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les histoires de chrislebo

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Merci pour ces deux belles histoires...


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Once again safe in my own house I breathed a huge sigh of relief. My mind was a whirl as I walked, still topless, towards the bathroom. But, I knew one thing for certain; I would never again confront Angel. I would call the police next time her loud music became unbearable that was definite. Who the hell did the black lit' bitch think she was dealing with? I was a grown woman and wasn't about to be treated like some piece of meat especially by a frigging Niger.

But as I got to the bathroom and peeled off my shorts and panties it became quiet apparent just how freaking aroused I was. My skimpy panties were clearly soaked. And I couldn't rid myself of the vision of Angel's perfectly form chocolate breasts. As that image faded I was over come by the urge to see the rest of Angel's luscious body.

I took a soothing bath which help to calm my frayed nerves. Yet, nothing would sooth the desire burning just below the surface between my legs. Over and over imagined images of Angel's naked form danced before my eyes. I actually caught myself licking my licks as the erotic thoughts ***d my mind.

As I stepped from the tub and began to towel myself dry a horrible idea popped into my head. What was I to do about the video that Angel had made of my debasement? God, I couldn't tell the police. If they found the tape they'd have to watch it. They'd see my naked titties not to mention my offense. It certainly did seem as if I was trapped. Trapped by a black girl nearly half my age. Suddenly the tingling sensation between my legs returned with gusto.

The following few days were a torment all their own. I couldn't think of Angel without envisioning her magnificent black breasts and their hard nipples. And, with visions of those large and lovely breasts dancing in my head it was impossible to not ponder the black treasure nestled between her legs. At those moments it took all myself control to keep from fingering my pussy. And while I could control my fingers I couldn't control my body. Thinking of the black girl next door, much to my shame, always resulted in drenched panties.

Days passed without any loud music blaring from Angel's house. I tried to deny that I cared. I tried to tell myself that I would never go to Angel's house again anyway. But it was all a lie. The lie that a dirty fucking white whore tells herself when she is trying desperately to deny the truth.

As one day turned into another I found myself actually wishing Angel would turn up her music. Once I even debated about calling her on the cell or better yet knocking on her door. But, no I couldn't lower myself to that level. At least not yet.

It was four in the afternoon on Thursday when it happened again. THUMP ... THUMP ... THUMP almost instantly I felt my feminine juices stirring. Setting aside the plate I was drying at the kitchen sink I walked straight to Angel's front door. I hated myself every step of the way but I just couldn't say no to my pussy, which was already beginning to tingle.

Grinning broadly Angel met me on her front porch. She wore the most revealing yellow bikini I had ever seen. The bra cups just barely covered her magnificent black breasts and their obliviously hard nipples. The rest of Angel's chocolate breasts spilled fourth creating a most provocative picture. The bikini bottom was nothing more than a tiny triangle of material which fit love nest like a glove. My lesbian urges surged much to my shame. My leering wasn't lost on Angel.

Angel's cold dark eyes scanned me up and down. An amused look appeared on her beautiful black face as she glared at my bare feet. It was at that moment I remembered Angel's demand that I wear high-heels the next time I visited her house. Honestly I had forgotten.

Right there on her front porch for anyone who might be watching to see Angel bitch slapped me. "You stupid white ho where's the high heels I ordered you to wear?" God, how I wanted to run away and hide but my legs wouldn't carry me. A nervous tremor swept through my body. Already the tingle between my legs was turning into a blaze. I dared not to speak a word.

She slapped me hard again then looked at her watch, "You have four minutes, ho, to go home, put on some high heels and get back here if you know what's good for you." I was horror struck that Angel would send me back. But I knew that I had better heed her words. I turned and started back down the porch steps, as Angel called out from behind me loud enough for near-by neighbors to hear, "And lose the bra, ho." I began to walk back towards my house when Angel shouted far to loudly, "You better run, ho, times a TICKING."

Oh god help me but I did run. Hating myself all the way I ran to my front door and flung it open. As I raced to my bedroom I pulled off the breezy loose fitting top I was wearing and took off my bra. Then I pulled my top back on, leaving the bra lying on the floor. As fast as I could I found my tallest pair of high-heels. I quickly slipped the black four-inch stilettos onto my feet. I felt truly stupid wearing heels with my Diem short shorts but that couldn't be helped.

Then I turned my attention to getting back to Angel's as quickly as possible. The high heels didn't allow me to run but I walked just as fast as I could. A thin film of sweat soon covered my body as I hurried out my front door. My heart beat rapidly beneath my bouncing titties. My juices were surging beyond all reamister.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry," my mind screamed. I reached Angel's walk and watched helplessly as she openly laughed at my pathetic efforts. Her door was open as I reached the bottom step of her porch. "Times up, ho," Angel laughed as she stepped into her house and slammed the door closed. Reaching the top of the porch I was just in time to hear the unmistakable metallic CLICK of Angel's door lock. A moment later Angel's music was turned down.

I absolutely couldn't believe what Angel was doing. Surely she couldn't be serious. May-be, just may-be, I prayed, she wanted to hear me beg. The unbearable throbbing of my pussy told me I was at that level. On god yes, I was in such a wild state of arousal that I would beg; beg for entry into Angel's world.

I felt shame as I had never felt it before as I franticly knocked on Angel's door. "Please, please, Angel, let me in," I pleaded. I couldn't help but think of what a spectacle I was making of myself. Yet, my words had no meaning to Angel. As I was quickly learning, Angel's words were all that counted in her cruel world.

Through the closed door I heard Angel say, "Next time you'll have three minutes to get it right, ho. Three minutes to be on my porch and dressed properly. Now get off my property before I calls the cops."

Tears began to flow freely down my cheeks as I turned and retreated down the very steps I had just run up. Brokenhearted and with downcast eyes I began the trek home. As I entered my house I absent-mindedly slipped off my high-heels and while not understanding why I left the shoes setting by the front door.

Going back to the kitchen I half-heartedly tried to finish the dishes, which I had so abruptly left just a few minutes earlier. Almost zombie like I wandered through my house puttering with one task or another. Often I caught myself praying that in the next instant I would hear that loud frigging Niger music blasting from Angel's home. But, alas it wasn't to be. Feeling lost and forlorn I bathed and found my way to bed just after dark. Dropping the towel which I had wrapped around myself I rummaged through my lingerie draw until I found my favorite baby doll nightie and slipped it over my head.

While I did relax it wasn't a restful dream. I tossed and turned all night long. Twice I even woke-up to find fingers, my fingers, buried deep in my soaked pussy. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. And, even more worrisome was why I was allowing it to happen.

Bright sunlight was blazing into my bedroom window when I woke less than rested Friday morning. As I got out of bed I glanced at the bedside alarm clock to see that it was already 9:30am. Going through my dresser I picked out my clothes for the day. Absent-mindedly I stepped into a pair of sheer blue thong style panties. Then I found a pair of my trademark blue jean short shorts and put them on as well. Not really giving it any thought I decided to go braless for the day. A burning wave of shame swept over me as I realized I was going braless simply to placate that lit' Niger Angel. I found a simple sleeveless pink top with deep V neckline, which I pulled on over my head. The top was cropped short and simply hung from my titties leaving my hard belly bare. Per usual I ignored shoes preferring to remain barefoot in doors.

I passed the day takeing coffee and doing household chores. Often I found myself straining my ears to hear Angel's frigging music. But I silent moment turned into another and then another without a sound from Angel's house. My sprites fell even further as 4PM came and went with out one tiny peep from Angel's house. I had prayed all day long that Angel would turn her ungodly music on at 4 as she had the day before.

Losing all hope I walked to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich and walked back to the living room. Picking up a book I curled up on the sofa to eat and read. The sandwich soon vanished but I quickly found I couldn't concentrate on reading as every other minute I would look up to check the time on the mantel clock. Each time I checked the clock I would issue a silent pray that Angel would blast her music at 5PM. Five O'clock came and went without a sound from next door. Then six and seven passed and with each passing minute my heart fell a bit deeper into despair.


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The book had long ago slipped from my grasp as tears trickled down my cheeks. I had never in my life felt such dejection and loneliness.

I looked at the mantel clock at 7:12PM and like a bolt of lighting out of the blue Angel's music began to blast louder than I had ever heard it. I was certain the THUMPING bass beat could be felt and heard two streets away. The unholy noise was so sudden that I nearly jumped out of my skin as I leaped to my feet.

My mind whirled with Angel's words, "Three minutes, three minutes, three fucking minutes that was all the time I had to be standing on Angel's front porch". "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," my mind raced as I scurried franticly looking for my black high-heels. "Ohhh god," my mind screamed louder than the pounding music, "where the fuck did I leave my heels?" My thoughts ***d me, "Three minutes, three minutes, three fucking minutes, times ticking." Finally I remembered. I had left the black heels by my front door. I literally ran to my front door. After slipping the heels onto my feet I nearly tore the front door off its hinges as I yanked it open. Pulling the door closed behind me I franticly walk ran as fast as my high-heels would allow, towards Angel's house. I could feel my braless titties bouncing wildly under my abbreviated top.

Once again Angel was standing on her front porch grinning as she looked at her watch. She was wearing the same skimpy yellow bikini she had worn the day. And her lush black body was just as inviting. God, how I prayed that I had beaten her time limit. Breathlessly I raced up the porch steps to stand right in front of Angel. My heart pounded and my titties heaved, as Angel slowly looked me up and down. As Angel inspected me I couldn't help but admire her beautiful black body. She had all the features of an African Goddess. Angel noticed my leer and a second later my right cheek was burning from yet another of her powerful bitch slaps. "Don't you ever look at my beautiful body again without permission, you fat assed cracker ho. You aint earned the privilege." Instantly I diverted my eyes downward. "Now do what you gotta do, ho," Angel emphasized her words by bitch slapping my other cheek. I understood instantly what Angel meant.

Recovering from the stinging slaps I walked past Angel into her house, making sure to keep my eyes lowered. As I walked to the stereo I had to walk around the camera tripod and it's camcorder, which Angel hadn't even tried to conceal this time. I turned the volume down on the unholy Niger music just as I did the first time I had been in Angel's house.

Turning around I kept my eyes on the floor and could only hear Angel close and lock the front door. I stood absolutely still with my arms hanging by my sides as Angel began to speak. "I knew you were nothing but a fucking white ho bitch the first time I saw you," Angel jeered. Judging from the sound of her words I could tell she was moving towards me. For the first time since entering the house I felt my pussy's burning flame. With my eyes on the floor I saw Angel's feet as she came very near me. A second later I felt Angel's hand on my left upper arm as she began to lead me towards what I presumed to be the middle of the room. "Stand right there, ho," Angel demanded coldly. Then I heard Angel make herself comfortable in a nearby chair, which faced me.

"NOW we BOTH know that your nothing but a piece of fucking white thrash don't we, ho?" Angel cooed brightly.

I understood completely what Angel wanted to hear yet I couldn't bring myself to say the hateful words. That is until Angel warned, "Don't make me hurt you again, cunt. You know I will." Then in a tone filled with sinister sarcastic Angel added, "And ya should know I just love to hurt dirty white hos like you." As she finished I again heard Angel laugh wickedly.

I was instantly overwhelmed with fear, "No ... no please, you don't have to hurt me."

My body tremred as I heard Angel stand and move towards me. "Don't you dare move, ho," Angel hissed. "I hate to repeat myself." She then delivered the most powerful bitch slap she had ever given me. My head snapped to the side and then she backhanded me all in a split second. "Now answer my question you fucking honkie, ho."

Again my mind whirled as I had nearly forgotten Angel's filthy question. Finally on the very brink of disaster her words came streaming back to me and I answered, "Yes ...yes, we BOTH know that I am nothing but. but a piece ... of fucking ... a piece of fucking white thrash."

Satisfied Angel returned to her seat. "Yea, YOU ARE and you're my ho aint you, slut?"

Without even thinking I responded to Angel's ugly words, "Yee.. yes .. yes I'm your whore."

Angel laughed as she continued, "Now gets naked you white assed ho." Then she warned loudly "DO IT NOW, SLUT. DON"T MAKE ME GET OUT OF THIS CHAIR AGAIN."

My body shook visibly as I knew she meant every word. With trembling hands I pulled off my top then stepped out of my shorts. Knowing that the slightest protest on my part would be dealt with severely I didn't even pause before peeling my thong panties down my legs and then stepping out of them. As soon as I was completely naked I stood upright again. The idea of trying to use my hands to cover my nudity flashed through my mind but was just as quickly discarded. Certainly, even an attempt to cover myself would only raise the level of Angel's anger.

"Lock your lazy ass white fingers behind your head, ho," Angel demanded. Silently I obeyed. "Pull your elbows back, cunt, push those fucking white titties out like your proud of them pearly white fuckbags and spread them fucking legs too." With my eyes still lowered I obeyed Angel's every word. Pulling my elbows back until they were almost even with my shoulders. I hated myself the whole time for being so freaking weak. I spread my high-heel clad feet at least four feet apart. I couldn't help but feel like a freaking white whore on display. "But," I thought to myself, "that's all I am, a fucking weak white whore, a fucking weak white whore on display." Angel wasn't pleased with the spread of my feet and ordered me to spread them even further apart. I spread them another six inches but still Angel wasn't pleased. I moved my feet another six inches and then another until I thought I was about to split in two. Finally, Angel seemed pleased with my position, at least she wasn't threatening to hurt me anymore.

As I stood there naked, wearing only my black high heels, in the middle of Angel's living room I could feel Angel's lovely dark eyes burning into my white skin as she scanned me from head to toe. In my awkward position I tremred as I thought that if it wasn't Angel's eyes burning my skin it must be the eye of the near by camcorder.

After several minutes of unbroken silent I sensed Angel moving about the room. My unnatural position became harder to hold by the second as my ankles and the backs of my calves began to ache without mercy. Yet I couldn't move without risking Angel's anger, a risk I wasn't prepared to take.

Then from the corner of my lowered eyes I was able to see Angle as she approached me. Standing only a step or two in front of me. My naked and totally exposed body shivered with apprehension. "Your my fucking ho aint you, slut?" I could feel the black girl's spit spatter my face as she hissed her demeaning words.

I hesitated only the briefest of seconds yet it was a split second to long. Angel hesitated not at all as she bitch slapped with the speed of a lightening bolt. The blow was so powerful I couldn't help but stumble backwards. As quickly as I regained my balance I resumed my position. Tears once more began to leak down my cheeks as Angel began to scream, "ANWSER ME CUNT ... THAT IS ALL YOU DO ... ANSWER ME INSTANTLY ... YOU DONE NEEDS TO THINK ... ALL YOU GOTTA TO DO IS ANSWER ME." Then she continued in a somewhat calmer voice, "Now answer my question you old freaking white cow before I really hurt you."

Damn near before Angel's word's had ended I began to stammer, "Yeaaa ... yes ... yes I'm your fucking whore." I surprised myself that I had even remembered the question, my head was spinning so.

With the same lightening quickness as before Angel bitch slapped me again with the same agonizing results. As soon as I regained my defenseless position Angel started screaming again, "YOU AINT NO WHORE YOUR A HO. Nothing but a fucking white assed ho."

Instantly I was responding to the mean words, "YES ... yes ...yes ... I'm your fucking ho ... your fucking white assed ho."

As my body again quaked with fear the beautiful 21 year old black girl began to lecture me as if I were a young instead of a mature 34 year old woman." Reaching a hand out Angle began to gently rake her lovely French cut nails over my left tittie. My helpless nipple stiffened just as quickly as its sister had done earlier. "As, my ho," Angel continued to lecture still raking her nails over my tittie, "you have a few lesmisters to learn." Ever so slowly Angel began to dig her nails into my tittie, "You got to learn to show respect. You do respect me don't you, cunt?" As she spoke Angel continued to slowly apply pressure to my tittie, digging her sharp nails deeper and deeper in my soft helpless flesh.

"YES ... yes I respect you."

"Good," Angel smirked. "From this minute forward you will refer to me as Your Mistress ... your Black Mistress." Angel paused for a moment then laughed out loud, "Better yet you will refer to me as your Niger Mistress. Understand, ho?"

Instantly I responded, "Yes, I understand."

Before I had completed my sentence Angle dug her nails deeper into the tittie flesh surrounding my poor nipple. I groaned miserably as Angel squeezed so hard I began to worry that she was going to rip my helpless nipple right off. The agony was nearly unbearable. I twisted my torso but that only increased the scalding pain as Angel held my innocent nipple in a vice like grip.


Though my agony I tried again, "Mistress, Mistress. Ye ... yes I understand Mistress."

"NO YOU DON'T," Angel hissed as she dug her nails ever deeper into my nipple flesh and twisted. "I AM YOUR NIGER MISTRESS. NOW SAY IT YOU FUCKING WHITE CUNT HO."



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My knees weakened and finally buckled as I fell to my knees before the black girl who was almost young enough to be my flower. Desperate to stop the *** of my nipple, I hoarsely answered, "YES, YES, YES I'M YOUR HO, NIGER MISTRESS."

"SAY MY NIGER MISTRESS," the delight in Angel's voice was unmistakable and she twisted my nipple even harder.

"MY NIGER MISTRESS ... MY NIGER MISTRESS ... MY NIGER MISTRESS," my shame and offense didn't matter. Stopping the ungodly pain that sheared my ***d nipple was my only goal.

"THAT'S RIGHT HO. THAT IS HOW YOU WILL REFER TO ME. YOU UNDERSTAND now, cunt?" To accent her words Angel used her free hand to bitch slap me again while continuing to use the finger nails of her other hand to *** my nipple.

"Yes ...yes ...yess ... yes I understand, my Niger Mistress. I'm your ho. Your fucking white ho, my Niger Mistress ... that all I am, my Niger Mistress."

Laughing Angel released my tittie and I collapsed in to a heap at her feet. Continuing to laugh at my misery Angel stated causally "You will remember that wont you, ho?"

"Yes ...yes ...yes I will remember, my Niger Mistress. I will ...I will I will I swear I will, my Niger Mistress," I whimpered up from the floor through tear stained eyes.

Thankfully, mercifully Angel allowed me a few brief moments of rest as I lay upon the floor at her feet. Burning agony continued to radiate from my ***d nipple as my racing heart returned to normal. Chancing a glance at my tittie I could see the circle of red red welts that Angel's shape nails had left around the nipple. I knew that it would take weeks for the injuries to heal. Already the nipple flesh was beginning to look a bit swollen and puffy.

While I rested on the floor Angel had returned to her chair. All to soon I heard Angel demand, "Get up, ho. Get on your knees, ho."

It took all of my will power to obey Angel's command. And, it was then that I first realized it could be a long and painful night, at least for me. Already I could my juices oozing.

knelt in the middle of Angel's living room wearing only my black high-heels. In my submissive position I made sure to keep my eyes lowered. From her chair Angel ordered me to spread my knee and place my hands behind my back. I obeyed her command in an instant. Angel must have found the spread of my knees satisfactory, as she didn't reprimand me.

Suddenly I sensed Angel's movement as she approached. My lowered eyes caught sight of Angel's bare feet as she stood before me. I was surprised that I hadn't noticed her beautiful black feet and the perfection of her toes sooner. As Angel bent over me I had to divert my eyes to keep from looking directly at her. Unexpectedly Angel shoved a hand between my open legs. For the briefest of moments one of Angel's finger slide across my clit. I tremred with pleasure as a soft moan escaped my lips. Angle extended her reach to the back of my wet slit then slid her fingers gently over my lips. Stopping for a second Angel slipped a finger into my craving love hole. My whole body quivered with lesbian lust. Involuntarily my love muscles clinched around the teasing finger. Angel only allowed her finger to enter me to the first knuckle then abruptly pulled it away. I groaned with despair and wanted to beg for its return. But, I was quickly learning wants and needs meant nothing to the African Goddess Angel.

Angel then fumred about with my neatly trimmed pubic hair until she held three or four of the hairs firmly between her fingers and thumb. I could plainly feel the slight pressure on one of my pussy lips.

"Your horny aren't you, ho?"

With my feminine juices already leaking I couldn't lie even if I dared to, "Yes, I ... yes I'm horny, my Niger Mistress."

"Your horny for me aren't you, bitch?" Angel continued to degrade me with her nasty word game.

But, it was a game I had to play. I had to play and win since losing would surely mean further and perhaps more vulgar punishment. "Yesss ... oh god yes, I am horny for you, my Niger Mistress."

'I knew it you, ho. The first time you came over here whining about my music. The way you leered at me I knew then you were nothing but a horny old cow," Then Angel purred, "You love this don't you, ho?"

"Yes ... I ... love it, my Niger Mistress," I immediately replied as I hoped to avoid any unnecessary punishment.

"You LOVE my use don't you, cunt."

"Yee ... yees ... yes ... I love your use, my Niger Mistress."

Laughing then Angel went on, "And you're just a horny old white cow aren't you, ho"

I was being sucked further and further into the world of total debasement but it was out of my control, "Ye ... yes, my Niger Mistress, I am just a horny old fucking white cow."

Still holding a few of my pussy hairs Angel changed the subject as she returned to her lecture tone, "The next time you enter my home, ho, your pussy hole will be shaved as smooth as a baby's butt. Do you understand, cow?"

You can be sure I didn't hesitate answering even as my body tremred. "Yes I understand, my Niger Mistress."

Smiling Angel went on with a sarcastic tone, "I hope you don't, bitch. Because if you don't I will enjoy dealing with them." To add meaning to her words Angel ripped out the few pubic hairs she had been holding. I yelped at the sharp stabbing pain as Angel cooed sweetly, "See, ya piece of fucking white thrash, if you forget to shave your nasty old pussy I'll will deal with it MYSELF ... one fucking hair at a time." I could sense the delight in Angel's voice.

Standing up again Angel sadistically slapped my already injured tittie and giggled lightly as I yowled with aguish. "Let that be another lesmister, ho. I don't need a reamister to hurt you. I can hurt you just for the freaking fun of it."

Thankfully, Angel returned to her chair. After seating herself comfortably she beckoned me, "Crawl to me, ho. Crawl to your Niger Mistress on your hands and knees like the old fucking cow bitch you are."

I obeyed by falling forward onto my hands and knees and crawled the short distant until Angel's bare feet came into view. One of Angel's lovely feet dangled in the air as she had crossed her lovely black legs. "Lick it, cow," Angel commanded cheerfully wiggled her toes right in my face, "Lick my black foot, you white fat assed ho, as we talk." Angel constantly reminded me that she was black and I was white. That she was the black mistress and I was her white bitch. She was the 21-year-old black mistress and I was her 34-year-old white bitch.

Realizing that Angel never left any margin for error I quickly lowered my mouth to her dangling black foot and began to lick it gently with my tongue. I trailed my tongue all about Angel's foot and toes praying that she wouldn't find fault with my effort.

After several moments of silence Angel began to lecture again. She told me that I was never to come to her home unless her stereo was blasting or she order me to do otherwise. And, that I was never to wear a bra or panties into her house again unless she specifically ordered it. She added that I the high-heels I was wearing would have to be replaced by ones with at least a six inch heel.

Angel also told me that upon first entering her home I was to walk to the middle of her living room and strip naked. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to strip regardless of who might be present in the room. Angel's exact words were, "I don't give a lady-fuck if your white assed mommy and daddy are setting on the sofa you better not hesitate stripping naked." After making myself naked I was to proceed to turn down the stereo then return to the middle of the room and kneel to await further instructions.

My heart raced as I listened closely to what Angel was saying. At the same time I couldn't forget the task at hand. Or should I say at tongue? At any rate, I continued to lick my tongue all over Angel's black foot. From time to time Angel would position her foot so that I could even lick the sole. At those times I didn't hesitate to lick my tongue up and down the sole of her foot. I licked every square inch of her lovely foot that my tongue could reach. Time and again I had to fight the urge to actually suck her toes into my mouth and make love to them with my tongue. Yet I dared not over step my bounds.

Angel then began to tell me about a shopping trip I would be going on the next morning, Saturday. She told that my wardrobe needed to be updated and that I was to go shopping at a lingerie shop called "Sensual Sister's". She said she would provide me with a list of items to buy. Continuing, Angel stated that she also had a list of items I would buy at a store named "Dark Worlds" She went on to say that I would wear the breezy white summer dress she had seen me in once. I instantly knew the dress she was speaking of. The dress had spaghetti straps with scooped neckline and a mini skirt that hit my leg a couple inches above mid thigh. Angel ordered me to wear a pair of white high-heels. Angel made it clear that I wasn't to wear a bra or panties. Then she added that I should be standing on her front porch at 9:30AM for inspection.

Abruptly Angel moved her foot out of the reach of my tongue. "Stand up, you freaking white cow ho." I obeyed the command as quickly as I could. "Your lists are on the table by the sofa," Angel continued to dictate, "get them and get the fuck out of my house, I have a "guest" arriving soon."

Depression swept over my completely exposed body as I realized that I wasn't going to be allowed the privilege of once again tasting Angel's delicious dark chocolate breasts. And, I couldn't believe that she was sending me away while the inferno of yearning need blazing between my legs. It puzzled me why Angel didn't seem concerned about her own sexual pleasure either. Certainly she must know I would crawl between her shapely black legs and worship her gorgeous passion pit until she couldn't take anymore. Surely her desires were just as aroused as my own. At least I prayed they were. I couldn't help but wonder that perhaps I had displeased she in some small way of may-be I didn't please her at all.

Dejectedly I retrieved the lists from the table then walked to where my clothes lay on the floor. I bent to pick them up but Angel hissed angrily, "Leave them, ho." My jaw must have dropped a foot as I realized Angel expected me to walk home naked except for my high-heels. What else could she possibly do to me? Glancing out a window I thanked god that at least darkness had fallen.

With my head hung I began to walk towards Angel's front door trying to formulate a plan to get to my house without being seen by all my nosy neighbors. As I approached the door it unexpectedly swung open nearly hitting me in the head. I jumped in surprise as I looked up to see a tall gorgeous black girl with an equally startled look on her face. She wore a full-length fur coat, odd I thought considering the time of year. On her feet she wore gold colored spiked heels must taller than the ones I was wearing. The gold color accented the girl's dark black skin beautifully. As the girl over came her initial shock a demeaning smirk formed upon her lovely lips as her dark eyes scanned my nudity from head to toe and I couldn't help but blush bright red with embarrassment.

Then I heard Angel nearly scream, "Get the fuck out of my house, you frigging white ho." Angel's words propelled me to action and I stepped through the still open door. As I turned to close the door behind me I saw the new arrivals fur coat slide to the floor. I couldn't help but notice that under the coat the beautiful black girl wore only the briefest of bikinis. I gawked for a scant second at the black girl's perfectly flared hips and full bottom before the door was swung closed. "So much for Angel's pleasure," I fumed. I had never felt so used and degraded as I realized that I had only been Angel's opening act.

Once outside I immediately crossed my arms over my titties and quickly walked down the porch steps. Ignoring the sidewalks I decided to go cross-country. Staying close to the front of Angel's house I cut across her lawn doing my best to hang in the shadows. Actually the trip to my house wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. However, I was slowed as the heels of my shoes kept sinking into the ground making it difficult to walk.

Once inside my house I slipped my heels off and went straight to my bedroom for a robe. I slipped it on as I walked back towards the living room. Feeling somewhat more comfortable I settled onto the sofa to read Angel's lists, which I still held tightly in my right, hand. First I began to read the list of items that Angel demanded I buy at a place called "Sensual Sisters". Angel had included the stores address, which I recognized to be in the roughest part of town. The list included two pair of pink high-heels with six-inch heels. One pair was to be a classic pair of pumps the other a pair of open toed sling backs. Both pair of shoes were to have a buckling ankle strap. I was to buy two pink garter-belts; at least one was to be made of leather. To go with the garter-belts I was to buy six pairs of pink nylons. I was also to buy three pink mini dresses. One had to be strapless while another had to have a neckline that plunged to my naval. I could choose the third dress as long it was pink with a plunging neckline and it had to be knit so that it clung to my curves like a glove. An empty felling overwhelmed me as I saw that I was to also buy a bottle of red hair dye. Tacked on to the end of the list almost as an after thought was four pair of dangly earrings.

Shifting to the other list I first noticed that its address also placed it in the poorest part of town. I quickly realized that "Dark Worlds" must be an adult toy store judging from the items I had to buy there. Three black colored dildos with diameters of one and three quarter inches, two and a half inches, and three inches were to be purchased. Each fake black cock was to have a realist nut sack. I was horrified to see I was also to buy three butt plugs in sizes of one, two, and two and a half inches thick. Somehow I wasn't surprised to find several items of bondage gear including locking black leather cuffs, and two pair of steel handcuffs. Angel directed specifically that one pair of the metal cuff had better fit my ankles.

As I looked over the lists my mind occasionally drifted to Angel's house. I couldn't help but wonder what might be transpiring in Angel's living room at that very moment. Was the new black girl I had seen arriving on her knees before Angel like I had been earlier? Was she now feasting upon Angel's treasures? Did Angel have other black girls under her control? Did she have other white, hos? The more I considered the possibilities the harder my pussy throbbed. And the more my pussy throbbed the more humiliated I felt as I realized Angel's control was nearly complete.

