissing her neck. His hand began to trail down her back, slowing its trail as he neared the swell of her sweet bum. Making a claw of his hand, he fully took hold of one of her cheeks through her tartan skirt. She flinched, but did not resist! Taking that as a sign it was ok to continue, Steve's hand began kneading her firm bum cheek, probably in disbelief that she was letting him do it to her.

He had readjusted the angle of his head while kissing her ears (something she loved), smiling evilly as he watched his hand grope my girlfriend's gorgeous ripe ass. Steve slowly turned on his side to face her. Now I could see that tent in his pants, pointing lewdly at my girlfriend's hip, but she was too lost in her pleasure. His hand slipped further down now, to rub her silky skinned thighs. I saw him shake his head slightly, in awe of how far he had gotten.

While alternating kissing her cheek, neck and ear (with Leigh all the time just taking it and loving it), he spoke to her, in a half authoritarian voice, "That's it...that's're a naughty little girl...aren't you hmm...hmmm...oh fuck you're delicious..." His hand slid up the back of her thigh, nearing the hem of her skirt as he continued, "yeah...that's it...I bet you're nice and delicious young thing."

Then it happened. His hand slid slowly under her school skirt! Leigh turned her head to face him, an unsure look an on her sweet, gorgeous face.

"I think we should...should stop‑they might be back anyti..."



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Steve cut her off by shoving his tongue in her mouth, and she let him kiss her hard. With her eyes closed, she let out a low, throaty moan. His tongue would fill out one of her cheeks, then the other, then go deep into her throat as he started to kiss her roughly. All the time I could see his hand under skirt, his fingers moving as they groped her panty covered ass.

Softly breaking the kiss, he started again on her neck while shoving a fat finger of his other hand into her mouth, then two, then three as she sucked on them like she does my cock. This must have driven him wild.

The hand Steve had under her skirt pushed it up over her back as he again angled his head to now set his eyes upon the glory of her soft teen bum. Her ass rose up like two twin balloons, asking, begging to ********. His mouth dropped open as he looked upon her perfect olive skinned buns encased in tight white cotton panties.

I pulled my cock harder, close to coming, but holding back to enjoy the salacious spectacle, wondering how far it would go, hoping it would go farther.

Steve greedily groped her bum through her knickers for some long moments then boldly thrust his hand down into them to grab her bare ass. Her mouth was now full of his thumb and fingers, up to the top knuckle and she was alternating between sucking and gagging, but Christ, she loved it!

I watched Steve's hand in my girlfriend's panties, and then was stunned to see him stuff his hand down between her cheeks...onto her cunt! A wide smile came across his face as he pushed her panties down, enraptured in the actually seeing her incredible full schoolgirl bum before him! He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her mouth as the fingers of his other hand slowly stoked up and down the hidden lips of her pussy.

"Mmmff...mmmff...mmmfff!" was all she could she slowly parted her thighs to give him more access.

"Oh...I never thought this would god, you are simply amazing...simply...amazing..." I heard him say, short of breath.

Leigh was whimpering, her mouth wreathed by her saliva, her school skirt up over her back, her panties down to reveal her incredible ass, her mouth full of Steve's fat fingers...and as Steve started to pushed a finger into her cunt she lifted her sweet bum and arched her head back.

"MMFF!" she moaned into his fingers. Simply in awe, Steve shifted his weight again to push his clothed dick into her hip, just to have it make some contact with her, I gathered. In and out of her cunt his fingers went, now wet with her lovely nectar. She was humping her hips slightly, her thighs now spread further, stretching her lowered panties, as she enjoyed the finger fuck from this fat fifty‑year‑old man.

"I wonder what your dad and boyfriend would think if they could see having my way with their lovely Leigh. God you're amazing..."

Then he withdrew his hand from her mouth, and before she could protest, sat up and straddled himself across her thighs so that his groin was pushing up into the lower fat of her bum. She looked a little stunned, as he basically had her pinned.

"Wha‑what are you doing, Steve. Please we should really stop." She said to him over her shoulder.

