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Real talk: yesterday night.

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So, amongst all of the bluster, fantasy and bullcuckolds brownie, I have an actual story to tell. The story is about what happened last night more than anything, but there's some background to make it relevant, first.

My wife and I have been married for five years. We dated for a few years before that, and when we first met, she was working at the same place as my ex-wife (then, my wife). She was married, I was married, but there was an undeniable attraction that we had to deal with, even though our respective marriages were circling the drain.

At any rate, a few years back, we were getting bored, I found this site, and the seed that germinated in my mind turned it into a 'bucket list' sort of thing. We talked nasty, the pillow talk was awesome. She'd fuck me wild, and when she wanted me to give her all i had left, she'd lean in and whisper 'if you don't cum, I'll have to find someone who will.'

Time ravages us all. She gained a few pounds, but it was kind to her, changing her solid b-cups to full Ds, and plumping up her ass. Yeah, some settled around her stomach and cellulite sucks, but it's worth it. I lost a fair bit of my stamina, and my hairline started migrating. We're by no means an unattractive couple, to the point of some folks asking us if we wanted to do a porno back when we were freshly dating.

When we decided to try for a baby, it took some time. Sex was awesome for a long while, but eventually it became clinical. The sexiness fell out of the equation. She would tell me that 'we needed to fuck' as though she was talking about the weather, and that was that. Sure, she's a bit older than me, so the sound of that biological clock had to be deafening her at that point, but it didn't make it better.

The pillow talk became a crutch. She used it as her nuclear option when trying to get me off, knowing what it did to me. She insisted that it wasn't doing that much to her, and I wasn't going to press. She had and has a few hangups about sex. The fantasy was helping out in it's own way, I suppose, and I didn't want to ruin a good thing.

And then, it was one of my best friend's birthdays. He was in a cuckolds brownie relationship, and he couldn't figure out how to get out. So, I decided to set something up. It was his thirtieth b-day, so it needed to be memorable. I got several friends together and we set something up at the casino about an hour or so away. There were a few friends from work, this buddy of mine, and my wife, who always acted more like one of the boys anyway. I bought a trunkfull of booze and made everyone put their cell phones in a lockbox in my car, so that they wouldn't be hounded by their respective women via text.

Now, I know what you're all thinking. This randy story ends in my smoking hot wife getting pounded by all the buddies. That would be the porn version of this, and while hot, that's not what I'm doing here. So back to reality...

One of the work buddies has a gambling problem. I make decent enough money where i am, but this guy's wife is a doctor, so his money from work is all for recreational use. He spends a lot of time and money at the casino, so he had accrued enough points to get a pretty nice suite comped for us. There were a couple other rooms, and while the suite was to be party central, only my wife (we'll call her Patty) and I were going to relax there, with the birthday boy (let's call him Jim) crashing the couch.

I suppose here is a good time to describe ourselves. I'm not getting into specifics, because this is for real, but I'll try to paint the picture for you anyway. My wife has long hair. Seriously long hair, dark and full, to her ass. She's taller than most of the girls I've had, and while she's not the skinny little thing i first dated, she's gained most of the weight in advantageous places. Solid, firm Ds, maybe double ds, but i'm not sure. She's pissed that she's more than a C, anyway. Her ass is big and round, heartshaped when she bends over, and she has these bright greenish blue eyes. She had decided to wear something rather feminine to this shindig, blue and green and low-cut, with black jeans on underneath. It was hard not to get lost int hat cleavage. Me, I'm a big dude. 6'-1", 250 pounds, most of it being muscle, even as my cardio has been falling to cuckolds brownie. My eyes and hair are both super dark. Jim is about the same size as I am, but he's packed a bit more around the midsection, but with blue eyes and very closely cut hair.

After we all started takeing pretty heavily, most of the guys decided to hit the actual casino and burn some money. That's never been my thing, but hey. That left Jim, Patty and I to stick up in the suite and take. We had plans to hit the strip club in a few hours, but between here and there, there was nothing really on the agenda.

