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How to get my wife to cuckold me

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Ladies. Any suggestions on how to talk my wife into cuckold me. I have a small & thin 5" cock. We usually only have sex once evry 2 months. My small dick can't handle it!


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Just ask her....;) ??


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Honest is always the best policy. Haven't you expressed this wish to your wife? Good god ...

You've confessed to untold (im)perfect strangers that your little penis is utterly inadequate to please a real woman. That much is good, because it indicates that you've taken the first step -- that is, acknowledging your sexual failing.

Now it's time you take the next step and have a sincere talk with your wife. (Why is it so many guys have so much trouble communicating with the women they claim to love so dearly? *sigh*) Explain to her that you're aware your tiny, pathetic penis is unable to bring her the kind of pleasure a real man's cock would and should, and that you want more than anything for her to get the pleasure she needs and deserves.

After that, it's gravy. You talk it out, then you work it out.

This is important, mavman. You haven't stated how long your wife has suffered with your inadequate penis, but if you've been married more than a year or so, it borders on sheer cruelty to power the poor woman to do without a proper cock -- a real man's cock. You do love her, don't you? And you want to see her satisfied? Then you must take action, soon.

You may need to be persistent though, as most women are raised with a stronger sense of monogamy than most men are. Above all, you must reassure her that whatever transpires, you will always love her, always be faithful to her, always be there for her. And that nothing else in your marriage will ever change unless she wants it to.

Good luck!


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I am eager to share my sexy wife but I have a 7" cock and thick and she is very petite. She tells me anything bigger would rip her apart. We play with large dildos but she always cums back to my flash cock. Any suggestions?


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Mavman, listen to slutwifeshubby for he gives good advice. I to have a pathetic 5 in slim penis. My wife finally admitted to me that I had the smallest penis she had ever had and it really didn't turn her on at all anymore. If your wife has had youngren, just imagine how inadaquate u must feel in her mommy cunt. She will be glad to finally admit to u that u r a pathetic lover. Just open up and admit yur insecurities but make them appear as strengths to her that u r brave enough to admit the truth.


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Thanks Guys! I have started to discuss this with her. She hasn't totally dismissed the idea, but she is hung up on manogomy. She is also worrried about catching a sexually transmitted disease. Any thoughts on how to overcome this?

She was raised prim and proper. Although, I think deep down inside she wants a bigger cock because we play with a big 9" black dildo in our sex life. She loves it nice & deep. I love the feeling of fucking her afterwards and feeling my inadequate little cock in her in her stretcarbonsmudged out pussy after playing with the dildo.


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If she's worried that you'll use it as an excuse to relax with other women, you could always give her the keys to a The hyperlink is visible to registered members only!. As for the STD, why not make sure the bull uses a condom or gets a physical for just STDs.

Keep talking to her about it, but also give her some peace to think things through. I know it sounds like a contradiction, but you have to tell her how you feel in such a way that she truly believes you ad then give her time to think about how she feels about it.


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can you show her my picture and see if she changes her mind?

R Couple


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You don't have to talk your wife into cuckolding you. She's perfectly capable of doing it all on her own. If you're lucky, she already has and you've gone down on her right after her lover filled her with his spunk. Just thinking about it can drive you crazy. If you think she really has not, here are some suggestions:

- Watch some porn films with her where the theme is MMF and not overtly bisexual. Modern porn is not very good, and women are turned off by most of it. The "fuck my wife" and "bi-sex curious" sites are typical of this crap. I suggest some retro porn from the seventies. That's when people looked real, fucked like real, women had hairy pussies, and men didn't automatically go down on other men in robotic "It's another money shot" fashion.
- Introduce fantasies into your love making (as it is) where you watch her fuck another man and then join in or just jack off.
- Take her to some classy nightclubs (never bars) and tell her how sexy she looks and how all the men stare at her.
- Encourage her to dance with other men. All women (and men) are horny after coming home from parties, where they dance with other people. You're going one step farther.

Don't push things. Let her cuckold you naturally. You will be rewarded for your patience. One day, she'll come home to you and sit on your face with the proof!


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R COUPLE Gives some great advice! I had never actually thought much about the dancing with strangers thing, but when I think back on it, right after we started going to lounges with my wife looking sexy in her mini skirts (before there was even any talk of 3-somes or cuckolding) and other guys would get brave enough to ask her to dance (she has GORGEOUS LEGS!) she would look at me for permission or acceptance. It was when I started to tell her "it's upto you...I don't mind...go ahead if you want to" that She purchased a Dildo for me (as a "gag" she said) at a sexual toy party with other thing I knew she was introducing the dildo into our lovemaking and showing the technique used by (Name withheld ex-boyfriend) who used to fuck her very nicely (she said) before we got married. She hinted that she wouldn't mind running into him again...if it was "ok" with me, of course...She continued to bring up the subject, and telling me how several guys were coming on to her at work. She apparently was just waiting for my approval I think. I started accepting the idea and finally asked her how she would feel about going out with one of those guys if I said it was OK with first she acted coy about it, and said she was afraid I would end up being upset. After I assured her that I would not mind, one night called to tell me she would be very late coming home from work one Friday night...she said she would give me all the details when she got home...the rest just followed its natural course. Our sex life has been nothing less than GREAT since that time. All cuckolding must start somewhere and follow a natural sequence of events...I think wives are "naturals" are it...religion, upbringing, fear of loosing her husband, etc. just holds them back...they just have to be shown the way and all women have the potential of being lovely cuckolding beautiful bitches. I just love them!! I wish we hadn't wasted so many years being faithful to each other, when in reality a cuckolding life style was what we both craved and needed. Nothing is more exciting than watching my wife taking on other men while I encourage her to perform for the stud. When they are finished I am ready to eat her alive!! I just love sucking on her toes and running my tongue between them while he's pounding her with his big cock! It's as close to being in Heaven as I've ever felt.
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How to get my wife to cuckold me
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