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My Wife Made me her Cocksucker

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Thanks to all of you reading and enjoying this story!I hope there is still interest in this story. Assuming there is, here is the next installment! Enjoy!

Volume II

Part V

Our driver pulled up to our street.

"Here you are ladies," he said, having pulled into our driveway. Sarah woke up and we got out. We walked from our driveway to the front door. Luckily it was past 2 in the morning, so there was a good chance none of my neighbors would see me in a dress, walking in high heels. Worse, I was still wearing the collar. Sarah still had the leash, but had it hidden in her purse. It was a gift from the club. Of course, from a distance, it would just look like Sarah and a friend or maybe her sister were walking.

I was nevertheless relieved when we got in and closed the door behind us. I passed a mirror in the hallway and got a look at myself. Even having had over 20 big black cocks fuck my face until they came, my make up and clothes still held up, and I still looked like a hot chick to anyone not looking close enough, or not caring. The men who fucked my throat that night were probably a mix of both. They weren't looking close enough at me, having been distracted while french-kissing my wife or sucking on her titties, or finger fucking her. And if they had any thought about the gender of the bitch sucking the cum out of their cock, I made them feel so good with my lips, tongue and throat muscles that they didn't care. They just wanted to finish using me to get off.

As we walked down the hall to our bedroom, Sarah stopped me and gave me a big hug. She kissed me too, and even stuck her tongue down my throat. I felt her big titties mash up against my chest as she sucked on my tongue. I could feel my penis getting harder, but then being restrained inside its cage.

"Mmmmm... I can taste some of the cum from all the men you sucked off tonight Stephanie! I'm so proud of you! I still can't believe you sucked all those cocks and swallowed all those giant loads of semen, and all because I wanted to watch you be used like a throat fuck-whore cocksucker. It was better than any fantasy I could have imagined, mmmm.... It's making me cum again, if that's even possible, just thinking of all those giant cocks, going in and out of your mouth and down your throat, one after anotherrrrrrrr... oooohhh.... Mmmmmmm.......

"Oh, babe, let's go to bed. I'm exhausted and I'm sure you must be too. Come suck on my pussy lips and flick your tongue across my clit until I fall a*****. I'm so horny, I need you to do that! I want to fall a***** while cumming on the cock sucking, cum ******** tongue of my little she-male bitch husband. I know I told you I'd let you have an orgasm tonight, but it's late, let's do it tomorrow when we're rested and we can have more fun, take our time getting your little white stuff to dribble out of your little man-clit.

"You can take your heels off, but leave your dress and panties on while you eat me out. Oh, and of course you're pretty new collar you earned tonight."

She pulled the leash out of her purse and attached it to my collar. She had me get on my knees and then crawl on all fours behind her as she led me to the bedroom. When we reached the bed, she took the end of her leash she was holding and tied it around one of the bedposts. She told me to stay there, and that I could take my heels off, while she got ready for bed.

By the time I got my heels off, she was out of the bathroom and naked. She didn't always let me see her nude, but here she was with her big tits and pussy on display for me. Of course, all it did was make my man-clit even harder in its cage.

Sarah untied the leash from the bed. She lied down on the bed, and then pulled my face down to her crotch with the leash. First, I kissed her pussy all over. Then I began doing exactly as she told me to do. I started sucking on her pussy lips, gently at first and then slowly increasing how hard I sucked. I alternated between that and flicking her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue. I had long ago mastered the art of getting my wife off only with my mouth and lips, as had been the normal course of our marriage and sexual relationship. My penis usually had no involvement in getting her off, but she let me know over and over again that my mouth more than made up for it.

Still with all the focus on turning me into an expert cocksucker and cum swallower, it was nice to be able to just eat my wife's pussy out. I thought that well at least I wouldn't be eating any cum out of this pussy. Instead of fucking my wife, as I feared might happen, all the men at the club fucked my throat and only my throat. I didn't have to eat all those loads out of my wife's pussy, or have to watch them fuck those loads into her. Obviously, that was because those loads were swimming in my belly.

Sarah was quiet as I ate her out over the next hour. But for the occasional loud moan, she had settled into a gentle humming noise as I brought her to several orgasms. She grabbed my head at one point near the end. I felt her grind her cunt on my tongue as she squirted her pussy juices onto my tongue. She fell into deep ***** after that. I soon did too, happy to have the taste of her pussy on my tongue taking away from the flavor of the over 20 loads of black men's cum I swallowed.

The next morning, I woke up to Sarah kissing me on the lips! That startled me, and then I started getting worried that I didn't wake up earlier than she did. I was sure she was going to be mad at me for not starting on my morning chores and getting breakfast ready while she slept in.

"Morning honey. I woke up and saw you *****ing so peacefully. You must have been tired after last night, I didn't want to wake you."

I looked at her, and then started to say something, but she cut me off.

"Shhh.... Honey, listen, you don't have to do or say anything this morning. I'm just so proud of you from last night, you really made me so happy and made me cum so much! My pussy actually needs a break! All those men fingering me all night – I'm not used to having my pussy penetrated so much, it's not like you've been in me with your little thing anytime recently – and some of those men had really long fat fingers, almost the size of you anyway... but that's not the point, sorry babe. Really, you made me cum so much and so hard last night, I'm still kind of feeling it!

"Why don't you go take a shower, wash the cum and make up off your face and hair, and get ready. Breakfast will be ready in the kitchen, and I'll lay out your clothes for you to wear today. And after we've eaten, I'll let you out of your cage and let you have an orgasm, or even two."

I removed everything I was wearing, except of course my cockcage, or as my wife called it, "clit-cage." I was about to get in the shower when I saw myself in the mirror and realized I was still wearing my COCKSUCKER collar. I took it off, and then got in the shower.

When I got out, I saw what clothes my wife had laid out for me. For a moment, I let myself foolishly believe that it would just be a normal man's outfit, and maybe things would be getting back to normal after last night's mouth and throat gang-bang. The matching pink panties and spaghetti strapped tank top shattered any illusions I may have had. The tank top said "I HEART BBC" in big black letters. She also wanted me to wear a pair of matching stilettos. And with all that sat last night's collar. Sarah obviously intended on that being part of my outfits as "Stephanie" from now on.

Breakfast was waiting for me, along with Sarah. She wore a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra, and I could her nipples poking through the tight white t-shirt. I was quite hungry, and we both ate without saying much to each other. Sarah prepared for me my normally allowed meal consisting of oatmeal, almond milk, and a banana. She explained this was all to help me keep my girly figure. She also prepared a special shake for me to ***** with my meal. Her meal was scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, and fruit, along with mimosas.

When we got done, she of course had me clean up the kitchen. She went to the living room with her unfinished mimosa and the bottle of champagne. I could hear the t.v. playing as I finished cleaning up.

I was on my hands and knees finishing up with the floor, when Sarah walked back in. "I really need to get you a hot French maid slut outfit to wear when you're cleaning up. Remind me to get you one, ok honey? Stay like you are though, for a second."

She walked up to me, patted my head, and then bent down to attach the leash to my collar. She then had me crawl and follow her back into the living room. She sat down on the couch, and had me kneel in front of her. She told me not to say anything, to wait to speak until spoken to, and to wait for her command.

My wife reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. She then yanked up on the collar and told me to stand up. I recognized what was in her hand as the key to my clit-cage. I knew not to say anything, although I was dying in excitement at the thought of being let out again, and being allowed to cum. She told me to pull down my panties and then spread my legs, "like a good slut." I did. She then reached down with the key into my crotch. The key found the lock on my cage. My wife inserted it, turned it, and unlocked it.

"Ok, Stephanie, take your little clitty out from its cage so you can cum."

As I began to remove the parts of my cage, my wife continued.

"Your clitty might began to start feeling a little stiff once you're free. That's not just from you not being let out in a while. That shake you drank had about 150 mg of Viagra in it, and it should be kicking in."

Almost as soon as I was out the cage completely, I knew there was no doubt about what my wife just told me. I had a raging boner, harder and thicker than I had ever had, even harder than I was last week when I was let out for the first time in months. Sarah saw that and smiled.

"Now, Stephanie, fuck the point system, you sucked off so many cocks last night that you don't have to worry anymore if you've earned enough to be allowed to cum when I let your clit out."

Sarah yanked back down on the leash and I got back down on my knees in front of her.

"So, here's what we're going to do. You're going to go down on me for an hour. While your mouth is between my legs, you are only to flick your index finger slowly back and forth just under your glans. No jerking, squeezing, or rubbing your clitty other than that. You can cum as many times as you can make yourself while just doing that to your clit in that hour while I fuck your face. But I need you to cum at least 5 times. If you don't make yourself cum at least 5 times in that hour, we'll try something else to get you there.

"This is important: whenever you're about to cum, you have to let me know – and no matter what you have to stop playing with your clit right before you cum and while you're cumming. I want to see your stuff squirt out of your clit completely hands-free. Understood slut?"

I nodded my head in agreement. Sarah stood up, and unzipped her jeans. She reached into her pants.

"Now I told you that my pussy needs a break, and it still does. But my cock is hard and ready to be sucked, so get your lips around it and get to work bitch!"

Out from her pants, she pulled out her "cock," her big black realistic strap-on dildo. She told me to stick out my tongue. My wife started smacking her hard black cock against my throat. Then she grabbed the back of my head and shoved her cock down my throat. She left it all the way down there and started grinding her crotch on my face.

I reached down to start playing with my... "clit" in the way she had allowed me to do. It felt really good, despite only being allowed to slowly rub my finger back and forth in only the one spot. At least it was the most sensitive spot. Every now and then she would look down to make sure I wasn't touching myself otherwise, and also to make sure I wasn't going too fast.

After only about 5-10 minutes, I felt my cum building up. I stopped touching myself altogether and raised both of my hands up. Sarah stood up quickly. As her cock was still shoved down my throat, I rose up a little with her. But my lips were still glued the base of her shaft. I could tell she wanted me to cum not only hands-free, but also with me deep-throating her cock.

I was at the point of no return by now. Sarah bent down a little and from nowhere it seemed produced a glass and brought it a few inches away from the tip of my clit. I felt a giant shot of cum shoot out of my clit and into the glass, followed by several other large ones. Well large shots for me. Not large compared to any of the men who came down my throat since I became my wife's cocksucker. It was an odd feeling, to cum hands-free without any thing touching me. It felt good, but also somewhat disappointing, like it was all building up to something that just fizzled out.

"Wow, you almost filled a ¼ of this glass with just that first load honey! Let's see how much more you can fill this up with your clit juices."

Sarah sat back down on the couch. This time, instead of just leaving her cock shoved down my throat, she wanted to fuck her cock in and out of my throat, slowly, at the same pace I was rubbing my clit. She held the back of my head and moved my mouth up and down. She had me match the rhythm she used to fuck my throat with the one finger I was allowed to use on the tip of my "clit."

It took much longer to cum this time. I stopped touching myself just like last time right before, and this time Sarah told me to stand and put my arms behind my back. I did as she instructed. Again, just as I was about to cum, Sarah appeared with the glass and caught the flying cum of my ruined orgasm. Again, it felt good but disappointing.

"Good job, Stephanie, keep rubbing your clit and I'm sure you'll get it to squirt 3 more times in the next 30 minutes or so!"

By the end of the hour, I only made myself cum two more times while sucking my wife's cock. The fourth orgasm barely counted, as I was still shooting "clit juice" after the hour was up. Each of those two times, Sarah had me standing up to cum.

"Time's up bitch! You got close to cumming 5 times, but you just didn't get there. I guess it's not your fault, though, you probably needed a real cock between your lips shooting real cum to get you off another time. Te-he! But unfortunately for you Stephanie, there's no real cock here right now.

"Still, I know what to do. I ever tell you about my roommate Candy in college, Stephanie? She was a real cocksucking slut like you, got the whole basketball team off every weekend and after every home game. Anyway, she could only cum herself while swallowing a load of cum and getting fucked in the ass."

Sarah walked up to me, and then behind me. She told me she was going to insert her cock in my asshole, slowly, and then move it back and forth slowly, until I came again. I wasn't going to be allowed to touch myself at all while she fucked my ass. She wanted to see if she could make me cum just by fucking my ass. She gave me a choice to not let her, but I wouldn't be allowed to cum again unless I let her try and get me off by butt fucking me. She assured me that it was just something she wanted to do, that she didn't want me to have gay sex. Sex was only for between us, whether it was me wearing a condom and being allowed inside her (ever again), or with her cock in my ass trying to get me off that way.

"Real cocks are for your mouth and throat only. I only want them in your mouth fucking your face. Don't worry, honey, your ass is my property, and as your wife, I'm the only one who I will let fuck it. If you let me fuck you, it would only be my cock that enters your ass and fucks it. I may want every black man with a big cock to cum down your cock sucking throat, but I'll only want anal sex to be with my cock in your ass. What do you say, honey, do you want me to try and make you cum by fucking you in the ass with my big black cock?"

Like with every other "choice" she gave me, there was not really any chance of me not doing what she wanted me to do.

"Yes, please, Sarah, my love, please give me an orgasm by fucking your big beautiful cock in my asshole! Please fuck your cock in and out of my butt until my clit shoots its slut juices! Please let me cum on your cock, my beautiful goddess!!"

It wasn't even that I put any logic into my decision. I wasn't thinking that I'd have to let her do that if I ever wanted to cum again. It was more at this point, after last night, I had completely submitted to my wife and her will. I would do whatever she asked of me. I was glad she didn't want other men to fuck me in the ass. I don't think I would have said yes to that if she wanted that, but I wasn't sure.

But this was different. On whatever level, this was still her wanting to be intimate with me. She wanted me to be her slut, and to have complete domination over me by fucking her "cock" into me, her bitch. Compared to any sexual activity involving someone else, this was just me and my wife being together. Maybe not exactly as husband and wife, but still close enough. I wouldn't have said yes otherwise.

She had me bend over, and arch my back and ass out. She spread my ass cheeks and began applying a cool gel like liquid I assumed was some kind of lube to my butthole. I thought that I should be freaking out about this, but for some reason, I was mellow. I thought maybe she put more than just Viagra in the shake I drank.

"Oh how exciting! Ok, Stephanie, get ready, I'm about to take your virginity!"

I felt the tip of my wife's cock push its way past my sphincter and into my anal canal. It didn't feel that bad. She moved the head a little back and forth after getting it in, and I felt myself becoming erect again. As she started to fuck more and more of her cock in and out of my ass, my clit got even harder.

She noticed. "Looks like someone likes my cock in her ass! This is so much fun Stephanie, your clit is getting so hard and even dripping clitty juice while I fuck your butt!! Does it hurt at all, honey? I'm almost half way in, let me know if you can take more?!"

As she spoke, she continued to fuck my ass.

"It doesn't really hurt, Sarah," I answered honestly. It should have, but she was using enough lube to keep from any dryness or chafing, and I didn't feel any anal tears or anything. "I'm just a little scared actually, that I can take your cock and it not hurting..."

"Oh, don't be silly, babe, I know lots of sluts that took to getting fucked in their ass right away from the first time a big black cock shoved its way past their buttholes. It's just like with you being able to deep-throat cocks all the way down right away. Your body might just have been made to be fucked by big cocks! Your clit certainly seems like it likes my cock in your ass!"

