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My Bitch Angel

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My relationship with my wife just kind of evolved to the point where I don't penetrate her anymore. I've always had a problem where I ejacualate really quickly, like in less than a minute. It just got to the point where my wife said:

"Look, after sex even though it doesn't last long, I get goopy down there and you know I risk getting an UTI (infection), and I have to get up and pee and clean up just for your 30 second activity. You cum so easily, I think there's other ways to take care of your business since I'm not really getting anything out of it."

Since then, I lie beside her and hump her lubed hand, and cum pretty quickly. She alway has this wicked smile when I cum and sometimes giggles. Before she leaves for work in the morning, she'll sometimes say "lets get you taken care of" I hump her hand and cum quickly and she says "good boy". She really seems to enjoy how efficient this is, but I really would like to fuck her again. The most I get is sometimes she'll let me look at her vagina while she's reading in bed with no touching it becase she says she's worried about this UTI thing. It really gets me frustrated and I've been masturbating lately .....alot. Recently, she went to lube up her hand and saw my penis and said "What's up with that? It looks red and irritated, and then grabbed it and looked closer saying "It even looks like you have a blister here. Do you need a mommy to supervise you or something? You must be beating your poor weenie mercilessly, I think your looking at far too much porn?" She went to my closet took and collected all my porn and said "I'm going to help you out" and she threw it all away commenting "I'm sorry sweetheart, but this is really for your own good. Grown men shouldn't beat off so much they get blisters on their weenies." She commented "You really shouldn't be masturbating that frequently, besides, I like it when you have big loads when your humping my hand and I've noticed your loads are smaller and it has to be because your beating off when I'm at work. I don't want you masturbating anymore. My hand is enough for you. OK sweetheart? You really shouldn't be looking at other women anyway, don't ya think? I said "yes, I guess". The only porn I have now are the photos she lets me take of her. "Isn't looking at my vagina and humping my hand enough for you sweetheart?" I said "yeah, I guess, but I would really like to fuck you again...maybe somteime. She said "you know that's not possible. You don't want me to get an infection do you?. you know how easily I get them. I thought you enjoyed being the dildo guy (I get to move the dildo in and out) while I work my clit with my (vibrating) egg. "I do" I said.

It doesn't really help that I really have no power in our relationship as we moved to our current location in a smaller rural type area where I can't get work unless I want to work in the fast food industry or something equivalent. We moved here for her job and 100K+ salary. She thought it would make me feel better and always let me control the money, but about a year ago mostly because of me being rude to her, being impatient and having a short temper which sadly brings her to tears sometimes. While she was very lightly stroking and petting my penis which melts my brain completely. She said "You know, I'm the bread winner in this house, I think I want to be in control of my money because it's .......well, my money. Don't you think I should be in control of my money?" "ummmm...Yes" I said. I'm so glad you feel that way sweetheart. Could you go to your desk and give me the 700 dollars from your wallet." "I guess" I said. I went and got her money and gave it to her. She gave me $20.00 and said here's your weekly allowance. I said "That's not nearly enough." she said "Don't worry if you need more, just come and ask" clarifying that if I haven't been rude or impatient and kept my temper in check that she can be quite generous. I said I felt like I was being emasculated. she said "Don't worry, when you've been good, I'll let you be a man". "I have a special treat for you tonight. Would you like to look at my vagina while I read? she said optimistically. I said "ummm ....yes" not believeing all the events the had just transpired.

Since then, I've been pretty much had what she considers the appropriate attitude towards her. I not only get my 20 dollar weekly allowance, but she lets me sometimes get more from her purse when I need it after asking politely, very politely. She feels it's necassary to define who controls and makes the money and says it has helped my attitude tremendously.

One night she was reading a book on behavorism (operant conditioning) while she was lightly gently stroking my penis with her lubed hand, and she said "Wow, according to this stuff I should be able to associate a stimulus such as my voice with a behavior like you cumming while I'm stroking it, and after enough associations I can remove my hand altogether and just verbally command you to cum if your horney enough". She Laughed and laughed saying how fun it would be. After about the tenth attempt of trying this, she knew when I was just on the verge of cumming, she would stop stroking it just before the moment and say "Cum!!" She could see my penis pulsing, and said one more time "CUM!" and flicked it with her finger pretty hard and it just spurted all over. The look on her face was incredible. after other attempts she can now just stroke it a couple of times so it approaches orgasm, withdraw her hand and say "CUM!" and it spurts. This entertains her to no end even though I find it humiliating. We were at a movie and she was just stroking my lap outside my pants. She could feel how hard it was and she leaned over and whispered in my ear "Cum" I groaned a bit and she giggled uncontrollably and told me I should go to the bathroom and clean myself up. We were kissing in bed the other night after I spent a good 30 minutes of looking at her vagina while she was reading, and she put her lips to my ear and said cum. I spurted, and she said good night sweetheart. I was kind of mopey and said "I don't feel like much of a man." Laying on her side with her back to me she said "you don't have to be, I'm man enough for both of us, good night sweetheart and yawned.


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Last night I almost got to put it in her. She was looking so hot standing in the kitchen nude after getting out of the shower. I asked her "I'm just wondering if possible ...maybe we could ...have sex tonight darling." She said "If your your going to ask a question like that don't you think you should be polite and ask like a gentlemen, sweetheart?" which to her means on your knees kissing her feet. If I can catch her before she has to pee, I always have more of a chance at penetration. She like to pee after sex because it clears the ureathra and prevents UTIs, but she has had so many UTIs she seldom even wants to risk it unless she is as horney as hell which is as seldom as finding a snowball in Iran. At least she was giving me a chance to make my case and begging like hell usually gets her wet. I quicky got to mey knees, kissed her feet and said "please darling, you look so beautiful, please let me have sex with you, please. It's *** not being able to touch it." She said "It's not just me that has to say yes, it's my pussy that has to say yes." She spread her labia "Do you see my pussy saying yes sweetheart? Do you see it dripping? "No" I whimpered. Then it looks like you have some more talking to do sweetheart. Why don't you show my pussy what you'd like to do to it by humping my leg. You know how hot that gets me." I started humping her leg with my drooling penis. She said "Well one thing is certain, your weenie wants it bad." As I was humping her leg, my face was almost in her crotch and I saw a bit of moisture start to form on her labia. I was really getting frustrated. "I think your pussy is saying yes" I said. She parted her lips and a long strand of moisture broke free which I lapped up in a second without touching her pussy. "Hmmm..." she said "I think that's a definite maybe. What do you think?" "Yes! please, please darling let me put it in you". She smirked and said "I think this may be your lucky day sweetheart."

