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Mexican Wives/Girlfriends...Are they all sluts?

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I'm saying this because this weekend I attended a large Corporate Level Christmas Party at a location in a Southwest American City.
While there, I noticed that a lot of the wives were Latina/Mexican, and as the night wore on, their morals slipped. They were literally turning into sluts.
It wasn't too hard, for many of them seemed dressed for the part.
Towards later in the evening, I went upstairs to use the other bathroom, and ended up watching a friends Mexican Wife fuck her boss and another man. She saw me watching and smiled and told me that "I could be next if I wanted to fuck her too". Because he's a friend of mine, I declined, although I DID want too, I didn't want to deal with any possible fallout afterward.
I stayed and watched the two guys dump their sperm into her. And if she is like a lot of them that I know, she isn't on birth control, and thus not only did she fuck two guys at this party, (cheating on her husband), but now she is risking getting knocked up by them.
Makes me wonder if she had done this before?

When I was leaving the party that night I caught another guys wife giving a blowjob to a guy out in the driveway by his car. And yes she was Mexican also.

I've had a thing for Mexican girls for a long time now, and just wonder. If I get a Mexican Girl for a wife, can I expect her to become a slut?


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very good you've just shown us that you have racist tendancies or you're just flat out

Im sure white, black asian or purple polka dotted women would stoop to such low standards.


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Hey, texcuck45, enough with all the goody-two-shoes, liberal crap regarding racism. This site is about race isn't it. But, if it isn't about "slut or bitch white women" or "sissy-boy white guys" like you, it's branded "racism" . Every race is fair game here, pal, not just "white" people. Get over it!
As far as , 19Echoes', question, I was with a Mexican chick for many years and she'd screw anybody. Gorgeous as all hell, but loose as all hell, as well. I can't speak about all "Mexican" women, but from what I can tell, it seems to me, on most web sites, all "white" women are "suppose" to be sluts, whores, etc. right? Most of this crap is all fantasy anyway, so gives a rip.


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Meant to read, "who gives a rip"...


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I've been a cuck to two Hispanic women. They definitely have the capacity to be sluts, not sure any more propensity than white girls though.

White girls will generally give up the pussy quicker than Hispanic girls. Hispanic women, especially Mexican can be pretty wild, though.


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moved on


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Alot of hispanic women are so loyal to their men you wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't say they are any more likely to cuckold you. I doubt it.

I'm biracial, so I see both sides of everything, and I dont have any totally warped views about race. I just see how certain people are most likely to be brought up in America, and if I have something to say about a certain group, I may base it on that. But for mexican women to be more likely to cuckold you JUST because they, they're parents, or grandparents were from mexico? Thats ridiculous.

Anyway, all hispanic people get a good dose of that catholic guilt growing up. Now, this sexual repression does make people get into more weird things, but thats in all races, and all forms of christianity, which is what most Americans are, so in America, white girls would be right up there. Especially when you put together the ones who are repressed into weird things with the ones who were raised more free to do what they wanted sexually.

Anyway, all the sociology aside, I think white girls are definitely more likely to cuckold you. This is someone who was partially raised in the black community telling you this. Atleast on the difference between black girls and white girls, I know I'm right. So find a guy who has had alot of experiences between mexican girls and white girls. Get that side of it.


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Nice post (Valentine). If anyone doubts how loose some Mexican woman can be, visit a border town. Mexican moms will take you home and whore out in thier house with the family there. Very hot to be fucking them in thier bedroom with mom, dad, husband and others roaming around outside the door while your dumping a load of suerpior white sperm into their messy cunts.
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Mexican Wives/Girlfriends...Are they all sluts?
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