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They enter a seedy adult book store with a fat female clerk behind the counter. Rebecca orders the peep show tokens. She's a good looking, short haired blonde, big tits, 49 years old and very much into humilation mostly in the form of bi sexual scenes like fuck licking, cock worship, eating creampies with lots of degrading talk to go with it. Beside her quietly, is her cuckold husband John, but most often called "my little cocksucker".

She's been bringing him here for 6 months to play out her favorite scene - a reluctant husband prodded into the peepshow booths to suck strange dicks while his dominant wife barks out degarding orders, slaps his face, jacks off dicks into his mouth and you name it - all the while playing with her pussy for 2 or 3 orgasms.

The clerk smiles as she hands Rebecca the tokens. Rebecca thanks the clerk then lovingly says to John, " sucky, sucky time baby". John blushes and follows her to the booth area while the fat clerk snickers. She knows this couple and who's doing the 'sucky sucky'.

Once in the booth Rebecca removes her knee length, thin cotton skirt and sits on the stool. She plops in some tokens and leans forward so her ass hangs over the back of the stool. "You know what to do faggot." John drops down behind her and gives a wide tongued slow lick the full length of her crack. "Just like that bitch. Long wide licks. Keep it going until I say otherwise." "You got that fuckface?" John stops in mid lick to say "Yes baby."

Rebecca continues. "How lucky was I to find a closet dick sucker wannabe on an online dating site, to play out all my wicked little fantasies. I still can't believe it. That first night back at my place. That's when I knew I'd hit the jackpot. It was when you were eating me on the couch. The way you were worshipping my pussy. So I took it a step further, took a chance you were what I thought. Remember that asslicker? When I raised my legs, pointed to my asshole and said "lick it. Eat my ass"? I'm sure you remember. When you didn't hesitate I knew for sure. I had what I'd been after. Within two minutes I had you tongue fucking my asshole. A submissive guy with a small dick eager to make up for it. I knew then you suck dicks for me - and anything else I wanted. Yes lick my ass. Make love to it little boy, my little cocksucking boy."

Rebecca was playing with her clit, " oooo fuck yeah, I'm coming. Stick your tongue inside my ass while I come." He did. And she did. Changing positions she put her ass on the edge of the stool and leaned back slightly. "Come around to the front and eat my cunt you groveling fuck. What kind of a man are you? Look at you. Down on your knees. In a filthy, cumstained booth licking the ass of a woman who makes you suck dicks. I'll tell you what kind of man you are. A fucking closet faggot with no self respect. Who gets a hardon thinking about sucking a big dick.
Look at me. Look up at me dick sucker. Let's dress up those pretty lips. I know what you need."

She reaches down for her purse and pulls out a red lipstick. She slowly glides the tube across his lips and touches up the corners, "Yes that's fucking perfect. Cocksucker red lips for my little cocksucker. Now don't mess it up while you eat my cunt sweetie. Just use your tongue."

They both hear the door open and then shut in the booth beside them. Rebecca, with a big devlelish grin grabs a handful of John's hair, pulling his head back. She slaps his face. She loves the startled look he gets when she does that. "It's dick suckin time" she practically sings out to his face. John is silent. He turns toward the hole. Rebecca reaches down and starts playing with his hardon. Excitedly she pokes her finger through the gloryhole. She knows the red fingernail will excite the guy next door. Never fails.

It takes a few seconds but through the hole it comes. " Beautiful" she whispers. It's not long, 6 inches or so but it's fat as a fence post with a big bulbous head on it. With her right hand she starts playing with it. Her face right beside John's. "Look at the size of this fuckin dick faggot. " With her left hand she's stroking John's balls and hardon. "I can tell you like it bitch. Hahahaha. Kiss it. Just give it a little peck on the tip." John leans forward, purses his lips and kisses the big purple dickhead. " Oh fuck yeah this is gonna be fun." Suddenly, she slaps he square in the mouth. "Now suck that dick you fucking cocksucker! Work on the head. In and out slowly. Show the big head each time. Pull out to the tip then back in. Over and over. Don't lose contact with it though. If he cums quick open wide so I can see it shoot on your tongue. You got that you goddamned asslicking wimp?" For good measure she slaps his red mouth again, takes her hand from the stranger's fat dick and moves it her to her pussy. John takes the huge head in his mouth until it disappears then slides his red lips back to the tip, careful not to lose contact. Rebecca watches the head disappear for a second time into her husband's mouth.

