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Wife is going crazy! Happening now!

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So, a few days later she started her period and we went on a vacation alone. Although she did try to hook up with some guys while we were on vacation but nothing happened. I couldn’t believe it! Trying to get some strange while we were on a romantic getaway together was a new thing. It was hot! It went along with her new “Female Superiority” attitude and she grew like never before. She was so excited by her “rendezvous” that she couldn’t stop thinking about it and when she couldn’t hook up with locale guys she actually gave me some! Everybody wins!
When we got back, she was still on her period and her new BF seemed busy anyway. But, her AM account was still blowing up and she started talking up other guys. She decided to go meet a guy more her age at a bar (this was two days ago, Wednesday night). I wasn’t too worried because she was on her period and I was sure she wasn’t going to start even a casual relationship that way. She joked that she was just going to do stuff to him.
She texted that she felt safe and he seemed cool, then almost immediately called and started talking to me as if he wasn’t there. I felt relieved thinking they didn’t hit it off and she was on her way home. I was shocked when she said “We are going to his place.”
“What?! Is it okay?
“It seems okay”, she giggled. “I told him I just wanted to meet him once and that I was on my period and he said, ‘That doesn’t bother me’”. My heart dropped and the nauseous feeling came back. Understand, even though she is in control I could call off the whole thing. There is nothing that I have more confidence in than her love for me so it wasn’t that. We had discussed this a million times and agreed we could take it. It was just the over-whelming intensity and excitement that drove my already weak stomach crazy!
He was totally aggressive and had her standing in his bedroom in just her panties almost immediately. She still was resolved just to do things to him so she started to give him head and did it “for a long time!” (I haven’t had a blow job in MONTHS!) He pulled her up on the bed and started kissing her. He had asked what she liked and she basically gave him a playbook of how to turn her on!
He started kissing her neck like she had told him and he had moved down to her shoulder/upper back area and apparently found a spot even she didn’t know was there. She later thought he had given her a hickey there (no marks) because he sucked so hard. He could probably tell by her moans he was getting somewhere. He rolled her over on her back, lay on top of her, and said “Are you sure you don’t want me to rip those panties off for you?”
She said after the shoulder/neck sucking she was ready but he still wasn’t her “perfect type” and didn’t feel she “had to have it” but wanted the experience and let him take her panties off. These are the types of “encounters” from her past that drive me crazy with a mix of jealousy and lust. If a guy drove her crazy and she wanted it fine, but the guys she wasn’t that into that were persistent and just wore her down make me crazy! One guy from her past got lucky the night they met at a party because she gave him a ride home, her car broke down, and the cab took hours!


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She calls the guy from Wednesday night “Marathon Man” because he lasted forever! It was 90 minutes from the last time she called on the way to his house until she called to say she was done! He basically had my sexy wife bare-ass naked in his bedroom the whole time! First he fingered her until she came then they did it missionary, with one leg in the air on her back (my favorite, she looks so sexy that way!), legs on his shoulders, she said they were all over the place. Finally, he asked what it would take to make her come. She told him her favorite position. She stood on the floor and bent over the bed. He got behind her, grabbed her hips, then pounded her until she came. Then he pushed her down hard on the bed and lay on her back while he pounded her really hard. When she got home she was exhausted but not as charged up as after she was with the kid. Maybe he tired her out.
She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to relax with a bunch of guys and might not see Wednesday night Marathon Man again then had a change of heart the next day. She was trying to set something up with the kid for Friday (today!) but was reluctant about risking it in another vacant house so she booked a room! The kid is only available for a few hours this afternoon (she is with him right now!) so she texted Marathon Man and asked if he could meet her at the room late tonight!
I got home from work early and she left immediately to check in and meet him. I am supposed to pick up the babysitter in an hour (from now!) and meet her at the room at 6, supposedly right after her BF leaves. She asked me to bring a strap on and some lube! She has not heard from Marathon Man yet as far as I know. On the way home I bought her some non-Latex condoms because she is allergic. She texted me one hour ago and said she was checked in and he was on his way up! She is going to try to record some “things” on her phone! She texted that she needs a cocktail right after she texted he was on his way up! I am freaking out! Has she gone mad with power?!?