Patty and Jim hit the handle of rum pretty hard, mixing it up with redbull, an occasional coke as well. I was in vodka territory. We sat around and bullcuckolds brownieted, takeing and waiting for the time to go to the strip club. When Jim got up to use the toilet, I asked her how she was doing. Her response was 'I like his eyes.'

That meant something to me. She would gloss over a dude with rock-hard abs and a chiseled jaw if she didn't like his eyes. So I filed that away, nodding at her, figuring it would just add to the pillow talk later.

We all piled into the car and went to the strip club, there being too few seats and patty having to sit on somebody's lap, since I was the one driving. At the strip club, nothing really appealed to me. The guys all tossed singles around and drank jaeger, while I hung back and sipped a soda. I bought Jim a lapdance, as it was his birthday and all, and Patty was paying attention to one of the girls. She had confided in me before that she was always a bit curious about girls in the past, even doing the typical 'wasted at a party frenching another woman' thing. I was supportive, even though I know damned well that it wasn't going anywhere. She is so skittish about her own juices that she makes me go rinse off my cock after it's been inside her before she will put it back in her mouth. Back on topic, I hand her some cash and she goes and gets a lapdance from one of the girls. She seemed to enjoy it, came back a bit flushed. Jim tells the stripper it's his turn, and I decided to be bold and gave the girl the money for the both of them to go get a dance. They both go off, and Patty tells me when they come back that the stripper ended up motorboating her, in front of Jim, the image I am sure stuck with him.

At this point, it was getting kinda late, so we head back to the hotel, had a few more takes and the party started falling apart. Most of the dudes were more interested in burning money at the casino than takeing and hanging out in the suite. That left the three of us and the cuckold water. Jim talking about the cuckolds brownieshow of a relationship he was in and how much he'd rather have something like what Patty and I have. We talked about how we had been trying for a baby for some time, and it didn't seem to be happening.

As Jim hit the toilet, Patty asked me if I was serious about the whole 'sex with other guys' kink, and I told her that it was very sexy in my mind, but that I didn't want to make her feel powerd into anything. She is my wife, not my whore. She then asked about Jim. I smiled and said 'It is his birthday after all...' She then said that she would have a little chat with him about it.

The can in this suite was enormous. It had a hot tub and one of those showers that hit you from just about every angle. It was half the size of my first apartment. As he opened the door to come out, she walked over and started talking with him pretty closely. I excused myself to the hallway momentarily, giving her the time she needed...and realistically, giving myself a chance to calm down and hide a little embarrassment, I suppose.

After I came back, we had a few more takes. She turned the lights down to dim and we continued to shoot the cuckolds brownie. The sexual tension was pretty palpable. After a while and more takes, we found ourselves staring at her cleavage and she was enjoying the attention. No doubt a bit takes herself, she said that 'everyone is staring, but no one is playing, and pulled a tit out.

My cock nearly ripped through my jeans as I saw that, my hand going out and caressing the soft and smooth flesh. She slowly turned from me and went to Jim, saying something about how it was his turn.

After Jim got a few handfuls and a mouthful, Patty started moaning pretty nicely. Jim decided that he had primed the pump for me and moved himself to the couch, telling us to have fun. Patty attacked me, pushing me to the king-sized bed and pushing me down, kissing my neck.

My mind was still focused, despite the vodka and the hard-on. I whispered to her that she should go and play a little with Jim. she pulled herself off of me, gave me a mischievous grin and leaned over the couch back to dangle her tits in his face. Her ass was wriggling at me, and I could barely handle it any longer, so i went up and started to undo her pants, dragging the jeans and her panties toward the floor, taking note of the exceptional wetness between her thighs.

After a moment, she straightened up and said 'He doesn't have a condom'. I swore mentally, wishing that I had known enough to have had some. Realistically, there was no way I would have possibly known, but still. I thought quickly and bent her back over, saying 'You don't need a condom for a blow job.' She laughed softly, as she was bent over, her hands working Jim's belt and pants, getting him out to play with.

