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My first steps to become cuckold.

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In a word - "Yes"!

I think every woman is different and will respond differently to the fantasy. It sounds like she enjoys the fantasy so maybe you should start talking to her about trying it for real.

Tell her how much you lover and how much you enjoy sex with her. Tell her that you would like to try it for real and reassure that you will still love her and that you arent interested in other women.

Keep us informed.

By the way, when are you getting married? Are you open to getting cucked on your wedding night? Maybe you could add that to your fantasy play. What about having a lover accompany you on your honeymoon?


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I'm definitely no expert, but I'll donate my 2 cents anyway. For me, the best thing I can do with my wife is to get her to be the one who decides what happens without me asking her. It's not easy. It takes a lot of patience. I would suggest starting with permisterifying her dildo. It's not a toy, it's a man's huge cock. That man is fucking your wife right in front of you.


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The above two responders to your post...Yep...they are right.


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When I was dating my wife she sucked my dick pretty easilly. Once married...very, very, very....etc...little. It as very rare when she would. But she took to sucking her bf's cock with no problem at all. She loved sucking his cock, and loved to eat his cum. When I asked her to suck my dick, after she had been seeing him for a while..."nope, I only suck his cock...not yours". Might sound bad...but I loved her for that.

Your doubt: Something that is not all that uncommon when starting out. Before you two explore outside your have to be 100% sure of yourselves. For you, don't cum until after she and her lover have. You should only cum after you do your part as the cuckold.

You and your wife need to be sure of what type of cuckold relationship you want. Extreme...or mild...or the loving type. No matter what, you two need to take things at your own speed. It took me several years to get my wife to cuckold me, it lasted about a year, and now nothing.

Good luck, and I would recommend reading the others above threads. Lots of great insite.


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Is this place close? If so, stay at home and let her go out and play. If it is some distance away, get a hotel room that is close. Drop her off and go back to the hotel (you suddenly got sick) and will pick her up after or he could drop her off when he is done with her.

This scenario would work even if the party was close by. Either should find out what she wants first. Good luck and thanks for keeping us updated.


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I think you need to just level with her and tell her what you want. It seems like the two of you have flirted with the idea long enough to be able to have that discussion. Dont try to go too fast.

I am reminded of a story where this guy wanted to own his own restaurant because loved cooking and preparing food. So he prepared himself by getting a job as a manager of a restaurant. After a few months of dealing with employees that didnt show up for work and complaints from customers, he decided he didnt want his own restaurant. He realized that he just wanted to be a cook.

Boring story, I know. But the moral is: be sure this is what you both want. Get involved somehow before actually doing it that, if you do finally decide to do it, you will both enjoy it.

How to do it?
Talk to your wife and do some roleplaying (like you have already started). Tell her you like to pretend she has a lover. Let her go to the party alone and tell her that you give her permission to flirt, talk, and dance with the other men. Order a chastity device and have her lock you up. Me and my wife enjoy playing with chastity (although she is still warming up to it). Continue roleplaying in the bedroom with the dildo.

In my experience, new ideas take a while to sink into my wifes head. So be patient and have fun roleplaying and talking about this fantasy.

At some point the two of you will either decide to leave it in the fantasy realm or you may decide to do it for real. If you do decide to do it, make sure it enhances your marriage and your relationship.

Good luck.


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I agree with IWM Let her know that its a fantasy of yours then slowly make it reality. Cant imagine a woman that wouldnt at least fantasize about it.


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can't wait to hear what happens next


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That last picture is freakin fantastic. Love her curves!


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Your feelings after orgasm are normal- so are hers.
It is a time when the emotions are are very strong- and they become scared.
If you are still thinking of her with another man, even after this fear (and it looks like you are), then you should let her try another man.
The problem is, that she is not even dancing with other men, because she is scared of the feelings after orgasm.
She is nervous.
She needs you to help her to feel safe- even after orgasm.
If she feels safe- she will do more, and make your fantasy be true.
It is good if she brings a camera when she is with another man- when she brings you the pictures of her with another man, this will make you part of the sex. If there are not pictures, then you will have to think of them, and with this thoughts, you will sometimes have a bad, jealous thought. The pictures will make things clear to you, and keep you from being mad. The pictures are a gift from her, and you must save them- they will become more valuable to you over time.
Trust me- this is the truth. It happened to me about 4 years ago. I had the same fears you did- the pictures saved me from this fear.
Good luck!!
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Basic Cuckold / Basic Cuckold /
My first steps to become cuckold.
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