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Finally found and bull and she did it!!

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I've been wanting this since about 2004. She was 100% against it but came around finally. She's 32, I'm 42 and her new bull is 51.

She took all of his thick 9 1/2 inch and thick cock like a pro. She came several times and when the condom fell off she insisted he continue fucking her. (They finished with a blow job cum so no creampie for me yet).

He's taller, thicker and longer than me and had more stamina. I was loving every minute of it.

Some key turn ons---
1. Checking into the motel with her at my side and the man who was going to fuck her right behind us was a complete thrill.
2. When speaking to her while in the middle of her being fucked missionary and her pushing me away so she could just focus on him was awesome.
3. Licking her swollen loose pussy and tasting that mixture of his sweat and her wetness was very hot eventhough I wanted a cream pie to feast on.
4. Sloppy seconds and her silk like pussy after being stretched out was very hot.

She has yet to see him again. I'm craving the moment she tells me she wants to fuck him again. The wait turns me on just as much as the act.

Here is my now new sexy hotwife.



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She looks real hot, glad you both enjoyed.


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Please tell us what she thought of the encounter


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How did you get her to turn the corner? Would love to hear how you turned that no into a yes


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As you get to relish those encounters you will find that the anticipation of their next encounter can be just as big of a turn on for you as the encounter itself was. I really liked your comment about the checking in at the hotel with the bull standing right there. Never tried that, so always wanting to be more discreet we always left him waiting outside, but having him standing right there with us I am sure would be a great turn on as well as it was for you...hell just knowing he's outside in the car has been a turn on for me! Great post...glad you loved the experience, and hopefully she loved it as well as you! Welcome to the lifestyle.
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Finally found and bull and she did it!!
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