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My Wife Made me her Cocksucker

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Thanks to all of you reading and enjoying this story!I hope there is still interest in this story. Assuming there is, here is the next installment! Enjoy!

Volume II

Part V

Our driver pulled up to our street.

"Here you are ladies," he said, having pulled into our driveway. Sarah woke up and we got out. We walked from our driveway to the front door. Luckily it was past 2 in the morning, so there was a good chance none of my neighbors would see me in a dress, walking in high heels. Worse, I was still wearing the collar. Sarah still had the leash, but had it hidden in her purse. It was a gift from the club. Of course, from a distance, it would just look like Sarah and a friend or maybe her sister were walking.

I was nevertheless relieved when we got in and closed the door behind us. I passed a mirror in the hallway and got a look at myself. Even having had over 20 big black cocks fuck my face until they came, my make up and clothes still held up, and I still looked like a hot chick to anyone not looking close enough, or not caring. The men who fucked my throat that night were probably a mix of both. They weren't looking close enough at me, having been distracted while french-kissing my wife or sucking on her titties, or finger fucking her. And if they had any thought about the gender of the bitch sucking the cum out of their cock, I made them feel so good with my lips, tongue and throat muscles that they didn't care. They just wanted to finish using me to get off.

As we walked down the hall to our bedroom, Sarah stopped me and gave me a big hug. She kissed me too, and even stuck her tongue down my throat. I felt her big titties mash up against my chest as she sucked on my tongue. I could feel my penis getting harder, but then being restrained inside its cage.

"Mmmmm... I can taste some of the cum from all the men you sucked off tonight Stephanie! I'm so proud of you! I still can't believe you sucked all those cocks and swallowed all those giant loads of semen, and all because I wanted to watch you be used like a throat fuck-whore cocksucker. It was better than any fantasy I could have imagined, mmmm.... It's making me cum again, if that's even possible, just thinking of all those giant cocks, going in and out of your mouth and down your throat, one after anotherrrrrrrr... oooohhh.... Mmmmmmm.......

"Oh, babe, let's go to bed. I'm exhausted and I'm sure you must be too. Come suck on my pussy lips and flick your tongue across my clit until I fall a*****. I'm so horny, I need you to do that! I want to fall a***** while cumming on the cock sucking, cum ******** tongue of my little she-male bitch husband. I know I told you I'd let you have an orgasm tonight, but it's late, let's do it tomorrow when we're rested and we can have more fun, take our time getting your little white stuff to dribble out of your little man-clit.

"You can take your heels off, but leave your dress and panties on while you eat me out. Oh, and of course you're pretty new collar you earned tonight."

She pulled the leash out of her purse and attached it to my collar. She had me get on my knees and then crawl on all fours behind her as she led me to the bedroom. When we reached the bed, she took the end of her leash she was holding and tied it around one of the bedposts. She told me to stay there, and that I could take my heels off, while she got ready for bed.

By the time I got my heels off, she was out of the bathroom and naked. She didn't always let me see her nude, but here she was with her big tits and pussy on display for me. Of course, all it did was make my man-clit even harder in its cage.

Sarah untied the leash from the bed. She lied down on the bed, and then pulled my face down to her crotch with the leash. First, I kissed her pussy all over. Then I began doing exactly as she told me to do. I started sucking on her pussy lips, gently at first and then slowly increasing how hard I sucked. I alternated between that and flicking her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue. I had long ago mastered the art of getting my wife off only with my mouth and lips, as had been the normal course of our marriage and sexual relationship. My penis usually had no involvement in getting her off, but she let me know over and over again that my mouth more than made up for it.

Still with all the focus on turning me into an expert cocksucker and cum swallower, it was nice to be able to just eat my wife's pussy out. I thought that well at least I wouldn't be eating any cum out of this pussy. Instead of fucking my wife, as I feared might happen, all the men at the club fucked my throat and only my throat. I didn't have to eat all those loads out of my wife's pussy, or have to watch them fuck those loads into her. Obviously, that was because those loads were swimming in my belly.

Sarah was quiet as I ate her out over the next hour. But for the occasional loud moan, she had settled into a gentle humming noise as I brought her to several orgasms. She grabbed my head at one point near the end. I felt her grind her cunt on my tongue as she squirted her pussy juices onto my tongue. She fell into deep ***** after that. I soon did too, happy to have the taste of her pussy on my tongue taking away from the flavor of the over 20 loads of black men's cum I swallowed.

The next morning, I woke up to Sarah kissing me on the lips! That startled me, and then I started getting worried that I didn't wake up earlier than she did. I was sure she was going to be mad at me for not starting on my morning chores and getting breakfast ready while she slept in.

