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les histoires de chrislebo

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#5,161 Posted: 23 Oct 2013 23:39
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The next morning, Ralph had everyone formed up in the lobby. He surveyed them with a critical eye. Ben stood next to Carmella, his arm around her shoulder. The kids, Kyle and Marsha stood by, waiting to see what was going to happen next. Kyle stealing quick glances at Carmella and licking his lips. Marsha seemed to fixate on Ralph's crotch. Jennifer stood to one side, looking undecided as to what she should do.

"Well folks," he said to the group. "This is the last time we'll be together. Gonna send you off and let you get back home." He sighed. "It's been a lot of fun," he looked from Jennifer to Marsha. "You two babes are the hottest pieces of ass I seen in a long time." The two women brightened visibly. Ralph continued. "But before we go our separate ways, it's time to make a choice as to which one of you honey's gets to take Carmella's place here with old Ralph."

He got up out of his chair and walked over to the group. "Think that we'll use the old cocksucker test to decide this one." He stopped by Marsha and Kyle. The brother and sister looked at him expectantly. "Marsha, baby, you're gonna suck Kyle's cock. You've been wanting to do that for years, and now you get your chance. " He looked at Kyle. "And you've been dying for her to suck you off, ain't you sonny?" Kyle nodded eagerly as he unzipped his pants. As he fished out his cock, Marsha dropped to her knees and took hold of it.

"Now just wait 'til I tell you to start!" he scolded them. Turning to Ben he smiled. "You get to have Carmella suck you off, Benny boy." He chuckled. "Don't really matter, just don't want you to feel left out while Jenny babe sucks me off." He gestured to Jennifer who followed him back to his chair. Ralph sat down and she quickly open his fly and pulled his cock out. "Just hang on, baby, while I explain the rules."

Ralph sat back as he spoke. "Every so often, someone comes through here, lost and confused. Last time that happened was about two years ago. Carmella and her boyfriend came by and ended up stayin' for a few weeks, as it turned out. When he left, my old gal Annie went with him, and Carmella stayed with me." He nodded to Carmella who was on her knees, waiting to suck Ben's cock. "She's been providin' me with female companionship ever since. Then you folks came by, with these two hot bitches, and I knew it was time for another trade."

"So here's how it's gonna go. Whichever of these babes makes her guy cum first will be the winner and gets to stay with Ralphie until who knows when." He paused. "All right then, on my mark," he smiled. "Ready, set, suck!"

Jennifer dove down on Ralph's cock, swallowing the entire length in one gulp. Then slowly letting him slide out. He felt himself stiffening immediately and groaned. "Damn, girl, I ain't got hard that quick in years." She bobbed her head up and down frantically, her tongue working its magic on the underside of his shaft. Ralph lay back and enjoyed the best blow job he'd had today.

Across the room, Marsha was using a slower tempo as she sucked Kyle's cock. She had pulled his pants down and played with his balls as she slurped his hard prick. Kyle encouraged her. "That's it sis, you are one hot cock sucking bitch!" he moaned. "You're gonna make me cum in no time." Marsha let his cock slip from her lips and carefully sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She teased it with her tongue before releasing it and then taking the other one in.

Carmella didn't say anything as she worked Ben's cock in and out of her mouth, her painted red lips sliding up and down the length of his shaft. Ben stood motionless, his eyes closed, muttering "Love you, Carmella, love you," over and over. When he opened his eyes, he looked at his wife sucking Ralph's swollen manhood. "Go on, you ugly fucking slut. I want you to win this contest so I can get rid of your skinny nasty ass!" Jennifer flipped him off as she continued to make love to the massive cock in her mouth.

"By the way," Ralph interjected. "In order to prove the guy has really cum, he has to cum on his woman's face." He looked down at Jennifer. "You love facials anyway, babe," he told her. She smiled around the cock in his mouth and reached up to pull his pants down to his knees.

"Im almost there!" Kyle panted as Marsha kept working his prick in and out of her mouth. She was drooling down the front of her blouse. "Gonna do it!" Kyle yelled.

Ralph felt himself getting close, but thought for sure that the young man would get off before he did. That's when Jennifer pulled out all the stops and rammed her finger up his ass. With a yelp, Ralph felt himself cumming. He almost forgot to pull out of Jennifer's mouth, but he stood hastily and grabbed his erupting cock. His fist spurt hit her in the middle of the forehead and ran down her nose. The second hit her chin and the third fell on her halter top. He fell back into the chair.

Kyle blew his load next, splattering his gooey load into Marsha's right eye and then her cheek. Marsha grinned and scooped his cum from her face and into her mouth, swallowing it greedily. "You taste fucking great," she told him, licking her lips. "We should have done this sooner." Kyle smiled back at her. "We'll just have to make up for lost time."

Ben came last, but he left his cock in Carmella's mouth, pumping his load down her throat. "Hey," Kyle protested. "You were suppose to cum on her face!" Ben smiled warmly. "I wouldn't treat the woman I love that way," he said, taking Carmella's hand and helping her up. He kissed her full on her scarlet lips, ignoring the taste of his own cum.

Ralph laughed out loud from his chair. "This is gonna work out just fuckin' great." He announced. "By the way, did I mention that I'm also the Justice of the Peace here?" He got up and went over to the desk and pulled some papers out of the drawer. "Ben, Jennifer has already signed the uncontested divorce papers, mutually irreconcilable differences is the correct term." He held out a pen toward Ben. "Just sign right here and we'll get this finalized," he smiled. After Ben had signed, he carefully folded the papers and put them in an envelope. Then he pulled out another paper.

"And here we seem to have a marriage license for you and the lovely Carmella." He turned to Jennifer. "Would you and Marsha care to be witnesses to the ceremony?"

Chapter Seven
It was almost two in the afternoon when the family loaded up the mini van and got ready to head on down the road. Ben and Carmella Richards were as happy as they could ever remember being. The kids were in the back seat, Marsha had her head buried in Kyle's lap, sucking his cock again. Ralph had convinced them that they couldn't resist each other. Carmella smiled at Ben as he watched them. "You be a good boy, and maybe I'll do you while you're driving." She whispered in his ear. He felt himself getting hard just thinking about that.

Ralph stood in the door and waved to the van as it pulled out of the parking lot. The family would have no memory of where this place was once they were a mile down the road. All they would know is the Richards family had enjoyed the best vacation ever, and Carmella was going to be a great step mother to the kids. She had already promised Kyle she would make sure to tuck him in at night. That is if he wasn't already tucked into Marsha.

Ralph went back inside and sat down in his chair. He grabbed the television remote and began flipping though the channels. "Jennifer," he yelled. "Bring me a beer." Jennifer came out of the kitchen carrying a bottle of Coors for him. She was wearing a pair of blue spandex pants that stretched tightly across her ass, and a pink halter top. Her bright red lipstick stained the filter of the cigarette hanging loosely from the corner of her mouth.

"Goddam you get me hot, bitch", he muttered as he grabbed her around the waist. He pulled the pants down and slid a finger into her pussy. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. He stroked himself for a few seconds while Jennifer pulled the pants over her sandals.

"Climb on, sweetie," he told her. "Poppa wants to plant another load in that hot pussy of yours." Jennifer straddled his legs and lowered herself onto his cock, guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. He slid in easily, and she sank down onto his balls. She held him deep, squeezing him with her internal muscles. "Yeah," Ralph said nodding, "You really are a better fuck than your daughter." She began to fuck him slowly, raising up and then lowering herself back down.

"Was she really a good piece of ass?" she asked him.

Ralph laughed. "You bet your pretty round ass she was, babe. I really hope she's knocked up from the load I gave her!"

Jennifer looked down at him and shook her head. "You're such a dirty old man," she scolded. "Instead of worrying if you got my daughter pregnant, why don't you concentrate on knocking me up?" And with that, she began to fuck him in earnest. In just a few minutes he howled and pulled her down onto his cock as it spewed another load of sperm deep into her. She came as she felt him spurting. "Ooooooooh fuck," she moaned and collapsed onto him.

After several minutes, Jennifer carefully stood and let hinm slip out of her wetly. She bent over to pick up her pants and he slapped her on the ass. "Hey, you know how to make refried beans?"


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#5,162 Posted: 23 Oct 2013 23:41
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Devenu le jouet de ma femme de ménage
J'avais 42 ans, séparé depuis plus d'un an, je vivais seul dans un village du Lubéron où j'avais emménagé il y avait déjà 4 ans.
Peu passionné des tâches ménagères, j'avais une femme de ménage qui venait 3 h par semaine. La cinquantaine passée, plutôt forte et à dire vrai pas tellement attirante, genre paysanne du coin ! Etant souvent absent, je lui avais laissé la clef de chez moi.
J'ai toujours été hétéro mais un vieux fantasme de sucer la bite d'un homme, m'avait amené un jour à acheter sur Internet un gode assez évocateur livré avec une ventouse de fixation murale, ainsi qu'une ceinture permettant à une tierce personne de le porter à la taille.
Venant de le recevoir, un après-midi, je le fixe contre une porte de placard de ma chambre, et à genoux, les yeux fermés, je commence à sucer cette bite. Une excitation plutôt forte me fit bander et baissant mon pantalon et slip, je commençais à me masturber tout en continuant la fellation.
Dans mon émotion, je n'ai pas entendu la femme de ménage dont j'avais oublié la venue cet après-midi !
Elle ouvre la porte de ma chambre, et me découvre ainsi dans la position à genoux en train de sucer cette bite !
La honte était à son comble et je ne savais pas quoi dire pour justifier cette situation.
Quoique très étonnée, elle resta debout à me regarder et me dit : continuez, je ne veux pas vous déranger !
Je tentais de cacher ma nudité partielle en me tournant, et elle insista ironique : Je comprends, vous êtes seul depuis déjà un bon moment, je crois ? Continuez que je voie comment vous faites une pipe !
Je lui dis : Sortez de ma chambre tout de suite !
Elle toujours ironique me répond : Ça, monsieur sait toujours donner des ordres ! Depuis 2 ans que je viens chez vous, vous êtes toujours à critiquer mon travail et à me rabaisser en permanence, jusqu'à même écrire dernièrement à mon employeur que vous n'étiez pas vraiment satisfait et que s'il avait quelqu'un d'autre à vous proposer vous étiez intéressé, pas vrai ?
-Alors maintenant que je peux me venger de votre attitude, je ne vais pas m'en priver !
-Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire tout ça ? lui dis-je.
-Hum, ça veut dire que si vous ne voulez pas que je rapporte que je vous ai vu faire une pipe à un gode, il va falloir m'obéir ! et satisfaire mes caprices....avec tous les gens que je connais dans le village, je ne vous dis pas la honte que vous auriez sous peu si je racontais ce que je viens de voir!
-C'est dégueulasse !
-Pas plus que votre attitude à mon égard depuis des mois !
- Je vous promets de veiller à être plus conciliant.
Trop tard ! Allez à genoux et reprend cette pipe, en continuant à te branlez comme tu faisais... ça ne t'ennuie pas que je te tutoie maintenant ! on est intime, pas vrai ?
Mais toi, tu continue le vouvoiement, c'est clair ?
-Réponds !
-Oui madame Coquet !
-Allez, suce-la cette bite, je sens que ça va m'exciter petit cachottier !
Je me sentais ridicule et honteux, mais je me suis mis à reprendre ce que je faisais.
- Et branle-toi ! ou tu préfères que je le fasse ?
- non, non ! c'est bon ! je me branle tout seul
- voila, comme ça, c'est bien, oui continue, elle est bonne cette grosse bite ? dit-le qu'elle est bonne !
- Oui, elle est bonne cette bite, madame Coquet.
Elle est venue s'asseoir sur le lit derrière moi.
-Continue, tu m'excites petit PD ! Je vais me caresser entre les jambes ! Allez continue à te branler, j'aimerai bien te voir décharger sur le parquet, d'habitude c'est moi qui nettoie, mais là tu vas le faire avec ta langue !
-C'est lamentable ce que vous faites !
-Mais non, tu dois aimer ça le sperme !
Et évidemment, je me suis mis à jouir, et plusieurs giclées de sperme sont venues tomber devant moi.
- Baisse-toi et lèche tout ce sperme, et qu'il n'en reste pas une trace !
Ecœuré, j'ai tout léché et avalé mon sperme ; Je me suis retourné et je l'ai vue, jupe retroussée, qui se caressait la chatte.
-Viens par là, tu vas me lécher aussi !
-Non, pas ça ! s'il vous plait madame Coquet !
-Si, si, tu vas me bouffer la chatte !
Elle s'est étendue, cuisses écartées et je voyais sa grosse chatte, poilue et mouillée, j'en étais écœuré d'avance, mais je me suis approché et en fermant les yeux, j'ai commencé à la lécher.
-Enfonce bien ta langue ! voila, comme ça, dit-moi qu'elle est bonne ma chatte, tu vas me faire jouir petit salaud !
-Et lèche-moi aussi le trou de cul ! sur ce, elle leva ses jambes et j'ai dû m'humilier un peu plus à la lécher entre ses grosses fesses.
-N'oublie pas ma chatte ! va de l'un à l'autre... oui comme ça, elle est bonne ta bouche... oui, oui, oui...ah, je jouis, tu me fais jouir petit PD, oui, oui, oui.... allez continue à lécher que je sois tout propre pour remettre ma culotte.
Je l'ai léchée de partout, mais plutôt que de la sécher j'ai eu plutôt l'impression qu'elle s'excitait à nouveau !
-C'est quoi cette ceinture dans le carton qu'elle me dit? ce serait pas pour se fixer le gode ? passe-moi les deux !
Elle assembla le gode sur la ceinture et se le mit à la taille.
-J'ai envie de t'enculer, qu'est-ce que tu en penses ? allez, à genoux au bord du lit !
-Non, madame coquet, arrêtez ! s'il vous plait !
- S'il me plait ? et bien justement, c'est de t'enculer qu'il me plait, alors vite en position, que je puisse te baiser comme une chienne.
J’ai obéi et j'ai senti qu'elle arrivait derrière moi, puis elle positionna le gode devant mon petit trou, poussa et finit par l'entrer entièrement.
-Et bien voila, tu ne l'auras pas acheté pour rien ce gode !
-Tu aimes ça te faire enculer, hein, dit-le !
- Oui madame Coquet, j'aime ça
Et elle me pilonnait le cul comme une dingue. Elle a passé sa main sous moi pour me saisir le sexe.
-Mais il bande le salaud ! Je bandais effectivement.
-Je vais être gentille, je vais te branler ! et elle commença des va-et-vient en me serrant fortement la bite, à m'en faire mal.
Je jouis très vite, et elle arrêta ses sévices.
-Bon, ça suffira pour cette fois, je vais quand même faire un peu de ménage, j'étais venue pour ça ! et je ne voudrais pas que les clients se plaignent à ma direction !!!
-Ne te dérange pas pour moi, je fermerai la porte en partant comme d'habitude et à la prochaine fois dit-elle avec un clin d'œil.


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#5,163 Posted: 23 Oct 2013 23:41
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La semaine suivante comme tous les mercredis, jour où elle venait, j'attendais avec appréhension ma femme de ménage.
Plus s'approchait son heure habituelle d'arrivée, plus mon inquiétude grandissait.
Allait-elle stopper là sa prétendue vengeance concernant mon appréciation sur son travail en profitant de sa menace de raconter autour d'elle qu'elle m'avait surpris à sucer un gode ?
14h 00, elle ne devrait pas tarder.
Je vis sa voiture arriver, elle descendit et je vis qu'un homme sortait également de l'auto. Qui était-ce ?
Comme à son habitude, elle ne sonna pas et utilisa sa clef pour ouvrir la porte de mon domicile, le gars se tenant derrière elle, visiblement pas très à l'aise.
- Bonjour Madame Coquet, bonjour monsieur.
- Je vous présente mon mari, Robert ! J'ai pensé dit-elle qu'une vraie bite te serait plus agréable que le gode que tu possèdes !
- Pardon dis-je ? je ne comprends pas !
- Mais si tu comprends ! tu vas pouvoir faire une pipe à une belle grosse bite. Plus grosse que ton gode d'ailleurs avec des couilles bien pleines !
- C'est une plaisanterie rétorquais-je ? elle est de mauvais goût !
- La plaisanterie peut-être, mais la bite de mon homme, elle est très bonne, et tu vas en, redemander après !
- Allez Robert dit-elle montre-lui ton engin !
- Le gars n'étant pas vraiment à l'aise, c'est elle qui commença à lui déboutonner la braguette, et lui desserrer la ceinture.
- A toi me dit-elle, défait ton cadeau !
- Non mais vous délirez ?
- Tu préfères que je raconte tout à mon entourage qui ne manquera pas de répandre la bonne nouvelle qu'on a un PD dans le village ? Non ? alors à genoux et viens lui baisser son pantalon et son slip, tu vas te régaler et moi aussi !
Je m'apprêtais encore à discuter...
- Bon assez perdu de temps, il n'a pas que ça à faire Robert, alors tu viens ou tu connais la suite ?
Je me suis mis à genoux devant son mari, j'ai tiré le pantalon vers le bas découvrant un slip "bien plein" puis j'ai descendu son slip jusqu'aux pieds délivrant une bite imposante, décalottée et qui bandait un peu.
- Alors, heureux ? elle est pas belle la vie? allez, va-y embrasse-la et lèche-la de bas en haut pour la faire bander ! Après tu pourras enfin tailler une pipe pour de vrai ! une bonne bite bien baveuse !
J'ai commencé à lécher ses couilles poilues et à remonter jusqu'au gland et ça plusieurs fois en constatant qu'à chaque fois, elle se dressait de plus en plus, jusqu'à voir devant moi une bite énorme, longue et épaisse.
Le pire c'est que je commençais également à bander ! j'avais envie de l'avoir dans la bouche !
J'ai approché mes lèvres de ce gland imposant et même en ouvrant grand la bouche, j'ai pu difficilement l'engloutir.
Puis j'ai commencé des va-et-vient sur la bite de Robert qui prenait visiblement beaucoup de plaisir à mes caresses.
- Tu as raison dit-il à sa femme, il a l'air d'aimer ça de me sucer la bite !
- On peut même vérifier dit sa femme, je vais lui baisser le pantalon !
- Non, s'il vous plait madame Coquet ! pas ça !
- Tais-toi et suce !
Qui plus est, je n'avais qu'un jogging et elle n'eut pas de difficultés à tirer dessus, laissant apparaitre mon érection au travers de mon slip.
- Pour aimer, il aime ! regarde Robert il bande comme un dingue !
- Dit-le qu'elle est bonne la bite de Robert !
- Oui elle est bonne répétais-je
- Et que tu le suceras très souvent maintenant.
- Oui je le sucerai autant qu'il veut.
- Allez, va-y Robert vide toi les couilles, il aime le sperme ce petit PD.
- Non s'il vous plait monsieur Coquet, pas ça !
- Oh que si, il va te décharger dans la bouche mon homme, et tu vas tout avaler comme une salope que tu es !
Je constatai qu'il se contractait et brutalement j'ai senti d'énormes giclées de sperme chaud me couler dans la bouche. Le gars me tenait fermement la tête, et je ne pouvais que tout avaler.
- Avale bien tout et lèche lui bien le gland qu'il ne tache pas son slip, c'est moi qui lave après !
- Bon, à toi maintenant, relève-toi ! Regarde Robert comme il bande mon client ! Qu'il ne nous dise pas qu'il n'a pas aimé çà!
- Dis-le que tu as aimé la bite de mon homme
- Oui, c'est vrai, elle est bonne et j'ai aimé çà !
- La prochaine fois, il t'enculera ! Mais maintenant, tu vas te branler devant nous !
- Non, j'ai trop honte !
- Tu n'avais pas honte pour me critiquer avant, alors n'ai pas honte et branle-toi jusqu'au bout. Et puis tu lècheras par terre tout ton sperme, comme l'autre jour !
- Regarde cette petite bite dit-elle à son mari, obligé qu'il soit PD !
Etant si excité, je n'ai pas mis beaucoup de temps à éjaculer et je me suis baissé pour lécher tout mon sperme. Je crois que je n'avais jamais été aussi gêné de ma vie : me branler devant ma femme de ménage et son mari, puis tout lécher ainsi !
- Bon c'est pas tout ça dit Robert, mais il faut que j'y aille, j'ai des bêtes à soigner ; à tout à l'heure dit-il à sa femme. Je reviendrais quand tu veux ajouta t-il surtout pour t'enculer.
- Tu peux disposer me dit-elle, j'ai du travail, je viendrais te dire au revoir dans ton bureau me dit-elle avec un clin d'œil, j'aurais probablement le temps que tu me bouffes le trou du cul !
- Au revoir Chéri, à ce soir !
Son mari nous quitta, elle prit ses ustensiles de ménage comme si de rien n'était et s'éloigna dans la maison.
Mon calvaire ne faisait que commencer !!!!


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#5,164 Posted: 23 Oct 2013 23:42
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Je montais dans mon bureau à l'étage, et tentais de me concentrer sur divers travaux administratifs que j'avais en retard.
J'entendais ma femme de ménage aller et venir dans la maison.
Elle restait relativement sérieuse sur les travaux à faire chez moi, malgré cette situation de plus en plus embarrassante pour moi !
Comment me sortir de cette souricière ? A priori, quoique je fasse, je risquais sa dénonciation auprès des gens qu'elle connaissait, et ils étaient nombreux !
Comment croiser les gens que je connaissais dans le village s'ils prenaient connaissance de cette histoire de gode ?
Je pouvais toujours nier, bien sûr ! mais il en resterait un certain nombre qui se chargerait de développer, d'inventer et de finir par me nuire terriblement !
J'en étais là de mes réflexions quand on frappa à la porte de mon bureau.
- Tu es là, c'est madame Coquet ! rejoins-moi dans ta chambre immédiatement, j'ai un quart d'heure à t'accorder pour que tu me bouffes le trou du cul !
J'avais cru un moment qu'elle aurait oublié ou que le temps lui manquerait ; mais non, j'allais encore une fois devoir subir ses caprices libertins ! Ce "boudin" m'écœurait et pourtant je devais y aller ! Je quittai mon bureau au moment où elle me rappelait déjà.
- Alors mon toutou, il vient lécher le cul de sa maîtresse ?
Je rentrais dans ma chambre. Elle était allongée sur le ventre, au bord du lit, jupe relevée et ses grosses cuisses écartées.
- Pour te faire plaisir, tu vois j'ai mis une culotte blanche et des porte-jarretelles, ça t'excite hein ? allez approche ta bouche de mes fesses, je ne me suis peut-être pas lavée depuis ce matin, mais tu dois aimer les odeurs fortes, hein mon toutou ? viens lécher le trou du cul de maman !
J'étais déjà dégoûté avant de m'approcher d'elle ainsi vautrée sur mon lit !
- Allez, mets-toi à genoux, viens nettoyer le cul de maman !
Je m'approchais, me baissais à hauteur de son corps et contre mon gré, je commençais à lui lécher les fesses ; effectivement, ça sentait fort les fesses pas lavées et j'avais peur de vomir à l'idée de devoir passer ma langue sur son trou du cul !
- Ne sois pas timide mon toutou, descend ma culotte !
Je détachais les attaches du porte-jarretelles et tirais doucement sa culotte en lui glissant jusqu'au bas des cuisses. Même sa culotte était sale et sentait vraiment très fort. J'avais son cul énorme en face de ma bouche et je me suis penché un peu plus en sortant ma langue, jusqu'à effleurer son trou.
- Oui, c'est bon, va-y lèche bien à fond, tu aimes ça les gros culs, hein ?
- Enfonce bien ta langue et remonte la entre mes fesses, oui comme ça, hum !! elle est bonne ta langue mon toutou !
Continue, oui, continue comme ça, mets-moi deux doigts dans la chatte et branle-moi bien en même temps que je jouisse sous tes caresses !
Elle bougeait son cul de droite à gauche et soufflait de plus en plus vite.
- Oui, vas-y, oui ! oui ! je viens, oui! elle est bonne ta langue ! ahhhhh, je jouis, je jouis.....
- Continue à me lécher et avale tout mon jus !!
- Bon tu peux me remonter ma culotte, t'es un bon toutou !
- Mais pourquoi m'appelez-vous toutou, madame Coquet ?
- Je te réserve une surprise pour la semaine prochaine, j'amènerai une laisse et un collier pour toi ! Tu verras, on jouera à un autre jeu qui devrait te plaire !
- C'est pas tout ça, il faut que j'y aille, mon mari va s'inquiéter !!! dit-elle en pouffant de rire.
- A la semaine prochaine, repose-toi bien !
Ah! au fait, tu m'as super bien bouffé le cul, si si, super bon ! ah ! ah ! ah !