Setting the lists aside I fought off the urge to sneak next door to peek into Angel's windows. "God," I thought, "I could peek in on her and masturbate at the same time." But, while the thought excited me I couldn't lower myself to that depth of perversion, at least not yet. Besides, if Angel were to catch me there was no telling what she might do.

Sinking further into a funky depression I powerd myself to stand and head off towards the bathroom. I drew a warm bath and added some soothing bath oils then relaxed in the tub for over a half hour. As I was relaxing in the tub Angel's horrifying words began to echo in my head, The next time you enter my home, ho, your pussy hole will be shaved as smooth as a baby's butt. Do you understand, cow?" I knew that I had no choice in the matter. So after shampooing my hair and shaving my legs I carried out Angel's demeaning dictate and shaved away all my pubic hair. I shaved myself until my "Venus" was as completely smooth and soft. Looking down at myself I couldn't help but blush as I realized my hairless pussy made me look like such a little girl.

Standing up and after stepping from the tub I toweled myself dry. After drying my hair I applied an ample amount of moisturizing cream and rubbed all over my body Throwing my robe back on I padded around the house locking up and turning off the lights. Finally, I found my way back to the bedroom. After setting the alarm clock for 8AM I turned off the light and slipped into bed nude, for what would turn out to be another steamy night of fitful relax.

Sleep did mercifully come although only in bits and pieces. I dreamed that Saturday morning never came and I didn't have to perform Angel's degrading tasks after all. Of course, my dream was just an awkward attempt at denial. I just didn't have the courage to admit to myself that I was truly loving Angel's use. I mean what kind of woman would that make me?


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But of course, Saturday morning did come as always. The alarm went off and I shut it off as I arose from my bed. Slipping on my robe I trudged to the kitchen and wolfed down a couple pieces of toast and a tall glass of OJ. Feeling a bit refreshed I walked to the bathroom and after taking care of "business" I threw on a bit of make-up and lip-gloss then combed my shoulder length blonde hair. After applying a hint of perfume behind my ears and around each of my nipples I walked back to my bedroom. There I quickly found the white summer dress that Angel had ordered I wear for my shopping expedition. I slipped into the dress and adjusted it. I couldn't help but feel the dress was much more revealing than the last time I wore it. Even with the dress covering me I felt totally naked and exposed without panties. I tried to put the awful feeling aside as I slipped into my four inch white high heels. After adding earrings and my wristwatch I walked back to the closet and from a shelve pulled out a small white purse.

Then I walked into the living and after finding my everyday purse transferred the items I would need for my day's foray into the much smaller white handbag. Finally I picked up the lists that Angel had given and stuck them in the white bag as well. I placed the bag on the table near my front door and declared myself ready. Looking into the living room at the mantel clock I saw that it was 8:55 and much too early to leave.

I soon found myself pacing the room and waiting. As I paced my mind began to *** me once more. I couldn't believe what I was allowing that little black bitch Angel such control over me. Yet, I couldn't deny, not even to myself, that she did have control. At least she had control of my pussy, for every time I thought of Angel my pussy would begin to ache insatiably. Yes, much to my shame Angel had control of my white ass.

It seemed like an eternity before the clock read 9:18AM. I couldn't wait any longer knowing that I had better not be late. I grabbed my purse from the table by the door and started towards Angel's house. As I walked I could feel my titties bouncing provocatively under my summer dress. Much to my horror I felt my nipples begin to stiffen under the tight fitting bustier of my dress. Looking down at the top of my dress I could see the small bumps of my hard nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Still I walked briskly with my head up down the sidewalk then up the steps to the landing of Angel's front porch. I felt like such a whore standing there especially after I inexplicably lowered my head and eyes. Looking at my watch I noted the time was 9:20. I felt a sense of relief knowing that I was early. Then caught myself hoping that my early arrival pleased Angel. Or, would it just piss her off, I didn't know. I felt like the submissive whore I was quickly becoming. Time passed slowly and I imaged all the puzzled looks the neighbors must be casting my way. Thank god I thought at least it's early may-be everyone is still in bed.

I felt so relieved when Angel's door finally swung open and she stepped on to the porch. Without saying a word she slowly scanned me up and down with her dark eyes. Then without warning she grabbed my wristwatch and pulled it off, "Fucking white hos don't need to know the time," she coldly stated. I braced myself for the inevitable bitch slap and was totally surprised when it didn't come. Christ I thought she's been out here three whole minutes and hasn't slapped me. I was sure it must be a record. Angel's voice quickly brought me back to reality, as she demanded I turn around. Of course, I obeyed. When I was again facing Angel she asked me if I was wearing panties.

I responded quickly, "No ... no, my Niger Mistress ... I'm not wearing panties."

Smirking sadistically Angel said, "I'll be the judge of that, ho," and she started to reach under my short white skirt. Instinctively I spread my legs slightly to accommodate her hand. Angel's fingers danced between my legs for a full minute. I felt my body tremble whorishly as Angel's agile fingers danced playfully over and around my aroused clit. By the time she removed her fingers my crouch was soaked as her glistening fingers attested. Presenting her fingers to my lips I knew very well that she wanted me to lick them clean. I didn't disappoint Angel as I eagerly cleaned her fingers of my own love juices using my tongue.

Satisfied with my efforts Angel withdrew her hand as she asked, "You're my slave aren't you, ho"

"Yes... my Niger Mistress, I ... I am your slave," I understood at once that Angel was going to play her nasty word game of verbal use again.

"And your nothing but frigging white thrash isn't that right, ho?"

"Yes, my Niger Mistress I am just fucking white thrash."

"And who owns you, ho?"

"You own me, my Niger Mistress."

"So a Niger owns you, ho?"

"Yes, my Niger Mistress, a Niger owns me."

"So you're the white slave ho of a Niger?"

"Yes, my Niger Mistress, I'm the white slave ho of a Niger."

"Don't you find that ironic, ho? That your station is beneath that of a Niger?" Angel continued her debasing verbal use.

"Yes, my Niger Mistress, it is very ironic."

"Your even beneath black hos aren't you, bitch," Angel was taking unusual delight in degrading me.

"Yes ... yes, my Niger Mistress, I am even lower than black hos," I certainly couldn't disagree with Angel.

Just for the fun of it I suppose Angel bitch slapped me. "Get going, ho, you have shopping to do." I turned on my heel and down the porch steps and headed back to my house. I was relieved to have avoided another vulgar encounter with Angel. I walked thur my house to the garage and soon I was actually speeding towards the worst part of town.

While I didn't know the area well I did know of its reputation. It was roughly an area dominated with whores, pimps, bars, strip clubs, sleazy motels and I supposed more than a couple whorehouses. The police I knew called it the "combat zone".

As I began to enter the "combat zone" I noted a drastic drop off in white drivers. Of the few faces on the street most were black. I became more and more self-conscious as people openly stared.

I actually felt a bit of relief as I spotted the Sensual Sisters store. It was one of several dilapidated storefronts that ran the length of the block. I followed an old sign that stated "Parking In Rear" with a fading arrow pointing to the rear of the storefronts. However, the parking lot seemed very remote with little traffic. It only added to my sense of insecurity. So rather than parking there I drove back out onto the street where I was able to park just a few doors from the Sensual Sisters' front door.

Getting out of my car I walked as quickly as I could towards the store. I thanked god that at the early hour there didn't seem to be much foot traffic in the area. I could only imagine the sight I must have made, a white woman dressed in heels and a very revealing dress, in the middle of what amounted to a ghetto could only make her a whore. The potential possibilities nearly overwhelmed me as my heart raced.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I entered Sensual Sisters. Instantly the room filled with silence as I closed the door. Every head in the room, all six of them, turned in my direction. And, not one of the black female faces looked overly friendly. If looks could ******* I would have been one dead white bitch. I could feel their scorn as they all eyed me up and down.

Finally a short, rather plump black lady approached me and asked, "Can I help ya with something, honey." Her tone wasn't the friendliest I had ever heard nor was it the harshest.

Self-consciously I asked, "Do you have any high heels?"

The black lady roared with laughter, as only a black permister can, as her bellowed, "Did ya hear that Tonya the white girly wants to know if we got high heels."

My face burned red with embarrassment. Yet the heavy air that seemed to fill the store since I had entered eased if only a bit. "Come with me, sweetie," the black lady told me. I followed her to the back of the store and a display of dozens of high-heels.

I was in the store for nearly three hours carefully picking out everything on Angel's list. At one point the lady clerk asked, " Are you a dancer in one of the clubs here?" When I answered no she said, "Too bad, lots of brothers in the hood like to see snow." I figured that "snow" was a reference to my white skin. And while the thought of a bar full of black men seeing me naked horrified me I took the black lady's words as a compliment.

Finally my purchases were totaled and I used my Visa card to pay. I couldn't carry everything to my car in one trip so I took what I could intent on making two trips. As I stepped out on the sidewalk I quickly realized that foot traffic had picked up considerably. All the black faces were shooting daggers in my direction.

I noted two young black men leaning against a storefront near where my car was parked. As I approached my car one asked in a voice loud enough for me to hear, "Would ya DO her, man?" I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Yeaa, man, I'd fuck her ... I'd fuck her in her ass hole. Then make her suck me off," was the disgusting response.

I opened my trunk and placed my packages inside then closed the lid. I tried to simply ignore the black men as they did their best to humiliate me. I hoped that by the time I returned with my last package they'd be gone. But, I wasn't to be that lucky. As I stood at my trunk unlocking it one of black men walked up behind me and rudely grabbed my ass as he asked hoarsely, "Ya got a daddy, baby" I ignored him, as he turned to his buddy and squeezed my ass harder, "You're right man this is one tight ass." Still gripping my ass he coldly stated, "A looker like you needs a daddy ... I could be your daddy." Then he laughed as he released my ass and I bolted. God help me but I was so scared that I nearly pissed myself. Both men roared with laughter as I scurried into my car and sped away.

It only took me a few minutes to get the adult toy store Angel had direct me to. By then my frayed nerves had calmed just a little. The appearance of the Black Worlds store wasn't much more inviting than Sensual Sisters had been but at least it had a decent looking parking lot right in front of the store. I parked very near the plate glass front door. Hurrying inside I wasn't surprised that the store was filled with about a dozen black male customers. Of course, all heads turned in my direction as I entered. I could feel their dark eyes stripping me of the few clothes Angel had allowed me to wear. Someone gave out with a loud "wolf whistle", and my cheeks burned with embarrassment.

Certainly I thought about turning on my heel and running for my life. But, I reamistered, failing to return home without the items Angel had demanded wasn't an option. Spotting an array of bondage gear near the back wall I quickly walked towards it as 12 black heads followed my every movement.

As I walked I passed racks of porn magazines and videos. Rude comments followed in my wake. I couldn't fight the urge to scan the magazine rack. Most had covers of scantily clad or nude black girls. Others portrayed black couples engaged in various sex acts. But, one drew my attention more than all the others. The cover depicted a well-built white girl with blonde hair on her knees between the legs of a black man. His huge black cock was stuffed her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. On the sofa beside the black man was a nude black woman with larger breasts. The black woman causally toyed with one of the man's nipples while playing with one of her own. She looked down on the blonde with an air of total supremacy. I was horrified to realize I had stopped walking as I had become totally transfixed by the magazine cover. From behind me someone growled, "Look there the white girls likes black cock."

Someone equally as anonymous hissed, "Hey, I got some black dick for ya, baby."

Jolted back to reality I continued my trek to the display of bondage gear as the demeaning chatter continued all around me. My cheeks were burning red with embarrassment. Mercifully as I looked over the display of bondage gear a nice looking black man approached me and asked if he could help me. I nervously handed him the list that Angel had given me and he went about selecting the various items. The clerk made polite small talk and some of my nervousness abated. Finishing with the bondage gear the clerk began to walk towards a display of vibrators, dildos and butt plugs on the back wall of the store. I followed a paced a two behind. The chatter behind me had quieted somewhat but I could still hear the whispers while not making out the words. And I knew every eye in the store was riveted upon my body. Thankfully it only took the clerk a couple of minutes to pick out the dildos and plugs to fill out my list.

As the black clerk led me to the front of the store I had the sudden urge to buy the porn magazine I had admired earlier. I knew that I shouldn't, I knew that it would be just one more step in my debasement. But the urge was over powering and I didn't have the strength to fight it. As we passed the rack I snatched a copy of the magazine with the blonde cocksucker on the cover.

Following the clerk to the cash register he rang up my purchases as I again broke out the plastic. My purchases were bagged and I was handed an itemized recite. Taking the bag I hurriedly exited the store without looking back. As I got into my car waves of relief swept of me. Speeding away a sense of accomplishment lifted my sprites. I couldn't help but think, "Angel will be so pleazzzzz," Then the realization of what I had done and why I had done it came slamming home to punch me square in the stomach. The wind in my sails suddenly evaporated as I realized that I had just sunk to a new level of offense. Sinking still lower I prayed that Angel would be so pleased with her white ho that I would again be allowed the privilege of licking her sweet and gorgeous dark chocolate breasts. Hope lives eternal even among white hos.


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After parking in the garage I began to carry my packages of "prizes" into the house. As I entered the kitchen I was surprised to find that the wall clock read 2:30PM. It certainly didn't seem as if I had been gone five hours, more like five minutes. After I had unloaded the last of the packages into the kitchen I was overcome by a sense of hunger. No wonder, really, since I had eaten only a small breakfast so many hours ago. So I went about preparing a lite lunch and took a diet soda from the fridge.

I was about to set down and eat when I was interrupted by a knock at my front door. As I walked to the door I was amazed to realize that I hadn't slipped out of my high heels. "How odd," I thought, "normally my shoes come off the second I hit the door."

At any rate, I answered the door and was mildly surprised to find Angel's guest of the night before standing on my front porch. She wore the same very revealing gold bikini as before with matching six-inch heels. Her ample black breasts seemed as if they might spill out of the bikini top at any moment. I am certain that I must have licked my lips as I noticed that the tiny g-string of a bottom she wore just barely covered her black Venus mound. Being an inch or two taller than me her legs seemed to go on forever. For the first time I realized the lovely creature couldn't be a day over 19 years old. I thought there should be a law against being so young and sexy.

"Are you done ogling me, honey?" she asked good-naturedly. For a moment I was taken aback and didn't know how to answer. Before I could respond the black girl eased the tension as she stepped through the doorway and laughed, "Oh don't worry about it, baby, I was checking your package out too." Then she added with a giggle, "Not bad for a blondie."

"What ... what can I do for ya," I asked nervously unsure if this wasn't one of Angel's tricks or not.

"Ah, Angel sent me to get your recites. You've got them don't ya, sweetie?" She asked cheerfully. The black girl stepped completely into my house and closed the door behind her.

"Ahhh, yea I got them just a minute and I'll get them," I was still very nervous. Turning I walked back towards the kitchen. As I walked I couldn't help but notice the black girl following me. That unnerved me a bit more. I was sure that the black girl had been sent by my Nigger Mistress, Angel, to hurt me. I walked over to the kitchen table where most of the packages sat. My attention was momentarily diverted as I fumred around inside the various packages hunting for the recites. I didn't notice the very cute and young black girl slip up directly behind me as I searched.

As I turned around, flushed with success, the recites in my hand, the black girl embraced me tightly using her arms to draw me close to her all but naked body. I was too shocked to resist. Her lips clamped on mine as I felt her tongue probing my open mouth. I swooned in her powerful embrace. My titties were pressed tightly into her lovely breasts and any will to resist I may have felt melted away. Our tongues danced together eagerly. My arms wrapped around the black girl's lush body, and my hands grabbed her full bottom and squeezed. I was shocked again by the firmness of her tight bum. Our tongues meshed together and battled the war of lesbian passion. Abruptly the black girl broke our embrace taking a step backwards she snatched the recites from my trembling hand. "I've got to get back," she moaned as the black lovely retreated towards my front door. "Mmmm and thanks, baby," she continued with a beautiful smile, "I've wanted to do that since the first time I saw you." I was momentarily mesmerized by the swing of the black girl's bottom, since her bikini bottom was nothing more than a glorified g-string. My sexual engine which revved to life moments ago now roared into overdrive.

"What ...what," I worried, "what about Angel?"

Reaching the door the black girl looked back over her shoulder with a warm smile on her lovely full lips, "Angel doesn't have to know everything now does she, honey?" Then as the exotic black girl was about to leave a sudden look of horror appeared upon the lovely features of her face, "OMG, I almost forgot," she spoke quickly, "Angel said to tell you to have dinner for three ready by 7PM." Then the graceful creature disappeared out my front door.

As the door closed my mind whirled. I felt like a bitch under siege. Certainly, the last thing I wanted to do was prepare dinner. I was completely worn out from my shopping trip. It seemed as if I had been on my feet for days. The backs of my calves were *******ing me from the high heels I still wore. Besides, that I wondered what I might have to feed Angel and her friend. Then a horrifying thought passed through my mind, "What if I wasn't counted in the three?" A lump formed in my throat as I pondered further, "What if my dinner guests include Angel and two of her friends?"

I took my packages into the bedroom and thought about what I would serve for dinner. Absent mindedly I thought about the porn magazine I had bought on impulse. Taking it from it's bag I carefully opened the plastic which enveloped it. Settling onto my bed I began to thumb through the nasty magazine. My juices began to ooze and my pussy throbbed as I took in page after page of a cute blonde white girl fucking and sucking a black couple. It was just so demeaning the things the black couple demanded from their white ho. There were photos of the white bitch sucking black cock, feet, ass and pussy. Other glossy pictures showed the white slut taking the giant black dick in her ass and pussy while sucking the black girl's pussy. God, how I wanted to fuck myself right then and there. But, alas I couldn't, I had dinner to prepare for Angel and whoever she brought to my table. With my pussy screaming for attention I somehow found the strength to close the dirty magazine and put it a way in my lingerie draw.

Walking back to the kitchen I opened the freezer of my refrigerator. The light bulb of my brain lit up when I noticed a package of four frozen chicken breasts. Taking the chicken from the freezer I set it in the sink to thaw.

From the kitchen I walked to the bathroom and began to draw a tub full of warm bath water. After adding some bath oils I removed my dress and shoes then slipped into the relaxing water. The tension in my body seemed to wash away as I soaked in the tub. That is until I thought of the white girl in the porn magazine again. With my eyes closed I became that white slut. I saw myself kneeling between the powerful looking legs of the black stud. His nigger cock crammed into my wide open mouth. It was me looking into his gleaming dark eyes as if to say, "Yesssss, I know, we both know; I'm your white cock sucking ho."

My pussy began to ache all over again. My mind ran rampant with thoughts of being used by the black stud and his girlfriend. I soon found myself diddling my only pussy. What a joke that is I thought as I slipped a finger inside my cunt and began to fuck myself. You see I have never been able to masturbate myself to completion. All I have ever accomplished is raising my level of frustration a notch or two. This time was no different. Summoning my lapsing will power and uttering a soft gasp of despair I got out of the tub and toweled myself off.

I soon found myself thinking about what to wear or more importantly what NOT to wear. I decided that it would be appropriate to model some of my new purchases. Walking into my bedroom nude I began to open the packages, which held the prizes from my day's shopping trip. Taking one of my new pink garter-belts I quickly hooked it about my slim waist and straightened the garters then slipped a pair of pink nylons onto my long legs. At least I had always been told they were long. I guess that comes with being 5'9". And, I had always appreciated long legs on others. Perhaps, I thought, that was why I was so enthralled with Angel's "girlfriend" who had to be at least six feet tall.

At any rate, I took out one of the pink mini dresses I had purchased and stepped into it. It was the hot little number whose open neckline plunged to my navel leaving it totally exposed. Actually the dress wasn't much more than a short skirt, which just barely covered the tops of my pink stockings, and a few strips of material holding the top in place. Two narrow strips of fabric ran from the front center of the skirt upward over my titties then over my shoulders down my back to the back of the skirt. My back was left completely bare to just above my ass except for a small horizontal strap holding the main pieces in place. In front another horizontal strap ran just under my titties to serve the same purpose. The suspender like strips of material radiating up from the front of the dress's skirt were barely wide enough to hide my nipples and left ample amounts of tittie flesh spilling over on either side. I adjusted the alleged dress as best I could then opened the shoebox containing a pair of hot pink classic six-inch pumps. After slipping the shoes on and buckling the substantial ankle strap I walked back into the bathroom to comb my hair and apply my make-up. Already I could feel the strain that the god awful six inch heels caused my feet and ankles.

Having finished with my make-up I walked back to my bedroom on my way to the kitchen. As I passed the full-length mirror I couldn't help but pause for a moment. I was appalled to see a total whore looking back at me complete with hot pink lip gloss. I couldn't believe that I had sunk so low. "White thrash in the flesh," I though. But, I didn't have time to linger.

Over the next couple of hours I prepared for my guests. I set the dinning room table with my best linen and china. Glasses and cups were put out as well as my finest silverware. I couldn't believe how quickly my legs began to ache from wearing my new six inch stilettos.

I was just finalizing dinner preparations when I heard the front door open and close. Then the unmistakable clicking of high-heels as they crossed the foyer. Filled with nervous apprehension I removed my apron and started towards my living room. Entering the living room I found that Angel and her young erotic girlfriend had already made themselves comfortable on the sofa. I wasn't at all surprised to see that Angel's friend had already lost her bikini top. But, was mildly shocked that she had been allowed to retain her gold colored bikini panties/g-string. But as I would soon learn Angel had different rules for her black girls and her white hos.



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The dark smooth skin of both gorgeous black women seemed to shimmer. I made a mental note that I just had to find out what they used as a skin moisturizer. Just gazing upon their black beauty started my lezbo juices stirring. My eyes kept returning to the magnificent bare breasts of Angel's girlfriend. I was amazed that a girl so young could have such large and perfectly formed breasts. I'm sure I licked my lips as I noticed the girl's hard, cherry like nipples.

Angel's tone wasn't overly friendly as she asked, "Is dinner ready, ho?"

"Ahhh, yes, my Nigger Mistress." With that the three of us walked into the dinning room. Angel had me prepare her plate, an order which I obediently complied with. After I filled everyone's wine glass I took my seat. With an evil sparkle in her eye Angel demanded that I eat my meal standing.

I felt quite awkward as I stood eating dinner but I dared not to complain. Standing there in my own dinning room in the skimpy pink dress I felt less dressed than had I actually been naked. Angel's girlfriend kept eyeing me like a wild natural might eye their prey. Of course, I'd be lying if I said her ogling didn't thrill me. Besides I continued to leer at her nearly nude beauty as well.

Watching the two of us behaving like horny school sluts Angel remarked cheerfully, "Jasmine likes white ho meat, don't you, Jasmine?"

The beautiful black girl who now had a name blushed with embarrassment as she replied, "Yes, Angel, you know I love white meat."

Then looking squarely at me Angel asked brightly, "You'd love to suck Jasmine's sweet brown sugar of a pussy wouldn't you, ho?'

Burning red with shame I answered meekly but truthfully, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress, I'd love to suck Jasmine's pussy. It would be an honor" Angel laughed out loud as Jasmine's dark eyes caught and held mine. My face burned red with embarrassment yet I knew I had to be totally pleasing to Angel or risk being the subject of another round of her vulgarity.

After finishing her meal Angel stood up and directed that Jasmine and I follow her to the living. While Angel and Jasmine made themselves comfortable on the sofa I was ordered to strip and assume my submissive kneeling pose. I obeyed without even thinking about it. I was actually mildly surprised that I had been allowed to remain clothed throughout dinner. Casting off the pink mini dress, which hadn't left much to the imagination anyway, I knelt right in front of Angel. I spread my knees extremely wide and crossed my wrists behind my back. Actually kneeling was a blessing in disguise as the pain from wearing my high heels had become almost unbearable.

Jasmine seductively curled her tongue around her pouty full lips as she leered at my lush naked body. I found myself praying that it was a sign she liked what she saw. But it also embarrassed the living hell out of me. And, I couldn't help but think how that velvety tongue would feel between my spread thighs. Well, even sluts can dream can't they?

While I knelt self-consciously before the two young black beauties Angel demanded to see the fruits of my shopping trip. I wasn't allowed to stand and had to crawl on my hands and knees like some kind of frigging natural. Of course, the thought of disobeying never entered my head. Leaning forward onto all fours I crawled off meekly to perform my assigned task.

My bare titties jiggled freely as I crawled to my bedroom. It quickly became apparent that I could only handle one package at a time in my submissive position. Taking one package I began the slow trek back to my living room.

When I finally returned to the living with the first package I was shocked to find Angel and Jasmine locked in a lesbian embrace. The two black ladies were making out like high school lovers. With their lips locked in a passionate embrace Angel mauled Jasmine's bare breasts like an over eager school boy groping his date. As I watched the two black lovelies I felt my own pent-up lust building between my legs.

By the time I returned with my second package the top of Angel's black mini dress had been pulled down revealing her hot dark chocolate breasts and their sweet nipples. Jasmine was using her tongue to lavish loving attention upon one of Angel's tarts. God how my pussy began to ache as I watched the two black ladies entwined in passionate embrace. As Angel pressed her black breast into Jasmine's eager moth she slipped a finger between her legs.

Smirking meanly in my direction Angel asked coldly, "What are you looking at, you frigging white ho?" Angel didn't give me a chance to answer as she laughed and added, "You want some of my black sweetness don't you, ho?" As she spoke Jasmine continued to feast upon Angel's beautiful breast.

I was embarrassed beyond words as Angel caught me ogling the stimulating scene playing itself out in my own living room. But, I couldn't lie to the black beauty that now owned me heart, body and soul. From my kneeling position I responded honestly and instantly, "Yes ... yes, my Nigger Mistress, it would be an honor to taste the sweetness of your brown sugar."

Angel continued to work her finger between Jasmine's delicious legs. It was plain the way Jasmine was slowly working her hips that the finger was having its desired effect. A sweet moan of rising lust slipped from between Jasmine's full lips.

Angel paid no mind to Jasmine's obvious need as she sneered, "That's right, you frigging white assed ho, feasting upon the magnificent sweetness which is my body is indeed an honor. An honor, which you will not earn until you present me with a gift."

I was dumb founded as I knelt on my hands and knees. I had no idea what sort of gift Angel expected. All I knew was that whatever it was I would get it for my black goddess. But, even in my bewildered state I didn't delay my response for a nano second, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Sensing my confusion Angel asked in her sweetest voice, "Do you want to know what that gift will be, ho?"

From my submissive position I answered instantly, "Yes ... yes please, my Nigger Mistress, please tell me."

Sneering again cruelly Angel replied, "You will present me with another frigging white assed ho just like yourself, cunt." Angel laughed out loud as the color drained from my face. The look of horror in my eyes must have told Angel what she wanted to know. As she sat there on my sofa I watched as Angel slammed her hand into Jasmine's pussy. Jasmine responded with a sweet groan of pure pleasure and ground her hips back at the finger fucking her black love hole.

"Now then, you fucking slut ho, you have wasted enough of my time," Angel scolded coldly, "and because of that you shell be punished. Remember, you fucking honkie ho, I can always makes things worse for you." Oddly enough my pussy began to ache relentlessly as Angel spoke her harsh words. With sheer ice in her voice Angel said, "Now you will get the rest of your purchases and you will crawl with your frigging white elbows on the floor. Understand you freaking piece of white fuck meat?"

Even before Angel had finished her question I had lowered myself so that my elbows were on the floor. My nipples actually brushed the carpeting as I answered Angel's query, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress, I understand completely." Crawling on my elbows had the effect of lifting my bare white ass into the air. For some odd reamister I couldn't help but think of what an inviting target my ass must have made. Part of me wanted to revolt yet the pounding throb radiating from my pussy wouldn't allow for rebellion. I hated to admit it but I was nothing more than Angel's pleasure toy. A fuck toy to be used and used as she saw fit.

Certainly crawling on my elbows impeded my progress. It took me several more trips and over a half hour to complete Angel's task. The whole time, for some strange reamister, I couldn't get my mind off from my naked ass. Angel and Jasmine continued their dance of loving embrace as I labored tirelessly. All the time I was tiring, my knees were beginning to pay a heavy price. Frankly, I was being worn to a frazzle.

Finally I was finished and I felt a gratifying wave of accomplishment swept over my sweating body. As I returned with the last of my day's purchases I wasn't surprised at all to find Jasmine on her knees between Angel's wide-open legs. The skirt of Angel's mini dress was bunched up around her hips. Jasmine had her head buried in Angel's black love nest. The passion that Angel felt was obvious as she ground her Venus mound up into Jasmine's eager tongue. As I watched the two black ladies lost in the throes of ecstasy I had an overwhelming urge to crawl between Jasmine's legs and do to her what she was so magnificently doing to Angel. Angel toyed with one of her own nipples as Jasmine's tongue plied its' s*******ful trade. I felt my own juices begin to leak from my throbbing pussy and ooze down my inner thighs. I didn't know how much more sexual taunting I could take before I screamed and begged for relief.



