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Honest beginner advice from the farside

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Hello guys, I thought I would put together an honest step by step procedure to help you explain to your significant other on what you would like to see them do!

This is based on my experience of the people whom I have met at clubs, forums, pubs, photoshoots, websites, etc . I'm not one to boast about what I do, but to be honest this should be what you need to reference if you want her to take dick form another guy!

I'll start by assuming at some point you have hedged a very vague conversation on being chatted up in a bar or by some guy at work and by saying it might be OK to see where it will go? This is a long shot requiring too much luck and you really don't need to leave it to chance. Take a look below at some hard won knowledge that I guarantee will make a difference if implemented!

It may ramble because it's been a stop start project. I make no apologies for that as I get asked a lot about this subject. The need was to get this up asap, then it can be discussed/ implemented/ignored depending on your outlook!

It requires balls from you, not some fantasy lover. And it requires you opening up to your woman, possibly like you never have before.

OK the first thing you need to do is separate social life from fuck life! They don't mix well and trust me It's no problem finding a bloke to fuck your wife. No, your problem, and the only one you need to work on is her inclination to be fucked. And trust me when I say convention is your number one enemy.

At this point I would also make the assumption that your relationship is a bit stale, possibly jaded or just in a bit of a routine... This will also have to stop! I ask you this? When was the last time you held your wife's hand in the street? Or pushed her up against the wall and kissed her with passion in the street ? Huh? If she doesn't have passion in her life she isn't going to feel desirable and if anyone shows interest in her convention will saysdon't cheat.

I can also guarantee you she will have hang ups about how she looks, weight, big feet, big or small tits etc ... all the stuff a bloke won't ever see

Starting to see the real problems?

Own it to see your desire fulfilled!

Using the "being honest" and "sharing your innermost secret" with her should only be done with both of you having a good time on your own. see below for this very important door.

Before approaching step one you will need to bring desire and interest up. I would say you need to be honest about the attention you give her! If you don't compliment and tell her how good she looks on a daily basis you need too.

Start asking her to put that dress on that you like, start telling her in the street how that guy was checking her out! Check her out more obviously yourself.

Tell her that she can get away with wearing shorter skirts, tops etc? if she honestly can get away with them, buy her them. But for fucks sake if she does start dressing that way don't let her great friends see her dress like it! They can finish her positive image off with some badly chosen words or jealousy. So keep the style of dress for "our time" or what we really want "slut time"

Why? Because women will go back to the conventional outlook that I need to dress 1/appropriately ,2/ for my age 3/ too young 4/ will attract too much attention. Part of what we want to happen is for her to get attention. Once that happens she will respond to it and esteem will drive it up further. Win!

You can also assist by showing some interest. I will state that to move this on you need to start showing some regular real interest. Hold hands, tell her when out you want everyone to know that you are with her. When out in the evening say that a guy that just walked past was starting at her legs, ass, tits, whatever you would like to show off and say to her that you want to make sure that guy knows she's yours, and kiss her passionately.

When fucking her tell her that you showed a good pic of her ( preferably one that she's wearing a short skirt or showing lots of cleavage) to a friend at work or the gym. Tell her that the guy whistled and said you are a lucky man I would love to fuck that.

Tell her hearing that gave you a massive boner, and to hear him say that about her made you feel so proud. She might tell you that she doesn't want to be ogled by other guys. Tell her that a few guys have noticed before that she's a good little number and that you've loved that they noticed. Darling I can't stop them seeing that you are a good looking woman ,to be honest I love it when they say it!

You also want the compliment to be from men she respects, Do not say this every night you need to start building up to the step one dinner some time before

You need to be doing the above methodically before step one

Step one,

Dinner at you place with wine on your own. Not a busy restaurant with distraction, or people too close.
No tv, or loud music in bac ground. Wine will be required, make sure you don't get ****faced, it's time to be brave..

Your wife or girlfriend (ill use wife ) has probably stated to you ( probably many times) that she "doesn't care what you do as long you're honest with me" phrase many time before. They do, they get it form the girls book of clichés on how to catch you out! If she hasn't used it she has heard it from her friends!

I've always been up front about what I want, but for you maybe this is a door I would open to discuss this desire.

