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Cuckold dirty talk during sex

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I was in exactly the same boat. you have to use your wifes submissiveness to your advantage. during sex she would often yell for me to use her.

I would reply....yeah - you love being used, you love being treated like a slut don't you. in the heat of the moment she would admit it. this got to be a more common theme. I would call her from work and tell her that I was going to use her when I got home. she was definitely ready by the time I got there. slowly I started bringing other people into our dirty talk, telling her that since she enjoyed being used, I was going to tie her up, invite friends over and let them use her and treat her like a slut. this usually made her come hard. right before I would come I would usually say "god I can't believe my wife is a slut. then come. (just to put the idea in her head) one day after sex I asked her, which is worse? that you want to be used and treated like a slut, or that I want to watch you be used and treated like a slut? she was surprised and asked if I was serious, I said I don't know (I lied) I guess it would be kind of a turn on.... about two months later it happened with a guy she worked with. she was telling him about her cooking, he said it sounded good, so, she invited him our house for diner, I told her I would clean up. when I went into the living rom she was sitting on his lap. it went from there.


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the superbowl party we went to was at a friends place from work. all the guys had their wives there. the women mainly had no interest in the game and spent their time in the kitchen. there was one single guy at the party , about 5 minutes into the game, he said he was going to get another beer. he spent the entire night in the kitchen with the married women. all of us could hear them laughing and having a great time. he apparently was quite a charmer. I was watching the reactions of some of the other men at the party, some were getting pretty iratated. some were joking "well if he wants my wife, he can have the bitch."

my wife who is very quiet and reserved told me today that the company he works for is near where she works. she said all the women got his business card, and a she was thinking of calling him up to meet for lunch sometime next week.

she slowly started to rub my crotch and said "some of the guys at the party would ******* their wives if they suggested such a thing, but that turns you on doesn't it? I admitted it did. all she said was good....she smiled and said she was off to bed for the night.

I don't know if that means she was just playing with me, or if she was serious. since we have been doing this, she has only been with one other guy.


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I wouldn't try to finesse this because you will come across as fake - for the obvious reamister that you are faking it! Just tell her what is really in your head. It is better to be honest, and you are way, way, way more likely to get your own needs met (she's not a mind reader!). Just be emotionally prepared to have her tell you she couldn't do it. She will likely need to tell that to herself at first; in my experience, this sort of affirmation of good morals has to get aired before she goes away and really thinks about it. Assuming she does this, the right response it to say that's fine, you respect her boundaries, but that doesn't change what turns you on. Stick to your guns, and she'll come to appreciate you and be turned on by your kink.


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I handled early dirty talk a bit different. I would egg her on by calling my own cock small. Like, “come on baby, come on that little pencil dick” and “I love your big wet pussy…” and eventually it became small cock talk. That then evolved into her needing a “big real man’s cock” and that really started to get her off… now she says, “Come on little school boy cock” and “fuck me with that little pencil dick” and “I bet you can’t even feel my big pussy.” It gets me off and it has really made big cock talk for her better. Now she claims she needs a “big, fat cock to stretch my wet pussy…”


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Quoting: rdro396
Now she claims she needs a “big, fat cock to stretch my wet pussy…”

Do you want her to cuckold you or is it just a fantasy for you?
Please let us know if she takes the next step and she gets that "big, fat cock" to stretch her pussy.


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These are great suggestions and it's great to hear the progression of inciting the ladies to talk more freely in bed. Any other experiences?

Anyone think they can take the progression from talking to reality?
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Cuckold dirty talk during sex
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