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The Cuckold Task

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#1 · Edited by: JerryB96
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Hi guys,

My wife is out on a date with one of her boyfriends tonight ... however, this one came with a little twist. My wife had the day off from work today and I was at the office when an IM comes in from my wife. She started the conversation off with “hello Cuck!” When I see an intro like that I know she is a little horny and in a playful mood so I am immediately at attention. She thought it might be a good idea to assign me what she calls a ‘cuckold task’ – since my wife plays solo with her boyfriends, the cuckold task is something she came up with sometime back to help me fulfill my cravings of being a cuckold. This one was a pretty good one …

wife: hello Cuck! :D
wife: how are you?
me: i'm good, how are you?
wife: good, did my run early and just finished a conf call
me: wow, you got a run in already?
wife: yep .. just 6 miles
me: nice
wife: so .. you need a cuckold task
me: oh ok
wife: if you do it, you get to make a choice
wife: well, you have to do it
wife: #1: you have to make a dinner reservation and you are paying!
me: ah hmm i wonder how i do that
wife: me too... i'm sure you'll figure something out, though
wife: #2: you have to have a note sent to our table that starts with, "to my wife...."
wife: ok, sound doable?
me: sounds challenging
wife: i think you can do it
wife: now, choices....
me: oh those weren't the choices?
wife: no those are the things you have to do in order to get choices
me: oh haha ok
wife: 1. when i get home, i wake you and let you taste me .. and if you do a good job maybe I decide to f*** you
me: my heart is pounding
wife: hehe
wife: 2. I send you a pic of my bf and i (your choice of what you would like the pic to be of)
me: excellent
wife: you don't have to give an answer now, unless you have a preference
me: i'm not decided
wife: ok
me: i'm trying to think how I can make the first two items work
me: both have their individuals challenges
wife: yes
me: i may not get past item #1
wife: oh, there are ways
me: ok
wife: think outside the box
me: ok
wife: bottom line, you will pay for my going on a date with my bf
me: yes
wife: good
me: any dining preferences?
wife: Italian is always a safe bet, but anything goes...
wife: k, need to shower...
wife: good luck!

So I immediately started checking out potential restaurants. It took a little while of searching but I found a couple of good options. When I finally settled on one I placed the reservation online. Now I had to figure out how to get dinner paid for and how to get this note sent. I was thinking about it all morning. I finally decided that I should just call the restaurant and ask if I could pay ahead. It was still fairly early in the morning so I couldn’t call just yet.

I stewed on this all day long. Finally, late in the afternoon I called over to restaurant and started talking to a gentleman who answered. I gave him a simple story that I had made the reservation online and wanted to confirm ... and that my wife would be having dinner with a friend and that I couldn’t be in attendance but I wanted her to have a nice time so I wanted to pay for the dinner. He was happy to help me out. I was lucky – as I found out later that I was talking to the owner.

He was very gracious and wanted to help me and my wife out however he could. It was great - he talked through a couple of different servers who were his best that he would make sure was tending to them and asked me several questions – from where they would like to sit to what they might be interested in on the menu. He was even happy to write the note I wanted to send to my wife wishing her and her friend a good evening. He closed the call by telling me that he would take good care of my wife and make sure she had a wonderful time. That brought it all down to the sharp cuckold point for me. It had been a great conversation overall … because for me I had this little pit in my stomach the whole time as I thought about how this man and his servers would discover later that my wife was there not with just some friend but with a guy who is probably more than just a friend ... but those final words were especially moving as it was like a bull talking to me and thanking me for sending my wife to his restaurant (cock) and assuring me that they would have a nice dinner (fuck).

It was exhilarating and humiliating at the same time. Just the way I like it. It was a nice gift from my wife.




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Superb! How did it go?


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Hi Jerry, great post - as is the way, I checked out your profile and only 3 posts - It sounds like your life is way too interesting for just 3 posts - and the above, of course we want to know how it worked out. And also, the birthday treat on your other post - you should thank your lucky stars to have found a woman happy to be so ingenious in planning your sweet torment!

in short - tell us more!!

mr two


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#4 · Edited by: JerryB96
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Hi guys,

Thank you for the response. Yes, I do thank my lucky stars. I don't post on this site often but I do have stories. Here is how things turned out from Friday night ...