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#5,165 Posted: 23 Oct 2013 23:42
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Qu'est-ce qu'elle me préparait avec son histoire de laisse et de collier ?
Enfin, j'avais une semaine de calme pour réfléchir à ma situation de soumission. Comment me sortir de cette escalade de perversions qu'elle m'imposait ?
Le mercredi arriva et j'angoissais !
Assis dans mon salon, j'entendis la clef dans la serrure de ma porte d'entrée. C'était elle !
- Bonjour mon toutou ! Regarde ce que je t'ai apporté ! Elle tenait une laisse et un collier pour chien ?
- Fous toi à poil me dit-elle, un chien c'est à poil, non ? Amusant tu ne trouves pas ? Allez dépêche-toi !
Sachant qu'il était inutile de discuter, je me déshabillais.
- Allez, même le slip, on a jamais vu un chien en slip !
J'ôtais le dernier vêtement me protégeant de la nudité totale. J'avais honte d'être ainsi nu devant ma femme de ménage qui se délectait de la situation avec un rictus de moquerie. Et en même temps j'avais comme une petite érection qu'elle constata : tu commences à bander mon toutou ! Allez, viens près de ta maîtresse, non, à quatre pattes !
Je me mis à quatre pattes et avançais vers elle. Elle me passa le collier autour du cou, l'ajusta au cran correspondant et y attacha la laisse. Voyons dit-elle, avance avec moi ! J’avançais toujours à quatre-pattes.
- Voila un bon toutou à sa maman, on va aller faire un petit pipi dehors !
- Comment ça ? Lui-dis-je ?
- Tu as bien compris, on va sortir dans le jardin pour que tu fasses tes besoins !
- Non mais vous êtes dingue, je ne sors pas dans cet accoutrement ! Si quelqu'un arrive !
- Mais ta maison est bien trop isolée, personne ne passe ici tu le sais bien comme moi, et puis c'est un risque à prendre, fallait pas m'humilier ainsi depuis des années par ton comportement irrespectueux à mon égard ; sur ce elle ouvre la porte d'entrée et me tire par la laisse comme avec un chien.
- S'il vous plait madame Coquet, arrêtez cette humiliation !
- Non, non, pas question, fallait y penser avant !
Malgré moi, j'avançais et passais la porte d'entrée, pour me trouver bêtement à poil, en laisse et à quatre pattes dans mon jardin.
- Allez, viens tu vas aller faire pipi sur cet arbre là-bas.
- Mais c'est à l'autre bout du jardin, si on me voit, c'est horrible !
- Plus tu attends et plus il y a des risques à te faire surprendre, alors accélère dit-elle en me tirant un peu plus fort.
Le collier me serrant, j'avançais contre mon gré, à découvert ; pourvu que personne n'arrive...
Arrivé devant l'arbre elle me dit : lève la patte arrière et fait pipi !
- Mais je n'ai pas envie, et je ne sais même pas si j'arriverais à faire pipi ainsi !
- C'est toi qui voit, prends ton temps si tu veux, j'ai tout le mien !
Je levais la jambe arrière et tentais d'uriner, mais j'étais totalement bloqué !
- J'attends dit-elle, tu veux que je t'aide ?
Sans attendre ma réponse, elle se penche et me saisit la bite et en me la titillant elle commence à me faire bander.
- Ça devrait aller mieux comme ça, non ? Allez, fais ton pipi, mon gentil toutou !
Je me forçais et au bout d'un moment j'ai commencé à uriner dans cette position stupide, en me pissant même sur l'autre jambe !
- Bon allez, ça suffit comme ça dit-elle en me tirant, on rentre à la maison. On ressortira après si tu as encore envie ! ah! ah! ah! dit-elle en rigolant !
Nous étions en train de nous diriger vers la maison quand j'entendis arriver une voiture !
- Quelqu'un arrive, s'il vous plait laissez-moi me relever.
- Ne t'inquiète pas, je reconnais le bruit de la voiture de mon mari, tu n'as pas oublié qu'il venait t'enculer aujourd'hui ? Alors on va rentrer tranquillement à la maison et attendre qu'il gare la voiture.
Nous arrivions à la porte d'entrée quand Robert arrivait.
- Tiens, le petit toutou à fait sa promenade ? dit-il en arrivant, il a fait un gros pipi ? Allez, rentre, je vais m'occuper de ton petit cul de PD !
Nous sommes rentrés tous les trois et la femme de ménage me dit : reste à quatre pattes mon toutou, tu vas te faire mettre comme un chien par mon homme !
Je vis que Robert baissait son pantalon, l'enlevait ainsi que le slip et s'approchant devant moi, il me dit : tu vas me sucer un petit peu, histoire de bien me faire bander, je vais te le défoncer ton petit cul et tu vas en redemander.
Il se mit à genoux et me présenta sa bite devant le nez.
Je me suis mis à lui lécher puis à le sucer et il ne tarda pas à bander comme un âne.
- Bon, passons aux choses sérieuses !
- Attends dit sa femme, je vais lui mettre un bout de beurre dans le cul pour que tu le prennes bien à fond.
Elle alla dans le frigo et revint avec le beurrier, en coupa un bout et me l'enfila dans le cul.
- A toi Robert, et ne le ménage pas, défonce le bien profond ce connard et vide toi les couilles dans son petit cul de puceau !
Je me demandais comment une si grosse bite allait pouvoir me pénétrer !
Robert se plaça derrière moi, et malgré mes supplications d'en arrêter là, il me pénétra brutalement, me l'enfilant jusqu'aux couilles en criant : tiens petit salaud tu vas t'en prendre des coups de queue ! et il entama de me pilonner le cul comme un malade sans occuper de mes cris de douleur ; Il ralentissait puis accélérait, me pénétrant totalement d'un seul coup puis se retirait doucement, et recommençait. J'avais le cul en feu et malgré la douleur je commençais à aimer ça !
Sa femme voyant mon érection lui dit : et il aime se faire mettre, regarde il bande, qu'il ne nous raconte pas qu'il n'aime pas ça, sacré PD !
Elle s'approcha de moi, se baissa et me présenta ses cuisses écartées. Elle n'avait pas de culotte et m'ordonna de lui bouffer la chatte.
Au point où j'en étais !! Je me mis à la lécher et sans que l'on me touche, au moment où son mari me déchargeait tout son sperme dans mon cul, je me mis à jouir sur le tapis de ma salle à manger.
Je continuais à lécher ma femme de ménage jusqu'à qu'elle jouisse.
- Nettoie la bite de mon homme et le tapis, tu en as l'habitude maintenant ! Je me mis à sucer la bite de Robert pleine de son sperme et de ma crotte, puis léchais le tapis pour faire disparaitre toutes les traces de mon viol.
Je ne pouvais même pas nier que j'avais eu du plaisir !
Je devenais une vraie tante aimant la bite et la soumission, et je n'allais pas être déçu dans les semaines suivantes !!


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Son mari parti, elle se mit consciencieusement à son ménage pour effectuer les tâches pour lesquelles je l'employais, après celles où c'est elle qui m'employait !!
Je montais dans ma chambre pour me détendre et me remettre de mes émotions. Encore tout excité de ce qui venait de se passer, je me suis masturbé et j'ai joui pratiquement tout de suite.
Je pris une douche puis m'étendis sur mon lit.
Je repensais à ces extravagances sexuelles que je supportais en constatant que j'y prenais tout de même beaucoup de plaisir, même si je ne voulais pas vraiment que ce soit dit.
Était-ce mon célibat de plus d'un an qui m'avait amené à découvrir du plaisir à me faire enculer ou sucer une bite, une vraie ? Ou avais-je caché en moi depuis longtemps des désirs homosexuels ? Je ne savais pas répondre.
Je m'assoupis assez rapidement dans mes pensées et fût réveillé par l'entrée de madame Coquet dans ma chambre.
- Ne te dérange pas, je viens simplement te dire que j'ai fini le ménage et que je m'en vais. Ah, aussi que tu es invité après-demain, vendredi à manger à la maison.
- Comment ça, invité ?
- Oui, pour un repas ! Vers 20h c'est O.K.?
- C'est à dire que... je suis déjà pris ce vendredi!
- Et bien tu te décommanderas ! L’invitation est un ordre ! Et tu y viendras habillé en femme ; mini-jupe, petite culotte, bas et porte-jarretelles, maquillé comme une petite coquine, enfin tu vois le genre...
- Mais qu'est-ce que vous me préparez encore madame Coquet ?
- Une surprise ! Tu ne seras pas déçu mon mignon ! Bon allez il faut que j'y aille. Je t'ai laissé un petit plan pour venir chez nous, c'est très simple.
- Et si vos voisins me voient ainsi habillé ?
- On n'a pas de voisin, nous sommes dans une petite ferme isolée, ne t'inquiète pas ! Allez bye bye ! Et à vendredi, sans faute hein !
Le lendemain j'allais faire les achats nécessaires à la tenue exigée par madame Coquet. Je rentrais chez moi et essayais ce déguisement ; ridicule, j'étais ridicule ! Mais bon, avais-je le choix ?
Le vendredi, donc, je partis ainsi travesti et maquillé, espérant ne pas croiser en voiture quelqu'un qui puisse me reconnaitre. Mais les petites routes et chemins empruntés furent sans difficultés de ce genre, et je trouvais leur maison assez facilement.
Je n'eus pas la peine de frapper à la porte, Robert devait surveiller mon arrivée et il ouvrit la porte de suite.
Je rentrais à l'intérieur d'une petite maison faite principalement d'une grande salle à manger/salon avec un coin cuisine où madame Coquet s'affairait.
Je vis que la table était mise et qu'il y avait 4 couverts !
Quel était la quatrième personne ?
- Il y a 4 assiettes dis-je à madame Coquet ?
- Oui c'est celle de mon fils, aujourd'hui c'est son anniversaire, il a 30 ans tout rond. Et toujours puceau le pauvre, il n'a jamais connu de fille, alors pour son anniversaire, notre cadeau ce sera toi !
- Quoi ? Non ce n'est pas possible ! C’est pour ça que j'ai dû me déguiser ainsi ? Vous exagérez vraiment ! C’est dégueulasse ! Vous me prostituez madame Coquet !
- Pas du tout, tu n'auras pas d'argent ah! ah! ah! Tu vas faire ça gratuit !! Bon je vais aller le chercher !
Lucien à table ! Lucien ?
- Oui maman, j'arrive.
Et je vois arriver un gars type un peu benêt, au moins 1m 90 et plutôt costaud !
- Tiens mon garçon, voila ton cadeau dit-elle en me présentant, il fera la fille pour toi, et tu feras tout ce que tu veux avec elle. Es-tu content ?
- Oh oui maman, une fifille pour moi ? Pour moi tout seul. Et elle va me sucer, comme dans les films ?
- Mais oui mon grand, elle est très docile ! Tu veux tout de suite ou après manger ?
- Tout de suite et après !
Je ne savais plus quoi dire, épouvanté de ce qui m'attendait avec ce gaillard un peu débile.
Il s'approcha de moi avec un regard lubrique et idiot.
- Alors tu vas me sucer tout de suite, hein, tout de suite !
Instantanément, il baisse son pantalon et son slip et exhibe une bite énorme, déjà raide comme un I.
Robert qui était derrière moi me pousse devant son fils et m'appuyant sur les épaules me fait mettre à genoux, la bouche à la hauteur de sa grosse bite.
- Allez, suce-le bien comme tu sais le faire PD, et comme tu aimes !
Je me demandais si j'allais même pouvoir ouvrir la bouche assez grand pour la prendre.
Lucien me la colla sur la bouche que j'ouvrais et je commençais à lécher son gland en prenant ses couilles dans mes deux mains. J'entrepris de la prendre dans ma bouche en écartant au maximum mes lèvres, mais lui, en forçant me pénétra jusqu'au fond de ma gorge. J'avais la bouche toute pleine de cette bite. Je commençais un va-et-vient langoureux et en quelques secondes le gars poussa un râle et me déchargea plus d'une dizaine de giclées de sperme directement au fond de ma gorge. J'ai dû tout avaler et Lucien dit, allez encore, encore !!
Il ne débandait même pas ! Alors j'ai recommencé mes mouvements de tête et une minute après il se vidait les couilles à nouveau dans un même râle de bête fauve !
- Bon on va peut-être passer à table dit madame Coquet ? Il te plait notre cadeau ?
- Oh oui maman, super super, je pourrai encore jouer après manger ?
- Mais oui mon grand tant que tu voudras ! Elle ne partira que quand nous le voudrons ! Elle va manger un petit peu avec nous et après elle passera sous la table pour sucer ton père, et me bouffer un peu la chatte ! Et après tu pourras l'enculer à ta guise, elle aime ça cette salope. On la baisera à plusieurs d'accord mon grand ?
- Oh oui maman, comme dans les films.


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Je mangeais plus pour éviter d\'attirer l\'attention sur moi que par goût ! Non que la salade n\'était pas bonne, mais cette situation me préoccupait à un tel point !
Elle a assez mangé la coquine ? dit-elle en s\'adressant à moi.
C\'était très bon dis-je à madame Coquet.
- alors passe sous la table et occupe-toi des bites de mon mari et de mon fils. On t\'appellera pour le dessert, si tu le mérites, ah! ah! ah ! Ce sera ton plat de résistance !
J\'essayais sans conviction de me soustraire à cette invitation, mais le fils me regardait avec des yeux de sadique en manque et il ajouta :
- Dépêche-toi, j\'ai encore envie de ta petite bouche sur mon gland ! J\'ai vu qu\'il se déculottait ainsi que son père.
Je passais donc sous la table et constatai qu\'ils avaient tous les deux la bite à l\'air et qu\'ils commençaient à bander.
- Tu vas sucer mon mari et branler mon fils et après tu échangeras, on est d\'accord ? Tu réponds ! C’est d\'accord ?
- Oui madame Coquet !
- Regarde ! Moi je n\'ai pas mis de culotte (me dit-elle en écartant ses grosses cuisses) alors de temps en temps, approche ta langue et lèche-moi comme tu aimes faire!
Je voyais ces deux grosses bites et à dire vrai ça m\'excitait vraiment ! Je me suis approché de celle du père et je me suis mis à le sucer avec goût, tout en branlant celle de son fils.
Ce n\'était plus un gode sans goût, mais une vraie bite qui vibrait dans ma bouche, et j\'en caressais une autre. J\'allais encore me prendre des bonnes giclées de sperme et j\'en bandais à l\'avance !
Je devenais vraiment leur pute ! Et j\'y prenais du plaisir ! J’avoue que je découvrais quelque chose de tout nouveau.
Je changeais de bite de temps en temps et le fils fût le premier à décharger. J’avalais tout son sperme et finissais la seconde pipe à son père qui ne tarda pas à se vider les couilles également. Tout ça en m\'humiliant de propos obscènes en tous genres.
- Bon allez je n\'ai pas voulu te déranger, mais maintenant passe entre mes cuisses, dit madame Coquet et active bien ta langue de salope !
Au point où j\'en étais, je fermais les yeux et m\'enfonçais entre ses grosses cuisses et entamais de la lécher. Elle avait beau se mettre au bord de la chaise, ses grosses cuisses m\'empêchaient pratiquement de toucher sa chatte. Elle s\'en aperçut et me dit : on remettra ça plus tard, ça n\'est pas très pratique ainsi; Mais ce n\'est que partie remise mon biquet !
Eux continuaient à manger tranquillement ! Je me demandais si je devais sortir de dessous la table ? Puis madame Coquet me dit : allez, sors de là-dessous et assieds-toi, tu as mérité le dessert ! Quoique tu en ais déjà eu deux parts !!
C\'est une crème aux œufs, ça va te rappeler quelque chose !
Après le repas où les deux gaillards avaient bien dû absorber 1 litre de rouge chacun, madame Coquet me dit :
- Lève-toi mon biquet et mets-toi à quatre pattes, mes hommes vont s\'occuper de ton petit cul ! Attends rajouta t\'elle, et si il se branlait devant nous ?
- oui c\'est une idée dit son mari, ainsi le fiston verra une petite bite de PD. Allez, baisse ta culotte de femme.
Je relevais ma jupe et baissais ma petite culotte, et les trois ont constaté que je bandais comme un fou ; la honte totale, je prouvais ainsi que j\'aimais ce qu\'ils m\'imposaient !
- Oh la petite bite dit le fils, incroyable, mais qu\'est-ce qu\'il peut faire avec ça ?
- Sûrement pas satisfaire une nana dit sa mère, il est bon à se faire enculer et sucer des bites ! Bon tu te branles !
Je me suis mis à me masturber et tellement excité par la situation j\'ai joui en quelques va-et-vient !
- Lèche tout ça et mets-toi en position, le père va t\'enculer et mon fils suivra, quand ton cul sera préparé !
Et moi tu vas me lécher le cul et la chatte, ce sera plus pratique que tout à l\'heure.
Elle se met également à quatre pattes, relève sa robe et cul nu recule jusqu\'à ma bouche en se plaquant sur mes lèvres.
Pendant ce temps son mari commença à me pénétrer le cul.
Je léchais sa femme, passant du cul à la chatte pendant que son mari me limait comme un fou.
Il déchargea et son fils prit la suite. Assez difficilement au début, vu la taille de sa bite, mais progressivement il s\'installa jusqu\'au fond et me pilonna comme une brute, jusqu\'à la jouissance.
La mère se mit à jouir également.
Je me relevais souillé de partout.
On me permit de me rajuster et de m\'en aller après quelques railleries.
Je m\'étais fait mettre pendant près de deux heures et j\'avais aimé ça, humilié mais heureux !


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Becoming A Slut Wife: Mrs. B.

I stood there looking into the mirror. What I saw was a married woman of thirty-nine who had a grown son and a hard working husband. It was a good looking (okay, so I'm prejudiced) woman who looked back at me. Five feet four, a hundred and eighteen pounds with nice breasts (no sag), dirty blonde shoulder length hair and with what I've heard called a sexy mouth. The woman I was looking at and who was looking back at me used to be a faithful wife, but not anymore. Now she was a slut! A whore! A fuck pig and a sex toy for young boys. I looked at me looking back at me as I remembered how it all came about.


Chad, my 19 year old son, was attending college and he had come home for spring break. He spent a week running around visiting old friends and doing some partying. It was Sunday afternoon around two when the call came. The guy he was riding with had wrecked his car the night before so Chad had no ride back to school. My husband Dale had just left for the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta. He had an important meeting the first thing next morning and he wanted to be well rested so he opted to fly out that day rather than catch the early flight in the morning. Since Dale wasn't available Chad asked me if I would drive him and the other four boys who came back to town with him back to school.

I didn't want to do it because I hate driving alone and I hate driving at night. I would have company on the way up, but I would be alone on the three hour return drive home and it would be at night. I told Chad I would do it if none of the other boys could talk someone into being the driver. Chad called around and about an hour later he gave me the bad news; none of the other boys could find anyone.

At four in the afternoon Chad and I got in the Excursion and set out to pick up the other four boys. The trip to school was uneventful if somewhat disconcerting. Have you ever listened to three hours worth of conversation by a group twenty years younger than you? It sounds like they are speaking a foreign language.

I dropped the boys off at their dorms, kissed Chad on the cheek and steeled myself for the three hour trip back home, alone and in the dark. Billy was the last one to get out of the car and he said:

"Wait up a minute Mrs. B (my name was Brenda Blankenship, but all of Chad's friends called me Mrs. B), I have to ask the guys something. I'll be right back" and he ran into the dorm. About five minutes later Billy and Chad came out to the car.

"I know you don't like driving at night" Chad said, "And Billy had an idea. To thank you for bringing us up here the guys all chipped in and we got you a motel room for the night. I'm here and dads in Atlanta so you don't need to rush home. You can get a good nights sleep and head home in the morning fresh and rested. Also, we are taking you out with us for dinner tonight."

He was right. With Dale in Atlanta I'd only have an empty house to go to so I told them I'd take them up on the offer. Billy handed me the money for the motel, told me to go check in and that they would be ready for dinner by the time I got back.

Dinner was at one of the places off campus. It was very popular with college kids because they served pitchers of beer with every pizza. They had a jukebox and a dance floor and after we ate it seemed like every one of the boys wanted to dance with me. Normally I wouldn't have, but my son was there so I felt that I could safely do it.

We had gone through three pitchers of beer and I was feeling good and apparently so were the boys. After a couple of dances they started getting a little 'touchy-feely' when we danced. I should have shut them down, but I didn't. I was in a good mood and to be honest I was loving the attention I was getting from a bunch of young studs and what thirty-nine year old woman wouldn't? Besides, Chad was there and I knew his buddies wouldn't get too out of line with him sitting there at the table.

The boys ordered a fourth pitcher of beer and I told them that I'd had enough and wanted to head for the motel.

Billy said, "Let's finish this pitcher and then we can all leave."

Halfway through the pitcher I began to feel strange. I was dancing with Billy and I was woozy, disoriented and I was stumbling as I danced.

"Whoa Mrs. B. I guess you have had a little too much beer. I guess we had better get you out of here and to your motel."

I think I told him that I thought that was a good idea, but I don't remember for sure. Things got hazy after that. I remember disconnected bits and pieces. I remember looking down at an erect cock as my head was pushed down toward it. I remember several bright flashes of light. I remember the searing pain of something being pushed into my ass and I remember hearing my own voice crying out, "Oh God, oh God, oh God." Mostly I remember that three or four hours of my life took place without me being aware of what happened. I found out the next day what happened during those lost hours when Billy showed me the video he'd shot and the pictures he'd taken with his digital camera.

I woke up with someone spooned up against my back. In my half asleep state I thought it was my husband and I pressed back against the erection I felt. I felt it push against me and I lifted my leg to give Dale better access and I felt his cock slide into my pussy.

"Oh yeah, this is the way to wake up" a voice said and it wasn't Dale's voice.

I screamed and jerked away from whoever it was behind me and turned to see Billy. As soon as I saw him the events of the night, at least those that I can remember, crowded in on me.

"I would much rather you had finished what we had just started, but since you screamed and pulled away I'd better explain your position to you before you decide you want to do any more screaming" and then he showed me the pictures he had taken.

The bright flashes I remembered were the flashes as he took the pictures. There were several of me on one of the back seats of the Excursion bending down and with a cock in my mouth and my hand around another. A couple of me on my knees with a cock in my mouth while another was pushing into me from behind. There was one of me sitting on a cock and looking into the camera and you honestly couldn't tell if the look on my face was one of lust or drugged confusion. The pictures all had one thing in common - a recognizable me, usually with more than one cock in the picture - and no other recognizable faces.

The video was bad. Not poorly shot, but bad for me because it showed me loving what was happening. I know that mentally I was out of it, but physically my body responded to everything the boys did to me. I have no idea how things went before Billy shot the video - I could very well have lain there like a limp dish rag - but eventually my body got into it and that's when Billy started taping.

He had video of me doing things that I had never even considered doing with my husband. He had me on tape sucking one cock while another one fucked me from behind. He had me with a cock in my ass, a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth. He had footage of me lying on my back with my legs spread wide and calling out:

"Next! Somebody fuck me, please, somebody give me some cock."

I counted seven different boys when I watched the video and there could have been more. I have no idea how many might have had me before Billy started shooting tape.

"Why Billy? Why did you do this to me? I thought you liked me."

"Depends on your definition of like Mrs. B. You have been the object of my fantasies since I was old enough to start getting hard ons. I saw a chance to get you on this trip and I took it."

"But why all the others?"

"Made for better video. You are more likely to want to bury that video than you would be to suppress one of just you and me."

"Suppress? I was raped and that video shows just who it was who raped me. You don't dare let anyone see it."

"I didn't hear you say "stop" on that tape. Not once did I hear a "please don't." All I heard was "Please fuck me" and "Somebody give me some cock." It would be your word against mine and the tape backs me up."

"Everyone who knows me knows that I would never do anything like that."

"No Mrs. B., everyone who knows you thinks that you are the kind of women who would never behave like that, but most of the people who see that video will change their minds and say, "Damn, but looks sure can be deceiving can't they?"

"So what you are saying is keep my mouth shut and no one will ever see the tape?"

"Well no Mrs. B., there is a little more to it than that."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you are my new girlfriend. It means that you are my new sex-toy."

"You must be mad!"

"No, just in control. We drugged Chad to get him out of the way. He will wake up in about two hours with a hell of a hangover. Imagine him stumbling out of his room and seeing these pictures of you on the bulletin board. Image the look on Dale's face when he gets an envelope delivered to his office and he opens it to find these pictures of you. Picture the faces of your friends and relatives after someone sends them a note telling them to check out a particular web site and they do and see you having such a good time.



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"Think about it Mrs. B. You enjoyed last night, you know you did. All you have to do to keep things quiet is keep on enjoying yourself. It won't be that hard. It will only be when I'm home from school and that's only one or two weekends a month. Of course summer vacation, Christmas and Spring Break might see you a little busy, but we can work it out. I don't want you caught any more than you want to be caught. I'm going into the bathroom to pee and I want your answer when I come out. If it is no I need time to hurry over to the dorm and get the pictures up on the bulletin board."

