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Husband cleans up

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I walked into our bedroom it was 4am and my cunt was full of cum, so much so that my panties were soaked. I had been fucked twice had taken a load of cum in my mouth and 2 loads in my cunt. My husband lay relaxing unaware of this until I slid in beside him. I took his hand and put it to my cunt covered panties rubbing myself with it, he started to respond slowly waking, you are very wet he said, you think so take a look I replied. He lifted the sheet covering us and went down wow what a state what happened, when I told him I had met up with an old friend he started to get hard did he fuck you, yes I said and you will too after you lick my cunt clean.


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Thats one of my favorite ways to wake up.
Tom Skip


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Good wife.
Brad Rooney


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I would love to eat a creampie for my breakfast.
Fred briggs


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I love it when my wife comes home like this


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I LOVE doing that! I especially love her having me wear her cum stained panties the next day, all day long!
Little Boy


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It's wonderful to share.

I get to clean-up but instead of getting to enter my lovely wife afterwards, she allows me to masturbate, but only if I've been especially attentive to her needs. By that I mean, at least an orgasm or two, while licking her from butt to clit.

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Husband cleans up
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