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Looking to replace that feeling

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A little background. I was a cuckold to my first wife for 5 years before she left me for a lover. I then remarried and had just got my second wife started before that marriage also unfortunately ended (not due to cuckolding). I am currently single age 41 uk based.

I really miss the h-umiliation aspects of cuckolding and would love to find someone online that could push me and my boundaries via email maybe setting me tasks to demonstrate my subservience. So if your a Dom, Mistress or cuckoldress that is looking for a mutal online relationship please pm for more details

Thank you Sir/Mistress in advance


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Tell me all about you.
You sound like a real worm who needs to be huimiliated.
[email protected]


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This was posted nearly 4 years ago so time for an update. I now regular wear panties to work and around the house and consider my self as an ex-cuckold sissy. I made a promise to myself this new years eve that before the end of 2019 i would suck my first cock. So i am still looking for that Dom, Mistresss Or cuckoldress that can push me into becoming this. Feel free to pm me



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I can live with you being a pantied sissy cuck, but from where I'm standing, there's way too much body hair in evidence, do something about it. Show me proof when you've sorted that particular problem out.
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Cuckold and Swingers Personals / Cuckold and Swingers Personals /
Looking to replace that feeling
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