She walked toward the bedroom. Just watching her ass sway back and forth almost made me pop. She lie on the bed waiting for me. I started to mount her looking forward to being surrounded by her warmth. She reached for my penis and said "My that's one hard little weenie you have there. I hope you can make it in there before you CUM". It started spurting uncontrollably. She held my penis with her right hand trying to catch the spurting load with the other. "My, my! That's a huge load for a lttle weenie" she said. "I almost thought you were going to make it in there sweetheart. I was so looking forward to it. She said "Don't cry baby" wiping a tear from my cheek. "you know your quick ejaculations don't bother me." she insisted. "you know how I like to watch you spray. It's like a little fire hose shooting all over the place like that. I love it."

I went to grab her a paper towel for my sperm. She said "Wait, you know how it used to turn you on when I swallowed your cum when I used to give you blow jobs?" I said "Your not going to swallow all that from your hand are you?" she laughed "No silly, I was thinking how much it would turn me on to see you lap up your own cum from my hand. Please, sweetheart it would turn me on so much." She put her cum filled hand to my mouth without even waiting for me to reply and tilted it so it drained into my mouth, and then put each finger in my mouth for me to suck clean. She commented "you know how much we're going to save on paper towels by doing this sweetheart? My that turns me on seeing you be so manly takeing your own cum like that sweetheart. It really does." She gave me her dildo and said "Okay you get to be the dildo guy" and she started to work her clit with her vibrating egg telling me when to go slower and faster. She had a powerful orgasm ending with a hard loud grunt. "Nice job wroking that dildo, honey, you know just how to do it." She tugged on my flaccid member and said "awww ...too bad"

She got up to go pee and clean herself up. By the time she got back, my penis was as hard as ever. She said "Dang honey I just peed and cleaned up. Would you like a hand? "Yes", I said. "Now don't be mopey, you know how much you like the lubed hand." She started to caress it lightly and I was in heaven in minutes. She said "You know honey, I have something to tell you and I don't want you to be mad. ummm.....I was talking with Jan at work just about girl stuff, and she was saying how she gives Steve these great blow jobs, and I kind of told her .........that I trained your penis to cum on command. "NO! please say your joking" I said. Don't be mad honey. She thinks it's really neat." Neat? What did she say? Well, she was actually floored. You should have seen her face."
"What did she say?" I said urgently. "Well, the first thing she said is I have to see that!!"


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id love to fuck your wife hard long rough kinky and freaky!

22 hung bull 9 1.2 inches 3 inches wide


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so what happened after she told you that? Did you get to show her? Does your wife care to find another man with better staying power?


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OMG I can't wait to find out what happens next with Jan!!!


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What did she say?" I said urgently. "Well, the first thing she said is I have to see that!!"

What! Your kidding right?! Why did you tell her that?

"Well, she was telling me all these things that she does to melt steve's brain, and I couldn't let her "one up me" could I, sweetheart? when I told her I could make you pop with a simple verbal command, I think I won" she said with a sly smile.

"My god Stacy, sometimes it's okay to lose once and awhile" I said in anguish.

"I didn't get where I am professionally by losing sweetheart. Besides, Jan and Steve are swingers. They've done more kinky things than we could even think of. When I told Jan about your little popping trick, she lit up and said we sound like their kind of people. It might be good to network with them don't you think? Their already good friends and that regional VP job is coming up. Maybe we could seal the deal, honey"

"Stacy!" I said angrily. "Steve is the president of your company, and Jan is his secretary. You can't fuck around with people like that! ...........literally!"

"You see how angry you are right now. I thought we talked about this. You know I don't like your temper" she said grabbing my balls with a firm squeeze. A pain shot through me as she clamped her finger nails into my testicals"

"I'm sorry, sorry, sorry pleeeease stop" I moaned.

"She eased up and started to lightly caress my penis."I'm sorry darling, but when you get mad like that I have flashbacks to the old days, and I get upset." she said with her best pouty lips. "When ever you hang out with your buddies, you come home all bossy, assertive and rude, and I think we need to work on that somehow.

"It's just that I don't think it's a good idea to share our intimate relationship with people you work with." I said as my brain was melting with her light twisting motion up and down my shaft.

"Gee, I don't know sweetheart, your saying no, but your weenie is saying yes. From my experience, your weenie never lies, but you sometimes do." she said smiling wryly. Lets ask your penis, Mr weenie, do you think it's a good idea to network with Jan and Steve? She then squeezed from the base of the shaft to the tip and a load of precum oozed out. "Oh, I think he's saying big yes to that one, honey. I think it's two against one." she said smiling. Anyway, you think on it sweetheart. Goodnight. didn't finish...

We're finished for tonight darling. Maybe in the morning. I started to stroke it myself, but she felt the motion. "John, no beating off" she said sternly. "You know I don't like the bed jiggling when I'm tring to relax. Put it away like a big boy, and no humping the bed sheets either darling." I've got to get up early.

"Yes dear."

The next morning.

I woke up about 10am upon hearing the front door open. It was Stacy looking her typical sleek corporate self carrying a bag from our local sheek retail outlet.

"What are you doing home so early?" I said.

"What are you doing relaxing in so late?" she said as she peeled down the covers revealing my morning erection. "Your morning wood is always the best wood, honey" she said smiling and licking her lips and flicking it with her fingers and then running her nails lightly up and down the shaft.

"You know that problem I said we need to work on. You'll be happy to know I have a solution." she said in her perky morning manner as she dumped the contents of the bag on the bed.

"Your solution was to run out and buy yourself a bunch of new underwear. Well, whatever works for you." I said.

"No silly, they're not mine, they're yours, all yours." she said as she went to the dressor and collected all my jockey shorts, putting them in the empty shopping bag. "You see, I think this is the solution to your little testosterone problem sweetheart. " I think when your wearing these under your clothes, you'll always be reminded that your little bitch" she said smiling holding up one pair of pink frilly panties.

No Stacy ...pleeease.

"Darling, this isn't negotiable." she said in a firm loving tone as she was glideing her nails up and down my shaft. "When your out with your friends and they're talking trash about women and other things like I know they do, you'll be constantly reminded that your bitch. Don't you think this will work, sweetheart?" as she took some precum from the tip and and lightly worked the shaft and head. "What do you want to be sweetheart?"

"I want to be your... bitch" I said moaning.

Well if you want to be my bitch, don't you think you should ask me first? she said.

"Can I be your bitch?"

"I don't know, why don't you try asking like a gentleman?" She said as she stood up and walked across the room. I got up with long strands of precum dripping from my penis, walked over and knelt and kissed her feet and said "Please darling, can I be your bitch?"