After some fingering, I decided to slide myself in, finding her box hotter and wetter than it had been in years. It normally takes me an hour or so (something she calls a curse, because it takes her nowhere near as long, and her sense of duty makes her want to go the distance), but as i watched her head bob up and down and heard the slurping noises, they pushed me over the edge. I spilled out in her, but kept going, not wanting to finish before Jim. She moaned into his cock as I plowed her, my cum pouring out and down our legs. She'd later tell me that she thought it was all her. He never did get to finish, as the booze had already set in, and we were all getting tired as hell.

A few weeks later, we had him over to our house, and I gave them about half an hour alone to play. I heard her moans from upstairs, so i knew she was enjoying herself. After a while I came down and found her straddling him, her skirt pulled up and rubbing her bald pussy with his half-hard cock. Apparently, he was having a hard time with the rubber, so she pulled it off while she tried to get him hard again. She rubbed his cock across her lips as his mouth alternated between her tits. It was extremely horny. She then got up off of him, stood him up and sat me down, pulling out my dick and slamming it inside of her as she leaned forward to suck on his dick. Yet somehow, we ended up not getting done. He thanked her and after a few awkward moments and a take, he went home.

She fucked the hell out of me that night, but the next day, among hangovers, she told me that she was upset that she hadn't been able to get him off twice now. I told her that it was no big deal and reminded her about when we first started having sex and how I was so much more interested in getting her off than myself. She still didn't like it, but she took it as a reamister. She ended up dialing it back, not being half as flirty when he came over after that, and things started to go back to normal. She even complained that she wanted a different fantasy for pillow talk, as she was getting tired of the old one.

She did get pregnant, and our sex life dried the hell up when that happened. the first few months, we kept going. Our average sex life was two-three times a week in normal times. When we were trying for the baby, it ramped up and down based on the charts and such she was keeping. Once she began to show seriously, it fell back to once every other week or so. Still, she was having our baby, and even though our sex life was turning to cuckolds brownie, we were still very much in love. I knew it was self-confidence issues. She hated how it made her look, and the chemistry was doing strange things to her than made her very self-conscious.

It didn't get better after the baby came. I'll be vulgarly honest and say that I was kinda hoping for a vaginal birth. I had hoped that it would move some of the architecture around in there and make it more pleasurable for her. She never didn't get off with me, but I wanted her to have mind blowing orgasms like when we first started, when she was less...i don't know, less used to it. There's probably an analogy about eating steak all the time that's appropriate here. Anyway, the baby was too big for vaginal birth, so they had to due a cesarean after twenty some hours of labor.

The baby is about a year and a half old now, and I managed to make it so she could stay at home from here on out, which was always her dream job. Our sex life continued to get worse, and for a while there, it was down to once a month or so. It came to a head. I work in a pretty stressful job, and that manner of stress relief was closed to me. I found myself looking at this site more and more, and the frustration was irking me. I guess I'm not a traditional cuck, because I'm not into it for that portion of it. So we had a big drag-down fight. One that ended with her promise to make an effort to put out more and me promising to help with the baby more.

A few weeks later, we discussed having another baby. The one we have is super cute, and even though he's only a year an a half and doesn't talk really, he knows his alphabet, colors, and shapes. He uses sign language to answer our questions, something Patty taught him so he could tell us what was wrong or what he wanted. Super smart kid, and cute enough that people comment whenever we have him out. She's getting older, and that clock was ticking again... if we were going to have another, we had to move now. The deal we made was that she was coming off the pill, this time for good. If we hadn't gotten pregnant in two years, I'd get a vasectomy. If we did, she'd get her tubes tied when the baby came out.

The months since that discussion has seen our sex life improve pretty dramatically. Once a month faded away, and we were back to twice, three times a week. I'm pretty sure that the pill was no small part of it. She even started sending me cleavage pictures on my phone again, and the pillow talk returned, although in small doses.

About a week ago, Jim came over with his new girlfriend, and Patty was wearing a sexy little low-cut top again. As Jim's girl and I were playing pool, Patty caught Jim upstairs and he groped on her a bit, which got her motor running pretty hard. After they left, she used that to get the both of us going fiercely, saying things like "I might have to call him up, if you don't give me what I want right now." and "If you don't cum inside me, I'll call someone who will."