"Maybe you're right. I don't feel pain at all, you can keep going."

"OK honey, you got it!!"

She thrust a few more inches of her big black cock into my ass. She grabbed the leash and wrapped it around one hand a few times, and began to fuck my ass hard. "Remember to let me know when you're going to cum!"

I felt more and more inches of her cock make their way into me. Sarah grabbed the sides of my hips, and was fucking my ass as hard as she could. I felt her cock moving in an out faster and faster. The pressure continued to increase on my prostrate, sending waves and waves of pleasure to my clit. I thought that I might actually cum again without even touching myself.

"Honey, I'm about to get my whole cock in you! Here we go, I'm bottoming out!"

Sarah shoved her entire cock into my anal cavity, a


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Sarah shoved her entire cock into my anal cavity, and I felt my clit twitch.

"I'm cumming, Sarah! OH MY GOD!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!"

Sarah saw my orgasm shoot out. It shot out harder than the previous first four orgasms. She had no time to grab the glass to catch it all. I still didn't know what she wanted to do with that, but I didn't really care at the time, I was in orgasmic bliss.

"Oh wow, honey, yes, cum hard, cum on my cock, cum while I fuck your ass, my slutty COCKSUCKING CUM SWALLOWING ASSHOLE BITCH!! YESS!! I'm CUMMMMMMMMING now!!! OHH!!! FUCK!! Let's cum together, my slut, my sweet little ass whore! I'm going to fuck your ass and make your clit cum over and over again!!! Ohh... mmmmm..... yessssss... cummmmmmm.... My cocksucking ass slut.....ohhhhh....

After some time, our orgasms subsided.

Sarah's cock was still in my ass when she came down off of hers. I was still feeling overwhelmed with mine. Before I could process what had just happened – me getting fucked in the ass by my wife while dressed up as shemale whore wearing a COCKSUCKER collar and cumming harder than I ever had in my life – Sarah had more instructions for me.

"Damn, bitch, you really made me cum hard in your ass slut. Now as all good sluts do after making a cock cum in their ass, you need to clean off my cock."

She pulled her cock out of my ass.

"Stay where you are on all fours, like that, my butt slut."

She walked around to me after stopping for a second. She brought her cock up to my lips, and I could see that it was covered in cum. It was obvious she had poured the cum loads I shot in her glass on her cock. Now I had to lick and suck it off her cock, and swallow it down.

When I was done cleaning her cock, she had me but my clit cage back on. She then locked me up back again.

"Well Stephanie, I can tell we're gonna have a lot more fun! Not only are you gonna get me off while I watch you suck black men off and swallow their cum, but now I can get off fucking your ass with my big cock. And it even makes you cum too! Now go clean yourself up and go get lunch started while I take a nap."



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WOW ! Bravo !!! Pls. say there will be more !! Loving this !!! Thank you !!!


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thanks cuck_2!! comments like yours certainly motivate me to keep the story going. happy you're still loving it!


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The next installment! I hope the story is still exciting for you all!

Volume II

Part VI

Sarah had a nice nap and woke up to the lunch I prepared us. We ate together and talked.

"Honey, I am so much more in love with you than I ever thought possible right now! I had no idea how much fun it would be to make you my little cock sucking butt slut bitch! Are you ok with what's going on? I mean, you don't really have a choice. I made you my cocksucker and after last night and today there's no turning back."

"Yes, Sarah, it's weird. I don't know why it turns you on to make me suck off big black cocks..."

"And swallow their cum," she interrupted to remind me.

"Yes, and swallow their cum, or why you love fucking me in the ass, like I was saying, or not letting me touch myself when I'm cumming. I wish it weren't that way, but since it gets you off I can endure it and do it. And I can admit I'm good at getting cocks off with my mouth and throat."

"Yes you are, honey, in fact I'd be jealous if your cocksucking skills didn't make me cum so hard! And honey, you have to admit that the cocks of the men you suck on feel even harder in your throat when those men are squeezing my big titties or fingering my cunt and butt with their tongues down my throat."

"I can tell honey, and I know the harder and bigger the cock I'm sucking is, the more it gets you off. You're gorgeous, Sarah, of course those men get harder playing with you. I just you would just let me play with you too that way sometimes..."

"STEPHANIE!! That is no way to speak to me! I am your wife, and there will be no more talk of this kind again, implying that it's ok for you to just squeeze my titties or push your fingers in and out of my cunt and butt – the way I've been letting complete strangers do that to me as long as they didn't ming you sucking on their big black cocks - no matter how hypothetical! Do you understand me?"

"Yes dear."

"Ok good, bitch. Now say you are Stephanie, my slut, and that you get fucked by me. You suck my cock, and all the big black cocks I feed you, and you take my cock in your ass pussy and get fucked by me like a good cock sucking ass whore bitch."

"I am Stephanie, your slut, and I get fucked by you and your big beautiful black cock. I suck your cock, and all the big giant wonderful black cocks you feed me, and I am blessed to take your cock in my ass pussy and get fucked by you until you cum like the little slutty cock sucking ass whore bitch I am."

"Good. You certainly showed that to be true these last two weeks. Now my pussy is finally starting to come down from all these orgasms, but I still need some time to relax before I allow you to resume your husbandly duties and orally attend to me again. I want to go to the movies After you're done cleaning up here, go take a shower. I'll have your clothes waiting for you.."

As I showered, I was getting excited about going to the movies with her. I thought that it had been a while since we went on a date together, and that it would be good to have some normalcy in our marriage after the events of the last two weeks.

Of course, when I got of my shower and saw the outfit Sarah wanted me to wear, I realized she didn't have the same idea exactly. Sarah wanted to go to the movies with Stephanie. I put on the halter top, short jean shorts, casual high heels, and then Sarah did my make up.

"Perfect Stephanie!," my wife exclaimed as she finished getting me ready.

"Just perfect. Any man that sees you like this would get instantly hard and want you to suck him off. That is how I always want you to look, Stephanie - hot enough that men get hard just from looking at you and want to instantly fuck your face."

Sarah had us take our time, choosing not to just buy our tickets off an app. Instead, she had us get in line to buy tickets. I had been looking down the whole time, trying not to call attention to myself. In the line in front of us was a young black man, all by himself. My wife accidentally ran into him.

"I'm so sorry," my wife said to him.

"That's ok, please don't worry about it."

Sarah smiled at him.

"Besides, it was worth it seeing that pretty smile of yours."

This young man was hitting on my wife right in front of me. Of course, to him I was just another girl, there with my friend.

"Oh, that's really sweet of you," Sarah replied, touching his chest lightly. "Won't your girlfriend be jealous if she sees you talking to two hot babes?"

"Well, I don't have a girlfriend, I'm here all alone."

"Really, good looking guy like you?" My wife continued to flirt with him.

"I can tell you, either me or my friend Stephanie here would love to go out with you, isn't that right Stephanie?" Sarah gave me a look that told me how to respond.

"Yes, you're... hot... for sure..." I said in the best high pitched feminine voice I could muster. It must have worked.

"Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself – Stephanie. Well, I gotta get my tickets, My name's Jamal. See you later and enjoy your movie."

"Thanks Jamal, I'm Sarah."

I was zoned out after that, completely self-conscious and nervous at the same time. Sarah was openly flirting with some guy, and wanting me to do it too, at a public place. This wasn't some cocksucking late night club where a bunch of ****** looking to get sucked off by anyone with a decent fuckhole for a throat. This was the local movie theater.

My mind was racing with concerns as Sarah bought the tickets. I don't think I realized at the time hearing her ask the ticket attendant what movie the guy with whom she had us flirting was seeing, and that she wanted two tickets for that show. I was too pre-occupied by wondering if someone saw me, or had recognized my voice when I looked up and talked to this guy. If they recognized Sarah, they could easily put two and two together and figure out who I really was. I told myself it was a local theater that showed movies that had been out a while. Even though it was Saturday night, not too many people were here tonight. I started calming down.

When we walked into our theater, I saw it was almost empty. Jamal was sitting in the one of the rows behind the one Sarah picked. There were maybe about 3 to 4 other people in the front rows. From where we sat, nobody could really see us. Plus it was dimly lit.

I don't remember much about the movie we saw. But I was really enjoying it. It was some superhero movie about some advanced scientific African kingdom, where the hero inherits the throne after his ******, the King, dies, and has to answer any challenges. I don't remember much after because pretty soon into it, the African hero takes his shirt off.

"OMG, Stephanie, isn't that guy so hot?" Sarah, said.

I knew I her question was more than just rhetorical.

"Yes, honey, and I bet he has a big cock too." I added to Sarah's game the way I knew she wanted. She knew I didn't mean or even want to think about any of the things I said about guys being hot or caring about their cocks, but that I did it because she wanted me to do it.

"Oh, you're right, you're such a slut, Stephanie. I bet his black cock would look so hot getting sucked off by you. Mmmmmmm...."

I saw Sarah put her hand down her pants.

Soon there was a scene where two African men were shirtless and fighting with each other. Sarah leaned over and mentioned to me how hot it would be if they were fighting for who got to get sucked off first by me. Then she told me she was so wet thinking about that, and she rubbed her wet fingers in my mouth. Sarah wiped her pussy juices off in my hair. She grabbed the back of my head and ****** me out of chair and in between her legs.

I missed the rest of the movie. I know I ate Sarah through multiple orgasms while the movie played. At some point, I had the sense of someone coming to sit next to us. Sarah began talking to this person as I continued to lap away at her cunt. She tapped me on the head, using the signals I learned from when she trained me to eat her pussy right. I knew that meant I should just continue to pleasure her, even though she was talking to someone.

I could only assume it was Jamal. It was hard to hear anything, with my ears being squeezed between my wife's thighs and the loud sounds of the actions scenes blaring. I felt Sarah have an intense orgasm that lasted sometime. She then grabbed my head and guided me out from between her legs. Before I realized I was done eating her and could sit down in my chair again, she guided me over to the seat next to her, where staring at me was yet again a giant black cock.

I looked up to see Jamal sitting next to Sarah. Her tits were out. He had one arm around her, squeezing her left titty. He was pinching and pulling on the nipple on her right titty with his other hand. She was playing with his balls, massaging them gently. I could only imagine that she had been stroking it while they were making out.

"Jamal saw you go down on me and got turned on. I told him you get bored with these types of movies and asked if you could eat me out in the theater while I watched the movie. He said he got a hard on from watching us out dyke out. He had me feel it to prove it to me. I took his gorgeous cock out while you were eating me to a third orgasm and sure enough he was hard as steel. And as you can see so big! It was only fair to let him play with my tits at that point as he let me play with his cock."

"But I knew you'd be mad if I didn't let you suck him off, and since you're bored I figure you can suck him off during the rest of the movie. It's only fair since your desire to eat me out during the movie in public so brazenly led to his cock getting so hard. So go ahead, Stephanie, enjoy, I'll let you suck on his cock for the rest of the movie. Swallow as many loads as you can, slut – tehe-he- I won't stop you. You just know how turned on I get watching you suck off black cocks, I'll be fine. But I'll help get Jamal's cock as hard as I can for you by letting him suck on my titties or finger fuck me." Sarah whispered to me.

I went to work on Jamal's giant member. My mouth stayed on his cock for the rest of the movie. Jamal's cock tasted okay for being a cock. After last night, I had tasted over 25 different cocks. But none of them were in my mouth that long, except for Sam and maybe Jake. Sucking Jamal's cock in the theater, where we had relative privacy even though it was private, I had time to get familiar with the taste of his cock. It was musky, fleshy, but also salty. If it wasn't a cock, I might have actually enjoyed his taste. That might also mean his cum wouldn't taste too bad. The cum I swallowed last weekend varied, but most of it wasn't that good. Those guys were all *****, and I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Because Jamal's cock didn't taste that bad, I spent a lot of time licking it all over. I certainly deep throated him for all I was worth, but I also did a little bit of edging, licking away at the head and pee slit. And with my head not buried in his pubes as was often the case when I was sucking off a man, I could see what was going on above me more.

Jamal was sucking on my wife's titties, one by one, biting the nipples. I didn't know if my wife really liked that, or if she just liked it because she knew I was not able to do that to her. Sarah knew men liked titties, sucking on them, pinching and pulling the nipples, biting them, squeezing them, fucking their cocks between them and cumming all over them. She knew I would have loved to do any of that. And she had been doing that with all the men whose cocks she fed me, other than Jake's of course. Jamal was going to town on her boobies like it was free movie candy.

Finally, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I was right about the taste of his cum. It wasn't bad. Better than most of the cum I swallowed in the blow bang. It tasted better than Sam's, and maybe better than Jake's. I found myself telling myself to make a note to compare the taste of Jake's cum with Jamal's the next time I sucked Jake off.

I ended up swallowing three loads out of Jamal's cock in the theater. I got him off twice by the time the credits started rolling. After that, I thought it would be time to go. But Jamal let us know this was one of those movies where there was a scene after the credits ended. So, Sarah had me stay in place to suck another load out of Jamal while the credits played. She actually challenged me, telling me that if I could time it so that I was swallowing his cum at the exact moment the credits ended and the extra scene played, she would fuck me in the ass until I came later at home that night.

I succeeded in her challenge. The last of Jamal's cum shot down my throat exactly when the credits ended, and he was softening as the extra scene started. I milked him through the end of that, and by the time the lights were on, I had Jamal's cock back in his pants, zipped up. Sarah's tits were back in her top. Other than me being on my knees, we all looked like we had been doing nothing but watching the movie.

The three of us walked out of the movie together. I walked behind Sarah and Jamal, and they held hands in front of me. I barely noticed. I felt more embarrassed and humiliated giving one guy a blowjob in a dark almost empty theater than I did after sucking off 25 guys in a blowbang last weekend. Up until then, after I got done sucking cock, I was either already home or on the way home. But here I was in public with a belly full of 3 cum loads of a guy we just met a few hours ago. I felt like everyone knew I had just sucked him off in the theater. Like they could smell his semen on my lips. I felt like I just had the look of a cocksucker. It felt like everyone was knew I was a cocksucker, even though I didn't want to be.

Sarah stopped walking. She whispered something to Jamal. Then she took me by the hand and walked me to the ladies' restroom. I thought I could see someone in one of the stalls.

Sarah kissed me on the lips.

"Mmmm, you taste salty honey, you must have had a lot of salty... buttery... popcorn... in your mouth during the movie."

"Yes Sarah, I'm quite full. I feel like I have 3... bags full of... thick salty, buttery, popcorn in my belly."

"I bet you do, Stephanie. Now let's go home so we can have fun like I promised."

Sarah fixed my make-up. We walked out of the bathroom, and Jamal was waiting there still.

"Jamal is going to follow us home. Believe it or not, he still has some more... popcorn... he wants to feed us. I'm full from dinner Stephanie, but I know you always have an appetite for more salty, buttery... popcorn. And don't worry, I didn't forget about my challenge to you slut, we're still going to do what I promised you when we get home. Jamal will just join us. I think it will be more fun that way, you know, with you in the middle."

Jamal followed us home. Sarah had me go in first, and told me to put on my leash and collar, and wait on my knees by the front door for them to walk in.