He was quick to respond though, all the time with both his hands kneading her bum, "Christ your ass is just, just amazing...ohhh..."

"No...c'mon...we've done...enough...fuck...if we get caught..." she pleaded, short of breath.

Realising this might end it, Steve quickly responded, "Don't like it...huh?"

" its just..." she whimpered softly.

"Shhh...they'll be ages. They're both ***** and the stores a fair drive, so it's very long walk... especially when *****," he reasoned, unaware that I was watching the whole event while pulling my pre‑cum covered cock. "Shhh...just relax and enjoy...I've waited so long...shh...just let me...let me do this," he said as he moved one hand around her and under hip to fiddle with her pussy.

I then saw her pull a familiar face; he had found her clit. She was lost.

Her jaw shuddered as she closed her eyes, his hand working at speed. I couldn't quite see his fat fingers but they were doing what she liked, his wrists moving up and down in little movements. Again she pushed her soft bum up, this time against him.

Steve then removed his other hand from my whimpering girlfriend's slightly shuddering bum moving it to his fly! With Leigh facing forward and lost in her pleasure, she had no idea that Steve was now sliding down his fly! My cock surged and still I wondered why this was driving me crazy with lust. Why is the perversion of a fat, balding fifty‑five‑year‑old man having his way with my girl turning me on so much?

Suddenly I saw it freed, his cock! Around eight inches long and very fat, it sprung from his pants, pre‑cum dribbling from its swollen purple end! I groaned loudly, so loudly that I feared I might give myself away. What a sight to see this fat man with his nasty old cock looming but an inch over the ass of my half‑stripped schoolgirl!

With his hand keeping her distracted, Steve licked his lips, smiled and began to lean forward, holding his dick in his other hand as it neared my girl's waiting bum cheeks. Tentatively he placed it along the crack of her ass, his eyes closing as his cock came in contact with her silky skin. I nearly blew my load there and then. She must have realized what was going on because she lifted her neck and turned her face to see this fat man's dick lodged in her ass cleft.

" way Ste..."

But again he was quick to stop her protests. "Shh... I'm not going to fuck you. I promise. I just want to rub it against your bum," which he started to do as he spoke his words.

"But I...we‑", she half pleased, half whimpered.

"Shh... Just let me...oh fucking, Christ! You feel incredible...Fucking Christ!...Fuck! I won't take long, believe me... Just let me cum, Leigh ... Please," he said as a string of drool left his mouth to land on my girlfriend's back.

He then leant forward over her, stuck his whole hand in her mouth as he began pushing his cock up and down along her ass crack and over her soft warm asshole.




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"Mfff...mfff...MMMMFFF!" said my girlfriend as she was bucked forward by the thrust of Steve's large frame. For some long moments I was in awe as Steve had his way with Leigh, his eyes half‑closed as he slid his fat prick deep in her ass crack. He must have been in heaven, in fact, I know he was.

She whimpered as he played with her clit while pistoning his fingers quickly right down her throat to make her gag as he fucked the cleft of her ass. Then suddenly he stopped, pulled his fingers from her mouth and cunt, took her by the hips and hoisted her roughly up onto all fours.

There she was, on her hands and knees with her sweet, amazing precum covered ass and glistening pussy stuck up for the taking. Steve dragged his cock down over her asshole to rub against her swollen pussy lips. I expected her to protest, but instead she let him grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back! He took himself in the other hand, and, with a face overcome with lust, thrust his fat cock into her cunt with one push!

"MMMFFF!" she exclaimed.

Her pussy lips stretched wide and she jerked and grimaced to accommodate his big dick, but she did not protest as he pushed into her, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Damn! He was doing it to her. He was fucking my girlfriend doggy style!

Gritting his teeth, he looked down on the ripples he was making on her ass as he pounded into her, all the time pulling back roughly on her hair. Her body rocked and jerked as this fifty‑five‑year‑old man enjoyed the sensations my girlfriend's cunt was giving him... and I know how sweet her cunt feels.

