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My Wife Made me her Cocksucker

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Here is part 1. There is a part 2 if there is interest...

My Wife Made me her Cocksucker

Even before we were married, my wife Sarah controlled our sexual life pretty strictly. When she discovered I was a virgin when I proposed to her, she told me she wanted me to stay that way until after the wedding. She was not a virgin by any means, I learned. But she did stay faithful to me and didn’t look for sex elsewhere, I learned. I was just happy someone as beautiful and gorgeous as Sarah wanted to be with me.

Jake, her best friend from younghood, who was gay, black, and huge, told
me that she used to be a slut, but he always hung out with her, and she hadn’t been with anyone that he saw, since I asked her out. There had been plenty of hot guys hitting on her, but she told them she was with someone. Jake said she mostly just went to gay bars with him and hung out. She was serious about me, and me only, he told me. That made me feel great, even though I still hadn’t got to have sex with her.

We moved in together after the engagement. Sarah said we could take our relationship one step further. She had me get naked. Then she raised her skirt and moved her panties to the side. Sarah taught me how to eat her cunt out properly, to the point of multiple orgasms. She had me do that for her every night after our engagement.

As for me, I asked if she would give go down on me or jerk me off.

“Stefan, honey,” she pleaded, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m not really into touching or sucking your little weeny. Yes I’ve told you how I used to suck off my boyfriends and swallow all their cum, deep throating them, letting them fuck my face, or jerking them off onto my tits, and all that, but I only did that because I was experimenting or trying to please guys who turned out to be assholes. Plus they were so much bigger than you. I just don’t want to have to do that for you, so is it OK if you just jerk off for me? We can have sex after we’re married. I just don’t even want to touch your penis, okay? I’m tired from the great head you gave me, so go in the other room and jerk your semen out. And don’t forget to clean your little mess.”

And so every night I ate her out, usually several times, until she ******. I then went into the bathroom and jerked off into the toilet. On the weekends, I ate her out in the morning while she ate breakfast, and again when she ate lunch, but she told me not to jerk off until night. On Saturday nights, I would lie down on the bed as she straddled my mouth and lowered her cunt on my face. I would then tongue her to orgasm after orgasm while she watched porn. I could only barely hear the porn, and never see it, as I was busy with my head clamped between her thighs.

As our wedding date approached, my wife laid down some more rules. She said she only wanted me jerking off two or three times a week, if that, and only with her permission. While at the same time, in addition to eating her out until she fell arelax, she wanted me to wake her up every morning to an orgasm courtesy of my mouth.

I agreed to this, as Sarah convinced me that it would increase the eventual sexual pleasure we had on our wedding night, six months away. And still, she wasn’t cheating on me, or looking for sexual pleasure elsewhere. Her pussy did not have semen in her, or anything. She just really loved the orgasms I gave her with my mouth. In fact, she told me that she prefers overall my mouth on her cunt to the hard fuckings she used to get.

She told me, “I was so used to being the submissive slut with my previous lovers, but I cum so much harder making you my bitch and being in control!”

When she caught me jerking off one night without asking her permission, she almost called the wedding off. She was outraged, as she felt my jerking off without her knowledge or permission was cheating on her. I agreed to ne locked in a chastity belt and have her decide when and how I came, from now on. I wouldn’t have to wear it on the wedding night or the honeymoon. But then I would be wearing it again full time, only to be let out once a week, and then only allowed to cum if I was good that week.

We got married and I finally got to have sex with Sarah. I had to wear condoms, because she wasn’t on birth control. Plus, she said she didn’t want to feel “my icky slime” in her. Still for me, the sex was wonderful. For her, not so much.

“I just must be used to getting fucked by bigger cocks honey,” she reamistered, “sorry to say, but yours must be too small for me to really enjoy it. I mean it was OK, you can still fuck me when you want to while we’re on the honeymoon. I was kind of thinking it would be like this when I saw your penis anyway, dear. Since you can’t make me cum with your penis, come down here and make me cum on your tongue, honey.” And that’s how pretty much how the honeymoon went.

Married life was great, despite Sarah’s control over me. She kept my dick locked up all week long, but at least one Saturday night a month, I got to have sex with her. She let me jerk off about once a week otherwise, cumming into the toilet while she watched.

About 3 months after the wedding, Jake came to live with us in our guest room. He had just broke up with his boyfriend and needed a place to stay. I didn’t mind so much, I liked Jake. He was definitely the bull in the relationship, “the giver,” I could tell. So for the most part, he was pretty masculine. He liked sports and action movies, and beer, and seemed pretty much like a regular guy. He just liked men, so whatever.

One night my wife told me she had unknowingly walked in on Jake jerking off. He was embarrassed and quickly hid his erection, but not before she got a chance to see it.

“It was huge honey! Way more than twice as big as yours – it was the size of the cocks that I used to get fucked by before you. ” she laughed.
She continued with the story. After calming down, and getting over themselves, Jake apologized, saying that he had just been horny, as he hadn’t had any action in a while.

“It’s sad really honey, for a cock like that to go unpleasured. It should at least be sucked off into a nice warm mouth. I mean I wouldn’t mind doing it, but Jake’s gay, and so he’d want a guy to suck him off anyway. You know, it’s not good for men with cocks as big as Jake to jerk off, because their cocks need to be enclosed fully, especially when cumming. Jake really needs a blow job from a guy soon, or I fear it may do damage to his wonderful cock.”