"Yes just like that. Keep it slow and constant. Make love to that big dick. Get into it like the perverted pole smoker you are. " Rebecca cums again. She keeps it up. "Look at you. Suckin a big dick. And doin it just like I told you to. And in a few minutes you'll be lappin up his cum wontcha cocksucker? Then I'll put you back to slurpin on my asshole until another fat dick pokes through. And you'll do it all over again. Not even whores do the kind of cuckolds brownie you do. You're a cumeater. A knob gobbler. A fuckin pussy. And it's just begun for you little boy. Do have any idea what's ahead for you? I can't wait to see the look on your face when I tell you to lick the ass of some stud while I slide my pussy up and down on his big dick. Are you herein my faggot?" Another slap goes off like firecracker. "And there's not a fuckin thing you can do about little boy. hahahaha."

Over and over. The big head disappears into John's mouth then slowly back out to the kiss position...

(to be continued)


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Oh C'MON! You stop the story? Keep it going, keep it going. This is really good.


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fuck, this is not fair


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Rebecca grabbed the big cock and started jerking. With a handful of hair she pulled John's head back, "open cocksucker. Wider. Get your tongue out bitch you know how I like it!." She rubbed the stranger's dick on John's tongue and slapped it against his face, "You want this cum dontcha faggot. Wanna feel it splatter on your face and hit your tongue. "

John said "I'm not a faggot, I do it because.." "Shut the fuck up and keep your fuckin mouth open faggot," Rebecca said as she pumped the thick dick. The first spurt hit John's forehead, a long string that crossed both his lips and his tongue. Rebecca, intense, holding John by his hair and guiding the cumshot "Oh fuck yes. Don't swallow you fuck until I tell you." Three more spurts followed, one square in John's mouth and the other landing on his nose and lips. The big dick quickly withdrew and the stranger left his booth.

Rebecca still holding John's head by his hair, grinning, "Keep that cum in your mouth. So you're not a faggot. Hahahaha. Didn't I just watch you suck a cock you could barely get in your mouth? Didn't you suck on that huge dick head for the last 10 minutes, isn't that cum all over your face and in your mouth? I sit here and watch you make love to a big hard dick, take his cum in your faggot mouth and you wanna tell me you're not a faggot?"

Still with a handfull of John's hair she pushed him back on his ass, "Swallow." John holds still, mouth still open. Rebecca pinches his nose and covers his mouth. John swallows down the cum. Rebecca's right hand comes down hard across John's face. "Don't you ever refuse me again or you'll be out on your ass, working at some $8 an hour job. If I say you're a faggot then you are a faggot. Understand?" John nods. "When I set you down to mouth balls, lick ass and take cum in your faggot mouth you will do it without hesitation. Never disobey me again." Crack! She slaps him silly again. With her fore finger she pushes the cum from his forehead, nose and lips into his mouth. " Swallow and clean off my finger." John swallows the cum then sucks the slim off Rebecca's finger. She moves forward and straddles his face. "Eat me...cmon... all over my pussy, top to bottom."

Five minutes later another customer enters the adjoining booth. Rebecca lifts off John's face and sticks her finger through the gloryhole. The patron obliges and a long 8 inch cock pokes into their booth. Rebecca steps aside, looks down at John and points a stern finger at the dick. John waddles over on his knees.

Rebecca wraps her hand around the base of the stranger's cock. She shakes it insistently in John's face. He moves his head forward and engulfs the head. "More, deeper," Rebecca orders. John's lips slide down 3 or 4 inches of the rock hard shaft. "Stay there and work the underside of his dick head with your tongue," she sternly whispers. John follows her instructions.