He headed for the bathroom and I glanced at the video and digital cameras. If I grabbed them and ran I would be okay. I'd have to run half-naked for the car, but the odds on anyone one who knew me seeing me were slim. I wouldn't be able to take the time to gather up my shoes, bra and panties and I'd have to stop and at least put my blouse on once I got a few blocks from the motel.

I tensed, getting ready to scramble, when Billy got to the bathroom door. And then he stopped and said, "I don't think I ought to tempt you" and he walked over and picked up both cameras and my purse. "Have an answer for me when I get back" he said as he went into the bathroom.

I was screwed, literally and figuratively screwed. I could not let that video and those pictures be seen by anyone else. Billy was right. Human nature being what it was even people who knew me and knew me well would always wonder if maybe, just maybe, I had done it willingly. Even Chad and Dale would always wonder. They would profess to be behind me 100%, but they would still remember seeing me beg for cock and they would wonder. I'd have to agree to Billy's demands until I could find some way out. During the three-hour drive home I should be able to think of something.

When Billy came out of the bathroom he asked me if I had decided and all I could say was that I really didn't appear to have any choice.

"No you don't Mrs. B. Show me that you mean it" he said as he walked up to me sitting on the edge of the bed. "Suck my cock."

I had no choice and I knew it. I opened my mouth and he stepped forward and put his cock into the open hole. I wanted out of that motel room and the quickest way out would be to hurry up and get Billy off. That meant I had to give him a good blow job instead of just going through the motions. I licked his cock and my right hand took hold of his balls and I softly caressed them and he seemed to like that. His hands went to the back of my head and I started moving my head back and forth, jacking his cock off with my mouth. He moaned and I clamped my lips tight around his cock and moved my head faster.

"Oh yes" he moaned, "Like that, just like that."

I felt his nuts draw up in my hand and I knew he was going to cum and I was ready for it. I tried to swallow it all, but some leaked out of my mouth and ran down my chin. I felt his cock start to soften and I moved to pull my mouth off of him, but his hands held me fast.

"Keep sucking Mrs. B. Get me hard again. I'm going to fuck you one more time before you leave."

I almost cried. I wanted to get out of that room and away from him. He held my head in both hands and sawed his cock back and forth between my lips and pretty soon I felt him start to stiffen again. He shoved me back on the bed, pushed my legs apart and mounted me. He had me under his thumb and I knew it. I had to submit, but I didn't have to like it. I was determined that I would just lie there and play dead in the hopes that he would feel that masturbation would be better and leave me alone and for several minutes it looked like I might get away with it. But then my body betrayed me. I hated it, but my body was responding to Billy's hard thrusting.

Billy reached under me and took my ass cheeks in his hands and pulled me up to him as he drove down into me and I felt the fire start in my center and start to spread through my body. I moaned and pushed my hips hard at Billy. I caught myself on the verge of screaming out, "Fuck me, damn you, fuck me" but I managed to choke it off even as my legs went up and gripped him and my nails dug into his back. I shook like a wet dog as I came.

"You are one hot bitch Mrs. B., and I know what your hot button is."

He pulled out of me and I almost yelled at him to put his cock back in me as he rolled me over and then pulled me up on my knees. "I saw how you reacted to cocks driving into your ass" and he pushed the head of his cock at my asshole. I'd been done enough there during the night that he was able to slip in easily and then he started pounding.

I absolutely love anal but I hardly ever get it because Dale doesn't like it, but I was getting it then and getting it with a vengeance. Billy wanted to get off and he was fucking me hard and I hated myself for doing it, but I screamed out, "Oh God yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass." Billy kept plowing me hard and after a minute or two the fires inside me started to spread again and still Billy kept pounding.

I was crying out, "Fuck me damn you, fuck me, fuck me hard" and my body was shaking as I had orgasm after orgasm. Billy groaned and said, "Here it comes, here it comes" and I felt the hot splash of his cum deep in my bowels. My head was buried in a pillow and tears flowed from my eyes over what I had just done. I had hated it, but I had still given Billy pleasure and what was worse was that I had also taken mine.


But I didn't think of a way out of it on the drive home or during the months that followed. The only idea I had that might have ended it was to tell Dale what happened and see if he could do anything, but I couldn't tell Dale. I knew that if I told him he would forever wonder if he was married to a blackmailed wife or a cheating slut.

It was three weeks before Billy came home for a weekend. Chad had stayed at school and Dale is a golf nut and if the weather is good and we have no other plans he will play eighteen holes every Saturday and Sunday. Billy knew that as did everyone else who knew Dale and Dale's car had barely turned the corner and Billy was at my door. Wordlessly I stepped aside and let him in and without even looking at me he headed for the bedroom.

I fought back the tears and I followed him and watched as he got naked and then laid down on the bed.

"How about we start with a blow job Mrs. B?"

I stood there looking at his erection and I was disgusted with myself as I thought maybe, if I gave him great head, he would do me anally before he left.

I gave him the best blow job I was able to give, swallowed his discharge and then kept on sucking him until I got him up again and then I got on my hands and knees and looked back over my shoulder at him. He laughed at me and said:

"Not to worry Mrs. B., I planned on taking a trip up the dirt road, but not until I hear you beg for me to fuck you. Get on your back."

I rolled over on my back, spread my legs and waited for him. No playing dead this time, not if I wanted him in my ass before he had to leave. I could keep saying how much I hated what I was doing and how disgusted I was with myself for getting into it and enjoying it, but what would be the point. It would be true, but like it or not Billy was going to fuck me and I was going to end up screaming at him to do it.

He fucked me, I sucked his cock until he was up again and then I scrambled off the bed and got a bottle of KY Lotion and then hurried back to the bed so Billy could take my ass. And then I screamed and begged and pleaded for him to fuck me and never stop fucking me as he gave me orgasm after orgasm before flooding my ass with his cum.

The really disgusting part for me was that I was already looking forward to the next time when he left.

For the rest of the school term Billy would come home on the average of one weekend a month and if the weather was good Billy screwed me on my own bed. If the weather was bad and Dale didn't go play golf or Chad was home for the weekend Billy would have me get a motel room and I'd have to come up with an excuse to get out of the house.

It was a mess. I can't explain it and it made no sense to me, but as much as I hated having to do it I looked forward to Billy's next trip home. Every time we got together I was determined to just lie there like a dead body in the hope that he would say, "My hand would be better" and that he would start leaving me alone. But I always ended up screaming for him to fuck me harder. I always ended up with my hands clutching his ass and trying to pull him in deeper. I always rolled over and got on my knees and looked over my shoulder at him and waited for him to take my ass. And I always - always - hated myself for having done it when it was over.


It wasn't until classes let out for the summer that I found out how bad it was going to be. Dale and Chad had gone golfing and when the doorbell rang I knew it was Billy. He had called and told me that he wanted me to meet him at the door wearing nothing but nylons, a garter belt and high heels. I both wanted and didn't want to go to the door and let him in, but I knew I had to. When I opened the door it was indeed Billy, but also standing there were Al, Matt and Tony. The three of them had been part of the gangbang the day I drove them up to school. The shock must have registered on my face because Billy said:

"Oh come on Mrs. B., you didn't think they would only have you once and not want to do you again did you? You liked it then and you'll like it now" he said as he pushed by me and headed for the bedroom. I took a deep breath and followed along behind them. I watched them undress and Billy was the first one naked and he pointed to his cock. I went over to him and went to my knees in front of him and started sucking his cock.

The other three crowded around me and Al reached out and took my left hand and put it on his cock. Matt decided to do the same with my right and I looked his way as he put my hand on his dick. I felt a tingle shoot through my body when I got a good look at his cock. It was long and thin - perfect for anal sex - and I could already imagine how good it would feel up my butt.

Tony was left out so he moved behind me, got on his knees and started poking his cock at my pussy. The angle was all wrong and he couldn't do much more than graze my pussy lips. I pulled my mouth off Billy, told Tony to lie down on the floor and when he did I sat down on his cock. Billy laughed and said, "All right Mrs. B., way to go, you rock!" and then he pushed his cock back in my mouth. I rode Tony, jacked off Al and Matt and sucked on Billy until he came and then we moved to the bed.



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For the next hour the boys took turns fucking me, getting off in me and putting cocks in my mouth. Then Billy had them all sit on the side of the bed and I crawled along on the floor going from cock to cock until I'd gotten each of them off again. Al was the last one to cum and while I was working on his cock Billy, who had been in the room many, many times and knew where things were, went over to the dresser and got the KY and headed back for the bed.

"Give it to Matt" I said, "I want him to be first."

Billy laughed and tossed the bottle of lotion to Matt, "You get the honors on her ass dude." I finished off Al and scrambled up on the bed and got on my knees and put my head down on a pillow. Matt moved behind me and lubed up his cock and my ass, worked on me a little bit with his fingers and then he started pushing into me. I was right - his cock was a perfect fit and in about twenty seconds he was he was buried deep in me. He drove deep and hard with each stroke and I moaned and pushed back at him. Tony moved in front of me and pushed his cock in my mouth. I was crying at Matt to fuck me harder, but with a mouthful of cock all that came out was garbled sounds. Matt must have known what I wanted and he picked up the pace and drove into me harder and harder. I felt his cock convulse as he shot his cum in me and then he pulled out. Before I could whine at loosing him Al shoved his cock into my ass.

After that it was one after the other as they used my ass, mouth and pussy. Tony said he wanted to make me 'airtight' and Matt said, "First dibs on her ass" but Billy told them no, maybe next time, but that it was time for them to leave so I could clean up myself and the room before Dale came home. They did make me 'airtight" the next time they came over and I screamed so loud and begged so hard that they did it to me every time from then on.


That summer was as bad as anything I had ever experienced in my life; bad from the standpoint that my head was a complete fucked up mess. I was putting out for Billy, Matt, Al and Tony at least twice a week. I hated doing it, but I looked forward to it. When Billy showed up alone I was disappointed and if he showed up with the others I was pissed at being taken advantage of. When Billy decided that what we were doing on the weekend put us at too much risk for being caught and moved our day to Tuesday I ranted and raged at having to change my schedule around. At the same time I was telling myself that instead of just four hours I could look forward to all day. I would spend Monday mornings trying to think of ways to get out from under Billy's thumb and Monday afternoons anticipating Matt's cock in my ass while I rode Billy's cock and deep throated Tony or Al. By the time summer was over and the school year was due to start I was glad the boys were going to be gone, but I was already missing them. It was just one big, fucking mess.

It was our last Tuesday before the boys left for school and I met them at a motel. It started out the same as most of the other times with the boys kissing me and swapping tongues while feeling up my tits and fingering my pussy and asshole. I stroked their cocks and then when they got me moaning I got on my hands and knees and took Tony in pussy and Al in my mouth. Mat had gotten the KY from the dresser and was greasing up his cock for the first foray into my butt. As he approached the bed Al pulled out, got on his back and pulled me on top of him. I leaned forward until my tits flattened on his chest and Matt moved up behind me, worked his finger magic on my hole and then I felt that beautiful long, thin hard cock push by my sphincter.

After that it was an orgy of sound as I screamed and begged them to, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" and to never stop. Tony shoved his cock in my mouth and made me airtight and after that I had three cocks in me for the rest of the time I was there. I came and came and came and promised them I would drive up to school and see them if they would just keep fucking me like they were. When Billy called a halt to things I was exhausted and as limp as a wet dishrag.

When the others had gone Billy said, "I've got a real treat for you. My cousin is getting married and I'm putting on his bachelor party."

"Why is that a treat for me?"

"Because you, Mrs. B., are going to be the entertainment. I've seen how much you enjoy taking on the four of us so I can just imagine how much you will enjoy ten or twelve."

"No way Billy, no way I'm going to do that."

"Oh yes you will Mrs. B. Nothing has changed. I still have the photos and the tape. Find an excuse to get out of the house Thursday. I'll make sure to have you home by midnight."

Ten or twelve I thought as I drove home. Ten or twelve. Jesus, could I do that many? My pussy, which had just been thoroughly satisfied by four young studs, started to tingle at the thought. Ten or twelve, oh my, oh my.


Ten or twelve I thought as I stepped back from the mirror. Ten or twelve hard cocks that could have me screaming for more. Ten or twelve more people knowing about me. Ten or twelve more mouths to spread the word about me. It was over. I had to end it before it could go any farther.

That night at the dinner table I took a deep breath and told Dale and Chad the story. Slightly sanitized - well, okay, more than "slightly sanitized" - but I gave them the basics. I told them about the night I was drugged and then gangbanged, about how it had been taped by Billy and how he was blackmailing me for sex (I left out the parts with Matt, Al and Tony) and I told them about the bachelor party Billy expected me to do.

Chad leapt up from the table, "That mother fucker!" he snarled, "He drugged me? I'll kill the bastard!" and he headed for the door. Dale yelled at him to get back to the table and sit down.

Dale didn't say it, but I could tell he was furious with me and I couldn't blame him. I had no idea what my life was going to be like after having made my confession, but it had to be done. The more people who knew what I was doing the more likely it would have been that word would eventually get back to Dale or Chad so it was better that I bite the bullet and let them get the story from me.

Once Dale got Chad settled down he attacked the problem head on. We had to neutralize Billy's ability to use the photos and tape against me. Chad was the one who suggested a tape of Billy doing something he wouldn't want to become known and then it would be a case of you show yours Billy and then I'll show mine; the family equivalent of MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction.


"Can you come over? Chad and Dale have gone over to Dale's parents to help them move some heavy furniture. We'll have at least three hours."

"I'll be right over."

"Hurry baby, hurry."

I was at the door when he rang the bell and I let him in. "Hurry Billy, I need it and I want as much as I can get in the time we have."

"No problem" he said as he headed for the bedroom.


"Head hurt?" I asked him as he shook his head to clear it.

He was lying on his stomach and when he went to move he found that he couldn't get up. It finally dawned on him that he was naked and tied to the bed.

"What goes around comes around Billy. You drugged me, screwed me and filmed it so I'm returning the favor. I didn't have any drugs so we had to settle for hitting you in the head with a frying pan, but the effect is the same. It put you out long enough for us to get you ready. What is it you say at times like this? Oh yes, I remember, "Relax. It is going to happen so you might as well enjoy it."

Billy looked around the room and noticed the video camera on a tripod and pointed at the bed. I saw the color drain from his face.

"Okay guys, he's all yours" I called out and two naked men wearing hoods came into the room. One was holding a tube of KY Jelly in his hand and fear washed over Billy's face as he realized what was about to happen to him.

"No, oh God no, don't do that, please, for the love of God don't do that to me. I'll give you the tape and the pictures. Let me go, I'll run right home and get them now."

"Sorry Billy, I don't trust you. You might not come back with them and even if you did how would I know that you didn't make copies. No Billy, my way is best, at least for me. If any of what you have of me ever shows up the world will see the tape I'm about to make of you."

Billy didn't get into it as quickly as I was told I did, but he did eventually get into it as his ass got pounded. But he never did seem to really enjoy taking it in both ends.


It is too soon to tell how my relationship with Dale is going to turn out. Right now we are stepping carefully around each other. On my part I'm trying to show him how much I love him and love being his wife. He knows I was taken advantage of and that it would never have happened otherwise, but he does know how much I love sex and I think he suspects that I really didn't mind the blackmail.

What really upset him is that I didn't tell him about it right after it happened. I tried to explain that the damage would have been done before I could finish the three hour drive home; that the pictures would have been on every dormitory bulletin board before he could even catch a flight out of Atlanta. I tried to make him understand that it was the very fact that he knew how much I liked sex that kept me from telling him:

"I couldn't believe that you wouldn't believe that I was doing it because I was liking it. I didn't want you looking at me like I was some sort of a whore."

Dale has made no move to throw me out of the house and as far as I know he hasn't seen an attorney about a divorce. I'm hoping and praying he won't and I'll keep working hard at keeping him.


My problem with Billy is gone, but now I have another one. I was supposed to be at an Avon party, but I got sick to my stomach and left the party early and went home. Dale was out of town and Chad hadn't left yet to go back to school. Chad must not have heard me come in and I got the shock of my life as I saw him sitting on the couch masturbating as he watched something on the TV set.

I don't know how he got it from Billy, but what he was watching was the tape of my gangbang. My son was beating off watching his mother with three cocks in her. I watched his hand slide up and down his cock. It was a nice one. Long and thin, just like Matt's and it would be perfect for.....Oh God, my pussy started to tingle as I slowly and quietly left the house.

What the hell was I going to do now.


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Tony to Tanya

My name is Tony and I'm an average 19 year old boy. I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall, have shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. I often get mistaken as a girl from behind because of the length of my hair and because I look after it really well. I've been told I'm as good-looking as most girls my age. My ass isn't half-bad either.

I'm an open-minded person when it comes to sex. I'm also adventurous. I'll try almost anything at least once, and if I like it, I'll do it again.

I'm currently dating a girl called Sarah who's really into being the dominant one in the bedroom. And like I said, I'll try anything, so I'm all for it. She'd only had me do "normal" things like licking her pussy and role-play, which I'd do anyway.

My sex-life was about to change dramatically.

I was just leaving college one day, when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said as I answered it.

"Hey, Tony." Sarah said with a cute voice.

"Sarah, how are you?" I asked.

"Fine." She answered. "I was wondering if you'd come over to mine tonight. I've got nothing to do, and my parents are out, so I thought we could have some kinky fun. Are you free?"

"Sure. I've got a few things to do, first, but I'll be over later." I told her.

"Great. What have you got to do, anyway?" she enquired. "Oh, I gotta send an email to Paul." I answered. Paul was in the army and was currently stationed in Afghanistan. "Then I'll eat, shower and come over." I finished.

"Alright. Give Paul my best." She said.

"I will. Love you."

"Love you, too." She hung up.

Half an hour later, I walked through the front door. I had a little chat with my parents about my plans for the evening, and went to my room to send my email.

When I'd finished, I went back downstairs and made a bacon sandwich. I ate it while watching a comedy quiz show and went for a shower.

In the shower, I could hear my sister, who was 20 and home for the summer, listening to some of my music, and I sang along to it quietly.

When I got out of the shower I dressed in my Guns 'N' Roses T-shirt and jeans and headed back downstairs to finish watching my show.

When it had finished and I'd finally managed to stop myself laughing, I put my shoes on and left the house to catch the bus to Sarah's. I spent the bus ride wondering what kinky things Sarah would do with me.

When I arrived at Sarah's, I knocked on the door and she answered it quickly. I'm always stunned by her beauty, but today she was dressed very sexily.

Sarah is 5 foot 5 inches tall, with long, curly, blond hair, and an amazing body, including 34C boobs and a lovely heart-shaped ass. But instead of her normal sleeveless top and jeans, she was wearing a top that revealed her flat and toned stomach, and showed that she had no bra on. She was also wearing the shortest mini-skirt I'd ever seen.

"Hey sexy, come on in" she said with a radiant smile.

I walked through the door and closed it behind me and my surprise must have shown on my face because her smile became even more radiant.

"Cat got your tongue?" she asked.

"You are the sexiest girl I've ever seen." Was all I could say. I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately.

After a minute she broke the kiss and took my hand.

"Come on, lets go to my room. I have a present for you up there. Besides me, that is."

I let her lead me to her bedroom and I sat in the chair at her desk while she closed the door. She came over and straddled my lap, kissing me fiercely. She broke the kiss and climbed off me and went to the drawers she kept her clothes in.

"Close your eyes." She ordered.

I did as I was told and I heard her rummaging in one of the drawers for something.

"OK, you can open them."

I opened my eyes and saw that she was holding her school uniform from the year before: white blouse, green skirt that would reach about halfway down her thighs. She even had the knee-length socks and the shoes.

"I thought you were already dressed up for me." I said, slightly confused.

"I am. These are for you." She clarified.

It dawned on me what she wanted me to do. I have no real negative views of dressing up as a girl, I just never thought I'd do it before. And I never knew that Sarah would want me to do it. I was shocked to have it being sprung on me so suddenly.

"You want me to-" I started.

"Dress in my old school uniform? Yes" she finished for me. "You don't mind do you? You said you'd try almost anything and this isn't one of those 'extreme' things that you ruled out of trying."

"True." I thought it over. "Since it's just between you and me, I'll do it but it's not something I'd ever thought of before."

"It'll be easy. This'll fit since we're the same size." She told me.

She wasn't wrong. I don't have the same figure as her, but I'm not muscular or anything. My body's toned and slim. Her old uniform would fit.

"I don't quite see where this is going." I said.

"You will." She assured me. "Let's do your make-up and then you can change in the bathroom while I prepare everything else. Wear this, as well." She finished, throwing me a black lace thong.

She did my make-up: a bit of eye-shadow, a small amount of blush and some pink lipstick. She brushed my hair as well, making me look like a very pretty girl when it was all done. I set off to the bathroom to change.

I stripped to my boxers, put the blouse on and buttoned it up. I couldn't believe I was going through with this. I then took my boxers off and pulled the thong on, I had to rearrange myself so I was comfy. I pulled the skirt and socks on with no difficulty and my nervousness was starting to disappear.

When I had the shoes on I stood up and looked in the full-length mirror. I was astounded. I looked immensely cute and shy, like the new girl in school. It was as if I wasn't looking at myself.

My cock started to push against the material of the thong. I was really starting to get into this idea, but I still didn't have the full picture of what we were going to do. I went back to Sarah's room.

"You look cute, sweety." Sarah said as I walked in. "You need a girl's name to finish with and I thought of one: Tanya."

"Tanya." I repeated. "Sure."

"I need to ask you something. Do you have anything against receiving anal?" Sarah asked.

"No." I said. "I've experimented."

My sister went to a college in another town, so she was only ever home for the holidays. She had a lot of toys of different shapes and sizes. When she was either at college or out, I experimented with them: dildos, anal beads, vibrators and butt plugs. I even went to school with a butt plug in, once. I enjoyed anal more than I thought I would when I first tried it.

"Good," She said, "Because today, I'm going to fuck your ass. Do you need lube or anything?" she gave me a smile. She was clearly being careful with this experience.

"I don't need any lube." I said, returning her smile.

"I can tell you're excited, so lets start with the foreplay, shall we, babe?" she asked.

I nodded and she motioned for me to lie on the bed. I did as she wanted and she straddled me, rubbing the crack of her ass against my cock as she kissed me. I opened my lips when her tongue brushed against them and our tongues started exploring each others' mouths.

After a couple of minutes, Sarah broke the kiss and stopped grinding on my cock. She moved up to my head and took her panties off, she then straddled my face while facing my feet. She spread her ass cheeks and lowered herself.

"Lick my asshole." She ordered. Something else I'd never done until then.

I extended my tongue to that tight, rose-pink bud and licked around it. She moaned with pleasure and ground herself into my face. I licked around once again and then pushed my tongue into the tight hole. Doing this made her scream with pleasure and lust.

"Get on all-fours." Sarah told me, climbing off of my face.

I did as I was told. She got on her knees behind me and spread my cheeks, moving the thong to one side, which made me tense with excitement and nervousness. She spat on my asshole and started to lick, working her saliva into it.

The sensation was amazing. It was one of the most erotic experiences I had ever experienced. I groaned in pleasure and happiness as she slowly pushed her tongue into me. I was starting to hope the sensation would never end. She stopped licking and spat on my asshole again.

She sat up and rubbed her saliva in, before slowly pushing two fingers into my ass as deep as they could go. As I was reaching new heights of pleasure, she doubled them by slowly pumping her fingers in and out of me. After a while of doing this, she added a third finger and carried on fingering my ass. My cock was straining against the thong she'd given me.

"Turn around and close your eyes, but stay on all-fours." She told me, removing her fingers.

I positioned myself as I was told, while she reached under her bed. I closed my eyes while she was searching. I heard her fiddling with something and I began getting a little more excited.

"You can open your eyes now." She told me. I did so.

There she stood, wearing a strap-on dildo. It was purple and fairly big at 10 inches long. It also looked very thick. She stood in front of me, looking at me with lust.

"Suck my 'cock', you little slut." She commanded of me.

I was happy to oblige. I leaned forward, grabbing the shaft of that huge fuck-stick and licked the end, before I slid it in my mouth. I bobbed my head, while swirling my tongue, sucking the strap-on how I liked my cock sucked.

"That's right you little bitch. Suck my big cock like you mean it." She encouraged. "Suck it as deeply as you can."

I slid it as far into my mouth as I could manage without choking which was about 7 inches. I was really into this, now.

Sarah started thrusting in my mouth, getting just a bit of the dildo down my throat.

She pushed my head away and turned me around.

"I'm going to tie you to the bed, now, slave." She said forcefully, tying one arm to one of the bedposts at the head of the bed. She than tied the other arm to the other bedpost, giving me just enough slack to lay my head on the pillow comfortably.

Once again, she moved my thong (as I began to think of it) aside and spat on my asshole. This time she rubbed it in with the strap-on, mixing her saliva and mine.