At that point, my wife had me eat her out, as she became really wet thinking about Jake’s massive tool being suckled on by some guy. She was really turned on by the thought of another man sucking off Jake.

She then told me that actually, Jake was looking through our honeymoon pictures, and was jerking off the ones of me wearing the speedos my wife made me wear. The thing was, Jake was jerking off to me, thinking of me sucking him off!! When my wife told me this, she immediately orgasmed. She came harder than she had in a long time.

She went to relax right after that, and didn’t let me out of my cage. I wouldn’t have wanted to jerk off anyway, as I knew right then that my wife was turned on by the thought of her friend getting sucked off, any probably even more turned on if it was me. I wanted nothing to do with it.

Over the next two weeks, my wife had me eat her out as she read, out loud, stories of white husbands being powerd to suck off black men by their wives. Before I could ask her if she was trying to hint at something, she would pass out. Sarah changed the conversation if I brought it up, saying it was only appropriate talk for the bedroom. She also began making me read or hear her stories while jerking off, and only cumming when she let me. If I came too soon, I would be in the cage longer.
One Saturday night, while I was allowed to jerk off, she was reading one of her male cocksucking stories out loud. I still hadn’t cum when she was done.

“Ooohhh, honey, wasn’t that story so hot? I bet that husband had so much fun sucking that big black cock while his wife watched,” Sarah said while I tried not to cum. “Do you think that it sounded fun, honey? I’m sure Jake would elt you suck his cock, would you like that? Answer me, bitch.”

“No, Sarah, please don’t make me do that.”

“It’s just a fantasy baby, just play along, if you want to cum. Otherwise, we can just go to bed.”

Okay, Sarah, whatever you say…”

“Goody!! OK, honey, I want you think about Jake’s big black cock invading your mouth and shooting its sperm down your throat! Now stroke your cock a little harder… get ready to cum, but when you cum yell loudly - I want to suck Jake’s big black cock and swallow all his sperm. Now!”

I came as she instructed, yelling that I wanted to suck Jake’s cock and swallow his cum. But when we were in bed later, I told her I really didn’t want to suck Jake’s cock, and the thought made me want to puke. “That’s too bad,” I thought she said.

“What Sarah?”

“I said, ‘go to bed,’ honey, I’m tired.”


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would love to hear more


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Yes Continue please
A. Smith


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Can't wait for the next installment. I have already placed myself in the role of Stefan.


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HOT story, please share more!


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Spectacular story, very arousing, please continue.......


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YES.....there is a LOT of P L E A S E continue with this excellent story...

I, too, and like 6k4g5Dxj in wishing I was in the role of Stefan, with the prospect of being able to serve both Sarah and Jake (and any other friends that might come (!) along...

thanks, too, for posting....


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cant wait for part 2!!


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Me too please poet part 2


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count me as another sissy fantasizing about being stefan. more, more, please!


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Thank you for all your feedback! This is the first story I've ever posted, so I'm glad you all are enjoying it. I will post part 2 soon. Based on the interest, I'm actually reworking it a little so I can add a part 3, hopefully. Anway, I'm hoping to post part 2 by tomorrow.


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Part 2

Three weeks had passed since that night, and I still had not been freed from my cock cage in all that time. I didn’t bring it up, however. Sarah had warned me, after the last time I came, that I would only be allowed out of my cage when she wanted me to be. If I had even hinted at wondering when I would be let out, she would keep me locked up even longer. So I didn’t say anything.

Plus, during that time, my wife continued reading her cocksucking stories while I ate her out at night. Whenever she got close to cumming, I could hear her scream, “Oh yes, Stefan, suck Jake’s big black cock, swallow his huge load! Yes, yes, yes!!!,” or something like that. I tried my best to ignore it, hoping that it was just a fantasy she liked to think about while I licked her to orgasm. I was okay with my wife getting off on thinking of one man pleasuring another. After all, how many men fantasize about two women together, especially if one of those women was his wife? This was just the reverse of that, I figured. But while it turned her on to think of me sucking of her gay friend’s giant schlong, it totally turned me off. And I knew that even if I had been unlocked, I would probably have to jerk off to her fantasy, and I was okay NOT doing that.

So I tried my best just not to think about. It was actually Sarah who brought it up. “Hey, babe, I just realized that you haven’t been let out of your cage in a while, huh? How long has it been – ten days now?”

“Actually, Sarah, it’s been just over three weeks.” I was hoping to elicit some sympathy from her, and maybe even being let out and getting to cum.

“Really?!?! Wow, I guess time flies. But honey, the reamister I bring it up is because I’ve lost the key to your cage.”

I was speechless. She said she wasn’t worried, because it wasn’t really a big deal that I hadn’t been let out, and could wait a while longer as it was. Besides, she ‘d still get all the orgasms she needed, as I didn’t need my dick to get her off, just my tongue.

“No, honey, it’s not a big deal. We’ll find the key eventually, and actually I’m having fun seeing you even more on edge with sexual tension. If we ever find the key and can let you out again, I’ll have to remember to keep you locked up for long periods of time again. And you can still keep me eating me out, so no worries. I’m really only concerned about Jake, because he still hasn’t found anyone new, and that huge cock of his needs to be drained properly. Don’t you agree, honey?”

I murmured a kind of yes under my breath.