Rebecca kneels down to John's face and begins to speak. "You will know your place and do exactly as I say. You're my kept cocksucker. I don't care if you don't like it. That's what you are and what you'll continue to be or I'll find another little faggot who will do it. Now you keep that dick in your mouth until it cums. Swallow it straight down. " She again wraps her hand around the base moving the big dick side to side turning John's head towards her then away. He keeps his tongue slurping away just under the head.

Rebecca smiles, "John I know you're not a faggot, but I'm holding a big dick and half of it's in your mouth. Just an accident? hahahaha." "No you're not a sissy faggot. You just like to suck a good hard dick now and then. That's it isn't John? Doesn't mean you're queer just because you suck on some studs dick....and let him shoot his cum in your mouth. Heck all straight guys do that. Right John?

I bet every married man out there does the things you do. Like last week. Remember that guy I brought home? I was sitting on the bed, he was standing. And I was suckin his cock just like you're sucking cock right now. And then I reached between his legs and started strokin his asshole with my middle finger. And then I tried to stick that finger in his ass and what happened John? Oh you remember. He was kind of dry back there wasn't he? So what did we do about it John?

Yes that's right. I called you over and you knelt there beside his legs and I put that finger in your mouth didn't I. That finger that was playing with another man's asshole. I put it in your mouth and you sucked on it wet and slippery for us didn't you John. And then what? Yeah I fingered his asshole for a minute or two. And you stayed right there on your knees watching didn't you? And do you remember what you did next...sweet John...John who's not a faggot? I pulled my finger from his asshole and put it in your mouth. And you sucked on it like those really nasty bottom suckin queers. You know the ones that only wanna suck ass all the time. But that doesn't mean you're a faggot John. But it didn't stop there did it John.

Cause then I stood up and that good lookin stud started kissin my neck. And I was looking around his broad sholders down at you. And let's see....oh yes I remember. I reached around with both hands and spread his ass cheeks apart. I pointed at his crack and you moved your face right in to it and started lappin at his asshole like a fucking dog. Hahahahaha. But heck lots of straight guys do that. Don't they John?"

Rebecca shook the big dick in John's mouth. His face was hot and red and it spurred Rebecca on. "And then I put my hand between his legs and played with his balls before sliding a finger right to the edge of his asshole so I could feel your tongue while you ate his ass. Oooo that was so fucking hot. " The dick in John's mouth begin to swell. "Deeper," Rebecca said, "take it down to my hand. Press your lips against my fingers. I wanna feel your lips while he's it cocksucker."

John pushed down another inch until his lips pressed into Rebecca's fingers. The cock was pressed against the back of his throat. The guy came with 3 or 4 short thrusts. John felt the cum drain down his throat. This guy pulled away too and quickly left the booth.

"You're right I think John. Suckin two dicks and swallowing two cumshots in 30 minutes doesn't make a guy a faggot does it? Hahahahaha. Oh stay right there Mr. Stud. I need to freshen up your lipstick...real men wear lipstick when they suck dicks, right John?....hahahaha."


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Very good story!!!


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Love it. Hope you continue.


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I love it too, hope you continue also.


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Welcome to cuckold place Jackal 1. You're off to a great start !! I hope you post more soon.


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Middle of the night.....John's wakened with a slap to the face. Disoriented and dazed he sees Rebecca's face "Wake up bitch!" As John quickly returns to the concious world he sees an average sized guy beside Rebecca. Turning his head towards them his face bumps into Rebecca's hand - and the dick she's got it wrapped around.

"Open faggot" she snarls. John turns quckly away. Another hard slap to John's face. "What did I tell you about denying me you fuckin pansy." The guy is laughing now. "Jesus" he says. "What the fuck do you two have going." Rebecca hops on the bed straddling John. Turning his face back with her right hand she rubs the hard dick on his lips with her left.

"Kiss it" she demands. Relenting John puckers and kisses the cockhead. "Again. And keep kissin. Stop and I'll kick your ass out of here right now. Got it." "Ok, ok I won't stop" John replies.

