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les histoires de chrislebo

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My wife then sat up and said,”I think we should have a little fun. We’re all a little tipsy, and anyone’s welcome to stop it all at anytime, but I’m feeling a little wild.” Then she pulled her shirt over her head and ran her hands over the outside of her bra. She was wearing a shear bra and her nipples were visible through the lace. My penis almost hurt with the strain under my pants, and I thought Tom’s must be the same. Then Cathy said,”I’m going to suggest that you two take off your clothes.

Tom looked over at me and I shrugged. I got up and started to unbutton my shirt. Tom got up and did the same. I was a little intimidated, because when Tom and I got our shirts off it was obvious he worked out and I didn’t. His body was not big, but was well defined while I was white, skinny and undefined. Then we both dropped our pants and we sat down and took off our shoes. Last we both stripped off our underwear.

I had never seen a black man’s penis before, so I was curious and I had to look. His penis wasn’t behemoth, but it was a little bit larger than my 7 inch rod. I guessed it was about an inch longer. We were both hard, although I think I was a little more excited as my penis really stuck straight up and looked like it was about to explode.

Then Cathy said,”good boys.” She slowly pulled down her pants and then she said,”Now, I’m going to lay down the ground rules. First, only my husband can remove my bra and panties. My tits and my pussy belong to him, and only he can give others access. However honey (she looked at me with serious, but sultry expression) if the panties come off then I get to decide where my pussy goes. The second rule, if one of you comes, the other one comes too. I want everything equal. So if you come you have to sit in the time out chair and watch until the other permister gets a chance to come. And the third rule is that you have to wear a condom to put your dick in me. It’s been about two weeks since my period, and I don’t want to get pregnant. Honey, go get the condoms.”

I got up and went into the bedroom to get the condoms. I opened the drawer and there was only one condom left. I was upset, but I grabbed it and went back into the living room. “Only one,” my wife said. I nodded,”then I guess only one of you will get to fuck me, or else I might get pregnant. I wonder which one of you it will be?”

I sat on the couch and my wife started to kiss me and she touched my cock. I started to feel her breast, but Tom’s hand was there, so I put my hands to the side. Then my wife turned and she started to kiss Tom and she reached into his lap and started to slowly squeeze his cock. I looked for a moment and thought I would come. It was really hot seeing my wife touch another man. Tom’s black hands created a contrast against my wifes white skin that was striking.

It occurred to me that I should remove her bra, so I reached around the back and unhooked it. She lifted her arms and she gave a slight moan as I removed it. Then I leaned over and started to kiss her breast. She moaned again. I opened my eyes and I had a perfect view of her hand gripping Toms cock, a drop of precum already formed on the tip.

I reached between her legs and felt her damp panties. I ran my hand up and down the length of vagina with only her panties between my finger and her cunt. I thought about removing them, but then I remembered the rules and I was afraid if I removed them now she would fuck Tom, and with only one condom I wanted to fuck her, although I thought about how great it would be to watch. Cathy then started to kiss down Tom’s chest and I pulled back to watch as she kissed down his abs to his cock. She kissed all around the sensitive tip and I saw Tom close his eyes and moan. Cathy turned and got on all-fours while she was sucking Tom.

My wifes panty covered pussy was directly in front of me, and I was so horny I was about to come. I knew it was risky, but I wanted to make sure I got to use the condom to fuck her with. I thought about how nice her wet pussy would feel and I could think of nothing else. I decided to pull off her panties and to fuck her. First I opened the condom and slowly unrolled it down my penis. I was so turned on I thought I would come. Next I started to pull down Cathrines panties and she turned around and said,”Are sure honey, once those come off my pussy goes where ever I want it to go.”

After the warning she turned back around and lowered her lips back on to Tom’s cock. My penis was throbbing inside the condom, and I could smell my wifes pussy. I touched it and I could feel the warmth and I was filled with the need to have it. I wondered why she had warned me, and I considered the idea that she would fuck Tom, Even though I had fantasies about her fucking someone else I wasn’t sure that I wanted it to go that far, especially since I had already put on the last condom.

Then I looked down at my cock and I could think of nothing but sinking into my wife. I pulled her panties down and off, and then I mounted her from behind. She moaned and I started to fuck. Almost immediately I felt my balls start to tense up and I knew I couldn’t last long. At first I tried to slow down, but it was too late so I thrust two times quickly and I felt myself give way to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and pushed deep inside my wife filling the condom with a large load of my semen. Then I slowly pulled out and Cathy pointed to the time out chair. I went to sit in it and I pulled the condom off of my dick.

It hit me then that I was sitting in a chair looking at my wife naked with a black man. I realized I had been tricked by my wife, but I took solace in the fact that she said that he would have to put on a condom to put our dick in her, and we were out of condoms. I thought I might enjoy seeing her suck him or jack him off, and at least I could handle it.

My wife then sat up and started to kiss Tom again. His hand roved gently over her breast and nipples and then down to her vagina. He started to move his hand around and she started to moan. He picked up the pace and she started breathing harder. She stopped kissing him and spread her legs and laid back on the couch. Tom moved around and dropped between her legs. I watched as he started to give her oral sex. She moaned and touched her head and then her breast. “Oh god, I’m going to come oh god.” She started to moan. After about another minute Cathy yelled,”Oh fuck yes!” and I could see her toes tighten and I could feel the waves of pleasure going through her body. I was amazed at how quickly she had come and how strong it had been. I wasn’t sure I had ever managed to get her that turned on. I felt a little inferior, but my own erection had already returned. I wanted to join in again, but the rule was that I had to sit in the time out chair until Tom came.

Cathy then pulled Tom into the chair and slowly started to suck his cock. The she pulled her head off revealing his rock hard member. Now it looked a good bit bigger than mine, and I was afraid that if she felt it inside of her she would realize how much smaller I was. Cathrine turned around and sat down in Tom’s lap. She was facing me and she was stroking his cock which was between her legs. Her pussy lips were kissing the top of his cock as she looked me in the eyes and said,”This is your fantasy baby, Do you want me to fuck it?”

“You don’t have a condom.” I replied weakly. I didn’t want her to fuck it because his dick was so much bigger than mine, and because I didn’t want her to get pregnant with a black baby.



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“That’s not what I asked sweetheart. This is like the stories you read. I want to fulfill your fantasies.” Her voice started to grow impatient and powerful,”Do you want me to sit on his cock and ride it? Do you want to see it going in out of me? Do you want me to fuck it?”

She continued,”If you’re a man you can end this right now. I’ll just jack Tom off and tell him to go home. But if you want me to fuck it, just touch your dick. If you don’t have enough control over yourself to keep from touching your dick I’ll know you want his dick inside of me.”

I watched as she rubbed the outside of her pussy up and down his cock. She moaned and held his dick close to her pussy. I could hear him breathing heavily and I saw the look of ecstacy in her eyes. I could also feel my own penis getting harder. I could feel the horniness rising to the top of my penis and I wanted nothing more than to touch it. Only the thought of my wife getting pregnant by another man was holding me back.

“It looks like you like what you see sweetheart. It looks like you want me to sit on his cock. Why don’t you touch your dick?”

“ I don’t want you to get pregnant. I’m not sure I want this.” Those words were hard for me to say, but I powerd my self to say them. Even though I wanted to see them fuck, I wasn’t ready to be humiliated with a black baby.

“Okay sweetheart, but I have to make him come. His dick feels really good between my legs. What if I sit on it for just a second? What if he promises not to come inside of me?”

Then Tom said,”Man, touch yourself. I won’t come inside her unless I see you come. If I see you come though I know you must really be turned on by seeing my dick in her, and I’ll do you the favor of knocking her up.”

“See sweet heart, just touch yourself. It will feel so good and it would be so naughty to see him inside of me. Just touch yourself.”

I looked at my wife sitting on his lap with her legs spread and her pussy rubbing the top of his cock. I felt my hand reaching for me penis. “Good boy, good naughty boy.” My wife said., I watched her and listened and then I felt my hand wrap around my penis.

Then my wife rose up and ran the tip of his dick along her pussy and then she slowly lowed herself down on to it. “Oh god, that feels so good. It’s so much bigger than yours baby. This is so naughty.”

She moved slowly sliding up and down on his cock. She was breathing deeply and disjointly at first, but she grew more ecstatic. She didn’t seem to know what she was saying, but she started to speak,”Oh yes, naughty husband,,you want to see me fuck this big black cock. Oh god it feels so good. I’m not sure I can stop. I bet you want him to come inside me too. I bet you come all over yourself.”

I had never heard her talk like that before, but I had read it in stories. I realized she must of read some more of my stories. I watched as she picked up the pace, and with out thinking I was picking up the pace too. Then she said,” I feel his dick growing inside of me, It’s so big. I think you want him to come inside me.”

Then it hit me, this would be a black baby and I would be humiliated. I let go of my penis even though I was on the verge of coming and I breathed deep to fight it off. I really wanted to finish myself as I looked at my penis throbbing in front of me, and I knew if I grabbed it right now cum would shoot into the air and down my fingers, but instead I said,”We should stop now, this is going to far.”

“Come here.” She motioned for me to come stand beside her. She continued to rock slowly on Toms cock and she motioned for me to stand on the couch beside them. My penis was sticking straight out just below her mouth and I could feel her breath on it and I was afraid I would come, but I was to excited to step away. In an out of breath voice she whispered“Come on my tits baby.” And as she spoke her lips gently rubbed against my cock.

“No, I don’t want you to get pregnant.” I said, but I didn’t move away. I left my penis in front of her, at her mercy. I was beginning to want her to pull it. I wanted to come and part of me wanted Tom to fill up me wife.

She then grabbed my cock and started to pull it. She stroked it gently and then she put it deep in her mouth and got it wet with her spit, and then she pulled it close to her chest and rubbed the head of cock against her nipple. “Come on my chest. This is your fantasy, to be cuckolded. Make it come true baby. I see your balls getting tighter. I know you want this. Come on my tits.”

She was bouncing up and down on his cock and she was stroking me quickly. I felt waves of pleasure building inside of me stronger than anything I had felt before. I knew I shouldn’t do this and I started to pull away and Cathy’s hand slipped off of my cock, but then I felt the orgasm. I closed my eyes and I felt the thick stringy liquid shoot from the end of my dick on to Cathy’s chest. It started to run down over her nipples. When Tom saw it he said,”Oh fuck, yes. Finally” And I could see him thrust hard upward. Cathy let out a yelp as my cum fell on her chest and I knew Tom was coming deep in her pussy.

“Oh god, it feels so good. I feel him coming in me,”She screamed as she closed her eyes and had an orgasm of her own.

She continued to slowly rock on Tom’s cock, and then gently she lifted herself up. His cock fell flatly to the side, and it was wet with the mixture of there orgasms. Cathrine laid down on the couch exausted.

I got down off of the couch and Cathy told me to sit down. “You can go home Tom.” She said and he started to get dressed. When he was dressed he leaned over and kissed her, then he turned to me and said,”I’m glad I could help you.” Then Tom left.

When Tom got dressed and left Cathy laid in the middle of the floor and spread her legs. “I want you to eat me out.”

“Tom just came in you, I don’t want to do that.”

Cathy reached between her legs and started to masturbate with one hand while she rubbed my cum over her nipples with the other. I was thinking about what had just happened and I expected to worry. I felt myself start to get hard again. “It looks like you want to taste baby, why don’t you taste.”

I felt as if I was acting compulsively, as if I had no control. I dropped to the floor and started to gently kiss Cathys cunt. Then I put my tounge out and tasted. It was slightly bitter but not bad. Cathy put her hand on the back of my head and gently pulled me toward her. She held me close and I felt myself getting aroused so I kissed her and started to explore her with my tounge. I now tasted her and Tom mixed together and it aroused me more. She started to come again and I felt more of Toms come and I swallowed. After two orgasms I was rock hard again.

Cathrine pulled me up and kissed me and I tried to enter her, but she pushed me off. “Your not wearing a condom.” She said. Then she grabbed my cock and started to stroke me off. She took her finders and dipped them inside of her cunt and used the juices to massage my cock. I was again really turned on and my cock was wet with come and spit. She started to lick my nipple and then massage my balls as she stroked me. In just a few seconds I had come again. She then pulled her come covered body close to me and she whispered in my ear, “I love you. I’ll fill any fantasy for you. As soon as I find out I’m pregnant with Tom’s baby you can fuck me all you want with out a condom. I wanted to protest, or ask her not to have the baby, but with the thought of her growing stomach and with her naked body next to me I was starting to get hard again.


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marie-rose 65 ans

Au travail, je suis délégué syndical, dans le cadre de cette responsabilité je me suis occupé du grief de Marie-Rose.
Marie-Rose 65 ans , grassette, une paire de tétons volumineuse et pendantes.
Moi,46 ans, séparé depuis 7ans de la femme qui m'a dépucelé a 32 ans. Depuis ma séparation je me branle régulièrement.
Haaa l'internet !

Pour me remercier d'avoir sauvé mister emploi, elle m'a invité plusieurs fois pour souper. Étant a cours d'excuse j'acceptais finalement mister invitation. Avant d'aller plus loin , je vous précise que je parais plus jeune, facilement 30 ans, je suis chatain, pratiquement pas de barbe, et de plus je suis petit et plutot maigrichon.
Je me présente chez elle à l'heure convenue avec une bouteille de vin et des fleurs. Elle me reçoit en m'embrassant sur les joues et je sens sur ma frêle poitrine ses tétons, surtout lorsqu'elle se frotte carrément en changeant de joue. Je sens un début d'érection. On se calme. Elle porte un chemisier blanc ample me laissant mister soutien-gorge ouvert. Je constate qu'elle n'a pas le haut de la poitrine ridée. Elle porte une jupe jusqu'au genou.

Elle ne se gène pas lors de l'apéro pour se pencher en m'exposant ses seins et croiser les jambes hautes me laissant voir le haut de ses cuisses toutes blanches.
On mange,on boit du vin, beaucoup de vin, la discussion change. Elle me parle de mister mari décédé il y a environ 10 ans de ses copains depuis et des fantasmes de ceux-ci.
Son histoire me fait bander et lorsqu'on passe au salon pour le café, en me levant elle constate mon état. Elle me dit :
- Tu bandes à m'écouter et toi tu dis rien.

Je reste silencieux, elle me caresse les cheveux et je pose ma tête sur sa poitrine. Tout de go je lui dit que ca fait des années que je masturbe et que l'entendre me raconter ses histoires me donne envie de me branler. Elle me met debout et me déshabille, je suis nu, bandé, elle enlève mister chemisier et mister soutif . J'ai jamais vu d'aussi gros tétons. Elle me prend la main et m'assoit sur ses genoux et tranquillement me masturbe, puis remplace sa main par la mienne en me disant de me branler. Je me branle sans retenue, je mécartille, lève les jambes, je prends mes deux mains et pendant ce temps Marie-Rose m'insulte en me traitant de petit branleur et ajoute que les branleurs on les guérit par une bonne fessée. Elle enlève sa jupe, me couche sur ses grosses cuisses, une cuisse c'est ma taille. Elle me corrige, ça fait mal mais j'aime . J'éjacule sur sa cuisse, elle est fachée et je suis à genou au coin. Elle s'approche de moi, elle a mister portable, je regarde, elle a tout filmé, je suis à sa merci.


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Les fortes pluies et la neige, en dehors de leurs graves inconvénients, ont eu le mérite de réalimenter la source... Merci


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More Surprises at the Resort

Hi. My name is Tina. I am 41 years old and have been married to my current husband since I was 28. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage ages 21 and 17. This is my second story ever to be put on line. I will say now that I am sorry if my choices offend some of you. Just to paint an accurate picture, I am 5'2" tall and weigh 135 pounds- not fat really but not skinny. I still wear a 2 piece to swim and I look great in jeans. I am a brunette and yes, I color it a bit now.

My hair is generally worn straight and it goes just past my shoulders but I will wear it up or in a pony on occasion. My eyes are brown. I am Italian but more fair skinned than you might think. I have D cup boobs (which usually get me into these kinds of situations) but they have seen some wear with 2 kids and gravity. I had liposuction done 6 years ago. I have a flat tummy and good shaped thighs and butt – although I have added about 10 pounds since. I need to work on that.

I work full time in an office and my husband is in sales with a good income and lots of travel. I go whenever I can get off work and when he goes someplace good now that the boys are older. He goes on fishing and hunting trips with his friends a few times a year. I go with my friends a few times a year for a long weekend and one trip to Mexico for a week – just the girls for a week of shopping, takeing, sun, and more shopping and takeing. We have made it an annual even now and go to wherever we can find a good deal on an all-inclusive resort. Let me say here that I am no prude. I enjoy many sexual activities but being a mom and a bit older, I don't usually talk about them with people and there are a few fantasies I keep to myself. I do enjoy reading the explicit stories on line and imagining myself there but some of them go a bit too far. Also after 13 years of marriage, our bedroom activity has slowed a bit but not too much.

In my first story, I explained my discovery of my submissive side and the guys we met in Mexico. This story explains the rest of the week I had after that first takes and wild night. The next day, I slept well past noon with my head and body aching from rough fun and way too many margaritas.

I finally made my way to the chairs at the pool at 1:30 PM where my girlfriend was waiting with a big cheesy grin. She knew I had fun last night but she did not know everything. We ordered some food and chatted but I was not about to tell her the details. She only knew I was very bad and went to a guy's room –and returned to our room at 5:00 AM.

Later that afternoon, I was feeling better and the free margaritas began to flow. That's what you do at an all-inclusive resort. Eat, take, relax, and start over the next day. Suddenly, I saw a shadow and turned to see the guy approaching that I spent the last night with. I had mixed feelings. He was a beautiful young man and very sexy but I felt a little scared and betrayed by his actions the night before. I decided to put that night behind me and move on with my life. I could live with myself for having only one night of takes passion.

"Good Morning Sunshine" he said as he pulled up a chaise lounge chair and sat facing us. I said hello distantly and looked away. He asked, "What's the matter? Aren't you happy to see me?"

I replied, "It was very fun last night, and disturbing at the same time. Thank you for everything but I need to put that behind me now and move on. I am a married woman and need to remember that. You understand I hope,"

He said he did and with a long face he walked away slowly. My fiend asked what happened and I said I really did not want to discuss it so we ordered more takes and laid back in the sun. About 10 minutes later, I felt a shadow again and looked up. He was standing above me, blocking the sun and grinning from ear to ear.

He said, "I have something to show you." He handed me my drivers license and said, "this must have fallen out of your purse. I wrote down your home address in case I ever get to the Chicago area."

I snatched it from him and said, "please don't joke around. You know I am married and we cannot see each other any more. Please don't ever call or show up in Chicago."

He sat down then, still smiling and pulled some papers out of his pocket and unfolded them. He said, "I printed these on the hotel computer this morning. Sorry for the poor quality but at home I can print them on photo paper." He handed them to me and I was paralyzed when I saw 2 photos of me laying naked with my legs apart and smiling on his bed from last night. I did not remember a camera but I was so lost in passion, I probably missed a lot more than that. I sat there, speechless and he then said, "it would be a shame for the wrong permister to ever see these." And then said, "so what time will you be over tonight? 7:00 or 8:00? We have a big night planned." I was still stunned when he said, "Oh I have your passport too. I picked it this morning but it is in a drawer somewhere. I'll find it and give it back to you when you come over."

I finally regained enough composure to speak and said, "I will be there at 8:00 if you promise to never tell my husband a thing."

He laughed out loud and said, "Of course I won't tell him. See you tonight sweety." He turned and walked away, looking over his shoulder saying, "wear something sexy for me."

Alice just stared at me. I said, "I have no choice. What have I gotten myself into?" She apologized too for taunting me into this last night. I said, "Don't worry. I did this to myself. It's not your fault." I ordered another take and laid back in my chair to contemplate my mess.

I showered and dressed sexy for an early dinner with Alice. I told her I was sorry but she was on her own that night. She joked and said that maybe she could find a nice muscle man to play with too. I said, "Don't joke about that. You don't know what they are like."

"They?" She said, "who is they?"

I broke down and told that both of the guys were in the room last night and that I really did not want to talk more. She just smiled, understanding. We finished dinner and I headed for cottage 1022. At 8:00 sharp I knocked on the door, wearing a strapless blue dress and high heels. My hair was up in a more formal style. I wanted to look my best. I did not wear any jewelry so I would not have to worry about losing anything.

John opened the door wearing a Hawaiian shirt, baggy shorts and sandals. His muscles showed through even the baggiest clothes. He was smiling as he asked me in where I saw his friend Mike sitting at the small table filled with cuckold water bottles, mixers, and an ice bucket. Can I offer you a take?" he asked.

I said, "yes and make it strong."

They both laughed and John said not to worry. "We won't hurt you."

I asked for my passport back and he said he would find it later. He then sat down in the only other chair by Mike, leaving me standing. As Mike mixed my take, they both stared at me with elevator eyes, looking up and down the length of my body.

John said, "let your hair down Tina. You look like you are going to a ball." I reached up slowly and unpinned my hair, letting fall to my shoulders. I shook my head a few times to give my hair a wild look.

"Is this better? I asked. They both smiled and nodded as Mike handed me a big glass of mostly tequila and I think some lime and orange juice. I slammed about half of it and set the glass on the table.

As I stepped back, John said, "take your dress off Tina." Well that didn't take long, I thought to myself. I reached back and unhooked my clasp and pulled my zipper down. Ever so slowly, I pulled my dress down exposing by breasts, my belly and my tiny thong. As my dress hit the floor, I just kicked it aside as the two men just stared at my chest.

"Now your thong," he said. I did as I was told. Somehow, I enjoyed taking orders and doing as he wished, even if I was feeling tremendously guilty for being here and scared what might be coming next. Last night, I was loaded beyond belief. Tonight, I was buzzed but I knew exactly what I was doing. My logical side still had some control telling me to grab my dress and run. But I knew I could not. I knew I had to see this through. He had my address and photos of me. I was going to comply.

I stood there nude I front of two leering men – beautiful, young, well built men. I felt ashamed but excited at the same time. "Turn around slowly," one of them said. I slowly turned letting them view my entire nudity. I felt it happening again, I was already slipping into a dream state, not paying attention to them but focusing on my own desires and fantasies. I did not even notice who spoke to me.

"Kick off your shoes," one said. "They are very sexy but you won't be needing them." I bent over and unfastened both straps to step out. John got up and walked toward me, cupping my breasts in his hands and kissing me. "Now lay on the bed," he instructed. I complied and situated myself in the middle with my head on a pillow and my arms at my sides. Mike got up and walked over. Both men were still completely clothed, looking down at my naked body on one of their beds. Mike opened a travel bag and pulled out a large coil of white rope.

I snapped back to reality and bolted upright. John pushed me back down and held me pinned with a big hand on my chest applying pressure. He said, "Don't worry. We won't hurt you. This is just a game we like to play." I objected but they were insistent. I knew I was not going to win. Mike cut several lengths of rope and began tying my wrists and ankles. He pulled my wrists tightly to the upper corners of the bed. I don't know what he tied them to but he was reaching under the bed. He pulled my feet very hard pulling my body against my wrist restraints.

He and John then each took a rope attached to my ankles and spread my legs as far as they would go---and then a little more than that until I whimpered. They tied them off and stood to admire their handy work. I had never been tied before and I was so exposed, so vulnerable, so helpless. I knew they were going to take their pleasure with me but this was unexpected and scary.