In and out, in and out, I watched his cock go, with Leigh's stretched teen cunt drowning in juices. I could just see her face. She was loving this rough fuck from her dad's best friend. She was loving his big fat dick ramming into her from behind. She was loving being taken like this. It was so wrong, so nasty, and so fucking hot!

Then she came! Her big eyes flung open and the cords of her neck protruded as she gritted her teeth while her body rocked and shuddered.

This was too much for Steve, making this teenage wet‑dream cum on his fat cock! He now grabbed two handfuls of her hair as he pulled her head roughly back and entered the throes of what must have been a fucking overwhelming orgasm! His fat cheeks shook and he fucked his cock up into my girlfriend's taut cunt until her knees lifted off the floor! His eyes flung open, rolled back in his head and his whole fat frame shook as he pumped his seed into her while reveling in his ecstasy.

What seemed like a minute passed before his body stopped jerking his dick into her cum oozing pussy. The sight of this was too much for me. With an incredible rush, I too lost my load. I came like crazy, spurting all over the garage wall as I barely succeeded in stifling my groans of pleasure.

As I regained my vision I could see both Leigh and Steve hurriedly dressing. Seems all of a sudden they were in a rush. I took my leave, quickly zipping along the drive to silently open the back door and duck into the house to resume ******** my beer as if nothing had happened. The couple walked in a few moments later, shocked to see me sitting there.

Leigh tried to cover her flushed state and surprise by stammering, "I thought you went with Dad...?"

"Nah. I've been here all along, just *******' on my own. You guys were out there a while..."

"Yeah", said the bastard Steve, the bastard who had just fucked the **** out my girlfriend and still showed a few signs of it, "your girlfriend loves it out there. She didn't want to leave. She could smoke all day if you gave her the chance. Once she starts, there's just no stopping her."

"You know it, man, I smirked into my beer. That would give them something to think about.

To be continued...


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The following days were bizarre for me. The realizations that I loved watching my stunning teenage girlfriend being fucked by a much older guy swirled around my head...and my cock. What should have been disgusting me was slowly growing into an obsession. For some fucked up reason, I wanted to, had to, see it again. I wanted to see his cock stuffed down her throat, making her gag. I wanted to witness her dad's best friend shoving his rod into her cunt. I wanted to watch Steve stuffing his fat dick up Leigh's sweet teeny bum. It was becoming a problem. Here I was, this good‑looking 25 year‑old guy, in the prime of his sexual life, getting off on a guy way past his prime ramming his cock into my very own girlfriend.

Things were getting serious when I start to pretend I was Steve as I fucked Leigh. I had started getting a little rougher with her, but she complained, saying she didn't like that kind of stuff. Bull****! Steve had practically raped her, hammering his fat cock into her eager cunt as he pulled roughly at her hair. It seemed Leigh only liked it when she was being taken advantage of; when a much older man was taking her, ********* her and reveling in her gorgeous body. In a way, it must have been like a power trip for her, seeing this grown man slathering over her like some rabid dog as she reluctantly let him fulfill his forbidden fantasies (as she fulfilled hers). Jesus! I wanted to fuck her like Steve had. To piston my cock in and out of her tight little cunt and yank on her hair and hear her little girl whimpers and squeals as I took her willing pussy! Well, if I couldn't have it, I would have to make it so I could watch it.

I was at Leigh's house for our regular Friday night piss up. But Steve had not visited since that night, perhaps he was hit with the guilt. I mean, he had just seduced and fucked the **** out of his best friend's teenage ******** in the garage! Maybe he was regretting the whole thing, or more likely, fearing consequences. Perhaps he woke up the next day with a huge hangover and was struck with the fear that Leigh had (in ****** tears), told me about the whole sordid event. Or worse...told her ******! In a sick sort of way, I was worried that my fantasy would never come true again. How fucked up is that for a boyfriend to be thinking? Jesus...I needed help.

It was just in the midst of my sick little worry over Steve's absence when the phone rang. Greg answered to announce that it was Steve, who at Greg's warm greeting must have been breathing a sigh of relief that he had not been betrayed by Leigh. He was on his way with a bottle of tequila. Greg and I whooped for joy at Steve's news, but for different reasons; I knew what was on his mind.