She grabbed my hips and positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance to my ass. After a bit of prodding me, she pushed the large, thick 'cock' into me.

I winced from the small amount of pain and the sudden intrusion, but within a few seconds, both sensations had dissipated. Sarah was letting me have a bit of time to get used to having something so large in my ass.

Slowly and gradually, she began pulling out of me. When she'd pulled out to the tip of the dildo, she reversed direction, pushing it back in a little more gently than when she first entered my ass.

After the first thrust, she set a slow steady pace of thrusting. It felt amazing. I could feel my ass squeezing the dildo gently, as if it was trying to keep it inside me. My cock was straining more than ever against the thong I was wearing, as if it was trying to get loose by breaking it.

Sarah started thrusting faster as she reached around towards my stomach to slowly pump my cock with her hand, after moving the front of the thong aside.

She rubbed her finger into some of my pre-cum and put it to my lips for me to taste. I stuck my tongue out and licked her finger. It was quite a nice taste: slightly salty and a little sweet.

I was really getting into having my ass pounded like a little slut. When Sarah picked up the pace again, I began to meet her strokes, making the dildo go into me as deep as I could accommodate.

I started feeling my balls tighten, ready to release a massive load all over Sarah's bed. I didn't want to cum so quickly, I was having too much fun, so I fought with the feeling.

I couldn't fight it off longer than a couple of minutes. As I was just reaching my boiling point, I let out a groan.

"Sarah, I'm cumming!" I yelled.

"Yes! Cum for me. Cum from having your ass fucked." She said in response.

Long, thick strings of cum flew from my cock, covering her bed and hand. She once again put her hand to my lips and I lapped my cum up without letting a single drop fall from her fingers. It had a stronger taste than my pre-cum, and it was thick and rather difficult to swallow, but it tasted great. I was surprised I was doing it, but had no misgivings about it.

Sarah kept pounding my ass until the friction of the strap-on against her clit caused her to cum with a squeal of bliss.

She collapsed onto my back and I fell onto my front in the pool of cum on her bed sheets. The dildo was still in my ass and I was content to leave it there for a while longer.

"Did you enjoy that, babe?" Sarah asked me.

"I loved it." I told her.

"Did you enjoy dressing up and do you think you'll do it again?"

"Yes and yes." I answered.

"I think we may need to go shopping, then." She said and kissed my ear-lobe.


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Francis Meets a Black Stud

I am a male, about 5'5', athletic and have long light brown hair and fair skin. I was on the swim team in high school and college. In college I had started shaving my legs and arms to cut down on drag in the water. My girlfriend at the time liked and eventually talked me into shaving my entire body. She eventual talked me into having all of my unwanted body hair removed using a laser hair removal gadget that she used on her legs. This included all hair below my neck and part of my facial hair too. After several treatments I was surprised to find out that it was permanent. It seemed as if we would be married, so, what she wanted, she got. In our senior year we broke up, she wanted to explore new things.

Currently, I am in my late twenties and travel around quite a bit through the US. My work never allows me to be in any one place more than a few months. When I am working it is usually 3 months on (7days per week) and one month off, but this varies depending on the projects. This doesn't allow for much of a social life, but I make a lot of money. I roll around with a 5th wheel and usually stay in a campground and try to be away from everyone else as much as possible. Sometimes this works, other times not.

Since I do not have much of a social life, I masturbate a lot and have enjoyed a lot of different types of internet porn. I smoke pot, but usually only in the evenings when I masturbate. This makes it a lot more fun and I enjoy some pretty wild porn when I am stoned. Sometimes, while masturbating I will smoke a lot and get really stoned and this can make me get a little kinky. I consider myself straight, but have masturbated with, dildos and butt plugs. Sometimes when I am really worked up I will put on some women's underwear etc and have experimented with some make up too as well as using a cock ring and binding my balls. I think I look pretty hot when I wear make up and lingerie and I think I look pretty hot and have even masturbated while looking at myself in the mirror.

I can also suck my own dick; well not really I can get the head and a little bit more in my mouth. I have never been able to cum like this, but I have shot cum into my mouth and on my face. I found it did not taste bad and I liked it because it was nasty and when I was made up, I looked really hot with cum strung on my face, but cumming with my dick in my mouth eluded me. I do like to tease myself right up to the edge and then deny myself release and repeat the process. One time when I was doing this and was very, very close. I lifted my legs over my head, put my dick in my mouth, started licking my dick and then started to fuck myself with a dildo. Then the most amazing thing happened. I started to cum and shot a huge load directly into my mouth with mt lips wrapped tightly around my dick. It was the most amazing feeling to have my dick firmly in my mouth and to have cum squirting out of it and into my mouth, this aroused me even more and I came very hard. After I calmed down a bit I was still hard and excited, I then masturbated and came again within a few minutes and came again it was amazing. I got stuck in this habit for a while.

I also exhibit some risky behavior. I like to walk around outside naked and masturbate. I do not expose myself to anyone and don't do this in any risky places, usually I will do this somewhere in a remote area near the campground in the wee hours of the morning when I am certain not to be seen by anyone.

Well this all leads up to my current situation. I had recently taken up hiding the spare key to my camper someplace close to the campground, walking out of my camper in gym shorts, tennis shoes and nothing else. If no one was parked near my camper, lock the door, walk for a short distance, take off my shorts and then go to get my key. Sometimes I will just walk out with nothing on but tennis shoes. I am always stoned and usually take a joint with me. I will masturbate along the way and will often have some kind of lube waiting with my key. I really like to tease myself by getting really close to orgasm only to stop and light up or something. Well it had been a long holiday weekend and the campground had been packed with families. I had not had a chance to masturbate in 5 days and today I hoped the campground would be nearly empty when I got back. It was! There was one camper on the far side of the campground, at last I have some privacy and I was very horny. I took my spare key and went to a place that I had found recently and placed it on a limb. I had eaten on the way back, had a little puff, set my alarm for 11:00pm and went to sleep. It was only 7:30 and I could not do anything for a while and if I did what I planned, I would be up pretty late and needed some rest.

My plan tonight is to wake at 11, give myself an enema then shower and come back to my camper, puff up, make myself up and get dressed in a little mini skirt and half tank top, with hose, panties and a small bra, along with nails and eyelashes. I wanted to be dressed fully as a girl tonight and going for a walk. I was also thinking about a cock ring and binding my balls with a strap and maybe weights with a lock. After this I would pack my purse with 2 types of lube, some astroglide for the butt plug I would use later, and some vaseline to masturbate with, 2 joints and a lighter. I wanted to be really high for this and I had some of the killer. All this should take about 1-2 hours. After I was ready I will walk out the door and lock it behind me and walk to the ladies bath house, puff up, then insert the butt plug, then go and get my key and be back in by 3:30 or 4 am for a couple more hours sleep before work.

I woke up at 11, gave myself an enema and headed to the bathhouse; I showered and used some sexy smelling soap and shampoo. Dried off really good, gathered my things, and since no one was around, wrapped my towel around me and headed to my camper. The cook night air felt good flowing around my naked body. When I got back to the camper, I put on my cock ring, took a couple of hits off my pipe opened a folder of porn videos on my computer and hit random, the screen was suddenly filled with a cute white girl with a mouth full of black cock (when getting fixed up, I listen to porn more than I watch it). I then put on my stockings, panties and 4" high heel clogs, and then sat down in front of my mirror took a few hits from my pipe. I was already super turned on at this point, so I played with my dick for a few minutes before I began to fix my hair. I then took another hit and began carefully applying my makeup. I also had a black rubber cock on my make table standing straight up. It is about the same size as my dick, around 7". I can get most of it in my mouth easily and have managed to get enough of it in mouth so that my chin was resting on its black balls from time to time. I would take a puff, play with myself while I watched the black cock slipping into my mouth in the mirror and imagining that the girl I heard on the video was me.

I finished my hair, make up and nails by 12:45 and then inserted some small breast forms into my bra, put on my skirt, top and then checked myself out in the mirror. Everything seemed awkward with the nails but, damn I looked hot! I sucked on the black cock for a few minutes watching myself in the mirror, took a couple of hits, and then touched up my lipstick. After this I put a leather strap around my balls and put a small pad lock on it and put a small dog collar around my neck that said "SLUT" on it and put a small lock on it too. I left the keys to the lock beside the black cock in front of the mirror, walked out the door, locked it and closed it tight. I was now committed, I could not take the collars off of my dick or neck until I first went and got the key to my camper.

I was very stoned and the sexual high was invigorating! I slowly walked to the ladies bath house, when suddenly I noticed that the light was on in the camper across the way, but then thought that no one would be out at this hour. I lit a joint and began my trek to the ladies room, went inside and found a stall. It was very clean; I suppose they had washed today after everyone left. I put the seat down and slipped down my panties, then sat down like a girl to pee. I took another drag and then just held the joint in my mouth. I had just put my feet up spread against the sides of the door to insert the butt plug when I heard footsteps walk in the bathhouse, luckily the joint had gone out, but you could still smell it. This was really stimulating to me and I started touching myself while someone else was in there, after a few minutes they walked out. The next sound I heard was the showers in the men's bathhouse on the other side of the wall. I giggled; the guy in the other camper must be taking a shower. I stroked myself 'til I nearly came and then I took out and kissed the butt plug before I lubed it up, I also pushed it all the way into my mouth and clamped it tight with my lips where I asshole would soon be. I had calmed down a bit and knew I would not cum if I inserted it now, so I lubed it up and put it in my ass. The shower stopped next door so I decided to wait for a few minutes before walking out to give the guy a chance to get back to his camper. After what I thought was more than enough time I stood up, my bound cock was like steel and was sticking straight out making the mini skirt tent and there was a little bit of the head sticking past the edge of the mini skirt. I checked myself out in the mirror, gave my dick a rub and I walked out with the joint in my mouth, I was going relight it as soon as I got outside. I walked out the door and ran straight into a 6' black stud with a towel around his neck, silk boxers, sandals and nothing else.

He took one look at the joint hanging from my lips and said, "I thought I smelled pot." He then asked me for the joint, I was scared as hell, had not said a word and found it difficult to take my eyes off of the outline of his cock. I handed him the joint and offered him a light. He asked me my name.

I thought quickly and replied, "Francis."

He then looked down at my cock sticking out and snickered, "so you like to get a little kinky huh? Have you ever sucked a black cock before?"

At that moment, I regretted everything I had ever done. I did not want to answer his questions and just wanted to run away, but I told him "no" and then for some reason added, "the only cock I had ever had in my mouth was my own".

He asked me if I swallowed?

I responded, "yes."

He took another hit of the joint and then told me to walk back into the ladies bathhouse so he could get a better look at me.

I wanted to run but I obediently turned around and he followed me inside.

Inside he told me to turn around so he could see my ass. His only response was, "you are one fine looking woman except for that little thing sticking out from under your skirt."

I think I blushed. I wanted so desperately to be anywhere but, but I was afraid and hypnotized by this beautiful man that seemed interested in me.

He then asked me if I wanted to suck his cock?

I shocked myself and whispered, "yes."

He asked me to repeat myself where he could hear me.

I was completely under his spell, I tried to speak, but was only able to reply just above a whisper.

He pulled me closer and put my hand on his huge cock.

I glanced over at the mirror and nearly passed out at how sexy I looked right now next to this tall black stud with my hand on his big cock through his boxers.

He asked me again what I wanted to do?

I told him in the sexiest voice I could muster that, "YES, I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum."

He said, "Well bitch, kneel on this towel and do it!"

He was beginning to get hard, so I took the towel and spread it out on the floor, just staring at the outline of his big black cock and glancing at us in the mirror every chance I got and then I was on my knees with his cock just on the other side of those boxers.

I asked him to turn a little bit so I could better see myself in the mirror and felt his big black dick through his boxers with both of my hands. I kissed it and rubbed my face on it. I then began to pull down his boxers and fished his cock out. It was amazing! I just held it in my hands and fondled it. I then looked at myself in the mirror and watched as I kissed it all down one side so I could see myself real good in the mirror with this black cock in touching my face and then I watched it slowly slide into my mouth.

After a few minutes he told me to stop and to pull down his boxers and he stepped out of them. I was now completely dressed as a woman and on my knees in the ladies room of the campground in front of a naked black man with a really big black cock that I wanted to suck and make cum in my mouth so very much and he was smoking my pot.

I guess he noticed me looking in the mirror because he said, "So you like seeing my black cock between your lips?"

I took my mouth off his cock and massaged his balls that would soon fill my mouth with cum and replied, "YES I do!"

He asked, "You do what?"

I told him, "I love to see your big black cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

He said, "Good" and started taking pictures of me sucking his big beautiful black cock with his cell phone.

I kept sucking and kissing and licking massaging his cock and balls for a while, a couple of times I nearly got all of it in my mouth, but not all the way, but when I did I pulled his balls and rubbed them on my chin. I put his balls in my mouth and massaged them with my lips and tongue and then sucked his cock some more.

He then said, "I am about to cum and when you feel the first squirt, lean back , open your mouth wide and jack my cum all over your face, and don't swallow until I tell you."

I did not want to do this; I wanted to suck all of his cum straight out of his cock. A few seconds later he started to shoot. The first squirt took me by surprise, but I quickly did as he said and it seemed like he just came and came.

He was also shooting a video with his phone of this. After he was finished cumming, he told me to look into the camera with my mouth wide and to swallow. I then kissed his cock and put it in my mouth to squeeze out the rest of his cum, swallowed and kept on kissing his beautiful black cock.

He took a few more photos of his black cock in the mouth of this white girl who had cum all over her face. Soon I stood up and looked in the mirror. I looked so sexy with the strings of cum all over my face and began to push it into my mouth.

He made me "stop" and added "Leave that on there for now, it will remind you that you are my bitch." He then asked if I had any makeup in my purse?

I told him no, that it was all in my camper.

He told me to walk to my camper with his cum on face, to fix my makeup and then walk back to his camper.

I told him it was not quite easy and explained why, then showed him the locks and butt plug.

He just chuckled and told me to go get the key, then go fix my makeup and to not jack off while I was gone. He also told me to bring a camera if I had one, and added, "If I don't answer the door, I may have fallen asleep, just come in and start sucking my cock until I wake up."

Right then, I hoped he would fall asleep quickly.

As I turned to walk away, I gave him my cell number and asked him to send me the pictures and video. I left the ladies bathhouse feeling more sexually intoxicated than I have ever felt before and started walking to get the key as this black mans cum was sliding down my face and dripping onto my top, I smiled as I wondered what he planned to do with me next.


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The first story was easy and this one went by pretty well. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for where Francis should go in installment #3 email me. I will respond to your email and sometimes I will send out previews of what I am working on if you treat me right. Thanks.

As I was walking to get the key to my camper I wanted to cum so badly and really needed to jack off, but my new found lover had told me not to cum, and I was afraid that if I even touched my dick, I would lose my load. I did delicately rub my dick and balls with the tips of my nails though. I was so wet with my cum running down my dick and balls that I couldn’t believe it. Since my new lover did not say anything about the cum leaking out of my dick, I carefully wiped my dick and balls with my nails and then licked my cum off of my fingers. I lit the other joint and kept on walking and thinking.
I finally made it my key and back to my camper. I had calmed down somewhat and began thinking about what I had just done with some fear and regret. However, since I was still so sexually excited and had not cum in over a week, the desire to have this black stud make me cum won out over any reservations that I had. At this point, I just wanted to suck his black cock and see if I could cum with him fucking me in the ass.

I checked my phone to find he had already sent the photos and video. I took a hit off my bowl and uploaded them to my computer and checked myself out in the photos and played the video. I did not realize it at the time, but I had gotten quite vocal while he was cumming on my face an in my mouth. I opened a folder of interracial videos on my computer and hit play and turned up the volume where I could here it good in the bathroom. I removed my clothes and then washed the dried cum and make up off of my face, dried and brushed out my hair. I put it up it 2 pony tails at the top and back of my head, if he would be taking more pictures, I did not want my hair blocking the camera from see his beautiful black cock moving in and out of my mouth. I then unlocked the leather binding from around my balls to let them breath a little and removed the dog collar from around my neck, so I could fix my makeup.

I put on a pair of pink stockings and garter and then sat down to put on my make up. I really liked the way the garter framed my hard dick. I was fixed up in about twenty minutes but still needed to finish dressing. I put on a matching merry widow top and no panties. I applied pink lip stick and reapplied my makeup. I put on a pink dog collar that had “cocksucker” written on it. I added a short pink skirt and pink heels. I put my camera and video camera in my purse along with tiny tripods, another joint, the black dildo off my make up table and some condoms. I walked out my door and left it unlocked this time.

I could not believe how late it was, it was getting light out and soon the sun would be up, I was dressed up like a slut going to suck some big black cock and for the second time in my life I was in drag in a public place where people could possibly see me. I of course thought about how the sun would be up by the time I returned to my camper and for just a second I wanted to turn around and run back to my camper. I was not sure how I would deal with walking back, especially after I had cum. Instead of turning around, I walked across the campground to his trailer and quietly crept in. All the lights were on and it was quite bright. He was asleep in a chair with a thin blanket over him. I noticed that a professional looking video camera was on a tripod and pointed at his lap. I put down my bag and walked over to him, I heard the camera come on and kneeled down and pulled back the covers to find my prize, only this time it was completely soft.

I took his black cock in my hand and marveled at how soft and black it was especially when contrasted against my pale skin. I began to gently caress it; I felt it begin to get hard in my hands and could not wait another moment. I kept looking at the camera put the head of his black cock to my lips and slowly lowered my mouth while pushing his semi-soft cock into my mouth. After I slobbered on it and got it wet, it was real easy to slide his black cock in and out of my little white mouth and it kept getting harder the whole time. He was finally completely hard and I heard him moan something and then felt his hand stroking the back of my head. He said, “Good girl, you just keep on sucking Daddies big black cock.”

After a few minutes, he told me to stop, I was disappointed and pouted for a minute, and then he asked if I brought my camera. I rummaged through my bag and produced my still and video camera. He asked me what else I had in there, so I dumped it all out on his little coffee table. We lit the joint and smoked it and then he told me to put everything back in the bag, slipped on his boxers, grabbed a towel and said follow me. It was pretty bright out now and anyone driving in the campground could see me easily. I followed my first black lover back to the ladies bath house.

While walking, I asked about his video camera. He responded that he was a part of a group of black men that humiliated and trained white women to appreciate serving black cocks and that they filmed these women and put them on their website and charged for membership. He also told me that they didn’t have any films with a sissy white submissive transvestite yet, but that he thought that I had a lot of potential to be a part of their project. I did not know exactly what he meant, but my dick throbbed when he said this and I was already leaking cum again. This also scared me a little as I did not really want anyone else to have a record of me dressing up. But I was intoxicated by the lack of sex for the last week and how badly I needed to cum and figured that it was too late to turn back and that I only wanted be on my knees with his pink lips wrapped around his big black cock and besides I rationalized that since I was wearing make up and women’s lingerie, no one I knew would recognize me even if they did see.

Once inside he placed the towel on the floor again, and set up mine and his video camera. He set the black dildo on the counter and told me to stand in front of the camera. He pressed start and then began to interview me.

He asked for:

My name, I responded, “Francis”.

Where I was from, I responded, “Georgia”.

When was the first time I dressed up, I responded, “a couple of years ago”.

Have you ever sucked cock, I responded, “YES”.

When was the first time, I responded, “earlier tonight”.

Was it a white cock? I responded, “No, it was black”.

Did you like it, I responded, “NO, I loved it, it was delicious!”

Did you swallow, I responded YES!

My eyes were mostly closed in passion, but I kept seeing flashes and assumed he was using my still camera.

“Then show me what you can do with that dildo,” he said. I picked up the black dildo started licking it and pushing into my mouth.

He continued, “Have you ever been fucked?”

I responded, “Not with a real cock, only dildos and butt plugs”.

“Do you cum when you fuck dildos?”

I responded “Yes I do.”

“Do you want to be fucked by a real cock?” He asked.

I responded, “YES!”

Then get over here on your knees and make me hard. I set the dildo beside the sink and the second time in the last few hours began making love to this beautiful black cock with my mouth. I began by licking his big black balls while holding his black cock on the top of my face. I kept looking at the camera while doing this. I sucked each of his nectar filled black balls into my mouth and then began to licking up the underside of his black cock until I got to the head and slowly slid it into my mouth as far as I could. My nose was almost touching him and I was pushing him into my mouth hard and stretching my lips forward to try and get every bit of it into my mouth, but I didn’t gag and that made me pretty proud.

I continued suckling and jacking his cock in my mouth with one hand and stroking his balls with my nails of the other hand as he told me what a dirty little sissy slut I was.
He then asked, “Are you ready to be fucked?”
“YES!” I hissed.
“First get yourself ready for me by sliding that black rubber cock up your ass and fucking it first.”
I squirted some lube onto the black rubber cock and put the base of it against the counter in front of the sink and backed into it moving slowly back and forth on it and inching in into my ass. He then walked over and leaned me forward and put his cock in my mouth. It was about then that I realized that I was fucking my own black dildo in the women’s bathhouse while I was sucking the big black cock of a man who I do not even know his name.
I was in heaven, I had never even dreamed that I would do something like this, when he commanded, “That’s really nice bitch, but whatever you do, you had better not cum without permission. If you do, you will regret it”

I did not know what he meant by that, but I replied, “Yes sir.”

“Stop talking slut and suck my cock.”

I did too! I was rocking back and forth on my black dildo, all the while my semen seemed to be boiling in my balls. I could stand it no more, “Please sir, may I cum?”


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He took his cock from me and said “No slut, not yet. I haven’t fucked you yet. Pull that rubber cock out of your ass and turn around.”
I was so near to cumming that I was afraid that if I pulled the dildo out of my ass that I would cum right there. This caused me fear in 2 very sexual ways. The first was that I wanted to feel him inside of me before I got off, because I was afraid that if I came first that I would feel too guilty and be too humiliated and embarrassed to continue and I did not know how he or I would respond to that. The second was that he had commanded me not to cum without permission and he had not given me permission.

He saw me struggling to get my big black dildo out of my ass without cumming and asked what was taking me so long. I told him and he grabbed and twisted my nipple very hard as he slapped my ass and shouted, “hurry up you sissy bitch!”

This sudden pain distracted me from cumming as I snatched the dildo out of my ass, but the pain also made me moan, which really surprised me, but I did like it.

“Damn, so you like a little pain, huh bitch?”

The pain from my nipple temporarily distracted me from cumming. I pulled the dildo out of my ass it took my breath away and. I whispered, “Yes.”

He told to turn around and lean over the sick and to look into the mirror. He then adjusted the cameras and walked p behind me. He squirted lube on his big black cock and pressed the head up against my asshole. He then squirted some of the lube at the top of the crack of my white ass and let it slide down. I tried to look back and see what he was doing, but he scolded me and said, “What you looking at slut? You don’t need to be looking at anything except what you can see in that mirror!”
He then began slowly pushing his big black cock into my tight white ass. I gasped, “Please be gentle.”

He said “shut up sissy!” He then pressed in a little farther and I clenched my teeth and contorted my fingers while I held myself up over the counter. It hurt really nice and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. He then shouted, “Open your eyes bitch and look at yourself in the mirror!”

I just stared into my own eyes as he slowly slipped his big black cock into my white ass and soon I felt his him all the way in and his hips were pressed against my ass. I just kind of curled up some on the counter around the sink and groaned. He then started pulling his cock out of me a little bit and then shoved back in quickly. I just grunted and he demanded that I keep looking at myself in the mirror.

He added a little more lube and then stated pumping in and out of my ass slowly at first and then my Daddy picked up the speed a little. My mouth was hanging open and I was whimpering as I looked at myself in the mirror. I leaned on my left elbow and reached back to try and stroke my dick. My Daddy stopped fucking with only a little of his black cock in me and slapped my white ass really hard and said, “Don’t you dare touch that sissy! If you can’t get cum from being fucked, then you won’t cum at all.”
I just groaned, “Ok, ok just fuck me.”
He said “What? I didn’t understand what you said.”
I responded, “Please fuck me.”
He said, “I can’t hear you and straighten up and look into your eyes in the mirror and tell me what you want.”

Time just seemed to stop as I looked into the mirror. My eyes were glazed over with the sexual intensity of the situation. My senses seemed to be heightened and I noticed little things like how my hair looked and that one of my straps was down and especially what a beautiful girl I was. I then looked lower at my hard dick in the mirror and thought about how nice it would be to have it my mouth. My eyes then moved to my pale hips and the black hands that were holding them in place. I then looked into my eyes and pleaded, “Please daddy, please slide your big black dick all the way up my ass and fuck me hard. Please daddy, I need to come so bad.”

