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Wild time for first interracial

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Here is the story of our first interracial encounter and the wildest thing we have ever done. We are both teachers, lived in Alabama back then, and I had been going to the NEA convention that was in a different major city every summer. Around 1983, I heard about a wild party that the Connecticut delegation put on. It was a mock wedding and giant "reception" party with some pretty wild goings on. I talked to two of my fellow delegates who went and they said that all of the males in the wedding party were black administrators and coaches and all the women were hand picked from different states. After the partying, the part that interested me was that they said that the "married" couple and the groomsmen all went on a "honeymoon."

My wife and I had done some wife only swapping, as we called it back then. Not long after we were married, she told me that my boss had been calling her. I was pretty shocked, but had secretly wanted her to fool around anyway. This led to a discussion of sex with others and I told her she should go for it and fuck him. She decided a few days later to call him, but said that she did not want me fooling around and I agreed. He came over when I was at work after he asked me to work a double shift and he never knew that I knew about it. After that, she occasionally had flings with either strangers or people we knew but they never knew that I knew about it.

So, I came back from the convention with the tale and she got very hot every time we talked about it. I told her that I would take her to the next year's convention in Minneapolis and she could try out for the wedding party.

The next July, we headed up to Minnesota. When we got there, I found out from the two who told me about it the year before how to go about putting my wife up for the wedding party. I found the guy in charge and he wanted to meet in his room that night. The "wedding" was the next night. She is a natural auburn haired slim and tall cute female with freckles and small, pert B cup tits. She dressed in a see thru stretchy top and short shorts. When we got to his room, he and his roommate's eyes lit up. He smiled hugely and asked her a few questions about her sexual interests. She had never been with a black and was kind of shy.

They told us that they really liked what they saw and would like for her to be the bride. That was a surprise. She cleared her throat and nodded yes. He told us that we had to understand that the bride would honeymoon for two nights and two days with the groom and the 4 groomsmen and we had to agree to that. She looked at me and told me to okay it, which I did. We stood and she gave each a looooong tongue kiss. He told us that the delegates in charge of the party would see us the next afternoon and would take care of her gown and accessories.

She went wild in bed that night. The next day she was nervous and subdued. I dropped her off at noon and went to the convention. I didn't see her until that night when I showed up at the ceremony and party. My part was to give her away. The beginning of my true cuckolding. They would not let me into her room. I had to wait outside until the music started and I went in to walk her up the aisle. This was crazy. We kissed a long time and then headed down the aisle. The kicker was that every year, the minister at this mock affair was a real minister and the joke was that the ceremony really married the lucky woman to the black guy.

I was pretty damn humiliating when he asked if I as her husband gave her to her future husband and I had to say yes loudly and step back. They went thru the rest of the ceremony complete with rings and a long tongue heavy kiss and the real party began. The worst part was that then I ran into the two fellow teachers who told me about it and they kept taunting me about what was about to happen to my wife for two nights. I just drank myself under the table. Around midnight, it was announced that the wedding party was departing to their suite and it was something to see her still in the costume wedding dress surrounded by 5 very dark and large black guys as she pulled up her dress and threw her garter into the audience. She winked at me as they left the room.

As preagreed, I did not hear from her that night, all the next day, or the next night. The next day was the end of the convention, so I packed up our stuff, loaded the car and went to their hotel and picked her up. When I drove up, she spent a very long time tongue kissing each of them and got in the car. Lucky for me, we had a 10 hour drive home where I heard all the details between her napping. The kicker was that when I asked her if they used condoms, she said of course not, it was a honeymoon and the purpose of a honeymoon was to try to get pregnant! Luckily she was on the pill and nothing came of it.

That was a crazy and wild experience that I will never forget. We did more thru the years until our youngren got old enough to notice things and she stopped the wild fun activities.


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Wow, there is no other way to say it... that is fucking hot. Thanks for the story! Would love to hear it from her side.


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Loved your story and past adventures. Too bad you didn't get to suck one or two of her grooms men as the others serviced her married pussy.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Wow, awesome story, loved it. Totally fucking hot.


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Wow would love to hear her details. wish they would have let/made you watch!


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Definitely need to hear it from her side, and maybe a pic to see what they enjoyed. If it is true, your wife is a dream come true. Terrific scenario.


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That was so hot! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing.


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Sounds a hot experience! I wish more cuckolds would do this
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Wild time for first interracial
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