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It was easy to tell that at any second Angel was going to explode with orgasmic joy. The playful jiggle of Angel's free black breasts was breath taking. I actually bite my lip as I dreamed of sucking that beautiful black orb between my lips to share in her utopia. Yet, I dared not over step my bounds. I was, after all, only a lowly white fuck toy for my 21 year-old Supreme Black Goddess Angel to play with.

"That's it baby," Angel purred, "suck it ...suck hard, baby." As I watched, mesmerized, Angel's pleasure overflowed. Angel literally shirked out her joy as she grabbed Jasmine's head in both hands and powerd her head down harder on her sex. Angel's whole body shook as her orgasm began to hammered her relentlessly. Jasmine redoured her efforts and Angel pressed her Venus mound upward to Jasmine's eager tongue. Angel was pumping Jasmine's head up and down on her sex as her orgasmic joy continued unabated. Finally after what seemed like several minutes Angel's joy began to ebb.

Regaining her senses Angel pulled Jasmine back onto the sofa beside her and began to tongue kiss her lustfully. I wanted to die with envy as I noted the bright sparkle in Jasmine's dark eyes.

Soon enough Angel turned her attention in my direct once more. "Well, are you done, ho," Angel demanded to know.

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"You have all your purchases out here then, ho? Every last one of them?" Angel hissed.

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"Great," Angel said in one her more sinister tones, "In checking your recites, you white cum hole, I see you bought a magazine. I want to see it right fucking now."

"OMG," I thought as my mind whirled, "Oh my fucking god ... OMFG." I had completely forgotten about the magazine, which I had bought on an impulse. Forgotten that I had put it in my lingerie draw. "Th ... the ... the magazine is in my bedroom, my Nigger Mistress," I stammered.

"Stand up you freaking white cow." Angel demanded and I scramred to my feet as quickly as possible. I spread my feet obscenely wide and placed my hands behind my back crossing them at the wrist. Praying that my submissiveness would please Angel.

Angel stood up and slipped out of her dress. Wearing only a pair of black high heels she stood right in front of me. Her large breasts jiggled and her nipples were hard and inviting. Angel smiled her warmest smile as she slipped a finger of her left hand between my spread legs and began to slide it back and fourth along the length of my soaked slit. "Was that magazine on my list, ho," cooed sweetly.

"Naa ... Na ... No, my Nigger Mistress," I whimpered attentively. My body tremred with desire as angel slipped a finger into my soaked pussy. A muffled groan of pleasure escaped from deep in my throat as Angel began to fuck her finger back and fourth inside my soaked and throbbing pussy. Slowly, very slowly Angel finger fucked my aching cunt. Losing all self-control I ground my hips hard into Angel's hand. My pussy muscles squeezed down tightly on Angel's finger. God how I wanted that finger and needed it. I just barely controlled the urge to beg Angel to fuck me. Yet I knew from the evil smirk on Angel's lovely black face that my quacking and trembling pussy told her all she needed to know.

Angel smiled her beautiful smile as she continued to finger fuck my pussy, "Did you think I wouldn't find out, cunt?"

Ahh, really I didn't think the magazine was any of Angel's business. I mean after all I had bought everything on her list. But of course, I couldn't articulate my true sentiment. "I ... I ... I don't know, my Nigger Mistress, I guess ... I thought it ... it didn't matter." I moaned out loud with pleasure as Angel began to rub my clit with her thumb. I felt my pussy muscles again clinch down on Angel's finger as she fucked me slightly harder.

"Come here, Jasmine," Angel demanded of her gorgeous black slave girl. In a second Jasmine was standing beside her owner. "Put that hot tongue of yours to work on those freaking white titties." Angel ordered. Immediately Jasmine lowered her head and began to tongue whip my left nipple. Pleasure swept over my naked body from every angle. My body actually shook as Angel's fingers continued to work their magic.

"Well it does matter, ho," Angel sweetly, "I own your freaking white ass, don't I, you fuck hole?"

My spread knees weakened as sheer pleasure overwhelmed my naked body. My mind wanted to scream, "No ... no you freaking nigger you don't own me, no one does." I wanted to laugh and say, "How ridiculous to think a young 21 year old black bitch could ever own a fully mature 34 year old white woman. Ridiculous I tell you simply ridiculous."

But in reality the facts were undeniable. There I was the fully mature 34 year old woman standing naked with my legs spread wide open. My mature body trembling with sexual need as the young black girl continued to use her fingers to work magic between my thighs as her young friend tongue lashed my C cup titties..

In the end all I could do was confirm the obvious, "Yes ...yes ... yes, My Nigger Mistress, you ... you own me."

"When I tell you to do something you do it and nothing else," Angel hissed. By then Jasmine had sucked my nipple into her sweet mouth and her tongue busied itself swirling about my hard love bud. My head was spinning with pent-up lust as another groan of pleasure escaped from deep in my throat. I was on the very brink of cumming my brains out.

"Get the leather strap, Jasmine," Angel commanded sweetly. Jasmine instantly pulled her mouth from my tittie and turn to obey her orders. In that split second Angel pulled her finger from my throbbing pussy and bitch slapped me hard across my left cheek. I stumred slightly and shirked out loud as the sudden attack snapped my head to the right. Before another second could pass Angel backed handed me hard across my right cheek. The burning string of my cheeks was almost unbearable. The pleasure I had known only moments earlier was just a distant memory replaced by burning agony.

"Let this be a lesmister, you piece of freaking white fuck meat," Angel berated me as she began slapping my defenseless titties, "I can give pleasure ... or I can take it away," the gorgeous black girl nearly half my age continued to chide me. Taking my left nipple Angel began to pinch and twist it unmercifully as I wrenched in sheer agony, "I can give pain," Angel went on twisting my poor nipple even harder, "or I can take the pain way." Angel instantly released my nipple making her point quite clear as my anguish eased. Just as quickly as the pain eased it returned unabated as Angel renewed her attack on my used nipple. As she twisted harder and harder Angel hissed, "Understand, cunt"

"Yes ... Yes, my Nigger Mistress," I responded quickly praying for an end to Angel's vicious attack. My knees weakened as the agony radiating from my nipple became excruciating.

After what seemed like an eternity Angel released my ***d nipple and demanded that I kneel with my elbows again on the floor. As I lowered myself to my knees I realized that Jasmine was standing beside Angel with a black leather strap in her right hand. As I leaned forward onto my elbows I again became painful aware of what an inviting target my raised ass must have made. Not to mention the agony that returned to my injured nipple as it brushed against the carpeting.

Angel demanded that I retrieve the porn magazine that I had been trying to hide from her. While I actually hadn't been trying to hide the magazine I didn't argue with the ebony goddess. Certainly I was learning that it was best to simply obey Angel. And, to obey her to the letter of her command.

Within seconds of Angel issuing her order I submissive crawled off. In my humiliating crawl position I was constantly aware of my ***d tittie nipple as it was dragged painfully across the carpeting. But still I hurried as much as my awkward position would allow.

As quickly as possible I returned to my living room with the required porn magazine. My ***d nipple brushing the carpet a constant reminder of Angel's wrath. I again found the lovely and very submissive Jasmine on her knees between Angel's shapely black legs. Angel was momentarily distracted as she toyed with her own hard nipples. When she realized I had returned Angel demanded coldly, "Let me see that piece of cuckolds brownie, ho." I crawled to the sofa and obediently handed the magazine to Angel. She immediately began to laugh as she glanced over the cover. At the same moment my face flushed bright red with burning shame.

With Jasmine's head still buried between her legs Angel began to skim through the pages of the porn magazine. Angel coldly ordered me back to the middle of the room. After I had obeyed Angel demanded that I lay my face on the floor and bury my fucking white titties in the carpeting. As I obeyed I noted, much to my embarrassment, that my bare ass was posed even higher in the air. Before returning her full attention to the porn magazine Angel made one more mean demand, that I spread my knees very wide. I complied without hesitation.

From my submissive position I could see Jasmine's beautiful black bottom as the lovely black girl continued to tend to her Mistress's needs. While I couldn't see Angel other than her lovely feet and legs I could hear her. "Ohhhhhhh yea baby, right there. Right fucking there," Angel urged her black girl. It was obvious from Angel's dictates, interspaced with moans and whimpers of pleasure that she was once again climbing the ladder of feminine bliss.

In another minute Angel was shirking her delight as Jasmine pressed her head down harder on her black love nest. Angel's second orgasm was more outrageous than the first. She tossed her head wildly as she dropped the magazine and pulled hard on her own beautiful dark chocolate breasts. "YESSSSSSSSS .... YESSSSSSSSSSSSS .... THAT ISSSSS ITTTTTTTTTTT BABY," the young black girl screamed. "THAT'S IT JASMINE ... THAT'S FUCKING IT ... TONGUE FUCK MY PUSSY YOU BLACK BEAUTY." Angel thrashed wildly for minutes on end shrieking her wild pleasure before her utopian joy began to fade

All to soon Angel recovered from her pleasure and turned her cruel attention to me. I remained kneeling on the floor with my knees spread wide open. My titties were buried in the carpet as my back ached leaving my helpless ass high in the air. Angel demanded that Jasmine stand and take a position behind me. From my place on the floor I watched as Angel's lovely black girlfriend stood and picked up the leather strap which had been left laying on the floor.

God I was frightened. Ohhh who am I kidding I was scared to death knowing what a delicious target my fat white ass made. Angel flopped the porn magazine on the floor beside me so I could see the cover. My lovely Nigger Mistress cooed softly, "Sooo that turns you on huh, baby? A white ho on her fucking knees sucking nigger dick excites you doesn't it, slut?"

"Ahhhh nooooooo, My Nigger Mistress," I tried to lie.

"Jasmine, give the frigging white ho a taste of truth on her freaking white ass," Angel told her black girl.

The whistling noise of the leather crop flying through the air was unmistakable. Then the inevitable Crack!!!! The strap found its mark effectively slamming into my vulnerable ass. Now it was my turn to scream but mine was one of utter agony. I instinctively reached my hands backwards in a futile effort to protection my burning ass. "Move your hands, ho," Angel demanded and with some effort I obeyed. "Jasmine, give the white slut another and this time if you hold back your black bum will replace her white ass and I will be welding the strap. Understand, baby."

"Yes, Angel, I ... I understand," I noted the fear in Jasmine's promote response.

SWISSSSSH CRACKKKKKKKKK the second lash of the strap was quadruple times harder than the first had been. I couldn't help but yowl as the vulgar agony ripped through my naked body.

"Answer my question honestly, you fucking lit' white ass ho," Angel demanded.

"Yeeee ...yesssssssss ... yes, My Nigger Mistress, it excites me" I stammered the truth.


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"What excites you, cunt?" Angel demanded to know.

"Th ... the pictures excite me, my Nigger Mistress," God how I wanted Angel demeaning word game to end.

"Jasmine?" Angel stated coldly. Again the room filled with the whistling noise of the leather strap in flight. SWIIISSSSSSHHHHH CRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

I shrieked out loud as the strap tore into my innocent ass. "Pleaseeeeee have mercy on me, my Nigger Mistress, pleaseee."

"Was that cuckolds brownie magazine on your list, ho?" Angel demanded to know as she ignored my pleas for mercy.

"No, my Nigger Mistress," I answered with the truth.

"Jasmine?" SWISSSSSH CRACKKKKKKKK again I screamed as the burning pain tore into my defenseless ass. "Did you ask permission to buy it, cunt?"

"Naaaaa ... nooo, my Nigger Mistress."

"Jasmine!!" Angel stated coldly. SWISHHHHH CRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Jasmine didn't hold back even a tiny lit' bit as she put the evil strap in motion. I yowled long and loud as the leather strap tore into my upturned ass again.

"You'd love to be the girl on the cover wouldn't you, ho, the lit' white slut sucking nigger dick?" Angel continued to degrade me.

"Pleazzzzz ... yes, yes, yes, yes, my Nigger Mistress. Ya ..yes I'd love to be that lit' slut. Pleazzzzzzzzzz don't hurt me anymore," I pleaded. The debasing words meant nothing. The blazing inferno engulfing my ass and tearing me to shreds meant everything.

"You'd love to be that dirty little white cock sucking ho wouldn't you, Barbie? A dirty little white bitch sucking nigger dick," Angel laughed meanly as she repeated her question.

"Yesssss .... Yessss, my Nigger Mistress, I'd ... I'd ... I'd love to suck nigger dick," I whimpered just glad that Jasmine hadn't been ordered to blister my bare ass again.

Of course, my happiness was short lived as Angel again commanded, "Jasmine." SWISHHHHHH CRACKKKKKKKKKKKK. I screamed my misery as the wicked agony slammed into my ass once more.

Angel began to flip the pages of the magazine as it lay on the floor so I could see them through my tears. One picture showed the white girl sucking the black man's balls as the black girl held his glistening black cock out of the way. Another showed the black man using his thick cock to whip the white girl's face. Each time Angel turned the page Jasmine was ordered to deliver another stroke of the strap to my already blistered ass.

My ass burned like the fires of hell itself. Another picture showed the black man's cum being shot unto the white girls face. Another showed the black man's cock being fucked between the white girl's ample titties. One page showed several pictures of the white bitch worshipping the black man's feet. One picture showed the white girl actually sucking one of his black toes right into her mouth. And still my ass paid a dear price as Jasmine continued to work the strap at Angel's direction. Each stroke seemed more powerful than the last. My ass burned without mercy.

Angel turned the page, SWISHHHHHH CRACKKKKKKK, and the white girl's attention turned to the black girl. One picture showed the white girl tongue lashing one of the black girls hard chocolate nipples. Another showed the white girl trailing her snake like tongue over the black girls flat tummy.

I couldn't believe how friging hot I was becoming as I gazed at the pictures Angel showed me. My helpless ass was burning like hell itself yet another blaze burned just as hotly between my spread thighs.

Angel turned the page, SWISHHHHHHHHH CRACKKKKKKKK, I couldn't control my screams any longer. "Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz," I screamed out loud. "Pleazzzzzzz, my Nigger Mistress, pleazzzzzzz I can't stand any moreeeeeeee," I beseeched Angel.

"Listen to the piece of white thrash howl, Jasmine," Angel taunted smugly. Then speaking to me Angel said, "This should be a lesmister to you, you freaking white assed ho. When I send you shopping you buy exactly what is on the list, NOTHING MORE. Understanding you dirty fucking ho?"

"Yaaa ... yes, my Nigger Mistress, I understand."

"Jasmine!!" SWISHHHHHHH CRACKKKKKKKKK. Jasmine preformed her task to harsh perfection.

The strap fell across my broad ass once again with deadly effect, "EEEYYYYOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW," I screamed in burning agony. Angel grabbed my hair and direct my attention back to the obscene magazine beside me. The new page showed the white girls head buried in the black girl's love nest. The black man was on his knees behind the white girl rubbing his powerful cock on the girls naked ass.

Angel turned the page and Jasmine again applied the leather strap to my helpless ass. SWISHHHHHH CRACK. Which was instantaneously followed by my screams of suffering. Finally Angel had reached the back cover of the magazine which showed the white girl's head still buried between the black girl's thighs as the black man fucked the white girl's ass hole.

Showing no mercy whatsoever Angel directed Jasmine to give me five lashes of the leather strap. Jasmine obeyed with five powerful, rapid fire strokes that left me trashing wildly and screaming out in misery. I could only imagine the damage being done to my poor ass.

Angel returned to sit on my sofa then directed Jasmine to remove her thong panties. Jasmine quickly peeled off her panties and dropped them on the floor. Smiling warmly Angel said, "Now come her and whip my pussy, with your velvet tongue." Angel giggled, "Yea, baby come her and whip my pussy with your tongue." Jasmine quickly moved into position between Angel's legs.

I remained in my kneeling position on the floor my ass still burning and tears trickling down my cheeks. As Jasmine busied her tongue Angel looked at me and said, "White cunt Barbie, you will now whip Jasmine's ass." Through my tear stained eyes I saw Jasmine actually cringe slightly. Giggling at Jasmine's apparent distress Angel reassured her, "Don't worry, lover, the cheap fucking white ho is going to tongue whip your ass aren't you, ho?"

Swallowing a lump in my throat I gave the only response that I could, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress." Slowly I lifted myself to my hands and knees. Every muscle in my body ached. On my knees I positioned myself behind Jasmine who had spread her knees. Then as Jasmine buried her tongue in Angel's love nest I began to lick and kiss her ass.

I hated myself for what I was doing, worshipping the black ass of the girl who had so recently blistered my own ass with the dreadful leather strap. But there was no other option unless I wanted to risk another ass blistering or may-be something far worse. So there I was a mature 34 year old white woman sucking the ass of a 18 year old black girl.

I heard Angel's moans of ecstasy as Jasmine applied another superb tongue-lashing. At the same time Jasmine wiggled her sweet black ass in my face as if demanding more of my own tongue. Hating myself even more I used my hands to spread the cheeks of Jasmine's tight ass. Then I stabbed my tongue right down between the dark brown cheeks to Jasmine's puckered black ass hole.

Jasmine ground her luscious black ass back into my face demanding more and more of my tongue while Angel's murmurs of joy rose to a fevered pitch. The sounds and scents filling the room drove my own yearning desire to new heights. The throbbing ache between my thighs was unbearable. God how I prayed for a hot tongue to tend to my own sexual urges, to quell my burning need. In my state of red-hot arousal I didn't forget the task at hand as I continued to ream Jasmine's puckered hole with my own wet tongue. Honestly, for some strange reamister I did want to reward the beautiful black girl for blistering my white ass so horribly. I couldn't deny, not even to myself, that the use had set off a raging inferno of insatiable and wanton lust and perverse need within my naked body. Folding my tongue and stiffening it as much as possible I began to power it into Jasmine's tightest hole. Yes, yes, dear god yes I was actually tongue fucking the black girl's ass hole. And the black girl who herself was kneeling between Angel's open thighs began to press her ass harder and harder into my fucking face.


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Then through my lust filled daze I heard the soft and shrill cries of feminine joy. Angel had reached yet another intense climax. Angel's wild gyrations were telegraphed through Jasmine's naked body to my own. I could almost feel her overpowering pleasure as it crashed down upon her, almost. My own urges and desires burned hotter than ever as I continued to minister to Jasmine's lovely ass.

After several long minutes Angel stood and ordered Jasmine to do the same. I continued to flick my tongue hungrily at Jasmine's ass as it was taken from my reach. Suddenly Angel filled the room with hysterical laugher. "Look, Jasmine," Angel roared, "look at the freaking white pussy fuck herself." My cheeks burned red with offense and shame as I realized Angel was right. In my nearly insane desire to achieve sexual pleasure I had absentmindedly crammed three fingers into my own cunt as I had worshipped Jasmine's ass. Both black girls laughed at my miserable condition. I stopped momentarily as the shame of it all drove me to the verge of tears. "Don't stop, ho," Angel insisted, "fuck yourself like the cheap and dirty lit' white assed cunt you are." Then as an after thought Angel added, "Jasmine, get dressed we are leaving."

I didn't want to continue masturbating as Angel had ordered. I wanted to show Angel I could be strong even if it meant another vulgar punishment. But my will power was far too weak. Before Angel had finished uttering the words my fingers were again buried deep in my deprived pussy. I hammered my cunt hard driving myself higher and higher up the wall of kinky sexual pleasure as I thought of worshipping Angel's magnificent love muffin with my tongue.

The two black girls dressed as I continued to debase myself before them. I couldn't stifle my whimpering of sexual joy. My pussy ached with burning need like never before. "Get the magazine, Jasmine," Angel demanded. Jasmine bent to pick up the obscene magazine that still lay on the floor near my high heel clad feet. "Ohh what the fuck," Angel laughed, "leave it, after all the horny old cow has paid for it twice." Angel walked to where my naked ass still rose high in the air and gave it a powerful slap with her bare hand, "And don't forget you friging ho I want you to find me another white slut to play with understand, cunt?"

From my humiliating position all I could say was, "Yes, yes, yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"Come on, Jasmine," Angel called out, "Lets go. It looks as if the dirty piece of white trash wants to be alone." Angel laughed her ugly ridiculing laugh again, "Alone with her fingers and her dirty book."

Still fucking myself madly I heard the front door open then close and I knew the beautiful young black girls were gone leaving me to fend for myself.


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After Angel and her friend Jasmine left my house I spent twenty minutes trying my hardest to make myself cum. My sticky fingers hammered my own pussy relentlessly as images of the white bitch from my porn magazine flashed through my head. I envisioned that bitch sucking her nigger lover’s monstrous cock. But even that obscene thought wasn’t enough to shove me over the brink to sexual climax. And still I slammed my wet fingers in and out of my quaking pussy. Awkwardly I pulled the tittie that Angel had used so cruelly earlier in the evening to my lips. I sucked the swollen nipple between my lips and bite it hard. I prayed that the horrible agony would finally push me over the edge into the world of sexually fulfillment. I braced myself and bite even harder as the agony tore me to pieces. But, nothing, not even a glimmer of sexual pleasure was to be mine.

Sobbing I finally admitted defeat. Slowly on weakened and wobbly knees I stood. Without even thinking about it I shoved my sticky fingers into my mouth and began to suck and lick clean of my own girly goo. What a freaky fucking sight I must have made. There I was a fully-grown 34-year-old adult woman naked in my own home. My ass still burned from the god-awful whipping Angel’s girlfriend Jasmine had given me. My poor knees were nearly rubbed raw from all the crawling I had been made to do. And to top it all off the blast furnace between my legs burned hotter than ever. I wanted to scream out my rage but what was the use no one would have heard but me. No one would cared but me. And, who was I, what was I? I was nothing but a nigger girl’s fuck toy I was powerd to realize. I was nothing but a 34-year-old slave slut owned by a 21 year old nigger Mistress and I had better get use to the fact.

I turned off the lights as I stumred towards the dinning room. Exhausted I slowly picked up the dirty dinner dishes and carried them into the kitchen. The ache in my legs was a constant reminder of the six inch “cum fuck me” high heels still strapped to my feet. ‘Why don’t I take them off and rest my poor feet?’ I thought. But deep in my being I knew why. ‘What if, God forbid, Angel turned up her holy Gangster cuckolds brownie music at this very moment. I only have three minutes to be standing in her living room naked and in heels. If I took the heels off and she turned on her music would I have time to replace the shoes and respond in time?’ No, no, no a thousand times no I wouldn’t take that chance. I couldn’t take that chance; the horrid heels would remain strapped to my feet. Yes, yes, a million times yes; I was slowly learning my place. Slowly but surely I was accepting the fact that I was nothing more than a white 34 year old female fuck toy for my Nigger Mistress Angel.

Trudging back through the house I passed through the living room towards my bedroom. In the semi-darkest of the house I spied one of the black dildos that Angel had powerd me to buy that day. Taking a deep breath I picked it up and then picked up the porn magazine from off the floor. Feeling totally debased I took my toys into the bedroom with me.

The room was dark as I entered and I moved slowly not wanting to trip. I flopped onto my bed, ass first, and was rudely reminded of my recent strapping. My ass exploded into another round of intense agony. Immediately I jumped to my feet. Turning around I crawled onto the king sized bed knees first and stretched out on my tummy. Then it was my poor used nipple’s turn to cause me mind-wrenching agony as it hit the mattress. I groaned in misery as the agony radiating from my tittie was reawakened. I lifted myself up on my elbows to ease the pressure on my tittie. Reaching over to the nightstand beside my bed I flipped on the table lamp. The room glowed in the soft light.

While my sexual craving had subsided several levels my pussy still ached with lingering need. I picked up the dirty magazine and began to flip through it. God how I wanted to throw it on the floor and just go to relax, it had been a long, long day. I wanted with all my heart to prove to myself that I did indeed have some control left over my life. But whom was I kidding? Soon I pulled my knees up under me as if I were waiting to be mounded from behind. Within minutes the obscene glossy pictures in my dirty magazine had my sexual engine nearing it’s red line once more.

One picture caught my attention in particular. The white bitch’s cute face was covered with gobs of the black stud’s cum. Cum dripped from her brow over one eye, another ran from her nose and upper lip and yet another had landed squarely on one of her cheeks. The white slut’s snake like tongue tried to lick the sweet goo from her lips while the mighty black cock was posed only inches from her open mouth.

Oh god how I wanted to be that white bitch tasting the sweet nectar of black dick goo. In my trans like state I slammed the huge black dildo deep into yawning pussy. Stroke after stroke I hammered the fake dick into myself. I stared at the picture as my mind screamed, ‘Pleaseeee ohhhhhh pleaseeee why can’t it be me …. ohhhhh god yes it should be me feeling and tasting that hot black male goo.’ And still I pounded my pussy with the thick black dildo. Thrusting it to the hilt deep into my hungry pussy. Once again I was on the very brink of orgasmic bliss. ‘Ohhhhhh godddd yesssssssss,’ my mind screamed.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. A 34 year old white woman driven to fucking herself like a sex starved slut by her 19 year old black Mistress. I had sank so low. But nothing mattered, nothing mattered except cumming.

Awkwardly I grabbed the tittie that my Nigger Mistress had used so horrible. I dug my nails into the hard nipple and squeezed. With my other hand I continued to fuck my own pussy with the fake black dick with punishing strokes.

Then it happened the mirical of all miricals I was cumming. Sweet Jesus in heaven I was cumming and cumming hard. I lost all control as I screamed my pleasure out loud, “FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Over and over the waves of orgasmic pleasure slammed into my quaking naked body. As the ultimate sexual joy slowly ebbed I closed my eyes to lingering in the after glow. Mercifully my long day came to an end as I soon fell into a deep peaceful relax.

The morning sun was already poring into my bedroom when I again opened my eyes Sunday morning. Much to my horror the black dildo I had used so effectively was still crammed deep in my pussy. I putted the fake cock from between my legs and placed it on the night stand beside my bed. As I rolled off the bed I realized that my one tittie was still badly injured. The nipple had turned a ugly purplish color and had swollen to nearly three times its’ normal size. And I could still feel the stinging soreness radiating from my well whipped ass.

I was still wearing my pink garter belt, stockings and six inch high heels from the evening before. After rising gingerly from the bed I put the dirty magazine away in my lingerie draw. And while I couldn’t help but feel like a cheap and dirty slut I also had to admit that I hadn’t felt so robust and energized in days. It’s amazing what one terrific orgasm will do for ones psyche.

However, by the time I walked into my bathroom the same old ache returned to my legs reminding me of the god awful high heels which I still wore. After showering I dried off and walked back into my bedroom.

I went about dressing on the slim chance that Angel would turn up the volume of her ungodly music. I reminded myself that I was now nothing more than a fucktoy on call. I hooked the pink a garter belt about my trim waist and then slipped pink a new pair of stockings onto my long lean legs. Taking one of my new pink mini dress from its bag on the floor I stepped into it and pulled it up slipping the spaghetti straps over my shoulders. After adjusting my titties into the dress I smoothed the very short skirt. The dress was backless and all but frontless but at least it did provide a tiny amount of modesty. It covered my pussy and ass I thought even if didn’t leave much to the imagination regarding my front. Then I slipped the pair of pink six inch “cum fuck me” heels, which Angel had powerd me to buy, onto my feet. After stepping into my shoes I buckled the somewhat stout ankle straps.

Sunday passed uneventfully. I busied myself with “bitch work” around the house. Cleaning up after my “dinner party”, dusting, vacuuming and I even mopped the tile floors and deep cleaned the bathrooms. Then I spent time putting away my purchases from Saturday’s shopping trip. I was still puzzled by the red hair dye Angel had made me buy. All day I listened intently for Angel’s gangster rap crap to start blasting but it didn’t.

From time to time I did gave Angel’s “gift” some thought. It was horrible what she was making me do. How could I lure another white woman into Angel’s world of vulgarity and sexual use? Yet if I didn’t obey Angel I knew she would drop me a hot potato. Losing Angel was a thought I couldn’t think without tears welling in my eyes.

As the day passed I began to think more and more about renting a bedroom in my home. I would be in total control of who I rented the room to. I could pick a hot, submissive young woman and turn her into another white assed slut for my young Nigger Mistress, Angel. On the plus side I was sure Angel would enjoy having both her white hos living under one roof and within easy access. The minus side was a bit more problematic as a roommate would mean I would have to take on something of a more dominate permistera. A role that I played well a few short weeks ago, before Angel taught me my proper place. But, one which seemed so foreign to me now. I wondered if I’d be able to dominate anyone even for a short time.

Monday morning dawned a bit over cast. Having decided to take on a “roommate” I was excited to get the ball rolling. I quickly bathed. After shaving my legs and pus I dressed in what I was starting to call my “slut on call uniform”. You know the one, short revealing pink micro-mini dress, pink garter-belt and stocking and six inch “cum fuck me” high heels.

Not wishing to waste any time I picked up the phone and called the newspaper’s want ad line. I placed the following ad “Female seeks same for roommate. Nice home, up scale and safe neighborhood. Non-smoker perfected. $100/week rent negotiable.”