Another month passed. I was still my wife out every night while she fantasized about me sucking off Jake. And still no relief for me. Then one Friday morning before work, Sarah told me that even though the key was lost, she gave a spare to Jake by mistake. The locksmith had made extra copies of her keys for Jake when he moved in, and the chastity belt key was with it. She’d ask him about it later that night.

When I came home that night, Sarah and Jake were on the couch.

“Come here honey,” my wife called, “but, take your shoes off first, and your tie. Now honey, I asked Jake for the key and I had to tell him what it was for. I also told him that I only thought it was fair that he receives something in exchange for giving it. So, since Jake is doing something nice for you, it’s up to you do something nice for him in exchange. Jake couldn’t come up with anything, but then I had an idea, and he is all for it!”

I didn’t like where this was headed.

“Steffie, honey, in exchange for getting the key back from Jake, I want you to come down here, get on your knees, put Jake’s magnificent black cock in your mouth, suck him off to completion, and swallow every drop of his sweet man juice. Jake won’t give up the key unless he gets sucked off. You should be able to relate. You haven’t cum in a long time, I know, and, Jake hasn’t cum into a tight hole engulfing his cock, like your mouth, in a long time either. It’s only fair that if you get to make your little thingy spurt its dribble, Jake should get to shoot his huge load down your throat. And once you’re done, Jake will give me the key, and I can let you out! You’ll finally be able to cum babe! I know how badly you want to be let out.

“But if not, I guess Jake will just have to go back to jerking off. But Jake is so horny right now thinking about you sucking him off. And so am I! You don’t have to, honey, but you won’t be let out until you do.”

I had no other choice. My wife was serious. I knew I’d be stuck in the cage with no hope of an orgasm , even just by my own hand, until she saw me sucking on Jake’s big black tool. She would be content to have me eat her out every night while she waited for me to give in. She would never let me out of my cage, I knew it. It had already been so long, and I was so horny I was basically ready to do just about anything to be let out.

Then Jake piped in. “Your wife is right. I’m really horny thinking about you blowing me, Stefan, and I can’t jerk off anymore. If you want your key back, just suck me off, and I promise I won’t try to fuck you or anything. Otherwise, I’m gonna beat you up and make you suck me off anyway. And if I have to do that, I’m not giving you the key.”

Jake’s threatening words, while encouraging me even further into giving in, scared me. He was much bigger than me and would have no problem kicking my ass.

Sarah calmed him down. “Jake, there’s no need for violence… yet. He’ll do it. He’ll do it because I want to see him do it. And he knows he has to do what I want. Honey, get down on your knees here, in front of Jake’s crotch. “

I walked over to Jake, who was standing, and did what Sarah told me to do. She had me take his pants off, and then his boxers. His dick sprang up and hit me in the face, smearing my cheek with pre-cum.

“Oooooohhhhh, that’s so hot!” My wife exclaimed. “His huge cock is gorgeous isn’t it? Not like yours –tehe- now, grab it and start giving it kisses all over. Good boy!”

I grasped his huge tool in my hands. It felt hot and throbbing. My homophobic heterosexual life passed before my eyes, as I stared deep into Jake’s massive head. It was time to do what Jake wanted to feel and my wife wanted to see. Jake still hadn’t unclenched his fists. The stick of getting beat up was cajoling me into sucking him off more than the carrot of being let out to cum. I started kissing his dick all over, starting at the head and moving my way up and down.

“Good job, honey! This is making me so wet!! Jake, just let me tell him what to do. I used to be an expert cocksucker, and trust me, you’ll love what I have my husband do to your cock.

"Now Steffie, I want you to lick the underside of his cock from the bottom to the top, like you’re licking a lollipop.” I stuck out my tongue, and started licking the underside of his cock, from the root to the tip of his giant rod. My wife coached me through my powerd cocksucking, telling me what to do. She had me lick his cock all over for a few minutes. Then she told me to just let his cock head rest on my tongue, so I could get the full flavor of cock in my mouth. I did just that. The taste was not bad or anything, but it was so strong that I couldn’t make myself imagine it was anything but cock.

After what seemed like an eternity of keeping my tongue stuck on his cockhead, tasting his pungent thick dick, Sarah said it was time for the main event.

“Honey, now I want to see your lips wrapped around Jake’s cock.”

She had me put me as much as of his cock in my mouth as I could. She then made me bob up and down, reminding me to use spit. I moved my mouth up and down Jake’s big cock for a while, stopping only when I wife told me to lick under his head, or to lick and suck on his balls.

After some more of this, Sarah held the back of my head and powerd his cock deeper and deeper down my throat, past my gag reflex, until his balls were resting on my chin.

“Wow, honey, I can’t believe your deep-throating him on your first try. I had sucked at least ten cocks before I was able to deepthroat, and I don’t know if anyone of those guys were as big as Jake! Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” She laughed. “Anyway, stay like that, with Jake’s cock buried in your throat until I tell you to move. “

She began taking pictures of just my face buried in another man’s pubes. It was then I noticed that she had the video camera on the tripod in the living room, pointing right at the junction of Jake’s cock and my lips.

She had me slowly move my head back, showing more and more cock coming out of my mouth. I had to look directly into the camera. Part of me realized that my wife had just gained even more control over me, as I’m sure she would use the video and the pictures as one more weapon to get me to do whatever she wanted.

“Oh my god, this is so exciting guys! Steffie, I want to see Jake fuck your face now. He’s going to grab the back of your head, and thrust his cock in and out of your mouth, fucking your throat, until he’s ready to cum. Do a good job of letting Jake use your mouth as a fuck hole, honey. Make me proud!”

