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Evidence of Cuckoldry in Ancient Times

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Fascinating Ancient Egyptian Erotica! Note from left to right. 5 sex acts (notice the husband is older, balding, unattractive - but like all erotica of that day - a huge cock. They loved big cocks!). Then he's worn out and carried.

Then, it starts to get interesting. He's like a slave relaxing under her bed (his hand is under one of the legs) and he has a raging hard-on. Then, they have sex again.

But the scene after that is even More interesting. He's hard, playing with her pussy while she appears to be getting ready to go on a date (make up, mirror)! Totally hot! Then he does her again, but he is looking another direction.

He appears to be looking at her on her date (fantasizing, perhaps? Or just knowing it is about to happen?). And, the next scene is her with ANOTHER man (a younger guy - with all his hair). And, the husband is in the distance - looks like he is going off to work, lol! (waiving at them! ha!). And, then, finally the husband is back with her.

What a hot looking scene! Thought I'd share. Other scenarios possible but three things are clear: 1) at one point he is a slave to her - under her bed; 2) she has sex with two different men in the scene; 3) the older guy is hard, playing with her pussy while she is getting herself made up.


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Just another note. It works better to go to the site and enlarge the page. Really get a good close up.
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Evidence of Cuckoldry in Ancient Times
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