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My girlfriend has a date tonight with serious cuckold overtones

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After encouraging her to see someone else, to have sex with another man, she went on a date earlier this week with a guy named Dan. Last time they had sex, and all her promises to keep me updated throughout the encounter pretty much fell away. She told me she was having a nice date in a one sentence text, and then at 3:15 in the morning she tells me they had sex and are talking she will reach out to me later.

Tonight is date two. I've already practically begged her to tease me, though she still thinks of me as her Dom, she knows I'm getting off on the fact another man is as of 11:00 tonight in a position to do what he will with her.

She has flat out told me once she is there she doesn't want to be rude and text me from his place. That hurts, but turns me on too. I can only encourage her, even when it stings, because I know the rewards of potentially being cuckolded are so important to me.

Tonight she has texted me stuff like this: "are you sending him away so you can furiously masturbate about Dan fucking me?" and "I can't / can believe you're sending your best friend away to jerk off to me fucking someone else. Perv" (actual quotes ) when she learned I was leaving my friends early in order to be home while she was out on her date (she lives an hour from me and I only see her every few weeks - Dan will have seen her twice in one week now).

It's true. I'm on pins and needles and I already know I'm mostly going to be ignored tonight. But I also know that Dan is going to see her and he won't hesitate to take advantage. I heard only small details of their last encounter. I almost didn't want to hear more, but everything I did hear was so intensely erotic as to make me nearly cum in my pants.

So, anyway, as a newbie to all this, all I can say is my girlfriend has a date tonight, and I've even send her some (mild, mild) cuckold captioned porn photos to prepare her for my excitement at her being with another man

This is going to be a long night for me and I just wanted to post, to be open and honest about it, and to tell the men here that Taylor, my girlfriend, will by 11:30 eastern time be fucking another man and far too busy to text me.


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Do you think she is sucking his cock? There are a lot of erotic elements to this sort of situation, but perhaps my favorite is the notion of her back at his place, on her knees in front of the couch...head bobbing...mouth filled with his cock... Do you think she is doing this tonight while you sit home?


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I think and virtually know for a fact she is doing that right now, or at least, she is with him in bed, and has sucked his cock tonight. He came down her throat last time and she told me his cum tasted good because he was a vegetarian. I can't help but hear an implication mine tastes bad. She said she thought of the taste of his cum all week.

It's nearly 2 am. He promised to "pounce on her" some time soon, and last time simply took her up to his room to " show her something", kissed her, and that was that.

Tonight Dan said they'd play a board game.

But it's 2 AM now and her phone was apparently off within at least 30 mins of her last text to me.

My iMessages are not going through and are being sent as texts - she is breaking all her implied promises to either tease me or be in touch. For most of this evening she was barely reachable.

It's very very intense.


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Sounds like a great cuckold experience! Who is Dan; how did she meet him?


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Tell her if she can't send you pic's of them together then she can no longer date. It's pointless to have a wife/GF who is selfish and one sided when it comes to play time.
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My girlfriend has a date tonight with serious cuckold overtones
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