I begged them not to hurt me and they just laughed and toasted each other before downing their cocktails. I watched as they both took off their clothes. Their bodies were fabulous and the hard penises were more beautiful than last night. Where my husband has a hard one that is only kind of hard and sticks out and down. Both of these guys were big and they pointed straight up. They were beyond hard. But I was still scared and helpless. John took out a camera and started snapping photos. I knew I was in for more trouble but there was noting I could do now.

Both men came over to the bed and began touching me—mostly my boobs—rubbing, kneading, pulling on my nipples, each with two hands on my boobs and massaging. It was nice and scary at the same time. I closed my eyes as hands roved over my boobs, my neck my face, my belly, my legs, and then my crotch. They were gentle but firm. I felt fingers entering me as I slowly moved into my haze again. I would enjoy this if I must.

Then John crawled up above my face with knees planted on either side of my face. I snapped out of it again as he powerd his hard penis down toward my mouth. I had sex last night but tonight we are going farther. I am not a big fan of giving oral but I wanted it then. I wanted to please him. I wanted him in my mouth. I even wanted him to finish right there in my mouth. I knew that but I did not say it.


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"Suck my cock," he said to me as he powerd it deep in my mouth. My husband would NERVER ever say that to me. He began pumping slowly in and out, pulling it out so I could lick him and catch my breath every minute or so. He rubbed it all over my face, slapped me with it, hung his hairy ball package in my mouth, made me lick him and suck him for a long time. At the same time, I could not see, but Mike was fingering me, spreading me open, and even inserting something in me—not his penis but something that size and hard and cold. It hurt a little at first but I liked it. I liked being impaled, ***d, worryed, as John continued to use my mouth.

I was back in full swing—I was loving it all—I was loving being used by two lovely muscle men. I never thought of my husband. This was all mine. I was not even paying attention when John spoke to me. I saw his lips move but could not hear.

He grasped my head and hair and pulled my head up toward him as he powerd his weight down. He grunted loudly as his hard penis exploded in my mouth. I tasted the salty musk of his cream and began to gag for air. He held me there for more than a minute as he pumped and drained everything into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. He finally pulled out and I gasped for air. He slapped my face several times with his wet, sticky member and laughed.

"It's your turn Bro." he said to Mike as he climbed off, still dripping on my face. I felt like a piece of meat right the. Just thier toy. Just their plaything. I was not even human. I was just a thing to them. A pleasure thing. He made another take and grabbed his camera as Mike positioned himself over my face for the same thing. I sucked and licked his hard penis just as I did Johns as John took pictures up close and far away. I did not care any more but I knew that they would be trouble.

Soon, Mike too, began to convulse as he shot a large amount of sperm into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could as he groaned with pleasure. It was nasty to taste. It was nasty to feel. I never let my husband do that but here I was, tied and spread with two men I met just yesterday, swallowing gallons of their sperm. Well it seemed like gallons. I had only ever tasted sperm once before in my life and it was just a taste. I spit it out. Now I was swallowing it. I felt dirty and nasty. I liked it.

Mike crawled off me and also had a take. They laughed and high-fived before coming back over to me. The mumred to each other and then each went to the foot of the bed and loosened my ankle ropes. "We are going to fuck you now. You need to be able to pull your knees up. You like that don't you?" Mike was speaking and I could only nod.

After almost a minute, I managed one syllable, "Yes" I said.

My wrists were still bound tight but my legs were loose. Tied but not stretched to the limit. John climbed on the bed and positioned himself between my open legs. I could see that he was rock hard – either still hard or hard again. I am not sure. He lunged forward, penetrating me fully in one motion. I was ready since Mike had been shoving something in me before but it still hurt for a moment. Soon he was on me—pounding grinding, fucking me with all his strength. I was tied and helpless, feeling submissive, feeling weak, feeling guilty, but orgasming just the same. I had two orgasms before he stopped abruptly. He quickly crawled toward me and shot sperm on my face.

This was another new experience for me. This was so far beyond my Midwestern, soccer mom, missionary sex life, I did not know what to say. He just laughed and said I looked like a whore with cum on my face.

I felt like a whore but I also enjoyed it. If this is being a whore, I want it again and again. But rather than wiping it off, he just got off the bed and left me there in his mess. Mike climbed on and began pounding too. He penetrated me deeply and pushed hard, over and over. He fucked me and called me names. He called me a whore and a slut. He grabbed at my boobs and my throat, squeezing too hard sometimes but letting go so I could breath. I was scared and loving it at the same time. I could not believe what was happening to me. At home I am a wife and mom. I shop at the store, I volunteer.

I work in an office where I dress professionally. I never cuss and we never talk about sex. Here I was tied to bed in Mexico, being sexually used by two young, huge men.... And wanting more.

Soon he grunted and exploded deep inside me—I felt his body shake with orgasm as he filled me again with his sperm, but this time in my vagina...deep in my vagina.

He rolled off and sat for a minute. John walked over and began to untie me. I was a mess. I had sperm on my face, down my neck and all over my crotch. My makeup was all over my face and my hair looked like a birds nest. They laughed as they drank their cocktails and told me to look in the mirror. I went into the bathroom and closed the door to pee and take a shower. After about 30 minutes, I came out of the bathroom clean, refreshed and nude.

They were both there but the room was picked up. I asked for my dress and shoes.

John laughed, "You don't need them."

"Oh but I do." I said. I did what you said, I want my dress, my undies, my shoes, and my passport."

"Relax" he said. "You will get them back. It's only 11:00. You are not done. Not by a long shot. We have more plans for you tonight and none of them involve your clothes or your passport. Now come over here and have a take. You're going to need it." He smiled and pulled out Mikes travel bag and opened it.

Beside the rope, there were several large dildos, leather things, things with wires coming out of them, a whip, and devices I could not recognize. He said, "Sorry we got carried away before and just fucked you. We are going to tie you again but this time, we are going to have different fun." He roared with an evil laugh. "and then we will fuck you again."


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Dark Marbles

And I'm out."

"Did you have to do that, Paula?"

"I sure did," and the game was over.

"Who the hell ever invented card games anyway?" The six of them were at it again. It was their chronic poverty that brought the three couples together in the beginning to play cards. Though now they could afford their pizzas, or some other take out, or even go out for a cheap dinner, they still gathered around the table most weekends to play cards or some other silly game like Yahtzee. Cam tossed his cards on the table and suggested, "Let's try Yahtzee. Maybe my luck will change, the first one to roll a full straight, orders dinner."

"Why do I think that will be you?"

"Thanks Ray, I needed that vote of confidence." It wasn't ten minutes later when Cam ordered their dinner.

His wife Sharon patted his arm and said, "It could be worse, we could have been playing strip Yahtzee, and you lost your pants or something."

Paula and Rachel laughed, and Cam stood smiling and said, "Tonight is not the night for me to play strip anything."

The six of them had survived their financial hardships by helping each other. One might be s*******ed as a carpenter or mechanic, and another might be handy as an electrician or computer nut, so among the six of them they managed to keep going as jobs and money slowly became less scarce. The result was the close bond that they had formed along the way. They were still anything but flush with money, but in comparimister they all felt a lot better about the future.

With their dinner ordered and delivered they sat at the table and the women started talking over their food about the programs on Reality TV. It was more than Tony could stand and moaned. "God, those shows are so phony."

All three of the women said at the same time, "They are not."

"They're phony and annoying to the extreme. Ones like, 'Sell This House,' or a better example, that wife swapping one. You can't tell me that a cameraman with a forty pound camera following so called adults around, will encourage the participants to behave as they always do. It's all staged."

Paula finally added, "Okay, I'll grant you they work hard to find couples that are total opposites and put them together, but that's all."

"So you admit it is staged then."

"Not staged exactly, but to make the show more interesting is all."

"About the only thing that might be authentic are the bratty kids they find. All those kids need is a dose of discipline applied everyday from those dysfunctional so called adults. And another thing, do you really think that for a whole seamister, couples live with somebody else's spouse for a whole week at a time, and there is never any sex between them?"

Sharon reminded him, "They never say whether there is or isn't."

"I'm sure they don't. All of those emotions flying around have to cause the urge to spawn once in a while at least."

"So you think some of them end up relaxing together?"

"Screwing together, relaxing together wouldn't be any big thing."

"Okay, screwing. I can hardly imagine that."

"I can hardly imagine every week, some duo spending a whole week with somebody else's wife for twenty six weeks or whatever, and not have something happen once in a while through the seamister."

"But you have to remember they are strangers. You're thinking of them as friends like us."

"No, I can even see it with strangers. I don't mean every couple, or every week, but it has to happen."

"I think they end up hating each other."

"Hate and love are in the same family of emotions and the lines can get blurred."

"You must read some strange books." That ended that topic at least for the time being.

Dinner was over and as the table was cleared, Tony was standing behind Paula and started to massage her neck and shoulders with his strong hands and she let her head drop forward and moaned in appreciation. Without moving, she said, "God, that feels good. Rachel, your husband is seducing me."

"Tony be good." He leaned down and Paula turned her head toward him and they shared a light kiss as his hands continued to please her. He smiled at her and asked,

"Was I good?"

"Lover, you were very good." Tony smiled and straightened up and returned to his chair so the games could continue. At the end of the evening, as Paula and Ray headed home he said, "You really enjoyed the massage."

"He's really good."

"I thought you were going to climax before he quit."

"That's stretching it a little, but he did a good job. Are you jealous?"

"Hell no, but it's hard to imagine somebody like Tony having the right touch for that kind of stuff."

"I don't know where he learned it, but he's good." At that same time Tony and Rachel were getting ready for bed, and she asked him, "What prompted the massage?"

"I don't know, I was standing there and I just started."

"You sure got Paula's attention."

"She's a sweetheart."

"You even got a nice kiss for your efforts."

"Seems fair to me, I gave her one too." When they went to bed, Rachel lay on top of Tony and after kissing him said, "It's only fair that I get a massage too."

"I couldn't agree more." Unlike Paula's massage, Rachel received a whole body massage, and it wasn't long before he was on top and sliding his cock into her. Afterward Rachel was on her back and said, "I'll bet I liked my massage a lot better than Paula liked hers."

"I don't know, I made her moan once."

"You made me moan a lot more than once, lover." He rolled onto his side to face her and slowly playing with her left breast as he said, "I like making you moan best."

"I'm glad."

Tony was the amateur carpenter of the group, and was putting new cupboard doors on Ray and Paula's kitchen cabinets. He had spent the last few weeks making them in his spare time and on this Wednesday evening, was on his way over to install them. When he arrived, he carried a few of the doors in with him. Paula poured him coffee and the three of them took a minute to talk and Tony showed them one of the doors. It wasn't much more than an hour later when he and Ray hung the last door and they stood there admiring the look. Paula stepped in front of Tony putting his hands on her neck again.

"One more time, okay?" After just a minute of him massaging her he stopped, pulled a chair out and turned it around.

"Sit on it backwards and lean toward the back with your arms hanging by your side." She did as she was told, and he gave her a serious upper body massage as she relaxed and moaned repeatedly. When his hands arrived at her hips he paused, and then worked his way back up before stopping. "The labor for the doors is free, but there will be a charge for the massage."

"How much?"

"I haven't worked up a fee schedule yet."

"It's worth it whatever it is."

"I'll keep that in mind when I write the bill."

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"A friend taught me and I worked with him in a spa for a short time, but since I wasn't licensed, I couldn't keep doing it as his student."

"I'll bet you got to see a lot of naked women."

"No, it was all very carefully done, you know with towels and so forth. I did get to work on some very good looking women though. Of course, I also had to do the really fat ones too. Now I'm going home and tell Rachel I made you moan as many times as I made her moan."

Paula got up and kissing him on the cheek said, "I'll bet you made her moan for different reamisters though."

"Well yeah, I guess you could say that."

Chapter Two

Sharon was an artist and did wildlife paintings in watercolors, and her studio as she called it, was what had at one time been the guest room. She was very good, but it had taken her a long time, and winning a number of competitions to get any name recognition. She was just now starting to cover her expenses and adding to their income, and her contribution to the group was to do something special for each couple. For Ray and Paula it was a rural scene with a fox in it, and for Tony and Rachel it was a clutch of quail in the weeds. She was still working on the one for their living room wall.

The next time the group got together, the subject of reality television didn't come up until late in the evening. It was Sharon that brought the subject up again. "Tony, I'm sure you didn't watch it last week, but the one woman actually hit the guy."

"That's still so much side show to me."

"Let me get this straight, you couldn't be in the same bed as somebody else and not make love to them."

"I didn't say that. I just said it might be pretty damn hard to do it for seven days, and I just can't imagine them going through the whole seamister without somebody having a fling."

"But we don't even know if they relax in the same bed."

"Then that isn't even swapping of any kind I don't think. I mean if they're having trouble, why not just have a professional come in for a couple days, and bang their problem could be diagnosed and help could begin. It wouldn't make much of a show, but it would be a lot more believable and a lot more helpful to the people involved. Of course, I doubt they are interested in help anyway, they just want to be on television."

"You are so negative."

"Just about most reality programming, other than that I'm an optimist."

Tony was in trouble because Cam and Ray stepped in. Ray started it with, "I could relax with either Rachel or Sharon for a week and not make love to them. Not because they aren't sexy, but because I have control."

Cam added his part with, "Same with me. I could relax with Paula or Rachel and stay on my side of the bed."

In his own defense, Tony reminded them, "Like I said, I could do it but it wouldn't be easy, and not every guy is going to try very hard to resist temptation. Hell, I massaged naked women for two years without making any passes at them."

"You would have been fired and arrested if you had tried I'll bet."

"Not necessarily, there were a few women that would have invited it."

Paula smiled and admitted, "I can see where some women would want more after one of your massages."

Sharon was surprised. "Paula, you amaze me."

"Girl, it feels wonderful I'm telling you. Tony, massage Sharon for a minute so she can see what I mean."

Tony looked at Sharon and said, "I'd be happy to, but it's up to Sharon."


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With a shrug of her shoulders Sharon said, "Sure I don't care, but don't expect me to rip my clothes off and attack you."

"Well then, what's the point?" Then he smiled at her and said, "Just as long as you enjoy it. If you don't, I'll stop."

Rachel upped the ante saying, "Honey, get your mat out so you can do it properly." He retrieved the thick pad from their bedroom and put it on the living room floor.

"Okay Sharon, lie on your belly for me." When she'd done that, Tony knelt next to her and instructed her to put her face in the opening at her head and look down. He then pulled her arms down along her side and talked softly to her. "Okay, now just relax and let your mind wander wherever you want it to go, and tell me to stop at any time."

"Okay," and she put her head down as instructed.

Cam sat on the couch and relaxed as he watched Tony start the massage. As it went along, he would occasionally talk softly to her but she was quiet. As his hands worked on her he said, "Of course you have to imagine this with your clothes off, because a massage through clothing isn't nearly as beneficial. That's why spas have you take everything off and you cover yourself with towels. That way, we can use scented oils on your skin to increase the soothing effects." Sharon was being resistant to prove her point, but Tony's magic hands caused her to moan and sigh in spite of herself. When he reached her pelvis, he gently massaged across the upper part of her butt saying, "This area gets tired if you have been sitting a lot, like playing cards tonight. It's the sacroiliac region and the source of a lot of discomfort for a lot of people. He finished up by working his way back up and massaging her upper back and around to her sides stopping short of the sides of her breasts.

Tony stood up and said, "Without a table and oil, that's about all I can do," and helped Sharon up.

Her face was a little flushed and she smiled admitting, "That really did feel wonderful, thank you, Tony."

"You're welcome."

Rachel then asked, "Now how did we get to this from our argument about reality television.

Sharon shrugged her shoulders and admitted, "I don't remember."

"There is one thing that hasn't been brought up. What if the woman doesn't want to be left alone?"

"Rachel, you surprise me"

Sharon said. "That wouldn't be me of course. I could relax next to Tony and not be tempted beyond control even with a massage."

Cam shocked the group when he said, "Hell Sharon, relax with Tony and get this settled." Five pairs of eyes stared at Cam until he said, "Well nothing will happen, so what's the difference?"

Rachel was still staring at him and asked, "But what if it did."

"But it won't."

"And another thing, where would I relax, with them?"

"No. I don't know I hadn't thought that far ahead."

Sharon raised her hand and said, "Excuse me everybody, but doesn't it matter how I feel about this?"

Paula was getting into this too and added, "Okay, what if Rachel slept with Cam or Ray, and I slept with the other one?"

"You guys are talking about switching partners."

"No just to relax, it's no big deal."

"It sure as hell is. We better consider the possibility of somebody being weak and giving in to the urge to merge." That caused the six of them to pause for a minute. Then it was Sharon again.

"Look all of us have openly announced that they are strong enough to behave, so where's the risk?"

Rachel added, "This reminds me of a Seinfeld show where they bet on who could resist masturbating the longest, and in the end none of them resisted it long enough to win the bet. Plus it goes back to what Sharon said earlier. The women have to be as strong as they guys. It only takes one moment of weakness by one permister. We're all young, and pretty healthy sexually, I'm sure."

"This is starting to feel like a college dare situation."

"Well I for one am seeing this as a challenge now."

"Listen to brave Cam talk. Sharon, how do you feel about Cam relaxing with somebody else?"

"I trust him. I don't even care if they share a goodnight kiss."

Paula stood up and added, "Okay, here's another one. Who relaxs in pajamas?"

Not one hand went up until Sharon said, "I sometimes relax in a tee shirt, or a silky top and I'd be okay in panties."

"So do we get undressed in the dark?" Tony flashed on the image of Sharon in panties and a silky top and wanted to volunteer to relax with her.

Rachel added, "I hate to wear anything to relax in, but I could come up with something I guess, what about you guys?"

Cam said, "I have a pair of silk boxers that I could wear."

Ray didn't say anything until he finally offered, "Yeah, I could too I guess."

All eyes were on Tony until he said, "Yeah, okay, I can come up with something too." Paula was getting into the experiment and asked, "Okay, how do we decide who relaxs with whom and where, also, for how long and when."

"Damn, I think our constitution was written with less effort than this, and all to prove something that isn't even important."

Sharon said, "I want to stay home, because I often get up very early to work in my studio.

Again, everybody was quiet until Paula said, "Okay, the guys do the changing then; now for how long, one night, or three, or seven, or what?" Back to Cam again.

"Hell, if we're going to do it because of that damn show, then let's do it for seven."

Tony stood up and said, "This could take a while, and I can't believe we're going to do it. I need a take, anybody else?" All hands went up, so it took him a while to come back with six mixed takes.

Chapter Three

All of them drank in silence for a minute and then Tony started it again. "When is this grand experiment to begin?"

Ray shrugged his shoulders and said, "This is Saturday night, so we might as well start with tomorrow night."

"Just for the nights or do we stay switched full time for seven days?"

"That damn show is supposedly full time." Six people looked at each other waiting for somebody else to make the decision. The reality of it all was starting to sink in then so it was some time before Sharon nodded.

"I agree it should be full time, or at least most of the time. I mean we don't want to move a ton of clothes around."

"Then no talking to the other's spouse, even if they do go home for something, we save it all until next Sunday."

"Now all we have to do is decide who goes where."

"That's simple. Three slips in a dish. We draw and go home with the name on the slip."

"God, this is stranger than a key party."

"Nah, those are just for one night."

"Yeah, but those are purely for sex and everybody knows it up front. No teasing involved."

"I don't think we'll be teasing each other."

"Are you kidding? It doesn't matter how good my new wife behaves, I'll be teased no matter what happens."

With three slips in a bowl, and Tony standing closest he drew the first name. "My wife for the next week will be...Sharon." She flushed a little as she looked at him. Cam was next and drew Paula, so that meant Ray would be relaxing with Rachel. The three women were about the same height, with Rachel weighing more than Sharon, but less than Paula, and of the three, Paula had the largest breasts, though even hers weren't overly large. They were all attractive, but couldn't be considered beautiful and they were full of life.

Cam raised his glass and toasted, "To the next seven days" and they emptied their glasses.

Once alone, each couple talked about their coming experiment with some trepidation, but also with a lot of excitement. Rachel asked, "What if one of us slips, do we admit it or just leave it alone?"

"I don't know. Keeping secrets might not be a good idea though."

"Maybe not, honey just for the record, I don't plan to be bad."

He kissed her and said, "It's when you're bad that you're at your best. But just for the record, I feel the same way." Ray and Paula had a similar conversation on their way home, as did Sharon and Cam. It was to be a long seven days of teasing for them it seemed. Sunday was a flurry of calls between the women, and they set it so each guy would leave for his new home right at seven o'clock.

Taking Tony for an example, he had a small suitcase and after kissing Rachel goodbye, he headed home to Sharon. She was watching for him and even though they had known each other for a long time, they had an awkward period before they settled down in front of the television. Of course, neither of them were paying a lot of attention to the program as they tried to grasp what it was going to be like in the coming days. On

the surface, their lives wouldn't be all that different with Tony going to work and coming home at the end of the day, changing his clothes and playing on his computer for an hour to relax. But he wouldn't have his computer. He was losing one way of coping with temptation right off.

He tried not to look at Sharon a lot. He knew what she looked like and even knew what it felt like to hold her. But now, no matter how much he told himself nothing was changing, he was looking at her differently. That is, except he'd be in bed with a different woman for next seven nights. Other than that, it would be routine days. With all that in his mind, he did look at her when he could and kept seeing her with her clothes off. He kept seeing her as a love partner, and he kept wondering what it would be like with her. He hadn't been there two hours yet, and he could feel his urges stirring. She was the most reticent of the three women, so he didn't see anything happening between them. Sharon did her best to stare at the television, but when Tony went for a take she watched his ass and crotch shamelessly. When he returned however, she was looking at his face and smiled innocently. She couldn't help but feel his hands on her as he massaged her just hours ago. When he massaged her low back and across the top of her butt, she was imagining what it would feel like to have him keep going lower, to feel his hands between her legs. She took a quick deep breath and refocused on the mindless show on the screen.


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Paula, the most extroverted of the three flirted with Cam a little, but not too much. They still had to make it through until next Sunday, but she planned to have her fun with him the last day until they were to all meet at Tony and Rachel's at six. Cam was the picture of confidence on the outside, but inside he wasn't doing as well. His eyes kept sneaking looks at Paula's chest, and when she went to the other room, he watched her ass as it snaked its way out of his sight. He'd bragged that it would be no problem for him, and he was silly enough to believe his boasts until he was alone with her. He thought about Tony being with Sharon, but he wasn't worried about them. He figured Tony was more talk than action, and he knew Sharon was a lot more timid about things dealing with sex.

Ray and Rachel were going through the same issues and attempts to be mannerly and in control. They too took every opportunity to look at the other, even though they had been friends for several years too. This was a whole new ball game, and confident as she was, Rachel knew she had a long week ahead of her. She was wishing she and Tony would have made love before the switch had been made, instead of a couple of nights before.

When it was time for bed, Tony knew he had to face up to it if he was going to be worth anything at work Monday morning. Sharon watched as he went to brush his teeth so she knew the moment had come. She had looked, and really didn't have anything to wear to bed, so she found the most conservative pair of panties she had, and put on her one silky top that looked a little like a pajama top. The prominence of her nipples made them very obvious through it, but she figured the bedroom would be dark enough that it might not matter too much. Tony only had a pair of boxers to wear and he hated them, but it was either them, or a pair of tight briefs that would show Sharon most of his equipment even if he could keep it down. She got a glimpse of him as he went to the bedroom and pulled the bedclothes down. He was just sliding in when she appeared, nervous as a bride and he openly stared at her as she approached the bed. She hit the light switch and for a moment it was totally dark, but their eyes adjusted and he could see her again. He turned on his side and told her, "Sharon, you look fantastic."


"No, I'm not trying anything, but I just wanted to tell you."