This must have been the right answer as he then slapped my ass again and then started fucking me hard. Daddy kept this up for a few minutes and then I started feeling the he cum in my balls begin to boil, I asked, “Daddy, I am getting close may I please cum.”
“No bitch, not yet. You just keep looking in the mirror!” He commanded.

I kept getting closer and closer, so I started to pull my hair to keep from cumming. I pleaded, “Daddy, please let me cum, I am going crazy!”

He responded, “Just another minute and I’ll be ready too.”

He had just told me he was going to cum really soon, but I didn’t think I could wait. He slapped my ass again and told to look into the mirror. I was beginning to shake involuntarily and began making little noises that I had never made before.

Daddy slapped my ass again and said, “You ready bitch?”

I whimpered, “Yes Daddy. I am ready to cum while you fuck my white ass with your big black cock.”
Daddy commanded, “Look into your eyes in the mirror then!” I did and was about to cum when he thrust hard all the way up into my ass and he started cumming inside of me. Once again, time seemed to stop. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and as he squirted his seed deep into my ass and I looked into the eyes of this beautiful slut in the mirror, I began to cum and was completely out of control. I kept looking into the mirror shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me Daddy! Fuck with Daddies big black cock! Cum in me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!”

He just held my white hips with those big black hands and just shook my white ass around on his black cock. I looked down at my cock and saw it still squirting cum. I reached down and cupped my hand under head and my dick just kept squirting cum into my hand. I then turned my attention back to the stunning slut in the mirror, things had become very surreal and it was like I was watching this happen to someone else. I felt like I was finished cumming, but Daddy was still grinding his black cock in my ass. I continued looking into the mirror and carefully moved my cum filled hand to my mouth and watched myself as I began to lap my cum from my hand as I panted and tried to catch my breath. I watched as I dipped my lips into the pool of cum and sucked it all up and then looked at my um covered lips in the mirror and opened my mouth to see the cum clinging to the roof of my mouth and floating around my tongue, just as I was watching myself swallow, Daddy pulled his cock out of me. I swallowed and then slumped to the floor. I suddenly felt so empty and leaned forward, wrapped my rams around Daddies leg and kissed his thigh.
He told me to let, that he needed to go to sleep. He then commanded, “Go get yourself cleaned up and go to work. But get cleaned up and dressed properly as soon as get back and come straight to my camper and don’t you dare cum without asking me first!” He then, started to gather up the cameras and walk away.

I just reveled in the feeling that I had just experienced and then pulled myself to my feet. This time when I looked into the mirror, all I saw was this trashy looking slut who looked like she had been well fucked. I began have guilty feelings and felt totally humiliated by what I had done. I became terrified that someone would see me like this and peeked slowly out the door and saw that no one had come to the campground yet. I ran to my camper, grabbed my soap and a towel and went back to the bathhouse. Just as I was going in Daddy walked up to shower himself. He told me to leave the men’s bathhouse, that I belonged in the women’s bathhouse and that I had better get in there. I begged him not to make me do go in there, not now. But Daddy gave me this look that made me know I would be in big trouble if I didn’t do what he said.

I picked up my towel and submitted to what Daddy told me. As I began to wash myself, I wondered just what I had gotten myself in to.


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As I washed myself in the women's bathhouse, I began to regret everything I had done. I had already cum and the sexual intoxication seemed to be gone. I could not believe that I had willingly submitted to what I had allowed that black man had done to me. I began to be very disgusted with myself. Furthermore, whereas, I like dressing up in private, I was humiliated by have to bathe in the women's bathhouse and the only clothes I had to put on were the slutty clothes I had from last night, and I was scared too. What if someone walked in with me like this? However, even with all these feelings of humiliation and fear, my dick got hard again and that made me feel worse.

I finished bathing, wrapped myself in the towel, grabbed my things and went and peeked outside to see if anyone was there. It was quite a change as to how fearless I was strutting around just a few hours ago. I held my heels and my stockings and lingerie in one hand and held the towel tight in the other and then quickly ran to my camper.

I went inside and sat down. I felt very guilty and was humiliated by what I had done and I just could not believe that I not only let a stranger do those things to me, but I also let him film me in drag sucking his black cock...and having that big black cock up my white ass.

I got my stuff together and went to work. I got several phone calls that day and each time I did I looked at the images on that Daddy had sent me. I started getting hard each time and became more remorseful about what had happened. I was having a very difficult time coming to terms with the previous night's events. Finally, I decide that I needed to go to him as a man and ask him for the photos and video.

It was just then that Daddy gave me a call. I tried to say something about not doing this again, but decided to wait until I was face to face with him, that way it would be harder for him to refuse me. However, he was insistent that I return that evening as planned. He asked if I had a a bathing suit and a sexy one at that. I told him no. He then instructed me to go and buy one and to show up only wearing that and some heels. I told him sure and that I would see him then. But I had no intention of going back to his camper dressed like that; the only problem was my dick was getting excited when he gave me these instructions.

I went on with my work fighting the humiliation and conflict going on inside of me. I kept telling myself that I was only going to his camper to get the photos and video and that was it. On the way back to the campground, I automatically pulled into this mega department store. Once inside, I went straight to the women's section and started looking at the bikinis. Over and over I kept telling myself that I would not let it happen again.

I found a nice top that I thought would actually fit me well. Then I found the cutest little bottom that kind of had a little cloth hanging out the top and around. This one would show off my sweet little ass and kind of hide any bulge. The top and bottom were white with gold trim, they matched perfectly! I could hardly wait to put them on and show my man. I had really gotten caught up in buying this sexy little swimsuit and had completely forgotten that I was not going to do that again, but I rationalized that I could wear this over to ask him for the tapes.

I made my way back to the campground and Daddy waved when I drove in. I waved back and went to my camper. I took a couple of hits off a bowl, got my stuff and went to the women's bathhouse and started to clean up. As I was walking in I wondered why I did this and then remembered that Daddy had told me t and my dick twitched. I began thinking about his cock and began to for get about my inner conflicts. However, as I was undressing, with my hard dick all in the way, I once again became humiliated by what I was thinking, however, this time it made me more excited. I got in the shower and started to bathe. I took a long time to wash around my dick and nearly made myself cum, but then I thought about Daddy did not want to disappoint him. I got out of the shower and dried off. I gather my things and peeked outside to make sure no one else was around and then walked naked with this raging hardon back to my camper to finish getting ready.

I sat down, smoked a bowl and tried to calm down. With my current state of arousal this was difficult, so I turned on the TV to a 24 hour news channel while I got myself fixed up. This did the trick; I applied my normal base, but darkened my cheekbones a little more than normal. I fixed up my eyes to die for. I then outlined my lips in black and then applied a heavy coat of bright red lip stick. I rubbed a little Vaseline on them to make them shine and I was nearly ready.

I slipped on my white bikini with gold trim and then picked out a tall pair of white clogs, grabbed a joint and headed for the door. It only 6:30 so the sun was bright and would be out for a couple of more hours. I walked across the campground to see my man, this was the first time I had been outside in broad daylight and became more excited as the warm air seemed to be caressing my entire body as I became drunk thinking about what Daddy might do to me this evening.

When I got close I began to get a little frightened, I remember all the conflict in mind earlier today and I one again became humiliated at what I was going to do. However, at this exact moment this shame increased my excitement and anticipation.

Timidly, I knocked on his door. He stepped outside dressed only in his silk boxers, I could see his massive outlines in the material. I gasped and thought, "I had that all the way up my ass last night?"

He pulled me close and hugged me. I melted in his strong black arms, my knees got weak as he pressed up against me. He held me close and didn't let me fall, but this just pressed me hard against his big black cock and made me woozier. He then let me slide to my knees where I was once again face to face with that big beautiful black cock that seemed to be controlling my life.

I reached for this beautiful black monster and massaged it though his silk boxers. He was getting bigger in my hands and started rubbing my face on it and kissing it through his boxers. I could not take it anymore; I need that gorgeous black cock in my mouth. I started to pull it out of his boxers and he stopped me and asked me what I wanted.

I responded: "I want to suck your fine black cock and to have you cum in my mouth. I have thought about sucking your big black cock and swallowing your cum all day."

He said, "Ok, you can suck it. But, just for a minute. There is somewhere I want you to go with me and something I need to tell you."

I began to devour his cock for the next few minutes and I was in heaven! But this bliss came to an end all too soon when he took my hand and lifted me to my feet and said follow me.

He picked up a tri-pod and his video camera and we walked toward the lake. He began to explain that we were making a video about a black cock worshiping cum slut. He told some things to say at the beginning and then that I would suck his cock and that he would cum on my face. He also told that he did not want me to give away that I was a sissy and that that if it looked like it in the video that I would be punished.

He than stopped and asked me to take my bikini top off. I replied, "Yes sir."

He grinned at my response. I began to remove my top and he reached over and rubbed my nipples with one hand. They became erect at his touch and I let out a little moan. Daddy then said, "You have really nice nipples, but not much tits. If you are going to keep on working with us, we're going to have to get you some tits. Put that top back on for now, you look more like a girl with it on. Yes, we will have to make 3 or 4 films just to pay for nice pair."

Everything Daddy had just said scared the hell out of me as well as embarrassed me too. Still, I was once again becoming sexually intoxicated by this large man controlling and I was humiliated by this and this made me want to be his little cum slut even more. I wondered what he meant by "punished", but this made me even more willing to please him.

When we got to the lake he had me walk out on the dock and strut around while he set up the camera. When he got it set up he had me pose facing the camera standing up and sideways on my knees. When he was satisfied that he had the correct distance. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head. He started to camera and pointed at me.

I began rubbing myself seductively while talking to the camera. "My name is Francis and I am a cum slut and I only want black cock. Did I say want? I only crave black cock! I love to fuck and suck big black cocks. There is nothing I like better than to get a great big load of a black mans cum in my mouth and will do anything to get a black cock inside of me. Right now I am looking at a black man over there and I want him to know that I love his beautiful cock and want to suck it deep in my throat and have it cum on my face."

I sighed deeply and begged, "Please let me suck your beautiful black cock!" This begging was really humiliating me and pushing me over the edge, my dick began to get hard. I was very glad that I had adjusted it so that maybe it would not show.

Daddy then asked from behind the camera, "Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes sir, please let me suck your big beautiful cock."

"What are you doing for today?"

"I am making an interracial blow job audition video. I hope to get into the interracial video business so that I can get all the black cock I want."

Daddy then asked, "How does it make you feel to be a black cock cum slut?"

"It makes me almost sexually drunk to be a cum slut for you Daddy, but making this video for everyone to see is very degrading and I feel humiliated and this makes it more exciting. If making this video will help me get more black cock, then the humiliation is worth it and I don't care who knows what a big interracial cum slut I am!"

Daddy responded, "Good girl." He then motioned me to my knees and started walking toward me.

"Daddy, please, please let me suck your beautiful black cock!" I begged.

He stood in front of me and profile to the camera, "What are you?"

"I am your little white cum slut and I am soo hungry for your cock Daddy. Please sir may I suck it now? Please!"

He nodded his head and said, "Suck it bitch!"

I reached underneath his shorts and started rubbing his black cock, he was already half hard and I pulled his shorts down and took his beautiful black cock in both of my hands, then began kissing and sucking the head while I slowly jacked his cock with my hands. I began moving my hands lower and lower on Daddies black cock, while sliding it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Finally, I was only using one hand and cupped his balls with my free hand and began massaging them...They felt like fat juicy ripe plums in my hand and I knew that soon they would feed my hunger for his thick black cum.

I then began licking my down the underside of his cock while looking straight into the camera. When I got to the bottom I started licking and worshipping those big black cum filled balls that would soon fill my mouth with sweet man nectar that I craved so much.

I sucked one then other of big black balls into my mouth I then pressed both of them into my mouth at the same time and just massaged them with my cheeks and tongue all the while looking directly into the camera. I let them slip from my mouth and then licked my back up his wonderful cock and began sucking Daddy again.

I then licked the head of this wonderful cock and then sucked just the head in my mouth. I began just sucking the head and teasing it when Daddy put his hands on the back of my head and started pushing me deeper on his cock. I took the hint and started wildly sucking Daddy's cock. After a few minutes I felt him tense up, he grabbed his cock and pushed me off of it as he started pumping it. I looked up at him confused.

He then spoke, "Slut are you ready for my cum?"

"Yes sir, please give me your cum."

"Open up!"

I leaned my head back, opened my mouth and looked toward the camera.

He looked like he as about to cum, so I moved my open mouth to his cock and started licking underneath his big purple head. That was when he started to cum. The first blast went up across my face and left a big warm string of cum that I could feel from my forehead down to m nose, after that he just seemed to keep pumping his cum directly into my mouth. He just seemed to keep squirting and squirting and I could feel his thick cum puddling in my mouth. When he finished I looked directly into the camera with my mouth open to show the cum and swallowed. I then turned back to my man and grabbed his beautiful black cock and squeezed it from the bottom to the head and was rewarded with a big chunk of thick hot cum. I wrapped my lips around the end and sucked in into my mouth. With his cum still on my face I looked up at Daddy and said, "Thank you sir for letting me suck your cock and drink your cum." I then began to kiss and lick his cock some more. After e little bit of this he made me stop and went and grabbed the camera. I just followed behind obediently.

While we were walking back, he told me to go clean up and change into something sexy, then meet him at his camper in an hour.


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After I got back to my camper, I packed a bowl and took a few quick hits. I then quickly straightened myself up. My dick was rock hard and I really needed release and desperately wanted to return to my man and worship his cock some more. I needed to cum so bad, but I did not want to until he said that I could. Wow, I have never felt this way before, I just wanted to please him and have his big black cock inside of me somewhere.

I still could not believe what I had just done; I had made a video of me dressed only in a bikini sucking his wonderful blackcock to orgasm. I do not know what he will do with the video, but something twisted inside of me hopes he will show it to lots of other people. At this moment, I think I would do anything he requires of me...all he has to do is tell me. Thinking about all of this made even hornier and it seemed that if my dick just brushed up against something that it would begin gushing. I have never been so horny in my life! I snapped out of my daydream and found something else to wear. I decided on just some red stockings that held themselves up with matching red panties and bra. My dick was very much in the way and I wanted to hide it as much as possible. I wanted to look as much like a girl for my man as possible and my dick was just in the way. I carefully kind of pushed it to the left up along the inside of my panties, that helped a little, but it was still very visible. I then decided to add a short black skirt that I had. This worked very well and as I looked in the mirror I thought that I looked good enough to fuck. So, I added some heals and headed across the campground.

It was still very much light outside and I just walked out the door without any regard if anyone else had shown up. I was simply spell bound and only cared that I was going to please my man. I was about halfway across the campground when I heard someone whistle and saw someone off to my side. I felt kind of proud and then realized that I was dressed like a cock sucking slut and in public no less. I turned to run when I saw it was my sweet daddy calling me over to a picnic table where it looked like he had set some stuff up.

When I got there it looked like he had more cameras. He had set them up around the picnic table at various angles and heights. On the picnic table was a large thick beach towel and 2 pillows. It looked like he was going to fuck me on the table and film the whole thing; thinking about this made me swoon and my knees weak.

He asked me. "Well bitch are your ready for some hard fucking?"

I nodded my head in the affirmative and meekly said yes. He pulled me close to him and grabbed my ass with his hand and said "What?"

I said, "Yes Daddy, I want to be fucked by you" as I reached down and rubbed his cock through his loose fitting pants.

That's my girl, he replied and then he sat me down on front of one of the cameras and gave me some instructions. Really all he did was tell me that he was going to start filming and that he would ask me some questions and suggested certain gestures for me. I noticed that each of the cameras pointed at me or at various places on the picnic table also had a small monitor on them and so that if I looked at the camera I could see myself.

He started on of the cameras and asked me how long I had been sucking cocks.

I responded by rubbing my stomach and saying, only a day.

"What kind of cocks do you like?"

"I don't like any cocks, but I love black cocks."

"Do you mess around with any other kind of cock?"

"Only if you want me to Daddy."

"What is your name?"


"What are you Francis?"

I began pulling up my skirt and carefully playing with my dick through the panties and replied, "I am a black cock, cum loving sissy that will do anything my man tells me to do." I then stood up and pulled my skirt and panties all the way down and kicked them off of my foot. Now the truth of my statement was revealed. He walked around and started all the cameras to filming while a slowly caressed my dick.

I sat back down while I stroked my dick, looked seductively into the camera and licked my lips. Daddy walked over and I felt his hard cock through his boxers and I held it in my hands as I pressed my face against his cock and kissed and gently bit it through his boxers. I sighed knowing that I would soon have this monster fucking my ass. I shuddered as I pulled it out of his boxers and began to kiss the head and lick his shaft.

I suddenly remembered that we were in the middle of the campground and not sort of hidden like near the lake and that if anyone drove in that they would see me with this big black cock in my ass. I got scared for a minute, but it quickly passed. I was stoned and very horny, if he had told me to, I would have sucked his cock right beside the highway I he told me to. I did not care about anything else, I just knew that I wanted to please my man and that I desperately needed to cum. I took him into my mouth as deeply as I could.

He played with his cock in my mouth for a few minutes and then stepped back, took my hand to help me stand and guided me to the end of the picnic table. He then pushed me down on my back while I just stared at his big beautiful cock that would soon be inside of me. He had placed one pillow so that it was under my ass and made it point up some and the other was under my head and shoulders. Like this the head of my dick was not that far from my face.

I just stared down my dick as he picked up some lube and got his cock ready. He then placed the head up against my ass hole and began to slowly push it in me. Holy shit! I almost came just from the feeling and seeing it happen. I then realized that if I looked into the monitor of one of the cameras I could get an even better view. I watched and moaned as he gently worked his cock into me until it was all the way in. Damn this is hot! I thought to myself.

He then started pumping slowly in and out until he picked up a good rhythm. He was holding my ankles up in the air as he pounded my ass. I was in ecstasy and knew it would not be long before I came. He started pumping into me faster and faster and then when I thought I could not last another second I asked Daddy. "Daddy, may your cum slut please have an orgasm? I need to cum so badly." I pleaded.

He did not say anything for what seemed like an eternity to me. He just had this evil grin on his face. Then he asked "what are you?"

"I am your cumslut!" I screamed.

"What will you do for me?"

"I will do anything you tell me to, just please let me cum!"

"What are you?"

"I am your cumslut Daddy!"


"A cumslut!"

"Just keep repeating that over and over and you may cum."

"I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! Cumslut ayyyeee."

Cum began to erupt from my dick and was spewing all over my face, I began to try to catch it in my mouth.

"Keep saying it!" Daddy commanded.

"Cumslut! Cumslut! Cumslut!" Cum was going in my mouth and all over my face. I kept screaming cumslut and began to rub my cum off of my face and into my mouth. I just had to taste it right then. "Cumslut!" I loved the taste of my cum. "Cumslut! Cuuummsluut. I love you Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck your cum slut! Please Daddy! I need you to cum all up inside of me! Cumslut! Cumslut! Please Daddy!"

I finally stopped squirting cum all over my face and just looked at my dick for a moment and there was a big gob of cum just hanging there waiting to be licked up. I pulled my head forward and my ass back and grabbed my balls so that I could guide my dick to my lips I barely got my lips around the head and greedily slurped it up.

It is usually about now that I begin coming down from my orgasm, but not now, not this time. I just wanted to please my man and have him cum all up inside of me. I just kept yelling," Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your dirty little cumslut! Fuck her hard!" I could feel my cum that was smeared on my face begin to dry, I felt like such a slut right now. I looked across my still rock hard dick into one of the monitors and saw daddies black cock pounding my white ass good. I started panting and feeling the need to cum again. I felt his cock flex in my ass and knew he was about to cum and I was about to again as well.

"Give it to me Daddy, cum all up inside your little white cumsluts ass." He then pushed deep into me and began to explode in my ass. I grabbed my balls and yanked my ass up where he could push deeper into me. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around my dick with the head in my mouth and a little more. I began swishing my tongue around and pulling my balls toward head even harder. Once again I was cumming and cumming hard. I started to gulp it down, but changed my mind and just let it stay in my mouth and I just kept on cumming.

Daddy started pounding my ass again as he continued to cum. This made my dick bounce back and forth in my mouth. Wow! Was what I wanted to scream, but I had a mouth full of dick that was quickly filling with my own cum. Finally he settled down a bit and gave me one last thrust and big squirt of cum and he became still. I took my dick out of my mouth and looked into the monitor of the camera that was pointed at my head to see that I had mouth full of cum. I then hungrily looked into the camera and swallowed and opened my mouth to show it was all gone. I then began kissing and linking the head of my dick as I milked the last bit of cum from it and swallowed again. I just kept kissing the end of my dick and saying "cumslut! Cumslut! Cumslut!"

Daddy regained his composure and slowly pulled his cock out of me. This left me feeling weird and empty inside. I tried to get close to him, but he told me to go clean up and to come see him tomorrow wearing something slutty that I could wear in public. He began to break down his cameras and I picked up my skirt and panties. I was beginning to feel guilty again and turned to ask him what he was going to do with the videos. But his back was turned to me and I chickened out. I just turned and walked to the women's bathhouse to clean up. The way my ass felt made me feel very odd and my bouncing still hard cock humiliated me with every step. I must look a mess and when I got to the bathhouse I saw that I was. There was cum drying on my face, tits, necks and bras and even in my hair. I looked like I had been in a gangbang. I knew I would have to walk to my camper to get some soap and shampoo.

God, I hope no one drives in and sees me like this. I tried to cover myself up as I walked to get shampoo. He must have looked up from what he was doing and told to put my hands down and to show off my depravity and to walk like a proud cumslut. I obeyed him and walked to get the shampoo and a towel. I went ahead and took off my stockings and bra, left them in the trailer and walked back across the campground naked to the women's bathhouse to clean up. I began to feel his cum running down my legs and decided that I should take care of that first. I sat down on the toilet and gave a little push and damn he had cum a lot. But I do not think he came as hard or as much as me. Damnit, he has a video of me looking like this. Fuck and I must have loved it because my dick is still hard. A few minutes later he joined me in the women's bathhouse and made me wash his body.

The sexual high had gone and all I felt was self loathing and humiliation at his commands. When I had cleaned him thoroughly he made me make love to his cock with my mouth for a few minutes while he gave instructions for tomorrow. He told that I should not have another orgasm no matter what unless I had his permission. That I should at the campground by 5 and freshened up and sexy at his camper shortly thereafter, he also told that me that I should wear something sexy, yet something I could wear in public. My first thought was I have the perfect outfit, my second was damn it, I have the perfect outfit and I will wear it for him.

I dried him off with my towel; it was too wet to do me much good after that, so I walked back to my camper naked and wet with a hard on. I tried to sleep but I tossed and turned all night having nightmares about what was happening to me. I did not want to play this game anymore.

Finally it was time for work and I got up and tried to get dressed. My horniness had calmed down a bit, but it was still very distracting. Work was difficult and one time while this old lady was droning on about something my mind wandered off and I got a ranging hard on at this sweet little old ladies house. Damn that was humiliating, but luckily we were sitting at her kitchen table and I was able to dismiss myself quickly without her noticing. I felt so damn guilty after that. I canceled my appointments for the rest of the day and headed back to the campground.

This has to stop. I stopped at the liquor store and picked up a bottle and some chaser. I got to a dirt road that cut through to the road the campground was on and packed myself a little bowl and took a couple of shots. I knew right then what I had to do.


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I finally came upon a plan that I thought would make everyone happy. I would keep on playing this game with my man. I figured that as long as I was dressed like a girl, it didn't matter who he showed those videos too. I mean no one would know it was me and after all, he would be finish his vacation in a few days and leave me to myself and my life would more or less get back to normal and I would have some amazing memories to jack off to for a while. He might even give me a copy of videos he made of me. I drove back to my camper, got undressed, put on some heels and proudly walked to the ladies bathhouse to begin getting ready. I was a little nervous about what he said about wearing something sexy that I could wear in public. But at this point my need to please my man completely subjugated any thoughts of nervousness and made everything more exciting.

When I was finished, I dried off and wrapped my hair up in one towel and wrapped the other around my body just like a real girl would. I walked back to my camper and there was a little box with a note on it. I looked toward Daddies camper and he was outside watching me. I felt really special that he had gotten me a gift, so I smiled really big and waved excitedly at him. I picked up the note as I opened the box. The note had only three words on it Wear this tonight. I opened up the box to find some kind of plastic chastity contraption, a lock and no key. I was not sure how I would get this thing on with this raging hardon that I had to and I knew I would manage somehow.

I went inside, packed a bowl and took a hit as I pondered what I was really doing. Sitting there getting high just made my dick just throb in anticipation of what was going to happen to me. This was no help and I took another hit and tried to concentrate on something non-sexual to try and get it soft again. Nothing was working so finally I decided on an ice pack. It was a bit awkward at first but as it began to get soft the ice pack was more manageable and worked more effectively. I patted myself dry and began to squeeze my dick into this small plastic device. The ice had been pretty affective and it went in easily. I placed the other ring around my balls and then placed the lock on it. This kind of held it all together and made it where I could not remove it...this part was kind f scarykind of scary, because I knew I could never get a hardon while I had this device on and I did not have a key. I turned to look at myself in the mirror and just stared at the lock and decided to leave it in place but to not lock it yet.