Ten minutes later, Leigh, who was showering after her school day emerged from the hall to take my breath way. My teen goddess was a sight to behold; I even saw her dad take a second glance then quickly turn away as she walked toward us smiling. Leigh, in all her seventeen year old glory, was dressed in a white cutoff T that showed an ample portion of her flat, smooth brown stomach and ample breast, that jutted out teasingly, like ripe apples sitting high on her chest, aching to be squeezed.

Speechless, my eyes followed her stomach down to her flaring denim micro mini skirt, the hem of which orbited her tanned, rounded thighs. Her divine, unblemished face shone with teenage youthfulness. She applied her make up just right to accentuate her big innocent brown eyes, eyes you could lose yourself in.Her long honey blonde hair was set in a pony tail that sat high on the back of her head so that it swished in a very girly manner as she moved.

There was a knock at the door and a simultaneous 'whoop' from Greg and I as Steve burst in the door, tequila bottle held aloft like a trophy. He greeted us all with a bow and walked in, his expression not changing an instant as he greeted Leigh. I shot her a glance just as she turned away, but she had failed in hiding her reaction to seeing Steve for the first time since he plunged his cock into her.

Steve smacked the bottle down on the table, proudly grinning at Greg and I. "Right, where are the shotties?" he inquired.

Greg directed Steve to the cupboard and he retrieved three shot glasses from within, then he moved to the fridge, opened it and exclaimed with disappointment that there were no beers. Greg said that there were some out in the back fridge (in the laundry at the rear of the house), and directed Leigh to go out and get them. She turned her pretty frame and again I saw Steve take the opportunity to give her sweet full ass the once over. I knew why he was here...he wanted that ass in his hands again, and he was hoping that the tequila was the means to achieving that.

The luscious Leigh, having recovered herself, soon returned with a dozen cold beers, flashing her sexy smile around as made she her way to the table around which Steve, Greg and I sat. But her smile faded into a playful sulking face as she noted that there were only three shot glasses. She had been excluded.

"Hey!", she pouted. "Where's my glass?"

Greg was stony faced as he replied. "Unh‑uh. No way little lady. This stuff is potent."

I quickly shot Steve another glance. He looked like his dog had just died. Sad thing is, I was as disappointed as he was. Quickly he masked his disappointment, and jumped to Leigh's defense. "Oh, that's hardly fair. You aren't going to make her watch us ***** are ya, Greg? She might have spat her shot out last week, by the way did you bathe the cat, but I'm sure she'll be all right this week." Leigh flashed her smile at Steve, grateful for the support, then returned her pouty expression to her still stone faced ******.

"Go on, Greg. Better her getting to know tequila here than some party and getting wiped out," I said amazed that I was aiding in getting my girlfriend pissed so I could watch her ******* best friend fuck her. Sick puppy.

Greg seemed to soften, then he half‑smiled and told Leigh to grab herself a shot‑glass. From the corner of my eye, I watched Steve's near imperceptible sigh of relief; mine followed his.

The gorgeous Leigh in her little skirt bounced over to the cupboard and back to place her glass down just as ours where filled by Steve. She took a seat by me and kissed my cheek, her soft lips and perfume playing tricks with my cock. The thought of that mouth around Steve's cock set my balls to churning.

An excited, anticipatory silence descended as we placed out hands on our glasses, shot each other smirks...and downed them! Grimaces were shared, but no one spat up. Leigh struggled to swallow but made a good show of it. As we recovered from our shots, Steve produced a pack of cards from his back pocket. "*****ing card games!" he announced. Jesus, he really wanted to get her smashed.

Greg looked a little wary, but Steve paid no heed as he plunked the pack down on the middle of the table. "Ahh...I don't think...", attempted Greg, but he was steamrolled by Steve, his best friend who was determined to get into his unwitting friend's ********'s pants.

"The game's a simple one" explained Steve. "We each cut the deck. Lowest card sculls!"

Wary glances passed around, then four hands nigh on collided as we each reached for the deck. Expectant faces reigned as we each turned over our cards.