Jake then grabbed my head, while pushing his cock back down my throat. My mouth quickly became a “fuck hole,” just like my wife wanted it to be, for Jake. He thrust his cock furiously back and forth past my lips, tongue, and throat. He fucked my face for at least another fifteen minutes.

Jake finally got ready to cum, and my wife wanted to him cum directly onto my tongue. “Steffie, it looks like Jake’s ready to blow his load. I want you to take it all in your mouth. You’re going to swallow it all, but not yet. I want you to keep his cum on your tongue and savor his taste for a while. And I want you to show the camera his big load in your mouth.”

Jake began to cum. I felt hot spurt after hot spurt shoot harshly against my tongue, coating my gums. It felt like he'd never stop shooting sperm into my mouth. By the time he was done, my mouth was basically completely full of his semen.

Sarah ordered me to open my mouth and show the camera that it was full of Jake’s cum. Some of his cum dripped down my chin. Sarah took pictures of me like this. After a few more minutes of "savoring the taste of his cum," I swallowed it all down. I opened my mouth again to prove I had swallowed it all, and Sarah snapped a few more photos.

She came up to me and whispered in my ear, telling me what to say to Jake. I looked up at Jake.

“ Thank you, sir, for the honor of sucking on your wonderful thick cock, tasting your balls, and letting me gobble up all of your delicious sperm. Your cock and cum tasted so good! I would love to do that for you whenever you let me.”

“No problem, Stefan, you make a pretty decent cocksucker. And I’m sure you’ll do better next time.” Jake then went out, giving my wife the key to my chastity belt.

End Part 2. Again, part 3 to cum soon if people want more...


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Wonderful. Can't wait for part 3.


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WOW!!! Great story.


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Classic! Thanks for sharing. Please continue...


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Oh YES...... very HOT story! I'm looking forward to part 3.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Again, thank you all for your kind words! And with no further delay, part 3:

Part 3

After Jake left, my wife wanted me to eat her out immediately. We went in the bedroom, and I lied down on the bed. After she set up the video, she got naked, and then straddled my face. She sat on my face. I ate her out while she watched the video she just made of me sucking off Jake’s big cock and swallowing all his cum.

“That’s it honey suck on my clit! Oh you look so sexy sucking on Jake’s meat. God I love it!! I love watching you suck cock. From now on, you’re gonna be my little cock-sucker. Now eat me, my cocksucker!!”
I kept eating her until, finally, she climaxed as the video showed me swallowing Jake’s load.

“Oh wow, honey, that was like the best orgasm of my life. Watching you suck cock is just so sexy. I meant it when I said you’re gonna be my cocksucker, especially if you ever want to be let out from your cage. I know you didn’t want to do it, but I don’t care. It’s too hot. You’ve sucked cock once. That makes you a cocksucker. You’ll be doing it again, and often! I really love watching you suck off another man. It gets me so wet and makes me cum so hard, better than the hardest fuck of my life. So you’re doing that all the time now, and with many different cocks, especially if you want to be let out and be allowed to cum.

“For now, I’ll just have you practice on Jake. When he gets back tonight, I want you in the living room, begging to suck him off. Then in the morning you’ll make breakfast for both of us, and suck him off and eat me out while we eat. We’ll be watching t.v. in the living room, so serve us in there. I’ll let you out to jerk off tomorrow morning after that. For now, let’s go in into the living room and wait for Jake. You can lick me while I sit on the couch and the photos I took of you tonight.”

I licked her for awhile. Sarah wanted me to then practice saying some lines for Jake when he got back, I did so until I had it just right for her.
Jake was really takes and horny when he came home, having spent most of the night at a gay strip club. When Sarah saw him come him, she moved to the loveseat, and told Jake to sit down in front of me, as I said something I wanted to ask him. She also began filming me.

I then had to beg Jake to let me suck him off by speaking the lines my wife had me rehearse.

“Jake, sir, please let me take your cock into my mouth and suck all the cum out of it! It tasted so good and I want it so badly!” Now I knew how a porn star felt.

My wife told me to take Jake’s cock out and suck on Jake until he got hard again, and then swallow everything.

I had my mouth on Jake’s cock for almost an hour. As per my wife’s instructions, I took his cock all the way down my throat until his pubes were in my nose. I licked on his balls while I kept his cock lodged in my gullet. I then began sucking on it heavily, licking the shaft in my mouth with my tongue the whole time. I played with his balls, massaging them gently. I didn’t move my head up and down or stroke his cock in any way. I just sucked on it and sucked on it until finally he erupted deep down my throat. He shot a few more loads in my throat, and I tasted his cum again.

I showed Sarah the last of his load in my mouth. She French kissed me, and we shared the taste of his jism until she had me swallow it. “You lucky cocksucker, his cum tastes delicious! I’m jealous. I bet his cock tastes wonderful too. But you don’t know a good cock from a bad one, yet. That will change. Now get down on me and lick me until I fall arelax! I want your tongue in my ass while you relax too. Good night, my cocksucker.”

I did as she told me. As I tried to relax, I kept thinking what my life would be like now that my wife made me her cocksucker.