I did as she told me, and waited for my wife and this new black man I had just sucked off in public to walk into our home. And all so Sarah could fuck me in the ass while I sucked him off presumably. For some reason, I felt my "clit" twitch in its cage as I thought that. The door opened, and they walked in.

"Well what do we have here, look Jamal, it's my slut, Stephanie."

"Actually, Sarah, I think her collar says something else."

"You're absolutely right, Jamal, it does say something else. What does it say Jamal?"

"It looks like it says COCKSUCKER. And that makes sense, because damn, the way this slut sucked out 3 loads from my cock at the movies tonight, that's exactly what she is."

Even in this light, Jamal had no idea what was really between my knees. He still thought I was a woman, and that Sarah and I were into girl on girl action, as well as getting it on with guys.

"It might seem thay way, Jamal. But that's not this bitch's name, that's just what this slut is. The COCKSUCKER's name is Stephanie. Anyway, now that we're here in the light, why don't you take her collar and you can see how hot it looks when your cock goes in and out of her fuckhole throat."

Sarah handed Jamal my leash. She then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. She made sure I was staring at it, and then gave me that look.

"Oh wow," I said, "your cock looks even more beautiful in the light Jamal! I know you already let me suck 3 loads out of it tonight, but can I please suck more? My cocksucking lips crave your thick dick in between them, and I'm so hungry for more of your delicious cum!"

Sarah quickly got naked in front of us as I took his cock in my mouth. She shoved my head all the way down his throat. She told me to stay like that, and that she'd be right back. I could hear her telling me to stay and that she could still see my head where it was meant to be. I concentrated on breathing while Jamal's cock was completely buried down my throat.

Sarah returned and got on her knees next to me. She pulled my mouth off of Jamal's cock. Then she made out with me, French kissing and all. This was no doubt to turn on Jamal, and not for my benefit. If anything, it begin to make my clit hard in its cage, which did me no good.

As we were making out, she grabbed Jamal's dick and moved his head between our lips. We began to make out on his head, and then she took turns feeding me and then sucking on his cock herself. She had us repeat much of the same actions we did to Sam when we made out on his cock last weekend. Then she stopped us.

She stood up next to Jamal. "All right, slut, now you have two cocks to suck on."

I looked up and saw she was wearing her strap-on. That was what she went to do. My wife grabbed my head and shoved her cock down my throat.

"Make it nice and wet bitch, I'm going to fuck your ass with it while you suck off Jamal. Jamal, sorry, Stephanie here is still an anal virgin, and has never had a real cock up her butt. And her other hole is off limits tonight for well, let's just say, girly issues we ladies have. But that's okay most men tell me her mouth is more fun to fuck than most pussies or buttholes, right slut?"

I murmured a yes as I kept salivating to get her cock lubed up for my ass.

"Ok good. Suck my cock to get it hard and wet for your ass. Suck on Jamal's cock to keep it hard, but don't work on making him cum yet. That's for when my cock is in you and I'm fucking you slut."

I took turns sucking Jamal and Sarah's cocks. Soon enough, Sarah had me stop. She had Jamal lead me by the leash on all fours into our bedroom. She followed behind, smacking my ass with her cock.
We all got in the bed. Jamal lied down, leaning against the headboard. Sarah had me get in a doggy style position with Jamal's cock right in front of my face. She lined up behind me. I felt her cock align with my sphincter and then push past into it. This pushed me forward into Jamal's crotch. I opened my mouth and began to suck his cock. Sarah began pumping her cock in and out my ass, fucking me in earnest.

She was really giving it to me hard. I guess watching me suck cock while also fucking my asshole was the most turned on she had ever been. She quickly and loudly entered into an orgasmic trance. She was not saying words, just mutterings and exclamations, mostly gibberish, with the only understandable words being, Cock, Suck, Cum, Slut, Fuck, Whore, and Ass.

I could also feel Jamal's cock grow thicker in my mouth and throat. Sarah grabbed the back of my head, and began moving my mouth up and down his cock to the same rhythm as she was fucking my ass. She must have been really good at fucking because I could tell Jamal was really enjoying the rhythm of his cock moving in and out of my mouth and throat. She


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I could also feel Jamal's cock grow thicker in my mouth and throat. Sarah grabbed the back of my head, and began moving my mouth up and down his cock to the same rhythm as she was fucking my ass. She must have been really good at fucking because I could tell Jamal was really enjoying the rhythm of his cock moving in and out of my mouth and throat. She leaned over me and started making out with Jamal.

My wife continued to fuck my ass. I could hear her over the sounds of her relentlessly thrusting her cock in and out of my ass and my mouth up and down Jamal's cock. But somehow I was starting to feel my "clit" getting hard in its cage, and then not able to grow the way it would if it was free. That's when I realized that Sarah never said she would let me out of the cage – only that she would fuck me in the ass until I came. I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to cum if I couldn't get hard. That meant that Sarah might keep fucking my ass all night, and then give up eventually if I couldn't cum. I was worried my ass was going to take quite the pounding.

Any concern I had about not being able to cum while locked up, and instead having to be fucked in the ass for hours tonight, was in vain. As Jamal's cock swelled to an even thicker girth in my throat, I could feel my orgasm building up. Sarah let go of my head and instead was holding both of my hips, fucking me as hard as she could. My orgasm continued to increase, but my clit remained restrained, unable to grow to its natural erect size, how matter small that usually was. When I felt Sarah's cock bottom out in my ass again, Jamal came. His cock was all the way down my throat. I was completely stuffed with cock at both ends when Jamal came. He came a lot, especially for someone who had just come down my throat 3 times less than a few hours ago. As I was gulping down his fourth and just as huge load, I felt myself cum.

I came without touching myself. That had happened the night before. But I came this time without even being hard. I was trapped in my cage and couldn't grow to the size I would normally need to be able to get off, and still there it was. I felt my not hard "clit" spurt "clit-juice" several times from my head. While it was certainly an orgasm, it wasn't at all satisfying like it was last night when my clit was free. It actually felt worse than the ruined orgasms I had while deepthroating my wife's cock. That might have been Sarah's intention the whole time.

I finished swallowing all of Jamal's cum and kept milking his cock, even after it was getting soft. At the same time I was grinding my asshole back against Sarah's crotch. I was trying to keep the fucking of my ass and throat going, because I felt like there was an orgasmic release I was about to experience, and needed to just push a little more to get there. But I had already orgasmed, and it was quickly subsiding. Unsatisifed hardly captured how I felt at that moment.

Sarah's orgasm continued unabated, and rose and intensified. By the time Jamal and I were cumming, she was overwhelmed with orgasmic pleasure. She would later tell me if it was more intense than the peak moments of being on acid and a coke binge at the same time. When she realized I was grinding my ass back against her, it brought her to even higher throes of orgasm. She fucked my ass ************* in response. It was as if her orgasm took over her mind and body completely. It told her that fucking her husband's ass while he was dressed to look like a hot slut named Stephanie would get her off over and over again. It told her ******* her husband to suck off black strangers and swallow their cum would get her off over and over again. And it showed her how good her orgasm could really be, especially if she did it at the same time.

As she started fucking my ass again, she was rocking my whole body back and forth. My mouth was still on Jamal's cock milking him. He started getting harder in my mouth.

"Damn, it's like I'm 14 again with this slut's mouth. I keep getting hard and cumming even harder. Usually I'd be done after my second cum for at least a day, but I feel like I could just fuck your whore mouth forever!"

Sarah woke up from her trance and realized she was fucking my ass again without any deliberation. She stopped.

"WOW! All I can say is wow. Period. Simply amazing. And look at you Stephanie, still sucking on Jamal's cock and making it hard again! Jamal, do you mind if Stephanie takes her mouth off your cock for just a minute? I want to rearrange ourselves, and I want Stephanie to fuck my cunt while she sucks another load out of your cock. But first, Stephanie suck my cock clean of your ass juices."

Jamal was fine with that. I was beyond excited. I sucked Sarah's cock clean. As I did, I though, 'had I given Sarah such a powerful orgasm that she was actually going to let me fuck her?'

I got my answer when I finished cleaning her cock. She took of her strap-on and had me follow her into our bathroom. She told me to put it on. Then she looked at me and saw my face.

"Did you think I was going to let you fuck me with that little clitty between your legs? Remember Jamal has no reason to think you have anything but a cunt there, so unless you want to show him what's really there and have him likely want to kick your ass, I suggest you get any thoughts of having any attention paid to your clitty out of your head right away. Besides, I don't want to ruin tonight's amazing experience by having to let you have sex with me."

Sarah had me clean the cock thoroughly with a cleaning solution. I put on the strap-on and it fit quite well. I made some minor adjustments, and it was secure. We walked back into the room. My wife's big black cock swung out from between my legs. This was the closest I would ever have to having a cock that my wife would be into and want to pleasure, or even touch.

Sarah had me lie down on my back on the bed, with "my" cock pointing straight up. Then she had Jamal walk up to the edge of the bed. He put the tip of his cock in my mouth. Sarah had a clear view of Jamal's cock slowly making its way back down my throat as she straddled me and lowered herself onto the strap-on.

The two of them then just used me to get off. Jamal fucked my throat back and forth like it Sarah would say it was meant to get fucked. Sarah rode her cunt up and down my strap-on furiously. If she hadn't been making out with Jamal, I probably would have heard her scream in ecstacy and wake up the neighbors. She came down a little and fed Jamal one of her titties.

After some time, Jamal came down my throat again. Sarah could see me swallowing. She lowered her cunt all the way down the big strap-on and then leaned over and started kissing my neck. She was really trying to feel Jamal's cock as it pulsed shot after shot of semen into my belly. She continued to cum and I couldn't tell if she ever stopped cumming since she fucked her cock in my ass.

She was still riding my strap-on when Jamal was done with me milking his cock. He put his clothes on and walked over to my wife. He kissed her and squeezed her titties.

"I'd kiss you too Stephanie, you fine as hell, but you sucked out 5 loads of my cum and I ain't into tasting my own cum. But we will definitely have to hook up later."

We said bye, including of course me thanking Jamal for doing me the favor of letting me suck him off and swallow his cum. After he left, Sarah went to bed. She told me to clean off the strap-on so it would be ready for use again soon. I went to bed knowing that my penis would never enter any part of my wife, or probably any other woman, ever again, in any way. My last thought as I drifted to bed was that I would be lucky if I was ever allowed to cum while not being in my cage.

--TBC if there is still interest


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Outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, plenty of interest !! WOW !!!


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Volume II

Part 7

I woke up the next morning earlier than Sarah. I had no reason to think my normal morning duty to eat her to multiple orgasms to wake her up would be any less in effect today despite the events of the last 48 hours. I got in my normal position with my head between her legs and started sucking on her cunt lips gently, and then licked away. I felt her waking up as her first orgasms rocked her body. She moved me without saying so that I was lying on my back and she was straddling my face. I heard the tv go on as I continued to lick her cunt to two more orgasms.

She sent me to make breakfast. She wanted lie in bed some more and also wanted me to get my throat warmed up for today's activities. So she grabbed a dildo (which I had not seen before but felt like it was about 7 inches) and stuffed it down my throat until I could close my lips around the base. She told me to leave it like that, while humming our wedding song softly as I got breakfast ready for her. Before that, she had me put on a bra and some hot pink victoria secret pajama pants. I also had to put on my white clear stilletos. As I turned to walk away, she patted my butt and told me to get started. I turned the light out as I walked out our bedroom, and saw her bring the blanket back over her shoulder and close her eyes.

To say it was difficult to keep the dildo down my throat with my mouth closed would be a complete understatement. I focused on my breathing and used the humming of our song to help me develop a rhythm with my breath. Just like I had learned from the cocksucking books my wife made me read at work. And just like I used when sucking on much bigger cocks, or multiple cocks at the same time. Preparing breakfast for Sarah was much easier than her warming up session.

She had me kneel between her legs as usual as she ate. Except she had another strap -on between her legs, which I presumed was the one that was double ended and went up her cunt. The same one she had fucked my ass with and made me cum without touching myself. I deep throated her cock slowly as she ate and checked social media on her phone. I felt her hand on my head and grasping my hair as she started to fuck my face harder under the table. She must have been done eating. My throat and lips were fucked long enough for my wife to cum two more times that morning.

Just before she pulled her cock out my mouth, my wife said,

"Clean all this **** up, Stephanie, and then go get ready. We're going to the adult shop to buy more supplies. I'm looking for one of those fuck machines with the attached dildo to use on your ass. That way I can feed you my cunt while I watch your sexy slut ass get fucked Stephanie. You can also suck on cock while you get fucked, mine or whom ever. You'd like that Stephanie, your little clitty would probably get stiff and squirt out your little girl juice like last night, right my slut?"

"Yes honey, that sounds so exciting, you come up with the hottest ideas! I'd love to get my ass fucked by one of those fucking machines so I can eat your delicious pussy and make you cum, or suck out loads of thick creamy cum from big throbbing black cocks, and hope my little clitty shoots its girl juices!! You're the best Sarah!" I responded in my higher pitches feminine Stephanie-voice, telling her what she wanted to hear sounding sincere and truly excited as she wanted me to sound.

"Good. I'm gonna go get ready. Once you're done cleaning up here, go take a shower and I'll have your going out clothes laid out for the porn shop."

Sarah drove us to the store, about twenty minutes down from our house. I was wearing heels, with my toes out feet out and painted hot pink along with my finger nails. I had on a short skirt, long enough to cover up the cage my "clit" was in, which didn't need to be that long. I also had on the a white I ❤️ BBC t-shirt, except this time Sarah had me put on a hot pink bra under it! The t-shirt stopped short of my navel, and might as well have been sleeveless. She was really taking this far and I don't think she wanted me to be anyone but Stephanie unless I had to, for like work or other appearances. She even had me wear breast forms to make it look like I had tits!! And of course she had me wear my COCKSUCKER collar.

On our way there, Sarah explained to me that we were headed to the same store where she had bought a few of the things to help with my training, like the strap-on stuff and the dildos. But she wanted me to come with her to pick out a few things for myself.

"Stephanie, this is not just a pleasure trip. You have two missions. When we get there, you will probably notice that most of the guys there are black. Make sure you stare at their crotches and lick your lips a bunch when you do, and it will help if you can see them see you doing that. Your first mission is to get two guys' phone numbers. I've picked a busy time for us to go so this shouldn't be too hard for you. Just shake that hot butt of yours around."

"Second your mission is to pick out a dildo for yourself. It will need to be at least 9 inches long, and I probably don't need to tell you, but it needs to be one of the ones that look like a real big black cock."

She had me repeat my mission goals to her. We pulled into the parking lot, and I could see 2 black guys walking into the store. Sarah turned to me as she turned off the car before we got out. One guy was walking out just before she spoke.

"Ok listen, I'll make this simple and you can probably get all the guys' numbers, and more, if you do this: starting with the guy who just walked out and is on his phone, make eye contact with every black guy here, and then eye his crotch up and down and lick your lips while you do that. Make sure the guy sees you doing that."

"Once you get inside, look around at all the stuff and continue to flirt and eye suck fuck the black guys you see. Then make your way to the counter and ask for help. Tell the guy that you're looking for the dildos that look like big black cocks, but you could only find the ones that were 6 inches and you need something bigger. I'll come in with you but will be shopping for some things on my own."

"Now hurry up, the first guy is about to walk past our car."