"****!" exclaimed Greg. A shot was poured for him.



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The game went badly for Greg, four shots in a row, and in no time he was well on his way to being shit‑faced. But then Leigh's fortune turned bad, and she strained and struggled and coughed to keep her third shot down. I escaped any ill luck for a while, but then copped three myself. But Steve, the tin‑assed bastard, lost only one game.

Suddenly Greg swept the cards off the table, declaring the game over and then struggled to stand to take himself off for a piss. We all watched with great amusement as Greg made his toward the hall. He was probably thankful for the invention of walls, or he would have been on his face before his third step.

The now ******* conversation rolled on for a while, and then it happened. Steve announced that he was going for a smoke, and casually invited Leigh out.

"Ummmmm," she hesitated, blinking three times slowly to betray just how ***** she was. "Oh, ok," she managed, using her hands on the table to steady her way to her feet.

This was it! Steve stood, measurably more sober than the rest of us, and followed the luscious Leigh out toward the back door. Adrenaline surged through me. On the way Leigh announced that she had better check on her dad as he had been gone a while, and headed down the hall. Steve shot me a quick glance, covered by a unctuous smile and a shrug and followed her.

A few seconds later I heard Leigh exclaim, laughing, that her dad had passed out on the toilet floor. Luckily he was dressed. I called out asking if they needed any assistance, but Steve quickly replied that they were fine.

I decided to sneak down anyway. Quickly slipping off my boots and as quietly as I could, I slipped down the hall toward the bathroom. Inching closer to the corner of the hall around which was the bathroom, I cautiously leaned my head around. Directly in my line of sight I could see the entire bathroom. The door was open and Greg was on the floor passed out. But it looked as though his plight was no longer the focus of attention for Leigh and Steve were standing in the bathroom door frame facing one another, talking in a whisper.

I couldn't hear their words, but from their body language, I could see that Steve, who was leaning in close to Leigh, had evil on his mind. As I hoped for something to happen my cock started to get hard. I saw him make quick little determined nods as Leigh bit her lip, then he put one hand hesitantly to her mouth. I was nearly sprung as she looked nervously up the hall, but then she turned her attention back to Steve and gave a short little nod. Steve smiled evilly as he reached out to take Leigh by the shoulders and slowly turned her so her back was to him. I saw his jaw slowly drop in appreciation as his eyes scanned down her hair, then her back, then stopped on her bubble of a bum that was jutting out at him. Definitely an ass man, ol' Stevey boy.

Lowering himself into a squatting position so that his face was level with her bum, Steve reached forward and took the hem of her short skirt between his fat fingers. Licking his lips, he paused for a moment of anticipation, snapped a quick glance at the very *********** Greg, then returned his attention to Leigh's beautiful waiting ass. As if silently bidden, Leigh placed her hands against the doorframe, faced forward and arched her back to push her bum out near Steve's he slowly began to lift her skirt. I watched his mouth fall fully open as her sweet teen ass started to be revealed. Nigh on touching Steve's face, inch by inch of Leigh's pink cotton panties were slowly exposed, stretched to full by her jutting round cheeks.

Steve swallowed and then shifted slightly. He must have had a hard‑on as he marveled at the incredible sight before him. He licked his lips as her skirt finished up crumpled above her waist. Leigh turned her head back and down to look at Steve admiring her thrust out bottom, then slowly slid her hands a little further down the door frame to arched her back more, and in doing so, squash her bum against Steve's face! Half of Steve's head was buried in the cleft of Leigh's thrust out ass. His head began moving slowly side to side as he attempted to bury his face as far as he could into the crack of her panty‑covered ass.

Leigh closed her eyes and her mouth opened slightly as Steve started mouthing her asshole and pussy through the taut material of her pink knickers. Lost in his lust, Steve suddenly reached up and yanked her panties down to her thighs revealing the beauty of her olive skinned bum! Leigh snapped her attention down to Steve and tried to yank her panties back up but Steve quickly took my girlfriend by the hips and pushed his face back into the cleft of her now nude ass and pussy. Leigh tried to pull away, but his head followed and he almost lost balance. Leigh then twisted her bum away from him then and actually smacked Steve on the head.