I couldn’t relax. I kept thinking about what I had done tonight for Jake, no, for Sarah. She fell arelax pretty quickly, with the most content look on her face. She was right too, she had cum harder than I had ever seen her cum before. I loved being able to be able to do that for her. It was weird. Ever since I knew her, I was under her spell. I would do anything for her if it made her happy. Even if it meant sucking cock. I didn’t know how far she had planned on taking this thing. I didn’t know if she was doing it because she was turned on by seeing two guys together, or because she was able to control me into being her cocksucking bitch. In the end, I guess it really didn’t matter. I was making her happy, and that’s all that mattered to me.

She woke up to me rimming her. She came and shoved me off the bed. Then I had to go in the kitchen and cook breakfast while she slept a little longer.

I made eggs, waffles, sausage, and coffee. Soon, Jake walked in, wearing only his boxers, barely covering his dick. He grabbed some coffee. Sarah walked in shortly, and then I served them both, assuming she wouldn’t want me to eat with them. She didn’t let me eat with her normally, as I would be licking her cunt.

I was right. Well, expect this time I was back between Jake’s legs, bobbing my head up and down his big cock, while he enjoyed the breakfast I made him.

“Now Jake, since Steffie made you breakfast, it’s only fair that you feed him too! Steffie come here between Jake’s legs, and make sure to thank him for letting you eat his delicious meat and swallow all his hot thick gravy too! And then I’ll have some sweet cherry pie for you for your dessert.”

And so once again, my throat was being fucked by Jake’s big black cock, for my wife’s pleasure. Jake was just an incidental beneficiary. He came deeply, and I swallowed. And as my wife wanted, I thanked Jake for “breakfast", complimenting on how juicy and tasty his cock was, how thick and creamy his cum, “just delicious!”

“I’m glad you liked it, honey, now come here and get your sweet dessert.” It didn’t take that long for my wife to orgasm while I ate her this time. She came and came and came, as I licked her. She got off more on me sucking Jake’s cock than Jake.

When she was done, we went into the living room, and I was ordered to strip. She then released me from my cage. It was so blissful to be free! My dick immediately sprang up, more erect than I ever remember it being.

“Wow honey! Okay, Steffie, I think you’ve earned today’s orgasm. You have two options.

"Option 1 is a handjob for you. Jake would like to jerk you off, he told me, but you have to stroke his cock too at the same time. You both jerk each other, touch your cocks together, that sort of thing, until you both make each other cum.

"Option 2, you stroke yourself till you cum, but you have to make out with Jake the whole time. And I mean open-mouth, french-kissing, full on making out.

"So what's it gonna be, Steffie? How do you want to cum?"

Part 4?


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Oh yes please print part4


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omg yes. this is awesome!


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Part 4. Not as long, but the wait was shorter too. Thank you everybody for all of your positive feedback! I'll try to keep going as long as you want me to! Anyway, enough b.s. here's Part 4:


I had been just hoping to be able to jerk myself off in the toilet with my wife watching as usual, when she used to let me out. She caught me off guard, and I said nothing for a while.

“Or we can just lock you back up and get on with the day instead…” she warned.

I had to decide fast. My wife had never given me a handjob and it might feel god letting Jake do it. He probably knows what he’s doing. And I’ve sucked off a few times, so what’s the big deal in jerking him off? And I really don’t want to have to make out with him.

“I pick Option 1, Sarah. I want to jerk Jake off while he strokes me. I want us to touch our cocks together and cum all over each other’s dicks.”
“Ooooohhhh. Okay, Steffie, you have my permission.”

Jake stood up to face me, and I was soon stroking his dick, getting it erect. Jake reached for my dick, and it felt like heaven. I almost came, and he could tell. He pinched my head sharply, which somehow shot my orgasm back down. Sarah saw this too.

“Be careful! You better not cum before Jake does, Steffie, or you won’t be allowed to cum again for another three months, at least. I knew you haven’t cum in weeks, and you’ve gotten Jake off at least 3 times in the last 24 hours, but you still have to wait till he cums one more time.

Steffie, point Jake’s cock up so the underside of his dick is facing you. Now Jake, do you mind doing the same to Steffie’s little thingy? Good. Now Steffie, touch Jake’s cock to yours and squeeze his huge cock against your tiny penis. Now hump Jake’s cock eith your peeny, Steffie. Remember, don’t cum until Jake does, bitch.”

My hard-on remained, but having to touch my cock with Jake’s was helping me from cumming too soon. And it was having the opposite effect on Jake. After a few more minutes of me humping his cock with mine, he announced he needed to cum.

“Steffie, point the head of your boy dick at the head of Jake’s cock, and make your dicks make out!” I did so, feeling Jake’s hot head on my own dick, instead of my tongue this time. Our dick heads were touching. I was rubbing his pee slit up and down my own.

Sarah wanted me to catch his cum in a champagne glass. Just before he came, pointe dhis cock head into the glass and emptied his load. I used one hand to stroke his cock and another to massage his balls.

"Good, now Jake stroke Steffie three times, and on the third stroke you better cum bitch, into the same glass!

Jake stroke me once, I built up my cum, twice I was right there, and three times, I pushed my cum as hard as I could, holding the glass on top of my dick.

Despite the circumstances I was under, I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I filled the glass up with almost as much cum as Jake, and it was close to overflowing.

I wasn’t surprised, I hadn’t cum in about two months, and Jake’s hand on my dick actually felt really good. He knew what he was doing! He kept me on the verge of cumming, but made it feel good too. I kind of hated that I liked the way it felt, but I couldn't deny that it felt good.