"Of course you can honey. why? because I love you and I want you to be the best husband you can be" she said as she stroked my penis very lightly. "Look how happy you've made me sweetheart." she said as she lifted her skirt revealing a pussy dripping long thick strands of juice. "You may suck that up dear if you like."

"Of course" I said as I sucked up her juice trying not to make contact with her pussy.

"My that weenie of yours just wants to burst...

No, don't ..

And she kelt down and said, "But honey can't you see it really wants to CUM. and it spurted a heavy load into her cupped hand as I groaned and sobbed. She held it in a delicate manuevure to keep it from getting on her corporate attire. She held her cupped hand in front of me brimming with the white thick cum and said "Well...."

"Do I have to?"

Of course honey. Don't you want to make me happy? It's such a manly thing to do and you know how real men turn me on. Drink it up baby." Still on my knees I lapped it up from her hand' and she said "Don't forget the fingers sweetheart" as she had me suck each one clean as she stood in front of me.

"Now go try on those panties, I'm excited to see how they fit." I put them on. She clasped her hands together with a big smile and said " look adorable sweetheart. It takes a real man to pull off pink polka dot panties."

"Thanks" I said highly embarrased.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to them darling. Well, I've got a board meeting a 1pm. I've got to go, and remember no beating your weenie while I'm at work darling, and don't worry about that Jan thing she'll probably forget all about it." She picked up the bag of my jockey shorts and took them with her to throw in the dumpster on the way out." Bye, love ya, think of me while I'm gone"

I will


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It doesn't strike me like we have alot of readers here so I'll skip the rest of the story if no one is interested. The story is true and only mildly embellished so far. She is definitly one of the hottest chicks on this site, but not much feedback thus far.

I have much hotter pics, but people know them elsewhere so I can't use them here. She usually shaves, but is growing a bush for me.


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One from the back. Half the guys in town are chasing after her. I wish I could show her face.


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Well, I just came across this thread and I am highly entertained by it, so, please continue on!


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Quoting: Okiesultan
so what happened after she told you that? Did you get to show her? Does your wife care to find another man with better staying power

No, not really, She is very loyal. She gets very horney, but she could take sex or leave it for months and months. I could leave her in a room of 10 inch dick studs, give her permission to fuck every one of them, and when I came back in two hours, I'm sure she would probably just besitting there talking to them. Though, she does have a fantasy of being surrounded by a group of guys and having them jerking off on her.

She is much more fascinated by the beauty of women. She would rather look at nude pics of women than men, yet she really has no lesbian tendancies. A woman licked her clit once and she liked it.

She is really a busy professional woman and is not preoccupied with sex in anyway, so I think she appreciates my minute man qualities. She does get a kick out of watching me take my own sperm. She actually had my legs over my head once and shot my load directly into my mouth and face. she thought that was pretty neat, but she prefers to have me lap it out of her hand.

She gets aroused when I'm aroused, but as mentioned she has such a probelm with UTIs she would prefer not to have any penetration unless she feels that she can pee afterwards and is also very horney, so when I hear the toilet flush, it's always kind of a downer, because there goes my chance for penetration for the day. The planets really need to be lined up just right in order to mount her.

She really gets a kick out of watching me spurt mostly. She would rather use her egg or a vibrator which she makes sure are sterile. If she's not in the mood which is mostly she'll let me hump her leg while she's reading, and then hump her hand with lube until I cum which really doesn't take longer than 30 seconds max. ...and yes, if I'm horney enough she can make me cum just with the sound of her voice. I don't really like it because I cum without little or no orgasm. It still leaves me horney and submissive to her. She likes that because then she gets her house cleaned throughly, and then I can hump her hand and enjoy a good orgasm.

She really does have me wear panties, just because it keeps my attitude meek and mild. She has a problem with my temper and rudeness sometimes, and when she came up with the panty thing it worked wonders. She said that was the only aspect of my permisterality she wasn't totally in love with. It works, just try getting pissed off at a chick when your wearing panties she picked out for you. It's impossible, and it really is a reminder about who wears the pants in our family as well as her taking control of our finances which I didn't realize was such a big part of my ego until she started giving me an allowance. it's almost too much to take sometimes. Who controls the money can be a very erotic thing.

...and no, she is totally not into the sissy thing. I won't be wearing a dress anytime soon. It's a turn off to her and me as well. She likes the panty thing just so far as it adjust my attitude to her taste.


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Quoting: a3kmf
Well, I just came across this thread and I am highly entertained by it, so, please continue on!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it well enough that you made your third post in a year. ;)


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Make no mistake mate, your thread is fantastic. I've been travelling out of state for work lately and have been working early to very late so I haven't had a chance to get on and stay current. But, trust's fantastic. So fantastic, I've saved it to share with my wife when she gets home later tonight. It's cool if you stop, but I hope you don't. Thanks for what's there up to this point.


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Quoting: draclif69
Make no mistake mate, your thread is fantastic. I've been travelling out of state for work lately and have been working early to very late so I haven't had a chance to get on and stay current. But, trust's fantastic. So fantastic, I've saved it to share with my wife when she gets home later tonight. It's cool if you stop, but I hope you don't. Thanks for what's there up to this point.

Thanks, does this kind of thing really turn your wife on? I'm not sure how many women out there are really like this. Mine really started out pretty normal, but her permisterality really kind of changed as far as how assertive and dominating she is as she rose in her profession. She has to be extremly assertive and dominating at work and I think she just brings it home with her. That, and not only does she make money most men can only dream of, she also has a much higher educational degree (Her MS to my BSC) than I do. She really outclasses me in every way which makes it that much easier to fall to her feet in admiration.


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You definitely have one of the hottest women on this site. I have a preoccupation for petite women, and I envy you for having an opportunity to worship a body like that.

Keep posting, my subbie brother!


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Thanks Keyless,

Since I can't post pics of stacy's face (I really, really wish I could) and to give the reader some idea of what she looks like, think of Cameron Diaz with Cameron diaz coming in a close second.) Man I wish I could post face pics, because she has such stunning features, but I guess the people that really know her especially the guys wish they could see the pics you all are getting to see. It's a strange, strange, strange world.

A Period Of Adjustment

Stacy came home about 4:30.

"So how'd it go with your first day in your new panties?" she said as she put her purse and keys on the table.

"Ok I guess." I said not really able to look her in the eye.

"You didn't beat your weenie today while I was work did you sweetheart? I sometimes worry about it when it's in your custody. The way you beat that thing sometimes I feel Like I need to call the domestic penis protective services hotline or something" she said laughing as she was putting her tea in the microwave.

"Very funny" I said

She grabbed my chin lifting my head so she could look me in the eyes saying "why don't you take your pants and shirt off sweetheart and let me have a look.