I walked out of the car just as the black guy was walking near my door and I bumped into his crotch.

"Sorry, sir," I said, knowing Sarah was out and watching the whole thing. I looked at him and then made an obvious eye gesture of looking at his crotch, and then licked my lips.

"C'mon, slut," Sarah said to me, "not every guy you meet wants a blow job from you, and you can flirt with guys inside too, let's go."

Sarah walked over to me and grabbed my hand. She led me to the store entrance. The guy in the parking lot stared at us for a minute.

We walked in. The store was pretty big and seemed like it had everything. I could see that there were about 5 or 6 black guys shopping. The guy behind the counter was also black. They all stopped to look at us, and just stared at us, frozen. Sarah told me to head over to the lingerie section, grab a few outfits, and ask some of the guys there if they thought I'd look good wearing them.

I don't know where she expected me to get the courage to do that. But I took it one step at a time and picked out a few lingerie items I thought would fit my slender diminutive frame, and also ones I'd want to have my wife wearing as I fucked her. Of course standing in heels, a short skirt, and a white t-shirt saying I love BBC, with a pink bra holding fake boobs underneath and visible through the thin white fabric, and wearing make up and painted nails, and my cocksucker collar to cover my Adam's apple, in an adult store with black guys I was supposed to flirt with, it was hard to imagine I'd ever get to have any traditional sex with my wife ever again.

I grabbed about 5 items and walked to where two guys were standing. Everyone was still just staring at us, really me. Sarah was standing across the store where could she everything. She was checking out the fucking machines she wanted to buy. As I approached two black guys, I heard the door open. The guy I flirted with in the parking lot walked back in.

That gave me a weird sense of confidence as I knew he came back because of me. Whatever spell Sarah seemed to cast over me made me attractive to black men, and they wanted me to pleasure them, or at least their cocks.

The two men towered over me even in my 6 inch heels. I said, "excuse me, gentlemen, can I ask your opinion."

The two stared at me and then nodded their heads.

"Do these outfits looks good on me?"

I help up the outfits To my body, one at a time showing the guys what they would look like on me. I knew Sarah was watching, and so in keeping with her instructions I made sure to stare at both of their crotches. I could see bulges starting to form and it was obvious they had big cocks. I also knew they were getting hard just from thinking of me as whore. It kind of felt good in a very weird way. They could see my eyes dart down to between their legs. I licked my lips.

"Well fellas, I guess you like all of them."

I turned around and started walking to the counter. I shook my ass as I did so as Sarah trained me to do in my heels. The guy behind the counter started walking towards me.

"Hello," he said, "can I help you with anything? Here, let me take these and put them up at the front for you."

"Thank you!" I said to him. "Actually there is something you could help me with. I'm looking for a dildo. One that looks like a big, black, cock." I paused. And then I licked my lips, making eye contact with him. Sarah had trained me to flirt well.

" I saw that you have some, but those were only 6 inches. I need something much bigger than that."

"Oh let me show you some things here then." He had me follow him to the dildo section. After looking at about 10 or 15 black dildos, all ranging in size from 7 inches to over 1.5 feet, I chose one I felt Sarah would approve that was about 9 or 10 inches. I walked up to the counter with my selection.

Sarah was there already with a fucking machine waiting to be purchased and some other items. She took the dildo package from me and examined it.

"Oh, Stephanie, I like this one. You have such good taste in cocks slut! Look at the veins!! I want to see you use this thing right now!"

She turned to the store manager, behind the counter, who is also black, and asked, "Sir is there anyway we could test this out here?"

"Anything for two fine white women like you two! We have some private viewing boots in the back. Let me ring these things up and then take you back there."

We walked into the rooms and Sarah had me take my dildo out of its packaging. The room was not that big, it had a tv on the wall and two plastic chairs. The tv was showing some interracial gangbang porn of some hot white chick taking on 5 hung black guys. I barely noticed as I was trying to get the dildo out and concentrating on that. As soon as I did, Sarah had me start playing with it, basically orally worshipping it.

I also hadn't noticed at first as I was gagging myself on my own dildo I just bought that there big circular holes in the walls, with duct tape around the edges. I could also see words on the wall saying things like - suck that black cock, swallow slut, deepthroat it! - and drawings of cocks and balls shooting semen.

Sarah had me brought me to a glory hole. But first, she had me flirt with guys wearing my full cocksucking slut gear, buy a 9 inch dildo that looked like a real black cock, and asked out loud if could test it in the back room, which was the glory hole room at a porn shop.

Soon enough, we heard a knock one of the walls.

"Dayum, slut, you can really deep throat that thing! How about the real thing instead, but be warned it's a little bigger than what you got down your throat now!"

Sarah answered for me. A big cock entered through one of the holes. Sarah grabbed my head and listed towards the cock. She held my head in place and grabbed the cock with her other hand. She rubbed it all over my face, and then shoved my mouth all the way down this stranger's massive thick cock.

I went to work on his cock. Sarah sat in one of the chairs as I was on my knees. I could see her rubbing the new black dildo up and down her slit. As I continued to suck and worship the giant anonymous black cock, I could see Sarah began to fuck herself slowly with the dildo. By the time I was done swallowing and milking the last dregs of cum, Sarah was taking the full length of the dildo in her cunt. I knew because she let me know.

"Yes, slut, swallow all that good black man semen, OH! YES! I'm taking this whole black cock in my cunt while you're taking his whole black cock down your throat! I'm just thinking of him fucking my cunt like this dildo instead of your throat and shooting all his cum in me!! OH. GOD. YES! I want to feed you black man cum from my pussy SO BAD!! Suck it all down, Stephanie, my cocksucking slut!!"

Another hard cock came through the wall as I was finishing up, my lips still on the first guys cock.

"OH LOOK SLUT! Another hard cock for your throat! I want this one to cum in my pussy, and then I want you to suck it out my cunt!! YES MY SLUT!! OH I'M CUMMING SO HARD!! Mmmmmmmm!!! Yesss!! I'm gonna feed you so much strange black men's cum from my pussy!! Get your mouth on that new one and bury it down your throat until it's ready to shoot!! And then stick it in my pussy and stroke its cum into me!! Oh oh!! And then I'll feed it to you!!! Go! SUCK IT! NOW BITCH!!"


The next part will start right where this one ended...


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Fantastic !!! Can not wait !!!!! Bravo !


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Fantastic story. More please.


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As promised...

Volume II

Part 8

I finished milking the cock I had just sucked off and turned around, on my knees, to face the one that had just entered through a hole on the other wall. It was big and black like every cock I had sucked off. But it seemed familiar. Like it was not some stranger's dick. I couldn't put my finger on it. I could put my mouth on it so I did. First my tongue lapped at the shaft from the balls to the tip. Then I sucked on the head alone for a few seconds. Sarah then wanted me to deep throat the cock and make it as hard as I could. She was still fucking herself with "my" dildo. I was rather impressed with her taking all of it in her pussy. I know she used to fuck guys all the time with cocks that big, as she basically told me every day. But the few times I had been allowed to put my small condom covered penis in her, it felt tight, almost virginal. And yet here she was having no problem fucking herself with this giant fake schlong.

After I had sucked the new guy's cock all the way down and up again about ten times, Sarah told me to stop. She stood up and walked up to the wall. She had me back up. Then she grabbed the head of the cock, and while holding it, straddled it. Her ass was touching the wall and I could see the large black cock I had sucked into a massive erection jutting out from between her legs. Her pussy was on top of the top of his shaft.

"Come here slut. Take just the head of this big cock in your mouth while it's between my legs and rubbing against my cunt and suck as hard as you can. I want to feel this beautiful cock throb against my cunt lips while you give it pleasure. Suck until he's about to cum. I know you've sucked enough cocks to know when one's about to shoot in your mouth. When you feel that about to happen, get your mouth off the cock."

She turned her attention to the stranger behind the wall. "Hey stud, your cock feels so good between my legs and against my my cunt... mmmm. Listen sweetie, when my slut here gets you to the point where you're about to bust your nut, I want you to shove your cock in me and fill my cunt with your full cum load. Then my slut here is going to eat your cum out of me. She loves eating cum out of my cunt almost as much as sucking it out of a big black cock like yours. Is that ok with you?"

We heard a muffled "hell yeah." I put my mouth back on his cock. Sarah shoved the back of my head as far as it would go with her thighs wrapped tightly around the cock. His cock was so long that it was jutting out at least three inches from her pussy. I realized that the part of his cock sticking out from my wife's thighs was still longer than my cock all by itself. With my lips wrapped around the head and a few inches of his shaft, and my face pushed up against the front of my wife's pussy, I went to work sucking this man to make him cum hard and big. All so the cum load he shot in my wife would be as big and thick as it could be. All so she could feee me a big filling cum load from her pussy. And all so she could cum beyond her wildest dreams by turning me into her cock sucking shemale cum swallowing slut.

I sucked on the cock head in earnest. At least this cock wouldn't be all the way down my throat for most of the blowjob I was giving. Sarah's body was convulsing as she felt the top of the black shaft throb against her pussy lips and clit. I heard her say something about the guy squeezing her tits. His arm had come through a higher hole and he was groping my wife's breasts and pinching her nipples. She was encouraging him to pinch and pull her nipples harder, while encouraging me to suck harder.

My tongue took turns swirling around the cock head clockwise and then counterclockwise, stopping to lick up and down the pee slit in between. Then I began to move my mouth up and down his head and the few inches past it as fast as I could. I could feel his cock was about to cum after only a few minutes of this. He and I both knew he was about to shoot soon. As I quickly got my mouth off his cock, I heard him say, "Hurry, bitch, put me in this slut's cunt!"

Wasting no time, I grabbed his cock and guided it into my wife's completely drenched pussy. His cock went all the way up her cunt. I again had the feeling that I knew this cock, it felt and tasted so familiar. Before I could dwell on that thought anymore, Sarah grabbed my head again and had me lick at her clit. He fucked it in and out of her for about 7 strokes, and then started ejaculating.

Sarah was once again in the land of orgasmic bliss as the first shot of cum hit the back of her womb. She managed to get a few words out though.

"Oh... so good! OH... MY... GOD!! CUM IN ME!! Please... oh fuck... shoot... some... mmmmm.... just... at... the entrance.... of.... yes yes yes... my cunt!!! Oh, but keep cumming!! YES YES YES!!! SO FUCKING AWESOME! Use my cunt as a cum depository!!"

His cock shot about four times while he was buried in her cunt. Then he pulled out just to where his tip was in her, and shot about three more times. I know because Sarah had me stroke those last three shots of cum from his cock into her. Plus my mouth and tongue never left her clit during that whole time.

He finished cumming. Sarah had me remove his cock from her cunt and milk out any remaining dregs of semen. Then she moved my face to her cunt. The cum he shot into the entrance of her pussy was thick and hot. I sucked it all up and swallowed it down. I had too, I could feel the other loads he shot deeper into her began to drip down. I sucked and sucked on her cunt, and it seemed like the cum would never stop. And again, that familiar feeling came back. I thought I had tasted this cum before, as Sarah fed me. It reminded me of Jake, actually. But that was of course impossible, Jake was gay and the last place he wanted to put his cock was in a pussy.

I ate wife out to probably ten orgasms, each more intense than the one before, as she fed me the cum from the cock the just fucked her. It felt more like I was chugging cum loads from her pussy, like a frat boy chugging from a beer bong. The whole time I was just gulping load after load really.

When she recovered from her orgasmic bliss a little while later, she sat down in the chair. She motioned me to come over to her. She French kissed me, and I knew it was because she wanted to see if she could taste any of the cum that just shot in her. Not because she wanted to make out with me. Still it was a thrill either way to be able to kiss her.

"Yummy, honey, you taste so good after sucking huge loads of cum from my pussy, and also of course after sucking cock! That was really amazing for me, Stephie!! I didn't know how much I missed having such a big black cock fucking my pussy babe! And it's even better feeding you the cum fucked into me from my cunt. I think the next one I'm going to take in my ass after you get it ready to cum! And then feed the cum to you from my butt!! Doesn't that sound so exciting slut?"

"Yes, honey, I can't wait!" I pretended.

"Great! Ok, so get over here and start eating my ass out so it can ready for the next big black cock that comes through."

She turned herself around in the chair so that her ass was sticking out. I was still on all fours. I crawled over to her. She stuck her ass out and spread her cheeks out. I buried my face in her butt and began tonguing around her butthole. She ordered me to tongue fuck her ass, so I moved my tongue in and out her butt as best and as fast as I could. I didn't mind. I wasn't sucking cock or eating cum. I could even make myself believe this was just a heterosexual act, even though I was fully femmed out and had two loads of cum in my belly.

I saw Sarah's hand reach back with the big black dildo in her hand. She began rubbing it down her ass crack. When she got to my mouth, she told me to open up and get it nice and wet. I sucked on it, applying a lot of spit. Then she began to stick it in her ass. She had me guide it in while continuing to lick all around her dildo and her butthole until she was able to get the head in. Then she told me to keep licking around her butthole until she got more of the dildo in her.

When she had most of the shaft down her butt, she had me lick just on her clit. Then she began fucking her asshole. I thought she might let me do that to her, even with the fake cock but alas, that's not what she wanted. After fucking her butt for a few minutes, she took it out, had me deep throat it and then lick it clean and make it wet with my spit. Then she went back to fucking her ass with it some more while I licked around her anus.

Two more black cocks emerged from two different holes on the same wall. Sarah noticed, and had me look to see.

"Wow, Stephanie, those are some really big cocks! Hmmmm, Let me think... I got it! Go over to the one on the right - it looks just a little less thick. Suck on it and get it really hard. While you're doing that, I'll go over to the other guy and let him squeeze my tits. Once the cock you're sucking is good and hard, let me know. I'll come over there and let you guide him into my ass. Then while he's fucking my ass you can suck on the other cock. Then we can take turns with the guys, letting one of them fuck my butt while the other one fucks your face! And they can switch off between fucking my ass and your mouth until they cum! Oh! I want one of them to cum in my ass while the other one is cumming down your throat! And then I can feed you another load right from my freshly fucked butt!"

My mouth and throat were once again filled with an anonymous big black cock. This time it would not be cumming in me, I thought as I sucked to make it hard. I was making it hard so it could fuck my wife in the ass. There was no point in objecting to her taking other men's cocks in her pussy and ass as she wanted to. First it would have been hard to her to take me serious looking like I did. Second, she would likely do it anyway, but find a way to punish me for not agreeing in the first place - and not enthusiastically helping. And for whatever reason, I didn't really care anymore. I was partly glad I wouldn't have to be sucking this cock all the way off, even though I'd be eating the cum it would shoot off in my wife's butthole in a short while. And I knew she'd cum really hard from getting fucked by some random big black cock her husband got hard while dressed like a cocksucking sissy slut at a glory hole on a Sunday afternoon.

His cock was rock hard after a few minutes of my oral attention. As I sucked on it, I couldn't help but notice the taste of it. After all, it was completely stuffing my mouth and throat so my taste buds had nothing but cock on them. I noticed that he tasted a lot like Sam. Maybe that was just because that was the cock I had sucked off the most, and so it was just natural to compare it. But just as I had noticed that the cock that just fucked my wife's pussy tasted like Jake, this one tasted a lot like Sam. I didn't think too much on it, in part because I didn't want to let myself get good at being able to tell a cock from its taste.