My phone began ringing off the hook that very evening and I started to make appointments to show the room the following day. Of all the inquires one stood out above the rest. The first thing that struck me about Suzanne was her cute southern accent; it was obvious she was from the Deep South. Then I noted a certain sense of desperation in her tone. As we chatted Suzanne did a very strange thing, I thought. She offered me references without being asked; none of the other ladies I had talked with had done that. It seems Suzanne was a teacher. At any rate, I wrote down the names and numbers she gave me then set her appointment for 5PM the next day. Suzanne would be the last appointment of the day.

I continued to wonder about Suzanne. There just seemed to be something so very odd about her. For one thing, none of the other women had offered references without my asking for them. In fact a couple hadn’t even had any. So it was that I set about to quench my curiosity.


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Angel wore a glamorous full-length black leather dress with a split skirt in front, which revealed her delicious legs to above mid thigh. For shoes she wore classic four-inch black leather pumps. Angel's medium Afro hair-do acted like a halo and gave her the appearance of an African Angel. Yet the wicked looking leather riding crop that she held in her right hand shouted she was no angel. No, my African Goddess wasn't an angel she was my 21 year old Black Mistress.

Sweet Suze looked terrified as she demanded, "Who ... who the hell is this." Suze grabbed her elegant black dress and stumred awkwardly to her feet trying to use her dress to conceal her nudity.

Angel bolted quickly towards the frightened Suze and backhanded her hard across the face. The power of the blow sent Suze sprawling to the floor. Suze was dazed as Angel grabbed one of her twin ponytails and dragged her back to her feet.

Glaring at me Angel hissed, "Strip now, you old white cunt." I obeyed in a flash stripping off my pink mini dress. My nipples were hard little buds as my titties sprang into view. In just a moment I was completely naked except for my pink garter-belt, stocking and matching 'cum fuck me' high heels. The color accented my long blonde hair and blue eyes.

A thrilling chill raced up and down my spine as I assumed my natural position, naked and kneeling before my gorgeous and youthful Nigger Mistress Angel. Without being told I spread my knees very wide and crossed my wrists behind my back. Honestly I was relieved to be rid of my Domme permistera.

Suze's lovely face was contorted with terror as Angel continued to pull her ponytail viciously. Pulling Suze with her Angel took a step or two towards me.

Glaring at me Angel spoke coldly, "Well, you fucking old cow, are you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

Ohhhh god, I was horrified, my stomach leaped into my throat. Even though the situation was obvious I couldn't admit that I was Angel's owned property in front of Suze; the offense was more than I could bear. Angel took an angry step towards me. I had to say something, "Ahh.. errr ... Angel, this is Suze. Suze this is ...."

With the swiftness of a flash of lighting Angel propelled the riding crop into action. In a split second the crop landed cruelly across my left tittie. I yowled with the burning agony as the crop landed squarely upon my erect nipple. It took all the courage I could muster to maintain my submissive pose.

"Properly," Angel growled, "introduce us properly, you fucking white assed ho."

My humiliated soul burned nearly as hot as my stinging tittie as I was vulgarly reminded of my proper place. It was plain to see from the evil smile forming upon Angel's full lips that she was taking a great deal of pleasure from abusing me and Suze.

Quickly I began to speak praying to avoid Angel's wrath, "Ahhh, my Nigger Mistress ..."

Suze interrupted my words with a gasping "Oh my God," as my vulgar words registered with her.

I couldn't let Suze's shock detour me, "My Nigger Mistress, this is Suze Mc Neely ... Suze this is ... this is my Niger Mistress." Any color left in Suze's cute white cheeks now drained away.

Angle noted the stunned and fearful expression on Suze's cute face. "She's my white ho, I own her freaking white ass, she will do anything I tell her to" Angel stated the simple facts coldly as if to answer Suze's unspoken question. Then eyeing me closely Angel added, "Isn't that right you ass sucking piece of white thrash?"

My shame was complete as my face burned red with offense. The lovely southern belle Suze now knew the true state of affairs. She knew as I had learned to accept that I was nothing more that the 34-year-old plaything of a 21 year old black girl. I gave the only answer I could, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Then Angel presented the riding crop she still held in her left hand to my lips. I was suddenly filled with fright but somehow found the courage to open my mouth. The heat between my spread legs was unbelievable. Angel powerd the crop between my lips and ordered that I hold it. Of course, I didn't have to be told twice as I instantly clinched my teeth down tightly on the evil wand.

Suze froze as Angel let go of her ponytail. With her black dress pressed tightly against her nude body Suze made the prefect picture of feminine innocence. Angel made herself comfortable on my sofa.

Crossing her beautiful legs Angel spoke firmly, "Now, Ms Suzanne McNeely, you have a choice to make. You can put your dress on and leave this instant or you can hand me your dress and kneel before your African Goddess and become my white slut just like Barbie." Angel then went on in a softer tone, "It's your choice, baby." Glaring harshly at me Angel sneered, "You are my white slut aren't you Barbie." Not wishing to incite Angel's wrath further I shook my head yes without hesitation.

Gorgeous Suze couldn't believe what was happening to her. I had just humiliated her more than she had ever been humiliated before in her life. She had given herself to me and then I had simply given her away; given her away to my Nigger Mistress. To top it off the lady Suze had been given to didn't even seem to care whether Suze stayed or not.

From my knees I could see the wheels turning is Suze's head as she contemplated her choices. If she left she had nowhere else to go. Yet for the 33 year old southern belle born and breed in the heart of old Mississippi kneeling before a 19 year old nigger girl would be the worst of all offenses. The only thing worse would be to have her old friends or family see her in such a compromising position.

For a moment I thought Suze was about to bolt. I watched as a lump formed in Suze's throat. A shiver shook her naked body from head to toe. With her dress in hand Suze begin to straighten herself. I heard my breath. Then with tears in her sparkling green eyes Suze fell to her knees still holding her dress tightly against her bare breasts.

Angel's delight was obvious as Suze knelt near her feet. Her smile was short lived as Angel demand that Suze hand up the black dress. Tears streamed down Suze's flushed cheeks as she complied. Angel grabbed the dress and tossed it behind the sofa.

With tears still trickling down her sweet cheeks Suze tried to preserve some dignity by using her arms to cover her nudity.

A wicked smirk formed on Angel's full lips as she asked, "So you wish to be my white ho, Suze?"

Suze's whimpered so softly she could hardly be heard, "Yaaa ... yeee ... yessss Mistress,"

With the swiftness of a jungle cat, a tigress, Angel bitch slapped, Suze, as she growled, "Speak-up, cunt, so I can hear you."

Suze was slow to recover from the stinging slap. Her cheek was turning a bright shade of pink as she answered Angel, "Yesss, yes, Mistress ... I wish to be your white ho."

"Of course you do slut," Angel mocked. Then Angel demanded, "Spread your fucking knees ho and put your arms behind your back like your cunt sister Barbie."

Tearfully Suze obeyed the wicked command. She flushed beet red as she lowered her arms once again revealing her firm, round titties and their hard nipples. From where I knelt I could see that Suze's love lips were puffy with passion.

Once Suze's submissive position satisfied Angel she ratcheted up the pressure again by demanding, "And, you will call me your Nigger Mistress just as Barbie does. Do you understand you fucking white cum hole?"

I could see Suze draw a deep breath as she naively summoned all her courage, "Yess, I understand ... myyy ... my ... Mistress. But pleaseeeee, pleaseeeee don't make me use that word, the n-word. It ... it is such a degusting word and vile I hate it." Suze's words were drenched in her sweet southern belle accent.


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I knew what was coming and Angel didn't disappoint, almost faster than I could think the thought. Angel used all her strength to bitch slap Suze across her left cheek and then backhanded her right cheek just as powerfully. Angel roared with her sexy laughter as she said, "Did you hear that, Barbie? The white southern lady here haaates the nigger-word the cunt thinks, 'iiit'ssss viiiile and deeeeeguuuusting'."

Suze instinctively raised her hand to her burning cheeks. In a flash Angel grabbed Suze's left nipple and began to twist it severely as she growled, "I don't give a lady-fuck what you hate, you piece of white Dixieland thrash." Suze shrieked as the agony exploded throughout her body and she tried to grab Angel's hand.

That only infuriated Angel to new heights as she twisted Suze's nipple even harder and hissed, "Put your arms down, cunt. Put them back behind your back." Gritting her teeth as the agony stabbed deep into her being Suze realized she had no choice but to obey.

A contented smile brightened the lovely features of Angle's face as she relaxed her grip on Suze's nipple. "Don't think for one freaking minute you lit' southern ho that you are off the hook. I'll deal with the nigger-word later." I couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for Suze, as I knew full well that my Nigger Mistress didn't make threats; she made promises.

My eyes locked with those of Suze. We exchanged looks of helplessness. After a moment I noticed Suze begin to scan my nude body from head to knee. I couldn't help but blush as her eyes riveted on my ripe melons. Her ogling caused another burning round of offense. The blazing heat between my spread thighs was quickly becoming unbearable.

Angel's voice brought me back to reality, "Goodness my feet are tired they could sure use a good massage." Without being told I reached out and removed Angles four-inch pump from her lovely foot. With the riding crop still clinched tightly between my teeth I began using my hands to gently rub and massage her foot. "With your freaking titties you old white tramp." My face burned red with shame as I leaned forward lowering my titties to Angel's foot.

Realizing I had no choice I used my hands to press my tits tightly around Angel's black foot. Suze followed my every move which only intensified my shame. My left tittie which Angel had wounded early still stung like all hell. A dark red welt eight inches long and squarely across my left nipple clearly marked where Angel's wicked wand had landed.

"That's right, you honkie slut, tittie fuck my nigger feet," Angel sneered. I tried my best to ignore the hateful comment but I knew better than to ignore my task. Using my hands I trapped Angel's foot tightly between my white titties. Like some kind of whore I began to rub my titties all about Angel's foot.

As I continued to tittie fuck Angel's beautiful black foot she held her hand out to the side then growled at Suze, "Come here, cunt, and straddle my hand with your freaking thighs." Suze hesitated for only a moment glancing first at me then at Angel. Angel hissed, "Don't make me repeat myself, my lit' Dixieland slut."

Finally with her eyes lowered in shame Suze moved into the position that Angel had demanded. As she crawled forward Suze's perky tits jiggled provocatively. I found myself wishing I could feast upon one of her hard nipples.

"Look at me, you old fucking ho," Angel demanded of me. Looking up from my submissive position my blues eyes locked with those dark and powerful eyes of my Mistress. Her beautiful eyes burned deep into my being telling me exactly what she thought of me. And she knew that I understood exactly what I was; a cheap and dirty lit' white ho.

As I continued to massage Angel's foot with my titties I watched her rise two fingers on the hand that Suze had so obediently straddled with her creamy white thighs. "Mount my finger's, you fucking white assed ho," was Angel's simple demand delivered with something of a smirk.

From my position at Angel's feet I watched as Suze lowered her naked body onto Angel's waiting fingers. The contract of Angel's black hand and wrist against the creamy whiteness of Suze's shapely thighs created a beautiful image. The erotic effect that wasn't lost on me as my hot juices began to ooze from my throbbing pussy.

Angel laughed her demeaning laugh as her fingers slipped easily into Suze's gapping fuck hole, "God, Barbie, this cunt is fucking drenched." It was time for Suze to feel the heat of burning offense.

I wanted to acknowledge that I knew very well of the treasure nestled between Suze spread thighs. After all only minutes earlier it had been my fingers which Suze had rode. But having learned my place in Angel's world I held my tongue and remained silent. All the while my pussy screamed for attention.

As Suze impaled herself upon our Mistress's fingers Angel warned with an evil laugh, "Don't move a muscle, my sweet and horny lit' Miss Southern Belle."

I continued to minister to Angel's gorgeous black foot with tender care. I rubbed my titties against Angel's foot from ankle to toe then back again. As I worked my titties near Angel's ankle her lovely toes would inevitability come very near my lips. It became increasing hard to keep from sucking one of Angel's delicious digits into my mouth. However, I wasn't about to over step my limits.

With her free hand Angel reached into a pocket of her black leather dress and pulled out her cell phone. She flipped the phone open and spoke the simple command clearly and distinctly, "Call ... Jasmine."

From my kneeling position at Angel's feet I could tell Suze wasn't having an easy time of it. Beards of perspiration were forming upon her lovely white face. Her distress was most telling as she bit her lower lip trying to remain motionless while Angel's fingers explored deep in her cunt. The fear in Suze's sparkling green eyes was most becoming.

Suze's lovely face looked as if it were made of stone as she clinched her mouth shut. A thin film of perspiration coated Suze's naked body. It was clear that the dear southern born babe was making a supreme effort to remain still as Angel's fingers remained crammed into her sex hole.

I continued to lavish Angel's magnificent toes with the best tittie fuck I could manage as I listened in on Angel's conversation with her black beauty of a girlfriend Jasmine.

"Hey, it's me," Angel spoke casually, "how ya doing, baby ... okay, well listen there has been a change in plans ... yea, I am moving the party to Barbie's house ... ah huh ... call everyone and make sure they know where to come ... oh and honey stop by my house and pick up my strap-on dildo ... yea the big one ... and, sweetie, grab a dozen or so of my alligator style nipple clamps ... yea the ones you hate so much ... and we'll need the black leather strap ... yea I've got a white slut here that is going to need a lesmister or two ... okay, then I am counting on ya, baby ... yea, don't let me down or it'll be your ass." Closing the phone Angel placed it on the sofa's end table.

Knots filled my stomach as I listened to the one sided conversation. The words "party", "lesmister", "dildo", "the big one", "nipple clamps", and "leather strap" all caused me great apprehension. Angel's words had the same affect on Suze as she continued her super human effort to remain motionless on Angel's devilish fingers.


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After putting away her cell phone Angel turned her full attention to the naked and kneeling Suze once again. Angel smiled wickedly as she pulled her probing fingers from Suze's soaked pussy. Suze groaned as the fingers were removed. Without a word Angel presented her gooey fingers to Suze's full lips. Meekly Suze opened her mouth and snaked out her pink tongue to clean Angel's fingers.

Wear only a frilly pink garter-belt, stockings and matching pink six inch open toed high heels I continued to tittie fuck Angel's gorgeous black feet. Now and then Angel would wiggle her lovely toes right in my face. I knew she was daring me to kiss them but without permission I didn't dare unless I wished to risk a sever punishment. It took every fiber of my being to resist taking one of those beautiful black digits between my yearning lips. I could feel hot juices leaking from my throbbing and highly charged pussy.

Just a few minutes later my door bell rang. Coldly Angel ordered Suze to answer the door. A look of pure terror contorted the features of Suze's lovely face as she hesitated just a moment and began to protest with, "Ba ....."

Angel angrily back handed Suze squarely across the face. Suze shrieked as the wicked slap snapped her head to one side. "Answer the freaking door, hoe," the rage in Angel's voice was obvious.

A tear trickled down her cheek as Suze rose to her feet. Her lower lip tremred slightly as she blushed with shame and embarrassment. With her eyes lowered Suze walked tentatively towards the foyer. Even in her distressed state Suze's delicious bottom wiggled provocatively as she walked.

I continued to rub Angel's foot between my C's as excited chatter filtered in from the foyer. "Ohhh lordie, girlie, did you forget something?" Another voice laughed in answer, "Ohh my yes, sis, the white girlie forgot her dress I do believe."

Suze returned to the living room a moment lately followed closely my two young black girls. All laugher stopped as the new arrivals spied Angel. "Good evening, Mistress," both girls spoke in unimister. Without saying anything Angel snapped her fingers and just as silently the girls stripped naked expect for the gold colored high-heels they were wearing and gold colored thongs.

When I had a change to glimpse a peek at the black girls I was mildly surprised to find they were both big girls. I would learn later that Sandra and Cassandra were identical twins. Both black girls were 5'7" tall and weighted about 170 with heavy DD sized breasts. Both had their nipples pierced and wore small silver nipple rings through their piercings. I also noticed that both black girls had their tongues pierced near the tip. With their bountiful booties both girls were exquisite examples of the big beautiful black woman.

Silently Suze returned to her kneeling position beside our Angle. Without a word Suze spread her nylon encased knees very wide apart then placed her arms behind her back. Pulling her shoulders well back Suze created a beautiful picture of female presentation.

With a laugh Angel said, "I have decided to integrate my stable." As she spoke Angle gave me a violent shove with her foot between my titties. I tumred over onto my side as my blonde hair flew wildly. Still speaking brightly Angel asked Sandra and Cassandra

"You girls like white fuck meat?"

The girls exchanged quick glances then Sandra answered in a tentative voice, "We've never had any white meat, Mistress."

Angel laughed out loud as I lay naked at her feet, "You've never had a white bitch kiss your black asses

Again in unimister the big beautiful black girls responded, "No, Mistress."

Kicking me with her foot Angel demanded, "Kneel up slut." As I assumed my submissive position the door bell rang again. Angel sent Suze once more to answer the door as I spread my knees obscenely. I was learning quickly that it was best to obey Angel without hesitation. I crossed my wrists behind my back and powerd my Cs well forward. I was determined to avoid Angel's horrible wrath.

Then speaking to her two black girls Angel said, "Get naked sweeties and this piece of white thrash will suck your fat black asses. Won't you slut?"

I burned with shame as I answered, "Yes my Nigger Mistress."

Sandra and Cassandra openly laughed at me making my offense complete. In the blink of an eye the two black girls peeled off their thongs. One of the twins, I think it was Cassandra, took up a position directly in front of me placing her ample black bottom just inches from my quivering lips. Then she bent forward slightly as she reached her hands back to spread her bum cheeks.

The shame of it all was almost more than I could bear. But, I had no choice, leaning my head forward I began to kiss the black girl's bottom all over. After several seconds I began to kiss my way into the spread open crack of the girl's derriere.

As I tended to the black girl's bottom I could hear chatted coming from my foyer and realized several more girls had arrived. I couldn't help but think what a sight I'd make when they came into the living room.

I was quickly reminded of my task as the black girl complained coldly, "She's not using her tongue, Mistress." Instantly, even before Angel could respond, I dared my tongue deep into the crack of the girl's ass.

The girl's moan of pleasure filled the room but didn't save me as Angel delivered a cruel slap to my bare white ass. However, I didn't allow the burning sting of the slap to sway me from my task. Eagerly I began to ream the girl's bottom opening with my tongue. I could sense her growing arousal as she began to wiggle her bottom back at my probing tongue.

Suddenly the room filled with excited chatter as someone exclaimed, "Ohhhhh lordie will ya look at that." My face burned with embarrassment as someone else chimed in with, "Can I be next, Mistress, please." Yet, another asked, "Is she any good, Sandie?"

Sandra laughed, "Not to bad for a white girly."

As I continued to minister to the black ass in my face I heard Angel say light heartedly, "Relax ladies you all will get some white face if you want. Barbie here just loves kissing nigger ass don't ya, slut?"

I pulled my head back from the black girl's bottom just enough to speak, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress." The room exploded with girlish giggles as I once again buried my mouth deep in the crack of Sandra's bodacious bottom.

For the next hour I nearly wore my tongue out worshipping one black heinie after another. Every five minutes a new ass was presented to my lips. I worked my tongue eagerly hopping upon hope to avoid angering Angel. I did my best to ignore the rude and humiliating comments the black girls were making. Hardly a minute went by without me being reminded that I was a mature, fully grown white woman on her knees sucking young black asses.

Suze, wearing nothing but her high-heels, black grater-belt and stockings was kept busy answering the door. Each new arrival would quickly strip to just a gold colored thong and heels when they entered my living room and saw Angel. Angel made it clear to everyone that the "old white thrash whores", meaning me and Suze, would be the available to anyone wishing to partake of our "charms".

My naked white body was continually mauled as I knelt kissing and worshipping one black derriere after another. Black hands groped my titties relentlessly. Finger nails drove deep into the sensitive flesh of my nipples. With no where to run or hide I could only endure as my tormented body was raked with agony. Fingers vulgarly explored my most intimate female parts. My poor clit was violently pinched and twisted time and time again. Yet, though it all I powerd myself to remain in my submissive kneeling position and bear the use as I knew Angel could and would make it much worse for me if I failed to please her. And, pleasing my Nigger Mistress Angel was quickly becoming my only aim in life.

Soon my living room was filled with over a dozen vibrant black girls of every size and shape. There were tall ones and short ones. There were cherry sized hooters to the mammoth DD melons of Sandra and Cassandra. There were small round and tight derriere to rather large and full rumps. The one thing all the young girls had in common was this shimmering dark black skin. Their skin was as black as coal just like Angel's.

It wasn't long before a couple of the girls set up a boom box which immediately began to spew out that dreadful gangster rap crap. Someone else dimmed the lights and soon everyone was shaking their booty. Angle opened the top of her leather dress and had a black girl attending to each of gorgeous tarts. God help me but I did envy those girls.

From the corner of my eye I caught sight of Jasmine as she entered the living not having bothered to use the door bell. Her tall and curvaceous body looked just as desirable as very. It seemed everyone was happy to see Jasmine and she exchanged excited greetings with all and of course the respectful, "Good evening Mistress Angel."

Jasmine's beautiful dark eyes scanned the room as she dutifully stripped to just a golden thong and mandatory six inch high-heels. Suddenly Jasmine screeched excitedly in her sexy voice, "Miss McKeely is that really you?"

All action stopped in the room as everyone's eyes turned toward Suze. Two black girls who had been mauling Suze immediately stopped and backed away from the kneeling Suze. A look of bewilderment contorted the lovely features of Suze's face. "You know that cracker slut," Angel asked in a surprised voice.

"Know her," Jasmine laughed as she walked confidently towards the kneeling Suze, "I should say so. She was my Lit teacher in high school. You remember me don't you Miss McKeely," the tone of Jasmine's voice became icy cold. Suze looked as if she wanted to disappear as she lowered her eyes and shrunk away.

Jasmine stood right in front of Suze and used her right hand to cup Suze's chin and lifted it 'til their eyes locked. "I am Jasmine, Miss McKeely ... Jasmine Williams." Jasmine paused to giggle before powering a finger between Suze's lips. "If you don't remember me may-be you remember my brother Lewis," Jasmine laughed out loud.


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Again the chorus of, "Miss Mistress," echoed in my living room.

"And I am her Mistress right girls?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Please, please Ma'am let me explain," Suze pleaded.

Ignoring the whimpering Suze Angle went on, "Then logically I am her Nigger Mistress. Yet the honkie hoe refuses to give me that proper respect." As Angle spoke she had began to remove the black leather dress she had been wearing. It took all the strength I could muster to keep from leering at her lush body and long beautiful legs.

As she laid her dress on the back of the sofa Angle demanded, "What am I Barbie?"

Without hesitation I replied meekly, "You're my Nigger Mistress."

"Louder, hoe," Angle demanded menacingly.

Summon my courage I repeated my answer louder, "You're my Nigger Mistress."

"Now see girls," Angle laughed, "this is a fat assed cracker hoe that knows her place and knows how to show proper respect."

Standing beside me with her back to me Angle leaned forward slightly and demanded harshly, "Kiss my nigger ass, you piece of white fuck meat."

My mind screamed, 'Yes, ohhh god yes.' Eagerly, perhaps too eagerly I turned towards Angle and leaned my head forward burying my face in the crack of her small tight black dierre. The room filled with condescending laugher but I didn't care. I drove my tongue deeper into her crack savoring the silkily smoothness of her black skin. Hungrily I licked and sucked up and down the length of Angle's luscious black ass crack.

"Tonia, come here and lick me," Angel demanded. A short girl with a shaved head soon knelt in front of Angel. Angel wiggled her sweet ebony ass in my face as my tongue sought out her tightest opening. Slowly and oh so lovingly I began to trace small circles around Angle's puckered hole using my tongue. At the same time the girl kneeling in front of Angle began to tongue fuck Angle's delicious pussy. It wasn't long before Angle was swooning with delightful pleasure.

Angle's pleasure was evident as her naked body began to shake. At that very moment she stepped from between our laboring tongues. Without being told I returned to my task of attending to Salina's black feet.

Angel took a couple minutes to step into her strap-on harness then took "Black Bart" from a still quiver Suze who remained in her fuck saddle position. After slipping the punishment end of the huge black dildo through a ring in her harness Angle slipped the moderately sized pleasure end into her own well lubed vagina.

Slowly I sucked each of Salina's toes into my mouth one at a time. I swirled my hot tongue about lovingly as if attending to a male lover's hard cock.

Angle, meanwhile, began to slowly circle the prone Suze. "You see girls," Angle began using her sexiest voice, "this old cow thinks the N word is disgusting. She thinks she is too awful for her to use. "

"Ohhhh no," Suze whimpered, "you completely misunderstand Ma'am. It goes against everything I have been taught since I was a lit' girl."

"I misunderstand nothing," Angle growled. "You cracker hoes have always thought yourselves to be superior. But look at you now you old white slut. Look who is flat on her back surrounded by niggers." Angle continued, "You don't want to call me your Nigger Mistress because that would make you a nigger's slut. And you can't stand the though of a nigger being superior to you can you, hoe? Lit' Miss high and mighty white girly. Well you'll learn this very night that you're nothing but a nigger's hoe,"

Angel's fake black cock protruded prominently from her black loins as she knelt between Suze's well spread knees. The sound of hushed silence filled the room. "Please Ma'am ... please," Suze pleaded, "I have fought all my life to keep from using that hateful word."

Angel laughed, "And tonight you will learn a new lesmister. You will learn that it is best to do as your Nigger Mistress says without question the first time." Kneeling between Suze's spread thighs Angel began to not so gently rake the studded black dick up and down Suze's passion filled pussy lips.

Suze squealed and cringed in fright as the rough cock rubbed against her most sensitive skin. Innocently Suze tried to push herself backwards and away from the menacing fake cock. "Grab her girls," Angle commanded, and quickly two of Angle's black girls grabbed Suze's arms to hold her firmly in place. Rubbing the cock harder against Suze's tender lips Angel demanded, "Say it, say the word, hoe."

Suze flailed her legs and squealed as the sinister "Black Bart" caused her more anguish. "Pleaseeee," she whimpered softly. I could only imagine the agony that the punishment dildo could cause a girl and it wasn't a pretty image.

Angel posed the tip of the evil fake dick at the opening of Suze's gapping love hole. With an evil grin Angel proclaimed, "Last chance, hoe."

"Pleaseeeeeee noooo," but Angle didn't allow her to finish before ramming the wicked cock an inch into Suze's cunt. Suze's high pitched scream of pure agony filled the room. Suze's whole body seemed to raise off the floor before falling backwards. Her head twisted and jerk from one side to the other. Her beautiful hair flew wildly about as her lovely legs pumped wildly in the air.

"Say it, hoe," Angel demanded, "say the N word."

Only Suze's wild thrashings answered Angel. With another powerful stroke Angel slammed the vulgar "Black Bart" another inch deeper into Suze's ***d pussy. Suze screamed incoherently as her body bucked furiously. Her sobbing screams echoed throughout the room as tears streamed down her cheeks. The suffering those tiny little pyramid shaped studs caused was unbelievable.

Without a word Angel slammed the fake cock two inches deeper into Suze's used pussy. Then as if in one movement Angle pulled the cock completely out of Suze's love hole then RAMMED it in up to the hilt with all her strength.

Suze screamed long and loud as she actually pounded her head on the floor. Tears cascaded down Suze's cheeks. "Stop ... STOP ... your ... tearing me ... tearing ... to pieces ... plsss," Suze's babblings were nearly incoherent.

With a smug grin on her face Angle pulled "Black Bart" half way out of Suze's ***d fuck hole and then rammed it home four times in rapid fire secession. Each thrust was more powerful than the last. Suze's high pitched screams of pure hell were heart rendering. Her tiny fist fists beat the floor. Her body bucked so powerfully that I was amazed that Angle was able to remain in the "saddle".

Angle's athletically toned body glistened beautifully in the dim light of the room. Her gorgeous black breasts with their hard nipples swung invitingly under her as she hammered Suze's innocent pussy. With an arrogant smile Angel answered Suze's tearful plea, "I'm not damaging you, honey." Then added with a laugh, "But it sure feels that way doesn't it, hoe?" To emphasis her words Angel pulled the torturous "Black Bart" completely from Suze's used pussy then RAMMED it home HARDER than ever. "Say the words, cunt, the words you know I want to hear," Angle mocked. Suze's naked body immediately flew into another wild fit of frenzied contortions.

All the young black girls in my living room seemed mesmerized by the sadistic scene playing out before their eyes. All the girls were hooting and hollering making rude and degusting comments. Several of the girls actually mauled Suze's wildly flopping titties adding to her misery.

Suze's strength and will to resist were quickly being drained. Her screams became nothing more than naturalistic grunting. Finally Suze surrendered as she babred softly, "Naaaa .... Nigggggg."

Smiling brightly Angel asked, "What did you say, hoe?" With that Angle rammed the menacing "Black Bart" home again.