I said "It's just too humiliating, please don't make me do it Stacy. I just don't feel like a man in these."

Darling, don't you realize what a real man it takes to be the the wife of a successfull woman, and just look at the great attitude you have now. All that assertiveness and bossiness is completely gone. I play hardball all day long with the little boys with little dicks at work, I don't need it when I get home too, sweetheart. This is going to improve our marriage more than it already was. You want that don't you sweetheart? You want to be a manly man and not one of those fake insecure prick macho men don't you? the more I deal with the so called "men" like that at work, the more I want to eradicate all signs of it in my home." she said holding my chin and looking in my eyes.

"I guess" I said.

"Good, now let's see those panties."she said with a smile.

I took off my pants and t-shirt and stood in front of her. You look great sweetheart, and even though you might not be comfortable now, your weenie seems to love them I'd say." she said as she walked over in her high heels and black corporate attire pulling down the panties letting my penis out and dripping precum on the floor. "As a matter of fact I'd say your weenie has never looked happier, sweetheart. This is the way I'd like you to greet me when I come home, honey You should be wearing your panties and holding a nice hot cup of tea for me. That would be so relaxing after a long day at work. Do you think you could please, please do that for me, sweetheart?

"Yes, I guess."

"Thank you so much, a woman couldn't ask for a more perfect husband. Your going out with your buddies tonight to that monster truck ralley or something aren't you?" "Yes" I said. "That will be fun, let's go pick out your panties" she said as she led me to the bedroom. She laid out a few pair on the bed and said "Well, for a monster truck ralley, I think the french cut white panties with the frilly white lace and pink little bow in the front would be perfect, don't you? "I guess so" I said. "Great put them on, Mike is going to be here in a half hour if you guys are going to make it by 7pm."

I got dressed and asked "Darling, could I have 75 dollars for the tickets please?"

"You don't have the money? You should really budget your allowance better, sweetheart, but you've been so good today I guess I could help you out. Go ahead and take a couple of fifties from my purse."

Mike rang the door bell and Stacy reached for her purse before I got to it. I answered the door, and Mike said "Hey dude, Hey Stacy......let's go dude" Stacy still had her purse and my mind was racing trying to figure out how to get the money from Stacy without looking like a total pussywhipped pussy in front of Mike.

"Hey Stacy, where did I put that seventyfive bucks?" I said acting puzzled. I could see a litttle smile starting to form across her lips.

Oh it's in my purse sweetheart, why don't you take a couple of fifties and bring me back the change." she said smiling a wicked little grin, taking a sip of her tea that just dinged in the microwave.

"Oh....ok." I said as I walked over to her purse which seemed like the longest 10 feet of my life with mike watching me. I opened the purse almost shaking, taking the two fifties.

"Remember, Jan is coming over for lunch tomorrow so don't come home too late, you need your relax. We were planning on lunch....remember?"

"Ahhh...ok, I d..didn't know it was tomorrow." I said almost dropping her purse.

"I'm sorry, honey, I'm sure I told you....huh, well it's tomorrow." she said with a wicked little smile as she was lifting her cup of tea to her lips along with a devious little wink.

"Ummm...ok, fine, well we gotta go" I said quickly. I had to get out of there before I fainted from the light headedness.

Stacy yelled, "You boys have fun now!!.

In the driveway, Mike said "Dude, your as white as a sheet, what up?"

"Nothing, probably something I ate for lunch"


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Pics from this morning. She got up before I woke up and peed so as usual, I get nothing saying "you snooze, you lose buddy". I was so horny to eat out her pussy. I begged her to eat out her ass. she said "Ewww...but I guess there isn't any harm in it if you really need to". It's amazing what you'll do when your horny, but it's all she would give me. Eating out her ass was heaven. She let me hump her hand after.


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I just came across this thread and I plan on being a frequent viewer. The words you are sharing and the situation that is unfolding is highly erotic. Your wife has an incredible body. I am going to go back and read the whole thread from top to bottom again slowly. I must admit I was bouncing from the words to the incredible pictures. Do keep up the story. You have one avide fan here.



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manray my gf just seen ur thread she likes it and its giving her ideas of what to do to me and now after reading yours she has cum up with making me shave completly smooth and my butt as well and making me have to wear high heels and subake naked while she watches me oh lord what am i gonna do but submitt to it she loves to know what she gonna do next to u she like urs isnt into making me wear dresses thank god its not me but like urs she preety and she can get me to do anything she wants


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Great story.... Your wife is incredibly hot and I can't wait for the next installment. Please keep them coming.


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post a pic of ur bitch on all fours


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Prelude to Lunch With Jan

I woke up this morning extremly horney, half dazed from some erotic dream that I could barely remember. Stacy's leg was next to me and I started humping it. "Well someone's horney this morning." Stacy said yawning as she extended her leg so I could mount it better. "Please Stacy, please let me put it inside" I said moaning.

"Oh honey, I just peed not more than 15 minutes ago. That's just not going to happen sweetheart, and even if I hadn't you know I'd still be paranoid about the UTI thing"

"Damn" I said in desperation. "Please, I need something bad' I said humping her leg harder smearing precum up hand down her leg. "Mmmm...I love that." she said

"Here, let me lube my hand." she said already opening the cap of the lube.

"No, not that again." I just wasn't ready for it to be over in 20 seconds. The lubed hand is guaranteed to finish me off in no time. "I want to eat you out so badly." I said.

"Not going to happen sweetheart. I'm not going to spend two weeks with a burning bush every time I pee because you were horny one morning." She said firmly.

"Please, let me lick your ass or something, anything, I just need to penetrate you in some way....any way" I said moaning.

"Ewwww....that's disgusting. .........I guess it would be alright though, but you might get sick sweetheart."

"I don't care, I can't take this anymore." I said in desperation. "I need to shove my tongue in something, anything"

"Well, it is kind of itchy down there" she said reluctantly. ".............Ok, go ahead if you need too, sweetheart." She said as she rolled on her side pulling down her panties.

I plunged right in licking and thrusting my tongue deep in her ass. I couldn't believe it. Ice woman was moaning, something I've never seen her do outside of using her sex toys. "mmmm......your really scratching that itch she said kind of panting." I starting digging in even more. "Yes, she said "Use your teeth a bit, sweetheart". I couldn't believe she said that. I really started munching harder. She was softly moaning as I did this for the next 15 minutes.

