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How to get her to cuckold me

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Hi guys,

I've read about all kind of how to's to get my loved gf to cuckold me. We're <30 and together for 6 years or even more. She is dressing nice (dresses, skirts, heels) for work, when she goes out with her friends or together with me. When she is out even with me she's flirting with cute guys that try to hit at her, so her sexual confidence as well as her apperance etc. shouldn't be problem. I was her first and only sex partner and she's not eager to make new experiences. Even tough she's an outgoing permister, in bed she's kind of prude... She knows about my wish to cuckold me, but her no1 "no" argument is that i am enougth for her and that i satisfy her fully etc. I think she's far from sexual fullfillment due to my s*******s as lover as well as my cock thikness/size. She just doesn't know better.

After a quite dumb idea I disussed here in another topic I am now thinking about getting her out of her shelter by decreasing the level of satisfaction she get's from intercourse with me. I'm coming quite fast ~5 minutes, but thats enough for her to come once before. As I'm more recently suffering problems with an inflamation of my prostate my sensitivity even went up, time now about 3 minutes. And second times almost never happen due to my long recuperation.

I want to reduce her pleasure she gets from my cock to zero by increasing my sensitivity even more, with the goal to cum after the first few slides in and out of her. So I changed my masturbation habits, when wanking I only edge myself without orgasms (1-2 times a day) This already led to a very dissapointig fuck we had yesterday, when I came really short after entering her... Success I guess!

I expect her to develop a strong need for a hard cock that stays hard and gives her pleassure for more than 1 minute.

How does that sound for you? Right way? Wrong approach?

Ps: Sorry for my english, its not my native language


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I'm not sure making her frustrated will help much, but it's worth a try, especially if you can cum before she does. Using oral to get her off after you cum will keep her happy to some degree. Stretching her pussy with your fingers before you fuck her will make sure she won't feel your cock at all when you get inside her. I think letting her go out after work or having a girl's night out is very productive, and make sure she knows her flirting is a big turn on for you.

Telling her you've been having dreams of eating another man's cum out of her can get her thinking about all kinds of possibilities. I've had good success with just asking girlfriends to bring me home a cream pie, telling them how much it turns me on to eat one, especially from another guy. It all depends on how open-minded they are about sex. You might also plant the idea that she deserves to experience more men, especially one with a good size cock, since she's only had yours.

My wife rarely has sex with me anymore, 3 to 4 times a year and sometimes less, and as a result, I cum almost instantly when we do have sex. I usually cum in under 15 seconds, and sometimes I only last about 3-5 strokes if I'm really excited. Rarely I go longer than 30 seconds, and then I'll gradually lose my erection over 1 to 2 minutes and not cum. That's only 20 seconds to maybe 2 minutes of actual penetration a year, which isn't anywhere enough for any woman, even for one fuck, let alone a whole year.

That being said, it has never really mattered to my wife, since I go down on her and eat my own cream pie to get her off, if she hasn't cum already during foreplay. I don't think my lack of stamina has ever mattered, because she has been seeing other men the whole time we've been together. I know for fact she likes larger cocks than mine, which is most of her motivation. I think she just puts up with me every once in a while, and since it only takes a few seconds, it isn't too hard to do. I seriously doubt my having more stamina or even a larger cock would slow her down any.
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Just be careful. My first wife was sexually inexperienced when we married. She had only had my cock and one other. He was my size which is 4.5 inches. I talked her into exploring sex more and encouraged her to have other men so she could see how god sex could be (I could not make her orgasm with my cock) Well she had her taste of big cock and got hooked. She had multiple orgasms and ended up leaving me for a guy with a big cock (this is all very true)She even told me she was leaving because my cock was to small for her. She was also a real bitch anyway so we did not have a very strong marriage from the start
So when I started dating again I told myself I needed to find a real slut to date and eventually marry. Well the woman I am married to know emailed me on a dating site. First night she sucked my little dick in the parking lot after dinner. Very next night she called me to come over and fuck her. I later found out she had fucked another guy right before I got there. That very first time she saw my cock in the light she told me it was a cute little cock. She made me lick her then I fucked her. After a few months she started cucking me on her own and started openly seeing other guys, We got married and she still is a super slut and cucks me.


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That tactic won't work. She may start to resent you in some way. A resentment will lead to more issues with your relationship. The best way in my opinion is to keep things as light as possible. Don't be to pushy, and bring it up rarely. Take your time, and keep showing your support for her as often as possible. Don't go negative, and don't push to hard.

Good luck, I look forward to your updates.


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I think the way you are going about it is a bad idea. If you get to the point where you are not enough for her, she will simply leave and for good reamister. Don't mess with whats already good between the two of you.

Instead, build on the things that already are working in your favor. Tell her how much you enjoy when she gets hit on. Dare her to turn it up a notch, saying things like "even though your really cute and my husband seems to really enjoy seeing you hit on me I'm have to leave". Or just talk sexual to guys even if its all in gest.

Have fun and don't blow it.
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How to get her to cuckold me
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