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Hedonsim Resort pics, clips, or stories?

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I will be taking my wife to Hedonism II in a couple of months. Anyone have anything to share in the way of pictures, video clips, or stories from or about Hedo II or Hedo III?


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I'd also love to see/hear what goes on there and how it is. I am thinking about going in the future.

let us know how it goes!


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all you need to to is to sit down with a single guy at dinner and chat or hang around the hot tub late at night and you can hook her up.

I posted this before, but this is about our story at Hedo II. We had a great time and have spent the last week chasing each other around the house. A little time away does a relationship good!

We had some good opportunities to hook-up and she actually went through with one and I loved it! The other situation was a couple and she was really into the husband, but too jealous for me to take on the wife… plus, it wasn’t a fair trade for me… which didn’t matter to me as long as I was helping her.

So here is the long and the short of it. I think it was last Monday night. We met a single guy traveler from Cleveland, nice guy, fairly good looking, big – strong looking guy. We had dinner together, during which he asked me what the deal was and I told him that “Whatever she wants to do, it’s up to her; go for it if you think you have a chance.” So after dinner we go to the disco at the hotel and it was packed. He danced with her; they got along and had fun. Then we were hot and went to the pool / hot tub. During this time I was speaking with another couple and I saw him start leading her away across the pool (I didn’t want to watch as I thought I’d spook her), they snuggle at the other end of the pool and then I was told later they went to the hot tub to screw! After a while they left and the couple I was talking to also left. I was alone so I got up and left.

I went back to our room and listened… nothing in the room, so I went in and got into bed. Waiting… after about 45 minutes I hear through the bathroom vent, “Thanks, good night….” She opened the door and said “Honey?” I said “Yes” She said, “I did it...”

I gave her a big hug and held her tight. We kissed and then she said, “I have something for you…” pulling off her skirt and I was staring at her wide open, glistening pussy. Over the years she would tell me stories that would finish with me cleaning her up afterwards. She would always say, “You wouldn’t really follow through with it, would you?” And I would always say “Oh yes I would.” So here was my chance to follow through… she did, sooooo….I got down and started licking! It was great! Creamy, good taste and as I was licking she told me every detail! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! After I got her off I climbed up and eased my cock into her and THAT was great! I lasted 2 minutes at most.

The details were they did screw a bit in the hot tub and then they went to the beach and screwed on the beach, finishing with her on her knees on a chair (she has a spectacular ass and he did notice it!).

Post your experience when you get back.


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Quoting: rdro396
....but this is about our story at Hedo II.

Interesting - but not the form of cuckolding we are looking for.....

Did you see BDSM-scenes on your stay at Hedo? Cucks, collared & leashed by her Femdom-partners? Public humiliated by them or her lovers? Or dressed as Sissy-wimps?

What goes on with bisexual activities there?

Greetings from Austria!


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Been there, but we just swapped with other couples.


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Yes, we saw one coupl where the wife would lead the husband around with a dog collar . . . not sure what came of it.

It's not really a sex club. . . it's a resort. But I wanted to start an annual week for cuckolds where couples could show-up with their bulls and share them with other couples as well as hooking-up with the locals. No one seemed interested.
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Hedonsim Resort pics, clips, or stories?
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