Suze succumb to another round of hysterical screams and unimaginable suffering. As the fires of hell torn at very fiber oh her being Suze whimpered, "Niggg ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ... nigger ...nigger ... nigger."

The room suddenly became totally silent. "Say it louder, hoe," Angle demanded with the bright smile of victory.

Chocking back her sobs Suze responded louder, "Nigg ... nigger ... nigger."

With a mocking grin Angle asked, "And, who am I, hoe?"

Suze knew what she had to say, "Nigger Mistress." Then corrected herself, "You're my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress."

The black girls exploded with rude slurs meant to demean and degrade both Suze and myself. "And what does that make you, hoe," Angle asked sweetly.

Still chocking back sobs Suze answered, "It ... it makes me ... a ... it makes me ... it makes me a nigger's whore."

Angle laughed menacingly and without warning plunged "Black Bart" deep into Suze's used pussy, "You're a hoe nothing but a fat assed white hoe."

Suze was sent into yet another fit of wild gyrations and ear piercing screams. Her endurance at an end Suze now seemed eager to please, "Fat assed white hoe ... fat assed white hoe ... it makes me ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe ... it makes me a nigger's fat assed white hoe." Suze's nearly incoherent babblings made it clear that she was being driven out of her mind with suffering. "Plssss stop .... Please stop ... it makes me a fat assed white hoe ... you're my Nigger Mistress ... my Nigger Mistress ... I'm a nigger's fat assed white hoe. Plzzzzz I can't take anymore ... plzzzz ... plzzzzz ... anything ... I'll do anything ... plzzz."

Realizing Suze was broken Angle pulled "Black Bart" from between her creamy white thighs and proclaimed, "Girls, **** the hoe's face." Almost before she had uttered the words Cassandra had straddled Suze head with her heavy black thighs.

Standing, Angle smiled warmly as the cruel "Black Bart" protruded prominently from her hips. She immediately looked eyes with me and cooed, "Ya know, baby, I haven't cum yet. You do want me to cum don't ya, hoe?"

Involuntarily my naked body began to shake with terror as I looked up from Saline's feet. My silence didn't seem to offend Angle as she commanded, "Make your fuck saddle, hoe."

Fear gripped my very soul as Angle stepped directly in front of me, "Make your fuck saddle, hoe," Angle demanded again this time accenting her words with a powerful bitch slap across my face.

The cruel slap snapped me out of my semi-dazed state. I rolled onto my back and then pulled back and separated my knees until my heels hung in mid air. I was open and available as if waiting for a male lover to mount me.

After watching Suze suffer for over a half-hour I knew full well what was in store for me. "Please ... please, my Nigger Mistress have mercy I'll lick you ever so nice," I pleaded sincerely as my body tremred with fear.

Angle knelt between my thighs and with a smirking huff said, "So you wish to bargain, huh? But, you have absolutely nothing to bargain with. I'll take anything from you I want. You'll lick my nigger pussy when ever I demanded won't you, cunt?"


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There was no point in arguing, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"So what do you have to bargain with, hoe?" Angle demanded to know.

"Nothing, my Nigger Mistress," tears began to well up in my blue eyes as I responded the only way I could. My body continued to shake sporadically with fear. Yet my hard nipples and drenched pussy spoke volumes about my state of arousal.

Angle grinned broadly as she positioned "Black Bart" at the very entrance of my bald pussy. Then mercilessly she RAMMED the "Black Bart's" thick, studded shaft into me as far as it would go with one all powerful thrust.

My eyes bulged wide open and my legs shot straight into the air as the circuits to my brain were overloaded with horrible agony. For the briefest of moments I was totally paralyzed by the overwhelming agony. But, Angle wasn't paralyzed at all as she began to fuck my helpless pussy with powerful strokes. My pussy felt as if it were being torn to shreds the pain was so hideous.

My screams, when they came, were ear piecing and continuous. With sadistic glee Angle pounded me without mercy. My helpless body bucked furiously in an effort to escape the mind boggling agony. My screams became hoarse and turned to pitiful fits of sobbing as tears cascaded down my cheeks. And still Angle drove her evil fake cock, "Black Bart" deep into my pussy viciously.

Unable to endure any longer my mind drifted off to a distant "safe harbor". From my "safe place" I heard my sobs of suffering turn to softly whimpered pleas for mercy. I knew I was on the verge of blacking out.

Then as if from a far off distance I heard Angle declare her joy as she blasted off to orgasmic bliss. Her beautiful black body shuttered from head to toe as she came. She spasmed with pleasure and with each spasm she drove "Black Bart" deeper into my ***d pussy. My suffering was so complete that my only response was naturalistic guttural noises from my throat.

For long minutes Angle lay on top of me with "Black Bart" still buried deep in my fuck hole. My titties rubbed against her black breasts. I savored the feeling of Angle's hard nipples pressed tightly against my tittie flesh.

All too soon Angle ripped "Black Bart" from my pussy without ceremony and stood. Again my world was filled with overpowering agony. I flopped about wildly as the pain coursed though my body like red hot daggers.

Finally after an eon I was able to take a deep breath of relief, however my reprieve was short lived as Angle demanded, "Girls, **** the cracker hoe's face." Immediately my head was incased by a pair of black thighs as a soaked bald pussy was positioned directly over my mouth.

For the next eternity, or at least it seemed an eternity, I licked one black pussy after another. I licked and sucked eagerly, almost hungrily, knowing that a return visit by "Black Bart" was a distinct possibility. Most of the girls weren't content with just with simply using my mouth but wanted to maul my titties and pussy also.

My pussy remained astonishing sensitive and the lightest touch sent another wave of agony shooting though my defenseless body. Long, shape finger nails dug deep into my tittie flesh. My nipples were pinched and twisted mercilessly. Sporadically I would tremble and shake wildly unable to exercise the least bit of control over my body. This seemed to delight which ever black girl was riding my face at the time.

Angle, who took a seat on my sofa, soon had three black girls tending to her. One each ministered to her gorgeous black breasts while the tall and beautifully erotic Jasmine knelt between her silky black thighs. It was plain to see that Angle was in a near continual state of orgasmic bliss.

My tongue continued to work its magic as one black girl after another came while riding my face. Each girl left behind her feminine juices smearing my face and matting my hair.

At least one of the black girls seemed to take great delight in using her hot tongue to tease one or the other of my used but rock hard nipples. She would tongue tease my nipple for a moment then I'd feel her teeth lightly biting. Her tongue would tease a bit more then she'd bite a bit harder. She continued the process of teasing and biting until she bit so hard I was unable to contain my screams. Then she would move to the other nipple and begin all over again. It took all my concentration to remain focused on my task.

Judging from the occasional screams, grunts and groans coming from Suze's direction, just a few feet away, she was making out no better than myself. We were both nothing more than human sex toys to be used by the superior black girls who surrounded us.

Our ordeal continued late into the night. One black pussy after another mounted my face. The young black girls were coming back for "seconds" and "thirds". My jaws and tongue ached far beyond my ability to cope. My titties were bruised, battered and bitten. My pussy blazed in an agonized world all its own. Yet, each time my endurance was at its end just the though of another attack by "Black Bart" pulled forth reserves of strength and courage I didn't know I had.

Then finally, mercifully it was over. I opened my eyes and found myself still sprawled on the floor but the room was completely dark and silent. Angle and her "harem" were gone. The only sound beside my throbbing pussy was Suze softly breathing just a few feet away.

My naked body ached horribly from head to toe. I could feel and smell the dries female juices coating my face. And while my body was sore and beaten I realized that I was hornier than I'd ever been in my life. I needed to cum and I was going to do something about it.

Reaching a hand out I touched Suze's soft shoulder. Reaching higher I grabbed a handful of her lovely auburn hair. Using all my remaining strength I rudely dragged Suze's head between my sprawled legs. She awoke with a whimpered squeal but didn't resist.

Once I had Suze's head in position I reached deep into my Domme permistera and summoning the last of my strength I demanded coldly, "Eat me, hoe. Make me cum, you cracker hoe."

It dawned on me briefly that I had fallen to new depths as I used the same derogatory terms as my Nigger Mistress Angel. "Look how far I have fallen," I thought, "How far will I fall?" But I didn't care ... I Didn't Care ... I DIDN'T CARE. I was about to cum and that was all that mattered. I WAS GOING TO CUM.


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Perhaps it wasn't fair to power poor Suze to pleasure me. Certainly she had suffered just as much if not more than I had. My own body screamed with throbbing aches and pains. My pussy still burned furiously from the assault by "Black Bart". My abundant titties still suffered tremendously from the cruel mauling that Angel's black girls had given them. However, I didn't care one hoot about fairness. All I cared about was satisfying my pent up carnal urges. Having dragged Suze's head between my sprawled thighs, I again demanded, "Make me cum, you ho," when she was slow to respond.

Slowly, ever so slowly I felt Suze's hot tongue lick up one of my swollen pussy lips and down the other. She flicked her tongue twice across my throbbing clit before kissing it tenderly and swirling her tongue around it. Poor Suze was trying desperately to please me, but it was plain to see that her enthusiasm was lacking.

"Our Mistress left 'Black Bart', do you wish for another visit, ho?" I snapped.

Of course, I was lying. Angel hadn't left the cruel dildo she called "Black Bart". Besides, even if I had access to the monster dildo, I doubt I even had the strength to put him to use, but Suze didn't know that.

The mere mention of "Black Bart's" name sent Suze into a fit of uncontrollable shaking. My bluff had the desired effect on Suze's psyche, and I soon felt her hot, wet tongue plunge deep into my yearning pussy.

I pushed my hips up into Suze's face demanding more of her tongue. My pussy remained enormously sensitive. Even Suze's loving kisses caused painful fires to burn deep in my soul. Yet the pleasure her velvet like tongue brought forth was undeniable. My feminine juices leaked from my quaking pussy, oozing down the crack of my ass. With her enthusiasm restored, Suze licked hungrily, lapping up my wetness.

The pain and pleasure mixed together becoming one, all the while driving me up the wall of sexual desire like never before. Pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain. The throbbing of my used pussy pounded in my ears. My naked body quaked beyond my ability to control it. My thighs squeezed tightly about Suze's head, trapping it.

"Make me cum you cheap dirty ho!" I demanded sadistically.

Suze fucked her tongue deep into my craving pussy. Using the very last shred of my strength, I humped my hips up and down to meet the stabbing thrusts of her tongue. Cupping my own titties, I dug my nails deep into my hard nipples. The pain was horrific, even causing me to squirt a little pee. Conversely, the pleasure was overwhelming and I was suddenly CUMMING.

Physically, my orgasm was nothing more than a gentle ripple on an otherwise still pond. Reflexively however, my body shook beyond anything I could control.

The explosion of pleasure in my mind was blinding. My mind shrieked loudly inside my head, "Fuck yes ... Fuck Yes ... FUCK YES I AMMM CUMMINGGGGGG." Like a volcano long over due for eruption, my pleasure circuits burst forth sheering my brain. White-hot lava surged throughout my body sweeping me away on a continuous wave of unadulterated pleasure.

"SWEET SWEET JESUS I AM CUMMINGGGGGG ... ohh thank you god thank you ... I am cumming." My mind screamed again, and again, and again, and again.

In a state of total bliss and relaxation, oblivion soon over took me and my world filled with darkness. As I drifted into restful dream, I could feel Suze's talented tongue as she continued to lovingly kiss my totally satisfied pussy.

Before they had left my house the night before, one of my black guests had set an alarm clock and put it on the end table beside my sofa. At exactly 6AM it rudely awoke me from my peaceful rest. Stretching out an arm, I quickly turned the alarm off.

Suze began to stir from her position between my still spread thighs. Reaching out my other arm, I grabbed a hand full of Suze's gorgeous auburn locks and pulled her head towards me. Suze didn't resist at all as she rose to her hands and knees. Pulling her head up to mine I powerd her lips onto my own. Without a word, Suze's impassioned tongue attacked mine with lustful fury as she slowly lowered her body onto mine. With wild abandon my tongue battled back, stabbing deep into Suze's open mouth. For several minutes our tongues fought the duel of erotic lesbian lust.

My tongue swirled about Suze's as our titties pressed tightly against each other. I could feel her nipples stiffen as the warmth of desire began to radiate between my legs.

I was about to put Suze's talented tongue to work where it counted most when thoughts of my Nigger Mistress Angel entered my mind. I realized she was apt to start blasting her nasty rap music at any moment, and I was in no position to comply with her demand that I be standing on her front porch in full "slut uniform" within three minutes of that occurrence.

Shoving Suze off of me, I stood, ignoring all the aches and pains. Glancing at the alarm clock, I noticed it was 6:10AM. That's when I saw the note beside the clock. Picking up the note, I quickly scanned it.

It read "You and your cracker ho roommate are to be standing on my front porch at 8AM dressed as the old, fat assed, white ho sluts you are." The note was signed simply, "your Nigger Mistress."

The note eased some of my apprehensions, while serving to heighten others. 'At least, I have time to prepare,' I thought. However, the thought that sent hot sparks shooting towards my passion pit was, 'But what am I preparing for?' I didn't know what to expect, except a severe punishment if I didn't satisfy Angel.

Suze groaned a bit as she stood. She honestly looked like a train wreck with no survivors. Her used tits were covered with dark bruises. Suze's nipples had swollen to nearly four times their normal size, and turned an awful purplish color. Her ass and inner thighs were crisscrossed with bright red welts from our Mistress' riding crop. Her hair was matted with dried female juices. What remained of Suze's torn and tattered black nylon stockings hung loosely about her ankles. That was all she wore, except for her black high heels.

Taking inventory of myself, I quickly realized that I hadn't faired much better. While my C-cup titties weren't nearly as bruised as poor Suze's, they did show the unmistakable signs of the use they had endured the evening before. My nipples were swollen and puffy from the use they had suffered. My pussy lips were sore and swollen, stark testimony to the vulgar treatment they had received. My pink stockings, while still attached to their garters, were torn and tattered. All in all, Suze and I looked like a couple of cheap gutter whores who'd gone though a meat grinder. Just the look our Nigger Mistress was going for I was sure.

However, there wasn't any time to lick our wounds. Time was short. I sent Suze off to the Master Bath off my bedroom to draw me a luxurious bath. I explained that I wanted the bath water very hot, and told her where to find the bath oil and bubble bath.

After sending Suze on her way, I walked into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I set up the coffee pot and turned it on, then walked to my bedroom. I heard the water running into my garden sized tub as I took a seat on the king sized bed. Suze was moving about preparing my bath and I called her to me. As I removed my high heels, stockings and garter belt, I told her to do the same.

When we had finished, I instructed Suze to follow me into the bathroom. The bubble bath looked very inviting. I stepped into the tub filled with hot water and luxurious bubbles and eased myself down into them. The tingling sensations of the steamy water combined with the scented bath oils helped to soothe my aches and pains. I breathed a long sigh of total contentment.

As I relaxed to enjoy a good soak I ordered Suze to fetch me a cup of coffee. Naked and barefoot, Suze moved quickly to comply. She returned shortly with a mug filled with my second favorite take. After Suze handed me the mug I told her she could use the shower stall to clean herself.

As if shot from a cannon, Suze dashed towards the shower stall. A smile curled my lips as I watched her B's bounce provocatively. In just a matter of minutes steam was rising from the shower stall.

Taking a sip of java, I continued to enjoy the affect the soothing bath had upon my aches and pains. As I relaxed, I couldn't help but wonder what might be awaiting Suze and me at Angel's house. Just thinking about the possibilities caused shivers of dread to race up and down my spine. Yet, each shiver seemed to land squarely between my legs. I couldn't help but notice that the mere though of seeing Angel again caused my used nipples to stiffen.

My daydreaming was interrupted by a call from Suze, "Do you have any cream rinse, Ma'am?"

"There is a bottle on the vanity, dear," I replied a bit testy.

Stepping from the shower, Suze asked politely, "May I barrow some, Ma'am?"

Briskly I answered, "Of course, sweetie."

Suze retrieved the cream rinse and quickly returned to the shower.


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Several minutes later Suze stepped from the shower and began to towel herself dry. From my relaxed position in my tub, I devoured every inch of her beautiful naked form with my eyes. After drying her body, Suze began to gently dry her gorgeous auburn locks.

"My cup's empty, honey," I quipped.

Suze knew what I wanted. Walking towards the tub, she began to wrap the towel around her otherwise naked body. Sweetly I demanded, "Drop the towel, baby." Without a word Suze let the towel fall to the floor as she leaned over to pick up my mug. Her titties swung free under her torso, and not being able to control my building lust, I grabbed one and began to fondled it roughly.

Suze gasped in pain as I began to squeeze her sensitive love tart. Not knowing what else to do, she froze in place as I played with her. It was quite plain to see that Suze's titties were still very sore. Taking her nipple between my finger and thumb, I began to roll the lit' nub back and forth. Then I pinched it slightly. It wasn't long before my efforts were rewarded, as the little love bud stiffened with arousal.

Having had my fun, I sent Suze on her way, telling her to put her shoes back on. Suze grabbed my coffee mug and padded barefoot and naked from the bathroom.

Just a couple of minutes elapsed before Suze returned wearing her black open toed "cum fuck me' high heels and carrying a steamy cup of joe. As I took my mug from Suze, I realized that I had failed to have her shave the neatly trimmed bush between her lovely and inviting thighs. I made a mental note to correct that situation later.

"May ... may I dry my hair, Ma'am," Suze asked tentatively.

"Sure, doll," I replied as I took a sip of my hot brew.

A bright smile spread across Suze's cute face as she turned towards the vanity. The warmth of an even brighter smile radiated though me as I watched. Suze's six inch heels powerd her tight little bubble of an ass high in the air, creating a mouth watering picture. And, the adorning dark red welt marks crisscrossing Suze's round bottom certainly got my Domme red to raging.

Suze quickly found my curling iron and plugged it in. Setting it aside to warm-up Suze picked up a large comb and began to straighten her tangled hair. She combed it slowly and carefully. A slight smile formed on Suze's pouty lips as she worked. From time to time Suze would rub a hand full of hair against her neck as she combed it. With the loving care she gave her hair, it was quite evident that it was her prized possession.

After several minutes of preparation, Suze picked up the hot curling iron and began curling her lovely locks. For over ten minutes Suze worked diligently. The end product was a head full of beautiful "Shirley Temple" curls. Her curls made Suze look ten years younger and cute as a button.

Having finished attending to herself, I demanded that Suze tend to me. Kneeling beside the tub, Suze took a soapy washcloth and began to bathe my entire body. As she worked, her hazel eyes sparkled beautifully. After washing me from head to foot, I had Suze shave my pus and pits. I then had her shampoo my hair, which she did with quiet efficiency. After Suze finished rinsing my blond hair, she gently toweled it dry and then wrapped it in the same towel. Standing up in the tub, I allowed her to use a clean towel to pat my upper body dry. I stepped from the tub onto a bath mat as Suze continued to dry me. I felt like a rich and pampered bitch with my own permisteral assistant, or even a bit like my beloved Mistress Angel. Reaching out a hand, I cupped Suze's chiseled chin and lifted her lips to mine. Our tongues meshed together gently and lovingly.

Breaking our warm embrace, Suze looked deep into my icy blue eyes and murmured, "Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you for giving me a place to live. I can never thank you enough. You won't regret it Ma'am, I promise. I really and truly have nowhere else to turn."

"Aren't you concerned about Angel?" I queried.

A Mona Lisa smiled formed on sweet lil' Suze's face as she responded, "She's really hot isn't she Ma'am?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Trying my best to down play my true feelings, I replied, "Well I suppose you could say that. She certainly has a nice figure."

"Nice figure?" Suze quipped a bit too cheerfully, "She's a total knock out!"

Abruptly I stepped away from Suze to walk to the vanity. I didn't want her to see the effect that just thinking about our black Mistress had on me. As I began to blow dry my hair, I sent Suze off to shaving her private parts. With a look of rejection, Suze headed to the tub to complying with my wishes.

Having dried my long blond hair, I had Suze stand in front of me for "inspection". She grimaced a bit as I touched her swollen pussy lips, a testament to the use she had received the evening before. I gently ran my fingers along her slit, and to my surprise, I couldn't detect the slightest bit of stubble. Her venus was as silky smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

After we had finished our grooming chores, I wrapped a towel around myself. And had Suze grab my coffee mug from the vanity and follow me to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I took back my coffee and sent a still naked Suze to the kitchen to prepare us both a bowl of oatmeal along and some toast with jam.

Now that I was ready to dress for our "appointment" with Angel, I walked towards my dresser. I noticed that all the drawers seemed to be a bit askew. Opening the drawer where I keep my bras I was shocked to find if empty. The same was true of my pantie drawer. In fact, all of my lingerie was missing. All that remained were the pink stockings and garter belts which Angel had made me buy.

On a hunch, I walked over to the walk-in closet and flung open the double doors. I was simply appalled to find that nearly all my clothes were gone. Two of the three pink mini dresses that Angel had ordered me to buy were all that remained expect for a pair of running shoes left in one corner. Everything else was gone. My dresses, skirts, tops and jeans were all gone. Even my bathrobes were gone. I couldn't help but feel totally ***d.

I didn't have the time to ponder all the "what ifs". I now realized that Angel had absolute control over everything I wore, or for that matter, didn't wear. What did it matter? She already had absolute control over everything I did, and, truth be told, I couldn't honestly say I wasn't loving it. My pussy hadn't known a moment's peace since I'd met the gorgeous young black girl. Even at that moment my pussy ached with desire, mixing deliciously with the soreness I was still feeling from the night before.

I dressed as thoughts of Angel's youthful beautiful haunted my mind. When I had finished, I was again decked out in my "slut uniform". This consisted of pink garter-belt, matching stockings and six inch "cum fuck me" heels. The dress I put on wasn't much more than a few strips of material sewn together. The hem of the skirt was dangerously short, considering I wasn't allowed to wear panties. It just barely covered the tops of my pink stockings. The top of the dress wasn't anything more than two straps which passed over my shoulders. In front the straps formed something of a V as they plunged to well below my navel where they connected to the skirt. My heavy C cup tits couldn't help but spill over the sides of the narrow four-inch wide straps. I quickly found that I had to walk very carefully to keep my tits from bouncing out of the alleged dress.

Taking my mug of joe with me, I walked into the kitchen where Suze was putting the finishing touches on our breakfast. Her cute "Shirley Temple" curls bounced and swung delightfully just as her bare titties did. The sight of her beautiful naked form, combined with thoughts of Angel, sent my libido into overdrive. I wanted desperately to put Suze's lush lips and velvety tongue to work quenching the sexual thirst that was beginning to surge between my legs. However, there wasn't time to partake of such pleasures. Glancing at the clock on the kitchen stove, I noted it was already 7:40AM. I cursed myself for having lingered so long in the tub.

I took a seat at the kitchen table and told Suze we had to hurry. She didn't question me as she served my bowl of oatmeal and toast then topped off my coffee. I couldn't help but admire the swing of Suze's round tight ass and the provocative bounce of her perfectly formed Bs.

With my permission, Suze prepared a bowl of oatmeal for herself, and after pouring a small glass of OJ, took a seat beside me at the table. As we ate, I told Suze for the first time about our 8AM date with Angel. A glimmer of fear flashed though Suze's sparkling hazel eyes, but I was amazed at how quickly it passed to be replaced by a look of anticipation.

After our Spartan breakfast, Suze followed me into the living room. I had her put on the black mini-dress she had worn the day before, since it was the only clothing she had at my house. Since her nylons had been ruined the evening before, Suze remained bare legged. As we left my house, all that Suze wore were her mini-dress and six-inch high heels. In my pink stockings, heels and mini dress, I looked like a total slut, again, the exact look Angel wanted. The worst thing was, I felt like a complete slut as well.

Following me out of the house, Suze closed the door. Much to my horror, Mr. Henman who lived across the street, was out on his porch getting his morning paper. His middle-aged eyes about popped out of his head as he noticed Suze and me walking down my front walk to the city sidewalk. Not knowing what to do, and embarrassed beyond all reamister, I could think of nothing else to do, but wave. That was a big mistake, as my right tit flopped free of the narrow dress strap trying to contain it. Mr. Henman's jaw dropped like a ton of bricks, as my tit flopped free, but that didn't keep him from ogling me as I awkwardly tried to replace the strap.

I blushed beet red as Mr. Henman recovered and politely called out, "Good morning ladies."

Turning left onto the city sidewalk with Suze close at my heels, I called back to Mr. Henman as cheerfully as I could, "Good morning Mr. Henman."


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As we walked to the store the rude and demeaning comments of passers-by reached an all time high. Most of the black ladies we passed looked down their noses with heaps of scorn at Suze and me. Wolf whistles persisted as black men called out their ugly comments.

"Yo, baby, ya lookin' for some real dick?" "Lordie yes just look at those white mamas they need it. They need it real bad." "Ohhh hell yea they are just begging for my hard black dick." "I'd give the bitch some hard meat to suck and then pound it into her white ass." "Bet you likes it in the ass don't ya mama?" "Nooo, nooo I'd make them beg for my nigger cock then blast all over their faces." "Will ya look at the titties on that one?" "And, that ass is mighty fine for a white bitch." "I just love white pussy." Were just a few of the smears tossed in our direction.

The degusting comments went on and on. I forgot about my feet and legs as I realized I was nothing more than Angel's white assed ho. I prayed she wouldn't whore me out not here. And certainly not in broad day light.

But my prays weren't to be answered for as we neared the entrance to Sensual Sister's several black men surrounded us. One of the men making most of the degusting comments seemed to know Angel. He was of median height and just slightly heavy set in his mid forties. Speaking loudly he asked, "Hey, ya Angel, how is it going girl?"

"Ohhh cut the crap Leroy you want one of the girls or not?"

"Yea, I just think I might take a spin with one of them," the man Angel had identified as Leroy said.

Butterflies swirled in my stomach as Angel asked with a softer tone, "Which one, sugar?"

"How much for that one," Leroy asked pointing to me. I diverted my blue eyes and nearly died with shame.

Angel replied flatly without batting an eye, "A two hundred bucks an hour."

"That's a little steep isn't it, baby," Leroy respond. All the time I couldn't believe my ears as I listened to the two haggle over the price of my body.

Leroy grinned broadly and as he spoke and I notice a gold front tooth, "Will she let me fuck her ass? You know how I like to give it to white sluts in their tight lit' asses."

Herself smiling warmly Angel answered, "Well this is your lucky day, Leroy she loves it in the ass don't you, Barbie?" Shyly I shook my head yes with my eyes lowered, feeling my flesh burn with the fires of shame. Turning in my direction Angel bitch slapped me hard across the cheek, "I asked you a question, ho!!"

Stunned, it took me a moment to find my tongue when I replied shame faced, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress, I love it in the ass."

"Well, baby," Angel stated firm, "money talks and bullcuckolds brownies walks. What is it going to be?"

Acting as if he still hadn't made up his mind Leroy asked, "Can I see those white tits?"

"Barbie," Angel smiled sweetly, "show my friend your freaking cow utters."

Nearly obligation on the huge lump in my throat I slipped the narrow straps of my dress off my shoulders until my tits sprung free and into full view. Whistles and catcalls came from every direction much to my shame. It was impossible for me to believe I was actually showing my Cs off on the street in broad daylight. And, I was just as horrified to find that my nipples had stiffened with arousal.

Leroy didn't say a word nor did he take his eyes off my white titties as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a large roll of bills. The morning sun gleamed off Leroy's gold tooth as he grinned broadly and peeled off two crisp $100 bills. Handing the bills over to Angel he said cheerfully, "Yea, yea, baby, I'll take her." He was almost licking his lips as Angel allowed me to cover my tits.

As Leroy put his arm around my waist and began to lead me away Angel warned, "Make awful sure you show Leroy a good time, ho."

I replied sheepishly, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress," as Angel and my sister slut Suze turned and entered Sensual Sisters.

The street fell silent as Leroy led me down the sidewalk. In a moment his hand slipped from my waist to my ass. As if he owned me he squeezed my left ass check and asked, "You ready to have some fun, sugar?". With a heavy heart I shook my head yes. Within another few paces Leroy slipped his strong hand under my skirt exploring my bare ass. As he groped my ass Leroy turned me into a rather seedy rooming house. After walking up a flight of stairs and half way down a long hall he took me into and even seedier room.

After closing the door with a bang Leroy swung me towards him and used his hands to slide the straps of my dress down over my shoulders and off my arms. I stood topless before him. For a long minute he played with my large titties. Then he used his fingers to roll my hard nipples back and fourth teasing them something awful. I damned myself as my nipples, against my will, hardened even more. As he teased me Leroy asked, "Ya know what I like just as much as ass fucking a white bitch, sugar?"

Nervously, I stuttered, "A ... ah ... well ... no sir ... no ... I don't."

"I like a white slut on her knees sucking my big black dong," Leroy grinned.

I didn't really know what to do. I had never been paid for sex before. "Well ... yes ... I can do that ... it that what you want, baby."

"Yea, sugar, get down on them white knees and suck my black dick," he ordered.

