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how to turn my wife into a slut?

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my 25 year old wife is somewhat of an oblivious prude. i mean, in the sense that she doesn't think about adventurous sex. does anyone have any good ideas on how to turn her onto more adventurous sexual escapades? or even just any good ideas on how to get her to think about sex, being sexy and pleasing her man (me) by fulfilling some of my fantasies?




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i'm sure we have all been there at some point. In my opinion, two steps;

1) Talk to her honestly about it, if she isn't willing to 'play' then

2) Kick her out and find yourself a dirty bitch...

there's plenty of them kicking about.

In all seriousness, some women will never be sluts, they just have too many hang-ups about themselves/religion etc.etc. and you can't legally power them to either!:shame:


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1. good advice (pretty sure that wont go over very well. but you never know).

2. I work with her man

in all seriousness, you're right, and it is a shame.

thanks andrew!
K McDonald


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mikeyj8000 Hey, if you ever figgure out how to get her into the "kinky" sex, let me know. I've worked on my wife for over 5 years to get het into having sex with other men, and all I ever get is "you're all I need" , or , "I could never do that". It's funny how the men who WANT their wives to have sex outside the marriage don't get it, but the jealous man, who uses his wife when she DOES take that liberty gets one. I don't get it! [email protected]


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Get your own job. Until then she knows she doesn't have to do anything to make you happy. Then try out different fantasies, she might like something that you never think about. For years I wanted to tie my wife up and dom her. She didn't like that so I didn't do it. No fun if she's not turned on. Turns out she can get off on being in charge, so I changed my fantasies.


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Tiger falcon has it exactly right, slow conditioning. I told my first potential "hot" g/f that she was so beautiful while she was cumming (I said this while she was cummin)and how nioce it would be to back and watch it, and gradually elevated the talk as time went on. Of course, I was entirey truthful!! next, it was, if you were with someone who would it be so I can imagine it--thank her becasue she is doing it for you, and of course, she would imagine it too. all of this during sex. this proess has worked for me twice.


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From your one paragraph description there isn't much to read into, but I thought I'd chime in and give you some thoughts. First off, I suggest a lot of communication. There are MANY reamisters some women don't have interest (or very little interest) in sex. It could be stress at work, stress with you, financial issues at home, etc. Others might be poor self-image (she doesn't like her body and doesn't feel sexually appealing, self-consciousness about being inexperienced sexually, or even physiological, like low testosterone levels.

And not meaning to be rude, but maybe something about you puts her off, whether it's being overweight, or even the aftershave you wear. Maybe you have bad timing and you keep hitting times she doesn't want to have sex (I permisterally prefer sex in the afternoon or early evening, not first thing in the morning or last thing at night). Wanting a blowjob after you've come in, hot and sweaty, from mowing the lawn is not going to be interesting to her. Shower, shave and get presentable, then approach. It surprises me the double standard of men looking like bums but expecting their spouse/gf to look like a model. I'm not saying you need to need to look like you stepped out of GQ, but men who make the effort to look attractive do catch a woman's eye.

I'd seriously talk with her about it, but remember this is a two way street. Asking her "What's YOUR problem?" is not going to make her want to talk about it. And you comment about making her want to "fulfill some of my fantasies." What about HER fantasies? If you want her to be more interested in sex, then endeavor to do stuff SHE wants to, as well.

Again, none of this is meant to insult, just cover some bases.

At a more basic level, let me also give you my take on the "conditioning" thing. Right on! Read some info about Pavlovian conditioning. A lot of people talk about women calling the shots because they own the pussy. But once you get her in bed, I think women are easier to condition then men. Yeah, men are generally hornier by nature, but we come once and then calm down (I generalize). Women can have numerous orgasms, and that's their "weakness." You make a girl come several times in one session, and she's going to remember it, and want more. And unless she a selfish bitch, she's going to want to please you back, and that's where you can slowly start suggesting things you want. It's going to take patience, communication, trust and initiative on your part, but it can be done.


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Hey Mikey
Its not a small thing you are asking your wife to do.. so understand that.. and also you both need to understand that once its out there and done, you can't take it back.. and I will assume you dont want to.. so I will give an opinion on how you should deal with her.. Ive found that one of the primary concerns women have when their husbands want the to fuck another man is that the marriage will be damaged.. That she will lose her security. It is a big depature from the traditional marriage situation. So you need to convince her that the marriage will not be damaged.. That it will be enhanced and strengthened is ideal.. that you will love her more is real solid.. and that she will be able to explore more of her own sexuality.. she can fuck freely.. if she fucks another man and becomes comfortable with it .. then she will give you alot better pussy.. because if she has any traditional and conservative barriers that inhibit women from expressing their sexuality those will be broken down and dissappear.. also tell her that a Slut.. a Hotwife .. is not a bad term.. it is something men and husbands want to see in their woman... Bottom line.. you got to secure her in the marriage .. and let her know it will enhance the marriage.. and You better be cool with the situation .. for real ... because if you ever see a BBC going in your wife and how she will respond to it then ... hey pal.. she will definitely be a different woman.. also dont push her... take your time ..proceed at her pace... talk about it .. if it unsets her .. back off... being it up another time .. she is your wife.. you should understand her.. and know how to lead her along the path you want her to go.. If she does not say YES .. right away .. then you need to work on training her to do what you want her to do... You got work to do pal.


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My wife and I had a very typical sex life. Nothing extra, Nothing special, But fun and good also.
I had fantasies about many things.
One was being submissive to her.
One day we were talking and we got on the subject of telling the other something embarassing.
So I told her straight up. "I want to cum in your pussy and have you hold me by the hair on my head and make me lick your pussy clean."
She grinned and said" If that's what you want baby".
Interesting how things find their way sometimes.
Good Luck
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how to turn my wife into a slut?
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