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Cuckold wives and rough sex

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My wife and I after over 25 years of marriage are finally openly talking about cuckoldry and our relationship. We are about to embark on an exciting new phase to our relationship. Another dimension of our sex life is that my wife likes to have rough sex. Not anything related to real pain but good old-fashioned rough sex. I'm wondering how many other cuckolds know about their wives interest in rough sex. Is it something that comes with the territory in cuckold relationships? I'm very curious and there is no better place to find out then in this forum.


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Honestly don't think there is any higher prevalence of rough sex interest in this field than in regular sex. Due to their openess to cuckold, I'd wager cuckoldresses might be more open to it if asked/introduced by a Bull, but I'll leave that for other members to speak on.

But that said a lot of women, do like it rough from my experience.

It can go from tame to wild, its all random chance I'd say.

But by all means do tell us some more about your early adventures, and if she'd like sex with spanking and wild hair pulling sex with a Bull I just might know of someone. ;)


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One of my wife's boyfriends has an above average (not freakishly big) cock size and it's uncut. She loves rough sex from him, very hard deep pounding. She can also ride him for what seems like forever. She tends to go over to his place, use each other, and that's that.

Her other boyfriend is a little smaller but a more sensual lover. They don't have rough sex and it's more about the intimacy and exploring each other. They like to spend time together and she loves just relaxing with him (as in, actual relax.)

The third boyfriend is a infrequent type... only once every other month or so, but they like to do the freaky stuff together. She really gets to explore some strange fetishes with him.
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I would be very careful with the rough stuff, unless you THOROUGHLY know the bull and have complete trust in the wife and I had a scary experience once when I left her alone with the bull in a hotel room for about 45 minutes...when I returned I learned that he had scared the hell out of her by securing her wrists and ankles, blindfolding her, and practicing manual strangulation on her while he fucked her very hard...he did it to the point that she almot blacked out, even though she was begging him to could have been disastrous! There is a very fine line between blissful sexually induced ***ness and accidental death!!
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Cuckold wives and rough sex
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