Sarah had been watching of course, and fucking her butt with one of the dildos at the same time. "OK, Stephanie, that's perfect to fuck my ass. Now guide it in as I bend over and back my asshole on it! And be sure to lick all around my asshole and his head to make it easier to fit in me!"

I held the cock by the end of its shaft as my wife moved her bent ass slowly towards tip standing out. She grabbed a chair to help her balance her leg and lift her ass up so it was at the same level as the cock about to ass fuck her. When she backed one of her ass cheeks into his cock, she gasped. I rubbed his head and shaft up and down her ass cheek while I tongued her butt some more to make it as wet as possible.

Of course his head ran into my tongue as I moved his cock up and down, and I made sure to keep it wet to prepare it for the ultimate penetration. Sarah couldn't wait any longer and ordered me to insert the giant cock head into her butt. After a few attempts at getting the head past the lining of her sphincter, I managed to get this big black strangers cock into my wife's asshole. She screamed in pleasure.

"Oh, SO GOOD.......MMMMM!!!! Good job babe. Now Stephie, stroke it a few more times and I think I can take over fucking my ass on this big beautiful dick! Plus don't forget, there's another cock over there that's gone far too long without any attention. Go worship it while I fuck my ass on this cock and watch you!"

I made my way over to the other cock and begin to lick the tip, and slowly made my way to his balls. From where I was kneeling, I had a clear view of the cock I was just sucking going deeper and deeper into my wife's asshole. By the time I was done licking this new cock all over and was about to wrap it around my lips, cock number one was halfway in Sarah's butt. I engulfed cock number two in my mouth, knowing Sarah wanted to see my cheeks hollowed out as I sucked as hard as I could on random black cock while she was getting butt fucked. I quickly got cock number 2 as far down my throat as cock number 1 was in my wife's ass. From there, we both matched taking more and more cock down our respective fuckholes. Inch by inch the cocks pushed their way down us. When cock number 2 made its way all the way down my throat, cock number one was finally buried fully in my wife's ass.

She stayed there for a minute like that, and I noticed I was also not moving. I found myself noticing two things. One, Sarah looked hot with this big black cock in her ass. Just like she looked good with her pussy stretched around big black cock and getting getting fucked just a few minutes ago. I should have been upset, or jealous, but instead I was just visually stunned and in awe. And I found myself wanting to see this, albeit reluctantly. Sarah was gorgeous, and a body like hers deserved to be fucked by the kind of cocks she enjoyed in her past. She was clearly enjoying getting ass fucked, as much as she enjoyed a cock in her pussy earlier. Of course I wish it could have been my cock in her fucking her holes, instead of having to suck on the kind of cocks she wanted. But I knew that wasn't my reality, and the past few weekends sucking off random black guys left me with little room to feel like I could object to her enjoying other men's cocks, Especially big black cocks that dwarfed my own.

The second thing was that while I would never be able to fuck her like the way she was getting fucked, I could appreciate what her body was taking as I was taking the same thing. These cocks were fucking machines. Big, thick, long, able to reach even the deepest parts of a fuck hole, leaving nothing not fucked, and then shooting huge thick loads of pungent semen over and over again, coating every inch of those fuck holes with it. I had yet to swallow a load that wasn't at least ten times bigger than my biggest load, or that didn't shoot off almost 3 times as hard as my strongest. So I knew I wouldn't be able to compete with these men, and instead my role here was as a cock pleaser. It was clear to me that Sarah brought us here to watch me suck cock as she was fucked in the ass by random and anonymous big black cock. So the best thing for me to do was to be focusing on letting my throat be as pleasurable of a fuck hole it could for these amazing giant superior cocks.

I hadn't realized, but as I was thinking this I had been matching the motions of my wife on the cock in her ass with the cock in my mouth. She had begun moving again. She was going slowly at first, but still taking it all the way in and out. If this wasn't my wife, I would only be impressed and not also somewhat humiliated. Not that I could be further humiliated, I was moving my mouth up and down all the way up and down the cock I was servicing just the same.

She started to speed up and so I did too. Soon enough she was really fucking herself hard. She continued to do so for a few more minutes, and then stopped and walked over to me. Soon enough she was cumming again.

"Nnnmggggghhg, oh yes! Cock in my ass... feels so good, oh babe, mmmm..., you look so sexy with your throat full of cock... oh.. while my ass is full with one too! Yes yes yes!! Oh suck that cock bitch while my butthole is full of big black cock!!"

Once her orgasms subsided, she came over to me and had me guide cock number two into her ass after first tongue douching her butthole. She began fucking her ass on cock number two and sent me over to cock number one to taste her fucked ass on his cock, and also to keep it hard for her to come fuck again. She warned me just to keep it hard, and not to make it cum. She wanted to keep fucking her ass on each cock for a while.

I fluffed cock number one while watching Sarah fuck her butt on cock number two until she came. Then she came over to me and had me put cock number one back in her and sent me to fluff cock number two again. We switched between both cocks several times, her fucking herself until she came and then us switching cocks.

Cock number two ended up erupting inside her first, but she was expecting it. They came together. From my vantage point on my knees while I fluffed cock number one, I watched her body convulse in pleasure as cock number two shot load after load in her butt. He was ready to pull out and she quickly called me over to first clean his cock off her ass juices and to milk any last dregs out. Then she fed me his cum from her asshole. He had cum deep and of course it was a lot. I began tonguing her ass and immediately tasted cum on it. From there, his load came flowing down, and I gulped several times to keep it all down. Sarah will as of course orgasming throughout the whole thing, barely able to make any coherent sounds but making her intentions clear enough with her grunts, looks, and gestures. Sarah told me she wanted to make sure her ass would be as enjoyable as possible for cock number one to finish in as she fed me. She made sure I cleaned all the cum out of her ass out thoroughly before she let me remove my face from her butt.

Once she was satisfied that I sucked out every last drop of cum that had just been fucked into her butt, my wife had me crawl back over to cock number one. I wrapped my lips back around the cock and began fluffing him. Not that he needed it, he was still quite erect when I got my mouth on him. And I could still taste my wife's ass on it. Sarah soon decided that I had sucked him hard enough and told me it was time to guide his big cock back into her asshole to finish off.

With no other cock that needed my attention, Sarah kept me by to participate. I held the base of his shaft as Sarah pushed her butthole past his big fat cock head once again. As she pushed her ass farther onto his cock, she had me get down between her legs and eat her pussy. Her overflowing pussy juices drenched my mouth and face, a welcome change from the usual eruption of ejaculation shooting from a big cock on me. She moved her ass back and forth on the big cock as I lapped away. I was again impressed with her ability to take the full length of his cock completely in and out of her butt.

After fucking herself for only a short time, she pushed her ass all the way back onto his cock so that it was buried balls deep. Then she grabbed the back of my head and held me to her cunt. "Fuck my asshole until you cum!" She requested of the stranger.

The owner of cock number one took no time complying. His cock was a blur as it fucked her ass mercilessly. Her body kept moving forward as he thrust in and out of her butt. She increased her strength on my head to use me to push back against her fucking and take it all harder. I responded immediately to her tightened grip by licking and sucking on her cunt even harder. Suddenly, he stopped, then


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The owner of cock number one took no time complying. His cock was a blur as it fucked her ass mercilessly. Her body kept moving forward as he thrust in and out of her butt. She increased her strength on my head to use me to push back against her fucking and take it all harder. I responded immediately to her tightened grip by licking and sucking on her cunt even harder. Suddenly, he stopped, then thrust hard into her ass and held for a few seconds. Then he moved back and then thrust forward again and held for a few seconds. He repeated that a few times and we knew he was ready to cum.

He gave one last thrust and buried his cock completely into Sarah's ass. She had already started cumming again the minute he started fucking her himself. With my mouth expertly working hard on her cunt, there was no way she could have resisted if she wanted to. And she did not want to. Her orgasm was building up. The harder her ass was being fucked the more intense I could feel it get. When the stranger buried his massive dick all the way down and the first shot of his cum fired deep into her ass, I felt her squirt from her pussy into my mouth. With each subsequent shot of jism, she too sauirted into my swallowing mouth. He came and came, and she out did him with her own orgasms.

Finally he begin to pull his cock out of her ass. He was still hard, and he shot a little more with every few inches he pulled out. When he squeezed his head back out from her butthole entrance, one last shot of cum came shooting out from his head. Sarah quickly moved my head from her cunt and backed a little away from the cock to give me room to get my mouth on it. Despite being in a state of still cumming and delirious from all the other orgasms, my wife somehow still managed to make sure she got my mouth onto his cock as it exited her asshole. She kept me on his cock and had me clean and milk him. I couldn't believe it but I felt another shot of his cum come out from his cock and on my tongue. He finally started going soft and he pulled out of my mouth and walked away from the hole.

Alone again, Sarah had me lie down on my back. She sat on my face and pushed her butthole into my mouth. She spread her ass cheeks and begin to feed me his load. It was huge. First I got the cum he shot out last into her butt down my throat. I had to work much harder to get the cum he shot down deeper. My efforts eventually led to results, as I could feel his cum starting to drip down. At first it was slow, but soon it started flowing a little too fast, and I had to swallow fast to get it all out.

As I was swallowing his cum load from Sarah's butt, I again started thinking that his taste was familiar. Again, like Sam. I had become quite familiar with the taste of Sam's cum recently, and this tasted very similar to his. I also knew not all cum tasted the same. So this cock tasted like Sam's and so did its cum. It also looked like his cock, not that I'd spend anytime looking at it for identifying features. I actually spent more time with it in my mouth than in my field of vision, and based on the feel of the cock number one in my mouth and throat, and the taste of it and its cum, this guy could have passed for Sam. But I'd didn't really want to think about what Sam's cock tasted like it or what this one did. As soon as I was done sucking out the last of the giant cum load from my wife's ass, I stopped thinking anymore about the taste of cock or cum.

After I finished cleaning out Sarah's ass, she rode her pussy on my tongue to one more orgasm before we left the room. We collected our belongings and walked out, me with the cum from multiple big black cocks drying on my lips.


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Wow and oh my!!!! Great tale. Thanks
A. Smith


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Thank you cuckold2, shaven_cock2001, and sslv2006! Thanks for reading and glad you are enjoying!!
Married Dom


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Great story! Reminder to self, #66!


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Thank you Married Dom! Glad you liked it.


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Thanks sub4wife!


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What an epic tale, truly awesome, well written and so fuckin' Horny. I love it.


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Thank you so much for your kind words, kennyboy82!! There is definitely more to come!


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Part IX.

Sarah grabbed me by my hand and led me out from the gloryhole room. I heard the door shut behind me. I was a little reluctant to move. I was sure that the 4 men who just had their big cocks in my mouth and throat were still there and I wanted to avoid any further contact with them, or really anyone else there. I just wanted to go home. But Sarah had other ideas. With her hand firmly gripping mine, she headed towards the counter so we could purchase our items. On the way she said to me,

"Don't forget, you still have to get two guys' numbers, or you will have failed in your mission, no matter how much cock and cum you've had down your throat. And you don't want to fail me, do you bitch? Now, go talk to those guys in the corner and don't come back until you've got their number. Tell them you'll text them photos of you sucking off cock and if they promise to text you photos of their cocks. We can go home right after that. I'm going to pay for all this ****. Now go."

I gulped hard. The walk over to the corner of the store where the men were standing was not long enough. The men caught sight of me. I would soon have to say something or they may not give me their number. I had to find the courage to do this. I didn't want to fail Sarah. The consequences would be one thing, but more importantly, I didn't want to disappoint her. But this was in many ways more difficult than having to suck cock and swallow cum. It was weird, but I almost felt like I'd rather be back on my knees shoving cocks I just made hard in my mouth into my wife's fuckholes and suck out the cum they fucked into her than be standing awkwardly trying to ask some random guys for their number.

Somehow, the words came to me and I broke the ice.

"Hey fellas," I said, in my higher pitched feminine voice that was apparently rather convincing, "how are you doing?" The three of them looked at me.

"Haven't seen you around here before," the tallest one said to me.

"Yeah it's my first time I here, my w—I mean, my girlfriend Sarah brought me here."

"Oh yeah, that her over there at the counter?" I nodded.

All three looked at Sarah. My wife had been watching the whole time with the cashier, and she blew them a kiss and gave them a big smile and wink.

"Well, she looks kind of familiar." The shortest one said. "Anyway, what's up, saw you two coming out of the rooms in the back, it looks like you two had a good time."

"Yes sir. Actually, that's why I came over here. I wanted to get your guys' numbers. If you give them to me, I can send you photos of me, ummm... properly servicing men with my oral skills, as long as you send me photos of your ummm... equipment, and then maybe we can get together or whatever." I didn't know where I was getting this ****, I was never able to talk to girls so brazenly. I guess knowing that these strangers knew I had just sucked off cocks and that they were probably interested in the same thing gave me a confidence to not give a fuck what they thought. So I went for it.

They gave me their numbers. As they were doing so, Sarah texted me a number of photos she had taken over the last two weeks of me pleasuring a giant black cock or cocks with my mouth. Many of them showed a cock shoved completely down my throat with my nose stuck in man's pubes. Others had photos of cum shooting from a cock onto my tongue. Along with the photos were two texts from my wife: One, instructing me to send all the texts to these men once I had their numbers, and to send a text reminding them to send me photos of their cocks for my collection. The next one told me to walk away and head to the door.

Sarah had paid for our stuff and was waiting by the door by the time I got there. I could see the men looking at their phones as they started to receive my photos. We walked to the car, and I sat in the driver seat. My phone started going off, letting me know I was getting texts. Sarah took my phone from me. She started looking at the dick picks the three strangers were sending me in response to the photos they received of me sucking cock.

"Damn," she said as I drove, "these are some big beautiful cocks, honey. I can't wait to see you suck them off. I bet they'd feel so good fucking my cunt and butt too, and shooting their cum in me for you to eat out, just like you did! I'm going to text them back for you, ok babe?"

Sarah sent the men one more text, saying out loud to me as she typed in the words, 'can't wait to get off thinking of your cocks shooting cum down my throat! I'm busy tonight, but maybe we can hook up next weekend? My friend Sarah can join that way too, do you like threesomes or gangbangs?'

"Honey, I'm so proud of you! That was so incredible, I have never felt so good or so alive! I still feel like I'm cumming. Feel how wet my pussy still is." My wife stuck two fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out a few times. I had to concentrate on the road to make sure I wasn't distracted by this. She took her hand out of her pussy and shoved her fingers into my mouth, so I could know first hand how wet she still was. As I tasted her, I could feel myself swell up, but only so much before I was restrained by my cage.

"And it's all because of you, Stephie! I know we took things to the next level today with me actually getting fucked by other men today. But that was only because I really wanted to feed you cum from my cunt and my butt, honey. Cum that you had a hand, or a mouth I should say – teehee- in getting to shoot out and into me. The whole time I had a cock fucking me, thrusting in and out of my cunt or my butt, I was getting off thinking how I was going to feed you huge loads of cum from my fuckholes. It wasn't the sex with those men that made me cum. If you weren't there I may not have even cum from that. The last few times I had sex at a gloryhole with random black guys was before we met. I barely got off even after doing like 10 guys in a row, usually with one in my ass and the other down my throat. But this time was so different! Random guys were using my fuckholes to get off in, all while my husband is locked up in his cage and made to swallow their cum from his wife! I don't know why honey, but knowing you are using your mouth to get more cocks off in a day than I let you get off in a year makes me cum so hard!