I put on some stockings, a bra and flats and then began to prepare my makeup (I wasn't really sure how I would wear panties with this device but I had a few minutes to figure that out.) I decided that I was going to go a little Goth tonight. I applied a heavy light base, lots of really dark eye shadow and some really big dark eyelashes. I then put on the reddest lipstick you could imagine and outlined my lips in black. Looking in the mirror, I thought about how much those lips looked like they were made to suck the cum out of big black cocks.

I fixed my hair but leaving it straight on the sides and clipping my bangs straight back. I got out a short tight leather skirt, a cutoff tee shirt and a tiny leather half jacket with some chains on it and put them on. I also put on a pink dog collar with a tag that read SLUT. I took another hit off the bowl, looked at myself in the mirror and felt my dick struggle against the chastity device. I watched in the mirror as I pulled up the skirt, grabbed the lock and snapped it closed. Wow! Locking the device almost took my breath away. I was ready for some hard fucking now!

I still didn't know how to put on some panties, but since the skirt hid everything and there was no chance of me getting a hardon, I didn't worry about it. I left my camper and started walking across the campground looking for my man.

I found him sitting in a chair beside his camper reading. He looked up and said, "Show me". I lifted up my skirt and showed him the that the chastity device was indeed locked and in doing so, showed him that I had completely submitted myself to him and would even let him control when I could get a hardon and thus when I could cum.

He smiled and I tried to explain why I did have on any panties, but he interrupted me and a said, "I need a beer, let's go."

Even though he had already told me to wear something that I could wear in public, I was still taken aback by what he said as I slowly climbed into his truck with him. He held his door open for me and explained that there were cameras in his truck just like on those shows on TV and that we had to film a little something. He also instructed me to pull out his cock and soon as we got onto the road and begin sucking it. He added that I should not stop no matter what I heard until he had cum or told me to stop. I scooted close to him and began to rub his beautiful cock through his silky basketball shorts. We must have looked like quite the sight as we drove out of the campground...A big black man driving a truck with what looked like a cute white girl, all dolled up sitting real close to him. As we pulled onto the road, I pulled on Daddies cock and told him, "Daddy, I really need some cum right now. May I please suck your beautiful black cock and get some of what I need the most?"

He responded, "Sure babes, you just suck on my cock as much as you want, and if I can't give you enough to satisfy you, we'll have to find you some more somewhere."

I smiled happily and turned in my seat so that I could use both hands to fish out his cock. I purred, "Thanks Daddy, you take such good care of me."

He wasn't wearing any underwear so it was easy to get his cock out and as I pulled it out and got the waist strap under his balls so that I could have the whole thing to play, I simply marveled at how gorgeous this big black cock was and thought about how sexy I must look in those videos with my lips wrapped around this marvelous example of manhood. He adjusted himself as he slid his seat back a little and I positioned myself where I could comfortably suck on his beautiful big black cock.

While he drove us to wherever he was going, I was in a world of my own. I really felt hot and sexy, but wanted my dick to get hard and the device would not allow this. Still I got hornier and hornier. Not being able to get a hard seemed to make my ass tingle even more and I began to fantasize about what it would be like to be fucked like this. The more I thought about it as I sucked Daddies cock, the more I felt like I really needed to be fucked and right then, I would not have cared if he had pulled over to the side of the road, leaned me across his tail-gate and pounded my ass good. I don't know whether I would have been able to cum with the device on, but I didn't care I just needed his big black cock all up inside of me. I was working myself into frenzy as I was sucking his cock riding down the highway.

He began to apply the brakes and I heard the turn signal start clicking, I thought to myself, "Thank god, he's going to drive down some dirt and fuck the hell out of my ass". But I was wrong. Right after turning, he reapplied the brake and came to a complete stop. I heard a couple of car doors slam shut and realized we were in some kind of parking lot. This really got me going, I knew the truck was high enough where no one could see what I was doing and I was sucking a cock in public!

I heard him roll the window down and he spoke to someone. Apparently whoever it was walked over and looked in the truck and said, "Damn man, you got a real hot one there!"

Daddy replied, "Yup and she will suck and fuck anyone I tell her to, anytime and anywhere."

Another voice responded, "Shit, we got to have some of that. Does she swallow?"

Daddy responded to the guy, "Wait a minute bro, you just watch and see for yourself" and then told me, "Babes, I am about to cum, catch all of it in your mouth and don't swallow a drop until I tell you too. I want you sit up, open your mouth where these men can see what you have in mouth and then show these guys what you do when get a mouthful of cum."

I mumbled, "Yes sir" around Daddies cock. I thought I was worked up before, but this was no video that someone was watching of me and getting off to, this was a real life audience and I knew I had to make Daddy proud.

I heard daddy open his door, so the guys could see better. One said "Wow look at that bitch go!" It was amazing feeling a have these guys cheering me on as I sucked Daddies cock. A few seconds later, he tensed up and began to cum and I grabbed his cock with both hands and put my mouth where only his cock head was in it and furiously started pumping his cum into my mouth. When he was finished cumming, I ran my finger up along the bottom of his cock and squeezed the rest out the rest of his cum. I then sat up and opened my mouth to show my audience what I had worked so hard for. I also saw my audience for the first time; they were a couple of ugly black guys. You should have seen their faces as they saw daddies cum all over my tongue and teeth. It felt like a lot and I bet it looked like my tongue was floating in it. One of them snapped a photo with his phone.


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Daddy, said, "That's enough babes. Go ahead and swallow, then go inside and get me a beer." I closed my mouth and swallowed every drop and then showed those ugly motherfuckers what I do with my man's cum. It was then that I realized that we were parked in a convenience store parking lot and because of the time of day there were a lot of people there. To make it a little scary to me, this was a store that I stopped (as a man) nearly every day and everyone knew me in here... I hesitated for a moment and then told myself that no one could possibly recognize the way I was dressed and went on inside. I walked to the back grabbed a 40 and then went to the counter and paid. The girl had seen which truck I had gotten out of and I guess that I had suddenly appeared out of it. I smiled as I gave her my money. She gave me a funny look and then began to giggle as she gave me my change.

I didn't care what she thought and walked back to the truck, gave Daddy his beer and sat down beside him. Daddy seemed to be making some kind of plan with those ugly black guys. One of them complained, "But she ain't got no tits."

Daddy replied, "You don't worry about that, what she hasn't got in tits, she makes up for in lips."

One responded, "Only blowjobs?"

Daddy replied, "Probably, she's on her period right now...but she might let you fuck her in the ass, but that's up to her." I couldn't believe the way they were talking about me, as if I were some commodity or something and right in front of me too. I was very embarrassed and turned beat red, but at the same I got even more aroused than I had been before. But still yet, these guys were young and strong looking, but they faces were tough to look at. Even in the state I was in, I did not want to suck or fuck either of them and they looked like the kind of guys that would not be very kind if they found out that I was really a guy.

They finished talking and apparently reached some kind of an agreement. He cranked his truck and said me, "look in the mirror and fix your makeup". I scooted over and flipped the visor down and looked at myself, and surprisingly enough, my makeup looked ok, I smiled at myself and then noticed two things, the first was that all the lipstick in the middle of my lips had been rubbed off as I was sucking Daddies cock and only the outside was left. When I smiled it, anyone who saw knew immediately that I had just given someone a blowjob. The second was that apparently when I opened my mouth to show them Daddies cum, a little had leaked out and had dripped down on my chin. Not much, but if you were close to me, it was unmistakable was what I had been doing.

I smiled coyly and touched up my lipstick as Daddy drove off. Daddy began to explain that these guys had agreed to let me suck their cocks while he filmed the whole thing. He added that fucking them was up to me, but that I had better not let them find out about my little secret.

When I had everything just right, I slid back close to daddy and whispered to him that I thought these guys were ugly and that I did not want to touch them, and certainly did not want to suck their cocks.

He replied, "That's the whole point, a little white hotty like you being so desperate for black cock that you even suck guys who look like that...It's going to be great!"

I protested, "But daddy, I am not that desperate for black cock at least not theirs."

He turned and gave me a look that I do not want to see again and said, "It doesn't matter what you want, you fuck and suck who or what I tell you to, anytime and anywhere that I tell you."

I gulped, "Yes sir."

The then handed me a joint and said, "Here smoke this, it will help."

I took the joint and found a lighter in my purse and lit it. It was the funk, but it had an odd taste to it and it made the tip of my lounge numb. Daddy started rubbing my legs and the back of neck as I kept on smoking, I was getting hornier and hornier again and I really needed some big black cock. I started rubbing Daddies cock through his shorts and he started telling my how much I was going to enjoy having two big black cocks at one time and that I should not think about how these guys look...that I should only think about their big blacks cocks. It began to sound better and better to me. The more he talked and we touched each other the more I wanted those black cocks to cum all over me.

I thought we were going back to the campground, but we passed the entrance, I pouted at Daddy and asked him where we were going. He replied, "Don't worry, you'll soon see."

Whatever was in that joint was really having an effect on me. I turned in the seat and got on my knees, and began kissing Daddies' neck as I rubbed his beautiful cock. I pleaded, "Daddy, please hurry, I need some big black cocks and I need them now. Please Daddy."

"So you really want to suck those ugly guys' cocks?" he asked.

I replied, "Yes daddy and I need them now. I'll do anything you want if you will just let have those black cocks on those ugly motherfuckers!"

"That's my girl" was all that he said.


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We turned left a few miles past the campground; drove across a cattle guard and to a high place in the middle of this really large pasture. Those ugly fuckers turned in behind us. There was nothing between us and the road except a barbwire fence and anyone passing could see us back here. Since we were at least a half a mile from the road, I was sure that no one that saw us would have any idea what we were doing but I was concerned that the landowner would see us and come to investigate.

I cautiously slid out of the truck after Daddy. He grabbed my ass and pushed into the arms of one of those ugly black dudes. He grabbed me and pulled me close and placed my hand on his swollen cock, fuck it felt like it went half way to his knee. I had to pull myself away a little bit at the hips so that he wouldn't feel that chastity contraption underneath my skirt. The other guy came up from behind and staring rubbing my ass. I reached back and felt for his cock too. God I was in heaven and I quickly didn't give a fuck about any landowner and was ready to do anything Daddy told me to. But I was quickly snapped out of this euphoria by Daddy yelling at the guy grabbing my ass; "remember what I said about her being on her period? If you're not careful you may find something you don't want."

I giggled at this and he added, "Give her just a minute to relax while I get the cameras ready." I was disappointed when they both let me go, but I moved to the side of the first guy and he hugged me with one arm while I stroked his cock though his jeans. I reached up with one hand and turned his face to me and gave a kiss, this may not have been my first kiss, but it was the first time I had kissed a man, it was a long kiss and it made me feel sexy, it made me feel like a woman!

Daddy got the cameras ready set up and then he told to come on over. I grabbed those ugly fuckers by the arm and marched right in front of the camera to where Daddy had pointed. I looked right into the camera and said. My name is Francis and I have an insatiable desire for black cock. The problem is that I am in Kansas and there are not a lot of black guys around. I was lucky enough to find these two motherfuckers drinking beer outside of a convenience store in Wichita and they are willing to give me what I crave. With that I slid to my knees sliding my hands down their bodies and then rubbing their cocks through their jeans. I then said; Give them to me!

The one I had kissed had his out first; it was as big as it had felt through his jeans. I began kissing and loving on and then I began sucking it as if were the only thing in the world. It was about then that I felt the other guy rubbing his big black cock on my ear and cheek. I let the first cock slip out of my mouth and without missing a beat I had that other cocks balls deep in my mouth.

I was getting very caught up in what I was doing, but the thought of the land owner showing kept popping into my mind, but every time I would concentrate more on the task at hand. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute, yet my little restraint device kept my ability to release in check. This just made me hotter and hotter. It was about this time that I felt them moving above me and I noticed their shirts dropping to the ground. I guess they were getting hot too. I had a cock in each hand and always had one in my mouth, it was amazing.

At some point one of the guys kind of pulled away from me, but not so far as I had to take my hand off his beautiful black cock. I kind of looked that way to see what he was doing and saw that he was removing the rest of his clothes. The other guy then pulled away from me so he could do the same thing. It was then that I noticed their bodies, whereas these were some ugly motherfuckers, they were cut. I went into some strange euphoric trance and kind of stood up and touched his pecks with one hand and held his cock with the other. I leaned in and began sucking his nipples and slowly made my way back down to his wonderful cock.

When I was back on my knees the other guy started rubbing my temple with his cock and I reached and touched it again. Wow! This so had me turned on, I was in the middle of a pasture fully dressed on my knees in front of 2 cut black fuckers sucking cock like the slut I had become... like the cumslut I had become in less just 3 days.

At that moment I just couldn't take my mouth off of the guys cock. That guy turned to Daddy and asked, "Does she do anal?"

Daddy responded yes, but that in her condition it was all up to her. With the guys cock in my mouth I looked up at the other guy and shook my head up and down. Damn I needed to be fucked. I didn't want that other cock to leave my mouth so I awkwardly got up into a leaning over position, this also gave the chance to adjust my restrained dick where it nothing would be exposed from the rear.

He lubed up his cock with some lube Daddy gave him he began to tease my asshole with gorgeous black cock. He then began to slowly ease it in, when the head popped all the way in I reached around and grabbed the guys ass and pulled him all the way into my face until his balls were on my chin and held it there as long as I could as the guy kept pushing his cock deeper into my ass. He finally got it all the way and feels his balls touching me. I had to release the other guy cock for a moment and breath. He began pumping in an out of me slowly as I caught my breath; I began sucking his friend again in the same kind of rhythm that I was being fucked.

After few minutes of this the guy fucking me grabbed my hips are started slamming my ass against his cock burying in all the way with each thrust. The other guy grabbed a hand full of hair and held my head in a way where my mouth was just aimed at his cock. With the guy in back pushing my hips back and forth I no control how I was sucking this guys cock, just like the pounding in my ass, my body moving back and forth way I was also getting my face pounded by a big black cock.

I was in some kind of sexual trance from all this stimulation and somewhere way off in the distance I heard Daddy say, Remember guys, you paid to cum on her face and that's what I want to see on this video.

It was about a second later that the guy in my ass pulled out and pushed me to the ground, I was back on my knees and looked up at him. He was jacking his big beautiful black cock furiously and I stared it for a moment as if in a trance. I snapped out of it and began licking his balls and whispering "give it to, give it to me". About this time I heard the other guy shout "Here it cums!" and I turned to him and opened my mouth. His first shot went across my face in big thick string of cum. The rest came out in a couple of spurts that oozed straight into my mouth. He then ran his finger along the bottom and made a last big glob appear, I leaned up and kissed the end of his cock and sucked his cum into my mouth. It was a big, load, this guy must have been saving up, but I kept it all in mouth and didn't swallow just like Daddy had told me.

With his cum in my mouth I carefully thanked him for his wonderful sperm and then took a big swallow, then turned to the other guy and said. "May I please have some more, I really need your cum." But before I could finish his first shot hit me in the face and then another. I held my mouth open and tried to catch the rest. He kept on loading my mouth with his glorious seed. When he finished cumming I thank him too, but it was much harder to speak this time with so much cum in my mouth. He then squeezed the last of his cum from his cock and as I went up to kiss it into my mouth, he grabbed me by my hair with one hand and used his cock to rub his cum onto my forehead. I then looked directly into the camera and showed the cum in my mouth and swallowed and then showed my empty mouth. The camera kept rolling and began pushing the cum from my face into my mouth and licking my fingers.

Daddy turned off the camera and told those guys to haul ass and that they had got what they wanted it was time to go. He then threw me a towel and get in the truck and sit your nasty ass on this. I got in and wanted to snuggle up close to Daddy, but was afraid he would not want me touching with those ugly fuckers cum drying on me.

The drive back to the campground was quiet. I was having all kinds of conflicting feelings about what I had done and I still needed to get this thing off of me so that I could cum. When we got back, he pulled up to his camper and we got out. The then said, go get your slutty ass cleaned up and come back over here in a skirt and bra. I quickly went to my camper, got a clean towel and toiletries and headed to the women's bathhouse. I just knew that Daddy was going to finally let me cum and my feet could not carry me fast enough.


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Innocent---But Disciplined

I had this strange feeling about Mr. Hardyman, the head of Brigham College, on the day I attended for my interview. It was the way he looked at me with those shifty eyes that just seemed to peel the clothes from my body. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling. But at the time I badly needed the job at Brigham College, so I tried not to let him put me off. I was 30 at the time and I had been out of teaching for about five years. I was looking for work because Greg, my husband, had been put on short time and we needed some extra income.

It was Mandy, my 18 year old step daughter, who mentioned to me that there were vacancies at the college. I checked them out and found she was right so I applied and to my delight I was accepted for an interview. Apart from Mr. Hardyman, the other three board members seemed okay. Mr. Allen, who I knew slightly, was the local bank manager. Ms. Fisher, a lady in her early fifties, held a position on the council. She was dressed in a very severe but smart black tailored suit, and the last board member was Major Stanford Blakely, late of the cavalry. I thought the interview went well, although they did ask a lot of what I thought were quite personal questions, but in the end I was well pleased when I was offered a position.

Things went well for a couple of months. I seemed to get on with all my students, and the staff was a friendly bunch. It was only Mr. Hardyman who seemed to react to me in the way he did. Many times I caught him looking at me with those shifty eyes and it always made me extremely uncomfortable.

I know now that the incident that caused the problems for me was a setup. It happened one Monday evening when I had to keep James Langley, an unruly 18 year old who was always in trouble, in for detention. Nothing happened. I sat and marked school books and he sat and did the work I had set him and he left after an hour, but next morning I was called into Mr. Hardyman's office. He looked up with a very grave expression on his face when I knocked and walked in.

"Ah, Mrs. Bradshaw." He held up a piece of paper, "I have received a very grave complaint against you,"

I was shocked. "From whom?" I inquired.

"One of your students, a James Langley, is saying that while he was in detention last evening, you made sexual advances toward him."

I looked at the principle amazed. "He's got to be joking! It's a complete lie; I wouldn't."

The principle looked at me. "You know this is a difficult situation. You were alone together. It's your word against his. If he wants to take it further, things could be bad for you."

"But nothing happened," I exclaimed.

"Can you prove it?" I shook my head.

"Well, what are we going to do? I could dismiss you, but on the other hand, you are a good teacher." He looked me up and down. I felt uncomfortable. He placed his hands together, fingertips touching. I know it was one of a teacher's worse nightmares being accused of sexual misbehavior by a student, even though I was innocent. I knew that if I were dismissed, it would always remain a stain on my character.

"We may be able to solve the situation, if you agree to my terms."

I looked at him. "Just what terms would they be?" I asked.

"If you were to accept being punished here in college, we could keep the whole thing quiet."

I knew I was in a bind. I knew I had been set up, but for what reason? Although I was totally innocent, I knew there was no way that I was able to prove it. I could quit my job, but that would not really solve anything. They could still bring charges against me, and even if I were found not guilty, it would put a stain on my character and I would never get another teaching job. I was in a difficult situation and I knew it.

"If I accepted your punishment, what would it be?"

He looked at me, a slight smile on his lips. "Well, I think three of four good spankings should do the trick."

I looked at him aghast. "Spankings?"

He nodded. "Say over a period of a month."

"And who will do the spankings?" I should never have asked. I already knew the answer.

"It will be my responsibility," he said.

The whole thing was humiliating, but what could I do? I didn't want to lose my job, and it was only for a month. I had been spanked before, but not for many years. My father was a pious Christian who believed in strict discipline, and I had felt the sting of his leather belt across my bare bottom on more than one occasion.

I nodded sullenly. "If that's the only way."

"It is, my dear. Be in my office after the last college bell tomorrow," he said.

At four PM the following afternoon, still with some reservations, I knocked on his door. I entered on his call to come in.

He smiled. "Glad to see you are on time, Mrs. Bradshaw. Let's get straight down to business."

As he stood up, unknown to me, he pressed a hidden button under his desk and several mini cams arranged around the office came to life to record the event.

He looked at me. "If you would be so kind as to lean over and place your hands on my desk."

I felt hot as I did so. This was so embarrassing. He walked around behind me. Then to my dismay and horror, I felt him lift my skirt and tuck it in my waist band. I knew he must be looking at my brief pink panties that were no doubt stretched tightly over my bottom.

"I think ten to begin with, just to see how you take them." Then I jumped and squealed as the first hard slap landed on my tender rear. I was shocked--he was using his hand. Then four more landed in quick succession, two on each side. He seemed to rest for a moment and then he resumed, harder this time, and my bottom was becoming more tender and painful with each slap. At last it was over and he told me I could stand up. I quickly eased my skirt back into place.

"You can go now," he said, "but be here the same time next week."

I was glad to get home. It had been a painful ride in the car and luckily Greg was in the garden, so I managed to get upstairs, have a shower, and apply some lotion before he came in.

All week I was dreading the next session, but Tuesday came around all too soon and four PM found me again facing the horrible Mr. Hardyman across his desk. This week turned out to be even more embarrassing than the last as the first thing he asked me to do was to remove my skirt.

I did so, slipping out of it and placing it on a chair. He nodded as I stood before him displayed in my white cotton panties. Again, I was asked to take up a position over his desk. After last week I had decided to wear some slightly thicker panties hoping to somehow deaden the pain. But this plan was thwarted when to my utter embarrassment and dismay I felt him peel down my panties, leaving then hanging around my thighs.

I knew in this position everything, including my most secret places, would be revealed to him, and I felt hot and uncomfortable as no one apart from my husband had ever seen my most intimate places since our marriage. This time the pain was even worse as his hands rained down on my bare exposed flesh. I cried out and tears ran down my face. I slowly counted each stroke and felt relieved as the last one landed, but I was dismayed when his hand remained on my bottom slowly caressing the bruised flesh before moving down between my thighs to brush across my exposed pussy. I shuddered as I felt him touch my most secret place. Afterwards, I dressed quickly, averting my eyes from his gaze and hurriedly left his office.

I was dreading the following week. I slept badly and my work suffered. Hopefully my ordeal was nearly over. Only two more weeks to go, but I guessed if things continued as they were, this week would be worse then the proceeding weeks and I was right. He smiled up at me as I entered his office. "I do hope you have learnt your lesson my dear," he said in that condescending voice, "But just to make sure this week I would like you to disrobe completely."

I looked at him. "You can't mean that," I gasped. "Not everything."

He nodded. "I do mean it, my dear. Everything! I want you completely naked."

I was stunned. I almost cried, but what could I do? I had accepted the punishment, and now I had to go through with it or suffer the consequences. I looked at him seated at his desk, a slight smile on his face. I remembered the feeling I had at the interview, the feeling of his eyes stripping me naked. Now it would be me who was doing the stripping.

With trembling fingers and a feeling of dread, I slowly began to unbutton my blouse. I saw him nod as my 36D's were slowly uncovered encased it a tight white bra. I slipped the blouse off my shoulders and placed it on a chair. Next I unfastened my skirt, slid down the zip, and eased it over my hips. I stepped out of it and place it with my blouse. Now I stood before my tormentor in just my brief bra and panties.

I looked at him pleadingly. "Please don't make me go any further. I can't. I'm a married woman. I have a husband at home"

He slowly shook his head. "I'm sorry, my dear, but when I said everything, I meant everything. Now please remove the rest of your clothing."



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I knew it was no good arguing with him. I had to do it I had to bare everything. I fumbled with the clasp of my bra. At last it gave way and my bra fell loose. I allowed it to slip down my arms. I felt the coolness of the air on my breasts and knew they were exposed to him.

He stared at them for a moment, then nodded his approval. "Very nice, very nice indeed." I felt my nipples tightening up. Oh my God, my body was reacting. I felt ashamed. Now I wanted to get the whole thing over. I pushed my fingers in the waistband of my panties and eased them over my hips. They stuck between my legs and then I realised why; they were wet, soaking wet. I almost cried. Why was my body betraying me in this way?

At last I stood before him totally naked, humiliated and ashamed. I had never in my life experienced anything so demeaning. Here I was a happily married woman with a husband and an 18 year old step-daughter and I was standing naked and aroused in front of this lecherous old man.

He slowly got up from his desk and came around to where I was standing. I could not help but notice the large protrusion in the front of his tight pin striped pants.

"You are an extremely attractive woman, Mrs. Bradshaw, and you have the most delightful breasts." At that point he reached out and took a breast in each hand, gently, almost lovingly, caressing them. I started to back away but what was the point? Then his thumbs rubbed across my hard nipples and I almost cried out.