"Morning honey. I woke up and saw you *****ing so peacefully. You must have been tired after last night, I didn't want to wake you."

I looked at her, and then started to say something, but she cut me off.

"Shhh.... Honey, listen, you don't have to do or say anything this morning. I'm just so proud of you from last night, you really made me so happy and made me cum so much! My pussy actually needs a break! All those men fingering me all night – I'm not used to having my pussy penetrated so much, it's not like you've been in me with your little thing anytime recently – and some of those men had really long fat fingers, almost the size of you anyway... but that's not the point, sorry babe. Really, you made me cum so much and so hard last night, I'm still kind of feeling it!

"Why don't you go take a shower, wash the cum and make up off your face and hair, and get ready. Breakfast will be ready in the kitchen, and I'll lay out your clothes for you to wear today. And after we've eaten, I'll let you out of your cage and let you have an orgasm, or even two."

I removed everything I was wearing, except of course my cockcage, or as my wife called it, "clit-cage." I was about to get in the shower when I saw myself in the mirror and realized I was still wearing my COCKSUCKER collar. I took it off, and then got in the shower.

When I got out, I saw what clothes my wife had laid out for me. For a moment, I let myself foolishly believe that it would just be a normal man's outfit, and maybe things would be getting back to normal after last night's mouth and throat gang-bang. The matching pink panties and spaghetti strapped tank top shattered any illusions I may have had. The tank top said "I HEART BBC" in big black letters. She also wanted me to wear a pair of matching stilettos. And with all that sat last night's collar. Sarah obviously intended on that being part of my outfits as "Stephanie" from now on.

Breakfast was waiting for me, along with Sarah. She wore a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra, and I could her nipples poking through the tight white t-shirt. I was quite hungry, and we both ate without saying much to each other. Sarah prepared for me my normally allowed meal consisting of oatmeal, almond milk, and a banana. She explained this was all to help me keep my girly figure. She also prepared a special shake for me to ***** with my meal. Her meal was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, and fruit, along with mimosas.

When we got done, she of course had me clean up the kitchen. She went to the living room with her unfinished mimosa and the bottle of champagne. I could hear the t.v. playing as I finished cleaning up.

I was on my hands and knees finishing up with the floor, when Sarah walked back in. "I really need to get you a hot French maid slut outfit to wear when you're cleaning up. Remind me to get you one, ok honey? Stay like you are though, for a second."

She walked up to me, patted my head, and then bent down to attach the leash to my collar. She then had me crawl and follow her back into the living room. She sat down on the couch, and had me kneel in front of her. She told me not to say anything, to wait to speak until spoken to, and to wait for her command.

My wife reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. She then yanked up on the collar and told me to stand up. I recognized what was in her hand as the key to my clit-cage. I knew not to say anything, although I was dying in excitement at the thought of being let out again, and being allowed to cum. She told me to pull down my panties and then spread my legs, "like a good slut." I did. She then reached down with the key into my crotch. The key found the lock on my cage. My wife inserted it, turned it, and unlocked it.

"Ok, Stephanie, take your little clitty out from its cage so you can cum."

As I began to remove the parts of my cage, my wife continued.

"Your clitty might began to start feeling a little stiff once you're free. That's not just from you not being let out in a while. That shake you drank had about 150 mg of Viagra in it, and it should be kicking in."

Almost as soon as I was out the cage completely, I knew there was no doubt about what my wife just told me. I had a raging boner, harder and thicker than I had ever had, even harder than I was last week when I was let out for the first time in months. Sarah saw that and smiled.

"Now, Stephanie, fuck the point system, you sucked off so many cocks last night that you don't have to worry anymore if you've earned enough to be allowed to cum when I let your clit out."

Sarah yanked back down on the leash and I got back down on my knees in front of her.

"So, here's what we're going to do. You're going to go down on me for an hour. While your mouth is between my legs, you are only to flick your index finger slowly back and forth just under your glans. No jerking, squeezing, or rubbing your clitty other than that. You can cum as many times as you can make yourself while just doing that to your clit in that hour while I fuck your face. But I need you to cum at least 5 times. If you don't make yourself cum at least 5 times in that hour, we'll try something else to get you there.

"This is important: whenever you're about to cum, you have to let me know – and no matter what you have to stop playing with your clit right before you cum and while you're cumming. I want to see your stuff squirt out of your clit completely hands-free. Understood slut?"

I nodded my head in agreement. Sarah stood up, and unzipped her jeans. She reached into her pants.

"Now I told you that my pussy needs a break, and it still does. But my cock is hard and ready to be sucked, so get your lips around it and get to work bitch!"