And of course, my wife attributed it to the fact that I was playing with a huge man sized cock and touching it with my own "little wee-wee."

“Wow, Steffie, I’ve never seen you shoot so much before! You must really like it when Jake touches you! I guess if you get to suck his cock, he should get to play with your thingy too. I don’t mind. In fact, watching you two made me cum!”

I had to mix our two cum loads together with my finger, and then offer my finger to my wife.

"Mmmm that's good, you'll going to love swallowing all of that down. Now get to it!"

I brought the glass to my lips, tipped it, and drank its contents down my throat.

Jake went to his room. I went to the bathroom and got in the shower.

My wife walked in. “Steffie, I want to talk. It’s really turning me on, watching you and Jake together. I get so excited when I see your lips wrapped around his shaft, his giant head spewing shot after shot of thick cream – anyways, the point is, I get so excited watching you, but I feel left out. Like I want to be part of the action, and not just watch.”

She paused. “Are you done in there?”

“Yeah just rinsing off.”

“Okay, you’re done. “ I saw her hand reach in and turn off the water. I got out and she had me dry off as she continued.

“And we also talked about how I want you to suck different cocks?”


“Stefan, are your balls and dick dry?” When I nodded, she put my cage back around me. She looked me in the eyes, and said, “Steffie, what I’m trying to say is… I want to get fucked hard by a big cock like Jake’s while I watch you suck cock!”

CLICK! She clicked the lock on my cock.

“We need to get some rest. Jake’s taking us to the club tonight. Hopefully we can find some guy that likes boy and girls with a giant cock to party with us. But first, come over here!”

Sarah was sitting on the toilet. She had just finished peeing and she wanted me between her legs . She had me lick her without cleaning first, tonguing up and down her pussy and asshole. She continued her fantasy, which I feared would be made real all too soon.

“That’s it, right on my clit - So we’ll bring home a guy after a few games at the club to test his size... oh! and his taste.... yes! like that!... and I want Jake to like him too. Mmmmmmmmm…. Just like that my pussy-licking cockmouth hubby, use your tongue……. When we get home, I’ll have you suck both their cocks while I watch. Then our new friend will fuck me while I watch Jake fuck your cock loving throat... Oh keep licking me, Steffie! Don't stop!!!... We’ll have a game – the first guy to cum, either Jake down your throat, or the new guy in my ass or cunt, gets to relax with your cock on their mouth! And you get to eat not only Jake’s cum again, which I think you’re getting to love even though you can deny it – tehee! – but also you’ll get to eat a load of another man’s cum from one of my fuckholes!!! And I'll make you suck his dick and swallow his cum too!!!!!”

And she came, grinding my face against her cunt. “You'll have a cock in your mouth all night, swallowing load after load of semen!!!!” And with that, she went over the top, reaching new heights of orgasmic bliss as she fucked my tongue and nose with her cunt.

When she was done, she told me to come to bed, without wiping her taste of my mouth. Or Jake's and my own cum loads either, for that matter.

“Now let’s take a nap, we’ve got a big night.”


What will happen to Poor Stefan at the club with Jake and Sarah? How much more cock will he have to suck and cum will he have to swallow before his wife ever lets him fuck her again?

Does anyone care? Should these adventures in cocksucking continue?


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Abso-fucking-lutely! What a perfect Wife! Hope to see more. Thanks. priss


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Please keep the story going!
A. Smith


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great story keep it up!


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Sorry for the delay, been away a while. Part 5 is a little tamer, but it will pay off in the next part(s).

Part 5

We woke up from the nap and Sarah wanted to talk to me.

“Honey, I don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling right now, but I want to let you know that you’re making me so happy right now! Having you make my fantasies come true is so amazing, Stefan, I love you so much. Just let me speak right now.

“I can tell that you don’t want to suck cock honey. I know you wouldn’t do it unless I told you to. But in fact, that’s what turns me on. Making you do things that you don’t want to. I wouldn’t just want to be married to some fag who wants to suck cock for his own pleasure. I get off on the control I have over you.

“And I love watching you do it. Like I said, it makes me cum so hard! And Stefan – when you thanked Jake for letting you suck his cock and swallow his cum, and tell him he’s really tasty and everything – Oh my GOD! That’s almost the best part!

“I want you to keep sucking cock, only while I watch, and only for my pleasure, okay? And I want you to act like you really enjoy it, the whole thing. Tell the man who owns the beautiful cock you’re sucking that it’s gorgeous, huge, delicious… you know things you’d want me to say to you if I ever had the weird desire to put your boy-dickie in my mouth. And we would both know that you don’t really want to suck cock, but you're doing it because I told you to.”

“But I don’t want you hating me or wanting to leave because I make you suck off other men. I love you more now than I ever have, if that’s possible? I don't evver want to lose you, I mean that. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world married to you.

She paused, and then looked at me. “Okay, Stefan, please tell me what you are feeling.”

I looked into her eyes and professed my love for her. I couldn’t help it. Despite everything she had made me do, I loved her so much and I felt closer to her too! I told her that she was right, I hated sucking Jake off, but I could get used to it for her. I wanted to be with her forever. I told her not to worry about me ever leaving her. We hugged and cried. She actually let me out one more time to jerk off while eating her, something I hadn’t been allowed since the honeymoon. I didn’t have to eat my cum or anything, but I did have to get locked back up.

