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Getting closer - Looking for advice

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I've fantasized about seeing the wife with another guy for a long time. Slowly making progress, and she knows my desires. She will cum hard while I fuck her with a lifelike dildo (8"), and seems to enjoy me telling her to "cum on his cock", "show him how good your pussy is", and "let me watch him fuck you hard". She is very interested but also very nervous about letting another man have her pussy.

I'm not into being humiliated or dominated, or even getting any pussy on the side. I just want to see my wife fuck another guy and really enjoy it. Her pleasure and safety are my only concerns.

Instead of trying to set up a 1 on 1 meeting with a random internet guy, I thought about taking my wife to a swing club to see what they are all about. Are there any in the Charlotte area worth going to? What is the average age at most swing clubs? I'm 49 and she is 46, but she still has a great body (5", 110 pounds, 34DD tits). We've been married 20 years and have a very strong marriage and sex life.

Any suggestions, advise, or permisteral experience details will be greatly appreciated as we move toward taking this big step.


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She cuckolded you at last, tell us more details.
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Getting closer - Looking for advice
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