"I tried not to be so uncovered."

"I'm glad you failed. May I have a good night kiss?"

"Yes." He put his arm around her and felt her warmth through the light fabric of her top, and then leaned down and kissed her gently, but didn't hurry it at all. He could feel her breasts against his chest as they touched him, and he wanted to lower himself onto her. But he kept control and reluctantly moved back to his side of the bed. She lay there on her back staring into the darkness and tried not to move or even breathe too much. A few minutes later she whispered, "Are you still awake?"


"Thank you for the compliment."

"You're welcome, and I meant it."

A minute later she again whispered, "Thanks for the kiss, too."

"Thank you. I'm sorry it had to end." She didn't respond to that as she continued to lay there afraid to move. "Sharon, one more thing, I sometimes talk in my relax, or so I'm told. It usually doesn't make sense, but I just didn't want it to alarm you."

"Thanks for telling me." Sharon was used to relaxing on her left side and it was driving her nuts to stay on her back, so she abandoned her attempts not to move and turned to face him being very careful not to touch him.

Chapter Four

They managed to drop off to relax, and Tony ended up on his side facing her. He stirred during the night and touched her, which made him open his eyes. He looked at her and the blankets were down almost to her waist. His eyes were very dark adapted now, and he could see the outline of her breasts and how they moved when she breathed. He took a chance and pretending to be arelax eased his hand over so his arm rested on her side just above her waist. He didn't move it, but as little as that was, it felt good and he left it there as he drifted off to relax again. When he woke in the morning, he was on his back and had about five minutes before the alarm would go off. As he lay there, he realized she had her hand resting on his abdomen and he slowly turned his head to look at her. She was arelax, so he just looked at her and wondered what she might be dreaming about or how her night had gone. Rather than let the alarm wake her, he eased out from under her hand and shut the alarm off before heading to the bathroom.

He didn't know where she kept the coffee, so he couldn't get that started, so he jumped in the shower and got that out of the way. After toweling off, he slipped on his briefs and started to shave when the door opened and Sharon appeared. She was a couple of steps inside before she realized he was standing there and it startled her. "Oh, I'm sorry, Tony."

He looked at her standing there in her panties and smiled as he said, "I'm not and good morning. Let me step out."

"No I..."

"That's okay, that's how life is with one bathroom." He went out and waited for her until she opened the door and they stood there not sure what to say or do. "Sharon we have almost a week being together, so we better just get used to this part of it."

"I guess so." She did her best to look at his half shaved face, but she couldn't stop herself from looking between his legs for a second before diverting her eyes. "I'll...just go make coffee then." He watched her as she went down the hall and disappear around the corner enjoying every second of it. She had put on a robe and they had a quick breakfast together before he brushed his teeth, and then came back to the kitchen where she was sitting at the table. He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss, and then kissed her again before saying, "I'll see you about five, love."

"Bye, have a good day."

Once he was gone, Sharon leaned back and held her cup close to her lips without takeing as she sat there thinking about Tony and their crazy idea about swapping partners. It was scary for her and a lot harder than she thought it would be, but at the same time, she was enjoying the teasing and the danger of complications if they dropped their guard. Even though she had overslept, she got a lot done in her studio as she used that to keep her mind busy. It wasn't entirely successful, because she took a scrap and spent half an hour drawing Tony's pelvis in his briefs with his cock on display for her. Then she shook herself from her reverie, and went back to working on her latest project.

Monday evening, the two of them went out to eat and that helped them to relax since they couldn't very well get in trouble in public. On the way home however she said, "Did you know you had your arm over me last night?"

"Did I? I'm sorry."

"No it was fine, you were arelax and it felt nice."

"That's funny, because you had your hand on my belly when I woke this morning."

"No, really?"

"Yes, and just like you, I liked it."

"At least we behaved ourselves."

"We did do that." They rode on home in relative silence and settled in with a mixed take and watched television. One thing about having limited finances, they didn't have that many options, so watching a movie together was about it. Tony missed his computer though. "Tony, is this how you and Rachel spend your evenings?"


"And other times?" He just looked at her and smiled without saying anything.

"Oh...yes, of course, that was stupid of me."

"Well that, and play on my computer."

"You can use Cam's, I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"I could check my email if you're sure he wouldn't mind."

"No that would be fine."

"I'll wait until tomorrow night and check it then."

Monday night was a repeat of Sunday night and they ended up relaxing close together with their arms over each other. Sharon was wearing a smaller pair of panties but kept the same silky top and Tony wore the much hated boxers. The only difference from Sunday night was she kissed him goodnight, and it was enough of a kiss to give him an erection almost instantly. Had he been able to see her face better, he would have known it was flushed pink with desire. They woke together in the morning, and they lay there talking for a few minutes before getting up and taking turns in the bathroom. His full bladder was making him just hard enough to tent his boxers a little, and when she came out she noticed right away. He gave her a light kiss as he passed and went it to pee. They were past worrying about being seen in their underwear now and when he finally saw her in her bra and panties, his erection jumped to attention yet again. It was only his slacks that diminished that view for Sharon. When he was ready to leave for work, he pulled her close and said, "I am behaving, but it isn't easy."

"I know, and it isn't for me either, but we just have to." Rather than comment, he kissed her and went to work. Their routine for the evening was a lot the same, except after dinner Tony went to check his email, and when he turned the computer on he saw Cam's desk top image. It was Sharon in the nude in a very sensual pose smiling at the camera.

He was taking his time studying the image when he heard Sharon say, "Oh I just wanted to tell you the printer doesn't...and her eyes fell on the screen. She too froze, but for a different reamister. Her face went beet red and then she mumred, "He didn't tell me he...oh my God" and she went to the bedroom to try and collect her thoughts. Tony abandoned the computer and went to find her. She was sitting on the side of the bed and staring at the wall, so he sat down next to her and took her hand in his. She didn't say anything so he put his arm around her and looking at her, slowly brushed her hair back and kissed her cheek. "God, I'm sorry, Tony, I didn't know he'd done that."


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"It's obvious he loves looking at you, and I can see why. It isn't his fault at all. I shouldn't have gone in there." She turned a little and put the side of her face to his chest and just put her arms around him.

"We're trying so hard to behave ourselves."

"And we are."

"But now you've seen me naked."

"Okay, so that's our secret. Want to see me naked to make it even?" She looked at him and smiled.

"Oh sure, that's just what we need. I've already seen you almost naked."

"Pretty close, but you've seen me in a bathing suit so that's no big deal."

"I saw you this morning with an erection."

"Oh, is that right."

"Well you had your skivvies on."

"Then you didn't see the one I got from looking at you in your bra and panties."

"You didn't."

"Wanna bet? Sharon honey, you are a wonderful permister and so sexy that you take my breath away. I'm getting one just sitting here with you."

"You're just horny."

"And whose fault is that?"

"No, I mean you would be even if I wasn't here."

"How wrong you are, love."

"Tony, you never thought about me like this before."

"How do you know what I think about when I'm around you?"

"But you have Rachel."

"And I love her very much, but that doesn't mean I don't think about you and find you sensual, sexy, and very desirable." She was still holding him with her face against his chest so her eyes had direct access to his manhood. He had pants on, so it was hard to tell, but she was pretty sure he was erect even then just as he said he was. Tony put his hand under her chin and tipped her head back and they kissed, only this time it was a kiss of passion and desire that very nearly carried them over the brink of control. The kiss continued and it held them on that precipice for a long time before she caught herself and pulled away. But she stayed close to him as she once again looked between his legs. Her hand went down and she gently pushed until she could feel his cock push back against her. She quickly stopped and said, "I'm sorry Tony, I shouldn't have done that. I don't want to tease you."

"Don't worry about me, I'll survive. It felt so good to have you touch me."

"But we can't do anything about it."

"It still feels good."

"You feel so hard even through underwear and pants."

"I am very hard ,and it's because of you."

"We better go to the other room." She stood up and looked at him as he stood up next to her. It was easy to see his hardness now and her hand went to him once again and felt it for several seconds before she almost ran out of the bedroom and went to the livingroom.

Chapter Five

It took some time but they settled down at last. He was leaning back and had her hand in his again as he asked her, "Okay it's my turn, did you ever think about me in a sexual way before?"

"Well...yes, of course. I mean I would wonder how you were built and how you liked to make love. Until tonight, I wondered how you kissed when you were excited. I would try to imagine...I better stop this, but you get the idea." They did their best to focus on the television but their attention was divided at best.

When it was bedtime, Sharon went to change into her usual panties and top and Tony met her in the bedroom where he peeled to his underwear. He held her close and they kissed again as his hands slipped under her loose fitting top and felt her warm softness. "That feels so good Tony it reminds me of my massage."

"Would you like another one?"


"If you'd like."

"I'd love it." She lay on her belly on the bed and with her head turned away from him she couldn't see, so he slipped his underwear off and straddled her and started to gently massage her. "I'd do much better if I had some massage oil." He took his time with her and let his hands brush the sides of her unencumbered breasts, but was careful not to go too far. He wanted to make love to her so much. His erection was pressed against her butt cheeks, but her panties likely prevented her from being aware of that. He worked his way down, and then once again did her low back and across her pelvis letting his hands work under her panties until her butt was exposed to his eyes. He kept the massage going and worked her thighs and lower legs and then worked his way back up until he was once again near her sex. He could feel her hips move very slightly, and she moaned so he continued in that area and let his fingers slip between her cheeks and down very close to her pussy before he backed away and worked his way to her upper back again.

He leaned down and whispered, "Turn over and I'll massage your front for you." She did as he asked without a second thought and submitted herself to his hands. She still wasn't aware of his nakedness as he kissed her and then went about his task. When he came to her chest he calmly eased his hands under her top and pulled it up until he was looking at her breasts. He continued with some semblance of a massage, but added his lips to her nipples as he suckled her and felt her breasts. Her breathing was coming fast and he let his left hand move down under her panties to her mound where he slipped a finger down until he felt her wetness. She was groaning and her hips were pressing back against his hand as he slipped a finger inside of her. He put his lips close to her ear and whispered, "Relax, and let it come, honey. I want to please you," and his finger increased its stimulation as his other hand pinched her nipples and he kissed her all at the same time. She was only seconds from her orgasm so he used his left hand faster and kissed her hard as she moaned into his mouth and her body seized up in a hard climax. He felt like he could cum with just a touch, but he focused on her for the moment as she slowly eased down and opened her eyes.

Sharon smiled weakly and put her arms around his neck to pull him down to her lips. Her heart still hadn't slowed down completely, but she felt relaxed and dreamy as they looked at each other. She took a breath and said softly, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I loved watching you climax, you were so sexy."

"What about you?"

"I wanted this to be for you." Her top was still pushed up almost to her chin and her panties were shoved down nearly exposing her pussy, but she no longer cared. He was beside her and on his haunches and she rose up on her elbows.

"I'll bet you're hard now..." and she saw he was nude and had a very hard erection standing up between his legs. She stared at him before she rolled to her left and reached for his cock. He stayed still as he felt her fingers close around his stiffness and slowly move up and down as she looked at it. "Lie down for me so I can see you better." He lay on his back and she got close to his cock and balls, but didn't release her hold on him. She kissed him as her hand moved up and down in a slow stroking motion and then she moved down so she could look at him better. His cock head was dripping with precum and glistened as she studied it and felt its steel hard softness.

Sharon moved between his legs so she could watch his cock and his face at the same time as she started to pump him with a steady rhythm. He watched her as she tended to him and then her left hand cupped his balls and gently massaged them as her right hand continued. He could feel his balls tighten and then ease back only to tighten again. He watched her as she moved her head down and slowly took him in her mouth and sucked him as she kept up that steady pumping action on his cock. She felt him tighten again so she started a rapid pumping action and increased her manipulation of his balls and let a finger drift toward his asshole. His pelvis tipped a little and she concentrated on his cock head until he pumped his first shot. She dipped down and took him in her mouth, catching the rest of his cum in her mouth and she thought she might gag because he just kept cumming. When he finally stopped, she slowed to a stop with her hand and then sat up so he could watch her slowly swallow his load before she kissed him hard.

She got rid of her top and panties and lay next to him then as he continued to retreat from his orgasm. His heart was pounding and he looked at her nakedness before he pulled her to him and kissed her. Just feeling her against him was almost enough to urge him to get hard again. She lay close and said, "Well, at least that might help to keep us from doing more."

"I thought it might but I doubt it now. Now I want you even more than before." Sharon pulled a blanket up to cover them and they got as close to each other as they could before they fell arelax. The whole modesty routine was gone now as they got up in the morning and took turns in the bathroom and then showered together. They had done everything but make love, but Sharon still thought they should stop short of that. She spent the day painting and when he got home from work, they went out to eat again, taking their time over a couple of takes before going home. The two of them knew they were walking a very fine line, and to not make love for the remaining three days and it was going to be one of the hardest things they had ever done, assuming of course that they would succeed.

During those days of struggles and partial successes for Tony and Sharon, Ray and Rachel had experienced a lot of the same frustrations but had managed to behave them selves, at least through Wednesday. They too had given up on not seeing each other in

their underwear and in fact had given up totally on the modesty issue and were nude as much as dressed. They had also given up on not touching each other. The best that could

be said of them was by Tuesday, they too had decided on a compromise in the slight hope it would keep them out of trouble. Cam and Paula didn't even make it past Tuesday before they had abandoned night clothes entirely, and had come very close to making love on more than one occasion. It was going to be a very difficult time for them until Sunday. This was the Cam that bragged that it wouldn't be a problem for him, that he was strong enough to behave. If they did succeed, it would be more from Paula's efforts than his.


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It had been decided that they would all meet at Tony and Rachel's at four o'clock on Sunday. Before they left Sunday, Tony took Sharon in his arms and they kissed passionately. They held each other close and she told him, "It's been wonderful being with you. I don't know if I would want to go through that again or not, but if I did I'd hope it would be with you."

He kissed her lightly and added, "I've always had a special place in my heart for you, but after this last week you occupy a much larger place now. Cam is so very lucky to have you and I almost feel jealousy knowing you'll be with him before long." They kissed one last time and headed for the grand rendezvous. By five after the hour, the six of them had assemred and were back in their spouses arms.

It was almost comical the way they studied first their mate, and then the others like there would be some kind of sign on their forehead of what had transpired over the last six days. It was unusually quiet and almost awkward until Tony said, "I've been thinking about today and I have an idea. Let's go to the table and I'll explain it." He disappeared and then soon came back with two bowls and a bag of his younghood marbles. He sorted through the marbles and put a dark one and a light one in front of each permister and then put the bag down. "Okay, I'll start this by asking a couple of questions. If your answer is yes, put the light marble in the yellow bowl, and if it's no, put the dark one in the bowl. The brown bowl is for your other marble so nobody will know how you answered."

All five of them looked at the marbles they had picked up and looked to Tony for the first question. "Was this more difficult to survive than you thought it would be?" Tony held the bowl high so nobody could see inside and he went around the table until he had heard six marbles drop in the yellow bowl with a plunking sound and six more in the brown bowl. Then turning the yellow bowl up he showed everybody six light colored marbles. "I guess it was a lot tougher for all of us then." Passing the marbles out again he added a third color and asked, "Is this something you would ever consider doing again with the same partner? If you aren't sure put the bright colored marble in and the other two in the brown bowl." Once again he went around the table and then showed the bowl contents. There were four yes votes and two not sure. "Next question, would you like to do it again?" Around he went listening to the plunk of the marbles and then emptied the yellow bowl. Five light ones and one bright colored one. "Here's the next one. Remember your marble color is secret so be honest. If you did this again with the same partner would you be afraid of losing control of your emotions?" Six marble votes again and again six light ones. Ray added, "Another question. If you were to do it again would you do it differently with your partner the next time?" This vote was four light ones and two colored ones.

Rachel was next asking, "Did you enjoy your week with your new partner?" The bowl showed six light marbles.

The next question came from Ray when he asked, "Do you feel guilt for what happened over the last week?" Tony tipped the yellow bowl into his hand and put down six light marbles.

There was a period of silence as they considered the results of their votes and then Tony said, "Here's a tough one so take your time and think about it. If you were to do it again would you be able to enjoy the experience if the six of us were together at some point?" They sat there in silence and looked at the others around the table. Tony held the bowl and waited for quite a while before going around the table again. Tony held up the bowl as he went around again. Then he emptied the yellow bowl onto the table. Six marbles rolled around, six light colored ones. "No dark marbles."

Tony added , "Here's the last question I have. Were you successful in controlling your emotions?" Eyes flitted around the table and it took some time before the marbles rolled out of the yellow bowl. There were three light ones and three dark ones that rolled out. Everybody looked at the marbles and then around the table.

Paula laughed and said, "I'm curious how that is possible. Is everybody being honest? Or perhaps there is a gray area where you're not sure if what you did qualifies as loss of control. Tony let's try that again." The next time around produced four light ones and two dark ones. So there was one couple that had succumbed to temptation, but who was it? The silence seemed to go on forever as eyes danced around looking at the others, before quickly moving to glance at somebody else.

Then Tony said, "Okay then, let's take this a little farther. Did you engage in anything beyond a goodnight kiss?" It was no surprise that all the marbles in the yellow bowl were light colored. Now each of them knew their spouse had, at the very, least touched their temporary mate in some intimate fashion.

Sharon had to power herself not to even glance at Tony as she asked, "Did you...did you do about everything short of making love?"

"How do you mean that," Ray asked.

"Well...I mean...okay, how about this, did you touch your mate intimately?" Again there were no dark marbles. So now they knew that one couple had been intimate and all of them had engaged in some form of foreplay.

Rachel had been pretty quiet through the whole process, but she made up for it by summarizing the whole experiment. She stood up and said, "Okay so we know one of the three couples have made love and we all know that Ray and I have at the least fooled around just as the other couples have. With all of us now aware that at the very least Tony and Sharon have seen each other naked and have...well who knows what very intimate things they have done. We know that Cam and Paula have had their hands...everywhere probably at the very least. With us all now aware of all of that and being aware that one couple has done the dirty deed, the question is again, do you want to do this again," and Rachel sat down. This time there were six light marbles. "My last question is would it be with the same partner?" The votes were cast and six light marbles spilled out of the yellow bowl. Even knowing that there was little if any doubt that all three couples would almost certainly make love, they were all ready to once again trade partners.

Then Sharon said, "I think we each need to talk privately with our temporary spouses and then go home and spend the week talking to our real spouses because we're talking about something very serious and irreversible. Be damn sure you can look at your loved one and accept the fact that he or she has made love to somebody else: Hard fast passionate love again and again, night after night."

Ray smiled and said, "Damn Sharon, you're getting me going just by listening to you." Cam chuckled softly but other than that the room was silent. The point she had made affected all of them at least to some degree.

Then Rachel added, "Let's meet back here next Saturday evening for pizza or Chinese or whatever. Now let's pair off and talk about being together again and next Saturday we'll share our thoughts and decisions after talking to our spouses." Ray and Rachel went to the guest room, Cam and Paula stayed in the living room so Tony and Sharon went to the bathroom and closed the door behind them. Each couple had their arms wrapped around each other and shared kisses and talked in near whispers. Could they not make love for a second week? Or in the case of one couple, did they want to risk getting tangled up in a serious emotional dilemma by making love for another whole week?

Chapter Seven

Tony and Rachel stood in the doorway with their arms around each other and waved to the others as they left, and with one last wave they turned to look at each other, wondering if either of them were the ones to succumb to temptation with their temporary mate. They smiled timidly but neither offered a yes or a no. Instead, they made it as far as the middle of the living room before embracing each other again and pronouncing their love for each other and shared a kiss. "Tony do you know how you'll vote next weekend?"

"No and I don't think we should even know how the other one votes. We do need to talk about what has happened so far though. I mean we both know that you and Ray were close to being intimate assuming you weren't, and I was the same with Sharon. This whole thing is crazy. Who in their right minds would expect all six of us to sit around and live like nuns and monks while relaxing together, share bathrooms in the morning and see each other nearly naked at least, but more likely totally naked. Honey I'll tell you that Sharon and I saw each other naked by the third day."

"It was the same for Ray and me. We both tried not to, we really did, but like you say, all of us were just asking for something to happen. Maybe even hoping something exciting would happen."

"So we have to decide things accepting the idea of me making love to Sharon, and the same with me about you and Ray. Can I accept the idea that you two would make love? We have to decide and be damn sure of ourselves by next Saturday."

"Another thing to consider is if we all do make love to our other partner how will it be afterward? Will we want to repeat that experience? Dare we repeat that experience? Would that mean that you would like to make love to Paula? Would I be hot to be with Cam? This could get pretty complicated and very risky."

"My first thought is if we do go through with it, we better not repeat it with the same partner, because I could see strong emotional bonds developing."

"I'm trying to picture you making love to Sharon."


"I think we should continue this discussion in the bedroom."

While Tony and Rachel were talking, Cam and Sharon were making their way home and talking about what was happening within their little group. "Cam was it you and Paula that...that lost control?"

"What makes you ask that? I was the one most sure of being able to handle the situation. Besides isn't it better leaving that whole thing alone? I mean isn't it easier for everybody if nobody knows who weakened? What if it was you and Tony?"

"I suppose it is better and yet..."

"So what do you want to have happen now? Do you want to be with Tony again?"

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea."

"Care to elaborate?"

"I guess not. It could be a real problem for any of us. The more time we spend with our second mate, the more risk there is for...for bad things to happen."

"So you and Tony got along very well."

She smiled and agreed saying, "We did get along very well. You see Tony used your computer to check his e-mail."

"That's okay I don't...oh. Your photo, he saw you naked. Well, I'm sure he saw you naked anyway"

"When I saw what he was looking at I about died. But after that it just didn't matter much if I was dressed or naked around him, and as you know by the marbles I saw him naked too, about everyday in fact after the computer event."

"Okay, all of what we did aside, and assuming you had my blessing, would you like to make love to Tony?" She studied him for several seconds but she was sure he knew the answer.

"Yes I would, and you'd like to make love to Paula with the nice tits." He smiled and just nodded his head as he kept his eyes on the road ahead. "Okay, so does this mean we don't need to talk about all of this after all?"

"We'll have to decide that as we go along I guess. We have until next Saturday. What do you think Ray and Paula are saying right now?"

"I'd imagine about the same thing we're saying. Think about it and decide by next Saturday. I'll guess that Paula will say yes, but, I think he'll say yes too."

"Of course the way Paula acted after Tony's massage, she may want to have a chance at him next."

"Maybe so, we both know that this has been building for a long time, touches here and there, so called innocent kisses and comments, a pat on the ass or a blatant look down blouses."

"I think you're right. Do you suppose Tony knew he would start something when he groaned about the reality programs?"

"Of course not, but as that progressed, it was like all of us could almost see where it would end up once we started talking about trading partners, both on that show and then for us."

"It sure as hell was an adventure. More excitement than I've had in a very long time."

"It was for me too. Were we getting bored with our lives?"

"I never thought so, but now I have to wonder. Honey, I want you to know that I love you more than anybody in the world."

"I love you too. Is it possible to have sex just for sex, and you and me make love because we love each other?"


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"Are you afraid I'll fall in love with Paula, or whoever just because we screwed?"

"The thing is, we've all been together for so long, I don't see how it's possible for it to be that simple. We won't be able to just screw as you put it. There will be an emotional bonding make no mistake about that. In fact, that's where the danger lies. I can see you making love to either of them and that's okay I guess, but only if I can feel assured that you...or I, will end up getting in way over our heads."

Chapter Eight

Late Wednesday afternoon, as Tony cleared his desk before going home, Sharon called him. "Hi, Tony, sorry to call you at work, do you have a minute or is this a bad time?"