"Very sensitive," he said with a slight smile. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a long fine silver chain. Attached to it by another short chain were two small silver crocodile clips. He gripped one of my nipples and pulled it out, extending it, and opened up the crocodile clip and applied it to the nipple. I cried out as the fine teeth bit into my tender flesh.

"You can't do this," I exclaimed. "You're hurting me." Now tears were streaming down my face.

He smiled. "Yes, I can, my dear. I can do anything I want to you. You are at my mercy." And with that, he quickly applied a clip to my other nipple. I stood there in agony, my breasts feeling as though they were on fire.

"Now if you would take up your position, we can get on with the job at hand."

I knew what he wanted and I placed my hands on the desk and leaned over. He walked behind me. I felt his hands stroke across my exposed bottom. "Such a wonderful sight, but it will look even better with a splash of color." With that, his hand landed a stinging blow. My whole body jerked and he held on to the fine silver chain attached to my nipples. It pulled them painfully and I cried out. With each blow that landed, he tugged on my nipple clips. The pain was excruciating and soon I was whimpering.

"Please, Mr. Hardyman, no more, please, no more." But he was so engrossed in his work that he did not heed my cries. Suddenly I felt a change come over me. I couldn't believe it. 'Oh God, no!' I realised what the feeling was. I was about to cum. I tried to resist, but he struck me again and then pulled on my nipples, and that was it, I came. I screamed as I felt my hot juices ooze out of my pussy and run down my legs. I had never felt so ashamed in the whole of my life.

"So my little slut's cum for me," I heard his amused voice close to my ear. "I wondered just how long it would be." Then I felt his hand on my sticky wet thighs. It moved higher until he was touching the wet flower of my pussy. I could not stop myself groaning. Then he was opening me up and his fingers were entering me, thrusting deep into my warm wet interior. His thumb began to massage my clit.

"Oh, please, no," I screamed. Then his fingers touched my tender spot. "Oh, please, yes, please, yes," and I was thrusting myself against his invading finger. And I came again very quickly.

In my fuddled brain I couldn't believe what I was allowing this horrible man to do to me, allowing him to abuse me in ways that I never thought I would allow any man to do. Suddenly it all seemed over. He came around and stood in front of me. I cried out as he unclipped my nipples and the blood surged back into them. He smiled. "You have been a very interesting subject tonight, and I think you might have enjoyed it."

I couldn't speak. I just looked at him. I was disgusted with myself, with my body that had betrayed me so badly. I could feel my legs and thighs wet and sticky from the multiple orgasms that he had induced.

As I looked down at the nasty red marks on my still protruding nipples, I noticed with some slight amusement that he too had had a slight accident. A large wet stain now marred his once immaculate pin striped pants.

He handed me a box of tissues from his desk. "I think you might need these," he said. "You can dress yourself again now." He walked around and sat in his chair watching me as I did my best to clean up and then I quickly pulled on my clothes.

"Can I go now?" I asked as soon as I was dressed.

He nodded. "Same time next week, my dear, and I might have something extra special for you as it's your last visit." I couldn't believe it. What more could he do to me? What other humiliations was I going to have to suffer?

During the week, I seriously thought about packing my job in and to hell with the consequences, but what was the point? If he carried out his threats, we would have to move.

I sighed. At least, hopefully, there was only one more week for me to suffer. So Tuesday again found me nervously standing outside Mr. Hardyman's office. I was just about to knock when I heard the sound of laughter and voices. He must have someone with him. I considered leaving, but I thought I had better knock. Maybe, hopefully, he had forgotten our appointment.

I knocked and I heard the room go silent, then Mr. Hardyman's voice calling me to come in. I pushed the door open and stepped into his office. I was more than a little surprised to find the other three members of the College Management Board there. They all had drinks in their hands. Ms. Fisher smiled at me and the other two, Mr. Allen and Major Blakely, looked at me nervously. Mr. Hardyman was as usual seated behind his desk. He looked up at me and smiled. "It's your last week, Mrs. Bradshaw, and I said I would have a little surprise for you, so if you would like to strip naked, we can all get started."



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I knocked and heard the room go silent. Then Mr. Hardyman's voice was calling me to come in. I pushed the door open and stepped into his office. I was more than a little surprised to find the other three members of the College Management Board there. They all had drinks in their hands. Ms. Fisher smiled at me and the other two, Mr. Allen and Major Blakely, looked at me nervously. Mr. Hardyman was as usual seated behind his large desk.

He looked up at me and smiled. "It's hopefully your last visit, Mrs. Bradshaw, and I said I would have a little surprise for you; so if you would like to strip naked for us, we can all
get started

I looked at the others, than at Mr. Hardyman. "Strip naked?" I said. "Here, now?"

He smiled and nodded. "If you would, please. I have just been showing the board a few scenes from the videos I shot of our other little sessions over the past three weeks. I don't know if you knew it, but I videoed them all; something to look back on." He smiled.

I was shocked to hear this. Had they actually seen what had been happening to me over the last few weeks? My legs felt weak at the thought.

Just what was this all about? Were they all perverts at this place, just like Mr. Hardyman?

I looked at him. "I won't do it; not this time. I'm not going to strip; not here in front of them," I said, indicating the three board members. "You can't make me!"

He did not argue, he just smiled. "I think you will, my dear. Otherwise a copy of our little video will find its way to your husband. Would you like to view a snippet?" He lifted up a remote control from his desk and pressed it. The screen on the wall mounted TV lit up and I was horrified to see a close up of myself standing naked with the nipple clips and chain hanging from my extended nipples. Then I was leaning back against his desk as Mr. Hardyman invaded my pussy with his fingers, and you could clearly hear me pleading with him not to stop.

Tears ran down my face and I wiped them away with my hand. "Please, Mr. Hardyman, you wouldn't. You know it would be the end of my marriage."

He smiled. "I would indeed, Mrs. Bradshaw, but I would much rather you just complied with my request. It's just going to be a little fun and relaxation for everyone, and then hopefully for you, it will all be over."

I knew when I was beat. If I did not go along with him, both my career and my marriage would be over. I looked at the three of them all seated watching me, waiting patiently. I bit my lip to hold back the tears as I slowly started to unbutton my blouse.

With the blouse removed, I unclipped my skirt and eased it over my hips. I saw the three board members watching with interest as my skimpily clad body was slowly exposed. Mr. Hardyman was leaning back in his chair, a satisfied expression on his face. He looked over at the board members.

"Quite an attractive filly, don't you think, Major?" The Major nodded, rubbing his hands together and never taking his eyes from me...

With only my bra and panties left, I looked at them pleadingly, hoping for a reprieve, but there was none. "Hurry up, young lady," Mr. Allen said impatiently. "We haven't got all evening."

Resignedly, I reached behind for the clasp of my bra. I saw the Major lean forward in his chair as the bra fell loose and I slipped the straps down my arms. Now my breasts were revealed and I sensed with acute embarrassment my nipples hardening in the coolness of the room.

There was no point in protesting any further so I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my panties and slid then down over my hips. They dropped around my feet and I stepped out of them. I stood there and faced the members of the board completely naked. They all looked at my body with interest. Even Ms. Fisher smiled as she carefully looked me up and down.

"Well, what now, my friends?" Mr. Hardyman spoke up. "Here we have our rather delicious Mrs. Bradshaw naked and awaiting your pleasure."

The three of them looked at each other. Then Ms. Fisher spoke. "Well, gentlemen, you know my pleasure. I was hoping Mr. Allen would do us the honor with that impressive weapon of his."

I looked on with horror as Mr. Allen stood up, a slight smile on his face. He placed his glass down on Mr. Hardyman's desk and began to unfasten the belt on his pants. With the belt undone, his pants dropped down around his feet.

I looked at Mr. Allen. He was standing looking at me with a look of hungry anticipation on his face as he stood there and slowly stroked his hands along a growing erection.

I realised at once with some horror that this pervert was preparing to fuck me there in the office in front of the others. The others in the office looked on expectantly as he moved towards me gripping his enormous erection in his hand.

"You can't! I won't let you!" I cried out as he advanced towards me. "Please, I'm a married woman." I cringed against Mr. Hardyman's desk.

"You can and you will, Mrs. Bradshaw!" Mr. Hardyman exclaimed. "And you will submit with good grace or it will be worse for you."

I realised there was nothing I was going to be able to do. Dejectedly, I stood there awaiting my fate. Mr. Allan stood before me. I could feel his cock nudging up against my pussy. I could not believe what was happening to me. He grinned at me. "You are a delicious little thing, aren't you, my sweet slut?"

He began pawing my breasts. I tried to pull away, but I was up against the desk. He squeezed them and pulled on my nipples. I tried not to show any emotion, but it was painful and I could not help myself crying out. I could see the others watching. Ms. Fisher was licking her lips, her hands tightly clutched together as she watched the pair of us. The Major just sat there openly rubbing his hand over a growing protrudence that was beginning to tent his pants.

Mr. Allen smiled at me. "Now, my dear, I want you to turn around and lean over Mr. Hardyman's desk for me."

I knew what was coming. I was shaking as I slowly turned and looked into the leering of Mr. Hardyman. Mr. Allan pushed my head down. "Grip the desk at the far side," he said. "Then hold on tight. We are going for a bumpy ride." As I bent over his desk, my breasts hung down. I saw Mr. Hardyman grin. I felt my legs being pushed apart and a hand reaching between my legs, fingers probed my pussy,

"My, my, to say you aren't interested, young lady, is an understatement. You are certainly very wet."

I couldn't believe it. I was actually juicing up. Oh my God, how could my body let me down in this way? I didn't want this, but my body was saying otherwise. Then I almost screamed out as I felt the first movement of his cock between my legs nudging up against my pussy lips, spreading them wide, opening me up for his pleasure. I lurched forward as he thrust himself into me. In one way I was thankful I was so wet. He really could have done me some serious damage with that thing if I had been dry.

He gripped my hips and began thrusting into me, grunting with the exertion. I had my eyes closed now trying the block out the shame. Suddenly, I felt hands on my breasts. I lifted my head up to see Mr. Hardyman still seated in front of me grabbing hold of my breasts. They were hanging invitingly before him. He was caressing them roughly and tweaking on my already extended nipples.

Then suddenly there was worse to come as I found myself responding. I was groaning partly due to the pain and the rough treatment, but I could feel myself waiting expectantly for that next thrust, pushing myself onto the invading cock, unbelievably wanting now to feel it going deeper inside me.

"Look, Major, the little slut's beginning to enjoy it," I heard Ms. Fisher call out. "Fuck her harder, Geoffrey," she intoned. I felt my invader respond. My breath hissed between my clenched teeth. And I nearly swooned. I had never felt anything like this before.

Suddenly, Mr. Allen went rigid. He was trying to hold back. I did not want that. I contracted my vaginal muscles and gripped him tightly. He cried out, and then I relaxed. With a sharp intake of breath, he erupted into me, filling me to capacity. I felt it oozing out and running in warm streams dawn my thighs. Then he was softening inside me, and slowly he withdrew his limp tool.

"Come on, Major, are you going to get stuck into her now?" Miss Fisher inquired.

The Major nodded. "No point in letting it go to waste," he said, raising himself from his chair and looking over to where I was still leaning over Mr. Hardyman's desk.

"Wonderful tight arse she's got," I heard the Major comment, and then I cried out as two sharp slaps landed on my bare flesh. "Pity I'm not a woofter. I wouldn't mind slipping her one in there." He laughed as he slapped my bottom yet again.

I saw Mr. Hardyman smile. "I'm sure she wouldn't object if you wanted to, Major."

"No, that's not for me. She has a pretty little cunt and Geoffrey's already reamed it out for me, so that will do me."

I felt my head being pushed forward again and the Major's rough hands opening up my legs. Then I felt the hardness of his cock as he worked it up between my thighs, probing my pussy lips, and then he was slipping easily inside aided by the lubrication left be his fellow member on the board.

As the Major began to fuck me, I could feel the roughness of his tweed suit rubbing against my skin, and again, although I tried to resist, I could not stop myself responding to his urgent thrusts. You are nothing but a common whore, I thought to myself, and I felt ashamed to call myself a woman.

Behind me I could hear the voice of Ms. Fisher urging him on. His finger was digging into my hips as he gripped me roughly. In front of me Mr. Hardyman was now joining in. He, too, had his cock out, and he was stroking it with one hand while with the other he was again groping my swinging breasts.

"How are you enjoying our little cum slut, Major?" Mr. Hardyman asked. There was a muffled grunt from the Major as he thrust into me again. I could not help contracting my muscles and gripping onto his cock. He groaned. I thrust hard against him knowing that I was about to cum again. I no longer cared what they thought about me. I had been degraded; I had been humiliated; what more could they do? I no longer cared. All I wanted was sexual satisfaction and if that meant allowing them the pleasure of my body, so what?

At last the Major came. With a cry, he eased himself out and I felt the juices oozing out and running down my thighs once again. I was now breathing heavily from all the exertion and my pussy was beginning to feel tender. I looked at Mr. Hardyman. His cock was hard as he slowly stroked it. "I suppose you want some of me as well," I hissed.

He smiled. "I'm not adverse to dipping my rod into a sloppy bucket," he said as he stood and came around his desk. I groaned as his cock slid easily into my wet hole. He reached around and grabbed my breasts, squeezing my firm, tender mounds painfully as he continued to thrust into me. "I guess you won't be a naughty girl in future," he whispered into my ear. I felt him begin to quicken his actions. At least this was not going to last long, but again I found myself responding.

He pinched my nipples and twisted them. I cried out. I heard Ms. Fisher's voice behind me. "Ride the little whore."

"Go for it, Bob," another cried.

Then I couldn't believe myself as I felt myself whispering, "Oh yes, my God, yes, make me cum." And I thrust my arse up against him, crying out as he erupted. At last it was over. The three guys left the office to clean up and I was left with Ms. Fisher.

"You put on a very credible performance," she said. "And from what I saw, you enjoyed it. You really are a little slut, aren't you?"

I looked down at the floor not knowing what to respond. I couldn't believe how I had behaved. I had not fought against it. I had just let them have their way with me.

"You'd better go and get yourself cleaned up," she said. "Or should we send you back to your husband as you are? I wonder what he would say if you were to arrive home with three guy's spunk running down your legs?"

I looked at her alarmed.

e smiled. "I wouldn't do that. It might spoil my fun. I have uses for a little slut like you."

I nearly collapsed when I heard those words. I thought after this it was going to be all over. Oh God, I wasn't going to have to suffer more. Was I?


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Give the Student What He Wants

I teach math at a Midwestern state college. It doesn't matter which one. It looks like most of the others, with some school buildings, dorms, bars, gas stations, and a grocery store, surrounded by acres and acres of open farmland. Most kids come here because it's far from home and it's a party school. It's not so bad to teach here, really, once you get over your disappointment that you're not going to have a fabulous career at M.I.T. One good thing about teaching at a party school – the students don't expect very much. Half the time they're hung over anyway.

I'm male, 42, divorced (no kids) and haven't had a significant other for a couple of years. Being a 40-something divorce isn't easy in a town like this. The women here are either under 21 or married. I don't have any scruples against a fling with either one, but the college girls aren't nearly as easy as legend would tell you, and come to think of it neither are the faculty wives. Besides, it's not so easy to find another job – a fella has to think of the risks.

So, I make do with Internet porn and my imagination. I keep myself reasonably fit – you never know when you'll run into Ms. Right Now – and anyway there's not much else to do. I think I'm good-looking, although no one would call me gorgeous.

I teach several sections of calculus-for-boneheads (excuse me, for business majors) class. No matter how good a teacher you think you are, this class will prove you wrong. The students just don't get it. Calculus and business majors mix like oil and water. The ones who do understand it are engineering majors. Poor me, poor me. I give a lot of quizzes instead of one or two exams. Take it from me, the exams are even worse.

So, let me try to describe what happened a couple of hours ago. I'm not sure I believe it myself, and I can't be sure how it will all come out, but I sure hope I'm right.

It's still January, and the new semester is just getting started. Yesterday, I gave the first quiz of the term. Today, I was marking them (no T.A.s at this college) and muttering to myself, as usual. My posted office hours began at 2:00, but I didn't notice because no one ever comes. Then they complain because I'm not available to help them.

Imagine, then, my shock when right at 2:00 somebody rapped on the door. I shouted, "Come in!" which hardly ever works, then got up to see who it was. A student! I recognized him from my late-morning class, but of course I didn't know his name. Good-looking kid, a little taller than me (5'10"), shoulders broad but not too broad. He probably outweighs me by 30 pounds. Curly, off- blond hair, dressed in the sloppy clothes that were practically the school uniform, students and faculty alike.

I didn't pretend to know his name. I know it now. I know a lot about him now, but this was two hours ago. Anyway, let's call him Jason, because that sounds like a good alias for this tale.

I stood at the door, doorknob still in my hand. "Can I help you?" I asked.

He looked kind of nervous, glancing up, down, everywhere but my face. "Can I come in?" he asked. "I need to ask you about something."

"Sure. You're in my 11:00 class, right? You sit in the middle row, over near the windows. Sorry, but I don't know your name."

"Yes, Professor, that's me. My name is Jason ___."

"You shouldn't look so worried, Jason," I said. The semester's just begun, we've taken only one quiz, so even if you blew the quiz, you've got plenty of time to recover."

"This isn't about the quiz," he mumbled. I'd sat down in my chair, and pointed to the extra chair. He came all the way in and sat down. I heard the click of the doorknob, which was set on automatic lock. That surprised me. There's no rule against shutting the door, but it's hardly ever done. Nobody wants to be accused of sexual harassment.

"Would you mind leaving the door ajar?" I said.

Jason looked up at me as if he didn't understand why I'd ask for such a thing. Then, as he got it, his smiled a little. "I'd rather leave it closed, Professor. This is kind of personal."

Oh, great. I hardly know this kid and he wants a father confessor. Not my job, not my desire, and definitely not a good idea. If he leaves here and shoots himself, I'll be sued. We have professionals for that kind of thing. I let the pause hang there, hoping he'd at least tell me what he wanted, so I could direct him to the student-stress counselor.

He just sat there, looking at me, directly into my eyes. His were unusual – blue flecked with brown. Like hazel, but blue instead of green. I was caught by his gaze, and somehow felt compelled to return it. I don't know how long we sat there, looking each other in the eyes. The room seemed to get a little darker and fuzzier. We weren't gazing like lovers. It was more like poker players, assessing one another, looking for the other's "tell."

After awhile his eyes moved a little, toward the clock. I felt I'd been released, but I also turned to look at the clock. I must have read it wrong before, because it said 2:20.

"Do you want to talk about your quiz?" I asked. My voice was a little shaky, which surprised me. The room light hadn't gone back to normal after our staring contest. His face was clear, but everything else was dim.

"Oh, no, Professor," he said quickly. "It's sort of about my quiz, but really I want to ask you about something else. You see, you seem so, . . . so,. . . non-judgmental."

"Well, thanks, Jason. I try to be that way. Most of the things other people think are really none of my business. But before you start, I need to tell you that I'm probably not the person who can help you – if you have personal problems, I'll be sympathetic, but can't offer advice. All I can do is try to steer you to the right place for real help." Here I went. If you don't shut me up, especially when giving (or not giving) advice, I'll drone on for a long time. I caught myself and stopped.

He smiled, a little. "That's okay, I'm not looking for advice. It's just that I– I– You seemed like someone who could relate to these daydreams I have."

Time to go! I tried to get up, but it didn't work. I felt glued to the chair. All I could do was nod, as if to say, "go on." Really I wanted to say, "get out." Could I even speak? What was happening?

"Well, Professor, it's like this. Is it okay to call you 'Professor?' Or do you prefer 'Doctor?'" When I didn't answer he went on. "You know that girl in the class, the one with the dark hair and the big, uh, uh, . . . cleavage? Everybody knows you do, because we see you trying not to look," he paused. "But don't worry. Nobody thinks you're a lecher. Sometimes she wears those low-cut tops. . . and it's hard to not look."

Where in the heck was this going? For a moment I didn't know who he was talking about, then suddenly I could see her, clearly, in my mind's eye. She was hot, for sure, and sassy. Tall – about my height, and proud of her C-cups and the body that went with them. Not supermodel-thin, but convex and concave in all the right places. I had made a point of learning her name, but right now I couldn't think of it. I hoped to God he wasn't going to ask me to do some matchmaking. What did he want?

Again, he locked his eyes on mine, and went on softly, miserably. "You see. . . I. . . when I look at her . . . I want to be her. I want to have big tits and sway down the hall and leave a trail of hard-ons. It's all I can think about in your class. I'm afraid I'll flunk, because I can't think of calculus, even at home. I'm stuck in this daydream."

I still couldn't move my mouth to speak, which was lucky, in a way, because I had no idea what to say. I wanted to tell him to take his weird fantasies to a good psychiatrist, but my mind wouldn't form the words. Instead, I just sat there, held in his gaze. He went on.

"The dream is really weird, because I'd still be me, too. She'd be my girl friend, and I would get off by watching the way she treated the other guys. When she really had one going, thinking he was getting somewhere, she'd drop him and humiliate him, then wink at me.

"Because – and this is the weirdest of all – all the time, she'd be my secret sex slave. She'd tease the boys I told her to tease, and give them exactly what I told her to give. And when she did it well, she'd be able to tell I approved, and she'd be so happy to have my approval that she'd cum a little right there in the hallway to celebrate. But just a little, because that's what I'd ordered."

He had my undivided attention. "And then, when we're alone together, we'd laugh for awhile, and maybe do homework, until I – Jason – decided it was time to fuck. 'Assume the Position,' I'd say, and she'd immediately drop to her knees with her head bowed. 'What is your pleasure, Master Jason?' she'd say, and I'd reply, 'Suck my cock, bitch, and do it better than last time if you don't want more punishment.'" He quickly added, "I'd never hit her or hurt her. After all, she's me, too! I'd order her to blow some geeky guy, or maybe the old school janitor, and bring me a picture as proof. She'd obey, and it would be easy, and we'd put the picture with our other trophies. I'd have all that power because of my power over her."

He paused again. I was no longer sitting in my own office. I was drawn into his fantasy, 100%. All I could see was his handsome face and shoulders. I still couldn't talk, but I didn't want to. What did I want to do?

Jason startled me by speaking again. This time, very softly. In real life I would have had to lean forward to hear his whisper, but I could hear him just fine. "Professor, I bet you've figured out why I'm telling you all this. You have the same fantasy, don't you? Don't you want to be that girl? I can tell when you're lecturing. You'll be trying to do some math problem and you'll stop. In your mind, you've become her. You're standing there, but you're really sitting down, enjoying the satin bra you're wearing, giggling to yourself as you feel the boys wonder if you're wearing panties. Watching the professor try to keep his mind on his job, but constantly longing for you. If you were that girl, you'd have all that power. You'd get really good grades! And you wouldn't even have to put out – you'd keep 'em all in heat, just by being who you are! They'd give you an 'A' just because– just because they want to please you.

"And you'd giggle again, and after class you'd tell your boy friend all about it. Me. Because that's my part of the fantasy, not yours. You can be the girl, but you can't be the boy. I forbid it. But you knew that already, didn't you? You knew even before I knocked on your door. You become that girl. You don't take over her body. Her body takes you over. You're her. Then you come to my room after class and we laugh about what a fool the professor made of himself over you – you made a fool out of your own self and can't do anything about it. And when I get tired of laughing, and I'm ready for sex, I say, 'Assume the Position!' and you drop to your knees and bow your head. Of course I don't care if you're ready. Finally I permit you to speak, and you say, 'What is your pleasure, my Master Jason?' And you humbly do whatever you're told."


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As I sat there, captured by his eyes, I could feel my breasts beginning to grow. I didn't dare look. Slowly, without pause, they got bigger and bigger. They strained against my Oxford shirt, popping a button. Even though my average-sized cock was a bar of steel, as my tits grew I could feel my balls and cock fold up and get sucked into my wet, sopping cunt. The smell, of a woman in heat, rose up from my crotch. My new tits popped another button. They hurt – they were pressing against the edge of my desk, but I still couldn't move. My nipples were so taut that the breeze from a butterfly wing would have sent me into screaming multiple orgasms.

Jason moved, for the first time. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a lovely satin bra, from Victoria's Secret. "38-C" read the label. "You may move now," said Jason, "but only to remove your shirt and put on your bra. I'm a good Master – I don't want your boobs to hurt."

I tried to thank him for his kindness, but still could not speak. I did what I was told, but continued to gaze on my Master. I discovered that I was familiar with putting on a bra, although I could not remember ever having put one on before. The pretty new bra was practical, too. My tits stopped hurting. Once the bra was in place, though, I could not move my body. I gazed at my Master, anticipating his next command.

He stood, and placed his hands on his hips. "Assume the Position." I was released from whatever had held me motionless, so I complied immediately, on my knees with my head bowed. Once in the Position, I was again immobile. "Professor, from now on you are my bitch, until I get bored and discard you. In fact, your new name is Dr. Bitch. What is your name?"