This was a bit of a departure, even for our pillow talk. It turned me the hell on, to be sure, but it was a departure from even our pre-baby years. She would talk about blowing him, her getting fingered or ate out by him, but she had been pretty set against actually taking another man's dick after the two ..we'll call it 'failures to eject'.

So yesterday was her birthday, and it was a milestone one. I spoiled her all day with gifts, and Jim was supposed to be by that evening without his girl. She had made some flirty comments to me about it, and I went along with it, figuring that it was foreplay on a longer scale, that I would reap the benefits of later that night.

The baby went to bed, and Jim came over a bit later. Patty had made some snacks and got into a long summery dress with ample cleavage. The three of us proceeded to get pretty lit, and it wasn't long before Patty had become the obvious center of attention.

I had kissed her deeply for a bit as Jim went to the restroom, and she was plainly into things. As we sat, I rested my hand on her thigh, sliding my hand under her long skirt, slowly working my way up to gently rub her clit feeling how wet she was. Jim came back from the restroom, and saw us, and she let out a little moan, and he stepped over in a hurry, his hands feeling her nipples get harder before he pulled one out for his mouth. I went in deeper, encouraged by her moans from getting attacked on both fronts, pulling her panties aside and giving it a little attention. She moaned for a bit before pushing me back a bit, saying how she had to use the toilet. I excused myself to the upstairs restroom at the same time. When i came back, she was in the same spot on the couch, and we continued watching a show that none of us were really watching. I rested my hand on her thigh again, and she pulled it up to her pussy, where i found a lack of panties. The look on my face must have been something, because Jim even said "I told you he wouldn't know." which meant, to me anyway, that he had something to do with them being gone.

After I dove in with my mouth, and she let out a few good moans, she said it was probably more comfortable on the bed. We have a guest bedroom near the rec room. It's on another side of the house from where the baby relaxs, and lately, it's been the room where most of our sex happens, so that it wouldn't wake the little guy up. We went in there, she lit a few candles and laid back on the bed, pointing at Jim. "I want to see how you are."

She was quite appreciative of his talents, and I kissed her mouth, her neck, her tits as he did his work. She let out quite a few good screams before she decided that she needed more to take, so we headed back to the bar area.

After a few gulps of her new take she started to walk back to the bedroom, saying "It's my birthday, somebody better come fuck me."

I was stunned. I was already sporting a rock hard erection, and to hear my wife say those words when i didn't expect it damn near threw me over the edge. Jim was not nearly as paralyzed, and stepped up to the challenge. I waited in the hall, nursing my take as I 'gave them a few minutes, watching her lay him down on the bed and suck his cock to a ready state, then slide a condom on. Thank heavens he had thought to bring some, since her and I have never used any. After she rolled it down his cock, she swung her leg over top of him and took it deep into her pussy, moaning loudly as she started to bounce up and down on it. She leaned forward, her tits swinging into his face as she talked to him, saying things like "You just like to watch my tits bounce" and "Fuck my tight little pussy."

I could not believe it was actually happening. I tried to get video of it on my cell phone, but with the room being so dark, nothing got filmed, and the music was so loud it covered what they were doing. She was riding him pretty fast now, and he had pulled her skirt up over her hips and was thrusting hard enough that she was yelping in pleasure. After a bit of that, she got up, opened the door wider so i could see. He turned her over, laying her on her back and getting on top for a bit, making her moans grow louder and more frantic until she climaxed. He backed up off of her and said "you tagging in?"

She practically threw me down on the bed and got on top before i knew what was happening. Her pussy glided down my cock and the heat and wetness of it was intense as hell. It didn't take all that long, especially with the horny talk flowing from her mouth into my ear in between moans.

The party was essentially on the downswing from there. He had only brought one condom, so after the shift swap, he was done, despite not having finished. I was worried that Patty would take it as a slight again, but so far, nothing has been said.