I was actually happy to knelt before the big black man as it relieved the awful strain on my feet and legs. While I positioned myself on my knees Leroy unzipped his jeans and pulled out his semi-erect cock. I had a sharp intake of breath as I saw for the first time in my life a live black cock.

Leroy looked down on me and asked me with a smirk, "You like my cock don't ya, honey."

Gees yes I liked it, how could a girl not? Even in it's semi-hard state it was the largest most powerful looking fuck rod I had ever seen. Leroy watched with amusement as I licked my lips with excitement. I couldn't take my eyes off the huge rod.

"You want to suck my monster, baby," Leroy asked mockingly. With my face burning red with shame I shook my head yes. "Just say please, ho. I just love to hear a white bitch beg to suck my black dick."

"Pull ... please," I whimpered softly.

Leroy laughed as he lifted his heavy dick to my lips and said, "Then do it, baby. Suck my black dick."

Tentively I leaned forward and planted a firm kiss on the head of Leroy's cock. Opening my mouth I swirled my tongue about just the head. Feeling the cock growing harder and thicker I continued to use my tongue to tease just the head for several minutes as Leroy groaned with growing desire. Opening my mouth wide I began to swallow the ever-hardening dick. Ohhh god help me but I love to feel a man's cock grow hard in my mouth. Leroy's black fuck rod didn't disappoint me as it grew thicker and harder while I slide my mouth further and further down the throbbing shaft.

I felt the head of the huge cock as it hit my throat. I couldn't believe how long Leroy's cock was. It had to have been at least eight or nine inches in length. I tried my best to relax my throat and take him all the way into my mouth. Laughing at my efforts Leroy growled, "That's right, ho, take all of Leroy's dick," as he grabbed the back of my head with both hands.

He powerd his cock into my throat. I found it unbelievable that I was actually taking all of his powerful black shaft. Leroy grunted with naturalistic lust as my chin bumped his tight nut sack. The motor between my thighs revved into high gear as I realized I had swallowed every last inch of Leroy's mighty black dick. At least four inches of his powerful fuck tool were buried deep in my throat.

Using his hands Leroy began to pull my head and mouth off his rock hard dick. As my lips reached the head of his throbbing rod he paused a moment so that I could pay homage with my tongue. I took full advantage of the opportunity and lapped at the head like a hungry puppy dog. Leroy's pre cum juices were leaking freely and I savored every last drop.

Grinning down at me Leroy demanded, "Look at me, ho." As I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick I lifted my blue eyes until they locked with his black ones. "You like sucking my cock don't ya, ho." Without even thinking about it I shook my head yes.



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Leroy's smirking grin broadened as he powerd my head back down on his throbbing black dick and said, "Yea, all the white girlys love Leroy's dick." My chin slapped his balls and then using my hair he pulled my head off his black meat. As the head of his black dick plopped from my mouth the monster stood straight out. God it was mouth wateringly gorgeous as my saliva glistened on the ebony skin. Hungry for more I used my tongue to lick his stiff dick all the way down to his black balls.

Gently I licked and sucked the tight black nut sacks. Sucking them both into my mouth I licked them lovingly with my tongue. Then slowly I licked and kissed my way back to the oozing head of Leroy's mammoth and powerful rod. Using his burly hand Leroy began to cock whip my mouth, chin and cheeks with his meaty sausage. I tried my best to trap his cock with my mouth but it was fruitless and he continued to slap my lips, nose and eyes with his mighty baton. I looked up into his sparking blacks eyes pleadingly. Smirking broadly Leroy mocked, "Say pretty please, ho."

Swallowing my last shred of dignity I whimpered, "Pretty please."

No sooner had I uttered the shameful plea than Leroy grabbed my head and crammed his dick between my open lips. Humping his hips forward Leroy shoved his overly thick dick into my mouth until it slammed deep into my throat. Without pausing Leroy began to fuck his throbbing weapon in and out of my mouth. It was all I could do to keep from obligation as he fucked my face as if it were a pussy. He pistoned his dick in and out of my mouth harder and harder. As his lust built I felt his might shaft grow even thicker in my mouth. I prayed it wouldn't be long before I was takeing his black cum seed.

With a groan of passion Leroy used my hair to pull me from his ready to cum cock and flung me to the floor. I landed unceremoniously on my side as my sore titties flopped whorishly.

"On you hands and knees, ho," Leroy snarled down at me, "Now, Leroy is going to fuck himself some ass hole."

Disappointed at being denied the ability to taste the fruits of my labors I nonetheless scramred to my hands and knees, as my black client had demanded. My pussy made its carving hunger for satisfaction known by sending out blazing flames of hot agony to spread throughout my nearly naked body. As I knelt I spread my knees and lowered my shoulders til my bare titties were pressed tightly against the dirty floor. My ass was high in the air, open and very much available. I prayed that I'd be able to take all of Leroy's engorged dick.

Leroy knelt behind me as my pussy screamed for attention. His swollen shaft actually scared me to death. Softly and pleadingly I whimpered, "Please ... please be gentle ... won't you?"

"Ohhhh yea, baby, I'll be gentle okay," Leroy mocked smugly, "that's why I paid a 100 bucks for your ass. So I could be gentle." Leroy positioned himself behind me and flipped my short skirt up onto my back. He snarled with naturalistic hunger, "Spread them cheeks for me, ho. Leroy likes to see what he's fuck'n."

Bracing myself I reached both hands back and spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could giving Leroy unobstructed access to my most secret female parts. Leaning forward Leroy slide his rock hard, two-inch thick black dick down the length of my slit lubing it with my leaking feminine juices. Pulling back he posed the head of his dick at the opening on my ass hole as my body tensed to receive the onslaught.

Forcefully Leroy worked the head of his powerful cock into my ass. I felt as if I was being split in two. Slamming himself forward he crammed another inch of himself into me.

I tried to relax but the pain was overwhelming. "Please ... please ... don't hurt me," I whimpered.

Leroy rammed another inch of dick into my ass and said, "Just shut the fuck up, ho, and earn your ho money."

Leroy continued to pound deeper and deeper into my ass hole. I felt myself being stretched to the limit and then beyond. And, still my pussy yearned with a throbbing need all its own. Then with a tremendously powerful surge Leroy slammed the last two inches of his fuck meat into my ass.

I tremred in heat as his black balls slapped against my wet slit. Leroy began to fuck his dick in and out my of my stretched ass. Slowly at first and then faster and harder. He slapped my defenseless ass checks over and over demanding that I fuck back. I did my best to match his tempo. I slammed my ass back trying to match his intensity.

Slam ... slam ... slam ... slam. As Leroy fucked me harder than ever the pain in my ass slowly subsided and was replaced with a gratifying twinge of burning desire. As his lust built Leroy grabbed my hips and began to fuck me with rapid, powerfully and demanding strokes. I felt his cock grow even thicker as it raged deep in my ass hole. I found myself matching his urgent thrust with those of my own.

Cramming a finger into my craving and hungry cunt I tried to quell the burning fires that blazed between my legs. Slipping in another finger I fucked my drenched pussy every bit as hard as Leroy hammered my ass.

With a loud grunt Leroy slammer his black cock to the hilt inside my ass. An instant later I felt his scalding cum blast into my bowels. Combined with my fingers the sensation of burning cum sent me over the edge into the sweet paradise of orgasmic bliss. The thought that a black stud was actually blasting his fiery cum into my ass only added fuel to my naturalistic lust. I bucked and thrashed franticly as I pounded my fingers in and out and of my own pussy demanding that sexual joy go on forever and ever.

Leroy kept himself buried to the hilt in my ass hole as he unloaded jet after powerful jet of scalding hot, black, stud seed into me. I slammed my hips back at him demanding more of his huge throbbing ramrod. Hot cum leaked from my ass hole and oozed down my inner thighs. I buried my dignity and purred, "Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me hard." I savored the pleasure sweeping over me knowing that all to soon it would be lost.

Leroy pulled his shrinking pleasure rod from my ass and shamefully wiped it clean on my ass cheeks. "You aint a half bad ass fuck for a white girly," he stated as if it was the nicest compliment he could give.

After a moment Leroy stood and I slowly regained my feet after making sure to pick up the alligator clips which I have dropped while finger fucking myself. I slipped my arms back into the narrows straps that passed as the top of my dress. Breathing slowly with my heart still racing I adjusted the straps to cover as much of my titties as possible. Looking down I was horrified to find that my pink stockings had been torn and looked just awful.

Replacing his cock back in his pants Leroy said flatly, "Now get out."

"Could I have just a moment to freshen up, honey," I asked hopefully.

"NO," Leroy stated coldly, "You done your job, ho. Now get the fuck out so Leroy can take himself a nap."

And so it was as Leroy sat down in a chair to begin taking off his shoes I walked slowly towards the door of the dingy room. My hair was a mess; my stockings were in ruins and male cum still oozed from my ass to dry on my inner thighs. I couldn't help but feel like a common street ho. Then I realized that now I really was a ho. The thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I was nothing but an old fated assed white ho.

As I opened the door Leroy told me, "Tell Angel Leroy said you're a good ass fuck. And let old Leroy tell you something, baby, you aint such a bad cock sucker either."

Walking out the door I told him I would tell Angel what he said then closed the door behind me.



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Mistress Angel and my sister ho, Suze, were just finishing up their shopping at Sensual Sister's when I entered after servicing Leroy, my first client. Shock registered in Suze's gorgeous hazel eyes as she noticed my wretched appearance. I knew that I looked like a gutter whore with my hair a mess and my torn stockings. I couldn't help but feel like one as well.

Shock must have also registered in my eyes too when I took in the sight of Suze's new attire, because she instantly diverted her eyes and blushed shyly. In my absence, Suze had been made to wear some of her purchases. She now wore a skimpy mini-dress that was eerily similar to the one I was wearing. Narrow six-inch wide straps crossed over her shoulders like suspenders and attached to the tiny skirt in front and back. While Suze's tits were a full cup size smaller than my Cs, the narrow straps still allowed plenty of tit flesh to spill over on either side. The skirt was no less concealing, as it barely covered the tops of her red stockings. The only real difference between Suze's so-called dress and mine was that while mine was hot pink hers was bright whore red. Completing Suze's whorish ensemble was a pair of open toed six-inch high heels with buckling ankle straps.

As I approached Angel and Suze, Angel only smirked meanly and asked loud enough that several near-by patrons could hear, "Did you show my friend Leroy a good time you cracker ho? I had better not hear any complaints."

A half dozen young black ladies glared at me with a grandiose air of superiority. Lowering my eyes, I answered, "I ... I think so, my Nigger Mistress."

"It looks like old Leroy gave you a pretty good romp," Angel stated brightly.

After taking a deep breath, I answered, "He told me to tell you that I'm a damn fine ass fuck for a white girly. my nigger Mistress"

I couldn't help blushing something awful. Yet for some reamister I felt a degree of pride in Leroy's words.

Several of the young shoppers snickered callously, while I on the other hand, wanted to simply die of embarrassment.

I was glad to see that Angel and Suze were nearly finished with their shopping. I noticed that many of the items they were purchasing were very similar to the slut clothes that Angel had powerd me buy in the past, only the color had changed. I was mildly surprised to see that Angel had picked out a pink sting bikini which I could only assume was for me.

Suze and I followed Angel to the check out counter where Angel presented my bankcard to pay for the purchases. I signed for the shopping trophies as they were packed into three large shopping bags. Angel slipped an arm around Suze's slender waist and began leading her towards the door.

Glancing over her shoulder Angel gave me a quizzical look which I understood immediately. I scramred to pick-up the three shopping bags and follow Angel and Suze towards the door. I wasn't quite fast enough, and the door slammed shut in my face just before I could catch it.

I hurriedly bent over to set one bag down so I could open the door. Much to my horror a round of snickered comments and humiliating laugher sounded throughout the store. In my perplexed state, I had completely forgotten I wasn't wearing panties. I was giving anyone who cared to look a prefect view of my lower feminine anatomy. My face burned red with shame as I quickly righted myself and opened the door. Leaning over again to pick-up my bag only added to my offense, as my right tit popped free of the strap trying to hold it. The young black girls continued to laugh and mock me with their crude comments as I struggled to replace my exposed tit. I used my foot to hold open the door as I adjusted my dress.

The mocking laughter reached a feverish pitch as I bent over once more to pick-up the burdensome packages Angel had given me charge over. I couldn't help but flash the verbally abusive black girls again, showing off all my female assets. My face burned with offense as my mind was sheared with shame.

Gathering what little dignity I could, I awkwardly stepped through the door. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I started to follow Angel and Suze down the sidewalk. With her arm still around Suze's waist, Angel looked back at me and asked what was taking me so long.

"Hurry up ... move your lazy ass you stupid white cunt," Angel hollered for the world to hear.

Dozens of heads turned towards Angel and then me. Black men opening leered as I struggled to catch up.

I tried, I really did. The burdensome bags were heavier than they looked, and they restricting my pace. I did however manage to pick up the pace, that is until my barely contained titties began swinging and bouncing wildly. They threatened to break free of their confinement if I moved any faster.

One-hundred-twenty feet ahead Angel and Suze looked back at me as they reached the car. Angel's voice was filled with impatience and scorn as she screamed, "Move it, girly. Move you frigging fat ass I don't have all day."

By now everyone on the street was watching the spectacle of the thirty-something white woman chasing after the twenty year old black girl.

Casting all caution to the wind I began to run. Of course, the pink 6-inch high-heels strapped to my feet wouldn't allow me to actually run, so it was more like a trot. Within a matter of seconds my left tittie broke free of the narrow strip of pink material trying to conceal it. A couple steps later, my right tittie followed suit, as it also flopped free. The straps were now loose, and they quickly slipped off my shoulders and slid down my arms, leaving me completely topless. Modesty demanded I stop and cover my naked titties, yet I didn't dare.

Angel continued to yell, "Move it you piece of white thrash."

Whistles and demeaning comments from the many black bystanders filled the air as I tried to move faster. My freely bouncing titties caused a great deal of discomfort as I trotted along as fast as I could manage.

By the time I reached Angel and her car, she had opened the trunk. I was told to put the packages I carried in and to close the lid, which I did without question. Several bystanders had wandered towards the car and had begun forming a semi-circle about twenty feet back.

After closing the trunk, I wrapped my arms around my jiggling titties trying to hide them, but, Angel wasn't of the mind to allow me such modesty.

"Put your arms down slut," she snarled, "In fact put your hands behind your back."

Hanging my head in shame, I quickly obeyed my owner. Much to my distress, Angel seemed content to continue my public offense, while a smirking Suze stood quite proudly by her side.

"Look at yourself," Angel scolded, her voice filled with scorn, "you're nothing but a dirty piece of white trash."

I humbly whimpered, "Pleaseeee."

"Please what, you cunt," Angel snapped.

"May I please cover myself, my Nigger Mistress?"

The small crowd of black people who had gathered pressed closer in order to hear every humiliating word.

Angel ignored my plea.

"See how hard her nipples are, Suze?" Angel mocked.

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress," Suze responded quickly as she continued to smirk.

"That is how I know the trashy cunt loves this treatment. Don't you, cunt?" Angel lectured.

Swallowing a lump in my throat I replied honestly, "No, my Nigger Mistress. I don't love it at all."

Angel again ignored my words. Smiling at Suze my black owner continued, "She loves it so much, in fact, that I bet her pussy is throbbing and wet."

With a knowing smile Suze responded slyly, "I bet so to, my Nigger Mistress."

Angel commanded Suze, "Check it out, slut. Let's just she how excited the bitch is."

I was horror stricken by Angel's words. God help me, but I was excited. Angel was right. My pussy was soaked and ached with a throbbing need. Like a fire cracker with a short fuse, I was ready to explode at any moment.

"Check it out, Suzie Q, check and see how wet the whore's pussy is," Angel demanded.

"Of course, my Nigger Mistress, it would be my pleasure," Suze replied brightly. Smiling broadly Suze stepped in front of me and slipped her delicate hand under the hem of my very short pink skirt.

I lifted my head slightly locking onto Suze's sparkling hazel eyes, hoping to see a hint of mercy. I saw no mercy, only a curious air of superiority. Suze's finger slipped easily into my well lubed cunt, sending shivers of fantastic pleasure racing throughout my nearly naked body. Suze's air of dominance intensified as her finger penetrated my needful pussy deeper, and she used her thumb to rub my clit. My pussy was quaking and my knees weakened with whorish lust as she began to pull her finger out. Involuntarily the muscles inside my wanton pussy contracted squeezing down hard on Suze's playful finger trying to keep it inside me. The sensation wasn't lost on Suze as her sparking eyes lit up brightly and the awful demeaning smirk returned to curl her lips.

"What's taking so long, bitch?" Angel insisted.

"Just a moment ...," Suze replied. She didn't get a chance to finish.

With cat like speed, Angel grabbed Suze's bare arm and spun her around. Without giving Suze a chance to recover, Angel bitch slapped her hard across her left check causing Suze to stumble in her high heels. Trying to recover her balance, Suze's feet became entwined and she tripped, which sent her falling to the ground. She landed hard on her right side causing her left tittie to pop into view.

"Don't you dare!" Angel hissed as Suze tried to cover herself. Looking down on the helpless white woman Angle snarled, "Just who the fuck do you think you are, cunt? Don't you ever tell me 'just a moment'."

"Yes ... okay ... please ... I understand, my Nigger Mistress," Suze rubbed her bruised cheek as she pleaded.

Angel scolded, "Now look at yourself, bitch, you have gone and smeared Barbie's pussy juice all over your face. Clean your finger before you make it worse."

Sheepishly Suze's full lips parted, and she slipped the finger that had so recently been buried in my soaked pussy between them.

"Look at me, whore," Angel demanded.

Obediently, Suze lifted her eyes to meet Angel's penetrating glare. It was my turn to smirk as I watched Suze swirl her tongue around her own finger as if she were sucking a most desirable cock. Suze's air of supremacy faded away into nothingness, and was replaced by fearful presentation. Even in my humiliating position, I couldn't help feel a sense of enjoyment as I witnessed Suze's return to reality.

"You think you're somebody don't you, cunt?" Angel growled at Suze who remained laying on the ground on her side. "Yea, you think you're something special. Little Miss Southern Belle whose cuckolds brownie don't stink."

"Nooo ... please ... my Nigger Mistress," Suze whimpered demurely.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," Angel demanded. "Well look at yourself now you fucking piece of white meat. Yea, that's it, baby, suck your finger. Look at your sweet little southern born and breed tittie hangin' out. You ain't cuckolds brownie. Now stand the fuck up."



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Suze did as she was told, even as she continued to suck on her own finger.

After she had stood up, Angel callously ripped Suze's finger from her mouth. "Now, both of you cover yourselves up. We have other business to attend to."

Suze and I quickly obeyed, as the small gathering of black bystanders groaned with disapproval. As soon as I had my titties covered Angel stepped forward and grabbed my wrist as if I were a young.

"Show's over folks," Angel said good naturedly to the few on lookers who remained.

As a black couple moved out of the way, Angel began to lead me down the sidewalk. Over her shoulder Angel snarled at Suze, "Come on, slut, we don't have all day."

Suze moved quickly until she was only a couple of paces behind Angel and me.

With a grin Angel looked over her should and said casually, "You know, Suze, I was talking to your hair dresser, Tamara, yesterday."

At the mention of Tamara's name I chanced a glance at Suze. The look on her face said it all. If looks could *******, surely the daggers shooting from Suze's gorgeous eyes would have *******ed me dead.

Then to give the dear sweet something more to think about Angel added, "She is really looking forward to your next appointment."

As Angel and I walked with a sulking Suze trailing behind, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. It didn't matter that I was being led by the wrist like an unruly young. It didn't matter that my hair was a mess and my make-up smeared. It didn't matter that my pink mini-dress was dirty and my stockings torn. It didn't matter that I had a black man's dried cum caking my ass and inner thighs. All that mattered was that I had garnered my gorgeous Mistress's favor.

After about a half a block Angel turned abruptly and led me into a run down store. The card board sign in the window proclaimed "Jimmy's Tattoos and Body Piercings". My heart skipped a beat as I read the sign. My mind filled with dreadful possibilities and my body couldn't help but shiver slightly with fear.

Angel didn't miss my fearful reaction, and she smiled her evil yet sexy smile. I instantly understood that whatever she had planned was very apt to add to my offense. Taking a deep breath, I determined to endure whatever she had in mind to the very best of my humble abilities. For some strange reamister I felt a strong need to be Angel's favored white slut. Suze was on the ropes and I wasn't about to let her recover. I steeled my nerves to do whatever was necessary to keep Suze in my rearview mirror.

The front of the store, which seemed to be a waiting room, was empty expect for a burly gray haired black man slumped in a chair half arelax. Hearing the clicks of our high heels, he slowly opened his dark eyes. Recognizing Angel, he leaped to his feet causing his beer belly to bounce noticeably.

"Well, Angel, you are a beautiful sight for these old eyes. It's been a long time." The man said.

Dropping my wrist, Angel walked the few feet to where the man stood, "Yea, it has been a long time, daddy, but I have been very busy. I hope you understand."

As she spoke Angel embraced the old man and held him very tight. "I've missed you, daddy."

"And, I have missed you too, darlin'." the rather short man said as he broke the embrace. Then, eyeing Suze and myself, he asked, "You're not still up to your old tricks are you, baby?"

"Ohh please, daddy, let's not argue. Besides, it's very good money as you damn well know." Angel defended herself.

"Well yea I know, sweetheart, but ... well you know that I have always worried about you working for that ladyfuckin' prick Mister Big T," the old man continued.

"Now, daddy, Tyron is okay. Besides he makes sure I'm protected. He makes his money and I make mine."

"Oh, it's Tyron now, huh?" He said with a bit of a frown then not waiting for an answer continued, "So what's on your mind, honey? Bring your old man some skinny white pussy?"

"Ohh you know daddy, you can have a crack at them later." Angel smiled, "After all, we gotta keep your ole pipes cleaned out don't we."

With a broad smile and a loud roar of laughter that revealed several missing teeth, the old man agreed, "That we do honey, that we do."

"But first," Angel's tone suddenly got deathly serious, "you need to perform some of your magic."

The old man smiled, "What kind of magic, sweetheart?"

Angel leaned forward and began to whisper in the old man's ear. As she whispered his toothy smile got wider and wider.

"Wheee, girl," he grinned brightly, "You know I love to pierce white women's nipples."

"Daddy!!! Hush!!!" Angel scolded with a laugh, "Don't give away all my secrets."

Suze, who had come up to stand just a foot or two from my right side, reached out and grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. She was trembling. I flashed a look in her direction and saw her brightly sparkling hazel eyes filled with horror. My stomach knotted up with fear but I willed my body to remain calm and not show the sense of dread I felt. I willed myself to be strong. I'd show that spoiled little southern bitch who the strong one was.

"Well let's get started," the old man grinned. Then while openly ogling my body up and down, he said cheerfully, "The sooner we start, the sooner we finish, and the sooner I get to bust me some sweet white pussy."

"Come on," he stated as he turned to walk towards an office along the back wall.

"Come along, girls," Angel demanded coolly as she began to follow her man.

Suze squeezed my hand tighter as we followed Angel into the office.

The room seemed too large for its sparse furnishings. There were a couple of beautician style chairs in the center with a medical examination table between them. The room certainly didn't offer much privacy, as the front wall contained windows half way up. Under the windows were three chairs that didn't look very comfortable. Sitting on a counter across the back of the office were trays of what appearing to be gold and silver jewelry.

Turning towards Suze and me, Angel snapped, "Both of you get naked NOW."

I had the top of my dress pulled down off my titties and pushed down to my waist before Suze had even moved. In another five seconds I had pushed the dress down my legs and stepped out of it, leaving it lying on the floor. An instant later I was standing straight up with my hands submissive behind my back, and my shoulders pulled well back. It took Suze nearly twice as long to assume the same degrading position.

The old man looked as if he was about to have a heart attack as his dark eyes shifted back and fourth between Suze and me. I thought he was about to start drooling.

"Daddy," Angel joked, "control yourself. They are just trashy white whores."

He couldn't help but use his tongue to lick his lips as he ogled my bare titties and their hard nipples.

Looking at Suze, Angel stated matter-of-factly, "You will go first, cunt."

Angel hadn't even finished the words before tears began to slowly trickle down Suze's lovely cheeks. For a full 15 seconds Suze stood still, in a state of shock. Abruptly, Angel grabbed her by the arm and all but shoved her into one of the beautician chairs.

In the mean time, Angel's man had begun to scrub his hands at the sink along the back wall. While he did that, Angel seated herself in one of the chairs at the front of the office. She rested her elbow on the arm of the chair and extending her forearm out parallel to the floor.

With a wicked smirk Angel commanded, "Barbie, come ride my fingers while we wait your turn."

Without a word, I turned around and damn near pissed myself when I saw several black men standing outside the windows across the front of the office. Recognizing a couple from the scene earlier on the street, I could only surmise that they had followed us. I told myself I didn't give a cuckolds brownie who was watching or what she demanded of me I was going to obey Mistress Angel without question.

I took the few steps to where Angel was sitting and spread my legs so that my pussy was directly over her hand.

"Turn around, slut. You need to watch your sister," Angel ordered.

I repositioned myself facing Suze and with my ass towards Angel. She lifted two fingers up as she ordered, "Now fuck yourself!"

Without hesitating I squatted until I felt her fingers press against my juicy pussy. Lowering myself further, I felt her fingers begin to penetrate my well lubed cunt. My naked body shook with lust and longing. I squatted lower, taking all that Angel offered.

I didn't care that a half dozen black men and a couple of black women were watching through the office windows. Trying to block the scene from my thoughts, I began to fuck myself up and down on Angel's fingers. My naked titties bounced as I pumped up and down with hard powerful strokes. My craving pussy spasmed with unrelenting lust.


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My eagerness wasn't lost on Angel, as she smiled, "You are horny aren't you?"

"Yes ... fuck ... yes," I responded without slowing the urgency of my powerful stokes. "I ... am ... very ... horny ... my ... Nigger ... Mistress." I panted as sweat began to coat my naked body.

Having washed his hands thoroughly, Angel's daddy began to lay out the implements for the procedure he was about to perform. Suze's lower lip quivered as she watched him unwrap two long, hollow, stainless-steel needles along with a pair of tongs and a bottle of antiseptic.

"Pleaseeee," Suze pleaded as tears continued to trickle down her lovely white cheeks, "I am begging you, my Nigger Mistress, not this please."

Ignoring Suze's pitiful plea, Angel slapped my ass hard, "Don't you dare cum, girly."

"No ... my ... Nigger ... Mistress ... I ... won't," I replied.

However, the sexual sensations surging through my body had to be acknowledged. My pussy was ablaze with burning need. Involuntarily the muscles in my love hole would convulse, squeezing down hard on Angel's fingers. It took all of my strength and self-control to keep my libido from blasting off into outer space.

Suddenly Angel pulled her fingers from my craving cunt, leaving me panting and sweating. As I focused on the real world again, I realized Suze was now standing up. My eyes were quickly drawn to the silver rings that adorned her succulent nipples. She openly sobbed as she crossed the room to stand in front of Angel.

Jovially the old black man asked, "Who's next?"

"That'd be you," Angel stated lightly amplifying her words with a not so playful smack to my ass.

Determined to be strong, I took my place in the chair that Suze had just vacated. Angel's man went about preparing for the procedure that would leave my nipples pierced just like Suze's. Gritting my teeth, I decided my best course of action would be to simply ignore what he was doing and concentrate on something else. That would turnout to be easier said than done.

I watched as Angel had Suze kneel beside the chair she was sitting in. Holding out the fingers that I had just ridden, Angel ordered, "Clean them bitch."

Without a word, Suze leaned forward and took the two fingers into her mouth. She sucked them deep between her pouty lips and slowly pulled back and began to lick them with her tongue.

As she worked her tongue, I let my gaze wander over Suze's lush feminine body. From her perfectly formed and perky titties to her tight round ass, my mind devoured her beauty. She had an ass so full that many ghetto bitches would be envious. It was an ass that was made for spanking, and it seemed to beg for it.

Suddenly a sharp painful jab to my left nipple rocked my world. Digging my finger nails into the arms of the chair, I groaned as the stabbing agony swept throughout my being. My eyes welled with tears, but I willed myself to not cry. However, my outward reaction didn't give a clue to the turmoil going on inside my brain. My mind screamed, 'Mother fucker!'

Much to my relief, the agony subsided quickly, leaving in its wake a bearable dull ache. I again tried my best to focus on Suze's hot, creamy white body. In the short time I had been distracted; Angel had repositioned Suze so that the submissive bitch was leaning down worshipping Angel's gorgeous feet.

With her magnificent white ass high in the air and with her knees spread, Suze offered a most pleasing view of her glistening slit. Her cute puckered hole seemed to invite invasion. Her pussy lips were swollen and gaping with passion. They revealed just a hint of pinkish delight and looked absolutely delectable. I was totally mesmerized and almost drooling as I pondered both the sight and the possibilities.