Even though I was happy, I was scared about two things.

“Sarah, do you really want to have sex with another man?”

“I don’t know Steffie… What I want is to be in a threesome with you and another man, someone with a huge cock like Jake’s. I want to make out with him while you suck him, and then make out with you over his falring cockhead. After I watch your throat gulping laod after load of his thick semen, while your lips are tightly wrapped aroung his thick dick, I want something bigger in my pussy than just your tongue or small penis. And while his cock thrusting in and out of my cunt, I want your mouth on his balls or on my clit, and then taking his cock down your throat and swallowing his cum.

“But don’t worry honey, that won’t happen for a while. First I want to talk about some new rules about when you will be let out and when you can cum, now that you’re my cocksucker. I let you out to cum again this time just because you’d been locked up for so long, and you sucked Jake off so well each time this weekend.

“You’re going to be on a point system from now on. You have to earn at least a thousand points in order to be let out and cum. That doesn’t mean that once you earn your points you can cum. Instead, every two weeks from now, you will appear before me and tell me how many points you’ve earned and how you’ve earned them. If you have 1000 points added up, then I will let you out, and you will be powerd to ejaculate however I want you to. And of course, you will be eating all of your semen too.

“How do you earn points? Every time you suck Jake off when he wants it, you get 10 points. Every time you initiate sucking Jake off, by begging him to let you do it, you get 20 points. Every new man’s cock you suck off, as long as it’s big, you’ll get 50 points. But you have to make the cock cum in order to get the points. And it has to be in my presence.

“You can also lose points. If a man wants to fuck me, and I ask for your permission as your wife, and you say no, you lose 100 points. For every day that goes by that you don’t let him fuck me, you lose another 50 points.

If you do let him fuck me, and he wants to cum in me but you say no, you lose 50 points. And if you do let him cum in me, and you don’t beg to eat it all out, you lose another 50 points.”

“Now, if you want to fuck me, then you have the choice of not being let out until six weeks have passed, and then only if you’ve earned 10,000 points. And you still have to wear a condom, and if you cum too soon, you won’t be allowed a chance in my pussy again until 6 months have passed, even if your birthday and our anniversary pass during your probationary period.

“Any questions?.... none? Good, now let’s type up these rules and get them printed and bound for us to have copies handy. We can call it ‘Rules Regarding Steffie’s Wee-wee’.

I typed it up while my wife supervised over my shoulder. She then had me attached a picture of Jake filling my mouth with his cum as the cover page. More specifically, the picture showed Jake's cock spewing a thick heavy load of semen from its cock head onto my awaiting tongue while I look directly into the camera.

“It looks good, Stef. Now get ready, Jake want to take us out to this new club tonight. It should be lots of fun, and you can start earning your points after we get there.”

part 6 to orgasm soon


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Awesome! i'm drooling for more! Great work. Thanks. priss


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i'll second that. It's a great read.


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Great. Please continue.
Thanks a lot!


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Thanks for all your compliments! I still have a lot of ideas, so the story will continue.

There is an error in part 5. I was looking at the "point system" I had Sarah devise for Stefan, and I realized that he'd have to be giving around 50 blowjobs every two weeks to get 1000 points, and that's if he didn't lose any. That's a little extreme, even for this story. So here's how it should read (I just changed the numbers):

“How do you earn points? Every time you suck Jake off when he wants it, you get 100 points. Every time you initiate sucking Jake off, by begging him to let you do it, you get 200 points. Every new man’s cock you suck off, as long as it’s big, you’ll get 500 points. But you have to make the cock cum in order to get the points. And it has to be in my presence.

“You can also lose points. If a man wants to fuck me, and I ask for your permission as your wife, and you say no, you lose 1000 points. For every day that goes by that you don’t let him fuck me, you lose another 500 points.

"If you do let him fuck me, and he wants to cum in me but you say no, you lose 500 points. And if you do let him cum in me, and you don’t beg to eat it all out, you lose another 500 points.”


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Part 6

Jake drove us in his car to the club. Sarah sat in the front with Jake. She was wearing a low cut dress, that showed plenty of her cleavage. She looked real slutty. Even Jake said that if he wasn’t gay, he’d jump her bones right there.

I sat in the back of his two door convertible, so I couldn’t really see where we were headed. When I finally got out of the car in the parking lot, I saw that we were at a place called the Male Room. My wife explained to me that it was a male strip club. It had just opened a few weeks ago, and apparently all of her single girlfriends and gay friends had been to it and thought it was amazing. In fact, Jake had just come home from this place last night, when I sucked him off in the living room.

I of course had no interest in going in. My wife could tell, which made her just want me to go in even more.

We paid our cover and got a table near the front of the stage. I watched one guy after another dance on stage. The guys didn’t get completely nude, but they were only wearing thin jockey style shorts that left very little to the imagination.

Sarah whispered in my ear, “Steffie, I can tell that you’re uncomfortable being here. I’m having a great time myself! These guys are so hot, and built. And their certainly packing a lot between their legs! I want you to keep looking at every guy's crotch, trying to get a peek of their cocks. If I see you staring away from their crotches for too long you're gonna lose points. It'd be a shame to start out negative on your first night.”

My wife watched a few more guys dance, and I kept downing take after take. Jake approached a dancer on stage. He rubbed his hand up and down the guy’s crotch and put a dollar in his shorts. My wife was mesmerized as she watched this.