Tell her before dinner that you would really love to have a chat about something that been on your mind forever and you really need to chat about it or you'll explode. Let her know it's nothing to worry about but that you want her to listen without judgement about a fantasy of yours. And re iterate she's always wanted you to be able to tell her anything and everything right?

One of the first things that may cross her mind is that you may want her to do this so that you can screw other women, obviously if you are on this site you aren't, but really let her know you won't ever be asking her that. In fact tell her it's a very common fantasy for guys, because it is. ( for the guys that have been caught cheating previously, don't use this line. The conversation will turn into a previous fight you won't ever win)

During dinner and before spilling the fantasy tell her that she cannot give you an answer now as she promised to hear you out honestly and not judge. Tell her it's something you looked into, it will be fun and you would love to see her truly sexually enjoy herself with abandon.

Things to watch out for,

Jealousy: You... if you are the jealous type and she knows it, she rightfully won't want to put up with your **** in the aftermath ( this is one aspect only you and her can deal with, and she will need convincing, I really have no reference point for this)

Others : kids, relatives, work!, Keep fuck life totally separate , it's really easy to do. Tell her with the internet it's easy to separate this ( it really is). Hotels , guys with their own place.. no problem

Her feelings: you need to reassure her it's something you really desire and if she does this for you you'll actually feel closer, and trust me you will. Sharing an intimacy like this will, few people have the guts to do it and fighting convention together is a great journey of self discovery.

Process: some women can become attached to men quickly she won't want this risk, so if that's true for her find an out of towner. Long distance is a geographical and psychological barrier. Make a weekend of it in a hotel. Treat her! Spa, massage, shopping, food, *****, and a hung stud to fuck her stupid for a few hours. If she enjoys the weekend she will look at it as a treat. I wouldn't go out of the comfort zone here first off. If she's used to white middle class guys, that's what you want first up. Don't' go young, old, black, Asian tattooed etc unless it's a specific that she steers.

You will really need to be excited after she's been fucked, lots of love and cuddle to make her feel like she's done you the favour of your life.. Because she has!. How you deal with the aftermath will dictate your future together. If it's positive she will want more of it. At that point she may well be up for variation with young, old, black, asian tattooed etc

She may cry or suffer emotions from the conventional upbringing, just let her know it's just recreational sex not cheating as you both know what's going on. Be positive and keep the whole thing upbeat. Normalise the whole weekend as much as possible. Remember the greater the weekend is the better the chance of repeat.

Caveat , Most women are not honest enough with their own feelings to go down this route at the first suggestion. Mostly you will have to be positive, charm, promise, and up your attention to get anywhere. Just as you asked to not be judged you cannot also expect to judge. I'll be honest here and state that some of you have no chance of convincing your woman to fuck outside of marriage. She won't do it for you because she's comfortable in her relationship and will throw a ton of convention at you to let you know that you are a pervert or deviant . Relax, you are.. But so's the church, politicians, the guys and girls on your street, your boss . lots of people keep secrets and your very same woman in a different relationship may well fuck her new man's friends at poker parties because he's going to establish a relationship with her very differently to you. He will communicate well before establishing a comfortable relationship, or maybe he will use her as a fucktoy with no intention to relate. Either way he's got her taking dick the way he wants, and you didn't... Believe me when I say it happens, because I made it happen.

Keep working on the above points re visit the key phrases, honesty, open, communication, normality. Fight convention with togetherness normality and fun.


Ok at this stage I assume you are getting somewhere and the questions now being asked are how ? No rush..

Finding hung stud? The web makes it easy. Join swinging sites, use craigslist, gumtree etc. Swinging sites have verification so you know people will turn up, they will be hung and generally is a great way to find guys. If required she can get to look at pics and have an interest. Very easy to do. Get guys numbers early on, speak to them and get an idea early on if they can communicate. If she's at ease its so much easier.

Bars? Well you may get lucky but unless you can communicate well with a stranger the chance are low, don't waste time down this avenue.

Dating apps? Honestly it's a lottery and generally rushed and not on your terms.

There's a reason that guys are single so make sure that they send you a pic that day. Doesn't have to be naked you just want to confirm that the pic on site isn't 10 years old and they have put on 10 stone since. If they decline to give out numbers or are evasive they are probably cheating and will waste your time.