"This is a good time, how are you doing?"

"Fine...I think. I'm not even sure why I'm calling." She sounded hesitant like something was chewing on her but she was afraid to talk about it. "It's just that we..."

"Take your time love."

"It seems so strange that after we lived together and shared so much in that short week

and now...Tony, I really enjoyed being with you, and you were so loving and, for the week at least, were so devoted to me. Tony, I don't know what to think about Saturday."

"Do you mean about should or could we go through that again?"

"Yes. I can't go through that again unless we can be intimate. I mean truly and completely intimate."

"I can't either, Sharon. I've thought about us so many times since Sunday. At the very least, we already have some sweet memories and I can never look at you again without remembering how it feels to lie naked next to you and touch you."

"Oh God, Tony, that's what I mean, just hearing you talk like that makes my heart go crazy."

"Are you planning to vote against another week of...well swapping."

"I don't know. I want you so much, but I'm afraid."

"I hate to say this, but if you're not sure come Saturday night you have to vote no."

"I don't have anything more to say, but I hate to hang up. I like hearing your voice.

It helps to hear your voice, but at the same time it makes it harder for me to think straight."

"We can only wait and see what it's like Saturday when we're all together again."

"Have you decided?"

"Sharon, you had such an impact on me, that if there is a chance we can be together again I'll say yes. I'll beg if I think it might help."

"Sorry to bother you at work, Tony."

"Call me anytime and if I'm not at my desk, I'll call you back as soon as I can."

"What will you say if they all decide we should switch and be with somebody else?"

"I'll vote no. We're already confused enough and for us to change partners would be too much to deal with."

He could almost see her smile appear as she said, "I'll bet Paula would love to be with you."

"What makes you say that?"

"When you massaged her she about melted into a puddle, you and your damn magic hands."

"I'd like to finish the massage that you and I started."

"Oh God. I better go hon...Tony. See you Saturday."



"Don't hesitate to call me okay? I mean know, you're feeling troured or whatever."

"I will, but I think I'll make it to Saturday now. Bye." Tony sat there staring at his desk and then out through his window to the parking lot but he wasn't seeing cars. He saw naked Sharon and felt her in his arms. How the hell was he going to vote. A yes vote could be so damn dangerous, but a no vote would be the ultimate test for him. Was he strong enough to reject the opportunity to make love to her?

Saturday morning, Paula and Ray talked yet again about what their thoughts were about their coming event, but neither would say which way they wanted to see things go. Ray smiled and told Paula, "I'll bet I know what you'd like to see happen."

"Oh, and what is that?"

"You with Tony."

"Okay, and why do you think that?"

"Don't even tell me you don't remember that massage."

"Oh that. That was just on my shoulders, neck and upper back."

"Uh huh, and you almost drooled on yourself. You have imagined what it would be like to have him do that to all of you."

"I've had full massages before."

"Not by somebody you know very well and not by somebody that could potentially be your lover."

"So you really aren't bothered by any of this then."

"Not really."

"So I could ask Tony for a full massage at some other time, no matter what happens tonight."

"Well that might be different then."

"How? We all know what will happen tonight assuming nobody drops a dark marble in the bowl anyway. So how is it different if he and I made love tonight or some other night?"

"I don't know, but it is. Now he could give you a total massage whenever of course."

"Honey, if I get naked for him and he has his hands all over me and rubs me with warm oil, I can just about bet stopping won't be something I'd want to even consider, and probably not him either. Besides, I just might end up with Cam." They were quiet for a second and then she added, "You'll want to be with Rachel again I'll bet."

"I certainly wouldn't mind, but either her or Sharon, I don't really care." Without a doubt, neither of them was going to have a problem with swapping.

Since the whole thing about swapping had developed, Tony and Rachel's had become the default gathering place and this Saturday was no different. The air was heavy with anticipation and wonder, and the first little while was almost awkward for all of them. They tried to make small talk, but the only thing that was really on their minds was would they be trading partners for the next week. They didn't even sit down, but instead each of them mixed their own stout beverage and talked standing up. The tension suddenly went up and room went quiet when Tony reappeared with the two bowls and the marbles.

"Well," Tony began, "It's time to find out our futures. Well at least for the next seven days anyway." He handed out a dark and a light marble to each and then holding the yellow bowl high continued with, "Okay, the question is, do we trade partners again or not?" He went around with the bowl and then paused and looked at each of the five. "The outcome of this vote could certainly change our lives, all of us and forever. With that said, let's find out what our future holds for us." The vote was taken and everybody's eyes focused on him as he knelt and emptied the contents onto the carpet. Tony looked up at them as they all ***ly let out a breath. There was one dark marble.

He stood up and said, "Well, I'm sure we all wonder who voted no. That brings our experiment, or whatever you want to call it, to an end." The tension and mystery was gone and their glasses were suddenly drained as they looked at each other. Who voted no and why did they vote that way? A sudden change of heart was the logical guess, but that's all it would be.

With the suspense now eliminated, everybody relaxed and only talked about their near life changing event for a few more minutes, but there wasn't a lot more that they could say about it. The next time Tony disappeared into the kitchen, Paula joined him and mixed herself a take before turning to him. She put her hands on his hips and with what could only be called a sultry smile she said, "I was hoping you and I might get to spend a week together and I was going to demand one of your full massages: Oil, towels, the whole thing."


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He smiled at her and gave her a light kiss before he said, "Now just what makes you think that I'd behave myself if we were alone and you were naked under a puny little towel with my hands moving all over you that."

"We probably wouldn't need the towel. Well I mean for the massage anyway."

"Paula, you vixen, now I'll be thinking about that all night."

"Good, because I've been thinking about it for a week, besides, maybe I'll be lucky enough to experience that massage anyway one of these days."

"I doubt that Rachel would be very quick to watch us do the tango."

"Ray said something similar to that, but when you get right down to it, that would be no different than if you and I had paired up for the week."

"That's one way to look at it," and he just smiled and tasted his take as he watched her slink away putting extra swing in her hips.

Chapter Nine

About six o'clock the next Thursday evening, Paula called and asked for Rachel and Tony told her, "Sorry love, but she won't be home for about another hour, do you want her to call you?"

"Sure, if she isn't too busy, I was just going to gab with her."

"I'll tell her. Doing okay?"

"We're doing pretty good."

"Okay, I have a question for you. When you and I talked in the kitchen last Saturday night were you under the influence of take just a little bit?"

He could hear the smile in her voice as she said, "I was totally sober and I meant what I said about the massage."

"Well as you can tell, that's still on my mind, but I can't see how it would ever happen."

"I'm an optimist by nature, so I won't give up hope. Okay a question for you then. Do you know which couple did the dirty dance that week?"

"Is that your sneaky way of asking if it was Sharon and me?"

"No. I'll admit to being sneaky, but that was too obvious. Besides you weren't at the top of my list of suspects."

"To answer your question, I don't have a clue, but I wish I did."


"You're sneaky but I'm nosy I guess."

"Well it wasn't you and Sharon and it wasn't Cam and me." That took the wind out of him. That had to mean it was his Rachel and her Ray.

"Paula, do you realize what you just said."

" just hit me, it was my Ray and your Rachel. Sorry Tony, it would have been better if we would have left that alone."

"It isn't like we can be mad at them I guess. We were all playing with fire. I just wish I could have known in the beginning. It was hell behaving for that whole week."

"I know. Well if nothing else we can say they owe us one."

"Do you think they've been together since then?"

"I don't think so. He's been home just like before and he's his old self, how about Rachel?"

"Nothing seems changed at all."

"This is pretty heavy."

"I agree, you going to be okay, Tony?"

"Yeah, I guess, but it will take some time to sort it out."

"Tony, we have all been asking for something to happen. We were ready to swap for a week again and we all know most, if not all of us, would have ended up messing up beds."

"So you're pretty sure you and Cam would have made love?"

"Probably, I mean assuming we were with the same partners again. I'll bet you and Sharon would have too."

"I'm sure of it. We barely made it through the week without...hell, without screwing our brains out. I can't seem to sort it out. I'm trying to sort out Rachel making love to Ray and I was ready to make love to Sharon and I don't believe in a double standard."

"We're discovering the difference between fantasy and reality. Speaking of fantasy and reality, let's talk about my massage again."

"Paula, my love, I'd love to give you a massage, but more to the point, I'd love for us to make love."

Her voice became softer and more velvety as she said, "I want you too, and it's all your fault."

"I can live with that, but how is that?"

"First you massage me. An innocent and very limited massage, but it set my imagination going. Then I watched you with Sharon, and I know you were getting to her, and I about came unglued imagining you doing that to me. I've had massages before but never by somebody I was very close to. Having some strange guy or woman rub me down wasn't a turn on at all, but with you it would be different."

"Believe me, it would be different for me too"

"Well we still don't know who voted against another week of adventure and ***."

"That's true, we don't know, and I have no idea at all who it might have been."

"Same here. Tony, I'm going to ask Rachel if you can give me a massage."

"Good luck and I mean that."

"I'll probably need it. Okay darling man, have her call me."

"I will." After he put the phone down, he stood there thinking about Paula. Why would she be so determined to get the massage and more? Why would she suddenly be determined to be intimate with him after all the time they had known each other?

Rachel got home about half an hour later and was soon talking to Paula, and Tony tried to pick up most of her end of the conversation. He didn't learn a lot from it, but he stayed with it to the end just in case. After she hung up she asked him, "Did you and Paula talk much?"

"Not really. We talked about who might have voted against the same partner again and let's see. Oh, and she said she wants a massage, a full massage no less. Why, did she say something I should know about?"

", not really."

"Did she tell you what we figured out?"

"No, what was that?"

"That it was you and Ray that made love that week." She stopped and stared at him as her face turned pink, but it was some time before she asked, "How do you know that?"

"Well it wasn't Sharon and me, and it wasn't Paula and Cam. So...that leaves you and Ray." She looked at him and nearly whispered, "I'm sorry, Tony."

"I can't decide what to think about it. Like Paula said, we were all playing with fire. We all had to know that could happen. But also like Paula said, "That's the difference between fantasy and reality."

"So are you mad at me?"

"I don't think so, but all of that is still pretty fresh in my mind."

"Paula didn't sound upset."

"She seemed to be taking it well. She did say you and Ray owe her and me though."

"What did she mean by that?"

"She didn't elaborate. Was Ray good in bed?"

"Tony, you don't want to talk about that."

"Why not? It happened. If I'd had a fling with Sharon, you'd want to know the details I'm sure."

"I don't know if I would or not."

"We very nearly made love. In fact, we about drove ourselves and each other crazy."

"What...I mean how close did you come to it?"

"See, you want to know details. Okay, we slept naked and I kissed, touched teased and explored her and I gave her orgasms with my hands and mouth. She in turn did the same for me and drank my cum."

"Was she good?"

"She was damn good, now about Ray."

"Yes, he was good."

"Was it every night?"

"No, of course not. It didn't even happen until Wednesday night."

"So let's see...that would be four times then, once each night... or more." She didn't add to that, so he knew he was at least damn close to the truth.

"Are you sorry we ever got into that?"

"Like I said, I'm trying to sort all of that out. Maybe, instead of or along with a massage, Paula and I should make love for a few days."

"But for Ray and me, it just happened. We tried not to, but it just did."

"I know, and Sharon and I tried not to as well, but we succeeded where you and Ray failed. Several times in fact. The first time would be, dammit, we failed. But the next several times were, well fuck it, we'll just go for it now."

"You sound mad now."

"I'm just making a point. If it's okay for you, it's okay for me and Paula, or me and Sharon. Or hell, me and Paula and Sharon. Maybe two or three times each."

"You're just mad because you and Sharon didn't go ahead with it."

"That might be part of it, but that changes nothing as I see it. You screwed and screwed. Therefore I can screw and screw. I don't believe in a double standard and that goes for both of us."

"I wish we'd never started any of this."

"Only because you got caught. Did either of you think about Paula or me at the time? Never mind, I know the answer to that one, because I didn't think of you as I was tasting Sharon's pussy. We did open up one hell of a situation didn't we? Now I think of making love to Sharon and Paula frequently."

"Will you?"


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"I don't know. I'll go with a full massage and decide from there I guess. You're welcome to watch of course."

"Watch you two make love?"

"Watch the massage."

"Tony, you know you're hands would...or will be all over her including places that have nothing to do with a massage, and you have to know you two will end up making love, in bed or on the floor or maybe both."

"Rachel, I think this would be a good time for me to tell you that I love you. I always have and I always will."

She walked into his arms and told him, "I love you too, and I don't want to lose you."

"You won't lose me, honey. Sorry I'm not doing a better job of handling this."

"I think you're doing great."

"Maybe after things settle down, you can tell me more about what it was like for you."

"Do you really want to get into that?"

"Sure. Maybe he did something that really rang your bell. We could turn all of this into a learning experience and even improve our own love life."

"But we have a good love life."

"I agree, but there's always room for improvement."

Chapter Ten

At her first opportunity, Rachel called Ray and luckily he answered. "Ray, they know about you and me."

"You sure?"

"No doubt about it."

"You okay?"

"I'm okay. Tony isn't pleased of course."

"I better talk to Paula then."

"Hon...damn it, I mean Ray, Tony says he wants to be with Paula. He says you and I owe them several times together...massages, in bed and everything."

"Shit. What did you say?"

"Not much I'm afraid. What could I say? I tried to tell him that wouldn't be the same, but he wasn't buying that. He said it doesn't matter...and I guess he's right."

"We should have never put the dark marbles in the bowl."

"We should have never made love."

"I know, but at the same time I'm not sorry."

"I'm not either. What will you tell Paula?"

"I don't know. She can't be boiling with anger because she hasn't talked to me about it. Of course, she could be planning her revenge too. How can I get in touch with you when you're not home?"

"Call me on my cell in morning between seven thirty and eight or tomorrow after work before five thirty."

"I'll call you as soon as I can. And Honey, thanks for calling and I still think about us together."

"I do too...but Ray, we can't again."

"I know...bye."

Then Rachel called again and she asked for Paula and told her, "Tony just told me that you two know."

"We figured it out."

"Paula, I hope you don't hate me."

"I don't hate you. Rachel, we were just asking for trouble and we all knew it." There was an awkward silence for a few seconds and then she added, "I told Tony that he owes me a full all out massage."

"I know, he told me, and I don't mind. I just don't want to be here when it happens. How did it go with Ray?"

"Not bad, considering. We have talked a lot about that and other things and it's been good for us."

"Does he know about you wanting a massage?"

"I finally told him and he just said okay. Will you and Ray make love again?"


"But you'd like to."

"Yes, I would. It isn't like he's better than Tony but..."

"I know. It was different and exciting, an adventure."

"That's it exactly. But I will tell you that your husband is very good know."

"I agree. It's funny that you and Ray made love I don't know how many times, but just now you couldn't say he's good in bed."

"I just don't want to make it worse for you or Tony."

"This is all part of who we are now, good or bad so it might help if you and I were open about it. You and Ray probably screwed until dawn. I know him, so I also know that he ate you because he loves doing that." That all most took the wind out of Rachel so Paula added, "Sorry if I shocked you."

"I guess it did. For a second it was like you were there watching us because of course you were right."

"Maybe we better get together for coffee and talk pretty soon."

"That might be a good idea. Bye, Paula."

When Tony left work Thursday afternoon he couldn't believe his eyes when he reached his car. "Sharon, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Great, got time for coffee?"

"Could we just sit in your car?"

"Of course." Nothing like this had ever happened before so he was concerned and a little confused.

As soon as they were settled and he had the air conditioner running he said, "I sure was disappointed to see that dark marble last weekend."

"Tony, that's what I wanted to talk to you about." They were both turned to face each other, but the console kept them apart until she reached over for his hand. He met her half way and as she held tightly to him she said, "The week we shared was...oh God, I knew I'd have trouble with this. I kept telling myself that it was just the newness and the temptation for sex and nothing more. I don't know, maybe that was it, but I just don't think so. That week was so special for me. The way we were together. At dinner or out for dinner and takes, even watching television together. It was all so nice, so natural, and you were so sweet. In bed, I almost cried myself to relax because I wanted you so much, and I still think about what we did share. You said you were disappointed to see that dark marble, were you really?"

"I really was. Sharon, I knew we couldn't make it through another week and not make love, and I've wanted you so much. Like you said a minute ago, we were good together, no matter what we were doing."

"Tony, I'm the one that put that dark marble in the bowl." Once she had said that the rest just poured out of her. "I did it because I knew we would make love over and over, and I was so afraid that I would fall in love with you. Just seeing you now is so hard for me. We can't make love. I just can't trust myself. I know one couple did was Rachel and Ray."

"I know, Paula and I just figured that out the other day."

"You dealing with it okay?"

"I'm not mad at Rachel, so...yeah, I guess I'm okay with it."

"How is Paula doing with it?"

"I haven't talked to her since then, but I got the impression that she would be able to handle it."

Sharon looked down at their joined hands and said, "Doing that was so reckless and dangerous for all of us."

"But I got to spend a fantastic week with you."

"Do you think the six of us will be able to get together again?"

"I hope so, and I don't see any reamister not to. We all know what happened and why, and there can be no finger pointing, because we're all innocent and all guilty at the same time."

"Well we were all guilty, but I don't think there is an innocent one among us."

"I guess that's right."

"Sharon, I love Rachel, but I'm putting you on notice. When we do get together again, I'm still going to touch you and kiss you whenever I can, but only you will know what that really means to me." She almost climbed over the console and they shared a long and tender kiss.

"Bye, Tony."

"Bye, Sharon." He watched her until she disappeared behind a car and he continued to sit there and think about her. He really did care for her and without a doubt, she really got to him all that week. He knew they would never be together again, but that didn't stop him from imagining what it would be like to make love to her. He took his time as he headed home and thought about her and then about Rachel and then Paula and then back to Sharon again. Damn he wished he'd known about Rachel and Ray screwing their way through that week.


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He was pulling into the garage when Paula called him. "Good, I caught you before you got home."

"You just made it because I'm in the garage."

"Okay, I'll keep this brief. I guess everybody knows about Ray and Rachel now. He and I talked last night for quite awhile."

"You doing okay?"

"I'm okay. We didn't fight or raise our voices, but we had a good heart to heart talk about everything and I mean everything. Why he was vulnerable enough to succumb to Rachel and so forth. The details aren't important I guess. I also told him about what you and I have talked about."

"And still no raised voices?"

"No. I mean that caused more discussion, but there wasn't a lot he could say that was going to impress me. I better let you get inside but I wanted to let you know how things were going. Just one more thing Tony, I really don't care if Ray and Rachel screwed until sunrise. Now that doesn't mean he can go out and seduce everything with boobs of course."

"Paula, I'm going to call Ray so we can get this out in the open and move on."

"That might be a good idea. Maybe then things won't be as awkward the next time we get together...assuming that does happen."

"We have to make that happen because we've all been friends for too long."

Tony, "What will you say to him?"

"I'm not sure. Just say hi and take it from there I guess."

"I told him you were going to give me a massage."

"How did he take that?"

"He wasn't nearly as surprised as I thought he might be."

"I better get inside I guess."

"Good luck talking with Ray."

"Thanks, see you soon and be thinking about that massage."

"I am. Bye Tony." Their frequent references to the massage was nothing more than a veiled reference to them making love, and if not right then, it would be soon even if they wouldn't admit to it.

Chapter Eleven

Tony still had his cell phone in his hands when he went inside. Rachel didn't notice it at first and asked, "Have a good day?"

"Pretty normal, how was yours?"

"About the same, I guess." Then she saw the phone and asked, "Calling somebody?"

"What? Oh no. Paula called me on the way home, and I told her I was going to call Ray."

"Why? I mean..."

"To say hi. Honey, everybody knows what happened, and everybody knows that we all know, so it's ludicrous to pretend otherwise. I'd like to think that the six of us will get together again one of these days."

"But you're not going to...I don't know give him hell or whatever."

"Of course not, it's a little late for that now I'd say."

She didn't have anything to add to that, so changing the subject she said, "Before I forget it, Sharon and I are going shopping tomorrow unless you have something planned."

"Not a thing, going for anything in particular?"

"No, just some girl time. We're going down to that outlet mall on the south side of town."

"So you're planning on being gone a long time I take it."

"From about eleven to at least six anyway, if that's okay."

"Sure. Paula's going too right?"

"No, just Sharon and me. I think Paula had something planned in fact. You better call Ray if you're going to, because dinner is just leftovers and won't take long to heat."

As he walked away he dialed Ray's number and as he reached the living room said, "Hey Ray, it's Tony." He dropped into the chair and the two of them talked almost until dinner was ready.

Returning to the kitchen Rachel told him, "Good timing. What did Ray have to say?"

"Judging from his voice, he wasn't very comfortable at first, but we got past that and just talked like we always do. We even talked about the massage issue."

"He okay with that?"

"I guess."

"Just I guess?"

"Well I couldn't see his face, but he didn't say anything to make me think it wasn't okay, and he didn't waiver or even hesitate."

"You know I'm surprised that you and Sharon weren't trying to hook up."


"Well you two spent a whole week together and I'm sure it was an intense time for both of you."

"It was very intense, but we both knew that we couldn't be together again."

"Because you two might make love?"

"Because, we were getting too close to each other emotionally."

Rachel stopped what she was doing and looked at him for a minute before asking, "Do you mean falling in love with each other?"

", I don't think it would go that far, but it was more than just a week of adventure."

"You bonded."

"That's a good way to put it, we did bond, but I think time and accepting the fact that at least some of what we were feeling was sexual, will settle her down."

"What about settling you down?"

"Yes, me too, but I'm doing okay."

"You sound less than convincing."

"Like I said, we'll behave and it will be okay."

"So you see Paula as a safer adventure."

"There's a better way to put that, but I'm not coming up with the right words right now."

"What does Cam have to say about everything?"

"That's a good question and maybe it's time to talk to him too."

"Have him tell Sharon that I'll pick her up by eleven." As before he went to the living room and settled into the easy chair and called Cam.

"Hey Cam, it's Tony."

"Hi, what's up?"

"Just thought it was past time for us to talk about our near disasters."

"I guess I was being pretty naïve when I pushed for the swapping idea. I never would have guessed it would get so out of hand."

"It took me one night to realize that my self control wasn't going to be enough. If it hadn't been for Sharon...well, we both know what would have happened."

"Sharon and I still talk about that because it really got to her."

"Same here, she's so damn sweet and desirable and I can safely say, as sexy as they come."

"How are you and Rachel doing...I mean since she and Ray...never mind, sorry."

"It's okay. It happened and we've talked about it."

"Have you talked to Ray?"

"Yeah, he and Paula seem to have worked it out too. He didn't sound very upset to tell the truth."

"Paula and Sharon were talking, and something was said about you giving Paula a full massage."

"Oh, is that right? I'm surprised she would make that public."

"Maybe it's to get back at Ray. Kind of rub his nose in it. Hell Sharon talked for hours afterward about the massage you gave her."

"It's just because we're close friends. My massages aren't anything special or different, and they're probably not all that good in the real world."

"I guess that's possible, but the effect sure was different judging from Sharon's comments and flushed cheeks."

"I was going to offer to give her a full massage, but that might not be such a good idea considering all that has happened." If nothing else, Tony felt that might give him a better feel for how things were with Cam and Sharon.

"I'll tell her you offered." Cam sounded natural and relaxed with the idea and that surprised Tony, but he wondered how Sharon would respond to the idea.

"Oh, and I'm supposed to say that Rachel will pick her up by eleven tomorrow."

