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Before and After Pussy Looks Different

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My wife won't let me take any pictures of her pussy, but it is very different after she's had sex with her boyfriend. Before sex, it's just a nice pink line with hair around it. After he's fucked her with his very large cock, it's a gaping hole with the inner lips puffed out, and it's all wet and messy and oozing cum. It looks great, and I love to soothe it with my tongue, but the transformation is really remarkable.

I guess it would look like that all the time if he had sex with her more often, but he only fucks her on the weekends. I spend the whole week in anticipation of this, of course.

Does anyone have any before and after pussy pictures to contribute? My wife won't let me show any here.

Heck, I'd even like to see before and after pictures of ladies fully dressed on their way out the door for a date, followed by a totally disshevelled look when they get back (hair messed up, stains on the dress, etc.)

Post 'em if you got 'em!
Mister Mystery


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Reminds me of a joke,

An innocent young man asked his man what a vagina looked like, his man asked him back "before or after intercorse"? the mister not knowing much about these things answered "both" the man answered youknow what a pink rose looks like with its tender pedals before it opens completely, thats what it looks like before, and after? let me see, do you remember when your bulldog ate that jar of mayonaise?


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too bad she won't take a pic of her after bf. Any pics of her?
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Before and After Pussy Looks Different
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