Why should that matter? They will blow you out in a heartbeat if they can't make an excuse to the wife about being out all Saturday night, or they don't cover their lies properly. They will also be looking at their phone the whole evening and have anxiety which may lead to disappointment. Avoid! By chatting and messaging it should all be relaxed and friendly.

To be honest you want a nice reliable, easy going guy who looks good and can communicate well. Not hard to find but you will have to sift through some

Guy will ask for pics, so if you've come this far send a nice face pic of her from an evening out, if you have to send naked pics just get her to tilt her head down do no face pic. She would probably want to be dressed in lingerie so maybe take a few tempting strippy type ones. Ill bet she will be excited doing them to so encourage her. No face and naked body, hide any distinguishing marks so it could be anyone in the pics. Easy, job done.

Don't give out her number . Let him call you and she can speak to him on your phone. Control and she won't have to deal with any issues if he's a wrong un. There's a few out there and they can become a pain and ruin her interest in carrying on. If its on your phone it stops there..Blocked. Don't let any of them near your social media, family life.. Fuck life separate. If he's pushy on the phone and starts laying out his expectations end it there.. NEXT, they are two a penny.

Lay out do's and don'ts to how she wants to have the evening, if she doesn't want to fuck, its just a blow job. Although in my experience once they are sucking they will be wet and it doesn't take any encouragement to get them to spread their pussy wide and slide it in. A good trick is to ask her just to hold the tip of his dick at her pussy and spread it wide .. just get him to rest there for a few seconds ... She will push up at it and then you'll be off.

Step Three:

Step up! If you want your wife to continue down this route it's got to have more Pros Then Cons? By this I mean you're going to have to make her feel loved, comfortable, sexy and secure. So it will require more effort than you are giving.

The easy bit is once you get used to giving her that attention, it improves things between you. And that honesty will fill in other parts of your relationship. Win-win it can be.

I would re-iterate picking the right guys. 1 or 2 will have no problem trying to steal your woman permanently so keep communication from him buffered via you. If you do go down the route of send your wife to his place overnight make sure he's a confirmed commitment phobe. He will want to fuck her hard, but he will want his space.. ideally younger guys might be good for this, but inevitably they are in between relationships when they are looking for cougars! And she will be dropped as soon as they get a girlfriend again.

I think I have listed most of what on my mind, this is something that requires guts and honesty. If done right I believe it will give you a really good chance of seeing her fucked.. if done with the right guy she may well be shared further.. I would state that at all times you retain control for her safety.
How to get here.
How to get here.


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The journey in case you are not aware


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If done right I believe it will give you a really good chance of seeing her fucked.. if done with the right guy she may well be shared further..

Thank you, sir. We REALLY need this help. After reading your post I can see how many mistakes I made with my wife, although she finally did agree to try the lifestyle despite my clumsy methods. I was lucky. Nowadays, though, my wife gives me no sex whatsoever and isn't even fucking other men anymore!! So frustrating for me.
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Thanks for the interest, its a damn shame that its not working for you. As i stated in the above thread people "settle for" or " get comfortable" with things. the secret is to make an effort to break the cycle. she may not feel desirable! or she may think at her "age " it all stops or, a myriad of other concerns and negatives. Generally we only see our faults, not our fantastic. You only have one life. Only you have the power to make it what you want.


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karty, I was very impressed with this, there's obviously been a lot of both thought and experience gone into this. I just hope that at least some of those potential cucks out there take heed and convert themselves from 'wanna-bee's' to the real deal.


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Thanks Kenny, appreciated .


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Impressive and thoughtful contribution.Thank you.


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Well said there Karthy1.

Cuck who loves a creampie.
married couple


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Karthy 1, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us
married couple


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I've learned that a smart lady will simply get her itch scratched at her convenience. She'll keep her mouth shut and give her hubby not one clue regarding her extramarital adventures! What he doesn't know won't bother him. More importantly, what he doesn't know gives her hassle free peace of mind as she enjoys her lovers!
..............PSEUDO PERSON...YMMV!
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Honest beginner advice from the farside
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