He took the hint and reluctantly withdrew to lean back against the doorframe panting, his eyes still locked on the prize before him. Leigh leant down and pulled her knickers up and readjusted her short skirt. Recovering herself, she then turned to Steve said something with a serious face and they both returned their attention back to the comatose Greg, who had not moved a muscle. Taking a side each, they knelt and began to lift Greg as much as they could. I took the opportunity to slink back into the lounge where an idea, inspired by Greg's inability to handle his piss, took me.

Hurrying back to one of two oppositely arranged couches in the living room, I flicked off the lamp to leave the room lit only by the hall light, flung myself onto my side and proceeded to act as if I too had passed out. Opening my eyes but a fraction, I soon saw Steve and Leigh hauling along the now barely conscious Greg with some difficulty. His head lolled about as he spoke gibberish to Leigh and Steve. Leigh seemed to be struggling herself, the full effect of the tequila had obviously struck her also.

Upon Steve seeing me, his eyes lit up and he laughingly remarked to Leigh that both her ****** and boyfriend were featherweight ********. Leigh, looking near exhausted, let go of her ****** and staggered over to me, leaving Steve to stumble under the extra load,. Steve struggled on, passing the living room door and out of sight in the direction of his Greg's bedroom.

The fat in my pants had subsided, so I made a convincing show of being passed out (two more tequilas and no show would have been necessary). Leigh tried to shake me out of it, but somehow I maintained my act and she soon gave up, convinced I was completely out of it. Sighing, Leigh climbed up next to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and cuddled into my front.

Soon I heard Steve's approach, and as he appeared in the doorway to the living room he stopped and stood silently looking at our embraced forms, probably very worried that his encounters with Leigh had come to an end. But then, to my amazement, he entered the room, heading toward us. This guy was unbelievable!

"Hmph! Is he as gone as your dad, Leigh?" he asked.

Leigh roused groggily, obviously close to passing out herself. She turned her head slightly and answered Steve, who had now advanced to stop but a foot away. He was looking down at Leigh with lust in his eyes."Yeah, if not worse," she answered in a mumble. "You... can crash in the spare room. The bed's made up." she added, almost nervously.

Steve bit his lip in disappointment, then he leant in closer to Leigh. "Why don't you come with me?" he whispered. The gall of this cunt!

" want to stay here. I'm so *****. Please, Steve. We shouldn't do that anymore," she whispered in her sweet teen voice.

But that wasn't good enough for Steve. He'd just had his face buried in her ass; he wasn't going to stop now. He squatted slowly down, exhaling with the effort as he did so. Now he was kneeling behind Leigh, who was still cuddling me. Here I was, right here on the couch as Steve was trying to get my teenage girlfriend to go to bed with him. The worst of it was that I was pretending to be *********** so it could happen! Then I saw Steve's hand appear. He had started to stroke her hair as she lay there. He didn't say anything; he didn't have to, his eyes said it all.

"Steve! No! Not here! Jesus, what if someone wakes up!" Leigh warned.



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But he didn't stop. His hand trailed down her side and over her hip. Then I lost sight of it as it ducked down toward her bum that was facing toward him in the mini skirt. I saw Leigh's eyes snap back toward Steve, though she couldn't quite crane her neck around far enough to meet his eyes.

"No Steve! No! I mean it!" she insisted.

"It's ok. They are both dead to the world. Come to bed with me. We'll be quick."

Leigh's eyes then snapped open. "S‑Steve...ah...get your hand out of there!"

The bastard had his hand up her skirt! Leigh squirmed as Steve was doing all he could to get his hand into her panties. I couldn't believe she hadn't noticed my hard on! Then I felt something slide down the front of my thighs. It was her panties.

Leigh again tried to warn Steve to stop ********* her, but some of the conviction had gone from her voice, "What...w‑what are *****************..." Then her body began to rock against me slightly, "Ohh...fuck...Ouch! ****! Not all your fingers at once! Oww!...ah...ahh...ohhhh..." she moaned. Leigh then buried her head into my chest as she began to whimper, " god...f‑f‑fu‑fuck..."