Then a new guy was called to the stage. He was black. He was built really well, and had huge muscles. He quickly stripped down to just his underwear as the music played.

“Wow, he is so hot, Steffie! And look, it looks like his cock is huge too!”

“You think he’s hot, Sarah?," Jake said, "That’s my friend Sam. I dated his roommate a few years ago. I can introduce him to you if you want. What do you say, Stefan? From what I understand, he’s got a big cock like me, so you’d like sucking on it. And by the way, he’s also bisexual, in case you wanted to play with him too, Sarah. ”

“Thanks Jake, but I want Steffie to go introduce himself to Sam. Stef, go up to Sam and tip him a dollar. Lick your lips and tell him you bet his cock tastes great when you do it.”

I sat for a while without moving, hesitating. I mean it was one thing to do something gay in my house, but in front of everybody at this strip club? What if somebody that knew me saw me?

“Now, bitch!” Sarah ordered me. I gulped down the last of my cocktail and walked over to the stage. I had my dollar out, wanting to get done with this as soon as possible.

When Sam saw me come up, he danced over to me. I guess he could tell I was nervous. “Hey there, guy, why don’t you come a little closer? Don’t be shy…”

I turned and saw my wife looking sternly at me, pointing her finger at me and mouthing to me: 'Do it!'

“Uhh… I was wondering if, ummm… that is, uhh… I bet your… cock… tastes great,” I said as I licked my lips.

“Ha! Thanks, guy. Want to to touch it?” Then he grabbed my hand with the dollar in it, and pressed it into his crotch. He made me rub him there and even had me grip the outline of his cock. I happened to notice that it was close to the size of Jake’s big monster. He then had me put the dollar in his shorts. I could feel the heat from his cock as I wrapped the dollar around his shaft. He told me that he’d come see me later for a private dance. The he let me remove my hand from his cock.

I came back to my table. Jake was no longer there. He had met someone and wanted to go home with him. Sarah told him to go, and that she was sure that we’d get a ride home from someone.

A little while later, Sam came up to our table, still only wearing his jockey shorts.

“Hey there,” Sam said to me, “Who’s this pretty lady next to you?”

“Hi, I’m Sarah, and Steffie here is my husband.”

“You two are married, huh? We get couples here sometimes, but not too often.”

“Yeah, well my husband really loves cock, and he's been begging me to come here so he could see all this beautiful dick! Of course, I wanted to see it too, so I gave in and we're here! And I must say from all the guys I've seen, it looks like your cock is probably the most beautiful one!!”

Sarah then invited him to sit with us, and we would pay him for a dance anyway. She didn't want to be hidden away in a private room, where nobody could see us.

“Go get him a take, Steffie, whatever he wants!”

I returned from the bar and I noticed that Sam was sitting closer to Sarah, and had his arms around here while they talked about something.

“Steffie, I have some great news! Sam here gets off in about an hour, after one more dance on stage, and then he’s gonna take us home! Isn’t that nice of him? We’ll have to thank him properly when we get home,” she said, as she rubbed her hand up and down his crotch, outlining his cock with her tiny fingers.

We had takes as we got to know him better. Every once in a while my wife would give me a look, and I had to ask Sam something about his cock, like its size, taste, how much he came, if he liked being swallowed when he came, if he liked tearing up married pussy with it after being fluffed by the hubby, things like that. I also had to touch his cock from the outside now and then, while looking at him and licking my lips, as if I wanted nothing else but to take it out right there and then suck on it. And if I wasn’t doing it, my wife was. His cock was really hard under his shorts the whole time, and I saw my wife tease his cockhead a few times. He looked like he might burst at any minute. I guess he had the strength to control himself.

This continued until Sam was called back up the stage. This time I had to go up there with a 20 dollar bill and tip him. When I got to the stage, he walked up to me, and stood at the edge. His crotch was eye level with my face. He straddled my face, grabbed the back of my head, and rubbed his crotch all over my face. He was humping my face in time with the rhythm of the music. Every so often his cock would peek out from his underwear and rub across my lips, or my forehead, cheeks, chin – basically all over my face. My wife was watching the whole time.

As the misterg was about to end, he made his cockhead just barely enter my mouth, right past my lips and onto my tongue. He held my face in place, looked down at me, smiled, and said, “Swallow it all, and don't let any out of your mouth.”

He started cumming on my tongue while I wrapped my lips around his shaft, as I had done for Jake before. I guess he couldn’t control himself any longer and needed to cum right then. His load was quickly filling up my mouth. I had no choice but to start swallowing it. I trust that Sam knew the rules. I still had the twenty dollar bill in my hand, and if anyone saw his cum dribbling out of my mouth, I guess it would be trouble. So I gulped load after load of his thick, heavy cum, struggling to not let any out of my mouth, and succeeding in the end to get all of his cum down my throat.

Sam quickly put his cockhead back in his shorts. I gave him the twenty dollar bill, and then he went backstage to get ready. I walked back from the stage, my belly full of his semen, where my wife was waiting with a huge smile on her face. She told me, “I saw what you did, but you don’t get any points, because you didn’t technically suck him off. In fact, if you hadn’t let him hump your cocksucking face and then let him use your mouth as his cum receptacle, I probably would’ve docked you 100 points.”

We met Sam and went outside to his car. My wife sat in front with him. I got in the back and sat down. As Sam started the ignition, I wondered what was in store for me when we got home.

Part 7 under construction...
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