Out from her pants, she pulled out her "cock," her big black realistic strap-on dildo. She told me to stick out my tongue. My wife started smacking her hard black cock against my throat. Then she grabbed the back of my head and shoved her cock down my throat. She left it all the way down there and started grinding her crotch on my face.

I reached down to start playing with my... "clit" in the way she had allowed me to do. It felt really good, despite only being allowed to slowly rub my finger back and forth in only the one spot. At least it was the most sensitive spot. Every now and then she would look down to make sure I wasn't touching myself otherwise, and also to make sure I wasn't going too fast.

After only about 5-10 minutes, I felt my cum building up. I stopped touching myself altogether and raised both of my hands up. Sarah stood up quickly. As her cock was still shoved down my throat, I rose up a little with her. But my lips were still glued the base of her shaft. I could tell she wanted me to cum not only hands-free, but also with me deep-throating her cock.

I was at the point of no return by now. Sarah bent down a little and from nowhere it seemed produced a glass and brought it a few inches away from the tip of my clit. I felt a giant shot of cum shoot out of my clit and into the glass, followed by several other large ones. Well large shots for me. Not large compared to any of the men who came down my throat since I became my wife's cocksucker. It was an odd feeling, to cum hands-free without any thing touching me. It felt good, but also somewhat disappointing, like it was all building up to something that just fizzled out.

"Wow, you almost filled a ¼ of this glass with just that first load honey! Let's see how much more you can fill this up with your clit juices."

Sarah sat back down on the couch. This time, instead of just leaving her cock shoved down my throat, she wanted to fuck her cock in and out of my throat, slowly, at the same pace I was rubbing my clit. She held the back of my head and moved my mouth up and down. She had me match the rhythm she used to fuck my throat with the one finger I was allowed to use on the tip of my "clit."

It took much longer to cum this time. I stopped touching myself just like last time right before, and this time Sarah told me to stand and put my arms behind my back. I did as she instructed. Again, just as I was about to cum, Sarah appeared with the glass and caught the flying cum of my ruined orgasm. Again, it felt good but disappointing.

"Good job, Stephanie, keep rubbing your clit and I'm sure you'll get it to squirt 3 more times in the next 30 minutes or so!"

By the end of the hour, I only made myself cum two more times while sucking my wife's cock. The fourth orgasm barely counted, as I was still shooting "clit juice" after the hour was up. Each of those two times, Sarah had me standing up to cum.

"Time's up bitch! You got close to cumming 5 times, but you just didn't get there. I guess it's not your fault, though, you probably needed a real cock between your lips shooting real cum to get you off another time. Te-he! But unfortunately for you Stephanie, there's no real cock here right now.

"Still, I know what to do. I ever tell you about my roommate Candy in college, Stephanie? She was a real cocksucking slut like you, got the whole basketball team off every weekend and after every home game. Anyway, she could only cum herself while swallowing a load of cum and getting fucked in the ass."

Sarah walked up to me, and then behind me. She told me she was going to insert her cock in my asshole, slowly, and then move it back and forth slowly, until I came again. I wasn't going to be allowed to touch myself at all while she fucked my ass. She wanted to see if she could make me cum just by fucking my ass. She gave me a choice to not let her, but I wouldn't be allowed to cum again unless I let her try and get me off by butt fucking me. She assured me that it was just something she wanted to do, that she didn't want me to have gay sex. Sex was only for between us, whether it was me wearing a condom and being allowed inside her (ever again), or with her cock in my ass trying to get me off that way.

"Real cocks are for your mouth and throat only. I only want them in your mouth fucking your face. Don't worry, honey, your ass is my property, and as your wife, I'm the only one who I will let fuck it. If you let me fuck you, it would only be my cock that enters your ass and fucks it. I may want every black man with a big cock to cum down your cock sucking throat, but I'll only want anal sex to be with my cock in your ass. What do you say, honey, do you want me to try and make you cum by fucking you in the ass with my big black cock?"

Like with every other "choice" she gave me, there was not really any chance of me not doing what she wanted me to do.

"Yes, please, Sarah, my love, please give me an orgasm by fucking your big beautiful cock in my asshole! Please fuck your cock in and out of my butt until my clit shoots its slut juices! Please let me cum on your cock, my beautiful goddess!!"

It wasn't even that I put any logic into my decision. I wasn't thinking that I'd have to let her do that if I ever wanted to cum again. It was more at this point, after last night, I had completely submitted to my wife and her will. I would do whatever she asked of me. I was glad she didn't want other men to fuck me in the ass. I don't think I would have said yes to that if she wanted that, but I wasn't sure.