Her body rocked softly against me, except that I lost contact with her lower half as she pushed her bum back out onto Steve's working fingers. I could see his lust filled eyes swapping between the back of her head and his ********* of her cunt. His smile was of a man possessed as he again had his way with my girlfriend, only this time she was in my fucking arms! But it takes two to tango; gorgeous little Leigh was indeed again reveling in letting a fat, balding, fifty‑five year old man take advantage of her again. Panting like a dog, she was obviously also getting off on letting it happen right in front of me.

I saw Steve raise himself up on his knees, while continuing to finger Leigh, whose face was pushed in my chest, moaning all the time. Then I heard it... Steve's zipper being slowly pulled down. I could see him look down as he fiddled around with his pants, giving one last jerk as presumably, he'd freed his fat cock. My balls now ached. Still fingering the oblivious Leigh, he leaned in close to her, swallowed and whispered, "Turn around."

She didn't respond. She was too lost in the pleasure coming from her cunt. "Leigh...turn around...turn around, sweetie," he insisted.

She took a second to respond, then complied, slowly twisting her body awkwardly to slump back down on her side to end facing Steve. Her soft, naked bum pushed against my hard on, but I think she was too lost in her lust and ******* to notice it. Leigh shouldered herself into the couch; I could now only see Steve between the crook of Leigh's head and lithe shoulder.

"Oh god...I shouldn't...w‑what...what if dad...?"

"Shh...," was all Steve replied. Then his hand appeared right in front of my face as he took her by the back of the head.


"Shh...just put your mouth on it," he half insisted, while pulling her head forward. Steve's eyes roll back in his head... Leigh was sucking him off.

"F...f‑fuuuck...J‑Jesus...ohhh....," was all he could manage as Leigh's head started moving up and down over his dick while her body rocked against me. I could hear Leigh's muffled little whimpers and efforts , the noises she makes on the end of 'my' cock. Steve's eyes moved from closed to half open as he looked down on this teenage beauty with her mouth over his dick. Then Steve started humping his hips a little firmer and he scrunched her hair tightly into a fist as he fucked her mouth.

"...Oh!...Oh!...J‑Jesus fucking Christ...your mouth is really kn‑know how to suck a cock, you little bitch."

Then Greg's bedroom light flicked on!

Leigh quickly pulled her mouth back from Steve cock with a 'pop'. "****!" she exclaimed as she quickly reached down to pull her panties up and skirt down into place. I had never imagined Steve could move so quickly! It was a good thing Greg was *****, or there is no way Steve could have leapt onto the opposite couch and pretended he was asleep before Greg stumbled past the living room doorway. But he didn't even spare a glance as he made his way to the bathroom. I could hear Steve breathing erratically, the fear that he'd almost been caught with his cock in the mouth of his best friend's seventeen‑year‑old ******** was surging through him. Leigh was breathing heavy herself, both with fear and excitement I imagined.

The toilet flushed and Greg did his best impression of a zombie as he staggered past the living room doorway. After a little audible fumbling, the light flicked off and his form could be heard hitting his bed heavily.

I had nearly fallen asleep, but had willed myself to not miss out on anything that may yet happen. Some time passed, maybe ten minutes before there were movements from the other couch. Slowly I opened my eyes just so I could see Steve slowly slipping off the couch, his eyes locked on Leigh.To my surprise, however, he stood and left the room, turning toward Greg's room.

From the smirk he had when he reappeared in the doorway, he was pleased with is findings.

Lowering himself into a crawl, Steve made his way slowly toward Leigh and I. He stopped very close to us and dropped into a kneeling position to then lean forward, close to Leigh's ear.

"Leigh...Leigh...sweetie...I'm back...I can't ******* balls are aching...Leigh," he whispered.

No response.

Steve then placed a hand on her bare arm and shook her, "Leigh. Oh come on... Aw ****!"

Nothing. She had passed out.

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