As the evening was getting along I figured they had probably finished dinner so I sent her a text to see how dinner went …

me: Hope u enjoyed dinner
wife: It was yummmmmy!! Thank you for the note too!!
me: Ah you got the note - good!
wife: Getting ready to get f......!
me: Would love a pic of that!

I assumed that she must’ve been back at his place by that time and took a moment to text while he was out of the room because she didn’t respond after that. I stroked myself as I imagined her sending that last text to me as he came back into the room … then her setting her phone aside as she and her boyfriend passionately kiss and undress each other. I knew that my wife was probably being ***d at that very moment. Of course I did not bring myself to climax as I knew she probably wanted me to save it for her.

It was a late night for her. She finally arrived home at almost 5:00am. She didn't bother to wake me - which I expect at that hour ... but I was aware of her arrival. I always love the mixture of sexual aromas in the air when she climbs into bed after a night out.

Later that morning I cornered her just as she got out of the shower. I kneeled in front of her (demonstrating that I can be a good submissive cuck) and started caressing her recently fucked pussy ... she took a few minutes to enjoy it and then finally cut me off – gently admonishing me for initiating. I was ever more turned on as I slinked from the room.

Sometime around mid-day she snuck a text to me with the promised pic of the action. Of course I was immediately at attention! It has been years since I’ve been able to watch her fuck another man so anytime I get to view something like this I go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. We were in public ... and I know she chose that time to release it to me specifically because she knew I couldn’t do anything about it. We exchanged a few knowing glances and laughed. I wanted badly to be alone with her to talk about it.

Later that evening I heard her start the shower and I jumped at my chance – I raced upstairs, stripped and jumped into the shower with her. I could feel the red starting to fill my cock … and she noticed it too, “well hello there. What are you thinking about?” We both laughed. She knew what I was thinking about, “How dinner went ... and how you cuckolded me last night.” She reached out and gently stroked my cock and massaged my balls as we talked about her evening. She told me about dinner and how they fucked five times that night – the reamister she arrived home so late (or early I guess).

Unique to this conversation, however, she said that while at dinner they talked about the cuckold lifestyle. This is a major turn that I was not expecting. She has been seeing this boyfriend on and off for a few years. She had said to me on a few occasions prior that he was fairly vanilla and not quite involved in the lifestyle of swingers, hotwives, and cuckolding … so it made this turn quite intriguing. I guess she found herself having to explain why I was paying for dinner and why I sent the note. She said that she was explaining to him our sexual history and how we evolved and that HE was the one he said he knew what this was and that I was a cuckold. They talked about how we had IM’d earlier that day and the control she was exerting over me and the offense she was trying to drive.

So needless to say I was completely fired up. My wife was stroking my cock hard by this time and we began kissing passionately. I needed to fuck her and she wanted me inside of her. She turned around and leaned against the shower wall. I leaned over her and started kissing the back of her neck as I drove my cock into the same space that her boyfriend had been enjoying just hours earlier. As always I was overjoyed to be inside of her after her lover. I always love it when she lets me be the second showing.

And then she let me have what I really needed ... the offense ... she began talking about how good it was to fuck her boyfriend … how many times she came with him … could I ever fuck her like he does ... and with that I released like pyrotechnics. I shot my load everywhere and it was massive. I was a humiliated cuckold standing there in the shower with my wife who had just had wonderful multi-orgasmic night with her boyfriend .. and I was unable to last long enough to let her even finish humiliating me … and I was spent.




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How did you get into cuckolding?


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Great post Jerry- love that mirror photo, very nice. Thanks for sharing.


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Very exciting date!

Your wife's pussy looks hot and her bf has a nice thick cock. Thanks for sharing!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Thank you for sharing that experience - it sounds wildly exciting! Hope you decide to share more of them!


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Awesome story! Thank you for sharing, i'm sure i'm not the only one that would love to hear more from you if you have anything else you wouldn't mind sharing.
Mike W


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Great night. Great wife. Great cuck. Love that idea about pre-paying for dinner and getting a note delivered to the table.

THANKS and please post more!!!
Cuck for life....


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Great story. Love to hear more. As the others have said thanks for sharing.
Rating: 9, 3 votes.
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The Cuckold Task
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