This morning, she asked me to
got this as a text
got this as a text

"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." --Friedrich Nietzsche


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Thank you for sharing


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Apparently, the last bit got cut off. So here it is:

This morning, she asked me to take the laundry downstairs and i saw on top, the dress from last night, white stains from her juices spattered on it. It was intense seeing that, even after the events last night.

It's mid-afternoon, now. It's been going like a normal day off so far. Most of the day has been her watching and playing with the baby. She had mentioned that she was going to need a nap when he goes down for his, because she hadn't gotten enough relax for her liking, but other than that, no word about last night at all.

So, venting here, because I have a need to get it off my chest. I don't want overtalk to her about is and fuck up the cool places this could go and it's not like it's something that you can tell just anyone. It's not really culturally acceptable to have this kind of kink, after all.

So thanks for reading.
"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." --Friedrich Nietzsche


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Love it!


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Wow, great story, beautiful wife, nice job. Looking for the continuation.


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So later that night, after the kid went to bed, she and I were sitting around and she asked me "So, did you enjoy yesterday?" Of course i nodded, and then asked if she enjoyed her birthday.

As it turns out, she really liked him going down on her, but there were other issues. She said 'Yeah, I don't think that's happening ever again'. Apparently, Jim had some things that weren't really working for her. She mentioned some hygienic things (breath, BO) as well as not having the girth for her to really feel what was going on. I'm decently blessed in that department, but I've never heard that one, except from Exes who were patently trying to fluff ego and get back together. She said he didn't really get that hard, even after the BJ that she didn't really want to give. I'd chalk that up to performance anxiety, just to be fair. At any rate, she said 'Well, I think we've tried it, it didn't work, so I'm done.'

I said "Well, we can find something else", and her response was "No, I don't think we need to bring anyone else into this..." before i clarified that "I meant something else to shake things up."

Damn it, anyway.

But that was yesterday. A few hours ago, we sat down, watched a few shows, and decided to have a go at it. She blew me for a few minutes, then jumped on top (her favorite, and I'm a fan, too). Again with the great filthy talk. Asking me "You loved watching me bounce on his cock, didn't you?" and "You just like watching my tits bounce." and "The looks I was giving you while he was fucking me were your favorite part, wasn't it?"

Of course they all got my motor going pretty ferociously. And then the atom bomb came out. Just as I was getting close "You'd better fuck a baby into me before I let someone else do it."

That was too much for me. I'm absolutely sure that was her intention, but still, begs a question in my mind now, being all over-analytical and cuckolds brownie. Is she really over it?
"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." --Friedrich Nietzsche


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Loved your story!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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She's one hot mommy to be!
Win some...
Lose some...
Few are rained out


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Wow great story and I commend you for taking it so slowly with your wife. My wife has never fucked anyone in front of me or agreed to a threesome to which I am totally disappointed. However whenever she tells me about her bf's it alway gives me a raging boner. I think it is super sexy to see cum dripping from her pussy as I'm sure you do as well. I would never wanted my wife to get pregnant by someone else and I think all these breeding stories are made up, however if my wife couldn't get pregnant and I thought it may be me I could concieably find someone who resembles myself and let him plant some seed in her. I would of course want to fuck her the same day/night so we wouldn't know for sure the baby wasn't mine.

As for Jim not getting off it may in fact be the condom. I know that when I'm wearing a condom I sometimes have difficulty having an orgasm. I'm sure it is more of a mental thing rather than physical but just the same I seem to climax easier when bareback. Here is an idea that may work. Get a babysitter for the night and make arrangements for the same suite at the casino that you had before. Tell her that you want a romantic night out with her , one in which is away from the stress of home life. Make arrangements for her at the salon and then pick out something sexy for her to wear. Just add a little twist to her attire for the evening by maybe telling her you want her to be panty and bra less under a rather revealing dress. Another idea is to get a remotely operated vibrator that she would have to wear while going out for the evening. I believe one such model is called the We-Vibe, she probably would have to wear panties but it could be fun. Anyway so you take her out to dinner and have just enough wine to ease the mood but not dull the senses. While having dinner who show just happen to show up, well Jim of course. Naturally you would invite him to join you. After dinner the three of you go dancing or to a show together. If she is wearing the remote control vibrator at some point give it to Jim. If she insisted on wearing panties at some point convince her to take them off and hand them to Jim. If she is pantyless tell Jim and have him caress her bareness, maybe even on the dance floor. If you take her to a strip club encourage her to show the dancers or other patrons her nakedness. After the two of you have pampered her and got her aroused take her up to the Suite. I remember there was a hot tub in the room. Mix up a couple takes and the three of you head to the tub for a nice hot relaxing soak. Be sure to put her in the middle and for god's sake make sure everyone is naked. While sitting in the hot tub you guys massage her in all the right places. Make her feel like the princess she is.

