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Our obsession with black men

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I just returned home from trip and hadn't seen my wife in almost a week. While traveling back on the plane, I began to recall the last time my wife had been with her black lover. As I remembered how she totally enjoyed him pounding away on her as I sat in the corner of the room, on the floor, and watched, I began to get an erection.

After I got home, I immediately took her to the bedroom and told her about what I had been thinking about on the plane. She loves when I talk to her about her black lover, so within minutes we were both ready to go at it.

She then relayed to me that, while at the pool with one of her girlfirends the other day, a well built black man had walked past them and both of them had thought how nice it would be to fuck him. Neither said anything to the otehr for a liitle bit, but then my wife broke down and said how handsome the guy was. Her firend immediately started in on how she loves black men because of the color contrast between the skins. My wife then said that it wasn't so much the color thing as it was the phsyique of black men that really turned her on. My wife and her friend then had a long conversation about the black men that they had slept with. I just love it when my wife talks to her friends about getting fucked by black men, so that just sent me over the edge. We fucked for an hour, all the while thinking about her with her black boyfriend.

I was wondering if anyone else could give me thier perspective on why white women love black men? Is it the color contrast? It is the physique? Is it the size (although not ALL black men are hung like bulls)? Please reply and let me know what you and/or your wife thinks. Thanks!

Oh, and I'm working on getting my wife to let me take pictures of her and her boyfriend that I can share with everyone.


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My wife LOVES the color contrast of skin. Big cocks are also on her mind,and the excitement and mystery of a black man take her to the edge! Strong blacks turn her on,what else can I say......


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It's the attitude also.


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I guess white women got so tired of the standard men white society has built for them that now they want to set free. White hubbies also have the same fantasy, sometimes, of seing their wives with black bulls, or feel insecure about their own capacity to satisfy them in bed - so they prefer to give them up without fighting, and feel relieved by that.


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In some ways, it could be considered as a kind of 'outsourcing'
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Our obsession with black men
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