"I'm serious about getting together with those guys you just met. I want the guys taking turns in my cunt and ass at the same time, while I watch you deepthroat the third guy. I want each cock to cum once down your throat, my pussy and lastly in my ass! And you're going to eat all of it! Ok, honey?"

I saw no reason to do anything but agree. My wife had plans to fully cuckold me now, to fuck other guys in my presence. And not just random cocks at a gloryhole. Guys we met. Or rather, that I met, and whom I had showed photos of me sucking off black men. I told her that it sounded like fun, and that I was happy if she was happy, and that as long as it made her cum, I was excited to do it.

After being satisfied with my agreement and that I had showed sufficient encouragement for her plan, she next told me that she wanted to spend more time with her friend Stephanie, and less with her husband Stephan. She meant that with Stephanie, she could talk about sexy things like sucking cock, getting ass-fucked, the taste of cum, fun stuff like that. She wanted me to spend more time being Stephanie, and to instead act like Stephan was some kind of alter ego that I only pretended to be when absolutely necessary. She wasn't going to make me get breast implants or cut off my little thingy – she still wanted me to get erections. Tiny erections, but erections nonetheless. Ones that went unsatisfied and left me in a continual horny state, where mainly I was sucking off countless cocks while still badly desiring some action on my thingy all the while.

We got home, and we showered together, which was nice. Sarah had me eat her out in the shower while she fucked my ass with one of the new dildoes she bought. That wasn't so nice, as she didn't let me out of my cage. I guess I should have been happy that she also didn't cause me to have a ruined milking orgasm from which I would have derived no pleasure. I doubted she would let me jack off ever again, as that is only something Stephen would want to do, not something Stephanie would. But she might let me cum while she fucked my ass, and with my "clit" free and engorged so that I would actually enjoy having an orgasm.

We were both pretty tired and needed some rest. We ordered a pizza and watched a movie on t.v. Sarah let me watch the whole thing, and didn't require me to eat her out or anything.

Jake came home just as the movie was finishing. He let us know that while he was with his friends, he learned of a job opportunity but he had to travel for it right away. So he was moving out. He had to start the next day so he just came back to grab a few things and take care of a few things. He would be leaving early in the morning.

Sarah gave him a big hug, and told him how much we would miss him. But she was really proud of him and excited for his new opportunity. I stood up to shake his hand in congratulations, but Sarah stopped me.

"Stephie, that's no way to show the man who let you suck your first cock congratulations. I think you need to get down on your knees and show Jake how proud you are of him. Besides, don't you want to give him a goodbye blowjob?"

I ended up with two of Jake's loads down my throat before I went to bed. When I first got down on my knees, Jake was already hard. He told me that while he was gone he hadn't really had a chance to get off at all. He was primed. It didn't take long for him to take over once I was done worshipping his balls and slapping his cock against my tongue. Soon after I began moving my lips back and forth on the head of his cock, he grabbed my head with both hands and began to invade my throat with his giant hard-on. His cock eased gently down the back of my throat. It was like there was this muscle memory kicking in my throat muscles. Plus my throat had been warmed up from all the cock sucking activities of this afternoon.

Once my nose was buried in his pubes, he began moving his cock out, but only a few inches, before slamming it back down my throat. Most of his over 9 inches stayed buried in my throat, as he moved only the back of his shaft in and out of my mouth. My tongue worked over time, lapping away at the underside of his schlong.
Soon enough, Jake began to move more and more of his cock out of my throat. I had my arms folded behind me. I could tell Jake was really horny and just wanted to fuck a hole and get off. He quickly settled into a rhythm by which he was fucking all of the shaft of his cock in and out of my throat so that only his head stayed in me. The tip of his glans would just about get past my lips before he slammed his cock back down my throat until he bottomed out in my gullet. Once there, he did not pause for even a moment, but immediately thrust back out, and then right back in, over and over again.

As he fucked my throat mercilessly, Sarah was fucking her ass with a dildo and playing with her clit. It didn't take long for either of them to orgasm. It also dawned on me that she was naked. I guess she took her clothes off at some point, and didn't care if Jake saw her that way, even though he was gay and her friend. I guess if she was watching me suck his cock, it wasn't a big deal for him to see her naked too.

Jake grabbed my head and shoved his cock all the way down me and held me. His cock blasted his first shot of semen directly into my belly. He stayed there, and I could feel every vein of his thick shaft pulsate with each blast of cum. He came hard and his load was huge, as was to be expected as he had not cum in some time. On the other hand, my wife was right back in the land of eternal orgasming. Their orgasms were probably as intense, but for different reasons. Jake because it had been a while since he came, while Sarah because of the exact opposite reason. By cumming yet again, she had raising her already orgasmic state to new levels. Sarah was uncharacteristically quiet during his and her orgasms. It also appeared that they were looking at each other directly eye to eye during their orgasms, but I couldn't really tell from my angle. Alas, I of course was yet again denied any kind of orgasm while at the same time being the direct cause of two other people to cum hard.

I finally swallowed the last of his cum, and he began to slowly move his cock out from my throat. When I had just the tip of his cock in my mouth, Sarah told Jake to leave it there and let me milk out any last drops of cum. I did as she wanted. A small amount of semen dribbled out from his pee slit and onto my tongue.

"Wow, I needed that!" Jake stated with some relief. "You must have been practicing a lot since the last time you went down on me, Steph. That was really something else. I might have to come back for a visit sooner than I was planning just for that now."

"Well," Sarah replied, "why don't you stick around for one more round of fun in Stephie's mouth before you have to leave? I can tell you all about her adventures in cocksucking this weekend while she gives you a slow sloppy blowjob and swallows another load. Do you mind letting her suck out another load from you? I think it's best for you to make sure she gets it all out before you have to leave, just in case you can't get any relief again for some time. Stephie, go get Jake a beer while he gets comfortable on the couch. Don't take too long though, I think Jake's getting hard again already just from thinking about being in your mouth again. Look."

I looked at Jake's crotch and saw his cock slowly start to rise again.

"Wow I was right, it is getting hard, how beautiful his cock is! Ok, honey, go get us both a beer, but hurry, I want you to get back here before Jake's erection starts to go down again. Tell you what, I'll hold his cock and stroke it to keep it hard until you're back. Jake, I know you're gay, but I hope you don't mind if I hold your cock, just to keep it hard until Stephie gets back and can get her lips on your dick."

"No, that's ok, I don't mind, go ahead and grab it Sarah and keep me hard until your bitch gets back between my legs and on my cock. I'll close my eyes while you tell me about all the cock Stephie sucked."

Sarah sat down next to him on the couch. She reached down with her left hand and grabbed the first cock I ever sucked.

"Wow, Jake, your cock is so thick! I would say I have no idea how Stephie was able to get this cock down her throat right now, but based on what happened this weekend, it's not that surprising! Stephie, hurry up, I think Jake's cock is even harder right now thinking about being back down your throat!"

As I headed to the garage, where we kept a fridge with beer and other beverages in it, I saw Sarah reach out with her other hand and start to stroke Jake's cock with both hands. She also began to tell him about the weekend, starting with us going to the club and me going down on the bouncer.

By the time I got back in, Sarah was stroking Jake's cock with just one hand again, but her other hand was flicking away at her clit. They were both looking right at each other too, but broke off their eye contact when they saw I had walked back in. Sarah's breathing was also hard, as she continued catching Jake up on all the cock I had sucked. She had got to the part where I had finished deep throating two cocks at the same time.

"Your beer, sir," I said to Jake, as I handed him a cold bottle after I opened it.

"Thanks, Stephie. Before you fill your mouth up back with my cock, tell me this: how did you take two thick cocks all the way down your throat at the same time?"

I guess Sarah skipped over that part of the story with him. I handed her a beer as I answered him.

"Sarah has been training me at home with a strap on dildo that, well, that looks and is about the same size and shape as your cock. She also sent me some how to books which I have been studying to further my cock sucking education while I'm at work. Practice makes perfect, as she tells me, and she wants me to be the perfect cocksucker."

"Haha! - You might just be that! Now get down between my knees again and let me be the judge of that."

I got down on my knees and crawled between Jake's legs. Sarah was still holding his cock and she pointed it straight up. She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and brought my mouth up to his balls. I began licking away at his balls and sack. I then took of each balls in my mouth one after another and sucked on them. From there, my tongue went to his work at the spot where his shaft and scrotum met. I licked my way up his shaft slowly, all the while Sarah holding my head with one hand and directing me where to go. She had me lick all over the head and fuck the tip of my tongue in and out of his pee slit.

She was still holding his cock, and it seemed like she didn't want to let go of it. Jake didn't really seem to mind having his junk handled by a woman even if he was gay. She grabbed his shaft by the base, and began to rub his cock all over my face, lips, cheeks, forehead, ears, chin, neck and nose over and over, all while holding my face in place. After a few minutes of this, she pushed my mouth onto and around the head of his cock, but not any further. She began to stroke Jake's cock, moving her hand up his shaft until it reached my lips, and then back down again. All the while she kept my mouth and head from moving.

"Jake, I know you don't care for a woman to be touching your parts, but I'm really excited by how big and hard your cock is. Do you mind if I keep touching you and stroking your cock while my husband sucks on your head? I would so love to stroke a load of your cum into my husband's mouth! I don't want to pressure you or make you do anything you don't want to. If you mind, I'll just have Stephie suck you off all the way while I watch. But I really love your cock, and I don't want to stop touching it."

"I don't mind Sarah, your hands actually feel pretty good, even if you are a woman. I've been with more than a few women before, when I was much younger and not sure about myself or who I was. But I'm good, honestly I might have come just from you stroking me while you kept telling me about Stephie's cock sucking adventures. Continue the story, and you can keep stroking my cock into your cum swallowing husband's mouth until I cum."

She did just that. Her hand stayed firm on the back of my head. My mouth and lips sucked on his cockhead, while my tongue swirled around it and swashed it with my spit. I felt my wife's hand hit my lips with a steady rhythm. As she stroked Jake's huge dong, her hand not able to fit all the way around it, she continued telling him about my blowbang, including the relay race competition where the men split off into two teams and fucked my mouth as fast as they could to see who could get off first.

She moved my mouth a little more and more down his cock as she went on with the weekend's adventures. But she never had me go down all the way, and she wanted to keep her hands on his shaft. It was a long blowjob, and she was letting it take time. She never stroked his cock that fast. She wanted to take her time making Jake cum, and I think she wanted to get through all of what happened before he blasted. As she was telling him about meeting Jamal and me going down on her and them him at the movies, and then bringing him home, she had put both her hands on him so she could hold the whole thing. She trusted me not to move my mouth but instead to continue to suck on Jake and give him as much pleasure as I could. And that's just what I did.


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The blowjob continued on as Sarah continued the story. She had moved my mouth back down to his balls as she went on, and was using both her hands to give him an expert hand job. Jake didn't mind at all that it was a woman doing this. Sarah was handling his cock so well it was almost as if she'd done this many times before.
But Jake was gay and even though he had been with women in the past (news to us, or at least me) that was before he met Sarah. Sarah had always known him to be gay, from what I knew. By the time she got him caught up to the events of the day - me sucking the cocks hard at the gloryhole and guiding them into Sarah, and then sucking the cum out of Sarah's fuckholes - my mouth was back on his cock. In fact, Sarah was pushing my mouth all the way up and down his cock, making me fully deepthroat him. Now she was just fucking my mouth with his cock until he came.

Finally he was about to cum. Sarah didn't want him to come all the way down my throat this time. So just before he came, she stopped moving me up and down his cock. I kept only his cock head in my mouth, with his pee slit pointing right at my tongue. She used both her hands and stroked his cock, but fast this time, building his orgasm up until it was ready to shoot right into my mouth and onto my tongue. This way I'd have to taste it all, and I'd also have to work to swallow it to make sure it got down my throat.

I opened my eyes as I wanted to prepare for his cum. If I could see his eyes then I could tell he was cumming. Plus the books all said men liked it when you gave them eye contact as they were shooting their cum in your mouth. That's when I noticed for a minute that I couldn't see Jake's left hand. It looked like it was behind my wife and that he might have been holding her ass. Probably just to keep her in position so as to be able to stroke him correctly, I thought. Why else would a gay man want to hold a woman's ass while he was getting sucked off?

The thought didn't linger that long as I had to instead concentrate on swallowing load after load of his ejaculate. His second orgasm produced almost more cum than his first. The taste wasn't as bad as some of the other cum I had tasted over this weekend, and I was glad for that. Of course, as he came, so did my wife. She came really hard, and I assumed it was both from the continuing state of orgasmic bliss she was already in, as well as getting to play with Jake's cock, which she loved apparently.

When they had both subsided, and I finished milking Jake's cock once more, we said our goodbyes. Jake went to *****, and Sarah took me into our bedroom for me to eat her out to one more orgasm before she went to bed. It took some time for to drift off into *****, frustrated again at not being able to cum while at the same having to give everyone else an orgasm I met that day with my mouth.
Jake was gone by the time I went to work. Sarah had me eat her out again in the morning before I left. As I walked out, she said to me, "Be good this week and I might let you out of our cage for some fun this weekend. Maybe even to cum, while I ass-fuck you. But only if you're good. And forward me any texts you get from your boyfriends you picked up at the gloryhole."



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T.H. Fantastic ! Thank you for taking your time to post! your awesome !!!! Bravo !


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My pleasure cuckold_2! Thanks always for your comments and praise.


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Looking forward to the next chapter of your adventure.


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Thank you billjohnson123!


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Volume II

Part X

It felt good to be back at work after spending yet another weekend of my throat being used as a fucktoy for big black cocks. I quickly settled into my workload, keeping myself distracted from what I had become. Or rather, what my wife had made me become. All in all, the morning went by quickly.

Just before lunch, I got a text from my wife. She told me she need to see me at lunch time and to come to her office. Luckily, my job allows me a fair degree of freedom and I can take lunch when I want. Her text said it was urgent, so I finished what I was working on and left for her office. I parked in her garage and made my way up the elevator to her reception area. They let me in.

Sarah was sitting at her desk when I arrived. Sarah's office is big and private. It is much better than my own, which I often have to share with others. Hers on the other hand was bigger than most hotel rooms.

"Oh, good, honey, you're here." She said to me when I came in. I walked in and closed the door behind me.

"Everything ok? Is there an emergency?" I asked.

"Stay where you are. Strip down to your panties. NOW! Don't make me yell that again loud enough for the rest of my office to know you wear panties. I don't care if you do, but you might be embarrassed walking out of here if they all knew you wear panties."

I quickly got out of my clothes where I was standing. She had me hang them in a closet she had. Next I put on high heels she had there that fit me surprisingly well. Once I was down to nothing by panties and high heels, she had me get down to my hands and knees.

"Stephanie, I've been so horny all morning thinking about this weekend! My pussy is soaking wet!! Crawl over here, get between my legs, and do what you do best! Oh and bring me your phone too!"