When the mood is right dry off and head to the bed. I'm sure that Jim will have a condom. Let him be the first to start fucking her. If he doesn't cum too soon tell him to let her suck him for a bit because you can't wait any longer for some of her pussy. Have him remove the condom so she doesn't have to taste latex. After you have licked her and fucked her hopefully to at least one orgasm quickly exchange places with Jim. Tell her that you want to see Jim's bare dick sliding in and out of her pussy. The whole time he is fucking her tell her how hot it would be to see Jim's cum dripping from her. Tell her how badly you want to fuck her full of baby making seed.


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Believe me, there's nothing hotter than seeing your wife/girlfriend taking bare cock, deep in her hot little pussy, knowing it's about to get blasted with some other guys seed! I've shared my slut (she's married to a good friend) enough times to speak from experience!


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I think it may already be too far gone with Jim. She's made some jokes about his lack of permisteral hygiene, and how off-putting it is, as well as a few jokes about 'needle-dick'.

Sure, that kinda fluffs up my ego a bit. With him being off the table, I don't have much else to work with, as she's not the type to just randomly hook up in bars, the internet, whatever. I've suggested something with one of her old conquests, who apparently is a world-champion cunnilinguist (but, as she fervently tells me, doesn't know how to work a dick), but she brushed off the idea pretty quick.

That said, she's kept up the trash talk, nice and nasty. There's been a lot of new threads: "What if you came home, and found someone cumming inside my married little pussy?", "I really should make a few phone calls while you're at work tomorrow..." and "Maybe I just make a video and show you some of me having fun?"

It almost makes me wonder if she's found this site and is taking notes. The thing is, she only talks this way when we've been takeing and we are actively fucking. I think she knows how hot the whole fantasy is for me and is just using it to really push my buttons. In reality, as horny as it would be for me to watch her be filled to overflowing with cum, it raises all manner of concerns between diseases and pregnancy, and it's just not a winning trade-off. Not now. Maybe after she gets her tubes tied, it'll at least take one of the issues off the table and leave her open to that... But we've gotta get her knocked up first. There's no reamister to get her tubes tied as a separate surgery, so the working plan is to have them do it with the next birth...otherwise it's just easier and more practical for me to get the snip. (So here is where the horny fantasy comes in of shooting blanks and watching someone else try to knock her up. Great fantasy, not really something we'll try for real, though. At best, it could be the 'story' while we play later on, if we get past this)

Outside of the bed, she's said a few times that she isn't at all interested in bringing someone else into the picture. I think that maybe a good weekend trip somewhere with an evening with someone completely new may get her...ahem...back in the saddle. Maybe even a cruise scenario would get her going, with the booze flowing and the sun shining. I think that a chance encounter might work way better than anything else. It seems to be a big power thing for her: knowing that she could have more, that more than just her husband finds her sexy. She's always been the take-charge type in bed, except for very early in our relationship, when she used to love how i could manhandle her (as opposed to her ex, i suppose), so she seems to need to feel that she's holding all the cards, making all the decisions.

I don't know. It's sort of a mixed signals scenario for me. But hell, at least she's blessing me with the nasty talk, so it's in her mind somewhere. That's gotta count for something.

