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Hi everyone.My name is Jason.I am a new member

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Jason Moss


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Hi everyone.My name is Jamister.I am a 26 year old white guy who is a slave for black men and white women.I believe that us white guys should never have sex because we arent worthy of sex.We are nothing.We are the scum of the earth.I believe that all white boys should be made into eunichs.Black men are the superior male.They have such huge cocks and are so good at pleasing white women.I have been a cuckold since i was 10 when my lady and her black lovers would make me be their slave.My lady was a dancer and would bring home big black bulls every night and i had to serve whether i wanted to or not.I am looking for a white girl who wants a slave or a black man who wants a white boy as his slave.Hope to get to know everybody on here.Im glad i found this website.Bye
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Ultimate Cuckold / Ultimate Cuckold /
Hi everyone.My name is Jason.I am a new member
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