I crawled over to her massive desk. I handed her my phone when I got there. Then she had me get under the desk so I was between her legs. The desk had a back to it, so no one could see that I was under it. She bunched her skirt up a little and then pushed her panties to the side. She rubbed her cunt and pussy lips in front of me.

"Feel how wet I am," she said, as she wiped her glistening fingers off on my cheeks. "You can see how badly I need your slutty fuck mouth on my pussy, bitch! Now get at it!"
She had me adjust my position so I could get my mouth on her cunt and start lapping away, all while she sat at her desk. She was right; she was already wet before my lips or tongue touched her cunt. My tongue was soon enough performing its duties, licking away at her pussy lips and applying the right amount of pressure to her clit.

"Oh, that's so good honey, yes, that's just what I need to get! I just can't concentrate with how horny I am! My pussy is on fire and needs your sweet tongue love."

I could tell she needed to get off badly. I licked and sucked at her cunt lips and clit for only about 5 or 10 minutes before I could feel her orgasm building up. She kept her composure, most likely because she was at work. But I could her feel her body convulse and shake through a powerful orgasm. Her hand found its usual place on the back of my head as she rode my face and came on my tongue. I continued to lick her after she came, and she made no motion to move me away. I suspected I wouldn't be done performing my duties between her legs after only 15 minutes. I was right.

She kept me under her desk with my mouth glued to her cunt for the next hour. Even though my ears were slightly muffed as she squeezed her thighs around me, I could hear what she was doing. I could her tapping at her keyboard, most likely answering emails. I even heard her answer her phone and even make a few phone calls. She didn't make the slightest indication that she was being sexually serviced as she carried on conversations with whom I presumed to be clients, lawyers, or other professionals. All the while I continued to eat her out under her desk. Every now and then she would pause and tell me I was doing a good job, and to just keep on licking and sucking away at her pussy as I was. And that's all I did. I ate her out while she answered emails, read documents, and made phone calls.

At one point, I heard a male colleague come in. He brought her lunch and put it on her desk. She opened her bag and began to eat. This man sat across from her desk and begin to eat his lunch with her. She made no motion to me to stop me from eating her out at all.

To her credit, Sarah talked to him while I ate her out without giving any hint of what was going on. And she spread her legs out wide, so my ears were no longer confined. I could hear their conversation quite clearly as they ate lunch. My wife asked this man, whose name I learned was Lamont, about his weekend. He told her of all that he did. Lamont was apparently quite the ladies' man. He told her how had made his way through 3 different women over the weekend. My wife's responses made it seem as if this was a normal conversation they would have. She even made comments about how those ladies must have been lucky to get fucked by Lamont. She mentioned to him how he had never denied that his cock was quite large and capable of lasting a while. I noticed my penis starting to swell in its cage as the two of them discussed the size and fucking power of Lamont's cock.

"Well, I don't mean to brag, Sarah. But if you really want to know how big it is, maybe one day you'll just have to see it for yourself."

I felt her cum on my tongue a little when he said this to her.

"Lamont, you know I'm happily married, and that my husband keeps me quite satisfied, in his own way."

She was talking to him as if I wasn't even there. And she kept cumming too! And what did she mean by me keeping her satisfied "in my own way?" Had she discussed our sex life with Lamont? Including the last few weekends?

"But under different circumstances, I'm sure I'd love to sample what all the other ladies of this town seem to be getting."

"Ok then, Sarah, now let me get out of here before I get you in trouble." He chuckled.

"You better!" She said to him as he walked out the door.

After he was gone, Sarah said to me, "honey, you're doing so well down there! I'm having so much fun cumming on your tongue and lips while I go about my work day and no one knows you're down there going down on me! Now keep going. I want to look at the photos of your boyfriends' cocks on your phone. I'm going to text them too and let them know you want to suck them off, all while you keep eating me. Then you can leave and go back to work."

I ate her out to about 3 more orgasms as she used my phone. She made it a point to describe in great detail the cocks displayed on the dick picks that were texted to me. She let me know what technique she thought I should use on each cock to give them the most pleasure orally. I was also informed which cocks she thought she would prefer to fuck her in the ass vs which ones she wanted in her cunt. I also was made aware of her predictions as to whether the cock would prefer cumming in her cunt or butt, or just directly down my throat, when we got together. Through all of that, I felt her orgasm begin again and continue to rise.
Then she let me know she would be texting my boyfriends to ask them when I could suck them off.

"Stephie, here's the text I'm sending them:

Hi studs. My mouth and throat are feeling empty without your big cock fucking it. Please let me know when I can meet you and get your cum in my belly. My friend Sarah wants to party with us too. You can fuck any of her holes, as long as you fuck your cock all the way down my throat and shoot a big load of cum in me first. How about Friday night? I'll text you the address of where to meet."

"Ok, honey, I'm going to send it to each one of them." I felt her cum harder than she had all afternoon, and I imagined it was caused by her hitting the send button.

"Now we wait for them to respond..."

It didn't take long for my phone to buzz to let me know I had texts back. Sarah read them out to me.

"Sure, bitch, I don't mind feeding you. I'll be over Friday night with a fresh load for you. Text me the address."

"Yeah, I'm down for you to go down on me. But best believe I'll be squeezing Sarah's big titties while you suck me."

"Tell me when and where, and your throat is mine, bitch."

Sarah moaned and shuddered through an even bigger orgasm as she read their responses. She texted them each back the address of a hotel she booked, apparently earlier while I was eating her out. She let them each know that it would be a party and they would all be there.

She allowed me to leave soon after that. But first she had me gently lick her down from her orgasms until she was fully relaxed. Then she pushed her chair back and adjusted her panties and skirt.

"Well, that was just what the doctor ordered. I think I might have you come here every Monday to help me get through my workload. You can be my special assistant working directly under me! Tee-hee! Allright, Stephie, go put on your "man clothes" – she made air quotes – "and get back to your office. I'll see you at home."

I got up and got dressed. As I was about to walk out the door, I turned to look at her before leaving. She was already reading over some documents and forgot about me.

"Ok, babe, I love you, I'm leaving." I said.

"Huh? Oh honey you're still here? Don't wait around on my account, I'll see you at home later."

She went back to her papers. I walked out and headed back to my office. As I head to my car, I realized that I hadn't eaten anything for lunch. Well, anything but my wife's pussy. I was starving.

I also was getting text messages from the 3 guys my wife invited over to get sucked off by me Friday night. Mostly it was pictures of their dicks and messages saying things like, 'here's a photo of what you're craving to help get you off until this Friday.' One of the guys' texts told me he would hold off on getting off until Friday so he could feed me as big of a load as he could, if I wanted. I immediately forwarded the texts to Sarah. She was happy that I was letting her know, but she wanted me to respond to them myself without bothering her to find out what to say. She wanted me to let her know what my response was to the texts I got was before I let her know I got the texts. "After all, I can't do everything to help you hook up with your boyfriends, honey."

I responded the way I knew she would want me to, which was as slutty as possible. Texting back and forth with "my boyfriends," as Sarah demanded I call them, ended up taking even more time out of my afternoon. But I did as I knew she would want. I responded to each dick pick with compliments on how big and beautiful their cocks looked. I let them know I couldn't wait to get my throat fucked by their big cocks and my tongue coated with their big cum loads. By the time I went home, I had exchanged over 100 texts with "my boyfriends."

When I got home, I showed Sarah the text exchanges. "Ooooh, Stephie, how exciting! These guys are so primed to get their dicks off in your mouth! Now I want to read all of them, but that will take some time. More importantly, you need to make sure your cocksucking skills are better than ever so you can give your boyfriends the pleasure they deserve. These aren't just some strangers you're sucking off randomly, honey. These are the guys you met and hit on and set up a date with for Friday. You want to make a good impression on your first date with them. It's good that I'll be there to help you, but you still need to practice all week. The more you practice sucking cock, the closer you'll get to being my perfect little cocksucker."

Practice meant me changing into a slutty Stephanie outfit, and then getting on my knees and crawling over to Sarah where she was sitting on the couch. While I was changing into Stephanie, she put on her strap on. Her giant black cock jutted out from between her legs.

When I got to her cock, she told me to stop and look up. I looked her in the eyes as she began to speak. "Stephanie, I want you to practice taking my cock all the way down your throat without any warm up or foreplay. Chances are that the guys will already be hard when you meet them, probably thinking all week about getting their cocks off in your mouth. And if not, I'm sure by the time they're done making out with me and playing with my tits and fuckholes they will be rock hard. They're probably going to want to get off as soon as possible. Even if not, I want you to get them off as fast as you can. That way they can get their first loads out and over with, and then relax as they fuck your mouth and throat all night. Oh and if they want to stick their cocks in my fuckholes, they will be more likely to be able to control when they cum so that we can make sure all their cum ends up shooting down your throat. Unless of course I want you to eat their cum out of my cunt or butthole instead!"

With that, she grabbed the sides of my head and shoved her cock as far down my throat as she could. I got almost the whole thing down before she had to stop. But she didn't take any out. After letting me adjust so I could breathe while her big cock was in my throat, she pushed even more until my nose was buried in her pubes and she was all the way in.

"All right, Stephanie, I want you to move your mouth and throat all the way up and down my cock while I sit here and read over these text messages. Don't stop and don't slow down your pace until I tell you to."
I began moving my mouth up her cock until just the tip of her head was between my lips, and then I plunged all the way back down. Then I fucked my throat with her cock, moving my mouth up and down it, as fast as I could. I didn't really find any of this to be that challenging, having sucked off many, many, bigger real cocks over the last two weekends. But I still wanted to show Sarah I was earnest about practicing, so I could be her perfect cocksucker. Part of me thought Sarah was just using this as an excuse to fuck my throat and get off that way. That was certainly a motivating factor for her. She came several times during my practice and still didn't let me stop. Most of her orgasms came from her reading the text exchanges and imagining me doing all the things to my boyfriends I texted them I would do. She also came violently when she imagined how good it would feel to get fucked by these big thick cocks, and to feel them cum in her holes and then feed it to me.

But she kept me going long after she came. I was practicing for almost two hours. Sarah also wanted my throat to feel like it was natural to have a giant cock shoved down in it. "I want your throat to feel empty without a cock in it, Stephanie. So I'm going to make sure you have a fake cock down your throat as much as possible when the real thing's not available. "

I learned what exactly she meant by that when we were about to get in bed. Sarah showed me one of the purchases she got from the porn store. It was a penis gag. Basically, it was a dildo that I would take down my throat and mouth, and then she could lock it in place around my head so it would be stuck there. This device had the option of using a dildo that was double headed, so that while about 7 to 9 inches would be locked down my throat, another 7 to 9 inches would be sticking out from my mouth. The idea was that first Sarah would get as much of the double dildo down my throat as possible, and then lock it in place around my head. Then with the remaining end sticking out of my mouth, she would ride my face dildo until she got off and went to *****. Then I would ***** with the dildo locked down my throat.

She was able to get about 8 inches of the dildo down my throat before it couldn't be locked. She had me lie down on my back, but sit up so that my upper half was propped up against the head board. She then straddled me. She was in a doggy style position, on her hands and knees on top of me. She backed up until her cunt lined up with my face dildo. She reached back, grabbed the face dildo, and lined it up with her cunt lips. Then she pushed back and slowly began to fuck her self with the dildo.

I didn't realize this would happen, but her gyrating her ass against my face as she fucked herself on my face dildo caused the part of my dildo down my throat to also gyrate. So it felt like I was sucking on a cock that was stuck down my throat while its owner gyrated his hips in my crotch until he came straight down my belly. Maybe that was her intention, or maybe that was just a side effect, but I think she realized what she was doing to me at the same time. She fucked herself harder, which in turn caused my throat to get fucked harder.

She fucked herself on the face dildo through two extremely powerful orgasms. The first while she fucked her cunt on the face dildo, and the second while she fucked her ass on the face dildo. I was put in several positions during both. But she never allowed me to move my face. "You are not fucking me, and I do not want you to be thinking about fucking me. I want you to be thinking about getting your throat fucked by men with big cocks, like a good cocksucking slut wants, Stephanie. Stephanie is addicted to sucking off cock after cock and swallowing load of cum after cum, while I watch her and have fun with those same big cocks too. That's what this is about. This is about you being Stephanie and spending more time as Stephanie."

So instead I stayed still in whatever position she put me in. As she continued to fuck herself on the dildo, I felt my throat also being fucked. But her methods were working. It hadn't even dawned on me that in all this time, I wasn't even thinking about my own penis being used for the sex she was having with the dildo my mouth was holding in place. I hadn't even entertained a thought about being let out or even being given an orgasm while Sarah fucked my ass. I was just focusing on doing what she wanted me to focus on – having 7-9 inches of thick cock down my throat feel natural and familiar. And also to have it feel natural to watch my wife move her cunt or butt all the way up and back down a big black cock.

When she was done, she moved up to her side of the bed and fell as leep quickly. I was left with 8 inches of cock down my throat, along with the other side of the dildo sticking out of my mouth. Sarah told me to s leep on my back, like I really had much of a choice. It was difficult falling as leep. Just as I was about to, I felt Sarah straddle me again and fuck her cunt on the face dildo. She said nothing to me, just fucked herself until she came, and then got off the face dildo and went back to sl eep. Eventually, even with the face dildo locked and stuck down my throat, I also fell asl eep.


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Volume II

Part XI

I woke up several hours later to Sarah riding my face dildo to an incredibly intense orgasm. She was holding my head with both hands, tightly pulling my hair as she ground her cunt on my face. By the time I was conscience and realized what was going on, Sarah's orgasm started to subside. She stopped moving after a time, and my nose was stuck right up against the mound of her pubic area. My throat was of course being fucked by the cock sticking down it in the other direction from the face dildo on which my wife fucked herself. It was quite the unsettling wake up call.

Once she calmed down, she lifted herself off the face dildo.

"Morning honey! Nothing like an early morning fuck! Felt SOOOOOO gooooood! Now let me take this face dildo off of you Stephie. That way you can eat me out. After all, I want you getting used to eating my cunt out after it's been fucked and stretched out by a big black cock."

She unlocked the mechanism holding the double-sided dildo in my throat. She slowly pulled the dildo out of my throat. I wasn't given much of a rest after that. Once the dildo was removed, she immediately straddled my face again and lowered her dripping cunt to my face. My tongue and lips acted as if it was a Pavlovian response. I went to work on pleasuring her sexually with just my mouth. Again. Meanwhile, my penis continued to be ignored, no matter how hard it pushed against its cage in my panties. But I kept licking and sucking until I got her off. Once she was done using my face to get off, she told to me go make her breakfast while she got ready for work. Just as I was finishing up in the kitchen, she came in. I was told to go get ready for work, as I didn't want to be late.

I had just finished my shower and was drying off when Sarah came in the bathroom. She told me she had a surprise for me, something to help me remind me that I was Stephanie, even though I was going to work dressed as a man named Stephan. I gasped when I saw what she had in her hands. It was a buttplug, but the end of this one was curved and extended up.

"Bend over, honey," she said to me. "Good. Now I'm going to insert this into your butt. You are going to leave it there under your panties. You are not to remove it at anytime unless to do your business. But it must go right back inside. Understood?"

I nodded.

"Say the words, honey."