Cam's voice softened as he turned his head away from the phone and gave Sharon the message and then asked, "So what are you up to tomorrow while they shop?"

"I haven't given it any thought actually. If you're out and about stop by for coffee."

"I'll probably be too busy, but I'll try," and he hung up. Well at least there were no issues as far as Cam was concerned, and he was sure that Sharon wouldn't want anything to do with him rubbing oil all over her body now. He didn't know what made him offer Sharon a massage, because he wasn't sure he wanted to get that involved with her again. Rachel was right. With Paula it was more recreational. High exciting adventure with no dangerous emotions involved but with Sharon it was different.


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Rachel seemed to be in pretty good spirits Saturday. She and Tony had a good breakfast together and the subject of infidelity and past adventures never came up. As she grabbed her purse to leave, she reminded him that she wouldn't be home until after dinner some time because she and Sharon were having dinner before coming home. They shared a light kiss before she left, and Tony went to check e-mail. He wasn't expecting anything, but it gave him something to do while he decided how to spend his day alone. Then Paula called. "Hi lover."

"Hi, this is a nice surprise."

"I was hoping I could collect on my massage today." That surprised him.

He certainly didn't mind the idea at all but he had to ask, "What about Ray?"

"He's golfing and then going over to Gary Logan's place. You know the rich guy you met here that time."

"Oh. Interesting, and you know that Rachel is off shopping."

"That's right, and they both know we expect to share some quality time together."

"That is true and I'm sure that by the time you get here I could have the oil warmed and ready."

"Sounds wonderful, see you in about twenty minutes." Tony hung up and then went about setting the scene. The long massage matt was soon on the floor and he vowed to invest in a folding table so he could give proper massages. Then with the oil warm and three towels out and nicely folded nearby, he made sure there were special refreshments and then went to change into comfortable cut off sweat pants and a tee shirt. Not very stylish or attractive, but it would be more comfortable than jeans while enjoyed some time together.

Paula came in through the backdoor without knocking and they fell into a long warm kiss before he told her, "I have a nice mid day refreshment for us."

"What's that?"

"Mimosas, you know, sparkling wine and orange juice."

"Sounds yummy."

They stood close to each other and nursed their takes and he told her, "This couldn't have worked out better for us, and on top of that, you were on my mind when you called.

"I think we were meant to be together today and I can't wait for my massage."

Tony tipped his glass back and then set it on the counter, and took her hand in his as she abandoned her glass and followed him to the living room. "Okay my love, if you will undress and lie on your belly with a towel over your hips and I'll get the oil. I have chosen a nice almond oil for this special occasion. Smooth and light, with a very nice scent to add to the experience," and she started to undress even before he left the room.

He only needed a minute to retrieve the oil, but he gave her time to undress and get settled and then trying to act relaxed and in control he came back to the living room. He had to stop for just a second and enjoy the view. There lay Paula, naked and on her belly with a towel low enough on her hips for him to see the divide between her ass cheeks. He was in trouble even before he knelt down next to her. Her head was turned to the side and she smiled at him as he leaned down and kissed her bare back and then asked her, "Ready for this love?"

"I'm far past ready."

"Then let's get started." He tried to make his voice sound in control and maybe even a little professional, but he was far from any of that. He started with her shoulders and arms and took his time and truly kneaded her muscles and worked the fragrant oil into her skin. She didn't moan or move as he continued, and then moved down to her feet and slowly worked his way up her legs. Tony was so focused on what he was doing he was neglecting to talk softly to her to help her relax. As his hands moved up her thigh muscles he also paid attention to her inner thighs telling her, "The muscles are massaged to help them, and you, relax and to revitalize you, and by massaging your inner thighs it's more of an emotional and sensual massage, so this way you're getting the best of both," and his hands worked their way toward her sex. She moaned her appreciation, but he stopped shy of touching her pussy. He moved to her other leg and starting where he had left off at her knee, he once again worked his way up until he was once again close to her sex. He lingered there and he got another moan of appreciation and he could feel her hips move slightly.

He coaxed the towel just enough, that he could see a lot of her hips without uncovering her and he worked her low back and most of her soft ass and she again moaned and whispered, "Oh God," as he continued. He went up her back slowly then and arrived near her breasts and let his fingers drift over the sides of her breasts. That wasn't included in any massage training that he'd ever received, but it didn't matter.

He worked his way up and down again until he was back to her butt and his finger had just slipped between her cheeks when they heard the backdoor and Cam's voice. "Hey Tony, it's Cam." Both of them froze until he quickly asked her, "What do you want me to do, honey?"

He was entering the dining room when she told him, "It's too late now, Tony. Just go ahead and act like it's no big thing." The interruption had taken the edge off of her building desire, but she continued to lie there as Cam said, "Hey, where...oh cuckolds brownie. Damn I'm sorry, man."

"It's okay Cam, I'm just giving Paula a massage."

"Paula? Oh, hi."

"Hi, Cam."

Tony playfully smacked her exposed ass and said, "Hold still and don't talk. Now I have to back up."

"Sorry," Cam said, "I'll catch up with you later."

"It's okay, Cam," Paula told him, "I'll just not talk. I'm determined to have my full massage today."

"There's something to take in the kitchen. Just relax while we continue."

As soon as Cam was in the kitchen Tony leaned down and whispered, "How do you want to do this?"

"I want you to continue if you will."

"Honey, he's apt to see a whole lot more of you than he ever has."

"He's already seen me naked. I love feeling your hands on me and I don't want to stop."

"Then I won't and this will be a day none of us will ever forget." Tony went back to work on Paula and Cam returned and dropped onto the couch and studied what was happening right in front of him. He could see the sides of Paula's breasts as she lay there on her belly and her skin shone with a light film of oil.

The three of them were quiet as Tony continued, and he once again focused on her low back just above her hips and it wasn't long before she moaned her approval again. He moved up her back on each side of her spine and once at her shoulders he once again asked her, "Okay honey, it's time to turn over unless you've had enough." She didn't answer him and being careful with the towel over her hips, and Tony holding it to help her, she turned on her back ignoring the fact that her breasts were now on display for her two friends. Cam almost spilled his mimosa and his cock pressed hard against his jeans. Tony was faring no better and openly stared at her for a second before leaning down and kissing her deeply before whispering, "Damn, you look good honey." Their eyes locked onto each other and her left hand pulled him down until she could whisper, "I want you Tony." He wasn't aware that he was holding his breath, until he was powerd to exhale and then started to move his hands.

Once again he worked her arms and shoulders, but his eyes were working her breasts and her face even though she had her eyes closed. He moved around to her other side and then as he continued he glanced up at Cam and they shared a look, and Tony rolled his eyes in appreciation, and Cam smiled and nodded very slowly. As Tony moved down from her shoulders, he abandoned the technicalities of the massage and put his slippery hands on her breasts. She opened her eyes and stared at him with lust as he continued to massage her and pay extra attention to her nipples. It was obvious that she was getting very excited now. He moved on down her torso and when he reached her waist, he put his hands under her and the pulling up a little, he moved them around to her front and his hands came together at her belly button as he slowly withdrew only to do it again. Then Tony told her and Cam as softly as he could, "This is called the wrap around. It's purely a sensual move. It's meant to please the heart and soul, not the body." He repeated the gesture several times in slightly different areas until he was nearly at her hips again.

What happened next changed everything, and changed the three of them forever. Paula reached down and almost casually pulled the towel away leaving her lying there on her back total exposed to their eyes. Cam was leaning forward so far, he was at risk for falling off of the sofa and watched in amazement as Tony's hand moved over her pelvis and teased the fronts of her thighs, until one hand slipped between her legs. He'd seen her naked, but this was still getting to him. Paula moaned again and her eyes closed as she opened her legs for him. The massage was over, but it was just the beginning of the rest of their lives.


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Cam had forgotten about his take and looked first at Paula as she stared at him and Tony's hand teased her between the legs. When she motioned for Cam, he was afraid he was just dreaming, but then she did it again. He knelt down next to her and she put his left hand on her breast and that's all she had to do. She once again closed her eyes and let things follow the natural flow of events. Tony's hands were now busy between her legs as he wiped the oil from her before he bowed down and kissed her vertical lips. Then getting on his belly, he started to eat her as Cam explored her breasts and nipples.

After a couple of moments, Tony stood up and stripped out of his clothes and resumed his position between her legs and with the help of the oil, he entered her in one smooth even movement. Paula arched her back and mumred, "Oh God, yes Tony, yes," and she pulled Cam down and kissed him as Tony pounded into her. It was a good thing that Cam was there, because Tony wasn't going to last very long. Damn Paula had a body and he'd had his hands all over her and now they were screwing. Not making love, but fucking; hard and fast, and intense fucking. There was no time for experimenting with positions this time. In seconds, Paula was so on fire that she couldn't even kiss Cam. Her body couldn't be still as Cam stood up and stripped naked and knelt down next to her again and put her hand on his cock. The next several minutes were just a blur of activity. She was having trouble remembering to see to Cam's needs as Tony hammered into her and she blew right into a hard climax. That set Tony off and he slammed into her one more time and gave her his offering. The three of them stopped for a minute and she opened her eyes to look at her two lovers as she slowly returned to the real world. Tony pulled out of her and then moved up to lie next to her and kissed her.

Paula still had a firm hold on Cam's still hard cock as they smiled at each other and Tony told her, "I don't think I'm done with you yet, honey."

"I hope not." With that Cam moved down and took Tony's position between her legs and a minute later, the two of them were on their way to another adventure. As Tony's hand moved over her breasts and belly they kissed, and Cam pumped into her as she moaned into Tony's mouth. She was almost foaming as she neared her second orgasm and Tony stayed with her breasts as she once again froze in position as control of her body was taken from her for several seconds. Cam had added his juices to Tony's and all of that was slowly seeping out and forming a little pool on the massage pad.

After resting for a minute, Cam and Tony helped her up and the three of them sat on the couch after Tony brought back the pitcher of mimosas for them to finish. Paula was between her two lovers and she kissed each of them and whispered her thanks. "I've always wondered what it would be like with two men, and now I have experienced it with two very special men in my life. Thank you both."

Tony smiled and asked, "Does that mean it's over?"

She returned his smile and told him, "That's up to you and Cam."

He put her hand on his now half erect cock and said, "Let's finish our takes and then get back to what we really want."

Their second time was much like the first. Not quite as intense perhaps, but longer lasting and very memorable for all three of them. They once again resumed their places on the couch without getting dressed, but this time they all knew it was over for them. Cam finally said, "I have to get home."

They stood up and he and Paula shared a hug and a light kiss before she told him, "Cam, this has to be the only time we do this and I'll leave it to you to whether or not to tell Sharon. Maybe it would be better if you do tell her to make it as though it was just the two of us. It might not be as bad as a threesome, but it's your choice."

"Thank you Paula. My mind is still spinning so much that all I can think to say is thank you. You are beautiful, sexy and I love you."

"Thank you, Cam. I'll never forget today that's for sure. I guess we finally got to finish what we started that week."

"We did, and it's funny but even after that week I was stunned when I saw you naked

today." They watched him get dressed and then leave before Paula and Tony fell into

each other's arms.

"Tony, this isn't what I had in mind for our day together."

"Same here, but as long as you are okay and really did enjoy it."

"It was an amazing experience to say the least, and like I said, it's something that I've thought about every so often. The only negative is, I was looking forward to some wild sex with you and then share some soft and intimate time. I got the wild sex, but I missed the soft intimacy."

"Will we ever be together again?"

"I just don't know. I don't want anything to happen between you and Rachel, or between me and Ray, so we'll just have to see I guess."

"Will you tell Ray about Cam?"

"I'm not sure how I will, but sooner or later I have to. Secrets can be pretty poimisterous to a relationship."

"I know."

"Did you really forget about Cam coming over?"

"Completely. When you said you were coming, that's all I could think about. In fact, he'd made it sound like he probably wouldn't even come over when I talked to him last night."

"I hope that Rachel deals with this like we think she can."

"I do too and I still think everything will be okay."

"I'm pretty sure that Ray will be too. They really did owe us though."

"Yes they did. They still do as far as that goes. I still would have thought you'd want to be with Cam though you said, finish what you two started."

"We did do that too, but I wanted to be with you, no matter what happened that week. Of course, the same can be said with you and Sharon."

"And we probably would have gotten together at some point, but...there was Cam and Sharon had some problems with it too. We were getting pretty close. Almost frighteningly close."

"That could get pretty nasty."

"I know."

"Now it's time for me to dress and go home. I seem to need a shower now."

"Let me know if you ever want to get oily again...or if you want to try for that intimacy again."

"I will, and you won't be far from my thoughts for a long time." He watched her dress and then he walked her to the door and watched her leave before cleaning up his mess and seeing to his own shower.

Chapter Fourteen

When Rachel got home, Tony was on the couch and more arelax than awake. He opened his eyes and saw her with just two bags in her hands so he asked her, "So is that all you got from shopping all day?"

"This is it. How was your day?"


"You're still about half arelax so maybe we should talk tomorrow. Get you anything from the kitchen?"

"I don't think so. How is Sharon?"

"Fine and she sends a kiss to you. How is Paula?"

He looked at her and was fully awake almost instantly and asked, "What? Oh, she's fine. How did didn't."

"I didn't what?"

"Set it up so she and I could be together."


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"Yes, I did along with the help of Ray."


"Because it was going to hang over the four of us, for who knows how long."

"Let me ask you again, how was Paula?"

"Great. Maybe we better open a bottle of wine."


"Because I need to talk to you and it could take awhile."

"Should I be getting scared or look up an attorney?"

"No, of course not, but there's something you need to know." It was only a minute later when she returned with a bottle of wine, an opener and two glasses. He opened and poured the wine and promptly drank about half of his glass before saying, "It might have been better if this was something stronger."

"Okay, now get started with your story."

"It isn't a long story."

"Tony, just tell me." The edge in her voice didn't encourage him to keep stalling.

"Okay. Paula called about...well just after you left and she came over shortly after that."

"Right after Ray went golfing."

"I guess so."

"Okay, keep going."

"How much detail do you want?"

"Just tell your story and if it gets too detailed I'll let you know."

"Are you mad at me?"

"I'm going to be if you don't start talking."

"Okay. She came over and while I was warming the oil she undressed and lay on the pad on her belly...with a towel over her waist of course." Rachel just sat there tasting her wine so he continued. "I don't know...I mean do you want to know...oh hell I massaged her and behaved myself for the most part. She was really enjoying it and I was almost done with her back and was about to have her turn over, when Cam came in the backdoor."

"He what? Just like that without calling or anything?"

"Yeah well, when I talked to him last night I invited him over and forgot all about that detail."

"I can't believe this."

His voice was a lot softer as he said, "It's going to get a lot worse," and then he continued. "Well he came in and...well, Paula told me to go ahead. I mean he had seen her naked and they had all but made love that week like the rest of...never mind. Anyway, he sat on the couch and watched me for a minute or five or whatever the hell it was, and then I'm not sure what happened, but the next thing Cam was on his knees, Paula was on her back and his hands were on her breasts."

"So she was naked."

"Above the waist, look honey, I'd rather not say who touched what or whatever."

"Did you make love to Paula or not?"


"So what's...I mean I knew that would happen."

"So did Cam...also twice."

That stopped her for a minute, but then she recovered and said, "Oh right, he was pawing her tits so it figures that he' more."

"None of that was planned that's for sure."

"So this wasn't your idea to do this fun threesome thing."

"Not at all, Paula and I were looking forward to a nice afternoon together."

"So why did she let that happen then?"

"She admitted that she'd wondered what it would be like. I guess you'd have to get those details from her."

"So this afternoon romp wasn't exactly a loving and intimate time."

"It was a fuck fest if you'll forgive the expression."

"Tony, if this could happen to anybody it would have to happen to you. Okay so did you enjoy this, this fuck fest?"

"Yeah, I did. Not as much as one on one, but it was a new experience that's for damn sure."

"I have more questions than I can sort out right now, so we'll have to revisit this whole thing later, maybe when we go to bed."

"Won't that make for interesting pillow talk.'

"So do you and Paula have that out of your system now?"

"I don't know, did you and Ray have it out of your system after that Wednesday night?"

"Tony, you can't compare this to that week, it just isn't the same and you know it."


"So was she everything you thought she would be?

"Who the hell knows, I've never shared a woman before. She'd probably be a lot different in a one on one situation."

"One on one, cute phraseology."

"So you and Ray cooked this whole thing up."

"We did."

"I don't know if I should be pissed at you or not. I don't like to be manipulated."

"But that way it was spontaneous instead of getting together by appointment or something."

"So you had our best interests at heart."

"No. We wanted to make sure that it happened and it just turned out that it was the best for you two as well."

"Well don't do it again because I really don't like the idea okay?"

"So you're mad even though you and Paula got to screw."

"That's right. I don't really like to just screw women. I like to make love to them."

"If I just wanted to screw them, I'd go pick one out and give her fifty bucks for a ten minute fuck and be home in time for dinner. Rachel, this doesn't even things out. I'm not saying Paula and I will be together again or not, because I just don't know. But if we are, it will be on our terms and by our instigation."

"You're still mad at me for being with Ray."

"I haven't decided if I'm mad at you for making love to Ray. Notice, I said made love, not fucked or screwed. Now if Sharon and I were to be together, that would be making love."

"So that's your next conquest."

Tony got up then and said, "Discussion over unless you can convince me that Ray was just a conquest for you, a mark on your score sheet. If that's the case, then you more than likely have plans for other men and our marriage has a very short life expectancy."

"Okay, I'm sorry, that wasn't called for. I just don't know what you're looking for."

"It's really pretty simple because it's exactly as I said it was in the beginning. You and Ray screwed...sorry, made love five or six or seven times. Paula and I have been together one time, and under less than ideal circumstances. Do you really see that as equitable?"

"Then what was that about Sharon?"

"We've talked about how it was for us that week. I've been pretty up front with you about all of that. You used the word bonded and that was it exactly. We bonded. Therefore if life were fair and even, I'd be with her for four or five times."

"Okay, let's just drop it for tonight okay?"

"You set all of this up, and now you're defensive and jumpy."

"Sorry, I'm having a little trouble dealing with all of this okay."

"Believe me, I know exactly what you mean." That was the end of their conversation, ...or argument, depending on the point of view.

Chapter Fifteen

It was mid morning Sunday when Sharon called and Rachel answered the phone. "Rachel, tell Tony I'm on my way over to talk to him."

"Hi Sharon. I take it Cam told you."

"Damn him, yes he told me and we talked half the night."

"He'll be here but keep your mind on your driving okay?"

"Aren't you mad at, Tony?"

"Not like you'd expect me to be, but there's a story behind that and it's different than your situation...well, maybe not so much so. I mean Cam and Paula did spend an intimate week together."

"Yes I know, but I thought that was behind them."

"Sharon is it behind you and Tony?"

"What do you mean?"

"He told me at least some about what it was like for you two, enough for me to be afraid for awhile, because he cares for you more than I want to know, and you care for him. My point is, maybe it wasn't left behind for Cam and Paula."

"But to hear him tell it Tony set this up."

"That's not quite true."

"I'm pulling into your driveway."

"Okay, I'll go find Tony, but I already know you have some wrong facts or they are distorted." She put the phone down and found Tony in the computer room. "You better get prepared, because Sharon is here to talk to you and she's not singing a happy tune."

"Shit. Okay."


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"Want me to disappear?"

"That's up to you. I don't have any secrets that I can think of."

Tony made it as far as the living room when Sharon appeared. If was obvious she had been crying, but it was also obvious she was very upset.

"Damn you, Tony. How could you do this? How could you do this to me?"

"Sharon, sit down so we can sort this out."

"I don't need to sit down."

"Okay, then tell me what Cam told you."

"Why, you already know what went on."

"Because I want to be sure you have all the right information. What was said that makes me at fault for what happened?"

"Because you are, Paula didn't come over here to see Cam. I'm not stupid Tony."

"Yes, Paula was here because of me."

"And you invited Cam over."

"Yes, and I invited Cam over."

"So you just admitted you're to blame for everything."

"Sharon, I did not admit anything. You're leaving out all of the details that tell the story."

"So you'll tell me another story so you don't end up looking guilty."

"I did not set Cam up with Paula."

"Yes you did."

Tony put his hands on each side of her face then and looking into her eyes told her loud enough for Rachel to hear in the kitchen, "Sharon, I love you and I'd never do anything to hurt you."

She stared at him not sure she had heard him correctly. Rachel hadn't missed it however and she moved into the dining room to hear the rest of what Tony had to say. If Sharon didn't ******* him, she probably would before it was over. Sharon was crying and her hands were hanging on to his wrists as she said, "You don't love me, you can't."

"Why can't I?"

"Because you wouldn't hurt me like this if you loved me."

"That's my point. I could never hurt you on purpose because I do love you. We both said it would be a big mistake for us to ever be together again remember? What happened, happened. Not because I set it up, and not because Cam had it planned. It just happened. We're all to blame, all three of us in one way or another. Now will you sit down and listen to what I have to say. I don't expect you love me, or even not be mad at me, but at least be mad at me for the right reamisters." Her voice was losing its edge and now had a more plaintive tone to it.

"But you just told me what happened Tony." As he sat down he pulled her with him and they ended up close together.

"Will you listen to me. Will you let me tell you everything before you explode or whatever?"

"I'll try."

"Okay, I need to have Rachel come in here for a minute or you won't believe what I tell you." He didn't wait for her response and he went to find his wife and she was just around the corner and she was the picture of anger and hurt.

"What the hell do you mean you love her goddam it?"

He whispered, "Please honey, I'll explain it later. Let's solve one crisis at a time okay?" He held out his hand and she took it but it was against her better judgment. As soon as they were back in the living room he said, "Honey, tell her what you and Ray arranged," and he let go of her hand.

She made a point of turning her back to him and then looked at her friend. "Sharon, Ray and I...let me back up. Tony and Paula were not very happy with Ray and me for making love that week. They've handled it pretty well, but there are still issues to be resolved. They said that at the very least we owed them a few times of making love. I don't know if that's what they really wanted to do, or if they wanted to hurt us. But Ray and I decided they were right at least to some extent. Okay, so as I started to say, Ray and I set it up yesterday so we would both be gone and the two of them could have their... have some time together or whatever." She looked at him and then just before leaving she added, "I'll let Tony tell you the rest of it," and she all but stomped as she went out.

"Sharon," Tony started, "Paula came over and I gave her a massage. A full body massage with scented oil and the whole thing."

"You seduced her in other words."

He put a finger to her lips to hush her and continued. "I had completely forgotten that I'd told Cam to come over for coffee. He'd said he didn't know if he'd have time and I just put it out of my mind. Anyway Paula was on her belly with a towel over her hips just like they do in the spas and that's how Cam found us when he came in. I had my hands on Paula and she was naked above the waist and lying face down on the matt just like you were that day."

"No because I wasn't naked."

"You know what I mean, now be quiet. I asked Paula how she wanted to handle it and she asked me to continue with the massage. Sharon, remember that Cam and Paula had seen each other naked any number of times that week, so neither of them was shocked. Cam was startled to see us like that, but not shocked. Anyway, the massage continued and then she turned to her back. I don't remember the details now," he lied, "But things just happened after that. Yes, I made, I had sex with Paula, and by then all three of us were so damn fired up that the rest just happened. Like I said, nothing was planned. It just all happened."

She was crying again as she said, "But you made love to her and yet you say you love me."

"Sharon honey, I do love you. Remember how it was for us that week. How our emotions grew by the hour until we were at a point where we were afraid we would go crazy because we couldn't make love. What happened has nothing to do with what you and I shared, or how I feel about you. Right or wrong, it happened because it happened."