But this was different. On whatever level, this was still her wanting to be intimate with me. She wanted me to be her slut, and to have complete domination over me by fucking her "cock" into me, her bitch. Compared to any sexual activity involving someone else, this was just me and my wife being together. Maybe not exactly as husband and wife, but still close enough. I wouldn't have said yes otherwise.

She had me bend over, and arch my back and ass out. She spread my ass cheeks and began applying a cool gel like liquid I assumed was some kind of lube to my butthole. I thought that I should be freaking out about this, but for some reason, I was mellow. I thought maybe she put more than just Viagra in the shake I drank.

"Oh how exciting! Ok, Stephanie, get ready, I'm about to take your virginity!"

I felt the tip of my wife's cock push its way past my sphincter and into my anal canal. It didn't feel that bad. She moved the head a little back and forth after getting it in, and I felt myself becoming erect again. As she started to fuck more and more of her cock in and out of my ass, my clit got even harder.

She noticed. "Looks like someone likes my cock in her ass! This is so much fun Stephanie, your clit is getting so hard and even dripping clitty juice while I fuck your butt!! Does it hurt at all, honey? I'm almost half way in, let me know if you can take more?!"

As she spoke, she continued to fuck my ass.

"It doesn't really hurt, Sarah," I answered honestly. It should have, but she was using enough lube to keep from any dryness or chafing, and I didn't feel any anal tears or anything. "I'm just a little scared actually, that I can take your cock and it not hurting..."

"Oh, don't be silly, babe, I know lots of sluts that took to getting fucked in their ass right away from the first time a big black cock shoved its way past their buttholes. It's just like with you being able to deep-throat cocks all the way down right away. Your body might just have been made to be fucked by big cocks! Your clit certainly seems like it likes my cock in your ass!"

"Maybe you're right. I don't feel pain at all, you can keep going."

"OK honey, you got it!!"

She thrust a few more inches of her big black cock into my ass. She grabbed the leash and wrapped it around one hand a few times, and began to fuck my ass hard. "Remember to let me know when you're going to cum!"

I felt more and more inches of her cock make their way into me. Sarah grabbed the sides of my hips, and was fucking my ass as hard as she could. I felt her cock moving in an out faster and faster. The pressure continued to increase on my prostrate, sending waves and waves of pleasure to my clit. I thought that I might actually cum again without even touching myself.

"Honey, I'm about to get my whole cock in you! Here we go, I'm bottoming out!"

Sarah shoved her entire cock into my anal cavity, a


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Sarah shoved her entire cock into my anal cavity, and I felt my clit twitch.

"I'm cumming, Sarah! OH MY GOD!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!"

Sarah saw my orgasm shoot out. It shot out harder than the previous first four orgasms. She had no time to grab the glass to catch it all. I still didn't know what she wanted to do with that, but I didn't really care at the time, I was in orgasmic bliss.

"Oh wow, honey, yes, cum hard, cum on my cock, cum while I fuck your ass, my slutty COCKSUCKING CUM SWALLOWING ASSHOLE BITCH!! YESS!! I'm CUMMMMMMMMING now!!! OHH!!! FUCK!! Let's cum together, my slut, my sweet little ass whore! I'm going to fuck your ass and make your clit cum over and over again!!! Ohh... mmmmm..... yessssss... cummmmmmm.... My cocksucking ass slut.....ohhhhh....

After some time, our orgasms subsided.

Sarah's cock was still in my ass when she came down off of hers. I was still feeling overwhelmed with mine. Before I could process what had just happened – me getting fucked in the ass by my wife while dressed up as shemale whore wearing a COCKSUCKER collar and cumming harder than I ever had in my life – Sarah had more instructions for me.

"Damn, bitch, you really made me cum hard in your ass slut. Now as all good sluts do after making a cock cum in their ass, you need to clean off my cock."

She pulled her cock out of my ass.

"Stay where you are on all fours, like that, my butt slut."

She walked around to me after stopping for a second. She brought her cock up to my lips, and I could see that it was covered in cum. It was obvious she had poured the cum loads I shot in her glass on her cock. Now I had to lick and suck it off her cock, and swallow it down.

When I was done cleaning her cock, she had me but my clit cage back on. She then locked me up back again.

"Well Stephanie, I can tell we're gonna have a lot more fun! Not only are you gonna get me off while I watch you suck black men off and swallow their cum, but now I can get off fucking your ass with my big cock. And it even makes you cum too! Now go clean yourself up and go get lunch started while I take a nap."



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WOW ! Bravo !!! Pls. say there will be more !! Loving this !!! Thank you !!!


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thanks cuck_2!! comments like yours certainly motivate me to keep the story going. happy you're still loving it!
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My Wife Made me her Cocksucker
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