'Motheeeer fuckeeer,' my mind shirked as another electrifying jab centering on my right nipple shook my world and shocked me back to reality. Again the agony was overwhelming, but except for a rather loud gasp, I was able to control my outward reaction. As before, the awful pain was short lived, but the throbbing ache that resided in both my nipples was undeniable.

Looking down, I saw that both my nipples had been impaled by beautiful silver rings that matched those that Suze wore. I had to admit that I kind of liked the look. I noted that it hadn't really hurt as much as I thought it was going to. Once again it became clear that Suze, with her outlandish squealing, whimpering and begging was nothing but a spoiled and pampered little southern bitch.

"Well," Angel's man said, "we may as well start with you."

Taking my hand, the old man helped me out of the chair I was sitting in and had me lay face down on the table that sat between the two beautician chairs. Lifting my head, I noticed that several of the black people standing outside the office were giving nods of approval as they inspected my new nipple jewelry. But, a couple others were clearly fucking me in their minds judging from the way they were ogling my naked body.

Lying on my titties intensified the throbbing ache emanating from my nipples, but fortunately it was bearable. After several minutes of prepping, I heard a soft buzz and then a stinging sensation on my right ass cheek. This of course confirmed my hunch that I was getting a tattoo. Focusing my attention again on Suze's up turned ass, I could only hope for the best.

For a little over an hour I laid on the table while the old man worked on my ass. All the time I watched as Suze moved her head and tongue back and fourth between Angel's beautiful feet. Judging from the sexy smile that often formed on Angel's full lips, I could tell she was enjoying putting the spoiled little slut through her paces. I often felt myself dreaming of Suze working her talented tongue on my own feet.

After he had finished, Angel's man helped me off the table as Angel grabbed a hand full of Suze's beautiful auburn hair and pulled Suze's head up. "Your turn, bitch," Angel nearly snarled. Then she added, "Don't say a fucking word to Barbie. We don't want to spoil her surprise do we, girly?"

"No, my Nigger Mistress, we don't" Suze answered obediently.

As I stood up Angel commanded, "Turn around, Barbie."

Silently I turned around, presenting my ass and new tattoo to both Angel and Suze. At the same time I tried to look behind me to see what had been put on my ass. It was impossible for me to see, but as I watched the color drain from Suze's cheeks and her lovely jaw hit the floor, I didn't have to see it to know that it was something dreadful. The small gathering of black people outside the office was also laughing and pointing.

"Outstanding job, daddy, its prefect," Angel complimented her man.

"Thanks, baby," he said as I moved out of the way to allow him to lead Suze to the tattooing table.

"Barbie?" Angel inquired, "Want to take a look, girly."

"Of course I do, my Nigger Mistress," I lied. I didn't want to know what had been branded onto my ass for life.

"Well, take a look in the mirror," Angel laughed nodding towards the full length mirror on one of the side walls.

Silently I walked over to the mirror. As I walked I could hardly take my eyes off of my bouncing titties and the nipple rings that decorated them. Stopping a few feet short of the mirror, I turned my ass towards it without looking, steeling my nerves and taking a deep breath; I allowed my eyes to look down. A soft gasp escaped my lips as I perceived the words that had been forever stamped on my ass.

For a full 20 seconds I stood absolutely still as tears once again filled my eyes. Horrified didn't begin to describe my emotional state as I read the two tiny words over and over praying they would magically change. The two words were written in black, using Old English lettering. One word was written over the other with a pronounced offset. I spelled each word letter by letter hoping that they didn't spell what I damn well knew they did spell.

Nothing I prayed or hoped for changed a fucking thing. After what seemed like an eternity, I had to admit that which couldn't be denied. My white ass had been tattooed for all time with the hideous words "Nigger Meat."

I fought hard to keep tears from leaking down my cheeks. My mind raced to think of something positive before I wept openly. Certainly, while the words were quite ugly, the Old English letters that made them up were quite elegant. I swallowed a lump in my throat, and one couldn't deny that the black ink contrasted nicely with the creamy white skin of my ass.

Somehow I managed to ward off the urge to cry my eyes out. "Okay, slut, that's enough," Angel said. "Come here and kneel at my feet."

Silently and stone faced I turned around and walked the few steps to where Angel was sitting. I noticed Suze had assumed a face down prone position on the table just as I had while Angel's dad busied himself prepping her. Even with her eyes closed tears once again streamed down her cheeks. It was easy to see that the sweet thing was completely terrorized by what was happening. It was made doubly so by the fact that she knew what was about to be etched on her innocent flesh while I'd only been to wonder and pray for the best. She knew and it was obliviously ripping her apart. In my mind I smiled warmly.

Then I turned to face Angel and knelt quickly. At the same time I submissively crossed my wrists behind my back. Angel smiled demurely and wiggled her toes. I didn't have to be told twice. Taking the hint, I spread my knees a bit and lowered my mouth to Angel's perfect toes. Without pausing, I began to lovingly kiss and lick her delicious digits.

As I sucked one of Angel's delicious toes between my lips it dawned on me that with my back arched and my ass high in the air, I presented for Suze the same image that she had given me. It warmed my heart that there was one small difference. Every time dear sweet and spoiled Suze dared to open her eyes she couldn't avoid the words tattooed on my ass that proclaimed me "Nigger Meat". My only regret was that I couldn't see her mental suffering.

Angel's black "cum fuck me" high heels made for easy access to her toes. I lavished loving attention on them, using my tongue to kiss and lick each lovely toe into my mouth. I worked my way from one to the next then back again. I sucked each one tenderly as I imagined it was a tiny cock. Twirling my tongue this way and that I kept it in constant motion. Now and again I would move my tongue along Angel's foot to her heel trying to lick as much of her sole as possible. Periodically, Angel would chance the foot that she offered me. With each change, my effort was reinvigorated.

Time passed slowly, but I didn't allow my effort to lag. As the minutes turned into a half- hour an then an hour, my tongue grew more and more weary. My knees became sore and my back began to ache. But every time I thought that I couldn't go on, I'd think of the sight my submissive pose created for Suze's benefit and I'd attack Angel's toes with renewed energy.

"Done," Angel's man snapped with an air of satisfaction. "Now, how about my payment for services rendered," he chuckled jovially.

"Daddy, control yourself," Angel reprimanded mildly while I continued to tongue worship her feet. "Stand up, Suzie Q, and turn around."


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I couldn't see, but could hear Suze's whimpered sniffles as she obeyed.

"Another fine job, daddy," Angel complimented again. Using her foot to shovel me away, Angel told me to stand up and have a look. Of course I didn't think twice before obeying.

After standing, I turned towards Suze. My eyes were instantly drawn to the black letters that had just been tattooed on her gorgeous white ass as she again began to cry. As with my own tattoo, the words were made of Old English style letters. I had to admit that the black on white theme combined with the Old English font created an elegant theme.

As I comprehended the words "Nigger's Whore" I couldn't stifle a short giggle and bright smile. If misery loves company, I suppose total offense does as well. Spoiled little Suze broke down into full fledged sobbing when she heard my abbreviated outburst.

Like me, Angel allowed Suze to stand before the full length mirror to inspect her marks that forever proclaimed her to be the property of niggers. Sobbing into her hands, Suze walked the few steps to the mirror. Suze completely ignored the small gathering that remained outside the office. She turned her ass towards the mirror, yet she couldn't bring herself to look at what amounted to a brand, a brand for life.

"Look at it, you whore," Angel demanded coldly.

Suze's knees visibly wobred as she turned her head to see just how she had been marked for life. She didn't take the news well. For just a second Suze stood absolutely still, then suddenly her knees simply buckled and she fell to the floor in a heap while sobbing loudly into her hands.

Angel's mood instantly changed to one of rage as she charged from her chair shoveling me to one side to stand over the wailing Suze. Grabbing her hair Angel literally pulled Suze to her feet as she hissed, "Stand the fuck up, slut, and stop your god damn crying."

Sensing Angel's outrage Suze, to her credit, did her best to control herself. With considerable effort, Suze managed to control her sobbing and even lowered her hands. Tears still trickled down her blushing cheeks.

Angel's foul mood passed as quickly as it had appeared and she mused good naturedly, "Now it aint so bad. At least now I can tell my two white sluts apart." Then added with giggle, "You know all you white girlys look the same to me."

Angel then turned her attention to her man's needs. "Daddy," she started, "Let's take them to your private office."

Glancing at the black crowd that continued to watch us through the windows, the old man agreed, "Oh yea that is a good idea, honey." Then he turned to walk towards a door along one of the side walls. Without being told, Suze and I followed with Angel bringing up the rear. As we entered the office, I couldn't help but wonder if we'd get a receipt for the "payment" we were about to make.

The private room, thank god, had no windows at all for inquiring minds to peer through, and not much else either. It was every bit as spartan as the rest of the business. The décor seemed to rank between 20th century depression and whore house chic. The walls were painted an appalling passion purple. A 1930ish wooden desk sat along one dingy wall with a matching office chair. A couple stained file cabinets stood against another wall. A single bed with a yellowish mattress cover on it butted against the filing cabinets... The wall above the desk was completely covered with pictures of naked women. Most of the girls had tattoos and body piercing of some sort. Some of pictures were of black women, while the vast majority of them were white women, and most of those were blond. One thing that could be said about all the pictures was that the women in them, black and white alike, all had D-cup or larger titties. Many of the pictures also showed the women engaging in various forms of sexual activity.

With a crude leer, the old man nodded toward the dingy single bed and said, "Why don't you girlys go ahead and get warmed up."

Not knowing quite what to do, Suze and I walked over to the bed and sat down. Suze had finally been able to control her tears, but again grabbed my hand tightly as we walked.

"Daddy, I should tell you that Barbie there was with Ole Leroy a couple hours ago, so you might want to clean her up before using her," Angel warned. Then taking a very ominous tone she said to Suze and me, "You little fucks better do EXACTLY like my daddy says and show him a very GOOD time. Understand?"

Again in unimister we answered, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Having given us our instructions, Angel turned and walked from the office closing the door behind her.

"Now for the fun," the old man smiled as he seated himself in the wooden swivel chair near the desk, "go ahead and kiss."

Suze and I hesitated just a moment before turning towards each other and kissing.

"Let's see some tongue," the old man demanded as he unzipped his pants and slipped out his burly black cock.

For the first time in hours Suze showed real eagerness as she stabbed her tongue deep inside my mouth. At the same time, she slipped a hand between my slightly spread thighs. Unable to resist her gentle touch, I spread my thighs a bit more, allowing her fingers unobstructed access to my juicy pussy. All the while our tongues battled. With open mouths, our tongues swirled about each other's with wild abandon. Suze sent a shock wave of sensual yearning through my naked body when she flicked my clit with a finger nail. An instant later, she shoveled a finger deep into my cunt. I gasped with excitement and stabbed my tongue deeper into her mouth.

"That's it, girlys, show daddy how lesbian's make out," the old man urged as he stood up and walked over to us.

Leaning over, he grabbed one of our tits in each of his hands. Suze and I continued to suck face while he mauled our titties roughly. After several minutes, the old man used our titties as handles to pull Suze and me to our feet.

With an evil smile he demanded, "Undress me."

Having said that, the old man shoved Suze to her knees where she immediately began to remove his shoes and socks. At the same time, I began to unbutton his shirt and slip it off.

Suze unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants and then pulled down his briefs exposing his black semi-hard cock. While it wasn't the largest cock I'd even seen, its seven-inch length combined with its two-inch girth certainly made it look formidable.

The old man then wrapped a hand around Suze's head and pulled her mouth to his cock. Suze understood what he was demanding, and began to lick up and down the length of the half hard black dick. At the same time he used a hand to pull my head into one of his nipples.

I immediately stuck out my snake like tongue and began to gently flick it back and fourth across his hard nipple. I naively figured that being in his mid-fifties the gray haired out man would be good for one strong orgasm and then be done for the day. With that in mind, I sucked his nipple between my lips and deep into my mouth.

Looking down, I saw Suze take his stiffening member into her mouth. The old man's guttural groans told me we were having the desired affect. I switched to his other nipple as he took one of my titties in each of his hands. At the same time, Suze began to deep throat his black dick.

He groped my titties roughly and I was reminded of my recently pierced nipples. After several minutes, the old black stud used Suze's hair to pull her to her feet. I stepped back to make room. He told her to have a seat on his desk, which she did. Then he pulled me back to him and powerd me to my knees.

As his semi-hard dick swung inches from my face, I knew what he wanted and wasted no time in giving it to him. As I took the thick black cock into my mouth, he told Suze to masturbate herself. Unable to see Suze, I could only image her spreading her red nylon encased thighs and slipping two fingers into her pussy to fuck herself as the old man demanded.

The old man grabbed the back of my head. The swelling member between my lips grew harder as he pushed and pulled my mouth up and down his cock. I sucked eagerly hoping that he would give Angel a favorable report. Using a free hand, I gently massaged his tight ball sack. Now and then he would allow me the freedom to run my tongue up and down the length of his constantly growing black dick, I used the opportunity to hungrily worship every inch of his cock with my tongue. He seemed to enjoy the lavish tongue attention I gave his balls.

In just a matter of minutes, Angel's man was sporting a massive erection. He pushed me off his cock and ordered me to lie on my back. As I complied, I noticed Suze continuing to finger fuck herself while sitting on the old oak desk. Once I was flat on my back, the old man ordered Suze to clean my slit while ordering me to make myself available.


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I wasn't about to miss a chance to feel Suze's s*******ful tongue work its magic on me. Excitedly I pulled my knees back to my titties, giving Suze as much access as possible. Suze smiled brightly as she knelt and lowered her head towards my snatch. She hesitated for just a moment as my scent reached her nostrils. But mindful that we needed to please the old man at any cost Suze quickly over came the stench of Leroy's dried cum and buried her mouth between my spread thighs.

Using broad strokes of her tongue, Suze slowly licked my inner thighs. Her velvety hot tongue sent shivers racing up and down my spine. Teasingly she nibred my clit before licking her tongue down one of my pussy lips and up the other. Using her hands, Suze spread my ass cheeks and began to slowly lick it up and down. She paid particular attention to my tightest hole, doing her best to suck it clean of Leroy's male goo.

As Suze worked to clean my slit, the old man knelt behind her and slipped the head of his black pole into her sweet and cleanly shaven pussy. Her body shook with pleasure and she began to tongue fuck my pussy with a hungry eagerness. For several minutes the old man seemed content to fuck Suze with long slow strokes. Each stroke brought a muffled moan of pleasure from Suze as she continued to munch on my pussy.

My pleasure was also building, and I lifted up my hips, grinding my crouch into Suze's face in an effort to get more of her magical tongue. The old man slowly increased his tempo and the power behind his thrusts. Suze's pleasure reached a boiling point as she began to thrust her hips backwards trying to take the old man's black dick deeper into her willing pussy.

Suze and I were both on the brink of orgasmic explosions. Our naked bodies tremred with pent-up sexual need. Our moans of pleasure joined the chorus of lustful grunts coming from the old black man. I was right there ready to scream out my satisfaction when Angel's man pulled his raging cock from her throbbing cunt and pulled her from between my legs.

He flipped me on to my hands and knees and I instinctively knew what he wanted. I spread my knees opening my well lubricated pussy for his use. Then he had Suze position herself so that I could feast upon her feminine charms. I didn't waste time with formalities and stabbed my tongue deep into Suze juicy pussy. At the same time, the old black stud drove balls deep into my cunt.

My mind screamed 'God fucking yes' as I slammed my hips backwards to meet his powerful assault. Tasting his pre-cum juices in Suze's pussy drove me wild with desire.

Suze was crying, "Yesssss ohhhh god yessssssss. More ... more ... please" as she again neared orgasm. I fucked my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy trying to bring her the pleasure she so desperately needed. Her thighs clamped down hard on my head as she used her hands to power my mouth down harder on her demanding cunt.

At the same time my cunt was being driven wild with lusting desire as the old man hammered me hard and fast. My hips took on a mind of their own as they slammed backwards trying to match the old man's tempo and intensity.

Suze's body shook violently and I knew she was cumming. Her shrill shrieks of, "Fuckkk yessss .... Ohhh goddd yessss," confirmed my assessment. She bucked wildly driving me to plunge my tongue even deeper into her sweet quivering cunt. Almost simultaneously I felt the first blast of the old man's cum explode like white lightening deep in my own demanding cunt. His explosion detonated my own blast and I spasmed wildly while my screams of pleasure were muffled by Suze's pussy.

Suze and I thrashed wildly as one while the carnal joy of sexual pleasure crashed down upon us. Jet after powerful jet of hard male cum blasted into my on aching cunt as I continued to feverishly tongue fuck Suze's cunt. The throbbing cock buried in my pussy sent me from one mind blowing orgasm to another without mercy.

For minutes Suze and I screamed out our lustful joy until we lay quite spent on the floor with my face still buried between her shapely thighs. Slowly our racing hearts returned to normal. Our sexual reprieve was short lived however as the old man slipped his thick dick from my sloppy pussy with a loud spurt.

I prayed that he was a "slam bam ... thank ya ma'am" kind a guy, but that wasn't the case as Suze and I quickly found out. Grinning from ear to ear, the old man ordered us to clean his spent dick. Knowing that we had no choice but to obey, Suze and I got to our knees and knelt at either side of the old black buck.

For the next half hour Suze and I slowly brought the old man's dick back to life. We took turns sucking and licking the black rod. Now and then we would stop and spend a few second kissing each other. Our tongues would playfully wrestle, then return to the task at hand. After a bit, we began to alternate between sucking his growing dick and tongue bathing his ball sack. As his cock grew harder and thicker, he began to moan with greedy pleasure.

With his fuck pole once again ready for action, the old man asked cheerfully, "Which of you girlys wants it in the ass?"

It wasn't a question that needed answering. Suze and I, still on our knees, turned around and bent over pressing our white titties and pierced nipples against the wood floor. With our defenseless asses high in the air we spread our knees to offer Angle's man whatever he wished to take.

Kneeling behind Suze the old man powerd his ridged dick into her helpless ass hole. She braced herself as best she could. Slowly but surely the old man powerd himself deep into Suze's ass. She gritted her teeth but it was plain to see she enjoyed the painful stretching of her most private hole.

Soon enough the old man was fucking Suze's ass with a vengeance. He grunted loudly with each powerful stroke. After suffering the initial agony of invasion, Suze soon began to respond with more and more vigor, slamming her hips backwards with lustful zeal. It was plain to see that Suze loved anal. And, I had to admit that the sexual tension filling the room had my motor revving.

As the old man continued hammering Suze, she and I began to tongue kiss. Eagerly and urgently our tongues swirled around one and other. As our tongues battled I slipped a finger, then two, into my soaked cunt and watched while Suze did the same. Again my mind was overwhelmed with erotic yearning.

The old black man pulled his cock from Suze's well used ass and positioned himself to fuck me. Suze screamed out her resentment, "Nooo ... nooo ... please don't stop. Please ... please I need it pleaseee ... don't stop"

At the same time I felt his powerful shaft begin to split my ass hole wide open. I couldn't help but scream out my need, "Godddd yesssssssssss .... Pleaseee fuck me ... fuck me... fuck me ... please ... please ... fuck me hard" I couldn't help but think how fucking satisfied the old black buck must have been having two white bitches on their knees begging for his hard dick. As his rock hard shaft plowed deeper and deeper into my ass-hole I realized selfishly that he could only cum in one of us. I determined that I should be the one to be honored with his hot male goo. I would be the one to earn it. I would be the best ass fuck he ever had. I bucked furiously ramming myself backwards to meet his thrust. The feel of his thick hard shaft was mind numbing. I was surprised this man in his fifties could have such a hard dick after cumming only minutes ago, but he did. I relished every ridge of that rigid black meat as it slid in and out passed the rim of my stretched asshole, and wished with all my heart the feeling would never end.

"Yes, fuck my white ass." I moaned. "Fuck it deeper, please, give it to me, give me all you got, fuck me harder, fuck me pleeeeease."

Angel's dad reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled back hard. "You want it deeper girly?' He asked.

"Yes, Pleeeeeeesae, I need it. I'm begging you please fuck my white ass." I pleaded, figuring if I put on a little show like this he would definitely reward me with his black seed in my ass. Who was I fucking kidding? I did need it. I needed it so badly it was driving me crazy with desire.



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Using my hair as a handle, Angel's dad assaulted my ass harder and with renewed energy. His thrusts moved against his yanking on my hair, and I loved every second of it. His thick black cock filled my bowels and I wailed with pleasure. I was sure I would be given his cum load any second, and I waited with great anticipation for the feel of it scalding my insides.

But try as I might in a matter of minutes his pleasure shaft was gone leaving me empty and frustrated as he returned to Suze's playground. Minutes later he and his glorious throbbing dick were back fucking my ass like never before. Suze and I begged him continuously to fuck us. Screaming with pleasure when he bestowed his pleasure rod upon one or the other of us and begging in frustration when he left us empty. When he was inside Suze, I just imagined what she was feeling, and when he would return to me I savored every fucking second of that steely black monster as it pounded my rear entrance like a jackhammer. I kept expecting him to cum each and every time he was in me. When he pulled out of me the last time, I was sure he would be back soon to blast his cum shower inside me. I was left begging, "More Pleaseeee ... don't stop ... please don't stop." But, I was wrong.

He was pounding Suze hard when it happened. As I tongue kissed Suze I watched with horror as her sparkling hazels eyes bulged with shock. I instantly knew the old man was cumming. He was cumming in her ass, exploding in Suze's ass hole. I felt absolutely betrayed as she shrieked with joy. She was receiving the blasts of his boiling hot cum, the orgasm I had earned. The old man remained coupled with Suze for the longest time waiting for her frenzied climax to subside. God how I envied her; how I hated her.

After milking Suze of all the pleasure she had the old man pulled himself from Suze and walked in front of me.

"Kneel up, nigger meat," he demanded with a chuckle as I realized for the first that the ugly words tattooed on my ass would forever be my nickname. "Clean me girly." He told me coldly.

Not only didn't I get the experience of his load blasting my insides, but afterwards I was turned into the clean up bitch? My hatred for the spoiled little southern cunt next to me boiled inside. The time it took me to think those thoughts was apparently too long for Angel's dad, because without warning, he slapped the side of my face with his now semi-hard cum covered dick, leaving a gooey mess on my right cheek.

"I said clean me!" He snapped.

I opened my mouth and he shoved his dirty black rod all the way in. The taste of male cum and dirty ass assaulted my senses. I tried my best to ignore the multitude of flavors and just concentrate on the task I had been given, but I knew deep down that Suze was not only feeling triumphant about being the "winner", I was sure she was getting a thrill out of what I was being made to do.

Angel's dad fucked my mouth with his withering cock for a few more minutes before standing and pulling on his jeans. Leaving Suze and I laying on the floor, he walked over to the door and knocked three times. As he walked back across the room to take a seat in his office chair, the door opened and Angel came in.

Looking over at her dad, Angel asked a bit apprehensively, "Well how were they, daddy?"

With a broad grin the old black man responded, "Ohh, baby, for white bitches they both really know how to fuck."

For some odd reamister my heart filled with warmth and I reached out to squeeze Suze's hand as the old man praised me and my sister slut.

"And another thing, honey," the old man added, "they both surely love a good ass fucking."

Angel then turned her attention to Suze and me. "Well, sluts," Angel announced without formalities, "do you remember how to make your fuck saddle?"

Worn nearly to exhaustion, yet remembering what was best for us, we responded quickly in unimister, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

"Then do it sluts and quickly," Angel demanded as her man grinned from his seated position.

Neither Suze nor I had to be told twice. We rolled onto our backs, pulled our knees back to our titties and spread them as wide as possible. Of course, this left us totally helpless and exposed.

Turning slightly towards the door, Angel called out, "Okay boys your white cunts are ready."

No sooner had Angle stopped talking than six young black studs entered the office. Most of them I recognized from the small crowd of black people who had been watching us earlier. Upon seeing Suze and me in all our naked and vulnerable glory, their dark eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning.

With some glee in her voice Angel said, "Okay boys you paid for them now take whatever you want. Just don't permanently scar or injure them."

For the next hour those young studs did exactly what Angel had told them they could. They took whatever they wanted. They fucked Suze and me every way a man can fuck a woman. Often we had two black cocks stuffing us at the same time. It seemed like my mouth was constantly rammed full of black cock. And they weren't gentle about taking what they wanted either. They were hard fuckers, slamming their meat into any hole they chose without mercy. Cock after cock blasted its scalding hot cum into my mouth, pussy and ass. Each cock seemed bigger and more demanding than the last until they blurred into one.

I was quickly driven into a frenzied world of continuous orgasms. The pleasure was all consuming and shook my naked body from one end to the other without letting up. Thirty minutes of sexual bliss took its toll on my strength. Yet, even as my body became unable to respond, my mind was still ablaze with one fiery climax after another.

Suze's screams of pleasure matched my own in the beginning and waned as mine waned. Soon we were both nothing more that whimpering fucktoys for the black bucks to use and use. We were nothing more than a couple of white cum buckets to be filled with their seemly ending supply of black love juice.

It finally ended. I guess it ended. It had to have ended.

"Get up sluts," I heard Angel yell from what seemed like miles away. "Get up you sluts," the voice was louder and more demanding. "It's time to go home."



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Walking the few blocks back to Angel's car was an ordeal all in itself. I was completely worn out and found it very difficult to keep up with Angel's brisk pace, especially so considering the six inch high-heels that remained strapped to my feet. With our tattered clothes and smeared make-up Suze and I must have made a hell of a sight.

As we approached the car Angel tossed Suze the keys and told her she would be driving. Much to my delight Angel took me into the back seat with her. The two of us had no more than settled in than Angel hiked up her skirt and demanded, "Pleasure me you dirty white trash whore."

I didn't have to be told twice. Eager to please I positioned my weary body so that I could comfortably lower my face between Angel's well-toned thighs. Silently I lowered my lips and mouth into Angel's inviting love nest. With an urgency that she didn't often unleash Angel grabbed the back of my head and powerd it hard into her brown sugar. In self-defense I immediately put my tongue to work licking her tasty sweetness.

As I began to enjoy the warmth and trembling of Angel's hot lush body Suze, in the front seat, started the car and put it into gear. Before Suze could back out of the parking spot and put the car in drive I had Angel purring like a kitty, no make that a tigress -- an angry tigress. She pressed my head harder into her freshly shaved pussy and I responded by stabbing my tongue deep into her open love hole.

Just then Angel's lethal chocolate body thrashed violently as she climaxed. Her body rocked wildly out of control as I continued to tongue fuck the center of her universe. She ground her hips up into my face demanding more and more of my tongue. Summoning all my remaining strength, I gave her all I had to offer. Angel moaned with lust and her joy radiated throughout her quivering body. She tossed her head from side to side as another wave of ecstasy washed over her. "That's it, you fucking whore, make me cum."

Again, I didn't need to be told twice. I continued to swirl my tongue around and around Angel's stiff clit sucking and kissing; licking eagerly hoping to please. All the while Angel continued to lose herself in one wild orgasm after another.

Angel surfed from one wild wave of joy to the next for most of the 20 minute ride home. My face was covered by Angel's female juices by the time we reached our destination. But, I didn't mind since I had learned long ago it was far better to make every effort to please Angel than chance incurring her wrath.

Once we arrived back at Angel's house, she sent Suze and me home with a simple wave of her hand. Over the course of the next several weeks it became apparent, if not before, that Angel ran a very special escort service. And, while Angel's stable consisted of me, Suze and 16 young black ladies of all shapes and sizes it was Suze and me that were the big draws among Angel's well-heeled black clientele. Most of the time Suze and I worked as a team working as the entertainment at various parties. And, while we were certainly whores we weren't cheap whores, as Angel often charged $4,000 a night for the two of us. Of course, Angel kept all the money we earned plus our lucrative tips.

During the week Suze and I spent most of our time cleaning Angel's house. Of course, Angel never made our tasks easy and always kept us in some form of restraint. Most of the time she kept one of our arms locked behind our backs powering us to work one handed. At other times she would have us tethered together by a short length of chain. Sometimes it was our ankles or wrists that were chained together. However, twice when she was quite pissed at us she had a three foot length of chain locked to one of Suze's nipple rings while locking the other end of the chain to one of my nipple rings. Bound in this fashion we weren't able to move more than a couple feet away from one another.

During the day our feminine charms were also always on call. So it wasn't unusual for one of us to be called away to service a client for an hour or two. These sessions mostly consisted of a blow job and a quick fuck. However, sometimes the client would want to watch some girl on girl or BDSM action. But, the one thing that Angel always, always, always emphasized was that failing to provide the desired level of pleasure was NOT an option.

Sometimes when Angel was especially pissed at either Suze or me she would make us carry her riding crop clinched between our teeth for the day. What this told the other members of Angel's stable was that they were free to take the crop from our lips and give us one lash anywhere they chose. The black ladies in Angel's stable resented Suze and me so much that they would take full advantage of very opportunity to help punish us in this fashion. It also became quite clear that Angel didn't need a reamister to punish either Suze or myself. Sometimes she would have us punished simply because she could and wanted to hear our squeals and shrieks of anguish.