"Your really getting me wet sweetheart. Why don't you get my big black dildo and my red dildo." Just for the reader's info. The red one is for her ass. When she's just horny, she'll use her vibrating egg on her clit. When she's really horny, she'll use her egg while I thrust her big black dildo in and out. When she gets to the point where her eyes start rolling to the back of her head, she wants the red dildo up her ass with no moving it (No thrusting is allowed in her ass, she just likes to be filled up so it feels even better in her vagina). Requesting the red dildo is a pretty rare event.

I inserted the red dildo and started thrusting her big fleshy black dildo while she worked her clit with her egg. "My", she said. "You really know how to french kiss my ass. Your going to have to do that more often. You can be my own permisteral butt boy. Would you like that she said. "Yes! I would love it" I said. Her body tensed up, and then she started bucking with a loud hard grunt as she was cumming. "Good job!!" She said happily. I was now ready to explode in her hand with only a few srtokes.

"Honey" she said, "would you mind not coming this morning?"


"I think it would be better if you didn't because like I said yesterday, Jan is coming over for lunch and she really wants to see your little trick, sweetheart, and I want you to be ready to pop easily."

"I thought you were kidding about that." I said almost gasping."

"No silly, I wouldn't kid you about something like that. You want too, don't you, sweetheart. You don't want her to think I'm a liar do you?" she said with her award winning pouty lips.

"I guess not." I said. at this point I was so horny, I would do anything. "It's just that it's so humiliating to cum that quickly and easily in front of another woman." I said feeling a little flush.

Awww baby your face is red. There's no need to be embarrassed. Do you know how many women wish they could turn there husbands on so much, they could make them pop with a simple word." she was being very careful to avoid saying the word at this point, especially with my penis still standing at attention, throbbing in front of her. "Your so ready to pop, sweetheart. I'm almost afraid to breath on it." she said smiling.

"Do this for me." she said smiling with that exquisite smile, looking into my eyes with her big blue eyes and ruffled blond hair framing her face and perfect full lips

"Ooook" I said.

"Your the best, Honey!!" she said like a little girl that has been just told she's going to get that Easy Bake Oven for her birthday.

She got ready for work. I brushed my teeth and gargled. Stacy started to leave for work, and I went to kiss her. She turned and gave me her cheek and said "Honey, I know where your mouth has been."

"I just brushed my teeth." I said protesting.

"yeah...but still, sweetheart. I've got to go, I'm going to be late" she said as she kissed me on the cheek. "Bye! Love ya, sees ya in 3 hours. she said running her girly run in her high heels out to her Lexus "No one can kiss ass like you can sweetheart" she said looking back at me smiling as she opened her car door."

"Thanks" I said, but she couldn't her me as she started her car and sped off.


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Quoting: blizzard
post a pic of ur bitch on all fours

Sorry, I don't have bitch or I would. All I have is a gorgeous goddess. You might have to rephrase that.


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Lunch with Jan

This must have been the longest three hours of my life. Half the time my heart was beating so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. Stacy called an hour before and said in a quiet voice so no one could hear at work and without even saying hello. "You haven't been beating off have you?"

"No" I said at the same time my penis snapped to attention.

"That's good" she said almost in an intense whisper. "Is it hard?"

"Yes, very"

"Is it wet?" she said whispering excitedly.

"Yes" I said as I was touching it and groaning a bit.

"Stop! don't touch it anymore." she said sounding very concerned about it cumming.

Baby, we'll be there in about forty minutes. In the mean time, you know I had my period last week. could you be a dear and scrub the crotches of all my stained panties from last week darling using a bit of bleach and water. They kind of disgust me, but I know your just the right man for the job aren't you baby?" She knew that would keep me on edge.

"Yes, I guess." I said as I could feel even more precum seeping into the panties she picked out for me today.

I heard the latch of the door unlock. it was one of the most erotic sounds I've ever heard and caused my penis to snap to attention almost painfully. It was followed by the voices of a couple of giggling women.

"Hey baby" Stacy said "This is Jan from work. Jan, this is my sexy husband." stacy said smiling proudly.

"Yes, he is." Jan said smiling "How do you do" extending her hand.

Jan had short dark hair and an attractive face. Her most outstanding feature was her outstanding D cup breasts pushing against her thin sheer blouse. I wondered if she took off her bra off before coming over as it seemed a little to explicit for the work place.

"Hi" I said extending my hand. We only met briefly at an office function once before.

"Stacy says you have quite a talent there mister. Awww he's blushing Stacy"

"He's a little embarrassed. I told him he shouldn't be. Alot of women would love to have a husband that can do that." Stacy said as she put her arm around me and rubbing my shoulder

"You can say that again." Jan said trying to reassure me.

"What do you think John? Should we show Jan?"

"I guess so" I said. My penis was rock hard and dripping from three hours of anticipation and also looking at jans breasts straining against her blouse.

"Well, take your clothes off, honey"

I took my T-shirt off and then my pants. Jan saw the panties and her eyes lit up. "Ooooh he looks adorable Stacy." I quickly took off the panties and threw them on top of my jeans.
That's a nice little stiffy you have there, hun." Jan said quite pleased. A long strand of precum started to drip to the floor. Jan said "Stacy, do you mind?" Gesturing to my penis.

"Of course not, Jan." Stacy said as she was retrieving a empty bowl from the kitchen.

"I just love this stuff" Jan said as she took the long strand of precum from my penis and started rubbing it between her fingers as she watched my penis throb.

Stacy came back with the bowl and handed to Jan and said. "I think he's ready, but let me warm him up a bit more" as she bent over pulling up her skirt and supporting her self on the coffee table.

"Why don't you give my ass a long slow deep kiss baby." she said as she swayed her ass back and forth. Jans presence in my mind almost disappeared as I fell to my knees and started to thrust my tongue in her ass. Stacy moaned a bit and said, "You really know how to scratch that itch, baby. She had me do that for less than a minute.

Stacy said "Jan would you mind holding the bowl under his weenie just to keep the floor clean."

"You bet!" Jan said eagerly.

Stacy said "CUM". I started spurting. Jans eyes were as wide as quarters as she caught my initial spurt on her cheek, as she tried to manuevure the bowl to catch the rest of it. "Oh my, he's such a squirter Stacy." Jan said smiling.

"Yep, he's my little spurter." Stacy said sweetly.

"May I?" Jan said to Stacy pointing to my penis.

"You don't have to ask Jan. What's mine is yours" Stacy replied like Jan was borrowing a cup of suger." jan took her thumb and forefinger and squeezed from the base the penis to the tip extracting the last bit of cum into the bowel. I was surprised at the amount. It actually covered the bottom of the bowel.

That was incredible! Jan said. How did you train it to do that?