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She wants to "use me" then hang out and see a movie. Then I am supposed to leave while Marathon Man comes over if she can get ahold of him.


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Sounds like an exciting adventure the two of you are on!

I hope you get the chance to watch her in action with some of the guys. Maybe even try some sloppy seconds after she's been fucked so well?
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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What a crazy weekend. I showed up at the hotel room practically hysterical at 6 sharp. She had messed hair and the dress she left in but it looked slightly wrinkled. She looked amazing. She grinned (the kind that you can't hold back) and lifted up her dress to show me that her panties were missing. "What are you doing here? What happened?!" I playfully mocked surprise at "catching" her. She kissed me deeply, she tasted....salty.
"Do you want to hear?". she answered. I looked puzzled, she took me hand and led me to the bed. The many hotel room pillows were propped up across the head board. "Look there is even a...", she pointed her finger right below the "pillow line" but did not finish her sentence. She didn't have to, I could see the big, dark, wet spot on the sheets. She sat me down practically on top of it and repeated, "Do you want to hear?"
She proceeded to play a recording from the Voice Recorder app on her phone. It started with a loud scratch. "That was me turning it on and putting it in my purse.", she pointed again, this time to her purse a few feet away on a dresser. I can't believe what I heard over the next hour. I wouldn't even be able to describe it now if I hadn't heard it many, many times since. She has listened to it more than I have and listened to it several times while I was at work today (3 days after the 'event').
It starts with VERY nervous chatter of course, then silence. "Here is where we were making out at the foot of the bed." After a few minutes he says "That was tight..." I gave her a puzzled look.
"That was when he took off my bra." I guess she pretty much got naked right away and she pulled him down on top of her as she fell back on the bed. They made out some more (he even breifly went down on her) and less than 8 minutes into the recording the familiar sound of my wife moaning (though I have not heard it as often lately - except on her phone!). She was moaning to his thrusts and occasionally she would moan loudly and almost yelp like it was painful. She explained that this was because his rythm was "different". He would go, not steady like me, but sort of "off", then speed up very quickly and thrust hard. She said it felt "very good" <GULP!>
He had impressive endurance for someone so young (maybe because he was so young, I don't know). However, my wife is very sexy and has had many, many partners and is, well....good at it. He lasted longer than I do but obviously felt he should have done better and I heard him nervously say "That was a warm-up." My wife explained that right after he came he got up to take off the condom and walked around the room naked, her first chance to get a good, uninterrupted view. She liked what she saw. They talked again nervously for awhile. She said during this whole conversation they were naked under the covers. It lasted about 10-12 minutes then it gets quiet. She said they were "touching". He said, "Do you want to do it again." Then came the "amazing!" part.
I heard them kissing but then my wife grinned as I definitely heard sucking, lip-smacking sounds. I gasped, "You put it in your mouth?"
She nodded and grinned, "and swollowed." I gasped again and I am sure my jaw dropped. Not only had it been months since my last bj, my wife has swollowed maybe twice in our entire 15 year relationship. I was floored. I mean like I said above, in our new life this is the second guy she has sucked this week! Last time she at least ate a cookie before kissing me. This time I could taste it when she greated me at the door! By the noise he was making he was enjoying my wife's expert blow job. After what she just told me, hearing him come was devistating. He very clearly said the only thing that he could say, "Amazing!"
Anyway, the other guy wanted to get with her too but she was tired and didn't get back to him. I got to stay in the room with her the rest of the night (I slept in the wet spot). I even got to be inside her once and got a rare (these days!) hand job the next morning. Amazing!


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Sounds like you and your wife have embarked on a very exciting adventure together, to borrow cuckold4one's word. I hope this time it sticks, and you both find yourself in a lifestyle perfectly suited to you. Please keep updating us!
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Wife is going crazy! Happening now!
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