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My Bitch, Ownership of someone else's wife

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Start of gangbang. K on left.. 8 guys 2 girls. The girls were very busy.



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#842 · Edited by: karty1
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K has some standardised rules during a meet or shoot so she can fulfill her role better. She is given them over time so that i have her used to doing what i want.

Obviously if you have read the blog you know when shes out with me shes not allowed knickers.

When travelling in car her skirt is around waist, and stockings and puss are visible.

When at home she wears a cat collar on her ankle which has a bell. This is a constant reminder to her that she has an owner and has rules.

She has daily picture tasks (see pic)with a mantra that is sent after every telephone call to me .

When certain guest come to visit she will greet them at door on her knees with her mouth open. I expect nothing less and will accept nothing less.

She has some other set behaviours with same friends. They know what they are, and how she is to be used for viewing pleasure or oral and other service.




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Hi Karty - great pic from the GB, thanks! Is that J with K, your two lovely ladies performing for the lucky 8 gents? - you'd said before that J & Boy were still around but I wondered if they had dropped out now? Thanks for sharing it - was the event fully documented or just a few pics - what ever you can share is fantastic, thanks! Have you ever thought about instructing K to write about the events she has to do, and post them here if you consider them good enough to entertain your admirers (you could always punish her if they weren't - I'm sure she would soon understand what you wanted!). She could edit and post her own pics too - I know you feel it's a waste of your time sometimes when you get little in the way of feedback, so this may take the burden from you? There are masses of very appreciative folk here whether or not they actually post comments or not. Thanks again - here's hoping for more from the GB and any other events you wish to share.


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God, I love that second photo. That blonde hair needs to be spunked in. Please message me if you are ever in need of a random new lover for her for a couple of hours.


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Fantastic post, what what sexy well trained women you have Karty!


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842#2. Would love to lick those shaved balls! Thanks


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Love the look of her well used pussy!
Cuck who loves a creampie.
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My Bitch, Ownership of someone else's wife
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