"It's actually pretty simple." she said as she took the bowl from Jan. "I'm sure you've heard of Pavlov's dog" Jan nodded yes. Pavlov trained his dog to salivate by associating food with a ringing bell. Pretty soon the dog would salivate just hearing the ringing bell without any food. I've simply substituted my lubed hand in place of the dog food, my voice in place of the bell and the dogs saliva for this..." holding up the bowl of cum and smiling.

"You are brilliant girl! We are so lucky to have you at our company. Any woman that can do that will go far with us."

Stacy said "that's not all, watch this. How many men do you know that can do this?" she said scooping most of the cum out of the bowl into her hand and holding it in front of my face. "It's okay dear." I was mortified but didn't want to disappoint her and lapped the cum out of her hand in fron of Jan. "Don't forget the fingers, sweetheart".

"Now, that was fucking amazing!" Jan said "We should do dinner with the four of us sometime." she said refering to her husband Steve.

"That would be great, wouldn't it dear?" Stacy said looking at me smiling as she put the bowl in the sink.

"Yeah, I guess." I said as I looked at the mountainous breasts that were pushing Jan's huge nipples against the fabric of her blouse without mercy.


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God, this is a hot thread. In answer to your question, my wife doesn't appear to be into this stuff...she's into turning me on. For whatever reamister, I'm totally hot for being humiliated, teased, immasculated, etc. She doesn't seem to care about the subject matter, just that I like it. That's what she says anyway and I believe it to be true.

Don't want to take from your thread but just to share...the other day she sent me about a dozen SMS messages about how when she got home, she expected to have me masturbate with oil on my own hand (taking ques from your story) while kneeling on the floor by the bed while she read her book. Then, after I came, she would have me lick it off my hand then she'd go to relax and "dream about a real man". It was so fucking hot. But, ultimately, as has happened in the past, she stopped me mid stroke and told me to come to bed where I then ravished her and she loved it. The problem is, she's not into the subject, just into the heat of the moment. Perhaps she'll take things farther over time but that's where we stand now.

And now, back to the masturbating...thanks again for continuing sharing mate


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Your girl friend is hot. really hot I love petite women

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What a hot thread loving it and yes she is a goddess


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A night with Steve and Jan.

Stacy was sitting at our bedroom computer intently reading the screen. "Our dinner guest for this evening look like interesting people." she yelled to me from the other room. I came in the bedroom "what are you on or something?"

"No silly, It's their profile page on this swinger site. You remember I told you Jan and Steve were swingers, but not so much anymore. Jan gave me their password so we could get to know them better." Stacy said taking a sip of tea.

"Ummmm......these people look like freaks. What the hell?" I said looking over her shoulder.

"Well.....they're certainly different." she said as she scanned their likes and dislikes column"

"bdsm ok" what the hell is that?

"I think that's know." stacy said as she made a whipping motion in the air and then a cracking sound."

"Ummm......Stacy, they're both bi?" I said pointing at the screen.

"Hmmmm ....... I guess that explains why Jan said Steve thought you were cute after you guys were talking at the Christmas party. Hmmm ....I was wondering about that. What do you think of Steve, sweetheart?" she said with a little wicked grin.

"I think he's a big dick," I said with disdain.

Stacy giggled saying "Well....he certainly has one anyway least according to Jan. Oh look, Isn't this convenient....It says right here, he's 8 inchs in diameter and 8 3/4 inches long. That sounds like he's packing some serious gear, huh sweetheart." she said taking another sip of tea.

"I guess," I said a little nervously.

"Relax baby, it's not like I'm going to screw him or anything. They're just coming over for dinner just to see if we even click. I told Jan if anything it would be a just a very soft experience with me being with you, and Jan staying with Steve. We'd just be watching each other in the same room. Besides, I saw you looking at Jan's breasts" She siad smiling "I know you'd like to get a look at them."

"I don't think this is a good idea." I said apprehensively

"I know what your concerened about sweetheart. Your concerned that if they watch us fuck, it will only take you 30 seconds and it will be over. Don't worry darling, you go ahead and cum when you want, but just keep humping and I'll act like your still hard and really fucking my brains out. I gaurantee I'll make you look like a real man."

"Yep, your a real clever girl" I said sarcastically and a little embarrassed.

"I didn't get where I am without being clever, baby," she said taking another sip of tea.

"What about your UTI problem?" I said trying to corner her.

"Why do you think I'm takeing all this tea" she said smiling.

"Yep, clever girl," I said resigned to dinner with Jan and Steve.


Jan and Steve showed up smiling with two top dollar bottles of wine, so they said. What do I know about wine? Dinner went really well with everyone clicking fabulously with Stacy and Steve talking business and promotion just like she planned, and Jan and I talking about house wife stuff with me trying to look her in the eyes instead of her huge twins pressing against yet another shear blouse with no bra.

1 and 3/4 bottles of wine later Jan said "Should we adjorn to the living room people?" No one was takes, but everyone was feeling nice and pliable. Stacy said "I think that would be fun." as she looked at Jan. As people settled in the living with Stacy and me on one side facing Jan and Steve on the other. Like a pro having done this many times before Steve stood up and dropped his pants and boxers already having taken his shirt off revealing a fit body and a massive cock. The girth on it was quite astounding and it wasn't even fully erect yet, but hung like a slab of meat between his legs.

"My god" Stacy whispered intensely as she put her hand to her chest. She looked like Mogley in Disney's jungle book being magictized as the big snake sang "Trust In Me" while being wrapped in the snakes coils.

"Does it get much bigger than that?" she said with her voice cracking a bit.

"Oh, just a bit," Jan said with a wink.

Jan fell to her knees and started sucking his massive member making it grow substantially more. "Are you sure you wouldn't want to take this for a spin, Stacy" she said as she held it in her hand with its pulsing, throbbing viens.

"Ummm.....just a second." She said as she stood up and grabbed my hand and took me in the other room. "I know I said no swapping, sweetheart, but pleeeease, what do you think? Could I? Could I? Pleeease.

"What about condoms?" I said trying to come up with a reamister.

"Jan says they haven't swung in years baby and they test clean and disease free. I don't think it's necassary," she said with wide eyed enthusiasm.

Well......I guess ....... if you really..

"Oh thank you baby," she said quickly and led me by the hand back to the livingroom. Stacy walked over to Steve and Jan taking her clothes off on the way. Stacy lightly held Steve's mammoth member and said "My Steve, it looks like you have some heavy duty earth moving equipment here." as she stroked the shaft. It seemed to get even bigger in Stacy's hand.

" should move the earth for you," Jan said smiling.

Stacy fell to her knees to suck on it and it barely just fit in her mouth. She pulled it out of her mouth and said "My god, Steve, I'm sorry, I can barely get your monster in there." She said gasping for a breath. She put it back in her mouth and Steve grabbed the back of her head and slowly fucked her mouth. I could see the juice starting to hang in strands from Stacy's vagina.