As John kisses the head of the strangers cock, Rebecca turns "You like that baby? You like the faggot kissing your big dick?" "Feels good" he says. " You stick with me. We're gonna have more fun than you can imagine" Rebecca says grinning. "Didn't I tell he do anything I told him to?"

"What do you think cumeater? he's got a nice dick doesn't he?" John " Yes baby." " 'Yes baby' you fucking queer. Let's take a look" she throws back the covers. John's wearing white see through panties. Rebecca slaps his hardon." Rebecca Laughing, "See" she says to the stranger, " Fucking girly boy pretending to be a man. Get a dick in his face and he gets a little hardon." Hahahahaha...both laugh.

She lifts the dick from his lips and pulling the stranger closer cups his balls, "Now kiss these." John kisses one hairy ball...then the other. "Lick. Lick his balls. Get'em wet all over." John lays several wide tongued licks on the balls as Rebecca holds them to his mouth. John stops to pull a hair from his mouth but Rebecca grabs his hand before it reaches his mouth. "Leave it," she warns.

After a minute or two of John's wet, sloppy ball licking the stranger bends down and whispers in Rebecca's ear. She turns to the stranger grinning broadly, "You bet he does. And it's my favorite. Turn around." John cringes. He knows what they're talking about. Rebecca, "Get ready to lick some ass pussyboy. Get up and on all fours."

The stranger turns and bends at the waste. Rebecca faces John, wraps her arms around the guys waste and with both hands spreads the cheeks of his ass. "Mmmmm....look at it faggot. You don't appriciate the things I do for you." She runs her fingers down the crack stopping for a second at the asshole making a circular motion on it with two fingers. She puts the fingers to John's nose and mouth.

"Kiss," she orders. "Yes that's my boy. Kiss the fingers that just came from another man's ass. You are fucking unbelievable....hahahaha. Now are you ready...ready to slurp on his hairy asshole?" John reluctantly, "Yes baby." Rebecca, "Kiss it. Put your faggot lips against it and kiss." John moves his face in. He kisses. The stranger, "Fuck yeah. I love rim jobs. Get into it faggot. Lick my fuckin ass, tongue fuck it, eat it like a fucking pig."

Rebecca, "Oh fuck yes baby, I love that! Tell the faggot what to do. Don't hold anything back. You heard him you fuck. Eat it out!" John spreads his tongue lapping away at the asshole. The stranger starts moving to the sloppy licking. Rebecca strokes his dick and balls, her face pressed against the left side of his ass intently watching John slurping away.

Rebecca, "Stick out your tongue. Make it stiff." John backs up a few inches, sticking his tongue out as far as he can. Rebecca," Do exactly what I say you piece of cuckolds brownie. Don't fuck up. Put the tip of your tongue at his hole so I can see it all." John, tongue stiffened, presses the tip to the asshole. With a hand on each side of the stranger's cheeks, she pulls apart until the asshole opens to the size of a quarter. Rebecca, "Oh fuck yes. Push it in... slowly." John pushes forward feeling his tongue slip past the tight outer ring.

The stranger,"yeaaaaaah. " Rebecca, " Listen John. He likes your technique...hahaha. In and out now, tongue fuck his ass ." For the next 5 minutes John pokes the asshole with his tongue. The stranger and Rebecca continue the degarding tirade. Rebecca gettting more and more worked spits in John's face, pulls his hair, powers his face deep into the ass crack. The starnger "This is too fucking good, I'm gonna cum." Rebecca yanks John's face from the ass, "Get on the floor asslicker."

The stranger turns and moves aside. Rebecca to the stranger, "Sit baby." He sits his ass on the edge of the bed, legs spread, cock sticking straight up. With a handful of John's hair Rebecca powers his face to the big cock. "Get on it. All the way down till your nose is buried in his dick hair. Be quick about it!" John slids his lips over the mushroom cap taking the dick halfway down, slids back up then down again. Turning his head slightly from side to side he works down and presses his nose into the strangers hairy patch, holds there briefly then slides back up to the cap.