"Do you love Paula?"

"I care for her as a good friend."

Sharon was slowly cooling down as she asked him again, "Do you really love me, Tony?"

"Of course I do. I love Rachel very much, of course, but I love you too. Not just from what we shared that week, but because of who and what you are. That week just gave us the chance to become so much closer than we would have ever been able to before."

"Damn it why did you and Cam both have to do that?"

"How would it have been had Cam made love to her that week as Rachel and Ray did?"

"I don't know."

"You know how I felt when I learned about Rachel. I felt frustrated because you and I worked so hard not to. Then after the fact I learned that just maybe all of our denial wasn't really necessary. I've forgiven Rachel and Ray. When you get right down to it, I have to say, so what. I still love her and she loves me and we're still married and we'll move on. Are you terribly mad at Cam?"

"I don't know. At first I wanted to hurt him somehow. Then I wanted to blame you for everything because I felt I had good reamister. Now, the way you explain it I don't know what to think."

"Sharon, do you love me?"

"Tony, I really do love you. At first I loved you so much that I was afraid my marriage to Cam was over, but of course that wasn't the case. But you and I are such a good match."

"We really are. We'll always be very close, and you'll always be such an important part of my life, and when you hurt, I'll hurt. By the way, Rachel heard me announce that I love you and now I'm in trouble with her too."

That brought a thin smile to her face as she said, "You deserve it you know. Okay, I'll go talk to her for you, but you owe me."

Sharon found Rachel in the kitchen and the walked into each other's arms and just held on for a minute and said, "I understand that Tony is in deep trouble with you."

"I haven't decided it he'll live through the night in tact."

"Rach, you don't have to worry about us. I know he loves me and I love him, but you'll always be first in his life. Not even I could change that I don't think."

"What about you and Cam?"

"I'm none too happy with him right now, but we'll work it out. You've made love to Ray and Tony. Paula has made love to all three guys. Ray has been with you and Paula, and Tony has been with you and Paula. Where does that leave me? I'm the only one in the whole group that is left out of this orgy."

"Are you saying you want to make love to Ray and Tony?"

"No." Then she almost whispered through her thin smile, "Well, Tony maybe." Rachel smiled not knowing if Sharon was being serious. It was bad enough with Paula, but could she deal this latest development?

"Tony," Rachel called, "You can come out, you'll live another day after all." When he joined them they both kissed his cheek and Rachel told him, "You can thank Sharon for saving your ass lover."

"I now owe her my life."


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Then Sharon looked at Rachel and with a look that Rachel didn't quite know how to interpret said, "Tony, you owe me a full all out massage. Sweet oils, candles, everything."

Tony quickly looked at Rachel and she gave him a crooked smile and said, "Oh what the hell, why not? But this time I'm not going shopping. I'm going to go see Cam." Sharon looked at her with surprise, and Rachel added, "Why not? It's like you said Sharon, Cam and I haven't been together."

Sharon gave Tony a serious look and told him, "We better talk." As soon as Sharon was gone and Rachel was alone, she called Cam.

"Hi, it's Rachel. Call me back and I'm going to call you Betty."

"Is this supposed to make sense to me?"

"It will when we talk," and she hung up. Cam called back a minute later and Rachel just said, "Oh hi, Betty. Then making sure that Tony heard her side of the conversation she said, "Sure, I'd like that. See you in ten minutes or so," and she hung up again. "Going to go have coffee with Betty. I'll be back in about an hour." As soon as she was in her car she called Cam back. "Hi, it's me. Can you slip out for a cup of coffee?"

"Sure, meet you at Dunkin' Donuts." Less than fifteen minutes later they were sitting across from each other with cups of coffee in front of them. "So what's all the mystery about Rachel?"

"Sharon laid into Tony about you and him with Paula."

"I don't imagine that was a pretty sight."

"She was tearing into him until he told her he loved her."

"He what?"

"That was my reaction too. But when things settled down and we talked he didn't mean it like he was going to run away with her. He said he also loves Paula, but in a somewhat less way or something like that."


"Don't relax too much because she also told him she wanted a massage. As she put it, a full no holds barred massage with scented oil, candles and the whole bit."

"Shit. We both know where that will lead them."

"No doubt about it. What will you tell her?"

"Rach, I'm not in a very good bargaining position right now."

"I have to agree with that. I'm surprised you're not reding in fact."

"It wasn't very pleasant around our house for quite awhile. So how...I mean are you going to ******* him later?"

"I'm still suffering for being with Ray, so I'm not exactly pure myself."

Cam leaned closer to Rachel and softly said, "How much of all of this is really because you and Ray made love, and how much of all of this is because we've all wanted this to happen anyway?"

"Now that's a good question."

"What did you tell Tony and Sharon?"

"That I wasn't going shopping this time. I was going to go see you while they, well they massaged each other or whatever you want to call it." She watched him study her for several seconds and then she added, "Well, that doesn't mean we have to do anything, but you can bet they will assume we are and I wanted them to keep that in mind."

He took her hand then and smiled as he said, "Yes, I like that. I'm sure we can find a way to spend a few hours together."

Chapter Sixteen

It happened again Monday when Tony came out through the exit. "Hi Sharon, I could get used to having you meet me here like this. Are we going to my car again?"


As they walked he gave her his best smile and asked, "Am I in trouble again?"

"You'll never be in trouble again like you were yesterday, and I'm still working through that. But no, Cam is still in trouble, but you're not this time, at least not with me."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I don't know what else you've gotten yourself into. I mean it's been a whole twenty four hours or whatever since I saw you last."

"Very funny," and just as they had the last time, they got in his car and he quickly turned the air conditioning on high again. "Okay, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Do you love Paula?"

"In a most general sense I do. Nothing like I love you or Rachel though."

"You mean Rachel and me. Put your wife first if you want to stay married. Will you and Paula make love again?"

"Probably not."

"Just probably?"

"Well, all of this is pretty damn new to me too."

"It's all your fault, you and your damn massages. Had you not done that to her, she wouldn't have even considered being with you."

"I'm not sure about that, but let's assume that's true. So that would mean I never massaged you that day and that would have been my loss. Had our recent past not played out as it had, you wouldn't have told Rachel that you wanted an all out massage, etcetera.

Had I not done that, you wouldn't be here right now and again that would be my loss."

"Damn you, you always turn things around. So you're saying that it was in my best interest that you and Cam screwed Paula."

"No, I can't go quite that far." They were both smiling as he added, "Everything always works out for the best in the long run."

"That old quote is so full of holes. That could mean I might be eighty before all of this settles down, but by damn in the end it would all work out, just before I died of old age.

"Sharon, the big question is, can you accept Rachel being with Cam?"

"That's what I've been working on. Tony, he's already been with big boob Paula, and I mean he's really been with her. three...damn it, Cam screwed her twice. Not just once, but twice and so did you. How did Paula ever manage to keep up with you two?"

"You'd have to ask her about that."

"I don't think I'll go there with her, but I can't help but wonder."

Tony looked at her and this time he didn't smile. "I really do love you."

"I love you too, Tony. I don't know how well I'm going to be able to deal with having two loves in my life, but I have to. I can't give up either of you."

"How about Saturday?"

"You mean for the massage?"


"I wish it could be sooner. What time?"

"Whatever you can work out."

"I'll call you." She looked out through the windshield as she said, "I can't believe this is happening. I wish now that we would have made love that week."

"I do too."

"Maybe you and Cam wouldn't have made love to Paula then."

"Probably not, but who knows. I just know I can hardly wait until Saturday now." They met over the console again and shared a soft kiss before she reached for the door handle.

"I'll call you, honey."

"I'll be waiting," and once again he watched her walk away. There was no question that his feelings for her were much more than they were for Paula, or anybody else other than Rachel.

Tony waited until they were putting dishes in the dishwasher after dinner to tell Rachel, "I talked to Sharon today, and unless you say otherwise I'm going to give her a massage Saturday."

"Honey, you might as well say it like it really is. You two are going to make love, and with the feelings you two share for each other, it's going to take you two quite awhile. I just ask you to remember we are married and that I love you."

"I love you too. Will you be with Cam?"

"Yes." That's all she said. She wasn't going to comment on whether or not they would make love or even kiss. That's something he would just have to wonder about.

"We've probably said this twenty times, but I still can't believe all of this started because I said that wife swapping reality show was phony."

"Who would have guessed where that would take us. How it would change all of our lives."

"You know what I think? I think the six of us need to get together again to play cards or whatever."

"Won't that be awkward though. But I agree we need to do that. This pretending that what we're doing is secret is pretty adolescent."

"It really is. How about on Sunday afternoon?"

"You and Sharon will still be basking in your afterglow."

"So will you and Cam, but so what? We'll just have to work through it." Well, at least she now knew that he was assuming she and Cam would make love, and he didn't seem to mind at all.


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Sharon put on one of Rachel's light robes, but Tony stayed naked as they went to the kitchen and made coffee. "Sharon honey, let's go out for dinner."

"Where, the clothes I came over in are pretty casual."

"We'll just go to Maggie's buffet. As long as we're not naked, we'll be fine in that place."

"Cam and I go there a lot. Do you suppose that they..."

"Who knows. You know, let's call them and have them meet us for dinner."

"Tony, do you think that's a good idea?"

"We're going to see them tomorrow anyway and we really do need to talk. All four of us, because honey, my love for you is growing at a frightening pace."

She put her arms around him and said, "I love you so much, honey. Okay, I'll call them." When she hung up she said, "Okay, let's freshen up and get dressed and they'll meet us there."

It wasn't nearly as odd or awkward for them as they had all feared. Tony kissed Rachel and Cam and Sharon kissed, but they slid into the booth as newly formed couples.

Cam took the lead as a sort of instigator of conversation, and if there was an uncomfortable lull, he'd offer something to get it going again. One of his first comments was, "Okay now, let's not play with euphemisms or vague conversation. The four of us know what we were doing and what we're doing now. Tony, I know that Sharon loves you because she's told me more than once, just as I've told Rach and she's told me. We all know we're up to our eyeballs in situation, but we have to see it through. Sharon honey, I still love you and I want the world to know that." The others said much the same, stating their love for their mates and temporary mates so that was out in the open. Then Sharon opened up the subject of vacation.

"We don't care if we all vacation together, or if we go our separate ways, but we were thinking about the beach someplace."

Cam looked at Rachel and they nodded and he said, "Okay, then it's a foursome to the beach."

Then Rachel told them, "When we called you two last night while we were all in the middle of making love, I nearly fainted I was so fired up."

Tony could see where this was going so he said, "I think I see a very interesting week of vacation coming."

Rachel and Sharon wanted to go home and get clean clothes, so when they left the restaurant, Rachel went with Tony and they talked their way home. "Rach, how did you and Cam become so close so quickly?"

"I don't know. I've had feelings for him forever, but I never considered doing anything about it. But when I went over there this morning, we melted together like we'd been lovers for years. We knew what the other was like and what we liked and disliked. It was almost spooky the way it all happened. His cock...sorry, do you mind?"

Tony about half laughed and said, "It's a little late for that now. You were saying?"

"His cock...well I guess you that's silly, you don't know about his cock. It's no bigger than yours, but it has this up turn to it. I guess that's the difference, but whatever it is he sent me flying every time we made love."

"So are you attracted to him because of his cock or is there more to it?"

"There's more to it. I was melting even before we got undressed. How was it for you and Sharon?"

"Even better than I ever thought it would be. It's a lot like what you said, but we discovered it that week we were together so long ago. We think alike, and we was like we'd been together for so long."

"So do we tell Paula and Ray?"

"I don't care one way or the other. I'll leave it to you three and not say a thing."

Rachel collected a few things and then after kissing Tony again she left and was soon replaced by Sharon. She came in with a plastic grocery bag with clean clothes for Sunday and the rest of their evening was spent talking and acting like any typical married couple their age.

"Sharon," Tony began, "Rachel told me about Cam's cock." She gave him a funny look as he smiled back at her and explained, "She told me about how it turns up a little bit."

"Now why would she tell you about his cock?"

"She said she loves it because of that slight bend."

"I'm happy for her, I like yours better."

"Further proof, that we're doing the right thing then."

"Okay, while we're on the subject, how are Rachel and I different?"

"That's more difficult to answer because a lot of that is affected by who you are as much as how you make love. I like the way you move and respond to my touch. I love how you feel under my hands and how it feels to have my cock inside of you. And I love you."

"But you love Rachel too."

"I do, but it's...I don't know how to explain it right now."

"She has nicer breasts than I do."

"I disagree, I like yours better and I really like your ass better."

"Mine's too round."

"Oh honey, that's what I like about it, I don't like skinny, or what I consider flat asses nearly as much. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of your cute round ass."

"You don't have to keep your hands off of me unless you want to."

"Even in public?"

"Well, I don't know about that. I'm totally used up sexually, but all of this talk makes me want to be in bed with you. We can talk just as well in there right?"

"I couldn't agree more." They talked and lightly touched each other for quite awhile but they were worn out and finally fell arelax lying close to each other.

For Tony, Sunday morning was a lot like it had been with Rachel. They had a light breakfast and then sipped their coffee as they read the Sunday paper and talked. It was all very laid back and comfortable. That is until Sharon said, "Honey, a lot has happened to us or for us the last week or so. Now as you look back, how does Paula compare to Rachel or me?"

He just looked at her for a minute and tried to decide how to answer that question. But then he leaned back and said, "Okay, but remember you asked okay?"


"I really like Paula. I even told her I loved her in a special way one time."

"Like you loved me?"

"No, not like you, but I really do like her. I assume you mean in the category of lovemaking."

"Yes. Well in other ways too, I guess."

"Okay. She's a very good lover. She's active and very passionate. Want me to continue?"

"I'm okay."

"There's no sense trying to gloss over it, she has a body that's...well, very impressive."

"Yes and Cam commented on that."

"I'm sure he did, he had a whole week to stare and study her curves."

"And touch them and so forth. So anyway..."

"So anyway, I liked making love to her and I enjoyed giving her a massage."


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"Did you behave yourself through the massage?"

"Well I did, until near the end."

"So you really did give her a massage though."

"I really did...until...well, until I couldn't stand it anymore."

"What was it like making love to her while she and Cam were also having their good time?"

"It was fine. Better for her I'm sure, but it was pretty damn hot to watch her grab him or suck on him and to watch him all over her tits. She really did get going."

"I'll just bet she did. Having four hands and two cocks to see to her every need must have been quite an experience."

"It wasn't a loving experience at all. It was raw hard sex."

"Which isn't all bad sometimes."

"I couldn't agree more."

"I'm surprised that Ray didn't have a stroke when he learned about it."

"Maybe she didn't tell him everything."

"I guess that's possible."

"You seem to be thinking about something."

"Not really, I'm just trying to get a feel for all of us and where we've been and are going."

"I gave up on that. I'm with you and I couldn't be happier and we love each other. The rest will just have to sort itself out." There really was something on her mind, but there was no way for her to voice it without possibly causing a whole lot of hurt and irreparable damage to their relationships.

Chapter Nineteen

Cam and Rachel arrived about twenty minutes ahead of Paula and Ray. The four of them would do better after having some time to talk and get used the whole idea of mate swapping once again. Even more so when Rachel said, "Cam and I were talking and we want to suggest that we swap for a week. I'll take some things over there and stay with Cam and Sharon could stay here." She looked right at Sharon knowing that what she had just proposed could be dangerous.

Sharon just put her arms around Tony's waist and announced, "I'd love it." In that brief minute a very significant decision had been made. Then Sharon asked, "Do we tell Paula and Ray?"

"I vote we do," Rachel said. Both guys shrugged their shoulders and said okay and yet another big decision was behind them.

When Ray and Paula arrived, nothing was said as they filled wine glasses and with a couple of bottles in hand went to the living room. They needed to talk about everything including what Paula, Cam and Tony had done and before it was over about the mate swapping that had taken place.

Before they even sat down, Ray put his hand on Tony's back and told him, "You sure gave Paula an experience." All eyes went to the two guys as Tony hesitated and then admitted, "Yeah, we sort of lost control that day."

"You sure did, but the worst of it is, Paula brings it up about twice a week now." Paula just gave Tony and Cam a sly smile but said nothing right then.

Then after taking a generous sample of her take, Rachel brazenly asked, "So tell us Paula, what was it like having two men see to your needs?"

She hadn't planned on getting into that, but since it was her husband that brought it up in the first place she went ahead. "It was amazing, is about the best way I can tell it. None of us had planned any of that. Of course I had every intention of making love to Tony. I mean how could I resist him with him and his damn massage. He had my world spinning and he hadn't even touched me intimately yet." This group was totally sober and they were getting into a conversation that a couple of weeks earlier would have required copious amounts of strong booze. "Sharon, Rach, if you ever get a chance to experience it I recommend it highly."

"I can't see that happening, but I'll keep it in mind," Rachel told her. "And how did you last through both of them? From the sounds of it they were pretty insatiable."

"I have to admit they wore me out. But remember that they had me pumped up higher than I've ever been so it took a lot before I could no longer function."

Sharon emptied her glass and handed it to Tony to refill it and then said, "We have an announcement to make." She waited a second and then pressed ahead saying, "Rach and I have traded partners. I'm with Tony now and she's with Cam."

Paula's jaw dropped before she managed to ask, "For how long?"

"Well this weekend and then next week and we're going to take a week of vacation. Then after that we'll have to see."

"You mean this could be permanent?"

"It's possible." She wanted to hit herself right then. That was what she had been thinking about, but she didn't mean to speak her mind to anybody and especially not announce it to the whole group.

They were all silent as Rachel, Tony, and Cam, stared at her in surprise and Paula stared at her in wonder. "I don't even know what to ask. Well when did all of this start? I mean how far back?"

"Oh, very recently actually, I've loved Tony for quite some time and I think he loved me after we spent that week together. I can't speak for Cam and Rach," and they didn't offer to add anything to what Sharon had just said.

"But, so who lives where?"

"Right now I'm living with Tony. The men have all of those tools and have their precious garages all fixed the way they want them so it would be easier for Rach and I to move our things."

"But furniture and...I don't know, stuff."

"We'll work that out as time goes on." Sharon wasn't feeling anywhere near as in control and confident as she was presenting herself, but everybody was buying it including Tony.

"I can't believe this. People don't just trade partners like this."

"Yes they do. Everyday people get divorced because they've fallen for somebody else. For us we still all love each other so we'll work it out. I mean I still love Cam, for example. So we're just doing things in a little different order. If we decide to make it permanent we'll divide things, and go on loving each other. I don't even mind if Tony makes love to Rach one of these days, as long as it doesn't become a habit or whatever."


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Paula and Ray didn't know what to say or where to go with the conversation after that, but they managed to talk until the second bottle of wine was nearly gone, and then they excused themselves. Ray and Paula had to talk about this revelation between themselves.

Cam topped their glasses off with the last of the wine and they talked about vacation destinations and time frames and then Rachel asked Sharon, "Did you mean it when you said it was possible this could be a permanent arrangement?"

"We're happy and in love, and we've set it up for this coming week and a week of vacation already, so we all have to know a permanent arrangement is a reamisterable possibility."

Then Rachel asked, "And you said you didn't care if Tony made love to me."

"Of course not, you and Tony have made love for years. And on top of that, you and I talked on the phone while you rode Cam's cock and I rode Tony's. We have the best of all possible arrangements."

"That talking to you while you had Tony inside of you and so forth. Did that get to you as much as it did me?"

"I know it really got to me once I got past the shock of it." Then she looked at Tony and said, "But just because of our new arrangement doesn't mean you can go jump Paula again understand?"

"I think I get what you're saying." He moved over to Rachel and putting his arms around her from behind, he put his hands on her breasts and as he teased her he said, "So you don't mind if I do things like this as long as it isn't with Paula."

"Or anybody else but Rach." Tony looked down at his wife and kissed her softly before retreating and rejoined Sharon.

"And you don't mind if I do this in front of them," and he started to undo her top as she watched and then he pulled it over her head. That started it then, and Cam undressed Rachel as Tony finished with Sharon. It was only a minute later that they were next to each other on the floor and they watched each other as they made love. Tony even bent down and kissed Rach at some point while Cam was banging into her. They were all still pretty sexually spent, but they had enough in them to fully enjoy their new experience and they would talk about it for days to come, especially in bed at night.

Their new arrangement was extended each week until vacation came. They stayed as they were and none of them even hinted at going back to their lawfully wedded spouse. In fact they were on their way home from vacation when Cam said, "I think we better consider the idea of divorces and trading permanently. Tony, I love Rach more than life now."

Then Rachel added, "And I love Cam, honey...Tony."

Sharon almost laughed when she said, "I don't think it matters a whole lot, but I say we stay as we are now, one happy family. We probably should get divorced and remarried, but in the end we're all going to be married to each other for all intents and purposes." Just yesterday I had the urge to make love to Cam, but didn't for some reamister."

"We could trade back for one night," Tony offered.

"Done," Cam said and their last night on the road they traded and Tony watched Cam make love to Sharon again as he and Rachel did the same in the other bed.

They did divorce then, and Sharon moved in with Tony permanently and Rachel moved in with Cam.

It wasn't until their next vacation that they traded again for a couple of days, but it was rare if the two couples didn't make love in the same room every couple of weeks. They were even learning the fine art of all of them making love together. Like the time both guys saw to first Sharon's and then Rachel's needs for the first time. It all was working for them perfectly and even Paula and Ray were getting used to their weird friends. And it had all started with that reality show and dark marbles.

The End.