"My butt plug needs to stay inside my butt all day, and if I remove it to do my business, I need to put it right back in once I'm done."

"Ok, good."

I felt the tip of the buttplug start to invade my sphincter. It felt very similar to when my wife was pushing her cock into me to fuck me. She thrust it in and out a few times, each time pushing it farther and farther into my butt. It wasn't anywhere as long as her cock, so it didn't take long to bottom out. But once she got it almost all the way in, she pushed it up at an angle, and I felt the curved and extended tip of the end of it tickle my prostrate. I moaned a little, and felt my clit-penis twinge in its cage.

"Does that moaning mean I've found your g-spot slut? Hee-hee!"

She moved it a little more and I moaned loudly.

"I'll take that as a yes! That means it's all the way in. Now I want you to remove it yourself, all the way, and then reinsert it. That way you'll know how to do that if you have during the day. But remember, only if you have to go. No removing it for any other reason. Clear, bitch?"

I responded to her in the affirmative.

"Ok, now practice removing it and reinserting it a few times. And all the way in like it is now, so it's rubbing against your prostrate like it is now. Oh, and stay in the doggy style position you are when you have to remove it, whether in your office or the bathroom stall."
I reached back and began pulling the buttplug slowly out of me. It didn't hurt that bad going in, and it felt kind of good coming out. After it was fully out of me, Sarah told me to bring it up to my face to take a good look at it.

"That's what will be in your butt all day slut. Your new best friend, tee-hee. Now fuck it back into your ass, all the way so it gets to your g-spot."

I stuck the end back into my anus and thrust it in and out of me a few times. It went in pretty easily and I had it up to my prostrate in no time.

"Now unlike the cock I had in your throat all night, this isn't meant to get your ass used to having my cock in it. No, this is to keep your little clit-thingy on edge all day. I already see it being tensed up in its cage. Good thing you're wearing that, we wouldn't have to see the pathetic stiffness between your legs. That will help remind you that you are Stephanie. You'll feel your clit-thingy get stiffed up because your butthole is being fucked, even only slightly. By the way, I'm sure you noticed that the part of the plug in your ass is longer and thicker than your clitty. Anyway, that will remind you that your clit likes it when you have something in your ass. But it's not enough, and you'll start wanting something bigger and harder to fuck your butt so your clit can get off."

"Sluts get fucked, and Stephanie is a slut. Stephanie doesn't fuck anything. She gets fucked. Her throat gets fucked by big black cocks. Her belly gets stuffed full of their thick creamy loads. And her ass gets fucked by my big black cock until I make her clit get off. And you are Stephanie."

"Now go put on your panties, Stephanie, and then put on your male clothes disguise and go to work."

As soon as I stood up, I felt the plug reach a different part of my anus and rub against my prostrate even harder. My clit-thingy immediately responded. As I started to walk, the plug stimulated my prostrate in a back and forth motion, and I swelled and suffered. I put on my panties and got dressed for work. I could already start to feel like I just wanted to be released no matter what. It felt good but served more as a tease. I got as hard as I could against the restraints of my cage.

I expected that by the time I got to work, my erection – limited as it was – would have subsided. I couldn't have been more wrong. This was the first time I can say I was glad my wife made we keep myself locked up. My cage was the only thing preventing me from sprouting an obvious tent in my pants; a tiny tent, but a tent all could see.

Normally I would be able to go about my day, concentrating on work, with the cage being only a slightly inconvenient nuisance I had gotten used to. Now I was both grateful and upset that it kept me from being able to reach full hardness. I focused as hard as I could at work and the day went by soon enough. I was able to concentrate after some adjusting in my chair. All the same, my thoughts drifted time to time to wanting to be let out more than ever, just to be able to have my erection free. I didn't even care nor expect that I'd get to touch it, or that Sarah ever would, but still just to be free.

Even more difficult to ignore was the plug in my ass. It was making me and keeping me hard, just by physical stimulation alone. Sarah was right though. I did want something bigger and harder in my ass. If I wasn't going to be let out of my cage, then maybe something bigger fucking my ass would let me at least get off, even if I wasn't fully hard. That would give me some relief. After all, Sarah had fucked my ass while I was locked up and made me cum. Well it wasn't like a real orgasm, but it was still better than not being allowed to cum at all.
I stayed at my desk throughout the day, ordered delivery, and ate in my office. I ate nothing which would require me to do more than pee. The day went by normally, other than of course now having a plug in my ass in addition to my cage. I didn't even receive any texts from my boyfriends. They were probably working all day too. I found I didn't have a need to remove the plug, and it stayed in my ass until I left for home at the end of the day.

When I got home, Sarah was there. She had me strip down to my panties, and put on high heels and my I love BBC t-shirt. Then she had me crawl over to her. She was still wearing her business suit, but I would soon discover, she had her cock on. I kneeled before her, expecting to go to work on her pussy. Instead, she pulled down her panties and pulled out her black cock.

The big black, thick, ultra-realistic dildo stared me in the face once again. I was once again going to provide pleasure to a cock, even though fake, while my actual penis-clitty remained locked up and ignored as if I had nothing there. Her cock felt about as real as the actual cocks I sucked off could feel, without the heat and cum from an actual biological organ. But as I wrapped my lips around my wife's cock yet again, I compared it to the men who had used my mouth as a fuck toy these last few weeks. It filled my mouth and throat and was as velvety smooth while also being rock hard, just like the real men's cocks. If it was as hot as a real cock was, and had precum dripping out, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference right away. I noted how all of those thoughts occurred to me before the thought that I shouldn't have been able to describe or know the difference between how it felt to suck off a dildo versus sucking off a real cock. And it didn't really bother me too much anymore.
Once I got her all the way down my throat, Sarah grabbed my ears and skull fucked my throat. Then she pulled out of my throat and had me lick her cock all over.

"Lube it up with your spit, slut. Did you like having my plug in your slut-butt all day, bitch?

"Yes, ma'am."

"Was your clitty feeling swollen all day from having my plug in your ass, slut?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Are you still swollen?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And do you want something bigger and harder in your ass?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"ExcelIent, Stephanie. Then I have some good news. I'm going to remove my plug and shove my cock in you. Then I'm going to fuck you. I won't make you cum, but I won't stop you from it if you get to that point." I licked her cock a little while longer.

"All right, that's wet enough." She walked behind me and had get on all fours. She squatted down to inspect my ass. I felt her move my panties to the side, but not remove them. She began to remove the plug from ass. It felt really good as she did so.

She removed the plug completely. I felt a little empty and showed it by arching my ass up as if I was0 craving something. Then I felt the tip of her cock at my asshole and I moaned for it.

"Wow, honey, your clitty, really likes this plug in you. I can see how hard she was getting inside her home. Don't worry, I'm going to make her feel even better once I fill you up with my big cock."

Then she thrust it in. It went all the way in on her first thrust. It didn't hurt at all. If it did I didn't notice, because I had reached my full hardness. When she started fucking her cock in and out of my ass, it felt like I was going to cum any minute. I was actually enjoying being my wife's butt slut bitch. I was hard, and felt like I was going to cum. Plus my mouth was taking a break and not being fucked by a cock.

"Oh honey, this feels so good. As I fuck your ass, I'm also fucking my cunt. I have as much cock in my cunt as I have in your butt. I know your main concern in life is my pleasure, so don't worry, I'm sure I'll get off a bunch of times while fucking your ass. Even if you don't. At all. Not even once. I mean maybe you will, your clitty is really hard after all. Oh that reminds me, Stephanie, make sure you always think of it as your clit, or clitty. You're Stephanie, the slut, and sluts don't have cocks or penises or dicks. They have clits and fuckholes. And you, Stephanie, have two perfect fuckholes and a tiny clitty that gets hard when there's a cock in you. Say you have a clit, that she gets hard when you get fucked, and that she loves it in her home."

"I have a clit, she gets hard when you fuck me, and she loves it in her home."

I repeated the words to her over and over as fucked me.

She kept fucking me, in every position, in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, everywhere. She'd fuck me until she came, then switch positions or rooms. And I never came. It seemed like she'd fuck me in a way where her cock rubbed my prostrate and would bring me to the edge of cumming, but then just as I was almost there, she'd stop. Then she'd fuck me just raw without any attention to my prostrate and she'd cum hard. It seemed as if getting me to the brink of cumming, and then stopping, made her cum. And then once she came, we'd move and she repeat the whole thing.

We stopped once for dinner. I ate her pussy out while she ate and watched t.v. Then I ate while I cleaned up. When I got to bed, she had me dress in a teddy. She had her cock back on, and she fucked me till she came 3 more times. She went and took a shower and then came to bed. I was ordered to lick her to a gentle orgasm so she could come down and *****. Then she had me shower and clean my ass good. I went to *****, happy to not have anything stuck down my throat or my ass while I did.

The rest of the week went by with a repeat of the first two nights. I either had half the double dildo down my throat with my wife fucking her cunt or ass on the other end one night, or she fucked me in the ass all night with her cock. She came all night, and I never did, that much was the same. She made me keep the plug in my ass from right after my shower in the morning, until right before bed. But I never had to wear it while I slept, and she didn't make me keep the dildo down my throat all night either after that first night. At work, with the plug in my ass, my clitty stayed hard in her home while the plug rubbed my prostrate.

My "boyfriends" didn't send me too many texts either. We exchanged about 4 or 5 texts during the week. From them it was mostly just photos of their cocks and reminding me how good they were going to feed me, and confirming the address of the hotel. Sarah took photos of me deep throating her cock. I texted those to them, and told them it was to (a) show the men how much I was looking forward to sucking them off, and (b) remind them how good of a cocksucker I was. Other than that, we were all set for Friday night.

Friday came and by the end of the work day I found myself being nervous for my "date." I didn't know why. I don't know why I even I cared at all. This was just my wife's fantasy I was indulging her in so why did I care how the date went? It wasn't even a date, it was to meet somewhere so my wife could watch my throat get fucked by big black cocks and my belly and mouth filled with their cum. And presumably also for me to watch her get fucked by these men and then feed me their cum loads from her cunt and ass.
Was it that I was worried about having to suck cock? I had sucked off plenty of other men and they all seemed to enjoy it. Too much in fact. And I knew it was something I was good at. I didn't want to be good at it, I didn't want to do it all. But I was good at it, and that wasn't boasting. Sarah loved that I was good at it. That was part of why this was still going on, I thought. It turned her on how good I was. And I guess if I had to do it, it's better that I be good at it.

Or was I worried that the men would fuck my wife? I knew they were going to. It's not like I was going to fuck her, probably ever again. I didn't really have anything to fuck her with, just a tiny clitty that enjoyed it when my wife butt fucks me. And she was right, my main concern was her pleasure. We talked about it, although mostly at night when her cock was in me. She told me that if she wanted to get fucked by other men it was because she wanted me to watch, and more, participate. That she wanted me there to make the cocks that would fuck her hard in my mouth, and to guide them into her cunt and butthole, and to eat their cum out of her. Or to cum directly in my mouth after fucking her. She told me she wouldn't enjoy it without me and that she left the life of being a BBC gangbang slut because she was over it. But with me being her shemale cocksucker bitch slut, she was getting off more than she ever thought possible.

But despite all that, I also wanted to make sure the men enjoyed my mouth and throat. They were promised excellent cocksucking and cum swallowing, and had it built up for over a week. I did not want to disappoint. The other times I had sucked cock the guys either didn't expect much of anything or didn't have any expectations other than it being average maybe. They were all pleasantly surprised at how good I was at sucking off black cocks, as was my wife. But my boyfriends were expecting it to be great. And I wanted to deliver.

So I let Sarah dress me in the sluttiest outfits she had when we were getting ready. I let her do my make up and made sure I looked as much as Stephanie as possible. I practiced my Stephanie voice all week, and also speaking dirty as Stephanie. It was like I was method acting for the role of Stephanie the cock sucker, the character my wife created and wanted me to be. I looked like quite the cumslut when Sarah was done. She looked amazing of course, and had put on sexy lingerie over her tight skimpy dress. She packed a suitcase, with more slutty outfits, dildos, and some overnight items. We were apparently going to spend the night. She told me we would probably stay up all night.

"With three cocks for you to suck on, I want your mouth on one the whole time we're there. I doubt anyone will be getting any *****, but the guys might pass out after cumming in you or me. Still, plan on staying up so you can be fed cocks all night."

She took selfies of us and texted the guys to let them know we were on the way. They text back to say they would meet us there in about an hour. We left and got to the hotel about 15 minutes later.

The hotel was kind of seedy, but in a part of town where no one would recognize us. When we got there, the black female front desk clerk looked us over. She was really hot.

"Stop right there, ladies. I don't know where your pimp is, and this ain't that kind of hotel."

"No we have a reservation." My wife gave her the name it was under.

"Well we got nothing reserved under that name. I can get you a suite room for $250."

My wife counted the cash she brought with her. It wasn't enough.

"Where's the nearest ATM?"

"There's one here, but it's busted."

Sarah didn't want to use a credit card as she used a fake name. "How about $200?"

"$250 is the price. But I tell you what, I can give you a discount. I think you girls are both pretty. My pussy is feeling really worn out after my husband just fucked me with his big cock about ten minutes ago on my break. One of you get down here and eat me out while I make out with the other one, and I can give you the room for $150."

Before I knew what was happening, Sarah had agreed to the deal. "Honey I don't mind if you eat another woman out while I make out with her. I know she'll love your mouth on her, I always do. Plus I'd like to make out with her, she's pretty. We don't have enough cash, and this will **** some time before the guys get here."

We were let in to the back. The clerk couldn't leave the desk so she had me get between her legs at the desk. She pushed me down to her cunt and spread her legs. I could also see her reaching for my wife's head with her other hand. Neither of us resisted her as he dominated us.

I brought my tongue up her slit and could taste semen on it. She had just been fucked. I began eating her out and soon enough I could feel a still hot load of semen in her. I sucked on her and the load came out.

"Yes, you white slut, eat my husband's big load from my cunt!! Mmmmm, yesssss.....wowww!!!"


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I sucked more of her husband's load out of her cunt as she screamed out in orgasm. She stopped for a second, and I heard my wife say, "Yes bite my titties, while my bitch eats that load of cum out of your cunt! Mmm, let's kiss again, you taste so good, like you've had a big cock between your lips."

After her pussy was clean, the clerk moved my face to her asshole. There were apparently two more bigger loads in there she wanted to clean out. Sarah sucked on her nipples and tits while I cleaned out her asshole. I know because I heard the clerk order her to do so. I brought the clerk to two more orgasms. When she was done using my face, she grabbed my head and yanked me away. As I stood up I saw her and my wife fix their bras and their tops.

"You're in room 420. I'll be by later and feed you bitches some more cum from my fuckholes if you're still there. Maybe if you're lucky I'll let my husband feed you his cum directly from his big cock."

"We would LOVE that!" My wife said to her before French kissing her one more time.

Sarah then grabbed my hand with one hand and the key with the other. We headed to the room. Once we got there, Sarah fixed my make-up. Once we were re-slutted up, we waited for my boyfriends and their big hard cocks to fuck us.



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Bravo !!! Thank you !!! T.H. ...Brilliance at its best.... Please continue. ! Thank you for taking the time to post.

Fantastic !
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