Stacy got on all fours and presented her rear to Steve saying "Would you mind boss?" she said looking back and smiling at him. "No problem, Stacy" he said as he kneeled and started to mount her. I swear I could almost hear Stacy's vagina squeak as he worked his meat into her opening. "Oh my god," Stacy squealed "It's so huge!" she said smiling looking at Jan. He started to work it in deeper with Stacy moaning harder. "My god boss, fuck me!" she yelled. Her eye's were closed tight with a grimace on her face like she was in pain, panting in short deep breaths. He must have fucked her for a good solid 15 minutes. Stacy had her eyes open part way and only the whites were showing. She was grunting and saying "thank you" over and over again and then moaning. She rolled over on her back and said "Fuck me boss." she said with a hungry look in her eyes. Steve mounted her and she embraced him wrapping her legs around him as he pounded her digging his cock in deep. She gave him deep kisses as she moaned loudly. She let out a loud long grunt and started bucking as she dug her nails into his back as she came. The bastard made her cum without any clit stimulation using only his cock! He then came, releasing his load inside of her. He took his cock out of her and Stacy cleaned it with her mouth saying "Thank you boss," as she smiled at him. My penis was rock hard watching her mouth sliding up and down his cock, and ending with her sucking his balls clean.

Jan walked over to me and said "Your turn tiger." I was sitting down and she shook her breasts burying my face in them, and I felt a surge and thought "Oh no!" , but I managed to prevent the orgasm. She lowered her self onto my penis, and pumped it three times and I moaned uncontrollably and spasmed as I shot my load in her vagina. "Please tell me you didn't you just cum?" Jan said in unbelief.

"yeah, ....I guess." I said with my face turning red.

"Your kidding, you are a little spurter aren't you. The last guy that came that quick with me wasn't even a guy, he was like 14 years old when I was a teenage girl."

"I'm sorry." I said trying to make it up to her.

"I'm so sorry Jan, I'm so embarassed. He's a little quick sometimes." Stacy said as she was still cleaning Steve's cock.

"That's fine Stacy, I'm actually flattered. Well, get to work, hun, you've got some pussy to eat." she said as she flopped on her back spreading her legs. I started to eat her pussy. "mmmm....that's nice. Steve why don't you come over and fuck me after John cleans the little mess he made inside of me out." She sat on my face so I could clean my cum out of her. "Sorry honey, but Steve doesn't like sloppy seconds." she said as she was grinding her pussy in my mouth. "John, why don't you suck my nipples while Steve fucks me." I moved to her nipples while Steve mounted Jan. Steve started to hammer Jan harder than he did Stacy. Jan wanted me to lick her clit as Steve was fucking her. Stacy gave me a look like "You owe it to her buddy," with her stern dark blue eyes. I started licking her clit as Steve's shaft slid on the side of my mouth and tongue. Steve started to cum. Jan was moaning "Don't stop John, I'm almost there." Damn if I was going to stop and have to face her "look" of disappointment again. I was going to finish this bitch off if it *******ed me. Steve had cum and gone by now. Jan was moaning "I'm almost there... but I have to change positions." She pushed me on my back and started to ride my tongue with her pussy grinding her pussy into my mouth. And then came Steve's bitter thick hot cum flowing into my mouth from Jan's pussy. I had to swallow it just so I could breathe. Jan started to cum, moaning harder and grinding her pussy along with Steve's cum into my mouth. "Whew ....." she said, breathing heavily "I haven't cum that hard in awhile. Thanks John you were great." The most important thing was Stacy was smiling looking very proud standing there with Steve's cum hanging from her vagina as well as running down her legs.



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My role redefined

We saw Steve and Jan off at the door, with Stacy still nude smeared in Steve's cum. The girls were talking about how fun it was. Steve mentioned to Stacy to don't worry about that promotion, that she had it pretty much wrapped up with just a few details to work out.

"That was so much fun, honey. Thanks for letting me fuck Steve baby, it was sooo great. I've never felt anything like it. It was like really being fucked for the first time. I'm horny again just thinking about it. Eat me out, honey," she said with enthusiasm.

"But your loaded with his cum," I said kind of disgusted.

"Come on baby, you already swallowed one load of his tonight, what's one more? Come on make me cum again before I pee and clean myself up" she said as she pushed me down and started to ride my face. Once again Steve's bitter load entered my mouth. Stacy was even more full of it than Jan. Stacy was moaning loudly as she rode my face to a powerful climax. She got off my face and looked and giggled "Oh dear, your covered in it sweetheart, and by the looks of it, your weenie loves it. Would you like to fuck me baby."

"Sure," I said as she laid on her back. I mounted her, and she felt huge inside, but still filled with her and Steve's Juices. I groaned and released my load after a few strokes. ", your my little minute man," Stacy said as she got up to go pee and clean herself up.

"Is he really that good?" I asked as she sat on the toilet.

"Do you really want the truth, baby?" she said reluctantly.

"Yes, I guess," I said with hesitation.

Well honey, was pretty good. I think because his cock is so fat it really fills up the opening and can't help but rub my g-spot with every stroke. I thought my head was going to come off when I came. I've never had an orgasm like that before," she said as I just stood there speechless.

"Baby, would you mind if he fucked me again if Jan is okay with it. It feels so good..... It's only sex, sweetheart. I don't love him. You know your the king of everything else, baby. He's just a sex toy, sweetheart."

"I guess not," I said knowing she would only resent me if I said no.

The next day

Stacy came home from work at 5:30.

"Why aren't you wearing your panties today, baby"

"Well....after last night, I couldn't handle being any less of a man than I already am," I said not being able to look at her.

"She took me by the chin and looked me in the eyes "Baby, I love you. I'm not going anywhere. You have to get rid of this ego you have. There will always be bigger cocks in life, you have to get used to that and not let it get you down everytime you run into to speak," she said smiling.


"But nothing, sweetheart. the sooner you get rid of that ego, the sooner this won't even be an issue, honey. You'll feel better if you just go put on your panties, and don't worry about whether or not you are or not a man whatever that means. I love you, not whether your some cultural ideal of what a man is. You turn me on by being who you are and that's all that should matter, sweetie. Now, let's go pick out a pair of panties."

She picked out a pair of panties, had me put them on, and then fixed herself a cup of tea.

"I ironed out all the details of my promotion today, honey. How doe 250k a year after fed, state and FICA sound sweetheart with profit sharing!," she said hardly able to contain herself.

"That sounds great!," I said.

"There's just one thing."