Rebecca, " Again and until he cums your mouth, you fucking cocksucker."
Stranger,"You heard her boy. Get it down your fucking throat and lick my balls each time you hit bottom." Rebecca,"Don't hold back baby. Just cum his fucking mouth when ever you want. This is your mouth now. Always ready. At your command."

John moves down 7 inches of raging hardon again....and again....and again. His spit runs down and drips off the strangers balls. Rebecca masturbating all the while gets off screaming degardations at John, stopping briely to slap his face a few times.

The stranger puts both hands on John's head and pumps his mouth with cum. He pushes John away. Rebecca grabs John's face, looking at the cum in his mouth. Grinning she stirs it around with a finger. "Swallow it down sissy. Swallow his cum." John swallows. Rebecca slaps his face hard. "What's wrong with you! Ass licking, cocksucking, cumeating piece of cuckolds brownie!" She pulls his head to her pussy. "Eat you worthless piece of cuckolds brownie." John obediently starts lapping away. "Asshole too." Rebecca orders.


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The room is barely lit. Only John's head is outside the box. Kneeling, inside his hands are cuffed and tightly tied to to a 4 inch plumbing pipe that runs up through the ceiling. He's blindfolded. His cheeks are pink with blush, lips painted red. There's a faint smell of perfume.

Rebecca stands directly in front of the box whispering into and kissing a man's ear. Both are fully clothed. She rubs his bulging crotch. "Let it all go baby. Have this face anyway you want it. Take those pretty red lips. Push it in. Fuck this mouth. Slap it. Yank the head around by it's hair. Jack off with these lips wrapped around the head of your big dick. Push it all the way in. Don't hold back. Use it and get off. **** it. Fuck it like a pussy. Cum whenever you want. Get nasty with it. Put on a show for me."

With that she unzips his jeans and fishes out his dick. To get the scene started she nudges him forward rubbing his dick on the red lips. Rebecca smiles, "Now get with it and pour it fucking on."

Worked up to a frenzy he slaps John's face, first with his hand and then his dick. John tries to turn away from the blows but the man grabs his hair, pulls his head forward and pushes his dick past John's painted lips. Rebecca, " Yes...Yes...take it, fuck his cocksucking mouth. Give it to him baby. Make it as fucking rough as you like. Fuck it and cum in it."

He pushes in 4 or 5 inches deep. Pulls out and goes in again. 5, 6 strokes then dick slaps John again. Yanks his head back and lays the full length of his big dick on John's face from forehead to chin. Then plunges back in pumping quickly. He stops, pushes in even deeper and cums in John's mouth.

He pulls out then Rebecca slaps John's face and with both hands opens his mouth sticks a finger in and swirls around the cum. She spits in his mouth. "Now" she says and John swallows. She pulls his head back by his hair and straddles his face. John laps Rebecca's pussy. She turns smiling to the man, "Told ya it would be fun."


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More PLEASE !!!!!!


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"Just lick...nice and slow," Rebecca said as she held the man's dick taut at the base. The dick's mushroom cap, sticking straight up, was at John's mouth level. He licked the sweet spot under the head as Rebecca instructed while she talked to it's owner. "Do you wanna see the cocksucker's face, I'll take the mask off?" "Leave it, I like it on," he said. "Ok, baby, any way you want it. Don't worry about holding back. Just cum whenever you feel like it."

"Keep the pace steady and flatten out your tongue more so each lick covers it from side to side. You know what I mean you fuckin pervert. Do it right and don't fuck up. You are such a cocksucker. What would your moma think if she could only see you now. hahaha. Slow lickin a big dick. And the things I could show her about her little boy." Rebecca reached between her legs to play with her pussy while she taunted him.

"I think I'd get right to the hardcore stuff. The couple who fucked for us... remember faggot? Oh that was so good. When they were side by side spoon fucking. Actually she was fucking him. She controlled all the motion. He was still. And I made you bury you face in his ass. You rimmed his asshole for 30 minutes while his pretty wife fucked him. What would moma think of that video?