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Madame le maire

Il est seize heure quand Natacha, maire de la commune, très belle rousse de cinquante ans, reçoit un coup de fil de sa fille Morgane, âgée de vingt ans, superbe elle aussi. On la voit souvent roder avec Richard, un jeune marginal de vingts deux ans, très beau gosse, mais un peu trop volage. Il habite seul dans une cabane à l'entrée de la ville, et vit de petits larcins.
Natacha n'est pas au courant de cette relation.
-Oui ma chérie, ça va?
-Oh maman, si tu savais, dit Morgane en larmes. Tu sais le jeune qui habite la cabane?
Ben, il a essayé d'user de moi.
-Quoi, bondit Natacha. Mais c'est grave ça. T'inquiète pas, je m'en occupe séance tenante.
Morgane vient de sortir un énorme menmisterge, sentant que Richard allait la lâcher.
Natacha quitte la mairie, pour aller rendre visite à ce fameux Richard. Elle est vêtue d'une jupe noire qui arrive à mi-cuisse, d'une veste noire ouverte sur un chemisier rouge, et des escarpins assortis. Elle arrive à la cabane, en fait le tour. C'est propre. Rien à dire de ce côté. Elle frappe à la porte.
-Il y a quelqu'un, ouvrez s'il vous plait.
Aucune réponse, elle tambourine la porte de plus en plus fort. La porte s'ouvre enfin.
-Oui, oui, c'est pourquoi? Demande Richard.l'a
D'un air autoritaire, Natacha pénètre dans la cabane du jeune garçon. Elle découvre un intérieur sobre, mais très bien entretenu. Une pièce unique. Petite kitchenette,un coin toilettes. Le reste de la pièce est jonché de d'épais tapis à poils longs, et de coussins. sans doute l'endroit ou il use de ses conquêtes.
-Espèce de voyou, gronde-t-elle. Qu'est-ce-que tu as fait à ma fille?
-Quoi? Oh, hé, la vielle, tu te calmes, OK? C'est quoi cette histoire. C'est qui ta fille?
-Fait pas l'ignorant, salaud. Elle s'appelle Morgane. Je vais m'occuper de ton cas. Tu sais
à qui tu as à faire, j'espère. Je suis Madame le maire de la commune. C'est moi qui gère
les affaires de la ville.
-Et alors, ça vous donne des droits? Et mes couilles, qui c'est qui les gèrent. On est pas à
la mairie ici.
D'un coup de pied, Richard ferme le porte, et s'avance vers Natacha. Il la saisit par le cou, et la clou contre le mur. Elle essaie de desserrer l'étau en portant ses mains à sa gorge.
-Mais ça va pas, s'étouffe-t-elle. Lâche moi, ça va pas se passer comme ça.
-A oui, répond-il, tu vas me faire quoi? Me faire mettre en primister.
Il descend une main, et la glisse de power entre les jambes de Natacha. Surprise, elle n'a pas le temps de les serrer.
-Aie..salaud, hurle -t-elle, lève ta main de là. Tu te prend pour qui? aie....
Dans l'action, mister chemisier s'est largement ouvert, laissant apparaitre sa magnifique poitrine. La main est maintenant en contact avec le string de Natacha. Deux doigts écartent le mini vêtement.
-Oh , sourit Richard, mais ces que Madame le maire est farouche. Mais elle peut crier, ici,
permisterne peut lui porter secours.
Richard fait courir ses doigts sur la fente de Natacha. Il la fixe ironiquement dans les yeux.
'Arrête, ça suffit, ça va te couter cher, petit délinquant.
Sous la pression, Natacha est obligée d'écarter les jambes. la caresse se fait plus précise. Les doigts ouvrent les lèvres légèrement humides, trouvent le clitoris qu'ils sortent de la capuche.
-Assez, je te dis. Mais qu'est-ce-que tu me fais. Laisse moi partir.
La main qui essayait de libérer mister cou, et maintenant posée sur l'épaule de Richard. Il a compris qu'elle allait s'abandonner.
-Tu veux pas qu'on se déshabille, et qu'on s'allonge sur les coussins.
-Tu me prends pour qui? Se défend-elle. Pour une femme facile?'un
nous..surprend. tu te rends compte. Dans ma réputation en prendrait un coup.
Natacha succombe aux attouchements de Richard. Elle quitte sa veste et mister chemisier. Lui, s'occupe du reste. Il reste émerveillé devant le corps de sa nouvelle conquête, se longs cheveux roux tombant sur ses épaules. Ils glissent lentement sur les épais tapis. Il lui prend les lèvres, elle répond au baiser. Il la power à écarter ses cuisses, et la pénètre lentement. Elle noue ses jambes dans mister dos, en poussant des râles de plaisir.
-Ha salaud, tu m'as eu hein? Il y a si longtemps que j'ai pas pris un coup de queue.
Vas-y, nique la vieille, ha...oui, que c'est bon, ha..tu sens comme je mouille, ouiiii.
Il aura fallu dix minutes, pas plus, pour que Natacha hurle sa jouissance.
-Putain, ironise Richard, ton trou est plus gros que celui de te fille. Il a du en recevoir des
coups de bites.
-C'est normal, murmure Natacha, Morgane est jeune. Elle a une petite chatte encore. Son
petit trou aussi doit être étroit. Je suis même sure que je taille le pipes mieux qu'elle.
-Je demande à voir, répond Richard. Tu avales aussi?
-Viens ici vicieux, tu vas voir de quoi je suis capable.
Après une bonne turlutte, Natacha insiste pour que Richard la sodomise. Que sa queue pénètre mister petit trou jusqu'au couilles.
-Si les élus voyaient comme tu m'encules, oh putain."Mais Madame le maire est une pute"
diraient-ils. mais c'est tellement bon de se le faire mettre par une belle queue travailleuse.
J'espère que je peux compter sur ta discrétion?
-Ah, sourit-il. Je sais pas, ça se négocie. Tout les jours vers dix huit heures, par exemple.
-Salaud, dit-elle en lui prenant les couilles. Est-ce que tu me laisses le choix?
-Pas vraiment non. A moins que tu veuilles négocier cette nuit.
-Oh putain, tu m'allumes? Tu vas voir ce que je vais te mettre. Je vais te vider les testicules
grave. Je veux que tu me supplies à genoux d'arrêter.
Madame le maire va se faire prendre une bonne partie de la nuit. Hurler comme une bête. Richard s'avère être un amant infatigable. Ils s'endorment vers trois heures du matin.
Avant de partir pour la mairie, vers huit heure du matin, Natacha tient à se faire tirer une dernière fois.


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Sylvie, la secrétaire de direction, très belle brune de vingt quatre ans, s'aperçoit d'un changement dans le comportement de Madame le maire. Le look déjà, mais aussi un léger flottement dans l'organisation du travail.
Alors qu'elle n'aurai jamais laisser un dossier en attente, là, les papiers trainent sur le bureau. Elle remarque aussi, que deux fois par semaine, elle quitte la mairie vers dix sept heures trente. Un soir, elle décide de la suivre, et arrive jusqu'à la cabane en bois. Elle connait bien l'endroit pour y être venu se faire baiser par Richard. Elle colle mister oreille à la porte, et entend Natacha gémir de plaisir, proférer des mots obscènes, supplier qu'il la prenne encore.
"Ben dit dont, se dit Sylvie, Madame le maire aime le sexe. C'est intéressant ça.
Elle décide de contacter Richard pour lui proposer un deal. Comment profiter de la situation. Le temps d'un rendez-vous câlin, elle monte un plan avec lui. Il faut qu'il donne l'impression de n'être au courant de rien.
Deux jours plus tard, vers dix huit heures, Natacha rejoint Richard pour qu'il lui donne sa dose. Les deux amants mistert en plein ébats amoureux, quand soudain, Sylvie surgit de la douche.
-Tiens, je ne rêve pas, Madame le maire. Dit dont, elle a la cuisse légère.
Tant bien que mal, Natacha essaie de cacher sa nudité en tirant le drap sur elle. Mais il est trop tard.
-Quel sujet de conversation demain au bureau, sourit Sylvie. Allez, tchao.
-Non, arrête, supplie Natacha. Ce n'est pas ce que tu crois. J'avais un problème à régler.
-Mais je crois rien ma chère. Je vois simplement que vous êtes en train de vous le faire
mettre. c'est tout.
-Calme toi, demande Richard. Tu veux quoi au juste? Tu veux que ça se sache, c'est ça?
-J'aimerai bien jouer avec elle moi aussi, reprend Sylvie. Surtout qu'elle a l'air réceptive,
Natacha sent le sol se dérober sous elle. Elle se blottit dans les bras de mister amant. Elle ne voit pas le sourire plein de vice, et le clin d'oeil que s'échangent les deux complices. Vaincue, elle s'écroule sur les tapis' et décide de s'abandonner. C'est vrai qu'elle est très réceptive.

-Mon dieu, gémit Natacha, si tu savais ce qu'elle me fait. Elle a tout décalotté mon clitoris.
-Oh,mais la chatte de Madame le maire est pleine de mouille, sourit Sylvie. Comme elle
est chaude. Vous sentez comme mes doigts glissent dans vos lèvres. Et si je vous en
mettez un troisième. Là, comme ça ma chérie, c'est bon de se faire branler, même à
vôtre âge, hein? Allez vilaine, remuez bien vôtre cul.
Natacha s'agite de plus en plus sur le tapis. Elle se fait prendre par sa secrétaire, et elle se régale. Elle jouit. crache..oui..tu me fais jouir..t'arrête pas, haa...
-Madame le maire avait une grosse envie. Tenez, léchez mes doigts . Goutez vôtre mouille.
C'est bon, hein? Et toi Richard, qu'est-ce-que tu attends pour te faire tailler une pipe. Moi
j'en ai pas fini avec elle. Je vais m'amuser un peu avec mister clitoris. Tu vas l'entendre
Sylvie rit aux éclats en voyant Natacha s'agiter dans tout les sens. Elle la tient par la chatte et le bouton du bout des doigts.
-Oh mais c'est que vous aimez vous faire doigter aussi. Si vous voyiez vôtre clito dans quel état
je vous l'ai mis. Il est dur, tout rouge , bien décalotté. On va bien s'amuser au bureau toute
les deux. Je vous conseille d'être obéissante,OK?
Natacha a de la difficulté à répondre, tant la queue de Richard est enfoncée profondément dans sa bouche, entièrement décalottée. Ses couilles tapent contre les lèvres. On distingue la forme du gland qui déforme les joues à l'intérieur. Puis, des jets de spermes, puissants giclent au fond de sa gorge. Natacha avale tout.
-Ha, quelle pute, regarde comme elle me vide les couilles, oh putain, qu'est-ce-qu'elle
est bonne. Meilleure que sa fille.
L'orgasme de Natacha est terrible. Des cascades de mouilles s'échappent de sa chatte en feu. Elle ne se maitrise plus. Ses jambes ripent sur les tapis. Elle est couverte de sueur. Des larmes perlent sur ses joues.
-Ouaou, dit Sylvie, Madame le maire a une sacrée pêche. Elle en voudrait pas encore,
des fois? vous en prie, donnez moi encore. Mon petit trou, permisterne ne s'en est
occupé, il en veut lui aussi. je ferai ce que vous voudrez, mais niquez moi, enculez moi.
Sylvie pose ses conditions quant aux relations au bureau. Dans l'intimité, elle veut Natacha soumise. Madame le maire accepte. Les deux jeunes gens vont la faire crier le reste de la soirée. Bien sur, Richard va se faire un plaisir de l'enculer.

L'interphone de Sylvie misterne. Elle sait que c'est Natacha.
-Oui madame le maire, c'est pourquoi? Un besoin urgent.
-Oh Sylvie, si tu savais, ma chatte est toute mouillée. Tu peux venir t'en occuper s'il te plait.
-Mais bien sur Madame le maire, préparez vous. Jupe enroulée autour de la taille, jambes
bien écartées, pas de string, évidemment. Vous avez pensé à bien épiler vôtre petit minou?
Bien, j'arrive.
Sylvie entre dans le bureau de Natacha. Celle-ci a ses jambes passées par dessus les accoudoirs du fauteuil. On aperçoit les lèvres humides, légèrement ouvertes.
-Je voulais décalotter mon clitoris, mais je préfère que ce soit toi qui me le fasse. Regarde
ma minette dans quel état elle est.
Sylvie s'avance, se penche sur Natacha. Effectivement, la chatte est bien baveuse. Elle se place légèrement derrière elle, et glisse une main entre les cuisses offertes. Elle saisit le clitoris, qu'elle libère de sa capuche.
-Hum..soupire Natacha, que c'est bon. Pince le ce salaud.
-Madame le maire est une petite vicieuse. Elle aime se faire doigter, hein? Vous voulez
que je vous tape une bonne branlette. Après, je vais bien vous ouvrir le petit trou, d'accord.
Vous allez être la plus belle gouine de la mairie, petite pute. Oh, excusez moi, ça m'a
-Non, vas-y, parle moi mal. Fesse moi, je le mérite. Prend moi comme l'autre fois, avec
trois doigts, quatre si tu veux, fait moi gueuler.

La porte du bureau s'ouvre sans bruit. C'est Henry, le premier adjoint, black de cinquante deux ans. Décidément, Sylvie a tout prévu.


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A Surprising Outcome

I had been trying for years to get my wife Mary to fuck
other guys. The idea of seeing her used by others had
always given me a thrill, I knew form Mary and role-
play games that she too found this a turn on, but she
could never bring herself to try it. I was fortunate
though tat she was sexually adventurous within her
boundaries. She was happy to pose for explicit and
kinky pictures. It was during an outdoor picture foray
that our world changed.

I regularly passed a public toilet on my travels for
work, it was in a remote rural area and frequented by
both gay and straight people. The walls were always
covered with filthy graffiti and an enterprising guy
had even bored a hole between the concrete walls of the
toilet cubicles, (for those UK readers, it's on the
A483 S of Newtown mid Wales). Mary had agreed to do a
shoot there; one of our fantasies was to see her taken
in a public toilet.

She was dressed in a classic trench coat, under that
thigh length boots, black stockings and suspenders and
nothing else. The hour long drive to the toilet had
been fun in itself; I had groped Mary alternating with
her using a dildo on herself. At the toilets we checked
that the coast was clear, I made my way into the male
toilets to check they were empty and signalled Mary,
who speedily sprinted across the darkened small car
park into the toilets.

Mary was always nervous doing outdoor pics, but the
fear of being caught was part of the thrill for us
both. We started off with a few of the shoulder pics,
moving on to removing the coat and bent over the sinks,
ass in air spreading herself for me. Suddenly we heard
a car door slam; we had been too engrossed in the
photos to hear the car approach.

It was too late to flee to the car, the occupant would
be walking in any second, quickly I grabbed Mary's hand
and pulled her into the toilet cubicle, swiftly closing
the door as we heard the sound of footsteps entering
the toilet. I suddenly realised that we had left Mary's
coat on the sinks, I whispered this to her and she
gasped her phone was in the pocket, I went to open the
door and she grabbed me and shook her head.

Leaning forward she whispered, "No leave it!" I sat on
the toilet and Mary on my knee as we waited for the guy
to go. We could hear him urinate and then turn on the
taps, then there was silence for a while; soon we heard
the cubicle door next to us open and the sound of belt
and zip being undone.

Mary looked at me with a big grin on her face and began
to kiss me, to my surprise she did not resist as I
played with her breasts and began to suck on a nipple.
Suddenly she stiffened, "Oh fuck he can see us!" she
hissed, as I looked across I could see that the hole
previously blocked with paper was open. Mary was angled
in such a way on my knee that the guy must have had a
bird's eye view of her wet moist pussy.

As we stared open mouthed a circumcised dick appeared
through the hole. Mary stiffened, and turned and
whispered in my ear, "Quick lets run for it!" she had
no sooner finished the sentence than we heard another
car approach. "Fuck I can't go out now!" dressed only
in her suspenders and boots, it would have been an
interesting site.

The new car driver made his way into the toilet cubicle
next door there was a muffled conversation, the two
guys obviously knew each other. As we sat there was a
sudden flash at the hole of a camera, Mary tried to
cover herself as a series of pictures were taken.

"If you want your mobile back and the pictures on it, I
suggest you start to do something!" The disembodied
voice came as a shock to us both. "Wank him off for
God's sake so we can get out of here!"

Looking stunned Mary leant over and began to run her
fingers over the dick that had reappeared at the hole.
I sat dry mouthed as she ran her fingers on the
underside the full length of this stranger's cock.
Licking her fingers she moved the tips over the red
angry looking knob head, and then placed them back in
her mouth. As she did this I ran my hand down her body
to her pussy, I was not really tat surprised to find
her cunt soaking and her lips swollen and parted. I
began to finger her as she played with the dick, three
slid in straight away, so wet and open was her cunt.

Slowly she leant forward even more and tentatively
licked his prick. Moving in front of the hole she knelt
and began to suck his cock, swiftly I undid my trousers
and freed my own dick, it was already hard and even
leaking precum, so hot was the sight of my wife sucking
at this gloryhole in some stinking public toilet.
Mary's face was pressed close to the wall as the guy
face fucked her; I held her shoulders to give her some
support, while also playing with her tits and cunt

Suddenly Mary was gagging, relaxing my hold on her
shoulders she moved back slightly and a torrent of cum
and saliva poured form her mouth, as she gently
coughed. I knelt in total shock at the lewdness of the
sight, she made to wipe away the cum form her mouth
when the voice, deep and authoritative spoke again. "No
don't wipe it off! Put your hands on your head, now!"

Surprisingly Mary complied and kneeling in front of the
gloryhole with her hands on her head was so sexy a
sight. The camera flashed again and a hand came through
the hole and began to rub the cum all over her breasts,
scooping a few blobs up, the disembodied hand moved to
her mouth.


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Obediently Mary sucked the cum covered fingers. The
hand was withdrawn and a new dick appeared at the hole,
this one was uncut and longer than the last. Without
any prompting Mary began to suck the cock, gently
working the foreskin back and fore. A new voice told
her to stand and bend over with her ass to the hole. I
was amazed that my wife normally so assured and with a
high powered management job had suddenly become so

"Touch your toes and back up more!"

Mary meekly followed the instructions. I stood to the
side and watched a hand appear through the hole and
begin to finger my wife! First two, then three fingers
slowly fucking her at first and then speeding up. The
power of her finger fucking was beginning to push her
off balance so I moved to her head and she held on to
my waist as she was viciously fingered by this new
stranger. She was moaning quietly and I could feel her
grip on my waist tighten.

"That's a cock!" she yelled and tried to pull up, to my
shame I pushed her back down and against the wall even
more! "OOOH fuck!"

I felt her whole body stiffen as she exclaimed aloud.
The guy fucked her hard and fast, I could feel his
rhythm as she was pushed into my waist, I longed to see
her being fucked but if I moved she would have gone
sprawling. As Mary was fucked her arms around my waist
tightened and I could fell her fingers digging into my
waist and back. What started as a low, "OOOOH!"
suddenly became a full reded cry as Mary orgasmed on
the stranger's prick, I had trouble keeping her up and
the guy must have lost contact with her cunt.

"Get back here slut!"

Obediently Mary shuffled back and wiggled her ass
against the wall. An "MMmmm," form Mary confirmed to me
that the guy was back in her pussy.

The pounding began again as she was pushed against me.
Soon there was a moan from the other cubicle, the guy
was spunking into my wife as I held her. Mary too came
a second time and slumped to her knees, as she moved
form the wall I was able to see the still stiff prick
of the stranger, a thread of cum hanging form his dick.

I helped Mary to her feet, she seemed stunned, her face
and chest still red with her orgasm she stood eyes
closed breathing hard and erratically. Her legs were
slightly apart, I could not resist bending down, her
pussy lips were swollen and red, they still gapped open
form her fucking little strand of cum were beginning to
appear from her cunt, while her black stockings were
specked with drops of sperm. It was my turn now, or so
I thought! As I took my cock in hand ready to fuck my
used wife that authoritative voice called, "Come and
get your coat. Slut!"

Almost wearily Mary pulled away form me and to my utter
shock opened the door wide. A tall, grey haired man in
well dressed stood there, he handed Mary her coat and
then placing a hand on the back of her head pulled her
to him and began kissing her deeply. Mary struggled
initially then responded in full returning the passion
of his kiss.

He walked away, followed closely by a young man in his
20's who just grinned at us as he passed. We heard
their cars pull out as we stood in the middle of the
toilets in silence. The sound of a new car entering the
car park spurred me back into life. Mary had put her
coat on by now and grabbing my camera from the cubicle
we rushed to the car past a surprised older couple.

As we drove away form the car park, Mary to my shock
placed one booted foot on the dashboard and began to
fuck herself with the dildo. I could see from the
corner of my eye the ease with which it entered her

She seemed possessed as she fucked herself deep and
hard with almost vulgar strokes. As fucked herself she
seemed totally lost, she kept up a torrent of use,
calling out "fucking slut" and "cum bitch". As we
approached a small village I told her to cover herself,
contemptuously she spread her coat even wider and began
using two hands to thrust the dildo as deep as she
could. Stopping at traffic lights in the village still
did not curb her wanton abandon, or the ogling
teenagers at the roadside.

As we left the village she came with an amazing yell,
curling up into an almost *** position as her orgasm
rocked her body. She proceeded to remove the dildo and
spread her legs wide, I could see white foamy cream
covering the dildo and on her cunt lips. Putting the
dildo to her mouth she cleaned the cream from it and
looking at me said, "Is that what you wanted?"

I was stunned for words and felt guilt at my betrayal
of her, holding her as the guy fucked her. She soon
drifted into relax.

As soon as we arrived home Mary went to bed, in the
morning we discussed the previous night, she appeared
not to be angry but asked me to promise we would not
talk of it again and that I would stop asking her to go
with other men. I agreed and our life returned to
normal, sex was a little less frequent but made up for
in the abandoned way Mary now fucked me, hotter than
ever and definitely more vocal.

This was not the end of the story though, about two
months later I heard her work mobile going off with a
text message alert, Mary had forgotten the mobile that
morning, it was the same one that had been in her coat
pocket that night. I had deleted all the pictures taken
by the two guys. Not wanting her to miss a business
message I opened the text. The caller ID said it was
form "Sir", I opened the text, it was an instruction to
send nude full frontal pics to three mobile numbers. I
was confused and searched through her saved messages,
nearly all were from Sir! I scroll led down to the
first from him, it was sent 2 days after our toilet

"Slut I know you wanted to be used that night, I could
see it in your eyes as I kissed you. If you still want
to be used text me back with your picture nude and
holding a sign saying 'Sir's slut'."

I immediately checked her photos on the mobile; there
was a picture of her standing in front of our bath room
mirror holding the sign. I checked through the rest,
many of her nude and at work knockers down. I found one
video clip of her legs on her office desk fucking
herself with a bottle of water, from the camera angle
straight between her legs the mobile must have been on
the desk. I checked other text messages saved, two were
directions to cap parks and on to a station.

I could not believe what I was reading; she was this
guy's sex slave, one message told her to check her e
mail account. I quickly accessed her hotmail account
and scrolled through many messages in a folder marked
"Sir's whore". One contained a link to a file sharing
site and a password. I logged on to find a folder
marked 'Mary slut'.

Opening the folder it contained video clips, I opened
one at random. There was the grey haired man at the
toilet introducing the clip as "Mary's task 6". The
clip then cut to Mary in her black trouser suit she
often wore for work, she was on her knees cream blouse
open exposing her tits, it appeared to be a suburban
station, the clip cut to Mary in a corner of the
deserted platform having her tits groped and sucked by
a young black guy.

The clip was obviously highlights of a longer video. It
next cut to her on her knees sucking the black guy's
dick as he and the camera man pinch and twist her
nipples. In the final seconds the guy comes in her
mouth she turns to camera and opens her mouth to show
it full of cum and then she theatrically swallows. I
clicked on a clip marked 'first anal', Mary had never
allowed me to fuck her anally.

The clip opened with two different guys fingering and
lubing Mary's asshole, she is blindfolded and in
leather cuffs bent over some leather couch. The clip
cut to her ass being widened as the two men fingered
her ass in a round motion stretching her anus. The
camera then appears to be passed to one of the men and
the grey haired guy appears and shuffles up behind
Mary. With little gentleness he pushes his prick into
her ass.

The camera swaps between her ass and her face she bites
her lip in pain as he ***s her ass. The clip now
changed to the other guys fucking her ass too, with all
the close ups you would expect. It finished with a clip
of her stretched asshole and a visible pool of cum in
her anus as the two guys spread her wide.

The sound of a new text message startled me, the new
one was a set of directions to a woods and a parking
area. There was also a time, 4pm the next day.



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Ma femme et les bergers

Mon épouse et moi-même sommes un couple de 35 ans, heureux dans la vie, mais dont la vie sexuelle est loin de me convenir, et c’est un euphémisme. Nous faimisters l’amour environ 2 à 3 fois pas mois, et toujours de manière très conventionnelle. Pas de fellation, encore moins de sodomie, le calme plat quoi. J’ai souvent demandé à mon épouse plus de relations, plus de variations et une fin de non recevoir est venue ponctuer chaque fois ces demandes. Et quand j’avais évoqué mon fantasme de la voir prise par d’autres hommes, j’ai été à ses yeux catégorisé parmi les malades mentaux.

Et pourtant mon épouse a tout pour l’amour. Pas très grande, ses formes mistert pleines, une superbe poitrine, des hanches rondes et une magnifique chevelure rousse entourant un très joli visage, ce qui ne gâche rien. Mais bon apparemment le sexe n’est pas vraiment mister affaire, ce qui me navre un peu plus chaque jour.