As for now, I'm enjoying the ride, being very careful not to push too hard for anything.
"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." --Friedrich Nietzsche


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That's too bad about Jim. Maybe you're correct in the belief she may be more relaxed if she was out of town on vacation. Yes the disease issue is a big concern in the real world of fucking others. As I have said I don't like the idea of cuckold wife breeding at all. If I was unable to produce baby making sperm I might would be fine with the bareback sex games with someone who resemred me so it would be difficult for others to tell the young wasn't mine. However that brings up a whole new set of possible problems if not well thought out discussed and prior agree fed upon by all concerned.

I must admit that seeing my wife's cummy pussy is a treat and big boner material it is also cool to see her holding evidence too.



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Has your wife ventured back down cuck road? Did she become pregnant by you or someone else? Has she tried another threesome? You kind of just left us hanging, how about an update


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I think she knows how hot the whole fantasy is for me and is just using it to really push my buttons.

I'm not a gambling man myself, but my money would be on this. The things a woman will say, especially to get you off (and more importantly, get you to inseminate them) are off-the-charts whoreish. I really enjoyed your story, told as a real true-to-life tale which is refreshing. This kinda thing is way more nuanced and confusing for the vast majority of us that ever partake or think of partaking in it, and that does not get mentioned enough.

Your wife does sound lovely by the way, and looks very sexy to boot. I do have a question for you though; when she says those things in bed, how do you respond? Just moan, finish really quick or actually engage her in that topic? If you do the latter, while she initiated the conversation, you may get somewhere post-sex in talking/doing something about it.

You sound pretty level-headed about this too. I like your idea of a cruise, based on everything you've said that seems like your next best-bet for getting her interested in another guy again.

Oh, and how's the work on the second baby coming along?


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So, it's been a few months, and there's actually some to talk about, although some of the details are a bit foggy due to time elapsed.

Jim has gotten out of his old and bad relationship and hooked up with a new girl, seems pretty happy about that one, although she's Bi and they play around a lot. A lot. Like she hooks up threesomes with other girls on the regular, the lucky bastard. Before anyone asks, there's pretty much no chance of co-mingling there. She's not my style, patty's not her style, and the friendship dynamic would get pretty strained. At any rate, it hasn't stopped Jim from hitting on Patty when he's here on his own. She had been telling me that she didn't see it happening again, but it did.

It was his birthday this time, and he showed up at our place. We watched some TV, got into the ******, then started shooting pool. By the time we were lit up pretty good, Patty started using her body to distract us as we were playing pool. She'd lean over the pocket we were aiming at and let her wonderful tits slide into view. We both started making noises about how unfair that was.

After a while, we retired to the couch, where things got awfully flirty. After a bit, she stood up, dropped her panties and said "Come on, birthday boy." then led him into the guest bedroom.

So, this is where it get's fucked up.

On one hand, i can kinda see what is going on in there, as they left the door open a crack. She's moaning and talking very low to him, they're having a discussion that I can't hear. I hover outside the door, trying to see what i can see, trying not to interrupt or make it weird, or weirder than it already is, anyway. After a bit, I see her adjust, bobbing her head up and down on his dick, slow and sensual at first, then almost frantically. There's more murmuring between movements there, and she got on top of him.

At this point, i can only see them from the waist down. I see her hand rubbing his dick against her pussy. I see her slide it in and out a few times, guttural moans coming from her like a whore in heat before pulling off, and trying to get the rubber on him. I hear them murmuring to each other, but I can't make out any words.

At this point, I'm kinda in that weird place, where I am very turned on, but getting pretty pissed that I can't hear/witness everything that is going on. I turn away for a moment, debated getting another beverage to settle my nerves, and as I look back, I see her sliding down on his cock, letting out a porn-star ecstatic scream that made my dick twitch. She rode him pretty hard for a few minutes, then leveled off into a steady rhythm. She started murmuring to him again, and I couldn't hear it. After a few minutes of that, I decided on that refresher beverage, so i walked to go get it. As I made my way back to the hallway, I could see them shift so that he was behind her, and started railing her from behind so hard that it sounded like she was clapping as she moaned. He was driving her into the bed, it seemed, and all she could do was take it and moan. Now this was hot. It was a shame that I could only see maybe a third of the action, and as time went on, he drove her forward and forward, so all I could hear was her screaming and all I could see were his socks.