And after he came you went right in and ate her slimy, matted pussy. Lapped up all that cum. And didn't she get off on that? Started yankin your hair and sayin something like 'Eat his fuckin cum lady fucker....I'm gonna piss in your faggot mouth bitch!' and by God she did. hahaha. Oh I liked that girl."

John's mouth and tongue were getting tired. But he didn't dare stop or even slow down. Rebecca, "Ever had your ass licked while you're fucking." "No but I'd like to try that," said the man. "Consider it done. We'll do it next," she said excitedly.

Rebecca, "Lick that big dick fuck face. Lick like a dog. You love lickin dick. He's so fuckin hard. Just make sure he stays that way." The man began slowly moving, humping to the relentless licking of John's tongue. Rebecca,"How do you want it baby? You wanna shoot in his mouth?"
"Yeah, fuck yeah, in his mouth and jack me off."

Rebecca pushed the dick forward and watched the head disappear in John's mouth. "Keep your lips wrapped around it cunt." She started jacking the hardon and moving it side to side. Rebecca, "Work the head bitch. Work it like a whore." With her right hand she slapped his face...again...then a third time. "Bitch slapped cocksucker ready for that cumshot ain't ya? Lips wrapped around a big hard dick while it's pumped in your mouth. Exactly where you belong." She pumped a little faster then spit in John's face. It dangled from his eyelash.

Pushing his head down further she banged her hand to his lips with each pump of the rock hard dick. "oh fuck yeah I feel it," she said. The man moaned, arched back and shot his cum. Rebecca held John's head firm and kept pumping until the dick began to soften.

Yanking John's head back "Open pole smoker. Show me." John opened wide to show Rebecca the cum in his mouth. "Good, good. Swallow it now like a good little faggot." John swallowed the cum then opened again to show Rebecca. She stood with her pussy over his face, "Keep it open pig." She started pissing in John's mouth. "Piss takeer. Swallow it . Swallow my piss. Now eat me." She pulled John's face to her pussy and began to grind. "You'll take all my piss tonight. Fuckin piss takeer. And eat all his cum. Do you hear? Hear me cocksucker?" "Yes baby"


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Rebecca: "You look like you could use a take."
John: "No thanks I'm fine. Let's just do it and get it over with."
Rebecca: "Nonsense. I'll fix you one. No need to rush."

Rebecca pours some vodka in a glass. Standing in front of John, she lifts her skirt, puts the glass between her legs and fills it with piss. Smilling she hands it to John, "Bottoms up." John sips the warm piss.

Rebecca: "I said...bottoms up cocksucker." He gulps it down gagging afterwards.
Rebecca: "Good?"
John: "Yes baby."

Rebecca: "Ok, he'll be here any minute. Let's make sure everything's ready."

Rebecca has arranged a video shoot with a young man she met in an online sex chat room. The shoot has been carefully planned. She emailed the model all the details and is looking forward to a perfect performance.

She dims the lights, turns on a rock instrumental piece with a driving beat she loves with hot, hardcore sex.

Rebecca: "Put these on now," tossing John a pair of her see through black panties. "Hands behind your back." She cuffs him. "On your knees." A knock at the door. Rebecca starts the camcorder. Then moves to the door and opens it.

The young man enters. He's fairly tall and slim with dark hair, wearing jeans, a dark tee shirt and motorcycle boots. He steps inside. No one speaks. Rebecca closes the door. He unzips and pulls out his soft cock. He's hung just as he said. It dangles 7 or 8 inches long pointing at the floor.

Rebecca grabs hold and starts to play. She kisses him. He hardens quickly as she runs her fingers up and down his dick - now pointing straight ahead, 10 inches of ass pounding pipe ready for action.

John, on his knees a few feet away watches Rebecca french kissing the young stud while using her fingers on the giant muchroom cap of his dick.
She stops, turns casually towards John and then points demandingly at the monster hardon. John waddles over on his knees until he's face to face with the dick. He opens his mouth wide.