"Well...Steve really thinks your cute honey...he kind of really wants you as part of the deal ....informally of course."

"What did you say!?"

"Well...I said it wouldn't be a problem, that you thought he was attractive as well."


"Just listen and please watch your temper. It doesn't flatter you in those pink white laced panties." I immediately felt embarrassed no longer able to look her in the eyes. "Here's why I said that, sweetheart. I make all the money, and this would give you a chance to contribute. We always said this marriage was a partnership working towards certain goals, and I've been the only one working."


"We all have to do things we don't like, honey. Look at all the dirty jobs some people do in the world and for crap money, baby. This is nothing in comparimister, sweetheart. Nothing. This would give you a chance to contribute well in excess of a 100k to this relationship if we were to split the promotion up. Now that's being a man, baby."

There's no way I'm doing this Stacy!

"I'm not sure we're on the same page anymore or whether you really love me anymore," she said becoming very upset. When we got married we both signed a prenup that if this marriage ever ended, we would both leave with what we brought to it. Your free to do that," she said almost in tears.

Leave with what we brought to it, I thought. That was a joke. I would leave with a suitcase and wind up in a shelter, and besides I loved her more than anything in the world. I couldn't live without her. I thought forabout 15 minutes.

................."What exactly does he want?" I asked.

"Really," she said with hope through her tears. "Will you do it?"

"Yes," I said thinking of those sewer workers and others that surely must have it worse.

"Well, he want's you to basically be his bitch, honey."

"Bitch??" I said now being very aware of my panties.

Well, that's the word he used. "You just do whatever he wants, baby." she said taking a sip of her tea.

"Whatever he wants?"

"Don't worry, if he wants to cut off your hands or castrate you or something, you have my permission to back out, baby."

"But what specifically does he want me to do?" I asked a little nervously.

"I'm not sure, you'll find out. You have an appointment in his office at 9 am tomorrow morning and remember, baby, that little male ego of yours is our worst enemy," she said lifting my head so she could look me in the eyes. "I know I can count on you to seal the deal, can't I baby?" she said as she caressed my penis through my panties.

"Yes," I said not wanting to let her down


"I was really horney in the morning, but Stacy wouldn't relieve me and said to save it for Steve he might need it. I was sitting in the waiting room and Jan said Steve will see you now, John."

I walked in and Steve said "Hey John, glad you could make it."

"Yeah" I said nervously.

Well, your here, so I assume your ready to be my ...bitch."

"Yes," I said with a gulp.

Well....drop your pants bitch and bend over. I took my clothes off and when Steve saw the panties he said "Oh yeah, this is going to workout just fiiine." I bent over and steve took out his massive cock. With some concern I said "you've got lube, right?"

"I find that the best lube is good ol spit, bitch."

I turned around and hesitated and Steve said "If your not interested we can stop right here. No big deal. Stacy can take her old position. It hasn't been filled yet."

"No," I said quickly "I want to." If I came and told her about her demotion, I knew it would be over. I fell to my knees with his huge cock staring me in the face. He grabbed the back of me head and powerd it in my mouth. His cock filled my mouth to the point my lips hurt from bing stretched out. Holding the back of my head he started to fuck my mouth slowly pushing his cock further and further to the back of my throat. Just then jan walked in and sat and watched on the sofa.

"Okay, that should do it, now bend over bitch."

I bent over and he started to push it in saying "mmmm..yeah that's nice and tight"

"Holy cuckolds brownie!" I said as he was ripping me open. He just kept pushing it in until he ran out of cock, and then he pulled it almost out slowly. He then started pumping slowly in and out.

"Please, Steve, more lube," I said feeling like I was going to pass out. He took his cock out of my ass and said "Suck it, bitch." and shoved it down my throat fucking my mouth. "Okay, back in the ass he said.

"Please, please Steve, I really want it, but your just too big, Please, please let me suck your cock," I said almost sobbing. I could see Jan smiling on the couch and starting to touch herself. "Okay, just this once, you can give me a rim job instead he said" he said.

What's that?

"That's where you lick my ass like a bitch." he said.

Faced with having my ass ripped open or giving a rim job, I chose the rim job. He got on all fours with his elbows on the floor, and said "Dive in bitch, and do it like you mean it." I started licking his ass. "Thrust your tongue in their bitch, or I'll send you home" I started thrusting my tongue like crazy. "Stroke my cock, bitch." I started stroking his cock as I was licking his ass. "Please cum," I thought. He started grunting like he was going to cum and then he stood up, turned around and shoved his cock to the back of my throat and blew his load. He held the back of my head as I gagged on his massive load. It felt like it would never stop as his cock kept pulsing with every pulse delivering a fresh batch filling my mouth. He took his cock out of my mouth leaving me on my knees with his left over cum dripping from the corner of my mouth. "Okay, I'm done. You can get your panties on and leave now," he said organizing some papers on his desk. "Tell Stacy, I think this will work out just fine," he said looking at some forms.

Jan walked out with me and retrieved a bag from her desk. "You'll need these," she said.

"What are they?"

"They're different sized butt plugs, you'll need those to condition your rectum if you ever hope to handle Steve's cock. He'll probably expect you to take a pounding next week. I would wear those for a few hours a day, and you'll be able to handle it just fine, hun.........or at least tolerate it anyway."


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ok MANRAY i think your a total wimp and you deserve the way your getting treated and for your information IT DOES SNOW IN IRAN MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE, I GUESS NOT ONLY YOUR DICK IS USELESS BUT YOUR BRAIN IS USELESS AS WELL, THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH ASSHOLE...!!!!


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Quoting: alex_th
ok MANRAY i think your a total wimp and you deserve the way your getting treated and for your information IT DOES SNOW IN IRAN MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE, I GUESS NOT ONLY YOUR DICK IS USELESS BUT YOUR BRAIN IS USELESS AS WELL, THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH ASSHOLE...!!!!

Are you saying the story doesn't turn you on? I believe I'm hitting on the main characteristics of the Cuckold permisterality. As the story unfolds, our hero is systematically stripped of his ego, broken down and totally humiliated. This is the crux of the cuck kink is it not?

As for the snowfall in Iran. Though, Iran even has ski resorts such as the one located in Tochal. The Snowfall is located mostly in the mountainous regions. Maybe I should have been more specific, but when I think of Iran, I think of cities like Tehran or more traditional Persian architecture in Mashad where the snow is rare. The point was not to emphasize that Stacy is never in the mood, but she is in the mood seldom or infrequently such as how often it snows in some places in Iran like Tehran or Mashad.

Annual precipitation is so low in Iran it does not count as a significant climatic factor and does not play any basic role in regional planning.
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