"Dr. Bitch."


"Dr. Bitch, Master Jason."

"That's better. Well, my cute little bitch, you have a chance to earn a great privilege. I will permit you to suck my cock. But only on one condition."

"Yes, Master. I shall do whatever my Master commands."

"Dr. Bitch, when I leave, you must get back to work. You will give me an 'A' on my quiz."

"But of course, Master. You deserve nothing less. You do not need to ask for such an obvious thing."

"Did you say, 'ask,' Dr. Bitch? Surely that was a slip of the tongue. I ask for nothing. Anything I want from you, I demand."

"I am very sorry, Master Jason. Of course you shall have all you demand. Can I please make amends for my mistake?"

"No. I don't have time. But I will keep my promise. You may blow me. Begin."

"Oh, thank you, Master. And please forgive my inexperience. I have never done this before."

"No talking. Just suck."

Suddenly I could move, and I looked up. Master Jason had stepped toward me so that the large bulge in his sweat pants was right in front of my face. I'd received plenty of blow jobs, but never given one. I reached up to his waistband and tried to pull it down. But it was tied! By his command, I could not speak to apologize, and for a moment I was afraid he would deny me this privilege. I looked into his face, and saw impatience, and contempt, but not cruelty. He would permit me to continue.

Quickly I untied the drawstring and hooked my fingers into the waistbands of his pants and his underwear. I pulled them down frantically, almost panting in anticipation. His cock leaped out of its confinement, pointing almost straight up. It reached almost to his navel. From my perspective, it looked about a foot long. And it was rock-hard. I almost wept when I realized the compliment. My Master's young cock was huge! And hard! For me! Overcome with gratitude, I reached for his balls and kissed them, then again and again. They could have been golf balls within their sac. All that cum – for me!

Carefully, but quickly, I worked my way up the long shaft, kissing every inch of it along the way. My Master had been circumcised, so the rosy-pink head was proudly exposed, waiting for my unworthy efforts. I hiked myself up straighter and marveled at the head of my Master's hard dick. It was huge. Another golf ball, or bigger. I kissed it lightly here and there, calculating the best way to suck him at that steep angle. I licked the head, then the whole shaft again. When I straightened up, this time, Master Jason grabbed my hair with one hand and my nose with the other. My feelings were hurt. He didn't have to grab my nose to force me to open my mouth. I wanted to suck, I just had to figure out how.

He must have sensed my unhappiness, because he let go of my nose and changed his grip so his fingers were tightly wound through the hair on both sides of my head. I knew what he intended, and was grateful. I opened my mouth as far as I could, just as he pulled my hair down so that my mouth was impaled by the huge, pink, hot shaft. I felt its head on the roof of my mouth, then the back, then at the top of my throat. My body wanted to gag, but somehow I had the self-control to prevent it. Even with his pride filling every inch of my mouth, my lips were several inches from the base. Just as I reached for that lower portion, to pump it with my hand, my Master pulled my head up until the head almost popped out of my mouth, then slammed it down again. This time I wrapped my lips around the shaft as tightly as I could, so that my lips alone would stroke his dick as he yanked my head up and down.

After a couple of times, though, my teeth grazed the sacred shaft. He stopped immediately and snarled, "Dr. Bitch, you idiot! Wrap your lips around your teeth. Make your mouth as much like your cunt as you can!" I could not speak to apologize, but obeyed instantly. He resumed moving my head up and down on his cock, by yanking my hair. After a while – too few beautiful strokes! – his dick felt hotter and thicker, and his rhythm picked up speed. Then he started bucking his hips, honoring my mouth by fucking it on my very first blow job. The bucking got harder and harder, to where he might have thrown me over on my back if he hadn't been holding my hair.

Suddenly he rewarded me with his cum. It gushed and gushed, with so much pressure that most of it seemed to fly straight down my throat, bypassing my mouth. I was determined to relish the wonderful taste, which, as his member softened from hard as granite to hard as a stick of wood, I was able to do. Gobs and gobs of his cum, swilling around my mouth like egg nog or something else sticky, sweet and unbelievably delicious.

He released my hair, but I didn't quit. As his body relaxed and his cock continued to soften, I sucked and sucked, inhaling every drop I could get.

I wasn't sure what to do when his immense, uncircumcised member became so soft that it popped out of my mouth. He was breathing hard, and seemed unable to give me my next command. So, I did my best to lick up all the cum on his crotch. Then I resumed the "Position," the only one I had yet been taught. I bowed my head and listened to his breaths. I wanted to ask, "Did I do well, Master? Am I worthy?" but I had not been given permission to speak. So I waited.

He didn't speak right away, but twined his fingers in my hair again and pulled my hair back, looking in my eyes. "You have a lot to learn, Dr. Bitch," he intoned. "But you're teachable." He pulled my hair upward. "Stand up."

Naturally, I stood, respectfully looking into his masterful gaze, hoping he would condescend to kiss me. But he did not and I dared not ask him. He let go of my hair and caressed my new boobs. I almost came then and there! But I sensed that I needed his permission to cum, so I fought the feeling.

Master Jason knew. He smiled, the small, contented smile of a man who knows he owns something of high quality and value.

"You can do better," he said. "If you follow through with my 'A,' you'll have the chance. Buy some K-Y Jelly and keep it here. If you ever get the mouth right, you can beg me to fuck your ass. I might even do it. You will not tell anyone of our new relationship, of course, but also you will not have sex or even masturbate without my express permission. If you want to cum, you'll have to earn it. Don't even bother to say, 'Yes, Master.' I know you'll do exactly as I say, for as long as I put up with you. But right now, take that bra off and give it back to me, put your shirt on, then sit down in your chair." My heart leaped, of course, at these words. Could I really be that lucky? And in exchange for such a simple demand! I removed the bra, and put on the shirt, but my tits still prevented me from buttoning it. I sat, rapt, expectant.

He looked stern, then grinned. As he did, my office was no longer so dim, bathed in the radiance of his smile. He stood by the door. "Thanks, Professor, for listening to my sob story," said Jason. "I'll just have to hang in there and study harder."

What was he talking about? "There is no need, M–," he cut me off with a frown, "Jason. I think you'll do very well in this class." Then he was gone.

After a moment I shook off my daze and got practical. How was I going to hide these beautiful tits? What did I know about hygiene for my new pussy? Nobody gets a sex change operation overnight. How would I explain? Could I use the women's bathroom?

Then I noticed. The tits were gone. I could feel my own puny cock, semi-hard. Could it all have been a dream? Hypnosis?

My shirt was missing two buttons, and the smell of cum was in the air. I gave a happy sigh.


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It's been a week and a half since I first met "Jason's" lovely cock. Even Jason himself has praised my progress. That was a few minutes ago -- now he was relaxed on my living room sofa, sipping from a bottle of spring water. I was lying on the couch, with the back of my head resting on his muscular thighs, looking up and his firm pectorals and handsome face. His dick, now mostly drained of his sweet cum, flopped against my cheek. There'd been a lot of cum -- he's just nineteen, after all! -- and I'm sorry to say that I'd spilled some of it. He'd had one last spurt just as I pulled back for air. It missed my gaping mouth, and now that fragrant juice was all over my face and hair. I had a big gob in one eye; I'd tried to wipe it out and eat it, but he'd reached down and grabbed my wrist with one hand. His eyes were smiling, but it was obvious I didn't have permission to wipe my eye. "Yes, Master," I thought. Whatever pleased him, made me ecstatic.

While Jason and I are relaxing, let me fill you in on the past week or so. I suppose you're wondering what happened to all the "Master" Jason talk. Bear with me.

After young Jason had left my office on that first day, I naturally spent the rest of the day in a happy daze. I did manage to get my grading done. My Master, of course, got the "A" I'd promised him, but he really had done poorly. It wouldn't do return a paper bleeding with red ink, with an "A" on top. Some classmate might spot it. In a few moments I figured out a workaround. I made a copy of his quiz, lightly marked the original, and given him the "A". Then I carefully, lovingly, noted his mistakes on the copy, and wrote a long explanation of his mistakes.

How did I dare correct my Master's work? Because he was a finance major, and he'd have to master calculus so he could pass his other courses. I hoped, I mean HOPED, he'd see it for the supportive gesture I'd meant. Before going home, I looked him up on the system. He's nineteen, from a suburb of the only real city in our state, about 100 miles away, and so far has a 3.2 grade average. I felt a jealous pang as I wondered if any other faculty had been privileged to suck his cock and give him good grades.

In class the next morning, I handed back the quizzes, answered some questions, and tried to get down to work. Jason sat at the end of the row, by the windows. He said nothing to me, and didn't do anything special. It didn't matter to me. It took a lot of will power to pull my adoring gaze from his face, and crotch, and attend my other students. His face was bland, but with a faint smile. Then, just as I turned around to work a problem on the chalkboard, he winked at me. I gasped, but just in time turned the gasp into a cough, as if from chalk dust. I'd get another chance! I was sure of it!

I'd thought ahead, last night, and bought a new jockstrap, to help keep my own insignificant cock from straining through my pants, into the face of the well-endowed cutie in the front row. It worked some, but when he winked, my cock turned into an iron bar. It didn't break through the cloth, but I knew without looking that there was a big tent in my crotch. I turned just in time, I think, and took a long time to work that particular problem on the board.

Somehow I got through the class period. He didn't wink any more, but even so every time I looked his way, which was often, I got a little weaker in the knee. I hoped that the students who noticed would decide I was sick, or else in heat for the girl in the front row. Actually, I didn't much care what they thought. My thoughts were elsewhere.

I dismissed the class about ten minutes early. This would give me a chance to big to help him. "Jason, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Professor."

When he approached I said, in a normal teacher voice, "Nice work on the quiz, Jason, but I need to talk to you about the unusual way you solved number 3. Do you have some time now?"

Just about then, the last student had reached the door. As it shut behind her, I started to speak, then collapsed into The Position. "Master Jason," I stammered. "As your teacher, I must help you learn calculus. Please forgive my presumption." Without raising my eyes, I handed up the copy of his homework, covered with my comments. No Cupid's hearts, though. I still had a little dignity. But I'd thought about it.

I forgot my station and looked up to his eyes, but he was looking at the papers I'd handed him. His crotch was right in front of my face. Without thinking, I kissed his pants, about where his cock should be.

Wham! He didn't even stop reading his quiz, but simply slapped the side of my head with his free hand. I fell over, not because he'd hit me that hard, but because I was both startled and nervously apologetic.

"Please, Master, forgive me. I don't know what I was -- "

"SHUT UP, Doctor Bitch! You insult me on this paper, but you think you deserve to touch my body? What's wrong with you, worm?"

I saw the door handle move and jumped to my feet. Before he could react, I said, "Listen, Jason. I'm just trying to help you get the math basics down so you do okay in your business and finance classes. I really have your best interests at heart." He looked like he wanted to hit me again, but he'd heard the students enter and just glared. "We can talk about this more, in my office, if you'd like," I said.

"O.K." he said slowly, "Maybe this is a pretty good idea after all."

I was trembling as we walked to my office. Not much small talk. In fact, not much talk at all. I used my key, and we went in together. This time, it was me who relocked the door. Again, as soon as it latched, I fell into The Position.

"Get up, Dr. Bitch. Now!" I rose helped along by his grip on my hair. "You may assume The Position only when I order it. You took too big a chance in the classroom. If you want another taste of my cock, you'd better remember that I'm in charge here."

"Y- Yes, Master." I moaned.

"I thought about our what you said as we walked over here. As Professor ___, you're right. I do need to learn this stuff. Okay, you can tutor me in math. But as Dr. Bitch, you'd better not forget your manners."

"Oh, yes, Master." I cried. Joyous tears flowed from my eyes. So much more time to spend with him! So many more opportunities. . .

"I would have come here after class anyway. I need to get my rocks off," he growled. "Your clumsy blow job'll take too long. I'm gonna jack off, then you're gonna lick up my cum from wherever it lands. Got it?" I nodded. He yanked down his long zipper and pulled his magnificent organ from his boxers. I hadn't gotten a good look at it yesterday. It really was huge! I guessed 8 inches long, two in diameter. I've measured it since then, and wasn't far off. It curved out from his fly, rooted in those wonderful balls I couldn't see except in my memory. Up, up, past his belt. Rigid -- so hard it could have been a brick sculpture of a hard-on. The blue veins formed ridges, defined like a body-builder's muscles. The top, almost brick red itself, was lovely. How I wanted to wrap my lips around that boy's dick and keep them there forever!

But, my Master had said no. He wrapped his handsome fist around the shaft and started to stroke. "Get a good, careful look, Dr. Bitch. Maybe you'll get it right next time." Slow strokes to start, then faster. He looked weak in the knees, so I rushed to place the chair where he could ease into it, still stroking. The violence of his strokes had pulled his beautiful balls out of his pants; they were keeping rhythm by slap, slap, slapping the cloth. I was mesmerized.

Then (because after all, I'd jacked off a few thousand times myself) I knew he was about to explode. I positioned my eager mouth as close to the tip as I dared -- he'd ordered me not to touch him, and anyway if I got too close I'd risk getting hit by that big, heedless fist pumping up and down on his piston.

Pow! I could almost hear the splat! of the first stream of cum hitting the roof of my mouth. After that, though, I didn't get much. He came plenty, but I couldn't catch it. His cock-head was flying around as he stroked, and his cum shot across the room. On my computer, on my books, but I didn't care. I still tried to catch more in my mouth. Actually, it was good that I got only small amounts at a time. I had the chance today, that I hadn't had yesterday, to savor the taste and texture of that lovely nectar. How had I lived so long without tasting this before? I wondered if other men's cum tasted the same -- not as good as my Master, of course, but pretty good anyway. Then I realized that if my dreams came true, I'd never find out. I'd just service my Master on demand. He'd graduate, get a job, have girl friends, eventually get married. . . and I'd find some job in his area, just to be on call for him. Did I dare to dream such a dream?

As ordered, I went around the office, licking up his cum wherever I found it. Some was on his shirt -- he permitted me to lick that up, too. After my tongue got all it could, I used tissues to get a little more, and to wipe my saliva off everything. Of course I ate the used tissues, without being told.

Master Jason sat and watched me, with a self-satisfied smirk on his lips. Well, he deserved it. I was his professor, I'd been to graduate school and earned a Ph.D., In my time I'd had maybe a dozen women, I'd fathered a child (in custody of my ex-wife) and I was supposed to be in charge. He'd changed all that yesterday, in a matter of minutes. He should be self-satisfied.

When I couldn't find any more cum around the office, I turned to him with my head down, bowing. I wanted to assume The Position, but he'd ordered me not to without his express command.

"Today, right now, I want you to go buy some porn DVDs. Get some with lots of cocksucking and buttfucking. Watch them carefully, over and over if you have to, and learn something. Practice on vegetables." That struck him as funny, and he gave a smug laugh. "Yes, Master. I shall do as you order me as soon as you have gone. And --"

"You got something else to say?"

"M- Master, if you please. I see that your magnificent penis is still leaking cum. It's a shame to waste it. May I please --"

He laughed. "Okay, sure. But be quick about it. I have to meet some friends for lunch."

I was quick. I had my lunch, then and there. He didn't offer to kiss me good-bye.

That was Wednesday. I spent most of Thursday watching the porn movies -- I thought of them as instructional demonstrations. I looked forward to seeing Jason on Friday, but he didn't show up for class. I was disappointed but not surprised. Half the class usually skipped on Friday. But-- After class, he was waiting for me in the reception area by my office. I did a double take, then felt the rush of relief. I had no way to get in touch with him -- I didn't even know if he'd permit it. But not to see him for five days (Wednesday to Monday!)! It would have been too, too long.

In my office, I showed my eagerness to please him, standing with bowed head as I had done before. He let me stand there a couple of minutes, then snickered to himself. "Sit down. In your regular chair," he ordered


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Naturally, I did so. He started to talk -- the first time I'd heard him say more than a few words.

"You know, Dr. Bitch, I didn't have to do even a little hypnosis on Wednesday. You just naturally obeyed everything I said. You're just a natural cum slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master. Was I hypnotized? I was not aware. Why did you bother? Of course, serving you is my sole purpose."

"Well, Dr. Bitch, let me tell you. I did hypnotize you on that first day. I'm good at it. You're a great subject. You almost put yourself under. When I told you that your tits were growing, and reached over to yank a couple of buttons off your shirt, it was all I could do not to laugh. You were preening like Jennifer Aniston or somebody! You thought you were really hot stuff. It was cute. But I gotta tell you. You never grew any tits. The bra was real, though. You sure loved that bra."

I started to speak, but he snapped, "Shut up!."

"You had no idea you were gay, did you?" he resumed. "Well, you are. You'd be gay, now, because that's my command. But you were gay before. You just didn't know it. I had a pretty good guess, but then I've got some experience. Ever since I discovered how easy it is to put some people under my spell.

"And they stay under my spell. You're really mine, Doc. I own you. I suppose you could find some expert to break through my post-hypnotic suggestions, but it would kill you to try. You'll never look for 'help' escaping my power. You'll never comprehend that obeying me isn't normal."

He was right. I didn't comprehend. Of course obedience to one's Master is normal!

"I might just decide to release you. Then where the hell will you be? After a couple of years as my slut-slave, you won't have any life to go back to. I don't know what'll happen; in the past, I've never seen a person after I released them. You'll be automatically released if I die or disappear, you won't walk around like a zombie. You'll be free." He stopped and looked at me for a long moment. "Unless, unless, you're involved in my death. Then you'll live the rest of your life in torment I don't even want to think about."

As he said this, I felt a hint of the torment, just from the thought. My Master? Dead? Disappeared? How could he possibly think I would do such a thing? "Master, Master," I cried, tears on my cheeks. "You'll never leave me! I could never try to harm you! Please say you'll never leave me!"

"Oh, I'll probably leave you some day. I'll trade up for somebody better, or just somebody else. But I won't disappear. I'll still be here with my new slave. And whether I release you from the spell or not, you'll ache, every single day. But every single day, you'll know that dumping you is my right, and that your trivial heartache is totally unimportant."

"In fact," he went on, "you might not survive. Did you know Professor Bridgman, in the English Department?" I shook my head, still confused and getting scared. "He was the original Dr. Bitch here at college. Fall semester. I didn't even dump him. I just went home for Christmas vacation. When I came back, just a couple of weeks ago, I heard he was dead," he paused. "Shot himself. Too bad, he was one great cocksucker. Now I have to train a new one."

If he felt any remorse for Professor Bridgman, it didn't show. If anything, he seemed pleased with himself. But it was okay with me. If Bridgman's death left the vacancy I had won, then, well, too bad for him. Part of me wondered where my morals had gone, part of me knew, most of me didn't care.

As he boasted of his casual, life-or-death power over me and others, my cock became a steel rod once again. I'd been chosen to serve this superman! His cock had grown, too, almost to how it had been yesterday, when he sprayed cum all over my office.

"Well, Dr. Bitch, you're making me horny. Three days in a row! You're a lucky slut, Dr. Bitch. Now assume The Position and get to work. Show me that you've been doing your homework."

I'd learned a lot from the porn movies, except for one thing. Most of the porn actors had big dicks, but they weren't beautiful like my Master's. Of course not, you say. But the odd thing was that when erect, their dicks stuck straight out, horizontal, and not vertical like mine and Jason's, the only two erections I'd ever seen live and in color.

I suppose that it's an occupational hazard of a porn star -- he starts the day with a normal hard-on, but after all the rehearsals, he's getting tired. That's neither here nor there, except that the lessons from the porn flicks didn't show what I needed to know, right now: how to blow a long, thick, vertical erection from the kneeling position. When the porn stars knelt, the stud's pole conveniently stuck right into their mouths. I had to get my head ten or so inches higher, and get the angle right. I'm afraid I was clumsy at first. I could hear my Master's grunts and sighs of impatience. But he did not become angry -- my kind Master!

Finally I found a working position. As he sat in the chair, I supported myself with my hands on the chair's arms, and climbed to a half-kneeling, half-leaning-over position. I kissed the long shaft down one side and up the other, and then again, generous with the saliva. The angle was wrong to service his balls, but mentally I blew them a kiss, too.

When his pole was good and wet, all over, from my tongue, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and plummeted down onto his cockhead, taking as much as I could in one stroke. The best part of his cock, the end with the hole in it, slid so far into my throat it made me gag a little, reminding me that I needed to leave a little working space between cock and tonsils.

That's when I realized that I had no hands -- they were on the chair, holding me up. If this had been an ordinary lover, I could have asked him for help, or at least talked it over a little. But this was my Master! Besides, he wanted to see if I'd learned my lessons. I couldn't very well ask him for help in the middle of the quiz!

Thinking fast, I tucked my lips up under my teeth and fastened my mouth around the shaft. I sucked, and sucked. The seal was tight. No air got in. On a lesser man, this would have been impossible, but my Master's huge cock filled most of my mouth anyway. Then, pacing myself, breathing through the nose, I moved my head rhythmically up and down, up and down. I worked my arms a little, too, as if I were doing push-ups. I could only go an inch or so, because his dick head hit my throat, but I did what I could. Some day, I hoped to learn "deep throat" techniques, but that's still in the future.

I pistoned up, and down, up, and down, with the same slow, steady rhythm. I think he wanted to push me away and jack himself off, quick, hard, NOW!, but his will power won out, and he took the pleasure I offered. Either was okay with me, of course. As long as he was happy. I could hear little grunts that sounded like pleasure, but I was a man, too, and knew how it worked. While your cock is being sucked, the little grunts are mostly to encourage the sucker, and to celebrate your luck or charisma or whatever led to this encounter. You enjoy the service for what it is -- service. It's only when you're about to cum that things get really exciting.

His cock told me it was almost time before his breathing and tense body did. I didn't think I really felt the jism rushing up from his balls, through that gorgeous shaft, but I imagined that I had. (Since then I've learned -- it was real.) It felt like it reached a point just short of the head, then stopped. I sucked harder. Jason moaned, and bucked in his chair. He grabbed my hair, and I expected him to fuck my mouth again, for these last few seconds.

He didn't get the chance, because he was stuck in the chair. All he could do was buck his hips a little, and grab the sides of my head and pull it up, and down, up and down, faster. If that made my Master happy, it was fine with me, but he wasn't really doing anything. I was going up, and down, picking up speed slowly, exactly as he seemed to want.

He gave a strangled groan, and his whole body shuddered. Score one for the slave! I thought. Just then the cum started to flow again. I pulled my mouth back to catch the cum on my tongue, where I could enjoy the taste. He understood, and grabbed his shaft, pumping like mad. One, two, three. . .

With no warning whatsoever, his cum exploded into my eager mouth. No matter how hard he stroked, this time I was going to get every drop. I was sucking for all I was worth, and he was pumping, and what felt like pints of cum were swishing around in my mouth before being swallowed, and we both were groaning, him from the animal pleasure of the sex act and me from my sincere joy at being allowed to perform the service. Not to mention the sweet nectar I was feeding on.
I could hear his heart pound. His free hand suddenly stopped pumping, and I heard a scratching sound as he grabbed at the fabric of the chair. His body shuddered again and again. He twisted and turned, almost as if he wanted me to release his dick, but I knew better (I hoped), and hung on tight. Verrrrryyy careful about the teeth.

After what felt like a long time, his spasms quieted down, the flow of cum dwindled to a trickle, and his cock softened a little, like before, from steel I-beam to, maybe, one of those half-sized bats they give out at the ballpark on Bat Day. Almost that big, too, it seemed to me. His jacking hand slid back to his cock, stroking softly. Then he did something that almost made me cream in my pants for the sheer unexpected joy of it. I was still propped up on my arms, my hands on the arms of the chair. His free hand squeezed my hand, gently, with affection.

I wasn't letting go of that sweet pole until I absolutely had to. Softer and softer, that just made more I could cram in my mouth. There was nothing to suck, but I just liked the idea of taking care of the tired thing until it could be put to bed. Master Jason just sat, still, I suppose in post-orgasmic bliss. After a while he spoke.

"Assume The Position, " he whispered. I released his soft prick and dropped to my knees, bowing my head. He reached down and cupped my chin in his palm, pulling my face up so I was looking at him. "Dr. Bitch, you learn quick," he said, sounding strangely friendly. "Some day you just might be a good all-around slut. On a ten point scale, I'd give that one a six, maybe six and a half. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. For your second blow job ever, it was a ten, maybe higher. But after some practice, you'll see what I mean."

He hoisted himself out of the chair and rearranged his clothes to proper. His stern voice returned. "Dr. Bitch, stay in The Position until I leave. Then you can get up. If those porn movies don't have anything more to teach you, get some others. I expect you to learn deep throating, but not 'til you have more practice at regular cocksucking. In fact, in a month or so, I expect you to be an expert at deep throating. That Linda whats-her-name will want lessons from you." He picked up his backpack and was gone.
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