The young stud wraps a hand around the base and shakes it in John's face. He moves his hips forward slightly putting the entire head into the mouth he's going to fuck. Just to the side Rebecca is sitting, her skirt up, a finger slowly working her clit.

John's lips close around the big dick but he keeps perfectly still. Then in one steady motion the yound stud pushes into John's throat until John's lips are against his hand. Removing his hand he fucks in the last three inches. The huge dick is completely out of sight. John's nose is buried in pubic hair. Rebecca moans. The young stud begins to hump slightly pulling out a inch or so each time then back in balls deep.

Then he very slow moves his hips back pulling out. John keeps his lips tight around the shaft. Rebecca watches all ten inches slowly come back into sight. Once again the giant wet cockhead is an inch from John's lips. John catches his breath and swallows then opens wide again. The stud reverses and slowly fucks all the way back in. Same thing. Slow rythmic humping then a steady withdrawal.

Rebecca, getting worked up as always, begins her verbal degradation in a hissing loud throaty whisper. "Take it down your fuckin throat you panty wearing little faggot! Fuckin street whore. Suckin dicks and lappin up cum all day. " She rises, takes two steps toward the scene and as the stud starts another round of humping she slaps John's face. Teeth clenched she continues her tirade. "What the fuck's wrong with you. Fucking submissive cocksucker. On your knees taking a mouth fucking from another man. You pathetic piece of cuckolds brownie!" Another slap rings out as the stud, following instructions continues the deepthroat, humping, then back out mouth fucking Rebecca has ordered.

"Yes that's what you do isn't it. Suck dicks for studs. Let them shoot cum in your mouth. Like some stupid little teenage girl who thinks she's going to make it in Hollywood if she just sucks the right dicks. But they all end up like you in some alley or seedy hotel room sucking dicks all day. And the more they do it the more they like it. Become addicted to the degradation just like your addicted to it. You hate that nasty, snotty cum in your mouth don't you cocksucker? But you love the way it makes you you feel."

"You love the sound of my voice saying it 'cocksucker...cocksucker...cumeater'....yes you love that. It was just your little secret. But then you met me and I saw exactly what you are. What you want. A woman like me to use you for any kind of degrading sex I can think up. To push you into doing things you could never do on your own. To turn you into a panty wearing, asshole licking little cocksucker at my I can get off watching you do every perverted thing I can think up. You are fucking perfect."

Rebecca turning to the stud: "Jack off in the cocksucker's mouth." Holding the base of his dick he keeps the head in John's mouth and starts pumping. Rebecca kneels beside John watching intently. "Take it cocksucker, take his cum in your faggot mouth and swallow it." She reaches behind John and removes the cuffs from his wrists. "Now jack off while he cums in your mouth." John starts pumping his small dick.

Rebecca: "Use your other hand and finger your asshole." John reaches around with his left hand and pokes his middle finger up his ass, moving it and out to the rythmn of his jacking off.

Rebecca: "hahaha, That's it faggot. Get off on that big dick in your mouth."

John feels the big dick swell in his mouth then four or five spurts of cum follow. John swallows. Rebecca slaps his face again. The young stud pulls out and steps back. John jacking off furiously cums on the floor.

Rebecca: "Now lick it up. Keep your finger up your ass." John bows down and licks his cum off the floor then swallows.

Rebecca: "Stay there faggot." She hands the stud $200, smiles and shows him out. She turns on the TV and hits play on the camcorder. She sits and raises one leg resting it on the arm of her chair.

She motions John over and points at her pussy. He crawls over on all fours and begins licking her pussy. Rebecca begins watching the sex scene she's just produced. The huge dick getting buried in John's mouth the first time. She raises her other leg up while shifting her ass to the edge of the chair...a signal Johns knows too well. He moves lower and pushes his tongue into her asshole. "Oh fuck yeah. Eat my ass. Piss takeer. And be enthusiastic about it. Lap it up you pole smoker. I'm gonna cum for an hour."



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