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My Wife's Dirty Talk While Jacking Me Off

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My wife and I have never actually taken "that next step" but we talk about it during sex and hand jobs, etc. We don't have sex hardly at all but she does jack me off every so often. She has been talking about my small dick for a few years now knowing it helps get me off. More recently we've talked more about black cocks. I had to nudge her a little at first, but now whenever she is jacking me off, she tells me how she wants a bigger dick and that she has sucked much bigger cocks than mine. I of course I ask her "Black ones too?" And she replies "Oh yeah, they're my favorite." And then she goes on and on about how she loves fucking black men and that their cocks are bigger and harder than mine and feel better, etc. I ask her if she lets them cum in her and she says yes. I ask her if she begs them to cum in her and she says yes. She also tells me how it is so much better than having sex with me and that's why she doesn't ever have sex with me. I am being honest, we have not had sex in over a year. Should I start to wonder?....Please be honest....

Also, I live in Houston if there are any black bulls out there that may want to IM with me or something, please let me know.

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I don't get it.

First you say you haven't taken "that next step".

Then you say your wife jacks you off while admitting she likes fucking black guys.

Which is it...?

cuckold - Pronunciation - kuk-uhld - noun 1) The husband of an unfaithful wife. 2) A husband whose wife has sex with others. NOTE - It does NOT say: Sexually confused, submissive, humiliated, sissified, crossdresser, cocksucker, or piss drinker


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Palm - she only talks about it when jacking me off. We have not taken "that next step" of actually inviting a black man to our house to fuck her. We have not actually carried through with the fantasy. Her telling me she has fucked black guys while she jacks me off is just talk. But she just does it so well....where did she learn to talk like this?
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My Wife's Dirty Talk While Jacking Me Off
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