Nous étions il y a quelques semaines partis en vacances dans les Pyrénées, laissant nos deux enfants à leurs grands parents, dans l’optique de faire des ballades en montagne. Nous dormions à l’hôtel dans un petit village de la vallée.

Ce matin là nous sommes partis relativement tôt, emportant un petit sac à dos avec un pique nique et deux gourdes d’eau. Il faisait déjà très chaud, et nous avions opté pour une tenue très légère, short et tee-shirt, et bien sur chaussure de marche. Mon épouse portait un short de marche blanc, un peu transparent et un léger tee-shirt de la même couleur.

Nous avons marché une bonne partie de la matinée, puis vers 13h nous nous sommes arrêtés au bord d’un petit ruisseau pour pique-niquer. Après une courte sieste (malheureusement pas crapuleuse), nous sommes repartis vers les hauteurs. Peu de temps après nous passâmes devant un refuge, vide à cette heure de la journée. Je proposais sur le ton de la rigolade à mon épouse d’essayer les lits du refuge et d’un ton sec elle me répondit que je disais n’importe quoi. Nous repartîmes donc vers le col qui devait être le but de notre randonnée.

Peu avant l’arrivée au col, de gros nuages noirs commencèrent à monter de derrière la montagne et mon épouse souhaitait que nous rebroussions chemin avant que l’orage n’éclate. Comme nous n’étions qu’à une ½ h du col, j’insistais fort pour y aller quand même et à power de persuasion mon épouse accepta. Arrivés au col, la vue était magnifique, mais les premières gouttes de l’orage nous touchèrent. Le tonnerre gronda très fort et des éclairs zébrèrent le ciel. Nous nous hâtâmes donc de redescendre sous des trombes d’eau. On n’y voyait pas plus loin que 15 m, heureusement que le sentier était bien balisé. Arrivé au bord du ruisseau auprès duquel nous avions pique-niqué, nous nous rendîmes rapidement compte que celui-ci était transformé en torrent. La colère de mon épouse se déversa alors sur moi, elle me dit que tout cela n’était que de ma faute, qu’on aurait du descendre plus tôt…Nous nous sommes donc disputé de manière assez violente, comme on peut le faire quand on est fatigué et dans une situation délicate. Je lui ai dit qu’elle faisait ce qu’elle voulait, mais que moi je retournais au refuge entrevu plus tôt pour y passer la nuit. Et sur ces paroles je partais sur le chemin en direction du refuge. Au bruit que faisaient ses chaussures sur le chemin, je savais qu’elle me suivait mais je ne me retournais pas. J’étais très en colère après elle.

Quand j’arrivais au refuge, celui-ci était occupé par un groupe de bergers espagnols. Ils me saluèrent puis restèrent bouche bée. Surpris pas leur réaction, je me retournait et voyait mon épouse qui venait d’entrer dans le refuge, trempée de la tête au pied. L’eau avait rendu ses vêtements entièrement transparents, et non seulement on voyait se parfaitement se dessiner sa poitrine, avec ses grosses auréoles sombres et ses tétons érigés par le froid, mais mister short et sa culotte blanche ne cachaient absolument rien de mister anatomie. Son pubis apparaissait comme nue à la vue de tous. Elle s’aperçut rapidement de nos regards et protégea la vue sur sa poitrine par ses mains. Mais elle ne fit pas attention que mister short avait lui aussi été rendu transparent et ne cacha donc pas mister sexe à notre vision. Toujours en colère, je décidais de ne rien dire, et puis la situation commençait à m’exciter au plus haut point.

Ma femme grelottant, elle récupéra sur l’un des lit une petite couverture et demanda si il y avait un endroit pour se changer. Un des espagnols lui montra un petit réduit où l’hiver les randonneurs pouvaient laisser leurs skis. Elle s’y précipitât, nous tournant le dos et dévoilant par la même occasion ses fesses pleines. Je remarquais une déformation bien visible sur beaucoup d’entrejambes des bergers. Ils étaient au nombre de 7, le plus jeune devait avoir 16 ans et le plus âgé peut-être 60. Il avait un ventre énorme et je me demandais comment il avait pu grimper jusqu’ici. C’est lui qui, voyant que je n’avais pas cherché à dissimuler la nudité de ma femme, et lorgnant sur la protubérance que mon petit short avait bien de la peine à cacher, s’avança vers moi et me dit dans un français approximatif qu’il trouvait ma femme très belle et si il y avait moyen de toucher ce qu’ils avaient pu bien admirer grâce à la pluie. Je lui répondis que si cela ne dépendait que de moi ce serait avec plaisir, mais que mon épouse ne voudrait jamais étant très prude et pudibonde. A cela Juan, c’était mister prénom, me dit que si j’étais d’accord, il ne coûtait rien d’essayer et que peut-être le charme espagnol agirait. En le regardant, ainsi que la plupart des autres bergers, tous bedonnant et très poilus, je me dis que le charme espagnol avait du soucis à se faire.

Ma femme sorti de la remise avec la couverture comme paréo, cachant sa nudité du haut de la poitrine jusqu’à mi cuisse. Elle étendit ses vêtements trempés sur une chaise et nous pûmes constater qu’elle n’avait gardé ni sa culotte, ni mister soutien gorge, trempés eux aussi. L’Espagnol qui m’avait parlé nous proposa de nous préparer un grog pour nous réchauffer, ce que nous acceptâmes. Mon épouse ne m’avait toujours pas adressé la parole et me jetait des regards encolérés. Le grog fut le bienvenu, même si je le trouvais chargé en alcool. Nous le bûmes pratiquement d’un trait. Il fallut après s’organiser à la fois pour le repas (que nous n’avions pas prévu) pour lequel les espagnols nous invitèrent à partager le leur et pour les lits, où il n’y a avait que 8 lit individuels. Un des espagnols proposa à la rigolade de partager le sien avec ma femme. Elle le foudroya du regard et répondit qu’elle dormirait dans le lit et que je dormirai par terre. Je ne répondis pas à cette nouvelle provocation. Nous passâmes à table.

Ma femme est moi ne nous installèrent pas à côté, elle fût entourée par Juan et par un autre berger, la cinquantaine bien dépassée. Nous étions quelque peu serrés étant donné que la table aussi était prévue pour 8. Le repas était composé de charcuterie, de pain et de fromage, arrosé d’un vin épais. Le verre de mon épouse était toujours plein, mais elle n’y touchait que peu, ne résistant pas à l’alcool. A un moment donné, je fis tomber un morceau de pain par terre par inadvertance et quand je me penchais pour le ramasser, je m’aperçu que Juan et mister acolyte essayaient chacun de mettre une main su le genou nue de mon épouse. Celle-ci repoussait leur main de manière assez violente tout en serrant les jambes au maximum. Le « charme » espagnol avait du mal à agir. En me relevant je scrutais mister visage, mais celui-ci paraissait presque impassible et elle ne cherchait pas du support de mon côté. Toujours fâchée, elle était trop fière pour cela. Durant le repas, je la vis se démener à 2 ou 3 reprises et j’imaginais qu’elle repoussait toujours les assauts de ses voisins.



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Au moment du dessert, mon épouse avait une drôle de tête, un peu comme dans un état second. Je mis cela sur l’effet de l’alcool. Elle ne bougeait plus et avait les yeux dans le vide. Je pensais que ses voisins s’étaient lassés car elle ne faisait plus de mouvement de bras. Je fis, volontairement cette fois, tomber un couvert par terre. Quelle ne fût pas ma surprise en voyant ma femme, les cuisses largement ouvertes, les genoux posés sur chacune des jambes de ses voisins, la couverture relevée jusqu’à ses hanches, en train de se faire fouiller l’intimité par les gros doigts de Juan, tandis que l’autre berger lui caressait le clitoris. Connaissant ma femme, le spectacle était surréaliste.
Juan faisait coulisser deux doigts, les sortants en entier pour les renfoncer complètement. Je ne pouvais pas détacher mon regard de cette pénétration et cela provoquait chez moi une très forte érection. Je ne sais combien de temps dura cette observation, peut-être 30 secondes, avant que je ne me relève. Juan me regardait avec un grand sourire alors que ma femme paraissait toujours aussi indifférente. Le berger se leva, essuya ses doigts sur le visage de ma compagne et lui prit la main pour la faire monter sur sa chaise. Là, il tira violemment sur la couverture qui s’enleva, dévoilant l’ensemble des attraits de mon épouse. En la tenant toujours par la main, il la fit tourner sur elle-même pour que l’on puisse voir toute mister anatomie. Certains des bergers avaient sorti un appareil photo et mitraillaient alors que d’autres avaient déjà sorti leur sexe et se masturbaient. Les commentaires salaces en espagnol fusaient. En la faisant tourner, Juan malaxait fortement les gros seins de mon épouse, qui paraissait ailleurs et se laissait faire de manière indifférente.
Puis, d’une poussée sur le dos, il la fit se pencher en avant, dévoilant mister sexe et mister anus.
Il mit un doigt entre ses lèvres et le fit pénétrer. Il le ressortit et l’appuya sur l’œillet de ma femme, et d’une pression un peu forte le fit pénétrer de 2 phalanges. Je ne comprenais pas ce qui se passait car même cela ma femme me l’avait toujours refusé.
Il fit alors asseoir mon épouse sur la chaise, défit mister pantalon et en sortit un sexe d’une taille impressionnante (au moins 22 cm). Il le présenta à la bouche de ma femme, mais elle ne réagissait pas, ni ne refusait d’ailleurs. Il lui attrapa les cheveux et tira sa tête en arrière, ce qui eu pour conséquence de lui faire ouvrir la bouche. Il s’y engouffra aussitôt et commença de longs va et vient, en lui maintenant la tête.

Pendant ce temps là, les autres bergers s’étaient rapprochés et tous avaient posés leur short ou leur pantalon, présentant des sexes plus ou moins large, plus ou moins gros ; mais aucun ne rivalisant avec celui de Juan. Deux ou trois continuaient à prendre des photos. Juan se retira de la bouche de ma femme. Son sexe paraissait encore plus gros qu’avant cette fellation, avec un gland énorme. Un autre berger pris sa place, puis encore un autre. Quand se fût le tour du plus jeune, celui-ci ne put se retenir et éjacula dans sa bouche après trois ou quatre allers retours, ce qui provoqua les quolibets de l’assistance. Ma femme déglutit et avala la majeure partie de la semence, juste un petit filet s’écoulait de sa bouche. Tous se succédèrent dans sa bouche, les autres en profitant pour malaxer ses seins et caresser sa croupe. Puis ils la firent se lever et l’emmenèrent sur un matelas qu’ils avaient posé par terre. Ils la positionnèrent à quatre pattes et un berger présenta mister membre à l’entrée de ses petites lèvres et d’une poussée la pénétra. Un autre homme que moi était en train de baiser ma femme et je n’en éprouvai aucune jalousie, mais une excitation intense. J’avais moi aussi sorti mon sexe et me masturbais en la regardant subir les assauts de cet inconnu. Pendant qu’il l’assaillait, un autre s’était mis a genou devant elle et lui baisait la bouche. Celui qui la pénétrait se retira et éjacula dans un grand cri sur ses reins. Un autre pris sa place, puis un autre et encore un autre. Tous lui éjaculaient sur le dos. N’y tenant plus, je demandais à celui qui lui pénétrait la bouche de me laisser sa place, ce qu’il fit à regret. A peine introduit, je sentis monter le plaisir et déchargeais dans sa bouche une quantité de sperme importante, dans un orgasme comme je n’en avais encore jamais eu.

Quand ce fut au tour de Juan de la pénétrer, il pressa mister sexe sur les lèvres et, aidé par les pénétrations successives réussit à l’introduire du premier coup, malgré sa taille. Ma femme ne disait toujours rien, on sentait juste sa respiration s’accélérer. Juan passa ses doigts sur le sperme répandu sur ses reins et s’en servit de lubrifiant pour faire entrer un des ses doigts, puis deux, dans l’anus de ma femme. Toujours en lui labourant le sexe. Quand il introduit le deuxième doigt, mon épouse poussa quand même un petit cri de douleur, mais il fût vite étouffé par un sexe lui déchargeant sa semence au fond de la gorge. Après quelques allers-retours, Juan sortit mister sexe et en appuya le gland sur la rondelle. Ma femme s’effondra sur le matelas et Juan poussa de tout mister poids pour faire pénétrer mister gland. Mon épouse poussait des petits cris à chaque tentative. Et puis la rondelle se dilata et le gland disparut intégralement. Juan fit alors pénétrer mister sexe petit à petit. Ma femme haletait. En deux minutes, Juan avait réussit à faire pénétrer l’intégralité de mister sexe dans le cul de ma femme. Il commençait alors des allers retours lents, puis la fit se remettre à quatre pattes pour qu’il ait une meilleure position de pénétration. Il commença alors à accélérer la cadence en donnant de violents coups de reins qui chaque fois faisaient avancer ma femme de quelques centimètres. La scène était grandiose et je recommençais à avoir une érection imposante.

Un des bergers vint se positionner sous mon épouse et entama une double pénétration. Un autre, ne pouvant plus se retenir, s’approcha et lui gicla sa semence sur le visage et dans les cheveux, puis s’essuya le gland avec ces derniers.
Tout à coup Juan se contracta et poussa un gros râle, il éjacula puissamment au fond du postérieur de ma femme puis se retira. A la place où était mister sexe il y avait un trou béant, d’où coulait un ruisselet de sperme. Je pris sa place immédiatement, avant que l’anus ne puisse se recontracter. Je labourais ma femme le plus violemment possible, lui faisant payer mister humeur du jour. Je jouis à mon tour au bout de quelques minutes, inondant à nouveau mister fondement.

Tous, nous nous succédèrent alternativement dans chacun de ses orifices, pendant plus de 2 heures. Un des bergers lui mit même une bouteille vide dans l’anus pour prendre des photos. A la fin de cette séance, elle était recouverte de semence, nous avions tous jouis au moins trois fois chacun.
Ma femme s’endormit aussitôt que le dernier berger, qui n’était autre que Juan, lui ait éjaculé une dernière fois sur le visage.

Je lui dis alors que je n’aurais jamais cru que ma femme aurait pu se prêter à de telle pratiques, même en ayant bu un peu d’alcool. A quoi il me répondit que le charme espagnol avait parfois besoin d’être un peu aidé par des substances. Je compris alors que ma femme avait été droguée, ce qui expliquait mister apathie. Il me dit que le lendemain, elle ne se souviendrait plus de rien. Nous la portâmes dur un lit, la nettoyèrent avec un gan et la recouvrirent de sa couverture. Puis, éreintés, nous sommes allés nous coucher.

Le lendemain quand je me réveillais, les bergers étaient partis, nous laissant du pain et du fromage pour le petit déjeuner. J’appréhendais un peu le réveil de ma femme, mais celle-ci se leva et dit : « Ils mistert partis, et bien bon débarras, ils étaient un peu lourds », puis elle me demanda comment s’était passé la soirée d’hier soir car elle ne se souvenait plus de grand-chose après le début du repas. Je lui racontais qu’elle avait un peu trop bu et s’était endormie, alors que je l’avais couché. Puis elle se rappela que nous étions fâchés et se remis à me faire la tête, ce qui enleva les derniers de mes remords. Je ne regrette qu’une seule chose, c’est de ne pas avoir pris de photos car chaque fois que j’y repense, je suis terriblement excité.


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Black Mistress-White Bitch

01 sur 20

Thump ... Thump ... Thump the bass beat of the music coming from my neighbor's house was louder than ever before. Not only was the music loud but it was that frigging black rap cuckolds brownie again. God I was pissed after having made what seemed like endless trips to that house asking the occupant, a 21 one year old black girl named Angel, to turn down the music. She had always been polite in a condescending sort of way. While each of my visits resulted in the music being turned down it never lasted more than a day or two.

Putting down the book I was reading I stormed out of my front door barefoot and wearing only a simple sleeveless blouse and blue jean short shorts. I was intent on getting the god-awful music turned down once and for all. I pounded on Angel's front door without result, no wonder considering the blare of the music. At last I reached for the doorknob and was mildly surprised to find it unlocked.

Suddenly the doorknob was ripped from my hand as the door was flung open. It was almost as if Angel had been watching and waiting for me. Stepping out onto her porch Angel closed the door so we could speak and almost hear each other. "Soo what DO yous want NOW, bitch," she asked in the harshest tone I had ever heard.

I was stunned by her attitude but more so by her appearance. Angel was wearing a white mini-dress, which contrasted, beautifully with her dark black skin. The dress was made in two parts really, a bustier and a skirt held together with lovely white lace, which left Angel's well-formed midriff mostly bare. The skirt ended a couple of inches above Angel's mid thigh and revealed much of her well toned legs. But it was the bustier of Angel's revealing dress, which riveted my attention. I was surprised that I had never noticed how large and firm her luscious breasts were before. The neckline of the dress dipped into a deep V between Angel's gorgeous melon sized breasts revealing more cleavage that it concealed. It was clear that Angel wasn't wearing a bra.

Being 34 years old I could not help but envy the youthful smoothness of Angel's skin. And it was certain that Angel took great pride in her African heritage judging from the medium Afro hair she wore.

"Well, bitch. I aint got all day," Angel broke the awkward silence.

"It's the music, Angel. It's so loud I can't even read. Couldn't you please turn it down?" I tried to be as diplomatic as possible. "We can't go on like this. This is the third time I have told you about this."

"No we can't, hoe," Angel snapped heatedly. "First, you can stop drooling over at my breasts."

Startled, I diverted my eyes but couldn't keep my face from blushing bright red. "Now if you want the music turned down you can turn it down yourself, bitch." As Angel spoke she pushed her door open almost daring me to enter.

I breezed past Angel and entered her house. If she thought I was intimidated she had a thing or two to learn about me. Gees, I was old enough to be her lady for Christ's sake. I walked quickly and directly to the stereo and after finding the volume control turned the music down to a much more reamisterable level. Turning around I noticed that Angel had entered the house behind me smirking as she closed the closed the door. Before I could move Angel deliberately locked the door's deadbolt.

"What the hell are you doing, Angel?" I asked as I walked quickly towards the door. In the wink of an eye I was standing within arms reach of Angel and the locked door. We stood face-to-face, toe-to-toe. Being 5'9" tall I looked down at Angel who was 3 inches shorter.

Angel ignored my question then as a slight smile cruelled upon her full black lips she bitch slapped me hard across my left cheek with her open palm. "I'm putting a white assed ho in her place." My cheek strung like crazy and for the first time since entering Angel's home I felt a sense of fear.

Without thinking about it I lunged at Angel's Afro hair with both hands. With the swiftness of a wild cat she dodged to one side while grabbing my right arm. In one swift movement Angel twisted my arm hard bending it high up behind my back. Shock waves of agony shot like a cannon from my shoulder as I felt my knees buckle. Angel kept a vice like grip on my arm as she propelled me forward back into the living room I had just left. With an ease that defied her smaller stature Angel flung me to the floor like a rag doll. I was amazed by her agility and strength. I landed hard on the floor. I curled my legs up under me as Angel moved forward. I tried to push myself backwards as she grabbed for my shoulder length blonde hair. But I was no match for Angel's cat like instincts. She grabbed a hand full of my blonde locks and easily pulled me back to my feet.

"You like my gorgeous black breasts don't you, ho," Angel openly grinned as she demeaned me.

Tears began to well up in my blue eyes as I tried to shake my head no. Angel wasn't pleased with that negative reaction and she wasted no time in making her ire known. In a flash, while tightly holding my top in one hand, Angel bitch slapped my left cheek again then backhanded my right check as she snapped her hand back. My cheeks burned like a blazing inferno.

"Pleaaaaa," I tried to reamister. Before I could get the word out of my mouth Angel shoved me hard backwards with one hand while still tightly gripping my blouse with her other hand. The flimsy material of my blouse was torn to shreds as I tumred backwards finally falling to the floor with a thud. My firm 38C titties bounced freely in full view, as I wasn't wearing a bra. Franticly I used my arms in a merger effort to cover myself.

"Get on your feet before I have to whip your old white ass some more," Angel demanded with a certain amount of glee in her voice. Desperate to avoid another round of Angel's vulgarity I staggered to my feet with my arms still wrapped around my titties.

Taking a step towards me Angel demanded menacingly, "Drop those arms, ho. I want to sees those fucking white titties of yours" As tears began to slowly trickle down my cheeks I lowered my arms to my sides. I couldn't face another round of Angel's powerful slaps. Nor, could I ignore the growing sense of sexual desire building between my weakened legs.

I stood absolutely still as Angel walked behind me and striped off the ruminates of my blouse tossing the tatters to the floor. I was now completely naked from the waist up.

"Now I asked you a question you fucking white assed bitch," walking back in front of me Angel accented her words by slapping my left tittie hard making it bounce wildly. "I asked you if you love my gorgeous black breasts?" Angel only allowed me a split second to answer before she harshly slapped my other tittie. The agony was horrific.

"Pleassssss," for the second time I wasn't allowed to utter the word before Angel again bitch slapped me hard across the face and then applied another vicious backhand.

"Answer the question you fucking old, ho," Angel again demanded.

Through teary eyes I had no choice but to give Angel what she was going to get whether I liked it or not, "Yessssss," I managed weakly.

As I answered correctly Angel began to pull the straps of her dress over her softly rounded shoulders exposing her lovely dark chocolate orbs and her hard nipples. She grinned broadly at me before bitch slapping me hard once more, "Yes, what you fat assed white slut?"

I knew I couldn't take much more of Angel's vulgar punishment. I was broken, "Yes ... yes Angel I love your gorgeous black breasts."

Angel giggled at my offense as she upped the ante. "Then come here and lick them you fucking white lezbo bitch." Defeated tears openly flowed down my cheeks as I moved closer to Angel and lowered my mouth to her firm breasts. Snaking out my tongue I began to lick all around Angel's near prefect chocolate breasts. As I worked my tongue Angel began to toy with my right nipple with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. Without my consent my nipple quickly stiffened. The small fire between my legs was turning into a blaze. I couldn't help myself as I sucked one of Angel's sweet nipples into my mouth and whipped my tongue back and fourth across it.

Angel hissed, "I said to lick not suck, ho." As Angel spoke her thumb and finger began to apply more and more pressure to my nipple, which it had been toying with. I knew Angel's pinch was a warning. A warning that I just couldn't ignore. I let her nipple slip from between my lips and went back to licking her black breasts.

Finally satisfied with my efforts Angel stepped back pulling her delicious breast from my seeking tongue. Smirking meanly Angel coldly stated, "Now get the fuck out of my house bitch."

Without saying a word I bent to pick up the pieces of my tattered blouse. "Leave it you fucking honkie ho." Not surprised I righted myself and stepped towards the door. "OHH, by the way, cunt, look toward the hallway and smile ... your on candid camera." I looked towards the darkened hallway and was horrified to see a camera tripod topped by a video cam with its unmistakable red light blinking. I was so stunned I nearly fainted. Fighting off a sickening feeling rising from the pit of my stomach I once again turned towards the door. I couldn't believe that the whole grossly humiliating scene had been recorded. How could Angel do such a horrible thing? But I was to learn that Angel was capable of much, much more.

As I stumred from Angel's house she added with a giggle, "And, ho, the next time my music is too loud you better get your white ass over here quick." Then as an after thought, "And makes sure yous wears some high-heels next time, ho. I like my hos to wear heels."

With my arms wrapped tightly over my bare titties I ran out of Angel's house towards my own. I prayed that as darkness began to settle over the neighborhood that none of my other neighbors would see my offense.
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