Sounds awesome, but in that moment, it didn't seem one hundred percent awesome. I wanted to be able to see it, to hear what they were saying. And at this point, almost forty minutes later, I wanted a turn. As I mentioned before, I'm not into this for the denial, or the utter subjugation that some folks are here for. I'm not judging, it's just not my bag. So I was seething a bit there. After a few more minutes, she ended up on top again and they started talking to each other again. I gave it a few more minutes, and then proclaimed kinda loudly from the other room what time it was, as it was getting up into the 3 am slot, and it was in fact a work night. So I ended up being that guy. Not my proudest moment, but at the time, I wasn't of the mind to care.

He came out first, walked over to where i was standing, poured himself something, then said, kinda under his breath 'she won't shut up, ever'. Well, that's damned true. She does like to talk, and he smiled and said that he was railing her so hard just to get her to quit talking so much. She came out from the room after a few moments to compose herself and she still was walking a little haltingly, her hair a sprawling mess. It was a pretty major turn-on to see her that way, but i was still trying to be angry. She ran to the bathroom to try to tighten up, and Jim and I joked a little bit, before he said "You know, one of these days, I'll get her to my place or something, fuck her brains out, and have a good video for you." I think he probably sussed out that I didn't much relish being left out of the loop for so long. He is a good friend...and besides, a porno of my wife getting railed? who on this board wouldn't like that?

After a few more minutes, Jim had to go, and Patty thought she was going to bed. I ended up asking her if she had any idea how long they were in there, and she said 'not long enough to finish him' and then she launched into a tirade about how condoms suck. I made a slightly snide reference about maybe not using one next time, which we both kinda dismissed. After that, I explained to her that I was a bit upset about the low-talking and not being able to see. She seemed to get it, saying that if we did it again, she'd be more mindful of that. We ended up going back to the guest room, and I got to vent some of that pent up frustration directly into her before we went to bed.

She walked like a broken cowboy for the next day.

That was august. We haven't really had an incident since then, although the talk is very good.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Nothing is really out of the ordinary, and we're looking for a little spice. I tell her that if she doesn't want to set up or indulge my fantasy, she could at least make it seem like she is. She took that to heart, and a week or so ago, she sent me text messages all day, starting off pretty innocently, then alluding to how she has some 'friends' coming over later. They started getting hornier and hornier, and the pictures ended up pretty awesome. Her caveat later was that she wanted me to delete the pictures and the texts so that no one could accidentally see them on the internet or whatever. I gladly complied, but saved an encrypted copy for my own No, they're never getting put up here, sorry. As we got further into it, she was back in raw form, texting about how she doesn't use rubbers anymore, because she just wants another baby, and she doesn't care how she gets it.

Again, I know this is a button push, but holy sh!t, does it work.

I'm debating wiring up the guest bedroom with some cameras so if we get a repeat of last time, I at least can see what is going on. If nothing else, we'd have some videos of ourselves having a blast, and that can get pretty horny. We've discussed maybe doing something when the kid is old enough to spend the night with family (she says he should be potty trained first) and catching someone from online, a new stranger that we might be able to be a little more free with, since Jim is our friend, and it gets a little weird sometimes. She did tell me not all that long ago that she found that there is a term for what we like and she said 'cuck'. I hadn't let on that term, or that I'm on this site because...well frankly, she gets skittish, and some of the stuff on here is too far for my likes, and I'd rather we try stuff out organically. She starts getting the impression that everyone into hotwives and such are into chastity, feminization, and all the other darker stuff, and she's liable to bolt and we go back to vanillatown. It's not what I want, anyway, so it's better that way.

We're still trying for that second baby. We've had an early miscarriage (possibly a very early second one), but we're trying not to let that bog us down.

At any rate, that's where we are. It's not the porno craziness where the wife is out bedding strangers every night, but it's real. Real people, real emotions, real life. Thanks for reading, and for the talk.
"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." --Friedrich Nietzsche
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