Then one day Angel called me into her office. As usual I was naked expect for a pink leather garter-belt, pink stockings and matching six inch high-heels. She sat behind her desk with her gorgeous D-cup breasts barely contained by the bustier of her elegant mini-dress. Two equally well dressed black men sat in chairs near her desk. Upon entering the room, as I had been trained to do, I dropped instantly to my knees spreading them extraordinarily far apart and crossed my arms submissively behind my back. With the two men closely watching my every move, I asked, "How will I please you, my Nigger Mistress.Mistress?"

Both black men gasped audibly when I used the N word. Angel responded cheerfully, "Don't be alarmed by that gentleman. It's just my way of constantly reminding her that she is nothing but a fucking white trash whore and that her pussy belongs to a Nigger. Isn't that right my cute little Barbie Doll?"

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress, I'm just a dirty old white trash whore owned by a Nigger." I replied eagerly, praying to avoid any unnecessary punishment.

"Show the nice men your tattoo, Barbie," Angel demanded.

It was a demand that couldn't be refused, and I quickly scurried to turn so that both handsome and well-built black men could see the tattoo etched into my right ass check. There in all its bold glory where the words "Nigger Meat".

One black man exploded with a laugh, "Now that is a piece of meat I could sink my teeth into. She's meat for any nigger, huh?"

"Barbie?" Angel asked lightly. It was Angel's way of demanding that I answer the gentleman's question.

"Yes, Sir," I replied politely and without hesitation, "I pleasure nigger men or women as it pleases my Nigger Mistress. Any nigger, any time my Nigger Mistress demands me to."

"What are you for slut?" Angel's asked with icy coldness.

I answered as my face turned a bright red with embarrassment and shame, "I am my Nigger Mistress's white pussy slave."

"And what do you like to do?" Angel continued my offense without mercy.

"I like to lick and suck hot wet nigger pussy. I especially love to tongue worship your magnificent and most delicious pussy, my Nigger Mistress."

"And you love to fuck and suck cock? You were born to fuck and suck dick weren't you, you piece of fuck meat?"

"Yes my Nigger Mistress," I continued to answer quickly and eagerly, hoping to avoid Angel's cruel wrath, "I was born to fuck and suck nigger dick. I'm just a black cock whore and I do love it so, my Nigger Mistress."

I could tell my responses had had an effect on the two handsome black men by the bulges in their pants.

"And, who are you, cunt?" Angel asked me coldly.

I responded as I had been trained, "I'm a 35 year old white trash slut owned by a twenty year-old nigger lady."

Angel took great delight in my offense and never made it easy as she continued, "And, who owns your dirty white pussy, bitch?"

"You do, my Nigger Mistress, you own my dirty white pussy."

With a chuckle the other black man voiced his approval, "Well this nigger is one for sure who would never pass up a chance at some prime white meat. But first we have some business to attend to. What is your name?"

I couldn't help but look towards Angel with a quizzical look, "Answer, the gentleman you stupid cunt."

I didn't have to be told twice, "My name is Barbara Anne Sucallot, sir."

"And, you own the house at 1435 Lonesome Lane?" he asked politely.

"Yes, sir," I answered tentatively, "yes, sir I do. But what is this about?"

"Shut the fuck up, whore," Angel burst out, "These nice men have just bought your house. And you are about to sign it over to them as well as your car."

"But... Mistress," I was frightened nearly out of my mind, "my Nigger Mistress, please that is all I have. I ... couldn't possibly sell it."

"Are you defying me you stupid old whore?" Angel demanded to know as she shoved her chair backwards and stood up.


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From the wild wicked look in Angel's eyes I knew I was in trouble, "No ... no ... no," I stammered, "it's ... it's just that my house is all the security I have in the world."

"That's a lie you filthy piece of white trash," Angel roared as she picked up her black leather crop from where it lay on her desk. "Stand up, cunt, hands behind your head."

I obeyed Angel's command as quickly as possible as she charged around her desk to stand just feet in front of me. "I'm your security now you fucking sassy piece of meat. I'm all the security you will ever need."

I couldn't control my body as it tremred in the face of Angel's wrath.

Angel used the riding crop to toy with my bare titties, twirling the end around my hardening nipples. "Tell me you fucking whore; what happens to sassy white sluts."

I swallowed a lump in my throat as my curvaceous body continued to quake with pending doom, "Th ... the ... they are punished. Sassy white sluts are punished, my Nigger Mistress."

The instant I finished my sentence Angel propelled the riding crop into motion. The evil leather whip split the air with a hideous shriek before landing squarely across both my over ripe melons. The horrible agony overwhelmed me as I squealed long and loud. For a split second my body shook violently trying desperately to ward off the maddening pain. Before I could fully recover, the whip again split the air with its high pitched shriek of impending anguish. This time the crop landed unmercifully on the underside of both of my 38C's leaving by naked body blazing with cruel suffering.

"Please ... please ... my ...," I tried to beg for mercy but there was no mercy in Angel's heart.

"Spread your legs, you ladyfuckin' whore," Angel demanded and I obeyed. "Wider you stupid piece of trashy white fuck meat." I powerd my legs even further apart. With an ugly smirk, Angel tapped the business end of the whip against my innocent pussy lips, "So what will it be, cunt?"

With tears trickling down my cheeks I answered as I knew I would all along, "I'll sign, my Nigger Mistress. I'll sign." Tears continued to cascade down my cheeks as I realized that from that moment forward Angel owned not only my body but my total being. The moment I signed the deed I was, as well as Suze, totally dependent on Angel for everything. We were her property and that couldn't be argued.

With the powerful flick of her wrist Angel's black leather whip was again put into motion. This time its target was the most sensitive and secret spot between my extremely well spread thighs. The agony was both instant and horrific as the whip impacted my poor clit. The cruel lash powerd a loud ear splitting scream from deep in my throat. Instinctively I brought my hands around and grabbed between my legs trying to protect myself. At the same time my knees buckled and I staggered momentarily trying to maintain my balance. My ample and used titties bounced uncontrollably adding to my suffering.

Angel was gracious enough to allow me a moment to recover my sensibilities then demanded callously, "You know the position, whore."

With my mind still dazed and my body still in the firm grasp of unrelenting misery, I slowly resumed my previous submissive pose with my legs spread wide and my arms crossed behind my back.

My body tremred uncontrollable as Angel once again used the end of her whip to tease my feminine charm. "Now then 'nigger meat'," Angel grinned broadly as she used the tattoo on my white ass to identify me, "do you still have issues about selling your house."

I responded immediately, "No ... no, my Nigger Mistress ... no issues at all, my Nigger Mistress."

Playfully just to see my eyes fill with fear Angel tapped her whip against my ***d clit, "Good." I didn't disappoint her as my whole body continued to quake with dread and anticipation. Then turning her attention back to the two black gentlemen who had watched my offense and punishment Angel said, "Gentlemen now we can get down to business if you have the papers."

"We do," they almost said in unimister. For the next fifteen minutes I leaned over the front of Angel's desk signing my name. After I had signed the last document I was presented with a check made out in the amount of $165,179.07 which represented my equity in both my house and car.

My eyes must have bulged as I had never seen such a large check before because Angel said with a gleam in her eye, "Of course, you'll be signing that check over to me, cunt."

Without a second thought I replied instantly, "Yes, of course I will, my Nigger Mistress." With that I flipped the check over, signed my name and slide it across the desk to Angel. With the swipe of a pen my life was changed forever. I had nothing, absolutely nothing. Now there was no going back. No return to the days before Angel had moved into my neighborhood. From that moment forward I was dependent on Angel for everything. The food I ate, the clothes I wore even the comfort of a roof over my head were all dependent upon Angel's whims. She knew it, and what made it even worse is that I knew it. I was forever more her property, nothing more.

"Now then, Barbie Cunt," Angel said warmly as she stood up behind her desk, "you will show these handsome gentlemen how much you appreciate their hard work on your behalf by giving them two hours of your feminine pleasure." The men's faces suddenly lit up like 100 watt light bulbs in the middle of the night.

"Of course, my Nigger Mistress, I would consider it an honor," I replied as pleasantly as possible.

Then looking at the two eager black men as she worked around her desk Angel continued, "And you gentlemen won't argue will you?"

"Not me, honey," one said urgently while the other chimed in with, "Me either, Angel."

Then with a more serious tone, yet trying to keep it light, Angel added, "Now look guys I only have a couple rules no permanent marks or broken bones and no red." Then with a bright sexy smile she continued, "While she is just a filthy piece of white trash fuck meat she is still a valuable piece of property."

"Don't worry, Ma'am," one of the men said as Angel walked towards the office door, "we'll take extra special good care of the bitch." With that said Angel opened the door and walked out of the office. Almost before the door had closed the black men had gotten to their feet and stripped off their trousers and briefs. Their huge cocks sprang into view and were remarkably similar. Both were over two inches thick and more than ten inch long. And, both looked as rock hard as a steel rod. Both gigantic cock heads glistened with their pre-cum nectar. For a whore slut like me it was a mouthwatering sight.

Without being told, I lowered myself to my knees and crawled to the closest man and hungrily took his cock between my wide open lips. It was a struggle to wrap my mouth around the huge ram-rod, but he helped by pushing it deeper and deeper until the head finally hit the back of my throat.

The other man wasn't about to be left out of the action, and positioned himself behind me to take advantage of my vulnerable ass-hole. I spread my knees as wide as possible, as I tried to assist him in any way I could.

The man at my head began to fuck my face, driving his mammoth dick deeper into my throat with each stroke until his tight black balls bounced off my white chin. Each time he pulled his cock out, my hungry tongue swirled madly about the head making whorish slurping noises. I worked like a crazed demon trying to lavish him and his huge dick with all the pleasure I could.

At the same time the man at my ass was slowly driving his monster dick into his hole of choice an inch at a time. I thought he was going to split me apart as he plowed deep into my ass-hole until his nuts slapped my drenched slit.

For the next fifteen minutes they fucked me with wild fury. From time to time as they neared completion, they would slow their assault until the urges had pasted. Now and again the man attacking my ass would slap my ass hard making me jerk uncontrollably with surprise if not pain. At those times my mouth would sorry clinch tightly around the cock stuffing my throat. It must have been a pleasureful sensation as the man fucking my face groaned loudly with delight. The next thing I knew, my ass was being spanked regularly and much, much harder. I nearly lost myself in a world of blinding pain and pleasure.

It surprised me when both black studs erupted almost simultaneously, as if it had been planned. Planned or not, it was a dizzying head rush to feel their scalding hot cum blast into me from seemingly every direction. My openings were drenched in man seed. Cum filled my ass, and seeped from between my lips, trickling onto my chin.

That was only the beginning, as the men were so driven that I hadn't had a chance to catch my breath before they were upon me again and again and again. My pussy was still super sore from the whip stroke it had absorbed from Angel, but that didn't deter the men from hammering my cunt relentlessly. One especially liked to fuck my pussy with me on top and powerd to do all the work. And, work I did, even with the other black dick stuffed in my mouth I worked my ass off. They used me for the full two hours leaving me literally exhausted.

When Angel returned at the end of the allotted two hours, my black "lovers" simply pulled up their pants and left. They hadn't even bothered to take off their jackets or shirts. After the men had left, Angel rolled me over, straddled my head with her creamy dark chocolate thighs and rode my face to her satisfaction. She rode me hard and fast, demanding all that I had left to give. Using all the strength and energy I could summon, I feasted greedily upon the sweet nectar that was Angel's love juice. Not satisfied with my meager efforts, Angel actually began to hump her hips up and down on my face; taking the pleasure she demanded. I managed to stiffen my tongue and drive it deep into her wet black pussy. Over and over again I tongue fucked her delectable cunt until my face was smeared with a thick coat of her sweet and tangy nectar.

Then without warning, Angel stood up, leaving my tongue momentarily lapping at the air until I realized what had happened. She reached down and pulled me up by my hair "That was a piss poor display of pussy sucking," Angel hissed with scorn, "I've had dogs that licked pussy better."

"Please, my Nigger Mistress, it's just that the black men wore ...," I tried to offer an excuse for my pitiful performance but Angel was having none of it.



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"Shut the fuck up, whore," Angel barked, "you know I don't allow excuses! You had better perform every time I demand it or you'll find yourself replaced as my permisteral pussy bitch. Now stand the fuck up and assume the position, you useless piece of white fuck meat."

Angel straightened her skirt and walked back to take her seat behind her desk as I wearily got to my feet. As weak as I was it was a chore all in itself. But somehow I managed to stand, spread my high-heel clad feet and cross my arms behind my back.

My stomach rose into my throat as Angel continued mockingly, "Now then, little Miss Barbie, you have earned yourself three demerits." As Angel spoke I lowered my sparkling blue eyes in shame. "Look at me, you dirty cunt, when I'm speaking to you." Instantly I locked my eyes on Angel's beautiful black eyes." My shame increased tenfold. "As I was saying, whore, you have earned three demerits; one for talking back to me, one for failing to pleasure me and one for trying to offer a pathetic excuse. Now you know what that means don't you, cunt?"

I continued to lock eyes with Angel even as dread filled my heart, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress, your pussy bitch knows what it means." It meant that for the next three hours I would be powerd to carry Angel's black leather riding crop between my teeth. It meant that each of Angel's black stable girls could use the crop to give me three lashes per hour anywhere on my white body they chose. But, I also knew that as jealous as the black girls were of both me and Suze they would take full advantage of the gift being presented to them. Doing some quick math in my head I realized that none of Angel's other girls stopped by I could receive a minimum of 81 lashes since I knew none would leave once they found out there was white meat to be punished.

Scornfully Angel released me to my fate, "Then take the crop and you may return to your chores."

I had to stifle a laugh at Angel's words as I knew her black girls would keep me far too busy to work for at least the next three hours. Fortunately for me I was able to control any outburst that would have gotten me in even deeper trouble. With a trembling voice I replied, "Of course, my Nigger Mistress."

Leaning over Angel's desk my 38's brushed the top as I used my teeth to pick up the riding crop and clinch it tightly between my teeth. Then I turned on my heel and headed towards the door.

As I opened the door to leave Angel added, "Have that spoiled and pampered southern bell of a cunt report between my thighs at once. Tell her she is not to say a fucking word."

With the riding crop clinched between my teeth I could only mumble, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

Then as an after thoughts Angel mused, "That sister cunt of yours always sucks fantastic nigger pussy." While I had come to love Suze dearly Angel's compliment felt like a stab in the heart. To add insult to injury Angel added sarcastically, "Oh, by the way, Barbie Doll, while Suze's hot tongue entertains my nigger pussy you are responsible to seeing that she doesn't fall behind with her chores."

Again I mumred, "Yes, my Nigger Mistress." And with her words another knife wound painfully stabbed my heart. With that I gritted my teeth and left Angel's office determined to face my destiny as bravely as possible.

Walking down the hall, towards the family room, my sprits brightened a bit as I realized that it could have been much worse. Angel could have made me wear a pair of those vulgar alligator style nipple clamps on the nipples.

Just then I heard a door open behind me. "Come here, slut," it was Angel. Turning around my heart fell through the floor as I comprehended that in the palm of right hand lay two chrome plated alligator nipple clamps. An ugly sneer curled Angel's gorgeous lips as she said coldly, "You didn't honestly think I'd forget these did you, Barbie Doll?" It was a question that didn't require an answer.

Tears welled in my blue eyes as I approached Angel and the cruel clamps she held. Honestly I had thought she had forgotten. In my mind I scolded myself for being so stupid. "Put them on yourself, cunt, you know where they go," Angel snapped.

Try as I might I couldn't control one tear from trickling down my left cheek as I gently placed the foul clamps on my rather hard nipples. Gentle or not the powerful spring loaded objects bit ruthlessly into my innocent nipple flesh. The sharp steel teeth of the jaws bite deep into my flesh without mercy. The agony was mind blogging and endless. My body shook in its suffering and what was a single tear was followed by another and yet another. "Now be off with you, whore," Angel sneered me to an ordeal I knew my body would spend days recovering from.

Almost the second I entered the family room, where five of Angel's black girls lazed about chatting and giggling, they began to cackle. "Lordie, as I live and breathe nigger bitches" one started letting another finish with "Oh my god we got us some pearly white flesh to welt." "Oh yea I loves to whip pale bitches" another spat out. Then another yelled, "First" and yet another nearly shrieked "On deck". Only seconds after my entry the "batting order" was being determined. Seconds later five other black girls scurried from other parts of the house to see what the commotion was all about. My worst fear was confirmed as I realized two other girls had arrived while I had been entertaining in Angel's office and that my punishment had thus been increased to a minimum of 90 lashes. Silently I prayed for the strength to endure that which was about to be given.

The black girl who had hollered "First" boldly stepped before me and took Angel's riding crop from its spot between my teeth. I didn't dare resist as she took the crop but did take the opportunity to blurt out, "My Nigger Mistress wants to see Suze in her office right away." Someone yelled loudly "Suze get your fucking white ass down here right now."

At the same time Gina, the black girl holding the riding crop, said, "You know how I want you."

"Of course, Miss Gina," I replied quite politely.

Slowly I put my hands behind my head and pulled my elbows well back while I spread my feet as wide as I possibly could.

About that time Suze scramred into the room in a bit of a tizzy. "Yes, yes what is it," Suze asked with a bit of a puzzled look on her cute face. Then seeing me her look turned to one of sympathy.

Gina playfully flicked the nipple clamp torturing my left nipple. "Well, tell her what she needs to know," Gina said as she paused to allow me time to give Suze her instructions.

"Our Nigger Mistress wants to see you immediately," I said flatly. A dark cloud of concern suddenly distorted Suze's lovely facial features. "She said not to say a word. Just crawl between her thighs and do what you do best," I added and instantly Suze's face lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

"Ohh thank you so much, Barbara," Suze said with genuine warmth as she quickly crossed the room towards Angel's office. Of course, the bouncing of Suze's full and perfectly shaped titties gave me a momentary distraction from the misery of my suffering.

"Remember to knock, Suze," I cautioned but her head was so consumed by her own thoughts that she ignored my words as if they didn't register.

"Now then," Gina continued, "where were we?"

As Suze passed me I continued to enjoy the sexy wiggle of her ripe and firm ass. Gina's words brought me back face to face with my unenviable plight. "I'm afraid you were about to welt one or both of my defenseless titties, Miss Gina," I answered with all the boldness I dared. And, I was sure to show her the proper respect as Angel demanded that Suze and I both refer to all her black girls as Miss.

The moment Suze's sweet sexy ass disappeared around the corner the riding crop impacted both my naked titties. The whip glanced off the cruel nipple clamps torturing my nipples causing me the most horrific agony of my life. I momentarily staggered as the horrendous pain attacked my defenseless body from what seemed like every angle. My hands flew to cover my injured titties instinctively as my body tremred uncontrollably in its misery. After a full minute I regained a smidgen of control as the black girls giggled their delight at the suffering white bitch. "Position," Gina demanded. Without a word I weakly returned to the submissive pose I had held before; hands behind my head with my feet spread well apart.

Gina rewarded my obedience with a swift and powerful upper cut that landed squarely across the undersides of both my unprotected titties. Thankfully the stroke didn't cause the same level of agony as the first; only extending and amplifying it.

At that moment Suze knocked on the wooden door to Angel's office. In response to the knock Suze heard Angel call out from inside the office, "You will enter." Suze quite properly dropped to her knees opened the door and crawled into the room on her hands and knees. Angel was seated casually in a love seat along one wall. She had removed her short skirt and spread her legs; displaying her flower in all its magnificent glory. Suze closed the door behind her then without a word began to crawl towards Angel. Angel's cleanly shaven gash glistened with her brown sugar. Suze always thanked god each time she was allowed the privilege of viewing Angel's marvelously inviting pussy and she couldn't help but curl her hot tongue seductively around her lips. Suze knew that she could gaze upon the beauty of Angel's charms an eternity but dared not to. Instead she lifted her gaze to lock eyes with Angel allowing Angel access to the core of Suze's very being.

"You're horny for my sweet treasure aren't you, you little pussy sucking white girl?"

It was a question meant to entangle Suze in a web of dark and evil punishments. Suze wisely remained silent. Yet, Suze's sparkling hazel eyes screamed all that needed to be said. 'Damn it, yes, yes I'm horny to suck your sweetness. So fucking horny ... so fucking ready ... please', Suze's stunning eyes gleamed without a doubt.

Suze continued to lock eyes with Angle as she neared her goal. Those stunning black eyes bore into Suze's soul causing such humiliating agony that Suze felt like she was about to cry.

"Little Miss Prim and Proper Southern Bell," Angel mocked as Suze neared, "Little Miss I'm too good to use the "n" word. You will begin with my feet, you honky whore."

Suze took one of Angel's feet in her hands and lifted it to her lips in order to continue making eye contact with the young and vivacious black lady. Slowly Suze brought the black foot up to her lips where she snaked out her long tongue and lovely licked Angel's toes.


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"Look at yourself now, just look at your pampered white ass now," Angel continued to mock and humiliate her older white whore Suze. "Your fucking white ass on your knees, kneeling with your fucking honky mouth full of nigger toes, your pale face about to be buried between my nigger thighs. Who's the slut now you piece of nigger fuck meat. Who's the slave now, bitch, look at yourself you old white cow and tell me: just who's the slave now?"

Back in the family room Gina and Natasha had completed their hour one whip lashes, leaving me bruised and battered and praying for a reprieve. My nipples and their cruel nipple clamps became a favorite target and soon they had swollen horribly and turned to an ugly purplish color. My ***d titties quickly became criss-crossed with welts that continued to radiate agony long after they had been made.

Lawanda was up next and as she was short and shout she told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I knew I couldn't expect any mercy from her. In rapid fire fashion Lawanda landed her three strokes directly across the fullest part of my ass cheeks. The powerful strokes nearly drove me to my knees as I stumred and staggered.

One after the other the ten black girls unleashed a firestorm of agony that ravaged my mind and body. In less than 30 minutes my all but helpless body absorbed 30 lashes of the whip. From my titties, to my thighs, ass and delicate pussy my mind was attacked with horrendous agony. The whip left my creamy soft white flesh covered with 30 red red welts.

When the arrogant black girls finished the last of my first hour's punishment I had about 30 minutes of relative freedom to actually work on my chores. It was all I could do to walk back to the bathroom where Suze had been working when she had been called away. With what little energy I had I began scrubbing the bath tub where it looked as if Suze had left off.

Meanwhile in Angel's office, after an hour of stimulating toe and foot worship, Suze had been allowed to start working her way towards the succulent treasure that nestled between Angel's ebony thighs. Suze continued to lock her eyes on those of her Owner/Mistress as she kissed, nibred and licked her way slowly up Angel's shapely leg.

Angel continued to spank Suze's ego with her abusive and humiliating remarks. "Look at yourself Miss Home Coming Queen". "Look at your snow white face between my nigger thighs." "Who's the slave now, Little Miss Southern Bell?"

It was a trap question designed to trick Suze into speaking while under orders to remain silent. But like the others that had come before it didn't entice Suze to speak. Suze wanted to speak up, wanted to defend herself, her heritage but she dared not. She understood full well that Angel wasn't someone to toy with.

Suze's sparkling hazel eyes got bigger and bigger as her hot tongue worked its way up Angel's gorgeous thighs. It was a look of hunger and feverish desire that wasn't lost on Angel.

"Do it you little honky- tonk slut, but before you do Sweet Little Suze, you will say these 12 words "Sweet little southern belle Suze Q loves to tongue fuck nigger pussy."

Without thinking about it, sweet little Suze repeated the words she had been ordered to say as she tried to fight down a blush that threatened to cover her face. With her eyes still locked on those of Angel, Suze repeated the words in her sweet southern accent, "Sweet little southern bell Suze Q loves to tongue fuck nigger pussy."

"Then do it you white trailer trash whore. Do what you do best, cunt, suck nigger pussy."

With her eyes still locked on Angel's, Suze lowered her mouth and tongue to Angel's tempting pussy. Snaking out her long pointed tongue she began to gently tongue whip Angel's engorged clit. Angel groaned with lustful pleasure as she tightened her lovely chocolate thighs around Suze's head. Suze sucked Angel's clit between her full lips and swirled her tongue around it like a hungry puppy dog. In the meantime, Suze couldn't deny that her own sexual engine had come to life and was making its demands squarely between her own creamy white thighs.

Coyly Suze took a free hand and placed it between her thirsty thighs and began to covertly finger her own drenched pussy. To conceal her rashness Suze intensified her lustful assault upon Angel's budding pussy. Angel's youthful body began to tremble with impending sexual joy.

"Do not make me cum yet, whore," Angel demanded. "Ohh, and sweetie my nigger pussy demands your undivided attention unless you wish to share Barbie's fate."

Suze instantly realized she had been busted fingering her own pleasure center and in a flash removed her fingers from her always hungry pussy. She placed her hands behind her back and interlaced her fingers hoping that would thwart any temptation to return to her act of self-gratification. Suze also realized that she had to slow down Angel's sexual energy as it raced towards a toe curling climax. It was a game Angel loved to play with her trashy white whores. They had been trained that whenever they were allowed the honor of pleasuring Angel's nigger pussy they had to keep their tongues in contact with Angel's womanhood at all times. The white sluts must then maintain Angel's sexual high without sending her over the edge until Angel said she was ready to climax. Thus Suze slowed down her efforts gently kissing without the urgency she had displayed earlier. Sensing Angel's urges, slowly Suze went back to flicking her hard clit gently and lovingly. All the time she continued her eye lock with Angel.

"You love my nigger pussy don't you Little Miss Suzanne McKeely?" Angel asked with a sneer.

Knowing she couldn't answer verbally Suze folded her tongue and drove it hard into Angel's love hole.

In the meantime, I was toiling away at scrubbing the shower stall which Suze had left when she had been called to attend to Angel's needs. As I labored I continue to clinch Angel's whip tightly between my teeth. My body was racked by the hellish agony I had endured at the hands of Angel's black girls.

Then ten minutes after resuming my tasks a loud chorus of "Hey, Nigger Meat, your fucking fat white ass is required." I immediately dropped the brush I had been working with and practically run to the family room. Entering the room I quickly understood what the uproar was about; standing there in the middle of the room was Cassandra who had just arrived and wanted to take full advantage of my predicament.

Cassandra was a voluptuous nineteen year old black girl standing 5'7" and tipping the scale at 170 pounds. And she was just as strong and powerful as her build portrayed. To make matters worse Cassandra had a natural hatred for skinny white bitches. With a bright sexy smile Cassandra approached me and took the riding crop from between my teeth. I couldn't help but cringe with fear as she was told me to turn around, bend over, spread my feet and grab my ankles. Tears openly rolled down my cheeks as I obeyed.

Cassandra, with a wicked gleam in her eye, took hold of each end of the black leather riding crop and flexed it in the middle as she contemplated my position. Then without warning the riding crop split the air with its evil swishing noise as Cassandra took a practice swing. I was so dazed with fear and foreboding that I shook violently as the whip impacted nothing but air. The black girls who continued to lounge about lazily in the family room broke into hysterical laughter as they watched me nearly jump out of my white skin with apprehension.

Sudden my ass exploded in horrific, mind wrenching agony. My shriek was ear piercing and unabated. The blistering agony buckled my knees and I stumred to my knees much to the delight of the young black girls watching. Sobbing I did my best to collect myself and get back to my feet. The second I resumed my submissive, bent over position Cassandra unleashed the whip again upon my upturned ass. The powerful strokes were delivered in rapid fire secession one after the other. The explosion of pain was staggering and I again collapsed to the floor as my knees gave out. For a full 20 seconds I lay withering on the floor unable to grasp reality as my nearly naked body was crushed from every angle by mind numbing agony. The black girls who lounged about the room hooted and hollered with amusement as I thrashed in misery. Slowly I staggered to my feet. Cassandra offered the riding crop and I willingly took it between my teeth.

With a scornful sneer she said, "See you in an hour, whitey."

Still slightly dazed, I stumred off to return to the chores that had been assigned to my sister in presentation, Suze, while my tasks went unattended.

Back in Angel's office Suze continued to service Angel with loving attention to detail. Then with a sexy smile, Angel commanded, "Make me cum, you white gutter whore, make your Nigger Mistress cum NOW."

With renewed energy Suze tongue whipped Angel's engorged clit powerfully, making demands of her own. As her tongue whipped wildly, Angel's toned thighs tightened their grip on Suze's head. At the same time Angel's youthful body shook violently as the first wave of carnal pleasure swept her away into the realm of orgasmic bliss. While Angel's body and soul erupted with joy, Suze drove her hot wet tongue deep into her pussy rocketing Angel's ecstasy to another level. Angel's body shivered with each lustful wave of joy that swept over her. Suze continued to tongue fuck Angel's pussy passionately as Angel surfed from one dazzling orgasm to the next, each wilder than the one that preceded it.
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